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The eldest grandson of the Ming Emperor

The eldest grandson of the Ming Emperor

author:Writing and Seeing the Spring and Autumn Period

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:09-27 12:00

Latest chapter:Chapter 765 Rear-mounted Flintlock Gun

In the twenty-fifth year of Hongwu, the tenth year since Zhu Ying came to Ming Dynasty, he established a huge foundation in the Western Regions.

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《The eldest grandson of the Ming Emperor》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 765 Rear-mounted Flintlock Gun
Chapter 764 The coming of total war
Chapter 763 Beiyuan infiltrates Ming’s intelligence agency
Chapter 762 Seizing the Ming Dynasty’s Train
Chapter 761 The old man’s tyranny
Chapter 760 Allocate two billion treasure banknotes
Chapter 759 The train sets out and the beginning of a new era
Chapter 758 The future of Ming Dynasty
Chapter 757 The world is changing
《The eldest grandson of the Ming Emperor》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1: Expedited Eight Hundred Miles
Chapter 2: Yao Guangxiao Ecstasy
Chapter 3: Zhu Di Anzi
Chapter 4: Eyesight
Chapter 5: Journey to the Capital
Chapter 6: The Mystery of Life Experience
Chapter 7: The Lonely Zhu Chongba
Chapter 8: The position of grandson should belong to His Royal Highness Yunwen
Chapter 9: Zhu Di is restless
Chapter 10: Yao Guangxiao's Arrangements
Chapter Eleven: Sensation of the Capital
Chapter Twelve: Domineering Zhu Yuanzhang
Chapter Thirteen: North Town Fusi Small Banner Officer
Chapter Fourteen: The Missing of Zhu Yuanzhang
Chapter 366: Royal Family Banquet
Chapter 367: Confused Zhu Di
Chapter Seventeen: Zhu Di's Conspiracy
Chapter 18: Car and Boat Shop Feet
Chapter Nineteen: Jiang Ying's Perseverance
Chapter 20: Excited Zhu Yuanzhang
Chapter 21: The first meeting of grandfather and grandson
Chapter 22: Zhu Yuanzhang does not believe
Chapter 23: Zhu Yuanzhang's Wisdom
Chapter 24: Investigation, Secret Hands
Chapter 25: Messy Zhu Yunwen
Chapter 26: The loopholes in Zhu Ying's life experience
Chapter 27: Yao Guangxiao's arrangement
Chapter 379: Imperial Gift, the First Guard of the Ming Dynasty
Chapter 380: Let our old brothers have good memories
Chapter Thirty: My Life Is Over
Chapter Thirty-One: Sun and Moon Shine Together
Chapter 32: Zhu Yuanzhang had an idea
Chapter 33: Zhu Gaochi's Thoughts
Chapter 34: Digging the Tomb
Chapter 34: Kill on the spot
Chapter 35: Zhu Xiongying's younger siblings
Chapter 36: Memories
Chapter 37: Countermeasures
Chapter 38: Zhu Ying's tricks
Chapter Thirty-Nine: To Die
Chapter 40: Iwami Ginzan
Chapter 41: Zhu Yuanzhang's shrewdness
Chapter 42: Seek Annan
Chapter 43: Grumpy Brother Zhu He
Chapter 44: Father, don't panic
Chapter 396: I hope that the Ming Dynasty will be like the great Han Dynasty. It would rather be destroyed by the strong than by the weak.
Chapter 46: Friendly Zhu Ho
Chapter 47: Zhu Ying ready to run
Chapter 399: The Ming Dynasty is orthodox and a land of etiquette!
Chapter 400: Our great grandson, our great grandson!
Chapter 50: Zhu Yuanzhang is a little flustered
Chapter 51: Give us a great grandson
Chapter 52: Underground River
Chapter 53: Dare to die for the owner
Chapter 54: The Discovery of Zhu Yuanzhang
Chapter 55: Don't scare me
Chapter fifty-six: Zhu Ying's foundation
Chapter 57: Where is our jade pendant?
Chapter 58: Intermission
Chapter 59: Absolutely the eldest nephew
Chapter 60: Zhu Yuanzhang's Sharpness
Chapter 61: Japanese pirates
Chapter 62: Xu Miaojin
Chapter 63: Sea Forbidden
Chapter 63: Secret Letter from Jinyiwei
Chapter 64: Zhu Ying's decision
Chapter 65: Zhu Yuanzhang's Surprise
Chapter 66: Zhu Yuanzhang's Fantasy
Chapter 420: Military Academy, opening ceremony.
Chapter 68: Liu He meets Zhu Ying
Chapter 69: Face
Chapter 70: Another day
Chapter 71: The Old Eunuch of the Shrine Prison
Chapter 72: Zhu Xiongying, the eldest grandson of the emperor
Chapter 73: I'm All Right
Chapter 74: Sacrifices
Chapter 75: Chao Wen Dao, You Can Die In The Evening
Chapter 76: Coastal Japanese Pirates
Chapter seventy-eight: tight-lipped
Chapter 79: What a filial fourth child
Chapter 80: Huanghuang Daming
Chapter 81: The Big and Small Ryukyu Kingdom
Chapter 82: Meet the needs of the Ming Dynasty for hundreds of years
Chapter 83: You're not your father's biological child, are you?
