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I am cultivating immortality scientifically among mortals

I am cultivating immortality scientifically among mortals

author:Luo Qingzi

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:07-22 09:16

Latest chapter:Chapter 1875 How can you betray your trust?

Luo Hong stood in front of the mountain gate of Yellow Maple Valley. At this moment, he had to admit the fact that he had traveled to 'Mortal'. Pushing up his glasses that no longer existed, Luo Hong said categorically: Like Old Demon Han, he has a fourth-grade pseudo-spiritual root. But I don’t have a vial, so it seems that the only way to go is scientific cultivation of immortality! Why is there a bottleneck every three levels in the Qi refining stage? How to maximize the chance of foundation building? How many factors affect the speed of cultivation? Han How fast can the old devil run? When cultivating immortality is an objective fact in this world, then science is cultivating immortality, and cultivating immortality is science!

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《I am cultivating immortality scientifically among mortals》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1875 How can you betray your trust?
Chapter 1874 Falling into a Trap
Chapter 1873 Three Evils from Heaven
Chapter 1872 Join Baizuoshan
Chapter 1871 Round-up and Auction
Chapter 1870 Outing and Traveling Boots
Chapter 1869 Floating Clouds Refining Treasures
Chapter 1868 The Secret of Weapon Refining
Chapter 1867 Extraterrestrial Mission
《I am cultivating immortality scientifically among mortals》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Entering the Yellow Maple Valley
Chapter 2 The First Law of Cultivation, 10th Edition
Chapter 3 Spiritual Pressure Immortal Cultivation Dafa
Chapter 4 The Li Family Sisters
Chapter 5 The Beginning of Talismans
Chapter 6: Studying Talisman Epiphany
Chapter 7 Simple Patterns for Tabs
Chapter 8 How Can You Surprise the Sect Master?
Chapter 9 Li Xiaowan is afraid of becoming a box
Chapter 10 You Are Not Right
Chapter 11 The First Fight
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14 Liu Jing's Plan
Chapter 15 Rolling to some extent
Chapter 16
Chapter 17 The lore under the evil atmosphere
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
Chapter 20 Extracorporeal Circulation System of Meridians
Chapter 21 The Difficulty of Spiritual Materials
Chapter 22 The truth of Dan spider
Chapter 23 The Road to the Future
Chapter 24 The Inside Taste of the Fair
Chapter 25 Jade Dragon Gourd
Chapter 26 Don't care about the dead
Chapter 27 The Ancient Recipe and the Return
Chapter 28 The Mystery of the Bottleneck
Chapter 29 Tiandao, you old thief
Chapter 30 Farming That Can't Be Refused
Chapter 31 Three Years Later
Chapter 32 The Secret Pattern of Lingjiao
Chapter 33
Chapter 34
Chapter 35 The Perfectionist's Dilemma
Chapter 36 Han Laomo's Golden Marrow Pill
Chapter 37 Seduction
Chapter 38 The Dawn of Dan Spider
Chapter 39
Chapter 40 The Yan Family and the Magic Art
Chapter 41 Bombing and Killing Yan Kuang
Chapter 42 The Castrated Jade Dragon Wine
Chapter 43
Chapter 44 The Fighting Power of Immortal Cultivators
Chapter 45
Chapter 46 Luo Hong teaches you how to stack shields efficiently
Chapter 47: An Qingzi Comes Out
Chapter 48
Chapter 49 I Don't Believe It Too
Chapter 50
Chapter 51 Zhao Qingling
Chapter 52
Chapter 53
Chapter 54
Chapter 55
Chapter 56
Chapter 57
Chapter 58 Overloading of the Lingjiao Secret Pattern
Chapter 59
Chapter 60 Yu Ruoxi's Doubt
Chapter 61 Qian Mulan and Farewell
Chapter 62 Get a Gift
Chapter 63 Shortcomings
Chapter 64 The First Exploring of the Primordial Spirit
Chapter 65 The Great Evolution Distraction Technique
Chapter 66 Extraterritorial Projection
Chapter 67
Chapter 68 The Eve of the Trial
Chapter 69 The First Encounter in the Forbidden Land
Chapter 70
Chapter 71 Fighting the Giant Gu
Chapter 72 Golden Light Sculpture and Ancient Writings
Chapter 73 The New Look of Han Yunzhi
Chapter 74 Killing the Eagle
Chapter 75
Chapter 76 Chaotic Situation
Chapter 77
Chapter 78 Trading and Disbanding
Chapter 79
Chapter 80
Chapter 81 The Fifth Day
Chapter 82 The First Batch
Chapter 83
Chapter 84 The girls want me to take over
Chapter 85
Chapter 86
Chapter 87
Chapter 88 Don't pretend to be dead, be happy
Chapter 89
Chapter 90 Super Heavy Water Bomb
Chapter 91 The Trial Is Over
Chapter 92
Chapter 93 One or two things about the energy level of the spirit child
Chapter 94 The Matchmaker
Chapter 95 Cultivation Techniques and Small Goals
Chapter 96 Luo Hong's Avenue
Chapter 97 Convergence and Innovation
Chapter 98 Li Huayuan's Dispatch
Chapter 99
Chapter 100 The Demon Trail
Chapter 101 First Arrival at Chiyang Mountain
Chapter 102
Chapter 103 Stronger Means
Chapter 104 Three Years and the Shadow
Chapter 105 The Four Elephants Shifting Talismans and the Spirit-Suppressing Talismans
Chapter 106 The Ancient Xiudong Mansion
Chapter 107
Chapter 108 The tea that I dare not drink
Chapter 109 The harvest of the super class
Chapter 110 Fighting Ghost Hands
Chapter 111 Nascent Soul Old Monster
Chapter 112 Xiaojin and the Spirit
Chapter 113 Brother Liu Take Care
Chapter 114 Chaos Xinghai is calling
Chapter 115 Even if the enemy is outnumbered, I will take the girl in red
Chapter 116
Chapter 117 Funny Xiao Cuier
Chapter 118 Meeting Qian Mulan
Chapter 119 Look at the sword! Look at the spear!
Chapter 120 Entering the Palace at Night
Chapter 121 The blood pool changed (Merry Christmas!)
Chapter 122 Join if you can't beat it
Chapter 123: Meet Sanjiazi
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Four Seduces Demons with Demons
Chapter 125 Frontier Battlefield and Devil
Chapter 126 Chaos Star Sea, here I come!
Chapter 127 First Arrival to Kuixing Island
Chapter 128 Two transactions
Chapter 129 Spirit Son and the Five Elements
Chapter 130 Undercurrent and the Island
Chapter 131 Let the Spiritual Son restrain the Spiritual Son
Chapter 132 Five Demons Gathering Spirit Formation
Chapter 133: Twelve Years Later and Uninvited Guests
Chapter 134: The Power of Pill Formation
Chapter 135: The Line of Life and Death
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Six Dividing and Responding
Chapter 137 Are you teaching my master to do things?
Chapter 138: All Extermination and Concubine
Chapter 139 Harvest and Bad News
Chapter 140 Lanyun Pavilion in Tianxing City
Chapter 141 Heavenly Fire Real Man
Chapter 142 Want to stop drinking for a while?
Chapter 143: Help and the old line
Chapter 144 Star Auction
Chapter 145 Mysterious monk and molten soft iron
Chapter 146 The five elements are ready and going to sea
Chapter 147 Forming Pills!
Chapter 148 Return to Tianxing City
Chapter 149 Magic and Ancient Treasures
Chapter 150 The Hall of Mental Cultivation and Ling Yuling
Chapter 151 Refining the Five Elements Flag
Chapter 152 Inextinguishable Spirit Insects
Chapter 153: The Thief Dies
Chapter 154: The First Ascension
Chapter 155 Reborn
Chapter 156 Super Five Elements Divine Thunder
Chapter 157: Ancient Spiritual Materials
Chapter 158 Tianfengjing and Ningcui Island
Chapter 159 Zhenhaizhu
Chapter 160 Opening of the Void Temple
Chapter 161 Blood Sealed Devil
Chapter 162: Palm Killing Tiger Monster
Chapter 163: The Method of Exterminating Demons
Chapter 164: Soul Seduction Flying Spirit and Yin Lingtong
Chapter 165 Red-faced corpse
Chapter 166: Xutian's Secret and Yuanyao
Chapter 167 The Secret Realm of the Void Heaven and the Giant Xiwu Demon
Chapter 168: Closed Moon Glazed Lotus
Chapter 169 Yuan Yao was attacked
Chapter 170 The Iron Fire Ants Appear!
Chapter 171 Ant Colony Dacheng and Baoguang Pavilion
Chapter 172: Glare Magic Mirror
Chapter 173 Inner Demons and Conspiracy
Chapter 174 Desperately fighting Yuan Ying
Chapter 175 Six Paths Successor
Chapter 176 Mysterious Land
Chapter 177: The Dark Hall of Void Heaven
Chapter 178 Free Flying Ants
Chapter 179 Green Lightning
Chapter 180: Bone Bells
Chapter 181 Blood Sacrifice Devil Drum
Chapter 182 Ancient Demon Real Body
Chapter 183 Wan Tianming was severely punished
Chapter 184: Heavy damage to the extreme yin
Chapter 185 Demonic Bribery Demon
Chapter 186 The Land of Sealing Demons
Chapter 187: The Quartet Ruyi Altar
Chapter 188: Running away and unavoidable
Chapter 189: Two Killings
Chapter 190: The Demon Body Gets Out of Trouble
Chapter 191: Vigorous True Demon
Chapter 192: The Lure of Mysterious Bone
Chapter 193 get out
Chapter 194 The hexagram of the seven-star money
Chapter 195: Take what you need
Chapter 196 Chasing and Killing Barbarian Beard
Chapter 197 Magic Wei Hehe
Chapter 198: Chasing and Killing from the Air
Chapter 199: Fighting Trolls
Chapter 200 Extermination
Chapter 201 Separation and Suyuanzhai
Chapter 202 Young Master
Chapter 203 Ling Yuling's Research
Chapter 204: The acquired spiritual roots
Chapter 205 The Ten Great Powers and the Chaos in Nanming Island
Chapter 206 Tiansha and join forces
Chapter 207 Tricks and Qiyuan Island
Chapter 208 Golden Thunder Bamboo and the Secret Technique of Refining
Chapter 209 Qingling fights black clothes
Chapter 210 Ambush and Spirit Tide
Chapter 211 Happy Sword Heart
Chapter 212 Good Blood Moon Island
Chapter 213: Extermination of the Family (Happy New Year!!!)
Chapter 214 Breakthrough Late Stage
Chapter 215 The big plan starts
Chapter 216: Miaohe and Poisonous Jiao
Chapter 217: The Power of Poisonous Flood Dragon
Chapter 218 - Heavenly Spirit Pillar
Chapter 219 I saw a loneliness!
Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty Spirit Son Nuclear Explosion
Chapter 221 A nuclear explosion can also raise spirits
Chapter 222 Xiaojin's chance and Luo Hong's treasure
Chapter 223 Snooping and Ascension in the Core
Chapter 224 Zixiao Divine Thunder
Chapter 225 The parties are in chaos
Chapter 226: King Suan
Chapter 227 Fan Mengyi's homework
Chapter 228 News of the Beast Tide
Chapter 229 Where is my apprentice!
