Chapter 1,029 The future is bright

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The God of Darkness feels that his power is constantly recovering.

This is a very good signal.

Although this may feel a bit stressful at first, once you get used to it, you will find that everything goes smoothly.

"Very good, very good. My strength is slowly recovering. It won't be long before I can reach my peak combat power."

But this is not enough...

The God of Darkness knew very well that if he could only restore his peak combat power, he might not be able to defeat Zhao Xun.

If he wants to defeat Zhao Xun, he must increase his strength to the limit.

It's not easy, and it can be painful.

But you still have to try everything.

After trying it, your whole state will change dramatically.

The Dark God is a pattern that re-adapts itself throughout the cycle.

This is not easy for him personally. But at this moment, he needs to take more responsibility.

"The revival of the entire dark world is pinned on me. I must not pull my hips at this moment."

Many times, mentality really determines destiny.

The current state of the God of Darkness is quite good.

The reason why he can become a better version of himself is because he dares to constantly adjust.

" looks amazing..."

"Actually, light is not that scary. After integrating into the light, the darkness will become purer and more thorough."


A calm mind allows the Dark God to strategize.

His strength is already impressive. If he lowers his stature, his strength will be even more outstanding.

The God of Darkness possesses this power.

As long as he dares to try, most people won't dare to fight.

But Zhao Xun can be said to be an exception.

Zhao Xun is an inner demon of the God of Darkness.

In many cases, once inner demons are formed, it is difficult to completely dispel them.

The God of Darkness knows this very well.

For him, whether he can go further depends on whether he can overcome Zhao Xun's hurdle.

"Well... I would like to see how strong this Zhao Xun is after all these years."

Many times, strength itself represents many things.

But strength is not static.

When you realize this, there will be more improvements.


There are times when the God of Darkness will question himself.

But actually everything is looking good so far.

The core power of the God of Darkness is the infinite power from the dark world.

This power is endless, so the God of Darkness can be reborn again and again.

This difficulty is quite huge, but the God of Darkness has been working hard.

For him, as long as he concentrates all the power of the dark world on himself, he can indeed achieve an unparalleled state.

"Come on, there can be no more hesitation at this moment. I must let Zhao Xun understand who is the best in the universe."

"The dark forces gather."

When the dark power is gathered, it can give the enemy a major impact.

Zhao Xun should actually have realized the seriousness of the problem at this moment. So he should also use this unique method to declare war on the God of Darkness.

Not only will this not scare the God of Darkness, but it will inspire his fighting spirit.

The God of Darkness is a model of strength when faced with strength.

As long as there is a chance, he will stretch his strength to the fullest.

Everything stems from hatred for Zhao Xun.



"Why do I feel a chill?"

After Zhao Xun got up, he shivered instinctively.

He didn't realize what was happening.

I looked around and didn't find anything.

This confused Zhao Xun.

"what's going on?"

Sometimes the sheer number of things going on can be really confusing.

"The bamboo outside the window has also turned yellow."

At this moment, Zhao Xun looked out the window and clearly saw the yellowing bamboo.

In Zhao Xun's opinion, this is quite strange.

"So... the yellowing of bamboo should be related to the climate. Then the weather is really getting cooler."

But this is inconsistent with the actual situation.

It's midsummer now, how can it get cold?

There are various signs that everything currently is abnormal.

"Now it seems that it may be related to the operation of the Dark God."

The God of Darkness is still very powerful.

Zhao Xun can't let his guard down just because he defeated this guy twice.

What's more, the previous two times were not all due to Zhao Xun.


Many times, Zhao Xun is actually trying out possibilities.

He believes that nothing in this world is impossible to succeed.

With support everything is possible.

So the God of Darkness has really started to act like a monster.

This is not a good signal, but it is something Zhao Xun and the others must face.

In many cases this is the case, and only when you realize this can you suppress it in a targeted manner.


Zhao Xun decided to immediately go to Third Senior Brother Long Qingquan and Sixth Senior Brother Lu Guangdou to share with them at this moment.

The third senior brother Long Qingquan and the sixth senior brother Lu Guangdou are very powerful and can help Zhao Xun analyze one or two immediately.



"My dear... It turns out it's not just my junior brother who thinks you're weird. We actually all think things are quite weird."

Third senior brother Long Qingquan and sixth senior brother Lu Guangdou both looked confused.

Third senior brother Long Qingquan even spoke directly.

In many cases, people's status will indeed be affected in many ways.

But this time it's obviously different.

This time it was obvious that someone was deliberately manipulating it.

It's self-evident who this person is.

"The God of Darkness really took action."

Zhao Xun smiled bitterly and said: "I was thinking in this direction from the beginning, but I'm not sure. Now I'm almost sure."

"Well, so we should still control the rhythm as much as possible. We must not let the God of Darkness control all the rhythm. That would be all over. Sixth Senior Brother Lu Guangdou also started to speak out at this moment.

In his opinion, strength itself has nothing to do with it. The most important thing is that you must have a plan.

There is a completely different feeling between having a plan and not having a plan.

Zhao Xun has this strength.

So as long as Zhao Xun is given a chance, he will definitely try his best to realize it.

"Junior brother, what do you think?"

Third senior brother Long Qingquan and sixth senior brother Lu Guangdou said in unison.


Originally, Zhao Xun was not under much pressure.

But at this time he did feel a little pressure.

"Hahahaha..." "So... in fact, we should keep a steady pace. We don't need to respond immediately, but we must not mess up. As long as we don't mess up, the God of Darkness will not dare to act rashly. He is currently

Just testing

, we must grasp all this."

Zhao Xun talked eloquently.

This is really not a simple matter.

