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The beginning of the sect: the method of covering the sky is passed down at the beginning

The beginning of the sect: the method of covering the sky is passed down at the beginning

author:lotus root silk

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Latest chapter:Chapter 395: Multiverse, clones enter, (finale).

In the Book of Changes, the heavens established a human religion to seize luck, hoping to defy heaven and become a saint. During the Great Tribulation of the Gods, he stepped on the list of gods, angrily criticized the saints, questioned Hongjun, and killed anyone who was unhappy. Zhunti: 'He is again Here we are, let’s run!” Jieyin said with a grimace, “I can run away from the monk, but I can’t run away from the temple...”

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《The beginning of the sect: the method of covering the sky is passed down at the beginning》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 395: Multiverse, clones enter, (finale).
Chapter 394: Although the physical body dies, the demonic consciousness remains
Chapter 393: Evil rushes into the three realms, and everything turns black
Chapter 392: The Great Demon Emperor returns to the world
Chapter 391: Eyes that reach the sky and go on a killing spree
Chapter 390: Besieged by powerful enemies, supported by many parties
Chapter 389: The Great Emperor of the Void Returns to the Great Desolate World
Chapter 388: Killing a chicken to scare the monkeys, shocking people’s hearts
Chapter 387 The combination of yin and yang, the neutralization of male and female
《The beginning of the sect: the method of covering the sky is passed down at the beginning》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 The Great Perfection of All Heavens and the Establishment of the Great Religion
Chapter 2 Breaking away from the teachings and establishing one’s own business
Chapter 3: Send invitations to immortals and open the way to heaven
Chapter 4: Assigning divisions to each disciple
Chapter 5: Meditation and practice, accidentally entering the spiritual world
Chapter 6: Evil rises in the spiritual world, murderous intent emerges
Chapter 7 If you want to practice immortality, you must first practice the sea of ??qi
Chapter 8: The two sects of Jieren, the battle at the Immortal Tomb
Chapter 9 After the apprentice is defeated, the leader comes again
Chapter 10: The Great Law of Covering the Sky, Covering the Sky with One Hand
Chapter 11 Infighting among the Three Qing Dynasties, Hongjun appears
Chapter 12: Traveling to the Immortal Palace and Viewing the Zodiac Gate
Chapter Thirteen: Visions appear in Longmen
Chapter 14: Star-absorbing crystal stone, a rare treasure from another world
Chapter 15: Comply with destiny, combine man and stone
Chapter 16 Execution of heavenly punishment, known to all three realms
Chapter 17 Yuan Hao is not awake yet, everyone is worried
Chapter 18: Trouble arises in the public domain and civil strife arises among people and religions
Chapter 19 The Immortal Talisman is here, who dares to cause trouble?
Chapter 20: After practicing for half a month, he has become a minor expert
Chapter 21: Small achievements, hunting beasts to boost energy
Chapter 22: Star Absorbing Technique, Absorb Everything
Chapter 23 Anomaly found but not confirmed
Chapter 24 The battle between snake and horse escalates again
Chapter 25 The pure will become clear, and the turbid will become turbid.
Chapter 26: After practicing for a month, I finally got out of seclusion
Chapter 27: The world has bounded laws, and the religion has rules.
Chapter 28: Public exposure, true colors revealed
Chapter 29: Treat him with his own medicine
Chapter 30 Entering the spiritual world again and fighting against evil spirits
Chapter 31: Thunderstorm Pterosaur, attacks across the sky
Chapter 32 There are many dangers, and the immortals come to the rescue
Chapter 33 Long time no see, I miss you so much
Chapter 34: It’s time for men to get married, and for women to get married.