Chapter 230 Slaughter Jiao and Interrogation
Chapter 231 Good Fortune Thunder Liquid
Chapter 232 The Five Elements Escape Technique and the Encirclement of the Flood Dragon
Chapter 233 The Oriole's Opportunity
Chapter 234: The Wrath of the Cloud
Chapter 235 Wen Tianren
Chapter 236 Breaking the Formation and Sword Qi
Chapter 237 Fusion Array
Chapter 238 The treasure that decides the victory
Chapter 239 He is here!
Chapter 240 Trap
Chapter 241 They are all old acquaintances!
Chapter 242 Wen Tianren who ran away
Chapter 243 Five Elements Change
Chapter two hundred and forty fourth loopholes in the way of heaven
Chapter 245: The Great Sage of the Sea
Chapter 246: The Great Harvest of Flood Dragons
Chapter 247 This is the person!
Chapter two hundred and forty-eight Dafa attached to the spirit
Chapter 249 Senior Thunder Whale has worked hard
Chapter 250: The Old Routine of Sect Master Wan
Chapter 251 Inexplicably heavy
Chapter 252 Dilemma and opportunity to break the game
Chapter 253 Break and then stand
Chapter 254 The Way of Refining
Chapter 255 Old Demon Han is here
Chapter 256 The Chaos of the Demon Race
Chapter 257 Seeking skin with demons
Chapter 258 What kind of bad intentions can the refiner have?
Chapter 259 See the picture
Chapter 260 Exterminating the Demon
Chapter two hundred and sixty-one to run a run
Chapter 262 Goodbye Ling Yuling
Chapter 263 Determination
Chapter two hundred and sixty fourth competition and fate
Chapter 265: The Growth of Fan Mengyi
Chapter 266 Fan Mengyi's Wheel War
Chapter 267 Shameless blood passed down
Chapter 268 Rebuke and Twin Peaks Island
Chapter 269 Battle plan
Chapter 270 Attack the Island
Chapter two hundred and seventy-one
Chapter 272 Gravity Labyrinth
Chapter 273 Feeding and Formation
Chapter 274 Conflict and Huangming Island
Chapter two hundred and seventy-fifth see Shi Niang
Chapter 276 Yuan Yao's Invitation
Chapter two hundred and seventy seventh law of both
Chapter two hundred and seventy-eight temperament changes
Chapter 279 Ghost fog
Chapter 280: The Underworld
Chapter two hundred and eighty first temptation
Chapter 282 Great Jin Buddhism
Chapter 283: Rahu and Reunion
Chapter 284 Return to Tiannan
Chapter 285 Returning “home”
Chapter 286 I'm here to find a Taoist companion
Chapter two hundred and eighty seventh bad thoughts
Chapter 288 False alarm
Chapter two hundred and eighty ninth three steps
Chapter 290 Heart Demon Problem
Chapter two hundred and ninety first refining incarnation
Chapter 292 Wang Qingqing, who is not an outsider
Chapter 293 Purchasing Medicine
Chapter two hundred and ninety fourth in addition to the devil
Chapter 295 Accidental Death
Chapter 296 Fair
Chapter 297: Level 7 Flood Dragon Scales
Chapter 298: The conditions for obtaining Dan and the ancestor of Linghu
Chapter 299 Quick Kill and Last Words
Chapter 300: Attacking Mulan People
Chapter 301 Moon China Competition
Chapter 302 Everything is ready
Chapter 303 Broken Pill
Chapter 304 Master Mulan
Chapter 305 Multi-party battle
Chapter 306: A very powerful demon
Chapter 307: Capturing the Devil and Knotting the Baby
Three hundred and eighth chapter red robe rushed into the formation
Chapter 309 Exiting the Enemy
Chapter 310 Destroy the Guru
Chapter 311 Ancient Magic Phase
Chapter 312 I'm going to take her away today!
Chapter 313 Is it possible to obtain it?
Chapter three hundred and fourteen
Chapter 315 Old Friends of Huangfeng Valley
Chapter three hundred and sixteen finally married
Chapter 317 Zhongling Mountains
Chapter 318: The Difficulty of Nie Ying
Chapter three hundred and nineteen evil things or demons
Chapter 320 Eye of Xuanyin
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty-One: Pill and Encounter
Chapter 322: The gray mist is innocent, but the curse is a disaster
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty-Three Shadows and Soul Raising Pearls
Three hundred and twentieth chapters say run and run
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty-Five God Transformation Old Man
Chapter 326 Qingyu Demon
Chapter 327 Seal
Chapter 328 Luo Hong's Win-Win
Chapter 329 The third plan
Chapter 330: A Doomed Attempt
Chapter 331 Curse is not a curse
Chapter 332 The Devil Feeding Tower (1)
Chapter 333 Devil Feeding Tower (Part 2)
Chapter 334 Han Li's Worries
Chapter three hundred and thirty fifth Hongjun strange news
Chapter 336 Lu Qian?
Chapter 337 Accidental Transmission
Three hundred and thirtieth eight chapters have long admired the name
Chapter 339 Corpse Mountain
Chapter three hundred and fortieth silver armor corpse
Chapter 341 Stealing in person
Chapter 342 Flying Corpse
Three hundred and fortieth chapters corpse king
Chapter 344 Blood God Pill
Chapter 345: Lord of the Rakshasa
Chapter 346: Donor Luo, you are destined to be my Buddha
Chapter three hundred and forty seventh green-haired evil spirits
Chapter three hundred and forty-eight red female ghost
Chapter 349: The Curse of Soul Extermination and Yuan Yao
Chapter 350: The Danger of Han Li
Chapter 351: Escape and Personality
Chapter 352 Yuan Yao destroys the enemy
Chapter 353 The escaped mansion
Chapter three hundred and fiftieth chapters Yin Sha lost track
Chapter 355: The Lure of Blood Yin
Three hundred and fiftieth chapters day hate drink hate
Chapter 357: The soldiers are divided into two groups
Three hundred and fiftieth eight chapters of their respective backing
Chapter 359 Lore and Accident
Chapter 360 Blood and Yin Broken Seal
Chapter 361 Yin and Yang Avenue
Chapter 362: Soul Destruction Charm Array
Chapter 363 Out of Control
Chapter 364: Blood Sea Upheaval
Three hundred and sixtieth chapters of the Buddha repair
Chapter 366 Old Demon Han has broken the defense
Chapter three hundred and sixty seventh take the treasure along the way
Chapter 368 You can't be a man
Chapter 369 The old monster and killing intent
Chapter 370 The blood cloud is poisonous!
Chapter three hundred and seventy first blood beads mutation
Chapter 372 Eye of Gorehowl
Chapter 373: The Change of the Infant
Chapter 374 I want you to help me practice!
Chapter 375: The Treasure of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 376 Alienation Experiment
Chapter three hundred and seventy seventh silver rune never seen before
Chapter three hundred and seventy-eight of the eyes of the gods
Chapter 379 The Great War
Chapter 380 Preparations of the Mulan People
Chapter 381 Coalition Forces Communication
Chapter three hundred and eighty second supernatural power
Chapter 383: Capture the Holy Maiden
Chapter 384: The Law of Survival
Chapter 385 Four Great Masters
Chapter 386 Tianyi City
Chapter 387 Refining Treasures
Chapter three hundred and eighty eighth brother, I will go
Chapter 389 Border War
Chapter 390 Two Demons Fight
Chapter 391 'Forced' to take action
Three hundred and ninetieth chapters Zixiao shows power
Three hundred and ninetieth chapters Tiansha haunted
Chapter 394 Yuan Yao's Retreat is Advancement
Three hundred and ninetieth chapters after the war
Chapter three hundred and ninety-six five difficulties
Chapter 397 Wan Yaojie
Three hundred and ninetieth eight chapters evil monster
Chapter three hundred and ninety-ninth fierce battle evil monster
Chapter 400: Delicate Orb
Chapter 401: Receiving the Demon
Chapter 352: One enemy three
Chapter 403 Looking for enemies
Chapter 404 Don't leave when you come!
Chapter 405: Yuan Ying Dead
Chapter 406: Colorful Feather
Chapter 407 Breaking the formation and setting up the formation
Chapter 408: Mulan's Invitation
Chapter 409 Decisive Rejection
Chapter 410: The Great Array is Completed
Chapter 411 Le Yun's visit
Chapter 412 The irresistible innate lure
Chapter 413 Please put down the magic weapon
Chapter 414: The Secret Realm of the Black Domain
Chapter 415: Bloodline Restriction (Second Upload)
Chapter 416: One Thought of Dao Transformation
Chapter 417: The body of law is difficult to achieve
Chapter 418: The Great Festival Begins
Four hundred and nineteenth chapter single woman
Chapter 420 The Great Jin Cultivator
Chapter 421 Yin Qiao
Chapter 422 Purple Light Worm
The four hundred and twentieth chapters encounter competition
Chapter 424 Lingbao and Yin Luofan
Chapter 425: Yellow Snake Demon Poison
Four hundred and twentieth chapters thunderbolt to destroy the enemy
The four hundred and twentieth chapters show their supernatural powers
Four hundred and twentieth eight chapters attract magic incense
Chapter 429: Yan Jing Canyon
Chapter 430 The chance of Xiaojin
Chapter 431 Breakthrough Mutation
Chapter 432 Wasteland Overlord
Chapter 433: Fierce Fighting Bull
Chapter 434: Extinguishing Golden Light Burst
Chapter 435: The Right Path Gathers
Four hundred and thirtieth chapters shattered deep pit
Chapter 437 Space Cracks
Chapter 438: Ancient Memory
Chapter four hundred and thirty nine silver claustrophobia
Chapter 440 Mo Han's Change
Chapter 441 Silver Fairy
Four hundred and fortieth chapters silver short stick
Chapter 443: True Flame Burns the Sky
Four hundred and fortieth chapters win the tripod
Chapter 445 Debao
Chapter 446: Heavenly Heart Tree
Chapter 447: Three Black Pythons (Happy Dragon Boat Festival!)
