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Lord of the Nation: My talent is 100 million points strong

Lord of the Nation: My talent is 100 million points strong

author:Chen Feng is coming

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:05-24 07:17

Latest chapter:Chapter 1,244 New Allegiance and Lord’s Considerations

When they woke up, one billion people from Blue Star traveled to another world. They had their own territory and became a lord. They needed to struggle to survive in a strange world and conquer cities and territories. Lei Xiao received the god-level talent 'Golden Finger', which can turn stones into gold and manipulate items. Upgrade. [Congratulations, your 'Level 1 Recruitment Order' has been upgraded to 'Level 5 Recruitment Order'!] [Congratulations, your 'Level 2 Weapon: Falling Moon Blade' has been upgraded to 'Level 2 Weapon: Falling Moon Blade' 101!] [Congratulations, your 'Tier 3 Weapon: Earth Two-Handed Sword' has been upgraded to 'Level 5 Weapon: Dragon Slaying Sword'!] ... [Congratulations, you have become the first lord in the world to upgrade to a Level 2 mansion! ] [Congratulations, you have become the first lord in the world to kill the BOSS!] [Congratulations, you have become the first lord in the world to capture a city!] ... While others are still working hard to collect resources, Lei Xiao monopolizes the market. Let everyone work for him. While others are still working hard to build villages, Lei Xiao's majestic city has been built. While others are still using their farmers to fight against the surrounding wild monsters, Lei Xiao has already commanded the army. The attack on the city began.

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《Lord of the Nation: My talent is 100 million points strong》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1,244 New Allegiance and Lord’s Considerations
Chapter 1,243 New Equipment and New Improvements
Chapter 1,242: Implementation of the plan and everyone’s joy
Chapter 1,241 Comprehensive Upgrade and the Lord’s Plan
Chapter 1,240 Top of the Tower
Chapter 1,239 Surprise and Expectation in the Tower
Chapter 1,238 A tower with a unique cave
Chapter 1,237 The magical enchantment area
Chapter 1,236 The Lord and Other Lords’ Plans
《Lord of the Nation: My talent is 100 million points strong》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Global Crossing, One Billion Lords
Chapter 2 God-level Talent: Goldfinger
Chapter 3 The red face and the white face take turns appearing
Chapter 4 Shocking the world
Chapter 5 The Big Dog and the Big Conscience
Chapter 6 The Counterattack of Anonymous Gangsters
Chapter 7 Inventory and Harvest
Chapter VIII Bear infestation in the safe zone
Chapter 9 Mysterious Barrier Area
Chapter 10 Miracle Architectural Drawings: Bright Healing House
Chapter 11 The Territory Has a House Begins to Be Built
Chapter 12 The Dragon Slaying Sword and the Son of the Dragon Slayer
Chapter Thirteen The Twin Assassin Sisters Participate
Chapter Fourteen Southern Star and Southern Moon
Chapter 15 Reverse Pushback
Chapter 16 In the Jungle
Chapter 17 Qi Condensation Pill
Chapter 18 Rising to Three Stars
Chapter Nineteen Unexpected Gains
Chapter 20 What it's like to hire 10,000 people to work part-time
Chapter 21 Upgrade! Level 4 Lord's Mansion
Chapter 22 The Blessing of the Southern Cross
Chapter 23 Between the bonfires
Chapter 24 The Sudden Crisis
Chapter 25 What is the experience of being held by the princess
Chapter 26 Under the Cold Moon
Chapter 27 The magic barrier that was broken through
Chapter 28 Promotion! First-Order Seven Stars
Chapter 29 Magician Chaoyan! Participate in
Chapter Thirty: The Territory on the Powder Keg
Chapter 31: Inhumanity
Chapter 32: The Bureau of Mortal Death
Chapter 33 Breaking the game
Chapter 34 Half vs Half
Chapter 35: The Jackal Just Walked, and the Tiger Comes Again
Chapter 36 The Lord and the Half-Elves
Chapter 37 The Yuebai Clan
Chapter Thirty-Eight The harvest is fruitful
Chapter 39 Entering the Age of Farming
Chapter 40: The Nine and Three-Quarters Chamber of Secrets
Chapter 41: The Sacred Artifacts of the Yuebai Clan
Chapter 42: The Moon in the Mirror
Chapter 43: Sword Skills: Frightful Flash
Chapter 44 Rebuilding the Yuebai Clan
Chapter 45 The Past of Half-Elves
Chapter 46 The big dog is actually me
Chapter 47 The first miracle building was completed
Chapter 48 Earth Guardian
Chapter 49 Survival Madness
Chapter 50 Half-elf Angelica
Chapter 51 Dawn in the distance
Chapter 52 The Miracle
Chapter 53 Reward Rules
Chapter Fifty-Four
Chapter 55 New Information
Chapter 56 Reinforcement! Three buffer areas
Chapter 57 Upgrade! Level 5 Lord's Mansion
Chapter 58 A Simple Choice
Chapter 59: Back to the City Crystal
Chapter 60 Dark Healer
Chapter 61 Ye Cang
Chapter 62 Departure! Target Kongqing Town
Chapter 63: Reflections on the West River
Chapter 64 Arrive at Kongqing Town
Chapter 65 Blood Scorpion Mercenary Group
Chapter 66 The Devil's Gaze
Chapter 67 In Kongqing Town
Chapter 68 Business and Land Fair
Chapter 69 The third-order forging master Fang Hai
Chapter 70 Where is the Sacred
Chapter 71 Illusion Cloak
Chapter 72 The three major forces in the city
Chapter 73 The situation in the city
Chapter 74 Deep Alley foreclosure
Chapter 75 Murderer Appears
Chapter 76 Return to Camp at Dusk
Chapter 77 Cold Flame and Holy Night
Chapter 78 The Last Straw
Chapter 79 The Eve of the Battlefield
Chapter 80 Advance to Second-Order Powerhouse
Chapter 81 The top of the battlefield
Chapter 82 Quietly
Chapter 83 The Battle of Yaxiang Town
Chapter 84: Prelude to the Counterattack
Chapter 85 Kingdom Firefox and Reloaded Rose
Chapter 86 I, Captain of the Squadron of the Night Army
Chapter 87: Offensive and Defensive Battle of the Nameless Pass (1)
Chapter 88 The Battle of the Nameless Pass (Part 2)
Chapter 89: Offensive and Defensive Battle of the Nameless Pass (2)
Chapter 90 The Fortress That Must Be Captured
Chapter 91 The Magic Cannon on the Fortress
Chapter 92 The crumbling fortress
Chapter 93 The fortress is broken, everyone is shocked
Chapter 94 The Mysterious Power and the Frog at the Bottom of the Well
Chapter ninety-fifth of the situation
Chapter 96 The Great War Begins
Chapter 97 On the Battlefield
Chapter 98 The Dominator on the Battlefield
Chapter 99: A successful return
Chapter 100 A lot of harvest
Chapter 101 Upgrade! Guardian Defense Agency
Chapter 102 Return to Kongqing Town
Chapter 103 Lynn
Chapter 104 The Lord and the Knight
Chapter 105 The withered red lotus
Chapter 106: The King's Presence
Chapter 107 The Lord and the King of Heroes
Chapter 108 The Female Knight and the Forgers Allegiance
Chapter 109 You dont need to look for me
Chapter 110 The Global Lords Sleepless Night
Chapter 111 The allegiance of the five commanders
Chapter 112 Rolandel
Chapter 113 The mercenaries were shocked