Chapter 84: Stop pretending, I have a showdown, I am indeed not born by my father
Chapter 85: Scarred
Chapter 86: Getting Started
Chapter 87: That piece of cloth
Chapter 88: That's Xiaoling (Happy New Year's Day)
Chapter 89: The Emperor of the Imperial Palace Zhu Xiongying Monthly Pass)
Chapter 90: Bold Ideas Monthly Pass)
Chapter 91: White Dudou Monthly Pass)
Chapter 92: About Zhu Ying's Arrangement Monthly Pass)
Chapter 93: Daming Firearms Monthly Pass, Leading the World for Two Hundred Years)
Chapter 94: Big Brother is Back (Monthly Pass)
Chapter 95: Xiping Waiting Monthly Pass for Death)
Chapter 96: Meeting Monthly Pass)
Chapter 97: Wine and Wine Luminous Cup
Chapter 98: Family and Country Monthly Pass)
Chapter 99: Huang Zicheng's Bitter Monthly Pass)
report arrears
Chapter 100: Expedited delivery of monthly tickets)
Chapter 101: Why can't I, Zhu Ying, sit on this throne? (Begging for the Moon)
Chapter 102: Zhu Ying's monthly ticket)
Chapter 103: Blank Document Monthly Pass)
Chapter 104: Zhu Gaochi's Discovery
Chapter 105: Confessions (Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 106: Zhu Ying's Shot
Chapter 107: Yu Wang Mausoleum Monthly Pass)
Chapter 108: The Mausoleum of Our Great Sun (Monthly Pass)
Chapter 109: Undoubted Identity (Monthly Pass)
Chapter 110: The Will of Zhu Yuanzhang
Chapter 111: The Emperor
Chapter 112: Conspiracy
Chapter 113: Let's take you to see the grandson
Chapter 114: The eldest brother is like a father
Chapter 469: Assassination!!!
Chapter 116: We are the great grandson
Chapter 117: The First Difference Between Grandpa and Sun
Chapter 118: What the hell is this?
Chapter 119: How Can My Big Brother Still Live?
Chapter 120: The Transformed Zhu Yunwen
Chapter 121: Tips for reviewing memorials
Chapter 122: Xiaolingwei's Burial
Chapter 123: The eldest grandson most suitable for the emperor
Chapter 124: Grandpa, I Had a Dream
Chapter 125: Handmade
Chapter 126: Let's go find the eldest nephew
Chapter 127: Let's go down if you don't go with Da Sun
Chapter 128: The King of Qin surrenders
Chapter 483: The twenty-sixth year of Hongwu, September 18th!!!
Chapter 130: Yang Conspiracy
Chapter 131: Big Brother, Forgive Your Life
Chapter 132: Zhu Ying's Surprise
Chapter 133: Zhu Di's Dinner Party
Chapter 134: Yao Guangxiao's heart palpitations
Chapter 136
Chapter 137 Disposal of Yao Guangxiao
Chapter 138 Zhu Di is furious
Chapter 139
Chapter 140 Zhu Yunwen's Plan
Chapter 141: His Highness the eldest grandson is not a simple monthly ticket)
Chapter 142 Zhu Ying's terror
Chapter 143 Bitter Zhu Di
Chapter 144: King Ning Returns to His Heart
Chapter 145 Big Rooster Wooden Talisman
Chapter 146 Wolf Clan in the North (Wan Yue
Chapter 147 Our grandson is more powerful than us
Chapter 148 Banning Eight-legged Articles
Chapter 149 What the teacher said turned out to be true
Chapter 150 Entering the Palace for the First Time
Chapter 151 Grandpa, I'm Sorry
Chapter 152 Let's be at ease! (Ask for a monthly ticket at the end of the year)
Chapter 153 Zhu Yuanzhang's Loneliness
Chapter 154 The Palace Is Your Home
Chapter 155 Zhu Yuanzhang's Luxurious Carriage
Chapter 156 Zhu Yuanzhang's Words
Chapter 157 I heard that you want to see me (Happy New Year's Eve, ask for a monthly ticket
Chapter 158 Lan Yu returns to Beijing (Happy New Year, ask for a monthly ticket.)
Chapter 159 Lan Yu Breaks into Jinyiwei Yamen (Happy New Year)
Chapter 160 Continue to close it
Chapter 161 The Taste of Grandma's Vegetables
Chapter 162 Too disappointed for my mother
Chapter 163: Lu's Clever Means
Chapter 164
Chapter 165: Concubine Ning
Chapter 165: Yao Guangxiao's Journey to Korea
Chapter 166: The Matchmaker
Chapter 167: The Blue Jade Who Was Shocked (Seeking a Monthly Pass)
Chapter 168: Our eldest grandson, is it our eldest grandson?
