Chapter 1,210 Turning Point

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Suddenly enlightened, in order to confirm his thoughts, Lei Xiao directly asked old Lorenz: "Old sir, as the guardian of the Temple of Light, you should know about the [Stone of God] inherited by the temple.


"Back to Your Highness, this is the undisclosed secret of the Temple of Light. Only the master of each temple knows the specific information of the [Stone of God]!"

Although he was full of doubts about Lei Xiao's sudden question, the old bishop, who was affected by the extreme gravity, gritted his teeth and responded truthfully.

"I just know that the [Stone of God] was discovered by His Majesty Ganelon I, who founded the Temple of Light, and has been passed down as a secret treasure of the master of the Temple to this day!"

At this point, the old bishop seemed to have remembered something, and raised his head again and added: "By the way, when I was a child, I accidentally heard the previous generation of guardians mention that the [Stone of God] seemed to have extremely powerful power.

The ability to create a barrier, even a sixth-level expert cannot break it!"

"Is that true?"

The corner of Lei Xiao's mouth raised slightly, and he immediately said loudly to the thin stone elf who was also weighed down by Mount Tai: "Xiaojie, you are not a fifth-level [God's Stone], but a sixth-level [God's Stone].

], those puppet stone elves who look exactly like you are actually just part of your strength!"

"Don't be afraid of them, take control of them again!"

Yes, this is the answer that Lei Xiao thought of, and it is also the only explanation that Lei Xiao can think of.

That is, after the mysterious existence obtained the [God's Stone] from the Temple of Light, it used some means to reintegrate the [God's Stone]. This reduced Xiaojie's strength as a stone elf to the fifth level.

At the same time, nine other fifth-level puppet stone elves who were working for the tiger were also obtained.

Because of this, it can be explained that Xiaojie and the puppet stone elves have the same origin, because they were originally a complete sixth-level [God's Stone].

This point can also be supported by the words of the old bishop just now. After all, the barrier cast by the fifth-level stone elf can never trap the sixth-level strong man.

In addition, Xiaojie has not experienced the blank era, but has also lost the memory before encountering the mysterious existence. I am afraid this is the sequelae of being stripped of her strength.

"Sir, do you mean that the little girl was not only cursed by that abominable guy, but also stripped of her strength?!"

Hearing the sound, Xiaojie's thin white face first showed a look of surprise, and then she said thoughtfully: "No wonder the little girl has always felt powerless and empty in her heart. It turns out it is for this reason!"

After that, Xiaojie mustered up her courage and said loudly to the mysterious being: "You hateful guy, not only did the little girl lose her master, but you also dared to get your hands on something created by God. The little girl's father will never let her go."

It’s your fault!”

"Father God? This dirty land has long since become a place abandoned by God. You are just a piece of abandoned garbage. You are still there with your own whims. You are so stupid!"

The mysterious existence glanced at Xiaojie with a joking look on his face, laughed wildly and said: "Yes, it was me who used the forbidden secret method to convert the sixth-order [God's Stone] in the Temple of Light into ten fifth-order [God's Stone].

Otherwise, it would be impossible to gather all the "tree seeds" so quickly."

"After all, at least twelve "Tree Seeds" are needed to fully activate the Tree of Blood and Darkness. It's too troublesome to search for them one by one. I spent a hundred years at all costs, but only found three additional [God's Trees].

Just stone."

The smile on the corner of the mysterious being's mouth became more and more sinister, and he said unscrupulously: "I have to say that the [God's Stone] is really a good thing. It can actually be used as the "tree seed" of the Blood and Dark Tree. This is comparable to what I was looking for back then.

It’s much easier for the arrogant God’s Chosen Son to sacrifice, Jie Jie Jie.”

"However, I didn't expect that a despicable alien scum like you could actually notice this. It really surprises me."

After that, the mysterious existence of the war sickle flashed with black light, and once again launched a fierce attack towards Lei Xiao that would destroy the world and destroy the earth.

"Sure enough, he is the remnant of the son chosen by the evil god back then."

Lei Xiao's eyes were firm, and while he tried his best to deal with the mysterious existence, he reminded the thin stone elf: "Xiaojie, those puppet stone elves originally belong to you, and are not the tools of your opponent. Take control of them again.

