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Shocking Sword Emperor

Shocking Sword Emperor

author:Emperor Jianyi

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:07-22 07:25

Latest chapter:Chapter 7182 Those who want to enjoy themselves!

[Hot fantasy, hot-blooded novel] A generation of young heroes rose against the will of heaven, defeated the genius, fought against the heroes, slain the demons, destroyed the gods, fought against all the way, and became the peerless sword emperor! This world is destined to tremble under my feet !

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《Shocking Sword Emperor》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 7182 Those who want to enjoy themselves!
Chapter 7181 The competition in front of Yongye Pass!
Chapter 7180 The situation at Yongye Pass!
Chapter 7179 Old friend!
Chapter 7178 The First Son of God! Yan Congjiao!
Chapter 7177 He Gongji!
Chapter 7119 Yongye Pass!
Chapter 7118 Special elixir!
Chapter 7117 Extremely cold place!
《Shocking Sword Emperor》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Martial Soul Awakening
Chapter 2 My Martial Spirit is a Back
Chapter 3 Mysterious Map
Chapter 4 Qingling Mountains
Chapter 5 Dragon Emperor's Dragon Arm
Chapter 6 Optimus Alliance
Chapter 7 Overlord Flower! Tie Haitang!
Chapter 8 Cold-blooded Sword
Chapter 9 If you want to fight, I will fight with you!
Chapter 10 Demon Slayer League
Chapter 11 Defeat Qi Sheng
Chapter 12 Tie Begonia with a Spring Heart
Chapter 13 The Three-Headed Snake
Chapter 14 We Are Not Fit
Chapter 15 Blood Debt and Blood Repayment
Chapter 16 Thor's Destruction
Chapter 17 Killing Qin Xiangtian
Chapter 18 Repayment a hundred times!
Chapter 19 The Power of Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 20 Destroy the Qingtian League!
Chapter 21 Return
Chapter 22 Zombie Sect
Chapter 23 The Mysterious Boy
Chapter 24 Ye Rulong
Chapter 25 Su Xianmei
Chapter 26 Four Elders
Chapter 27 The Ten Kings of Shenwu
Chapter 28 Heavenly Valley
Chapter 29 Killing Ye Rulong
Chapter 30 Whoever stops me dies!
Chapter 31 The Way of the Primordial Goddess (Additional update! Please collect it!)
Chapter 32 Defeat Lin Zier
Chapter 33 Master! Lin Yue!
Chapter 34: Some Kind of Give Me One Year
Chapter 35 Become a member of the Spirit Sword Sect (more updates!)
Chapter 36 The First Battle of the Sect
Chapter 37 Meal for you
Chapter 38
Chapter 39 The Newcomer King (signed for additional updates)
Chapter 40 Divine Alliance Warrior! Xiang Tianyi!
Chapter 41: Exploring Baiyun Peak at Night
Chapter 42 First-Order Sword Intent
Chapter 43 The Review Test Begins
Chapter 44 A reward of 10,000 heads
Chapter 45 Killing the True Martial Realm Monster Beast
Chapter 46 Swallowing the Devil Python
Chapter 47
Chapter 48 Killing the Heroes with One Sword
Chapter 49 Ye Suxin's Power!
Chapter 50 Tiedan and Qi Shaolong are in trouble
Chapter 51 The final battle of the trial!
Chapter 52 The Death of Xu Shangjie
Chapter 53 Chasing and Killing Ye Suxin
Chapter 54 The Trial is Over
Chapter 55 I don't want to!
Chapter 56 Don’t accept it!
Chapter 57 Dragon River Sword Art
Chapter 58: A Dragon Power Sword Qi
Chapter 59 Battle of Newcomers (Additional update! Please collect)
Chapter 60 Lin Bai Appears!
Chapter 61 Three victories in three battles!
Chapter 62 Luoyan Mountains
Chapter 63 The Shadow Step
Chapter 64 Resentment against Zheng Yuhua
Chapter 65 Zhenshan Bear!
Chapter 66
Chapter 67 Attacked
Chapter 68
Chapter 69 Huang Feng's Betrayal
Chapter 70: True Martial Third Layer
Chapter 71 Humanoid Beast
Chapter 72 Kill the King of the Ape!
Chapter 73
Chapter 74 Eight-winged dragon python
Chapter 75
Chapter 76
Chapter 77 I'm Rich
Chapter 78 I'm Back!
Chapter 79 150,000 Spirit Stones
Chapter 80 Evil Wind Sword
Chapter 81 The Battle of March
Chapter 82 Kill Xiang Tianyi!
Chapter 83
Chapter 84 Surrounded by a hundred people
Chapter 85
Chapter 86
Chapter 87 Young Sect Master! Su Cang!
Chapter 88 The Land of Origin
Chapter 89 Murderous Intents (Please collect! Please recommend!)
Chapter 90 Nine Treasure Mountains
Chapter 91 Stealing All the Treasure Mountains
Chapter 92 Joining forces with the Sword Alliance
Chapter 93 Join the Sword League
Chapter 94: The Birth of Lingquan
Chapter 95 Go back to me!
Chapter 96: Go back too! (Additional update! Please collect)
Chapter 97 Dragon Bone Gold
Chapter 98
Chapter 99
Chapter 100 God of War Palace
Chapter 101 Bronze Battle Body
Chapter 102 My gift, a coffin
Chapter 103 Fighting Qilin
Chapter 104
Chapter 105 Outer Sect Ranking Battle
Chapter 106 The tenth battlefield!
Chapter 107 Unstoppable
Chapter 108
Chapter 109 The Young Sect Master Appears
Chapter 110: Falling out! (Please recommend! Please collect)
Chapter 111
Chapter 112 Fighting again and again
Chapter 113 You all, come together!
Chapter 114 Under the sword’s will, you are all ants
Chapter 115 Killing Qi Xuan
Chapter 116 The first outside door!
Chapter 117
Chapter 118: The Cliff of No Return
Chapter 119 You have no end!
Chapter 120 Anyone who wants to kill me will come in three months
Chapter 121 Inner Sect Assessment Task!
Chapter 122 Assessment task! Aries City!
Chapter 123 The Fortune of Zhao Tiedan!
Chapter 124 Aries City
Chapter 125 Zeng Liang.
Chapter 126 Lin Bai's Shot
Chapter 127 Killing with one sword!
Chapter 128 Miracle Ridge
Chapter 129 Auction
Chapter 130 List of Shenwu Geniuses
Chapter 131 The auction starts
Chapter 132 The God of Wealth Family
Chapter 133 The Blood of the Monster Beast in the Earth Core Realm
Chapter 134 I want all the demon blood
Chapter 135 Add 100,000 at a time
Chapter 136
Chapter 137 The Great Five Elements!
Chapter 138 A battle between dragons and tigers
Chapter 139
Chapter 140 The third level of the Earth Martial Realm!
Chapter 141 Are you in love with him?
Chapter 142 Frontal Conflict
Chapter 143 Martial Soul! Golden Crow Bow!
Chapter 144 Martial Soul Defying the Sky
Chapter 145 The mountains and rivers are forever silent
Chapter 146 Shocking Sword
Chapter 147 Counting the spoils
Chapter 148 Sky-high reward
Chapter 149 Training Room
Chapter 150 I'll Pick You Up One by One
Chapter 151 Extremely brutal
Chapter 152: Drain the Spirit Vessels
Chapter 153 The Ruins of Fengshen Sect
Chapter 154 The Origin of Ye Suxin
Chapter 155 Demonic Spirit
Chapter 156 Top 100 Inner Sects! Kong Fang
Chapter 157
Chapter 158 Four Women
Chapter 159 The token under the cliff
Chapter 160 Bloodbath
Chapter 161 Blue Token
Chapter 162 Core Warrior Token
Chapter 164 King Zhao! Zhao Xiansheng!
Chapter 165 Spirit Medicine Garden
Chapter 166 The Treasure of Fengshen Sect
Chapter 167 Martial Arts Pavilion
Chapter 168 Martial Arts Proving Ground
Chapter 169
Chapter 170 Three-headed dragon eagle
Chapter 171 Do I Still Need an Exam?
Chapter 172 I'll Kill It For You!
Chapter 173 You are not worthy
Chapter 174 Is it Enough?
Chapter 175 That stubbornness, that unruliness
Chapter 176 The Last Martial Intent God Monument
Chapter 177: The Crazy Liu Liang
Chapter 178 Martial Soul Secret Technique: Breaking the Ban
Chapter 179 A gentle sword
Chapter 180 Killing Intent
Chapter 181 Time Cultivation Tower
Chapter 182 Condensing the Golden Spirit Vortex
Chapter 183 Supernatural powers
Chapter 184 Exit! Fight in all directions!
Chapter 185 You are not qualified to fight me
Chapter 186 Three Immortal Fingers! Please reincarnate!
Chapter 187 Fighting Intent
Chapter 188
Chapter 189 Your life is given to you by me
Chapter 190
Chapter 191 Killer without front door
Chapter 192 Rakshasa Ghost Formation
Chapter 192 Rakshasa Ghost Formation
Chapter 193
Chapter 194
Chapter 195
Chapter 196 Will she like me?
Chapter 197 The intensified alliance of the gods
Chapter 198 Desperately Protecting the Blood of the Sword Alliance
Chapter 199 Experts in the Top 100
Chapter 200 If you are willing, I will marry you
Chapter 201 The Arrogant Murong Yeshen
Chapter 202
Chapter 203 The Strong Gathered
Chapter 204 Crush the first battle
Chapter 204 Crush the first battle
Chapter 205
Chapter 206 Shadow Snake Martial Soul
Chapter 207 Swordsmanship in the Blue Sky and Daylight
Chapter 208
Chapter 209 Sharp knife marks
Chapter 210 Murderers! Sharp Knife Marks!
Chapter 211 The sharp sword, Lin Bai’s sword (Third update! Please subscribe!)
Chapter 212 The golden sword martial spirit! The magic sword slays the dragon! (Fourth update! Please subscribe!)
Chapter 213 People like you shouldn’t be treated like dogs (fifth update! Please subscribe!)
Chapter 214 Black Evil Divine Fist (sixth update!)
Chapter 215 Defeating the geniuses of the God Alliance with one sword (seventh more)
Chapter 216 God gave me this way, what should I do? (Eighth update)
Chapter 217 Jianxiu's Sword (Ninth)
Chapter 218 They need time to let go of their hatred! (Tenth update)
Chapter 219 Wind and Thunder God Wings (11th update)
Chapter 220 The whereabouts of spiritual objects (twelfth update!)
Chapter 221 Three Spiritual Creatures (Thirteenth Update)
Chapter 222 Learning about the Sword Tomb (Fourteenth update)
Chapter 223 Lin Bai’s request (fifteenth update)
Chapter 224 Candidates for the Royal Hunting Garden (Sixteenth Update)
Chapter 225 Sword Mound Mountain (17th)
Chapter 227 Qingge's Dream (19th)
Chapter 228 That Sad Feeling (Twentyth)
Chapter 229 The Power of the Sixth Grade Spirit Sword
Chapter 230 Cultivation in Luoyan Mountains
Chapter 231 The day of assembly
Chapter 232 Let’s go! Imperial Capital! (Fourth update)
Chapter 233 The Eternal Imperial Capital (fifth update)
Chapter 234 Genius Gathers
Chapter 235 What they defend with their lives
Chapter 236 Defeat the enemy with one palm (Third update)
Chapter 237 Overwhelming the whole audience (fourth update)
Chapter 238 Is it just an afterimage? (Fifth update)
Chapter 239
Chapter 240 The situation of the royal family
Chapter 241 Rules for the Year-End Festival (Third Update)
Chapter 242 Clouds are moving in all directions (fourth update)
Chapter 243 Sacrifice to Heaven (fifth update)
Chapter 244 Brother Lin Bai, can you be Zhiyuan’s assistant?
Chapter 245 Didn’t we have an agreement?
Chapter 246 You guys have gone too far to bully others (third update)
Chapter 247 What exactly do you want to do? (Fourth update)
Chapter 248 Finally took action (fifth update)
Chapter 249 Humanoid Beast
Chapter 250 Royal Hunting Court
Chapter 251 Qitian Mountains (Third update)
Chapter 252 The changing sea (fourth update)
Chapter 253 Qi Jiajun (fifth update)
Chapter 254
Chapter 255
Chapter 256 Please enter the urn! (Third update)
Chapter 257 I was sent by the eldest princess to save you
Chapter 258 Feng Ling San (fifth update)
Chapter 259 Killing a hundred people with one sword
Chapter 260
Chapter 261 Rakshasa Palm! The hearts of all ghosts! (Third update)
Chapter 262: Embrace of the Underworld Snake (Fourth update)
Chapter 263 Let’s wait for him here, he will come (fifth update)
Chapter 264 Pure Fire Lotus!
Chapter 265 Showdown of Demons and Martial Souls
Chapter 266 Encountering Canghai Yuntai Palace (Third update)
Chapter 267 The final glory of a warrior is to die in the hands of a strong man (fourth update)
Chapter 268 The movements of the prince (fifth update)
Chapter 269 Revenge for you!
Chapter 270 Have you calculated how many disciples of my Lingjian Sect have died?
Chapter 271
Chapter 272 Chaoyang Palace
Chapter 273 Young military marquis! Chu Jiang flow!
Chapter 274 Allegiance to the Kings
Chapter 275 When did I save you?
Chapter 276 Impeaching the Qi Palace
Chapter 277 The Fall of a Generation of Heroes
Chapter 278 Your body fragrance smells so good~
Chapter 279 The First Battle of the State Banquet
Chapter 280 Martial Soul Mantis
Chapter 281 Ghost Movement Technique
Chapter 282 The Showdown Between Speeds
Chapter 283 Body Refiner! War Eagle!
Chapter 284 The Fist That Destroys Heaven and Earth
Chapter 285: Exhausted True Qi?
Chapter 286 This is called retribution
Chapter 287 If you, Prince Qi, still have geniuses to challenge you, I, the Lingjian Sect, will accept them all.
Chapter 288 The grievances of the four sects
Chapter 289 Wang Lie, come up and fight.
Chapter 290 State Banquet Murder
Chapter 291 Defeat Wan Xia
Chapter 292 Fierce Battle Yihan
Chapter 293 Ghost Immortal Talisman (fifth update)
Chapter 294 Add you just right
Chapter 295 I wiped out all my swords
Chapter 296: Killing begins, but it can’t be stopped
Chapter 297
Chapter 298: Border Emergency
Chapter 301 Surprise again and again
Chapter 302: July Pier
Chapter 303: Overlooking the Canghai Yuntai Palace
Chapter 304 Flying Sky
Chapter 305 Thor's Seal
Chapter 306 Crazy Shark Gate
Chapter 307
Chapter 308 Seductive Woman
Chapter 309 Sand wake up! Big waves wash the sand!
Chapter 310 The Darkness Before Dawn
Chapter 311 It turns out that he is Lin Bai!
Chapter 312 The Legend of the Great Demon
Chapter 313 Peach Blossom Island
Chapter 314 Hua Wanqing and Liu Beixing
Chapter 315 Your swordsmanship is average
Chapter 316 Dare to Fight Me
Chapter 317 Nine Songs and Eight Immortals Formation
Chapter 318 The Four Swords of Fenghuaxueyue
Chapter 319 The collapsed flower family
Chapter 320 Zhenhai Jade Talisman
Chapter 321 The disaster in the East China Sea
Chapter 322 Meteorite Bay
Chapter 323 Leaders of the Eight Major Families (Fifth Update)
Chapter 324 Five floating platforms
Chapter 325 Which one do you want to choose?
Chapter 326 Shocking the crowd
Chapter 327 The sword is unsheathed
Chapter 328 Defeating Sha Tongtian (fifth update)
Chapter 329 It turns out that he is Lin Bai!
Chapter 330 Heavenly Spirit Pill
Chapter 331 Lost Sea
Chapter 332 Two Questions
Chapter 333 Soul-Eating Fish Demon (fifth update)
Chapter 334 It’s coming
Chapter 335
Chapter 336 Fierce Battle with Giant Beasts
Chapter 337
Chapter 338: Killed by the Sword (Fifth Update)
Chapter 339 Lingquan Sea
Chapter 340: Condensing the Water Spirit Vortex
Chapter 341 Blood Swordsman's Invitation
Chapter 342 The Word of the Great Demon
Chapter 343 Shocking Conspiracy (Fifth Update)
Chapter 344 The mastermind behind
Chapter 345 Deception! Betrayal!
Chapter 346 When I come back, you will all die
Chapter 347 Black Smoke Wolf
Chapter 348 Devouring Memory (fifth update)
Chapter 349 The Great Demon's Memory
Chapter 350 Dao Heart Seeds Demons
Chapter 351 Fenghua and Mu Wan
Chapter 352 A sword swept away thousands of troops
Chapter 353 Blood debt must be paid with blood (fifth update)
Chapter 354 City of Thousand Islands
Chapter 355 Celebration Banquet
Chapter 356 A man who came back from hell
Chapter 357
Chapter 358 Sword Flower Martial Spirit! (Fifth update)
Chapter 359
Chapter 360 Hua Qinghai, die!
Chapter 361
Chapter 362 Return to the Spirit Sword Sect
Chapter 363 Lin Bai, I need you (fifth update)
Chapter 364: Dark Moon Killing Night
Chapter 365 Seven-day losing streak
Chapter 366
Chapter 367 He is here
Chapter 368: Killed by the Sword (Fifth Update)
Chapter 369 I can’t kill you within three swords, so I lose!
Chapter 370: The Great Moon Country Genius
Chapter 371 Dragon Fist of Domination
Chapter 372 The Three Swords of the Holy Moon
Chapter 373 Sword Technique to Move Mountains and Fill Seas (fifth update)
Chapter 374 One sword once served as a millionaire
Chapter 375
Chapter 376 Lin Bai, kneel down!
Chapter 377 The Royal Family of the Great Moon Kingdom
Chapter 378 Before the enemy leaves the country, he becomes a traitor to the country by making peace (tenth update)
Chapter 379 I have been waiting for you for a long time!
Chapter 380 War Eagle Mutiny!
Chapter 381 A fierce battle
Chapter 382 I can die, but before I die I have to live like a human being (Fourteenth update)
Chapter 383 Big killer! City-destroying cannon! (Fifteenth update)
Chapter 384 Dragon Eagle Legion
Chapter 385 A messy southern border
Chapter 386 Moon God Legion (18th)
Chapter 387 The moon in the water! The sword of victory!
Chapter 388: Destroying the City Pearl! (Twentyth)
Chapter 389 The power of the city destroyer
Chapter 390 Shooting the Dragon Crossbow
Chapter 391 Shock Arrow (23rd update)
Chapter 392 Lin Bai, kneel down!
Chapter 393: Alliance of Ten Thousand Cities in the South (25th update)
Chapter 394 Big brother, do you think Niuniu can survive until next year?
Chapter 395 Hejian City (27th)
Chapter 396
Chapter 397: The Legendary Compass
Chapter 398 Concubine Yun ()
Chapter 399 Only Five Days
Chapter 400: Kidnapping Concubine Yun
Chapter 401 General! Meng Xiao!
Chapter 402 A sword swallows the sky
Chapter 403: Millions of corpses (35th update)
Chapter 404
Chapter 405 Fight to the death without surrender!
Chapter 406
Chapter 407 Stop it for me!
Chapter 408 Competition negotiation ()
Chapter 409 Who is the King! ()
Chapter 410 Magical power! Setting sun! (Forty-second update)
Chapter 411 Invitation Letter from Miracle Ridge (43rd update)
Chapter 412 The war is about to end (44th update)
Chapter 413 Am I better-looking, or is she better-looking? (45th update)
Chapter 414 The teacher returns to the court (46th update)
Chapter 415 Demonic Martial Soul! The Spirit of Fire! (Forty-seventh more)
Chapter 416: A Generation of Heroes (Forty-eighth)
Chapter 417 Jagged Sword King (Forty-ninth)
Chapter 418 Half-step Divine Core Realm (Part 50)
Chapter 419 Fengyuefang
Chapter 420 Qing Guo Ren, Hong Su
Chapter 421
Chapter 422 One million spiritual stones, please get these three grandsons out!
Chapter 423 Sky Thunder Black Evil Wood
Chapter 424 Sacred Blood Wood and Nine-Turn Silk
Chapter 425 Is that person... here too?
Chapter 426 What is the holy place!
Chapter 427
Chapter 428
Chapter 429 Princess, what are you doing? I’m not that kind of person.
Chapter 430 Learn to focus on the key points!
Chapter 431: Core Disciple Assessment
Chapter 432 Nine core warriors
Chapter 433
Chapter 434 The Heroes of the God Alliance
Chapter 435: The Alliance of God Declares War
Chapter 436 Sword Oath! Try the Sword World!
Chapter 437: Elder Town Tower
Chapter 438 Black box operation! Shady!
Chapter 439 His name is Lu Yuan!
Chapter 440 Can You Kill?
Chapter 441 I also gave you a sigh of relief
Chapter 442 A sword sweeps away the injustice!
Chapter 443 How thick is the Shenmeng's face!
Chapter 444
Chapter 445 One person and one sword all take over!
Chapter 446
Chapter 447
Chapter 448 Are you making a grandstanding?
Chapter 449 Cai Xuan!
Chapter 450 I'm Not Dead! Why Say I Lost!
Chapter 451 Lingjian Sect has me alone!
Chapter 452 Simply arrogant!
Chapter 453 Who dares to control my ups and downs!
Chapter 454: The Siege of Heroes
Chapter 455 Romance! Broken flowers!
Chapter 456 Kill them all!
Chapter 457: Killing begins! I can’t hold it back!
Chapter 458 Equally Heavenly Sword Art! One sword opens the sky!
Chapter 459 Life is not as good as a dog!
Chapter 460 Shooting the Moon Bow! Shock Arrow!
Chapter 461 Who Lives! Who Dies!
Chapter 462 Tell them my name! Lord Sword!
Chapter 463 Execution of Lin Bai!
Chapter 464 The Death of the Second Elder!
Chapter 465 I will block your palm!
Chapter 466 I am the Supreme Headmaster!
Chapter 467 Su Zhan and Su Cang's Path!
Chapter 468
Chapter 469
Chapter 470 The Way of Flying Swords
Chapter 471: Cultivating the Flying Sword
Chapter 472 Ninety thousand kinds of flying swords
Chapter 473 Fate Stone!
Chapter 474 Sword Mastery
Chapter 475
Chapter 476 The catastrophe of breaking through the human pill realm!
Chapter 477 It’s not that I want to fight, it’s just trash like you who like to be beaten by me
Chapter 478 Holy Moon Sect! Wang Yingjie!
Chapter 479 Canghai Yuntai Palace! Di Huayue!
Chapter 480 Headmaster Supreme! Su Jiannan!
Chapter 481
Chapter 482 Bet on who's on top tonight!
Chapter 483
Chapter 484 No matter who comes, I will defeat him with one punch!
Chapter 485
Chapter 486 Shifting Flowers to Connecting Martial Spirits!
Chapter 487 Could it be that you want to die?
Chapter 488: Thirty-six Road Killing Chain Swords!
Chapter 489: The Power of the Flying Sword
Chapter 490
Chapter 491: Third-Order Sword Intent
Chapter 492: Invitation from Famous Sword Villa
Chapter 493 Enchanting Sword Cultivator! Wind and Cloud Break!
Chapter 494 The road is long and the only companion is the sword! (Happy New Year 2018)
Chapter 494 The Temple in the Hundred Thousand Mountains
Chapter 495 Revisiting the Hometown!
Chapter 497 Goodbye Zhao Rong!
Chapter 498 Kill a thousand people in an instant!
Chapter 498 Heart-pounding torture!
Chapter 499 Dragon Hunter! Start your hunt!
Chapter 500 Wind and Cloud Dynasty!
Chapter 501 The Meng Brothers and Sisters
Chapter 503 The night in the mountains is the most suitable for killing people!
Chapter 503
Chapter 504 This is a misunderstanding!
Chapter 505 Are You That Hair God?
Chapter 506
Chapter 507 Qishan! (Fifth update)
Chapter 508 A Shameless Person
Chapter 509 Martial Soul! Coiling Dragon Spear!
Chapter 510 The time to return home has arrived!
Chapter 511 Zixiao Magic Eagle
Chapter 512 Fishing in Troubled Waters (Tenth)
Chapter 513 Swallowing the mountain armor!
Chapter 514: The Scarred Man
Chapter 515
Chapter 516 Ten Days of Blood Pursuit Order
Chapter 517 Death! (Fifteenth update)
Chapter 520 The ninth level of the Tianwu Realm!
Chapter 521 Fighting the heroes!
Chapter 522 Butterfly! Die!
Chapter 523 Devil Sword Cultivation! (Twentyth)
Chapter 523 Rush to the Temple!
Chapter 524 Life in the forbidden area!
Chapter 525 Breaking through the Half-step Divine Core Realm!
Chapter 526
Chapter 527 Ten Magic Weapons! Devil's Sword!
Chapter 528: Devouring the sword soul has an intention that cannot be tolerated in heaven and earth!
Chapter 530 Who is the devil!
Chapter 531 Demon Monk!
Chapter 532 Return! Revenge!
Chapter 533 Killing Long Yi
Chapter 534 Ash Mountains!
Chapter 535 This is my sword!
Chapter 536 I am complete when I have it!
Chapter 537 Qishan Upheaval!
Chapter 538
Chapter 539 Meng Yunxiang's Death!
Chapter 540 Young Master Yishan!
Chapter 541 It can only show that you are a rubbish!
Chapter 542 Lin Bai's Counterattack!
Chapter 543 Ji Xiang and Ling Tianzi
Chapter 544 The Treasure House in the Hundred Thousand Mountains!
Chapter 545 The road encounters a master of the flying realm!
Chapter 546 Contest
Chapter 547: The Complete Abuse of the Flying Heaven Realm!
Chapter 549 Fire Sword Prince
Chapter 550 Bullying!
Chapter 551: Golden Sword and Jade Book
Chapter 552 He was invited by me! You kneel down and admit your mistake!
Chapter 553 Because You Are A Trash!
Chapter 554 Sword River Palace
Chapter 555
Chapter 556 The world is hot and cold!
Chapter 557 Two lunatics!
Chapter 558 She is waiting for someone! A fateful enemy!
Chapter 559 Swordsmen from all over the world!
Chapter 560 Poisoning! The bad white kite!
Chapter 561 Breaking Her Heart!
Chapter 562 Qingfeng layman!
Chapter 563 Cut off an arm!
Chapter 564 Joint Fencing Formation! Ten Thousand Stars Shining Sword Formation!
Chapter 565 The wrath of the sky!
Chapter 566 Prince Fengyun! Fengyun Xiu!
Chapter 567 Bloodbath Famous Sword Villa?
Chapter 568 My opponents are only three!
Chapter 569 Extreme Spirit Pill
Chapter 570 Soaring into the sky!
Chapter 571
Chapter 572: The Competition Begins
Chapter 573 How can a man stay behind others for a long time?
Chapter 574 Wu Jian's Creation!
Chapter 575 Flying Wu Jian!
Chapter 576 Rush into the top three!
Chapter 577 You ants! Are you worthy of walking in front of me?
Chapter 578 The situation where the dark sword hurts people!
Chapter 579 Sword Saint Mountain!
Chapter 580 Sword Intent Turning into Sword
Chapter 581 That sentence again!
Chapter 582 Take advantage of the situation!
Chapter 583 Golden Battle Body!
Chapter 584 You all have to die today!
Chapter 585 The Remnant Soul of the Wooden Sword!
Chapter 586 Snake Rune!
Chapter 587 Mr. Yishan, die!
Chapter 588 The top of the sky! On Sword City!
Chapter 589 The Creation of White Paper Kite!
Chapter 590 The first sword repair in Shenji Mountain! Dugu Yun!
Chapter 591 Swordsmanship that no one has learned!
Chapter 592 Jian Ruohan's Challenge!
Chapter 593 Heavenly Martial Spirit! Nine-Yuan Sword Box!
Chapter 594 The sword was broken.
Chapter 595 Shocking Dreams to Choose the Lord!
Chapter 596: Don’t be first, just be defeated!
Chapter 597 Feng Yunxiu VS Lin Bai!
Chapter 598 The sword is defeated!
Chapter 599 I mean let you go together!
Chapter 600 The stars fall!
Chapter 601 Is this thing very rare? I have three!
Chapter 602 I will give you a defeat
Chapter 603 Heaven-level martial spirit! The ups and downs of Jianhe!
Chapter 604 Breaking through the Human Pill Realm!
Chapter 605 The No. 1 Sword Cultivator in Lingdong! Lin Bai!
Chapter 606 Ten Thousand Swords Art
Chapter 607 Forging a flying sword is extremely difficult!
Chapter 608 The Five Poison Sects Divide the Rudder!
Chapter 609 Dry Wild Inn!
Chapter 610 Mysterious Sword Cultivator!
Chapter 611 Who is your master?
Chapter 612 Divine Scorpion
Chapter 613 The top of the white cloud! Ling Tianzi's words!
Chapter 614 The enemy of fate! Giant God clan!
Chapter 615 Time does not stop, the pursuit does not stop!
Chapter 616 The Titan Clan just gave me the direction to draw the sword!
Chapter 617 Breakthroughs!
Chapter 618 Nine Heavenly Mountain Formation
Chapter 619 Go down and kill Lin Bai!
Chapter 620 The duel of the first sword cultivator in Lingdong!
Chapter 622 Compared with Lin Bai, you are so lucky!
Chapter 623 The No. 1 Killer in Lingdong! Blood Blade!
Chapter 624: The Cloud Terrace Palace with Talents Like Dragons
Chapter 625 Everyone has their own aspirations!
Chapter 626 Forbidden Land! Wanlei Cave!
Chapter 627 Little old man? Grandpa?
Chapter 628 The Divine Sword and Thunder Technique!
Chapter 629 Go to Canghai Yuntai Palace!
Chapter 630 Iron Crossbow Formation!
Chapter 631 Killing God is coming!
Chapter 632 Canghai Yuntai Palace! What do you mean!
Chapter 633 Blood Blade, you are a jerk! Shame on you!
Chapter 634 This is obviously a misunderstanding!
Chapter 635 Old friends visit!
Chapter 636 Clouds move in all directions!
Chapter 637 The picture is poor and the dagger is now!
Chapter 638 Where is Lin Zi'er?
Chapter 639: Zhao Longtu
Chapter 640 Teleportation Array! Hanging Island!
Chapter 640 The strong gather in the canyon!
Chapter 642 Fire Dragon Burning Heaven Fist
Chapter 642 All geniuses in the Fire Palace! Die!
Chapter 644 The Fist of Fire Demon!
Chapter 645 Killing Thousands of Shadows in Blood Prison!
Chapter 646 Supernatural powers! Fenghuaxueyue!
Chapter 647 Qingtian Mountain!
Chapter 648 You are a little better than a stupid pig, at best you can be considered a dog!
Chapter 649 One year ago, one year later!
Chapter 650 The Incomparably Powerful Lin Zi'er!
Chapter 651 The sacrifice of Lin Zier!
Chapter 652 God of War in the Great Wilderness! Punishment!
Chapter 653 The Shield of Punishment! The Axe of Punishment! (Tenth)
Chapter 654 Lin Zier's Death!
Chapter 655 Lin Yue Appears!
Chapter 656 Only war!
Chapter 657 Send 5 million people to kill you first!
Chapter 658 Strong suppression!
Chapter 659 Debao Leaves!
Chapter 660 Divine Core Realm strikes!
Chapter 661 Fighting against Zhao Xiansheng
Chapter 662 The ten kings of Shenwu Kingdom! Zhao Xiansheng, die!
Chapter 663 Spirit Sword Sect Crisis! (Twentyth)
Chapter 664 Killing the Divine Core Realm!
Chapter 665 Who Said That My Spirit Sword Sect Disciple Is Not Comparable To Your Canghai Yuntai Palace?
Chapter 666 Kill King Ning!
Chapter 667 Kill King Song Again!
Chapter 668 Chaos cut interest rates!
Chapter 669 Ling Tianzi's Departure!
Chapter 670 The whereabouts of Jian Xuan!
Chapter 671 The plan to tune the tiger away from the mountain!
Chapter 672 The Holy Moon Sect's Pill Realm Martial Artist Eats Shit!
Chapter 673 Yueyuelou! (Chapter 30)
Chapter 674 Lingdong's second sword repair! Li Hai!
Chapter 675 Come to the Spirit Sword Sect to find me if you want revenge!
Chapter 676 Come on! Giant Protoss! I'll wait for you!
Chapter 677 I heard you swelled...
Chapter 678 The Twelve Pill Realm Masters of the Holy Moon Sect!
Chapter 679 King of the Holy Moon!
Chapter 680 A Kiss Allure!
Chapter 681 The lingering under the moonlight!
Chapter 682 What kind of monster is this!
Chapter 683: The Great Desolation Art (Chapter 40)
Chapter 684 Have you forgotten how mighty I was yesterday?
Chapter 685 Top of the Forbidden City!
Chapter 686
Chapter 687 Open up the world!
Chapter 688 Kill the King of the Holy Moon!
Chapter 689 Kill another person in the Dan realm!
Chapter 690 Since you all came uninvited, then come with your lives!
Chapter 691 A Sword that has been sealed for a long time!
Chapter 692 Jianxuan and Ling Tianzi!
Chapter 693 Moon Locking Iron Chain (Chapter 50)
Chapter 694 The death of Qinghaitian!
Chapter 695 Thousand Star Beads!
Chapter 697 Goodbye Third Uncle!
Chapter 698 Enmity and hatred!
Chapter 699
Chapter 700 A rich boy!
Chapter 701 The Domineering Wu Song!
Chapter 702: The Sword Points at the Miracle Ridge!
Chapter 703 Going to Miracle Ridge (Chapter 60)
Chapter 704 Now, the room is enough!
Chapter 705 The provocation of bangs!
Chapter 706 Iron Horse Glacier!
Chapter 707 Lingdong's first fist repair!
Chapter 708 Huo Lingtian's Shot!
Chapter 709 Killing the Pill Realm again!
Chapter 710 Angry Su Xianmei!
Chapter 711 Tianyong City!
Chapter 712 Murong Changtian!
Chapter 713 Sign up for the Miracle Ridge Assessment! (Chapter 70)
Chapter 714 Potential List and Sin List
Chapter 715: Three Passes and Five Difficulties! Are Martial Spirits Below Xuan Level Not Accepted?
Chapter 716 Love poison! Fish and water go around!
Chapter 717 Kill Murong Changtian!
Chapter 718 You are my medicine, my only antidote!
Chapter 719 Bai Xiaoxiao, ninth on the potential list!
Chapter 720 Lin House!
Chapter 721 Uninvited guests!
Chapter 722: The Murder of the Lin House!
Chapter 723 Seven evil palms! ()
Chapter 724 Liu Jingxing's Killing Intent!
Chapter 725 Elder guard! Pei Ji!
Chapter 726 Who Will Save Me?
Chapter 727 Qi Yao and Yao Feng
Chapter 728 Today is really a good day
Chapter 729 Wooden man alley! Double sword wooden man!
Chapter 730 One sword to attack, one sword to defend!
Chapter 731
Chapter 732 Iron Man (Chapter 90)
Chapter 733 Iron Man
Chapter 734 Breaking ten levels in a row!
Chapter 735 A sword shatters the sky!
Chapter 736 The First Sword Cultivator in Tianyong City!
Chapter 737 Silver Armor
Chapter 738 Tied for first place?
Chapter 739 Beyond Lin Duo's achievements!
Chapter 740 Reaching the 20th level!
Chapter 741 Four special wooden figures!
Chapter 742 Killing Lin Bai!
Chapter 743 Two-handed sword! Become a god of death! ()
Chapter 744 Nine Grand Courtyards!
Chapter 745 Defeat the Golden Armor!
Chapter 746 Liu Jingxing's Assassination!
Chapter 747 The senior elder of the Quando Academy! Zuo Kai!
Chapter 748 Dean of the Boxing Academy! Dean of the Madman!
Chapter 749: Lord Lin!
Chapter 750 Mysterious master! Fang sacrifice!
Chapter 751 Giant God Race! It's Coming!
Chapter 752 The genius of Lingnan is absolutely not allowed to be defeated by any martial artist in Shenjiling!
Chapter 753 Lin Bai! Ji Xiang! Fang sacrifice!
Chapter 754 I have a way to force you to take action!
Chapter 755 Lin Bai! You don't have to participate in the assessment!
Chapter 756 The first level! The fury of the thunder!
Chapter 757 Qin Bei'ao, the genius who crushed Lingdong!
Chapter 758 Start to rush the level!
Chapter 759 The flame giant!
Chapter 760 Crossing the third level!
Chapter 761 The fourth level! Fear and demons!
Chapter 762 Raise your arms! The old friend is back!
Chapter 763: Is the scenery you saw in hell beautiful?
Chapter 764 Returning from hell, don’t stay long!
Chapter 765 What if I kill him again?
Chapter 766 Peerless Ruthless Man!
Chapter 767 Giant Gods! Next time you meet, you will surely die under my sword!
Chapter 768 Leading the audience! Perfect clearance!
Chapter 769 Martial Spirit Assessment!
Chapter 770 The special assessment of Miracle Ridge!
Chapter 771 A group of jumping clowns!
Chapter 772 Lingfan Mountains! A Windfall!
Chapter 767 Giant Gods! Next time you meet, you will surely die under my sword!
Chapter 768 Leading the audience! Perfect clearance!
Chapter 769 Martial Spirit Assessment!
Chapter 770 The special assessment of Miracle Ridge!
Chapter 771 A group of jumping clowns!
Chapter 772 Lingfan Mountains! A Windfall!
Chapter 773 The decisive battle against the Lingfan Mountains!
Chapter 774 Purple Gold Demon Tiger!
Chapter 775 Killing the Pill Realm Monster Beast!
Chapter 776 Since you know who I am, you shouldn’t mess with me!
Chapter 777 He Qian's Killing Intent
Chapter 778 Heavenly Demon Sword Slash!
Chapter 779 Who is the first sword cultivator in Tianyong City!
Chapter 780 The murderous intention has arisen, and there will be a river of blood today!
Chapter 783 Enchanting genius
Chapter 784 With one sword, the mountains and rivers are forever silent!
Chapter 785 The Powerful Qin Bei'ao!
Chapter 786 The Seal of the Sky!
Chapter 787
Chapter 788 Slaying the Dragon!
Chapter 789 It’s never the sword that kills, it’s the human heart!
Chapter 790 Under the edge of the sword, the heroes bowed their heads!
Chapter 791 The Eight Ghosts of Youshan!
Chapter 792 The intention of the giant god! (Brothers and sisters, Happy New Year!)
Chapter 793 Giant God Race! Here Come!
Chapter 794 Heaven Defying and the Son of Slaughter!
Chapter 795 One sword, peerless grace!
Chapter 794 Heaven Defying and the Son of Slaughter!
Chapter 795 One sword, peerless grace!
Chapter 796 Not far from death!
Chapter 797 Youtian Stone Realm! Broken!
Chapter 798 This is the tenth punch!
Chapter 799 I am the sky!
Chapter 800 All sins and all mistakes are directed at me, Lin Bai!
Chapter 801: Hold my sword and kill the heavens!
Chapter 802 The afterlife!
Chapter 803 Crippling Lin Bai!
Chapter 804 Fortunately, Lin Bai was deposed, otherwise I would have never been able to get ahead!
Chapter 805 The Ninth Academy of Miracle Ridge!
Chapter 806 Press people with force!
Chapter 807 Five Peaks Peak Master! Wen Yue!
Chapter 808 My Kendo Academy is willing to accept you as a disciple!
Chapter 809 Kendo Academy!
Chapter 810 Lin Bai's Killing Intent!
Chapter 811
Chapter 812 The Sea of ??Genius!
Chapter 813 Dan Dao Academy! Fan Yitong!
Chapter 814 The chief disciple of the Pill Dao Academy! Gu Yueqing!
Chapter 815 Sure enough, stunning beauty in the world!
Chapter 816 The chief disciple of the Dao of the Sword Academy! Qiu Yunkui!
Chapter 817 Prosperous Lotus Fire!
Chapter 818 Exploding Cauldron! You have no hope of refining the Human Emperor Pill in this life!
Chapter 819 Pill Dao Medicine Classic!
Chapter 820 Dean of the Dan Tao Academy! Lu Qingyu!
Chapter 821 I want you to make a furnace of pills for me! [Third update]
Chapter 822 You can’t refine my elixir! [Fourth update]
Chapter 823 I can’t wait to go to your boudoir! [Fifth update]
Chapter 824 Green Feather Tea
Chapter 825 King-level pills! Heaven-boosting pill!
Chapter 826 Shocked Lu Qingyu! 【】
Chapter 827 Qiu Yunkui's hatred! 【】
Chapter 828 Pill King City! He Family!
Chapter 829 Bao Xuanming and the Pill Dao Academy!
Chapter 830 Life-continuing magic pill!
Chapter 831 Goodbye Snake Heart Poison! [Third update]
Chapter 832 Nirvana Pill! [Fourth update]
Chapter 833 The Holy Son and Holy Girl of the Five Poison Sect are here! [Fifth update]
Chapter 834
Chapter 835
Chapter 836 The Five Poison Sect reappears in the world! [Third update]
Chapter 837 Hero Lin Duo! [Fourth update]
Chapter 838: Blow away the Holy Son with one punch! [Fifth update]
Chapter 839 Retreat to the underground palace!
Chapter 840 Eclipse Venom
Chapter 841 The Sky-Building Pill! Born! [Third update]
Chapter 842 The Sword Emperor returns! Gods and demons are terrified! [Fourth update]
Chapter 843 Who can take my sword, I will spare your life today! [Fifth update]
Chapter 844 The sword kills the heroes!
Chapter 845 Five Poison Cactus!
Chapter 846 Human face insect body! Martial soul centipede!
Chapter 847 The Five Saints Laugh at the Scriptures!
Chapter 848 Gu Yueqing controls the Dragon Eye Flying Sword! [Fifth update]
Chapter 849 What is the Five Poison Sect planning?
Chapter 850 Return to Miracle Ridge
Chapter 851 There are ghosts at the top of Shenji Ridge!
Chapter 852 Guidance to Gu Yueqing! [Fourth update]
Chapter 853 Ninety-eight on the sword list! Tang Zong! [Fifth update]
Chapter 854 Ninety percent sure!
Chapter 855 Kowtow and admit your mistake?
Chapter 856 Pei Ji Appears!
Chapter 857 Six senior elders!
Chapter 858 Honorary Vice President of Alchemy Academy! [Fifth update]
Chapter 859 Refining the Human Emperor Pill!
Chapter 860 Burning Cang Alchemy Technique!
Chapter 861 I don't believe this is the Human Emperor Pill!
Chapter 862 Human Emperor Pill, free of charge! (Fourth update)
Chapter 863 A group of people who are not afraid of death! (Fifth update)
Chapter 864 He is here!
Chapter 865 The Man-eating Pill Dao Institute!
Chapter 866 Kneel down and worship the teacher!
Chapter 867 The road ahead!
Chapter 868 A group of pig teammates! [Fifth update]
Chapter 869 You can't escape death today!
Chapter 870 Yuan Qing Old Dog!
Chapter 871 Grouping of the Kendo Academy!
Chapter 872 The leopard turns into a pig!
Chapter 873 Beauty mentor! Nie Xiaoxian! [5 more]
Chapter 874 Swordsmanship! The white rainbow pierces the sun!
Chapter 875 You don't even have the qualifications to let me play a sword!
Chapter 876 Sad! Slavery is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people!
Chapter 877 Supernatural powers! Sword heart is clear!
Chapter 878 First place! Five thousand points! [5 more]
Chapter 879 Sword marks! Ten inches!
Chapter 880 Garbage group! Garbage group!
Chapter 881 The rest of the disciples don't need to compare!
Chapter 882 Eighteen Sword Marks! Stunning the audience!
Chapter 883 The first test! (5 more)
Chapter 884 Supreme Swordsmanship!
