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Stop pretending, I am the God of Cooking and I am showing off my cards!

Stop pretending, I am the God of Cooking and I am showing off my cards!

author:Greedy little kitten

action:, , Straight to the bottom

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Latest chapter:Final words

Lin Xu, who was about to graduate from college, was suddenly bound to the God of Cooking System and became the owner of a restaurant. From then on, he became a legend in the entire catering industry. Customers would not hesitate to eat the hand-made noodles he made. He left work early. In order to eat the tiger skin chicken feet he made, customers lined up at the door early in the morning. In order to eat the braised pork he made, customers even placed orders a week in advance. 'Boss Lin, why are you doing this? Are they all so delicious?' Lin Xu smiled slightly: 'Because I am the God of Cooking!' This book is also known as 'Good Food Starts with Hand-Made Noodles', 'Leave Your Appetite to Me, and You Just Care About the Rest' and 'Add Sugar to Good Food' , Fat to the point of sadness', '

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《Stop pretending, I am the God of Cooking and I am showing off my cards!》The latest nine chapters
Final words
Extra 3: The mystery of the missing short-nosed tiger!
Extra 2: Cats don’t want revenge overnight!
Extra 1 No. 9527
Chapter 835: Dundun is giving out rewards in different ways! If you keep working hard, you will have a promising future!
Chapter 834 Conflicting dish requests! Uncle Gao: These are all leftovers from playing when I was young!
Chapter 833: The skill of basting chicken! The first banquet of the founding of the People’s Republic of China is indeed well-deserved!
Chapter 832 The legacy of Chinese cooking is passed down from generation to generation! The state banquet of crispy grilled crucian carp is not grilled fish!
Chapter 831 Officially became the director of the catering department of Diaoyutai! Started filming the first banquet of the founding of the People's Republic of China!
《Stop pretending, I am the God of Cooking and I am showing off my cards!》Chapter Contents
Chapter 001 Get a restaurant! Perfect lottery!
Chapter 002 Trigger the mission! It’s so delicious! I want to eat three big bowls!
Chapter 003 The much-needed seasoning technique! Almost killed people! Get system points!
Chapter 004 Sold out for the first time! Sales volume exceeds 1,000! Excellent level spicy guy!
Chapter 005 The spicy food is so delicious that it makes you crazy! Unparalleled deliciousness!
Chapter 006 Check in with an empty bowl and be a good Linji boy who eats well!
Chapter 007 This group of customers can handle it. If they are busy, it will really help!
Chapter 008 Repeat customer mission completed! Draw again!
Chapter 009 Got the perfect toppings! New side mission!
Chapter 010 Just a quick question, are there really children in the clay pot rice?
Chapter 011 You will be burned if you drink water, and you will choke if you eat noodles!
Chapter 012 Chang Wei, you still said you don’t know martial arts?
Chapter 013 'Ersha, have you been deceived into a pyramid scheme?'
Chapter 014 The combination of noodles and spicy noodles - spicy noodles!
Chapter 015 Boss Lin is going crazy! How to make universal noodle sauce!
Chapter 016 The house is available! The task of selling one thousand bowls of hand-made noodles is completed!
Chapter 017 The students were shocked! Are you interested in working at Linji?
Chapter 018 New employees report! The secret of chicken claws and tiger skin!
Chapter 019 Tiger skin chicken feet are out of the pot! It’s so delicious!
Chapter 020 Three-in-one hand-made dough! The beautiful classmate was shocked!
Chapter 021 The genius girl was choked for the first time! Are you still recruiting people there?
Chapter 022 Northeastern Sweetie? I think you are Lu Tiha!
Chapter 023 The main mission is triggered again! The big devil is online!
Chapter 024 Shocked my mother for a whole year!
Chapter 025 Chen Meijuan: Was this silly child really born to me?
Chapter 026 The ginger lotus root is very popular! Plan to close the store for half a day!
Chapter 027 Mom’s oily buns! Shen Jiayue: I want to eat six!
Chapter 028 Newly triggered reward mission! Good boss lady!
Chapter 029 Miss Shen is jealous! Perfect steamed rice technique!
Chapter 030 Got the perfect braised pork rice! The anchor came to visit the store!
Chapter 031 What kind of fairy hotel is this? The beautiful anchor’s jaw dropped in shock!
Chapter 032 A live broadcast of regaining the original intention! Wu Kexin burst into tears!
Chapter 033 I like the atmosphere in the store so much! Draw your sword, Boss Lin!
Chapter 034 I feel so sorry for my Xu Bao! Let me teach you how to make a soup!
Chapter 035 Uncle Gao, your vest has fallen off!
Chapter 036 Shen Jiayue’s blind date standards? All she needs to do is report Lin Xu’s ID number!
Chapter 037 Xubao is the best to me! The points mall is open!
Chapter 038 Braised Pork Rice is a big hit! A magic weapon to attract wealth!
Chapter 039 Steamed pork ribs with black bean sauce? Panda’s business crisis!
Chapter 040 Mom, let me tell you something, don’t get excited!
Chapter 041 The matter is settled! Earn a title for Lin Xu!
Chapter 042 Where are my chicken feet? Where did my big box of chicken feet go?
Chapter 043 What a good girl!! What a sweet little cotton-padded jacket for daddy!
Chapter 044 Advice from Uncle Gao! Boss Lin’s home has a scenic spot?
Chapter 045 Mom, he flirted with me!
Chapter 046 Yueyue, this man is so handsome, you can’t handle it!
Chapter 047 I agree to this marriage! Chicken Feet with Black Bean Sauce is online!
Chapter 048 New egg drop soup! The master of state banquet takes action again!
Chapter 049 These are all knowledge points! Circle them for examination!
Chapter 50: Cooking learning cards that can drive people crazy!
Chapter 51 From today on, you are my apprentice, Gao Peisheng!
Chapter 52 I am my mother’s caring little cotton-padded jacket, so I have to pay more!
Chapter 53 Panda: 'I have a friend...'
Chapter 54: Boiled Dishes Routine! Tired, destroy it!
Chapter 55 General boiling techniques! Can you make cooking oil?
Chapter 55: Cook the cooking oil! Want to eat dumplings in sour soup? No problem!
Chapter 57: Dumplings in sour soup are out of the pot! You are greedy for her body, you are despicable!
Chapter 58 Xie Baomin was despised by his master! New reward mission!
Chapter 59: An opportunity to win over the system? A chef who comes to your doorstep!
Chapter 60 Eliminate one correct answer first! State banquet breakfast!
Chapter 61 Mission accomplished! Master, I want to learn how to use ginger to hit breasts!
Chapter 62 Translation Translation, what is surprise!
Chapter 63 So, it’s better to be single! New drinks!
Chapter 64 Chen Yan’s store visit plan! An unexpected lottery draw!
Chapter 65 Want to eat Maoxuewang? Arrange it!
Chapter 66 Please be a couple! Sales volume reaches 43,000!
Chapter 67 New basic cooking techniques! Advice from senior brother!
Chapter 68 Brown Sugar Shaqima! The secret to making porridge quickly!
Chapter 69 The secret of making porridge! Upgrade Brown Sugar Shaqima!
Chapter 70: You tricked the dog into killing it, right? White jade lotus root silk!
Chapter 71 A dish with a threshold! The learning card failed for the first time!
Chapter 72 I want to help Xu Bao make money! See common techniques again!
Chapter 73 Every dish is super delicious! The essence of cooking!
Chapter 74 Black Heart Cotton is online again! Director Han, why don’t you act according to common sense?
Chapter 75 Xie Baomin: I’m just waiting for your words! The LOGO of Linji Food!
Chapter 76 Encountered a stray cat! Sales exceeded 50,000!
Chapter 77 A little soul who drinks wine! A small request from a new employee!
Chapter 78 Tips for being an alcoholic peanut! Received group meal business!
Chapter 79 This Party A deserves to make a lot of money! Trigger the analogy reward again!
Chapter 80 Advice from Master! Universal cold sauce!
Chapter 81: Gathering the wool of the system! Triggering the main mission again!
Chapter 82 'Little guy, do you want to come home with me?'
Chapter 83 This wave of blood profit! Let’s call it Dundun!
Chapter 84 Everyone loves Dundun! Director Han wants to buy Shaqima!
Chapter 85 Shooting a food video! Dundun, don’t block the camera!
Chapter 86 What kind of life-winning script does Boss Lin have?
Chapter 87 If you want fish offal to be delicious, you must do this step!
Chapter 88 Shen Guofu: Is there an address on the package? Then go to the store to eat it tomorrow!
Chapter 89 How to make sauced pork buns! Old Shen, how long has it been since we spanked a child?
Chapter 90 This young man is really good at his craftsmanship. It would be great if he were our son-in-law!
Chapter 91 Another group meal business! Shen Jiayue: The baby feels so miserable!
Chapter 92 Mission: Impossible! Super simple recipe for poached eggs!
Chapter 93 As long as you really have the skills! My eldest niece is getting married
Chapter 94 Cross-server chat among middle-aged people! The group meal business is coming!
Chapter 95 Mission accomplished! Prepare to make egg yolk baked pumpkin!
Chapter 96 Wu Kexin: Plan to overturn the car! Brother Xie is going to make pumpkin sand!
Chapter 97: Turning over sand means frost! Catering consultant of Diaoyutai!
Chapter 98 Shen Jiayue: I want to eat fish! System: Arrangement!
Chapter 99 The secret of delicious steamed fish! An unexpected surprise!
Chapter 100 This fish is so delicious! The sparring sponsor of Guangdong and Liyue
Chapter 101 Reconciliation between father and son! You can’t give Lao Shen a knife!
Chapter 102 Useless skills have been added again! Geng Lele’s grandfather!
Chapter 103 Do you really regard Dundun as your grandson? Senior brother, I want to learn how to stir-fry beans!
Chapter 104 Master’s third layer of vest! The secret of stir-fry is deep-frying!
Chapter 105 Sand sculptures are contagious! Make peppercorn oil!
Chapter 106: Good luck! Darling, I will help you expand your network!
Chapter 107 I’m addicted to eating box lunches! Brother-in-law, have you seen this anchor?
Chapter 108 Another vest! The secret to delicious stir-fried chicken!
Chapter 109 Your reverse bargaining makes me panic! A lucky draw with a daily income of 100,000!
Chapter 110 Perfect braised pork with pickled vegetables! Can I give you a steamed sugar triangle?
Chapter 111 Neptune’s self-cultivation! This candy triangle is so delicious!
Chapter 112 Are you pretending to be a surveillance agent in my dream? The first long-term business!
Chapter 113 This is not a lottery. Is this a gift pack giveaway?
Chapter 114 What can you cook, Boss Lin? Stir-fried pork? Give me two portions!
Chapter 115 Braised dried tofu! Tips on combining ingredients in stews!
