Chapter 497 A new era

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"You said Haitang was so smart when she was little, so what did she like to do?" Meng Lang asked again.

If there is a person in this world who knows the other "Lin Haitang" the most, has been with her the longest, and is the closest person, it is undoubtedly Mother Lin in front of her.

Hearing this, Mother Lin immediately laughed and said.

"Reading. She has loved reading since she was typing up. At that time, there was a library nearby, and she could stay there all day long.

I also don’t like playing with my peers. Whenever I have time, I hang my own water bottle and run to the library to read. It’s rare for adults to be so focused.

But let's not talk about it, this girl learns everything quickly and is very popular. She actually made a lot of friends in the library.

Even some elderly ladies with dementia can sit and chat for a long time..."


Meng Lang didn't think it was a big deal when he heard it before. It was all the common practice of the owner of the autobiography.

But when Mother Lin mentioned the old lady with "senile dementia", he was stunned for a moment.

For some reason, he thought of himself...

From the perspective of disease manifestations, the main early symptom of Alzheimer's disease is memory impairment...

Unknown means of erasing one's own memory...Alzheimer's disease...

Is there some special connection between the two?

Seeing that Meng Lang seemed to be very interested in Lin Haitang's childhood, Mother Lin smiled and waved, "Come on, Xiao Meng, come with me."

Meng Lang followed Mother Lin into a small room in confusion.

The overall style of the room is pink, and the decoration is very warm. There are some children's books on the bookshelf, and there are some old-looking puppets and dolls placed beside the bed. It seems to be a little girl's bedroom.

"Aunt, is this...?"

"Yes, this is the room where Haitang grew up." Mother Lin's eyes showed a trace of sadness.

“After his father and I divorced, this old house was left to me.

Later, Haitang would come back to see me from time to time, so this room was preserved, and it is also a miss for me."

Meng Lang glanced at the entire room with a serious expression.

In the eyes of ordinary people, this might be just an ordinary children's bedroom, but in Meng Lang's eyes, there might be another clue to the existence of "Lin Haitang" hidden in it...

Mother Lin searched on the bookshelf, and soon found an old-looking book...

"This is from when I was just 2 years old."

"Pfft! You can't tell at all, he's so chubby."

"Yes, she is really a girl. And this picture is from when she first entered kindergarten..."

"This dress is so cute, haha..."


When Lin Haitang finished cooking, took off her apron and returned to the living room, she saw the two of them talking and laughing while holding a yellowed book.

The familiar scene in front of him immediately made Lin Haitang understand what happened, and he quickly stepped forward to grab the photo album with some embarrassment.

"Mom, why did you bring this thing out?"

"What's the point? Xiao Meng is not an outsider."

"That's right, besides, haven't you read mine? Lawyer Lin, aren't you being too double-standard?" Meng Lang also teased.

"What double standards? This is personal privacy!"

Lin Haitang ran into his bedroom with the photo album in his hand with a slightly panicked look, and closed the door with a bang.

"Haha, this girl is so shy." Mother Lin couldn't help laughing.

Meng Lang smiled and said nothing, and asked Lin Haitang to pay attention to the "mission item". Today's main purpose has been completed.

As for the "old photo", Meng Lang had actually seen it a long time ago, including the two words on the back...

Unfortunately, apart from that photo and the cute face, Meng Lang didn't find any suspicious clues in the album.

I looked down at the few "precious" photos I had just captured on my phone.

There are several images of Lin Haitang when he was six or seven years old.

I can’t say that it is exactly like the current Xiaoyu, I can only say that it is almost exactly the same...

"It really looks like..."

Unexpectedly, his whisper was heard by Mother Lin next to him.

"You're talking about Xiao Yu, right? They are indeed very similar. Sometimes even I feel surprised. They are obviously the same father, but they can be so similar. It's incredible.

Maybe these two girls are really destined for each other..."

Meng Lang was stunned for a moment and frowned slightly.


Yes! Xiao Yu and Lin Haitang have the same father and mother!

He suddenly realized a problem that he had subconsciously ignored before.

That's...why the two sisters are so similar!

In the book "The Distant Savior", Meng Lang met the "adult version" of Xiao Yu.

At that time, I almost recognized Lin Haitang at first glance, which shows how similar their faces are.

Now, even when they were young, they were almost the same mold...

It cannot be said that there are absolutely no such sisters who have the same father and mother but look so similar, but they are definitely rare...

Could it be that half of Lin's father's genes are too powerful?

"Xiao Meng, why are you in such a daze? Come and eat quickly, the food will be cold in a while."

"Oh! Okay aunt!"

On the other side, Lin Haitang, who had saved his "privacy", leaned behind the door and breathed a sigh of relief.

Looking at the old photo album in his hand, he didn't know what to think of, and his expression was a bit complicated.

After hesitating for a moment, I finally slowly opened the photo album...

Yangcheng, Juchang headquarters.

"Sweet!" Mr. Yu signed, and then handed the contract in his hand to Gao Yuan with a smile on his face.

"Director Gao, happy cooperation!"

“A pleasure to work with!”

Gao Yuan smiled and shook hands with the other party, and then handed the cooperation agreement signed by both parties to Tang Yun behind her.