Chapter 885 Legendary Sword Cultivator! Ye Jinghong!
Ask for leave!
Chapter 886 A Valuable Magical Ability!
Chapter 887 Don't ask the sword!
Chapter 888 Why choose me?
Chapter 889 Sword Art Pavilion!
Chapter 890 The Sword of Silentness!
Chapter 891 Can you be a little more shameless?
Chapter 892 The Arena of the Gods!
Chapter 893 Fighting Liu Xuan!
Chapter 894 The outcome has been decided!
Chapter 895 Low-level elders! Liu Tian!
Chapter 896 Strong suppression!
Chapter 897 The newcomer competes!
Chapter 898 The massacre begins!
Chapter 899 The White-haired Gibbon!
Chapter 900 Sword Slaying the Divine Ape!
Chapter 901 The Red-Toothed Snake King!
Chapter 902 Baizhang Snake King!
Chapter 903 Spider Queen!
Chapter 904 Eight-eyed Demon Spider! (Fifth update)
Chapter 905 This is my pig!
Chapter 906 Flying Birds Message!
Chapter 907 Breaking the Sky Cliff!
Chapter 908 Three Fire Crows
#909 melee (5 more)
Chapter 910 Fighting Dragon Qingfeng!
Chapter 911 Earth Dragon Clan! Prince Longlie!
Chapter 912 Terrifying tricolor flame!
Chapter 913 Fighting Long Lie!
Chapter 914 The blood of Long Lie! The blood of the dragon! (5 more)
Chapter 915 Devouring the Domain!
Chapter 916 Killing Long Lie!
Chapter 917 Five Demons!
Chapter 918 Kill the Four Demons!
Chapter 919 Are you crying? Why? (5 more)
Chapter 920 Greed for life and fear of death!
Chapter 921 Do you still need to compare?
Chapter 922 The first test!
Chapter 923 Fight against Liu Tian again!
Chapter 924 Blood Flame Overlord Sword! (5 more)
Chapter 925 Who gave you such courage!
Chapter 926 The Nine Swords of the Cloud Sea!
Chapter 927 Mo Wenjian's Second Form!
Chapter 928 Nine-turn sword move!
Chapter 929 Four Heavenly Palaces and Four Bridges! (5 more)
Chapter 930 Spirit Puppet!
Chapter 931 A lot of information for help!
Chapter 932 Join forces to kill the fourth-level puppet!
Chapter 933 The power of the seventh-level puppet!
Chapter 934 Breakthrough! Fourth-Order Sword Intent! (5 more)
Chapter 935 Form an alliance! Start to fight back!
Chapter 936 Meet the old friend again!
Chapter 937 Lin Bai's Joining!
Chapter 938 The sweep begins!
Chapter 939 Strong! Lin Bai! (5 more)
Chapter 940 Kill the fifth-level puppet!
Chapter 941 Great harvest!
Chapter 942 The Sword Formation with a Spiritual Heart!
Chapter 943 Breakthrough! Fifth-Order Sword Intent!
Chapter 944 The enchanting duo! (5 more)
Chapter 945 Sweeping the audience!
Chapter 946 Sword Master! Huajingcheng!
Chapter 947 Lu Rui, betrayal!
Chapter 948 Come on, let’s fight!
Chapter 949 Sword in hand! Follow me! (5 more)
Chapter 950 The powerful eighth-order warrior!
Chapter 951 Boxing master! Ning Yunlong!
Chapter 952 Righteousness Bo Yuntian!
Chapter 953 When I come back, I will kill everyone in the world!
Chapter 954 The order to ascend to the sky! Ascension to the overpass! (5 more)
Chapter 955 Zhu Kun kills!
Chapter 956 The strong gather!
Chapter 957 Thousands of people chase and kill!
Chapter 958 Life and death line!
Chapter 959 If you have the ability, just wait! (5 more)
Chapter 960 Lieyang Temple!
Chapter 961 On Dao! Enlightenment!
962 The fish is cooked
Chapter 963 The ninth-order martial art is complete!
Chapter 964 This beam is even forged! (5 more)
Chapter 965 I really just ate a fish!
Chapter 966 Ready to set off, the prehistoric world!
Chapter 967 Battle Soul City!
Chapter 968 Jiugui Mountain! Undead Stone Demon!
Chapter 969 Clean up Diao Yiran! (5 more)
Chapter 970 The man behind Diao Yiran!
Chapter 971 A storm is coming!
Chapter 972 The three brothers of the Mo family!
Chapter 973 Four scrolls!
Chapter 974 Swordsman in White! (5 more)
Chapter 975 Kill the undead stone monster! (6 more)
Chapter 976 Flame Snake! (7 more)
Chapter 977 Hong Su and Ye Suxin! (8 more)
Chapter 978 Lin Bai! You are a beast! (9 more)
Chapter 979 The storm is coming! (10 more)
Chapter 980 Seventy-two demon caves of the demon clan!
Chapter 981 The mountain and rain are about to come and the wind is full of buildings!
Chapter 982 Blood Sword Team! Death!
Chapter 983 Huajingcheng! Die!
Chapter 984 Seventy-two demon caves! Gu Hao! (5 more)
Chapter 985 The strong gather!
Chapter 986 The wind is surging!
Chapter 987 Heavenly Core Realm Powerhouse!
Chapter 988 I Won't Let You Die!
Chapter 989 Wu Qing! I said I would cut you with a thousand swords! (5 more)
Chapter 990 Stealing the Supreme Sword?
Chapter 991 Fighting the Three Demons!
Chapter 992 Kill the Black Dragon!
Chapter 993 Countless deaths and injuries of the strong!
Chapter 994 Dragon Burial Stream (5 more)
Chapter 995 Get rich overnight! 1.3 million points!
Chapter 996 Black market! Large auction!
Chapter 997 The python dragon changes!
Chapter 998 Meet Wu Qiu and Cai Yunqi again!
Chapter 999 The sand of eternity! (5 more)
Chapter 1000 Purple Cloud Sword!
Chapter 1001 The Crystal of Spirit Artifacts
Chapter 1002 Return to the Kendo Academy!
Chapter 1003 The chief disciple of the Kendo Academy! Murong Fei!
Chapter 1004 Who Said I Can't Be the Chief Disciple? (5 more)
Chapter 1005 Don't ask the sword! The dragon changes!
Chapter 1006 The Hero List Competition!
Chapter 1007 Secret realm! Plunder luck!
Chapter 1008 The Five Great Avenues are all looking for you!
Chapter 1009 The first person to arrive turned out to be him! (5 updates)
Chapter 1010 The battle is about to start!
Chapter 1011 Dream Breaking Sword Technique!
Chapter 1012 Does he just want to die?
Chapter 1013 The heroes gather!
Chapter 1014 Duel? I will duel you all! (5 more)
Chapter 1015 Fierce battles!
Chapter 1016 Fighting Wu Qiu!
Chapter 1017 The unique skills of the Young Dragon Academy! Fish and dragon change!
Chapter 1018 The Great War!
Chapter 1019: A Sword Collapsing the Earth (5 More)
Chapter 1020 Seventy-two feet of luck!
Chapter 1021 Breakthrough! Earth Core Stage Three!
Chapter 1022 No. 1 on the Hero List!
Chapter 1023 The Five Peaks of Miracle Ridge!
Chapter 1024 Battle! Optimus Five Peaks! (5 more)
Chapter 1025 The Disappearing Red Immortal Sect!
Chapter 1026 Holy Son! Ye Jianjun!
Chapter 1027 Wufeng Spirit Son!
Chapter 1028 Wufeng! Saxing Hall!
Chapter 1029 Seven-star ruins! The direct disciple's cave (5 more)
Chapter 1030 Go to the ruins!
Chapter 1031 Weird Room!
Chapter 1032 A map!
Chapter 1033 Lin Bai's Shot!
Chapter 1034 Killing the Three Demons! (5 more)
Chapter 1035 The Hall of Disciples!
Chapter 1036 The first big chance! Pill room!
Chapter 1037 Meet the enemy again!
Chapter 1038 The might of Duguyun's sword energy!
Chapter 1039 Two great opportunities for the seven-star ruins! (5 more)
Chapter 1040 Meet the Kang brothers and sisters again!
Chapter 1041 Debt must be repaid!
Chapter 1042 Weng Wei! Playing with Kang Shiyun!
Chapter 1043 Dare to show off this gadget?
Chapter 1044 Flying Dragon Fish! (5 more)
Chapter 1045 Swallow the medicine pill!
Chapter 1046 Breakthrough! Sixth Layer of Earth Core Realm!
Chapter 1047 Extreme martial arts weapon! Emperor Heart Sword!
Chapter 1048 I saw the demise of Chixianzong!
Chapter 1049 Extinguishing Sword! (5 more)
Chapter 1050 The Second Martial Soul Altar!
Chapter 1051 Defeat the puppet!
Chapter 1052 Emperor-level Martial Soul! Taikoo Dragon Soul!
Chapter 1053 Quasi-God-level Martial Spirit! Seizing the Martial Spirit!
Chapter 1054 Su Cang! So you miss me so much! (5 more)
Chapter 1055 Fierce Battle Spirit Son!
Chapter 1056 Escape from Heaven!
Chapter 1057 Fighting Zhang Xiao!
Chapter 1058 The first peak! The Kang family!
Chapter 1059 The Secret Realm of Dzi! (5 more)
Chapter 1060 I need a name!
Chapter 1061 Fifteen million points!
Chapter 1062: Are you the one who fought fiercely with the seven spirit sons?
Chapter 1063 Mortal Hall! Return to the Ninth Academy!
Chapter 1064 Earth Zun Pill! Heavenly Holy Pill! Heaven-Mending Pill! (5 more)
Chapter 1065 Kill Luo Haiyang!
Chapter 1066 Spirit Son Battle!
Chapter 1067 Holy Spirit Pool!
Chapter 1068 Wushentai!
Chapter 1069 Spirit Battle! Imminent! (5 more)
Chapter 1070 Now, am I qualified?
Chapter 1071 The ring battle! Start!
Chapter 1072 Lin Bai fights Tang Jin!
Chapter 1073 The Devil's Sword of Death!
Chapter 1074 Wind and Thunder Sword Soul! (5 more)
Chapter 1075 The secret method! The wind and thunder move for nine days!
Chapter 1076 Heaven-level martial spirit! Eight-legged sword monster!
Chapter 1077 Defeat the enemy with one punch!
Chapter 1078 Come again!
Chapter 1079 The sixth form of the supreme sword! Shattering the void! (5 more)
Chapter 1080 Self-destructing Martial Soul!
Chapter 1081 Kill Xu Jiangsheng!
Chapter 1082 Ye Suxin's Compromise!
Chapter 1083 Go to the Secret Realm of Tianzhu!
Chapter 1084 Miscellaneous hairy bird! Eagle cloud! (5 more)
Chapter 1085 Tianzhu Tomb!
Chapter 1086 The tenth floor!
Chapter 1087 Sword Demon!
Chapter 1088 I'll... fight you!
Chapter 1089 It's time to teach these beasts a lesson! (5)
Chapter 1090 The big monster of the monster clan!
Chapter 1091 Martial Artist Spirit Son!
Chapter 1092 The strong are here!
Chapter 1093 Earth Dragon Clan! Jinghai!
Chapter 1094 Kill the python dragon! (5 more)
Chapter 1095 Slaying the Great Demon!
Chapter 1096 Xiang Nong! Die!
Chapter 1097 Goodbye Jiyun!
Chapter 1098 Kill the spirit child!
Chapter 1099 Fighting Thirteen Spirit Sons! (5 more)
Chapter 1100 Break the wind!
Chapter 1101 Thirteen Spirit Sons! All dead!
Chapter 1102 Holy Spirit Pool!
Chapter 1103 The blood mountain on the map!
Chapter 1104 The monster on the blood mountain! (5 more)
Chapter 1105 Ascension Order!
Chapter 1106 Two Skeletons...
Chapter 1107 The Scarlet Immortal Sect Sect Master! Chang Luck!
Chapter 1108 Void Island!
Chapter 1109 Nine levels of life and death! (5 more)
Chapter 1110 The ancient city of gold!
Chapter 1111 If something goes wrong, there must be a demon!
Chapter 1112 I accept everything as ordered!
Chapter 1113 The realm of fire!
Chapter 1114 The Mountain of the Array (5 more)
Chapter 1115 The seventh level! Demon Mound!
Chapter 1116 - Controlling Corpse Insects
Chapter 1117 The demon clan is here!
Chapter 1118 Qinghe's shot! One finger shatters the sky!
Chapter 1119 The eighth level! The magic temple! (5 more)
Chapter 1120 Salary from the bottom of the pot!
Chapter 1121 The ninth level! The tomb of the gods!
Chapter 1122 The eighth style of the supreme sword! A thought of the sword heart!
Chapter 1123 The crystal of blood energy!
Chapter 1124 Sang Shuo's death! (5 more)
Chapter 1125 Banning flags! (6 more)
Chapter 1126 Purple-haired man! Liang Kun! (7 more)
Chapter 1127 Kill Sang Shuo! Lin Bai! (8 more)
Chapter 1128 Of course the persimmons have to be soft! (9 more)
Chapter 1129 The Holy Son of the Five Peaks arrives in incarnation! (10 more)
Chapter 1130 The Holy Son's Finger! The world is in turmoil!
Chapter 1131 Fight to the death!
Chapter 1132 Beheading the Incarnation of the Son!
Chapter 1133 After the ninth level! Qinghe and Changyun!
Chapter 1134 God Burial Curse! (5 more)
Chapter 1135 Qinghe’s request!
Chapter 1136 Memories of the Giant God!
Chapter 1137 Ancient nerves!
Chapter 1138 Dig up the Ascension God Tree!
Chapter 1139 Ye Jianqiu and Jian Ruohan...(5 updates)
Chapter 1140 Wei Feng's provocation!
Chapter 1141 Defeating the enemy with one move!
Chapter 1142 Transcendence of destiny! Extreme Ice Sword Soul!
Chapter 1143 Holy Son Challenge Day!
Chapter 1144 The House of the Holy Son! Hongmen Banquet! (5 more)
Chapter 1145 Kill the Holy Son's Mansion!
Chapter 1146 Beyond the martial spirit! A sword seals the sky!
Chapter 1147 Scarlet Emperor Sword!
Chapter 1148 The might of the Emperor's Heart Sword!
Chapter 1149 The top management of Miracle Ridge gathers together! (Fifth update)
Chapter 1150 The three Supreme Headmasters are here!
Chapter 1151 Within half a year!
Chapter 1152 The First Refiner of Miracle Ridge!
Chapter 1153 Transcend the spirit of martial arts! The seal of ghosts and gods!
Chapter 1154 The ancient nerves that can't be fed! (5 more)
Chapter 1155 Eyes of the sky!
Chapter 1156 Two Treasure Mountains!
Chapter 1157 Lead the snake out of the hole? Lead the wolf into the room!
Chapter 1158 Who said...I'm going to run away?
Chapter 1159 Ha! Woman...(5 updates)
Chapter 1160: Under the seal of ghosts and gods, gods and ghosts obey orders!
Chapter 1161 It's your fault anyway!
Chapter 1162 Big chance!
Chapter 1163 Ten Thousand Years Cold Crystal and Human Emperor Bone!
Chapter 1164 The God Bone Under Baoshan (5 More)
Chapter 1165 Lin Bai, just take care of yourself!
Chapter 1166 Refining the flying sword!
Chapter 1167 King-level pill! Glazed Flame Pill!
Chapter 1168 One-star giant god!
Chapter 1169 Five Poison Religion! A terrifying conspiracy is finally revealed! (5 more)
Chapter 1170 The meeting of wind and clouds!
Chapter 1171 The Peak Battle!
Chapter 1172 Purple Cloud Sword! Broken!
Chapter 1173 Nine Stars Broken Moon Sword Finger!
Chapter 1174 The ninth form of the supreme sword! Don't ask! (5 more)
Chapter 1175 Nine crows emerge, and there is no heaven and earth!
Chapter 1176 The might of the giant god!
Chapter 1177 The law of heaven and earth?
Chapter 1178 Her under the moon!
Chapter 1179 Is it me or Su Cang in your heart? (5 updates)
Chapter 1180 Senior Elder of Tianyin Academy! Xiu Jin!
Chapter 1181: Shaking Zhao Longtu!
Chapter 1182 Lin Bai's Identity!
Chapter 1183 The wedding date has been set!
Chapter 1184 Tongtian Sword Sect! Young Sword Master! (5 more)
Chapter 1185 Rebuilding the League of Gods!
Chapter 1186 Fortune Shrine!
Chapter 1187 Blood Prison Trial!
Chapter 1188 Come to me if you can!
Chapter 1189 Fighting the monsters! (5 more)
Chapter 1190 Rainstorm Map of Thatched Hut
Chapter 1191 A strong enemy is coming!
Chapter 1192 All the means! Still tricky!
Chapter 1193 Ye Banqiu! Blast mood!
Chapter 1194 Devouring the blood of the dragon! (5 more)
Chapter 1195 Lin Bai! Heavenly Core Realm is complete!
Chapter 1196 Mask Jianhan!
Chapter 1197 Su Cang's trick!
Chapter 1198 The Royal Family of the Qinglong Empire! Slaying the Dragon Sword!
Chapter 1199 The Lord of the God Palace! (5 more)
Chapter 1200 Heaven and Earth Spirit Embryo!
Chapter 1201 Sword Array Tower!
Chapter 1202 Eight bells tolls! Lingdong chaos!
Chapter 1203 Rescue Lingdong! The strong come out!
Chapter 1204 The royal family of Shenwu Kingdom! Destroyed! (5 more)
Chapter 1205 Undercurrent is surging!
Chapter 1206 Born to be a King! Bai Xiaoxiao!
Chapter 1207 Chen Lin Bai... pays homage to Emperor Xiao!
Chapter 1208 I am here to win this war!
Chapter 1209 Five Poison Sect! Blood Poison Guard! (5 more)
Chapter 1211 Mo Qing and Detoxification Pill!
Chapter 1212 Dugu Yun and Mo Qing!
Chapter 1213 Siege the city again!
Chapter 1214 Bone Dragon Chair! Legion of the Living Dead! (5 more)
Chapter 1215 Sudden awakening...
Chapter 1216 The goal of the Five Poison Sect!
Chapter 1217 Sword Demon and Demon Sword!
Chapter 1219 Meng Po! (5 more)
Chapter 1220 The Shocking Conspiracy of the Five Poison Sect! (1)
Chapter 1221 The shocking conspiracy of the Five Poison Sect! (2)
Chapter 1222 The shocking conspiracy of the Five Poison Religion! (Part 2)
Chapter 1223 Sky Splitting Valley! A battle to the death!
Chapter 1224 The leader of the five poisons! The situation is infinite! (5 more)
Chapter 1225 Five arrays!
Chapter 1226 A game!
Chapter 1227 The sinister leader of the Five Poisons!
Chapter 1228 Turning against each other!
Chapter 1229 Lin Bai! Disappointment! (5 more)
Chapter 1230 I understand that you hesitate to speak, and that you can’t help yourself!
Chapter 1231 Infiltrate the Five Poison Sect!
Chapter 1232 This is a fraud!
Chapter 1233 Three people! Three rounds!
Chapter 1234 The five poisonous leader who is so angry that he vomits blood! (5 more)
Chapter 1235 Five Poison Religion! Eighteen Guardians!
Chapter 1236 Steal the God Bone!
Chapter 1237 Who Said My Lin Family Bloodline Is A Slut?
Chapter 1238 Fight against Uncle Xuan!
Chapter 1239 Water, Fire and Dragon extinguish the curse (5 more)
Chapter 1240 Defeat the Five Poison Leaders!
Chapter 1241 The poison under the poisonous abyss!
Chapter 1242 A family reunion!
Chapter 1243 The decisive battle against Duyuan!
Chapter 1244 Peerless Poison King! Ice Jade Beast! (5 more)
Chapter 1245 Hunyuan One Qi Sword Formation!
Chapter 1246 Lin Bai's Child!
Chapter 1247 The body of a giant god, invulnerable to all poisons!
Chapter 1248 Red Su! Requiem!
Chapter 1249 Lin Bai's death? (5 more)
Chapter 1250 Su Cang's Whereabouts!
Chapter 1251 The Su Dynasty! Su Lihai!
Chapter 1252 The domineering Su Dynasty!
Chapter 1253 The storm is coming!
Chapter 1254 Three major events on the Miracle Mountain! (5 more)
Chapter 1255 Back to the Miracle Ridge!
Chapter 1256 Three days later!
Chapter 1257 I'll pick up something!
Chapter 1258 A scene of Ye Wuhuan!
Chapter 1259 The big wedding day! (5 more)
Chapter 1260 The words are not amazing!
Chapter 1261 Coming!
Chapter 1262 Sword and Rose!
Chapter 1263 I will take over Su Cang’s life!
Chapter 1264 Ye Jianjun! Shoot! (5 more)
1266. Chapter 1265 Fight Ye Jianjun again!
1267. Chapter 1266 Half a day after the magic flower blooms!
1268. Chapter 1267 Su Lihai kills! All the cards!
1269. Chapter 1268 The old monsters from Lingnan!
1270. Chapter 1269 In danger (5 more)
Chapter 1270 Lin Bai! Still defeated!
Chapter 1271 The Death of Ye Suxin!
Chapter 1272 The soul of Qinghe!
Chapter 1273 Restart the reversed Yin-Yang formation!
Chapter 1274 Lin Bai's Tomb! (5 more)
Chapter 1275 Are there secret treasures in Lin Bai's tomb?
Chapter 1276 The Su Dynasty! Su Tianlong!
1278. Chapter 1277 Lin Bai! Long time no see!
Chapter 1278 The Six Monsters of Lingnan!
Chapter 1279 Revenge! This is just the beginning! (5 more)
Chapter 1280 will leave
Chapter 1281 Gu Jianyun!
Chapter 1282 Prehistoric Alien Species!
Chapter 1283 Lingnan! The God of Killing is here!
Chapter 1284 My name is... Dongfang Bai! (5 updates)
Chapter 1285 Sword test stone! Black gold ancient rock!
Chapter 1286 Beiwang Mountain! Mo Changyun!
Chapter 1287 Your swordsmanship is a piece of shit!
1289. Chapter 1288 Thirty-three nine-inch sword marks!
Chapter 1289 Hey, it’s hard to teach a disciple (5 updates)
Chapter 1290 Break through the flying realm!
Chapter 1291 Understand the mood of the rainstorm!
Chapter 1292: If you scold my disciple, you are seeking death.
Chapter 1293 The power of the rainstorm mood!
Chapter 1294 Who is the first genius of Desolate Dragon City? (5 more)
Chapter 1295 Ancient Sword Art!
Chapter 1296 Aurora mood!
Chapter 1297 Tianyao Ridge!
Chapter 1298 I'm going to be spanked~~
Chapter 1299 I really am a famous teacher! (5 more)
Chapter 1302 Eight-legged sword beast's lair!
Chapter 1303 One-shot kill!
Chapter 1304 Gods, Demons, Demons, Fairies! Legend of Five Swords! (5 more)
Chapter 1305 Demon Sword Zihuang!
Chapter 1306 Gu Jianyun! That ray of dawn in a desperate situation!
Chapter 1307 The demon sword recognizes the master!
Chapter 1308 The power of the demon sword!
Chapter 1309 I was banned from being spanked! (5 more)
Chapter 1310 Nameless Swordsmanship!
Chapter 1311 The competition begins!
Chapter 1312 Do you really think the butt is beaten for nothing?
Chapter 1313 Nameless Swordsmanship! Ghostly and Ghostly!
Chapter 1314 Let Prince Feiyun come over and kneel down and call his father!
Chapter 1315 The dead man of the Feiyun Dynasty!
Chapter 1316 Killing two people in a row!
Chapter 1317 Leave Desolate Dragon City!
Chapter 1318 Towards the Purple City!
Chapter 1319 Demon Sword Holder! Dongfang Bai! (8 more)
Chapter 1320 The Four Swords of Qinghun Mountain!
Chapter 1321 Qingxin Distillery!
Chapter 1322 Wine Fairy! Ni Xiangen!
Chapter 1323 Soulless and Xiao Jin!
Chapter 1324 Tianyun City! Gu Lingfei! (5 more)
Chapter 1325 Demon blood succeeds!
Chapter 1326 Murder in a rainy night!
Chapter 1327 A wave of unresolved waves rises again!
Chapter 1328 The ladder warrior!
Chapter 1329 Break out of the encirclement! (5 more)
Chapter 1330 The strong Yin saints are coming!
Chapter 1331 Aftermath of the catastrophe!
Chapter 1332 Hu Xian'er!
Chapter 1333 Take the plan!
Chapter 1334 Night Crow Mountains! (5 more)
Chapter 1335 The last night!
Chapter 1336 Fighting Yin Saint!
Chapter 1337 Tongtian Sword Sect! Gui Jing!
Chapter 1338 Li Zifeng, who sells books!
Chapter 1339 Violet City, which is less than three seconds serious! (5 more)
Chapter 1340 The three-step ladder!
Chapter 1341 The strong man of the demon clan! Clouded Leopard!
Chapter 1342 The bosses of the seven sects!
Chapter 1343 The Valley of Ten Thousand Demons! Destroying the Demon Saint of Yueyue!
Chapter 1344 I take care of the younger ones, you take care of the older ones! (5 updates)
Chapter 1345 If you want to wear the crown, you must bear its weight!
Chapter 1346 Kill the Clouded Leopard!
Chapter 1347 A cauldron!
Chapter 1348 Lin Bai's ladder ranking!
Chapter 1349 Tianjiao Banquet (5 more)
Chapter 1350 Descendants of the Magic Sword
Chapter 1351 Dingtian Palace!
Chapter 1352 Talents gather!
Chapter 1353 Prince Feiyun!
Chapter 1354 An epic encounter! (5 more)
Chapter 1355 Destroy the disciples! Destroy the mood!
Chapter 1356 The son-level genius!
Chapter 1357 The day of accepting apprentices!
Chapter 1358 Zijin City Lord!
Chapter 1359 Young Master Xingchen! Emperor-level Martial Spirit!
Chapter 1360 Quasi-God-level Martial Spirit is in the world! (11 more)
Chapter 1361 The second round of assessment!
Chapter 1362 Kill Gu Lingfei!
Chapter 1363 Who hurt you?
Chapter 1364 The power of a sword!
Chapter 1365 Three thousand stars to kill! (5 more)
Chapter 1366 Fierce battle with the stars!
Chapter 1367 You want to take the first step on the ladder with this little strength?
Chapter 1368 The peak battle! Kick off!
Chapter 1369 Even if you go together? Why should I be afraid?
Chapter 1370 Starfall Nine Thousand Kills! (5 more)
Chapter 1371 The sixth move! The storm is over!
Chapter 1372 Sword repair! Xiangyangtian!
Chapter 1373 This disciple is determined by our Heavenly Sword Sect!
Chapter 1374 Split Cang!
Chapter 1375 Magic Sword! Evil Star! (5 more)
Chapter 1376 Three Thousand Worlds were destroyed with one sword, and I am singing a mortal song when I look back!
Chapter 1377 Who wins and who loses!
Chapter 1378 One hundred thousand sons of the Donglan Sword Sect, one hundred thousand sword cultivators can reverse life and death!
Chapter 1379 The Five Elements Divine Thunder Art!
Chapter 1380 Lin Bai's mother! Li Subai! (5 more)
Chapter 1381 Enchanting genius!
Chapter 1382 Sword Cloud Mountains! Heavenly Sword Sect!
Chapter 1383 Enlightenment Mountain and the Five-color Pavilion!
Chapter 1384 Treasure Hunt Building! Sect Mission!
Chapter 1385 Zhumen! Zhu Meng! (5 more)
Chapter 1386 Five Young Sword Masters!
Chapter 1387 The Great Perfection of the Flying Heaven Realm!
Chapter 1388 Zhuxiancheng! Zhu Family!
Chapter 1389 Dancing a sword to help?
Chapter 1390 Unsullied Divine Iron! (5 more)
Chapter 1391 Entering the East Shuangcheng!
Chapter 1392 Kill the powerful monsters!
Chapter 1393 Zhu Lie's request for help!
Chapter 1394 The second son of the Lin family! Lin Rong!
Chapter 1395 The Zhu family's conspiracy! (5 more)
Chapter 1396 The Five Demons of Canglong Mountain!
Chapter 1397 The resting pill!
Chapter 1398 The Vast Sea Demon Country!
Chapter 1399 Fighter Field!
Chapter 1400 White Snake Battle Camp! (5 more)
Chapter 1401 Hope in Dilemma!
Chapter 1402 Xiandong Mountain!
Chapter 1403 White Snake Bracelet!
Chapter 1404 Be careful at night!
Chapter 1405 The Vast Sea Demon Country! You've led the wolf into the room! (5 more)
Chapter 1406 Monster Beasts Attack!
Chapter 1407 The bond created in the iron blood!
Chapter 1408 The strength of a monster-level genius!
Chapter 1409 Awakening the Spirit Grass!
Chapter 1410 The Spiritual Vessel of Fortune (5 more)
Chapter 1411 The third level of the Yin Holy Realm!
Chapter 1412 Tianxiao Mountain!
Chapter 1413 The strong attack!
Chapter 1414 The old man with the lantern!
Chapter 1415 Tianxiao Mountain! Yellow Wolf (5 more)
Chapter 1416 When the full moon is full!
Chapter 1417 Don't break through the sixth level of Yin Sheng!
Chapter 1418 The time of extreme darkness!
Chapter 1419 Lin Bai leaves!
Chapter 1420 Kill the demon clan in the ninth level of the Yin Saint Realm! (5 more)
Chapter 1421 Playboy! Bai Feng!
Chapter 1422 A blood moon!
Chapter 1423 Try their depth!
Chapter 1424 Don't stay alive!
Chapter 1425 The strongest demon clan in the Yin Saint realm! Bai Ling! (5 more)
Chapter 1426 Inspiration True Monarch!
Chapter 1427 A very strong sword cultivator!
Chapter 1428 One hundred bottles of spiritual fluid!
Chapter 1429 I killed Bai Feng too!
Chapter 1430 White Emperor (5 more)
Chapter 1431 Bai Ling's strength!
Chapter 1432 Heavenly word 9527!
Chapter 1433 Twelve messengers of reincarnation!
Chapter 1434 Reincarnation Field! The first battle!
Chapter 1435 The winner lives! The loser dies! (5 more)
Chapter 1436 A sword through the throat!
Chapter 1437 I! Win!
Chapter 1438 Eleven thousand sword marks!
Chapter 1439 Kill the word sound!
Chapter 1440 Under my sword, there is no one without a Buddha or even a demon! (5 updates)
Chapter 1441 Ten-step sword!
Chapter 1442 Ten steps to kill!
Chapter 1443 Late stage of the Aurora mood!
Chapter 1444 Killing three people in a row!
Chapter 1445 The name of the sword demon! (5 more)
Chapter 1446 Kill the ghouls!
Chapter 1447 Killing Intent!
Chapter 1448 The realm of ecstasy!
Chapter 1449 The ninth level of the Yin Saint realm! The final battle!
Chapter 1450 Battle of Thousand Victories! (5 more)
Chapter 1451 Beat them all down!
Chapter 1452 Emperor Guang! Punishment!
Chapter 1453 Kill two birds with one stone!
Chapter 1454 Fangcun Trapped Immortal Formation!
Chapter 1455 Cut down five powerhouses! (5 more)
Chapter 1456 Defeating five powerhouses with one sword!
Chapter 1457 The strongest among the reincarnation messengers!
Chapter 1458 Dragon Punishment and Killing Conception!
Chapter 1459 Killing Sword Qi!
Chapter 1460 The final winner! (5 more)
Chapter 1461 The demon emperor hosts a banquet!
Chapter 1462 The Eagle Clan! The Eagle Emperor!
Chapter 1463 The origin of Jiang Jing!
Chapter 1464 Late at night!
Chapter 1465 Kill the imperial capital! (5 more)
Chapter 1466 The powerhouse of the eight demon clans!
Chapter 1467 Kill the Yang God!
Chapter 1468 Kill one more person!
Chapter 1469 Broken Halberd! Sea King Halberd!
Chapter 1470 The death of Jiang Jing! (5 more)
Chapter 1471 Return to the Litian Dynasty!
Chapter 1472 Accepting apprentices in March!
Chapter 1473 Zhumen! Gu Ziyun!
Chapter 1474 A sword splits Ningwu Mountain!
Chapter 1475 Seventy-two sword repairs in Xiandong Mountain! (5 more)
Chapter 1476 One billion contribution value!
Chapter 1477 Sword Tower!
Chapter 1478 List of 100 Treasures! Heavenly Swordsmanship!
Chapter 1479 Zhu Lie returns!
Chapter 1480 The Battle of the Valley of Life! (5 more)
Chapter 1481 Blood Debt and Blood Repayment!
Chapter 1482 The mighty Seventy-two Sword Cultivators of Xiandong Mountain!
Chapter 1483 Master Sword Master!
Chapter 1484 Young Sword Master! Zhu Lei!
Chapter 1485 Underworld Sword! Burial God! (5 more)
Chapter 1486 The Buddha Sword Art!
Chapter 1487 Heavenly Swordsmanship!
Chapter 1488 The Five Elements Classic! Aoki Divine Thunder!
Chapter 1489 The Death of the Underworld Sword!
Chapter 1490 Sword Sovereign Appears! (5 more)
Chapter 1491 “Gift!”
Chapter 1492 Take over Young Sword Master!
Chapter 1493 Old friends in Zijin City!
Chapter 1494 The No. 1 Refiner in Lingnan! Chai Xu!
Chapter 1495 The ending of the Zhu family is only a dead end! (5 more)
Chapter 1496 Return to the East Shuangcheng again!
Chapter 1497 The movement of the Zhu family!
Chapter 1498 The reason why!
Chapter 1499 Black-robed overseer!
Chapter 1500 Brother Dongfang, it would be a pity if you don’t become a miner! (5 updates)
Chapter 1501 The powerhouse of the Yangshen realm strikes!
Chapter 1502 The Four Demon Saints of Ten Thousand Demon Valley!
Chapter 1503 Kill the Night Wolf Demon Saint!
Chapter 1504 Killing the Three Demon Saints!
Chapter 1505 Another “big gift”! (5 updates)
Chapter 1506 Birthday!
Chapter 1507 The man in the coffin!
Chapter 1508 The mystery of the rise of the Zhu family!
Chapter 1509 Don't even think about leaving today!
Chapter 1510 The Great Formation of Sealing the Heavens! (5 more)
Chapter 1511 The Sky Splitting Legion joins the war!
Chapter 1512 Full-scale war!
Chapter 1513 Fierce battle to split the army!
Chapter 1514 Mysterious man!
Chapter 1515 Prince Young Sword Master! Lin Anyang! (5 more)
Chapter 1516 Killing the Marquis of the Splitting Heaven!
Chapter 1517 The death of Zhu Chang!
Chapter 1518 Aftermath of the catastrophe!
Chapter 1519 The young swordsman from a hundred years ago! The death of Chen Pan!
Chapter 1520 Divine Soldier Banquet! Ranking of Extreme Martial Spirit Weapons! (5 more)
Chapter 1521 Sun Swallowing Swordsmanship!
Chapter 1522 The demon master and the thirty-six demon saints!
Chapter 1523 Border Mangshan Ridge!
Chapter 1524 Silver Moon Chamber of Commerce!
Chapter 1525 True Martial Sword School! Gao Rui! (5 more)
Chapter 1526 Just a finger
Chapter 1527 Departing from Haijie City!
Chapter 1528 The Magical Use of Murder Conception!
Chapter 1529 The best woman! Loose posture!
Chapter 1530 Self-created swordsmanship (5 more)
Chapter 1531 Miss Yinyue Chamber of Commerce! Yueqing!
Chapter 1532 That sword is called...Zhu Xian!
Chapter 1533 Three swords!
Chapter 1534 The secret of the Silver Moon Chamber of Commerce!
Chapter 1535 The difficult situation of Yueqing! (5 more)
Chapter 1536 Condensing Qi and Imperial Sword!
Chapter 1537 The details of Songzi!
Chapter 1538 Young Master Yuehua!
Chapter 1539 Survival Sword! Li Zong!
Chapter 1540 Murder at night! (5 more)
Chapter 1541 Murder everywhere!
Chapter 1542 The death of Zhuoyi's housekeeper!
Chapter 1543 Song Zi and Gao Rui's Betrayal!
Chapter 1544 Doomsday!
Chapter 1545 Fighting with a sword to make a bright world! (5 more)
Chapter 1546 Identity exposed!
Chapter 1547 Kill Li Zong!
Chapter 1548 Outer disciple of Tongtian Sword Sect!
Chapter 1549 The power of the young swordsman!
Chapter 1550 Pretending to be a husband and wife? (5 more)
Chapter 1551 A couple made in heaven!
Chapter 1552 Bai Lang and Qing'er!
Chapter 1553 Silver Moon Chamber of Commerce Headquarters!
Chapter 1554 High-level meeting!
Chapter 1555 Sun-slaying knife! Princess Yinshuang! (5 more)
Chapter 1556 Get out?
Chapter 1557 Isn't that enough?
Chapter 1558 An assessment!
Chapter 1559 We are all stubborn!
Chapter 1560 Tianbao Building! The Iron List! (5 more)
Chapter 1561 The whereabouts of Chai Xu and Ye Fenghuo!
Chapter 1562 Sloppy old man!
Chapter 1563 The agreement is reached!
Chapter 1564 Either you die or I die!
Chapter 1565 Repair the Demon Sword! (5 more)
Chapter 1566 Sirius Island!
Chapter 1567 Seven Luminaries Meteorite Mountain! Yang Yuan!
Chapter 1568 Enemies meet!
Chapter 1569 A fierce battle!
Chapter 1570 Fighting the Seven Gods with One Sword (5 more)
Chapter 1571 Anger!
Chapter 1572 King-level martial arts! Biyu sword art!
Chapter 1573 Do you want to use my sword to kill me?
Chapter 1574 Kill Ye Fenghuo!
Chapter 1575 There are five people left! (5 more)
Chapter 1576 Get what you need!
Chapter 1577 Beauty bathing!
Chapter 1578 This is your future husband!
Chapter 1579 The cultivation of the six monsters in Lingnan!
Chapter 1580 My life belongs to you! (5 updates)
Chapter 1581 See you at the poor dagger!
Chapter 1582 The setter!
Chapter 1583 Star Shattering Hammer!
Chapter 1584 Killing the Heavenly Demon Saint!
Chapter 1585 Cocooning yourself! (5 more)
Chapter 1586 List of Extreme Martial Spirit Weapons!
Chapter 1587 Seventy-two swords!
Chapter 1588 Chasing the Spirit Boat
Chapter 1589 Seven steps on the sea of ??blood!
Chapter 1590 Mysterious sword repair! (5 more)
Chapter 1591 Gui Jing emerges!
Chapter 1592 Cultivating the Seven Steps of the Sea of ??Blood!
Chapter 1593 Wushen Mountain! Tournament!
Chapter 1594 The bullying Qimen warrior!
Chapter 1595 As long as you dare to bet, then I will bet with you! (5 updates)
Chapter 1596 Qi Xuan! Are you so shameless?
Chapter 1597 Hatred because of jealousy!
Chapter 1598 Shoot in anger!
Chapter 1599 Seven steps on the sea of ??blood! Seven steps on the sky!
Chapter 1600 The master of the first peak! Sui An! (5 more)
Chapter 1601 The Order of the Sword Sovereign!
Chapter 1602 Angry Sword Sovereign!
Chapter 1603 Desperate Sword Sovereign!
Chapter 1604 Eternal Darkness!
Chapter 1605 One horizontal and one vertical! One word sword art! (5 more)
Chapter 1606 Mysterious Realm of Ten Thousand Stars!
Chapter 1607 Water Tomb and Qi Xuan!
Chapter 1608 Go to Star City!
Chapter 1609 Lose all conscience!
Chapter 1610 Kill them all! (5 more)
Chapter 1611 Come to me if you want revenge!
Chapter 1612 Arrive at Star City!
Chapter 1613 The Son and Daughter of Donglan Sword Sect!
Chapter 1614 The powerhouses of various sects!
Chapter 1615 Mizuzuka's trick! (5 more)
Chapter 1616 Killing himself to prove his innocence?
Chapter 1617 Nie Xiong! What are you doing!
Chapter 1618 Goodbye Jian Ruohan...
Chapter 1619 What is there to fear?
Chapter 1620 The two demon swords join forces! (5 more)
Chapter 1621 The Nine Changes of the Flame Dragon of Burning Art!
Chapter 1622 She Recognized Me
Chapter 1623 Ten-step sword! One thought of killing God!
Chapter 1624 Elders of the various sects!
Chapter 1625 Sword Cottage! Old Man Lonely! (5 more)
Chapter 1626 Stepping on the stars and picking up thousands of stars
Chapter 1627 Mysterious Realm of Ten Thousand Stars!
Chapter 1628 Weird place!
Chapter 1629 A black storm!
Chapter 1630 The weird black flag! (5 more)
Chapter 1631 The skeleton on the black flag!
Chapter 1632 The arrival of the sons of the sects!
Chapter 1633 Repeated setbacks!
Chapter 1634 Killing again!
Chapter 1635 Many people will die here today! (5 updates)
Chapter 1636 Are you strong enough to fight me for ten days and ten nights?
Chapter 1637 If I want to kill you, all I need is one sword
Chapter 1638 Out of the storm circle!
Chapter 1639 The fierce battle of the Holy Son and Holy Daughter of Saint Yinzong!
Chapter 1640 Break through the sun god! (5 more)
Chapter 1641 Jedi Counterattack!
Chapter 1642 Emperor-level martial arts! Yan Luo Temple!
Chapter 1643 Yan Tuo's death!
Chapter 1644 All defeats!
Chapter 1645 Lin Bai and Ye Jianjun! (5 more)
Chapter 1646 You! Is it him!
Chapter 1647 Four Divine Sword Slash
Chapter 1648 Kill Ye Jianjun!
Chapter 1649 Scarlet Map!
Chapter 1650 Fighting Qi Xuan again! (5 more)
Chapter 1651 Fighting the monsters!
Chapter 1652 The Sword Demon is born!
Chapter 1653 The fierce name is rising!
Chapter 1654 The encirclement and suppression of the elders of the Sun God!
Chapter 1655 The Fish Hook of the Lonely Boat Old Man (5 more)
Chapter 1656 Chaos cut interest rates!
Chapter 1657 The Mysterious Realm of Ten Thousand Stars is over!
Chapter 1658 Come to the door to ask the guilt!
Chapter 1659: What am I guilty of?
Chapter 1660 The going to die! (5 updates)
Chapter 1661 Go to Lingnan!
Chapter 1662 Life Renewal Pill in March
Chapter 1663 Farewell is coming!
Chapter 1664 The deity is here!
Chapter 1665 Resurrection from the dead! (5 more)
Chapter 1666 Heavenly Sacred Fruit
Chapter 1667 Beiyang...
Chapter 1668 Luo Family City! Luo Family!
Chapter 1669 Elder of Donglan Sword Sect! Ma Ritian!
Chapter 1670 Famous and famous! (5 more)
Chapter 1671 Fighting horses day by day!
Chapter 1672 The outcome has been decided!
Chapter 1673 Go to Beiyang Sacred Tree!
Chapter 1674 Thousand Heavenly Holy Fruits!
Chapter 1675 The Secret Technique of Martial Soul! The Shadow of Blood! (5 more)
Chapter 1676 Kill Chen Kui!
Chapter 1677 Burning Art! Melting Divine Sword!
Chapter 1678 Kill the Elder Xuanhuo!
Chapter 1679 Breaking through the second level of the Yangshen realm!
Chapter 1680 Arrange it! (5 more)
Chapter 1681 Zhang Ye and Nie Xiong!
Chapter 1682 Bullying!
Chapter 1683 Devil Sword Cultivation! Dongfang Bai!
Chapter 1684 Fight against Yan Lin!