Chapter 116 Isn’t this pork belly too delicious? My daughter is smart!
Chapter 117 The Shen family’s elbow complex! Grandma, I have a date!
Chapter 118 Auntie, my master is a libertine! Really? I like people like this!
Chapter 119 The marinating process of black duck! Panda, are you here to spread dog food?
Chapter 120 The black duck is so delicious! The master is here and the melon is ready!
Chapter 121 Neptune wants to cry but has no tears! The duck marinating technique has been upgraded!
Chapter 122 You singles know better! New rewards!
Chapter 123 Useless skills +1! Dundun: Can you say it again?
Chapter 124 The video went viral! Shen Guofu: I have to go to Linji for a drink tonight!
Chapter 125 Hug my Xu Bao! Old Shen, this...isn’t this our Yueyue?
Chapter 126 Brother Lin, do you want to stop thinking about it?
Chapter 127 Is there a reward for being recognized by my girlfriend’s parents?
Chapter 128 Junior brother, you must help me!
Chapter 129: Masters compete with each other, and their moves are fatal!
Chapter 130 When you have a son-in-law, you forget your daughter! Make almond tofu!
Chapter 131 Almond tofu is so delicious! Arrange a dish for Uncle Tan!
Chapter 132 Make Steamed Chicken with Black Bean Sauce! Exchange for the Ruthless Iron Hand!
Chapter 133 The essentials of steaming chicken! The whole job depends on Dun Dun!
Chapter 134 Perfect little guy! Skills training mission!
Chapter 135 Dundun is popular! The secret of delicious stir-fried yellow beef!
Chapter 136 This beef is too tender! Establish a company!
Chapter 137 Mother-in-law’s favorite delicacies!
Chapter 138 The first date with Yueyue! Frying techniques!
Chapter 139 It’s over, it’s over, the piglet at home has been kidnapped!
Chapter 140 Son, when are you going to get engaged? The cooking competition begins!
Chapter 141 The first question of the competition: Knife skills display!
Chapter 142 As a chef, it’s normal to know how to process hardware, right?
Chapter 143 This dipping sauce consumes too much lamb! Advance again!
Chapter 144 Entering the top ten! Finally I can cook on the stove!
Chapter 145 Steamed seabass VS boiled prawns!
Chapter 146 A bolt from the blue? Lin Xu’s ultimate comeback!
Chapter 147 Advance to the finals! Make a meaningful dish!
Chapter 148 Win the championship! Xiaoxu, can you come to the real estate trading floor?
Chapter 149 The correct way to urge marriage! Want to eat vegetarian food? Then braised pork!
Chapter 150 Lele, from now on, Little Brother Lin and I will discuss friendship as equals. Please remember to change your tune!
Chapter 151 Uncle Shen, what’s wrong with your face? Make boiled cabbage!
Chapter 152 Delicious Chicken Soup Noodles! Xiao Dou, congratulations on being fired!
Chapter 153 Boss Lin, can you teach me how to make pagoda meat?
Chapter 154 Pagoda meat is out of the pot! It’s hot and you have no appetite? Hot and sour noodles are on the way!
Chapter 155 A dish that breaks my senior brother’s guard—roasted eggplant!
Chapter 156 Boss Lin, my grandfather has come to see you!
Chapter 157 Old man, do you want to join the Meow Meow Cult? Make steamed pork!
Chapter 158: Running in both directions belongs to Yes! Want to be interviewed? Get in line first!
Chapter 159 Interview! Come and try the fried chicken I made!
Chapter 160 Why did Your Majesty rebel? Vegetable python and meat dragon are so delicious that you can’t tell them apart!
Chapter 161 Advance to the top ten! Surprises come one after another! Draws one after another!
Chapter 162 Senior brother’s specialty dish - Zaozhuang Spicy Chicken! Is there a reward for closing the store?
Chapter 163 Senior brother, this crab is almost drowning. How about we steam it?
Chapter 164 Where are you leaving the hada here? Make crab roe soup dumplings!
Chapter 165 Poaching against senior brother! Dundun: Look what good stuff I got for you!
Chapter 166: Making Winter Melon Candy! Does anyone want to eat crayfish? Deduct 1 if you do!
Chapter 167 Spicy Crayfish! Senior brother, is this what you call irreversible friendship?
Chapter 168 Senior brother, you are such a scumbag! You want me to cook dinner? Then you need to steam more rice!
Chapter 169 Crisp, sweet and fresh winter melon candy! Junior brother, show Qiu Qiu your skills!
Chapter 170 Crab roe buns upgraded! Another original dish from Master - Hibiscus chicken slices!
Chapter 171 Hibiscus comes out of clear water! It’s so beautiful! Use the cooking learning card!
Chapter 172 It’s so beautiful that you can’t bear to put down your chopsticks! What, there’s another cooking competition?
Chapter 173 The name of the fried fish restaurant! The old lady likes to eat crucian carp stewed with tofu? Arrange it!
Chapter 174 This soup is so delicious! Xiaoxu, can your parents come to the capital?
Chapter 175 Baked lobster with egg yolk! Mrs. Shen’s specialty snack—fried enema!
Chapter 176 Brother, is this the surprise you were talking about? The secret of delicious garlic sauce!
Chapter 177 This garlic sauce is really good! Ingredients used to make rock sugar elbows!
Chapter 178 An extremely labor-intensive dish - rock sugar elbow!
Chapter 179 Super simple sugar cane water! Fish scales can also be used as snacks?
Chapter 180 Are you hungry? Then I’ll make you some barbecue! Competition question!
Chapter 181 Garlic fans are going back! Parents are here! New main quest!
Chapter 182 Home is wherever your parents are! What you gain from helping your mother!
Chapter 183 Braised big carp! So delicious that Baby Shen changed his name to mom!
Chapter 184 Ziqiang Shengjian opens for business! Business is booming! What a lost dish should look like!
Chapter 185 Steamed silver thread is so delicious! Make pickled pepper fish skin!
Chapter 186 Super simple corn soup recipe! A gift from the master! Destroy them!
Chapter 187 Is there a one-for-one reward for poaching? The cooking competition has officially begun!
Chapter 188 The Eye of Discrimination is so useful! Reward for the first round of competition!
Chapter 189: The flower knife technique is obtained! Oh my god, Boss Lin is going to steal the sculptor’s job!
Chapter 190 The cost of Yangzhou fried rice is exploding! Only a good chef knows how to watch people prepare dishes!
Chapter 191 Sweet and sour eggplant + stir-fried eggplant = flavored eggplant!
Chapter 192 Huo Yifan wants to make white-robed shrimps? So what are you waiting for? Study!
Chapter 193 Finally crossed over to the beauty and hair salon industry! This round of rewards is interesting!
Chapter 194 Sister Jing, you will be called a capitalist! A dish suitable for the finals!
Chapter 195 May our lives bloom in the wind like this flower!
Chapter 196 The magic circle exploded! The champion is well-deserved! Big surprise in the reward!
Chapter 197: The baby is knocked on the wall! Prepare a dish for dad and father-in-law to go with wine!
Chapter 198 Xiaoxu, your father-in-law is going to marry your father! How to cook boiled fish!
Chapter 199: Sashimi! This rock sugar elbow is so delicious! Happy engagement!
Chapter 200 Is there a piece of dragon meat left? Let’s make dumplings! Quick, I need artificial respiration!
Chapter 201 Taking Baby Shen back to his hometown! A series of encounters at the entrance of the scenic spot!
Chapter 202 The tips and secrets of cooking braised prawns! Dundun’s revenge!
Chapter 203 The popularity that Dundun brings to the restaurant! Baobao Shen is going to put the padlock on Panshiyan!
Chapter 204 The fish head with chopped pepper is a hundred times more delicious than what you get in a restaurant! Fans are greedy!
Chapter 205 The secret to making fish heads! Sheep are so cute, they must be marinated thoroughly before grilling!
Chapter 206: Living in a tent is great, I will never live there again! The N+1 time of crossing the border!
Chapter 207 Two ultimate ways to cook mutton—roasted whole lamb vs. mutton dipped in sauce!
Chapter 208 The secret of stir-fried goose! Roast whole lamb! This skill is really amazing!
Chapter 209 The dubbing circle exploded! Lin Xu’s first live broadcast: following his second uncle to set up shrimp pots!
Chapter 210 Make snails the same way as crayfish! Zeng Xiaoqi: I left early!
Chapter 211 Damn it, it’s time to draw a lottery! Hey, this snail rice noodle is smelly and quite delicious!
Chapter 212: Boil mutton oil chili! What to do if there are too many wild fruits to eat? Make fruit vinegar!
Chapter 213 The representative dish made of meat and meat - braised rabbit! How to make fruit vinegar!
Chapter 214 Make some shrimp cakes for midnight snack! Shen Guofu: Yueyue is such a filial child!
Chapter 215 How can Wowotou be so delicious? The eel version of eel in black bean sauce!
Chapter 216 Dessert suitable for showing off your skills - colorful water chestnut cake! Prize draw for excellent stew!
Chapter 217 The appeal of beauty and beauty! Want to eat crunchy intestines? Let’s go for the fried intestines!
Chapter 218 Farewell to parents! The Shen family’s wedding banquet! The “business war” at the Shengjian shop!
Chapter 219 To poach someone, of course you have to do something! Spicy Shredded Chicken!
Chapter 220 Chicken breast is actually so delicious? Invited by the TV station!
Chapter 221: Make a pot of clear chicken soup in ten minutes. Do you want to learn? Signature Jade Soup!
Chapter 222 Girl, aren’t you going to eat crayfish? Why did you even bring your toothbrush?
Chapter 223 Mom, I got a shot because I was allergic to silkworm chrysalises! What kind of shot did I get? Tiramisu!
Chapter 224: Drag the whole family to eat! Chef Qiu, can I help you tie up your senior brother?
Chapter 225 The ultimate way to cook eel - Braised Ma'anqiao!
Chapter 226 Grandma likes to eat pickled cucumbers? Wait, I’ll make it!
Chapter 227 The beef brisket stewed with tomatoes is so delicious! The whole family is full!
Chapter 228 Shen Guofu: Talking about business is not as important as having a grandson! Dundun: You have gone too far!
Chapter 229: Watermelon cheese, a magical tool to cool off the summer heat! It’s so simple that even Baby Shen can learn it!
Chapter 230 This isn’t watermelon cheese. Is it dog food cheese? My hometown’s noodles and kang chili!
Chapter 231 Xie Baomin: Putting aside the facts, are you two right? The romance of a chef!
Chapter 232 General Consultant of the project team: Geng Lishan! Geng’s fried noodles are exquisite!
Chapter 233 Geng Lishan’s view on food! Start recording! The program trailer is out!
Chapter 234 The mutton stir-fried with green onions that impressed Geng Lishan! Shen Baobao’s cooking diary!
