Chapter 983. There is always Gudong who wants to trick me

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Today, Wang Meilan took her women to do tailoring work at home for a day, and they didn't finish until 4:30.

Jin Xiaomei, Yang Yufeng, Xu Chunyan, the old lady, and Xie Sun were packing things in the house, while Wang Meilan took Zhao Chun and Zhao Ling to cook in the outer room.

Wang Meilan put the chopped wild boar Harappa bones into a pot and blanched them in water, while Zhao Chun and Zhao Ling were cutting pickled vegetables.

"I've been busy these days." Wang Meilan muttered, "I haven't had time to cook anything."

"Huh?" Zhao Chun was startled when she heard this. She couldn't quite understand what her mother meant by "food".

Everyone was busy at noon today, so we didn’t cook. We just ate rice cakes and drank hot water.

But if you eat big bones stewed with sauerkraut at night, is this food still bad?

A wild boar only has two pieces of Harappa bones, but the Harappa bones Wang Meilan wanted to stew with sauerkraut were collected for her from four wild boars. They were chopped into small pieces and filled most of the basin.

Besides, today is Friday, and last Sunday there was a banquet at home, and more than ten hard dishes were prepared. There was a lot left over after I couldn’t eat it, and I have been cleaning up the leftovers these days.

Although they are said to be leftovers, they are all hard vegetables. There is meat every day, so why do you think the food is not good?

What Zhao Chun didn't know was that she had not caught up with the good times. A while ago, Wang Meilan was setting up banquets every day, but recently it has stopped a lot.

Of course, there is a very important reason here, that is, Zhao Jun has not brought back much prey recently.

The day after the ceremony, Zhao Jun received the marriage certificate and was busy with the birth of the bear, so he did not go up the mountain.

On Tuesday, I took my dog ​​on an expedition and met the Siberian tiger. Although when Zhao Jun returned home, he brought back half of the wild boar that was eaten by the Siberian tiger. But the wild boar had been frozen in the mountains for a day and was completely frozen when he got home.

, if you want to peel off the skin, you have to drag it into the house and put it under the fire wall, and slowly dissolve it.

Because the dog died in those two days, Wang Meilan was not in the mood to eat it all, so she buried half of the wild boar in the snowdrift behind the house.

In the same way, Li Baoyu and the others brought back four pig legs yesterday.

Just when Wang Meilan was melancholy, a faint dog barking came from outside the house.

"Ouch! Ouch!" The cry came from the black tiger who was "hospitalized" in the warehouse. He heard the sound of cars in the distance and knew that Zhao Jun was back.

But it was in the barn, and when its cry reached Wang Meilan's ears in the house, she couldn't hear it clearly.

Immediately afterwards, the three dogs kept in the Li family next door barked.

The dogs barked in succession. Wang Meilan hurriedly threw the fence into the basin, opened the door and ran outside.

In the past, whenever Zhao Jun went hunting, Wang Meilan would be at home waiting for her son to return home with a full load.

But today, Wang Meilan was worried about the hunting dogs brought out by Zhao Jun.

Black Tiger's legs were cured, Little Bear was given confinement, and the five main forces died in battle. Now the seven dogs taken away by Zhao Jun, two gangsters and Erhei, the White Dragon are acceptable, but the Green Dragon, Black Dragon, and Xiaohua are not dogs, and their combat effectiveness

Far less fat than them.

As for Huanglong and Hualong, Wang Meilan ignored their combat effectiveness for the time being.

"Son!" When Wang Meilan ran out of the house, she caught up with Zhao Jun getting out of the passenger car.

It was getting late at this time, and there were no street lights in the countryside. With the faint light coming from the house, Wang Meilan vaguely saw a figure, and subconsciously called Zhao Jun.

"Mom!" Upon hearing Wang Meilan's voice, Zhao Jun said quickly: "Don't be anxious!"

"Why are you running, sister?" Wang Qiang also echoed, "Slow down!"

When Wang Meilan arrived at the door, she heard Zhao Chun shouting at the door: "Mom, are Xiaojun and the others back?"

