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Green Gourd Sword Fairy

Green Gourd Sword Fairy

author:Bamboo Forest Sword Hidden

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:12-12 00:01

Latest chapter:Chapter 1853 Destroy the Enemy in the Domain

Sword cultivation is as difficult as climbing to the sky! They say that one sword can defeat all kinds of magic, but Liang Yan can't even get started! This is the story of a mortal who possesses the skills of both Buddhism and Confucianism, but he only yearns for swordsmanship. The work first suppresses and then develops, and does not abuse the protagonist. Before the end of the first volume, it steps into the way of swordsmanship. The plot gradually reaches its climax. Welcome to subscribe.

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《Green Gourd Sword Fairy》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1853 Destroy the Enemy in the Domain
Chapter 1852 Chaos (Part 2)
Chapter 1851 Chaos (Part 2)
Chapter 1850 Chaos (Part 1) (for the new operating officer Le
Chapter 1849 Three Yins destroy Yang
Chapter 1848 The Incarnation of the Saint
Chapter 1847 Fight against the Demons (Part 2)
Chapter 1846 Fight against the Demons (Part 1)
Chapter 1845 Strong Enemy
《Green Gourd Sword Fairy》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Otoki's Soul Containment
Chapter 2 The Withered Old Monk
Chapter 3 Teahouse Situation
Chapter 4 Anti-killing
Chapter 5
Chapter 6 Cuishan Exchange Meeting
Chapter 7 Wooden Fish
Chapter 8 Battle
Chapter 9 Separate
Chapter 10: Game of Stars Pavilion
Chapter 11 Three Vessels and Four Paths
Chapter 12 Learning Formation
Chapter 13 Evangelism Disciples
Chapter 14
Chapter 15 Stealing the Spirit
Chapter 16 Invitation
Chapter 17 Sword Cultivator Secrets
Chapter 18 Bottlenecks
Chapter 19 Unexpected changes
Chapter 20 Gambling
Chapter 21 Chess appointment
Chapter 22
Chapter 23
Chapter 24
Chapter 25 Advance by leaps and bounds
Chapter 26 Life and Death
Chapter 27: Sword Sword Boy
Chapter 28 Jiang Dou
Chapter 29 Yongle Laifu
Chapter 30 Tracking
Chapter 31
Chapter 32
Chapter 33 Night Exploration of Confucian Mansion
Chapter 34 Surprise Change
Chapter 35
Chapter 36 Fog
Chapter 37 Night Battle
Chapter 38: Butterfly Fairy
Chapter 39 Tang Tiannan Appears
Chapter 40: Cloud Hidden Society
Chapter 41
Chapter 42
Chapter 43 Book Ghost Shuangsha
Chapter 44 Destroying the Enemy
Chapter 45
Chapter 46
Chapter 47: Sealing the Hog and the Long Snake
Chapter 48
Chapter 49: Chapter 49
Chapter 50 Escape Ascension
Chapter 51 Returning to the sect
Chapter 52 Rewards
Chapter 53 Harvest and hidden dangers
Chapter 54 It's Not Easy To Attend An Appointment
Chapter 55 Warning
Chapter 56
Chapter 57: Wonderful Calligraphy Meeting
Chapter 58
Chapter 59 Zhuo Bufan Visits
Chapter 60 Three things
Chapter 61 Shadow Play
Chapter 62 Li Xiran
Chapter 63 Blush Demon
Chapter 64: The Spirit Monkey Attacks
Chapter 65 Fighting Ghosts
Chapter 66 - Exterminating Ghosts
Chapter 67: The Monkey King Offers Wine
Chapter 68 Copybook
Chapter 69 Meeting Again
Chapter 70 Smell the scent and search for traces (two-in-one, happy New Year’s Eve!)
Chapter 71 Self-defeating
Chapter 72 Four Sects
Chapter 73 Making trouble
Chapter 74 Phoenix Seeking Phoenix
Chapter 75 Secret observation
Chapter 76 Take action
Chapter 77 Goodbye Li Xiran
Chapter 78 Senior Brother Ma
Chapter 79 Fighting between generals and handsome men
Chapter 80 Entering the battle
Chapter 81 Ten Deaths and No Life
Chapter 82 A glimmer of hope
Chapter 83 Strange Things
Chapter 84 The Power of Sword Cultivator
Chapter 85 Death
Chapter 87 Purple Shadow
Chapter 88 Nine Lanterns
Chapter 89 Everyone has his own opinion
Chapter 90 Guilty
Chapter 91 Three Promises
Chapter 92 Breaking off friendship and righteousness
Chapter 93 Yodo
Chapter 94 Snow Passenger
Chapter 95 Alliance
Chapter 96 Strange People from Yicheng
Chapter 97 Plan
Chapter 98 The Place of Breaking Evil
Chapter 99 Carrying the Coffin
Chapter 100 Murong Xuewei
Chapter 101: Corpse Fight (Hundred Chapters)
Chapter 102 Simingshan Palace
Chapter 103 Methods to Break Gong
Chapter 104 Everyone has their own agenda
Chapter 105 Departure
Chapter 106 Gathering
Chapter 107 The Eighth Person
Chapter 108: Misfortune
Chapter 109 Responding to disaster with disaster
Chapter 110 Tomb
Chapter 111 Admission
Chapter 112 Mysterious Portrait
Chapter 113 We are in the same boat
Chapter 114 Yin Yang and Five Elements
Chapter 115 Nanming Lihuo
Chapter 116 Suzaku
Chapter 117 Fire Tire
Chapter 118 Ghost Fire
Chapter 119 Fusion (First monthly ticket in life, thank you!)
Chapter 120 Samadhi True Fire
Chapter 121 Talking to Cows
Chapter 122 Deposit one (please vote for me ^_^!)
Chapter 123: Spirit-Transforming Ghost Hand (please vote for me ^_^!)
Chapter 124 Master and Slave (please vote for me ^_^!)
Chapter 125 The contract is completed (please vote for me ^_^!)
Chapter 126 Reunion
Chapter 127 Half a bottle of sand
Chapter 128 Seizing the Bottle
Chapter 129 Drawing the ground as a prison
Chapter 130 Disappearance
Chapter 131 Battle in the Palace
Chapter 132 Turtle Nine
Chapter 133 Bottle Spirit
Chapter 134 The jade bottle recognizes its owner
Chapter 135 One dead and one injured
Chapter 136 Reunion
Chapter 137 Ending
Chapter 138 Old Dreams from the Past
Chapter 139 The fork in the road
Chapter 140 Xiaosancai Sword Technique
Chapter 141 Resurrection from the Dead
Chapter 142 The Place of Inheritance
Chapter 143 Uncle Dog Reappears
Chapter 144 The Battle for the Divine Stone
Chapter 145 Black Lotus Sword Bone
Chapter 146 Escape (End)
Chapter 147 Going to Jiangnan
Chapter 148 An old friend comes
Chapter 149 Going to Luo City Together
Chapter 150 Lingbao Pavilion
Chapter 151 Hao Shou
Chapter 152 Appointment
Chapter 153 Killing Two Ghosts with Sword
Chapter 154 Exchange
Chapter 155 Chapter 154 Arriving at the venue and breaking out,
Chapter 156 The fight begins to break out. Qiuyue
Chapter 157: Winning three games in a row and asking for the moon
Chapter 158 Invitation
Chapter 159 Underground Black Boxing
Chapter 160 Luohe Li Family
Chapter 161 Chapter 160: Fighting with Two Elders
Chapter 162 Killing Li Huan
Chapter 163 The mysterious old man
Chapter 164 Xiaosong leaves
Chapter 165: Changing disguises (in memory of the fallen heroes, China must
Chapter 166 Leaving Zhao and going to Vietnam (in memory of the fallen heroes, China must
Chapter 167 Encountering the Enemy
Chapter 168 Arrival
Chapter 169: Breaking off the engagement! Seeing the breakup of the engagement again?
Chapter 170 Lu Chen
Chapter 171 Sect Assessment
Chapter 172 Yu Xuanji
Chapter 173 Personal Disciple
Chapter 174 Seventh Level of Sword Cultivation
Chapter 175 Nine Dao Foundation
Chapter 176 Advancement
Chapter 177 Guarding the Sword Pavilion
Chapter 178 Sect Competition?
Chapter 179 Gathering
Chapter 180 Hiding the Traces
Chapter 181 The show begins
Chapter 182 Goodbye Murong
Chapter 183 Getting Medicine
Chapter 184 Entering the Sword Pavilion
Chapter 185 Dugu Jiannan
Chapter 186 Seizing Power
Chapter 187 Watching the Battle
Chapter 188 Accident
Chapter 189 The Rebellion of Ghost Soldiers
Chapter 190 Night Detective
Chapter 191 Miscalculation
Chapter 192: Poisoned
Chapter 193 Defense Broken
Chapter 194 The Devil’s Attack
Chapter 195 Corpse Poison Formation
Chapter 196 Lone Pine layman
Chapter 197 The Art of Reluctant Return
Chapter 198: Cutting off and Building the Foundation (Updated daily this month)
Chapter 199 No back and no side
Chapter 200 Appearance
Chapter 201 Jiancheng
Chapter 202 Visit
Chapter 203 Faction Struggle
Chapter 204 Dream Epiphyllum
Chapter 205 Helper
Chapter 206 Provocation
Chapter 207 The Four-Nine Controversy
Chapter 208 Summoning
Chapter 209 The Five Yungang Sons
Chapter 210 Join forces
Chapter 211 Testing
Chapter 212 Drinking Date
Chapter 213 Less than a hundred
Chapter 214 Flower Prince
Chapter 215: Cooking wine and discussing Taoism
Chapter 216 Snow Shadow Without a Trace
Chapter 217 Open
Chapter 218 Entry
Chapter 219 Rendezvous
Chapter 220 Magic Grass
Chapter 221 Clues of Mutation
Chapter 222 Tibetan Flower
Chapter 223 Flying Dragon Continuous Formation
Chapter 224 Breaking Three Dragons
Chapter 225 Changes are about to occur
Chapter 226 The Demonic Tree Blocks the Road
Chapter 227 Spirit Beast Riot
Chapter 228 Secret Realm Shift
Chapter 229: Obsessed with Movies
Chapter 230 Help
Chapter 231 Another fight to build the foundation
Chapter 232 Asking for help
Chapter 233 How to rest in the Taoist heart
Chapter 234 Key
Chapter 235 Wu Yong
Chapter 236 Wooden Ox Tengu
Chapter 237 Tracking
Chapter 238 The picture shows the poor dagger
Chapter 239 Gu Master
Chapter 240 Both were captured
Chapter 241 The Thread Fairy (I’m late for something, sorry!)
