In the beginning of the NBA, O'Neal was drawn in his old age
author:glowing goldIn the beginning of the NBA, O'Neal was drawn in his old age
He was able to score 20 points and 10 rebounds in his rookie season. His exaggerated performance is unprecedented in the history of CBA; he is the famous king of empty scoring in CBA; In 2011, after an accidental fusion of a soul from the later celestial dynasty and seventeen-year-old Wang Zhelin, will the future of the Chinese men's basketball team turn around this time?
super abandoned son in law
author:Liang Shaosuper abandoned son in law
The young master of the first family in China, Chu Chen, the descendant of the world's number one strange family, accidentally sealed his own soul and five souls on the way down the mountain after finishing his studies, and became the son-in-law of a fool for five years.
beautiful lady, here I come
author:get in the tidebeautiful lady, here I come
Chu Yun was born with a pure yang body, and he would not live to be thirty years old. He needed seven senior sisters to help him survive this calamity. Chu Yun went down the mountain to save his life. There is only one sentence: I am invincible, you can do whatever you want.
Commoner Scholar
author:Residual blood abuseCommoner Scholar
Introduction: I went up the mountain to look for sheep, and accidentally fell off the cliff. When I woke up, I found that the fetus had passed through an unknown dynasty. Looking around, I found that the family was really poor and poor. They didn’t have enough food and clothing. They lived in a mud house. It was raining heavily outside. It's raining. There is a sister on the top, and a sister on the bottom. I originally thought that I could live a wonderful life with my modern soul, but I never thought that my fate would be so ill-fated. Readers, let's see how Ling Yun creates his own legend in this era !


copy emulator
copy emulator/By:Krypton gold change life
Combining with reality, generate a dungeon. Get through the dungeon to get attribute points, and complete achievements to get skill points. Dungeon: [Mass Burial Grave] Clearance requirements: Kill BOSS Wang Gui. Achievements: [Clear the level without injury] [Cut grass and roots] [Ghoul origin] [Wang Gui's Obsession] [Treat teammates]...


The whole sect is reborn
The whole sect is reborn/By:say so
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superstar in parallel time and space
superstar in parallel time and space/By:confused crowd
Chen Mubai worked hard for half his life and finally became a first-line star. Unexpectedly, when he was proud of his life, a piece of "Avengers 4" changed his life. When he was popular, he had a car accident. When he woke up, his Already timed! Well, start over from scratch, he will become a superstar in a parallel time and space, and let the culture of the earth blossom and bear fruit in another time and space!!!


Stealing the Country
Stealing the Country/By:Tibetan sword tiger
Zhao Cheng, who has become a young master, does not practice martial arts, and does not study. He just makes a lot of money, and develops the backward companion capital Yanchuan to the economy and trade that catches up with the capital. Gou is holding his gold and silver at home. Zhao Cheng is as rich as an enemy, and he is going to rebel! People in Yanchuan: He is still as rich as an enemy, and the Right Prime Minister's house is about to be destroyed by him, right? Left Prime Minister: Brother Zhao Cheng, I am Clearly, I don’t have the intention and the ability. Emperor: How can Zhao Cheng, a perverted and hungry ghost, have time to rebel? Who spread rumors, I dragged him out and beheaded! Zhao Cheng: Yes, you’re all right, I’m just a dog anyway, Worse than my dad!


I am devouring the starry sky to pick up attributes
I am devouring the starry sky to pick up attributes/By:Braised Pork Rice Bowl Jun
My name is Luo Yuan, and I am now in the world of devouring the starry sky. I am either picking up attributes every day, or I am on the way to pick up attributes. Going to see God, I don't want to, but you will make me feel insecure...


School beauty's close master
School beauty's close master/By:nothing
He practiced against the sky with other people since he was a child, entered the most mysterious special forces, and became a fearsome and terrifying killer. After a failure, he retired early, but became the personal bodyguard of Qianjin Xiaohua. Some mysterious cultivators gradually led to a world of comprehension beyond the mundane...

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