Chapter 1685 Bloody Banquet! (5 more)
Chapter 1686 Knife River Dynasty! Glacier Sea!
Chapter 1687 Lenghai Sword Master!
Chapter 1688 The Seven Luminaries Meteorite Mountain!
Chapter 1689 Nether Compass!
Chapter 1690 Exit the Tongtian Sword Sect! (5 more)
Chapter 1691 Expulsion from the sect!
Chapter 1692 I'm waiting for someone!
Chapter 1693 Kill Ye Jianjun again!
Chapter 1694 The wolf travels a thousand miles!
Chapter 1695 The land of exile! (5 more)
Chapter 1696 Sun Family! Sun Ji!
Chapter 1697 Godfall Mountain Range!
Chapter 1698 The city of mercenaries!
Chapter 1699 Begonia, stay safe!
Chapter 1700 The Goddess Mountain Range opens! (5 more)
Chapter 1701 The three major families join forces!
Chapter 1702 Don't force me to kill!
Chapter 1703 King-level magic weapon! Long stick!
Chapter 1704 Siren King!
Chapter 1705 Killing the Three Patriarchs! (5 more)
Chapter 1706 Blood King!
Chapter 1707 Ghost Sword! Luo Xiu!
Chapter 1708 Sword Soul World!
Chapter 1709 The enemy of fate!
Chapter 1710 Sword God family! Ye family! (5 more)
Chapter 1711 Blood Soul King!
Chapter 1712 Do you dare to kill her in front of me?
Chapter 1713 Su Xianmei arrives!
Chapter 1714 Northern Cold Dynasty! Frozen Mountains!
Chapter 1715 The first family of Lingnan land! (5 more)
Chapter 1716 Sword intent runs for millions of miles!
Chapter 1717 Fool?
Chapter 1718 I'm not convinced!
Chapter 1719 Enlightenment Wine!
Chapter 1720 Green Flood Dragon! (5 more)
Chapter 1721 Feast of Ice Blood Ginseng!
Chapter 1722 Bai Shaoxia and talkative Yue Yang!
Chapter 1723 Pack up together!
Chapter 1724 Wormhole passage!
Chapter 1725 Fighting Donggan! (5 more)
Chapter 1726 Extreme Arctic Ice Crystal Valley!
Chapter 1727 Martial Soul! Cold Moon!
Chapter 1728 The blood debt has been paid!
Chapter 1729 Excuse the two to hand over the heads!
Chapter 1730 Kill Su Lihai! (5 more)
Chapter 1731 Eight thousand five hundred tokens!
Chapter 1732 The Su Dynasty! Jiangshan Tower!
Chapter 1733 The Feiyun Dynasty changed hands!
Chapter 1734 Imperial City Forbidden Land!
Chapter 1735 The ancestor of the Su family! Su is in vain! (5 more)
Chapter 1736 Fighting Su Wan!
Chapter 1737 The Necromancer Curse!
Chapter 1738 Su Cang's whereabouts!
Chapter 1739 The despicable and shameless Su Cang!
Chapter 1740 Xiaoxiao, I’m going to die! (5 updates)
Chapter 1741 The wrath of Emperor Xiao!
Chapter 1742 This poison... has no cure!
Chapter 1743 The rain is coming and the building is full of wind!
Chapter 1744 The Spirit Sword Sect was destroyed!
Chapter 1745 The wind is rising! (5 more)
Chapter 1746 Goodbye Su Xianmei!
Chapter 1747 The Banquet of the Dragon Emperor!
Chapter 1748 The strong gather!
Chapter 1749 Bloody Vengeance!
Chapter 1750 I! It's Lin Bai! (5 more)
Chapter 1751 The first strange poison!
Chapter 1752 Spirit Sword Sect! Jian Xuan!
Chapter 1753 The land of exile! Tie Haitang!
Chapter 1754 Empress! Bai Xiaoxiao!
Chapter 1755 The poison-feeding sword! (5 more)
Chapter 1756 Sword Sovereign and Dragon Emperor!
Chapter 1757 Lin Bai! Come back!
Chapter 1758 Ragnarok of the Gods!
Chapter 1759 King-level magic weapon! Purple Dragon Sword!
Chapter 1760 Slaying the Dragon! Three-foot Qingfeng! (5 more)
Chapter 1761 Dongzhou Kunxu!
Chapter 1762 Xun Zhizang and Su Yanhua!
Chapter 1763 Ancient Immortal Sect Powerhouse!
Chapter 1764 The remnants of Kunxu!
Chapter 1765 Heavenly Swordsmanship! (5 more)
Chapter 1766 Dongzhou Academy!
Chapter 1767 Su Xianmei's contribution!
Chapter 1768 Unify Lingnan!
Chapter 1769 The God of War Camp!
Chapter 1770 Back to Lingdong! (5 more)
Chapter 1771 Xuantian Sect!
Chapter 1772 Inner disciple! Ding Wulai!
Chapter 1773 Xuantian Ten Shows
Chapter 1774 Fighting the Martial Peak!
Chapter 1775 Seven kills must be defeated! (5 more)
Chapter 1776 King-level martial arts! Fractured Fist!
Chapter 1777 Blood Shadow Killer! Yan Ning!
Chapter 1778 Flashing mood!
Chapter 1779 Ten consecutive victories!
Chapter 1780 You! Not qualified! (5 more)
Chapter 1781 Consecutive defeats!
Chapter 1782 Take turns playing!
Chapter 1783 Under the sixth level of Yangshen Realm, there is no opponent!
Chapter 1784 Xuantian Ten Shows! Gu Yuan!
Chapter 1785 Fighting Gu Yuan! (5 more)
Chapter 1786 You are qualified to worship Xuan Tianzong!
Chapter 1787 Apprenticeship qualification battle!
Chapter 1788 Cultivation resources!
Chapter 1789 Cultivation Tower!
Chapter 1790 Nine-day Huagong San! (5 more)
Chapter 1791 Insidious and cunning!
Chapter 1792 Cleverness is mistaken by cleverness!
Chapter 1793 Xuantian Ten Shows! Ding Xian is here!
Chapter 1794 Dog legs! Ye Xiao and Ye Xun!
Chapter 1795 The Supreme Headmaster of Xuantian Sect appeared! (5 more)
Chapter 1796 Chapter Qilin's injury!
Chapter 1797 Dongzhou Fengyun Record!
Chapter 1798 The powerful Ding family!
Chapter 1799 We want to cultivate you!
Chapter 1800 Old Ancestor Ding! (5 more)
Chapter 1801 Think long-term!
Chapter 1802 Demon Bone Sect!
Chapter 1803 Demon Bone Mountains!
Chapter 1804 The person who started!
Chapter 1805 The death of Jian Xuan! (5 more)
Chapter 1806 Kill Ye Xiao and Ye Xun!
Chapter 1807 The death of Ding Wulai!
Chapter 1808 Lin Bai’s request!
Chapter 1809 The eve of the storm!
Chapter 1810 Break through the sixth level of the Yang God realm! (5 more)
Chapter 1811 Apprenticeship qualification battle!
Chapter 1812 The secret realm of the battlefield!
Chapter 1813 Flame Demon Burning Heaven Fist!
Chapter 1814 Yin Wind Eviscerate
Chapter 1815 Peak blow! (5 more)
Chapter 1816 Not dead?
Chapter 1817 Pick me up!
Chapter 1818 Ding Xianlai shows up!
Chapter 1819 The three realms are broken! The sky is broken!
Chapter 1820 Martial Soul Secret Technique! Dragon Extermination! (5 more)
Chapter 1821 Smash with a single stick!
Chapter 1822 Start fleeing!
Chapter 1823 The ghost lingers!
Chapter 1824 The secret of martial arts! The wolf travels thousands of miles!
Chapter 1825 The curse of life and death! (5 more)
Chapter 1826 Eight emerald green flames!
Chapter 1827 Tai Chi Two Instruments Sword Formation!
Chapter 1828 The second flying sword! Wugou flying sword!
Chapter 1829 Nine Great Regions of East Continent!
Chapter 1830 Breaking the cocoon into a butterfly! (5 more)
Chapter 1831 Die! Live!
Chapter 1832 Emerald green flames!
Chapter 1833 Royal! Sleepy! Kill!
Chapter 1834 Teleportation Array! Tailing Domain!
Chapter 1835 The Demon Sect of Life and Death! Qiu Lin! (5 more)
Chapter 1836 Black Armored Rhinoceros!
Chapter 1837 Di Hong!
Chapter 1838 Li Sanye!
Chapter 1839 Lin Bai's Shot!
Chapter 1840 Kill the formation! Open! (5 more)
Chapter 1841 Jijiacheng!
Chapter 1842 This world is really funny.
Chapter 1843 I don't need it!
Chapter 1844 Di Hong’s request!
Chapter 1845 The first person to die in the Dongzhou Academy! (5 more)
Chapter 1846 The Six Great Families of Tailing!
Chapter 1847 Anyone not in the top 100 is just an ant!
Chapter 1848 The old man in gray robe!
Chapter 1849 Break through the seventh level of the Yang God realm!
Chapter 1850 Divine Dragon Spirit Boat!
Chapter 1851 Shenlongyu! Zhang Yi!
Chapter 1852 Disgraced! (5 more)
Chapter 1853 Poor acting! (6 more)
Chapter 1854 Sword repair! Ji Qingqing! (7 more)
Chapter 1855 Lin Bai! Shoot! (8 more)
Chapter 1856 Heavenly Fist!
Chapter 1857 Spiritual liquid!
Chapter 1858 The disgusting Ji Yanglin!
Chapter 1859 The sea of ??gods and demons! Banished from the fairy city!
Chapter 1860 The legend of Lin Duo! (5 more)
Chapter 1861 Martial Artists in the Territory of Ten Thousand Nations!
Chapter 1862 Is it allowed to kill people in the Immortal City?
Chapter 1863 Young Wen Jia!
Chapter 1864 The Mansion of the Array Mage!
Chapter 1865 The sword picks the Guangyang region! (5 more)
Chapter 1866 Disgraceful!
Chapter 1867 Until you are defeated!
Chapter 1868 Guangyang Region! Musong!
Chapter 1869 Sweeping the arrogance of a domain!
Chapter 1870 The origin of Wen Jia! (5 more)
Chapter 1871 Feng Wenjun!
Chapter 1872 Top ten strong players!
Chapter 1873 Nine Swords from Heaven
Chapter 1874 Three breaths time!
Chapter 1875 Suppressing Tianjiao at the bottom of the lake! (5 more)
Chapter 1876 Domineering swordsmanship! Lu Heng!
Chapter 1877 Suppress Lu Heng!
Chapter 1878 The Assassin's Way! Xiang Shen!
Chapter 1879 The real genius!
Chapter 1880 The Holy Spirit's Great Compassion! (5 more)
Chapter 1881 The arrogance in Aning's heart!
Chapter 1882 The dark horse is arrogant!
Chapter 1883 Weird Aning!
Chapter 1884 The evildoer of Dongzhou!
Chapter 1885 Lan Ling, out of seclusion! (5 updates)
Chapter 1886 The arrival of the powerhouse of life and death!
Chapter 1887 Feng Geyu's death against the strong! Chen Liang!
Chapter 1888 The Phoenix is ??superior to all living beings, but does not despise them!
Chapter 1889 The powerhouses of life and death in all territories!
Chapter 1890 Windfall! (5 more)
Chapter 1891 Break through the eighth level of the Yang God realm!
Chapter 1892 Shi Jiamu's attitude!
Chapter 1893 Competing for tribute
Chapter 1894 Jiutian Yuanzu Mountain!
Chapter 1895 Within the assessment! All show their magical powers! (5 more)
Chapter 1896 Have you met a ghost?
Chapter 1897 The ghost in white!
Chapter 1898 Five Spirits!
Chapter 1899 The Flood Dragon Puppet Lair!
Chapter 1900 Little liar! Shui Qingling! (5)
Chapter 1901 Cook the sea!
Chapter 1902 Luo Quan and Gu Mao!
Chapter 1903 I, Lin Bai, saved his life today.
Chapter 1904 The amazing martial arts secret technique!
Chapter 1905 Don't implicate us! (5 more)
Chapter 1906 The puppet king! Heavenly Demon Ape!
Chapter 1907 Sword Intent Giant Sword!
Chapter 1908 Insidious Yue Rong!
Chapter 1909 You are not qualified to teach me!
Chapter 1910 Six thousand tribute red beads! (5 more)
Chapter 1911 Meet Ding Huo again!
Chapter 1912 Things that shouldn't be heard!
Chapter 1913 Test Gu Yuan!
Chapter 1914 The five weird Xuantian Sect!
Chapter 1915 Someone moves the stars! (5 more)
Chapter 1916 Three swords to destroy the sky!
Chapter 1917 The Eye of the Primordial Demon!
Chapter 1918 The legend of the gods and demons!
Chapter 1919 The Demon Sect accepts one apprentice!
Chapter 1920 Inheritance of Yuan Demon! (5 more)
Chapter 1921 The legend of the gods and demons!
Chapter 1922 Meet Shui Qingling again!
Chapter 1923 The alliance of Tianjiao of the Seven Regions!
Chapter 1924 Lin Bai's Shot!
Chapter 1925 Lin Yibing's anger! (5 more)
Chapter 1926 Defeating the enemy with one sword!
Chapter 1927 The sixth floor!
Chapter 1928 Coincidentally encounter Tiger Seven!
Chapter 1929 The four brothers of Tiancan!
Chapter 1930 The Heavenly Remnant Demons of the Primordial Demon Sutra! (5 more)
Chapter 1931 Defeat the four brothers of Tiancan!
Chapter 1932 White Jade Plaza!
Chapter 1933 Eat meat, eat meat...
Chapter 1934 Wu He!
Chapter 1935 Tianjiao gathers on the ninth floor! (5 more)
Chapter 1936 Tianjiao Alliance!
Chapter 1937 Monster Alliance!
Chapter 1938 Purple Qi comes from the east, the battle of the geniuses!
Chapter 1939 The opponent is coming!
Chapter 1940 Lin Bai is not a soft persimmon! (5 updates)
Chapter 1941 Fighting Shi Jiamu again!
Chapter 1942 Bloodline inheritance of martial arts!
Chapter 1943 The nemesis of Shishen Martial Spirit!
Chapter 1944 I can't lose!
Chapter 1945 The geniuses everywhere are actually pigs and dogs! (5 updates)
Chapter 1946 The first Tianjiao falls!
Chapter 1947 The physical body is born and destroyed!
Chapter 1948 The Law of Heaven and Earth!
Chapter 1949 God of War Roar!
Chapter 1950 Two geniuses? Two wastes! (5 more)
Chapter 1951 Fighting the Immortal in the Stone!
Chapter 1952 Martial Soul Secret Technique! Rocks Burial the Heaven!
Chapter 1953 Tyranny!
Chapter 1954 Desolate Immortal Sword Manual!
Chapter 1955 How many trump cards does Lin Bai have? (5 more)
Chapter 1956 Quasi-God-level Martial Spirit! Ancient Spirit!
Chapter 1957 Ancient Necronomicon World!
Chapter 1958 You are a sword repairer!
Chapter 1959 Defeat Shi Zhongxian and Wu He!
Chapter 1960 The lamp of life and death! (5 more)
Chapter 1961 Kill Ding Huo!
Chapter 1962 The war is gradually coming to an end!
Chapter 1963 All eight eyes open, unrivaled in the world!
Chapter 1964 Heavenly Remnant Demon Lord!
Chapter 1965 This year's Demon Sect disciple! (5 more)
Chapter 1966 The descendant of the Demon Sect!
Chapter 1967 The assessment is over!
Chapter 1968 Welcome Island!
Chapter 1969 Orientation Conference and Branch!
Chapter 1970 South Court! Lan Family! (5 more)
Chapter 1971 Flying Dragon Twelve Islands!
Chapter 1972 Twelve people!
Chapter 1973 Disciple of the South Campus, Lan Yuxin!
Chapter 1974 You are not welcome in the South Campus!
Chapter 1975 Lin Bai takes action! (5 more)
Chapter 1976 Cruel veteran disciple!
Chapter 1977 This sword teaches you a lesson!
Chapter 1978 Feng Wujun!
Chapter 1979 Climbing the island again and again!
Chapter 1980 Amazing kendo attainments!
Chapter 1981 Body Protection Gangfeng and Body Protection Divine Thunder!
Chapter 1982 Eleventh Island! (5 more)
Chapter 1983 Fight against Ren Yu!
Chapter 1984 Let you do twelve tricks!
Chapter 1985 The Twelfth Island!
Chapter 1986 Weird Blue Jade Heart!
Chapter 1987 Time and space gods! Seal the sky and breathe! (5 more)
Chapter 1988 Fierce battles!
Chapter 1989 The gentleman hides his tools in his body!
Chapter 1990 Crossing the Twelve Islands of Flying Dragons!
Chapter 1991 I'm going to the South Court!
Chapter 1992 Go to the South Court! (5 more)
Chapter 1993 Raising Dragon Island!
Chapter 1994 The Lan family!
Chapter 1995 The son of an old friend!
Chapter 1996 The domineering Li Subai!
Chapter 1997 Spirit Master Island! (5 more)
Chapter 1998 The mentor is coming!
Chapter 1999 The first sword repair in the realm of life and death! Fang Yiyun!
Chapter 2000 Gambling!
Chapter 2001 Jiuxiao Island!
Chapter 2002 The Fish Catching Five!
Chapter 2003 Hidden Spirit Boat!
Chapter 2004 Crescent Island!
Chapter 2005 Eight-clawed sea dragon beast!
Chapter 2006 Who's Who's Prey!
Chapter 2007 The giant god fights the giant monster! (5 more)
Chapter 2008 Lord Honglou
Chapter 2009 Art transfer!
Chapter 2010 You...I can't teach you!
Chapter 2011 The Mystery of Dragon Island!
Chapter 2012 Four evils of the Huang family! (5 more)
Chapter 2013 The fog demon!
Chapter 2014 Penance!
Chapter 2015 Zhu Fei!
Chapter 2016 Provoking strong enemies!
Chapter 2017 Tiangu Mountains! (5 more)
Chapter 2018 Sister Su Lingsu!
Chapter 2019 Su Lingsu's helplessness!
Chapter 2020 The sword is drawn!
Chapter 2021 The strongest sword!
Chapter 2022 One sword defeats the realm of life and death! (5 more)
Chapter 2023 Meet the four evils of the Huang family again!
Chapter 2024 Su Lingshan!
Chapter 2025 Lin Bai's Swordsmanship!
Chapter 2026 Dragon-shaped jade pendant!
Chapter 2027 Go to Lock Dragon Well! (5 more)
Chapter 2028 Too poor! I, Lin Bai, are a poor ghost!
Chapter 2029 Prepare!
Chapter 2030 Lingtai Mountain!
Chapter 2031 Back to Yuan Dan!
Chapter 2032 Lock the Dragon Well! The heroes come together! (5 more)
Chapter 2033 Eight people gather!
Chapter 2034 Lock the Dragon Well! Open!
Chapter 2035 Dragon Corpse and Broken Arm!
Chapter 2036 Treasures that cannot be taken away!
Chapter 2037 The house leaks when it rains overnight! (5 more)
Chapter 2038 Fierce battle!
Chapter 2039 Make waves again!
Chapter 2040 One sword kills immortals!
Chapter 2041 The cultivation of ants wants to borrow the power of the giant god!
Chapter 2042 Blood and bones are the lead (5 more)
Chapter 2043 My thoughts are irreversible!
Chapter 2044 Dragon Awakening!
Chapter 2045 Into the void!
Chapter 2046 Breakthrough! The realm of life and death!
Chapter 2047 Do you think I look like a saint? (5 more)
Chapter 2048 The Competition Begins
Chapter 2049 Son and Mother Kendo!
Chapter 2050 The so-called cultivation!
Chapter 2051 Tan Jing!
Chapter 2052 Lin Bai, go up and beat them to death! (5 updates)
Chapter 2053 Mid-grade king-level martial arts! Thunder in the palm of your hand!
Chapter 2054 Why use a sword to defeat you!
Chapter 2055 Fang Yiyun's sword!
Chapter 2056 Once glorious!
Chapter 2057 Yanglong Island was destroyed! (5 more)
Chapter 2058 Bear's heart and leopard's guts!
Chapter 2059 Li Jiuge!
Chapter 2060 Quasi-Saint Son!
Chapter 2061 Forge a grudge!
Chapter 2062 Divine Dragon Nine Changes! (5 more)
Chapter 2063 Egg?
Chapter 2064 Father? Mother?
Chapter 2065 Bo'er!
Chapter 2066 Stupid!
Chapter 2067 Lin Bai, who earns money to support his family! (5 more)
Chapter 2068 Tianbao Islands!
Chapter 2069 Heiro Island! Black market!
Chapter 2070 Alchemy!
Chapter 2071 Demon Soul Pill!
Chapter 2072 The best medicine pill (5 more)
Chapter 2073 The East! The black market is famous!
Chapter 2074 Luo Tian alchemist!
Chapter 2075 Triangular grass!
Chapter 2076 Open alchemy!
Chapter 2077 Dan Tribulation (5 more)
Chapter 2078 Pill robbery pill!
Chapter 2079 Go!
Chapter 2080 A lot of harvest!
Chapter 2081 Money is like flowing water!
Chapter 2082 Return! Meet a killer on the road!
Chapter 2083 Raising the Dragon Island! Restoration!
Chapter 2084 Qiankun Dan!
Chapter 2085 The fourth style! Dragon hunt!
Chapter 2086 Tianfang Pill and Earth Profound Pill! (5 more)
Chapter 2087 Baoshan Island! Auction!
Chapter 2088 Thousand Dreams of Rain and Dew Flowers!
Chapter 2089 Measure the ruler!
Chapter 2090 'Scrap Iron' at a sky-high price!
Chapter 2091 The Five Elements of God's Will! (5 more)
Chapter 2092 Life and death list!
Chapter 2093 Who is the flower!
Chapter 2094 One million spirit liquid!
Chapter 2095 Bao'er is asleep!
Chapter 2096 Scarlet Moon Nine Tribulations! (5 more)
Chapter 2097 Robbery!
Chapter 2098 Nanxi City was destroyed!
Chapter 2099 Seven major cities! Tide City!
Chapter 2100 Scout camp!
Chapter 2101 The visitor is not good! (5 more)
Chapter 2102 Kill him in one move!
Chapter 2103 The powerful monster!
Chapter 2104 Fight in the forest!
Chapter 2105 The change of Li Tianying!
Chapter 2106 Little son! Xuanqing! (5 more)
Chapter 2107 Sorcery! Forest of Evil Ghosts!
Chapter 2108 Put to death and then live!
Chapter 2109 Nanxi City!
Chapter 2110 Xuan Qing's strategy!
Chapter 2111 The Day of Destruction! (5 more)
Chapter 2112 Assassination!
Chapter 2113 Escape!
Chapter 2114 Return to Tide City!
Chapter 2115 Traitor! Lin Bai!
Chapter 2116 Xuanqing who kills without blood (5 more)
Chapter 2117 Flowers and trees love!
Chapter 2118 Death knell! It's ringing!
Chapter 2119 Return from a defeat!
Chapter 2120 The Battle of Yuehua City!
Chapter 2121 Fight to the death! (5 more)
Chapter 2122 The magic flower is blooming!
Chapter 2123 The sword is coming!
Chapter 2124 Reinforcement arrives!
Chapter 2125 The overall situation has been decided!
Chapter 2126 The killing intent is strong! (5 more)
Chapter 2127 Five Demon City!
Chapter 2128 Destroy the city!
Chapter 2129 Fox Demon King! Hu Xiner!
Chapter 2130 Giant Elephant City!
Chapter 2131 Destroy eighteen demon cities! (5 more)
Chapter 2132 Destroy the city continuously!
Chapter 2133 The Great Consummation of a Tribulation Moon!
Chapter 2134 The Ten Tribulations of the Monster Race!
Chapter 2135 Break the formation!
Chapter 2136 Breaking nine formations in a row! Unstoppable! (5 more)
Chapter 2137 Demon God's Finger!
Chapter 2138 Kill Xuan Qing!
Chapter 2139 If the magic flower does not wither...
Chapter 2140 The tiger falls to Pingyang!
Chapter 2141 Meet Hu Xiner again! (5 more)
Chapter 2142 Return to Yuehua City again!
Chapter 2143 Back to the South Court!
Chapter 2144 Despicable and shameless Hu Xiner!
Chapter 2145 Too poor!
Chapter 2146 We are dead and the net is broken! (5 more)
Chapter 2147 Dan Island assessment!
Chapter 2148 Meet Zi Donglai and Xie Changqing again!
Chapter 2149 Luo Tian and Cai Yu!
Chapter 2150 Nine-grade medicine pill!
Chapter 2151 Alchemy battle! (5 more)
Chapter 2152 You are the East!
Chapter 2153 The art of fire refining!
Chapter 2154 The assessment is complete!
Chapter 2155 Tiantian Island!
Chapter 2156 Spirit Fire List! (5 more)
Chapter 2157 The road of flames!
Chapter 2158 Sneak attack from behind!
Chapter 2159 Be stable! Take a ruthless shot! The swordsmanship is accurate!
Chapter 2160 The ice leaves the blue fire!
Chapter 2161 Danfang Loft! (5 more)
Chapter 2162 Nine mountains and one sea!
Chapter 2163 The secret realm of the gods and demons is opened!
Chapter 2164 Spiritual root!
Chapter 2165 Monster!
Chapter 2166 The corpse curse! (5 more)
Chapter 2167 The city of the living dead!
Chapter 2168 Ruyi ring!
Chapter 2169 The jade slip in the storage bag!
Chapter 2170 Heavenly Mind Spring!
Chapter 2171 Seventh level of birth and death! (5 more)
Chapter 2172 Meet Shu Xiang!
Chapter 2173 Ten Thousand Destroys the Cave!
Chapter 2174 The bones are the boat!
Chapter 2175 Huang Quanlian!
Chapter 2176 The inheritance of Lord Yuan Zu! (5 more)
Chapter 2177 Inheritance is born!
Chapter 2178 The White Bone Palace!
Chapter 2179 The virtuous Wang Qing!
Chapter 2180 Enter the Taoist Palace!
Chapter 2181 The fourth person! (5 more)
Chapter 2182 Battle Royale!
Chapter 2183 Bone Mountain!
Chapter 2184 Ten Thousand Years Flower!
Chapter 2185 Quasi-Saint Son of the West Court! Sheng Huayang!
Chapter 2186 Fierce fight! (5 more)
Chapter 2187 Mysterious hole!
Chapter 2188 Indestructible Soul Palace!
Chapter 2189 The old man Shen Shou!
Chapter 2190 The fifth move of the Dragon Slaying Sword Technique! Over the river!
Chapter 2191 The gaze of the court of order! (5 more)
Chapter 2192 The sea of ??blood turns waves!
Chapter 2193 Encountering Yin Jiuling!
Chapter 2194 Climbing the beam of light!
Chapter 2195 Purple token!
Chapter 2196 Kill Zhou Shaoyu! (5 more)
Chapter 2197 See Li Jiuge again!
Chapter 2198 Flying Sword! Return!
Chapter 2199 Strong enemies are everywhere!
Chapter 2200 The monster alliance reunites!
Chapter 2201 Four-layer artistic conception! (5 more)
Chapter 2202 Step into the palace!
Chapter 2203 Heritage Palace!
Chapter 2204 The seventh floor!
Chapter 2205 The eighth floor! The Primordial Demon Scripture!
Chapter 2206 Heaven-splitting swordsmanship!
Chapter 2207 The dust has settled!
Chapter 2208 Mozong steals the sky!
Chapter 2209 Return to Yanglong Island!
Chapter 2210 Bo'er can read!
Chapter 2211 Demon God Race! (5 more)
Chapter 2212 Kill the heart!
Chapter 2213 Ghost prison ship!
Chapter 2214 Meet the old friend again!
Chapter 2215 Go to Turtle Island!
Chapter 2216 Blue-faced man! (5 more)
Chapter 2217 A big turtle!
Chapter 2218 Turtle Island Slaughter!
Chapter 2219 Millions of Outer Sect Disciples!
Chapter 2220 Skeleton Mountains!
Chapter 2221 The strongest sword cultivator under the quasi-holy son! (5 more)
Chapter 2222 Easy!
Chapter 2223 Bloody white robe!
Chapter 2224 Open the killing ring!
Chapter 2225 The power of the ten magic weapons!
Chapter 2226 Aspiring to be the strongest! (5 more)
Chapter 2227 Big turtle!
Chapter 2228 The ancient tortoise!
Chapter 2229 Worship me as a teacher!
Chapter 2230 Hudao Strait!
Chapter 2231 Please help! (5 more)
Chapter 2232 A sword is shocking!
Chapter 2233 The selection of the quasi-holy son!
Chapter 2234 Lan Yuxin's fiance!
Chapter 2235 Ji Yun!
Chapter 2236 Conspiracy! (5 more)
Chapter 2237 Insidious means!
Chapter 2238 Fierce battle!
Chapter 2239 The truth is revealed!
Chapter 2240 The four houses gather together!
Chapter 2241 Shadowless Arrow! (5 more)
Chapter 2242 Jungle Murder!
Chapter 2243 The ancient family in the East Court!
Chapter 2244 The devil kills in troubled times!
Chapter 2245 Feud!
Chapter 2246 Under the God Peak! (5 more)
Chapter 2247 Peak battle! Imminent!
Chapter 2248 The battle of sword repair!
Chapter 2249 Come on! Fight!
Chapter 2250 Ji Yun's sword! The fury of the snow country!
Chapter 2251 Defeat Ji Yun! Fight Gu Jianfeng and Qin Tang again! (5 more)
Chapter 2252 The sword of artistic conception!
Chapter 2253 The world is reincarnated!
Chapter 2254 Qin Tang! Defeated!
Chapter 2255 Jiuxiao slaying the gods!
Chapter 2256 Nine-turn dragon finger! (5 more)
Chapter 2257 Above the God Peak!
Chapter 2258 Wang Qing's killing intent!
Chapter 2259 The power of measuring the ruler of the sky!
Chapter 2260 Shenfeng Lingchi!
Chapter 2261 The realm breaks through again and again! (5 more)
Chapter 2262 Famous!
Chapter 2263 Sword practice!
Chapter 2264 Learn from each other!
Chapter 2265 Ban Xiancheng! Wen Jia!
Chapter 2266 Is the anger gone? (5 more)
Chapter 2267 He is my brother!
Chapter 2268 Apprentice Fang Yiyun!
Chapter 2269 Yanglong Island was attacked!
Chapter 2270 Uninvited guests!
Chapter 2271 Kill to Wanxing Island! (5 more)
Chapter 2272 Ten Thousand Stars Array!
Chapter 2273 Fierce battle! The heroes of Wanxing Island!
Chapter 2274 Miss Xuan!
Chapter 2275 Spirit Medicine Courtyard!
Chapter 2276 Angry Li Jiuge! (5 more)
Chapter 2277 The ninth peak of the realm of life and death!
Chapter 2278 Fighting Li Jiuge!
Chapter 2279 Amazing!
Chapter 2280 Master Chen!
Chapter 2281 Borrowing a knife to kill? (5 more)
Chapter 2282 The storm is coming!
Chapter 2283 The banquet of the ancient family!
Chapter 2284 Precarious!
Chapter 2285 It turns's you!
Chapter 2286 Battle! (5 more)
Chapter 2287 Behead Liang Weng!
Chapter 2288 Behead the Holy Son again!
Chapter 2289 The disaster of the quasi-holy son!
Chapter 2290 Blood flows into a river!
Chapter 2291 Eight people beheaded! The sword points to the ancient family! (5 more)
Chapter 2292 Ancient Family Islands!
Chapter 2293 The ancient family competition field!
Chapter 2294 Fighting Gu Lingqi!
Chapter 2295 Immortal-devouring armor!
Chapter 2296 Hit you all convinced! (5 more)
Chapter 2297 You are not even qualified to die under my sword!
Chapter 2298 Tianjiao who does not join the WTO!
Chapter 2299 Kill Gu Tianqing!
Chapter 2300 One death, one waste and one serious injury!
Chapter 2301 Sweeping the East Court! (5 more)
Chapter 2302 Thinking over the cliff!
Chapter 2303 The words on the stone!
Chapter 2304 The cultivation of artistic conception!
Chapter 2305 Four hidden families!
Chapter 2306 Eighteen Immortals of Taoshan! (5 more)
Chapter 2307 The three giants of the Li family!
Chapter 2308 The South Court is defeated!
Chapter 2309 Taoshan! Don't ask God!
Chapter 2310 I’m tired of staying in this place!
Chapter 2311 The return of the king! (5 more)
Chapter 2312 The peak battle!
Chapter 2313 Li Buzheng's swordsmanship!
Chapter 2314 Immortal shocked the Buddha!
Chapter 2315 I will walk my way!
Chapter 2316 The end of the discussion! (5 more)
Chapter 2317 Reunion!
Chapter 2318 Fu Qingshuang!
Chapter 2319 Become as powerful as them!
Chapter 2320 A wave of unresolved waves rises again!
Chapter 2321 Don't be crazy, don't become a devil! (5 more)
Chapter 2322 Attack the Dongzhou Academy!
Chapter 2323 Demon Sect Battle Spirit Flag!
Chapter 2324 Demon Sect strikes!
Chapter 2325 The counterattack begins!
Chapter 2326 The strongest Tianjiao Alliance in Dongzhou! (5 more)
Chapter 2327 The Great War on the Teleport Island!
Chapter 2328 The war continues!
Chapter 2329: Farewell, junior brother, in this life, we will see you again in the next life!
Chapter 2330 The outer door is tragic!
Chapter 2331 Let's go win this war! (5 more)
Chapter 2332 Curse!
Chapter 2333 After a trick!
Chapter 2334 The nine princes of the Demon Sect!
Chapter 2335 The fierce battles continue!
Chapter 2336 Fall! (5 more)
Chapter 2337 The strong gather!
Chapter 2338 The fierce battle continues!
Chapter 2339 The power of Lin Bai!
Chapter 2340 Sealing the sky with three breaths!
Chapter 2341 Icicle Peak! (5 more)
Chapter 2342 Bronze door!
Chapter 2343 Demon disciple!
Chapter 2344 The boy in white!
Chapter 2345 Lord Yuanmo!
Chapter 2346 The Great World of Lingxu! (5 more)
Chapter 2347 The whereabouts of the fragments!
Chapter 2348 She is smiling...
Chapter 2349 The ancient continent will be destroyed!
Chapter 2350 I am the last disciple of Mozong!
Chapter 2351 The war is on again! The Son of God! (5 more)
Chapter 2352 Seven days later!
Chapter 2353 Clouds move in all directions!
Chapter 2354 Holy Island!
Chapter 2355 The bloody battle begins!
Chapter 2356 The decisive battle on the holy island! (5 more)
Chapter 2357 Shattering the past!
Chapter 2358 You are worse than an ant...
Chapter 2359 For the South Court!
Chapter 2360 I want to hit ten!
Chapter 2361 Sweeping the two courtyards! (5 more)
Chapter 2362 Defeat!
Chapter 2363 East Court battle!
Chapter 2364 The strong are like clouds!
Chapter 2365 In the face of absolute strength...
Chapter 2366 The death of Feng Wenjun? (5 more)
Chapter 2367 The wind is rising!
Chapter 2368 Hei Luo Jian Jiu!
Chapter 2369 Overlord vs Overlord!
Chapter 2370 gluttonous!
Chapter 2371 Civil War! Start! (5 more)
Chapter 2372 Sweeping the gods!
Chapter 2373 Meet the Brother Holy Son!
Chapter 2374 Three treasures!
Chapter 2375 Farewell one by one!
Chapter 2376 Meet Lan Ling! Go to Kunxu! (5 more)
Chapter 2377 The territory of hundreds of flowers! White Dragon City!
Chapter 2378 The power of the territory of all countries!
Chapter 2379 A piece of paper for security!
Chapter 2380 Chu Xuan'er!
Chapter 2381 Goodbye Chu Jiangliu! (5 more)
Chapter 2382 Internal and external troubles!
Chapter 2383 Powerful Shenwu Kingdom!
Chapter 2384 Enter the palace!
Chapter 2385 Chen Lin Bai, pays homage to Emperor Xiao!
Chapter 2386 From now on, the king will not go to court early! (5 more)
Chapter 2387 Four maids!
Chapter 2388 Lin Bai! Male pet?
Chapter 2389 King-level pills! Wanqi Chaoyuan Pill!
Chapter 2390 The competition begins!
Chapter 2391 The fish is hooked! (5 updates)
Chapter 2392 The finale is about to begin!
Chapter 2393 Figure poor dagger now!
Chapter 2394 Emperor's Mansion!
Chapter 2395 Territory Manager!
Chapter 2396 Lin Bai's plan! (5 more)
Chapter 2397 The dust has settled!
Chapter 2398 The overall situation has been decided!
Chapter 2399 The mystery of Ye Suxin!
Chapter 2400 She really came alive!
Chapter 2401 Empress and Concubine! (5 more)
Chapter 2402 Who are you?
Chapter 2403 I will kill him!
Chapter 2404 Qingtianyu!
Chapter 2405 Li Jiacun!
Chapter 2406 An alcoholic! A poor ghost! (5 more)
Chapter 2407 Life in Lijia Village!
Chapter 2408 Storm!
Chapter 2409 Fight!
Chapter 2410 Bubble!
Chapter 2411 A group of old monsters! (5 more)
Chapter 2412 Goodbye Li Buzhen!
Chapter 2413 The origin of Kunxu!
Chapter 2414 Seventy-two techniques of Kunxu!
Chapter 2415 Little clever ghost! Li Buxian!
Chapter 2416 Disciples of the Li family! (5 more)
To readers! Update instructions during the Spring Festival!
Chapter 2417 The strength of Kunxu!
Chapter 2418 This is blood flowing into a river!
Chapter 2419 A group of bear children!
Chapter 2420 A deal!
Chapter 2421 High Priest!
Chapter 2422 Crow!
Chapter 2423 Back!
Chapter 2424 Zhu Xian of the nine-level artistic conception!
Chapter 2425 Magic sound chaos!
Chapter 2426 Bloody storm!
Chapter 2427 Mysterious cave!
Chapter 2428 Wooden fish! Rotten wooden fish!
Chapter 2429 The Three Swordsmanship of Slaying the Dragon!
Chapter 2430 In my name, in your name!
Chapter 2431 The Lord of Kunxu! Li Zhengyi!
Chapter 2432 Don't ask God to strike!
Chapter 2433 Lin Bai! Who are you?
Chapter 2434 Life and death!
Chapter 2435 If there is no external trouble, there must be internal trouble!
Chapter 2436 Was looked down upon?
Chapter 2437 Dark arrows are hard to guard!
Chapter 2438 Either fast or steady!
Chapter 2439 Blood Moon!
Chapter 2440 The big star picker!
Chapter 2441 Let's go together!
Chapter 2442 Blood Sword Technique?
Chapter 2443 The competition is over!
Chapter 2444 Don't have a deep meaning!
Chapter 2445 Kunxu Disciple
Chapter 2446 Kunxu Tower!
Chapter 2447 Black carbon iron!
Chapter 2448 It’s a long road, I hope you are safe and happy!
Chapter 2449 Eighteenth floor of Kunxu!
Chapter 2450 Great Sun Chasing Technique!
Chapter 2451 The Kunxu world walks!
Chapter 2452 Don’t be happy with things, don’t be sad with yourself!
Chapter 2453 I can't answer this question!
Chapter 2454 Use blood to control the sword!
Chapter 2455 Fierce battle in the forest!
Chapter 2456 The storm keeps coming!
Chapter 2457 Being targeted!
Chapter 2458 The Mysterious Realm of Dry Bones!
Chapter 2459 City of Ten Thousand Bones!
Chapter 2460 Ninth Legion! Wolf Banner Camp!
Chapter 2461 Witch! Li Qianqian!
Chapter 2462 The seven arrogant disciples!
Chapter 2463 Bone spirit siege!
Chapter 2464 There is only one battle!
Chapter 2465 Soldiers approach the city!
Chapter 2466 Peerless elegance!
Chapter 2467 The battle is brutal!
Chapter 2468 Tianjiao Squad!
Chapter 2469 Weird buzzer!
Chapter 2470 Magic Dao Martial Soul! Ghost Flute!
Chapter 2471 We were born to be kings!
Chapter 2472 The coming strong enemy!
Chapter 2473 Enemies!
Chapter 2474 Lin's farewell!
Chapter 2475 Evacuate!
Chapter 2476 Forced to fight!
Chapter 2477 A desperate fight!
Chapter 2478 Ten Thousand Souls Battle Flag!
Chapter 2479 Martial Soul Secret Technique! Soul Shifting Curse!
Chapter 2480 Break through the adversity of death!
Chapter 2481 The strongest battle!
Chapter 2482 Martial Soul Secret Technique! Hell on Earth!
Chapter 2483 The Li family is strong!
Chapter 2484 Aftermath of the catastrophe!
Chapter 2485 The reward of the Li family!
Chapter 2486 Lin Bai’s request!
Chapter 2487 The traitor back then! (5 more)
Chapter 2488 Artistic Conception Cultivation Valley!
Chapter 2489 Seventh Dao Domain!
Chapter 2490 Preach!
Chapter 2491 Slaying the Dragon and Drawing the Sword!
Chapter 2492 Daosheng one! One life two! (5 more)
Chapter 2493 Weird shadow!
Chapter 2494 Remnant Sword Tribe! Black Sword Hall!
Chapter 2495 The means are exhausted!
Chapter 2496 Fierce battle!
Chapter 2497 Fierce battle! (5 more)
Chapter 2498 Do you...accept your fate?
Chapter 2499 Sword of Blood Soul!
Chapter 2500 Thirty-six sword marks!
Chapter 2501 Wake up!
Chapter 2502 Battle of the Ten Sons! (5 more)
Chapter 2503 Top 100 battle!
Chapter 2504 Baihua Yulu Dan!
Chapter 2505 Strange!
Chapter 2506 Was calculated!
Chapter 2507 Thirteen artistic conceptions! Li Chuyi! (5 more)
Chapter 2508 Top fifty!
Chapter 2509 The strong gather!
Chapter 2510 The last round!
Chapter 2511 The competition begins!
Chapter 2512 tit for tat! (5 more)
Chapter 2513 The fight is fierce!
Chapter 2514 Each has a ghost!
Chapter 2515 The Great Destruction Technique!
Chapter 2516 Is this war over?
Chapter 2517 Lin Bai debuts! (5 more)
Chapter 2518 Assessment battle! Start!
Chapter 2519 Seventy-two fists of Qingshan subduing demons
Chapter 2520 It's you!
Chapter 2521 Poor imitator!
Chapter 2522 Little Sword Saint! Li Chuyi! (5 more)
Chapter 2523 Dahe Swordsmanship!
Chapter 2524 Asura Three Swords!
Chapter 2525 Thousand Souls and Myriad Shadows
Chapter 2526 The weakest ten sons of Kunxu!
Chapter 2527 Your own way! (5 more)
Chapter 2528 The ninth style! Dawn!
Chapter 2529 The front is tough!
Chapter 2530 Black wood scabbard!
Chapter 2531 Dragon Slaying Sword Technique and Great Destruction Technique!
Chapter 2532 The competition is over! (5 more)
Chapter 2533 Kunxu Battle!
Chapter 2534 Fight Li Ge again!
Chapter 2535 Defection!
Chapter 2536 Forbidden law! Million Mile Blood Escape Technique!
Chapter 2537 Montenegro Tribe! (5 more)
Chapter 2538 High priest! Cui Qing!
Chapter 2539 Rongquan Tianjiao!
Chapter 2540 Girl!
Chapter 2541 Weird voice!
Chapter 2542 Montenegro under the night! (5 more)
Chapter 2543 Gorefiend!
Chapter 2544 Immortal body!
Chapter 2545 Three yuan return to one trick!
Chapter 2546 Li Ge's whereabouts!