Chapter 242 Clearing up Doubts
Chapter 243 Parting
Chapter 244 Thousands of People and Thousands of Faces
Chapter 245 Can’t pull it out
Chapter 246 Above the Stone Staircase
Chapter 247 The door opens
Chapter 248 Tao Sword Sutra
Chapter 249 Seizing the Scriptures
Chapter 250 Can’t Copy
Chapter 251 Yunxiao Palace
Chapter 252 Immortal Jin Dou
Chapter 253 Turning around in vain
Chapter 254 One corpse, two lives
Chapter 255 The old demon recognizes his master
Chapter 256 Seeker
Chapter 257 The Green Emperor’s Relics
Chapter 258 The Patriarch of the Sword Sect
Chapter 259 Taoist boy Xuanqing
Chapter 260 Stupefied Xiao Li
Chapter 261 Breaking Xiao Li three times
Chapter 262 Retreating from the Enemy
Chapter 263 The Withering Formation
Chapter 264 The intersection of life and death
Chapter 265 Temple of Immortality
Chapter 266 Death?
Chapter 267 Xuanyin Wandering Immortal
Chapter 268 Living Dead
Chapter 269 Refining
Chapter 270 Foundation Building
Chapter 271 Conflict in the Main Hall
Chapter 272 Xiao San fights Tiger Ten
Chapter 273: Drunk in the Drama World
Chapter 274 Inner Demon
Chapter 275 Juetian Daoji!
How can there be two kinds of meaning between heaven and man? The only way for humans to practice the Tao is
Chapter 276 Chapter 275 Cangya Mountain (4,000 words, two chapters
Chapter 277 Zhang Family
Chapter 278 Guests
Chapter 279 Conspiracy
Chapter 280 New Crisis
Chapter 281 Pros and Cons
Chapter 282 Massacre
Chapter 283 The Fifth Phase
Chapter 284 The destruction of the Zhang family
Chapter 285 The Demon in the Heart
Chapter 286 Seeing Lingbao Pavilion Again
Chapter 287 Evil Doctor Valley
Chapter 288 Tomb of the Dead
Chapter 289 Blending in
Chapter 290 Elder Ma
Chapter 291 Corpse Fighting Conference
Chapter 292 Wusheng River
Chapter 293 Eavesdropping
Chapter 294 Join forces again
Chapter 295 Exposed
Chapter 296 Abandoned Son
Chapter 297 Plan ahead
Chapter 298 Golden Coffin
Chapter 299 Seizing the Cauldron
Chapter 300 Lao Jin takes action
Chapter 301 Smuggling
Chapter 302 Internal Fighting
Chapter 303: Turning Bones and Tasting Blood
Chapter 304 Three-in-one Corpse
Chapter 305 Breaking the Formation
Chapter 306 The Emperor’s Corpse Appears
Chapter 307 The Third Golden Feather (Happy Dragon Boat Festival everyone!)
Chapter 308 Fairy Sword
Chapter 309 Sword Qi Transforms into Gang
Chapter 310 Escape from the Tomb of the Dead
Chapter 311 A bright future
Chapter 312 The Land of Taoyuan
Chapter 313 Meeting Dumb for the first time
Chapter 314 Going up the mountain
Chapter 315 Tree Monkey Demon
Chapter 316 Iriya
Chapter 317 Xinglin Medical Hidden
Chapter 318 The old ape goes to the Buddha
Chapter 319 Transaction
Chapter 320 Gui Yuner
Chapter 321 Alchemy
Chapter 322 Opportunity
Chapter 323 Seeing flowers in the smoke
Chapter 324: Take pills for seven days
Chapter 325 Untouchable
Chapter 326 Observation
Chapter 327 Zhou Tian Jue Pulse
Chapter 328 Start practicing
Chapter 329 Three Demonic Obstacles
Chapter 330 Sword Chong Point
Chapter 331 It’s useless to return the gods
Chapter 332 The ruthless flow of water
Chapter 333 Yin Yang Sword Pill
Chapter 334 Yuan Jiuling’s
Chapter 335 Wooden Man Passes on Martial Arts
Chapter 336 Fighting
Chapter 337 Dumb opens his mouth
Chapter 338 Kung Fu
Chapter 339 Another fight against the human heart
Chapter 340 The Green Bull Returns to the Valley
Chapter 341 Lotus Soul Summoning Technique
Chapter 342 The Valley Master’s Letter
Chapter 343 Wuliang Lifting the Star Bead
Chapter 344 Entering Taoism with Martial Arts
Chapter 345 Qingyang Xuan Gong
Chapter 346 Recovery of Skills
Chapter 347 Rebuilding
Chapter 348 The Third Demonic Obstacle
Chapter 349: Everything changes without form
Chapter 350 Leaving the Valley (End of this volume)
Chapter 351 One year later
Chapter 352 Burning Love Seal and Finger Sword
Chapter 353 Red Flame Pen
Chapter 354 Sword Suppressor
Chapter 355 Baili Mansion
Chapter 356 Arena
Chapter 357 Golden Branches and Jade Leaves
Chapter 358 Battle for quotas
Chapter 359 Winning
Chapter 360 Storyteller
Chapter 361 Disaster in Wulin
Chapter 362 Plum Blossom Tribulation
Chapter 363 Invitation
Chapter 364 Who am I?
Chapter 365 Bell Bells
Chapter 366 Fate
Chapter 367: Fighting against each other
Chapter 368 Bloody Battle
Chapter 369 Visiting the Temple Fair Together
Chapter 370 City Lord’s Banquet
Chapter 371 Drinking and Group Cultivation
Chapter 372: Fighting at the Banquet (Part 1)
Chapter 373: Fighting at the Banquet (Part 2)
Chapter 374: Pagoda Capturing Dragon Skill
Chapter 375 Buddha Statues and Secret Techniques
Chapter 376 The Battle of Qingyu Tiangang
Chapter 377 The strange movements of Gu insects
Chapter 378 Beauty is like a dream
Chapter 379 Unexpected Transaction
Chapter 380 Return to the Inn
Chapter 381 Xiaosong wakes up
Chapter 382 Chunyang layman
Chapter 383 Treasure Selection
Chapter 384 Thunder Sound Mysterious Fire
Chapter 385 Separation
Chapter 386 Three Flames
Chapter 387 The place where the sword is hidden
Chapter 388 Nine Suns Trapping Dragon Formation
Chapter 389 Shocking Change
Chapter 390 Wuyu Hook Chen Fierce Demonic Sword
Chapter 391 The magic power is broken
Chapter 392 Help
Chapter 393 Qiao Wanli’s fierce power
Chapter 394 Silent Golden Jade Leaf
Chapter 395 Finger Black Lotus
Chapter 396 Escape
Chapter 397 Rejection
Chapter 398 Rewards and Training
Chapter 399 Refining the Red Flame Pen
Chapter 400 Hidden conspiracy
Chapter 401 Baicao Soul Nourishing Pill
Chapter 402 Five Buddha Mountain
Chapter 403 Amitabha Temple
Chapter 404 Everyone has their destiny
Chapter 405 Yang Zhi asks for help
Chapter 406 Underground Temple
Chapter 407 Golden Puppet
Chapter 408 Formation Eye
Chapter 409 Cidu offers treasure
Chapter 410 Dumb solves his doubts
Chapter 411 Inherited Talisman
Chapter 412 The Secret of Amitabha Temple
Chapter 413 Sheath the Sword
Chapter 414 Komatsu Breakthrough
Chapter 415 Leaving
Chapter 416 Return to Yungang Sect
Chapter 417 The middle stage of foundation building!
Chapter 418 A Visitor Comes to the Door
Chapter 419 Rejection of Marriage
Chapter 420 Fighting
Chapter 421 Fighting instead
Chapter 422: Teaching the Dharma in the Middle of the Night
Chapter 423 Flying Thunder God Sword Technique
Chapter 424 We Yungang disciples should be more arrogant
Chapter 425 Battle in the Medicine Garden
Chapter 426: Own People
Chapter 427 Breaking the Ling with One Sword
Chapter 428 Four Sword Techniques
Chapter 429 Ice and Fire
Chapter 430 Qin Xin Jian Gu Gu
Chapter 431 Fist suppresses string sound
Chapter 432 Strange Wind and Purple Thunder
Chapter 433 Chapter 432 The Sword Presses the Jade Immortal
Chapter 434 Xianyue Peak, Sanxing Cave
Chapter 435 Suhomine
Chapter 436 Stars enter the dream stone
Chapter 437 Who will wake up first from the big dream?
Chapter 438 Tsing Yi Sword
Chapter 439 Massacre of Ten Thousand Households
Chapter 440 Who is the oriole?