Four hundred and fortieth eight chapters strange nun
Chapter 449: Work together to destroy the demon
Chapter four hundred and fiftieth treasure land black pool
Chapter four hundred and fifty first searched
Four hundred and fiftieth second chapter whirling Yin array
The four hundred and fiftieth chapters of the middle stage of Yuanying
Chapter 454: Five Elements Great Escape
Chapter 455: Cultivation Technique Backlash
Four hundred and fiftieth chapters confrontation between the demons
Chapter 457: Infiltrate
Four hundred and fiftieth eight chapters ripening
Chapter 459: Tianxinguo was born
Chapter 460 Siege
Chapter 461 Fake breakout
Chapter 462: Exquisite Jade
Four hundred and sixtieth chapters fierce fighting devil
Chapter 464: The Golden Crow of Spiritual Art
Chapter four hundred and sixty-fifth, the devil intimidates the heart
Chapter 466 Earth Dragon Rolls
Chapter 467 The Seed of the Demon
Chapter 468: The Confused Lin Yinping
Chapter 468: Spiritual World Monk
Chapter 469 Clash of Clans
Chapter 470 Weird Immortal Master
Chapter 471 Ancestral Treasure
Four hundred and seventieth chapters ghost-faced silkworm
Chapter 473 Appears
Four hundred and seventieth chapters leave bequest
Chapter 475 Return
Four hundred and seventieth chapters move mountains and mountains
Chapter 477: Heavenly Demon Flag
Chapter 478: Ordering the Demons
Chapter 479 Qingfeng
Chapter 480 Opening the Domain Door
Chapter 481 Accidental Visitors
Chapter 482: Heavenly Secret Jade
Chapter four hundred and eighty third guest
Chapter 484: Ancient Jade Slips
Chapter 485: Falling Clouds Refining Treasures
Chapter 486 The happy old devil Han
Chapter four hundred and eighty seventh
Chapter 488: Reunion
Chapter 489 Coercion
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters into the valley
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters evil spirits
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters reunion in the valley
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters three vicious snakes
Chapter 494: Rakshasa shows its power
Chapter four hundred and ninety fifth hand tearing space
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters flying purple scorpion
Chapter 497 Earth Fire Green Lotus
Chapter 498 Abduction
Chapter 499: Seven Flame Fan and Tianfeng Gourd
Chapter 500: Exploring the Purple Scorpion
Chapter 501 Gold Saint Alcohol Liquid
Chapter 502: Magic Talisman and Tracking
Chapter 503: Kill the Beast and Get the Fruit
Chapter 504: Creating a Fantasy Realm
Chapter Five Hundred and Five Demons Now
Chapter 506: Two people in a row
Chapter 507 Tonic
Chapter 508: The Demon Soul of the First Battle
Chapter 509: Double Demons Gather Together
Chapter 510 Fighting the Demon Body Alone
Chapter 511: Resisting Double Demons
Chapter five hundred and twelve see tricks
Chapter five hundred and thirteen reinforcements
Chapter 514 The time has come
Chapter 515 Shaking the Wave Magic
Chapter five hundred and sixteen the body of the incarnation
Chapter 517 Nine Revolutions Soul Destruction Array
Chapter five hundred and eighteen out of the valley
Chapter 519 Hui Zong
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Spirit Son and Demon Son
Chapter 521 Transaction with the Silver Fairy
Chapter 522: The Primordial Rune
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty-Three One Thought
Five hundred and twentieth chapters silver phragm long river
Five hundred and twentieth chapters have gained a lot
Chapter five hundred and twenty sixth leisurely Luo Hong
Chapter five hundred and twenty seventh incarnation
Chapter five hundred and twentieth eighth chapter retreat
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Nine: Outside the Devil's Valley
Chapter 530 Shenfeng Shadowless Sword
Chapter 531: Great Jin Liaozhou
Chapter 532 Miss Gong Family
Chapter 533 Dinner
Chapter 534 The plight of the Gong family
Chapter 535 Strength?
Chapter five hundred and thirty sixth blood robe old man
Chapter 537: The Doubt of the Spiritual Vessels
Chapter 538: Xuanwu Lingsi
Chapter 539 Portable Ascension
Chapter Five Hundred and Fortieth Yin-Yang Balance
Chapter five hundred and forty-one power qualitative change
Chapter 542: The Confusion of Incarnation
Five hundred and fortieth chapters new disciples
Chapter five hundred and forty fourth agreement
Chapter five hundred and forty fifth accidental acquaintance
Chapter five hundred and forty-six blood clouds cover the sky
Chapter five hundred and forty seventh black robe blood boy
Chapter five hundred and forty-eight evil monsters
Chapter five hundred and forty-ninth parasitic bloodworm
Chapter 550: The Ning Family's Fierce Battle
Chapter five hundred and fifty first blood-sucking mother
Chapter five hundred and fifty second cooperation breaking the seal
Chapter 553: Reminder 12
Chapter 554 Design by both parties
Chapter five hundred and fifty-fifth plan
Chapter five hundred and fifty sixth meeting
Chapter 557: The Gift of Dialogue
Chapter 558 True Spirit Relic
Chapter five hundred and fiftieth IX kill at will
Chapter 560: Entering the Mountain
Chapter five hundred and sixty first blood-sucking mother
Chapter 562 Ten Thousand Demon Blood
Five hundred and sixtieth chapters three yuan return for a while
Chapter five hundred and sixty fourth mutual calculation
Chapter five hundred and sixty fifth insect mother broken seal
Five hundred and sixtieth chapters superior skills
Chapter five hundred and sixty seventh temptation
Chapter five hundred and sixty-eight shot
Chapter 569 Luomou will come and go
Chapter five hundred and seventieth no fusion charm
Chapter five hundred and seventy first siege
Chapter 572 Black Flame Giant Sculpture
Chapter five hundred and seventy third horror ape head
Five hundred and seventieth chapters regain the body
Chapter 575: The Treasure of Protecting the World
Chapter 576 Accidental backlash
Chapter 577 Thank you
Chapter 578: Zixiao destroys the enemy
Chapter five hundred and seventy-ninth cave house clues
Chapter 580 Green Bamboo Apprentice
Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-First The Road of Magic
Chapter five hundred and eighty second Taiping daily life
Chapter five hundred and eighty third kneel
Chapter five hundred and eighty fourth seven secret discussion
Chapter 585 Feather Pill
Chapter five hundred and eighty sixth sudden opportunity
Chapter 587: The Origin of True Spirit
Chapter 588 Clues and News
Chapter five hundred and eighty-ninth draw preparations
Chapter 590 News of the Old Demon
Chapter five hundred and ninety-first soul-absorbing steel
Five hundred and ninetieth chapters five elements of fine stone
Chapter 593 Ancient Evil Dragon Blood
Chapter five hundred and ninety fourth garden meeting
Five hundred and ninetieth chapters plan and conditions
Chapter 596: Qingyun Temple
Chapter five hundred and ninety seventh one-handed capture the dragon
Chapter five hundred and ninety-eight
Chapter five hundred and ninety nine falling star
Chapter 600 Bliss Mirror
Chapter 601 Cooperation
Chapter 602: Instant Destruction
Chapter 603: Chasing and Blocking
Chapter 604 Framed and blamed
Chapter six hundred and fifth fight
Chapter 606 Intense temptation
Chapter 607: Transforming Yang into Yin
Chapter 608: God's Frontal Slashing Array
Chapter 609 Fighting the old devil
Chapter 610 King Kong Destroying Demons
Chapter 611 Set up traps for each other
Chapter 612 Feed you a feast
Chapter six hundred and thirteenth ending
Chapter 614 The Fourth Phase
Chapter 615: Ten Thousand Swords
Chapter 616: Five Years Out of Customs
Chapter 617 Ice Soul Cold Body
Chapter 618 Wanyao Valley
Chapter six hundred and nineteen sneak in
Chapter 620 Demon Movement
Chapter 621 Riverside Trap
Chapter 622: Ten Thousand Years Corpse Bear
Chapter 623 How is this sword?
Chapter 624 Cave Spirit
Six hundred and twentieth chapters three levels of seeking medicine
Chapter 626: Asking the Heart Bridge and the Gate of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 627 Yin Yang Pond
Chapter 628 Lingbao Bagua Plate
Chapter 629 Evacuate the Pill Room
Chapter six hundred and thirtieth is too wonderful God forbidden
Chapter 631 The main hall shares the treasure
Chapter 632: The Origin Crystal
Chapter six hundred and thirty third opportunity to deliver
Chapter 634 The Ultimate Explosion (Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!!)
Chapter 635: All parties are moving
Chapter 636 The Secret of Taiping
Chapter 637: Floating Dragon Cliff
Chapter 638 Devil's Light Spear
Chapter 639 Secret Treasure Spirit
Chapter 640: You are too strong, be careful not to break it
Chapter 641: Get what you want
Six hundred and fortieth chapters loosen the muscles and bones
Chapter 643: Willingness to make a big pot of rice
Six hundred and fortieth chapters catch up
Chapter 645: Braided Children
On the power of supernatural powers and magic weapons
Chapter 646 Ten Thousand Demon Banners
Chapter six hundred and forty seventh water and fire gossip plate
Chapter six hundred and forty-eight gods and demons repair
Chapter 649: Counting the Treasures
Chapter 650 Successive surprises
Chapter 651 Painful failure of the treasure
Chapter six hundred and fifty second departure
Chapter 653 Southern Border Female Cultivator
Chapter 654 Interesting little spider (Happy National Day!)
Chapter 655: Visit Huaxianzong
Chapter 656 The change of the mountain gate
Chapter 657 The new mode of incantation
Chapter 658: Shuo Jinchi
Chapter 659 Taiyi Magnetic Gold and Crystal Beads
Chapter 660 Golden Corpse Pill
Chapter 661 Giant Puppet
Chapter 662: The Star and the Message
Chapter 663: Thousand Miles Curse Kill
Chapter 664: Immortal Travels Outside the Territory
Chapter 665: The Bamboo House Reunites
Six hundred and sixtieth chapters drink wine
Chapter six hundred and sixty-seventh fairy thing
Chapter 668 Kunwu Mountain opens
Chapter 669 Are you okay? I'm sorry
Chapter 670 Kill the chicken to warn the monkey
Chapter 671 The meaning of induction beads
Six hundred and seventieth chapters do not talk about martial arts
Chapter 673 Mu Kui
Chapter 674: Demons as evidence
Chapter 675: Union and Reunion
Chapter six hundred and seventy sixth soaring three methods
Chapter 677: Fei Immortal Stone
Chapter 678 Activation
Chapter 679 Get up!
Chapter 680 The Ascension Scam
Chapter six hundred and eighty first cut array
Chapter six hundred and eighty second encounter an old friend
Chapter 683 Luo Lao Mo
Chapter 684 In front of Kunwu Palace
Chapter 685: Brother Ye, please
Chapter 686 Wood Spirit Transformation
Chapter six hundred and eighty seventh lie to children
Chapter six hundred and eighty eighth
Chapter 689: One Finger to Repel the Enemy
Chapter 690 Lingbao was born
Chapter six hundred and ninety first bad premonition
Chapter 692 The situation that is about to collapse
Chapter six hundred and ninety third magic industry will become
Chapter six hundred and ninety fourth panacea
Chapter 695 Fighting and plotting
Chapter 696 The existence that must be erased
Six hundred and ninetieth chapters Lingbao fight
Chapter 698 Zhongshan Fa Xiang
Chapter six hundred and ninety-ninth ecstasy
Chapter 700: The ninth floor and the earth ball
Chapter 701 Linglong real body
Chapter 702: Rongling through the law
Chapter 703: Join Forces to Eliminate Demons
Chapter 704 Fatal Accident
Chapter 705 You Tian Kunpeng
Chapter 706 Kunpeng Zhenlei
Chapter 707 End
Chapter seven hundred and eighth
Chapter seven hundred and ninth the ownership of Kunwu Mountain
Chapter seven hundred and ten leave
Chapter 711 Guangnan House
Chapter seven hundred and twelve leading edge
Chapter 713 Experience
Seven hundred and fourteenth chapter living person refining
Chapter 715: The Great Hall Group Discussion
Chapter seven hundred and sixteen eating ginseng
Chapter 717: The Experience of Green Bamboo
Seven hundred and eighteenth chapter purple female cultivator
Chapter 719 Landslide
Chapter seven hundred and twentieth exposure
Chapter seven hundred and twenty first founding a faction
Chapter seven hundred and twenty second chaos
Chapter 723 Wanjianmen
Chapter seven hundred and twenty fourth right and wrong
Chapter 725 The Maid Puppet
Chapter 726 You are wrong
Chapter 727 Xiaojin's Fate Turning
Chapter 728 Kunpeng's Feather
Seven hundred and twentieth IX false infiltration
Chapter 730 Ten Thousand Worlds Swallowing Yuan Gong
Chapter 731 The Dharma is boundless
Chapter 732 The turning point of Wanjianmen
Seven hundred and thirtieth chapters missing benefits
Chapter 734 Departure! Xiling Prefecture!