Chapter 35 The ever-changing cage is indestructible
Chapter 36 The evil spirit reappears and breaks out of the prison
Chapter 37: Foreign trouble is coming, let’s discuss matters together
Chapter 38: The demon dragon moves strangely, and the gate to the world opens for the first time
Chapter 39: Mobilization of the Three Realms to prepare for war against evil spirits
Chapter 40: Initiate the ferocious beast and transform into a divine pet
Chapter 41 Reunion after a long absence, a mixture of joy and sorrow
Chapter 42: Destiny kisses the dragon and transforms into a god with a drop of blood
Chapter 43: Three major events, everyone participates
Chapter 44: Focus on discussions and prepare for the Fairy Meeting
Chapter 45 Fierce battle in the forest, killing the Sky Spider
Chapter 46: Hunting the Spider King, losing and drawing
Chapter 47 The gathering of immortals is coming as scheduled
Chapter 48: Apply all the immortal magic to seize the immortal weapon
Chapter 49: You come and I go, head-on confrontation
Chapter 50: Multi-teaching melee, the strong is respected
Chapter 51: The Immortal Meeting is over and the debate continues
Chapter 52: The immortals leave and continue the game
Chapter 53: The beasts are furious and the Immortal Tomb is in turmoil
Chapter 54: Work together to fight against the Yuan Beast
Chapter 55: Join forces to attack and return with a great victory
Chapter 56: The West stirs up trouble and makes trouble for others
Chapter 57: Recharge your batteries and prepare to attack and intercept the teachings
Chapter 58: Seven Star Seal, the Chosen One
Chapter 59: Crusade against Jiejiao to strengthen my power
Chapter 60: All out, unstoppable
Chapter 61 The top ten protectors take the lead in attacking
Chapter 62: Besiege and intercept the religion, the human religion will win
Chapter 63 Either you die or I die
Chapter 64: Hongjun comes forward and the two religions cease war
Chapter 65 If you don’t seek death, you won’t die.
Chapter 66: Defeated by overt moves, wounded by hidden arrows
Chapter 67: Chaos Kun comes and everyone fights
Chapter 68: Seven Stars Linked, Convergence of Qi and Sea
Chapter 69: Double happiness comes to the door, and the whole family rejoices
Chapter 70: The big day, packed with guests
Chapter 71: I can’t bear it anymore, no need to bear it anymore
Chapter 72 If you don’t leave, I won’t abandon you
Chapter 73: Wine Sword Immortal Lord, Sword Flying Ye
Chapter 74: Lei Guang was punished and hated Zhouyi
Chapter 75: Hunting Yuan Beasts and Improving Cultivation
Chapter 76 Chaos Black Dragon Wants to Become an Immortal
Chapter 77: Where is the monster, show up quickly
Chapter 78 Bullying my Ling'er, I will never end it with you
Chapter 79 Ten thousand swords return to the clan, who can compete with them?
Chapter 80: If you want revenge, cooperate with me
Chapter 81 The Abyss, the Source of All Evil
Chapter 82: Zhou Yi’s father, ancestor of prehistoric times
Chapter 83: Reshaping the divine body is not easy
Chapter 84: The battle of wits will be held as scheduled
Chapter 85: Fight alone and win the fairy weapon
Chapter 86 The transformation of the universe, the pursuit of phantoms
Chapter 87 Heading to the abyss and looking for a sword to fly in
Chapter 88 The battle between immortal beasts, the winner is king
Chapter 89: Understanding Immortality and Awakening the Holy Body
Chapter 90: Father and son meet, burst into tears
Chapter 91 The Immortal of Six Paths takes the opportunity to cause trouble
Chapter 92: People cut off two religions, conflicts arise again
Chapter 93: Love in front of flowers and under moonlight
Chapter 94: Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival, everyone celebrates it
Chapter Ninety-Five Attacking Jie Jiao and Crusade against the West
Chapter 96: Bold villain, ready to die
Chapter 97: Doing evil will always lead to retribution
Chapter 98: Taking the opportunity to join forces and attack the Human Society
Chapter 99: War broke out in many places, shocking the whole world
Chapter 100: The Jade Emperor comes forward and many teachers follow him
Chapter 101: It is not a bad idea to end the war with force
Chapter 102: If you don’t drink the toast, you will drink the fine wine
Chapter 103: Extermination of relatives for righteousness, choosing a day for natural punishment
Chapter 104: Losing in an open battle and plotting secretly
Chapter 105: If you fail to steal the chicken, you will lose the rice
Chapter 106: Lurking in the Human Cult, waiting for the opportunity
Chapter 107 Armistice, rest and travel
Chapter 108: Yuanling Crystal, Ten Major Functions
Chapter 109 Split personality, two selves
Chapter 110: There is a lot of things in Qilin Cave
Chapter 111 I love you deeply and will never change for thousands of years.
Chapter 112: The villain transforms into a deceiver to obtain crystal stones
Chapter 113: Hidden entry, safety first
Chapter 114 Fight against the villains and enter the void again
Chapter 115: Another world unleashes its power and goes on a killing spree
Chapter 116 Emperor Taichi appears for the first time
Chapter 117: Zhou Yi becomes evil and no one can defeat it
Chapter 118 Hun Kun joins the battle and seizes the spar
Chapter 119: After one wave, another wave arises
Chapter 120: Multi-party melee, who is in charge?