Chapter 441 Substituting one thing for another
Chapter 442 Chan Xi Yun Xi
Chapter 443 Martial Arts Competition to Recruit a Marriage
Chapter 444 Question
Chapter 445 Good Wind Hazy Moon
Chapter 446 Wake up
Chapter 447 Conspiracy
Chapter 448 Disaster
Chapter 449 Returning the Dream
Chapter 450 Breaking the Ban
Chapter 451 The Ninth Demonic Thought
Chapter 452 Ambush
Chapter 453 Canyon Fighting
Chapter 454 Backhand
Chapter 455 Xiaojiu’s fight
Chapter 456 Dividing the spoils
Chapter 457 Dream Practice
Chapter 458 Late stage of foundation building
Chapter 459 Breaking the Entrance
Chapter 460 The leader’s mission
Chapter 461 Tang Yu
Chapter 462 Jinding Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 463 Prince
Chapter 464 Defeat the Enemy
Chapter 465 Qingtian Double Meeting
Chapter 466 Entering Beijing
Chapter 467 Outer Door Steward
Chapter 468 Chang'an Gambling House
Chapter 469 Black Silk Beating the Drum
Chapter 470 Four Major Gangs
Chapter 471 Mr. Accountant
Chapter 472 Iron Rod Gang
Chapter 473 Thirteen Taibao
Chapter 474 Haute Couture
Chapter 475 Girl in Military Uniform
Chapter 476 Stealing a Master
Chapter 477 Liang Yan’s Test
Chapter 478 Teaching the Dharma
Chapter 479 The battle between gang leaders
Chapter 480 Dumb Helps
Chapter 481 The wind rises in the capital
Chapter 482 Chapter 481 Secret Exploration
Chapter 483 Miao Suwen’s request
Chapter 484 Asking for Spiritual Techniques
Chapter 485 Eliminating Evil
Chapter 486 Meng Deyi
Chapter 487 See you again
Chapter 488 Participation
Chapter 489 Book Boy
Chapter 490 Taking the stage
Chapter 491 Yuandai
Chapter 492 Qianye Peach Blossom Technique
Chapter 493 Princess Qinwan
Chapter 494 Qi Wu Di
Chapter 495 Selected
Chapter 496 Fox Sanniang
Chapter 497 Xiong Yue'er
Chapter 498 An unexpected person
Chapter 499 Inheritance of the Mantle
Chapter 500 Investigation
Chapter 501 Counterattack
Chapter 502 Teaching
Chapter 503 Nine sons seize the throne (Part 1)
Chapter 504 Nine sons seize the throne (Part 2)
Chapter 505 Shameless Old Beggar (Part 1)
Chapter 506 Shameless Old Beggar (Part 2)
Chapter 507: Old friends should not recognize each other when they meet
Chapter 508 Looking back on the past, the dream seems to come true
Chapter 509: Fighting in the Building
Chapter 510 Revealing Identity
Chapter 511 Another fight with Qiao Wanli
Chapter 512 King Cheng’s Treasure
Chapter 513 Reunion after ten years
Chapter 514: Attack in the gang (classmate’s wedding, late, sorry
Chapter 515 Siege and Killing
Chapter 516 Fixation Gu
Chapter 517 Crisis in the Palace
Chapter 518 Entering the Palace
Chapter 519 Strange Person
Chapter 520 Forced into the Palace
Chapter 521 Liu Yuan
Chapter 522 Making an attack in the east and attacking in the west
Chapter 523 Imperial Mausoleum Killing Formation
Chapter 524 Three rounds of fighting
Chapter 525 Rengui True Water
Chapter 526 Summoning Order
Chapter 527 Liu Zihan’s Visit
Chapter 528 Investigation
Chapter 529 Supervising Disciples
Chapter 530 Following Yuan Hao
Chapter 531 Goodbye Xu Xiang
Chapter 532 All Spirits Transform into Blood Formation
Chapter 533 Killing Demons and Crossing Souls
Chapter 534 Blood Toad Inkstone
Chapter 535 Xiong Yuer’s persistence
Chapter 536 Entering the Blood Demon Platform
Chapter 537 The person who disrupts the situation
Chapter 538 Evil Sword Cultivator
Chapter 539 Nine Songs Sword Technique
Chapter 540 Rescue
Chapter 541 Vampire
Chapter 542 Old Friend
Chapter 543 Transaction
Chapter 544: Underground melee
Chapter 545 An unexpected reunion
Chapter 546 Past events (1)
Chapter 547 Past events (2)
Chapter 548 Past events (3)
Chapter 549 Past events (4)
Chapter 550 Past events (5)
Chapter 551 Past events (6)
Chapter 552 Past events (7)
Chapter 553 Awakening
Chapter 554 The road comes to a close
Chapter 555 Blue Whale
Chapter 556 Yellowstone Grand Meeting
Chapter 557 Dictionary
Chapter 558 Arrangement
Chapter 559 Follow-up
Chapter 560 Long Yuan
Chapter 561 The sect comes to help
Chapter 562 Goodbye Li Xiong
Chapter 563 Liu Yuan passes away
Chapter 564 Imperial Power Changes Owners
Chapter 565 The trapped dragon ascends to the Tianzhu
Chapter 566 The Imperial Tomb Opens
Chapter 567 Dragon Scale Sword Formation
Chapter 568 The sword formation was broken
Chapter 569 Prisoner
Chapter 570 Yang Family Sword Seal
Chapter 571 Entering the Cave
Chapter 572 Cave Magic Weapon
Chapter 573 Devouring
Chapter 574 The Spirit of the Cave
Chapter 575 Rescue
Chapter 576 Fatty
Chapter 577 Dragon Veins
Chapter 578 Setting up a trap
Chapter 579 Killing fellow sect members
Chapter 580 The fat man appears
Chapter 581 Defeat
Chapter 582 Fighting Fire
Chapter 583 No phase
Chapter 584 Life experience
Chapter 585 Fat Yi’s request
Chapter 586 True Tomb
Chapter 587 Ancestor’s legacy
Chapter 588 Fat Yi leaves
Chapter 589 Revealing the True Body
Chapter 590 Fighting Demons
Chapter 591 Join forces to kill
Chapter 592 A combined blow
Chapter 593 The Boundless Sea of ??Demons
Chapter 594 Aurora Illusion
Chapter 595 A Sword that Breaks the Demon
Chapter 596 Yin Long Yuan
Chapter 597 Breaking through the Juyuan Realm
Chapter 598 Three Years Later
Chapter 599 Sword Guide Stone
Chapter 600 Half-Year Appointment
Chapter 601 Rebellion
Chapter 602 Liu Qianchou
Chapter 603 Departure (End of this volume)
Chapter 604 Barren Mountain Temple
Chapter 605 The Petrified Man
Chapter 606 Mountain God Non-God
Chapter 607 Plan
Chapter 608 Uncle Zhou
Chapter 609 Frustration
Chapter 610 Ding Yun
Chapter 611 Selection
Chapter 612 Meeting Gift
Chapter 613 Attack
Chapter 614 Sneaking into the mountain gate
Chapter 615 Gan Shu
Chapter 616 Qingfeng Sword Formation
Chapter 617 Teaching the Dharma to the Outer Sect
Chapter 618 Wooden Alley
Chapter 619 Making Friends
Chapter 620 Fighting
Chapter 621 Inquiry
Chapter 622 Arrangement
Chapter 623 Jia Ruoyan
Chapter 624: Wooden Man Lane Opens
Chapter 625 Green Snake Way
Chapter 626 General’s Palace
Chapter 627 Wujian Lake
Chapter 628: Muddle through
Chapter 629 Cuiwei Mountain
Chapter 630: Close before your eyes
Chapter 631 Thousand Years of Drunkness
Chapter 632 Changes in Drinking
Chapter 633 Secret attack
Chapter 634 Mu Jianhan
Chapter 635 The oriole after the oriole
Chapter 636 Magic Weapon
Chapter 637 Demon Six
Chapter 638 Mark
Chapter 639 Prisoner Demon
Chapter 640 Three Steps to Lead the Sword
Chapter 641 Mayfly Sword Gang
Chapter 642 Mu Jianhan’s considerations
Chapter 643 One more helper
Chapter 644 Admonishment
Chapter 645 People coming from Chuhe
Chapter 646 Advice
Chapter 647 The Beginning of Xu Kingdom
Chapter 648 Killing Jin Lu
Chapter 649 Zhuang Zhengqi
Chapter 650 Worshiping the Elders
Chapter 651 Martial Arts in Ningyang Mountain
Chapter 652 Ruoyan takes action
Chapter 653 The little devil
Chapter 654 White Invitation
Chapter 655 Fruit Banquet
Chapter 656 Boarding the Ship
Chapter 657 Beauty
Chapter 658 Reunion
Chapter 659 Rendezvous
Chapter 660 Discussion
Chapter 661 Destroy the Sect
Chapter 662 Linglong Tower
Chapter 663 Changsun Hongxue
Chapter 664 Meeting Again
Chapter 665 Angry
Chapter 666 How to go upstairs
Chapter 667 The Kims
Chapter 668 Auction on the Sea View Level
Chapter 669 Strange Wood Demon Vine
Chapter 670 Taibai Gengjin
Chapter 671: Half to each
Chapter 672 Climbing through the window
Chapter 673 Night Talk (Part 1)
Chapter 674 Night Talk (Part 2)
Chapter 675 Night Talk (Part 2)
Chapter 676 Bald old man
Chapter 677 Zhou Huan
Chapter 678 Refining Dingguang
Chapter 679 Cracks Begin to Appear
Chapter 680 Taking the Sword
Chapter 681 People from the Sun Family
Chapter 682 Climbing to the top
Chapter 683 Gathering at the top of the mountain
Chapter 684 Enlightenment
Chapter 685 Prison Monument
Chapter 686 Devouring the Prison Monument
Chapter 687 Mirror Flower, Water Moon and Badou Talent Method
Chapter 688 Lurking
Chapter 689 Attending the Banquet (2021! Happy New Year!)
Chapter 690 Fighting for fun
Chapter 691 Named
Chapter 692 Mad Dog Jingyuan
Chapter 693 The Revenge of the Changsun Family
Chapter 694 Five Stars in a row
Chapter 695: Arrogant
Chapter 696 Death by one’s own hands
Chapter 697 Siege and Killing
Chapter 698 It’s time to take action
Chapter 699 Take action!
Chapter 700 Exposed
Chapter 701 Another fight with Yan Xinyu
Chapter 702 Exit
Chapter 703 Are you going to kill me?
Chapter 704 Mayfly comes out of its sheath!
Chapter 705: Defeating the Heroes with One Sword (I have something to do tonight, two chapters combined into one)
Chapter 706 Five people reunited
Chapter 707 Yellowstone Puppet
Chapter 708 Parting ways
Chapter 709 Escape
Chapter 710 Take Back
Chapter 711 Dongguo Taoist
Chapter 712 An unexpected person
Chapter 713 Rescue or capture?