Chapter 114 New News
Chapter 115: Small, the pattern is small
Chapter 116 The Field of Illusion
Chapter 117 The current situation of other lords
Chapter 118 Lets go! The free city of Gelincheng
Chapter 119 Arriving at Gelin City
Chapter 120 Tavern owner Maia
Chapter 121 Black tin, ice flow and floating moon
Chapter 122: Big shot of black card
Chapter 123 Su Ru and Su Mo
Chapter 124 Abandoned Mine Site
Chapter 125 Ice and Moon
Chapter 126: Stealing the limelight
Chapter 127 The opening of the conference
Chapter 128 Xue Ya
Chapter 129 Shocked Xue Ya
Chapter 130: Secrets of the Bingliu Family
Chapter 131 Xue Yas allegiance
Chapter 132 Genius Alchemist
Chapter 133 Upgrade! Sixth Level Lords Mansion
Chapter 134 New Force
Chapter 135 Entering the Abandoned Mine
Chapter 136: Going deep into the mine
Chapter 137: Fierce battle in the mine tunnel
Chapter 138: Magic Light Crystal
Chapter 139 The real treasure
Chapter 140 The Gate of Immortality
Chapter 141 Mysterious Organization
Chapter 142 Black Crack Seal
Chapter 143 Return to the starting point
Chapter 144 Further Improvement
Chapter 145 Faxia
Chapter 146 I have them all
Chapter 147 Faxias allegiance
Chapter 148 The Second Genius Alchemist
Chapter 149 News from the Messenger
Chapter 150 Apprentice Illusionist
Chapter 151 Buy one get one free
Chapter 152 Two maids
Chapter 153 Respective Rewards
Chapter 154 Hall Meeting
Chapter 155: Strengthened Combat Power
Chapter 156 Batch Refining
Chapter 157: On the right track
Chapter 158: Going up to attack the enemy
Chapter 159: Protection of the Demonic Winged Dragon
Chapter 160: Chaoyans Descendants
Chapter 161: Prophecy of Catastrophe
Chapter 162 Meeting the Lord Again
Chapter 163 Lin Chuan
Chapter 164: Quiet City Moving Division
Chapter 165: Top of the Pass
Chapter 166 Unexpected Power
Chapter 167 Valley Ambush
Chapter 168 The third reversal
Chapter 169 Xueyu Clan
Chapter 170 Two Alliances
Chapter 171 The three elders were shocked
Chapter 172 A different world
Chapter 173 In the Holy Land
Chapter 174: Fifth level great mage Jiang Li
Chapter 175 The old half-elf and the three little wolves
Chapter 176: The Xueyu Clans Allegiance
Chapter 177 All members change their costumes
Chapter 178: Any one will do, everything is free
Chapter 179 Sand table deduction
Chapter 180 The first mount came suddenly
Chapter 181: Deployment on the Eve of the Ambush
Chapter 182: Driving the tiger and swallowing the wolf
Chapter 183: Promoted to the third level of powerhouse
Chapter 184 The magic cannon is in place
Chapter 185 Taking advantage of the opportunity
Chapter 186: Waiting for work
Chapter 187 Pass Annihilation Battle (Part 1)
Chapter 188 Pass Annihilation Battle (Part 2)
Chapter 189: Brother-in-Brother Atmosphere Group
Chapter 190 The long-lost Pinellia ternata
Chapter 191: The Power of the Corner
Chapter 192 Skill: Whale Falling and Thunder Explosion
Chapter 193: Demonic and Martial Arts Dual Cultivation
Chapter 194 Jiang Lis past
Chapter 195 Conditions for restoring strength
Chapter 196 The ancient ruins of the elves
Chapter 197 Teleportation Crystal
Chapter 198: Three sets of equipment
Chapter 199 Upgrading Trophies
Chapter 200: Almost blinded the subordinates eyes
Chapter 201 Lets go! Ancient ruins of the elves
Chapter 202: This strong man, may I ask where Xiaoshen is?
Chapter 203 Shen Banxia
Chapter 204: This lord is not serious
Chapter 205: Entering the ruins, unknown strong person
Chapter 206 The Disappeared Elf City
Chapter 207: Encountering the Black Crack Seal Again
Chapter 208: Attack and encounter in the ruins
Chapter 209 Elf Core
Chapter 210 Blank Era
Chapter 211 Elf Dungeon
Chapter 212: The Equipment Library of the Dungeon
Chapter 213 Disharmonious Things
Chapter 214 Tears of Elf
Chapter 215 The secret deep in the underground city
Chapter 216: Full of Harvests
Chapter 217 Wangxing Town and the Forest of Two Moons
Chapter 218 Shen Banxias request
Chapter 219 Blessing Maker
Chapter 220 The second miracle building is completed
Chapter 222 The Eye of Insight
Chapter 223: Even more powerful, distribution of spoils
Chapter 224: A distant and extremely cold place
Chapter 225 The Blessed Ring
Chapter 226 News about Kunbu
Chapter 227 All members of Kongqing Town change their costumes
Chapter 228 The Disappearance of Kunbu
Chapter 229: Mailan Town
Chapter 230 The opportunity has come
Chapter 231 Young Master of the Zelan Family
Chapter 232: All Strong Members
Chapter 233: No idea
Chapter 234 I dont have anything else here, but there are plenty of jelly beans
Chapter 235 Lets start by making you stronger
Chapter 236 Ji Shang and Xuan Yue
Chapter 237 Mirage and Ancient Battlefield
Chapter 238 The ancient battlefield at the foot of the mountain is filled with thick fog
Chapter 239: The disappeared person in the mirage
Chapter 240: The mysterious shadow in the mirage
Chapter 241: Among the mirages, the first clues emerge
Chapter 242: In the mirage, Shura first appears
Chapter 243: In the Mirage, the Black Castle
Chapter 244: In the mirage, empty space
Chapter 245 Upgrade! Bright Healing Center
Chapter 246 The Night Before the Princesss Visit (Part 1)
Chapter 247 The Eve of the Princesss Visit (Part 2)
Chapter 248 The Eve of the Princesss Visit (Part 2)
Chapter 249 Princess Lengyan descended from the sky
Chapter 250 Ariel
Chapter 251: The Lord of the Otherworld and Princess Leng Yan (Part 1)
Chapter 252: The Lord of the Other World and Princess Lengyan (Part 2)
Chapter 253: The Lord of the Other World and Princess Lengyan (Part 2)
Chapter 254 Hall Talk (Part 1)
Chapter 255: Hall Talk (Part 2)
Chapter 256 Hall Talk (Part 2)
Chapter 257 The Princesss Welcome Banquet
Chapter 258 Upgrade! Seventh Level Lords Mansion
Chapter 259 The Brand New City Lords Mansion
Chapter 260 The shock of the Lords of Versailles
Chapter 261 New Territory Planning
Chapter 262 Planning and Implementation
Chapter 263 A brand new territory
Chapter 264 Heavy Shield and Shadow
Chapter 265: Fierce Territory Construction
Chapter 266 A sudden request
Chapter 267 Territory in the Mine
Chapter 268 The Road Under the Moon
Chapter 269 The Deadly Cave
Chapter 270 The shock of the three strange lords
Chapter 271 Cave Maze
Chapter 272: Things Deep in the Cave
Chapter 273: Go to work! Five lords
Chapter 274 The Mysterious Crystal
Chapter 275 Three Magic Barriers and Barrier Crystals
Chapter 276 The two ecstatic people
Chapter 277: You dont understand the world of bosses
Chapter 278: Upgraded again! Guardian defense agency
Chapter 279 Nine Personal Guards
Chapter 280 The mysterious thing
Chapter 281 The third-level strong team joins
Chapter 282 Summoner and Flame Warrior
Chapter 283 The amazing team of strong men
Chapter 284 Departure! Target Fanyin City
Chapter 285 Arriving at Fanyin City
Chapter 286 The irritable woman in red
Chapter 287 Miss Kelly
Chapter 288 The eldest lady bows her head