Chapter 121: Set aside the past feud temporarily and join forces to fight against the enemy
Chapter 122: Losing to the Dark God, dying in battle in another world
Chapter 123 People join forces to fight against the West
Chapter 124 The invasion of evil spirits begins with the Ten Commandments
Chapter 125 The Evil Spirit Demon King appears domineeringly
Chapter 126: Infinite Copying, who am I in this world?
Chapter 127: Immortals and gods gather together to defend against foreign enemies
Chapter 128: Seven Stars in a Row, Convergence of Qi and Sea
Chapter 129 Lei Guang takes the opportunity to cooperate with the Demon King
Chapter 130: Different souls share the same body, transforming into evil spirits
Chapter 131: Not only the distinction between superior and inferior, but also life and death
Chapter 132 The Emperor takes action to restrain the Demon King
Chapter 133 The evil spirit is stimulated and the Monkey King is born
Chapter 134 The main body arrives and the immortal gods fall
Chapter 135 Yuanling crystals turned into ten
Chapter 136 The Sword Immortal returns and joins forces to fight against evil
Chapter 137: Conflict caused by killing the mythical beast
Chapter 138: Immortals and gods are gradually leaving, the devil orders to retreat
Chapter 139: In order to survive, we can only cooperate
Chapter 140: Lightning Evil Transformation, Blood Demon Lord
Chapter 141: Stop talking nonsense and challenge yourself
Chapter 142: Confrontation stage, duel for love
Chapter 143 The Four Heavenly Kings Come to Help
Chapter 144: The troops are divided into two groups to support the territory
Chapter 145 The evil demon king strikes again
Chapter 146: The shield array is broken, the Jade Emperor takes action
Chapter 147: The treasure palace falls, Tathagata appears
Chapter 148: Ten Thousand Buddhas Chaosong, who can compete with him?
Chapter 149: Immortals, Holy Buddhas, comprehensive counterattack
Chapter 150: Immortal Spring Holy Water, Blood Demon Nemesis
Chapter 151: Retreat to the rear and establish defense
Chapter 152: Stone-Eating Evolution, the Prehistoric Demon Emperor
Chapter 153 The power of darkness, invincible
Chapter 154: Destruction of heaven and earth, destruction of all souls
Chapter 155 The Monkey King resists the enemy and Bodhi appears
Chapter 156: Bodhi accepts a disciple named Wukong
Chapter 157: Strong forces join forces to seal the Demon Emperor
Chapter 158: Preserving spiritual consciousness and looking for spiritual stones
Chapter 159: You are dead in this life, but you can live in the next life
Chapter 160: Pursuit of Illusion, Yuanling Crystal
Chapter 161 The monster is causing trouble and takes away the beauty
Chapter 162: Go to Black Wind Ridge and fight the Black Wind Monster
Chapter 163 Yuan Hao awakens, the power of the Phoenix
Chapter 164: Defeat Heifeng, uncle and nephew recognize each other
Chapter 165 To resolve the crisis, first satisfy your hunger
Chapter 166: Just as the spider spirit left, the poisonous scorpion came again
Chapter 167 Bloodthirsty comes, Loess is bitten
Chapter 168: Immortals support, Yuanling Beast appears
Chapter 169 Yuan Beast cures poison and the Holy Dragon returns
Chapter 170: Bing Ji forces a kiss, but Yuan Hao refuses
Chapter 171 Five Elements Fire Technique, Melting Ice and Dispelling Cold
Chapter 172: Frightened after hearing the news, ran away in embarrassment
Chapter 173: The old monster Black Wind does evil again
Chapter 174: Invisible Void, Showing Yourself and Speaking
Chapter 175: Go to the inn to find out
Chapter 176 The black wind is exposed and the demons appear
Chapter 177: The Deathly Sanskrit Sound, Extraordinary
Chapter 178 The Yuan Beast wakes up and resolves the crisis
Chapter 179: Rhinoceros and hippopotamus, come to help
Chapter 180: There are blocking enemies in front and pursuing troops behind
Chapter 181: Crisis is everywhere, Bodhi comes to the rescue
Chapter 182: Invisible and immortal, can only be trapped
Chapter 183: Conch Secret Realm, Microscopic World
Chapter 184: Self-proclaimed, Invincible Holy Lord
Chapter 185: Reshaping the body, three conditions
Chapter 186: Relatives meet again, we regret meeting each other so late
Chapter 187: Important events in life cannot be delayed
Chapter 188 Soul Crystal, Magic Brush
Chapter 189 The world in the painting, the magical secret realm
Chapter 190 Jianyuan Universe, hiding place
Chapter 191: Beat up bandits and kill leopards
Chapter 192: Attack Jinlong Village and rescue my sister
Chapter 193: Intercept the evildoers and break out halfway
Chapter 194: Leaving the Yuan Universe and Returning to the Immortal Palace
Chapter 195: Go home to Banma and rescue Nascent Soul
Chapter 196: The Blood Demon Lord comes with his troops.