Chapter seven hundred and thirty fifth relic
Chapter 736 Demon disaster? Man-made disaster?
Chapter 737: Willing Power Factory
Chapter 738 Direct Atmosphere
Chapter 739 Misunderstanding
Chapter 740: Pure Land Sect did it!
Chapter seven hundred and forty first Buddha moving
Chapter seven hundred and forty second long-lost anger
Seven hundred and fortieth chapters enlightenment claw
Chapter seven hundred and forty fourth heaven favors
Chapter 745 Thunder Thunder Immortal Body Art
Seven hundred and fortieth chapters pure land plan
Chapter seven hundred and forty seventh
Seven hundred and fortieth eight chapters cloud movement
Chapter seven hundred and fortieth nine all the way west
Chapter 750: Twenty-four Heavenly Dragon Arrays
Chapter 751: True flames show their power
Chapter 752: Fellow Daoist Feng
Chapter 753 Windfall
Chapter 754: Pure World Divine Mud
Chapter 755 Dou Bingfeng
Seven hundred and fiftieth chapters Qiankun ring lock
Chapter 757 Dealing with expired arrays
Seven hundred and fiftieth eight chapters destroy the sect
Chapter 759 Blood Shura
Chapter 760: Demon Soul Doubts
Chapter seven hundred and sixty first to force resistance
Chapter seven hundred and sixty second worst case
Chapter seven hundred and sixty third battle
Chapter 764 Wen Dao
Chapter 765: The Power of One Punch
Chapter 766: Five Realms of the Flesh
Chapter 767 Wanfo Mountain
Chapter 768: The Secret of Lei Yinzong
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-ninth price and calculation
Chapter 770: Ice Abyss Island
Chapter seven hundred and seventy first war
Chapter 772 Zhenhai Bell
Chapter 773 Two-tailed Amethyst Scorpion
Chapter 774: Insect Wei Hehe
Seven hundred and seventieth chapters will be wrong
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-six defeat is set
Chapter seven hundred and seventy seventh secretly promote
Chapter 778 Huangquan Ghost Mother
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-ninth Huangquantian ghost gate
Chapter 780: Re-entering the Hall of Void Heaven
Chapter seven hundred and eighty first seal
Chapter 782 The Lord of the Ghost Gate
Chapter seven hundred and eighty third thirty-year agreement
Chapter 784: Asking the Sky to Conspire
Chapter 785 Hope and Problems
Chapter seven hundred and eighty sixth ghost and Rahu
Chapter seven hundred and eighty seventh Huangquan ghost hand and get out of trouble
Chapter 788: Falling Star Island and Old Acquaintances
Chapter seven hundred and eighty ninth star double saint
Chapter 790 Biling Island
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-first spirit of life
Chapter 792 Tianhuo Pavilion
Chapter 793: Fulong Blade and Old Resentment
Chapter 794: Coming to Biling Island
Seven hundred and ninetieth chapters an hour
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-six greedy amethyst scorpion
Chapter seven hundred and ninety seventh purple girl and Qingfeng
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-eight poison and visitors
Chapter seven hundred and ninety nine pressing the three demons
Chapter 800: The Six Paths of the Holy Spirit and the Dragon Scale Fruit
Chapter 801 The situation is rising
Chapter 802 Advanced God Transformation
Chapter 803 New Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 804: Historic Anti-Killing
Chapter 805: Chance and Conspiracy
Chapter 806 Mission Completion
Chapter 807 The Battle of the True Spirit
Eight hundred and eighth chapter spoils meeting
Eight hundred and ninth chapters have something to gain
Eight hundred and tenth chapter Yaoer don't be afraid
Chapter 811: Demon Realm Induces Dafa
Chapter 812: The Apocalypse Interface and the Black Armor's Conspiracy
Chapter 813: Fusion of Yin and Yang
Chapter 814: Repeated Accidents
Chapter eight hundred and fifteen new laws
Eight hundred and sixteenth chapter spiritual perception and conditions
Chapter 817 Heavenly Wolf Shenhuo and Jade Jiao speak
Chapter 818: Suspicious Secret Realm and Return
Chapter 819 is Yelong Island again
Chapter eight hundred and twentieth whose atmosphere
Chapter 821 The Night Dragon Patriarch and the Blood Prohibition Card
Eight hundred and twentieth chapters in the secret realm
Chapter 823 Gan ah! Slip!
Eight hundred and twentieth chapters night dragon nine ancestors
Chapter 825: Fulong Knife Light and Time Field
Eight hundred and twentieth chapters come first
Eight hundred and twentieth seventh chapter red gold sword light
Chapter 828: Ferocious Beasts in the Late Stage of God Transformation
Chapter 829 Silver Fairy Awakens
Chapter VIII
Eight hundred and thirty first chapter too ruthless tactics
Eight hundred and thirtieth chapters God Transformation Conference
Chapter 833: Proposal for Ascension
Eight hundred and thirtieth chapters three places
Chapter 835: Ancestor Hongjun
Chapter 836 Sword Art and Return
Chapter eight hundred and thirty seventh accidental intervention
Chapter 838 Black Phoenix Demon King
Chapter 839: Blood Killing Sect, Danger!
Chapter 840 Yan Ruyan and Lang Yi's ambition
Eight hundred and fortieth chapters capture acacia alive
Eight hundred and fortieth chapters, the sound shook the south of the sky
Eight hundred and fortieth chapters God Transformation Ceremony
Eight hundred and fortieth chapters the way of aura
Eight hundred and fortieth chapters three guests
Chapter 846: Trading and Retreat
Eight hundred and forty seventh chapter delimiting beads
Eight hundred and forty-eighth chapter ten years and the soul lamp
Chapter 849: Ascension to the Spiritual World
Eight hundred and fiftieth chapters spirit world rune
Chapter 851: The Treasure Talisman and the News of Asking the Heavens
Chapter 852 Spiritual Place and Opportunity (Happy New Year’s Eve!!!)
Eight hundred and fiftieth chapters spiritual battle
Chapter 854: Black Flame Building
Eight hundred and fiftieth chapters undercurrent surging
Chapter 856: The Secret of the Black Phoenix
Chapter 857 The battle begins
Eight hundred and fiftieth eight chapters thunder means
Eight hundred and fiftieth IX murderous intent
Eight hundred and sixtieth chapters first sight of aliens
Eight hundred and sixty-first chapter Spirit Race Xu Feng
Chapter 862 Cooperation and Dongfu
Chapter 863 Law Contact and Patrol
Chapter 864: Floating Light Forest
Eight hundred and sixtieth chapters patrol and wood clan
Eight hundred and sixtieth chapters purple ginseng fruit and black light beast
Eight hundred and sixty seventh chapter to one enemy four
Eight hundred and sixtieth eight chapters kill and run
Eight hundred and sixtieth nine chapters catch up
Eight hundred and seventieth chapters in case it comes true
Chapter eight hundred and seventy first pink girl
Chapter 872: The unity of man and tree and mutation
Eight hundred and seventieth chapters Yin Yang Shenmu
Eight hundred and seventieth chapters Ivy Hall
Chapter 875 Nameless Secret Technique
Eight hundred and seventieth chapters Yushu Great Array
Eight hundred and seventieth chapters Xuantian broke the ban
Eight hundred and seventieth eight chapters jade book inner page
Eight hundred and seventieth nine chapters barbarian and return
Chapter 880: Carry the blame! Girl!
Eight hundred and eighty-first chapters of the road
Chapter eight hundred and eighty second Yuan Lingzi and revenge
Chapter eight hundred and eighty third treasure and coercion
Chapter 884: Revisiting the Black Flame Building
Chapter eight hundred and eighty fifth clearing troubles and thanks
Eight hundred and eighty-sixth chapter Tiansha crazy armor
Eight hundred and eighty-seventh chapter thousand treasures and secrets
Eight hundred and eighty-eighth chapter demonized demon bird
Eight hundred and eighty-ninth chapter conspiracy gradually revealed
Eight hundred and ninetieth chapters betrayal and jade burn
Eight hundred and ninetieth chapters sneak attack and idle chess
Chapter 892 Debao and the Dragon Blood Trial
Chapter 893: Long Family Secret
Chapter eight hundred and ninety fourth mission
Eight hundred and ninetieth chapters the first appearance of the demon king
Eight hundred and ninety-six chapters Long family battle boat and companions
Eight hundred and ninetieth chapters human face snake tide
Chapter 899 Devouring supernatural powers
Chapter eight hundred and ninety-ninth banquet
The ninth hundredth chapter kill ring wide open
Chapter 901 Huangquan Pill and the beginning of the trial
Chapter 903 Poisoning
Chapter 903: The vast sea desert
Chapter 904 Divine Gang and Instant Kill
Chapter 905: Live Dragon's Blood
Chapter 906 Two forces
Chapter 907 Mixing in and Longdong
Chapter 908: Blood and Bone Banners on the Other Shore
Chapter 910
Chapter 910: The Needle Shows Its Power
Chapter 911 Group Destruction Conjecture
Chapter 912 Amazing harvest
Chapter 913: Detecting the enemy's situation
Chapter 914: Surrounded
Chapter 915 Qiankun Five Elements Cover
Chapter 916 Tianyuan Returning Fate Technique
Chapter nine hundred and seventeenth battle of wits and courage
Chapter 918 The conspiracy is emerging
Chapter 919: The Method of Ascension of Yuan Lingzi
Chapter Nine hundred and twentieth Who are you?!