Chapter 289 The Lord and the Eldest Lady
Chapter 290: The Lord and the Frog in the Well
Chapter 291 The Shocked Frog in the Well
Chapter 292 Everyone was shocked
Chapter 293 Kellys Allegiance
Chapter 294 The Ancient Box
Chapter 295 The final decision in the reception room
Chapter 296 Hidden Things
Chapter 297 The Lord and the Middle-aged Strong Man
Chapter 298: The downtrodden bard and the cataclysm
Chapter 299 Broken Blade and Blue Rose5000
Chapter 300 The grand party begins5000
Chapter 301 The first finale item [5K]
Chapter 302: Magic Weapons and Magic Martial Arts [5K]
Chapter 303 The second finale item [5K]
Chapter 304 The last finale item [5K]
Chapter 305: Frost Dragon Staff and Sky-Breaking Thunder Flash [5K]
Chapter 306 North of Fanyin City, Shura reappears [5K]
Chapter 307: The Temptation of Fanyin City Lord [5K]
Chapter 308 The mysterious ancient box [5K]
Chapter 309 The mysterious strong man and the magic cage [5K]
Chapter 310 The domineering fifth-level powerhouse [5K]
Chapter 311 The fifth-level strong man VS the fifth-level strong man [5K]
Chapter 312: The Magic Box of Eternal Night5K
Chapter 313: The Guardian of the Sky and the Magic Lock Mechanism [5K]
Chapter 314: Promoted to the third level of dual-system power [5K]
Chapter 315: The Winged Dragon Knight and the Maid Star Return [5K]
Chapter 316 Magnet Town and Xingguis request [5K]
Chapter 317 The surprising Lord of Kongqing City [5K]
Chapter 318 Long-lost old friends, Guanzhong and Nate [5K]
Chapter 319 The Weird Magnet City Lord5K
Chapter 320 Unexpected gains and new allegiance [5K]
Chapter 321: The Lord of Magnet City Appears5K
Chapter 322 The second level four strong man and the third town [5K]
Chapter 323: Mysterious drawings and costume changes for all members of Mailan Town [5K]
Chapter 324 Preparations completed [5K]
Chapter 325: Unexpected and Expected5K
Chapter 326 Ariel has a strong foundation [5K]
Chapter 327: That incident and the smoke [5K]
Chapter 328: Out of the Dragon Pond and into the Tiger's Den5K
Chapter 329 The battle between the five lords on the top of the mountain [5K]
Chapter 330: The Dungeon of Luolong City [5K]
Chapter 331: The clock tower and the long passage under the moon [5K]
Chapter 332: Melee at the Fountain [5K]
Chapter 333 The truth of that matter [5K]
Chapter 334 Between Kings5K
Chapter 335 About Catastrophe and Blank Era [5K]
Chapter 336: Return and meeting in the lobby [5K]
Chapter 337 Surprising Harvest5K
Chapter 338 New trump card and new plan [5K]
Chapter 339: Two Level 4 Powerful Men and New Skills [5K]
Chapter 340: Set off! Target Shuiyue City [5K]
Chapter 341 Two major organizations in the mountains
Chapter 342 Large-Scale Exploration Plan [5K]
Chapter 343 The collision between combat talents [5K]
Chapter 344: One punch [5K]
Chapter 345: Things that shouldnt appear [5K]
Chapter 346 From before the blank era
Chapter 347 The huge contrast and the strong man in the blank era
Chapter 348 The power of fifth-level spells [5K]
Chapter 349: One against three [5K]
Chapter 350: Conjectures about the Blank Era [5K]
Chapter 351 Continue to explore the ancient ship
Chapter 352: Fantasy Crystal and Qin Qians Shock
Chapter 353 The mysterious disappearance
Chapter 354: The confusing uninvited guest
Chapter 355 The puzzling answer
Chapter 356: Entering the Unknown Land
Chapter 357: The Smoky Place
Chapter 358 The place where time stops
Chapter 359: The Sky Blue Castle on the Floating Island
Chapter 360: Attack and Defense of Sky Blue Castle
Chapter 361 Strong rush to help
Chapter 362 White Tower
Chapter 363: A huge harvest in the barrier area
Chapter 364 Wings of Fenglan
Chapter 365 Eds Allegiance
Chapter 366 Oranges Past
Chapter 367 The third miracle building is completed
Chapter 368 Tower of Vision
Chapter 369 New Functions of the Tower of Vision
Chapter 370 The confusing blank era
Chapter 371 The uninvited guest in Kongqing Town
Chapter 372: Before the Red Arrow City Gate
Chapter 373: What is that thing?
Chapter 374 A new attempt
Chapter 375: The broken shackles
Chapter 376: Donnas Allegiance
Chapter 377 Sir, times have changed
Chapter 378 The Lord and the Eagle Dog
Chapter 379: Orange Bais Allegiance
Chapter 380 The Lord and the Traveling Merchant
Chapter 381 The Mysterious Place
Chapter 382 Arrival and Questions
Chapter 383 Weird Place
Chapter 384 The Hidden Mystery
Chapter 385 The hidden basement
Chapter 386 The mystery revealed
Chapter 387: The castle filled with smoke
Chapter 388 The Lord and Another Princess
Chapter 389: Celias allegiance and the true face of her opponent
Chapter 390 Its dawn
Chapter 391 The Eye of Phantom Light
Chapter 392 Berts past
Chapter 393: Winters Attack
Chapter 394: Both ends of the words
Chapter 395 Berts Allegiance
Chapter 396 Shadows Arrangement
Chapter 397 Thinking and Planning
Chapter 398: Early morning meeting
Chapter 399: The far other side
Chapter 400 Three sudden fifth-level breaths
Chapter 401: The Dragons Goal
Chapter 402: Set off! Target: Sealing Dragon City
Chapter 403: Abnormal Illusion
Chapter 404: The Miraculous Dragon Mirage
Chapter 405 Reflection in the Water
Chapter 406 Two punches
Chapter 407 The place where the dragon falls
Chapter 408 The Land of Sealed Dragon
Chapter 409 The Dragon in the Land of Dragon Sealing
Chapter 410 The sealed truth
Chapter 411 The Lord and the Dragon
Chapter 412 Dragon Blood Contract
Chapter 413 Trans allegiance
Chapter 414: Map of Disorder
Chapter 415 The Weird Ice Gate
Chapter 416: The disappearing ice gate and the ice knight on the ice
Chapter 417 Ice Demon Garth
Chapter 418 The inheritance of the ice demon
Chapter 419 Ice Alchemy Platform and Refining
Chapter 420 Return to the Land of Dragon Sealing
Chapter 421: The Second Level 5 Powerful Man and the Birth of the Legend
Chapter 422 Red Night
Chapter 423 Double Threat
Chapter 424 Before Exploration
Chapter 425 In the Valley
Chapter 426: Ancient ruins full of contradiction
Chapter 427 The huge door
Chapter 428: Sudden Encounter at the Ruins
Chapter 429: A wave of unrest
Chapter 430: Wave after wave
Chapter 431 Hongye takes action
Chapter 432: Attention in the ruins
Chapter 433 Hidden Road
Chapter 434: Mottled Steel Forest
Chapter 435: The blank era with different opinions
Chapter 436 Misplaced Things
Chapter 437: Next Arrangement and Return
Chapter 438 Miracle Buildings and Illusionists
Chapter 439 A brand new city
Chapter 440 The Mysterious Cave
Chapter 441 The place of seclusion
Chapter 442: Two fifth-level magic weapons and two fateful people
Chapter 443: Current Situation and Plans
Chapter 444: A delightful new blessing
Chapter 445: Todays mission in the territory
Chapter 446 A familiar figure
Chapter 447 Before the Abandoned Mine
Chapter 448: Entering the Abandoned Mine Again
Chapter 449: Hearth Castle
Chapter 450 The Furnace and the Tiger
Chapter 451: The Prelude to the Fierce Battle in the Ruins