Chapter 2547 Turn your face ruthlessly! (5 more)
Chapter 2548 Weird warrior!
Chapter 2549 Kill the world's crows with one sword!
Chapter 2550 The strong gather!
Chapter 2551 The power of the blood god robe!
Chapter 2552 Blood stained Tianshan! (5 more)
Chapter 2553 Li Ge's suffering life!
Chapter 2554 Say goodbye to Kunxu!
Chapter 2555 Don't ask God to return!
Chapter 2556 The origin of Li Subai!
Chapter 2557 I'd rather kill the wrong one! Don't let it go! (5 more)
Chapter 2558 Don't ask God to strike!
Chapter 2559 The war begins!
Chapter 2560 The high priest of the broken sword!
Chapter 2561 Mountains and rivers knife! Broken mountains and rivers!
Chapter 2562 Lin Bai's death (5 more)
Chapter 2563 The man in purple!
Chapter 2564 Li Zhengyi is here!
Chapter 2565 All have to die!
Chapter 2566 Death!
Chapter 2567 Surrender to the devil! (5 more)
Chapter 2568 Lost!
Chapter 2569 The pursuit from the Li family of Kunxu!
Chapter 2570 Goodbye Fu Qingshuang!
Chapter 2571 Death of the Demon Seed!
Chapter 2572 The situation in Dongzhou! (5 more)
Chapter 2573 Encounter a killer on the road!
Chapter 2574 Faceless person!
Chapter 2575 Return to Dongzhou Academy!
Chapter 2576 Goodbye Lanling!
Chapter 2577 Cultivating the Demon Body! (5 more)
Chapter 2578 Cultivating the clone again!
Chapter 2579 Lan Yuxin and Li Jiuge are here!
Chapter 2580 Chaos in Dongzhou!
Chapter 2581 Please Dongzhou Academy to save Dongzhou!
Chapter 2582 The Inextinguishable Demon Sect vows not to return! (5 more)
Chapter 2583 Investigate the Demon Sect!
Chapter 2584 Travel far!
Chapter 2585 Mozong's mind!
Chapter 2586 Because I'm from the mortal world!
Chapter 2587 A group of deviant beasts! (5 more)
Chapter 2588 One-shot kill!
Chapter 2589 Because...people's hearts are sinister!
Chapter 2590 Storm Mountains!
Chapter 2591 Goodbye Feng Wenjun!
Chapter 2592 Feng Family Crisis! (5 more)
Chapter 2593 Meet Shen Qin again!
Chapter 2594 The death of Feng Wujun!
Chapter 2595 The strong are coming!
Chapter 2596 Real Tengu!
Chapter 2597 Seven ancestors of the Feng family! (5 more)
Chapter 2598 Poison Dragon Forest!
Chapter 2599 News from the Demon Sect!
Chapter 2600 Track!
Chapter 2601 Impermanence Divine Sword!
Chapter 2602 Life and Death Talisman! (5 more)
Chapter 2603 The deity is coming!
Chapter 2604 Soul search failed!
Chapter 2605 Revenge!
Chapter 2606 Good and evil are impermanent!
Chapter 2607 The inheritance of good and evil people! (5 more)
Chapter 2608 The Dynasty of Ten Thousand Beasts! Tianxin City!
Chapter 2609 Massacre!
Chapter 2610 Four Dharma Kings! Tiger King!
Chapter 2611 Meet the old friend again!
Chapter 2612 cousin (5 more)
Chapter 2613 Golden Tree City!
Chapter 2614 The attitude of Dongzhou Academy!
Chapter 2615 The situation is changing!
Chapter 2616 Goodbye Bai Xiaoxiao!
Chapter 2617 Zhaoyue! (5 more)
Chapter 2618 Bai Xiaoxiao's strategy!
Chapter 2619 The tenth elder!
Chapter 2620 Three points of the world!
Chapter 2621 The heroes gather!
Chapter 2622 Each has a ghost! (5 more)
Chapter 2623 Demon Sect strikes!
Chapter 2624 Wait for someone!
Chapter 2625 The death knell is ringing!
Chapter 2626 Destiny Pass!
Chapter 2627 We were so good back then! (5 updates)
Chapter 2628 The Nine Saints Array!
Chapter 2629 Mozong messenger!
Chapter 2630 Fierce battle!
Chapter 2631 Kill the six ambassadors!
Chapter 2632 Aspiration shot! (5 more)
Chapter 2633 The power to swallow millions of meters!
Chapter 2634 Martial Soul Secret Technique! Swallow God!
Chapter 2635 Swallow the mysterious method!
Chapter 2636 The seal of cultivation!
Chapter 2637 Killing God is coming! (5 more)
Chapter 2638 The Great War!
Chapter 2639 Dragon Slaying Technique!
Chapter 2640 The ancestor of Tushan and the old man!
Chapter 2641 Dongzhou powerhouse!
Chapter 2642 Wasp and Corpse Ant! (5 more)
Chapter 2643 Lin Bai, are you ready?
Chapter 2644 Demon Sect Sect Master! Ye Suxin!
Chapter 2645 Goodbye Mo Qing!
Chapter 2646 The third generation of disciples!
Chapter 2647 Demon Sect defeated!
Chapter 2648 This powerful enemy is me!
Chapter 2649 Half a year!
Chapter 2650 Farewell!
Chapter 2651 Imprisoned Longyuan!
Chapter 2652 Sword God Family! Water Mirror Sword! (5 more)
Chapter 2653 Thirteen Soul Destroyer!
Chapter 2654 Fighting killer!
Chapter 2655 Soul Destroyer Boss!
Chapter 2656 The Forest of Earth Snakes!
Chapter 2657 The catastrophe is coming! (5 more)
Chapter 2658 Black Divine Thunder!
Chapter 2659 Sword!
Chapter 2660 The Sword God Family, one sword can conquer the sky!
Chapter 2661 Black Water God Thunder Art!
Chapter 2662 Blackwater City! The Tang family guest! (5 more)
Chapter 2663 Tang Long protects the law!
Chapter 2664 Senior guest!
Chapter 2665 Young Master Tang Yang!
Chapter 2666 Mo Qi'an!
Chapter 2667 Why seek death! (5 more)
Chapter 2668 Merit value!
Chapter 2669 The bold Tang Yang!
Chapter 2670 Miss, please!
Chapter 2671 The quiet courtyard!
Chapter 2672 Divine Thunder counterattack! (5 more)
Chapter 2673 Hidden danger!
Chapter 2674 The head of the Tang family! Tang Jingxiu!
Chapter 2675 Fighting arena!
Chapter 2676 Mask!
Chapter 2677 God's will is so! (5 more)
Chapter 2678 Entering the battlefield for the first time!
Chapter 2679 Simple and rude! Kill the enemy with one punch!
Chapter 2680 Ghost difference!
Chapter 2681 Fight to become famous!
Chapter 2682 Mrs. Zhao Jiayang! (5 more)
Chapter 2683 Mrs. Yang invites!
Chapter 2684 The deal is reached!
Chapter 2685 One-third of the Divine Thunder Art!
Chapter 2686 Little General! Rakshasa!
Chapter 2687 Two punches to defeat the enemy! (5 more)
Chapter 2688 Change the rules!
Chapter 2689 Victorious General! Beast!
Chapter 2690 Amazing bet!
Chapter 2691 The war begins!
Chapter 2692 Eight beasts! (5 more)
Chapter 2693 The situation is reversed!
Chapter 2694 The Victor Sword Demon!
Chapter 2695 Complete Divine Thunder Technique!
Chapter 2696 Ban Ye who made a fortune!
Chapter 2697 Moon God! (5 more)
Chapter 2698 Fighting the Moon God!
Chapter 2699 Thunder meets!
Chapter 2700 Touched...
Chapter 2701 If you are unhappy, you can touch it back!
Chapter 2702 Don't know how to lift? (5 more)
Chapter 2703 Fight against the Sword Emperor!
Chapter 2704 The second sword, seeking immortality!
Chapter 2705 Two kinds of thunder!
Chapter 2706 The power of destroying the world!
Chapter 2707 Xu Guang! (5 more)
Chapter 2708 Undefeated God General!
Chapter 2709 Clouds move in all directions!
Chapter 2710 Shocking odds!
Chapter 2711 Three defeats!
Chapter 2712 I want to know how strong you are! (5 more)
Chapter 2713 Primordial Fragmented Star Fist!
Chapter 2714 Three thousand thunderbolts!
Chapter 2715 It turns out that you are a sword repairer!
Chapter 2716 Xu Guang is defeated!
Chapter 2717 A sword repair! (5 more)
Chapter 2718 The God of Thunder!
Chapter 2719 Young City Lord of Houtu City! Wang Qian!
Chapter 2720 Turn ruthless!
Chapter 2721 Resign!
Chapter 2722 Inborn defect! (5 more)
Chapter 2723 Come with me!
Chapter 2724 From now on! Your name is Lin Ye!
Chapter 2725 The storm is coming!
Chapter 2726 Dragon City Finals!
Chapter 2727 Zhao's invitation! (5 more)
Chapter 2728 The invincible hand under the aspirations!
Chapter 2729 The Qian family seeks revenge!
Chapter 2730 Lin Ye's anger!
Chapter 2731 The city lord summons!
Chapter 2732 Blackwater City Lord! Zao Wou-Ki! (5 more)
Chapter 2733 Mrs. Yang's departure!
Chapter 2734 Lin Bai's identity!
Chapter 2735 God of Thunder!
Chapter 2736 The disparity in strength is too great!
Chapter 2737 Life and death are only in one thought! (5 more)
Chapter 2738 Zheng family martial artist?
Chapter 2739 White-haired ape!
Chapter 2740 Encounter! Qian family martial artist!
Chapter 2741 The Tang family is defeated!
Chapter 2742: Capture the commander’s flag and destroy all living beings! (5 updates)
Chapter 2743 The Li family is here!
Chapter 2744 The flying sword is the boundary, and the hundred meters is the forbidden area!
Chapter 2745 Besieged on all sides!
Chapter 2746 The decisive battle in Longcheng! Never back down!
Chapter 2747 One sword once blocked millions of lions! (5 more)
Chapter 2748 So terrifying!
Chapter 2749 One-shot kill!
Chapter 2750 The strong are coming!
Chapter 2751 Tang Yang's words!
Chapter 2752 Decisive battle! (5 more)
Chapter 2753 Sword! Duan Hao!
Chapter 2754 Fighting Zhao family warriors!
Chapter 2755 Duel Duan Hao!
Chapter 2756 Fog Sword Art!
Chapter 2757 War Sword Art! (5 more)
Chapter 2758 It's over!
Chapter 2759 Departure! Heavenly Sword City!
Chapter 2760 Nanzhou Martial Artist!
Chapter 2761 Learn from each other!
Chapter 2762 Let's have fun! (5 more)
Chapter 2763 Miss's sword!
Chapter 2764 Dragon elephant swallows the celestial body!
Chapter 2765 Frostfire Tribe!
Chapter 2766 Lounan Royal Family!
Chapter 2767 Fifth Prince! (5 more)
Chapter 2768 Lin Ye was injured!
Chapter 2769 Prince Zhennan! Mo Chang!
Chapter 2770 Lonely Yang Bow! Cold Moon Arrow!
Chapter 2771 Arrogant capital!
Chapter 2772 Six-foot sword glow! (5 more)
Chapter 2773 Dream City!
Chapter 2774 Cut off sons and grandsons!
Chapter 2775: How dare you call yourself a swordsman when the whole hall is full of ants?
Chapter 2776 Palm mouth!
Chapter 2777 Ants! (5 more)
Chapter 2778 You and I are clear! Don't owe each other!
Chapter 2779 Donglai Inn!
Chapter 2780 Handsome young man!
Chapter 2781 Spirit Crystal!
Chapter 2782 Nine-foot sword glow! Lin Bai!
Chapter 2783 The competition begins!
Chapter 2784 Yunmeng Daze!
Chapter 2785 The Sea of ??Bones!
Chapter 2786 Weird!
Chapter 2787 This place is not Tianjian City! (5 more)
Chapter 2788 Mirage City!
Chapter 2789 The real Tianjian City!
Chapter 2790 The strong gather!
Chapter 2791 Sitting on the mountain to watch the tiger fight!
Chapter 2792 It’s almost time...(5 updates)
Chapter 2793 Goodbye Fifth Prince!
Chapter 2794 Stand out!
Chapter 2795 Gu Yang!
Chapter 2796 Xuanzi Thirteenth Street!
Chapter 2797 The evil star comes to the door! (5 more)
Chapter 2798 Tiger roars and dragons roar!
Chapter 2799 The easiest battle!
Chapter 2800 The sinister and cunning trio!
Chapter 2801 Lin Bai is number one!
Chapter 2802 The top of the sky! (5 more)
Chapter 2803 The origin of the Sword God family!
Chapter 2804 Flying Dragon Forest!
Chapter 2805 A worm!
Chapter 2806 Gu Yang was abolished!
Chapter 2807 The death of Sang Feng! (5 more)
Chapter 2808 The Dragon Hall! Ye Liang!
Chapter 2809 Eighteen geniuses!
Chapter 2810 Domineering Dugufei!
Chapter 2811 If God is powerless, he will be a demon!
Chapter 2812 The time is approaching! (5 more)
Chapter 2813 Great revenge!
Chapter 2814 Ye Nuo!
Chapter 2815 Confrontation!
Chapter 2816 Show your identity!
Chapter 2817 Suppress the powerhouses of Wuzhou! (5 more)
Chapter 2818 Borrow a sword!
Chapter 2819 Ten years of Sword God Road! Nine hundred steps to become a god!
Chapter 2820 Eighty-one Caves of Sword God!
Chapter 2821 Six Divine Caves!
Chapter 2822 Fengyue is ruthless, undefeated with one sword! (5 updates)
Chapter 2823 Weird appearance!
Chapter 2824 Haven't you already learned it all?
Chapter 2825 Fog sword? No sword!
Chapter 2826 Dugu Yitian!
Chapter 2827 Undefeated swordsmanship! Battle sword tactics! (5 more)
Chapter 2828 Two tricks?
Chapter 2829 Teaching swordsmanship!
Chapter 2830 Invincible swordsmanship and swordsmanship!
Chapter 2831 The past of Dugu's defeat!
Chapter 2832 Heaven is good for reincarnation! (5 more)
Chapter 2833 The enemy of a lifetime!
Chapter 2834 Decisive!
Chapter 2835 Ten years of Sword God Road!
Chapter 2836 Crushing all the way!
Chapter 2837 Better than you all! (5 more)
Chapter 2838 Climb to the top!
Chapter 2839 The riot that devoured the soul of the sword!
Chapter 2840 Mountain God!
Chapter 2841 Fortune Jade Slip!
Chapter 2842 The swallowing clan does not have a good thing! (5 more)
Chapter 2843 Return!
Chapter 2844 Water Mirror Sword!
Chapter 2845 Those who hear the Tao will live and die!
Chapter 2846 Each has a ghost!
Chapter 2847 The eve of the decisive battle! (5 more)
Chapter 2848 The battle of geniuses begins!
Chapter 2849 Decisive battle against Mushan!
Chapter 2850 God-level martial arts!
Chapter 2851 Divine power is unparalleled!
Chapter 2852 Three Swords of Destruction! Sword of Destruction! (5 more)
Chapter 2853 Kill Ye Jianjun!
Chapter 2854 The Three Emperors of Beizhou!
Chapter 2855 Return to Dongzhou!
Chapter 2856 Shenwu Dynasty!
Chapter 2857 Demon Slaying Conference! (5 more)
Chapter 2858 Back to Dongzhou Academy!
Chapter 2859 King Qingyang!
Chapter 2860 Twists and turns!
Chapter 2861 Goodbye Wu He!
Chapter 2862 Eighteen layers of hell! (5 more)
Chapter 2863 The forces of all parties gather!
Chapter 2864 Killing!
Chapter 2865 Clouds move in all directions!
Chapter 2866 Lin Bai's old friend!
Chapter 2867 The wind blows the killing! (5 updates)
Chapter 2868 Slaying the Demon Stage!
Chapter 2869 The strong are here!
Chapter 2870 The Empress is here!
Chapter 2871 Demon Slaying Sword!
Chapter 2872 Today, she cannot die! (5 updates)
Chapter 2873 From now on, there will be no more Saint Son Lin Bai!
Chapter 2874 Anyone who is not afraid of death, come up!
Chapter 2875 Dongzhou is the strongest!
Chapter 2876 The secret that is not passed on!
Chapter 2877 Sweeping Dongzhou Tianjiao!
Chapter 2878 Aspiration shot!
Chapter 2879 Undefeated swordsmanship!
Chapter 2880 Kill the Quartet!
Chapter 2881 Three hundred aspirations!
Chapter 2882 Nie Yuan! (5 more)
Chapter 2883 Battle!
Chapter 2884 Hard fight!
Chapter 2885 The repair of the ice lake and sea!
Chapter 2886 Ten Magic Weapons! Longevity Monument!
Chapter 2875 Bai Xiaoxiao's means!
Chapter 2876 Immortal Armor!
Chapter 2877 Declare war!
Chapter 2878 Chaos!
Chapter 2879 World chaos!
Chapter 2880 You have to force me? (5 more)
Chapter 2881 The shatter of the demon sword!
Chapter 2882 Taoshan Cultivation!
Chapter 2883 Scholar Baimu
Chapter 2884 Escape!
Chapter 2885 The torture of fate! (5 more)
Chapter 2886 Wake up!
Chapter 2887 Return to Shenwu Kingdom!
Chapter 2888 Wander the world as you wish?
Chapter 2889 Long healing time!
Chapter 2900 Nanzhou! (5 more)
Chapter 2901 The secret of Nanzhou!
Chapter 2902 Qinglong tribe! Longchi!
Chapter 2903 Uninvited guests!
Chapter 2904 Apprentice?
Chapter 2907 Lin Ye, kill them for me! (5 updates)
Chapter 2908 Crush!
Chapter 2909 Long Xian and Long Beibei!
Chapter 2910 The competition of the Qinglong tribe!
Chapter 2911 Are they so strong?
Chapter 2912 Long Beibei's stubbornness! (5 more)
Chapter 2913 The gap is too big!
Chapter 2914 I teach you!
Chapter 2915 Talent!
Chapter 2916 The martial arts must be revealed!
Chapter 2917 Teacher Lin Bai! (5 more)
Chapter 2918 Tianwei tribe! Yue Bing!
Chapter 2919 Jiange tribe! Su Ding'an!
Chapter 2920 I accept this sword!
Chapter 2921 Moon?
Chapter 2916 Useless? (5 more)
Chapter 2917 See you late at night!
Chapter 2918 Come here, kneel down!
Chapter 2919 Penance!
Chapter 2920 100% chance of winning!
Chapter 2903 Sword Hidden! Blood Shadow Split Divine Sword! (5 updates)
Chapter 2904 Long Beibei wins!
Chapter 2905 Angry into anger!
Chapter 2906 The storm rises again!
Chapter 2907 Longchi Phantom
Chapter 2908 The return of the Sword God!
Chapter 2909 The legendary genius!
Chapter 2910 Martial Dao! Enlightenment! No Dao! Enlightenment!
Chapter 2911 Netherland!
Chapter 2912 A ten-year plan! It was empty! (5 more)
Chapter 2913 Destroy the Poison God Family!
Chapter 2914 Separation of the soul!
Chapter 2915 Leave!
Chapter 2916 Flower without flowers!
Chapter 2917 Heaven and Earth Peak! Three major forces!
Chapter 2918 Boundless darkness!
Chapter 2919 Darkness is boundless!
Chapter 2920 Giant beast cemetery!
Chapter 2921 Heaven and Earth Royal Beast Art
Chapter 2922 The ancestor of the beast! (5 more)
Chapter 2923 Succeed!
Chapter 2924 Wrong way!
Chapter 2925 Nanzhou Shenmen!
Chapter 2926 Cleverness is mistaken by cleverness!
Chapter 2927 Swordsmanship that can kill giant gods! (5 more)
Chapter 2928 Seven Purple Feast!
Chapter 2929 Geniuses from all sides!
Chapter 2930 Purple Summer!
Chapter 2931 Seeking hardship!
Chapter 2932 Full of ants! (5 more)
Chapter 2933 Outrageous words!
Chapter 2934 Domineering shot!
Chapter 2935 The strength is crushed!
Chapter 2936 Su Min!
Chapter 2937 Wanbao Zhenjun's birthday banquet! (5 more)
Chapter 2938 Fire Lotus Mountain! True Monarch Wanbao!
Chapter 2939 Kill or bury!
Chapter 2940 Wild Wujiang!
Chapter 2941 The Mu brothers and sisters!
Chapter 2942 Falling into the river! (5 more)
Chapter 2943 Lin Bai takes action!
Chapter 2944 Water does not offend people, and people do not offend water!
Chapter 2945 Lord Keel!
Chapter 2946 Forced to fight!
Chapter 2947 Here comes a more ruthless character! (5 more)
Chapter 2948 Wild beast! Nine snakes!
Chapter 2949 Fierce battle with giant beasts!
Chapter 2950 Escape!
Chapter 2951 Second disciple! Chen knows!
Chapter 2952 Fire Lotus Mountain!
Chapter 2953 Seven-color divine light!
Chapter 2954 Weird world!
Chapter 2955 Third disciple! Girl Qin Xin!
Chapter 2956 Acting weird!
Chapter 2957 Ye Suxin? Zhaoyue! (5 more)
Chapter 2958 Worry!
Chapter 2959 Big disciple! Luo Jia!
Chapter 2960 Su Wusi!
Chapter 2961 True Monarch Wanbao!
Chapter 2962 Expulsion from the division! (5 more)
Chapter 2963 The gate of God is here!
Chapter 2964 Lotus of Heaven and Earth!
Chapter 2965 Shangguan inch!
Chapter 2966 The surname is Shangguan!
Chapter 2967 Congrats from all directions! (5 more)
Chapter 2968 Seventeen princes! Zhao Yushan!
Chapter 2969 Lotus seeds! Void arena!
Chapter 2970 The eyes of the old friend!
Chapter 2971 Ancient prophecy!
Chapter 2972 ??Kill until you admit defeat! (5 more)
Chapter 2973 Corpse Worm Snake
Chapter 2974 Ten thousand Bibles! Poisonous corpse!
Chapter 2975 One thing descends one thing!
Chapter 2976 Jackal, tiger and leopard!
Chapter 2977 The strength of a legendary genius! (5 more)
Chapter 2978 Weird secret tribe!
Chapter 2979 Defeat Feng Siyun!
Chapter 2980 Lin Bai vs. Su Tingzong!
Chapter 2981 Extremely dark ghost sword!
Chapter 2982 Divine Dragon Nine Slashes (5 more)
Chapter 2983 God-level martial arts!
Chapter 2984 Divine Sword!
Chapter 2985 Defeat Su Tingzong!
Chapter 2986 The final battle!
Chapter 2987 Winner! Lin Bai! (5 more)
Chapter 2988 Recast the demon sword!
Chapter 2989 Chaos God Iron!
Chapter 2990 Fate and glory!
Chapter 2991 Pangu Gate and True Monarch Wanbao!
Chapter 2992 Ancient ancestors! (5 more)
Chapter 2993 The departure of the Poison God family!
Chapter 2994 The death of Xia Qiu!
Chapter 2995 Holy Son of Dongzhou? Wu He?
Chapter 2996 Dragon Tomb!
Chapter 2997 The origin of Nanzhou Shenmen! (5 more)
Chapter 2998 One hit!
Chapter 2999 Chase and kill!
Chapter 3000 Dangerous situation!
Chapter 3001 Killed with one sword!
Chapter 3002 Seven Star Mountains! Dragon Tomb!
Chapter 3003 Jiange Tribe! Su Shaoyou!
Chapter 3004 Hell Tour!
Chapter 3005 Daogu tribe! (5 more)
Chapter 3006 The weirdness of the Daogu tribe!
Chapter 3007 The Dragon Tomb opens!
Chapter 3008 Clay figurine soldiers!
Chapter 3009 The world's puppets debut in ancient times!
Chapter 3010 Regain the Taoism! (5 more)
Chapter 3011 Liu Yuntian!
Chapter 3012 The tower within the mountains!
Chapter 3013 Treasure House!
Chapter 3014 The blood of the heirloom!
Chapter 3015 Ye Suxin's whereabouts! (5 more)
Chapter 3016 After the mountains! Dragon tomb!
Chapter 3017 Immortal Dragon Mountain! Trespasser is dead!
Chapter 3018 Fight against the Jiange tribe!
Chapter 3019 Encountering four phenomena, living life and death!
Chapter 3020: Survive! Death! (5 updates)
Chapter 3021 Bronze Man!
Chapter 3022 The puppet of the quasi-dao realm!
Chapter 3023 Decoy!
Chapter 3024 Burning Soul Worm!
Chapter 3025 Bronze coffin in the sea of ??flowers, hanging dragon corpse!
Chapter 3026 Shaking the bronze coffin!
Chapter 3027 The sadness of the old turtle!
Chapter 3028 Foodie Baoer!
Chapter 3029 Inheriting the secret technique!
Chapter 3030 Accompany you to the end! (5 more)
Chapter 3031 Su Tingzong arrives!
Chapter 3032 Wishes!
Chapter 3033 Defeat Su Tingzong again!
Chapter 3034 Give you a face!
Chapter 3035 Either life or death! (5 updates)
Chapter 3036 Imperial weapon! Feiyu Lingxiao hand!
Chapter 3037 God puppet!
Chapter 3038 Let Lao Tzu come to meet him!
Chapter 3039 The puppet background of the Daogu tribe!
Chapter 3040 Puppet Tomb (5 more)
Chapter 3041 Courageous Rat!
Chapter 3042 The old turtle and the dragon family!
Chapter 3043 Breakthrough! Aspiration Realm!
Chapter 3044: The great calamity is coming, everyone has their destiny
Chapter 3045 The poison god family is coming! (5 more)
Chapter 3046 Heartworm!
Chapter 3047 Beheading!
Chapter 3048 Poisonous Burial!
Chapter 3049 Five Thunders are correcting the law!
Chapter 3050 The devil that destroys the world! (5 more)
Chapter 3051 Jiangshan City
Chapter 3052 Xicheng Rouge Lane!
Chapter 3053 Kill one person in ten steps!
Chapter 3054 Five thunders hit the top!
Chapter 3055 One person! A wooden sword! (5 more)
Chapter 3056 I thought...I was going to lose you again!
Chapter 3057 Buddha Tower!
Chapter 3058 Nine elders!
Chapter 3059 Burial River!
Chapter 3060 Black Warrior!
Chapter 3061 Soul Refining Technique!
Chapter 3062 Seniors of Soul Refining Sect!
Chapter 3063 Black Sky Patriarch!
Chapter 3064 Escape!
Chapter 3065 One Billion Soul Refining Flag!
Chapter 3066 Baojiang Alliance!
Chapter 3067 Abyss Ghost Ship!
Chapter 3068 Shura Cannon!
Chapter 3069 The nine elders are here!
Chapter 3070 The powerhouse of the Great Perfection!
Chapter 3071 Martial Goddess!
Chapter 3072 The yin and yang worms!
Chapter 3074 Destiny Inn!
Chapter 3074 Banquet of the seventeenth prince!
Chapter 3075 Destiny and Destiny!
Chapter 3076 Yin and Yang fish!
Chapter 3077 Six sons!
Chapter 3078 Infiltrate the Poison God Family!
Chapter 3079 Wandu Cave!
Chapter 3080 The son's hook sinks!
Chapter 3081 Flame Ants!
Chapter 3082 Firebird! Suzaku?
Chapter 3083 Met Mo Qing again!
Chapter 3084 The ninth floor! Yueyue City!
Chapter 3085 The third generation of disciples!
Chapter 3086 The past of the Moon God tribe!
Chapter 3087 The banquet of the seventeenth prince!
Chapter 3088 July fifteenth!
Chapter 3089 Snake Table!
Chapter 3090 Yuntian Wanxian!
Chapter 3091 The seller seeks glory! Shameless!
Chapter 3092 Indifferent decision!
Chapter 3093 The decision of the Poison God family!
Chapter 3094 She is dead!
Chapter 3095 Limited time in January.
Chapter 3096 The sword is unsheathed!
Chapter 3097 There are fifteen days left!
Chapter 3098 Lin Bai's domineering!
Chapter 3099 Bureau!
Chapter 3100 Are you killing enough?
Chapter 3101 Twelve days!
Chapter 3102 Killer! Sword Demon!
Chapter 3103 Undercurrent is surging!
Chapter 3104 The mystery of the black warrior!
Chapter 3105 Top ten magic weapons! Yellow spring ghost lamp!
Chapter 3106 Bewitched!
Chapter 3107 Destiny to come!
Chapter 3108 Fight to the death!
Chapter 3109 Go to war!
Chapter 3110 One sword breaks the formation!
Chapter 3111 Mozong Attacks the Mountain!
Chapter 3112 Fight against the four young masters!
Chapter 3113 The wooden sword was broken!
Chapter 3114 Demon Sword! Swallow the sky!
Chapter 3115 Dongzhou Academy intervenes!
Chapter 3116 Soldiers approach the city!
Chapter 3117 Become a demon dragon!
Chapter 3118 Ten magic weapons! Slaughtering knife!
Chapter 3119 The cards are all out!
Chapter 3120 The Flooded Poison God Family!
Chapter 3121 Dao realm strong!
Chapter 3122 The Daogu tribe is here!
Chapter 3123 Then let the fish die and the net break!
Chapter 3124 The bloody battle begins!
Chapter 3139 Spoiler! Nanzhou Shenmen!
Chapter 3140 The geniuses of Nanzhou!
Chapter 3141 The old friend arrives!
Chapter 3142 Do you want to see the scenery of hell?
Chapter 3143 I want these eyes of yours!
Chapter 3144 The real powerhouse!
Chapter 3145 Dongzhou Academy! Coming!
Chapter 3146 The day of the demise of the Poison God family!
Chapter 3147 Besieged on all sides!
Chapter 3148 Old man in a lonely boat!
Chapter 3149 Finally see Mo Qing!
Chapter 3150 I am Zhaoyue from beginning to end!
Chapter 3151 The decline of the Poison God family!
Chapter 3152 Let her go!
Chapter 3153 Tomb of the Gods!
Chapter 3154 Cut the grass without eradicating the roots!
Chapter 3155 Leave!
Chapter 3156 Lord Ancestor!
Chapter 3167 All beings cannot escape!
Chapter 3168 Blood demon turmoil! Quick return!
Chapter 3169 Back to Miracle Ridge!
Chapter 3170 Underground world!
Chapter 3171 Blood Demon King!
Chapter 3172 Son of Reincarnation!
Chapter 3173 The army of Shenwu Kingdom!
Chapter 3174 Swallowing the Dragon and Snake!
Chapter 3175 Hope everything goes well!
Chapter 3176 Wolf smoke rises!
Chapter 3177 Talisman! Tribulation!
Chapter 3178 The public enemy of the world!
Chapter 3179 Discuss the plan!
Chapter 3180 The plan begins!
Chapter 3181 Break the defense again and again!
Chapter 3182 False God!
Chapter 3183 The demon body is destroyed again!
Chapter 3184 Escape!
Chapter 3185 Sword God Sea!
Chapter 3186 Central Holy Nation! The prelude begins!
Chapter 3187 Wu He's provocation!
Chapter 3188 Lin Bai and Shenwu Kingdom!
Chapter 3189 Zhongheyu!
Chapter 3190 Zhonghe Hou! Prince!
Chapter 3191 Uninvited guests!
Chapter 3192 There are no tigers in the mountains!
Chapter 3193 Vulnerable!
Chapter 3194 Peerless grace!
Chapter 3195 The sword pointed at! The Central Holy Nation!
Chapter 3196 The messenger of the seventeenth prince!
Chapter 3197 The sword has been drawn!
Chapter 3198 Uncle Mo?
Chapter 3199 The three divisions of the Holy Kingdom!
Chapter 3200 Longhe County! Qingyun City!
Chapter 3201 The guard!
Chapter 3202 Bad luck!
Chapter 3203 Sweeping the heroes!
Chapter 3204 Sloppy old man! Su Jin!
Chapter 3205 Sword Lake!
Chapter 3206 Five scriptures!
Chapter 3207 Sword Lake! Sword Sutra!
Chapter 3208 There are no tears in the rivers and lakes!
Chapter 3209 Heavenly God Realm! Nanming Dao Zun!
Chapter 3210 Prefect of Longhe!
Chapter 3211 Daqingtian Slayer Sword!
Chapter 3212 Chiba City! Zhang Family!
Chapter 3213 Incredible!
Chapter 3214 Get rich overnight?
Chapter 3215 Zhang Zhengqing!
Chapter 3216 Holy Blood Pill!
Chapter 3214 The challenge of the Zhao family!
Chapter 3215 The seven sons are connected!
Chapter 3216 Seven consecutive defeats!
Chapter 3217 The entire Zhang family is trash?
Chapter 3218 The Secret Realm of White Dragon!
Chapter 3219 Death row in the black prison!
Chapter 3220 The purpose is clear!
Chapter 3221 Nine Swords of Slaying the Moon!
Chapter 3222 Qingshi Town!
Chapter 3223 Overlord City! Shen Family!
Chapter 3224 The enemy's road is narrow!
Chapter 3225 Senior Brother Cao!
Chapter 3226: With strength, he is naturally domineering!
Chapter 3227 Come to seek revenge?
Chapter 3228 Fighting Zuo Song!
Chapter 3229 The bright moon rises!
Chapter 3230 The Hall of Longevity!
Chapter 3231 Millennium Longevity Pill!
Chapter 3232 Overlord City! Shen Qianlang!
Chapter 3233 Trading Square!
Chapter 3234 Aunt! Li Qingxin!
Chapter 3235 Corpse demon alchemy!
Chapter 3236 Holy blood pill is in hand!
Chapter 3237 The conceited Shen Qianlang!
Chapter 3238 Zhang Zhengqing's news!
Chapter 3239 Stone Copper City! Gao Li! (5 more)
Chapter 3240 Rampage!
Chapter 3241 Breakthrough!
Chapter 3242 The death of Zhao Zhou!
Chapter 3243 Treasure hunt!
The 3244th chapter carp leaping over the dragon gate (10 more)
Chapter 3245 Purple gold carp furnace!
Chapter 3246 Disciples of the Setting Sun Sect!
Chapter 3247 Trouble!
Chapter 3248 Wudao son! Elong!
Chapter 3249 Separation! (15 more)
Chapter 3250 Fierce battle with the ruthless son!
Chapter 3251 Heaven-splitting swordsmanship! Broken River!
Chapter 3252 Acting separately!
Chapter 3253 Nineteen princes!
Chapter 3254 Fairy Miaoyu! Baiman (20 more)
Chapter 3255 Spirit Medicine Garden!
Chapter 3256 Medicine King Ginseng!
Chapter 3257 The grudge!
Chapter 3258 The people worship me!
Chapter 3259 Cangsheng Palace!
Chapter 3260 Retribution!
Chapter 3261 The fish is dead and the net is broken!
Chapter 3262 Defeating the two heroes!
Chapter 3263 Ziweidan!
Chapter 3264 Cut the white dragon!
Chapter 3265 The formation of the earth!
Chapter 3266 Protect the stone spirit!
Chapter 3267 Break!
Chapter 3268 The formation of grass and trees!
Chapter 3269 All beings are grass and swords!
Chapter 3270 Grab!
Chapter 3271 Kill!
Chapter 3272 Nine Color Flower!
Chapter 3273 Six major forces!
Chapter 3274 The third formation! Ascension Hall!
Chapter 3275 Dao Fruit!
Chapter 3276 King to the world!
Chapter 3277 Escape!
Chapter 3278 No need to escape!
Chapter 3279 Fierce battle!
Chapter 3280 A tragic battle!
Chapter 3281 The flowers bloom twice!
Chapter 3282 He can!
Chapter 3283 The white-haired devil!
Chapter 3284 Broken swordsmanship.
Chapter 3285 Weird people!
Chapter 3286 Demon of Evil Shadow Sect?
Chapter 3287 River Spirit City! Ma Family!
Chapter 3288 The disaster of blood light!
Chapter 3289 Ask for an explanation?
Chapter 3290 Lies must be crafted perfectly!
Chapter 3291 Lord Xuantong!
Chapter 3292 All Chapter 3271 The fierce name is beginning to rise!
Chapter 3293 The order of Heling City!
Chapter 3294 The catastrophe of Heling City!
Chapter 3295 Little clever Ma Hao!
Chapter 3296 The name of Xuantong!
Chapter 3297 The Swordsman of the Hanging Sword!
Chapter 3298 Green Pine City!
Chapter 3299 Roadside wine shop!
Chapter 3300 I am an idler!
Chapter 3301 White hair and bloody eyes! Xuantong!
Chapter 3302 What kind of monster are you?
Chapter 3303 Fighting the Longhe Prefect!
Chapter 3304 What do you want?
Chapter 3305 The return of the Xuanjian Division!
Chapter 3306 Liang Lao! Zhou Lao!
Chapter 3307 Cut grass!
Chapter 3308 Kill a bloody way!
Chapter 3309 Lin Bai is back!
Chapter 3310 Sword Pill!
Chapter 3311 The Zhang family was destroyed!
Chapter 3312 Departure! The capital of God!
Chapter 3313 The Holy Emperor retreats!
Chapter 3314 The water of the gods! Unfathomable!
Chapter 3315 Haichuan Li Family!
Chapter 3316 Lingbo Sword Shadow Song!
Chapter 3317 The woman in red!
Chapter 3318 Goodbye to the old man! Hong Su!
Chapter 3319 The death of Li Feibai!
Chapter 3320 Arrive in the capital of God!
Chapter 3321 Tiejianhou Mansion! Water Autumn Butterfly!
Chapter 3322 Bad House!
Chapter 3323 Dongjia Lane!
Chapter 3324 Red Alliance and Black Alliance!
Chapter 3325 Everyone sweeps the snow in front of the door!
Chapter 3326 Su Xiaotian!
Chapter 3327 Snare!
Chapter 3328 Mu Ye! Mu Honghua!
Chapter 3329 Emperor's Mansion! Xuanjian Division!
Chapter 3330 Goodbye Su Jin!
Chapter 3331 Dragon Court Phoenix Pavilion!
Chapter 3332 Spring Breeze Pavilion!
Chapter 3333 Seventeen musicians and Hong Su!
Chapter 3334 Spring River Nocturne!
Chapter 3335 Scarlet Heaven Order!
Chapter 3336 Huang Quan Jue!
Chapter 3337 Qindao showdown!
Chapter 3338 Release!
Chapter 3339 Mysterious sword repair!
Chapter 3340 Three-sided spies!
Chapter 3341 The wind is strong tonight!
Chapter 3342 No one left!
Chapter 3343 The evil star comes to the door!
Chapter 3344 Return to the Red Alliance!
Chapter 3345 Storm interest rate cut!
Chapter 3346 Lady Ye!
Chapter 3347 Right Prime Minister! Quan Guang!
Chapter 3348 Sword League!
Chapter 3349 Lord Yedi!
Chapter 3350 Hong Su leaves!
Chapter 3351 Stand out!
Chapter 3352 Drunk Dream Pavilion Competition!
Chapter 3353 Lancet!
Chapter 3354 Night Crow Feather!
Chapter 3358 The top twenty!
Chapter 3359 Recruit!
Chapter 3360 Elder Baihe!
Chapter 3361 Six halls and twelve crows!
Chapter 3362 These two must be killed!
Chapter 3363 Internal worries!
Chapter 3364 The overall situation has been decided!
Chapter 3365 Three trials together! It's noon!
Chapter 3366 Negation reflects authority!
Chapter 3367 New master?
Chapter 3368 Wanxing Mansion! Tiejianhou Mansion!
Chapter 3369 Make things difficult!
Chapter 3370 Play with you!
Chapter 3371: The soldiers will block it, and the water will cover it!
Chapter 3372 Marquis of Iron Sword!
Chapter 3373 Upgrade the guards!
Chapter 3374 Fragrant Mountain!
Chapter 3375 The big princess! Shuiyun dream!
Chapter 3376 The little princess is humiliated!
Chapter 3377 Duan Long!
Chapter 3378 Three conditions!
Chapter 3379 Breaking the cocoon into a butterfly!
Chapter 3380 Three abilities!
Chapter 3381 The way to overcome the enemy and win!
Chapter 3382 Instructor Murong Bing!
Chapter 3383 Jealousy! Jealousy!
Chapter 3384 Now, do you still want me to teach her?
Chapter 3385 Weird Lin Bai!
Chapter 3386 Fragrant Hills Asceticism!
Chapter 3387 Butterfly!
Chapter 3388 Marquis Wude!
Chapter 3389 Chenyuan Xiaobi!
Chapter 3390 Decisive battle!
Chapter 3391 This is a win?
Chapter 3392 Celebration!
Chapter 3393 Qin master! Hong Ji!
Chapter 3394 Taifu's only son! Bai Xiao!
Chapter 3395 Boating on the Flower River!
Chapter 3396 Assassination!
Chapter 3397 The wind and the moon are like swords!
Chapter 3398 Darkness Chencang!
Chapter 3399 Remnants of Sword Lake! Ye Qingxue!
Chapter 3400 Zhaoyue is lost!
Chapter 3401 Deputy Hall Master of Yang Palace! Dongdian!
Chapter 3402 Preemptive strike!
Chapter 3403 Green Bamboo Sword!
Chapter 3404 Complete Five Elements Divine Thunder Art!
Chapter 3405 Yunxiao Tower!
Chapter 3406 Dragon bone pill!
Chapter 3407 Break into the building!
Chapter 3408 Zhu Jing is here!
Chapter 3409 Situ Qingmu!
Chapter 3410 Fierce battle!
Chapter 3411 Defeat Situ Qingmu!
Chapter 3412 A lot of harvest!
Chapter 3413 The order of Yang Palace!
Chapter 3414 Tianbao Loucheng!
Chapter 3415 Seventh son! A lot of money!
Chapter 3416 Seize the Inheritance! Seize the Power!
Chapter 3417 Daolou!
Chapter 3418 Goodbye to the remnants of Sword Lake!
Chapter 3419 I may not have killed anyone for a long time!
Chapter 3420 All I have learned in my life is killing!
Chapter 3421 Tianwei City!
Chapter 3422 Weird elixir?
Chapter 3423 The snatch of all forces!
Chapter 3424 Heaven and earth are buried!
Chapter 3425 Ancient Star Fist!
Chapter 3426 The death of Xiao Sect!
Chapter 3427 Little lover?
Chapter 3428 The prince's personal guard! Wang Ge!
Chapter 3429 His Royal Highness Prince! Zhao Zhiyu!
Chapter 3430 Divine Capital Sword Saint!
Chapter 3431 The grievances of the past!
Chapter 3432 Break through two borders!
Chapter 3433 Earthsha Puppet!
Chapter 3434 Break the 80th floor!
Chapter 3435 The car is real!
Chapter 3436 East Dian preaching!
Chapter 3437 Purgatory seventy-two kills!
Chapter 3438 The Imperial General's Mansion strikes!
Chapter 3439 Bad mansion!
Chapter 3440 Cleaning!
Chapter 3441 The Imperial General!
Chapter 3442 Twelve Crows of the Sword Alliance, follow me!
Chapter 3443 The enemy of Taoist Tianxin!
Chapter 3444 The battle situation is unpredictable!
Chapter 3445 Great victory!
Chapter 3446 Butcher knife reappears!
Chapter 3447 Lin Bai's plan!
Chapter 3448 Happy events! (Happy National Day)
Chapter 3449 The hatred of the cold sword!
Chapter 3450 tit for tat!
Chapter 3451 This sword is unparalleled in the world!
Chapter 3452 Weird!
Chapter 3453 All parties are moving!
Chapter 3454 The eldest son and Ji Wu!
Chapter 3455 Preliminary round!
Chapter 3456 Tiansha puppet!
Chapter 3457 One move! One sword!
Chapter 3458 Dragon Terrace!
Chapter 3459 Five steps!