Lift these barriers that bind us!"

Lei Xiao clearly understood that as long as he held back the mysterious existence and Xiaojie lifted the barrier, everything would naturally be solved.

Seeing that Lei Xiao had found new hope, all the strong men on our side who were restrained were also excited and cheered, and tried their best to encourage Xiaojie on the side.

"As you command, sir, let me give it a try, little girl!"

Xiaojie nodded heavily, bit her lips immediately, and stood up from the ground with two weak arms. While struggling to get rid of the oppression of gravity, she tried to establish a connection with the recent puppet stone elf who was exactly like her.

However, even though Xiao Jie tried her best, whether it was through induction or words, the puppet stone elf didn't respond at all. Instead, it cast a spell to increase Xiao Jie's restraints.

Under the increasingly strong pressure of gravity, Xiaojie was quickly bound to the ground again, unable to move an inch.

"Jie Jie Jie, what a naive fool."

A hint of teasing flashed through the cloudy eyes of the mysterious being, and he smiled ferociously at Lei Xiao and said: "Boy, the reason why I separated that waste from these "tree species" and kept it in the underground city of Huangyao City

, precisely because only that waste inherited the consciousness of the original [Stone of God]."

"And the other nine [God Stones] that are "tree species" are just unconscious puppets, and they are all newly exerted with powerful manipulation techniques by me. Do you think that waste can wake up all the puppets?"

An unconscious puppet?"

"The reason why that loser was able to break free from the manipulation spell on his own is because I have completely forgotten it and haven't maintained the spell for decades!"

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Boom! Boom! Boom!

Accompanied by a series of deafening energy collisions, Lei Xiao and the mysterious existence once again turned into two fiercely clashing lights, and began to fight fiercely again.

Seeing that hope was dashed again and Lei Xiao was once again caught in a fierce battle, an extremely uneasy atmosphere quietly arose among our strong men.

I saw that the crazily spreading dark red branches around me were already lush, and countless translucent flower buds were growing wantonly among the lush red leaves.

This undoubtedly means that the time left for us is already numbered.

"Boy, give up struggling. This land will soon be reduced to a bloody ruin of death and mourning. I will rebuild the tower of the chosen son of the evil god and fulfill the evil god's will of destruction!"

The mysterious existence obviously felt that the absorption stage was close at hand, and the movements of wielding the giant war scythe became more and more crazy, and he said unscrupulously: "And your flesh and blood will become the stepping stone to this tower of destruction!"

"Stop dreaming. As long as I am still standing here, hope will last forever."

Although his heart was equally full of eagerness and uneasiness, Lei Xiao's dark eyes revealed a touch of determination and he responded calmly.

"Young man, it seems that protecting the human world has never been an easy task. This was true in my era, and it is also true today."

Feier's voice was mixed with a touch of helplessness, and she encouraged Lei Xiao: "But no matter what, if we give up now, it would be too unfair to our previous efforts."

"I see."

Although the tiger's mouth was still painfully shaken by the opponent's war sickle that was swinging wildly like a giant peak, Lei Xiao's palms were burning, and he gripped Rolandel's sword hilt more tightly and said: "The word "give up" is never in my dictionary."

Having said that, Lei Xiao's peripheral vision fell on Xiaojie's thin body again, and saw that she was completely imprisoned on the ground by gravity. Even her fair face could not leave the ground for an inch, but she was still trying to struggle.

After completely clarifying the truth about Xiaojie's identity, although she herself cannot gather the other puppet stone elves who were stripped away, I am afraid that the hope of breaking the situation must continue to be found in her. This is also the only hope at present.

"Young man, remember that the thin stone elf mentioned his master just now. Does the [Stone of God] still need to recognize its master?"

Fei'er's clear voice of doubt sounded in Lei Xiao's heart, and she asked.

"Yes, the [God Stone] is the key to unlocking the truth about the destruction of all races and the departure of gods in the blank era. Although I don't know why, each piece does need to recognize its owner, and only after recognizing its owner can it be used to its full potential.

Release the full power of the [God’s Stone].”

Lei Xiao immediately explained in his mind: "As for what the blank era is, I will explain it to Her Royal Highness the Princess in my free time, but now is obviously not the time to talk about this."