Chapter 452 Fierce Battle in the Ruins (Part 1)
Chapter 453 Fierce Battle in the Ruins (Part 2)
Chapter 454 Fierce Battle in the Ruins (Part 2)
Chapter 455 The fierce battle in the ruins ends
Chapter 456 The Lost Relics
Chapter 457 The unpredictable mysterious organization
Chapter 458: Key to the Starry Sky
Chapter 459: Counting the Trophies
Chapter 460: Upgrade! Eighth Level Lords Mansion
Chapter 461: The Lord and the Lord's Mansion under the Moon
Chapter 462: The brand-new Lords Mansion
Chapter 463 New Magic and New Scrolls
Chapter 464: Long Archers and Magicians
Chapter 465 Banquet Night (Part 1)
Chapter 466 Banquet Night (Part 2)
Chapter 467: Lord and Banquet Night
Chapter 468 The arrival of new forces
Chapter 469: Appointment of the Territory
Chapter 470: A few things about magic cannons and magic light crystals
Chapter 471: Avoiding the important and taking advantage of the easy and playing hard to get
Chapter 472: Surrounding the site for reinforcements and waiting for work
Chapter 473 The edge of the cliff
Chapter 474 Ariels Request
Chapter 475 Proverbs and Princess
Chapter 476 The Unyielding Princess
Chapter 477 Entering the Mountain Fortress
Chapter 478 Fortress and Undercurrent
Chapter 479 The disappeared old man Bai
Chapter 480: Murderous intent emerges in the meeting hall
Chapter 481 The truth behind the undercurrent
Chapter 482 Battle of the Chamber
Chapter 483: The meeting hall decides on the plan
Chapter 484 Mr. Wu and the White Knight
Chapter 485 The war is about to begin
Chapter 486: Deployment of the Fortress Attack and Defense
Chapter 487: Deployment Completed and an Interlude
Chapter 488 The Princess Encouragement
Chapter 489: Climb the fortress wall
Chapter 490 The Prelude to the Fortress Attack and Defense Battle
Chapter 491: Fortress Attack and Defense (Part 1)
Chapter 492: Fortress Attack and Defense (Part 2)
Chapter 493: Fortress Attack and Defense (Part 2)
Chapter 494: The first round of fortress offensive and defensive battle ends
Chapter 495 The brief tranquility in front of the fortress
Chapter 496 The battle before dawn (Part 1)
Chapter 497 The battle before dawn (Part 2)
Chapter 498 The battle before dawn (Part 2)
Chapter 499 The battle over the fortress
Chapter 500: Battle at dawn
Chapter 501 Uninvited Guests in the Fortress Warehouse
Chapter 502: Desperate Situation in the Fortress Warehouse
Chapter 503: Crush in the Fortress Warehouse
Chapter 504 Deployment in front of the fortress warehouse
Chapter 505 The Mysterious Destroyer
Chapter 506: Tunnel in the Mountain
Chapter 507 The Angry Red Devil
Chapter 508 The End of the Fortress Attack and Defense Battle
Chapter 509: The Lord and Princess on the City Wall
Chapter 510: Review of the Fortress Attack and Defense Battle
Chapter 511 The Princesss Decision
Chapter 512: Lord, Princess and Catastrophe
Chapter 513 Ariels Allegiance
Chapter 514: Dress Up and Magic Scroll
Chapter 515: A gratifying new harvest
Chapter 516 The delighted princess
Chapter 517 The message that has never been answered
Chapter 518: Dark clouds over the forest and the treasures reaction
Chapter 519 Dimensional Storm
Chapter 520 The Hidden Storm
Chapter 521: In the Black Mist
Chapter 522 The Lost Sword Tomb
Chapter 523: Ruins of the Royal Capital of Loren
Chapter 524 The fourth unsolved mystery
Chapter 525 Gales allegiance
Chapter 526: Private Banquet at the Trade Fair
Chapter 527 The private banquet begins
Chapter 528 Guests and Mercenaries
Chapter 529: Mercenary Commission Completed
Chapter 530: Nine Dragon Slaying Heroes
Chapter 531: An emergency on the street
Chapter 532 Miracle Building: Lion King Palace
Chapter 533 Orrs allegiance
Chapter 534: Surrounding Situation
Chapter 535 Return to the Mountain Fortress
Chapter 536: Her Royal Highness the Princess has light in her eyes
Chapter 537: Half-elf Training Plan
Chapter 538: Taking stock of the gains from the offensive and defensive battles of the fortress
Chapter 539: Double Level 3 Peak Powerful Man
Chapter 540 A new powerful combination
Chapter 541: Secret Agents Traces
Chapter 542: Mirage in the Forest
Chapter 543 The hidden magic mechanism
Chapter 544 Study and Statue
Chapter 545: The past of Loren Capital is like smoke
Chapter 546: Inheritance from Thousands of Years Ago
Chapter 547: A coat of arms that has never been dusted
Chapter 548 Broken Fountain
Chapter 549 Heading to Blue Cold Castle
Chapter 550: In Blue Cold Castle
Chapter 551 The Lord and the Captain of the Guards
Chapter 552 Rose Marquis
Chapter 553: Blue Cold Castles murderous intention emerges
Chapter 554: The behemoth in the underground wine cellar
Chapter 555: The true face of the behemoth
Chapter 556: Things that should have disappeared
Chapter 557: The Allegiance of Marquis Rose
Chapter 558 The Shocking Rose Marquis
Chapter 559 Two sand table deductions
Chapter 560 Three Princes and the Mysterious Organization
Chapter 561 About the mysterious organization
Chapter 562 About the future
Chapter 563: The missing Lord of Gelin City
Chapter 564: Shocked Siblings
Chapter 565: The allegiance of Lisha and Reese
Chapter 566: Mine in the Forest
Chapter 567: Uninhabited City
Chapter 568 City of Dolls
Chapter 569 The Land of the Gods
Chapter 570: One city, one person
Chapter 571: Pity
Chapter 572: The wonder of empty space
Chapter 573 Lians request
Chapter 574: Law of Conservation of Magic Power
Chapter 575: Lians allegiance
Chapter 576 Badge and Alchemy Puppet
Chapter 577: Outside the city wall is a devastated battlefield
Chapter 578: The Lords Decision
Chapter 579: The Lord and the Lord of Gelin City
Chapter 580 Under the Castle
Chapter 581 Preparations before upgrading
Chapter 582 Simultaneous upgrade! Three miracle buildings
Chapter 583: Set off! Target Iron Castle
Chapter 584: Knight Sisters
Chapter 585 Lord and Knight Sisters
Chapter 586: Tina and Tias Allegiance
Chapter 587 A strange commission
Chapter 588: White-robed Priest and Black-Armored Knight
Chapter 589 Only children make choices
Chapter 590: Ryans Allegiance
Chapter 591: The allegiance of the five mercenaries
Chapter 592 The top of Luolong City and the cave
Chapter 593: Weird rustling sound
Chapter 594: The true identity of the strange footsteps
Chapter 595 Mobius Passage
Chapter 596 The Endless Passage and the Lords Memories
Chapter 597 The Silent Army
Chapter 598: The Lord and the Lost Crown
Chapter 599 The fork in the endless passage
Chapter 600: The Object of Master Alchemist Yoniel
Chapter 601: The Watcher on the Island
Chapter 602: The Identity of the Watcher
Chapter 603 Randalls allegiance
Chapter 604 The Brilliant City
Chapter 605: In the crystal clear city
Chapter 606: In the dungeon
Chapter 607: Red Stones Allegiance
Chapter 608: Center of the Square
Chapter 609 As you wish
Chapter 610 The fifth race
Chapter 611: The expectations of the Lord of Luolong City