Chapter 197: Trading a stone for a person, hitting him as soon as he says it
Chapter 198: Siege from front to back, dilemma
Chapter 199: Many crises, join forces to fight against the enemy
Chapter 200: Daluo Tianwei, strong suppression
Chapter 201: Lost in the illusion, walking in secret
Chapter 202: Riding on the four different beasts, ascending to the fourth heaven
Chapter 203: The Heaven-Bearing Instrument, the Gate to the Immortal Realm
Chapter 204 The Yuan Beast transforms into the form of Immortal Golden Toad
Chapter 205 Zhenglong awakens, the power of nine heavens
Chapter 206: Confidante, reunited after a long separation
Chapter 207: Immortal Golden Toad, following invisibly
Chapter 208 If you disagree with me, I will fight you.
Chapter 209: Ice and Snow Giant Ape, Attacking Strongly
Chapter 210 The Invincible Holy Lord Sees the Sun Again
Chapter 211: Immortal Zhenyuan comes to the rescue
Chapter 212: The two sides fought fiercely, each with their own unique moves
Chapter 213: Entering the bottomless pit, looking for seeds of your heart
Chapter 214: Recruiting Disciples in the Cave, the Four Vajras
Chapter 215: Exchange pills for grass, mutual benefit and win-win situation
Chapter 216: The magical painted door, passing the critical point
Chapter 217 Demon Fairy Showdown, Who Will Win?
Chapter 218 Divine Consciousness of Sanskrit Sound, Killing Everything Instantly
Chapter 219: Passing the Demonic Obstacle and Fighting the Monster
Chapter 220 Enemies meet on a narrow road and meet the ice demon again
Chapter 221 Hell Fire God, Demon General
Chapter 222: Civilize the Bone Furnace and Retrieve the Soul Orb
Chapter 223: Exchange of things for things, law of conservation
Chapter 224: Rouge confuses, wealth is bewitched
Chapter 225 Gathering the conditions to reshape the body
Chapter 226: Giving birth to children at the same time, double happiness
Chapter 227: Get ready and continue on your way
Chapter 228 Heading to Jingzhou and returning home to visit relatives
Chapter 229 Passing through a mountain village, stopping to rest
Chapter 230: Finding Zhouyi and reincarnating the Dharmakaya
Chapter 231: The head of a village, the eternal inheritance of the Zhou family
Chapter 232: Transcending the Undead and Moving to a New Home
Chapter 233: Nine-Headed Spirit Snake, Domineering Appearance
Chapter 234 The unity of spirit and body, the resurrection of the Book of Changes
Chapter 235: Gather all the chosen ones
Chapter 236: The Jade Emperor’s canonization, the Great Immortal Emperor
Chapter 237: Small fights are inevitable
Chapter 238: Jingzhou fell, corpses everywhere
Chapter 239 The Lost Soul, the Walking Dead
Chapter 240 Entering the ambush and fighting the evil spirit army
Chapter 241: A melee between the two sides, each with its own unique moves
Chapter 242 The Yang God arrives to resolve the crisis
Chapter 243: Father and daughter meet, burst into tears
Chapter 244: Deeply emotional, short-term truce
Chapter 245: The Supreme God Emperor, the statue appears
Chapter 246: Reunion after a long absence, hugging each other and crying
Chapter 247 A war between the two sides is inevitable
Chapter 248: Psychic Divine Ring, Induced
Chapter 249: Don’t be reluctant to fight, go first
Chapter 250 Yuan Ling Crystal comes into play
Chapter 251: Supreme God Emperor, aid from the air
Chapter 252: Bloodthirsty comes out of the stronghold and goes on a killing spree
Chapter 253: A pen for a person, a fair transaction
Chapter 254 Nine-headed Spirit Snake attacks again
Chapter 255: Fierce battle between three parties to snatch spiritual stones
Chapter 256 Linkage of Spiritual Stones, Magical Transformation Moves
Chapter 257 The battle escalates, when will it stop?