In many cases, Zhao Xun's judgment is quite accurate.

So Zhao Xun has been able to build a stable path.

"Well, I also think you shouldn't be too impulsive at this time. Otherwise, it will be easy to be used by the God of Darkness."

The God of Darkness actually has quite a lot of demonic ways.

Zhao Xun and the others had witnessed some of them, but there were many more that they had not seen.

Next, he will work harder to control his emotions and meet the challenge. "Well, the main reason is that the enemy is in the dark and we are in the open. In this case, it is really not easy to target the opponent in a real sense.

But no matter how difficult it is, you still have to try. You can’t just let it go.

Abandoned it? This is too unreasonable."

Third senior brother Long Qingquan held his chin with one hand and said thoughtfully.

"Yes, we actually don't have much choice. What we can do at this time is to control it at our own pace as much as possible."

Having your own rhythm is the right thing to do.

As long as there is no problem with your rhythm, everything will be fine.

"Come on, we can set up a trap for the God of Darkness and let him burrow inside. As long as we do this, it will be fine."

Sixth Senior Brother Lu Guangdou also put forward his own suggestions at this moment.

In many cases, there is no big problem with this idea.

"Well, let's do it. This moment can be said to be what we are looking forward to. As long as there is a chance, we will be able to reverse the God of Darkness."

Zhao Xun's mentality is quite good.

In his opinion, the God of Darkness will definitely be a problem.

But at this moment they cannot retreat.

If you take one step back, the other person will take three steps forward.

This is no joke.

"Actually, things are not that bad. At least I think it is still controllable. In this case, we just need to make sure our thinking is correct."

What Zhao Xun possesses at this moment really makes him stronger.

"Well, that's it. Junior brother, if we discover anything, we must communicate it as soon as possible. This can give the God of Darkness enough suppressive power."

Suppression is a bit mysterious sometimes.

But when you actually realize it, you will find that it all makes sense.

"Well... we actually have a lot of advantages at the moment. We just need to continue to execute and we can reach a very high level. The enemy is scary, but we are fearless."

Zhao Xun's recent state is indeed quite good.

He dares to challenge, he dares to challenge.

Whenever possible, he must fully present his best form.



"Let's have a glass of orange juice."

Wangcai saw Zhao Xun soaking in the academy library, so he thoughtfully brought him orange juice.

"So delicious..."

"Wangcai, is this freshly squeezed juice?"

"Yes, freshly squeezed orange juice, it definitely tastes different."

This moment of prosperity can be said to be extremely proud.

No matter what type of juice it is, he can do it right.

In this way, Zhao Xun can be recognized.

"Beautiful, beautiful."

Zhao Xun has already made some new discoveries at this moment.

And Wangcai gave him some new juice.

This is really a double happiness.

"Brother Mingyun, if you like it, try it every day. I will make it for you every day."

I have to say that Little Fatty Wangcai really understands Zhao Xun.

Zhao Xun would respond and adopt every suggestion Wangcai put forward immediately.

"Okay, thank you for the hard work."

"Brother Mingyun, what are you looking at?" "The location of the God of Darkness. The location of the God of Darkness is not fixed. So if you want to figure out his location or even route, you need to keep checking. Fortunately, the academy

The Library is a very nice place. Only

If we search for it, we will eventually gain something."

The Academy Library is a continuously updated database.

This database is still very powerful.

Zhao Xun knew this very well.

"Well...actually, it seems that we can still have a certain degree of predictability."

"Yes, it's not that difficult in the first place."

Zhao Xun's mentality was obviously much better at this time.

The most important thing is that the God of Darkness is not so invisible anymore.

As long as we can see the location of the Dark God, everything will be fine.


In many cases, when you can change your thinking, everything will get better.

"The God of Darkness is very powerful. So we must not take it lightly. Otherwise, it will be easy for him to fool us."

"Tsk tsk tsk..."

"Actually, the current situation is not enough to support us to completely defeat our opponents. But we still have to take action. As long as we take action, we will not be restrained."

"The position of the God of Darkness has changed quite a lot. He is also deliberately avoiding us."

Once the Dark Gods begin to evade, they will have to put in a lot of effort.


At this moment, Zhao Xun has already begun to make arrangements.

Layout is not a simple matter, and it can easily lead to enemy counterattacks.

However, Zhao Xun can perfect his movements as much as possible.

Many times, if there is one, there are two, and if there are two, there are three.

Once the actions form a complete process, everything becomes different.

" looks like we have to make some adjustments as much as possible."

"The God of Darkness will not miss this opportunity. If possible, we must take action before the God of Darkness exerts his power."


A rare battle is just around the corner.

Zhao Xun's strength determines that he cannot just be a spectator.

He won't be willing to just be a spectator.

More often, Zhao Xun can experiment with many possibilities.

Although the strength of the God of Darkness determines that this will not be easy, Zhao Xun has no regrets.

People must take responsibility.

It's definitely not a good choice to remain stuck in your ways.

"Hahahaha, I think the God of Darkness will do the greatest harm to us after he realizes this. So we still have to protect ourselves."

What Zhao Xun said is actually reasonable.

Only by protecting yourself can you better protect others.

If even a strong man like Zhao Xun cannot protect himself, how can he protect others?

"Huh? It looks like we have a long way to go."

This moment of prosperity can be said to be quite tense.

It is still difficult for him to adapt to the current rhythm.

In many cases, everything will be easier after you adapt to the rhythm. But before that, it is still difficult to withstand.

"It doesn't matter. I'm here. You don't have to worry so much."

Zhao Xun expressed his stance at this time.

He doesn't want Wangcai to worry too much.

"We have a bright future."


This chapter has been completed!
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