Chapter 169: Transfer 5,000 people to let the grandson practice his hands
Chapter 170: Arrangements for Goryeo in the Future
Chapter 171: After the flood, there will be a plague
Chapter 172: The Grandson of the School Examination
Chapter 173: The grandson's money is really a lot (Riwan, ask for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 174: Our grandson has great wisdom
Chapter 175: Grandpa and Sun Debate
Chapter 176: Zhu Yuanzhang who is ready to move
Chapter 177: Daming Royal Treasures Department
Chapter 178: Can only be executed
Chapter 179: Lan Yu's Intercession
Chapter 180: Cautious Zhu Ying
Chapter 181: Zhu Yuanzhang is also helpless
Chapter 182: The First Military Chemistry Hall in Daming
Chapter 183: Zhu Yunwen's Confession
Chapter 184: Returning the cloth strips, admitting relatives with a drop of blood
Chapter 185: Zhu Di's Ambition
Chapter 186: We are going to see the grandson tomorrow
Chapter 187: Zhu Ying performs martial arts, the old man who was shocked
Chapter 188: Inheriting the Legacy of the Mongol Empire
Chapter 189: The people eat food, please
Chapter 190: Da Ming Image Ambassador
Chapter 191: Meet the owner
Chapter 192: Annan borrows soldiers? Give as much as you want
Chapter 193: 50,000 is a bit less, it is better to go up to 200,000
Chapter 194: Welcome Big Brother Back to the Palace!
Chapter 195: Just a child
Chapter 196: Da Sun's Hands Lightly
Chapter 197: Training the Prince and Grandson
Chapter 198: The Great Ming Dynasty
Chapter 199: His Royal Highness is resurrected
Chapter 200: The Possibility of Creating the Daming Track
Chapter 201: Comparing with the Great Wall of the First Emperor
Chapter 202: Wait till we die
Chapter 203: The name must be decided now
Chapter 204: Pre-Qin Ruins, Track Carriage
Chapter 559: The bigger the storm, the more expensive the fish.
Chapter 206: Why do I need to pay back the money I borrowed?
Chapter 207: The First Martial Arts Competition
Chapter 208: The Unexpected Descendants of the Old Zhu Family
Chapter 209: How does Da Sun view the uncles in the frontier
Chapter 210: The idea of ??overseas enfeoffment
Chapter 211: The beginning of love, Xu Miaojin
Chapter 212: Angry Zhu Ying
Chapter 213: The Terrible Plague
Chapter 214: Only the pigeons can be released
Chapter 215: The Resolute Zhu Yuanzhang
Chapter 216: Serving the eldest grandson with 40,000 cavalry
Chapter 217: The Gilded Zhu Ying
Chapter 218: Why do I feel like being auctioned
Chapter 219: His Royal Highness Prince Yu
Chapter 220: Yao Guangxiao in Korea
Chapter 221: Grandson to Grandson
Chapter 222: Want to make friends with Zhu Yunwen
Chapter 223: Good guy, I read you right
Chapter 224: Special Services of the Qunying Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 225: The Founding War
Chapter 226: Zhu Ying's Attack
Chapter 227: The Sober Lu Shi in the World
Chapter 582: Prepare 300,000 troops to pacify Annan
Chapter 229: Zhu Ying and his little uncles
Chapter 230: Surprise princes
Chapter 231: Daming's Serious Problems
Chapter 232: The big brother is not good, the aunt was kidnapped!
Chapter 233: Buying and selling the same crime
Chapter 234: The Truth Comes Out
Chapter 235: Zhu Yuanzhang's shortness of breath
Chapter 236: Zhu Ying's Handling
Chapter 591: Encirclement and Suppression of Annan, the Powerful Ming Navy
Chapter 238: Owner, thank you!
Chapter 239: The military heart is available
Chapter 240: Congratulations to His Highness the eldest grandson!
Chapter 241: Our eldest grandson is still alive!
Chapter 596: Chasing the murderer thousands of miles to the end of the world!
Chapter 243: Zhu Ying's Seer
Chapter 244: Awakened Zhu Yuanzhang
Chapter 245: Yao Guangxiao's Difficulty Riding a Tiger
Chapter 600: Past events in the palace, Zhu Di as a child
Chapter 246: The huge hidden danger in the roots of Daming
Chapter 247: Annan's First Move
Chapter 248: I promise you the first Annan King
Chapter 249: Daming Expeditionary Force, Yongzhen Annan!
Chapter 250: Ming Dynasty Zhang Sanfeng
Chapter 606: Ming Dynasty expands its army and prepares for war in the world
Chapter 252: The grandson of Timur who was shocked by the capital of the Ming Dynasty
Chapter 608: Tang He’s death, he died after getting drunk
Chapter 254: Zhu Ying's Pawn
Chapter 255: Big Sun, Are You Ready?
Chapter 256: Zhu Ying's First Early Dynasty
Chapter 257: Give the Great Sun a Seat
Chapter 258: The Inheritance of Zhu Yuanzhang's Bloodline
Chapter 259: Taisun Yinxi
Chapter 260: The new Ming Dynasty
Chapter 261: Blue jade causing trouble
Chapter 262: Zhu Ying's Kindness
Chapter 263: In this year, there are still people who dare to rebel?
Chapter 264: Not only rebelling, but also proclaiming emperor
Chapter 265: The Lost Zhu Yunwen
Chapter 266: Inspecting the Gunpowder Division
Chapter 267: Zhu Di who sees hope
Chapter 268: Arrangements for Sapphire
Chapter 269: Outside Fengtianmen, Lan Yu pleads guilty
Chapter 270: Prince Liang is crazy!
Chapter 271: Zhu Ying, who likes to monopolize
Chapter 627: Someone has to do the dirty work
Chapter 273: The Great Reward of the Military Parade
Chapter 276: It's time for me to go for a walk in Japan
Chapter 277: Zhu Yuanzhang's Royal Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 278: The more powerful Zhu Ying
Chapter 279: Rejuvenating the Country with Characteristic Industries
Chapter 633: I can’t spend it all, I can’t spend it all
Chapter 281: Is it true that His Majesty can't lift a sword?