Chapter 612 Competition in the Hall
Chapter 613: The growth of the lord and Bensons allegiance
Chapter 614 The Cursed Man
Chapter 615 Talking about dragons
Chapter 616 Before the coronation
Chapter 617: The Coronation Ceremony of the Kingdom of Thorns
Chapter 618 Entering the Alchemist Guild
Chapter 619 Infinite Refining
Chapter 620: Old Carsley and the Alchemists Shock
Chapter 621: Please everyone
Chapter 622: Cooperation reached
Chapter 623 The mysterious big mission
Chapter 624: About Change
Chapter 625: Trophies and the Alchemist
Chapter 626: An extra army appears out of thin air
Chapter 627 The sudden army
Chapter 628: A different kind of manipulator
Chapter 629: The Nine Dragon-Slaying Heroes and the Necromancer
Chapter 630: The magical race and Linas allegiance
Chapter 631 Battle under the stars
Chapter 632 Under the waterfall
Chapter 633 The call from Lina
Chapter 634 Comprehensive Upgrade
Chapter 635: Surprising Promotion
Chapter 636 Before the storm comes
Chapter 637 Another trump card
Chapter 638: Prelude to War
Chapter 639: Territory as bait
Chapter 640: Deployment before the war
Chapter 641: Shocked Bai Lao
Chapter 642: Memories of Bai Lao
Chapter 643 The Prince in the Hall
Chapter 644 Evening Meeting
Chapter 645: The long-lost promotion
Chapter 646: Promoted to Double Level 4 Powerhouse
Chapter 647 The Lords Encouragement
Chapter 648 The mysterious commander
Chapter 649 The Prelude to the War
Chapter 650: Menacing Attack
Chapter 651: Embarrassing Collapse
Chapter 652: The Commanders True Face
Chapter 653: The plan in the castle hall
Chapter 654: The other side under the starry sky
Chapter 655: The Alternative Marquis Vince
Chapter 656: Clooney with a divine assist
Chapter 657 The camp on the other side
Chapter 658: Attack and defense of the camp under the moon
Chapter 659 The battle ends before dawn
Chapter 660: Continuous Reports
Chapter 661 The wind and sand rise
Chapter 662 The rolling torrent
Chapter 663: The ever-changing battlefield
Chapter 664 An unexpectedly powerful enemy (Part 1)
Chapter 665: An unexpectedly powerful enemy (Part 2)
Chapter 666 The battlefield is reversed again
Chapter 667 White Knight VS Nightmare Knight (Part 1)
Chapter 668 White Knight VS Nightmare Knight (Part 2)
Chapter 669 White Knight VS Nightmare Knight (Part 2)
Chapter 670: After the fierce battle at the foot of the mountain
Chapter 671 The White Knight and the Illusionist
Chapter 672: The Illusionist under the Moon
Chapter 673 The Lord and the Illusionist
Chapter 674: Agreement reached
Chapter 675: Combat Strength Inventory
Chapter 676 The shadow that is ready to move
Chapter 677 Shadow and the Coming Challenge
Chapter 678: The Lords in the Hall and the News Returned
Chapter 679: The calm before the storm
Chapter 680 The Prelude to the Territory Attack and Defense Battle
Chapter 681: Territory Attack and Defense (Part 1)
Chapter 682: Territory Attack and Defense (Part 2)
Chapter 683: Territory Attack and Defense (Part 2)
Chapter 684: The White Knights Trump Card (Part 1)
Chapter 685 The White Knight's Hole Card (1)
Chapter 686: The White Knights Trump Card (Part 2)
Chapter 687: The Winged Dragon Knight and the Pursuing Alchemy Puppet
Chapter 688 The Princess and the Knight
Chapter 689 The Lord and the White Knight
Chapter 690 The counterattack begins
Chapter 691: An overwhelming counterattack
Chapter 692: Defeat
Chapter 693: The White Knights Advice
Chapter 694 Kongqing Town shrouded in darkness
Chapter 695: The crumbling Kongqing Town (Part 1)
Chapter 696: Shaky Kongqing Town (1)
Chapter 697: The crumbling Kongqing Town (Part 2)
Chapter 698 Dual Realms
Chapter 699: Uncovering the Mystery in the Mist
Chapter 700 The real beginning of the nightmare
Chapter 701 The Giant and the Nightmare
Chapter 702: The Lord Rushing into Darkness
Chapter 703 Lord VS Wind Magician (Part 1)
Chapter 704 Lord VS Wind Magician (Part 2)
Chapter 705 Defeat and Puzzle
Chapter 706 Unexpected Help
Chapter 707: The Realm of Devouring Dreams
Chapter 708: The Dream of a Level 5 Powerful Man (Part 1)
Chapter 709: The Dream of a Level 5 Powerful Man (Part 2)
Chapter 710: The Dream of a Level 5 Powerful Man (Part 2)
Chapter 711 The end of the dream, the return of the strong (Part 1)
Chapter 712: The End of the Dream, the Return of the Strong (Part 2)
Chapter 713 The end of the dream, the return of the strong (Part 2)
Chapter 714: Rush for help in the black mist
Chapter 715: Desperate Situation in the Black Mist
Chapter 716: Long-lost voice, long-lost figure
Chapter 717 The Returned Gracilaria and the Crazy Nightmare Knight
Chapter 718 The End of the Nightmare Knight
Chapter 719 The Horn of Counterattack
Chapter 720: Lord and Dawn
Chapter 721: The battlefield under double moons
Chapter 722: An overwhelming attack
Chapter 723: In Velen City
Chapter 724: An unexpected ambush
Chapter 725 Under the Dawn
Chapter 726: Knight Sisters Crying with Joy
Chapter 727 The Battle of the Lords
Chapter 728: Battle of Wangxing City (Part 1)
Chapter 729: Battle of Wangxing City (Part 2)
Chapter 730: Battle of Wangxing City (Part 2)
Chapter 731 The figure on the city wall
Chapter 732: Dilemma on the city wall
Chapter 733 Stargazing Sky City
Chapter 734: Jin Wens Allegiance
Chapter 735: Surprised Erza
Chapter 736 The latest situation and next steps
Chapter 737 Transmission Network
Chapter 738 Qin Qians suggestion
Chapter 739: The Lords Thoughts
Chapter 740 A gratifying discovery
Chapter 741: The Lords New Nickname and Plan Implementation
Chapter 742 Good news comes frequently
Chapter 743 The Furious Prince
Chapter 744 The Prince and Another Prince (Part 1)
Chapter 744 The Prince and Another Prince (Part 1)
Chapter 746: The Lords Response Plan
Chapter 747 The Lords Battle Flag
Chapter 748: Long-lost reunion
Chapter 749: The Yuebai Clan Releases the Seal
Chapter 750 Druid, Forest Priest and Demon Archer
Chapter 751: The Lords Worry and Mr. Bais Respect
Chapter 752 News of the Holy Night
Chapter 753: The Lords Insights
Chapter 754 The Princess Speech
Chapter 755: The Lords Wrath
Chapter 756 The Lord's Rage
Chapter 757 Lords and City Building
Chapter 758: A gratifying trophy
Chapter 759: Comprehensive upgrade of loot
Chapter 760: The Lords Plan
Chapter 761: The Rebel and New Gains
Chapter 762: Interesting things at the banquet and the lords surprise
Chapter 763 The Princess Gift
Chapter 764: The completion of the ninth-level city lords mansion
Chapter 765 The Lord and the Future
Chapter 766 The Growth and New Power of the Lord
Chapter 767 Before the arrival and summoning of new forces
Chapter 768: Distant Threat
Chapter 769: The Lords Considerations
Chapter 770 Strange news and the lords arrangement
Chapter 771 The Lord and the Ice Demon
Chapter 772 Garths Gratitude and Memories
Chapter 773: Two peoples allegiance and surprising news
Chapter 774 Advantages and Decision