Chapter 714 Behind bars
Chapter 715 The Thousand-Faced Witch
Chapter 716: Teaching in Prison
Chapter 717 Unbearable
Chapter 718 Changing the Kung Fu
Chapter 719 Three Years Later
Chapter 720 Yixia Tower
Chapter 721 Purple Witch
Chapter 722 Sisters
Chapter 723 Prison Break
Chapter 724 Killing the Jailer
Chapter 725 Go straight to the alchemy room
Chapter 726 Restoring Strength
Chapter 727 Return of Carriage
Chapter 728 Getting rich
Chapter 729 The secret under the pagoda
Chapter 730 The real and fake Lu Yuanshan
Chapter 731 Stealing Luck
Chapter 732 A sudden change in the villa
Chapter 733 The golden cicada escapes from its shell
Chapter 734 Yungang Catastrophe
Chapter 735 Middle Stage of Juyuan Realm
Chapter 736 Old events in Nanchui
Chapter 737: Soul-Seeding Technique
Chapter 738 Open the door
Chapter 739 Guard
Chapter 740 The Power of the Witch
Chapter 741 The Array of Evil Ghosts
Chapter 742 Join forces to break the formation
Chapter 743 Secret Fragrance
Chapter 744 Two Flowers
Chapter 745 Accompanying Things
Chapter 746 Destroy the Snake
Chapter 747 Discovered
Chapter 748 Unintentionally Captured
Chapter 749 The Secret of the Nine Nether Alliance
Chapter 750 Mutation
Chapter 751 Support from Wushuang City
Chapter 752 Two heroes fight against Jiuyou
Chapter 753 Breaking the seal!
Chapter 754 Yinglong Statue
Chapter 755 Broken
Chapter 756 The death energy breaks out
Chapter 757 Entering the Abyss
Chapter 758 Yinglong Sword Formation
Chapter 759 Join forces!
Chapter 760 Desperate Times
Chapter 761 Enter
Chapter 762 Demonic Essence
Chapter 763 Three Talismans
Chapter 764 Black Lotus Sword
Chapter 765 Tide of Yin Beasts
Chapter 766 Breaking out of the siege
Chapter 767 Sanya
Chapter 768 Chessboard
Chapter 769 Lu Beiyou
Chapter 770 The Secret of Yixing
Chapter 771 Chess Game Life
Chapter 772 The treasure left behind
Chapter 773 Black Lotus Sword and Soul Seed Technique
Chapter 774 Goodbye Liang Yan
Chapter 775: Leaving Seclusion at the Same Time
Chapter 776 Leaving the Valley (End of this volume)
Chapter 777 Fight
Chapter 778 Hell
Chapter 779 Yun Yan Hui
Chapter 780 Taking over
Chapter 781 The battle for mineral veins
Chapter 782 Feng Yu
Chapter 783 Beheading
Chapter 784 Breaking into the Sky Eagle
Chapter 785 Convocation
Chapter 786 Destroying the Sky Eagle
Chapter 787 Incorporation
Chapter 788 Valley rain
Chapter 789 The Development of Yunyan Club
Chapter 790 Nine Transformations of the Golden Pill
Chapter 791 The alliance leader comes to envoy
Chapter 792 Li Yan’s invitation
Chapter 793 Discussion
Chapter 794 Banquet at Ziheng Mountain
Chapter 795 Betting on Mineral Deposits
Chapter 796 Bloody Knife Fighting Stone
Chapter 797 Miaoyan takes action
Chapter 798 The situation is tense
Chapter 799 Fighting Li Yan
Chapter 800 Harvest from Ziheng Mountain
Chapter 801 Exploring Hades
Chapter 802 Going deep into the fog
Chapter 803 Anyone who sees the monument dies
Chapter 804 Calculation
Chapter 805 Fierce Battle in the Bamboo Forest
Chapter 806 Sword Formation in the Forest
Chapter 807 Bamboo Leaf Sword
Chapter 808 Uncle
Chapter 809 Discussing Swords
Chapter 810 Fifteen years later
Chapter 811 Counterinsurgency
Chapter 812 Stage Ceremony
Chapter 813 Gift
Chapter 814 Collusion
Chapter 815 Everyone has their own plans
Chapter 816 Meng Qibai
Chapter 817 Five Turns Golden Pill
Chapter 818 The Hundred Alliance Rebellion
Chapter 819 Demon-Slaying Formation
Chapter 820 Chaos
Chapter 821 Three-Party War
Chapter 822 The Fall of the Golden Pill
Chapter 823 Ancient Books
Chapter 824 Unintentional retreat
Chapter 825 Looking for Fire
Chapter 826 Entrance
Chapter 827 Fire Spirit Core
Chapter 828 Xuantian Fire
Chapter 829: Stop the Fire
Chapter 830 Komatsu Breakthrough
Chapter 831 Guhong Inn
Chapter 832 The whole story
Chapter 833 Entering the Mountain
Chapter 834 Nanyang Peak
Chapter 835 Alliance Leader’s Order
Chapter 836 Inherited Cave Mansion
Chapter 837 The Five Elements Gather
Chapter 838 Pill Formation
Chapter 839 Blood Moon Changes
Chapter 840 Leaving seclusion!
Chapter 841 Determining Cause and Effect
Chapter 842 Soul Cultivation
Chapter 843 Shouwen Stone
Chapter 844 How to escape
Chapter 845 Unintentionally leaving seclusion!
Chapter 846 Goodbye Valley Rain
Chapter 847 Three Conditions for the Sword Pouch
Chapter 848 Ningluoshan Gathering
Chapter 849 The last piece of immortal jade
Chapter 850 Master Ning Luo
Chapter 851 Immortal Jade Teleportation
Chapter 852 Evil Sword Immortal!
Chapter 853 Nine people join forces
Chapter 854 A fight to the death!
Chapter 855 Immortal Tree
Chapter 856 Calculation
Chapter 857 Taixu Tianluo
Chapter 858 Green Gourd
Chapter 859 Talisman
Chapter 860 The Boy in the Gourd
Chapter 861 Hundred Refining Techniques and Sword Seizing Techniques
Chapter 862 Leaving Hades!
Chapter 863 Kuchan Temple
Chapter 864 Re-entering the capital
Chapter 865 Pretending to be a ghost
Chapter 866 Spirit Beads
Chapter 867 Liu Qing
Chapter 868 Palace Arena
Chapter 869 Monster!
Chapter 870 The song ends and everyone disperses
Chapter 871 Appointment at Tanxi Lake
Chapter 872 Fighting in the middle of the lake
Chapter 873 Help
Chapter 874 Fighting Dong Guo Again
Chapter 875 One vs. Two
Chapter 876 Return to Yungang Sect
Chapter 877 Head of the Sect
Chapter 878 Exchange of Materials
Chapter 879 North Sea Demon Clan
Chapter 880 The Far North
Chapter 881 Seeing Old Friends Again
Chapter 882 Log
Chapter 883 Benefits of Immortal Tree
Chapter 884 Come to the door
Chapter 885 Gravel
Chapter 886 Demon Clan Treasure House
Chapter 887 Prisoner
Chapter 888 Old Monster Yang Yan
Chapter 889 Sword Fight with Yang Yan
Chapter 890 Killing the Patriarch
Chapter 891 Fifty Years of Dumb
Chapter 892 Yuan Ya
Chapter 893 Preparation before retreat
Chapter 894 Open the furnace!
Chapter 895 Four Swords Volley
Chapter 896 Broken Moon Valley
Chapter 897 Huangliang Daze
Chapter 898 Musan people
Chapter 899 There is wine today
Chapter 900 Masters of Qianyuan Holy Palace
Chapter 901 Rescue!
Chapter 902 Rebellion against the Five Elements
Chapter 903: The Cauldron Breaks and the Dragon Ascends
Chapter 904 Qianyuan Thousand Illusions
Chapter 905 The Star of Disillusion Appears
Chapter 906 Star Soul Fighting God
Chapter 907 Sword Jue Qianyuan
Chapter 908 Their respective plans
Chapter 909 Worshiping the Mountain
Chapter 910: Soldiers first, courtesy second
Chapter 911 Transaction
Chapter 912 Pills
Chapter 913 Return to Yixing Pavilion
Chapter 914 Taniguchi Akihiro
Chapter 915 Battle with Tongxuan
Chapter 916 Kill Hongyu!
Chapter 917 Sword War
Chapter 918 Phantom
Chapter 919 Escape
Chapter 920 Goodbye Wuxin
Chapter 921 The dragon enters the sea (Part 1)
Chapter 922 The dragon enters the sea (Part 2)
Chapter 923 Login
Chapter 924 Cangliu Kingdom
Chapter 925 Xuanshuang Sect
Chapter 926 Immortal History
Chapter 927 Pig and Snake Demons
Chapter 928: Framing the blame
Chapter 929 Ambush in Xinglong Town
Chapter 930 Mr. Li
Chapter 931 Intelligence
Chapter 932 Encirclement and Suppression
Chapter 933 Come to the Rescue
Chapter 934 Komatsu Takei
Chapter 935 Getting acquainted
Chapter 936 Seven Mountains and Twelve Cities
Chapter 937 The battle between city disciples
Chapter 938 Bai Songran
Chapter 939 Sender
Chapter 940 The Yellow Horned Immortal
Chapter 941 Fierce Fighting in the Forest
Chapter 942 Tianyuan Mountain
Chapter 943 Dark Moon Pavilion
Chapter 944 Masked Woman
Chapter 945 Shock in the city
Chapter 946 Rescue
Chapter 947 Qingyun Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 948 Gray Flag Envoy
Chapter 949 Leaving
Chapter 950 Making things difficult
Chapter 951 Teleportation
Chapter 952 Beyond Tongxuan
Chapter 953 Separate assignments
Chapter 954 Looking for the Mountain
Chapter 955 Bandits
Chapter 956 Black Wind and Huli
Chapter 957 Massacre
Chapter 958 The Liu Family’s Old House
Chapter 959 The Beginning of Hunyuan
Chapter 960 The Second Transaction
Chapter 961 Su Yan
Chapter 962 Fight
Chapter 963 Leaving
Chapter 964 Adjutant
Chapter 965 Arrangement
Chapter 966 Mingyue Tower
Chapter 967 A show of force
Chapter 968 Going upstairs
Chapter 969 Bei Yanfu
Chapter 970 Du Li (As a leader, I love burning bean curd sticks)
Chapter 971 Breaking into the third floor (for this alliance leader, I love burning)
Chapter 972 Different Attitudes (I Love the Same Alliance Leader)
Chapter 973: Tit for tat (for this alliance leader, I love burning)
Chapter 974 Su Yi (As a leader, I love burning bean curd sticks)
Chapter 975: Killing with a Borrowed Knife Completed)
Chapter 976 Undercurrent
Chapter 977 Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 978 Qianye Snow
Chapter 979 Transaction
Chapter 980 Keeping an Appointment
Chapter 981 The picture shows you!