Chapter 921 Blood Crystal Maha Sword
Nine hundred and twentieth chapters the soul of the true spirit
Chapter 923 The dust has settled
Nine hundred and twentieth chapters return to the main hall
The ninth and twentieth chapters win over and anti-sacred pill
Chapter 926: Three Spirits Structure and Parting
Chapter nine hundred and twenty seventh retreat preparation
Nine hundred and twentieth eight chapters fierce name
Nine hundred and twentieth IX life and death ascension
The ninth and thirtieth chapter of the big five elements
Chapter 931: Cultivation and Herding
Chapter 932: Seeing Ye Ying for the first time
Nine hundred and thirtieth chapters treasure armor finally
Chapter 934 Guangyuan Book of Heaven
Chapter 935: The Netherworld in the Palm
Chapter 936 Lost Forest
Chapter 937: Refining Void Demons
Chapter 938 Dou Tongtian Python
Chapter 939 Lingqiao and Liu Yao
Chapter nine hundred and fortieth coercion and the enemy
Chapter 941 Nine Netherworld Eyes
Chapter 942 Dilemma and clues
Nine hundred and fortieth chapters formation and enemy attack
Chapter 944: Escape and Guangyuanzhai
Chapter nine hundred and fortieth new crisis
Nine hundred and fortieth chapters crack the miasma
Chapter 947: The information delivered to the door
Chapter 948 Relics
The ninth and forty-ninth chapter of the great nirvana combined yuan magic
Chapter 950 The battle of Yuanling
Chapter 951 underestimate the enemy
Chapter nine hundred and fifty second war intensifies
Chapter 953: Destroy the strong enemy
Nine hundred and fiftieth chapters nine-headed Dharma
Nine hundred and fiftieth chapters dark pupil day
Nine hundred and fiftieth chapters five-color divine light
Nine hundred and fifty seventh chapter two strong fight
Chapter 958 Cooperation and Qingluoguo
Nine hundred and fifty-ninth chapters are pregnant with ghosts
Chapter 960 Five Light Son
Chapter 961 The Eve of the Mountain Rain
Nine hundred and sixtieth chapters get half
Nine hundred and sixtieth chapters five-color valley
Chapter 964 Sword Art
Chapter nine hundred and sixty-five transactions and leaks
Chapter 966 Waste utilization
Chapter 967 Twenty Years Later
Nine hundred and sixtieth eight chapters Jiuyue Palace
Chapter 969 On the Tao
Nine hundred and seventieth chapters a blessing in disguise
Chapter 971 Sword Array and Xiaohui
Nine hundred and seventieth chapters Li Wei
Chapter 973 Yang Sha and Bai Hao
Chapter 974: An appointment with Dongtian
Chapter 975 Polarization and the Council of Elders
Nine hundred and seventieth chapters draw the river to demolish the bridge
Nine hundred and seventieth chapters Shazun Dharma body
Chapter 978 Test and Tribulation
Chapter nine hundred and seventy-ninth stealing the secret
Chapter 980 Killing
Chapter 981 The whole story
Chapter 982 Barbarian Star Clan
Chapter nine hundred and eighty third hit the sun battle
Chapter nine hundred and eighty fourth ghost incarnation
Nine hundred and eighty fifth chapter alien beasts break through
Chapter nine hundred and eighty sixth big medicine will become
Chapter nine hundred and eighty seventh solution
Chapter 988 Expectations
Chapter 989 The trial begins
Chapter 990 Blood Flood Dragon and Encounter
Nine hundred and ninety-first chapter blue wood demon
Chapter nine hundred and ninety-two white-bearded dwarf
Nine hundred and ninetieth chapters live capture and five layers
Nine hundred and ninetieth chapters turtle beast
Chapter 995: Mu Qing leaves the customs
Nine hundred and ninetieth chapters encounter ambush
Sort out supernatural powers and spiritual treasures (free)
Sort out the first bullet of supernatural powers (free)
Nine hundred and ninetieth nine chapters kill the tortoise
Chapter 1000: What did Jie Yuanfang's people have to do with me, Luo Hong
Sort out the second bullet of the supernatural powers (free)
Chapter 1001: Escape
Chapter 1002: The Mystery of the Fall
Chapter 103 The hag and the two daughters
Chapter 104: The Shocked Blood-robed Man
Chapter 105: Arrive on the sixth floor
Chapter 1006: Reunion
Chapter 107: The White Dragon Swallows the Ghost
Chapter 1008: Get Out and Donate Pills
Chapter 1009 Senior, don’t worry about the details
Chapter 110: Hell and Opportunities
Chapter 111 Qiankun Pathfinder
Chapter 112 empty marrow fluid
Chapter 113: The Secret of Underworld Water
Chapter 114 confrontation
Chapter 115: Full Power and Injury
Chapter 116: The Power of Golden Flame
Chapter 117: The Spirit World Shakes
Chapter 118 The new demon king
One thousand and nineteen chapters perish together
Chapter 120 Before the retreat
The first thousand and twenty-first chapters Han Lao Mo who was pitted
Chapter 122 Weird Mud Puppets
Chapter 123 A big gift
Chapter 124: Peer and Doubt
Chapter 125: Ao Qing's Difficulty
Chapter 126: Defying the Heavens Demonic Beast
Chapter 127: The Son of God and Spirituality
Chapter 128: Underworld Spirits Against God Dafa
Chapter 129 Meeting the Demon King
Chapter 130: Exchange of Opportunities
Chapter 131: Crossing the River Styx
Chapter 132 Gan is the pioneer
The first thousand and thirty third chapters lie in the mist
The first thousand and thirty-four chapters secretly trapped
Chapter 135 Acting and Showdown
Chapter 136: All parties plan
One thousand and thirty seventh chapter escape plan
Chapter 138 Fighting the Underworld Thunder Beast
Chapter 139 Madam, you don't want your husband to have an accident, right?
Chapter 140 Opportunity
Chapter 141: Journey to the Demon Grave
Chapter 142: The Back Road and Swallowing Magic Beads
Chapter 143 Mu Qing seizes the treasure
Chapter 144 Baoguang and Demon Tribulation
Chapter 145: Three days of fierce battle
Chapter 146: Ming Luoyu
One thousand and forty-seven chapters Yuan Yao apprenticeship
Chapter 148 Comfort and return to the abyss
Chapter 149: Refining Origin
Chapter 150 Advancement and Meeting
Chapter 151 Blood sacrifice to call the spirit
The first thousand and fifty-two chapters poured blood mold
Chapter 153 No chance
Chapter 1,554 Destruction doesn’t matter
Chapter 155 My avenue
The first thousand and fifty-six chapters run out of oil
Chapter 157 Time Reversal
Chapter 158 Aftermath
Chapter 159: The Disappearing Plug-in
Chapter 160: Blood Apricot and Green Luodan
Chapter 161 I've been tricked!
Chapter 162 Old Love and Spirit Stone
Chapter 163 Little Black Ball
Chapter 1065 The Way and Clash of Absolute Beginning
Chapter 1066 Sky Pendant and Insect Cocoon
Chapter 1067 The man in the cocoon
Chapter 1068 Two tails
Chapter 1069 Qiankun shows its power
Chapter 1070 I will send you my daughter
Chapter 1071 Heavy Alchemy Hammer
Chapter 1072 Treasures are born
Chapter 1073 Void Spirit
Chapter 1074 Guangyuanzhai
Chapter 1075
Chapter 1076 Walking
Chapter 1077 Ancient Battlefield
Chapter 1078 Reunion and Huayuan Beast
Chapter 1079 Dark Forest
Chapter 1080 Night Bat Demon
Chapter 1081 Going deep into the dark forest
#1082 inexplicable seizure of power
Chapter 1083 Stone Mountain
Chapter 1084 Reverse into the trap
Chapter 1085 Qiankun Repulsion Bomb
Chapter 1086 Breaking the Formation and Banning
Chapter 1087 Dragon Claw Orb
Chapter 1088 The secret of the transfer of evil spirits
Chapter 1089 Three-legged black tripod
Chapter 1090 Heavenly Devil Scale and Evil Dragon Pill
Chapter 1091 Solarization and sneak attack
Chapter 1092 Little Demon Fighting King
Chapter 1093 Transaction
Chapter 1094 Evil Dragon Devouring Dafa
Chapter 1095 Destroying the Enemy and Spiritual Heaven
Chapter 1096
Chapter 1097 Ying Ming Road
Chapter 1098 Six Years' Covenant
Chapter 1099 Fragment of Xuantian
Chapter 1100 Nine Realms Furnace
Chapter 1101 The sky collapses and conquers
Chapter 1102 Horned Eagle Cave
Chapter 1103 Two battles
Chapter 1104 Wendou
Chapter 1105 The little black ball shows his supernatural powers again
Chapter 1106 The Great Practice of Refining God in the Absolute Beginning
Chapter 1107 Teleportation!
Chapter 1108 Backtracking and Misunderstanding
Chapter 1109 Won one after another
Chapter 1110 Dream leads to recall
Chapter 1111 The Coast of Different Woods
Chapter 1112: Only one palm covers the sky
Chapter 1113 Transforming into the Netherworld
Chapter 1114 Green Flame Bone Finger
Chapter 1115 Immortal Essence Stone
Chapter 1116 Qingshui City
Chapter 1117 Xianxiang Tower
Chapter 1118 Wine and Alchemy
Chapter 1119 Short-lived
Chapter 1120 Exit and Auction
Chapter 1121 Crazy Thunder Breaking Armor
Chapter 1122 Lagerstroemia Sea and Smiling Fruit
Chapter 1123 The little purple-haired beast
Chapter 1125 Star Pupil Fantasy World Technique
Chapter 1126 Ziwei Ginseng Emperor
Chapter 1127 Instant Destruction Fusion
Chapter 1128 Crisis and Blessing
Chapter 1129 One against three
Chapter 1130 Snake-tailed monster
Chapter 1131 The Man in Silver Robe
Chapter 1132 Mahayana’s Invitation
Chapter 1133 Reunion and Magic Gold
Chapter 1134: Capturing Many Eyes Alive
Chapter 1135 Bullying the few with more
Chapter 1136 'Chance Encounter'
Chapter 1137 Entering the Spirit Cave
Chapter 1138 The Incarnation of the Demon King
Chapter 1139 The Demonic Mutation
Chapter 1140: Killing Jiao and Xue Ying
Chapter 1141 Combined Demon Crocodile
Chapter 1142 The situation of Feng Yuan
Chapter 1143 Meeting
Chapter 1144 Baoguang Reappears
Chapter 1145 The Qi of the Ancestral Demon
Chapter 1146 Xuan Yunzhu and the Ghost King
Chapter 1147 White Dragon Dharmakaya
Chapter 1148 Old Monster Xu
Chapter 1149 Everything is ready
Chapter 1150 Entering the Guanghan Realm for the First Time
Chapter 1151 Demonic Tribulation Human Tribulation
Chapter 1152 Time is mine!
Chapter 1153 Immeasurable Fruit
Chapter 1154 Finally merged
Chapter 1155 Rong Clan Black Beard
Chapter 1156 I, Luo Hong, am from the Silver Tribe!
Chapter 1157 Jinyang Sand and Underground Palace
Chapter 1158 The chaos in the world and the core of the underground palace
Chapter 1159 The Sun that Seizes the Sky
Chapter 1160 Rescue Guanghan Realm
Chapter 1161 Surprising changes on all sides
Chapter 1162 The Change of Swallowing the Sun
Chapter 1163 The Dark Beast Mutation and the Disaster Diverting to the East
Chapter 1164 Rebirth, Sirius Divine Fire!
Chapter 1165 News from thousands of miles away
Chapter 1166 This Guanghan Realm should belong to our human race!
Chapter 1167 Moving Mountains and Formations
Chapter 1168 Bet on how long you can last
Chapter 1169 Goodbye Old Demon Han
Chapter 1170: Obtain orders from the medicine garden and retrieve treasures from the main hall
Chapter 1171 Taking the Void Spirit Pill
Chapter 1172 The Immortal Gold Medal and the Starry Sky Map
Chapter 1173 The peak of integration!