Chapter 635: Silla Maid, Bodhisattva Man, Kunlun Slave
Chapter 283: His Highness the eldest grandson is crazy! (Ask for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 284: Zhu Ying's Conspiracy to Raise Funds
Chapter 285: A Morning Like Never Before
Chapter 286: Passive Advance Military Parade Rehearsal
Chapter 287: Zhu Yuanzhang's Hometown Rebellion
Chapter 288: The Traitor of the Former Dynasty
Chapter 289: Drag out and chop the monthly pass)
Chapter 290: The real purpose of the people behind the scenes
Chapter 291: Monthly Pass of the Four Great Chambers of Commerce in Daming)
Chapter 292: Zhu Ying's trump card
Chapter 293: Zhu Di who was poured cold water
Chapter 294: On the eve of the canonization, the candidate for the concubine Taisun
Chapter 295: The canonization ceremony, the Daming military parade, congratulations to Daming!
Chapter 296: Don't blame me for courting death
Chapter 297: Even more powerful than Daming
Chapter 298: The Thunder Buried in the Factory
Chapter 299: The Great Ming Capital Court
Chapter 300: Earning Income through Laogai
Chapter 301: Start every three years
Chapter 302: Zhu Di's Journey to the West
Chapter 303: Brother, Brother and Brother Gong
Chapter 304: Counterattack from the literati
Chapter 305: Literati's Mouth, Liar Ghost
Chapter 306 : Break the backbone of my Han people!
Chapter 307: The Frightened Liu Sanwu
Chapter 308: The beginning of the Ming Dynasty reform
Chapter 307: Close the door, zoom in on Sun
Chapter 308: The eldest nephew is ready to start
Chapter 309: The anxiety of the vassal kings asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 665: Assassination of the Ming Emperor and Taisun
Chapter 311: Meet your uncles (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 312: The idea of ????three points of the Japanese country (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 668: Those who refuse to surrender, kill! Kill! Kill!
Chapter 314: We want to hold the eldest grandson! (Ask for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 315: Zhu Yuanzhang Was Surprised (Seeking Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 316: I am a bright future
Chapter 317: Overseas Recruitment Hall
Chapter 318: Follow the undercover agent overseas
Chapter 319: The first person to recruit talents
Chapter 675: King Zhan’s Request, Steam Age
Chapter 676: Promotion of compulsory education, contempt for the three small countries
Chapter 677: King Zhan’s insistence and Taisun’s arrangement
Chapter 678: Zhu Yunwen’s study, the fall of the Delhi Sultanate
Chapter 324: The Coming Storm
Chapter 325: Zhu Yuanzhang's murderous act
Chapter 326: Those who obey me prosper, those who oppose me perish!
Chapter 327: The Consequences of Assassinating Taisun
Chapter 328: Kill the Nine Clan!
Chapter 684: Selling the country, the crime of deceiving heaven
Chapter 330: Both sides have to die!
Chapter 331: The Suspected Zhu Yunwen
Chapter 687: When the grandson is doing something, why does he need any evidence?
Chapter 688: Suppress the riot and open fire directly
Chapter 334: Emperor Mentality
Chapter 690: A way to save yourself, attack the great grandson of the Ming Dynasty
Chapter 691: Datura flower poison, a way to shirk the blame
Chapter 337: The demolition of the capital, a hundred-year plan (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 338: When the Spring Festival opens in the coming year (ask for a monthly ticket at the end of the month)
Chapter 339: Strictly Investigate the Capital's Tooth Shop
Chapter 695: Bank run, capital turmoil
Chapter 341: The Eight Great Masters in Jiangnan (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 342: Zhang San comes to the door (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 343: Lu Family's Attitude
Chapter 344: Zhu Yuanzhang's Wisdom
Chapter 345: Willing to be the Ming Dynasty
Chapter 346: Defending the territory and opening the border, Yongzhen Liaodong
Chapter 347: Coal
Chapter 348: Zhu Di's Awakening
Chapter 349: Zhengdan is approaching
Chapter 350: Annan Initial
Chapter 351: The Submission of King Annan
Chapter 352: How to Arrange for King Yan
Chapter 708: The horror of being ruled by a top student, the pillar of the country
Chapter 354: Abandoning the Pen and Joining the Army
Chapter 355: Zhu Yuanzhang's Killing Intention
Chapter 711: Yao Guangxiao returns to Beijing, seven years of changes
Chapter 712: Daoyan, you are old
Chapter 713: Expedition to Tibet, Countermeasures Against Timur
Chapter 359: The Battle of the School
Chapter 360: Don't look too high on the people of the world
Chapter 716: Lan Yu suffered a loss and Zhu Ying was speechless
Chapter 717: Zhen La is in danger, asking for help from the Ming Dynasty
Chapter 718: Lan Yu’s Revenge, Island Situation
Chapter 364: The Great Ming Dynasty
Chapter 720: Steam iron-clad ship, build it, build it directly!
Chapter 721 Australian development, going to Kunlun slaves?