Chapter 982 True Lord Thunder Sha
Chapter 983 Cleanup
Chapter 984 Beheading
Chapter 985 Blood Cloud Branch
Chapter 986 Repairing the Sword Pill
Chapter 987 Rewards from Qingyun Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 988 Secret Realm Quota
Chapter 989 Ma Wei’s visit
Chapter 990 Senluo Mountain Top
Chapter 991 Four major families
Chapter 992 The Secret Realm Opens
Chapter 993 Thunder Sound Nine Flame Wolf
Chapter 994 Sneak Attack
Chapter 995 The entire army was wiped out?
Chapter 996 Lots of doubts
Chapter 997 Dou Su Family
Chapter 998 Seeing Old Friends Again
Chapter 999 Fairy Mountain in the Sea
Chapter 1000 Mountain Road Restriction
Chapter 1001 Nangong Changge
Chapter 1002 Gathering at the top of the mountain
Chapter 1003 Falling into Bodhi
Chapter 1004 The Su family’s back-up plan
Chapter 1005 The situation changes drastically
Chapter 1006 Gray Flag Envoy!
Chapter 1007 Besieging Su Muyun
Chapter 1008 Daoxuan Purple Qi
Chapter 1009 True and False Opportunities
Chapter 1010 A huge crisis!
Chapter 1011 The Third Person
Chapter 1012 Layout
Chapter 1013 Eight Divisions of Origin
Chapter 1014 Not turning into bones
Chapter 1015 Convicted Three Thousand People
Chapter 1016 The Crack Mutation
Chapter 1017 Buddha Magic Appearance
Chapter 1018 The weird old monk
Chapter 1019 Jiuqu Yellow River Tower
Chapter 1020 Thousand Years of Cause and Effect
Chapter 1021: Killing Buddha Insects
Chapter 1022 The little man in green
Chapter 1023 Rebuilding the Broken Pill
Chapter 1024 Hunyuan is immortal
Chapter 1025: Monster Invasion (For Alliance Leader AllegrettoJ
Chapter 1026 Ancient Bell (For Alliance Leader AllegrettoJ
Chapter 1027: Fading the Demon
Chapter 1028 Tongtian River!
Chapter 1029 Separation
Chapter 1030: Wine and Beauty (sipping the rain late at night for the leader of the alliance)
Chapter 1031 Stealing the elixir (for the alliance leader Ye Shenyu)
Chapter 1032 Tianji Box
Chapter 1033 Six Finger Bones
Chapter 1034 Siege
Chapter 1035 Tianhe Fighting
Chapter 1036 Tianhe Immortal Killing Formation
Chapter 1037 Song Ru
Chapter 1038 The mantis stalks the cicada
Chapter 1039 The oriole is behind
Chapter 1040 Lian Xin takes action
Chapter 1041 Ending (End of this volume)
Chapter 1042 Bounty
Chapter 1043 The fight over the iron box
Chapter 1044 Unboxing (for 500 months
Chapter 1045 Killing the Evil Groups
Chapter 1046 Recommendation
Chapter 1047 Causes and Consequences
Chapter 1048 Arriving at Wushuang City!
Chapter 1049 Sign up for competition
Chapter 1050 People living together
Chapter 1051 Three Lineages of Confucianism
Chapter 1052 Checking the Harvest
Chapter 1053 Luoying Island
Chapter 1054 Hundred Flowers Club
Chapter 1055 Inscription
Chapter 1056 Cang Yueming
Chapter 1057 Join the battle group
Chapter 1058 Helping Hand
Chapter 1059 Burning the top of the mountain
Chapter 1060 Sanhua layman
Chapter 1061 Looking for teammates again
Chapter 1062 Cold Snow
Chapter 1063 Return without success?
Chapter 1064 The backyard was robbed
Chapter 1065 The third ally, confirmed!
Chapter 1066 Discussion before the assessment
Chapter 1067 Game of Chess
Chapter 1068 Peach Forest Obstacles
Chapter 1069 The first round of assessment begins!
Chapter 1070 Keep up with the examiner!
Chapter 1071 Everyone Shows Their Magical Powers
Chapter 1072 The mysterious man
Chapter 1073 Undercover
Chapter 1074 Water Cloud Forest
Chapter 1075 Arriving at the second round
Chapter 1076 Prisoner
Chapter 1077 Prisoners’ magical powers
Chapter 1078 Yue Zhengyang
Chapter 1079 The third round of assessment
Chapter 1080 Grandma Tiansha
Chapter 1081 Killing
Chapter 1082 Climb to the top of the mountain
Chapter 1083 Crow
Chapter 1084 Reunion on the mountain road
Chapter 1085 A fierce fight in the forest!
Chapter 1086 Battle with Xiong Ba
Chapter 1087 Ancient Lamp
Chapter 1088 The person who reversed the calamity
Chapter 1089 Lord Ran Deng
Chapter 1090 The assessment is over
Chapter 1091 Pure Heart Triple Dance Fetus Immortal
Chapter 1092 Gong Yehong
Chapter 1093 Bihai Palace
Chapter 1094 Li Xiran’s identity
Chapter 1095 Preparation before Cultivation
Chapter 1096 Meeting again
Chapter 1097 Entering the Sutra Pavilion
Chapter 1098 Enlightenment
Chapter 1099 The Situation of Wushuang Domain
Chapter 1100 Different Opinions
Chapter 1101 Daxia Kingdom
Chapter 1102 Ghost Dao Illusion Array
Chapter 1103 Qiyun Cave
Chapter 1104 The Seven Ghosts of Underworld
Chapter 1105 The Two Heroes of Yu and Mo
Chapter 1106 Subduing Seven Ghosts
Chapter 1107: A bloody battle
Chapter 1108 The fifth party force
Chapter 1109 Join forces
Chapter 1110 Black Cloud Fight
Chapter 1111 Conquering the Demon
Chapter 1112 Return
Chapter 1113 Celestial Eyes
Chapter 1114 Peach Blossom Sword Picture
Chapter 1115 Sword formation? Fantasy formation!
Chapter 1116 Praying Valley
Chapter 1117 Appearance
Chapter 1118 Rescue
Chapter 1119 The beginning of discussion
Chapter 1120 Raising troops to investigate crimes
Chapter 1121 Gambling Agreement
Chapter 1122 Formation Eye
Chapter 1123 Persistence
Chapter 1124 An unexpected visitor
Chapter 1125 Six fingers gather together
Chapter 1126 The Tianji Box is born
Chapter 1127 Changes on the mountain top
Chapter 1128 The Sword of Water (for last month’s 500 months
Chapter 1129 Earthshaking
Chapter 1130 Storm
Chapter 1131 Seizing Things
Chapter 1132 Chaos Space
Chapter 1133 Juetian Daoji activates!
Chapter 1134 The middle stage of Tongxuan! (For the alliance leader Ichinose Chizuru
Chapter 1135 Destroy the Saint! (For the alliance leader Ichinose Chizuru
Chapter 1136 Rewards and Punishments
Chapter 1137 The Second Disciple
Chapter 1138 The Sage Preaches
Chapter 1139 Follow-up (End of this volume)
Chapter 1140 Fifty years later
Chapter 1141 Mangdang Mountain
Chapter 1142 The yellow-skinned old demon
Chapter 1143 Ten Thousand Monsters Conference
Chapter 1144 Xuanyuan Army Formation
Chapter 1145 The apprentice takes action
Chapter 1146 Seizing the Body
Chapter 1147 Lao Jin recognizes his master
Chapter 1148 The End
Chapter 1149 Shanhaiguan
Chapter 1150 Guangling City
Chapter 1151 Street Treasure Fight
Chapter 1152 Goodbye Wenxiang Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 1153 Interception
Chapter 1154 Fighting in Juxian Tower
Chapter 1155 Chapter 1 Chapter 154 The Tower Admiral
Chapter 1156 Reunion
Chapter 1157 Secrets of the Sun Family
Chapter 1158 Alliance
Chapter 1159 The Man in the Secret Room
Chapter 1160 Nowhere to Go
Chapter 1161 Dark Market
Chapter 1162 Clues
Chapter 1163 Tracking
Chapter 1164 The secret of the temple
Chapter 1165 Confucian God General
Chapter 1166 Hidden
Chapter 1167 Xuanyuan Lingwei
Chapter 1168 Tracking
Chapter 1169 Jiugong Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 1170 Entry Map
Chapter 1171 Nine Peaks Killing Formation
Chapter 1172 The Use of Tokens
Chapter 1173 The Transactions of the Jiugong Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 1174 Investigation
Chapter 1175 Xuanyuan Lingwei’s request
Chapter 1176 Registered Disciple
Chapter 1177 Luan Che
Chapter 1178 Luofeng Temple (for January 500
Chapter 1179 Strange Man in the Cave
Chapter 1180 Unlocking
Chapter 1181 Rounding up the Rakshasa Demonic Cow
Chapter 1182 Revealing Identity
Chapter 1183 Goodbye Sun Buer
Chapter 1184 One against four
Chapter 1185 Breaking the situation! (For February’s 500th month
Chapter 1186 Frozen
Chapter 1187 The old man in green robe
Chapter 1188 Dog Hair
Chapter 1189 Joining forces with Fang Jun
Chapter 1190 Conspiracy
Chapter 1191 Battle with the Confucian God General!
Chapter 1192 Jiuxiao Golden Thunder Fruit
Chapter 1193 Ji Hang’s choice
Chapter 1194 Stop
Chapter 1195 The origin of Jingyuan
Chapter 1196 Harvest from the trip to the forbidden area
Chapter 1197 Xiaosong Retreat
Chapter 1198 Investigating the traitor
Chapter 1199 Black Baichuan
Chapter 1200 The holy energy of mountains and rivers is obtained!
Chapter 1201 Condensing Sword Infant
Chapter 1202 Uninvited guest!
Chapter 1203 Leaving seclusion!