Chapter 258: Many enemies and allies come upon hearing of the situation
Chapter 259: Accidental Travel, Chaos Polar Region
Chapter 260 Chaos Sword Formation, So Terrifying
Chapter 261 Hello brother Yi, my name is Ruobing
Chapter 262 The ferocious beast attacks, and dangers abound
Chapter 263 Double-layered defense, unbreakable
Chapter 264 Controlling ferocious beasts and killing each other
Chapter 265: The reincarnation of heaven, I am the only one who dominates
Chapter 266 The Chaos Sword God raises his troops to attack
Chapter 267 Chaos Floating Bridge, the Throat of the Sect
Chapter 268: The frontier is lost, return to defend the sect
Chapter 269: The Supreme God Emperor, rescued by clone
Chapter 270: After many fierce battles, the beast tide finally retreated
Chapter 271 If you keep practicing, you can gain immortality
Chapter 272: The Chosen One, the Primordial Immortal Emperor
Chapter 273: Fair competition, winning or losing depends on fate
Chapter 274 Set the rules to determine the outcome
Chapter 275: Battle between divine weapons, who is more powerful?
Chapter 276: Form an alliance with each other and vow not to be enemies
Chapter 277 Chaos Polar Region, Multiple Forces
Chapter 278 Understanding each other and respective situations
Chapter 279: Displaying the divine ring and exposing the mystery
Chapter 280: I’m about to leave, but I’m very reluctant to leave.
Chapter 281 Living in the present and looking forward to the future
Chapter 282: The Seven-Star Illusion, Its Wonders are Endless
Chapter 283 Meditation and Enlightenment, The Seven-Star Weapon
Chapter 284 Chaos Black Realm, Begin the Experience
Chapter 285 Phantom Disappearance, Escape Technique
Chapter 286 Each uses his own unique moves to fight against the herd of beasts
Chapter 287 The Beast King is coming, take it calmly
Chapter 288: Protracted War, Triggering Beast Tide
Chapter 289 Seven Star Realm, Endless Killing
Chapter 290 Colorful Demon Spider, Mother of Ruobing
Chapter 291: Besieged by hundreds of beasts, the God Emperor takes action
Chapter 292 The battle between man and beast, the winner is king
Chapter 293: The Demon King of Chaos makes his domineering appearance
Chapter 294: Psychic rings, mutual induction
Chapter 295: Simple question, distinguish the true from the false
Chapter 296: Showdown between strong men, please step aside
Chapter 297: Turning the tables around, putting the cart before the horse
Chapter 298: Melee inside the clock, life or death uncertain
Chapter 299: One against two, easy to handle
Chapter 300: Control the two elders and reap the rewards
Chapter 301: Hundreds of beasts come to attack, each fighting
Chapter 302: Seven-Star Illusion, Connecting All Worlds
Chapter 303: Seven-Star Palace, the Place of Inheritance
Chapter 304: A previous life, the Emperor of the Vast Sea
Chapter 305: Recovering state and going on a killing spree
Chapter 306: The bell shrinks and joins forces to resist
Chapter 307: Devouring the Demon King, turning danger into safety
Chapter 308: Foreign enemies took advantage of the opportunity and gathered to attack
Chapter 309 Chaos Black Dragon, unknown life experience
Chapter 310: The camp is established, fight as soon as possible
Chapter 311: My fate is up to me, not God.