Chapter 235 Decoration delivery! Employees enter! Junior brother, do you want to learn how to roast suckling pig?
Chapter 236 Does it sound good? If it sounds good, it tastes good! How to make authentic crispy suckling pig! [Please order in full]
Chapter 237 The new function of the points mall! 'The World of Food' is launched and has received rave reviews!
Chapter 238 Pick up the car and collect payment! The most suitable elbow dishes for summer!
Chapter 239 The magic dish that can’t stop the car even after eating three bowls of rice - braised fish with soy sauce!
Chapter 240 For the trial opening, we made a delicacy that can only be eaten during the Chinese New Year - pressed pig head!
Chapter 241 This is simply a magical tool for drinking! How to eat pig brain flowers? You must steam the eggs!
Chapter 242 The elegant way to make elbows—crystal elbows! Trial opening, business is booming!
Chapter 243 The trial opening is more lively than the anniversary celebration! Mr. Chen is grand and spends millions!
Chapter 244 Redeem and upgrade tasks! As we all know, the four major stews in Northeast China are five dishes!
Chapter 245 Mr. Chen will pay for all the expenses! Brother-in-law, I want to have a suckling pig party!
Chapter 246: Sesame sesame pancakes with beef, five in a meal is not enough!
Chapter 247 There is sisterhood, but not much! Manager Shu, why are you here at work?
Chapter 248 What a treasure restaurant full of surprises! Whitebait omelette!
Chapter 249: Make a low-fat dish that will make your mother-in-law look pretty—chicken breast stuffed with winter melon!
Chapter 250 The king of heaven covers the tiger of the earth, the chicken is stewed with mushrooms! Boss, add more vermicelli!
Chapter 251 Opening Celebration Plan! Brother Xu, can you make pumpkin soup like that from the barbecue restaurant?
Chapter 252 Lin Ji’s overlord meal event! Junior brother, let me teach you a dish that strengthens the waist and nourishes the kidneys!
Chapter 253 Shen Guofu: It’s strange that the kitchen keeps cooking my favorite dishes today!
Chapter 254: One waist of cauliflower per person! This is not a gas station, is it an oil field?
Chapter 255 The emotional expert comes out for the second time! The secret of delicious steamed eggs with minced meat!
Chapter 256 Learn crystal dishes thoroughly in one go! Specialty gifts from parents!
Chapter 257 Roast turtle! Stew turtle! Another father-in-law happy meal tonight!
Chapter 258 How to make soy sauce chicken at home! Shen Guofu: Who has the final say in this family?
Chapter 259 Dishes to comfort homesickness! Is there any unexpected harvest at the opening celebration?
Chapter 260 Tell Lucy that I miss her so much! The secret to delicious pot-wrapped pork!
Chapter 261 The crispy pot pork is not enough to eat!
Chapter 262 Shen Guofu: This fish fillet doesn’t look too cooked. I have to use Wuliangye to disinfect it!
Chapter 263 Fish intestine omelette! My son-in-law is good at cooking fish? Then let’s make a full fish feast!
Chapter 264 Low EQ: I was almost stabbed in the back by my father-in-law; high EQ: My father-in-law helped me show off!
Chapter 265 Crocodile meat is so delicious! Master Wei, can you take me home tonight?
Chapter 266 The master of emotion per capita! A low-fat side dish rich in colloid - cold white fungus!
Chapter 267 The temptation of fried pork chops is something that no girl in the fat loss period can resist!
Chapter 268 The four-person team that loses fat transforms into the four-person team that gains weight! Can you cook grilled pork ribs with green onions?
Chapter 269: People in Shanghai are crazy about eating onions. Just try the grilled onion steaks and you will know!
Chapter 270 There are rewards for large recharges? Classic Shanghai dish - sweet and sour short ribs!
Chapter 271 A local dish that will become stale if left in oil for more than 18 seconds - fried shrimps!
Chapter 272 The secret to delicious hand-shredded cabbage! Geng Yiji, you skipped class again!
Chapter 273 Hand-shredded cabbage is so delicious! It’s super easy to make quick pickles with just your hands!
Chapter 274 The top five rice killers? Then there must be the salted fish and eggplant stew!
Chapter 275 You can’t eat this dish often, it’s too fiddly! A different kind of Sixi roasted bran!
Chapter 276 Cui Qingyuan: I was pleasantly surprised when I baked bran, and what was even more surprising was that I found a good seedling!
Chapter 277: Using chicken breast and pork fat to make tofu? There are still many varieties of high-end Sichuan cuisine!
Chapter 278 The ceiling of soft-roasted chicken cakes - soft-roasted chicken cake! New side mission!
Chapter 279 Got the dry dish and dipping sauce! The real and fake Jiangtuan that makes people confused!
Chapter 280 A high-end Sichuan dish that combines freshness, smoothness and tenderness—Steamed Jiang Tuan!
Chapter 281 Mapo Chicken Cake is more delicious than Mapo Tofu! Come on, serve rice!
Chapter 282 The Rice Killer is well-deserved! New special props have been released, redeem them!
Chapter 283 Flower ham mooncake is a calorie bomb? No, it is a calorie nuclear bomb!
Chapter 284 Stir-fried water spinach in ham oil, delicious! Brother Lin, can you make steam pot chicken?
Chapter 285: Don’t you really want to try making the custard-filled mooncake that you’ll lose immediately after learning it?
Chapter 286 When it comes to quenching your cravings, you have to eat custard! The most enjoyable way to eat Xuanwei ham!
Chapter 287 Regarding fried dough sticks, how many ways do you know to eat them? A guide to rescuing late-night hunger!
Chapter 288 Grandma’s best vegetable stomach-nourishing porridge! Here’s a high-end dish for the Mid-Autumn Festival reunion!
Chapter 289 A high-end Sichuan dish that has both appearance and taste - Snowflake Chicken Nao!
Chapter 290 Chen Yan: Have you heard of Linji Food? I am the executive chef there!
Chapter 291: Blanch the beef and then cool it, you have no idea how delicious it is!
Chapter 292 Game: I can install an accelerator! Steam Pot Chicken: What a coincidence, I can do it too!
Chapter 293 Chef Chen, I’ve seen through you! It’s indeed a steam pot chicken, and it tastes really good!
Chapter 294: Dip your soul into water as soon as you eat it! Geng Lele’s college entrance banquet!
Chapter 295: Salt-baked snacks that even a novice in the kitchen can learn! This has shocked my sister Yan for a whole year!
Chapter 296 Little Chef, let’s see how long you can play! A representative dish of salt-baked dishes!
Chapter 297 Authentic salt-baked chicken is not as complicated as you think! A little surprise at the college entrance banquet!
Chapter 298 Xie Baomin: I want to follow other people’s paths and leave others with no way to go!
Chapter 299 Making Chinese Noodles! Brother, is this what you mean by not being proficient in Bai An?
Chapter 300 Oh my god, it looks more like an apple than a real apple! Qiu Qiu, let me give you a sincere suggestion!
Chapter 301: Give Baby Shen a surprise! They are so greedy when they eat shredded fried pancakes. Can you do it?
Chapter 302 A bite of fried pancakes and a bite of garlic, this is the ultimate carbohydrate enjoyment!
Chapter 303: Different fried noodles, different deliciousness! Can new staple food trigger tasks?
Chapter 304 Yue Li Yue: This stir-fried noodles is so delicious! Lin Ji’s regular customers are excited
Chapter 305 A delicious delicacy made of stone - stone-cooked chrysanthemum!
Chapter 306: Senior brother’s nemesis turns out to be his brother-in-law! Junior brother, have you ever eaten fried chrysanthemum?
Chapter 307 The mission is completed and the reward is obtained! Qin Wei’s specialty meat vermicelli!
Chapter 308 Everyone’s National Day arrangements! How easy is it to stir-fry chestnuts with sugar? Just have the skills!
Chapter 309: A dish that will make you obsessed with one bite - chestnut roasted pork! Millions of fans reward!
Chapter 310 The festival is coming, and netizens from other places form a group to come to Beijing to check in! A chance encounter on the prairie!
Chapter 311 Uncle Gao’s request! Make peppercorn chicken! Baby Shen: Please call me Director Shen from now on!
Chapter 312 Wow, isn’t this peppercorn chicken so delicious? Director Shen’s first crew meeting!
Chapter 313 In the end, it was the little cat who took everything! When the roasted chicken comes out of the pot, the aroma spreads ten miles away!
Chapter 314 Half of the roast chicken was sold before it was even cooked! Fan’s favorite dish: grilled lamb chops!
Chapter 315: Sister Bureau is always full of excitement! The film has been edited and officially uploaded!
Chapter 316 Good guy, it turns out that the behind-the-scenes part is the main feature! The braised chestnut rice ordered by Zeng Xiaoqi!
Chapter 317 Stewed rice can be so delicious! Cinderella’s glass slipper?
Chapter 318 Isn’t this more exciting than watching a movie? Lin Ji Gourmet Braised Food Department is getting excited!
Chapter 319 Second Uncle: I can’t even raise chickens, so you let me raise horses? Spicy and sour tripe soup!
Chapter 320 Isn’t this soup perfect for fried noodles? Is there any exercise that doesn’t make you tired and keeps you fit?
Chapter 321 The most powerful tidbit in history! Dundun: I will take away your shit in three seconds!
Chapter 322 The joy of the harvest has to be expressed with lotus cakes! Here comes the lottery!
Chapter 323 Another dish to go with the meal! What to do with the remaining noodles? You can try the hydrangea cake!
Chapter 324 Professor Cui likes to eat drunken crabs? Arrange it! Senior brother, are you okay?
Chapter 325: Come on, help me up and try! Super simple recipe for drunken crab!
Chapter 326 How to make basic griddle sauce! Dundun: Playing games with mommy is really tiring!
Chapter 327: Old Huang pigeon caught the pigeon he promised to send! The rice cook’s favorite—grilled cauliflower!
Chapter 328 The ultimate pigeon soup—steamed squab! Xie Baomin’s battle to clear his name!
Chapter 329 Squab is so delicious! Dad, you are qualified to be the contract window in our school!
Chapter 330 Fatty wild carp must be dry-roasted, of course!
Chapter 331 What is it like to be forced to change houses by a cat? The delicious dry-roasted fish!
Chapter 332: This fish can still be saved. Come here and let me save it with a bowl of rice! How to make the bream!
Chapter 333 The pinker the color, the harder the beating! What about pink lotus root stewed pork ribs?
Chapter 334 The taste of this lotus root stewed pork ribs is really amazing, at least three bowls are required to start!
Chapter 335 Ren Jie: I may not be able to come back from this mission! Dundun: No, you can come back!
Chapter 336 Two different methods of ginger duck! After all the hard work, it was just a chance encounter!
Chapter 337 Geng Lele: From today on, please call me the assist king!