Chapter 1204 Li Xiaosong’s huge crisis
Chapter 1205 Extreme Yin Fire
Chapter 1206: Split up
Chapter 1207 The Gluttonous Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 1208 Mutation!
Chapter 1209 Fighting Fan Jing
Chapter 1210 God King Cauldron
Chapter 1211 The Taoist Treasure House
Chapter 1212 Xuanyuan Qi’s Purpose
Chapter 1213 Conditions
Chapter 1214 The role of the Rakshasa Demonic Cow
Chapter 1215 Leaving the city
Chapter 1216 Return to Luofeng Temple
Chapter 1217 Defeat the Enemy
Chapter 1218 Fierce Fight at Luofeng Temple
Chapter 1219 Chaotic War
Chapter 1220 Demonic Transformation
Chapter 1221 Vitality
Chapter 1222 Disaster (Heihei’s Big Orange for the Alliance Leader)
Chapter 1223 Plan (Heihei’s Big Orange for the Alliance Leader
Chapter 1224 Jin Chan recognizes his master
Chapter 1225 Re-entering Guangling City
Chapter 1226 The critical situation
Chapter 1227 Special Ally
Chapter 1228 The counterattack begins
Chapter 1229 Underground Palace
Chapter 1230 Take action
Chapter 1231 Luo Shen
Chapter 1232 Illusion and Magical Powers
Chapter 1233 Unexpected Situation
Chapter 1234 The Mighty Divine General
Chapter 1235 City Gate Battle!
Chapter 1236 A cloud-piercing arrow
Chapter 1237 Xuanyuan Potian
Chapter 1238 House Arrest
Chapter 1239 Lu Qian
Chapter 1240 Going into battle
Chapter 1241 Sneaking into the City Lord’s Mansion
Chapter 1242 The Battle for the Treasure House (for March 500
Chapter 1243 Prince's Mansion
Chapter 1244 Sudden changes
Chapter 1245 Juxian Village (500 in April
Chapter 1246 Sneak attack!
Chapter 1247 Return to Guangling City
Chapter 1248 Xuanyuan Qi’s Secret
Chapter 1249 Silencing
Chapter 1250 Void Python
Chapter 1251 Opening of the Conference
Chapter 1252 Treasure Fight (Part 1)
Chapter 1253 Treasure Fight (Part 2)
Chapter 1254 Poaching
Chapter 1255 The position of leader
Chapter 1256: Changes in the Conference
Chapter 1257 Open Sky Golden Body
Chapter 1258 The Power of the City Lord
Chapter 1259 Unexpected changes
Chapter 1260 Guang Chengzi
Chapter 1261 The Battle of the Three Saints
Chapter 1262 Immortal Dragon!
Chapter 1263 Stealing Blood
Chapter 1264 Who will win?
Chapter 1265 Leaving the Stone Chamber
Chapter 1266 Besieged from all sides
Chapter 1267 Return to the physical body
Chapter 1268 Three Souls Seize the Body
Chapter 1269 The doom has not yet come
Chapter 1270 Interference
Chapter 1271 The remnants
Chapter 1272 The only way out
Chapter 1273 Reversal
Chapter 1274 Yan Kun (number one in May 1000
Chapter 1275 Recognizing the Lord
Chapter 1276 Ring Fragments (for the 1000th chapter of May)
Chapter 1277 Everyone leaves
Chapter 1278 The immortal dragon
Chapter 1279 Return to the Wushuang Domain
Chapter 1280 Su Xin Zhai
Chapter 1281 The Zhu Family of Shadow Moon Mountain
Chapter 1282 Establishing Prestige
Chapter 1283 Next
Chapter 1284 Su Xin Zhai
Chapter 1285 Someone from Yuzhu Mountain
Chapter 1286 Fighting the Jade Dragon!
Chapter 1287 Battle with Yun Suyi!
Chapter 1288 Capturing the Sect Leader
Chapter 1289 Return to Wushuang City
Chapter 1290 Shura Palace
Chapter 1291 Punishment
Chapter 1292 Someone breaks through
Chapter 1293 Departure
Chapter 1294 Battle in the Forest
Chapter 1295 Intelligence
Chapter 1296 Anti-demon alliance
Chapter 1297 Liang Yan’s arrangement
Chapter 1298 Baizhangyuan
Chapter 1299 The Dharma Platform undergoes a sudden change
Chapter 1300 Appearance
Chapter 1301 Destroy the group of monsters
Chapter 1302 The forces behind the demon clan
Chapter 1303 True Lord Ling Xiao
Chapter 1304 One sword breaks Ling Xiao
Chapter 1305 Pursuit
Chapter 1306 The Seven-Star Army (for the 1000th day of this month)
Chapter 1307 Confrontation between the two armies
Chapter 1308 Confrontation in front of the battle
Chapter 1309 Huangshi Ancestor (for last month 1000 months
Chapter 1310 Yellow Stone Seal
Chapter 1311 The body is immortal!
Chapter 1312: Kill Huangshi and settle the grudge!
Chapter 1313: Putting Down the Army
Chapter 1314 The teacher returns to the city
Chapter 1315 Start retreat!
Chapter 1316 Mysterious Letter
Chapter 1317 Discussion
Chapter 1318 Leaving again
Chapter 1319 Wanjia
Chapter 1320 The lewd thief
Chapter 1321 The wolf enters the sheep’s mouth
Chapter 1322 Tsing Yi Sword Cultivator
Chapter 1323 Ancestor of the Wan Family
Chapter 1324 Undercurrent of Kunshan Domain
Chapter 1325 Information about Tianjiao
Chapter 1326 Long Wu
Chapter 1327 Weird red light
Chapter 1328 Flying Fish Fifteen Continents
Chapter 1329 Kuntooth Clan
Chapter 1330 Lin Fan
Chapter 1331 Hidden ghosts
Chapter 1332 Shocking changes in the tower!
Chapter 1333 Mysterious Ghost Cultivator
Chapter 1334 Seize the body!
Chapter 1335: The oil is exhausted and the lamp is dry
Chapter 1336 Seizing the Ship
Chapter 1337 Escape
Chapter 1338 Arriving at Suixu Mountain!
Chapter 1339 Ten people gathered together
Chapter 1340 Their respective origins (500 months in July
Chapter 1341 Ten Kills in the Ghost Realm
Chapter 1342 Ivy
Chapter 1343 The ghost hand appears
Chapter 1344 Thousand Magic Tower
Chapter 1345 The Tenth Person
Chapter 1346 Organ City!
Chapter 1347 Everyone has their own thoughts
Chapter 1348 Buddha in the Temple
Chapter 1349 Ghost in Buddha
Chapter 1,349 The Top of the Cloud!
Chapter 1,350 The confusion in the clouds
Chapter 1351: Fighting before the Furnace
Chapter 1,352 Fierce Fight in the Sea of ??Clouds
Chapter 1,353 Entering the next level
Chapter 1,354 Gui Ji
Chapter 1,355 Monster in the Mountain
Chapter 1,356 Portraits in the Cave
Chapter 1,357 Layman Yunhua
Chapter 1,358 A wisp of residual thoughts
Chapter 1,359 Heavenly Craftsman Jade
Chapter 1,360 The unexpected person
Chapter 1,361 Duplicity (for the leader Qingfeng Mingyue 999
Chapter 1,362 Temporary Retreat
Chapter 1,363 Half a Day (For the Alliance Leader Qingfeng Mingyue 999
Chapter 1,364 The second batch of geniuses enters the scene!
Chapter 1,365 Desperate Situation!
Chapter 1,366 Beauty
Chapter 1,367 Reunion in a Foreign Land
Chapter 1,368 The End
Chapter 1,369 The Past (1)
Chapter 1,370 The Past (2)
Chapter 1372 Discussion
Chapter 1373 Killing Wuya (for August 1000
Chapter 1374 Entering the Fourth Level
Chapter 1375 The Prison of the Beast (for the 1000th chapter of August)
Chapter 1376 Weird Monster
Chapter 1377 Black Long Insect
Chapter 1378 Eight-armed Sword Ape
Chapter 1379 Sword Fighting with Demons
Send a single chapter to thank you (a 6,000-word chapter later)
Chapter 1380 Divine Ape Sword Heart
Chapter 1381 Death of Sword Ape
Chapter 1382 The Secret Treasure Room
Chapter 1383 Stone Figurines
Chapter 1384 Puppetry
Chapter 1385 Yu Dongyang’s strength
Chapter 1386 The Battle for the Jade Box
Chapter 1387 The Mystery of Luo Qing
Chapter 1388 The Lightless Sutra
Chapter 1389 Escape
Chapter 1390 Gui Ji
Chapter 1391 Fate Evil Star
Chapter 1392 Lingtian Dagger
Chapter 1393 Descendants of Tianji Pavilion
Chapter 1394 Soul River
Chapter 1395 Ink dye array
Chapter 1396 The Divine Wall
Chapter 1397 The crisis reappears
Chapter 1398 Luo Qing’s power
Chapter 1399 Cut the dust thread!
Chapter 1400 Identity Exposed
Chapter 1401 Both sides suffer losses
Chapter 1402 Fire Cave
Chapter 1403 Stopping due to love (for September 1000
Chapter 1404 Lin Fan’s weirdness
Chapter 1405 Take action!
Chapter 1406 The Death of Lin Fan
Chapter 1407 The enemy of the avenue
Chapter 1408 The World in the Painting
Chapter 1409 Dao Struggle
Chapter 1410 Eater Ghost
Chapter 1411 Breaking the tribulation!
Chapter 1412: Fugue in Taixu
Chapter 1413: Breaking through the catastrophe! (September 1700
Chapter 1414 Keep moving forward
Chapter 1415 Tianshu District
Chapter 1416 Meeting Luo Qing again (for September 1700
Chapter 1417 The Immortal Mansion reappears!