Chapter 3460 Undercurrent is surging!
Chapter 3461 Chief of the Third Division!
Chapter 3462 The four princes!
Chapter 3463 The prince and the seventeenth prince!
Chapter 3464 The competition begins!
Chapter 3465 The first battle!
Chapter 3466 I'm here to declare war!
Chapter 3467 Enter the top eighteen!
Chapter 3468 Fist Sutra! Futian Palm!
Chapter 3469 Fierce battle! Liu Yuqing!
Chapter 3470 Hundred Ghosts Night Walk!
Chapter 3471 God-level martial arts! Eight-armed Yama!
Chapter 3472 The avenue is simple!
Chapter 3473 The Prince's Highness conferred marriage!
Chapter 3474 You know nothing about Lin Bai's strength!
Chapter 3475 The princess is a concubine?
Chapter 3476 One hundred days of green hills and one foot of green lotus!
Chapter 3477 Futu is defeated!
Chapter 3478 Enemy?
Chapter 3479 Decisive battle!
Chapter 3480 Crazy offensive!
Chapter 3481 Ordinary sword!
Chapter 3482 Champion Hou!
Chapter 3483 Refuse to marry!
Chapter 3484 Divine Capital Sword Saint!
Chapter 3485 Dugu Galaxy!
Chapter 3486 Execution of Su Jin!
Chapter 3487 The undercurrent of the gods!
Chapter 3488 A trip to the road!
Chapter 3489 Thousand-story building!
Chapter 3490 Sword Immortal Hongnong!
Chapter 3491 The realization of Lin Bai!
Chapter 3492 Return to nature and simplicity!
Chapter 3493 Figure poor dagger now!
Chapter 3494 Long time no see in this world!
Chapter 3495 The river is not full of blood, and the sword will not be sheathed!
Chapter 3496 Terrible eyes!
Chapter 3497 Tianweihou!
Chapter 3498 Dao Heart Ring!
Chapter 3499 Named disciple! Zuo Xiang!
Chapter 3500 Yi Palace!
Chapter 3501 Distinguish primary and secondary!
Chapter 3502 Brother?
Chapter 3503 A holy edict!
Chapter 3504 Dragon Slaying Platform!
Chapter 3505 The disciples of Jianhu are here!
Chapter 3506 Chaos!
Chapter 3507 Withdraw!
Chapter 3508 See you at last!
Chapter 3509 Successfully escaped!
Chapter 3510 The undercurrent on the Dragon Slaying Platform!
Chapter 3511 Reverse black and white!
Chapter 3512 Wen Jia's problem!
Chapter 3513 Casting Stars!
Chapter 3514 Eighteen Immortals of Taoshan!
Chapter 3515 Supervising Tiansi! Saxing Hall!
Chapter 3516 People will conquer the sky!
Chapter 3517 The past!
Chapter 3518 Blood feud!
Chapter 3519 Outbreak in silence!
Chapter 3520 Wen Jia and the Eighteen Immortals of Taoshan!
Chapter 3521 Seventy-two personal guards!
Chapter 3522 Wild forest in the eastern suburbs!
Chapter 3523 They are here.
Chapter 3524 Shenxu Dongtian Shenzhou!
Chapter 3525 Tianwai Villa!
Chapter 3526 I chose Lin Duo!
Chapter 3527 Confused!
Chapter 3528 Seventh son's foresight!
Chapter 3529 Where the Black Prison is!
Chapter 3530: Born to be a person, there must be a path!
Chapter 3531 Recalling the glorious years of the past!
Chapter 3532 The suffering of reincarnation!
Chapter 3533 Meet and laugh at each other!
Chapter 3534 The origin of Aning!
Chapter 3535 The transaction with the seventh son!
Chapter 3536 Return to the capital again!
Chapter 3537 Lin Bai's promise!
Chapter 3538 Summon the Marquis!
Chapter 3539 Recapture the Marquis!
Chapter 3540 The origin of the net!
Chapter 3541 Meet Bai Xiao and Lin Bai who hate it late!
Chapter 3542 Serve!
Chapter 3543 Wen Jia's vicious swordsmanship!
Chapter 3544 You have disappointed me so much!
Chapter 3545 The nature is not bad!
Chapter 3546 Identity exposed!
Chapter 3547 Don't ask God to fight!
Chapter 3548 Angry Prince Rong!
Chapter 3549 The disappearance of Jian Ruohan!
Chapter 3550 Back to Dongzhou again!
Chapter 3551 Are there assassins?
Chapter 3552 The heritage of Shenwu Kingdom!
Chapter 3553 The change of Li Jiuge!
Chapter 3554 Mood changes!
Chapter 3555 Situ Feiyi!
Chapter 3556 Invincible Son!
Chapter 3557 Ten breaths!
Chapter 3558 It's easier than I thought!
Chapter 3559 Unify Dongzhou!
Chapter 3560 The strategy of benevolence!
Chapter 3561 He has grown up!
Chapter 3562 The ambition of Shenwu Kingdom!
Chapter 3563 Seeking a dead end?
Chapter 3564 Three thousand small worlds!
Chapter 3565 Everything is ready!
Chapter 3566 Coming to the World Mountain! Holy Emperor!
Chapter 3567 The power is in hand! The holy edict transfers troops!
Chapter 3568 Don't ask God! Move!
Chapter 3569 The perfect plan!
Chapter 3570 Prelude to the end of the world!
Chapter 3571 People are panicking!
Chapter 3572 Cut!
Chapter 3573 Lin Bai, let’s capture him without mercy!
Chapter 3574 Where is the Sword Alliance!
Chapter 3575 You lose!
Chapter 3576: The devil is as high as one foot, and the Tao is as high as one foot!
Chapter 3577 The Great Hall!
Chapter 3578 Black Prison!
Chapter 3579 The one who blocks me! Die!
Chapter 3580 Don’t kneel to heaven and earth, only kneel to your parents!
Chapter 3581 Old friends meet again!
Chapter 3582 Lord of the Black Prison!
Chapter 3583 Seventy-two imperial weapons! Weeping blood knife!
Chapter 3584 Asura Sword!
Chapter 3585 Under the Imperial City!
Chapter 3586 One door and two sword gods!
Chapter 3587 Legion rushes!
Chapter 3588 Capture the thief first capture the king!
Chapter 3589: Good luck with this!
Chapter 3590 Slaying the Dragon Division Powerhouse!
Chapter 3591 Old Taoshan! Lan Ling!
Chapter 3592 Call me brother!
Chapter 3593 Lin Bai appeared!
Chapter 3594 God of War!
Chapter 3595 The Holy Emperor is coming!
Chapter 3596 Dao Realm Appears! Nine Ancestors!
Chapter 3597 Huangquan is far away!
Chapter 3598 Fighting the sixteen quasi-dao realm!
Chapter 3599 The beauty is still there!
Chapter 3600 The heart of the four women!
Chapter 3601 The strong come out!
Chapter 3602 ? Eternal Night Palace! Dragon Protector!
Chapter 3603 Nine-day tour!
Chapter 3604 I, Zhao Ba!
Chapter 3605? Punch one and kill them all!
Chapter 3606 ? The order! The three armies are on alert!
Chapter 3607 ? Confronting the Dragon River!
Chapter 3608 Interest rate cut in the war!
Chapter 3609 The situation is delicate!
Chapter 3610 Crazy treasure!
Chapter 3611 Refuge!
Chapter 3612 Uncle! Li Zhengyi!
Chapter 3613 The young man is arrogant, wearing bright clothes and angry horses!
Chapter 3614 If you don’t jump over the dragon gate, you will still be a mortal!
Chapter 3615 Zhao Tiedan's sweetheart!
Chapter 3616 The Nine Merciful Saintess!
Chapter 3617 Precarious!
Chapter 3618 Three thousand avenues, all different.
Chapter 3619 That one, ice and snow flower!
Chapter 3620 Before leaving!
Chapter 3621 Wild Soul Club!
Chapter 3622 Lin Bai's hole card!
Chapter 3623 ? The deal is reached!
Chapter 3624 The old man in the boat and Lin Duo!
Chapter 3625 ? The tomb of the gods!
Chapter 3626 Beam Ring!
Chapter 3627 Black Luo Linhai!
Chapter 3628 Dan Demon!
Chapter 3629 ? Break free!
Chapter 3630 Escape!
Chapter 3631 Ichthyosaurus!
Chapter 3632 ? Dragon snake!
Chapter 3633 ? Was eaten?
Chapter 3634 ? A blessing in disguise!
Chapter 3635 Go to Tianfeng Cliff!
Chapter 3636 Murder in the forest!
Chapter 3637 ? Treasure of lightning protection!
Chapter 3638 ? Young Master Tong!
Chapter 3639 Tianfeng Cliff, demons gather!
Chapter 3640 Universe in the cave!
Chapter 3641 ? The fight begins!
Chapter 3642 ? Melee!
Chapter 3643 A good show is here!
Chapter 3644 ? Take the flying sword!
Chapter 3645 Amulet!
Chapter 3646 ? Run!
Chapter 3647 The secret of Dan Demon!
Chapter 3648 The treasure of three thousand Taoists!
Chapter 3649 Kong Lu's Tomb!
Chapter 3650 The devil's oath!
Chapter 3651 Dan Moxian goes!
Chapter 3652 Silvermoon City!
Chapter 3653 MSI Palace!
Chapter 3654 ?? Dugu Xu!
Chapter 3655 Five groups of words! Lei Lin!
Chapter 3656 Five Groups of Heavenly Characters
Chapter 3657 Join!
Chapter 3658 Demon Sect Tiangang Sect!
Chapter 3659 Go to the West City!
Chapter 3660 Tiangang burning blood!
Chapter 3661 Bliss Tavern! Wang Li!
Chapter 3662 Tianyicheng!
Chapter 3663 Xingyue Mansion! Ma Ling!
Chapter 3664 Young Master Wuhu!
Chapter 3665 Ma Ling's killing intent!
Chapter 3666 Dangerous situation!
Chapter 3667 No wine to drink!
Chapter 3668 Demon God Ridge!
Chapter 3669 Practice begins!
Chapter 3670 ?? Xiao family trial!
Chapter 3671 Break through the peak of the summit!
Chapter 3672 A sword at hand!
Chapter 3673 ?? Xiao Jiushan and Tian Zong alliance!
Chapter 3674 ?? Xuanyun Mountains!
Chapter 3675 Night encounter.
Chapter 3676 ?? Crow.
Chapter 3677 News of the magic medicine!
Chapter 3678 Thirty-seven!
Chapter 3679 Dragon King Mountain!
Chapter 3680 Fish and mussels fight!
Chapter 3681 Extremely fierce!
Chapter 3682 ?? The Realm of Nine Netherworld!
Chapter 3683 Escape!
Chapter 3684 Chan'er
Chapter 3685 Lin Bai, who is heavily in debt!
Chapter 3686 ?? Do you want to kill him with a sword!
Chapter 3687 Seek revenge!
Chapter 3688 Thunder catastrophe is difficult to overcome!
Chapter 3689 Fascinating Abyss!
Chapter 3690 ?? Wanling Mountain!
Chapter 3691 ?? Lin Bai hurt me!
Chapter 3692 ? Divine Soldier!
Chapter 3693 Sloppy old man
Chapter 3694 Walk together!
Chapter 3695 ? Ecstasy Wasteland!
Chapter 3696 Goodbye Gu Rong!
Chapter 3697 ? Skywrath Thunder Tribulation! Supreme Thunder Tribulation!
Chapter 3698 Peacock Mirror!
Chapter 3699 Under the Thunder Tribulation!
Chapter 3700 Peacock family! Kong Qing!
Chapter 3701 Break the robbery and enter the Dao!
Chapter 3702 Tomb of the Demon God!
Chapter 3703 Humans and Monsters!
Chapter 3704 Barren Mountain Dragon City!
Chapter 3705 Fox woman!
Chapter 3706 The haunted crow!
Chapter 3707 Be bold!
Chapter 3708 Licensed token!
Chapter 3709 Mountains that don't exist!
Chapter 3710 Forbidden land! Hundred Birds Mountain!
Chapter 3711 Lifetime confidant!
Chapter 3712 Steal the peacock mirror!
Chapter 3713 Stupid!
Chapter 3714 Are you looking for death?
Chapter 3715 Into the mirror!
Chapter 3716 Spirits turn into grief!
Chapter 3717 Taikoo Dao nerve!
Chapter 3718 The road is one foot high and the devil is one foot high!
Chapter 3719 The Demon God's Tomb opens!
Chapter 3720 Bad intentions!
Chapter 3721 Throwing 'stones' to explore the path! (Happy New Year, brothers)
Chapter 3722 Magic room!
Chapter 3723 Tibetan pill room!
Chapter 3724 General puppet!
Chapter 3725 Life and death line!
Chapter 3726 Escape!
Chapter 3727 What are you waiting for? Chase!
Chapter 3728 Parting ways?
Chapter 3729 Magical classics!
Chapter 3730 Taoist seal!
Chapter 3731 Mountain and river map!
Chapter 3732 Forbidden treasure!
Chapter 3733 Devil Wolf King!
Chapter 3734 The power of the Taoist seal!
Chapter 3735 Slaying the Demon Wolf King!
Chapter 3736 Unkindness!
Chapter 3737 Return to Silvermoon City!
Chapter 3738 Qingxu battlefield!
Chapter 3739 Greedy Wolf Chamber of Commerce!
Chapter 3740 Goodbye Hong Ding!
Chapter 3741 Qingxu heroes gather
Chapter 3742 One billion big business!
Chapter 3743 A dragon corpse!
Chapter 3744 Hong Ding’s request!
Chapter 3745 Frost Spirit Sword!
Chapter 3746: Mortal, Spirit, Tao.
Chapter 3747 Qingshan sees me as it should be!
Chapter 3748 God-given sword heart!
Chapter 3749 Set off!
Chapter 3750 Gu Jia Tianjiao!
Chapter 3751 The eve of arrival!
Chapter 3752 The demon of the boundless evil land!
Chapter 3753 King Po!
Chapter 3754 Encountering evil things on the road!
Chapter 3755 Tianchi City! Xu Ci!
Chapter 3756 Sacrifice the magic weapon!
Chapter 3757 Why bother to die!
Chapter 3758 Crow wakes up
Chapter 3759 ghost repair
Chapter 3760 The Ghost King
Chapter 3761 Moon Moon Cave!
Chapter 3762 The melee in the cave!
Chapter 3763 The ghost king appears!
Chapter 3764 Conquer the ghost king!
Chapter 3765 Young Master...
Chapter 3766 Where is the ghost house!
Chapter 3767 Nine Yin Pregnant God!
Chapter 3768 Son of God!
Chapter 3769 Moon Frost Ghost Mansion!
Chapter 3770 Green jade fragments!
Chapter 3771 Three mastiffs!
Chapter 3772 If you can’t do it, let me do it.
Chapter 3773 Tianzhong Mountains.
Chapter 3774 Red Leaf Valley!
Chapter 3775 Weird mountain peak!
Chapter 3776 Dao Desires!
Chapter 3777 The Sword Sutra of Daozun Nanming!
Chapter 3778 Taoist soldiers!
Chapter 3779 Bright Moon Sword!
Chapter 3780 The restless crow!
Chapter 3781 The power is good!
Chapter 3782 Sword Master in White!
Chapter 3783 Hundred ghosts walking at night!
Chapter 3784 The power of Taoist soldiers!
Chapter 3785 Strong suppression!
Chapter 3786 The ancient “enemy”?
Chapter 3787 The forces in the tomb of the gods!
Chapter 3788 Heavenly Tomb Ghost King!
Chapter 3789 gentle swordsmanship
Chapter 3790 Ghost King apologizes
Chapter 3791 Star Luoyu! Purple Thunder!
Chapter 3792 Abandoned Sword Plain!
Chapter 3793 The three gather together!
Chapter 3794 Tricks of all parties!
Chapter 3795 Under the bottom of the pool!
Chapter 3796 Come and go freely!
Chapter 3797 The iron is in hand!
Chapter 3798 Big waves wash the sand!
Chapter 3799 Tiger's mouth grabs food!
Chapter 3800 The potential of the demon sword!
Chapter 3801 Magic Sword!
Chapter 3802 Skull Mountains!
Chapter 3803 The mysterious ancient palace!
Chapter 3804 The people in the palace!
Chapter 3805 Tomb Keeper!
Chapter 3806 Battle in front of the palace!
Chapter 3807 Shocked!
Chapter 3808 Escaped.
Chapter 3809 Eighteenth floor palace!
Chapter 3810 The island of birth and the island of death!
Chapter 3811 The ghost of the dead island!
Chapter 3812 Fuling Tower!
Chapter 3813 Go to Dead Island!
Chapter 3814 Sword Profound Soul!
Chapter 3815 Demon duel!
Chapter 3816 The five elements of Taoism!
Chapter 3817 Five Elements Immortals!
Chapter 3818 Strong kill!
Chapter 3819 Human interest chain!
Chapter 3820 The strong gather!
Chapter 3821 A place limited to one world!
Chapter 3822 The road ahead is hard!
Chapter 3823 The third floor!
Chapter 3824 The oriole is behind!
Chapter 3825 No choice!
Chapter 3826 Ghost repair Xia Song!
Chapter 3827 Two ghosts and one demon!
Chapter 3828 Tiger Lord!
Chapter 3829 Stage a battle!
Chapter 3830 Mysterious Fire Dao Reiki!
Chapter 3831 Evil Corpse King!
Chapter 3832 Not easy to deal with!
Chapter 3833 Three-party conference!
Chapter 3834 Work together!
Chapter 3835 The trend of encirclement!
Chapter 3836 Invincible!
Chapter 3837 Fight!
Chapter 3838 Fight against Ji Tai!
Chapter 3839 Nine Demons of Tongxin Mountain!
Chapter 3840 Compete!
Chapter 3841 No way to escape!
Chapter 3842 Misfortune leads to the east!
Chapter 3843 Tong Wuji!
Chapter 3844 Meet Gu Citian again!
Chapter 3845 Straight to the eighteenth floor!
Chapter 3846 Fuling Taoist remnant soul!
Chapter 3847 Giant Protoss! On behalf of the sky patrol!
Chapter 3848 Refining the Fuling Tower!
Chapter 3849 The deal with the evil corpse king!
Chapter 3850 The refining person!
Chapter 3851 Escape!
Chapter 3852 A living giant!
Chapter 3853 Buried Longyuan!
Chapter 3854 Tianchi City!
Chapter 3855 Immortal collapse!
Chapter 3856 White wolf with empty gloves!
Chapter 3857 White-bearded old man!
Chapter 3858 Smart Ning Rou!
Chapter 3859 Ice Valley Mountains!
Chapter 3860 Next, everyone depends on their ability!
Chapter 3861 Forbidden Snow Mountain!
Chapter 3862 White-bearded old man!
Chapter 3863 The way to come!
Chapter 3864 Turn left! Go straight!
Chapter 3865 Obedient child!
Chapter 3866 Buried under the Dragon Abyss!
Chapter 3867 Murder and silence!
Chapter 3868 Farewell!
Chapter 3869 The change of Tianyicheng!
Chapter 3870 Countermeasures!
Chapter 3871 The concerns of the human race!
Chapter 3872 Hengtian Mountain Range!
Chapter 3873 Shaxun Ghost King!
Chapter 3874 Fuyang!
Chapter 3875 Rescue?
Chapter 3876 Get out of trouble!
Chapter 3877 Each has a ghost!
Chapter 3878 Ghost repair Wenlin!
Chapter 3879 Buried under the Dragon Abyss!
Chapter 3880 Go deep into the ninth domain!
Chapter 3881 Darkness is boundless!
Chapter 3882 The powerhouses on the dark ice group!
Chapter 3883 Land in the dark!
Chapter 3884 Six powerhouses!
Chapter 3885 Borrowing the magic weapon!
Chapter 3886 Swallow the fruit of heaven!
Chapter 3887 The treasure is opened!
Chapter 3888 Giant God Gouyu!
Chapter 3889 The giant god comes out!
Chapter 3890 Humans and ghosts are here!
Chapter 3891 Dark starlight!
Chapter 3892 Jiu Shishu and Xiong Xueqing!
Chapter 3893 Evil Flood Dragon! Qiu Litian!
Chapter 3894 Take advantage of strength!
Chapter 3895 Surrender!
Chapter 3896 The power of the evil dragon!
Chapter 3897 White Jade Palace!
Chapter 3898 The whereabouts of the crow!
Chapter 3899 Swallow the Heavenly Clan! Liao Lu!
Chapter 3900 The mystery of swallowing the sky!
Chapter 3901 Fragments that blend with Lin Bai!
Chapter 3902 Five Treasure Pavilions!
Chapter 3903 The giant god is coming!
Chapter 3904 Fight!
Chapter 3905 The death knell is ringing!
Chapter 3906 Six Taoist seals!
Chapter 3907 God pregnant with five internal organs!
Chapter 3908 Nether flying sword!
Chapter 3909 Black and white chessboard!
Chapter 3910 Millions of golden beetles!
Chapter 3911 Three-kill sword formation!
Chapter 3912 Declare war!
Chapter 3913 It's noon!
Chapter 3914 God has arrived!
Chapter 3915 Swallowing Tian Clan Lin Bai! Fight!
Chapter 3916 The power of the black and white chessboard!
Chapter 3917 Die without regrets, right?
Chapter 3918 Unexpected joy!
Chapter 3919 Qingtian God Ancient Battle Armor!
Chapter 3920 The power of ridiculous ants!
Chapter 3921 Still...lost...
Chapter 3922 The sword soul is recovering!
Chapter 3923 I am free.
Chapter 3924 Name and seal!
Chapter 3925 Battle of Demons!
Chapter 3926 Xuantong slays God!
Chapter 3927 People from the lower world!
Chapter 3928 The crow shows up!
Chapter 3929 Crows and Yin Jiuling!
Chapter 3930 Lingxiao City!
Chapter 3931 Miss Jingyun’
Chapter 3932 Beauty is my life!
Chapter 3933 Clothes that cut corners.
Chapter 3934 Did I give you a good face?
Chapter 3935 The first beauty of the tomb of the gods!
Chapter 3936 Emperor Ling!
Chapter 3937 Because you are beautiful!
Chapter 3938 Kill the Nine Tribulations at will!
Chapter 3939 The death of Emperor Ling!
Chapter 3940 Me too!
Chapter 3941 The first imperial decree!
Chapter 3942 Declare war!
Chapter 3943 An old friend!
Chapter 3944 Trapped Lin Bai!
Chapter 3945 Sent to death?
Chapter 3946 A group of chickens!
Chapter 3947 The old slave meets the master
Chapter 3948 The way to conquer the boundless badlands!
Chapter 3949 Military years!
Chapter 3950 Ride the dragon south!
Chapter 3951 Check and balance Xuantong!
Chapter 3952 Finally visible!
Chapter 3953 Infinite reincarnation!
Chapter 3954 Seeing Zhaoyue for the first time!
Chapter 3955 Bloodbath the world!
Chapter 3956 Lin Bai is out of control!
Chapter 3957 Buddha relic!
Chapter 3958 The overall situation has been decided!
Chapter 3959 We are a perfect match!
Chapter 3960 Heart to heart under the moon.
Chapter 3961 The death of Zhaoyue!
Chapter 3962 Before the return!
Chapter 3963 The rainy plan!
Chapter 3964 The situation in the Golden Palace!
Chapter 3965 Defection!
Chapter 3966 New Deal!
Chapter 3967 Dongxu Shenjianzhou!
Chapter 3968 Three World Wars in the Spirit World!
Chapter 3969 Back to Silvermoon City!
Chapter 3970 The revenge of Dan Demon!
Chapter 3971 Smart men will pretend to be stupid!
Chapter 3972 Cross the void!
Chapter 3973 Yingtian Divine Sea!
Chapter 3974 Golden Giant God! Blueflies!
Chapter 3975 The action of Feijianxian!
Chapter 3976 The flames of war are burning!
Chapter 3977 Prince Kirin!
Chapter 3978 Retire thousands of troops with one shout!
Chapter 3979 Three continents expedition!
Chapter 3980 Monks!
Chapter 3981 An overrun!
Chapter 3982 When people don’t sleep, the general’s hair turns gray and his husband weeps!
Chapter 3983 Order! The Chu family's army enters the city!
Chapter 3984 Return to the Sword Palace again.
Chapter 3985 How can the world be at peace if the heart is not at peace!
Chapter 3986 The Barbarian Soul Association breaks the agreement!
Chapter 3987 Bring troops into the Golden Palace!
Chapter 3988 Death Trio!
Chapter 3989 I, Lin Bai, want to rebel?
Chapter 3990 Evil monk!
Chapter 3991 Eliminate the Qing Dynasty!
Chapter 3992 The soldiers will rise!
Chapter 3993 Lin Bai's plan!
Chapter 3994 Tiedan’s pursuit!
Chapter 3995 A woman's heart!
Chapter 3996 hard-won peace
Chapter 3997 Li Subai, who reshapes the body!
Chapter 3998 Someone backs up!
Chapter 3999: From now on, the country will be determined!
Chapter 4000 The Southern Expedition and the Northern Expedition!
Chapter 4001 Soldiers approach the city!
Chapter 4002 The two swordsmen!
Chapter 4003 Scarlet rose!
Chapter 4004 Meet the old friend again!
Chapter 4005 Ye Jianzun! Die!
Chapter 4006 Come down!
Chapter 4007 The trend is over!
Chapter 4008 Some people are happy and some are sad!
Chapter 4009 The battle situation in Nanzhou is stalemate!
Chapter 4010 The heart of killing poison!
Chapter 4011 The sincerity of the Soul Society!
Chapter 4012 God-given opportunity!
Chapter 4013 The surrender of Nanzhou!
Chapter 4014 Surrender!
Chapter 4015 Birds are hard to escape!
Chapter 4016 Stepping down the Poison God family!
Chapter 4017: How do you...want to die?
Chapter 4018 Sword down Nanzhou!
Chapter 4019 I want to wash Nanzhou with blood!
Chapter 4020 Ace! Crow!
Chapter 4021 Opening the mouth is sky-high!
Chapter 4022 Xizhou proposes marriage!
Chapter 4023 Buddhist saints!
Chapter 4024 Love is hard to come by!
Chapter 4025 Ten thousand monks gather!
Chapter 4026 A shocking hug!
Chapter 4027 Zhao Tiedan’s “careful care”!
Chapter 4028 The Buddha's clothing companion Zhao Lang!
Chapter 4029 Down to earth!
Chapter 4030 Mu Yu’s head!
Chapter 4031 Sloppy Taoist!
Chapter 4032 Third Senior Brother and Second Senior Sister!
Chapter 4033 A stubborn donkey!
Chapter 4034 Dead end!
Chapter 4035 Break the game!
Chapter 4036 The last battle of the ancients!
Chapter 4037 Demon Sword, long time no see!
Chapter 4038 The ancient demon sword!
Chapter 4039 Fight against Emperor Yu Qiu!
Chapter 4040 Divine Fist and Kenshin!
Chapter 4041 The Holy Emperor is dead!
Chapter 4042 Go down and die!
Chapter 4043 God descends!
Chapter 4044 The swallowing clan Lin Bai is here!
Chapter 4045 Cloud Dragon Giant God!
Chapter 4046 Giant God! Lin Bai!
Chapter 4047 Sealing the world!
Chapter 4048 Sloppy Taoist! Big Brother!
Chapter 4049 Xuan Tong, farewell forever.
Chapter 4050 Rescue arrives!
Chapter 4051 The Tiantian Clan, Liu Songjing!
Chapter 4052 Broken temple!
Chapter 4053 The years of being a “dead corpse”!
Chapter 4054 Hard-working people!
Chapter 4055 Terrifying world!
Chapter 4056 The people who disappeared!
Chapter 4057 Cannibal Temple!
Chapter 4058 The monster in the temple!
Chapter 4059 Lin Bai opened his eyes!
Chapter 4060 Demon World!
Chapter 4061 Eternity! Scarlet Moon!
Chapter 4062 Violet lotus seeds!
Chapter 4063 The old tree teleportation array!
Chapter 4064 Conspiracy in the forest!
Chapter 4065 Immortal Spirit Stone!
Chapter 4066 The third son of the Sun family!
Chapter 4067 Qingluo!
Chapter 4068 The third son of the Sun family!
Chapter 4069 Cut the mountain city!
Chapter 4070 Sun Yao!
Chapter 4071 Youlong and grass mustard!
Chapter 4072 Sun Qiaoer!
Chapter 4073 I'm already his person!
Chapter 4074 The classics of the sea and the cross currents of the sea!
Chapter 4075 Deacon Hall! Sun Yue!
Chapter 4076 Sun Yao steals pills!
Chapter 4077 Expose!
Chapter 4078 Everything is fate!
Chapter 4079 Yang and Yin violate!
Chapter 4080 It's been a long time! Lin Bai is online!
Chapter 4081 Dead and alive!
Chapter 4082 Marriage!
Chapter 4083 Secret meeting with Dou Shu!
Chapter 4084 The pros and cons of all parties!
Chapter 4085 Lin Bai breaks the game!
Chapter 4086 Xuanzhou Wolf City!
Chapter 4087 Beware of those who have nothing!
Chapter 4088 Looking for a sword!
Chapter 4089 Sixteen Immortal Dock and Boyue Bay!
Chapter 4090 The corpse hunter!
Chapter 4091 Wangchun Tower!
Chapter 4092 Qianqian girl
Chapter 4093 Expose!
Chapter 4094 Zhang Zun!
Chapter 4095 Xiao Ji!
Chapter 4096 Demon Sect is coming!
Chapter 4097 Seek revenge!
Chapter 4098 Song Yunhu!
Chapter 4099 Take advantage of the chaos!
Chapter 4100 I am invincible under Taoist Master!
Chapter 4101 Wu Yuan!
Chapter 4102 Pestle the old man!
Chapter 4103 Looking around, the world is our enemy!
Chapter 4104 Password!
Chapter 4105 Swordfish Gang!
Chapter 4106 Come general name!
Chapter 4107 Weird Lin Bai!
Chapter 4108 Golden Cat Street!
Chapter 4109 Surrounding the point to help!
Chapter 4110 Wu Dong!
Chapter 4111 The outside world!
Chapter 4112 Dao Zun takes action!
Chapter 4113 Xiao Ji shot!
Chapter 4114 Zhenlong Seal!
Chapter 4115: Overcoming the thunder tribulation is as difficult as ascending to heaven!
Chapter 4116 If you gain something, you must lose something.
Chapter 4117 Candle Dragon Sect!
Chapter 4118 Li Yumen!
Chapter 4119 Go to the Eternal Demon Sect!
Chapter 4120 Three exams!
Chapter 4121 Hengzhou League!
Chapter 4122 The Hall of Destiny Assessment!
Chapter 4123 The four meanings of the sky!
Chapter 4124 Cheating can win for a while, but not forever!
Chapter 4125 Spring, summer, autumn and winter!
Chapter 4126 The gentleman hides his tools in his body!
Chapter 4127 Pass the first level!
Chapter 4128 Magic beads!
Chapter 4129 The second level is open!
Chapter 4130 Go up the mountain to fight tigers!
Chapter 4131 No way to go!
Chapter 4132 Turn the whole into zero!
Chapter 4133 It’s not that I’m looking for death, it’s that you’re looking for death!
Chapter 4134 Invincible posture!
Chapter 4135 Capture the flag!
Chapter 4136 Nine steps to heaven!
Chapter 4137 The change of swallowing the soul of the sword!
Chapter 4138 The origin of Tiangong!
Chapter 4139 Stay? Or not?
Chapter 4140 The choice of the Eternal Demon Sect!
Chapter 4141 Intervene in the assessment!
Chapter 4142 Hidden Sword Cottage!
Chapter 4143 Then it depends on your ability!
Chapter 4144 Wuyuan Mountain! Exquisite Ice Wall!
Chapter 4145 Treasures in the mountains!
Chapter 4146 Baoshan has a master!
Chapter 4147 Heavenly Paradise!
Chapter 4148 Tiger Demon! Ancient Mountain!
Chapter 4149 Cup bow snake shadow!
Chapter 4150 Attitudes of all parties!
Chapter 4151 First salute before soldier!
Chapter 4152 Old Mei!
Chapter 4153 Capable!
Chapter 4154 Seven Great Fields!
Chapter 4155 Jealous!
Chapter 4156 Bad guests who don't come in person!
Chapter 4157 The show is over, please do your best!
Chapter 4158 Li Mojun!
Chapter 4159 Internal and external troubles!
Chapter 4160 Subvert the universe!
Chapter 4161 Scarlet Moon Shenzong! Sitting on the Forgotten Immortal Peak!
Chapter 4162 Qilin Town! Qin Pavilion!
Chapter 4163 Du'er fairy clothes!
Chapter 4164 The cursed territory!
Chapter 4165 White Bone Dojo!
Chapter 4166 Moonless City!
Chapter 4167 Seeing the Bone Race for the first time!
Chapter 4168 Frightening moment!
Chapter 4169 Luoshui Lake!
Chapter 4170 Yin and Yang help each other!
Chapter 4171 The enemy's road is narrow!
Chapter 4172 The mystery in the hole!
Chapter 4173 Weird vocals!
Chapter 4174 A windfall!
Chapter 4175 Goodbye Li Mojun!
Chapter 4176 Conspiracy!
Chapter 4177 Recruiting troops!
Chapter 4178 The previous generation headmaster!
Chapter 4179 Saintess! Jiang Xuansu!
Chapter 4180 Explore the Bone Dojo again!
Chapter 4181 Crazy Jiang Xuansu!
Chapter 4182 Yinshan messenger!
Chapter 4183 Meet!
Chapter 4184 Fish eyes and pearls!
Chapter 4185 Raise the price!
Chapter 4186 The younger brother is really a god!
Chapter 4187 The enraged sister-in-law!
Chapter 4188 There is a fish in the pond, and its name is Xuansu!
Chapter 4189 Daoxing is profound!
Chapter 4190 The Bone Race Venerable!
Chapter 4191 A lot of harvest!
Chapter 4192 Divide the spoils!
Chapter 4193 The real deal!
Chapter 4194 Perfect ending!
Chapter 4195 Five Elements Dao Body! Mid-term!
Chapter 4196 Buyer!
Chapter 4197 Spring Breeze Valley! Qin Yuyan!
Chapter 4198 Three things!
Chapter 4199 Eternal Seven Peaks!
Chapter 4200 Cover the sky!
Chapter 4201 Nine-step pursuit of the sword!
Chapter 4202 Cover the sky jade pendant!
Chapter 4203 The auction starts!
Chapter 4204 Bid!
Chapter 4205 Twelve million magic beads!
Chapter 4206 Fish leap into the sea at this time!
Chapter 4207 Harvest! Four million magic beads!
Chapter 4208 Buy treasures!
Chapter 4209 Everything is ready!
Chapter 4210 Kunlong!
Chapter 4211 Expedition!
Chapter 4212 Feiyun Tower!
Chapter 4213 Color head!
Chapter 4214 The next battle!
Chapter 4215 Heroes are unparalleled!
Chapter 4216 The crowd is furious!
Chapter 4217 Murong Ting!
Chapter 4218 The weak are sins!
Chapter 4219 Qingluo, the future is promising!
Chapter 4220 Yun Fusheng's cultivation experience!
Chapter 4221 The practice of Jianxin!
Chapter 4222 Arrived at Scarlet Moon Shenzong!
Chapter 4223 Chiyue Mountain City!
Chapter 4224 Night tour of the mountain city!
Chapter 4225 Dark Pavilion!
Chapter 4226 Being targeted!
Chapter 4227 Flower diving!
Chapter 4228 The three seals from the east and the order of prisoners of all beings!
Chapter 4229 Unkind invitation!
Chapter 4230 Sneak into the forbidden area!
Chapter 4231 Black-skinned vicious dog!
Chapter 4232 Kill them!
Chapter 4233 Dismount!
Chapter 4234 The first battle! A draw!
Chapter 4235 The fierce battle is in full swing!
Chapter 4236 The outcome is unpredictable!
Chapter 4237 Mountaineering! Battle the sky!
Chapter 4238 Thunder cloud nine thousand miles!
Chapter 4239 The tyranny of Lin Bai's body!
Chapter 4240 Patriarch Yang Lou!
Chapter 4241 Thunder Cloud Ninety Thousand Miles!
Chapter 4242 Sky Wrath and Thunder Tribulation!
Chapter 4243 All the hardships come!
Chapter 4244 Heavenly Palace! Immortal Buddha! Ninety million miles of thunder cloud!
Chapter 4245 Supreme Thunder Tribulation!
Chapter 4246 Come! Fight with me!
Chapter 4247 Supreme Phase!
Chapter 4248 The road to the sky!
Chapter 4249 Aftermath of the catastrophe!
Chapter 4250 Scarlet Moon Shenzong chaos!
Chapter 4251 Knock the mountain and shake the tiger!
Chapter 4252 Raise your hand to cover the moon!
Chapter 4253 Return to the sect!
Chapter 4254 Internal and external troubles, inferiority and rebellion!
Chapter 4255 A complex network of relationships!
Chapter 4256 Old Fox, Li Mojun!
Chapter 4257 The storm will rise!
Chapter 4258 The secret realm under the lake!
Chapter 4259 Treasure! Ten thousand years of spiritual milk!
Chapter 4260 Business with Qin Pavilion!
Chapter 4261 Undercurrent is surging!
Chapter 4262 Sun and Moon Flower!
Chapter 4263 Three hundred billion stars array!
Chapter 4264 Su Yue worships the mountain!
Chapter 4265 'Good words to persuade'
Chapter 4266 Li Wei!
Chapter 4267 Lianzhou League! Leader Zhang!
Chapter 4268 The mountain-protecting formation shows its power for the first time!
Chapter 4269 Black charcoal!
Chapter 4270 The plan of the deputy leader of Wu!
Chapter 4271 The riddled Lianzhou League!
Chapter 4272 Settlement!
Chapter 4273 Domineering leader Zhang!
Chapter 4274 The lion opens his mouth!
Chapter 4275 The sword is decayed, but its power is still there!
Chapter 4276 Go to Shanzhou!
Chapter 4277 The monsters enter the city!
Chapter 4278 Meeting old friends.
Chapter 4279 Bad luck!
Chapter 4280 People can be without wealth, but they cannot be homeless!
Chapter 4281 The strongest sword!
Chapter 4282 The whole city flees!
Chapter 4283 Chaotic situation in Shanzhou!
Chapter 4284 Why seek death?
Chapter 4285 Nether flying sword! Kill!
Chapter 4286 Earth Dragon City! Qiao Zhuo!
Chapter 4287 Sir, you are truly a god!
Chapter 4288 Desolate Dragon City!
Chapter 4289 Qinglong Avenue!
Chapter 4290 Seven-day burial place! Corpse Transformation Mountains!
Chapter 4291 Cross the corpse mountain range!
Chapter 4292 Scouts of Desolate Dragon City!
Chapter 4293 Salamanders!
Chapter 4294 Eternal Demon League!
Chapter 4295 Cedar Valley!
Chapter 4296 Loyal servant! Zhou Xi!
Chapter 4297 A great achievement?
Chapter 4298 Declare war!
Chapter 4299 The monsters in the city!
Chapter 4300 The situation in Shanzhou (1)
Chapter 4301 The situation in Shanzhou (2)
Chapter 4302 Water outside the house!
Chapter 4303 The man in black robe!
Chapter 4304 Powerhouses on the verge of despair!
Chapter 4305 The strategy of retreating from the enemy!
Chapter 4306 A drop of water!
Chapter 4307 The hand behind the demon clan!
Chapter 4308 Desolate Dragon City, whose life is hanging by a thread!
Chapter 4309 The decision of the three major chambers of commerce!
Chapter 4310 Help!
Chapter 4311 Counterattack!
Chapter 4312 Nancheng storm!
Chapter 4313 Quiet and strange!
Chapter 4314 Twenty-seven demons!
Chapter 4315 Turn defeat into victory!
Chapter 4316 Massacre!
Chapter 4317 Displaced!
Chapter 4318 Before breaking the city!
Chapter 4319 I trust him more than I trust myself!
Chapter 4320 Bad news again and again!
Chapter 4321 Qingluo's words!
Chapter 4322 One step forward is Huangquan!
Chapter 4323 Follow me with the sword!
Chapter 4324 The storm is temporarily suspended!
Chapter 4325 Fuyun Courtyard!
Chapter 4326 The plot of the demon clan!
Chapter 4327 Di Lin is here!
Chapter 4328 Trading!
Chapter 4329 Do your best to ensure Tianming’s destiny!
Chapter 4330 Regeneration of chaos!
Chapter 4331 Reinforcements arrive!
Chapter 4332 Powerful kill!
Chapter 4333 Undercurrent is surging!
Chapter 4334 The overall situation has been decided!
Chapter 4335 Return to the sect!
Chapter 4336 Li Yumen is missing!
Chapter 4337 Senior Sister Yimei who is seriously injured!
Chapter 4338 Baby Cream Sword Qi!
Chapter 4339 Challenge!
Chapter 4340 Challenge!
Chapter 4341 One move!
Chapter 4342 Wu Yuanqing!
Chapter 4343 Shangguan off!
Chapter 4344 Lambs to be slaughtered!
Chapter 4345 Return with a great victory!
Chapter 4346 Enter!
Chapter 4347 The inscrutable Young Master Lu!
Chapter 4348 King flag!
Chapter 4349 I don’t want to live, I just want to die quickly!
Chapter 4350 The power of the supreme phase!
Chapter 4351 Fortune and misfortune depend on each other!
Chapter 4352 Three kinds of medicine pills!
Chapter 4353 Taoist Lin Bai!
Chapter 4354 Cultivation goes one step further!
Chapter 4355 Shura Dojo!
Chapter 4356 Old Chen!
Chapter 4357 Flower of the Other Shore!
Chapter 4358 Jiangzhou!
Chapter 4359 Entering the Shura Dojo for the first time!
Chapter 4360 Seek good luck and avoid evil!
Chapter 4361 Black Wind Mountains!
Chapter 4362 Fierce mountain tortoise!
Chapter 4363 Blood drinking worm!
Chapter 4364 Throwing stones to ask for directions!
Chapter 4365 Cobwebs!
Chapter 4366 Dilemma!
Chapter 4367 Asura Sect!
Chapter 4368 Mountain Gate Stele!
Chapter 4369 Ying Qiu's lure!
Chapter 4370 Take the plan!
Chapter 4371 Shura magic eye!
Chapter 4372 Ren Kui!
Chapter 4373 Deadly illusion!
Chapter 4374 The afterlife!
Chapter 4375 The Wang family and the Wu family!
Chapter 4376 Alliance!
Chapter 4377 The secrets of the three major chambers of commerce!
Chapter 4378 Unique Valley!
Chapter 4379 Cold poison!
Chapter 4380 The gloomy spring gushes, and the flowers from the other shore appear!
Chapter 4381 Tune the tiger away from the mountain!
Chapter 4382 Evacuate the Shura Dojo!
Chapter 4383 Qin Pavilion's commission!
Chapter 4384 Heaven and Earth Double Star Building!
Chapter 4385 Second-grade Daoist!
Chapter 4386 The fire area spews!
Chapter 4387 Monster!
Chapter 4388 Immortal!
Chapter 4389 Magical green gourd!
Chapter 4390 Eternal Palace!
Chapter 4391 To the court!
Chapter 4392 I don’t care about life and death, I just want reincarnation!
Chapter 4393 Tough Lin Bai!
Chapter 4394 The overall situation is the most important!
Chapter 4395 Bright guns and dark arrows!
Chapter 4396 Murongchuan exits!
Chapter 4397 Come to visit!
Chapter 4398 Trial through the ages!
Chapter 4399 Argument!
Chapter 4400 Gambling!
Chapter 4401 Plan ahead!
Chapter 4402 Fire field practice!
Chapter 4403 Trial through the ages!
Chapter 4404 The heart of ten thousand stones!
Chapter 4405 Fascinating eyes!
Chapter 4406 Dressing and refining!