Chapter 338 The melon content of this drunken crab is really high! The ginger duck is out of the pot, and the technique is perfect!
Chapter 339 The autumn wind is chilling, it’s time to eat some ginger candies to warm your stomach and dispel the cold!
Chapter 340 Mr. Chen’s future...mother-in-law! Fancy ways to eat grouper!
Chapter 341 Yue Liyue’s bad idea! Dundun: If I say I’ll save your life, I’ll save your life!
Chapter 342 Ren Jie, you have made a great contribution! The first ripe fish, the gathering of the literary circle!
Chapter 343 Brother Qiang’s death-charge confession! The tedious silver bream soup is delicious!
Chapter 344 It is indeed a delicacy praised by the ancients in writing poems! How to make fish bream in batches!
Chapter 345: Bow to the power of money! The secret to making fish scales crystal clear!
Chapter 346 Li Qiang: What is it like to become an ex-boyfriend before you are in love? Cook pickled fish!
Chapter 347: Super delicious pickled fish recipe! Lao Yin, are you back from collecting food?
Chapter 348 Can side missions be completed with krypton gold? System, I understand!
Chapter 349 Sister Yuanyuan is coming to the capital? Brother Qiang has successfully joined the job. Let’s celebrate by cooking Jin cuisine!
Chapter 350 The Sand Sculpture Team’s limited drink—butter beer!
Chapter 351: A dish that satisfies everyone’s requirements for housewarming dishes!
Chapter 352: When a man is over twenty, it’s time to drink some drinks that only adults can drink!
Chapter 353 The Braised Silver Carp Head was destroyed as soon as it was demolished! Another day of being tricked by the system!
Chapter 354 Dundun: I just made arrangements and my aunt is here again. It’s so difficult for me!
Chapter 355 Moving! Pork stuffed with green peppers, delicious as a meal!
Chapter 356 Thanks from Dundun - Prop Upgrade Card! Junior brother, can you remove fish heads?
Chapter 357 Fry first and then simmer with less water. The most beautiful thing is the herring tail! Chef Chen, I miss you so much!
Chapter 358: Dundun’s revenge! Auntie, you should change your life on another planet!
Chapter 359 Ren Jie: I have experienced life and death! Chen Yan: What a coincidence, I have experienced social death!
Chapter 360 Mr. Chen, you are still young, take it easy on some things!
Chapter 361 How to eat smoked fish hot! Yanbao, I’ll give you a chance to reorganize your language!
Chapter 362 From shelled chestnuts to smooth jelly - the transformation of food is so magical!
Chapter 363: A small artifact to ward off the cold in late autumn: fish in tomato and sour soup! Justice, Dun Dun, attacks online!
Chapter 364 Ren Jie: I just bought some fried noodles, and I actually met a fugitive and had a celebration dinner!
Chapter 365 Chen Yan: I didn’t expect that the first time I stayed up all night, I spent it in the police force!
Chapter 366 Are you afraid of getting fish bones when eating hairtail? Then make a hairtail dish that even the fish bones can be eaten!
Chapter 367 Baby Shen: Woohoo, I was bitten by a stray dog! State banquet grade soy milk recipe!
Chapter 368 Two dishes that are perfect for cold weather - stir-fried chicken offal and boiled chicken liver!
Chapter 369: Steam the chicken thoroughly, then wrap it in batter and fry it. The children at home are so greedy that they cry!
Chapter 370 Can yam and snow cake be used together to cook? Xie Baomin: Everything is for the sake of the children!
Chapter 371 Stir-fried roast mutton! Never say to a man, 'Xigou, are you okay?'
Chapter 372 Sesame sesame pancakes sandwiched with fried roast lamb, you have to step on a stool to enjoy it!
Chapter 373 Can a birthday gift also match the theme? Happy 30th birthday, Mr. Chen!
Chapter 374 A hard dish from the northwest that does not require high cooking skills at all - hand-caught mutton!
Chapter 375 The modern version of Chef Ding Jie Niu! Job promotion, becoming the supervisor of the catering department of Diaoyutai?
Chapter 376 Beef Offal Stew is a must-have in winter. One bite will warm you up and it’s more than addictive!
Chapter 377 Times have changed, my lord! The modern way of making the lost dishes of the palace is so simple!
Chapter 378 The reason why rock sugar jade paste is lost! Noodle making - the knowledge in ramen making!
Chapter 379 The process of making beef noodles in clear soup is a bit more difficult than imagined!
Chapter 380 Xie Baomin: I discovered a new fun! Hot braised mutton, so enjoyable!
Chapter 381: Chef Xie, can you make an impromptu thorn in this pot of braised mutton?
Chapter 382 Xie Baomin’s first visit to the store, he has to choose a substantial one! Make pimple soup!
Chapter 383 Amateur? That’s Xie Baomin from Diaoyutai! The video was broadcast and the manager was angry!
Chapter 384 Young people are the future! My father-in-law brought golden pomfret, of course it should be fried!
Chapter 385: Silver wire coils are a hit and are selling like hotcakes! It’s so boring to deal with smart people!
Chapter 386: Have we received the certificates? Geng Lele: What does it mean to be a master in controlling the entire scene?
Chapter 387 Accidentally made a new dessert? Shanghai-style donkey rolling - Sha Yuan!
Chapter 388: There are a lot of small words. Do you want to take the postgraduate entrance examination? The store-exploring anchors are gathering together!
Chapter 389 Gou Junguo: Isn’t it said that unpopular dishes are easy to overturn? Why is one dish more delicious than the other?
Chapter 390 He’s actually wearing the cloak of a black fan...a die-hard fan? Comrade Deep Sea, thank you for your hard work!
Chapter 391 Stay up the deepest night and eat the most fragrant and spicy midnight snack!
Chapter 392 What to do if there is not enough food? Then borrow Dundun’s fish to eat! Take your children to go hiking!
Chapter 393 For the reward, buy fishing gear and go fishing with Lao Suntou! There are Dun Dun, but not the Air Force!
Chapter 394 Continuously catching fish, shocking all the fishermen! Old Suntou: I don’t understand!
Chapter 395 Chen Yan: Why can everyone else catch big fish, but I keep catching small fish?
Chapter 396 Chen Yan’s precise interception! Some people are fishermen on the surface, but secretly...
Chapter 397 Baked Carp Noodles, Yanjin...oh no, Yinzhou recipe! This combination is amazing!
Chapter 398 Lin Xu: He actually tempted me with the idea of ??settling down, so let’s play with him!
Chapter 399 This is obviously a basin of shabu-shabu water, but you actually have the nerve to call it abalone juice?
Chapter 400: What is it like to be a die-hard pastry fan? The meatloaf is so juicy and delicious!
Chapter 401: The door-nail meat pie is too small to satisfy? Then make it into a famous Hebei dish—Xianghe meat pie!
Chapter 402: Life is not easy, Meow Meow sighed! Dundun: After all, you still have to rely on me to make money to support your family!
Chapter 403 Han Shuzhen: I don’t want this girl anymore!
Chapter 404 A wonderful day starts with poisoning the circle of friends! The labor-consuming and time-consuming abalone juice goose feet!
Chapter 405: Someone was fired yesterday and sent to jail today. What kind of living hell is this?
Chapter 406 It’s so delicious, I can eat a pot of this goosefoot! Take Dundun to the car show!
Chapter 407 Hello everyone, let me just say a few words! Dundun has become a favorite at the car show!
Chapter 408 Chen Yan: I never thought that I, Chen Wanwan, would eat and drink with a cat!
Chapter 409 The magic of Northeastern cuisine will make you want two more bites even if you are full! Dundun is now on the air!
Chapter 410 It’s getting colder, so eat more vegetables rich in collagen!
Chapter 411 Men’s Gas Station? Men’s Football Team: If you don’t believe the rumors, don’t spread them, it’s still useless even if you eat them!
Chapter 412 Who doesn’t wear a helmet when dating? Lin Xu’s attitude towards supporting poor students!
Chapter 413 The hometown series has a new product - hometown pimple soup! Dundun’s labor fee!
Chapter 414 Gonghuo Master Geng Lishan! How can the little kitten have any bad intentions!
Chapter 415 Team starter Lin Xu! We solemnly promise that we will never be the first to use Xie Baomin!
Chapter 416: The mediocre and perfect fried beef! Diaoyutai's 'son inherits the father's legacy'!
Chapter 417 Xie Baomin: I have an immature suggestion! Diaoyutai’s revenge!
Chapter 418 Chen Yan: The harvest season is here! Give Dundun some different ingredients!
Chapter 419 Dundun, who is used to eating rare sea fish, tasted bullfrog for the first time, and the scene got out of hand!
Chapter 420 Shen Jiayue: If I eat tonight, I will be a cat! Ten o'clock in the evening: Meow meow meow!
Chapter 421 Eating in the middle of the night is unhealthy, but it’s enjoyable! Master’s noodles in clear soup!
Chapter 422 Clear and transparent soup, noodles as thin as silver wire - the more high-end, the simpler!
Chapter 423: How many poached eggs can you eat with added difficulty of 100 million points? An unexpected reward!
Chapter 424 Who can refuse the sweet-skinned duck that just came out of the pot? Dundun, help dad draw the lottery!
Chapter 425 A surprise from Shen Jiayue! Lin Xu: Thank you, I was indeed surprised!
Chapter 426 The north wind is howling and snowflakes are falling. It’s time to cook some meat in a copper pot to ward off the cold!
Chapter 427 Eating hot-boiled meat on a snowy day is such a beautiful word! Taking Dundun for a snowball fight!
Chapter 428 Dundun: You want to hit me with a snowball? Sorry, I have full luck!
Chapter 429 The evil cat complained first! Chen Yan: It’s obviously me who is being bullied! Honey Ginkgo!
Chapter 430 The joy of eating meat is something that no vegetarian food can give! Making soy sauce bones
Chapter 431 High EQ: I made the same mistake that all foodies make! Low EQ: I got fat!
Chapter 432 New sweet-skinned duck! Geng Lishan immediately sent Mo Bao: The best duck in the world!
Chapter 433 Be careful! Human-to-human transmission has occurred while playing games! Make beef tartare!
Chapter 434 Foodies can be wronged, but you can’t take my pot and burn your elbows!
Chapter 435 Shen Guofu: Is this what it feels like to be twice as happy? I love it!
Chapter 436 What is it like to make three hundred bottles of Qiuli ointment at one time? Mrs. Shen’s sugar cakes!
Chapter 437 The little fresh delicacy that my father-in-law thinks of is actually - fried liver?!
Chapter 438 No matter how rigorous the system is, there are still bugs! I got the perfect red bean paste filling!
Chapter 439: There is also a dispute between sweet and salty in the glutinous rice cake circle? One sentence silenced both parties
Chapter 440 Since there is no wife in the wife cake, then it is understandable that there is no donkey in the roll, right?