Chapter 775 Dilemma
Chapter 776: Holy Night and the Secret of the Moon Palace
Chapter 777 Erzas Past
Chapter 778 Heading to Holy Night
Chapter 779 An unexpected encounter
Chapter 780 Erza and Teresa
Chapter 781 The Lord and the Saint of the Moon Palace (Part 1)
Chapter 781: The Lord and the Holy Maiden of the Moon Temple (Part 1)
Chapter 783: The Lord and the Saint of the Moon Palace (Part 2)
Chapter 784 Karas allegiance and new destination
Chapter 785: Deep into the North
Chapter 786 The giant creature on the snowfield
Chapter 787: The Crystal City under the Snowy Night
Chapter 788: In the Crystal City
Chapter 789: Miraculous Buildings in Borderlands
Chapter 790 Miracle Building: Light Chasing Castle
Chapter 791: Close at hand but out of reach
Chapter 792: A magic barrier that shouldnt exist
Chapter 793: Relics from the Blank Era
Chapter 794: Repairing the Light Chaser Castle
Chapter 795 The Lord and the New Legion
Chapter 796: Never fall into the fortress
Chapter 797 Never Fall Fortress
Chapter 798: Princess General Caroline
Chapter 799 Lord and Princess General
Chapter 800 The Princess Generals Determination
Chapter 801 Sudden Attack
Chapter 802: The Magic Tower of Ice Valley Fortress
Chapter 803 The battle of annihilation in front of the Fortress
Chapter 804 The Shocking Princess General
Chapter 805 About the Northern Territory and the Next Plan
Chapter 806 The new ice knight and the joy of the lord
Chapter 807: The Lords Arrangement and the Two Illusionists
Chapter 808 Sarahs Past
Chapter 809 Return to the ruins of the capital of Loren
Chapter 810 Knights Throne
Chapter 811 The Lord and the King of Knights (Part 1)
Chapter 811: Lord and Knight King (Part 1)
Chapter 812 The Lord and the King of Knights (Part 2)
Chapter 814 The inheritance of the King of Knights
Chapter 815 Thousands of years of past events and unexpected gains
Chapter 816 New conjectures and the end of inheritance
Chapter 817 Sarahs Transformation and the Equipment of the King of Knights
Chapter 818 The final inheritance of the King of Knights
Chapter 819 Sarahs Determination and the Key to Truth
Chapter 820: Pursuing the Door to Wandering (Part 1)
Chapter 820: Pursue the Wandering Door (Part 1)
Chapter 822: Princesss Dinner and New Summons
Chapter 823 New Power and New Information
Chapter 824 The three delighted lords
Chapter 825: The arrangement of the lords and the current situation
Chapter 826 The mirror is not a mirror, the door is not a door
Chapter 827: Entering the Gate of Wandering
Chapter 828 The Wisdom of an Unknown Race
Chapter 828: The Wisdom of an Unknown Race
Chapter 830: The True Face of the Unknown Race (Part 1)
Chapter 830: The True Face of the Unknown Race (Part 1)
Chapter 832: Sealed in the Past
Chapter 833 Fantasy and Reality
Chapter 834: The Lord and the Dwarf Train Conductor
Chapter 835 Vaders Memories (Part 1)
Chapter 836 Vaders Memories (Part 2)
Chapter 837 A sudden test
Chapter 838: The Lords Choice (Part 1)
Chapter 838: The Lord's Choice (Part 1)
Chapter 840 Lord and Courage
Chapter 841: Passed the test
Chapter 842 The Lord and Xiao Huan
Chapter 843 Assembly and Arrival
Chapter 844 The curtain is about to open
Chapter 845: Finding another way and finding another way
Chapter 846 The New Force and the Lords on the Wall
Chapter 847: Encouragement from the Lord and Princess
Chapter 848 The Prelude to Crazy (Part 1)
Chapter 848: The Prelude to Madness (Part 1)
Chapter 850: The Madness After the Prologue (Part 1)
Chapter 851 The Madness After the Prologue (Part 2)
Chapter 852: The Madness After the Prologue (Part 2)
Chapter 853: Turbulent Situation (Part 1)
Chapter 853: The Turbulent Situation (Part 1)
Chapter 854: The Turbulent Situation (Part 2)
Chapter 856: Gunsmoke under Luolong City (Part 1)
Chapter 857: Gunsmoke under Luolong City (Part 2)
Chapter 858: Gunsmoke under Luolong City (Part 2)
Chapter 859: Galloping Heavy Cavalry
Chapter 860 The True Face of the Black Duke
Chapter 861 Lord and City Gate
Chapter 862: Anxiety at the City Gate
Chapter 863: The Sorrow of Blood Mist
Chapter 864 The Princess in the Blood Mist
Chapter 865 The Battle of the Princess
Chapter 866 The smoke dissipates under Luolong City
Chapter 867: Meeting again with the Saint of the Moon Palace
Chapter 868: Considerations of the Moon Palace Saint
Chapter 869 The whereabouts of the disappeared legion
Chapter 870 Sudden desperate situation
Chapter 871 Reversal in the square
Chapter 872 Variables
Chapter 873: The Protagonist of Lords and Variables
Chapter 874 The Coming Storm
Chapter 875 The deadly threat over the city
Chapter 876 The Demon from the Sky
Chapter 877 Fierce battle over the city (Part 1)
Chapter 878 Fierce battle over the city (Part 2)
Chapter 879 Despair after Hope
Chapter 880 Hope after despair
Chapter 881 Lord and Dragon Knight
Chapter 882 Dragon Knight and Mist
Chapter 883 Endless Shackles
Chapter 884 The Unknown Stone Elf
Chapter 885: Showdown in the Stargazing Corridor (Part 1)
Chapter 886: Showdown in the Stargazing Corridor (Part 2)
Chapter 887: Showdown in the Stargazing Corridor (Part 2)
Chapter 888 Fierce battle in the Stargazing Corridor (Part 1)
Chapter 889 Fierce battle in the Stargazing Corridor (Part 2)
Chapter 890 Fierce battle in the Stargazing Corridor (Part 2)
Chapter 891 A furious Jalvi
Chapter 892: Siege and Breakthrough
Chapter 893: The reversed battle situation
Chapter 894 The Princess and the General
Chapter 895: Carolines emotion
Chapter 896: Defeat and Dawn
Chapter 897 The End and Killing
Chapter 898: Killing and End
Chapter 899 Victory and Counterattack
Chapter 900: The Joining of the White Knight
Chapter 901: The Lords Plan and the Shadow About to Appear
Chapter 902 Two Princes and Another Prince
Chapter 903 The end of the two princes
Chapter 904: Arrangements between the downtrodden prince and the lord
Chapter 905 Sudden News
Chapter 906 Arrangements between Lords and Lords
Chapter 907: The shock of the lords
Chapter 908 The turbulent banquet hall (Part 1)
Chapter 909: The turbulent banquet hall (Part 2)
Chapter 910 The turbulent banquet hall (Part 2)
Chapter 911: The Lords Plan and the Lively Banquet Hall
Chapter 912 Message from the Elders
Chapter 913 Arrival at Lion Heart City
Chapter 914: Shock in Lionheart City (Part 1)
Chapter 915: Shock in Lionheart City (Part 2)
Chapter 916: Shock in Lionheart City (Part 2)
Chapter 917 An unexpected gain and the gratitude of the elders
Chapter 918 The concerns of the other two elders
Chapter 919: Shocked Elders and Return to Territory
Chapter 920: Loot Upgrade and Lords Joy
Chapter 921 Lord and Lin
Chapter 922 Time and the Rebel
Chapter 923: Trophies and the Lords Thoughts
Chapter 924 The True Face of the White Knight
Chapter 925: Things from the depths of the earth
Chapter 926 The White Knights Past
Chapter 927: Banquet in the Great Hall