"I understand, since the real ruler of the temple is the owner of the [God Stone], why does the chosen son of the evil god who occupies the ruler of the temple still need to exert manipulation skills on them?"

Mayfair's inquiry rang out again.

"I had doubts about this at the time, but it's actually not difficult to explain."

Lei Xiao's response followed: "Because when the stone elf signs a contract or inheritance, it is completely bound to the owner's inner and outer parts, and both are indispensable."

"This is to prevent the master from colluding with him once he is subject to special circumstances such as mental manipulation, which causes inner changes, just like what happened to Xiaojie."

"The life source of the real Ganelon IX has been extinguished, which means that the inner part has been completely replaced. The mysterious existence naturally loses the power to continue to let Xiaojie fulfill the contract."

"However, since the external body still exists, the contract has not been completely terminated. In order to continue to control Xiaojie, the mysterious existence probably relies on this imperfect contract as a basis and then applies manipulation techniques."

When Lei Xiao said this, he suddenly realized something and blurted out in his heart: "Wait a minute, this speculation is based on the premise that Xiaojie is a complete [God's Stone], but the truth is that it is originally a sixth-level

Xiaojie was forcibly deprived of most of her strength. Theoretically speaking, she is no longer the [Stone of God] with whom the contract was originally signed."

"This means that the contract should have completely lost its effect now!"

Listening to what Lei Xiao said, Fei'er obviously understood something, and added excitedly: "In other words, Xiaojie should be an ownerless [God's Stone] now, then if you, young man, you can reconnect with

Once Xiaojie signs the contract, Xiaojie who was forcibly deprived of her strength will most likely be automatically reset and restored to her true strength!"

"Yes, as long as Xiaojie regains her strength, the other nine puppet stone elves will naturally cease to exist, and everything will be solved by then!"

Lei Xiao's eyes flashed with joy, and he confirmed in his heart.

Before this, I thought that only by completely defeating the mysterious existence could Xiaojie be completely freed from the previous contract and become a member of our camp.

But looking at it now, maybe the turning point for victory has always been within my grasp, but I just didn't realize it before!

Thinking of this, Lei Xiao, who was full of high spirits, saw vast energy rising in his belly, and once again used the combination of Thunder Light Illusion Body, Thunder Flying Sky Lead, Mirage Illusion Body Technique, and Shura Slash.

For a time, tens of thousands of Lei Xiao phantoms were densely packed, emerging out of thin air like bamboo shoots after rain, surrounding the mysterious existence in the middle.

Although the scale of this skill is much stronger than before, the mysterious existence can still be cracked quickly, but taking advantage of this short time, Lei Xiao can easily rush to Xiaojie.

Sure enough, at the same time that the mysterious being wildly swung the battle scythe, Lei Xiao's body swayed and turned into a ray of purple light and came to Xiaojie.

Lei Xiao's whole body flashed with purple light, easily breaking the absolute confinement barrier attached to Xiaojie's body.

Currently, the puppet stone elves who have cast the barrier are doing their best to stop Bing Lao and the other three, and are not paying attention here, so it is naturally easy for Lei Xiao to break them.

"Sir, what are you doing?!"

Seeing Lei Xiao so close at hand, Xiaojie was stunned for a moment, and then a touch of excitement filled her eyes.

Although he didn't know why Lei Xiao appeared in front of him, what was certain was that Lei Xiao was here to save him.

It was precisely because of the appearance of Lei Xiao that he was able to successfully break away from the control of the mysterious existence and was no longer a puppet at the mercy of others!

"Xiaojie, time is tight, so I will keep the story short."

Lei Xiao lowered his body to help the thin stone elf up, and said seriously: "Are you willing to sign a contract with me and become my exclusive [God's Stone]?"

"My little lady is willing!"

I saw that Xiaojie didn't hesitate at all and immediately nodded heavily.

After saying that, a hint of hesitation appeared on her face, and she whispered: "But the little girl's contract has not been terminated yet..."

"No matter how hard you feel, will the previous contract really still take effect on you?"

Seeing that the mysterious existence had broken through the phantom, Lei Xiao's tone became a little more urgent.

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