Chapter 1418 Peace Talks
Chapter 1419 Conquering Zhao Xunzhen
Chapter 1420 Harvest from the fifth level
Chapter 1421 Tracing the Source
Chapter 1422 The Source of the Soul River
Chapter 1423 Sky Swallowing Insect
Chapter 1424 The Heart of Guarding
Chapter 1425 Holy Artifact Fragments
Chapter 1426 The origin of the devil
Chapter 1427 Four Tribulations
Chapter 1428 Heaven’s backlash
Chapter 1429 The Two Saints of Heaven
Chapter 1430 The final harvest
Chapter 1431 Goodbye Ghost Hands
Chapter 1432 Fighting Ghost Hands
Chapter 1433 The true form of Ghost Hand
Chapter 1434: Group Battle with Lotus Heart (1) (added for the leader of the alliance, Donggou Jushi)
Chapter 1435: Group Battle with Lotus Heart (2) (added for the leader of the alliance, Donggou Jushi)
Chapter 1436 Group Battle with Lotus Heart (3)
Chapter 1437 The Boundless Sea of ??Suffering (End of this volume)
Chapter 1438 Colorful Divine Wind
Chapter 1439 A bad situation
Chapter 1440 Suddenly I heard singing in the forest
Chapter 1441 Visitors to the Peach Blossom Spring (1500 monthly tickets for October)
Chapter 1442 Attending the Banquet
Chapter 1443 The full moon is in the sky (1500 months for October)
Chapter 1444 Danjingquan
Chapter 1445 Strange soil
Chapter 1446 Five Colored Soil (for October 1500, 3rd
Chapter 1447 Verifying Strength
Chapter 1448 Joining the Stone Spirit Clan
Chapter 1449 Chapter 1448 The Power of Two Springs
Chapter 1450 Goodbye Patriarch
Chapter 1451 Chess Fight
Chapter 1452 Sui God
Chapter 1453 Following Muying
Chapter 1454 Hidden forces
Chapter 1455 Night Sect
Chapter 1456 Preparation before hunting
Chapter 1457 Shennong Envoy
Chapter 1458 Entering Longding Mountain
Chapter 1459 Massive Hunting
Chapter 1460 Betrayal
Chapter 1461 Pulse Sealing Finger
Chapter 1462 Prey
Chapter 1463 The Grimace Spider King
Chapter 1464 Enrollment
Chapter 1465 Dead End
Chapter 1466 Catastrophe
Chapter 1467 The truth is revealed!
Chapter 1468 The unfinished game
Chapter 1469 Crisis!
Chapter 1470 Retreat!
Chapter 1471 Zhan Lingyao
Chapter 1472 Hidden
Chapter 1473 Tang Zhen’s instructions
Chapter 1474 Leaving the Customs (for November 900
Chapter 1475 Counterattack
Chapter 1476 Qingqing
Chapter 1477 Rescue
Chapter 1478 Sacrifice
Chapter 1479 Gu Xingyun’s sudden enlightenment
Chapter 1480 Going up the mountain secretly
Chapter 1481 Li Ban Lai
Chapter 1482 Earth Spirit Conference
Chapter 1483 Enlightened Beast
Chapter 1484 The Buddha Ghost Network
Chapter 1485 Qingqing’s special ability
Chapter 1486 Li Banchi’s suggestion
Chapter 1487 The power of the Tianji Pearl
Chapter 1488 Qiu Yue Lin
Chapter 1489 The truth about Langhuan Continent
Chapter 1490 Arriving at Shennong Mountain!
Chapter 1491 Shennong Husband
Chapter 1492 Xuan Mizhu
Chapter 1493 Restoration of Cultivation
Chapter 1494 Information about Shennong Husband
Chapter 1495 Rescue
Chapter 1496 Passing the Sword
Chapter 1497 Recovery
Chapter 1498 Shennong Palace
Chapter 1499 Hundreds of Clans Gather
Chapter 1500 Incitement
Chapter 1501 Saint Consciousness
Chapter 1502 The traitor in Shennong Mountain
Chapter 1503 Consciousness Showdown (for December 2000
Chapter 1504 Calculation (updated for December 2000)
Chapter 1505 Fierce Fighting in the Valley
Chapter 1506 Poison Skill
Chapter 1507 The underground palace opens
Chapter 1508 Ghost Insect
Chapter 1509 Entering the Underground Palace (for December 2000
Chapter 1510 Underground Demon Palace
Chapter 1511 Weird Crane
Chapter 1512 Assessment on the Disk
Chapter 1513 Ziwei Star Magic Disk
Chapter 1514 The source of the Yin River (for December 2000
Chapter 1515 Crossing the River
Chapter 1516 Vine
Chapter 1517 Michen Land Formation
Chapter 1518 Dark Forest
Chapter 1519 Star Demon Palace
Chapter 1520 Dreaming back to eternity, the past is like smoke (1)
Chapter 1521 Dreaming back to eternity, the past is like smoke (2)
Chapter 1522 Dreaming back to eternity, the past is like smoke (3)
Chapter 1523 Dreaming back to eternity, the past is like smoke (4)
Chapter 1524 Dreaming back to eternity, the past is like smoke (5)
Chapter 1525 Dreaming back to eternity, the past is like smoke (6)
Chapter 1526 Dreaming back to eternity, the past is like smoke (7)
Chapter 1527 Dreaming back to eternity, the past is like smoke (8)
Chapter 1528 Dreaming back to eternity, the past is like smoke (9)
Chapter 1529 Dreaming back to eternity, the past is like smoke (10)
Chapter 1530 Dreaming back to eternity, the past is like smoke (11)
Chapter 1531 Dreaming back to eternity, the past is like smoke (12)
Chapter 1532 Dreaming back to eternity, the past is like smoke (13)
Chapter 1533 Dreaming back to eternity, the past is like smoke (14)
Chapter 1534 Ling Zi’s inheritance
Chapter 1535 Blood Exchange
Chapter 1536 The Secret Room (for January 1000
Chapter 1537 Divine Law Seal
Chapter 1538 Leaving the Underground Palace (for January 1600
Chapter 1539 Dilemma in Shennong Mountain
Chapter 1540 Search
Chapter 1541 Twelve-Element Magnetic Array
Chapter 1542 Breaking the formation (for January 1600
Chapter 1543 The Dilemma of the Shennong Husband
Chapter 1544 Killing Rats
Chapter 1545 Bone Star Officer
Chapter 1546 Fighting in the formation
Chapter 1547 Breaking the Formation
Chapter 1548 Return to Shennong Mountain
Chapter 1549 After the Great War
Chapter 1550 Shennong Hu comes out of seclusion
Chapter 1551 Answer
Chapter 1552 Immortal Cloud Valley
Chapter 1553 Xianyun Valley Retreat
Chapter 1554 Four conditions for breaking through the heart of the sword
Chapter 1555 Fishing on the Bixi River, there is a faint fragrance at night
Chapter 1556 Leisurely in the Valley
Chapter 1557 Starry sky
Chapter 1558 Poisonous Man
Chapter 1559 Meeting Again
Chapter 1559 Broken Arm
Chapter 1560 Restriction
Chapter 1,561 The secret passage (for the leader of the Silver Alliance* Shattered Kong
Chapter 1,562 Dark Son
Chapter 1563 Liang Yan’s speculation
Chapter 1564 Goodbye Lian Xin!
Chapter 1565: No Self, No Buddha
Chapter 1566 Chaos (for February 1300
Chapter 1567 The Poison Saint takes action!
Chapter 1,568 The Last Wish
Chapter 1,569 The Breath of the Divine Turtle (End of this volume)
Chapter 1570 The Mine (2nd update for February 1300)
Chapter 1571 Danfeng City
Chapter 1572 Colorful Butterfly
Chapter 1,573 Alcohol Poisoning
Chapter 1574: Inquire about news
Chapter 1575 Longquan Villa
Chapter 1576 Reunion of old friends
Chapter 1577 Jade Leaf
Chapter 1578: Circle
Chapter 1579 News from Nanchui
Chapter 1580 The troops are divided into two groups
Chapter 1581: Crown Prince
Chapter 1582 Return to Nanchui
Chapter 1583: The battle between the pavilion masters (Part 1)
Chapter 1584: The Pavilion Master’s Battle (Part 2) (Shattering the Sky for the Silver Alliance Leader
Chapter 1585 It seems like an old friend has arrived
Chapter 1586 Gift
Chapter 1587: Cutting off the golden top with one sword (shattering the sky for the leader of the Silver Alliance)
Chapter 1588: Fulfilling the Promise (For the Cat of Silver Alliance Leader Xianyu Street
Chapter 1589: Dead Tree Corpse (the cat from Xianyu Street, leader of the Silver League)
Chapter 1590 Looking forward to returning home
Chapter 1591: Hosting a banquet (for the cat from Xianyu Street, leader of the Silver League)
Chapter 1592 Letters
Chapter 1593 The Appointment at Qidou Peak (for the Cat of Silver Alliance Leader Xianyu Street
Chapter 1,594 The evil ghost (the cat from Xianyu Street, leader of the Silver League)
Chapter 1595 Goodbye Yu Xuanji
Chapter 1596 Return to Yungang Sect
Chapter 1597 Yungang preaches (for the cat of Xianyu Street, leader of the Silver League)
Chapter 1598: Forced Attack
Chapter 1,599 Heaven’s Backlash
Chapter 1,600 Tiandao Alliance
Chapter 1601 The news brought by Luo Tianxiang
Chapter 1602: Coming to the door
Chapter 1,603 Liang Yan takes action
Chapter 1,604 Preparations before the Tribulation
Chapter 16005 Send
Chapter 1,606 Entering the game
Chapter 1607: Shangqing Zifu Formation
Chapter 1,608 Ambush Xuanzhen
Chapter 1609: The Tribulation Appears
Chapter 1,610 The Gods of the Ten Directions Kill
Chapter 1611 Crack
Chapter 1612: Overcoming the Tribulation
Chapter 1,613 The Third Difficulty
Chapter 1,614 The Man in the Mist
Chapter 1615 Delay!
Chapter 1,616 Breakthrough successful!