Chapter 441 Yueyue, do you think of me as Pavlov’s dog? Lao Sun Tou Niubi!
Chapter 442 Young man, do you want to be single? If you learn to cook cherry meat, you can find a girlfriend!
Chapter 443: Women’s inexplicable desire to win! The Shandong cuisine test dish: braised liver tip!
Chapter 444 A new trick in the system? A reward recognized by the head chefs: meal replacement card!
Chapter 445 Two pieces of Dongpo meat cured Director Zeng’s body anxiety!
Chapter 446 Niu Chuang, who has always been unknown, actually made an outstanding yellow rice and jujube cake!
Chapter 447 Never let your girlfriend play your games! A mouthful of scum, dreaming of returning to your hometown!
Chapter 448 Before my sister-in-law takes away all the bamboo shoots on the mountain, I’ll buy some winter bamboo shoots to satisfy my craving!
Chapter 449 A mouthful of braised bamboo shoots in oil will bring spring even after nine cold days! The ultimate weapon of the fisherman!
Chapter 450 If you can’t catch fish, dig lotus roots! Lao Suntou: Fishermen often do this!
Chapter 451 A record-breaking giant! Make a sweet dish—osmanthus, glutinous rice and lotus root!
Chapter 452 The secret to delicious fish head cakes! How many steps does it take to turn Dundun into an Arab prince?
Chapter 453 My father-in-law wants to eat fish that is fragrant and light. How about a side dish of fish?
Chapter 454 Never believe the fisherman’s last shot! Director Zeng is in a dilemma!
Chapter 455: Will it taste delicious if you blanch the fish in hot water? Chen Yan’s boss mode!
Chapter 456 When the kitchen novice learns to use the air fryer, the situation gradually gets out of control!
Chapter 457: How to eat steamed buns with steamed buns? Zhen Wensheng: You will regret it!
Chapter 458 The surprise of joining a new company! Dundun is a filial kid, but not much!
Chapter 459: Is it reasonable to use a hammer to make sugar-roasted chestnuts? Junior brother, you have to shoot some high-end dishes!
Chapter 460 Is there a possibility: the lion heads you have eaten are just meatballs!
Chapter 461: Shaped like a stone lion, shake it gently and shake the water. How many lion heads can you eat like this?
Chapter 462 Before taking wedding photos: Excited, excited! After taking wedding photos: Can it end early?
Chapter 463 Love-brand egg-filled cakes! The TV station makes eight-treasure gourd duck? Then let’s do it too!
Chapter 464 Chen Meijuan: Isn’t it too much to say Versailles in front of your son? Take the whole duck off the bones!
Chapter 465: Gourd is a blessing, and the homophone is not a foul dish—Eight-treasure Gourd Duck!
Chapter 466 Eat three ducks, not a single bit of food is wasted! The Lin family’s dinner!
Chapter 467: Sweet potato balls are delicious, but be careful as they burn your mouth! Carp stuffed meat with heaven and earth inside!
Chapter 468: A car crash is not scary at all, whoever is worse will be embarrassed! Netizen: Spare that duck!
Chapter 469 If you can, compare Western food with me! Lin Xu: Is there such a requirement?
Chapter 470 The kid next door: I’m already a first-grade kid, I won’t cry!
Chapter 471 It’s okay to pursue delicacy, but the graininess is the soul of sesame paste!
Chapter 472 There are four ways to make black sesame paste. How many do you know? Complete the quests in your spare time!
Chapter 473: Dundun: I am very helpless when a mommy who is both good at food and loves to play is put on the table!
Chapter 474 Pan-fried foie gras that everyone knows how to make! This is too... greedy, right?
Chapter 475 Qiu Zhenhua: I want to take Qi Siming as my disciple, can you help me...
Chapter 476: Which kitten can refuse slow-cooked foie gras? Lamb and scorpion in clear soup!
Chapter 477 A delicious dish cooked by a monk - grilled whole pig head!
Chapter 478 If the pig head wants to be delicious, cooking skills, energy and time are all indispensable!
Chapter 479 The Huaiyang Cuisine branch mission begins! Geng Lele: Little girl, you are destined to teach me!
Chapter 480 Tongtong: Sister Lele’s teachings are indeed useful! Mission accomplished, local food lottery!
Chapter 481 The fishing guy will never be in the air force! Chen Yan: Thanks to the old man from Yanjing TV for the assist!
Chapter 482: Tear off the fig leaf of restaurant rating! Zeng Xiaoqi: I have no hope in love!
Chapter 483 Zeng Xiaoqi: It’s over, I’ve been caught! Deep-fried skewers late at night, who can refuse?
Chapter 484: A mouthful of crispy whistle and a mouthful of noodles, I wouldn’t change it for a god! Apply for settlement nomination!
Chapter 485 Do you want to know the joy of making noodles? A new dish at Chen Yan’s engagement party!
Chapter 486 Adding crunchy whistle to the sour soup noodle is forever delicious! Yan Bao, I wish you a happy engagement!
Chapter 487 A delicious snack that looks simple but is actually exquisite in every aspect - Jade Shaomai!
Chapter 488 A dish that races against time - mandarin fish braised in vinegar! Dundun’s gift!
Chapter 489: Dundun: If you give me a chance, it won’t work. Auntie, you really disappoint me!
Chapter 490 You have to be brave enough to try cooking, such as making mandarin fish braised in vinegar... spicy?
Chapter 491 The mission is completed, and rewards are coming one after another! Dundun: It turns out that I am the head of the family!
Chapter 492: The S-level gift pack really has something! The mustard duck feet are so delicious!
Chapter 493 Different ways of cooking the same ingredients - mustard dumplings and Qianlong cabbage!
Chapter 494 The first offline gathering of fishing guys! Dundun: I’ll give you some small benefits!
Chapter 495 A free-range fat duck of such high quality must of course be made into a blood duck!
Chapter 496 The biggest shortcoming of Blood Duck is that it is too fermi! Annual meeting draw? Thanks to Dundun!
Chapter 497 Making Soy Sauce Pork! Shen Jiayue: What can be summoned by gathering seven elbow dishes?
Chapter 498: Soy sauce meat is such a versatile ingredient! The settlement approval was passed, and Lin Xu was confused!
Chapter 499 A kind of elbow that can be 'drinked' and eaten - red braised elbow! My cousin is so shameless!
Chapter 500 Zeng Xiaoqi: Oops, I’m stuck! Ingredients to supplement collagen?
Chapter 501 Lao Suntou’s unexpected discovery! How does dry and hard fish maw turn into soft and soft Guangdu?
Chapter 502: Hot and sour Guangdou: a dish that cannot be avoided in Guangzhou dishes! Junior brother, are you afraid of snakes?
Chapter 503 Snakes are really scary, but they are also really fragrant! Make Guangdu a golden legend!
Chapter 504 Shen Jiayue: Snakes are too scary, but I can eat them first and then be afraid! Make bait silk!
Chapter 505 Only magic can defeat magic! Chen Yan: Am I suddenly a detective?
Chapter 506 There is no right or wrong about laba garlic, only whether it tastes good or not! Qi Siming’s Apprenticeship Banquet!
Chapter 507 Chen Yan: I didn’t expect that I really caught the bad guy! The changes and twists at the apprenticeship banquet!
Chapter 508: Rewards for eating melons and watching movies! Officially settled, it’s time to redeem special props!
Chapter 509 Regarding bait silk, you know several ways to eat it. If you are hungry in the middle of the night, then make red crispy chicken!
Chapter 510 A delicacy created with the theme of balancing power! Shen Jiayue’s mushroom-stuffed meat!
Chapter 511 Even before the roast goose is cooked, the regular customers are ready to eat!
Chapter 512: Eat crispy squab for lunch and crispy roast goose for dinner. What a wonderful day!
Chapter 513 V I am 50, you eat this roast goose first! Zeng Xiaoqi: I want to report to Dundun!
Chapter 514 Chen Yan: Why did I suddenly start to have bad luck? The pastry chef’s fancy confession!
Chapter 515 A sweet confession requires sweet snacks, the dessert in memory - croissant honey!
Chapter 516 Sweet and delicious croissant honey! Qiu Yaozu: Xiaoxu, can you make three sets of ducks?
Chapter 517 Three sets of duck - a classic Huaiyang dish created by literati!
Chapter 518: The unique taste of hibiscus sea pine! Three sets of ducks with thresholds, will you eat them?
Chapter 519 Shen Jiayue: The sesame biscuits in my hand are no longer fragrant! Cook the lost dish red braised pork!
Chapter 520: Pickled tea oil duck, steamed soy sauce duck, stewed air-dried duck! A day of dealing with ducks!
Chapter 521 Shen Guofu: When I repeatedly ask what to do with the goose, you should know what I mean!
Chapter 522 The Flame Drunken Goose is indeed well-deserved! The family is coming to Beijing, and the countdown to the wedding has begun!
Chapter 523 It’s so happy for the whole family to eat together! Make rock sugar bird’s nests for the elderly!
Chapter 524 It’s harder than expected to get rid of San Bu Guo! Diaoyutai’s corporate culture!
Chapter 525: The ordinary pig lungs can actually make super delicious soup!
Chapter 526 Tai Chi Chicken Porridge - a high-end imitation vegetarian dish made with pure chicken!
Chapter 527 Shen Guofu: I was still talking about pure meat porridge this morning, but I didn’t expect it to be here!
Chapter 528 Weddings of rich people are often so simple and... funny!
Chapter 529: Meeting Lucy at the wedding! The gifts from the classmates were too good to cry.
Chapter 530 The mistress kills Wang Cuihua! Shen Jiayue: The wedding is over, let’s go home and make wedding cakes!
Chapter 531 Is this a wedding cake? It’s so delicious! Rich or not, go home to celebrate the New Year!
Chapter 532 Lin Xu: As a graduate of Central Finance and Economics, isn’t it normal to know how to kill pigs?
Chapter 533: Kill the New Year pig, fill it with blood sausage, and lard residue, it tastes so delicious! Chen Yuanyuan: You embody me
Chapter 534 Chen Yan: Law of Conservation of Damage! Only 34B injured world is achieved!
Chapter 535: A traditional village banquet, seemingly simple but elegant! The second main mission!
Chapter 536 Salt-fried mutton is well-deserved! The so-called mysterious gift package, is this it?
Chapter 537 Dundun: I’ve tried my best! Catch the fair, buy firecrackers, post Spring Festival couplets, New Year is here!
Chapter 538 Haggis Soup and White Water Sheep Head! New Year’s Eve is here, let’s start preparing for the New Year’s Eve dinner!
Chapter 539 Dad, this is the 'seafood' you bought for the New Year's Eve dinner!