Chapter 928: The Lords Thoughts and Encouragement
Chapter 929 Return to Lion Heart City
Chapter 930: Showdown in Lionheart City (Part 1)
Chapter 931: Showdown in Lionheart City (Part 2)
Chapter 932: Showdown in Lionheart City (Part 2)
Chapter 933 Entering the unknown castle
Chapter 934: In the Unknown Castle
Chapter 935 Under the Unknown Castle
Chapter 936: The Palace of Inversion and Intersection
Chapter 937: The lonely lord and the frustrated head of the family
Chapter 938 An unexpected encounter
Chapter 939 Unexpected Confinement
Chapter 940: Reversal in the Hall
Chapter 941: Inside the Hall and Outside the Castle
Chapter 942 The plan is completed
Chapter 943 An unexpected trump card
Chapter 944: Alchemy Puppet of Unknown Race
Chapter 945 The battle for the throne is imminent
Chapter 946: The other side is no longer far away
Chapter 947: The torn prologue (Part 1)
Chapter 948: The torn prologue (Part 2)
Chapter 949: The torn apart prologue (Part 2)
Chapter 950: Siege and Abandonment (Part 1)
Chapter 951: Siege and Abandonment (Part 2)
Chapter 952: Siege and Abandonment (Part 2)
Chapter 953: Illusion and Concealment
Chapter 954 The Princes Anger and Murderous Intent
Chapter 955: Unknown trump cards and heavy losses
Chapter 956: The true face of the trump card
Chapter 957: The Trial of the Phantom Clan
Chapter 958 About the Solar Era
Chapter 959 About the Silver Moon Era
Chapter 960 About the Lord
Chapter 961 Return to Kelburg
Chapter 962 Sudden Danger
Chapter 963: The Lords Dilemma and the Unscrupulous Prince
Chapter 964 The Dilemma of the Lord and the Unscrupulous Prince
Chapter 965 Create a Door
Chapter 964: Creating a Door
Chapter 965: Breaking into the Black Mist
Chapter 966: The Core and the Sudden Mysterious Powerful One
Chapter 967 The True Face of the Mysterious Powerful Man
Chapter 968: Unstoppable and ready to move
Chapter 969: The scorching battlefield and the breakout of the siege
Chapter 970 Trap and Another Trap
Chapter 971: The second time to hide the truth
Chapter 972: The other way
Chapter 973: Return the favor
Chapter 974 The increasingly fierce battlefield
Chapter 975 Passive Situation and New Deployment
Chapter 976 Sudden fatal murderous intent
Chapter 977 The True Face of the Mysterious Necromancer
Chapter 978 Nolans Memories
Chapter 979 The truth ten years ago
Chapter 980: Lord and Death
Chapter 981: Desperate Situation and the Truth
Chapter 982 Disguise and Breakthrough
Chapter 983: The Galloping Lord
Chapter 984: The Lord and the Prince Meet Again
Chapter 985 Prelude to the Fierce Battle on the Ruins
Chapter 986 Fierce battle on the ruins (Part 1)
Chapter 987: Fierce Battle on the Ruins (Part 2)
Chapter 988 Fierce battle on the ruins (Part 2)
Chapter 989 Lord, Darkness and Dawn
Chapter 990: Dawn has arrived
Chapter 991: The smoke from Kels Fort dissipates
Chapter 992 Clouds are moving in all directions
Chapter 993: The murderous intention brewing
Chapter 994: The Lords Joy and Worry
Chapter 995: The Lords Harvest
Chapter 996: Lords promotion and new allegiance
Chapter 997 Mr. Wus visit
Chapter 998: The solemnity in the reception room
Chapter 999 The Uncrowned King
Chapter 1000 The Triumph of the Lord and Princess
Chapter 1001 Fiery Triumph Ceremony
Chapter 1002 The Lords Gift
Chapter 1003 Mias sigh and the lords thoughts
Chapter 1004 The Speech of the Lord and Princess
Chapter 1005 The Lion Kings Palace at night
Chapter 1006 The Unyielding King
Chapter 1007 The Princess and the King
Chapter 1008 Standing in front of the King
Chapter 1009 The Lord and the King
Chapter 1010 Banquet and Black Hand
Chapter 1011 Memories of the King and the Ice Demon
Chapter 1,012: Cinematic Market
Chapter 1013 Before the Coronation Ceremony
Chapter 1014 The coronation ceremony begins
Chapter 1015 Ariels Coronation Ceremony
Chapter 1016 The Queens Canonization
Chapter 1,017 The undercurrent at the ceremony
Chapter 1018 Ariels Tips
Chapter 1019: Mias Past with the Zhuyue Clan
Chapter 1020: Pursuing the abandoned land of gods
Chapter 1021 The Lord and the Former Demigod
Chapter 1022: The Lord and the Zhuyue Clan
Chapter 1023: Lords and Underground Space
Chapter 1,024 The Determination of the Half-Elves
Chapter 1025: The Zhuyue Clans Dinner Party
Chapter 1026 Mias Allegiance
Chapter 1027: Besieged on all sides
Chapter 1,028 The Deadly Hall
Chapter 1029: The Lord Will Not Give Up
Chapter 1030: The dusty lord and comprehensive upgrade
Chapter 1031: The Lords Joy and Further Comprehensive Upgrade
Chapter 1032 The Lords Plan
Chapter 1033: The Lords Promotion and the Upcoming Meeting
Chapter 1034 Before the meeting
Chapter 1035 The meeting begins
Chapter 1036: Quiet changes
Chapter 1,037 Apprenticeship and Cooperation
Chapter 1,038 The quagmire of despair
Chapter 1,039 Continuous Upgrades! Three Miraculous Buildings
Chapter 1040 Three Miracle Buildings After Continuous Upgrading
Chapter 1041: The Lords Plan and the Joining of the Old Blacksmith
Chapter 1,042 The Secret Deep in the Mountains
Chapter 1043: Entering the depths of the mountains
Chapter 1044 The magnificent new power
Chapter 1045 Under the Moonlight
Chapter 1,046 Different Scenery
Chapter 1,047 The past that has not yet been revealed
Chapter 1048: Inside the Tavern
Chapter 1,049 Bellas Complaint
Chapter 1,050 The Puzzle of the Truth
Chapter 1051 Another Queen in the Ancient Capital
Chapter 1052 Karinas true face
Chapter 1,053 Inside the dark castle
Chapter 1054 Competition in the Hall
Chapter 1055 Another Queens Wavering
Chapter 1056 Under the dark hall
Chapter 1,057 The Root of the Problem
Chapter 1,058 A scene that shouldnt exist
Chapter 1059: False Reunion
Chapter 1,060 The truth on the title page
Chapter 1,061 The long-lost reunion
Chapter 1062: Hands clasped together
Chapter 1,063 Return and Unexpected News
Chapter 1064: Return to Kellburg and New Allegiance
Chapter 1,065 Entering the Lion King's Palace
Chapter 1,066 The depths of the Lion Kings Palace
Chapter 1,067 The plan is finalized and implemented
Chapter 1,068 The frozen canyon is filled with smoke
Chapter 1069: The sudden change in the frozen canyon
Chapter 1,070 The Lords Question
Chapter 1071: The Lords Thoughts and Return to the Royal Capital
Chapter 1,072 The Lords Inspection and the Long-lost Reunion
Chapter 1,073 The former rival reappears
Chapter 1,074 Fierce battle, disadvantage and shock
Chapter 1,075 The end of the fierce battle
Chapter 1,076: The Rituals Against the Time and the Rebels
Chapter 1,077 Before another coronation ceremony
Chapter 1078 Another coronation ceremony and singing at the city gate
Chapter 1,079 Inside and outside the canyon
Chapter 1,080 The Lost Fortress and the Road Back to the Origin
Chapter 1081 The Endless Road and Another War is Coming
Chapter 1082 Inside and outside the fortress
Chapter 1083 The fortress offensive and defensive battle begins
Chapter 1,084 The turbulent attack and defense of the fortress
