In the beginning of the NBA, O'Neal was drawn in his old age
author:glowing goldIn the beginning of the NBA, O'Neal was drawn in his old age
He was able to score 20 points and 10 rebounds in his rookie season. His exaggerated performance is unprecedented in the history of CBA; he is the famous king of empty scoring in CBA; In 2011, after an accidental fusion of a soul from the later celestial dynasty and seventeen-year-old Wang Zhelin, will the future of the Chinese men's basketball team turn around this time?
super abandoned son in law
author:Liang Shaosuper abandoned son in law
The young master of the first family in China, Chu Chen, the descendant of the world's number one strange family, accidentally sealed his own soul and five souls on the way down the mountain after finishing his studies, and became the son-in-law of a fool for five years.
beautiful lady, here I come
author:get in the tidebeautiful lady, here I come
Chu Yun was born with a pure yang body, and he would not live to be thirty years old. He needed seven senior sisters to help him survive this calamity. Chu Yun went down the mountain to save his life. There is only one sentence: I am invincible, you can do whatever you want.
Commoner Scholar
author:Residual blood abuseCommoner Scholar
Introduction: I went up the mountain to look for sheep, and accidentally fell off the cliff. When I woke up, I found that the fetus had passed through an unknown dynasty. Looking around, I found that the family was really poor and poor. They didn’t have enough food and clothing. They lived in a mud house. It was raining heavily outside. It's raining. There is a sister on the top, and a sister on the bottom. I originally thought that I could live a wonderful life with my modern soul, but I never thought that my fate would be so ill-fated. Readers, let's see how Ling Yun creates his own legend in this era !


  • [都市]Global Awakening: Unlock the Asura template at the beginningBraised Sprite
  • [其他]Qin Shi: Under One Manif parting
  • [历史]opening game , american tycoonThe fate of the little fish
  • [玄幻]I vouch for the monsterpublic world
  • [历史]The Elemental God of Fighting Breakgo with the wind
  • [玄幻]nuclear power sword fairyRiding the Wind and Sword
  • [其他]Super blood-sucking mosquito cloneout of nowhere
  • [都市]Adorable baby with a black belly, the president's daddy loves hima small white flower
  • [都市]King of Medical Martial Artsbloody
  • Mysterious

    death benefit
    death benefit/By:Xu Ming
    Ever since the earth was listed as a collectible, everything has changed. Modules have become the source of all superpowers, and the adventure dimension has become the best way to obtain modules. Inner Force Module Meridian orifice Flame Knife = Burning Wood Knife? Magic Module Technique Magical model Mental power guided missile = magic missile? Inner energy, blood, space, life, death grinding conversion???=??? Lu Bai, who received his own death compensation, started the journey of constantly gathering death wool.


    Gou becomes a big boss in the fairy world
    Gou becomes a big boss in the fairy world/By:sinking into the pacific
    Wang Chen accidentally traveled to the world of cultivating immortals. He became a minor Qi practitioner in the outer sect of Yunyang Sect in Dongcangzhou. Within the sect, there were strict hierarchies and intrigues; outside the mountain gate, demons were rampant and evil everywhere! The weak Wang Chen decided to survive. As time goes by, however, he kept on... He found that he had become a boss!


    The Barefoot Doctor in the Siheyuan
    The Barefoot Doctor in the Siheyuan/By:two-handed pen
    Traveling back to that passionate era, I was a barefoot doctor.


    Nu Yalang of Tang Dynasty
    Nu Yalang of Tang Dynasty/By:The night is long
    The soul of Xu Xiao, a community policeman, traveled back to Zhou Jun, a slave trader in the Tang Dynasty. The dedicated and dedicated policeman used community communication skills and modern business models to turn the despicable job of slave trading into a beautiful life. And the shining industrial chain has truly realized the grand human goal of one person being a slave and the whole family being glorious, and has become a strange and beautiful scenery in the entire Tang Dynasty and even the world.


    House Witch
    House Witch/By:Salted fish becomes immortal
    About the House Witch: Question, there is a beauty under the starry sky. Her black hair looks like eternal night, her bright eyes shine like stars, her powerful magic makes the world tremble, and her peerless beauty makes all living beings surrender. Who is this beauty? That’s right. , it’s me, the Queen of Witches, Dorothy ps: The original name is "The Armed Witch", not married, slow-burning setting text, don’t get into it! Don’t get into it! Don’t get into it!


    The police of Hong Kong comprehensive world
    The police of Hong Kong comprehensive world/By:Dream shrimp
    Coming to a world that is a collection of Hong Kong variety movies and becoming a small patrol policeman, Zhang Pin said that he was panicking, but it was okay. The golden finger was in place in time. You killed the 100th criminal and activated the title Crime Buster. Everything was killed from the beginning. Liangkun started to win the title of Wan Chai Gunslinger...

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