Chapter 1174 Just kill him
Chapter 1175 Shi Kun made great contributions
Chapter 1176 Destroy Kulaqiao
Chapter 1177 Determined Plan
Chapter 1178 Guanghan Communication
Chapter 1179 Traps and Grotto Inscriptions
Chapter 1180 Turtle in the Urn
Chapter 1181 The young man in golden clothes
Chapter 1182 The illusion of time and the exquisite brocade ball
Chapter 1183 True Spirit Hoofed Dragon
Chapter 1184 The arrival of hoofosaurus
Chapter 1185 The end or the beginning
Chapter 1186 The real struggle
Chapter 1187 The power of the immortal body
Chapter 1188 I am the heaven in this world!
Chapter 1189 The dust has settled
Chapter 1190 The whole story
Chapter 1191 Return
Chapter 1192 Let’s unite, Silver Fairy
Chapter 1193 Small progress
Chapter 1194 The Lost Bell Spirit
Chapter 1195 Tenkabozu
Chapter 1196 Five Years and Departure from the Silver Clan
Chapter 1197 Pay to work? Impossible!
Chapter 1198 Seizing the Holy Object
Chapter 1199 Sneaking into the Yangyan Valley
Chapter 1200 Accident and Plan
Chapter 1201 The evil spirit shows its power
Chapter 1202 Destroying the Enemy and the Iron-Skinned Golden Body
Chapter 1203 Thank you, senior, for the gift of treasure
Chapter 1204 Attack on Feiliu Gorge
Chapter 1205 Cheating Ying Ming
Chapter 1206 The Nether Buries the Enemy
Chapter 1207 Sky-Breaking Spear, done!
Chapter 1208 Ancient Spiritual Treasure
Chapter 1209 Don’t worry, don’t worry
Chapter 1210 The bead box in front of the palace weighs a thousand kilograms, and it is not as good as one or two sweets in the shed.
Chapter 1211 The old black snake
Chapter 1212 Invincible Land
Chapter 1213 Xuan Yin’s conspiracy
Chapter 1214 Return to the human world
Chapter 1215 The Incense of Jin Dynasty
Chapter 1216 Taiyi ascends
Chapter 1217 Destined or Not?
Chapter 1218 Robbery!!!
Chapter 1219 Long Blessed Spiritual Lord
Chapter 1220 Huang Feng’s old friend
Chapter 1221 Heavenly Experiment
Chapter 1222 Refining the Demonic Abyss
Chapter 1223 The chaotic stars lure Peng
Chapter 1224 Confession and Joining forces
Chapter 1225 Being smart
Chapter 1226 Kunpeng bows his head
Chapter 1227 Isn’t it too much to build a Death Star?
Chapter 1228 Catch him!
Chapter 1229 Going to the appointment and entering the city
Chapter 1230 Two lines of reinforcements
Chapter 1231 Tomb of the Sunset
Chapter 1232: You can’t get out of this Chunchan Pavilion
Chapter 1233 Capturing the Sky Fox with Hands
Chapter 1234 Reunion
Chapter 1235 The coquettish fox and the black-haired chicken
Chapter 1236 The Yin and Yang Furnace of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1237 The laning begins
Chapter 1238 Megatron Imperial City
Chapter 1239 Xuanhuang Holy Body
Chapter 1240 Winning with one move and Mo Jianli
Chapter 1241 The Definitely Appointed Spiritual Emperor
Chapter 1242 Not once!
Chapter 1243 Dragon has reverse scales
Chapter 1244 A new pregnancy
Chapter 1245 Sunset Business Alliance
Chapter 1246 Weird Rules and Earth Soul Real Person
Chapter 1247 The power of the Spiritual Emperor
Chapter 1248 Red Luo Immortal Wine
Chapter 1249 Breakthrough Opportunity
Chapter 1250 Baohua comes out of seclusion
Chapter 1251 Thirty years later
Chapter 1252 Take Old Devil Han and set off!
Chapter 1253 Whoring the Ye Family for Free
Chapter 1254 Alienated Cunning Beast
Chapter 1255 The Dolphin Clan (Happy New Year’s Eve!)
Chapter 1256 The battle between the two clans
Chapter 1257 Deep in the Black Mist
Chapter 1258 Rahu Crystal Core
Chapter 1259 The advent of Mahayana
Chapter 1260 Three parties appear together
Chapter 1261 Hundred-Armed Witch
Chapter 1262 The Power of the Witch
Chapter 1263 A clever plan to defeat the enemy
Chapter 1264 The frustrated Xiongqu Dharma
Chapter 1265 Run away! Just run away!
Chapter 1266: Boundary Embryo and Ancient Events
Chapter 1267 Two Clans Helping Count Money
Chapter 1268 The Great Demon of the Abyss
Chapter 1269 The Siege of Luolingpo
Chapter 1270 The Demons of the Abyss
Chapter 1271 Two Green Scales
Chapter 1272 Three Eyes Strategy
Chapter 1273 The Palace Master comes out of seclusion
Chapter 1274 Soul-Destroying Divine Light
Chapter 1275 Starry Sky Illusion
Chapter 1276 Tianyuan pours back
Chapter 1277 Training Plan
Chapter 1278 Reunion with Huangsha
Chapter 1279 Styx Avoidance Group
Chapter 1280 The Yin and Yang Furnace of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1281 Divide the treasure (Happy New Year!)
Chapter 1282 Night Dragon Realm
Chapter 1283 Temple Group Cultivators
Chapter 1284 Five Million Dharma Practice
Chapter 1285 The Star Swallows the Sun
Chapter 1286 Worldfall and Return
Chapter 1287 Defending the Heavenly Spirit
Chapter 1288 Three Hundred Years Later
Chapter 1289 Heavenly Spirit Demon Spot
Chapter 1290 Soup Bone Camp (Happy New Year’s Eve!)
Chapter 1291 The battle between humans and demons
Chapter 1292 Rising Sun Star Destroyer Formation
Chapter 1293 Bloody Attack
Chapter 1294: Playing tricks
Chapter 1295 Drinking before the battle
Chapter 1296 Capturing Yuan Sha alive
Chapter 1297 Dare to respect God now and then
Chapter 1298 God Presses the Treasure Flower
Chapter 1299 Showdown and Seven-Star Lingyu
Chapter 1300 Accept as a dog
Chapter 1301 The lovely Yuan Sha
Chapter 1302 Goodbye Baohua
Chapter 1303 Two Demons Appear
Chapter 1304 Strong Suppression
Chapter 1305 Yellow Liang Stone Spirit
Chapter 1306 Return of Baohua
Chapter 1307 Not Qualified
Chapter 1308 Phantom Yin Dharma
Chapter 1309 Devastated
Chapter 1310 Undercurrent
Chapter 1311 Detention (Happy Lantern Festival!)
Chapter 1312 Pseudo Immortal Puppet
Chapter 1313 The Spirit King’s Soul Split
Chapter 1314 Underground World
Chapter 1315 The big devil is coming!
Chapter 1316 Falling Stars in the Wasteland
Chapter 1317 Clues to the Strange Demon
Chapter 1318 Tongxuan Yao Ling
Chapter 1319 The Soul-Destroying Beast King
Chapter 1320 Destroy the Beast
Chapter 1321 Nine Apertures and Sky Green Willow
Chapter 1322 The ferocious power of giant ants
Chapter 1323 Devouring Essence and Blood
Chapter 1324 Raid on the Ant Nest
Chapter 1325 Trap
Chapter 1326 The power of ten thousand yuan
Chapter 1327 Battle of Laws
Chapter 1328 Mysterious Eggs
Chapter 1329 Devil's Hand Valley
Chapter 1330 Capturing the Demon and Entering the City
Chapter 1331 Wanu Tower
Chapter 1,331 The Mirror of Time
Chapter 1,332 Fantasy Desert
Chapter 1,333 Three major dangers
Chapter 1,334 The Magic Sand Attacks
Chapter 1,335 Mysterious Monster
Chapter 1,336: Raid and Deceived
Chapter 1338 Defeating the enemy and seizing the treasure
Chapter 1339 Inexplicably smooth
Chapter 1340 The Green Wing Clan is destroyed
Chapter 1341: Wandering in the Demonic Sea
Chapter 1342 Golden Cancer
Chapter 1343 The bitter spirit breaks the ban
Chapter 1344 Demonic Shadows
Chapter 1345 Self-destruction
Chapter 1346 Spirit Cleansing Pond
Chapter 1347 Five Elements Tribulation
Chapter 1348 True Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 1,348 The devil is coming
Chapter 1349: Heart Demon Tribulation
Chapter 1,350 The Mystery of Time Travel
Chapter 1351 The inner demon of despair
Chapter 1,352 The Demon World is Shocked
Chapter 1353: Advanced Mahayana
Chapter 1,354 The Ancestor of Yuan Nightmare
Chapter 1,355 The Tao of Impermanence
Chapter 1,356: Defeating the Enemy with the Physical Body
Chapter 1,357 The Divine Light of the Beginning
Chapter 1,358 Golden Cancer
Chapter 1,359 The Divine Power of Taichu
Chapter 1,360 The Two Demons Retreat
Chapter 1361 Crab Taoist
Chapter 1,362 The Mystery of the Remnant Talisman
Chapter 1,363 The Disaster of Changes
Chapter 1,364 The Dark Devil’s Past
Chapter 1,365 The Agreement and the Snow Sky Saint Ancestor
Chapter 1,366 Capturing the Enemy Hidden Cultivator
Chapter 1,367 The Witch in Purple Skirt
Chapter 1,368 The Tribulation of the Purple Spirit
Chapter 1369: Stop adding drama
Chapter 1,370 Chizu and the Calamity
Chapter 1,371 The Black Demonic Order
Chapter 1,372 All Souls Blood Plate
Chapter 1,373 The Land of Chaos
Chapter 1,374 The Giant Clan
Chapter 1,375 Unexpected
Chapter 1,376 The Power of the King
Chapter 1,377 Earthly Immortal Spirit
Chapter 1,378: Destroy the Ghost with a Fist
Chapter 1,379 Relics from the Past
Chapter 1,380 Ascension Treasure House
Chapter 1,381 Spirit World, Black Owl King
Chapter 1,382 Bullying the small with the big
Chapter 1,383 The Law of Dark Night
Chapter 1,384 White Bone Dragon
Chapter 1,385 The Demon Race Moves
Chapter 1,386 Resetting the Plan
Chapter 1,387 Chizu
Chapter 1,388 The Holy Land of the Wood Clan
Chapter 1,389 The army sets out
Chapter 1,390 Kurong Dan
Chapter 1391 The Battle of Mudong
Chapter 1,392 Five Cities Seal Together
Chapter 1,393 The Eve of the Celebration
Chapter 1,394 Goodbye Baohua
Chapter 1,395: The Art of Controlling Spirits and Connecting Heaven
Chapter 1,396 Cultivation Conditions (Happy May Day!!!)
Chapter 1,397 Do you dare to plot against me, Baohua?