Chapter 722 Zhu Ying’s deception, Zhu Yuanzhang’s doting
Chapter 368: Tomb of Xiao Mausoleum
Chapter 369: The Resistance from the Literati
Chapter 370: Fake Taisun
Chapter 371: Restart Sapphire
Chapter 372: The Cleaning Begins
Chapter 373: The Rumor Case
Chapter 374: The Great Case of Conspiracy
Chapter 375: Kill the Nine Clan!
Chapter 376: Changes in Military Thought
Chapter 377: Inspecting Xuanjiawei (Happy Tanabata)
Chapter 378: Even His Majesty got up
Chapter 379: Royal gift, the first guard of Ming Dynasty
Chapter 380: Let our old brothers have good memories
Chapter 381: Sand Table Military Exercise
Chapter 382: Don't give up your life in vain
Chapter 383: Looking to the Southwest
Chapter 384: Zhengyang Avenue
Chapter 385: The Right to Walk the Official Road
Chapter 386: The Great Ming Flag
Chapter 387: Zhu Yuanzhang urges marriage
Chapter 388: Let's talk about recruiting first
Chapter 389: Lan Yu's Careful Thoughts
Chapter 390: Post Station Civilian
Chapter 391: Zhu Yuanzhang's forgiveness
Chapter 392: The old man made a sneak attack
Chapter 392: Daming Spring Ploughing
Chapter 393: Zhu Yuanzhang who was beaten in the face
Chapter 394: Zhu Yuanzhang's Tangle
Chapter 395: Zhu Yuanzhang's loosening of the guard system
Chapter 396: I wish Daming was like a big man, I would rather be defeated by the strong than by the weak
Chapter 397: Big Wedding
Chapter 398: Guotai Minan
Chapter 399: The Ming Dynasty is orthodox, the state of etiquette!
Chapter 400: Our great grandson, great grandson!
Chapter 401: Map of Japan
Chapter 402: Zhu Di's Means
Chapter 403: The Not Mysterious Qin Tianjian
Chapter 404: The Imperial City of Central Capital
Chapter 405: Difficult!
Chapter 406: The Difficult Shanxi Merchants
Chapter 407: Zhu Yuanzhang's Small Temper
Chapter 408: Chen Muyue finally entered the palace
Chapter 409: The battle for the official
Chapter 410: Zhu Yuanzhang's Decision
Chapter 412: The new million-acre pasture
Chapter 413: Fame
Chapter 414: Daming Nine Swords
Chapter 415: Sending troops to Liaodong
Chapter 416: Industrial Rejuvenation
Chapter 417: The Terrorist Profit of Di Bao
Chapter 418: The Ruthless Yao Guangxiao
Chapter 419: Lan Yu's Shock
Chapter 420: Military Academy, Opening Ceremony.
Chapter 421: The View of Maritime Trade
Chapter 422: Zhu Yuanzhang's Transformation
Chapter 423: Opening the Sea
Chapter 424: Zhu Di is in Japan
Chapter 425: Surprise our grandson
Chapter 426: The beginning of the inspection
Chapter 427: Zhu Ying's Resoluteness
Chapter 428: Zhu Yuanzhang's Reform
Chapter 429: The Three-point Magistrate
Chapter 430: Zhu Di's Joy
Chapter 431: Suzhou
Chapter 432: Share Sale
Chapter 433: Zhu Yuanzhang's Worries
Chapter 434: Means
Chapter 435: The meat is rotten in the pot
Chapter 436: The Japanese Kingdom Waiting for the Kamikaze
Chapter 437: The Japanese who want to buy firearms
Chapter 438: Zhenhaiwei's response
Chapter 439: Japanese Merchants
Chapter 440: Black Eat Black
Chapter 441: Complete victory
Chapter 442: Zhu Ying's crooked methods
Chapter 443: Zhu Yuanzhang's Choice
Chapter 444: Let our grandson go to war
Chapter 445: The importance of Zhu Gaochi
Chapter 446: Opportunities after the hurricane
Chapter 447: The Conflict
Chapter 449: Secret Letter from the Japanese Emperor
Chapter 450: Zhu Yuanzhang, who is best at picking wool
Chapter 451: Zhan Hui
Chapter 452: Descendants of Di Renjie
Chapter 453: How can there be a grandson of sixty years in the world
Chapter 454: The Happy Days of Daming Officials
Chapter 455: The Battle for the Southwest Frontier
Chapter 456: Zhu Yuanzhang's Trust in the Mu Family
Chapter 457: The Shadow of the Capital's Prosperity
Chapter 458: The Worried Blue Jade
Chapter 459: Guards Transfer
Chapter 460: The Powerful Mu Wangfu
Chapter 461: Zhu Ying's response
Chapter 462;
Chapter 463: Sister's Suppression of Brother's Bloodline
Chapter 464: Di Yusen in Distress
Chapter 465: The group play of the old Zhu family
Chapter 466: The new capital
Chapter 467: Zhang Shicheng's Zhang
Chapter 468: Assassinated by Constantly Changing Hands
Chapter 469: Assassination
Chapter 470: No Survival
Chapter 471: Poor and Sad Zhu Yunqi
Chapter 472: The Three Yi Clans
Chapter 473: Object of Doubt
Chapter 474: Establishment of the Workers' Guild
Chapter 475: This is scraping our meat
Chapter 476: Daming's Unfair Treatment
Chapter 477: Zhu Yuanzhang's Trap
Chapter 478: Zhu Ying's Longevity Tablet
Chapter 479: Anxious Japanese
Chapter 480: This is not a precedent set by Da Ming
Chapter 481: It's time to be loyal to His Majesty the Emperor
Chapter 482: The Cheers of the Japanese Envoys
Chapter 483: Hongwu twenty-sixth year, September eighteenth
Chapter 484: The Brave Zhu Di
Chapter 485: Persuaded Jin King Zhu Yan
Chapter 486: The Union of Zhu Di and Zhu Yan
Chapter 487: Zhu Di returns to Beijing
Chapter 488: Grandson Never Let Us Down
Chapter 489: Zhu Ying's Support for Zhu Di
Chapter 490: The Arrival of the Big White Pig
Chapter 491: Reaching the sky in one step
Chapter 492: Harmonious development between grandparents and grandchildren
Chapter 493: Shock in the Army
Chapter 494: The Rapid Development of Ming Dynasty
Chapter 495: Grandfather and grandson cooperate in court
Chapter 496: Zhu Yuanzhang's smooth sailing
Chapter 498: Sanctioning the Prairie
Chapter 499: The Pancake Drawn by Zhu Ying
Chapter 500: The Fearful Frontier General
Chapter 501: Great Wall of Liaodong in Ming Dynasty
Chapter 502: The Imminent War
Chapter 503: Genius in the Prairie
Chapter 504: Northern Yuan Army
Chapter 505: The Great War Begins!