"Yes!" Wang Meilan responded, then turned around and asked Zhao Jun: "Son, how are you today?"

"It's good, Mom." As soon as Zhao Jun opened his mouth, Wang Meilan asked, "Where's the dog?"

"The dog is pretty good too." Zhao Jun added, "I'll let Pao Zizi pick a hole on Hualong's shoulder, but it's fine. I guess it's sealed now."

"Ah..." When Wang Meilan was talking, Wang Qiang and Jie Chen had already put down the hunting dogs from the car. As soon as the dogs saw Wang Meilan, they immediately started to have fun. The small dogs jumped and rubbed at Wang Meilan, while the big dogs shook their heads around her.

Turn your paws and put your palms down.

As soon as these dogs made any noise, the three dogs in Li's courtyard fell silent instantly.

The hunting dogs made a fuss, and Wang Qiang shouted to Zhao Jun at the top of his lungs: "Nephew, what are you going to do about the wild boar in the car and the black blind man?"

When Zhao Jun heard this, he turned to Wang Meilan and said, "Mom, what should we do?"

It was dark and Wang Meilan couldn't see clearly, but when Zhao Jun said that the dogs were fine, Wang Meilan felt at ease.

At this time, Wang Meilan was overjoyed when she heard that there were wild boars and black blind men again.

"Sister-in-law!" Jin Xiaomei's voice came from the other side of the house. As she walked towards the door of the courtyard, she shouted: "Can't I summon them to come out?"

"Xiaomei!" Wang Meilan waved her hand behind her and shouted: "Hold the lamp!"

Wang Meilan could often hear these two words called by her father when she was a child. At that time, Zhao Jun's father, Zhao Dazhu, and Xu Changlin went to the mountains to hunt, often walking a hundred and eighty miles a day. Although it was already dark when they returned to the village,

They also had to send the prey to Lao Wang's house first to see if Wang Dashang would like it.

At that time, the rich man Wang would ask people to light lanterns and use the light to select prey.

With a shout of "hold the lantern", Wang Meilan felt her heart suddenly enlightened, and immediately turned around and added: "Bring out the lantern, flashlight, etc.!"

Wang Meilan gave the order, and Zhao Jun's house suddenly became lively. After a while, lanterns were hung on both sides of the courtyard door, and there were people in the courtyard holding electric batons.

"Oh my god." Zhao Jun said to Wang Meilan, "I don't think it's frozen yet. Are you going to grill it tonight?"

When Wang Meilan came forward and took a look, her big eyes instantly disappeared from laughter.

Two wild boars and two black bears, one big and one small. But of the two wild boars, the smaller one is still alive.

"Steak!" Wang Meilan's eyes lit up and she said, "The steak is done, let's grill the meat tomorrow!"

"Then let's grill it now?" Wang Qiang said: "After grilling, let's eat again?"

"Okay!" Wang Meilan nodded solemnly and said to Jin Xiaomei: "Xiaomei, you take Feng and the others to your house, clean up the outhouse, and then put them in the house."

This chapter is not over yet, please click on the next page to continue reading! It’s winter, so it’s okay if it’s daytime. It’s dark now, and you can’t see clearly with a lantern, so you definitely can’t put it outside the house.

Jin Xiaomei agreed and took Yang Yufeng, Zhao Ling, and Xu Chunyan to her home.

As soon as they entered the house, the other three people put away the table in the outer room and brought the bench and broom to the inner room. As for Jin Xiaomei, she was busy cleaning the pots and lighting the fire.

The bear bile returned by the Zhao army had to be disposed of quickly, and the large bones of pickled cabbage were stewed in the Zhao family's pot. The work of dipping the bear bile in the bear bile had to be completed at the Li family.

As soon as Jin Xiaomei put the water on the boil, Zhao Jun, Wang Qiang, and Jie Chen dragged the cannon egg in.

This cannon egg weighed more than 450 pounds when it was alive, and it still weighs more than 400 pounds now.