Chapter 1,085 The increasingly fierce situation over the fortress
Chapter 1086 Unexpected Help
Chapter 1087: Over the smoke-filled fortress
Chapter 1,088 An unexpected desperate situation
Chapter 1,089 Unknown Helping Hand
Chapter 1090: Embarrassing Defeat
Chapter 1091 The true face of that adult
Chapter 1,092 The Lord and the Lord
Chapter 1,093 Unexpected surprises at the banquet
Chapter 1094: Quietly brewing murderous intent
Chapter 1095: Undercurrent
Chapter 1096 Before Dark Night Comes
Chapter 1,097 The panicked opponent
Chapter 1,098 Desperate Opponent
Chapter 1,099 Dramatic Changes
Chapter 1,100 The core of the drastic change
Chapter 1,101 Desperate Situation
Chapter 1,102 The true face of the mysterious organization
Chapter 1,103 Despair in the Miracle Building
Chapter 1,104 Smoke and Clouds
Chapter 1,105 Lord VS Seven Level 5 Powerful Men
Chapter 1,106 The Cold Flame Kings
Chapter 1,107 Lords and Kings
Chapter 1,108 Order is being restored
Chapter 1,109 The Hidden Function of the Lion King Palace
Chapter 1,110 The smoke from the mountain fortress dissipates
Chapter 1,111 The smoke from Luolong City dissipates
Chapter 1,112 The smoke from the Fortress dissipates
Chapter 1,113 The Fortress Filled with Gunpowder
Chapter 1,114 Crazy Offensive
Chapter 1,115 The turbulent battlefield
Chapter 1,116 The increasingly fierce war situation
Chapter 1,117 Shocking changes on the battlefield
Chapter 1,118 The smoke from the fortress dissipates
Chapter 1,119 Summary and Countermeasures
Chapter 1,120 The ongoing meeting
Chapter 1,121 Wus true face and Esthers inheritance
Chapter 1,122 Esthers Memories
Chapter 1,123 An increasingly serious atmosphere
Chapter 1,124 The Lords Deployment and Meeting
Chapter 1,125 Lawrences Allegiance
Chapter 1,126 Return to the Royal Capital and the Meeting Begins
Chapter 1,127 Testing and Seeing Through
Chapter 1,128 The Ups and Downs Atmosphere
Chapter 1,129 Persuasion and Doubts
Chapter 1,130 The end of the meeting
Chapter 1131 Sudden Uninvited Guest
Chapter 1,132 The Lord and the Dragon on the City Wall
Chapter 1,133 The man behind the scenes and the dilemma
Chapter 1,134 The retreating dragons
Chapter 1,135 The dim hall
Chapter 1,136 The Lord and the Sand Table
Chapter 1,137 Theresa’s Return and the Lord’s Thoughts
Chapter 1138: Meeting again with the dwarf conductor
Chapter 1,139 A surprising new power
Chapter 1,140 Meeting Shen Banxia Again
Chapter 1141: Changes in the depths of the hall
Chapter 1,142 Return and Encouragement from the Lord
Chapter 1,143 Deployment and Heading to the Fortress of Never Falling
Chapter 1,144: The Fortress and the Land of the Gods
Chapter 1,145 Unexpected Request
Chapter 1,146 Action and Contact
Chapter 1,147 Lord, Sandbox and New Deployment
Chapter 1,148 The secret deep underground
Chapter 1,149 Lords and Thoughts on the City Wall
Chapter 1,150 The Lord’s Observations and New News
Chapter 1,151 Return to the place where time stagnated
Chapter 1,152 An unexpected sight
Chapter 1,153 Conquest and Sudden Attack
Chapter 1,154 Long-lost new features
Chapter 1,155 Gift from the Saint of the Moon Palace
Chapter 1,156 The Prelude to the Fierce Battle
Chapter 1,157 The other side of the battlefield
Chapter 1,158 Everyone has their own thoughts
Chapter 1,159 In the Mist
Chapter 1,160 Breaking the Formation
Chapter 1,161 Empty City
Chapter 1,162 Dilemma and Decision
Chapter 1,163 The turbulent ancient arena
Chapter 1,164: One Lord vs. Thirty Legions
Chapter 1,165 The figure in the shadow
Chapter 1,166 Breaking the Boundary
Chapter 1,167 Escape and Counterattack
Chapter 1,168 The smoke from the ancient arena dissipates
Chapter 1,169 The Origin of the Curse
Chapter 1,170 The Lord’s Worries and the New Area
Chapter 1,171 Current Situation and Convergence
Chapter 1,172 Entering the Deep Underground
Chapter 1,173 The truth about the time-defying ceremony
Chapter 1,174 Entering the Dark Castle
Chapter 1,175 The Lord and the Old King
Chapter 1,176 The old king’s gift
Chapter 1,177 The Lord’s Deployment and the Creeping Shadow
Chapter 1,178 Before the curtain rises
Chapter 1,179 Sudden Changes
Chapter 1,180 The curtain opens
Chapter 1,181 The prelude to the intensification
Chapter 1,182 Sudden Disadvantage
Chapter 1,183 The Turbulent Battle Situation
Chapter 1,184 Unexpected Allegiance
Chapter 1,185 Reversing the Tide of the Battle
Chapter 1,186 Breaking the City
Chapter 1,187 The Hidden Scene
Chapter 1,188 An increasingly passive situation
Chapter 1,189 Dilemma
Chapter 1,190 Crushed
Chapter 1,191 Continue further
Chapter 1192: Depth and Dilemma
Chapter 1,193 Fierce Battle and the Past
Chapter 1,194 An Unexpected Crisis
Chapter 1,195 Fierce fighting resumes
Chapter 1,196 The Lord and Turning the Tide
Chapter 1,197 The increasingly fierce battle situation
Chapter 1,198 The Unbeatable Opponent
Chapter 1,199 Determination and Depth
Chapter 1,200 The depths of the palace
Chapter 1,201 Face to Face
Chapter 1,202 The Prelude to the Fierce Battle
Chapter 1,203 Breakthrough and Shocking Change
Chapter 1,204 Lords and Assistance
Chapter 1205: Inside and outside the battle situation
Chapter 1,206 Advancement to Level 5 (Part 1)
Chapter 1,207 Advancement to Level 5 (Part 2)
Chapter 1,208 The Battle of the Lords
Chapter 1,209 The Lord’s Doubts
Chapter 1,210 Turning Point
Chapter 1,211 Contract
Chapter 1,212 A sudden turn of events and hope
Chapter 1,213 Desperate Situation and Dawn
Chapter 1,214 Entering the Tower of Miracles
Chapter 1,215 Revealing and Pursuing
Chapter 1,216 The end of the fierce battle and before it ends
Chapter 1,217 The End and the Distant Gaze
Chapter 1,218 The meeting and the lord’s decision
Chapter 1,219 Strength, Planning and Equipment
Chapter 1,220 Mysteries and Speculations
Chapter 1,221 New skills and new miracle buildings
Chapter 1,222 A sudden invitation
Chapter 1,223 The Lord Entering the Palace
Chapter 1,224 The Glittering Palace and New Allegiance
Chapter 1,225 Within the Canyon
Chapter 1,226 The Power of the Lord
Chapter 1,227 The combination of grace and power
Chapter 1,228 The Dangerous Fortress
Chapter 1,229 Fierce battle under night
Chapter 1,230 The shock on the fortress
Chapter 1,231 One Sword
Chapter 1,232 Ceremony and Banquet
Chapter 1,233 The truth about the mysterious mission
Chapter 1,234 The Lord’s Thoughts and Deployments
Chapter 1,235 The Lord’s Arrangement and Comprehensive Upgrade
Chapter 1,236 The Lord and Other Lords’ Plans
Chapter 1,237 The magical enchantment area
Chapter 1,238 A tower with a unique cave
Chapter 1,239 Surprise and Expectation in the Tower
Chapter 1,240 Top of the Tower
Chapter 1,241 Comprehensive Upgrade and the Lord’s Plan
Chapter 1,242: Implementation of the plan and everyone’s joy
Chapter 1,243 New Equipment and New Improvements
Chapter 1,244 New Allegiance and Lord’s Considerations