Chapter 506: The Possibility of Conferring King Liang
Chapter 507: Zhu Yuanzhang started to show off
Chapter 508: Winter in the Prairie Mountains
Chapter 509: The Threat From Afar
Chapter 510: Canonize the Prince
Chapter 511: Zhu Yuanzhang's sword is not old
Chapter 512: The Future Great Ming Princess
Chapter 513: Give us more babies
Chapter 514: The Gospel of Maritime Merchants
Chapter 515: Seeking the Grassland Again
Chapter 516: Developing the Japanese Kingdom
Chapter 517: Maritime Trade
Chapter 518: Going to Sea
Chapter 519: Leave something for future generations
Chapter 520: Zhu Yuanzhang Wants to Retire Early
Chapter 521: Enlightenment starts from the myth system
Chapter 522: Lu's Running Around
Chapter 523: Give Zhu Yunqi the Domain
Chapter 524: Ming Dynasty's Special Cultural Export
Chapter 525: Zhu Ying's Generosity
Chapter 526: Annan must use Chinese characters
Chapter 527: Implementation
Chapter 528: Annan's Supreme Emperor
Chapter 529: Zhu Yuanzhang's warning
Chapter 530: Champa Kingdom Gives Up the City
Chapter 531: Lu's Plan
Chapter 532: Zhu Ying Pays Attention to Details
Chapter 533: The Benefits of Being Strictly Ranked
Chapter 534: Difficult decision-making
Chapter 535: Obsession with military power
Chapter 536: Born Saint
Chapter 537: Are we getting old?
Chapter 538: Fishing is like fishing in a country
Chapter 539: Rename Chang'an
Chapter 540: The Capital Chang'an (Happy New Year)
Chapter 541: Ming's Threat
Chapter 542: Add fire to Timur
Chapter 543: Terrifying Prestige
Chapter 544: The Way to Break the Tariff Barrier
Chapter 545: Zhu Yuanzhang listens to politics behind the curtain
Chapter 546: Seven Day Report
Chapter 547: Zhu Ying's Four Basic National Policies
Chapter 548: The Evil Tiger I Raised
Chapter 549: Zhu Ying who broke her own arm
Chapter 550: The lack of talent in Ming Dynasty
Chapter 551: Overseas Status of Ming Merchants
Chapter 552: The Great Ming's Prosperity
Chapter 553: Daming's Dimensionality Reduction Strike
Chapter 554: Takeover of Champa Palace
Chapter 555: Daming's Missing Navy Soldiers
Chapter 556: Changes in the Japanese Kingdom
Chapter 557: The conspiracy behind the assassination
Chapter 558: The unexpected mastermind behind the scenes
Chapter 559: The bigger the storm, the more expensive the fish
Chapter 560: Making wind and rain Yao Guangxiao
Chapter 561: Expedition on the Grassland
Chapter 562: The Japanese Open Pit Silver Mine
Chapter 563: The Japanese Kingdom Gradually Became Chaotic
Chapter 564: Mineral Priority
Chapter 565: Bei Yuan's Counterattack
Chapter 566: Zhu Di Became a Trapped Beast
Chapter 567: Capture Zhu Di Alive!
Chapter 568: The violent Zhu Yuanzhang
Chapter 569: The Northern Yuan Dynasty of Civil Disturbances
Chapter 570: Lao Zhu's long-term layout
Chapter 571: Zhu Ying Visits the Grassland in Person
Chapter 572: Roar from Daming
Chapter 573: Emperor vs. Emperor
Chapter 574: Is Your Highness the Grandson crazy?
Chapter 575: Developing the Northern Yuan Dynasty into a Mercenary Empire
Chapter 576: Bei Yuan has to think of his grandson
Chapter 577: Northern Yuan Hanchen Returns to Ming Dynasty
Chapter 578: Zhu Yunwen's Overseas Domain
Chapter 579: Zhu Ying who started cutting leeks
Chapter 580: 1.8 Billion Great Ming Treasure Banknotes
Chapter 581: Annan's Rebellion!