Chapter 1,617 The mystery after the disaster
Chapter 1618: Aftermath
Chapter 1619 Missing
Chapter 1,620 Search
Chapter 1621: Revisiting the Valley of Evil Doctors
Chapter 1,622: A Happy Journey
Chapter 1,623 Heart Fast
Chapter 1,624 The whole story
Chapter 1,625 The Method of Sanctification
Chapter 1,626: Retreat and Practice
Chapter 1,627 Leaving
Chapter 1628 Baiyun Nunnery
Chapter 1,629 The Situation in Antarctic Fairy Continent
Chapter 1,630 Heading North
Chapter 1,631: Canglong becomes a saint
Chapter 1632: Inquire about information
Chapter 1633 Weird Eyeballs (for March 2000
Chapter 1,634 Dragon Head
Chapter 1,635 Gathering
Chapter 1,636: Fighting within the barrier
Chapter 1,637 The fight within the barrier (Part 2)
Chapter 1,638 The Mission of Tianxie Pavilion
Chapter 1,639 Welcome
Chapter 1,640 Re-entering Wuzhuang Mountain
Chapter 1641 Banquet
Chapter 1,642 Junior Sister
Chapter 1,643 Twelve Transformations
Chapter 1,644 Tit for tat
Chapter 1,645 Linglong Good Fortune Fruit
Chapter 1646 Fierce Fighting in the Sea of ??Clouds (Part 1)
Chapter 1,647 Fierce Fighting in the Sea of ??Clouds (Part 2)
Chapter 1,648 Fishing in troubled waters!
Chapter 1,649 Everyone does his or her own thing
Chapter 1650: Fruit Splitting
Chapter 1651 Return to the Palace
Chapter 1,652 Ending
Chapter 1,653 The Seal of Tianji Pavilion
Chapter 1654: Back Mountain Ancestral Hall
Chapter 1655: Split up
Chapter 1,656 People in the Valley
Chapter 1,657 The black-robed monk’s methods
Chapter 1,658 The First Seal
Chapter 1659: Snooping
Chapter 1,660 Discussion
Chapter 1661 Inspection
Chapter 1,662 Take action!
Chapter 1,663 Death of Tianchi
Chapter 1664: Undercurrent
Chapter 1,665 Fire Spirit Peak!
Chapter 1,666: The Pillar of Divine Fire (for the month of March 2000)
Chapter 1,667 The Mysterious Woman (for March 2000
Chapter 1,668 The sound of the flute helps
Chapter 1,669 Fire Lotus
Chapter 1,670 The aftermath
Chapter 1,671 The End
Chapter 1,672 Uninvited Guests
Chapter 1,673 Fierce Fighting in the Palace
Chapter 1674 Two Demons Fighting
Chapter 1,675 The Original Fire
Chapter 1676: Sleeping
Chapter 1,677 The Secret Room
Chapter 1,678 The Second Seal
Chapter 1,679 Chaos
Chapter 1,680 Promise
Chapter 1681 Canglong Cave Mansion
Chapter 1682 Four people gather together
Chapter 1,683 The Secret of Canglong
Chapter 1,684 Desperate Situation!
Chapter 1,685 The Sky-stealing Rat
Chapter 1,686 Li Yile’s true purpose
Chapter 1,687 Goodbye Xiangqin
Chapter 1,688 Xuanshui Immortal Wood
Chapter 1,689 Demon Breathing Soil
Chapter 1690 Qingqiu Valley
Chapter 1,691: There is a dark future and a bright future
Chapter 1,692 Tracking
Chapter 1,693 Sneaking into the Tushen Castle! (8,000 words, updated on March 4, 2000)
Chapter 1694 Ancient Stone Tablet (for April 2000
Chapter 1695 Everything is ready
Chapter 1696: Overcoming the Tribulation!
Chapter 1,697 Canglong’s Third Disaster
Chapter 1,698 The True Dragon of Luck
Chapter 1,699 A shocking change at the peak!
Chapter 1,700 Zuo Xingzhi’s conspiracy
Chapter 1,701 Lu Qinghe’s persistence
Chapter 1,702 The Last Guardian
Chapter 1,703 Chaos
Chapter 1,704 Fighting
Chapter 1,705 Fierce fight on the treetop
Chapter 1,706 Qingyun takes action
Chapter 1,707 Taotie
Chapter 1,708 The true purpose of Demon Lord Qingyun
Chapter 1,709 The disaster is coming
Chapter 1,710 Bipolar Reincarnation Gu
Chapter 1,711 Got it
Chapter 1,712 The Heavenly Tribulation Changes!
Chapter 1,713 The golden cicada escapes from its shell
Chapter 1,714 The oriole is behind
Chapter 1,715 Conspiracy
Chapter 1,716 The picture shows you!
Chapter 1,717 Everyone’s desperate situation!
Chapter 1,718 Take action!
Chapter 1,719 Devouring Light
Chapter 1,720 Breakout
Chapter 1,721 Resurrection from the Dead
Chapter 1,722 Ji Ling
Chapter 1724 Heavy damage!
Chapter 1725 Catastrophe
Chapter 1726 Tips
Chapter 1727 The truth comes out
Chapter 1728 Ending
Chapter 1729 Postscript
Chapter 1730 The unfinished game
Chapter 1731 An unexpected person
Chapter 1732 A glimmer of hope
Chapter 1733 Open
Chapter 1734 Breakthrough!
Chapter 1735 The Realm of Reincarnation
Chapter 1736 Search
Chapter 1737: Dividing Treasures
Chapter 1738 Harvest
Chapter 1739: Carving Boats for Qiu (1)
Chapter 1740: Carving Boats for Qiu (2)
Chapter 1741: Carving Boats for Qiu (3)
Chapter 1742: Carving Boats for Qiu (4)
Chapter 1743: Carving Boats for Qiu (5)
Chapter 1744: Carving Boats for Qiu (6)
Chapter 1745: Carving Boats for Qiu (7)
Chapter 1746: Carving Boats for Qiu (8)
Chapter 1747: Carving Boats for Qiu (9)
Chapter 1748: Carving Boats for Qiu (10)
Chapter 1749: Carving Zhou Qiu (11)
Chapter 1750: Carving Boats for Qiu (12)
Chapter 1751: Carving Boats for Qiu (13)
Chapter 1752 The last scene
Chapter 1753 Retreat in the Valley
Chapter 1754: Heavenly Thunder Tribulation and Inner Demon Tribulation
Chapter 1755 The mountain still has its return date, old friends will not meet again (end of this volume)
Chapter 1756 Return to Antarctica
Chapter 1757 Lord Tianmu
Chapter 1758 News
Chapter 1759 The storm is coming
Chapter 1760 Discussion before the formation
Chapter 1761 Monk Duobao
Chapter 1762 Night Attack
Chapter 1763 Overlord Song!
Chapter 1764 Absolute Sound
Chapter 1765 Yin and Yang Transform into Blood Talisman
Chapter 1766 Mysterious Sound of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1767 Entering the camp alone
Chapter 1768 The Demons Arrive
Chapter 1769 Late Night Visit
Chapter 1770 Instigation
Chapter 1771 Entering the Mountain
Chapter 1772 Conflict
Chapter 1773 Appearance
Chapter 1774 Take action!
Chapter 1775 Massacre!
Chapter 1776 Internal and external cooperation
Chapter 1777 Decision?
Chapter 1778 Exposed
Chapter 1779 One man is in charge (1)
Chapter 1780 One man is in charge (2)
Chapter 1781 One man is in charge (3)
Chapter 1782 One man is in charge (4)
Chapter 1783 Coming to Help
Chapter 1784 Defeat the Enemy
Chapter 1785 Going up the mountain
Chapter 1786 Honorary Elder (will be updated in the evening)
Chapter 1787 Entering the Mortal World (Additional update! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone!)
Chapter 1788 Qin Hai Enlightenment
Chapter 1789 The whirlpool appears and the bamboo phoenix awakens!
Chapter 1790 Yuzhu Yin
Chapter 1791 Xuanxin Palace
Chapter 1792 Acting Sect Master
Chapter 1793 Fulong Pass
Chapter 1794 Conquer
Chapter 1795 Goodbye Qing Chi
Chapter 1796 Take action to destroy the enemy
Chapter 1797 Grand Formation!
Chapter 1798 The Great Wall
Chapter 1799 The Indefinite Young Master
Chapter 1800 Offense? Defense?
Chapter 1801 Preaching
Chapter 1802 Poison Tide
Chapter 1803 Confrontation
Chapter 1804 Disciples Competition
Chapter 1805 Intervene
Chapter 1806 Slightly upper hand
Chapter 1807 Nine Great Asia Saints
Chapter 1808 Discussion (Part 1)
Chapter 1809 Discussion (Part 2)
Chapter 1810 Discussion (Part 2)
Chapter 1811: The Kingdom of Buddha is in the palm of your hand, without Zhou Tianyin
Chapter 1812 The last level
Chapter 1813 Treasure Collection
Chapter 1814 Bamboo Army
Chapter 1815 Li Yile’s Fuyu
Chapter 1816 Third Camp
Chapter 1817 Reorganization of the Army (Part 1)
Chapter 1818 Reorganization of the Army (Part 2)
Chapter 1819 Reorganization of the Army (Part 2)
Chapter 1820 Flag Sacrifice
Chapter 1821 Black Front Camp
Chapter 1822 Lin Jie
Chapter 1823 Five Mountains Demon Suppression Skill
Chapter 1824 Fighting Formation
Chapter 1825: Keeping an Appointment
Chapter 1826 Mysterious Bamboo Slips
Chapter 1827 The wind blows slightly
Chapter 1828 The unknown disabled guest
Chapter 1829 Inference
Chapter 1830 The Secret Technique of Sky Spider
Chapter 1831 Tracking
Chapter 1832 Fight
Chapter 1833 The calm before the storm
Chapter 1834 The stars change
Chapter 1835 The war begins
Chapter 1836 Flooded Great Wall
Chapter 1837 Xuantian Pass
Chapter 1838 Tracking
Chapter 1839 Ice Palace Demon Shadow
Chapter 1840 Fighting Generals in Front of the Formation
Chapter 1841 Killing Generals
Chapter 1842 Longwei
Chapter 1843 Fighting between Dragon and Tiger
Chapter 1844 Goodbye Buddha-killing Insect
Chapter 1845 Strong Enemy
Chapter 1846 Fight against the Demons (Part 1)
Chapter 1847 Fight against the Demons (Part 2)
Chapter 1848 The Incarnation of the Saint
Chapter 1849 Three Yins destroy Yang
Chapter 1850 Chaos (Part 1) (for the new operating officer Le
Chapter 1851 Chaos (Part 2)
Chapter 1852 Chaos (Part 2)
Chapter 1853 Destroy the Enemy in the Domain