Chapter 540 Crossing thousands of miles just to celebrate the New Year with her daughter! Zeng Xiaoqi’s New Year’s Eve was so sad!
Chapter 541 Eat and drink enough to watch the fireworks! A limited-time snack on New Year’s Eve—fried dumplings!
Chapter 542 What is it like to eat cold skin on New Year’s Day? Chen Yan: My mouth is watering like a river!
Chapter 543 Delicious rolled cold skin, appetizing and delicious! This is the correct way to use the net!
Chapter 544 A surprise from Maisha Rui! The five-color chicken porridge mission that missed the mission deadline!
Chapter 545: Appointment of Sister Yuanyuan! Steaming flower rolls and making rolled candies, the morning of the second day of junior high school is a bit busy!
Chapter 546 A ten-pound cat turns out to be a nine-pound cat! The five-color chicken porridge comes out of the pot, and there is an unexpected surprise
Chapter 547 Imitation vegetarian dish Yipin Tofu! Best for digestion exercise after meals - digging wild vegetables!
Chapter 548 Occasionally eat steamed buns made with grains and wild vegetables. Not to mention, it tastes really good!
Chapter 549: Making cakes and kebabs! A wonderful night full of northwest flavor!
Chapter 550 Lunch hasn’t arrived yet today. Shen Jiayue: It doesn’t matter, I will take action!
Chapter 551 Dundun gets angry: I haven’t eaten for five minutes! Make duck with fragrant rice!
Chapter 552 A cooking tip every day! Who wouldn’t be confused after seeing such a trick!
Chapter 553 Brothers compete in cooking skills from a distance! This dish is mediocre, but it’s really a first-class tofu
Chapter 554: This tofu deserves to be called a first-class product! When it comes to poisoning, you still need to see professionals!
Chapter 555 Who said there is no low-temperature slow-cooked dish in Chinese food? Salted duck was the first to express dissatisfaction!
Chapter 556 How does it feel to sit at the same table with children to eat? Shen Jiayue: You can’t grab it at all!
Chapter 557: Pickled spicy cabbage, roasted dried pumpkin, there are thousands of delicious options, and the braised goose is still the best!
Chapter 558 The ancient method of drying sweet potatoes! Lin Xu: It is indeed right to call mom when everything is in doubt!
Chapter 559 Dried pumpkin and dried sweet potato are released one after another! Chen Shaokang: Dried sweet potato is so delicious!
Chapter 560 Farewell to relatives and return to the capital! Dundun: I opened this road and planted this tree!
Chapter 561: Dundun: Take Benmiao’s red envelope and give it to the employees. You are noble and awesome!
Chapter 562: Give out red envelopes and rent a new car! Congratulations! Master actually got married and got married!
Chapter 563 The fried date cake comes out of the pan, it tastes great! Master’s wedding seems unhappy!
Chapter 564: Uncle Gao: He has been in the world for many years, but in the end he was taken advantage of. What a sin!
Chapter 565 Dry croquettes ≠ fried meatballs! Lucy’s cry: Down with capitalism!
Chapter 566 Geng Lishan: I am very curious about chicken tip soup! Lin Xu: Can I arrange it?
Chapter 567 The better the chicken nib soup is, the more tragic the character is! TV fan Dundun!
Chapter 568: What is it like to have a cat at home who likes to watch TV? Spiced Chicken!
Chapter 569: The smoked braised meat tastes really special! Northeastern kill fish!
Chapter 570 The spicy and refreshing fish is really delicious! New side mission!
Chapter 571 Proletarian Warrior——Lucy! The special table assignment is a bit interesting!
Chapter 572: When egg sauce is mixed with hand-made noodles, even those who have no appetite will end up eating a big bowl!
Chapter 573 The pinnacle of Northeastern dessert dishes - snowy bean paste! Make jade carvings for Dundun!
Chapter 574: How about eating egg sauce without some pickles? A new version of snowy bean paste!
Chapter 575: Use soy sauce duck to make salty porridge! What is it like to have a cow cat at home?
Chapter 576 Jade Carving Master: Oops, I was given the CPU by a little fat cat!
Chapter 577: It’s no problem to help Deng Lisong choose a cat cub! Go to Han’s house for a reunion dinner on Sunday!
Chapter 578 A dish that is both beautiful and delicious—watercress fish! Cousin-in-law’s request!
Chapter 579 Cats are full of curiosity about human cubs! Plans for a food documentary!
Chapter 580 The representative of cooked and steamed desserts-Zeng Gao! Chen Yan: The damage actually rebounds
Chapter 581 Delicious but not greasy, steamer cake is indeed Lao Shaan’s favorite! Cook crispy white meat!
Chapter 582: Have you failed to learn the four forms of crispy white meat? In spring, it’s time to eat leeks!
Chapter 583 Dundun: Here comes the opportunity to make money! Lin Xu: It’s so hard to be a parent!
Chapter 584 Shen Guofu: The happy time is coming to an end! The bakery in Building 8!
Chapter 585: Daliba stuffed with dried fruits and soft-tasting bald cakes, learn them all at once!
Chapter 586: Tips for adding sugar to bald cakes! Want to roast pigs without overturning? Come on, Dundun!
Chapter 587 Dundun: It doesn’t matter, I will claw my way! The Qiankun roasted pig blessed by luck!
Chapter 588 Stop pretending, I’m just here to shoot a commercial! Dumplings are like wine, the more you drink, the better!
Chapter 589: Chewing a big Leba in my mouth, thinking about Natasha! Making a weapon version of Leba!
Chapter 590 No, weight loss rations, this is a self-defense weapon! Russian dish lottery!
Chapter 591 Which one is better, brown sugar rice wine glutinous rice balls or pan-fried glutinous rice balls? Shen Jiayue: Both are delicious!
Chapter 592 A soup that looks and tastes great—snake soup! Senior brother’s advice!
Chapter 593 The project was successfully approved, it’s time to visit Mr. Qiu’s house!
Chapter 594 Delicious lamb stew, so enjoyable! How to mix dough with 90% water content
Chapter 595 High-end pastries often only require simple ingredients and hundreds of millions of skills!
Chapter 596 Mother oil boat duck: a seemingly simple but lost dish!
Chapter 597: Dundun is a good and obedient boy! The perfect red beef stew is just extraordinary!
Chapter 598 Chen Yan: I accidentally became an elder! Zeng Xiaoqi: There are so many things for middle-aged women!
Chapter 599 Shen Guofu: My son-in-law suddenly notified me to go to the store. He must have cooked something delicious again!
Chapter 600 Go to the Forbidden City to help Deng Lisong choose a cat cub! Dundun: I finally have a little brother!
Chapter 601 A cat name with royal style! The delicate princess in Yanjing’s traditional snacks!
Chapter 602 Beautiful and delicious Ginger Sauce Steak! Riding is so tiring, so it makes sense to bring elbows
Chapter 603: Riding with Dundun will also reward you with the best food that shocked Lucy for a whole year!
Chapter 604: Both the cat and you want to know what it’s like to be a beggar’s chicken! Dundun: Too poor to eat dirt
Chapter 605 Dundun is picking up Sha Rui’s wool again! A new twist on sweet and sour pork!
Chapter 606: Everything can be candied haws! The memories of the older generation in the Northeast - crispy yellow vegetables!
Chapter 607 Thank you to my wife for successfully helping me quit gaming! Shen Guofu: I’ll just be polite!
Chapter 608: Dundun shoots, new hope for the national football team! It’s time to show off wood carving skills!
Chapter 609: Carving a bear paw mold! Dundun: Auntie is so generous, and she cooks dumplings without breaking the skin!
Chapter 610 Chen Yan’s second corporate death is here! Making high-end gourmet food-bear paw competition!
Chapter 611 Grandpa Cai Sen: How can you eat protected animals? This is illegal!
Chapter 612: Tasty food! Cai Sen: Later I found out that all grandpa’s boasts were true!
Chapter 613 The duck stewed with abalone tastes amazing! Dundun: The kitten has no bad intentions!
Chapter 614 Tongtong: I just want to try the anti-theft ability of the supermarket! Make fish skin peanuts!
Chapter 615 Dundun: I don’t want to be King Jiji! The glutinous rice cake with dried plums and vegetables will make Aunt Chen cry!
Chapter 616 I suggest you check with Boss Lin, it’s not like making bear paws for the first time! Make fried chicken fir!
Chapter 617 Super delicious fried chicken and cedar noodles! Tell Lao Mo that I want to eat finger-sucking chicken!
Chapter 618 A delicacy that even Dundun is obsessed with - milk pancake! Make fire pickled vegetables!
Chapter 619 Want to eat some beef dishes that can help you lose weight? Then try the mint beef from southern Yunnan!
Chapter 620: Making Wuding Cold Chicken! Dundun: Yes, I am the domineering little president!
Chapter 621: Cold Chicken is indeed well-deserved! What? There is an unexpected reward for cooking a Yunnan cuisine banquet?
Chapter 622: A supreme delicacy composed of various 'lethal doses' - Zhanyi Spicy Chicken!
Chapter 623 Chen Yan: Yueyue, can you be more mature like Dundun?
Chapter 624 Two more members are added to the killer rice dishes—fatty chicken and ginger duck!
Chapter 625 Dundun: Teach the little animals a lesson tomorrow, let them know whose territory this is!
Chapter 626 Jade Belt Carp: A high-end Northeastern dish that Zhang Xueliang never forgets!
Chapter 627 A lung-nourishing and health-preserving dish—Dongpo crucian carp! Chen Yan: It’s so difficult to lose weight!
Chapter 628: Braised rolls in iron pot, amazing! Shen Jiayue: I have a special way of publicity!
Chapter 629 Dundun: Sure enough, every bite of meat comes with a price! Make golden thread oil spin!
Chapter 630 Some people appear to be shady netizens, but secretly they open a shop by relying on food tutorials!
Chapter 631 Dundun’s perspective video goes viral! Crab roe tofu’s sister dish—egg yolk tofu!
Chapter 632: New animals have been added to the Ginkgo Garden! Old Huang: I picked up a good treasure after missing it!
Chapter 633 Dundun: I hate two-legged beasts that have no sense of boundaries! Make a donkey feast!
Chapter 634 The difference between burning donkey meat! Shen Jiayue: I have never heard such a request in my whole life!
Chapter 635: The technique of sauce donkey meat is obtained! The naan pit oven is built, it’s time to make roast pig!
Chapter 636: Just to eat this piece of skin, the whole pig was roasted - Cantonese style crispy roasted pig!
Chapter 637 This is not a food live broadcast, it is clearly a cute pet live broadcast! The roasted pig is out!
Chapter 638 The delicious roasted pig made many netizens cry with greed; the live broadcast was successful and the tickets were sold out on the spot!
Chapter 639 Tongtong: I volunteered to be beaten! How to make crispy pork belly in the air fryer!