This is because pig hair tubes are empty, and the same is true for wild boars. When dragging a wild boar on the snow, the wild boar hair is wrapped in the snow, and the longer the wild boar is dragged, the heavier it becomes.

"The intestines and everything else are kept in the stomach." Zhao Jun said with a smile: "Didn't my mother say that the intestines should be dried? I didn't throw away the intestines."

"Then I'll get the basin!" Jin Xiaomei hurriedly went to the dish rack.

"Well, you guys, let's pick it up." Wang Qiang said, "I'll finish it soon."

Whether it's a wild boar or a black bear, the smell on its body is not small, and it makes the room full of stinky smell. But for the sake of eating, you can't care about this.

The outhouse of the Li family was small, so they dragged the cannon egg in. The outhouse of the Zhao family was large, so they had to get the two black blind men in, and then everyone started to pick it up together.

The big black blind man weighed more than 300 pounds when he was alive. After his death, he had a long and thick body. As soon as he entered the Zhao family's courtyard, the black tiger in the barn kept squealing.

On the contrary, Qinglong and the others didn't react at all. After all, they had been with the black bear all the way back and were already familiar with its smell.

"Brother Jun!" Jie Chen said to Zhao Jun amidst the barking of the dog: "Black Tiger knows how to look after the house."

"Yeah." Zhao Jun nodded and said with a smile: "It's not in vain."

"Ouch, ouch, ouch..."

The two people were joking outside, but the black tiger in the barn was very anxious. It had a good nose, and it not only smelled the scent of wild boar and black blind man, but also smelled the smell of blood.

The black tiger knows everything. It knows that the meat can be eaten by itself, so it keeps barking.

But Zhao Jun didn't want to feed it meat today. After dragging the two black blind men into the house, Zhao Jun, Wang Qiang, Jie Chen took the big one, Wang Meilan, Zhao Chun, the old lady, and Xie Sunshi took the small one.


After everyone got started, Zhao Chun, who was near the door, heard the faint barking of a dog from outside and asked in confusion: "Why is the dog still barking?"

"Is that a wild boar behind the house?" Wang Meilan raised her hand and gestured towards the back of the house and said, "Then if you don't give it back alive, then leave it in the roe deer pen."

"Ah..." After hearing what Wang Meilan said, Zhao Chun nodded and stopped paying attention to the "ouch" barking of the dog outside.

The small train stopped outside Yong'an Tun, and the workers got off one after another, walking home in groups of three or two.

As soon as I entered the village, I saw a flashlight beam coming from the east alley.

"Hey, Brother Han!" Li Baoyu said hello quickly when he saw Han Shang carrying the medical kit.

"Uncle Zhao, Uncle Li, Brother Lin, are you off work?" Han Shang saw them and trotted over quickly to greet Zhao Youcai and others.

"Ah, Xiao Han." Zhao Youcai greeted casually: "Are you going to do it?"

"Um..." Han Shang pointed back and said, "Nai Xu is not feeling very energetic today. Let me go over and show her."

"Ah?" Zhao Youcai glanced at the direction Han Shang was pointing and asked, "Old Xu Pao's house?"

"Hmm." Han Shang nodded slightly and whispered: "The old lady urinated blood. She doesn't seem to be doing well."

"Oh!" Zhao Youcai frowned when he heard this, and Li Dayong and others also sighed.

At this time, Han Shang looked at Li Baoyu and asked: "Baoyu, how is the big yellow dog at home? Why didn't you ask me to come over for an injection these two days?"

"Ah..." When Han Shang mentioned rhubarb, the faces of the three fathers and sons of the Li family darkened. Li Baoyu sighed softly and said, "The dog is gone, no need to fight, Brother Han."

Hearing Li Baoyu's words, Han Shang rolled his eyes and said nothing. For a moment, the atmosphere became a little solemn.

"What...that..." Then, when Han Shang spoke again, he said: "I just went to my house once, and the consultation fee was just that much."

"Huh?" Zhao Youcai and others were all startled, and Li Dayong immediately said: "Han, don't be so stupid, we can pay as much as we need."