Chapter 582: Prepare 300,000 troops to calm Annan
Chapter 583: Annan Wants to Get Rid of Daming
Chapter 584: Rebuilding the Nanjing Imperial Palace
Chapter 585: The First Generation of Feng Shui Conventions in the Past and Present
Chapter 586: Annan who breaks at the touch of a touch
Chapter 587: The Terrorist Interest Group
Chapter 588: Kill him no matter how much
Chapter 589: Stirring the Western Regions
Chapter 590: Steady progress and flat push Annan
Chapter 591: Encircle and suppress Annan, the mighty Daming Navy
Chapter 592: Annan's Secret Weapon - War Elephants
Chapter 593: Defeating Annan
Chapter 594: Birth of the Great-Eldest Grandson of the Great Ming Emperor
Chapter 595: Finally understand why the ancestors fought the Western Regions
Chapter 596: The End of the World, Thousands of Miles to Pursue the Murder!
Chapter 597: Girls' feelings are always poetry
Chapter 598: A Moment of Spring Night is Worth a Thousand Gold
Chapter 599: The Kingdom of Wa has become a sweet pastry
Chapter 600: Past events in the court, Zhu Di when he was a child
Chapter 601: Zhu Gaochi who is about to be seized
Chapter 602: Zhu Di's Daughters
Chapter 603: Zhu Gaochi seeks an official position for his brother-in-law
Chapter 604: The War of the Japanese Country
Chapter 605: The Annan royal family who became a puppet
Chapter 606: The Ming Dynasty expands its army and prepares for war in the world
Chapter 607: We are only an old brother like you
Chapter 608: The Death of Tang He
Chapter 609: The background of the prime minister in black in the capital
Chapter 610: Timurid Empire declares war
Chapter 611: Annan Cabinet System
Chapter 612: The tyrant Zhu Xi is in Japan
Chapter 613: Send high-yield crops to Japan
Chapter 614: The capital's blood book of thousands of people
Chapter 615: Manmin Pavilion
Chapter 616: Angkor Dynasty
Chapter 617: Her Royal Highness is Missing
Chapter 618: Do you know who I am
Chapter 619: The first step in expanding the circle of Han culture
Chapter 620: Grandson of the Great Ming Dynasty Arrives in the Kingdom of Wa
Chapter 621: Enlighten the Japanese Kingdom
Chapter 622: The Horrified Japanese Emperor
Chapter 623: Inspiration from the myth system
Chapter 624: The Possibility of Assassinating the Grandson of Ming Dynasty
Chapter 625: There Are Scared Japanese Nobles
Chapter 626: Hunting
Chapter 627: Someone has to do the dirty work
Chapter 628: Study at Daming Military Academy
Chapter 629: Yao Guangxiao's Two Apprentices
Chapter 630: The heartbeat brought by free shipping from Daming
Chapter 631: Zhu Yuanzhang's Idea of ??Going to the West
Chapter 632: Li Jinglong's Voyage to the West (Happy May Day)
Chapter 633: I can't finish the flowers, I can't finish the flowers at all
Chapter 634: The Dark Grandson of Ming Dynasty
Chapter 635: Silla Maid, Bodhisattva Man, Kunlun Slave
Chapter 636: Zhu Ying's sons
Chapter 637: Daming Controls the Power of Public Opinion in the World
Chapter 638: Hongwu Grand Ceremony
Chapter 639: Li Jinglong's Sorrow
Chapter 640: Zhu Yunqi's heart has changed
Chapter 641: Beating Overseas Feudal Kings
Chapter 642: Ming's Strength in the Middle East
Chapter 643: The Plan of the Four Feudal Kings
Chapter 644: Prelude to the Great War of the Empire
Chapter 645: Ming wants to conquer the Byzantine Empire?
Chapter 646: Eastern Nobility in Europe
Chapter 647: Zhao Xiucai who pulls the tiger's skin
Chapter 648: Daming's Hands Are Getting Longer
Chapter 649: Developing Ming's Population Invasion
Chapter 650: The Threat of the Ming Ocean Fleet
Chapter 651: What to do with the Mu family
Chapter 652: The Embarrassing Situation of Huaixi Xungui Group
Chapter 653: Black fat Zhu Gaochi
Chapter 654: The Gradually Declining Khmer Empire
Chapter 655: Want to launch the Daming Fleet into the water
Chapter 656: Intervention in the War of Chenla and Siam
Chapter 657: Become a subsidiary of Daming
Chapter 658: The land reclamation caused by pineapple
Chapter 659: Counterinsurgency only needs coordinates
Chapter 660: Southern Tour
Chapter 661: The Private Soldiers of the Four Feudal Kings
Chapter 662: Annan's Rebellion
Chapter 663: Zhu Yuanzhang's Means
Chapter 664: Action against the Ming Emperor
Chapter 665: Assassinate the Great Ming Emperor, Grandson
Chapter 666: The Elaborate Operations of the Qunying Chamber of Commerce in Annan
Chapter 667: Civil Disturbance
Chapter 668: Those who are not subject to surrender, kill! Kill! Kill!