Chapter 640 Crispy pork belly is so delicious? Try making a naan pit roasted whole lamb!
Chapter 641 Northwest-style roasted whole lamb! Tongtong has filial piety, but not much!
Chapter 642: Dundun: From today on, the Ginkgo Garden will be under the protection of the public. Who is in favor and who is against?
Chapter 643 Damn it, my senior brother is the one who writes the villain script! The Northwest Big Pan Chicken!
Chapter 644 Unexpected catch - crocodile gar! Uncle Dun is very angry, and the consequences will be serious!
Chapter 645 Lao Huang: Professor Cui, a guy with thick eyebrows and big eyes, actually learned Versailles!
Chapter 646: Old Jinan’s top delicacy—handfuls of meat! Dundun: I’m not a caddy!
Chapter 647 Boss Lin, if you are going to be kidnapped, just blink! The meat is so delicious!
Chapter 648 It’s not easy to learn how to make puff pastry egg tarts! The correct way to make puff pastry egg tarts!
Chapter 649: Why did you provoke her? Dundun: A group of two-legged beasts with fish lips!
Chapter 650 Thin-skinned buns are so delicious! Dundun: I’ll give you some wealth, you still want to make a fortune?
Chapter 651: Let you talk and you flirt with girls! Dundun: If a cat is not rebellious, is it still a cat?
Chapter 652: Low EQ: Want to try the civilian version of steamed deer tail, high EQ: Want to eat stuffed large intestine!
Chapter 653 The civilian version of steamed deer tail is actually delicious. The real deer tail has finally arrived!
Chapter 654 Dealing with deer tails is really troublesome! Dundun: Mommy won’t let me play with fools!
Chapter 655 Steamed deer tail is out of the pot! Shen Guofu: I was just passing by to take a look, nothing else!
Chapter 656 It’s such a wonderful taste! Dundun: When you’re angry, you can’t be coaxed!
Chapter 657 Mrs. Shen’s way of running a house-training her son if he doesn’t make decisions in trouble!
Chapter 658 Pig’s Knuckle Noodles with a Slightly High Sugar Content! Yueyue still has some cooking talent!
Chapter 659 Dessert dish made with lotus seeds - Yipin lotus seeds! Have you ever eaten jar dumplings?
Chapter 660 Chen Yan: Bully Dundun a few more times while she’s not pregnant! Dundun: Thanks for the reminder!
Chapter 661 Working cats also need to take a vacation! The top soup in Sichuan cuisine - Dictyophora and liver paste soup!
Chapter 662: How delicious is the delicate liver paste? Everyone is so greedy that they meow!
Chapter 663: Eating is also about tactics! A banquet consisting of clear soup dishes - a clear soup banquet!
Chapter 664: Turn a big radish into a high-end bird’s nest: You can bully the system again!
Chapter 665: Dundun: This reward dish is too bad. Let’s change it to a higher level!
Chapter 666 Uncle Gao’s new vest! A common concern among three generations of chefs, old, middle and young!
Chapter 667 Dundun, you don’t want your aunt to lose, why don’t you make pickled cabbage and white meat hot pot!
Chapter 668: Crying Geng Lele! You can eat hot pot like this for a year without getting tired of it!
Chapter 669 Cui Qingyuan: Don’t talk nonsense behind your wife’s back, you will regret it!
Chapter 670 Since we are defending radish, let’s make some snacks with radish! Chicken wrapped in vegetables!
Chapter 671 Dundun: Finally I can go fishing for the strange sharp-mouthed fish! Visit Lao Fang’s boutique restaurant!
Chapter 672 Dundun: Isn’t it normal for me to take advantage of my position to get myself some food?
Chapter 673 Delicious food full of spring flavor! The happier Dundun eats, the more prosperous the business will be!
Chapter 674: They are all talents needed by the national security department! Start making Baizishoutao!
Chapter 675: Which boy can refuse the tender pink peach? How Liu Sui eats it!
Chapter 676 These adults don’t make people worry! Dundun: I’m emo, I’m pretending!
Chapter 677 Only Tongtong’s injured world has been achieved! Shen Jiayue: This must be an illusion!
Chapter 678 If you want to make a vegetarian feast, make vegetarian lard first! This is simply more exciting than magic!
Chapter 679 The special banquet mission is completed, prepare for the lottery! Lele knows how to pour cold water on you!
Chapter 680 Oh my god, I actually got the first banquet of the founding of the People’s Republic of China! Dundun: Ji Cao, don’t be six!
Chapter 681 The most suitable delicacy for breakfast - mess! The Deng Lisong family meets the rich sister again!
Chapter 682 What is the key to making butterfly sea cucumber? Lin Xu: Let the butterflies fly!
Chapter 683 Dundun: As a noble cat, you have to have some different afternoon tea!
Chapter 684 Arrange a table for Cai Heping’s friends! Dundun: This family will be finished sooner or later without me!
Chapter 685 Who stipulates that kittens cannot secretly rape the slippery toad that Shen Jiayue misses?
Chapter 686 Lin Xu: We need to film some follow-up to smooth things over! Lao Dai: Strongly requesting more scenes!
Chapter 687 The famous Huaiyang dish at the first banquet of the founding of the People's Republic of China - red braised autumn duck! Cross-border director circle!
Chapter 688 Xiaobai: Are the species in South America so wild? Qiu Yaozu broke his defense again!
Chapter 689 Lao Suntou: In order to fish with Dundun, it’s not too much for me to buy a car.
Chapter 690 Aunt Sun has been thinking about the delicacy of her hometown for half her life - Wuhu Shrimp Roe Noodles!
Chapter 691: High EQ: Weight loss has hit a plateau! Low EQ: I’m so greedy that I want to lose it!
Chapter 692: Dundun: I am really a genius! Learn how to make jade beads and fish flowers from Qiu Yaozu!
Chapter 693 The basic skills of a retired celebrity chef are beyond imagination! Is this a dish or a work of art?
Chapter 694 A ten-pound kitten, a hundred pounds of bad thoughts! Chen Yan: Wow, oh, oh, so wronged!
Chapter 695 The current situation of contemporary youth: while emphasizing celibacy to the end, praying for marriage!
Chapter 696 Central University of Finance and Economics: We solemnly declare that our school has never offered a culinary major!
Chapter 697 Since Dundun likes to play on the grass, let’s tear down the boundary wall of the terrace!
Chapter 698: A lottery to catch all Cantonese dishes! Happy birthday, baby Dundun!
Chapter 699: Dundun celebrates her first birthday, it’s really fun! Making gourd, shrimp and crab!
Chapter 700 The beautiful and delicious gourd shrimps and crabs are unforgettable! Guo Jichang is here!
Chapter 701: How does it feel when someone else uses a family secret? Qiu Yaozu: I feel so panicked!
Chapter 702 Shen Jiayue: Hoho! I have mastered the core skills of cooking!
Chapter 703: Rich sister wants to order pig’s feet and ginger arrangement! Chen Yan: I’m definitely not pregnant!
Chapter 704: Making Pig’s Knuckle Ginger! Shen Jiayue: Oh no, we entered a blind spot of knowledge as soon as we started filming!
Chapter 705 Baby Yan is going to be a mother! Shen Jiayue: I have mastered the trick of giving birth to a boy or a girl!
Chapter 706 Shi Wenqing: Pregnant women can touch small animals! Dundun: My work is in vain
Chapter 707: Use grape juice to make grape fish, perfect! Chen Yan: If you come out to fool around, you will have to pay it back sooner or later!
Chapter 708: Dundun and her little cousin’s first paw-holding! Pork trotters and ginger can actually be mixed with noodles
Chapter 709 Lao Suntou: With Dundun, I can dominate the entire fish pond! Make sweet and sour meat!
Chapter 710: Peeling off the bones of a whole chicken is nothing but hard work on peeling off the skin of a whole chicken - Jiangnan Baihua Chicken!
Chapter 711 He Guangchang: Lao Guo, have you heard of the Dark Forest Law? Crispy Flower Chicken!
Chapter 712: Masters compete with each other, and each move is fatal! Dundun: Pregnant women should eat more fish!
Chapter 713 Uncle Gao: Xiaoxu is a stable person. I feel relieved that he came to pick him up at the airport!
Chapter 714 Lucy: Bow to capital, don’t be shabby! Filming of the state banquet documentary begins!
Chapter 715 Damn it, Dundun is not a living creature on earth! Take a plane back to Yinzhou!
Chapter 716 If everyone is not used to the tangerine peel that Lin Hongqi bought, then let’s make tangerine peel duck!
Chapter 717: Isn’t the skill I just acquired now useful? - Lantern Shadow Niu Si!
Chapter 718 Dundun: Is this a horse or a prehistoric beast? Why is it so much bigger than Xiaobai!
Chapter 719 Lin Xu: Such a big main mission, it’s... almost completed
Chapter 720 Dundun: If you want me to take the initiative to say hello, you have to pay extra! Live broadcast from the racecourse!
Chapter 721 Pets also need pets! There is a restaurant at the racecourse, so go check it out!
Chapter 722: Mission accomplished, prizes drawn! Celebrate by making a pot-stuffed eggplant!
Chapter 723 The Escape of the Little Mushroom Head! Lin Xu: Setting the flag is really easy to get slapped in the face!
Chapter 724: Dundun: I also have a car, meow! Teach the little mushroom head how to make cola pork ribs!
Chapter 725 Shi Moli: Sister-in-law Yueyue is so awesome, she can actually use Coke to cure a cold!
Chapter 726 Geng Lele: Is today a difficult day for our sand sculpture team? Lychee fish roll!
Chapter 727 The freshness of Sichuan cuisine is indeed delicious! A new round of essay contest!
Chapter 728: This generation of netizens have no sense of boundaries, right? If you have a car, don’t show off, like walking in brocade at night!
Chapter 729 Dundun: Please put your envy on the public screen! The authentic way to make Kung Pao Chicken!
Chapter 730 Chicken nuggets are so delicious! Quarrel King: What does it feel like to vomit after eating carrots?
Chapter 731 Dundun: What should I do if I am bullied by a pregnant woman? Watch me summon the heavenly soldiers and generals!
Chapter 732 Dundun: Translation Translation, what is fishing law enforcement! Delicious mirror-encrusted tofu!
Chapter 733 Chef Shen is online again! Remember to wear a helmet when pouring dirty water on Ziqiang Shengjian!
Chapter 734 Dundun: Being a cat, you must be fair. If you arrange for the aunt, you must also arrange for the aunt!
Chapter 735 Chen Yuejin worships God! What to do with the endless pork to make Hanyuan Jar Meat!
Chapter 736 How can you kill a pig without eating the big bones? Dundun prepared a birthday gift for the old lady!
Chapter 737 Two major schools of Yanjing roast duck! Liu Bo: Dundun, why are you slapping my leg?