Chapter 4407 Ghost Stone Forest!
Chapter 4408 The formation of raising Gu!
Chapter 4409 Misty!
Chapter 4410 Startled step by step!
Chapter 4411 Misfortune leads to the east!
Chapter 4412 Mysterious stone pillar!
Chapter 4413 Five Elements Yuan Lingdan!
Chapter 4414 Liu Fuyun!
Chapter 4415 The ghost lingers!
Chapter 4416 Orientation seal!
Chapter 4417 The effect is remarkable!
Chapter 4418 Desert Gobi!
Chapter 4419 Treasures in the magma!
Chapter 4420 Battle puppet!
Chapter 4421 Di Feng!
Chapter 4422 Wushan rain!
Chapter 4423 Retire in one word!
Chapter 4424 Dragon Blood Mountain!
Chapter 4425 Su Yue and Hengzhou Alliance!
Chapter 4426 Live to death! Break through the three realms!
Chapter 4427 Anti-sky bow! Sun and moon arrows!
Chapter 4428 Three treasures!
Chapter 4429 Black Devil Forest!
Chapter 4430 Black Devil!
Chapter 4431 Stone Temple.
Chapter 4432 Ancient ruins!
Chapter 4433 The strong gather!
Chapter 4434 Ancient years!
Chapter 4435 Swallow God's Treasure!
Chapter 4436 The art of unblocking! The Five Elements Classic!
Chapter 4437 Ancient Swallow God!
Chapter 4438 Meet the evil ghost again!
Chapter 4439 Five-color divine light array!
Chapter 4440 Stone mirror!
Chapter 4441 Fight!
Chapter 4442 Xianming Dan!
Chapter 4443 Leave!
Chapter 4444 Fengshen Daotai!
Chapter 4445 Art of War!
Chapter 4446 Tonggu Baiyulian!
Chapter 4447 See through the art of war!
Chapter 4448 Emergence point!
Chapter 4449 Square inch sword domain!
Chapter 4450 Thousands of mysterious treasures!
Chapter 4451 Qi and blood are like dragons!
Chapter 4452 The roadblock!
Chapter 4453 Fierce battle!
Chapter 4454 The Black God's Transfer Talisman!
Chapter 4455 Extremely Heavenly Palace!
Chapter 4456 Weird space!
Chapter 4457 Dao Heart Stone!
Chapter 4458 The rules in the supreme palace!
Chapter 4459 Illusion!
Chapter 4460 Return the body with his own way!
Chapter 4461 Shocking people!
Chapter 4462 Powerhouse area!
Chapter 4463 Wu Xianjun!
Chapter 4464 Seven Seals of the Big Dipper!
Chapter 4465 Fierce battle!
Chapter 4466 Isn't it shameful enough?
Chapter 4467 Recognized!
Chapter 4468 Delicate situation!
Chapter 4469 Kuilong!
Chapter 4470 Anger!
Chapter 4471 Tearing the skin!
Chapter 4472 Heart-connected paper cranes!
Chapter 4473 Black robe warrior!
Chapter 4474 Wanchuan Youlong Song!
Chapter 4475 Within a thousand meters, no one can beat you!
Chapter 4476 Three treasures in the Heavenly Palace!
Chapter 4477 People are sinister!
Chapter 4478 The dust settles?
Chapter 4479 Undercurrent is surging!
Chapter 4480 Confronting the Shendao Stage!
Chapter 4481 Decisive battle!
Chapter 4482 Melee!
Chapter 4483 Now learning and selling now?
Chapter 4484 Domineering boxing!
Chapter 4485 Run away!
Chapter 4486 People in the forest!
Chapter 4487 Great victory!
Chapter 4488 The trial is over!
Chapter 4489 Betrayal?
Chapter 4490 Longxian Baoyu!
Chapter 4491 The origin of the white beads!
Chapter 4492 The storm is surging!
Chapter 4493 Millennium City!
Chapter 4494 Inn!
Chapter 4495 Thirteen Dragon Immortal Jewels!
Chapter 4496 The door is on the left!
Chapter 4497 ??Donghe Spirit!
Chapter 4498 Twelve people strike together!
Chapter 4499 A murderous business!
Chapter 4500 The old man Li Meng!
Chapter 4501 Li Meng's team!
Chapter 4502 Hunter!
Chapter 4503 The giant ape strikes the array!
Chapter 4504 Break the formation!
Chapter 4505 The treasure.
Chapter 4506 Tianliang City!
Chapter 4507 Hidden in the body!
Chapter 4508 Caution can catch Qianqiu cicada!
Chapter 4509 Shangguan Hao!
Chapter 4510 Purple-haired youth!
Chapter 4511 Shangguan Hao! Die!
Chapter 4512 One man and one woman!
Chapter 4513 Reunion!
Chapter 4514 Evil Moon Sect disciples!
Chapter 4515 The war will start!
Chapter 4516 Undercurrent is surging!
Chapter 4517 The decision of the Eternal Demon Sect!
Chapter 4518 The teleportation array in the ruins!
Chapter 4519 Monster Race!
Chapter 4520 The Eternal Demon League reappears!
Chapter 4521 Murong Tianyu!
Chapter 4522 Trading!
Chapter 4523 Wolf smoke rises!
Chapter 4524 Ancestor! Liu Fuyun!
Chapter 4525: Strike first and gain the upper hand, strike later and suffer disaster!
Chapter 4526 The secret meeting of the eight giants!
Chapter 4527 The choice of the team!
Chapter 4528 Open and honest! Join forces to meet the enemy!
Chapter 4529 The order of the Murong family!
Chapter 4530 Some people are born to be kings!
Chapter 4531 Zhennan Mountain!
Chapter 4532 If you kill the snake, there will be endless troubles!
Chapter 4533: Fight to the last person to end the war!
Chapter 4534 Qingluo main battle!
Chapter 4535 The Four Gods of Qianqiu Mountains and Rivers!
Chapter 4536 Trap! Trap!
Chapter 4537 Fall apart!
Chapter 4538 Nails!
Chapter 4539 The mountains and the rain are coming and the wind is full of buildings!
Chapter 4540 The rising sun tomorrow!
Chapter 4541 Array! Suzaku!
Chapter 4542 This battle! The defeat is set!
Chapter 4543 Weird valley!
Chapter 4544 Battle!
Chapter 4545 Dark under the lights!
Chapter 4546 The spirit of flame reappears in the world!
Chapter 4547 Victory in the first battle!
Chapter 4548 The surrender of the spirit of flame!
Chapter 4549 Soldiers approach the city!
Chapter 4550 The day of the decisive battle!
Chapter 4551 One sword breaks through the three thousand worlds!
Chapter 4552 Moon Lake!
Chapter 4553 Chaos!
Chapter 4554 A lot of harvest!
Chapter 4555 You come up, I’ll leave first!
Chapter 4556 The hero is over! The eight giants of Hengzhou are destroyed!
Chapter 4557 Count the treasures!
Chapter 4558 Qiankun Demon Sect!
Chapter 4559 Retreat practice!
Chapter 4560 Haste is not enough!
Chapter 4561 Exit!
Chapter 4562 Recover old things!
Chapter 4563 Rewards based on merit!
Chapter 4564 The ancient road of the void!
Chapter 4565 The sect has paid for itself!
Chapter 4566 Three treasures!
Chapter 4567 Distribute treasures!
Chapter 4568 Practice problems!
Chapter 4569 Dao injury!
Chapter 4570 The red dust lamp!
Chapter 4571 Release the disciples of the Evil Moon Sect!
Chapter 4572 The evil moon feast!
Chapter 4573 The superior and the inferior!
Chapter 4574 Time is also fate!
Chapter 4575 Magical soldiers measure the sky!
Chapter 4576 Bliss Teaching!
Chapter 4577 Xuanshui Monster Race!
Chapter 4578 Boating and swimming together!
Chapter 4579 Talking under the moon!
Chapter 4580 General Covering the Sea!
Chapter 4581 The demon king is here!
Chapter 4582 Purple Phoenix City!
Chapter 4583 Bliss Sutra!
Chapter 4584 See also 'Dao Xin Demon'!
Chapter 4585 Zongmen set off!
Chapter 4586 Senior sister is so fierce.
Chapter 4587 Sun Yao's whereabouts!
Chapter 4588 Floating messenger!
Chapter 4589 Acting separately!
Chapter 4590 The young master of the Zhang family!
Chapter 4591 Under the fame!
Chapter 4592 The ambition of Bliss Sect!
Chapter 4593 The Valley of Flowers!
Chapter 4594 Make up rumors to kill people!
Chapter 4595 The wedding begins!
Chapter 4596 You didn’t invite me, how could you know I wouldn’t come.
Chapter 4597 obsessed
Chapter 4598 Zongmen arrives
Chapter 4599 Taiyi magic weapon!
Chapter 4600 Many lines of injustice!
Chapter 4601 Great wisdom and foolishness!
Chapter 4602 Accept punishment!
Chapter 4603 Will leave!
Chapter 4604 The whereabouts of Zhou Xi and the three!
Chapter 4605 Thinking over the cliff!
Chapter 4606 Who can take on the responsibility?
Chapter 4607 Seventh Grade Taoist God!
Chapter 4608 The situation is not good!
Chapter 4609 The aftermath has not dispersed!
Chapter 4610 Two sects, one family and one village!
Chapter 4611 Evil Moon Medicine Furnace! Twenty-seven states of Yunling!
Chapter 4612 Attack?
Chapter 4613 Qizhou seals the border.
Chapter 4614 Nanyi City!
Chapter 4615 Blurred!
Chapter 4616: Stay out of your own business and live a long life!
Chapter 4617 Hosta!
Chapter 4618 Cloud cypress deer!
Chapter 4619 Test!
Chapter 4620 Li Sizhu!
Chapter 4621 That thing!
Chapter 4622 God and devil heart!
Chapter 4623 Gradually clear!
Chapter 4624 The art master is bold!
Chapter 4625 Dusk City!
Chapter 4626 All parties are moving!
Chapter 4627 Chasing the Deer Dusk Mountains!
Chapter 4628 Misfortune leads to the east!
Chapter 4629 Fighting in the mountains and forests!
Chapter 4630 The bamboo basket is empty!
Chapter 4631 Wan Zizhen!
Chapter 4632 Heart of awe!
Chapter 4633 If there are no internal worries, there must be external ones!
Chapter 4634 Evil Moon Sect!
Chapter 4635 Star list!
Chapter 4636 Unpredictable disaster!
Chapter 4637 Prelude!
Chapter 4638 Sacrifice! Ancestral Temple!
Chapter 4639 The gaze of the moon god!
Chapter 4640 Luna recovers!
Chapter 4641 Green jade!
Chapter 4642 Ancient world!
Chapter 4643 Competition field!
Chapter 4644 Competition rules!
Chapter 4645 Death duel!
Chapter 4646 Evil Moon Sect List!
Chapter 4647 Eternal Demon Sect vs Wind Snow Mountain Villa!
Chapter 4648 The mountains and rivers are in a different land, but the wind and moon are in the same sky!
Chapter 4649 Grinding the gun!
Chapter 4650 The visit of Wind Snow Villa!
Chapter 4651 My way... is not alone!
Chapter 4652 Tens of thousands of Ander mansions!
Chapter 4653 Secret!
Chapter 4654 Undercurrent!
Chapter 4655 Daoxian contest!
Chapter 4656 Weird people!
Chapter 4657 Song Yunfeng!
Chapter 4658 The waves are treacherous!
Chapter 4659 Jiuyou Magic Palace!
Chapter 4660 I was careless...
Chapter 4661 Lin Bai's plot!
Chapter 4662 Taiyi Divine Soldier! Huangquan Demon Bone!
Chapter 4663 Fierce fight!
Chapter 4664 The end of the world!
Chapter 4665: Skills and magical methods!
Chapter 4666 Dao Immortal Competition, two wins and eight losses!
Chapter 4667 The aftermath reverberates!
Chapter 4668 The whisper of the moon god!
Chapter 4669 Epoch Flower! Ancient Dragon Blood!
Chapter 4670 Taoist contest!
Chapter 4671 Flowers have no regrets!
Chapter 4672 Thirty-six techniques of wind and snow!
Chapter 4673 Lin Bai debuts!
Chapter 4674 Lin Zhiwei!
Chapter 4675 Fight!
Chapter 4676 Physical wrestling!
Chapter 4677 Fierce battle!
Chapter 4678 Tricky!
Chapter 4679 God Armor!
Chapter 4680 Fierce battle!
Chapter 4681 Impeccable!
Chapter 4682 Helpless to display!
Chapter 4683 A sword smashes the armor of the gods!
Chapter 4684 The curtain ends!
Chapter 4685 Apologize!
Chapter 4686 Son!
Chapter 4687 Storm!
Chapter 4688 Cooperation?
Chapter 4689 Borrowing chickens to lay eggs!
Chapter 4690 The plot of Jiuyou Magic Palace!
Chapter 4691 Li Baiyue!
Chapter 4692 Upheaval!
Chapter 4693 The death of Li Yumen!
Chapter 4694 Revenge!
Chapter 4695 Get justice!
Chapter 4696 The Li family is in a dilemma!
Chapter 4697 Tough!
Chapter 4698 The power of devouring!
Chapter 4699 Non-spiritual child!
Chapter 4700 January period!
Chapter 4701 The competition is suspended!
Chapter 4702 I didn't lose!
Chapter 4703 Old fox!
Chapter 4704: Xie Yue destroys the family, and the Demon Sect takes revenge!
Chapter 4705 Yunling Qinzhou!
Chapter 4706 Is it a chess piece again?
Chapter 4707 Li's choice!
Chapter 4708 The second master of the Li family!
Chapter 4709 A good show is on!
Chapter 4710 Infighting in the Li family!
Chapter 4711 Make trouble!
Chapter 4712 Great Luo Daoguo!
Chapter 4713 Check out this person!
Chapter 4714 Who is lying?
Chapter 4715 Concealing the sky and crossing the sea!
Chapter 4716 The Li family comes to the door!
Chapter 4717 The competition continues!
Chapter 4718 The showdown between Wan Zizhen and Song Zhenqin!
Chapter 4719 Weird!
Chapter 4720 Xue Zong disciple!
Chapter 4721 Dao Domain!
Chapter 4722 Lin Bai's Domain!
Chapter 4723 Xue Zong comes to the door!
Chapter 4724 It's better to be a dumb!
Chapter 4725 The second round of competition!
Chapter 4726 Jiang Bailiu! Lonely finger!
Chapter 4727 Demonic Martial Soul! God and Demon Fruit!
Chapter 4728 Eventful autumn!
Chapter 4729 Judgment!
Chapter 4730 Eternal existence, immortality!
Chapter 4731 Wuliu!
Chapter 4732 Du Xinghui! (Happy New Year!)
Chapter 4733 An appointment for one move!
Chapter 4734 'Lifeless Sword Finger' and 'Purple Mountain Art'
Chapter 4735 The top eight warriors!
Chapter 4736 The seventh round! The quarter-finals!
Chapter 4737 Tournaments!
Chapter 4738 The first contest!
Chapter 4739 Wanzi is really strong!
Chapter 4740 One palm!
Chapter 4741 The battle of swords!
Chapter 4742 Fierce battle!
Chapter 4743 The burden has been divided!
Chapter 4744 The third contest!
Chapter 4745 Qiankun Spear Immortal!
Chapter 4746 Resurrection from the dead!
Chapter 4747 Provocative words!
Chapter 4748 One move to defeat the enemy!
Chapter 4749 Advance to the semi-finals!
Chapter 4750 Life and death battle!
Chapter 4751 Aggression is like fire!
Chapter 4752 I wish the ancestors!
Chapter 4753 Tricky!
Chapter 4754 The decisive battle of Wan Zizhen!
Chapter 4755 Tricky!
Chapter 4756 Jiangshan Wanli!
Chapter 4757 Protoss!
Chapter 4758 Dragon!
Chapter 4759 Evacuate!
Chapter 4760 The scene is out of control!
Chapter 4761 The belief in victory and the undefeated swordsmanship!
Chapter 4762 No victory or defeat!
Chapter 4763 Fortune and misfortune depend on each other!
Chapter 4764 Enwei Building!
Chapter 4765 Xue Zong's transaction!
Chapter 4766 Picking treasures!
Chapter 4767 Five elements of spirits!
Chapter 4768 Not enough money!
Chapter 4769 Lin Bai’s request!
Chapter 4770 People who trade with Bone Race!
Chapter 4771 Gong Jian's motive!
Chapter 4772 Farewell today means farewell forever!
Chapter 4773 Evil Moon Sect's Void Road!
Chapter 4774 Four kinds of empty ancient roads!
Chapter 4775 Don't have a chance to cultivate Taoism; don't have money, don't train your body!
Chapter 4776 Practice without years!
Chapter 4777 The real solution of Zhang Zinan's Daoyu!
Chapter 4778 Lin Bai's Taoism!
Chapter 4779 Swallow the Heavenly Dao Territory!
Chapter 4780 The ancient road of the void! The footprints of the ancestors!
Chapter 4781 People in the void!
Chapter 4782 Void Evil Spirit!
Chapter 4783 Difficult to deal with!
Chapter 4784 Die for the puppet!
Chapter 4785 The danger of the Void God Tomb!
Chapter 4786 Void Mausoleum! Jiuqu City!
Chapter 4787 Ghost Evil Spirit!
Chapter 4788 Opinions are at odds!
Chapter 4789 Mysterious man!
Chapter 4790 Bloodthirsty Evil Spirit!
Chapter 4791 Blood beads!
Chapter 4792 Battle Taiyi!
Chapter 4793 The Halloween Mountain arrives!
Chapter 4794 In the city lord’s palace, endless reincarnation!
Chapter 4795 White-haired sword repair!
Chapter 4796 He is still alive!
Chapter 4797 Don’t look at it, don’t think about it.
Chapter 4798 Good luck!
Chapter 4799 Immortal Mansion!
Chapter 4800 Study!
Chapter 4801 The missing treasure!
Chapter 4802 Annoyed and angry!
Chapter 4803 Insect Valley!
Chapter 4804 Dome!
Chapter 4805 Crazy!
Chapter 4806 Ladybug!
Chapter 4807 The second floor!
Chapter 4808 The second great supernatural power!
Chapter 4809 Fake?
Chapter 4810 'Old Friend'
Chapter 4811 Trapped!
Chapter 4812 The third floor!
Chapter 4813 Palace!
Chapter 4814 Stone statue!
Chapter 4815 Goodbye Moon Cream!
Chapter 4816 Reborn cicada!
Chapter 4817 The real origin of Wanzi!
Chapter 4818 Revenge!
Chapter 4819 Coffin!
Chapter 4820 Wake up!
Chapter 4821 The recovery of ten thousand insects!
Chapter 4822 Break out of the siege!
Chapter 4823 A palm in the air!
Chapter 4824 Liangzhou!
Chapter 4825 Dao Ruins World!
Chapter 4826 The ins and outs!
Chapter 4827 The reward order of the evil moon sect!
Chapter 4828 Why bother to seek death?
Chapter 4829 Tianshan Snow Pond!
Chapter 4830 Chase and intercept!
Chapter 4831 Finish drinking!
Chapter 4832 A sword sweeps the snow!
Chapter 4833 The undead!
Chapter 4834 The fog is heavy!
Chapter 4835 Acting separately!
Chapter 4836 The arrival of non-spiritual sons!
Chapter 4837 Tiger King!
Chapter 4838 Sacrifice!
Chapter 4839 The so-called 'god'
Chapter 4840 March!
Chapter 4841 Zhao Punishment!
Chapter 4842 Ziwei City!
Chapter 4843 Chen You is in trouble!
Chapter 4844 Your Highness!
Chapter 4845 Eighteen states of imperial power!
Chapter 4846 A friend!
Chapter 4847 Chu country style!
Chapter 4848 Wuzhaiguan City!
Chapter 4849 Chamber of Commerce!
Chapter 4850 Dark world!
Chapter 4851 The fight in the cabin!
Chapter 4852 Crow steals treasure!
Chapter 4853 He Qiyun! Li Guxian!
Chapter 4854 Holy Religion!
Chapter 4855 The night is slightly cool!
Chapter 4856 Feijian stuns the wolves!
Chapter 4857 Exploring flowers!
Chapter 4858 Li Tianen!
Chapter 4859 Concealing the sky and crossing the sea.
Chapter 4860 Trouble!
Chapter 4861 Knights!
Chapter 4862 Acting separately!
Chapter 4863 Blood God!
Chapter 4864 Want to suck me?
Chapter 4865 The entrance to the dark world!
Chapter 4866 Five people!
Chapter 4867 Ron City!
Chapter 4868 Oriole!
Chapter 4869 The roster is in hand!
Chapter 4870 Separate!
Chapter 4871 Sangzhou Purple Star City!
Chapter 4872 Misty Swamp!
Chapter 4873 Demon snake!
Chapter 4874 Weird!
Chapter 4875 Sword Immortal!
Chapter 4876 The devil will be in chaos!
Chapter 4877 Magic Palace Mountain!
Chapter 4878 The Chen family of Chu country!
Chapter 4879 Five families and seven sects!
Chapter 4880 Enter the mountain!
Chapter 4881 Treasure is in hand!
Chapter 4882 The power of magic bones!
Chapter 4883 Thousand World Palm! Ten Thousand Soul Fist!
Chapter 4884 Nameless people!
Chapter 4885 Once he became famous, the world was shocked!
Chapter 4886 The Imperial Courtyard! The Great Sword Pavilion!
Chapter 4887 Stealing for half a day!
Chapter 4888 The imperial capital thief!
Chapter 4889 Bounty!
Chapter 4890 Escape from the imperial capital!
Chapter 4891 Water mirror sea!
Chapter 4892 The downfall of Tianshui Sect!
Chapter 4893 Set sail!
Chapter 4894: I am not short of money.
Chapter 4895 Haizhou family!
Chapter 4896 Demon Cloud Thief!
Chapter 4897 Lin Bai takes action!
Chapter 4898 Bomb kill!
Chapter 4899 Haixin Island!
Chapter 4900 East Sea City!
Chapter 4901 Immortal jade.
Chapter 4902 Xianlelou.
Chapter 4903 Immortal Jade Collection!
Chapter 4904 Kaiyu.
Chapter 4905 Immortal jade! Two taels per catty!
Chapter 4906 Zhao Jie's threat!
Chapter 4907 Breakthrough! Nine-Rank Taoist God!
Chapter 4908 Apprentices begin!
Chapter 4909 Sincere paper!
Chapter 4910 Secret realm!
Chapter 4911 Kill the peak of Taoist gods!
Chapter 4912 Guard the disciples!
Chapter 4913 Fighting Zhao Jie!
Chapter 4914 Win!
Chapter 4915 Crow's Feather.
Chapter 4916 Yigu situation.
Chapter 4917 I don't know what to do!
Chapter 4918 Kill six people in a row!
Chapter 4919 The assessment is over!
Chapter 4920 Mingyue Island!
Chapter 4921 Water mirror world!
Chapter 4922 Mission Building!
Chapter 4923 Treasure House!
Chapter 4924 Four-turn Kenshin!
Chapter 4925 Pan Hun!
Chapter 4926 Draw the sword!
Chapter 4927 About to fight!
Chapter 4928 Plan!
Chapter 4929 Almost!
Chapter 4930 Zenith God Huadan!
Chapter 4931 Meet Qiao Mo again!
Chapter 4932 Business wizard! Yi Gu!
Chapter 4933 Li Lu, Li Yunmu, Zhao En!
Chapter 4934 Yi Gu's plan!
Chapter 4935 Kill God Island!
Chapter 4936 No damage at all!
Chapter 4937 Pan Hun's swordsmanship!
Chapter 4938 The outcome is already divided!
Chapter 4939 Millennium Fengmei!
Chapter 4940 Qin Yao!
Chapter 4941 Sect attitude!
Chapter 4942 Heart to heart!
Chapter 4943 Buy elixir!
Chapter 4944 Qin Yao's team!
Chapter 4945 Nine Devils Sea!
Chapter 4946 Shrimp soldiers and crab generals.
Chapter 4947 Formation family!
Chapter 4948 Weird place!
Chapter 4949 Quasi Longzi!
Chapter 4950 Strong suppression of Quasi Longzi!
Chapter 4951 Xianmai and Prince Yan!
Chapter 4952 Fierce!
Chapter 4953 Baisheng Lou breaks the contract!
Chapter 4954 Wuxiu!
Chapter 4955 Qi Kun!
Chapter 4956 Competition to recruit relatives!
Chapter 4957 Make an assertion!
Chapter 4958 Bargaining with the suzerain.
Chapter 4959 The deal is reached!
Chapter 4960 Immortal veins confirmed!
Chapter 4961 Competition to recruit relatives!
Chapter 4962 Brother Yi, you are a real dog!
Chapter 4963 The competition begins!
Chapter 4964 Shady!
Chapter 4965 Ancient golden knife!
Chapter 4966 Carry out the shady to the end!
Chapter 4967 Qiao Mo's strength!
Chapter 4968 The powerful Lin Bai!
Chapter 4969 Two old dogs!
Chapter 4970 Battle Taiyi!
Chapter 4971 Fierce battle!
Chapter 4972 Taoism!
Chapter 4973 Humiliation! Enrolling!
Chapter 4974 Three forces!
Chapter 4975 Humiliation!
Chapter 4976 The farce ends!
Chapter 4977 Undercurrent is surging!
Chapter 4978 Extremely stupid!
Chapter 4979 The whereabouts of the seven-color Hua Xianye!
Chapter 4980 Spring Lake waters!
Chapter 4981 Tang Wei!
Chapter 4982 Cailin family!
Chapter 4983 'Holy Son' Yule!
Chapter 4984 Sea God Pearl!
Chapter 4985 The second secret realm!
Chapter 4986 The power of the Sea God Pearl!
Chapter 4987 Tournament list!
Chapter 4988 Storm City!
Chapter 4989 Lessons from the wicked!
Chapter 4990 Li Yuanzong!
Chapter 4991 Arrogance!
Chapter 4992 Tearing the skin!
Chapter 4993 Qin Yao's past!
Chapter 4994 Fangs Sea Area!
Chapter 4995 The waves are treacherous!
Chapter 4996 Coach token!
Chapter 4997 The competition begins!
Chapter 4998 Ao and Long!
Chapter 4999 The death of Longyun!
Chapter 5000 The battle situation!
Chapter 5001 Overturning the sea!
Chapter 5002 Lei Lin!
Chapter 5003 Humiliation!
Chapter 5004 A crushing defeat!
Chapter 5005 Qin Yao's attitude!
Chapter 5006 Decisive battle on Xuanhuo Island!
Chapter 5007 Lin Bai debuts!
Chapter 5008 Strong suppression!
Chapter 5009 Stamped to death!
Chapter 5010 Fight the quasi dragon again!
Chapter 5011 Longzi join forces!
Chapter 5012 It's you!
Chapter 5013 Kill the dragon!
Chapter 5014 A little sword light, a thousand feet of cold light!
Chapter 5015 Zhang Bailiu!
Chapter 5016 The old way and the gate of heaven and earth!
Chapter 5017 The ancient secret realm!
Chapter 5018 Artificial swords!
Chapter 5019 The dust has settled!
Chapter 5020 Top of the list!
Chapter 5021 Salary from the bottom of the pot!
Chapter 5022 Something went wrong.
Chapter 5023 Li Yuanzong's trick!
Chapter 5024 Easy ancient and difficult!
Chapter 5025 One enemy hundred!
Chapter 5026 Mistakes made!
Chapter 5027 The words of the elders!
Chapter 5028 Undercurrent is surging!
Chapter 5029 Five million contribution points are in hand!
Chapter 5030 Heaven's Will Four Elephants Sword Formation!
Chapter 5031 Overlord Tiger Soul Iron Iron!
Chapter 5032 Feather of Nirvana!
Chapter 5033 The flying sword is completed!
Chapter 5034 Departure! The ancient secret realm!
Chapter 5035 Mu Huaqing!
Chapter 5036 When hunting!
Chapter 5037 Lingyun Xuantian Mountain Range!
Chapter 5038 Meet!
Chapter 5039 Heaven and Paradise!
Chapter 5040 Fight!
Chapter 5041 Tang Wei is in trouble!
Chapter 5042 Kill all the powerful enemies!
Chapter 5043 Weird!
Chapter 5044 Illusion showdown!
Chapter 5045 Break free from the illusion!
Chapter 5046 Infernal hell!
Chapter 5047 Rose double!
Chapter 5048 The long river array!
Chapter 5049 The tree of the world!
Chapter 5050 The tree of extinction!
Chapter 5051 Life is on the line!
Chapter 5052 Cause and effect paper!
Chapter 5053 The third secret realm!
Chapter 5054 The ancient hall of longevity!
Chapter 5055 The elixir of immortality!
Chapter 5056 The conspiracy of Tiandimen!
Chapter 5057 Fierce battle!
Chapter 5058 Ancient Taoism!
Chapter 5059 There is no danger!
Chapter 5060 Assemble!
Chapter 5061 The decisive battle of Wuwei Peak!
Chapter 5062 Bloody competition rules!
Chapter 5063 Kill two people in a row!
Chapter 5064 Yu Liantan takes action!
Chapter 5065 Another encounter with 'Qiankun Gun Jing'
Chapter 5066 The crisis is lifted!
Chapter 5067 Li Yuanzong attacked!
Chapter 5068 Obsessed!
Chapter 5069 Mu Huaqing's dilemma!
Chapter 5070 Lao Dao and Li Yuanzong!
Chapter 5071 Li Yuanzong betrayed!
Chapter 5072 The death of Mu Huaqing!
Chapter 5073 The medicine collection is over!
Chapter 5074 Strike down.
Chapter 5075 Fight against each other!
Chapter 5076 The vision of Tiandimen!
Chapter 5077 Undercurrent is surging!
Chapter 5078 Return to the sect!
Chapter 5079 Colorful divine light!
Chapter 5080 The biggest suspect!
Chapter 5081 Li Zaien visits!
Chapter 5082 Say everything!
Chapter 5083 The magic tower.
Chapter 5084 Breakthrough! The peak of the Taoist god!
Chapter 5085 Lightless Forest!
Chapter 5086 Blood corpse and bronze corpse!
Chapter 5087 Fighting the bronze corpse!
Chapter 5088 Cangsheng Town Magic Talisman!
Chapter 5089 Yi Zien!
Chapter 5090 Don't trust anyone easily!
Chapter 5091 Tianen Building!
Chapter 5092 What the hell, a black shop!
Chapter 5093 360,000 contribution value!
Chapter 5094 Death Qiandao!
Chapter 5095 Immortal jade puppet!
Chapter 5096 “People”?
Chapter 5097 Kindness and revenge!
Chapter 5098 Puppet and Sea Beast Island!
Chapter 5099 Sea Beast Island!
Chapter 5100 Brother Wu!
Chapter 5101 Undead?
Chapter 5102 Sentinels and puppet army!
Chapter 5103 A lot of harvest!
Chapter 5104 The road to swallow the sky!
Chapter 5105 Insincere! I can't help myself!
Chapter 5106 Devil!
Chapter 5107 The remnants of Jiuyou Magic Palace!
Chapter 5108 Seeking a dead end?
Chapter 5109 Secret back then!
Chapter 5110 Secret treasure!
Chapter 5111 Icefield! Wind and snow forbidden!
Chapter 5112 Sealed land!
Chapter 5113 Ice Spirit!
Chapter 5114 Smooth escape!
Chapter 5115 Li Juenian!
Chapter 5116 Bird?
Chapter 5117 Divide the troops into two ways!
Chapter 5118 Shen Xianshui!
Chapter 5119 I am a sword cultivator, no need to say more.
Chapter 5120 Under Shen Xianshui!
Chapter 5121 Black coffin!
Chapter 5122 The people in the coffin!
Chapter 5123 Take an adventure!
Chapter 5124 The road is in the mountains!
Chapter 5125 Heaven and Earth Array! Yin and Yang create coffins!
Chapter 5126 Channel!
Chapter 5127 The woman in red!
Chapter 5128 The means of Jiuyou Magic Palace!
Chapter 5129 Come and see me!
Chapter 5130 Changes in the magic tower!
Chapter 5131 Holy Ancestor!
Chapter 5132 Catch people! Catch birds!
Chapter 5133 Zhou Xinjun!
Chapter 5134 Re-enter Tianzhu Peak!
Chapter 5135 Battle!
Chapter 5136 Break out of the siege!
Chapter 5137 Conscience and justice!
Chapter 5138 Is a ruthless man!
Chapter 5139 Escape from Tianzhu Peak!
Chapter 5140 Seven bronze corpses!
Chapter 5141 Kill the bronze corpse!
Chapter 5142 Safe escape!
Chapter 5143 Cross the robbery!
Chapter 5144 It's over!
Chapter 5145 Leave!
Chapter 5146 Kezhou Incident!
Chapter 5147 Hatred!
Chapter 5148 Bai Yifei!
Chapter 5149 Bai Yi flew out of the gate!
Chapter 5150 A trip to Kezhou!
Chapter 5151 Path to Xuanhuo Island!
Chapter 5152 Five Immortals of East Island!
Chapter 5153 Xiuling City!
Chapter 5154 Hometown!
Chapter 5155 Secret agent team!
Chapter 5156 Escape from Xiuling City!
Chapter 5157 Spy!
Chapter 5158 Blood God!
Chapter 5159 The power of family and sect!
Chapter 5160 Meet Taiyi again!
Chapter 5161 Information in the city of no grace!
Chapter 5162 The situation is complicated!
Chapter 5163 The third thing!
Chapter 5164 Zhang Hufa and the ancestor of the Li family!
Chapter 5165 Snow City!
Chapter 5166 Zhennan City!
Chapter 5167 Yingxian Pavilion!
Chapter 5168 The chasing troops arrive!
Chapter 5169 Point to a way to live!
Chapter 5170 The Taoist God List of the State of Chu!
Chapter 5171 The defense map of Zhen'an City!
Chapter 5172 The trick is successful!
Chapter 5173 The power of Taiyi Daoguo!
Chapter 5174 Twenty-eight Taiyi Daoguo!
Chapter 5175 The owner of Zhennan City!
Chapter 5176 Defection!
Chapter 5177 Chaos in Zhennan City!
Chapter 5178 Break his arm!
Chapter 5179 The pursuit has arrived!
Chapter 5180 Shocked Zheng Heng!
Chapter 5181 Ling Hairi!
Chapter 5182 Ling Yunbo!
Chapter 5183 White skirt woman!
Chapter 5184 Chu Xi!
Chapter 5185 Battleboat! God of War Cannon!
Chapter 5186 The lord of the city without grace! He Yi!
Chapter 5187 The commander of the Zhao Punishment Division! Zhu Mo!
Chapter 5188 Trap!
Chapter 5189 An overwhelming victory!
Chapter 5190 Massacre!
Chapter 5191 Tianji Pavilion!
Chapter 5192 Xuanfeng City!
Chapter 5193 Xuanfeng Mountains!
Chapter 5194 The weak eat the strong!
Chapter 5195 Wild fox!
Chapter 5196 The spirit fox family!
Chapter 5197 Encirclement and suppression!
Chapter 5198 Murder again!
Chapter 5199 Dragon Eagle ancestor!
Chapter 5200 Five ways to swallow the sky! An inch in the palm of your hand!
Chapter 5201 The story of the owner of the city without grace!
Chapter 5202 The suspicion of the Blood God Sect!
Chapter 5203 Reinforcements arrive!
Chapter 5204 Three elders!
Chapter 5205 Humiliation!
Chapter 5206 A sword!
Chapter 5207 The grudge is deep!
Chapter 5208 Pack the mountain battle boat!
Chapter 5209 Jiang Zhen!
Chapter 5210 Recruit!
Chapter 5211 Princess Leping!
Chapter 5212 Qinglian Heavenly Grace!
Chapter 5213 Li Guxian's visit!
Chapter 5214 Goodbye old friends!
Chapter 5215 His Royal Highness Chen Wang!
Chapter 5216 Difficult to do!
Chapter 5217 Twelve Army Kings!
Chapter 5218 The inheritance of Qinglian sword fairy!
Chapter 5219 Teaching swordsmanship!
Chapter 5220 Secret words in the boudoir.
Chapter 5221 Turnaround!
Chapter 5222 Wind Spirit City!
Chapter 5223 Meet!
Chapter 5224 Baoheng!
Chapter 5225 Exploring the City Lord's Mansion at night!
Chapter 5226 Women and women!
Chapter 5227 Infatuated woman!
Chapter 5228 Qingming Divine Eyes!
Chapter 5229 Chen Yun!
Chapter 5230 House thieves are hard to prevent!
Chapter 5231 Dry Forest Street.
Chapter 5232 Luo Cong!
Chapter 5233 Escape!
Chapter 5234 The situation is worrying! It is difficult!
Chapter 5235 Talk to the Chen family!
Chapter 5236 Seek revenge in the ancient hall!
Chapter 5237 The location of the Blood God's Fenjie Tower!
Chapter 5238 The Chen family arrives!
Chapter 5239 Retreat!
Chapter 5240 Clever tongue!
Chapter 5241 You sweat a lot.
Chapter 5242 Pressing step by step!
Chapter 5243 Meet!
Chapter 5244 Wangu Mountain!
Chapter 5245 Shimen!
Chapter 5246 The leader of the Blood God Sect!
Chapter 5247 They are afraid of us!
Chapter 5248 Decisive battle on Wangu Mountain!
Chapter 5249 King Chai Ning!
Chapter 5250 Under the blood!
Chapter 5251 This is the order of the county master!
Chapter 5252 The wish of all beings!
Chapter 5253 The origin of the blood god religion!
Chapter 5254 Powerless!
Chapter 5255 The battle of the sea!
Chapter 5256 Attack the mountain!
Chapter 5257 Supreme Dharma! All beings bow down!
Chapter 5258 Swallowing the Way of Heaven! Blood God!
Chapter 5259 A sudden heresy!
Chapter 5260 God King phantom!
Chapter 5261 The army arrives!
Chapter 5262 Mysterious powerhouse!
Chapter 5263 Wang Yin!
Chapter 5264 The terror of King Chai Ning!
Chapter 5265 The curtain ends!
Chapter 5266 The life of King Chai Ning!
Chapter 5267 Marquis and Kings!
Chapter 5268 Chen's banquet!
Chapter 5269 Woman's heart! Undersea needle!
Chapter 5270 Chen Yun is in trouble!
Chapter 5271 Arrogant Chen Yule!
Chapter 5272 The mind is too small!
Chapter 5273 Dragon blood wine!
Chapter 5274 Killing Sword Intent!
Chapter 5275 The third stage...
Chapter 5276 So many years...
Chapter 5277 Talk broke!
Chapter 5278 Return to the imperial capital!
Chapter 5279 The treasure building of the magic weapon!
Chapter 5280 Four hundred and ninety-ninth!
Chapter 5281 Murder!
Chapter 5282 Goodbye Magic Flower!
Chapter 5283 Master Liu!
Chapter 5284 Master Shang Shu!
Chapter 5285 Saved?
Chapter 5286 Three princes!
Chapter 5287 Go!
Chapter 5288 I refuse!
Chapter 5289 Banquet!
Chapter 5290 Thirteen sword slaves!
Chapter 5291 Banquet competition!
Chapter 5292 Dancing?
Chapter 5293 Three battlefields!
Chapter 5294 It's finally here!
Chapter 5295 Invisible Sword Qi!
Chapter 5296 Contest!
Chapter 5297 Tianjiao stage!
Chapter 5298 Pretend to get drunk!
Chapter 5299 The wicked complain first!
Chapter 5300 Shangqing Lin Bai!
Chapter 5301 Chen Yu Le Feng Hou!
Chapter 5302 Immortal Building!
Chapter 5303 White Deer Academy!
Chapter 5304 Words to help!
Chapter 5305: One sword cuts the ocean, and one stroke fills the abyss!
Chapter 5306 Wild relics and wild aliens!
Chapter 5307 Pull gangs!
Chapter 5308 All are a group of wine bags and rice bags!
Chapter 5309 None of them are soft persimmons!
Chapter 5310 Prince Liang! Chu Zimo!
Chapter 5311 Hunting Garden Alliance!
Chapter 5312 Weird Heavenly Power World!
Chapter 5313 A 'dead end'!
Chapter 5314 Intricate!
Chapter 5315 Three difficult problems!
Chapter 5316 Commission from Tianji Pavilion!
Chapter 5317 Dongtian hunting park!
Chapter 5318 Emperor Chu is here!
Chapter 5319 King Chen seals!
Chapter 5320 Hunting begins!
Chapter 5321 Red Yanman Snake!
Chapter 5322 First battle!
Chapter 5323 First kill!
Chapter 5324 Meet the Emperor again!
Chapter 5325 Cherish words like Emperor Jin's speechless!
Chapter 5326 White Dragon!
Chapter 5327: Pay back what is due, and give what is due.
Chapter 5328 Emperor Tears!
Chapter 5329 The power of the Qian family!
Chapter 5330 Six-member alliance!
Chapter 5331 Make a plan!
Chapter 5332 Nine Dragons Ring!
Chapter 5333 Six giant beasts!
Chapter 5334 Fierce battle!
Chapter 5335 Kill them all!
Chapter 5336 Invisible monsters!
Chapter 5337 Sky-covering lizard!
Chapter 5338 Tricky!
Chapter 5339 Give you a flaw!
Chapter 5340 Feed the tiger with your body!
Chapter 5341 Feathering elixir!
Chapter 5342 Skyrocketing!
Chapter 5343 The young generation is number one in swordsmanship!
Chapter 5344 Holy Son War!
Chapter 5345 Crush!
Chapter 5346 The whereabouts of the Tianshui Sect disciples!
Chapter 5347 Surrounding!
Chapter 5348 Lin Bai is here!
Chapter 5349 Eight Desolate Demon Killing Array!
Chapter 5350 Unstoppable!
Chapter 5351 Chase and kill!
Chapter 5352 Old Demon.
Chapter 5353 Come and save me!
Chapter 5354 Stand by!
Chapter 5355 Rescue!
Chapter 5356 The hunt is over!
Chapter 5357 The rain is coming!
Chapter 5358 Easy ancient face saint!
Chapter 5359 The road of the emperor! Blood and bones!
Chapter 5360 Tianji Pavilion! More than fifty old men!
Chapter 5361 Three needs!
Chapter 5362 Taiyi Jindan!
Chapter 5363 The first craftsman of Chu State! Ren Xin!
Chapter 5364 Go their separate ways!
Chapter 5365 Bai Yifei and Lao Dao!
Chapter 5366 A wave is not settled! A wave is about to start!
Chapter 5367 Jiang Yang robber!
Chapter 5368 We are brothers!
Chapter 5369 Passing by!
Chapter 5370 The battle of the saints!
Chapter 5371 The support of the elders!
Chapter 5372 Flower Valley Secret Talk!
Chapter 5373 Debt collectors!
Chapter 5374 New deal!
Chapter 5375 Two requirements!
Chapter 5376 Seize the Inheritance!
Chapter 5377 Sincerity!
Chapter 5378 Emissary!
Chapter 5379 The storm is surging!
Chapter 5380 Twenty-seven sects of Chu State!
Chapter 5381 The elders gather!
Chapter 5382 Organize a celebration!
Chapter 5383 Kuroshio!
Chapter 5384 Taoism!
Chapter 5385 Frightening sword potential!
Chapter 5386 Watch the tide and realize the sword!
Chapter 5387 Yuntian Sword Sect arrives!
Chapter 5388 Guests gather!
Chapter 5389 The wind rises!
Chapter 5390 Rich has distant relatives in the mountains!
Chapter 5391 The celebration begins!
Chapter 5392 Worship the ancestors!
Chapter 5393 The dispute has begun!
Chapter 5394 Disloyalty and filial piety!
Chapter 5395 Hit until you are convinced!
Chapter 5396 Three kings and seven swordsmen!
Chapter 5397 Your swordsmanship is full of flaws!
Chapter 5398 Yuntian Sword Sect has been counseled!
Chapter 5399 Build momentum!