Chapter 669: Liu Sheng goes offline
Chapter 670: Young Lord Zhu Ying
Chapter 671: Massacre
Chapter 672: The knife in Taisun's hand
Chapter 673: Beating Zhu Yunqi
Chapter 674: Firearms beyond the era
Chapter 675: The King's Request, The Age of Steam
Chapter 676: Promotion of Compulsory Education, Contempt for the Three Small Countries
Chapter 677: Zhan Wang's Persistence, Grandson's Arrangement
Chapter 678: Learning from Zhu Yunqi, the Delhi Sultanate is destroyed
Chapter 679: The Beginning of the Overseas Common Prosperity Plan
Chapter 680: The beginning of the comprehensive reform of the Ming Dynasty
Chapter 681: Release the cage by hand
Chapter 682: Why did I choose liberal arts
Chapter 683: Support Hong Kong Island
Chapter 684: Selling the country, the crime of deceiving the sky
Chapter 685: Corrupt officials who don't enjoy themselves
Chapter 686: Zhu Ying's Legendary Myth
Chapter 687: Grandson's work, what evidence is needed
Chapter 688: Suppress the riot, open fire directly
Chapter 689 : Rumors of Daming Visa
Chapter 690: Self-help method, attacking the grandson of Ming Dynasty
Chapter 691: Datura flower poison, the way to dump the blame
Chapter 692: Congratulations to Daming!
Chapter 693: Colonial Invasion of Overseas Kings
Chapter 694: Love Will Transfer
Chapter 695: Run on the bank, the disturbance in the capital
Chapter 696: The Way to Break the Game
Chapter 697: Isn't this hitting the muzzle of a gun?
Chapter 698: Counterattack from Zhu Ying
Chapter 699: Running Overnight
Chapter 700: Plunging House Prices
Chapter 701: Timur Marching to Ming Dynasty
Chapter 702: The Commanders of the Ming Dynasty Seeking Battle
Chapter 703: Xu Huizu who wants to fight
Chapter 704: Thirty-two Years of Hongwu
Chapter 705: Crazy Reward
Chapter 706: Ten Years Expedition
Chapter 707: The Strongest Scholar in History
Chapter 708: The terror of being ruled by a school bully, the pillar of the country
Chapter 709: You are already a mature Huang Guan
Chapter 710: The Introverted Huang Guan
Chapter 711: Yao Guangxiao returns to Beijing, changes in seven years
Chapter 712: Dao Yan, you are getting old
Chapter 713: Going to Tubo, countermeasures against Timur
Chapter 714: This damn sense of ritual
Chapter 715: Champa Version Young and Dangerous
Chapter 716: Sapphire suffers, Zhu Ying is speechless
Chapter 717: Zhenla is in danger, ask Daming for help
Chapter 718: Sapphire's Revenge, the Island Situation
Chapter 719 Is this how the steam engine was built?
Chapter 720 Steam iron-clad ship, make it, make it directly!
Chapter 721 Australian Development, Kunlun Slave?
Chapter 722: Zhu Ying's Fudge, Zhu Yuanzhang's Doting
Chapter 723 Intervening in Champa Gang
Chapter 724 The Navy’s Deterrence Against the Champa Gang
Chapter 725: Three Hundred Thousand Scholars
Chapter 726: Reform of the Ming Dynasty Official System
Chapter 727
Chapter 728 Champa spent so much money for so many years
Chapter 729 I can hit you, but you can't
Chapter 730 The Steam Ironclad Ship About to Be Completed
Chapter 731 The Precarious Japanese Emperor
Chapter 732 Ashikaga Yoshimitsu's Viciousness
Chapter 733 Take My Saber and Slay This Rebel Today
Chapter 734 Zhu Di prepares for battle
Chapter 735 Descendants of the Han Chinese Expeditionary Army in Japan
Chapter 736 Jin King Zhu Fan who eats alone
Chapter 737 The Spreading Massacre
Chapter 738 The advent of the Dinghai ship
Chapter 739 Zhu Yuanzhang wants to expand the territory of Ming Dynasty
Chapter 740: Thousands of miles to Jiangling in one day
Chapter 741 Technology is the primary productive force
Chapter 742 Preparing to convene the first national generals conference
Chapter 743 Watching a Opera in the Lioruan and Listening to Music
Chapter 744 Happiness from the Hereafter
Chapter 745 Consider it a blessing to my Ming Dynasty
Chapter 746 Heavy Knight
Chapter 747 Can I go with you?
Chapter 748 The Queen and Princess are on the way
Chapter 749 Border Route
Chapter 750 The steam train has started
Chapter 751 The Yellow Emperor’s Era and the Ming Dynasty’s 41st Century
Chapter 752 Grandson’s Amnesty
Chapter 753 You dare to even challenge the grandson’s concubine?
Chapter 754 Fighting for the Ming Dynasty’s Eternal Foundation
Chapter 755 The locomotive comes out
Chapter 756 Prepare to take Zhu Yuanzhang on the train
Chapter 757 The world is changing
Chapter 758 The future of Ming Dynasty
Chapter 759 The train sets out and the beginning of a new era
Chapter 760 Allocate two billion treasure banknotes
Chapter 761 The old man’s tyranny
Chapter 762 Seizing the Ming Dynasty’s Train
Chapter 763 Beiyuan infiltrates Ming’s intelligence agency
Chapter 764 The coming of total war
Chapter 765 Rear-mounted Flintlock Gun