Chapter 312: Shrinking and suppressing, life is worse than death
Chapter 313: A pillar of light, piercing the sky and the earth
Chapter 314: The origin of chaos, the beast comes first
Chapter 315: Two Dragons Meet, Beast Souls Become One Body
Chapter 316: Shocking fight, attracting foreign aid
Chapter 317: Family reunion, life experience revealed
Chapter 318: Devouring each other, killing in whirlpools
Chapter 319: Reunion after a long absence, full of thoughts
Chapter 320: God Emperor's clone, sacrificed to Zhou Yi
Chapter 321 Fusion Variation, Strengthening Cultivation
Chapter 322: Seven-Star Realm, Group-Destroying Killing Move
Chapter 323: Treat evil with evil, kill if you deserve it
Chapter 324: Create a branch of the sect to keep this in mind
Chapter 325: Different appearance, same essence
Chapter 326: Family Reunion, Mixed Joys and Sorrows
Chapter 327: Colorful Demonic Spider, only eats living things
Chapter 328: The situation in the Three Realms is not optimistic
Chapter 329: Even though I’m reluctant to leave, I still have to leave
Chapter 330: Farewell to dear friends and return to the primitive world
Chapter 331: Focus on static braking and defense
Chapter 332 Dark energy attacks, the first battle against a black hole
Chapter 333 Breaking into the Demonic Realm Alone and Saving Bai Ling
Chapter 334: Blood Demon Lord, come out to die
Chapter 335 Bai Ling was humiliated and Zhou Yi was furious
Chapter 336 Phantom changes shape and creates chaos
Chapter 337: No distinction between true and false, killing each other
Chapter 338 Five-body ring attack, three forces to break it
Chapter 339: Phantom Amplification, Chaos Devouring
Chapter 340: Once the realm comes out, who can escape?
Chapter 341: Becoming evil again, using lightning in hand
Chapter 342: Tianxie separates and leaves for another world
Chapter 343 The Dark God arrives and returns to guard the Immortal Palace
Chapter 344: Either death or darkness, the enemy is numerous and we are outnumbered
Chapter 345: The barrier is broken and the two sides fight
Chapter 346 Yuanshen Immortal Lord leads a counterattack
Chapter 347: Invincible, what species is it?
Chapter 348: Seven-Star Phantom God, Host Returns
Chapter 349: Master’s consciousness may still be there
Chapter 350: Immortals and gods join forces to fight the enemy together
Chapter 351: Two clans of demons and demons rebel against heaven at the same time
Chapter 352: In order to grab the spiritual stone, many parties fight
Chapter 353: Grabbing a Bright Spirit Stone
Chapter 354 Nantian is in emergency, and all the immortals support him
Chapter 355: Demon Ancestor Yuan Truth, Domineering Appears
Chapter 356: Holy Lord Wuji, the spiritual return
Chapter 357: Space Spiritual Stone, Cross-domain Containment
Chapter 358: Heading to the Abyss to Ask Ancestor for Help
Chapter 359 Time confusion, two selves
Chapter 360: Who is true and who is false in this life and past life?
Chapter 361: Time and Space Cage, Infinite Depravity
Chapter 362 Two bodies merge into one and return to the top
Chapter 363: Delayed Illusion, Confusing the Real with the Fake
Chapter 364: Prehistoric Legion, supporting Zhou Yi
Chapter 365: Build a bridge over water and open a road over mountains
Chapter 366: Father and son meet again after many years
Chapter 367: Divine Consciousness Sacrifice and Mutual Integration
Chapter 368: The Holy Lord of Prehistoric Times emerges from the sky
Chapter 369: Once a word is spoken, all laws will follow
Chapter 370: Returning with success, Wuji exits
Chapter 371 Cracks in the Universe, Space Transfer
Chapter 372 The first task is to collect all the spiritual stones.
Chapter 374: Get another knowledge stone
Chapter 375: There are blocking enemies in front and pursuing troops behind
Chapter 376: Space Displacement, Star Movement
Chapter 377: The universe flaps, and the heaven and earth are born
Chapter 378: Using one’s own strength to defeat the enemy with thousands of soldiers
Chapter 379 Awakening again, the Holy Body of the Vast Sea
Chapter 380: The Lord of the Rings comes out, and the catastrophe is coming
Chapter 381: Act separately, each using his own method
Chapter 382: Besieged on all sides, defend in the middle
Chapter 383: The soul returns to its original position and the clones merge together
Chapter 384: Demon blood inspires, the mirror of eternity appears
Chapter 385: Conscious spiritual beings are inherently good in nature
Chapter 386: Mirror alien species, imitate everything
Chapter 387 The combination of yin and yang, the neutralization of male and female
Chapter 388: Killing a chicken to scare the monkeys, shocking people’s hearts
Chapter 389: The Great Emperor of the Void Returns to the Great Desolate World
Chapter 390: Besieged by powerful enemies, supported by many parties
Chapter 391: Eyes that reach the sky and go on a killing spree
Chapter 392: The Great Demon Emperor returns to the world
Chapter 393: Evil rushes into the three realms, and everything turns black
Chapter 394: Although the physical body dies, the demonic consciousness remains
Chapter 395: Multiverse, clones enter, (finale).