Chapter 5400 A certain Lin is enough!
Chapter 5401 Twenty warriors!
Chapter 5402 Wangtian Sword Emperor!
Chapter 5403 A sip of wine!
Chapter 5404 Strong crush!
Chapter 5405 Kneel down and kowtow!
Chapter 5406 The grievances are deep!
Chapter 5407 The storm is temporarily suspended!
Chapter 5408 The challenge from Tiandimen!
Chapter 5409 Hangover!
Chapter 5410 The storm is back!
Chapter 5411 Mysterious attack!
Chapter 5412 Yuntian Sword Sect suffered heavy casualties!
Chapter 5413 The Jiuyou Magic Palace reappears!
Chapter 5414 Their goal!
Chapter 5415 The next goal!
Chapter 5416 Clear Water Bay!
Chapter 5417 As usual?
Chapter 5418 White fog!
Chapter 5419 Meet the siblings again!
Chapter 5420 The blood shadow son and the blood spirit son!
Chapter 5421 The real saint child level!
Chapter 5422 The old man in black!
Chapter 5423 The safety of His Royal Highness Chen Wang!
Chapter 5424 Regain the Huangquan Demon Bone!
Chapter 5425 Fierce battle!
Chapter 5426 Holy Ancestor? (Happy New Year to everyone)!
Chapter 5427 Sweep the half moon!
Chapter 5428 You ask me? Who do I ask?
Chapter 5429 The greedy crow!
Chapter 5430 Bullying the small with the big?
Chapter 5431 Traces revealed!
Chapter 5432 Fight the bloody son again!
Chapter 5433 Ruthless!
Chapter 5434 What a ruthless!
Chapter 5435 End!
Chapter 5436 If I can’t help it, I won’t go.
Chapter 5437 Farewell!
Chapter 5438: People in the world cannot help themselves!
Chapter 5439 The thunder method of Zhao Xingsi!
Chapter 5440 Go alone!
Chapter 5441 Mysterious powerhouse?
Chapter 5442 Deceiving birds?
Chapter 5443 Emperor Emperor!
Chapter 5444 Go to Tiandimen!
Chapter 5445 Poor scholar!
Chapter 5446 Town Demon Cave!
Chapter 5447 The eve of the storm!
Chapter 5448 Dilemma!
Chapter 5398 The last generation of saints! Qin Mo!
Chapter 5399 Holy Son Lin Bai, come to worship the mountain!
Chapter 5400 The magic circle organization!
Chapter 5401 Disgraceful!
Chapter 5402 Nine Tribulations of Heaven and Earth!
Chapter 5403 Land Pass!
Chapter 5455 One hundred and eight slashes of heaven and earth!
Chapter 5456 The miraculous effect of Shura's eyes!
Chapter 5406 Kill the heart!
Chapter 5407 Reluctantly passed?
Chapter 5408 Nine robbery!
Chapter 5409 Ten Thousand Corpses Shalei!
Chapter 5410 Kill one more person!
Chapter 5411 Shameless!
Chapter 5412 Fighting Nine Tribulations!
Chapter 5413 The domineering of the Nine Tribulation Order!
Chapter 5414 Golden Tribulation Order!
Chapter 5415 Kill six people in a row!
Chapter 5467 This time, I want his life!
Chapter 5468 Dong Yi!
Chapter 5469 The magic of all poisons!
Chapter 5470 Fight against Dong Yi!
Chapter 5471 Dong Yi blew himself up!
Chapter 5472 Qin Mo appears!
Chapter 5473 The fierce battle of the seven!
Chapter 5474 Breaking six people in a row!
Chapter 5475 Daozi!
Chapter 5476 Swallowing stars!
Chapter 5477 Decisive battle!
Chapter 5478 The dragon returns to the sea!
Chapter 5479 Life and death are divided! The outcome is determined!
Chapter 5480 Get out!
Chapter 5481 Wolf smoke rises!
Chapter 5482 For His Highness!
Chapter 5483 Nine-day Royal Thunder Array!
Chapter 5484 Xuantian ancient mirror!
Chapter 5485 The siege of nine Taiyi powerhouses!
Chapter 5486 Then try it!
Chapter 5487 Swallowing the Supreme Image!
Chapter 5488 The ancient mirror of Xuantian is broken!
Chapter 5489 Who do you value?
Chapter 5490 A deal with Xiao Cangsheng!
Chapter 5491 An island in the water mirror sea!
Chapter 5492 Yu Guang's death!
Chapter 5493 Got it!
Chapter 5494 Suspicion!
Chapter 5495 Storm City! Zhao Family!
Chapter 5496 The change of the water mirror sea!
Chapter 5497 Concealing the sky and crossing the sea!
Chapter 5498 There is only one battle!
Chapter 5499 Lin Bai appeared!
Chapter 5500 Black Dragon Array
Chapter 5501 The core of the eye formation!
Chapter 5502 Funeral!
Chapter 5503 Golden Thunder!
Chapter 5504 Kidnap the head of the Zhao family!
Chapter 5505 Dai Xuan and Ding Mu!
Chapter 5506 Fighting Taiyi Dao Fruit!
Chapter 5507 Beheading!
Chapter 5508 One wave after another!
Chapter 5509 Reinforcement!
Chapter 5510 The situation is unfavorable!
Chapter 5511 Return to the sect!
Chapter 5512 The odds are not big!
Chapter 5513 Secret!
Chapter 5514 The four stages of the great formation!
Chapter 5515 Nine ancient sects!
Chapter 5516 Mysterious Yellow Talisman!
Chapter 5517 The array map was stolen!
Chapter 5518 The Xuanwu Great Array was broken!
Chapter 5519 Re-enter the water mirror sea!
Chapter 5520 The army of Tiandimen arrives!
Chapter 5521 Take advantage of the situation!
Chapter 5522 Guard the underground palace!
Chapter 5523 Chaos into a pot of porridge!
Chapter 5524 Wuxiu kills!
Chapter 5525 Brothers turn against each other!
Chapter 5526 The revenge of murder!
Chapter 5527 Taiyi Fubao!
Chapter 5528 Mysterious Yellow Talisman!
Chapter 5529 Gain!
Chapter 5530 Hand blade traitor!
Chapter 5531 Kill Qi Kun!
Chapter 5532 Black Demon Flame!
Chapter 5533 The mourning bird!
Chapter 5534 The strong gather!
Chapter 5535 Great Luo Daoguo! Zhang Bailiu!
Chapter 5536 The eve of the war!
Chapter 5537 Make waves!
Chapter 5538 Soldiers approach the city!
Chapter 5539 The war begins!
Chapter 5540 A thorn in the eye!
Chapter 5541 Elder Taiyi! Wan Yu!
Chapter 5542 Taoism! Seven stars break the army!
Chapter 5543 Da Luo Daoguo takes action!
Chapter 5544 The battle situation is anxious!
Chapter 5545 Great loss!
Chapter 5546 Consume 90 million a day!
Chapter 5547 The battlefield continues!
Chapter 5548 Qian's messenger!
Chapter 5549 War money!
Chapter 5550 Trap!
Chapter 5551 Massacre!
Chapter 5552 Demon-swinging battleship!
Chapter 5553 Terrifying like this!
Chapter 5554 Xuanjie compass!
Chapter 5555 Kill Taiyi!
Chapter 5556 Heavy casualties!
Chapter 5557 Gather prestige!
Chapter 5558 Deceiving birds is too much!
Chapter 5559 The defense of the black water sea!
Chapter 5560 Ancestor Pan Qing!
Chapter 5561 Breaking the forbidden sword!
Chapter 5562 The plan begins!
Chapter 5563 Fierce battle on the black water area!
Chapter 5564 Black Dragon’s Nest!!
Chapter 5565 Inside the volcano!
Chapter 5566 Earth Heart Fire Jiao!
Chapter 5567 Material space!
Chapter 5568 Bone-eroding magic flame!
Chapter 5569 A sea of ??fire!
Chapter 5570 Is it war or harmony?
Chapter 5571 Hunt down!
Chapter 5572 Fight Taiyi again!
Chapter 5573 Peach Blossom Branch!
Chapter 5574 Shen Chunfeng!
Chapter 5575 The person who came back!
Chapter 5576 Three days! Five days!
Chapter 5577 The rain is coming and the wind is full of buildings!
Chapter 5578 Break the cauldron and sink the boat!
Chapter 5579 The method of breaking the formation!
Chapter 5580 The battle situation changes!
Chapter 5581 Daluo ends! Battlefield handover!
Chapter 5582 Ancestor Duan Feng!
Chapter 5583 Duan Feng who burns Daoguo!
Chapter 5584 Twelve great Luo Daoguo realm powerhouses!
Chapter 5585 The ancestor of Zhao Yangze!
Chapter 5586 The return of the king!
Chapter 5587 Who... disturbed the peace of my Tianshui Sect!
Chapter 5588 Old man! Zhao Yangze!
Chapter 5589 Terrifying Zhao Yangze!
Chapter 5590 The outcome has been decided! We won!
Chapter 5591 The war is over!
Chapter 5592 The third prince is furious! Disappointed!!
Chapter 5593 The war ends!!
Chapter 5594 1.67 million warriors died in battle!
Chapter 5595 Rewards based on merit!
Chapter 5596 Rebirth plan!
Chapter 5597: Holy Son Lin Bai, are you from the Tiantian Clan?
Chapter 5598 Soldiers are dangerous!
Chapter 5599 Eighteen thousand fairy jade!
Chapter 5600 Seven days later! Start breaking through!
Chapter 5601 Five hundred thousand fairy jade!
Chapter 5602 The secret realm of Taiyi! Daoyun Mountain Peak!
Chapter 5603 I want to go back!
Chapter 5604 It's all chess pieces!
Chapter 5605 Breakthroughs one after another!
Chapter 5606 Realm breakthrough! Taiyi Dao Fruit!
Chapter 5607 Clear water brewing!
Chapter 5608 The messenger of His Royal Highness Chen Wang!
Chapter 5609 The royal family secret from a thousand years ago!
Chapter 5610 The aftermath of the millennium has not dissipated!
Chapter 5611
Chapter 5612 Goodbye to the imperial capital!
Chapter 5613 A profitable business?
Chapter 5614 Fighting outside the imperial capital!
Chapter 5615 Press people with power!
Chapter 5616 The Son of the Dragon Sect! Li Yushan!
Chapter 5617 Holy Son of Seven Absolutes! Lu Qingjun!
Chapter 5618 Come back to the imperial capital!
Chapter 5619 The plight of His Royal Highness the Third Prince!
Chapter 5620 Zhao Punishment! Sword wielder!
Chapter 5621 Chen Yule visits!
Chapter 5622 Bizarre sudden death! Second prince!
Chapter 5623 The cause of death of the second prince!
Chapter 5624 Go to Tianji Pavilion!
Chapter 5625 Divine Tears Immortal Gold!
Chapter 5626 The world is all for profit!
Chapter 5627 The clues are emerging!
Chapter 5628 Ren Xin's death!
Chapter 5629 Sea God Pearl!
Chapter 5630 The most useful news!
Chapter 5631 Hiding place!
Chapter 5632 Swordsman!
Chapter 5633 Archives secret room!
Chapter 5634 Impermanence girl!
Chapter 5635 Bewildering!
Chapter 5636 Seventy-five Kinds of King Poisons in the Insect Valley of Southern Xinjiang, Tribulation of Gods and Demons.
Chapter 5586 Recalling the past! Emperor Chu is sad!
Chapter 5587 A wrong time!
Chapter 5639 Great work!
Chapter 5640 Mixed fish and dragons!
Chapter 5641 Find an opportunity to meet them!
Chapter 5642 A mountain of invitations!
Chapter 5643 The deal with the crow!
Chapter 5644 Banquet in the star-gazing courtyard!
Chapter 5645 Tianjiao gathers!
Chapter 5646 Drumming for fun!
Chapter 5647 Nine-day star robe!
Chapter 5648 Xingyue Second Sect!
Chapter 5649 Fine drink!
Chapter 5650 But still!
Chapter 5651 Hard irrigation!
Chapter 5652 Rare indulgence!
Chapter 5653 Beat the drum ten times! The outcome is already divided!
Chapter 5654 After drinking! The real us!
Chapter 5655 The banquet is over!
Chapter 5656 Meng Jixian's voice transmission!
Chapter 5657 Mingyuefang!
Chapter 5658 Bright Moon Tianhe!
Chapter 5659 Moon Palace Hua Kui! Lady Shen Xian!
Chapter 5660 Moon Palace Flower Card!
Chapter 5661 Wind Snow Palace!
Chapter 5662 Red Mansion! Red candle warms the tent!
Chapter 5663 Miss Yunke!
Chapter 5664 Brag! I'm not afraid of anyone!
Chapter 5665 Young Master Wu Long!
Chapter 5666 Spread the rumors!
Chapter 5667 Call Li Mo over!
Chapter 5668 Make friends!
Chapter 5669 Li Mo is here!
Chapter 5670 The holy son gathers!
Chapter 5671 Weird friendship!
Chapter 5672 Yin-Yang Sect in the Southern Region! Holy Son Wu Kang!
Chapter 5673 The war is escalating! Holy Son melee!
Chapter 5674 Chen Yule! One against two!
Chapter 5675 Qinglian sword intent reappears in the world!
Chapter 5676 The situation escalates! The reinforcements of the Holy Son arrive!
Chapter 5677 One enemy nine!
Chapter 5678 Nine consecutive defeats!
Chapter 5679 Old eunuch! Your father-in-law!
Chapter 5680 Emperor Chu summoned!
Chapter 5681 Clever tongue!
Chapter 5682 Emperor Chu convicts!
Chapter 5683 The farce ends!
Chapter 5684 The questioning of the two women!
Chapter 5685 Bullying the weak?
Chapter 5686 The trace of Lanting Xiaozhu!
Chapter 5687 It's hard to tell the truth from the fake!
Chapter 5688 Chen Wangfu! Tianzi Camp!
Chapter 5689 The garrison of Lanting Xiaozhu!
Chapter 5690 Nanzhi Xiaoyuan! Tianzi camp gathers!
Chapter 5691 Lin Bai's plan!
Chapter 5692 The action begins! Sneak into Lanting Xiaozhu!
Chapter 5693 Void God Escape Technique!
Chapter 5694 Trouble!
Chapter 5695 The sound of the east and the west!
Chapter 5696 Crows steal pills!
Chapter 5697 Mrs. Xiao!
Chapter 5698 Posthumous mother and daughter! Li Qiaoyun and Li Chuyin!
Chapter 5699 Four Elephant Gate! I wish you poor!
Chapter 5700 The technique of spiritual thought!
Chapter 5701 Break out of the siege!
Chapter 5702 The melee of hundreds of Taiyi Daoguo warriors!
Chapter 5703 The old man of middle grade Taiyi!
Chapter 5704 Poison repair!
Chapter 5705 The warriors of the Southern Xinjiang Insect Valley!
Chapter 5706 Gold mask!
Chapter 5707 Ten thousand years of loneliness! Emperor Chu!
Chapter 5708 Return to the imperial capital!
Chapter 5709 Hard-working people!
Chapter 5710 Lin Bai should take the lead in this battle!
Chapter 5711 Panchun Restaurant!
Chapter 5712 The more you do, the more mistakes you make, it’s better not to do it!
Chapter 5713 Chaos in the imperial capital!
Chapter 5714 Old friends visit!
Chapter 5715 The bizarrely missing female disciple!
Chapter 5716: As warriors, chivalry comes first!
Chapter 5717 The waves are treacherous!
Chapter 5718 Devil's way!
Chapter 5719 Nancheng, worship platform?
Chapter 5720 The moon falls nine days!
Chapter 5721 Lin Bai's thoughts!
Chapter 5722 Peerless Shuangjiao!
Chapter 5723 Jiuyou Magic Palace! Young Master Bliss!
Chapter 5724 Lead the snake out of the hole!
Chapter 5725 Alley fighting!
Chapter 5726 A catastrophe!
Chapter 5727 Save the two girls!
Chapter 5728 Doubtful!
Chapter 5729 The magic palace divides the rudder!
Chapter 5730 Fight on Yongle Street!
Chapter 5731 Soulless Sect!
Chapter 5732 Qinglong Road Gourd!
Chapter 5733 Please help!
Chapter 5734 One enemy three!
Chapter 5735 The repressive power of the saints!
Chapter 5736 A big fish!
Chapter 5737 The aftermath is temporarily extinguished!
Chapter 5738 Undercurrent in the imperial capital!
Chapter 5739 Annoying!
Chapter 5740 The choice of Emperor Chu!
Chapter 5741 Wuchuan Weng returns to the imperial capital!
Chapter 5742 The magic weapon of the cave! Yellow-skinned gourd!
Chapter 5743 Wuchuan Weng!
Chapter 5744 Old things!
Chapter 5745 Flesh and blood turned into fly ash, leaving behind only black bones!
Chapter 5746 Ye Danyang's secret!
Chapter 5747 Prepare to die!
Chapter 5748 The death of the Son!
Chapter 5749 Return to the Holy Son! Zuo Feiyu!
Chapter 5750 A sword pierces the heart! Killed on the spot!
Chapter 5751 Pull Lu Qingjun into the water!
Chapter 5752 A sword intent!
Chapter 5753 Zhiyun Palace! Moon Girl!
Chapter 5754 Misfortune leads to the east!
Chapter 5755 The first beauty in the imperial capital!
Chapter 5756 Yaotai Flower Sea!
Chapter 5757 Miss Shen Xian!
Chapter 5758 The warning of Da Luo Daoguo realm warrior!
Chapter 5759 Miss Shen Xian's past! Daughter of Prince Hong!
Chapter 5760 The old department of Prince Hong!
Chapter 5761 All parties shake!
Chapter 5762 Emperor Chu gave marriage?
Chapter 5763 The most difficult to accept the grace of beauty!
Chapter 5764 Pan Qing fights against Zhang Linghu!
Chapter 5765 Pan Qing and Emperor Chu!
Chapter 5766 The death of the eldest grandson Hongxuan!
Chapter 5767 Trouble!
Chapter 5768 Emperor Chu summoned!
Chapter 5769 Half a month!
Chapter 5770 Beauty under the umbrella!
Chapter 5771 Hongtian Restaurant! Chaoyu Stone!
Chapter 5772 Weird moon girl!
Chapter 5773 The secrets of Qijue City!
Chapter 5774 Nothing!
Chapter 5775 Traceless Dao Sect!
Chapter 5776 Zhao Punishment arrests people? Need evidence?
Chapter 5777 Black Dragon Legion!
Chapter 5778 Waiting for a long time!
Chapter 5779 Come to the Snow Palace again!
Chapter 5780 Seeing Yunke again!
Chapter 5781 Another saint died!
Chapter 5782 There is no simple role in the Moon Palace Oiran!
Chapter 5783 The ins and outs!
Chapter 5784 The Qinglianzong powerhouse arrives!
Chapter 5785 Emperor Chu is furious!
Chapter 5786 Be careful! Be careful!
Chapter 5787 The plot of Jiuyou Magic Palace!
Chapter 5788: Hit with one punch to avoid hundreds of punches!
Chapter 5789 The three princes and Tianshui Sect!
Chapter 5790 Emperor Chu! Lead the snake out of the hole!
Chapter 5791 The storm will rise!
Chapter 5792 Remnants create chaos!
Chapter 5793 The immortal!
Chapter 5794 The once secret and underwater big fish!
Chapter 5795 The trace of the moon girl!
Chapter 5796 Imperial West City! Archie Block!
Chapter 5797 The moon appears!
Chapter 5798 The last generation of the Holy Son in the Seven Absolutes City! Lu Shulin!
Chapter 5799 The barrier was broken?
Chapter 5800 Twelve Shura!
Chapter 5801 Fierce battle!
Chapter 5802 Kill several people in a row!
Chapter 5803 Lin Bai's killing intent!
Chapter 5804 The battle ends here and the battlefield begins over there!
Chapter 5805 The war is over!
Chapter 5806 Waiting for a long time!
Chapter 5807 Report to Emperor Chu!
Chapter 5808 Wolf Hou! Lin Bai!
Chapter 5809 The royal family's autumn hunting!
Chapter 5810 The ignorant are fearless!
Chapter 5811 It turns out that Luo Hua intends to follow the flowing water!
Chapter 5812 Lin Bai! Must participate!
Chapter 5813 The situation is serious!
Chapter 5814 Meng Jixian's plan!
Chapter 5764 A good show!
Chapter 5765 Poor acting skills!
Chapter 5766 Pan Qing, stop pretending!
Chapter 5767 King Liang enters the capital!
Chapter 5768 The magic of Daoguo!
Chapter 5769 The power of Taiyi source!
Chapter 5770 The disciples of Tianshui Sect arrived in the imperial capital!
Chapter 5771 Treat people with admiration for three days!
Chapter 5772 The chief alchemist of Tianji Pavilion! Ye Danyang!
Chapter 5773 Clever tongue!
Chapter 5774 Peeling and pulling cocoons!
Chapter 5775 The eve of autumn hunting!
Chapter 5827 Go to Nantian Hunting Garden!
Chapter 5828 Inside the hunting garden! Meeting with old friends!
Chapter 5829 Five families and seven sects, disputes arise again!
Chapter 5830 Seventy-two countries in the Western Regions!
Chapter 5831 Fanbang small country!
Chapter 5832 The power pattern of the demon world!
Chapter 5833 Play stupid!
Chapter 5834 The man in black!
Chapter 5835 Eventful autumn!
Chapter 5836 The road meets the county master!
Chapter 5837 Princess Liang Wang! Chu Tinghan!
Chapter 5838 The eve of hunting!
Chapter 5839 Emperor Chu is coming!
Chapter 5840 The feast begins!
Chapter 5790 We are willing to go to Nantian Hunting Garden and drink for Emperor Chu’s hunting beasts!
Chapter 5791 Reward of one million immortal jade!
Chapter 5792 Camel Mountain Devil Turtle!
Chapter 5793 The secret of Huangquan's magic bone!
Chapter 5794 Whales fall to all living things!
Chapter 5795 Battle of Baishuihe!
Chapter 5796 Each has a ghost!
Chapter 5797 Emperor Jinpeng!
Chapter 5798 Redress the injustice!
Chapter 5799 Involuntarily!
Chapter 5800 The encounters of the major sects!
Chapter 5801 The apprenticeship is not successful! Become a laughing stock?
Chapter 5802 Undercurrent is surging!
Chapter 5803 No one in Chu country?
Chapter 5804 Emperor Chu orders generals!
Chapter 5805 Lin Bai ends!
Chapter 5806 Separate hunting!
Chapter 5807 The secret of the Qian family!
Chapter 5808 The helper is here!
Chapter 5809 The alliance of the two swordsmen!
Chapter 5810 Kill the ancient trees of Huangquan!
Chapter 5811 Kill the Camel Mountain Devil Turtle!
Chapter 5812 The beginning of the war!
Chapter 5813 How did you become the Son of God?
Chapter 5814 The situation has turned sharply!
Chapter 5815 Nine-headed snake!
Chapter 5816 Nie Shang arrived!
Chapter 5817 Defeat Zhao Xiantu and Li Mo!
Chapter 5818 Take away the Taiyi God Soldier! Taishan Sword and Batian Halberd!
Chapter 5819 Shocked the Heavenly Palace!
Chapter 5820 The first battle of the comeback!
Chapter 5821 The challenge of the prince of Qianshui Kingdom!
Chapter 5822 Can't catch a sword!
Chapter 5823 I will defeat you today!
Chapter 5824 The IOU of a million fairy jade!
Chapter 5825 There are constant disputes in the Yuhua Tiangong!
Chapter 5826 Give a glass of wine! Jiuxiao Xianlu!
Chapter 5827 Yunxiao Peak! The gambling fight begins!
Chapter 5828 The strangeness in the hunting garden!
Chapter 5829 Forbidden sea Xuanfeng sand!
Chapter 5830 Really my door!
Chapter 5831 Holy Son! Ge Qishan!
Chapter 5832 Weird soul body!
Chapter 5833 Beast Soul Talisman!
Chapter 5834 Find something strange!
Chapter 5835 The strangeness of the Qian family!
Chapter 5836 Yunxiao Peak! Tianshui Sect fought hard!
Chapter 5837 Powerful disciples of heaven and earth!
Chapter 5838 Lin Bai is here!
Chapter 5839 Shameless Heaven and Earth Gate!
Chapter 5840 Kill the enemy with one sword!
Chapter 5841 The grudges are hard to disappear!
Chapter 5842 There are many secrets!
Chapter 5843 Long time no see! Xuantong!
Chapter 5844 Counterattack!
Chapter 5845 Residual soul recovery!
Chapter 5846 The soul of the devil!
Chapter 5847 Dragon slaying skills! Show your power again!
Chapter 5848 Behead all to kill!
Chapter 5849 The trend of a comeback!
Chapter 5850 Chen Yule's challenge!
Chapter 5902 The Sun Family and Monkey King Monkey King!
Chapter 5853 The strength of the ink pill!
Chapter 5854 Divine Furnace! Never put out fires!
Chapter 5855 Lu Qingjun and others arrive!
Chapter 5856 The final showdown!
Chapter 5857 The battle of life and death!
Chapter 5858 The war begins!
Chapter 5859 The killing of the Holy Son!
Chapter 5860 Lin Bai confronts the Holy Son of the Undying Holy Religion!
Chapter 5861 Daoism! The clutches of the stars!
Chapter 5862 Red Lotus!
Chapter 5863 Rebirth from a drop of blood!
Chapter 5864 Constantly reborn!
Chapter 5865 Lin Bai's three reconciliation conditions!
Chapter 5866 How is the weather today?
Chapter 5867 Negotiated!
Chapter 5868 Top Daluo soldiers! Golden Dragon Shield!
Chapter 5869 The demise of the ancient god of war in Daqi!
Chapter 5870 The power of a sword!
Chapter 5871 The right and the left! All sides are exquisite!
Chapter 5872 There is a price to pay for arrogance!
Chapter 5873 The end!
Chapter 5874: Admit defeat?
Chapter 5875 Talk about conditions again!
Chapter 5876 Negotiated.
Chapter 5877 The hunt is over!
Chapter 5878 Hunting Reward!
Chapter 5879 Fulfilling the 'conditions'
Chapter 5880 Picking treasures!
Chapter 5881 The royal family recruits a son-in-law!
Chapter 5882 Die without regrets and cut hair!
Chapter 5883 Lin Bai’s sweetheart!
Chapter 5884 Me!
Chapter 5885 Asking for the Taiyi Divine Weapon!
Chapter 5886 End! Return!
Chapter 5887 The Ancient Tree of the Underworld and the Demonic Bones of the Underworld!
Chapter 5888 Goodbye Mr. Kirikawa!
Chapter 5889 Hibernating!
Chapter 5890 Hongtian Restaurant! Chaoyu Stone!
Chapter 5891 The 'dog-headed strategist' of Prince Hong's Mansion!
Chapter 5892 'That thing'!
Chapter 5893 The cunning man!
Chapter 5894 The plan is finalized!
Chapter 5865 Undercurrent surges!
Chapter 5896 Future son-in-law!
Chapter 5897 Lin Bai’s banquet at the Immortal Tower!
Chapter 5898 Chen Yule, can’t he?
Chapter 5899 The guests gather!
Chapter 5900 Tianshan Snow Deer Meat!
Chapter 5901 Shenxianlou's specialty!
Chapter 5902 Banquet!
Chapter 5903 Brother Lin, please coax...
Chapter 5904 The arrival of Shen Xian girl!
Chapter 5905 Break off the marriage?
Chapter 5906 Shelter!
Chapter 5907 Opportunity!
Chapter 5908 Reveal the news!
Chapter 5909 Drink too much, drink too much...
Chapter 5910 Prince Hong's Mansion!
Chapter 5911 Hikijaide Cave!
Chapter 5912 Breakthrough cultivation base!
Chapter 5913 The anxious third prince!
Chapter 5914 Cultivation breakthrough! Middle-grade Taiyi Daoguo realm!
Chapter 5915 The heyday sect arrives in the imperial capital!
Chapter 5916 Meng Ye visits!
Chapter 5917 Biting the hook!
Chapter 5918 The third prince has made a move!
Chapter 5919 Explore the Moon Palace again!
Chapter 5920 It's hard to walk without money!
Chapter 5921 Brother Luo!
Chapter 5922 Gaga!
Chapter 5923 Lutai Palace! Miss Bailu!
Chapter 5924 Keep playing music and keep dancing!
Chapter 5925 Follow-up plan!
Chapter 5926 Finalize the plan!
Chapter 5927 What does Lord Wolf mean?
Chapter 5928 Complete Taoism?
Chapter 5929 Long Street Teahouse!
Chapter 5930 There is a big boss behind me!
Chapter 5931 The flying sword swept through the three realms and six paths!
Chapter 5932 Control tens of thousands of flying swords!
Chapter 5933 The secret of dragon eye flying sword!
Chapter 5934 The five-element sword formation against chaos!
Chapter 5935 The essence of the five elements!
Chapter 5936 Shenbing Baolou Tournament!
Chapter 5937 The Northern Territory natural disaster!
Chapter 5938 Frontier movement!
Chapter 5929 Northern warrior!
Chapter 5940 Eastern and Northern Territories!
Chapter 5941 Complete defeat!
Chapter 5942 The Holy Son cannot end!
Chapter 5943 Top pulling!
Chapter 5944 A bad breath!
Chapter 5945 The turmoil intensifies!
Chapter 5946 Stand in the dark and look to the light!
Chapter 5947 Golden rose mask!
Chapter 5948 Threesome!
Chapter 5949 The beginning of the war!
Chapter 5950 Strange!
Chapter 5951 An unknown soldier in the Eastern Region!
Chapter 5952 The old monster in Mingyuefang!
Chapter 5953 The gods pour three cups!
Chapter 5954 Sweeping North City!
Chapter 5955 Fierce battle against Zihe!
Chapter 5956 The plan is temporarily over!
Chapter 5957 Deal with the follow-up!
Chapter 5958 The face under the mask!
Chapter 5959 Spread throughout the imperial capital!
Chapter 5960 Golden face!
Chapter 5961 Golden Warrior?
Chapter 5962 It’s good to stand and exercise!
Chapter 5963 Discuss countermeasures!
Chapter 5964 Wait and see!
Chapter 5965 A wave of unrest and another wave!
Chapter 5966 The conspiracy of the Nine Nether Demon Palace!
Chapter 5967 Treasure and sword of Jiuyou Demon Palace!
Chapter 5968 Sooner or later it will be a family!
Chapter 5969 Sword and key!
5970--Andrew Summoning Crows
Chapter 5971 Crow's ability!
Chapter 5972 Lin Bai's speculation!
Chapter 5973 Multiple friends, multiple paths!
Chapter 5974 Curse at the sky!
Chapter 5975 Jiuyou Demon Palace! Taoist Yao Qian!
Chapter 5976 It doesn’t matter who is under the mask!
Chapter 5977 Goddess of Jiuyou Demon Palace!
Chapter 5978 Find a way to break the game!
Chapter 5979 Paintings of twenty-one princes!
Chapter 5980 The new oiran of Fengxue Palace!
Chapter 5981 Moon dance girl!
Chapter 5982 The gentleman on the beam!
Chapter 5983 Top pulling!
Chapter 5984 Mind like a fox!
Chapter 5985 Private house of twenty-one princes!
Chapter 5986 Sword key!
Chapter 5987 Meet the strong man of Jiuyou Demon Palace again!
Chapter 5988 Four pieces of Taiyi magic weapon! Kill top-rank Taiyi!
Chapter 5989 Seven consecutive defeats! Unstoppable!
Chapter 5990 Brother Lin is really not an ordinary person!
Chapter 5991 Cooperation is a win-win situation! Divide and burn!
Chapter 5992 Talk about cooperation with the royal family!
Chapter 5993 The smarter the person, the harder it is to deal with him!
Chapter 5994 The deal is settled!
Chapter 5995 Sword No. 6!
Chapter 5996 The Holy Son of the Flying Sword Demon Sect, Luo Qiu!
Chapter 5997 Dragon Smoke Inn!
Chapter 5998 There is no ambush here!
Chapter 5999 Huaxianyuan!
Chapter 6051 He is coming!
Chapter 6052 Suppressing Daozi Chu Qin!
Chapter 6053 Meeting Li Guxian and He Qiyun again!
Chapter 6054 The methods of the Nine Nether Demon Palace! How cruel!
Chapter 6055: Your Highness, what have you experienced these days?
Chapter 6056 The twenty-first prince!
Chapter 6057 Li Guxian’s “identity”
Chapter 6058 Am I a bit 'ungrateful'?
Chapter 6059 Qianzhou System!
Chapter 6060 Infiltrating the Royal Family!
Chapter 6061 Goodbye, the twenty-first prince!
Chapter 6062: There is nothing wrong with being a free king!
Chapter 6063 Princess Qingyue!
Chapter 6064 I want to ask you for help!
Chapter 6065: Kneel down first. I have something to ask you!
Chapter 6066 A slap!
Chapter 6067 Information about the eldest princess!
Chapter 6068: The emperor was so angry that he laid down millions of corpses!
Chapter 6069 Emperor Chu’s beating!
Chapter 6070 Warriors from the Northern Territory! Battle at Yuedinglou again!
Chapter 6071 The Northern Territory warrior’s last move!
Chapter 6072 Kneel down and beg for mercy! Anger the Eastern Region!
Chapter 6073 The real golden warrior!
Chapter 6074 The thunder method of Tianxian Sect!
Chapter 6075 Half a Taoist Technique! Go eastward!
Chapter 6076 Chen Yule’s swordsmanship!
Chapter 6077 Strong suppression!
Chapter 6078 Every family has sutras that are difficult to recite!
Chapter 6079 The undercurrent under the Qitian Sect’s territory!
Chapter 6080 Holy Son Alliance!
Chapter 6081 Did someone do bad things with good intentions?
Chapter 6082 War! Winner and loser!
Chapter 6083 Welcome to the Holy Gate!
Chapter 6084 A friend comes from afar!
Chapter 6085 Southern Xinjiang Worm Valley!
Chapter 6086 Testing each other!
Chapter 6087 A win-win situation!
Chapter 6088 Traces of Xia Jingzhi!
Chapter 6089 How did Xia Jingzhi escape from the Southern Territory?
Chapter 6090 The situation is complicated!
Chapter 6091 Reason!
Chapter 6092 There is no grudge in the eyes of sinister people!
Chapter 6093 Thinking hard about countermeasures!
Chapter 6094: Tell all the heroes in the world and tell all the mysteries of the ages
Chapter 6095 Mr. Storyteller!
Chapter 6096 Three Immortal Jade!
Chapter 6097 The story of Mr. Storyteller!
Chapter 6098 The most unlikely place!
Chapter 6099 Bewitching crows!
Chapter 6100 Visiting the Southern Xinjiang Worm Valley again!
Chapter 6101 Another visit to the Insect Valley Guesthouse in Southern Xinjiang!
Chapter 6102 Under the bottom of the lake!
Chapter 6103 The second confrontation with Southern Xinjiang Worm Valley!
Chapter 6104 What a mess!
Chapter 6105: Heaven and earth are a board, and all living beings are chess pieces. Who dares?
Chapter 6106 The most powerful forces gather in the imperial capital!
Chapter 6107: Nation-destroying strange poison! Ghosts and gods cry!
Chapter 6108 Becoming stronger! Becoming an immortal! Eternal life!
Chapter 6109 Emperor Chu’s shock!
Chapter 6110 The anxious Emperor Chu!
Chapter 6111 A wise man will always make mistakes!
Chapter 6112 The plan is finalized!
Chapter 6113 Gather manpower!
Chapter 6114: Meet Chen Yule and Huang Qingyun!
Chapter 6115 Hesitant!
Chapter 6116 The master of Tianzi camp!
Chapter 6117: Raising troops to force the palace?
Chapter 6118 Chao Yushi’s plan!
Chapter 6119 One Buddha, One Pill, One Method, Two Sword Gods
Chapter 6120 The eve of the storm!
【annual summary】
Chapter 6121 Three treasures!
Chapter 6122 The last battle! (Happy New Year to everyone
Chapter 6123 Everything is ready!
Chapter 6124 Three days later!
Chapter 6125 Hundreds of Taiyi Daoguo realm warriors join the battle!
Chapter 6126 The decisive battle at Star Reaching Mountain!
Chapter 6127 To catch big fish, be patient!
Chapter 6128 He is coming!
Chapter 6129 Xia Jingzhi!
Chapter 6130 Snake God Nosuke!
Chapter 6131 Are there so many spies in Tianzi camp?
Chapter 6132: Barrier! Nine Seas Dragon Hunting Formation!
Chapter 6133 The powerful men of Sun Moon Pavilion are dispatched!
Chapter 6134 The blocking battle in the mountains and forests of the eastern suburbs!
Chapter 6135 One of the Four Saints! Tong Hong!
Chapter 6136 Sun Moon Pavilion! Three Saints and Four Saints!
Chapter 6137 This battle! Hunyuan Forbidden Hand!
Chapter 6138 Break the Dao Fruit first!
Chapter 6139 Difficult!
Chapter 6140 Xia Jingzhi’s desperate measures!
Chapter 6141 Seventy-five Kinds of King Poison! Xiaoyao Powder!
Chapter 6142 The Dantian has been broken and the Dao Fruit has been broken!
Chapter 6143 The barrier is broken!
Chapter 6144 Taiyi Divine Weapon! Kill the heroes in anger!
Chapter 6145 The battle is tense!
Chapter 6146 Reinforcements are dispatched!
Chapter 6147 Southern Xinjiang Worm Valley! Arriving at the battlefield!
Chapter 6148 A fierce battle with the masters of Worm Valley in Southern Xinjiang!
Chapter 6149 Confrontation with Rong Yunxin!
Chapter 6150 Five Evil Bottles!
Chapter 6151 I will never cut it crooked with my next sword!
Chapter 6152 Duel with Daluo Daoguo!
Chapter 6153 Battle with Da Luo!
Chapter 6154 Reinforcements from the Li family, the Zhao family, and the Sun family!
Chapter 6155 Under the light!
Chapter 6156 The Chen family’s choice!
Chapter 6157 Frontline Battle Report!
Chapter 6158 February!
Chapter 6159 Suppress Lin Bai!
Chapter 6160 See the magic flower again!
Chapter 6161 Huang Qingyun arrives!
Chapter 6162 The origins of Black and White!
Chapter 6163 Forced into a desperate situation! Use your trump card!
Chapter 6164 The Supreme Appearance! Shocking the Demon World!
Chapter 6165 A strong man who surpasses the Hunyuan Dao Fruit!
Chapter 6166 You have gone too far!
Chapter 6167 The end before dawn!
Chapter 6168 It’s done, everyone retreat!
Chapter 6169 The Purgatory of Zhaoxing Division!
Chapter 6170 Purgatory Ward! Prince Yu!
Chapter 6171 Heavy casualties!
Chapter 6172 Transaction completed!
Chapter 6173 Statistics of casualties!
Chapter 6174 Ending and waiting!
Chapter 6175 Leave the Chaos God Thunder behind!
Chapter 6176 His Highness King Chen’s suggestion!
Chapter 6177 A mountain of invitations!
Chapter 6178 Raise an army to investigate?
Chapter 6179 Offensive and Defensive Alliance!
Chapter 6180 A banquet in the Worm Valley of Southern Xinjiang!
Chapter 6181 The antidote!
Chapter 6182: Keep a line in life!
Chapter 6183: Abandoning darkness and turning to light?
Chapter 6184 Qitian Sect! Visit!
Chapter 6185 Goodbye old friend!
Chapter 6186: I want to buy sweet-scented osmanthus and carry wine with me, but it doesn’t work out.
Chapter 6187 The sadness of the bottom forces!
Chapter 6188 Traveling under the moon!
Chapter 6189 It’s the hardest to accept the kindness of a beauty!
Chapter 6190 Three women in one drama!
Chapter 6191 Best friend!
Chapter 6192 Xia Jingzhi’s confession!
Chapter 6193 Four things!
Chapter 6194 The truth from thousands of years ago!
Chapter 6195 A reminder, two suggestions!
Chapter 6196 Yi Gu and the Seven Nights Divine Sect!
Chapter 6197 Yi Tianen and Yi Jinyun!
Chapter 6198 The Thoughts of the Seven Nights Divine Sect!
Chapter 6199 The origin of Halloween Mountain!
Chapter 6200 Blood Sword Immortal!
Chapter 6201 Birthday Process!
Chapter 6202 Tianshui Sect’s hunting list!
Chapter 6203 Pure Five Elements Spiritual Creature!
Chapter 6204 Order from Tianji Pavilion!
Chapter 6205 The chain reaction after Xia Jingzhi was arrested!
Chapter 6206 There is nothing we can do! There is nothing we can do!
Chapter 6207 How to live?
Chapter 6208 Helpless choice!
Chapter 6209 Birthday begins!
Chapter 6210 Place of worship to heaven! Tiandaotai!
Chapter 6211 Emperor Chu sacrifices to heaven!
Chapter 6212 Eighty Thousand Miles of Purple Qi!
Chapter 6213 Emperor Chu worships his ancestors!
Chapter 6214 Hunting World! Fire Phoenix!
Chapter 6215 Return to the Yuhua Heavenly Palace!
Chapter 6216 Big chaos? Or small chaos?
Chapter 6217 Bloody Battle on the Border!
Chapter 6218 Middleman!
Chapter 6219 The infiltration plan of the Nine Nether Demon Palace!
Chapter 6220 An unsolvable dead end!
Chapter 6221 Heavenly Jade Dew!
Chapter 6222 The eve of hunting!
Chapter 6223 Let’s go! Hunting world!
Chapter 6224 Murderous intent is everywhere!
Chapter 6225 The hunting world begins!
Chapter 6226 Yunmeng Tree Demon!
Chapter 6227 Under the ground!
Chapter 6228: God, spare my life!
Chapter 6178 Underground River!
Chapter 6179 The Holy Son of the Barbarian Sect of the Southern Region! Tuoba Xin!
Chapter 6180 Nine-headed Dragon Snake!
Chapter 6181 Undercurrent surges!
Chapter 6182 Underground Sea!
Chapter 6183 Looking for the dragon in the dark sea!
Chapter 6184 Kill the nine-headed dragon and snake!
Chapter 6185 Master of the Shen Lian Sect!
Chapter 6186 The heresy in the Northern Territory!
Chapter 6187 Duel with Shenren Sect!
Chapter 6188 Drag into the water!
Chapter 6189 Nether Beast!
Chapter 6190 The inner earth world!
Chapter 6191 'Friends' coming from the mist!
Chapter 6192 The mysterious old man!
Chapter 6193 Cangmang City.
Chapter 6194 Dungeon!
Chapter 6195 Mrs. Qianrou!
Chapter 6196 Identity revealed!
Chapter 6197 The Demon Clan Envoy and the Demon Palace Envoy!
Chapter 6198 The deal between the demon clan and the Nine Nether Demon Palace!
Chapter 6199 It’s him!
Chapter 6200 Meeting the City Lord!
Chapter 6201 Thirty thousand year old monster!
Chapter 6202 The beauty dances solo under the moon!
Chapter 6203 All means have been exhausted!
Chapter 6204 Return to the ancestors!
Chapter 6205 The human race’s flesh and blood are weak and miserable!
Chapter 6206 I hesitate to speak!
Chapter 6207 Absolutely impossible!
Chapter 6208 The way of killing love in the world of mortals!
Chapter 6209 Sacrifice of the “Evil God”!
Chapter 6210 Exploring intelligence!
Chapter 6262 Tavern in the city!
Chapter 6263 Martial Hunter Hall! Martial Hunter!
Chapter 6264 The person who paid for the drink!
Chapter 6265 Attack!
Chapter 6266 Sneak into the city!
Chapter 6267 Turtle Shadow! Hunyuan Dao Fruit!
Chapter 6268 Meeting!
Chapter 6269 The crow arrives! The plan is finalized!
Chapter 6270 Beautiful and delicious!
Chapter 6271 Wenrou Township is the Tomb of Heroes!