Chapter 1,398 All cultivators arrive
Chapter 1,399 Arrival in three days
Chapter 1,400 Guanghan holds a banquet
Chapter 1401: Banquet and Bad Guests
Chapter 1,402 The artistic conception of law
Chapter 1,403 Shadow Clan’s Plot
Chapter 1,404 Sky Survey Plan
Chapter 1405: Personal investigation
Chapter 1,406 Successful Infiltration
Chapter 1,407 The Third Level of the Holy Land
Chapter 1,408 Black Spirit Space
Chapter 1,409 The Sword of Cause and Effect
Chapter 1,410 The evacuation begins
Chapter 1,411 Conspiracy in person
Chapter 1,412 Too Bully
Chapter 1413: Taking advantage of the situation
Chapter 1,414 Jueying Bell
Chapter 1,415 Blessings and Opportunities
Chapter 1,416 Friendly Exchange
Chapter 1,417 Three Things About the Spiritual Clan
Chapter 1418 Dark Space
Chapter 1,419 Spirit Realm and True Immortal
Chapter 1,420 Massacre of the City
Chapter 1421 Death of Zhou Ming
Chapter 1,422 Taking Back the Opportunity
Chapter 1423: Mutual Schemes
Chapter 1,424 Damn Monster Clan
Chapter 1,425: Dividing the Treasure after the War
Chapter 1,426 Bloody
Chapter 1,427 Blood Pattern Fruit and Lessons
Chapter 1,428: My throat is broken
Chapter 1,429 Official Visit
Chapter 1,430 Friendly Negotiation
Chapter 1,431 Extreme Crystal
Chapter 1,432 Experiments and Ideas
Chapter 1,433 Working hard
Chapter 1,434 Golden Flame Hou
Chapter 1,435 Double Law
Chapter 1,436 I don’t want to be a man anymore!
Chapter 1,437 Refining Xuantian
Chapter 1,438 Shattered Heavenly Dao
Chapter 1,439 The Immortal Fetus Becomes
Chapter 1,440 The Son-Mother Yin Corpse Thunder
Chapter 1441: Plot and Girl
Chapter 1,442 Hidden Wind and Negotiation
Chapter 1,443 Red Crow
Chapter 1,444 The Mahayana of Another World
Chapter 1,445 Mahayana Melee
Chapter 1,446 The Empress of Splitting Wind
Chapter 1,447 How do you respond?
Chapter 1,448 The Mysterious Spirit Realm
Chapter 1,449 Xuantian Peach Branch
Chapter 1,450 Bipolar reversal
Chapter 1451: Defeating the Enemy and the Trade Fair
Chapter 1,452 The Blood Marrow of the Lion King
Chapter 1,453 Don’t suffer from each other
Chapter 1,454 Great Advancement in Immortal Body
Chapter 1,455 The Place of the First Seal
Chapter 1,456 The Underground Palace and the Human-Faced Insect
Chapter 1457: Formation Eye Hall
Chapter 1,458 Gray Eyed Girl
Chapter 1,459 Chizu’s Soul Fusion
Chapter 1,460 The show begins
Chapter 1,461 Betrayal of the Demon World
Chapter 1,462 Six Secret Techniques
Chapter 1,463 Complete Return
Chapter 1,464 The Power of the Insect Mother
Chapter 1,465 The Insect Mother Spirit Realm
Chapter 1,466 Time Cage
Chapter 1,467: Hostage the Spiritual Realm
Chapter 1,468 Beating up the Insect Mother
Chapter 1,469 Fierce Battle of Laws
Chapter 1,470 The two immortals join forces
Chapter 1,471 Green Spirit Blood Sacrifice
Chapter 1,472 Fighting between gods
Chapter 1,473: Heavenly Evil Leads to Disaster
Chapter 1,475 Junior, you are plotting against me again
Chapter 1,476 Death of He Kang
Chapter 1,477 The Sorrow of the Green Spirit
Chapter 1,478 Take a good look at who I am
Chapter 1,479 Middle Stage of Mahayana
Chapter 1,480 Harvesting the Secret Technique
Chapter 1,481 Return of Fairy Mo
Chapter 1,482: Retreat and Practice
Chapter 1,483 The surprise of the Life Source Skill
Chapter 1,484 Ming Zun
Chapter 1,485 Three-tailed Fox
Chapter 1,486 The Four Elders of the Business Alliance
Chapter 1,487 Immortal Patrol Order
Chapter 1,488 The Blood of the Candle Dragon
Chapter 1,489 An auction, two favors
Chapter 1,490 Guangling Daoguo Conference
Chapter 1491 Qiyun Mountains
Chapter 1,492 The Power of Ghost Hands
Chapter 1,493 The Struggle of Blood Princess
Chapter 1,494 Blood Spirit Bone Formation
Chapter 1,495 Tianma City
Chapter 1,496 The Ghost Market is Open
Chapter 1,497: First Entering the Underworld
Chapter 1,498 Huaimu Temple
Chapter 1,499 Suppression by Heaven
Chapter 1,500 Entering the Ghost Market
Chapter 1501: The Yin Realm and the Yang Realm, I have to say
Chapter 1502 The Yin Demon and the Blood Mosquito
Chapter 1,503 A Thousand Strikes in a Moment
Chapter 1504: The Demon from Beyond
Chapter 1505 The Four Kings Gather
Chapter 1506 Sikong Family
Chapter 1507 The ceremony begins
Chapter 1508 The Strong as Clouds Ghost Hall
Chapter 1509 Black Heart Auction Conference
Chapter 1510 The King of Seven Apertures
Chapter 1511 Killing Two Kings in a Row
Chapter 1512 Emergency Summons
Chapter 1513 Big Head Ancestor
Chapter 1514 Xiao Jin’s sneak attack
Chapter 1515 Meatballs delivered to your door
Chapter 1516 Millions of Yin Army
Chapter 1517 Fierce and powerful
Chapter 1518 Ambush
Chapter 1519 Ma Liang’s lower realm
Chapter 1520 Counterattack against the True Immortal
Chapter 1521 There are still helpers
Chapter 1522 Unblocking
Chapter 1523 A Finger of Underworld
Chapter 1524 Taichu Spiritual Realm
Chapter 1525 Settle old scores
Chapter 1526 Teleporting Thunder
Chapter 1527 Two Kings Fight
Chapter 1528 The beginning of the genocide
Chapter 1529 Chaos is coming
Chapter 1530 Tianyun’s old grudge
Chapter 1531 So what?
Chapter 1532 Nine Tribulations Appear
Chapter 1533 Entering the battle
Chapter 1534 The background of Jiaochi
Chapter 1535: Virtual and Real
Chapter 1536 Fatal Sneak Attack
Chapter 1537 Total Destruction and Empty City
Chapter 1538 Dealing with Treasures
Chapter 1539 The origin of the vial
Chapter 1540 The Law of Superiority
Chapter 1541 Return to the Demon World
Chapter 1542 A clever plan to get the treasure flower
Chapter 1543 Departure
Chapter 1544 The Golden Dragon King in hiding
Chapter 1545 Taking the blame
Chapter 1546 Ancient Xuanyuan Clan
Chapter 1547: Taking advantage of the situation
Chapter 1548 The harvest begins
Chapter 1549 Amazing Skills
Chapter 1550 Results
Chapter 1551
Chapter 1552 Guangling Dao Tree
Chapter 1553 Tianxin Divine Tree
Chapter 1554 Golden Dragon King
Chapter 1555 Continental War
Chapter 1556 Three Thirds of the Continent
Chapter 1557 The Tribulation of Ascension (Part 1)
Chapter 1558 The Tribulation of Ascension (Part 2)
Chapter 1559 Transformation into Immortal
Chapter 1560 Hanshu Pavilion
Chapter 1561 Welcome to the Immortal Meeting
Chapter 1562 Insect milk and visit
Chapter 1563 Rakshasa Kingdom
Chapter 1564 The old business
Chapter 1565 Growing Vegetables
Chapter 1566 Blackwater Pavilion
Chapter 1567 Sacrifice and Trouble
Chapter 1568: Defeating the Enemy and Secret Techniques
Chapter 1569 The Five Decline of Heaven and Man
Chapter 1570 The Heavenly Punishment Platform
Chapter 1571 True God Pill
Chapter 1572 Shen Xingjue
Chapter 1573 Bitter Essence Water
Chapter 1574 Impermanence Alliance
Chapter 1575 Taking the bait
Chapter 1576 Mysterious Immortal
Chapter 1577 The plan was successful
Chapter 1578 Life-Saving Immortal Talisman
Chapter 1579 Fierce Battle with Song Qing
Chapter 1580 Facing reality
Chapter 1581 Rekindling fighting spirit
Chapter 1582: Addicted to the Impermanence Alliance
Chapter 1583 Three years of retreat
Chapter 1584 Everyone is evil
Chapter 1585 Gathering Enemies
Chapter 1586 Taichu weapon refining
Chapter 1587 Zhenluo Umbrella
Chapter 1588 Question about Jiao San
Chapter 1589 Entering the maze for the first time
Chapter 1590 Xuan Bing versus Rakshasa
Chapter 1591 No phase finger
Chapter 1592 Ten Directions Rakshasa Sword Formation
Chapter 1593: Framing the blame and dividing the treasure
Chapter 1594 Extreme Poverty Again
Chapter 1595 The joy of windfall
Chapter 1596 Condensing Dao Patterns
Chapter 1597 Escape
Chapter 1598 Jiao Ba appears
Chapter 1599 Three Fingers of Underworld
Chapter 1600 The Nether Finger and the Secret Technique of the Golden Cicada
Chapter 1601 Pavilion
Chapter 1602 Dark Snake Peak
Chapter 1603 Change of Heaven and Entrance
Chapter 1604 Reverse training of life source
Chapter 1605 Songhe Tower
Chapter 1606 Emerald Red Twin Peaks
Chapter 1607 Breakthrough and Demon Hunting
Chapter 1608 The Law of Five Elements
Chapter 1609 Jingyun Palace and Chuan Gong Palace
Chapter 1610 The Great Five Elements Zhen Yuan Shou
Chapter 1611 Mingqiu City
Chapter 1612 Blood Pill Flower King
Chapter 1613 Blood Transformed Monster
Chapter 1614 Demon Slaying and Five Elements Dao Patterns
Chapter 1615 Awareness
Chapter 1616 Entering the Valley and Dark Blood Poison
Chapter 1617 Glaze Treasure Cup
Chapter 1618 Encounter in the blood pool
Chapter 1619 Dark Red Blood Stone
Chapter 1620 Seizing Flowers and Being Trapped
Chapter 1621 The desperate demon
Chapter 1622 Self-inflicted evil
Chapter 1623 All Defeated
Chapter 1624 Dark Blood Spirit
Chapter 1625 The overwhelming hatred
Chapter 1626 Leaving the Valley
Chapter 1627 Treasures in the Boat
Chapter 1628 Return to the Clan and Freedom
Chapter 1629 Five-colored Sengoku
Chapter 1630 Awakening Experiment
Chapter 1631 The results are gratifying
Chapter 1632 Return the favor
Chapter 1633 Xuanzhen Pill and Cooperation
Chapter 1634 Everything is ready
Chapter 1635 Worry-free water
Chapter 1636 Trade Fair
Chapter 1637 Celebration
Chapter 1638 The Secret Realm of Water and Fire
Chapter 1639 Yang Qi Bait
Chapter 1640 Goblin, you are not hot enough
Chapter 1641 Attack
Chapter 1642 The Power of the Golden Immortal
Chapter 1643 Moving Ore Veins
Chapter 1644 Treasure House of Inheritance
Chapter 1645 Self-destruction
Chapter 1646 The soul is broken
Chapter 1647 Space-time Spiritual Realm
Chapter 1648 Provoking a War
Chapter 1649 Cheating and Competition
Chapter 1650 Luo Hong takes action
Chapter 1651 Turning defeat into victory
Chapter 1652: Surprised by the undercurrent
Chapter 1653 Two wastelands go to war
Chapter 1654: The picture shows the dagger
Chapter 1655 Star Dou Yuan Refining
Chapter 1656 Breaking the Formation and Getting Angry
Chapter 1657 Taichu Yuan Refining Formation
Chapter 1658 Mid-stage advancement
Chapter 1659 The aura of destruction
Chapter 1660: Practice together
Chapter 1661 Tianyan Temple is dispatched
Chapter 1662: reaping the consequences
Chapter 1663 Daluo is coming
Chapter 1664 Attacking Qingyu Island
Chapter 1665 Birthday Banquet and Breaking the Formation
Chapter 1666 Suppressing Qingyu
Chapter 1667: Defeating the Immortal with a Fist
Chapter 1668 Shared wealth
Chapter 1669 One light and one dark
Chapter 1670 Great Five Elements Reincarnation Fist
Chapter 1671 Cultivation of Ming Ling Again
Chapter 1672 Siren Legion
Chapter 1673 The Battle of Huanglan
Chapter 1674 On the eve of the war
Chapter 1675 The Six Lords of Chongshui
Chapter 1676 Sharp Golden Sea
Chapter 1677 The war begins
Chapter 1678 Sharp Light Divine Escape Technique
Chapter 1679 Seeking Death
Chapter 1680 The back trick is revealed
Chapter 1681 A mere true immortal
Chapter 1682 Success or failure in one fell swoop
Chapter 1683 Rebellion against Tiangang
Chapter 1684 Disgusting
Chapter 1685 Suppression of Song and Ming Dynasties
Chapter 1686 Thirty Thousand Immortals
Chapter 1687 Don’t hurt him
Chapter 1688 Thunder City
Chapter 1689 Guyun Conference
Chapter 1690 Thunder Ancestor’s Giant Eye
Chapter 1691 Mutation and Guyun Continent
Chapter 1692 General Assembly Regulations (Happy New Year’s Eve!)