Before, no one thought that Rhubarb would leave so quickly. Zhao Jun originally planned to give Rhubarb an injection in ten or twenty days.

Therefore, the initial agreement with Han Shang was to settle the accounts together after all the injections that should be given were taken.

But Dahuang left the next day, and everyone, immersed in grief, was eager to avenge the dog, so they forgot about this problem.

Logically speaking, I only went to Han Shang once, and I haven't used his medicine yet, so it doesn't cost much in total. We all live in the same village, and even if Han Shang doesn't want the money, the Zhao and Li families will be somewhere else in the future.

Supply him.

But if Han Shang mentions it, the Li family has to pay it. Because after all, they are using someone else, so they really owe Han Shang a medical fee.

"Then what are you going to give me, Uncle Li?" Han Shang said with a smile: "Eight cents, ten cents, that's all!"

"No, no!" Li Dayong waved his hands hurriedly when he heard this and said, "What are you doing? It's not an easy day for you either!"

As he spoke, Li Dayong put his hand into his pocket and took out the money.

Money is easy to talk to, but favors are hard to repay.

In particular, Han Shang is a carefree person. It is difficult to get along with such a person. I don’t know if he really cares about the money or if he wants to make things right. So no matter what he said, Li Dayong wanted to give him the money as soon as possible.

Li Dayong dug into his pocket and took out a five-yuan note.

Like Zhao Youcai, Li Dayong's monthly pocket money is also five yuan. But Li Baoyu has been keeping these five yuan for more than half a month and has not spent it yet.

"There are no more zeros." Li Dayong glanced at Li Baoyu and asked, "Boss, do you have any at your place?"

"Yes!" Li Baoyu said, put his hand in his pocket, took out Zhang Yiyuan's and handed it to Han Shang, saying: "Brother Han, please get out of the way."

"Oh!" Han Shang retracted his outstretched hand and said, "Brother, I don't have any change in my pocket, so I'll just leave it like that."

Li Baoyu twitched the corner of his mouth and tilted his head to look at Li Ruhai. Just when Li Ruhai was about to speak, he heard Zhao Youcai say: "Han, I have it here, I'll give it to you."

As he said that, Zhao Youcai took out his forty-two cents from his pocket. Moreover, Zhao didn't give Han Shang a cent, but directly gave him two cents, and said: "Han, I asked you to bother me."

"Oh? Uncle Zhao, what do you mean by that?" Han Shang smiled and said, "If anything happens in the future, you and Uncle Li will call me."

"Well, okay, okay." Zhao Youcai said, pointing to the side and said, "You should go home quickly. Is the food ready for Juanzi at home?"

"Yeah!" Han Shang smiled when he heard this, said goodbye to everyone and left in a hurry.

After looking at Han Shang who was leaving, Li Dayong said to Zhao Youcai: "Brother, when I get home, I will give you the money."

"What nonsense." Zhao Youcai rolled his eyes at him and said, "What can I give you?"

Hearing what Zhao Youcai said, Li Dayong smiled and said, "Don't pull him down."

After saying this, Li Dayong suddenly changed the topic and said: "Brother, do you have the money to buy a dog? If not, I can help you go out and collect fifty dollars?"

As soon as Li Dayong said this, Li Baoyu and Li Ruhai looked at each other, while Lin Xiangshun curled his lips.

"No need." Zhao Youcai said, "The money has been taken care of. Well...when will he want it?"

"There's no rush." ​​Li Dayong said, "You can get the dog some time ago, and you can just give it to him some time ago."

"Ah..." Zhao Youcai nodded and said, "Okay, then I'll ask Zhao Jun to pick it up tomorrow."

"Huh?" Li Baoyu was startled when he heard this, and blurted out: "Uncle, do you want my brother to go?"

"Ah!" Zhao Youcai glanced at Li Baoyu and said, "He has nothing to do all day, so he can just go. It happened that I had a car, so I drove to Yongfu and dropped me off at Lao Hong's house to buy me the three dogs.

Bring it back."

Hearing his words, Li Baoyu blinked twice, feeling that someone was trying to trick his brother.

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