Chapter 6272: Beheading meal and farewell wine!
Chapter 6273 Do the opposite!
Chapter 6274: Being clever turns out to be a mistake!
Chapter 6275 Trick to escape!
Chapter 6276 The time is ripe!
Chapter 6277 Under the lake!
Chapter 6278 Fierce battle with twelve demon clans!
Chapter 6279 You... damn bird!
Chapter 6280 One punch!
Chapter 6281 Defeat the enemy!
Chapter 6282: Effort is worthless in front of talent!
Chapter 6283 It all depends on luck!
Chapter 6284 The royal family takes over and destroys everything!
Chapter 6285 Escape!
Chapter 6286 Return to the hunting world!
Chapter 6287 Seven Shuras of God Refining!
Chapter 6288 One general can make a thousand bones dry!
Chapter 6289 Reappearance of the Heaven-Swallowing Dao Domain!
Chapter 6290 Heavy snowfall! Winter has arrived!
Chapter 6291 The two meet!
Chapter 6292 The secret method of Shen Lian Sect!
Chapter 6293 The whereabouts of Leng Xingguang!
Chapter 6294 The remaining three!
Chapter 6295 Dao Heart Collapse!
Chapter 6296 The war ends!
Chapter 6297 Counting the loot!
Chapter 6298 The demon clan’s natal magical power! Phoenix Nirvana!
Chapter 6299 Volcanic Zone!
Chapter 6300 Alliance!
Chapter 6301 Huge volcano!
Chapter 6302 The Mystery of the Phoenix!
Chapter 6303 Seventy-two Kingdoms in the Western Regions! Prince Yun! Yun
Chapter 6304 Top Pull!
Chapter 6305 Sudden changes!
Chapter 6306 Everyone has their own agenda!
Chapter 6307 The terrifying heat!
Chapter 6308 Fire Spirit Crystal!
Chapter 6309 Prince Liu!
Chapter 6310 Yun Qianji Lion opens his mouth!
Chapter 6311 Nirvana Stone!
Chapter 6312 Wutong Fairy Wood!
Chapter 6313 The actions of the Holy Son of the Corpse Refining Sect!
Chapter 6314 The strange holy son of the Corpse Refining Sect!
Chapter 6315 Join forces!
Chapter 6316 Trap!
Chapter 6317 The murderous intention has arisen!
Chapter 6318 The whole story!
Chapter 6319: Switch sides in battle!
Chapter 6320 Taoism! Phoenix Feather!
Chapter 6321 High-level Taiyi Divine Weapon!
Chapter 6322 Taiyi Corpse Demon!
Chapter 6323 In full glory!
Chapter 6324 Reappearance of glory!
Chapter 6325 Nine-turn Corpse Refining Technique! Blood Sacrifice Technique!
Chapter 6326 The Death of a Disciple of the Corpse Refining Sect!
Chapter 6327 The battle situation changes!
Chapter 6328 One against six!
Chapter 6329 Woman in black gauze!
Chapter 6330 The Saint of Corpse Refining Sect?
Chapter 6331 Phoenix True Blood!
Chapter 6332 The strength of the woman in black gauze!
Chapter 6333 Nether Technique!
Chapter 6334 Corpse puppet in Hunyuan Daoguo realm!
Chapter 6335 Phoenix!
Chapter 6336 The gathering place!
Chapter 6337 Yellow Sand World!
Chapter 6338 Disciples of the Dingtian Sword Sect!
Chapter 6339 Weird yellow sand!
Chapter 6340 It’s alive!
Chapter 6341 Queen Huangsha!
Chapter 6342 Under the idol!
Chapter 6343 Enemies meet on a narrow road!
Chapter 6344 Despicable!
Chapter 6345 Divine soldiers descend from the sky!
Chapter 6346 The poison in the Worm Valley of Southern Xinjiang is really overbearing!
Chapter 6347 Beautiful misunderstanding!
Chapter 6348 Marry me!
Chapter 6349 Mermaid Oil!
Chapter 6350 Meeting the Immortal Again!
Chapter 6351 Heart of the Mountain!
Chapter 6352 Just choose one!
Chapter 6353 Sand Sea Dragon Kingdom! Golden Forbidden Army!
Chapter 6354 Go and have a look!
Chapter 6355 Heavenly Immortal Gold!
Chapter 6356 Escape!
Chapter 6357 Altar of Death!
Chapter 6358 Passage to the underworld!
Chapter 6359 Prince of Shahailong Kingdom! Shangguan Xiu!
Chapter 6360: Abduction and departure!
Chapter 6361 One sword opens the sky!
Chapter 6362 The wind is so strong!
Chapter 6363 Giant Wood Forest!
Chapter 6364 Qingyan Kunpeng!
Chapter 6365 The Holy Son of Wu Sect! Ling Kiss!
Chapter 6366 Husband?
Chapter 6367 Nothing found!
Chapter 6368 Outside the Giant Wood Forest!
Chapter 6369 The ghost lingers!
Chapter 6370 The Three Holy Sons!
Chapter 6371 The battle between high-level saints!
Chapter 6372 Taoism! Hell and the underworld!
Chapter 6373 The true body of the Holy Son of the Soul Refining Sect!
Chapter 6374 Ancient scriptures!
Chapter 6375 Silver Soul! Golden Soul!
Chapter 6376 Ancestor! Help me kill the enemy!
Chapter 6377 Soul Swallowing Technique!
Chapter 6378 Red Lotus Sword Intent!
Chapter 6379 Nether Ferry!
Chapter 6380 Void Ferry!
Chapter 6381 The Wu Sect’s Soul Capturing Technique and Sacrifice Method!
Chapter 6382 The background of Prince Liang’s Mansion!
Chapter 6383 Prince Liang’s Mansion! Xuanwu Camp!
Chapter 6384 Take action in advance!
Chapter 6385: Strike first to gain the upper hand!
Chapter 6386 The precious blood of Ink Pill!
Chapter 6387 Arriving one after another!
Chapter 6388 Overview of the four major territories!
Chapter 6389 The Holy Son of the Southern Region Shanhaizong! Jiang Yu!
Chapter 6390 Talking about business!
Chapter 6391 Seven forces in the Eastern Region!
Chapter 6392 Snow Mountain, Northern Territory Gathering!
Chapter 6393 Division of troops!
Chapter 6394: Demon Battleship!
Chapter 6395 A storm is about to arise!
Chapter 6396 The Holy Son of the Lian Shen Sect! Xiao Junfeng!
Chapter 6397 Disciple of the Shen Lian Sect! Xiao Gu!
Chapter 6398 Visiting the camp!
Chapter 6399 Overt and covert fighting!
Chapter 6400 The strength of Daxue Mountain!
Chapter 6401 The Holy Son of Dongshan Clan! Wu Hefeng!
Chapter 6402 Black Ice Iron! Black Ice!
Chapter 6403 Transformation!
Chapter 6404 Taiyi Divine Weapon! Purple Emperor Armor!
Chapter 6405 Similar people!
Chapter 6406 Crisis is everywhere!
Chapter 6407 Calf!
Chapter 6408 Xiao Junfeng and Lin Bai!
Chapter 6409 Mutiny!
Chapter 6410 Two days later! Decisive battle!
Chapter 6411 The calm before the storm!
Chapter 6412 What’s missing!
Chapter 6413 Before dusk!
Chapter 6414 There is no choice but to start a war!
Chapter 6415 Natural disaster wind!
Chapter 6416 Instant kill!
Chapter 6417: Dog thief in the Northern Territory! How dare you invade my realm!
Chapter 6418 We share the same hatred! Fight to the death and refuse to surrender!
Chapter 6419 A life and death battle!
Chapter 6420 The melee begins!
Chapter 6421 Defeat them one by one!
Chapter 6422 Thunderous means! Kill two people in a row!
Chapter 6423 Kill several people in a row!
Chapter 6424 Reinforcements are arriving!
Chapter 6425 Three sword cultivators!
Chapter 6426 Reinforcements are arriving!
Chapter 6427: Conquering the Army
Chapter 6428 A disastrous defeat!
Chapter 6429: Break and stand!
Chapter 6430 The solid fourth-turn sword heart!
Chapter 6431 The saints and saints of the Seven Nights Sect!
Chapter 6432 The past of Phoenix Valley Saint Ji Ruoci!
Chapter 6433 Continuous Formation!
Chapter 6434 The Demonic Refining Formation of the Common People!
Chapter 6435 Soldier formation! General formation! Main formation!
Chapter 6436 The heroes have arrived!
Chapter 6437 The young generation of the Eastern Region!
Chapter 6438 Then don’t lose!
Chapter 6439 Emperor Chu’s order!
Chapter 6440 Movements from all parties!
Chapter 6441 Challenge!
Chapter 6442 Chu Tinghan’s plan!
Chapter 6443 Four chairs!
Chapter 6444 The first Eastern Region meeting!
Chapter 6445 News about the Holy Son, the most powerful force in the Northern Territory!
Chapter 6446 The plan is finalized! Decisive battle in the Snowy Mountains!
Chapter 6447 Big victory! Small victory!
Chapter 6448 Before dawn! Boundless darkness!
Chapter 6449 Go to war!
Chapter 6450 Warriors from the Eastern Region come to break the formation!
Chapter 6451 Ice Skeleton!
Chapter 6452 It’s hard to persuade the damn ghost with good words!
Chapter 6453 The sudden change!
Chapter 6454 Killing someone with a borrowed knife!
Chapter 6455 The strange power of the magic circle!
Chapter 6456 Nine-meter giant!
Chapter 6457 How to break the formation!
Chapter 6458 The magic formations of the four most prosperous sects in the Northern Territory!
Chapter 6459 Looking for the formation eye!
Chapter 6460 Sudden disappearance!
Chapter 6461 Where the blood pool is!
Chapter 6462 The heart of the giant gods!
Chapter 6463 Old man of the Zihe clan! Hunyuan Dao Fruit!
Chapter 6464 Fierce battle with Hunyuan!
Chapter 6465 Use all possible means!
Chapter 6466 The situation on all sides!
Chapter 6467 Rune Finger Bone! Golden Light Mask!
Chapter 6468 The Ultimate Nine Swords!
Chapter 6469 Breaking the Formation!
Chapter 6470 The Holy Son of the Zihe Clan! Death of Jiang Yuan!
Chapter 6471 General Formation! Snowstorm Formation!
Chapter 6472 Prodigy and Mud!
Chapter 6473 Seven people!
Chapter 6474 Fighting to the death and breaking the situation!
Chapter 6475 Who is the bait?
Chapter 6476 Mobilize the power of the magic circle!
Chapter 6477 This battle is inevitable!
Chapter 6478 People in the snow!
Chapter 6479 How strong is the weakest generation?
Chapter 6480: Cut the snowy road with one sword!
Chapter 6481 Are they coming for me?
Chapter 6482: Get further away! Then live well!
Chapter 6483 The heroes of the Northern Territory block the way!
Chapter 6484: Eloquent and eloquent!
Chapter 6485 Try it or die!
Chapter 6486 The group was wiped out instantly!
Chapter 6487 This group of wimps are only worthy of being used as cannon fodder!
Chapter 6488 Weakness is a sin!
Chapter 6489 A fierce battle with the disciples of the heyday sect!
Chapter 6490 Burning Dao Demonic Skill!
Chapter 6491 All defeated!
Chapter 6492 Go up the mountain!
Chapter 6493 Taiyi Divine Weapon! Protect the Heart!
Chapter 6494 Reinforcements have arrived!
Chapter 6495 Bring the head!
Chapter 6496 Storm Thunder Flame!
Chapter 6497 Breaking the Snow Array!
Chapter 6498 Heavy casualties!
Chapter 6499 The precious blood of Ink Pill!
Chapter 6500 The story of Qian Hen!
Chapter 6501 A person who is greedy for life and afraid of death!
Chapter 6502 Protective Formation! Black Water God General Formation!
Chapter 6503 Statue!
Chapter 6504 Crisis is everywhere!
Chapter 6505 Seven people break the formation!
Chapter 6506 Everyone shows off their special abilities!
Chapter 6507 Natural disaster wind! Natural disaster snow!
Chapter 6508 An unsolvable situation!
Chapter 6509 The statue revives! The situation is in chaos!
Chapter 6510 The mystery of the Black Water Divine General Formation!
Chapter 6511 Four people attack together!
Chapter 6512 One move is missing!
Chapter 6513 Crow breaks the formation!
Chapter 6514 Auxiliary Formation! Yinshan Formation!
Chapter 6515 Sudden stage fright?
Chapter 6516: Thousands of soldiers are easy to get, but one general is hard to find!
Chapter 6517 Yinshan Formation!
Chapter 6518 Weirdness on the mountain!
Chapter 6519 Nine-turn Corpse Refining Technique!
Chapter 6520 The mystery of Yinshan Formation!
Chapter 6521 Fierce battle on the top of the mountain!
Chapter 6522 Explosive sect miracle!
Chapter 6523 The wonderful use of flying swords!
Chapter 6524 Prove my divine power!
Chapter 6525 Taoism! Demonic Shadow of the Corpse Ancestor!
Chapter 6526 Taoism! Six Lotus Seals!
Chapter 6527 Yinshan Formation! Broken!
Chapter 6528 Trends in the Northern Territory!
Chapter 6529 The internal fighting within the Seven Nights Sect!
Chapter 6530 The majesty of the holy son of the prosperous sect!
Chapter 6531 Xiao Junfeng’s declaration of war!
Chapter 6532 How to break the formation!
Chapter 6533 The elixir boy?
Chapter 6534 Twenty-five warriors!
Chapter 6535 Let’s go! The final battle!
Chapter 6536 The nine saints of the great clan of Heaven!
Chapter 6537 Four mountains, three rivers and two waters!
Chapter 6538 Within the main formation!
Chapter 6539: You and I fight, both to distinguish ourselves and to decide our lives
Chapter 6540 Sword cultivator versus sword cultivator! Yan Zhuangyun versus Lu Qing
Chapter 6541 Eternal Night Oil Lamp!
Chapter 6542 The moment of life and death!
Chapter 6543 Qiankun Sword Box!
Chapter 6544 Haoran is righteous!
Chapter 6545 Death of Yanzhuang Yun!
Chapter 6546 Sloppy old man! Lu Yan!
Chapter 6547 The battle of the ancestors!
Chapter 6548 Xiao Junfeng’s strength!
Chapter 6549 shocked everyone!
Chapter 6550 The soul is destroyed! The gods and ghosts are shocked!
Chapter 6551 Lu Qingjun is defeated!
Chapter 6552 Three Swords Fighting Immortal!
Chapter 6553 Dingtian Sword Talisman!
Chapter 6554 Defeat!
Chapter 6555 I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, Brother Lin!
Chapter 6556 Peak showdown!
Chapter 6557: Kill three lives with three swords!
Chapter 6558 Fierce battle!
Chapter 6559 Broken Flying Sword!
Chapter 6560 Immortal Human Body!
Chapter 6561 Immortal Bones and Supreme Appearance!
Chapter 6562 A confrontation of pure power!
Chapter 6563 Everyone has his own goals!
Chapter 6564 Breakout!
Chapter 6565 Roadblock!
Chapter 6566 The customs and customs of the Northern Territory!
Chapter 6567 Time is running out!
Chapter 6568 Northern Territory Retreat!
Chapter 6569 The end!
Chapter 6570 This battle is finally over!
Chapter 6571 Return!
Chapter 6572 Something that defies heaven!
Chapter 6573 After the birthday!
Chapter 6574 Father!
Chapter 6575 The attitude of the third prince!
Chapter 6576 Establishing a Crown Prince!
Chapter 6577 That realm!
Chapter 6578 Royal Ancestral Temple!
Chapter 6579 The royal ancestors in the ancestral temple!
Chapter 6580 Arrangements for Lin Bai!
Chapter 6581 Calculating gains and losses!
Chapter 6582 There are many things!
Chapter 6583 The leisurely third prince!
Chapter 6584 Eight treasure boxes!
Chapter 6585 Chu’s overtures!
Chapter 6586 Accept the gift!
Chapter 6587 Visiting Mr. Kirikawa!
Chapter 6588 Refining the Flying Sword!
Chapter 6589 Sangokou method!
Chapter 6590 Banquet walk, your wind!
Chapter 6591 The Shen Lian Sect and the Sky Swallowing Clan!
Chapter 6592 Prince Liang’s Mansion and Prince Hong’s Mansion!
Chapter 6593: Don’t stop being disturbed!
Chapter 6594 Parting!
Chapter 6595 Qi Lingyu bids farewell!
Chapter 6596 The Eternal Demon Sect’s choice!
Chapter 6597 The Baitian Sect was attacked!
Chapter 6598 Bo Yun is weird!
Chapter 6599 Catching up with Qitian Sect!
Chapter 6600 Qijue City and Fantian Sect were in trouble one after another!
Chapter 6601 Encountering Shanhaizong on the road!
Chapter 6602 Seventy-five Kinds of King Poison! Xiaoyao Powder!
Chapter 6603 Bo Yun is weird!
Chapter 6604 Everyone is in trouble!
Chapter 6605 The talent of Wang Zuo!
Chapter 6606 Do nothing!
Chapter 6607 Wait for them to bid!
Chapter 6608 The Southern Territory returns to the Imperial Capital!
Chapter 6609 What? I’m getting married?
Chapter 6610: Visiting to congratulate?
Chapter 6611 The turmoil continues!
Chapter 6612 Block the news!
Chapter 6613: Let’s wrong Mr. Lang first.
Chapter 6614 Make plans early!
Chapter 6615 Four flying swords!
Chapter 6616 The army enters the imperial capital!
Chapter 6617 Five flying swords!
Chapter 6618 The Five Elements Sword Formation of Rebellion!
Chapter 6619 The situation in the imperial capital!
Chapter 6620 Clouds are moving in all directions!
Chapter 6621 The breakthrough begins!
Chapter 6622 The Li family deposed the holy son!
Chapter 6623 News leaked!
Chapter 6624 is full of fog!
Chapter 6625 Orders in the Golden Palace!
Chapter 6626 Di Wuyan enters the capital!
Chapter 6627 Insider!
Chapter 6628 Lin Bai comes out of seclusion! Top-grade Taiyi Dao Fruit!
Chapter 6629 It’s better to dissolve enemies than to end them!
Chapter 6630 Meeting Emperor Chu!
Chapter 6631 The strength of the Eastern Region!
Chapter 6632 Preemptive strike!
Chapter 6633 Lin Bai’s plan!
Chapter 6634 Suppress the Gate of Heaven and Earth!
Chapter 6635 Hidden very deep!
Chapter 6636 Di Wuyan’s smile!
Chapter 6637 Infiltration!
Chapter 6638 Who doesn’t worry when their child is lost?
Chapter 6639 Two Sect Masters!
Chapter 6640 Source!
Chapter 6590 Full of loopholes!
Chapter 6591 A bold idea!
Chapter 6643 Investigate the Royal Family!
Chapter 6644 Emperor Chu and King Liang!
Chapter 6645 The storm is rising!
Chapter 6646 The authenticity of the evidence!
Chapter 6647 Meeting the Four Holy Sons on the Road!
Chapter 6648 I am afraid that the world will not be in chaos!
Chapter 6649 Tripartite Agreement!
Chapter 6650 Human Massacre with Bloody Hands!
Chapter 6651 Three parties!
Chapter 6652 If you don’t accept it, go out and challenge!
Chapter 6653 Breaking up!
Chapter 6654 The Evil God of Wu Zong!
Chapter 6655 Why did you go to the Moon Palace again?
Chapter 6656 Jade Palace! Jade Fairy!
Chapter 6657 The Oiran of the Moon Palace!
Chapter 6658 Oiran gathered!
Chapter 6659 Hidden clumsiness!
Chapter 6660 The highest-level night banquet in the Moon Palace!
Chapter 6661 Waiting for wine!
Chapter 6662 News about Miss Bailu!
Chapter 6663 The parents are here!
Chapter 6664 I shouldn’t regret it!
Chapter 6665 Why am I not in the mood?
Chapter 6666 A small favor!
Chapter 6667: The prosperity is gone, leaving only loneliness!
Chapter 6668 Thousands of Industries!
Chapter 6669 Complicated!
Chapter 6670 Prince Hong’s Mansion five thousand years ago!
Chapter 6671 One Emperor and Three Kings
Chapter 6672 Blood Dragon Legion!
Chapter 6673 Three reasons!
Chapter 6674 Tang Wei and Li Guxian!
Chapter 6675 When the water is clear, there will be no fish!
Chapter 6676 The action begins!
Chapter 6677 Arrest people!
Chapter 6678: Searching for the remnants!
Chapter 6679 Tang Wei!
Chapter 6680 The first round of searches is over!
Chapter 6630 The truth created by Chu State!
Chapter 6631 Earth-shattering!
Chapter 6683 Princess Leping’s Mansion!
Chapter 6684 Three hours!
Chapter 6634 Goodbye Li Guxian!
Chapter 6635 Wherever there are people, there are rivers and lakes!
Chapter 6687 The three major factions of the Nine Nether Demon Palace!
Chapter 6688 Entering the game alone!
Chapter 6689 Dragon Suppressing Nail!
Chapter 6639 Meng Qinxian and Nie Shang are trapped!
Chapter 6691 The only way to survive!
Chapter 6692 The mechanisms are exhausted!
Chapter 6693 Adventure!
Chapter 6694 The troops are divided into two groups!
Chapter 6695 The way to break the situation!
Chapter 6696 Start taking action!
Chapter 6697 Unexplained behavior!
Chapter 6698 Two parties!
Chapter 6699 Zhou Xuan!
Chapter 6700 Delay time!
Chapter 6650 The Demon King and the Throne!
Chapter 6651 The location of Lu Qingjun and Yi Heze!
Chapter 6703 Mr. Huo!
Chapter 6704 Raid on the Third Prince’s Mansion!
Chapter 6705 Breaking in!
Chapter 6706 The power of the Five Elements Sword Formation against chaos!
Chapter 6655 Confrontation!
Chapter 6656 Escape!
Chapter 6709 Conversation with Prince Liang!
Chapter 6710 The secret of identity!
Chapter 6711 The matter is over for now!
Chapter 6712 Follow-up arrangements!
Chapter 6713 Movement on the border!
Chapter 6714 The sect leaders gather together!
Chapter 6715 War and Peace!
Chapter 6716 The eve of the banquet!
Chapter 6717 The main battle!
Chapter 6718 Reaching for Stars in a Dangerous Building!
Chapter 6719 Star Reaching Platform!
Chapter 6720 The quasi-holy son of the Li family! Li Xian!
Chapter 6721: Inquiry!
Chapter 6722 Meeting Halloween Mountain!
Chapter 6723 Seven Nights Divine Sect! Yi Gu!
Chapter 6724 Problems within the Seven Nights Sect!
Chapter 6725 The previous leader of the Seven Nights Sect! Yi Wen!
Chapter 6726 Attitude!
Chapter 6727 The attitude of the Seven Nights Divine Sect’s territory!
Chapter 6728 Lin Bai’s Countermeasures!
Chapter 6729: Use your strength to fight!
Chapter 6730 Hegemony!
Chapter 6731 An inch of mountains and rivers, an inch of blood!
Chapter 6732 Support!
Chapter 6733 Planning!
Chapter 6734 The banquet begins!
Chapter 6735 Argument!
Chapter 6736 Chu is not wary!
Chapter 6737 The chaos of the plan!
Chapter 6738 Betrayal in Fenghuáng Valley!
Chapter 6739 The Fifth Temple! Son of God Lu Yunzhe!
Chapter 6740 The demands of the Nine Nether Demon Palace!
Chapter 6741 Three versus three, no winner!
Chapter 6742 Seven Nights Divine Sect! Split is a foregone conclusion!
Chapter 6743 Northern Territory’s demands!
Chapter 6744 Emperor Chu’s attitude!
Chapter 6745 The attitudes of the four most prosperous sects!
Chapter 6746 The attitude of the top sects in the Eastern Region!
Chapter 6747 Covenant concluded! The banquet is over!
Chapter 6748 Clouds are moving in all directions!
Chapter 6749 Two surprises!
Chapter 6750 Demon Lord! Holy Lord!
Chapter 6751 The internal fighting within the Seven Nights Sect!
Chapter 6752 Chu’s reinforcements!
Chapter 6753: Grant the title of king!
Chapter 6754 King Qin! Lin Bai!
Chapter 6755: Split up!
Chapter 6756 Secret Sound Transmission!
Chapter 6757 Bo Yun is weird
Chapter 6758 All the old monsters come out!
Chapter 6759 The fate of being alone and widowed!
Chapter 6760 The dragon swims in the shallows, the gentleman walks on the execution platform
Chapter 6761 Let’s go!
Chapter 6762 Dragon Scale Armor!
Chapter 6763 Entering the territory of the Seven Nights Divine Sect!
Chapter 6764 Yongen City!
Chapter 6765 Military background!
Chapter 6766 Testing each other!
Chapter 6767 The hesitant Li family!
Chapter 6768 Daozi Yu Xiaotian!
Chapter 6769 The situation is stalemate!
Chapter 6770 The lurking Qinglian Sect!
Chapter 6771 Yunzhou was attacked!
Chapter 6772 Came to your door!
Chapter 6773 Nine Dragons Overlord!
Chapter 6774 Chu Zimo’s strength!
Chapter 6775 Interrogation!
Chapter 6776 Nothing?
Chapter 6777 The secret method of soul searching and the Nine Nether Demon Palace!
Chapter 6778 Visiting the Qinglian Sect!
Chapter 6779 A show of force!
Chapter 6780 The leader of the Qinglian Sect is in retreat!
Chapter 6781 Yingxian Peak!
Chapter 6782 Qinglian Sect Rebellion!
Chapter 6783 Split up!
Chapter 6784 Sneak into the main peak!
Chapter 6734 Under the underground palace!
Chapter 6735 Confirmed!
Chapter 6736 The leader of Qinglian Sect!
Chapter 6737 Black Arc!
Chapter 6789 Escape!
Chapter 6790 Qinglian Sect Civil War!
Chapter 6791 Bo Yun is weird!
Chapter 6792 Weird and unpredictable!
Chapter 6793 Make a battle plan!
Chapter 6794 Taiyi Dao Dan! (Happy New Year to everyone
Chapter 6795 It’s hard to distinguish between true and false!
Chapter 6796 Encounter on the road!
Chapter 6797 The grandfather and grandson of Jiangliu City!
Chapter 6798 Black Wind Village!
Chapter 6799 Bandits blocking the road!
Chapter 6800 Weird ball!
Chapter 6801 Invitation from Jiuyou Demon Palace!
Chapter 6802 A fierce battle with the powerful men in the Demon Palace!
Chapter 6803 The Divine Sword of Hate!
Chapter 6804 Fierce battle with heroes!
Chapter 6805 It’s not that simple!
Chapter 6806 The jump in life levels!
Chapter 6807 Qi and blood transform into a dragon!
Chapter 6808 Meteor Bead!
Chapter 6809 Kill Da Luo!
Chapter 6810 As cunning as a fox!
Chapter 6811 Killed four people in a row!
Chapter 6812 Now we are one on one!
Chapter 6813 A shocking sword!
Chapter 6814 Taoism! The devil is in troubled times!
Chapter 6815 The Son of God ran away!
Chapter 6816 The war ends!
Chapter 6817 Arriving at Shangyuan City!
Chapter 6818 Spying on father and son!
Chapter 6819 Blitz!
Chapter 6820 The situation is not optimistic!
Chapter 6821 The situation of all parties!
Chapter 6822 North ahead!
Chapter 6823 Yunbo City!
Chapter 6824 The Battle of Annexation!
Chapter 6825 Elder Wang! Wang Huo!
Chapter 6826 A treasure house of true and false!
Chapter 6827 The map of the ancient teleportation array!
Chapter 6828 Kill the ancestor of the Li family!
Chapter 6829 Mountain tribe!
Chapter 6830 Ancient Restriction!
Chapter 6831 Teleportation!
Chapter 6832 Foggy Valley!
Chapter 6833 Yi Jinyun is trapped!
Chapter 6834 The power of the sword array!
Chapter 6835 Fluctuating situation!
Chapter 6836 Shengtian Mountains!
Chapter 6837 Treasure Tower!
Chapter 6838 Three previous sect masters!
Chapter 6839 A big victory!
Chapter 6840 Counterattack plan!
Chapter 6841 Xuantian’s Ascension Pill!
Chapter 6842 The extinct treasure of heaven and earth!
Chapter 6843 Set off to the front line!
Chapter 6844 Zhang Boyan!
Chapter 6845 Eastern Front! Ning'an City!
Chapter 6846 Woman in red!
Chapter 6847 Yi Qing Huang!
Chapter 6848 Ning'an City Meeting Hall!
Chapter 6849 Hunyuan Dao Fruit! Master Lin!
Chapter 6850 The Seven Nights Sect’s plan!
Chapter 6851 Participate!
Chapter 6852 Counting magical powers and treasures!
Chapter 6853 Let’s go!
Chapter 6854 Mutian Grassland!
Chapter 6855: Intriguing people!
Chapter 6856 Before the war!
Chapter 6857 Trident Peak!
Chapter 6807 House Stealing Plan!
Chapter 6859 Daluo Divine Weapon! Haotian Mirror and Sky Covering Flag!
Chapter 6860 The fighting begins!
Chapter 6810 Pure Yang Demon-Destroying Formation!
Chapter 6811 Opportunity!
Chapter 6812 One move is missing!
Chapter 6813 Roadblock!
Chapter 6865: Intercept and kill Shen Haoyue!
Chapter 6866 The chess player!
Chapter 6867 A fight to the death!
Chapter 6868 The power of one sword!
Chapter 6869 Escape!
Chapter 6870 Trump Card! (Happy New Year to everyone!)
Chapter 6871 Four Arms!
Chapter 6872 Evil Ghost!
Chapter 6873 The physical body is destroyed!
Chapter 6874 The mysterious strong man!
Chapter 6875 Magic Tower!
Chapter 6876 Death of Shen Haoyue!
Chapter 6877 Speculating the origin!
Chapter 6878 Different thoughts!
Chapter 6879 Get in there!
Chapter 6880 Dan Tower Array!
Chapter 6881 How to break the formation!
Chapter 6882 Eight Gates of God-Destroying Formation!
Chapter 6883 Escape!
Chapter 6884 Kill several people in a row!
Chapter 6885 Kill Da Luo!
Chapter 6886 The dry sea takes the helm! Ji Canghai!
Chapter 6887 Draw!
Chapter 6888 Fight!
Chapter 6889 Fierce battle with Ji Canghai!
Chapter 6890 Across the void!
Chapter 6891 Four people from Chu State!
Chapter 6892 Xuanqing Demonic Way!
Chapter 6893 Space Node!
Chapter 6894 The territory of Halloween Mountain! Plum Blossom Villa!
Chapter 6895 Nianhua Ancient Scripture
Chapter 6896 Under a hundred thousand feet!
Chapter 6897 Jiuyou City!
Chapter 6898 One Emperor and Nine Saints!
Chapter 6899 Free activities!
Chapter 6900 Purple Edge Stone!
Chapter 6901 Council of Elders!
Chapter 6902 The road to promotion in the Nine Nether Demon Palace!
Chapter 6903 Weirdness in the city!
Chapter 6904 White mist ghost shadow!
Chapter 6905 Within the white mist!
Chapter 6906 Warriors in Jiuyou City!
Chapter 6907 Strange figure!
Chapter 6908 The sudden change!
Chapter 6909 Wu Lin!
Chapter 6910 Strange things!
Chapter 6911 Traveling through the white mist!
Chapter 6912 Desolate Temple!
Chapter 6913 Bone Temple!
Chapter 6914 Entering the temple!
Chapter 6915 Blood Mural!
Chapter 6916 The world in the painting!
Chapter 6917 The top ten demon sects in the spiritual world! Lihentian!
Chapter 6918 The entire army was wiped out!
Chapter 6919 Two Supreme Appearances!
Chapter 6920 A hard-won communication opportunity!
Chapter 6921 Master of Butian Pavilion! Murong Butian!
Chapter 6922 Immortality Technique!
Chapter 6923 The Mountain of Purple Edge Stone!
Chapter 6924 Demonic Eyes!
Chapter 6925 Demonic Eyes! Illusion!
Chapter 6926 What suits you is the best.
Chapter 6927 The Nine Great Eye Techniques in the Spirit World!
Chapter 6928 Sharpen the knife!
Chapter 6929 Eight Divine Crystals!
Chapter 6930 Behind the war!
Chapter 6931 Red Lotus Evil Fire Slash!
Chapter 6932 Huang Liang Yi Meng!
Chapter 6933 Return to the temple!
Chapter 6934 Waiting for dawn!
Chapter 6935 Weird Corpse!
Chapter 6936 The way of incense!
Chapter 6937 Four fatal places! Burial soil!
Chapter 6938 The real immortal!
Chapter 6939 The incarnation of the old devil!
Chapter 6940 Fight against the old devil!
Chapter 6941 Is there any grudge between us?
Chapter 6942 Stone Throne!
Chapter 6943 Saint King Qin Su!
Chapter 6944 Eternal Elder! Yao Daogu and Zhao Fengxia!
Chapter 6945 Return to Jiuyou City!
Chapter 6946 Dark Hall!
Chapter 6947 Council of Elders!
Chapter 6948: Defeat the Eternal Elder with one finger!
Chapter 6949 Holy Elder! Luo Yuanjing!
Chapter 6950 Ask a question! Solve the problem!
Chapter 6900 Intimidation and Admonition!
Chapter 6901 Two messages!
Chapter 6902 A long-term plan!
Chapter 6903 The end of parliament!
Chapter 6904 Showdown!
Chapter 6905 The reincarnation of the Holy King!
Chapter 6906 Inherent thoughts!
Chapter 6907 Solve many questions!
Chapter 6908 Three factions!
Chapter 6909 How to leave!
Chapter 6910 Nine-story military tower!
Chapter 6911 The Eternal Elder’s Ruling!
Chapter 6912 News from the outside world
Chapter 6913 The origin of the Demon Tower!
Chapter 6908 Both sides suffer!
Chapter 6909 The storm is coming!
Chapter 6910 New news!
Chapter 6911 The plan failed!
Chapter 6912: I am a slave to you and you are a fish!
Chapter 6913 The Ninth Temple!
Chapter 6914 One Emperor and Nine Saints! Liu Muyang!
Chapter 6915 The Supreme Divine Weapon! Star Tower!
Chapter 6916 Nine Nether Demon Sutra!
Chapter 6917 Lihentian! Jiuyou Demon Lord!
Chapter 6918 The method of cultivation!
Chapter 6919 Mystical powers are like the sea!
Chapter 6920 The Secret of Controlling Evil!
Chapter 6921 Li Siyuan and Li Guxian!
Chapter 6922 Stay safe!
Chapter 6923 Promotion Sequence!
Chapter 6924 Daozi’s martial arts competition!
Chapter 6925: Coming for you?
Chapter 6926: Give me a lesson!
Chapter 6927 Fight!
Chapter 6928 Nine Dragons Devouring Heaven Technique!
Chapter 6929 Lin Bai’s evil-control tactics!
Chapter 6930 Fire?
Chapter 6931 Divine Fire Pillar!
Chapter 6932 Black Fire
Chapter 6933 The Second Council of Elders
Chapter 6934 The Lord of the First Temple! Shi Renshan!
Chapter 6935 Internal Conflict!
Chapter 6936 Deadlock!
Chapter 6937 The Ancient Path of the Saint!
Chapter 6938 Li Guxian’s plan!
Chapter 6939 Falling into the trap?
Chapter 6940 A letter to the warriors of the Qiye Shenzong territory!
Chapter 6941 The two princesses who ran away unexpectedly!
Chapter 6942 Harmony with light!
Chapter 6943 Imperial Road!
Chapter 6944 Promise!
Chapter 6945 How to be a thief!
Chapter 6946 Eternal Tomb!
Chapter 6947 Overt and hidden prohibition!
Chapter 6948 Golden Sword Thread!
Chapter 6949 Ten Thousand Swords Rui Golden Formation!
Chapter 6950 Weird ability!
Chapter 6951: Organ Puppet!
Chapter 6952 The end of the ancient road!
Chapter 6953 Stone Palace!
Chapter 7011 Temple!
Chapter 7012 The ghost in the palace!
Chapter 7013 Coffin!
Chapter 7014 Gu Jing!
Chapter 7015 Swallowing Stone!
Chapter 7016 Miracle medicine! Nine-color fairy lotus!
Chapter 7017 The most dangerous place and the magic medicine!
Chapter 7018 The ultimate in martial arts!
Chapter 7019 Behind the war!
Chapter 7020 Magic Medicine War!
Chapter 7021 Troubled times are coming!
Chapter 7022: Met the Holy King!
Chapter 7023 The sea of fog surges!
Chapter 7024 The Three Demons of the Sea of Fog!
Chapter 6968 The Origin of the Three Demons of the Sea of Fog!
Chapter 6969 The relationship between the three!
Chapter 6970 A back and forth game!
Chapter 6971 Advent Cultivation!
Chapter 6972 Doomed to be lonely!
Chapter 6973 Meet the Emperor!
Chapter 6974 Imperial Palace!
Chapter 6975 What a shame!
Chapter 6976 The strong one appears!
Chapter 6977 Ten sects in the spiritual world!
Chapter 6978 The strong ones gather together!
Chapter 6979 Daozi! Yu You!
Chapter 6980 Yu You’s purpose of coming!
Chapter 6981 The treatment of the emperor’s son!
Chapter 6982: Seduction!
Chapter 6983 Weighing the pros and cons!
Chapter 6984 Li Guxian’s proposal!
Chapter 6985 Bet!
Chapter 6986 Destroyed overnight!
Chapter 6987 The Destruction of the Seven Nights Sect!
Chapter 6988 New news from the military building!
Chapter 6989 The conspiracy between the Northern Territory and the Nine Nether Demon Palace!
Chapter 6990 The last four floors of the military building!
Chapter 6991 The world is going to be in chaos!
Chapter 6992 Yutian Sect and Immortal Cave!
Chapter 6993 Old monsters swarm in!
Chapter 7051 News from the Eastern Region!
Chapter 7052: Intrigue!
Chapter 6996 Just wait!
Chapter 6997 Nine-aperture cloud flower!
Chapter 7055 The breakthrough begins!
Chapter 7056 The first breakthrough failed!
Chapter 7057 Breakthrough! Daluo Daoguo!
Chapter 7058 Tao Fruit Essence!
Chapter 7059 People’s hearts are unpredictable!
Chapter 7060 More and more chaos!
Chapter 7061 The opportunity to leave!
Chapter 7062 The strong men gather in Jiuyou City!
Chapter 7063 Purple-haired young man!
Chapter 7064 Within the Demon Clan!
Chapter 7065 Lin Bai’s arrival!
Chapter 7066 The name of the Supreme Prime Minister!
Chapter 7067 Born from the same blood!
Chapter 7068 Invincible?
Chapter 7069 The next battle!
Chapter 7070: Sharp-tongued!
Chapter 7071 Physical Power
Chapter 7072 Immortal inheritance!
Chapter 7073 The physical body is completely victorious!
Chapter 7074 The great magical power! The heaven-shaking divine sound!
Chapter 7075 The Origin of the Void Divine Escape Technique!
Chapter 7076 Purple-haired Lion!
Chapter 7077 The art of flying swords!
Chapter 7078 The enchanting purple light!
Chapter 7079 The first trial of the magic eyes!
Chapter 7080 The real illusion!
Chapter 7081 Fishing from the lake!
Chapter 7082: Settlement of accounts after the fall!
Chapter 7083 Lies and truth!
Chapter 7084 Before leaving!
Chapter 7085 The one who escaped!
Chapter 7086 Sanctuary!
Chapter 7087 The inheritance of the Demon Palace!
Chapter 7088 Nine Yuan God and Demon Skill!
Chapter 7089 Mental Technique!
Chapter 7090 The circle of top warriors!
Chapter 7091 Top Magical Powers!
Chapter 7092 The method of cultivation!
Chapter 7093 Three treasures!
Chapter 7094 Condensing the Seal of Gods and Demons!
Chapter 7095 Incarnation!
Chapter 7096 Blackwood Ring!
Chapter 7097 Troubled times!
Chapter 7098 How to leave!
Chapter 7099 Cross-state teleportation array!
Chapter 7100 Huanglong Qianzhou!
Chapter 7101 Moxiang City!
Chapter 7102 Traitor from the Eastern Region!
Chapter 7103 Disgraced!
Chapter 7104 Demon Slayer Alliance!
Chapter 7105 The mob!
Chapter 7106 Tianlong City!
Chapter 7107 Gathering of geniuses!
Chapter 7108 The strength of the genius of the demon world!
Chapter 7109 Ecstasy Array!
Chapter 7110 The birth of the Demon Slayer Alliance!
Chapter 7111 A fight between life and death!
Chapter 7112 Unstoppable!
Chapter 7113: Enemies all heroes!
Chapter 7114 Battle with top-grade Daluo!
Chapter 7115 Eight Bronze Mirrors!
Chapter 7116 The Power of Chaos Dao Fruit!
Chapter 7117 The Lord of Tianlong City!
Chapter 7118 Overturning Qianzhou!
Chapter 7119 Goodbye Meng Qinxian!
Chapter 7120 Forced by the situation!
Chapter 7121 News!
Chapter 7122 The changing situation!
Chapter 7123 Flag!
Chapter 7124 The power of the Immortal Soul Art!
Chapter 7125 The war is in chaos!
Chapter 7126 The fallen grass turns into a bandit!
Chapter 7127 Sophistry!
Chapter 7128 My young master invites you!
Chapter 7129 Help!
Chapter 7130 Repaying kindness with hatred!
Chapter 7131 The five heads of Black Tiger Village!
Chapter 7132 Dimensionality reduction strike!
Chapter 7133 Nine Seals of Heavenly Power!
Chapter 7134 Alliance of Thieves!
Chapter 7135 The Alliance of Thieves and the Alliance of Demon Slayers!
Chapter 7136 Leader of the Demon Slayer Alliance!
Chapter 7137 The Split of the Holy King!
Chapter 7138 The sequelae of soul searching!
Chapter 7139 Qilin City!
Chapter 7140 Chunyang Sect’s core disciple! Ma Leiyu!
Chapter 7141 Qilin City! Ma Family!
Chapter 7142 Put it on the table!
Chapter 7143 Psychological Game!
Chapter 7144 Let the people behind you come!
Chapter 7145 Sequential seduction!
Chapter 7146 Can’t refuse!
Chapter 7090 Take the bait!
Chapter 7091 Benefits and defection!
Chapter 7092 Show loyalty!
Chapter 7093 Teleport away!
Chapter 7094 Initial results!
Chapter 7095 Chunyang Sect is shocked!
Chapter 7096 White Horse City!
Chapter 7097 The south wind came last night, and the water flows eastward today.
Chapter 7098 Li Guxian’s tips!
Chapter 7099 See you again, old friend!
Chapter 7157 The seven eldest ladies of the Seven Nights Sect!
Chapter 7158 Old things from back then!
Chapter 7159 The whole story!
Chapter 7160 The dead!
Chapter 7161 The origin of the dark world!
Chapter 7162: Every wrongdoer has his own debtor!
Chapter 7163 Top Game!
Chapter 7164: Falling out!
Chapter 7165 Ignorance and ignorance!
Chapter 7166 Private chat!
Chapter 7167 Negotiation!
Chapter 7168 Two requirements!
Chapter 7112 Messenger!
Chapter 7113 Roadblock!
Chapter 7114 A promise of one sword!
Chapter 7115 The power of one sword!
Chapter 7116 Crossing the border!
Chapter 7117 Extremely cold place!
Chapter 7118 Special elixir!
Chapter 7119 Yongye Pass!
Chapter 7177 He Gongji!
Chapter 7178 The First Son of God! Yan Congjiao!
Chapter 7179 Old friend!
Chapter 7180 The situation at Yongye Pass!
Chapter 7181 The competition in front of Yongye Pass!
Chapter 7182 Those who want to enjoy themselves!