Chapter 738 Dundun: That grandpa only knows how to eat ducks that will make him look like an idiot...
Chapter 739 The duck heart is really delicious when cooked on fire! How to make roast duck sauce!
Chapter 740 If you want the roast duck to taste good, you need to pour it into the soup! Hey, this roast duck tastes amazing!
Chapter 741 Shooting a Maisarui commercial! Lin Xu: Accidentally crossing the border again!
Chapter 742 Say goodbye to Yinzhou and return to the capital! Lin Xu: Hire a duck master with a high salary!
Chapter 743 How to elegantly anger a roast duck chef and just treat him to a roast duck!
Chapter 744 Ning Xiaoli: Who taught you how to roast duck this way? It’s so delicious!
Chapter 745 Shen Jiayue’s delicious late-night snack! Master Ning, you know nothing about Lin Xu’s talent!
Chapter 746 Cai Sen also has love brain cancer Deng Lisong: No, he has love brain cancer!
Chapter 747 This is not a live broadcast, it is obviously a new notification! The roast duck circle is going to be shaken!
Chapter 748 The game hasn’t even started yet, but the task has been completed! Uncle Gao: Keep paving the way!
Chapter 749: The roast duck comes out of the oven, making all the netizens cry with envy; convinced, Xiaoli joins the job on the spot!
Chapter 750: How to eat roast duck after it has cooled? Try another way - three-color shredded duck!
Chapter 751 Simple and delicious three-color steamed eggs! Shen Jiayue: Who can be more stable than me?
Chapter 752 Do you want to try cucumber-flavored potato chips? Cai Sen: Someone always bumps my fist!
Chapter 753 Cai Tiha punches the bully at the front door! The Iron Girl has a clear idea of ????treating guests!
Chapter 754 A dish that combines boiling Chinese medicine and braised pork elbow - Su Zao pork elbow!
Chapter 755 Old Shen is no longer hungry for meat. Shen Jiayue: Dad, if you are going to be kidnapped, just blink!
Chapter 756: What to do if the dish trial task is too harsh? You must learn to use tactics!
Chapter 757 Cai Heping’s meeting gift to his grandson’s wife! Northeastern cuisine cooked by Uncle Gao!
Chapter 758: What a delicious chicken shaved tofu! New roast duck, thank you Master for protecting me!
Chapter 759 If you don’t change the plan, Party A will feel uncomfortable! Shen Jiayue: I want to make a high-end dish!
Chapter 760: This isn’t cooking, it’s obviously more tiring than unloading cement! Poached pork is too energy-consuming!
Chapter 761 The meat swallow is super delicious! Shen Jiayue:
Chapter 762 Tongtong: I am indeed not your biological child! Make a delicious dish with eel!
Chapter 763 A super delicacy whose appearance and taste are completely inversely proportional—eel porridge!
Chapter 764 Yue Li Yue: One more reason to stay in Yanjing! The stir-fried dough from home is mushy!
Chapter 765 The tea oil duck marinated for four months tastes amazing! The variety of porridge!
Chapter 766: Start making Buddha Jumps Over the Wall! Lin Ji’s gourmet staff meal, greedy and crying, beat the workers!
Chapter 767 After working hard all day and night, I finally made Buddha Jumping over the Wall... golden soup!
Chapter 768 Today’s meal: crab roe crystal vermicelli and braised duck with yuba! Make oven-roasted meat!
Chapter 769 Please write an article on the topic of roasted meat... Oh no, make a dish!
Chapter 770 Chen Yan: I know someone is scolding me as soon as I sneeze! The Buddha jumps over the wall to open an altar, and the fragrance floats ten miles away
Chapter 771 Delicious beyond imagination! Shen Jiayue: Xu Bao, can you make sweet and spicy sauce?
Chapter 772 The golden partner of fried snacks - sweet and spicy sauce! Who says the police are not romantic!
Chapter 773 When Ren Jie secretly learns pancakes, Chen Yan is also preparing a wedding surprise for him!
Chapter 774 Lao Suntou: Finally got roast duck! Shen Jiayue: Xu Bao, how do you make pork floss?
Chapter 775 Everything can be made into pine! Dundun: I really look forward to blocking the door and asking for red envelopes tomorrow!
Chapter 776 Yinzhou’s delicious snack—blood cake! Dundun: Please continue your praise!
Brother Chapter 777 Dundun: He actually invited me to be a witness and wish Baby Yan a happy wedding!
Chapter 778 The decision of Ren Chongmo and his wife! Lin Xu: I really want to learn about Three Cup Chicken!
Chapter 779 Shen Guofu: As long as the reason is sufficient, you can go to your son-in-law’s house to eat!
Chapter 780 A simple but exquisite delicious dish - Dry-fried bells! Fuding pork slices are out of the pan!
Chapter 781 The reward mission was successfully completed! Shandong big pot cake, rich in flavor and full of taste!
Chapter 782 A piano piece actually made Dundun EMO! The long video received a huge response!
Chapter 783 Shen Jiayue: My career as a matchmaker is over before it even begins! Cook three cups of chicken!
Chapter 784: Stabbing each other is the normal behavior of Diaoyutai chefs! Making red crispy pork!
Chapter 785 When an old friend from Jiangxi says that Gan cuisine is not spicy, you’d better not believe it!
Chapter 786: Dundun: My aunt goes out to play without me, so I’m not happy! Brown sugar and yellow rice porridge!
Chapter 787: An indispensable side dish for Ningbo people to go with wine - moss sprouts and peanuts!
Chapter 788 Moss pie! Lao Wu, you don’t want Lao Dai and the others to hear it, right?
Chapter 789 Lao Wu: I wanted to drive the tiger away and swallow the wolf, but why did the tiger swallow me too?
Chapter 790 Shen Jiayue: Rich people rely on technology! Dishes that reach the level of art: Longjing Shrimp!
Chapter 791 Only by paying attention to everything can you make a famous dish as beautiful as crab meat - West Lake vinegar fish!
Chapter 792 Lin Xu: Am I here to co-shoot a video, or am I here to purchase goods?
Chapter 793 Two thousand and one taels of tea leaves to make tea-flavored chicken? Zeng Xiaoqi: I can’t afford to learn!
Chapter 794 Delicious tea-flavored cuisine! Lin Xu: It’s time to practice state banquet dishes!
Chapter 795: A state banquet dessert with special meaning - chrysanthemum cake! It's simply art!
Chapter 796 Shi Wenqing: I regret not going to Central Finance! Zeng Xiaoqi is getting engaged!
Chapter 797 Lin Xu: I want to make a small contribution to the catering industry! What are Shao-style egg buns?
Chapter 798 A classic Hangzhou state banquet dish inspired by silk - Shao-style egg buns!
Chapter 799 Dundun: Even if I am not around, the system will never try to trick my father!
Chapter 800 Real-life version of trafficking: After making your money, you have to buy a soy sauce duck to express your gratitude!
Chapter 801 A delicious but not luxurious high-end banquet - a state banquet for Nixon's visit to China!
Chapter 802: What a delicious coconut steamed chicken! The filming of Jie Feng’s state banquet was completed, and the fierce cat shed tears!
Chapter 803 Chen Yan: What to do about hair loss during pregnancy? Eat some Mozisu to nourish your hair!
Chapter 804 Low EQ: I want to eat and drink! High EQ: I want to work hard!
Chapter 805 Lin Kee’s new category of employee meals - Hunan-style mixed noodles! Learn vegetarian soup stock from the master!
Chapter 806: Is it so easy to make vegetarian stock soup? A famous Jinling dish full of meaning: vegetarian assorted vegetables!
Chapter 807 Extraordinary bean sprouts and pigeon egg soup! Lao Shen: Is that vegetarian hot pot thing edible?
Chapter 808 Shen Guofu: I never thought that vegetarian hotpot would be so delicious, I will have it once a week from now on!
Chapter 809 Delicious hollow noodles! Do you know what the eight kinds of eight-flavored small dishes are?
Chapter 810 It’s both gourmet food and breathtaking art—flower basket cold dishes!
Chapter 811 A man’s damn desire to win! The big fish has landed, it’s time to film the whole fish feast!
Chapter 812 Now that the atmosphere is here, let’s post the trailer for “State Banquet”!
Chapter 813 Dundun: Being smart, I never miss any opportunity to make money! Butterfly Platter!
Chapter 814 The classic dishes at the state banquet—butterfly platter and crab-shaped mandarin fish!
Chapter 815 This is not making a winter melon cup, it is simply stealing the job of the Academy of Fine Arts!
Chapter 816 The reason why the Lin family has enjoyed peaceful years is because Dundun is carrying forward with a heavy load! Pickled mandarin fish!
Chapter 817 Braised stinky mandarin fish, the more I smell it, the more I want to eat it! Xiaoxu, why do you want to open a school?
Chapter 818 The most suitable candidate for the principal! Dundun: Watching cartoons reminds me of my brothers!
Chapter 819 The joy of triple carbs! The start-up funds have been received even before the PPT is done!
Chapter 820: This crispy pork slices tastes really amazing! Dundun: I have a new territory!
Chapter 821: Eight-treasure pickles paired with lotus leaf porridge, the more you eat, the better! This is the taste of home!
Chapter 822 Wang Gua is a lifelike high-end dish - peacock shark's fin!
Chapter 823 Super delicious peacock shark fin! Strange, the system suddenly became considerate
Chapter 824 Tongtong: My heart is so tired, I feel like I will never love again! Lin Xu’s seasoning factory plan!
Chapter 825 A super delicious meal! Xu Bao, can you teach me how to make cantaloupe?
Chapter 826 The first heart-to-heart talk between father and son! Another Beijing dessert dish - plum blossom lotus root!
Chapter 827 Dundun: Little Bird, I’m here to make friends with you! Old Suntou is going on a self-driving trip again!
Chapter 828 Tips for making steamed dumpling wrappers! Dundun: Add a BUFF to Grandpa Sun!
Chapter 829 Sister Jing is the president, so she should be the president of Maserati! A surprise for the master wife!
Chapter 830 Brother, of course you have to drink a bowl of water! Old Huang: That’s quite sad!
Chapter 831 Officially became the director of the catering department of Diaoyutai! Started filming the first banquet of the founding of the People's Republic of China!
Chapter 832 The legacy of Chinese cooking is passed down from generation to generation! The state banquet of crispy grilled crucian carp is not grilled fish!
Chapter 833: The skill of basting chicken! The first banquet of the founding of the People’s Republic of China is indeed well-deserved!
Chapter 834 Conflicting dish requests! Uncle Gao: These are all leftovers from playing when I was young!
Chapter 835: Dundun is giving out rewards in different ways! If you keep working hard, you will have a promising future!
Extra 1 No. 9527
Extra 2: Cats don’t want revenge overnight!
Extra 3: The mystery of the missing short-nosed tiger!
Final words