Chapter 1693 Physical Magical Powers
Chapter 1694 The Monument Against the Yuan Dynasty
Chapter 1695 The conference begins
Chapter 1696 Nothing to be afraid of
Chapter 1697 Collusion with Immortal Palace
Chapter 1698 Cave Heaven Formation and Attack
Chapter 1699 Extraordinary Power
Chapter 1700 Fighting Immortal Weapon
Chapter 1701 Inhumanity
Chapter 1702 Nine-turn Xiaolong Kung Fu
Chapter 1703 Controlling the Conference
Chapter 1704 The Fire Wheel
Chapter 1705 Three people fighting alone
Chapter 1706 Instant defeat of one person
Chapter 1707 Do whatever you want
Chapter 1708 Three Rewards
Chapter 1709 The big deal is done
Chapter 1710 A visit to Jiuxiao Palace
Chapter 1711 Purple Pill and Golden Thunder Hair
Chapter 1712 The Secret of Hedao
Chapter 1713 The Lower Realm and Demon Hunting
Chapter 1714 Nine Yang Realm
Chapter 1715 Sacrifice
Chapter 1716 The Devil’s Lower Realm
Chapter 1717 Destruction Node
Chapter 1718 Betrayal and sneak attack
Chapter 1719 Xiaolong destroys the enemy
Chapter 1720 Calculations and Limitations
Chapter 1721 Tianxin’s opportunity
Chapter 1722 A woman’s kindness
Chapter 1723 Win-win cooperation
Chapter 1724: Changes in Heaven
Chapter 1725 Linghuan Realm
Chapter 1726 Good people are rewarded
Chapter 1727 Placement and Awakening
Chapter 1728 Helping each other
Chapter 1729 A chance encounter with the Lengyan Sect (Happy New Year!)
Chapter 1730 Targeting
Chapter 1731 Fell into a trap
Chapter 1732 A powerful enemy attacks
Chapter 1733 Sudden changes
Chapter 1734 The Sky-Breaking Spear Finger
Chapter 1735 The Lower Realm of Sky Fox
Chapter 1736 Farewell
Chapter 1737 Meeting Fang Pan by chance
Chapter 1738 Return
Chapter 1739 Yin Beast Experiment
Chapter 1740 Planning and Believing
Chapter 1741 The Underworld Package
Chapter 1,742 The production line is completed
Chapter 1743: Secret Discussion in Downfall
Chapter 1,744 Return to the Blood River Valley
Chapter 1,745 Fall
Chapter 1,746 Yin Yang and Hetan
Chapter 1,747 The method of returning to the void
Chapter 1,748 The whole story
Chapter 1,749 Sudden happiness
Chapter 1,750 The Way of Luck
Chapter 1,751 Cave Development
Chapter 1,752 Xue Leizi and Blood Dragon Fish
Chapter 1,753 Luo Yun gives a gift
Chapter 1,754 The Secret Technique of Luck
Chapter 1,755 The Five Extremes Hole Opens
Chapter 1,756 Sesame Oil Insect Swarm
Chapter 1,757 Three Idiots
Chapter 1,758 Joining forces to hunt the murderer
Chapter 1,759 Phantom Divine Thunder
Chapter 1,760 Zixiao shows his power
Chapter 1,761 The Reappearance of Death
Chapter 1,762 The first clues emerge
Chapter 1,763 Action
Chapter 1,764 We share the same difficulties
Chapter 1,765 Fall
Chapter 1,766 A glimmer of hope
Chapter 1,767 Goodbye Borer
Chapter 1,768 Secret Rescue
Chapter 1,769 Don’t worry
Chapter 1,770 Fighting in the air
Chapter 1,771 The Immortal Sect undergoes a sudden change
Chapter 1,772 The Snow Beast Attacks
Chapter 1,773: Recovering from Injury
Chapter 1,774 Searching the Earth for Coldness
Chapter 1,775 In front of the Moon Palace
Chapter 1,776 Time Formation Diagram
Chapter 1,777 The Perfect Immortal
Chapter 1,778 Immortal Decline Arrives
Chapter 1,779 Getting more and more pulled
Chapter 1,780 Aperture Decay Tribulation Thunder
Chapter 1,781 Breaking through the Golden Immortal
Chapter 1,782 The Black Thunder Appears
Chapter 1,783 The Great Black Sky Thunder Heart
Chapter 1,784 Heavenly Formation and Earthly Formation
Chapter 1,785 The Sundial of Time
Chapter 1,786 Speed Tide
Chapter 1,787 Qu Ling follows his footsteps
Chapter 1,788 Eradicating future troubles
Chapter 1789: Strike first
Chapter 1789: Strike first
Chapter 1,790 The Heavenly Evil Dragon
Chapter 1,790 The Heavenly Evil Dragon
Chapter 1,791 Azi is born
Chapter 1,792 Instantaneous Destruction of the Same Level
Chapter 1,793 Clues and Return
Chapter 1,794 Determined plan and high expectations
Chapter 1,795 Bloody Battle
Chapter 1,796 Sudden changes
Chapter 1,797: Attack with all your strength
Chapter 1,798 The Mark of the Demon
Chapter 1,799 Jin Ling Escapes from Trouble
Chapter 1,800 The Third Heavenly Spirit Realm
Chapter 1801 Viewing the Ceremony
Chapter 1802 The sermon begins
Chapter 1803 Please weigh it
Chapter 1804 Thunder Finger Gun
Chapter 1805 The bell pulsates
Chapter 1806 Karmic Fire Candle Dragon
Chapter 1807 The power of the spiritual realm
Chapter 1808 What's wrong
Chapter 1809 Retreat and Disappear
Chapter 1810 Meeting with Tao Yu
Chapter 1811 Thank you, brother
Chapter 1812 Revenge and Time Grains
Chapter 1813 Creation in the Beginning
Chapter 1814 Refining Time
Chapter 1815 Reincarnation Crisis
Chapter 1816 All parties gather together
Chapter 1817 Entering the cold again
Chapter 1818 The Tribulation of Reincarnation
Chapter 1819 Xiong Shan and Leng Yan
Chapter 1820 The Stone Steps to the Sky
Chapter 1821 Beast Fetus Xuanyuan Dan
Chapter 1822 Great Thousand Illusion Array
Chapter 1823 The troops are divided into two groups
Chapter 1824 Wusheng Sword Sect
Chapter 1825 The Third Reincarnation Restriction
Chapter 1826 The battle of swords
Chapter 1827 Refining the World-Destroying Spiritual Light
Chapter 1828 The Fall of Xuehan
Chapter 1829 Re-entering the Moonlight
Chapter 1830 Three methods
Chapter 1831 Breakthrough to the Late Stage
Chapter 1832 Han Li’s life hangs on a thread
Chapter 1833 Clouds move in all directions
Chapter 1834 Breaking the ban and entering the palace
Chapter 1835 Jiaoba reappears
Chapter 1836 Seal and Entering the Palace
Chapter 1837 Surrounding and Killing Xiao Jinhan
Chapter 1838 Three simple moves
Chapter 1839 Taking the pill at your fingertips
Chapter 1840 Dead End and Proposal
Chapter 1841 Supervising the Immortal Envoy
Chapter 1842 The Power of Taiyi
Chapter 1843 Ten Thousand Wheels Dharma Bead
Chapter 1844 Instant Kill Taiyi
Chapter 1845 The formation is finally completed
Chapter 1846 Divide the Treasure
Chapter 1847 Opening the Secret Treasure
Chapter 1848 Tianyan is shocked
Chapter 1849 Midnight Visitor
Chapter 1850 Reincarnation Mask
Chapter 1851 Jin Yuan Caravan
Chapter 1852 Training Plan
Chapter 1853 Taiyi Sand Beast
Chapter 1854 Make a fortune
Chapter 1855 Meeting the Palace Master by Chance
Chapter 1856 Capturing the Thunder Beast
Chapter 1857 Metamagnetic Lion
Chapter 1858 The Thunder Beast Game
Chapter 1859 Fierce Battle with Taiyi Thunder Beast
Chapter 1860 Beheading
Chapter 1861 Jukun City
Chapter 1862 Divine Eyes Reading Ten Thousand Treasures
Chapter 1863 Three major powers
Chapter 1864 Supreme Immortal Weapon
Chapter 1865 Taoist Diagram
Chapter 1866 Ruthless Tianyin
Chapter 1867 Extraterrestrial Mission
Chapter 1868 The Secret of Weapon Refining
Chapter 1869 Floating Clouds Refining Treasures
Chapter 1870 Outing and Traveling Boots
Chapter 1871 Round-up and Auction
Chapter 1872 Join Baizuoshan
Chapter 1873 Three Evils from Heaven
Chapter 1874 Falling into a Trap
Chapter 1875 How can you betray your trust?