After this period of technical exchanges and mutual negotiations, "computing power leasing", "optical chip procurement", "AI technical support", "software service supply", "communication solutions" and "technical complementarity agreement" between the two parties

, "Patent Licensing Agreement"...

Many strategic cooperation intentions have finally been officially implemented!

This means that Juchang’s communication and other hardware technologies, as well as its huge size and market, will be fully open to them.

Baiyeji's AI technology and software products will also provide technical support for various products of Juchang in the future.

The two parties have officially entered the stage of comprehensive strategic cooperation!

"Director Gao, originally I thought I had quite overestimated your achievements in software, but unexpectedly I still underestimated it greatly.

Baiyeji's technical advantages in AI and intelligent algorithms are simply amazing!" Mr. Yu said in sincere admiration.

Due to the need for cooperation, Baiyeji naturally opened up a considerable part of its internal product performance data to Juchang, and the test results were also extremely surprising.

Almost as soon as I made a request, the solution was placed in front of you within two days. I still couldn't find any bugs and the experience was extremely smooth.

Party A’s experience is simply amazing!

Because of this, Mr. Yu, who has a professional background, can deeply understand the unfathomable and terrifying strength of this company...

"Haha! Mr. Yu, you really deserve the award."

"No! Director Gao, you don't have to be modest. To be honest, our Ju Factory has grown bigger and bigger along the way.

But it’s extremely cold at high altitudes, and it always feels more and more difficult as you go higher.

Especially in terms of software, it is severely constrained, which can be said to be our absolute weakness!

The suppression this time has made the company even more difficult. After several giants in Guge targeted us, the overseas mobile phone business could not be maintained at all.

We were originally engaged in hardware, but we were forced to invest a lot of money in independent system research and development, or even develop our own software ecosystem from scratch.

It’s not that we don’t overestimate our capabilities, it’s that we have no choice at all!

If you don't do it, you'll have to be stuck by others." Mr. Yu said with a little helplessness.

The meaning behind the words is not that we want to diversify and choose which industry to do, without leaving any way for our peers to survive, but that none of the people here in China can really compete...

We can’t even make products that meet our requirements, so don’t we have to do it ourselves?

“I have been in the industry for so many years, and I have watched too many ppts and listened to too many bragging and pie-making. However, in the field of software technology, I have never been able to find a partner that can keep up with us.

Until you appeared, I felt like I had finally found a reliable ally.

I am afraid that no domestic company may be able to catch up with your technical strength even if it takes another five years.

I am already preparing to suggest that the company reduce its R&D expenditures in this area and directly outsource it.

In this way, we can have more energy and save more funds to invest in hardware research and development.

From this point of view, I must solemnly thank you, Director Gao!"

Mr. Yu’s words are not false.

The cooperation between Juchang and Bai Yeji can definitely be regarded as a strong alliance, with the complementary advantages between the hardware giant and the software rookie!

The domestic software industry has really hindered the development of enterprises.

Even a few so-called Internet giants copy whatever they can and buy whatever they can. The ppts are beautifully made, and the cores are all foreign open source...

Faced with Mr. Yu's sincere words, which seemed to come from the bottom of his heart, Gao Yuan just smiled faintly and remained noncommittal.

How could she not hear it? On the one hand, the other party expressed his gratitude, but on the other hand, he meant to reassure her.

This has to mention the recent rumors from the outside world.

Due to the recent increasing constraints faced by Ju Factory, the key overseas mobile phone business has almost been wiped out!

This gave Juchang the idea of ​​​​comprehensive self-research. There are already rumors that Juchang has already started to take action...

For example, self-developed mobile phone system, Juchang cloud business, intelligent driving...

In this way, to a certain extent, Juchang and Baiyeji have also formed a competitive relationship!

Chrysanthemum plant’s reputation as “paraquat in the industry” is not for nothing.

Regardless of whether they are competitors or collaborators, almost everyone regards Juchang as a scourge.

Without it, the competitiveness of this product is too strong!

You can become the leader in almost any line of work, stepping on the corpses of countless competitors to get to the top.

Along the way, there are almost only two types of enterprises left.

One is to kneel down and call daddy immediately, and the other is to kneel down and call daddy after hitting his head and bleeding...

However, in Gao Yuan's view, such statements like "we will never make mobile phones" and "we will never make cars" are unnecessary and redundant...

“Thank you, Mr. Yu, for your affirmation. In my opinion, your company’s excellence is rooted in its genes.

Only by cooperating with excellent companies like yours can we promote our continuous progress.

This visit and investigation at the Juchang headquarters has benefited me a lot. We also need to learn from you humbly in terms of company management and employee systems."

Are you worried that the chrysanthemum factory will surpass you and throw it away after using it?

Doesn't exist at all!

Bai Yeji's hidden technical advantages are enough for the whole world to catch up for ten to eight years...

Others worry about the backlash of the chrysanthemum plant because the rabbit cannot dance with the wolf.

But they are not rabbits...

Gao Yuan's words not only express strong confidence in one's own technology, but also express the attitude of both parties to learn from each other and compete with each other.

After this period of communication, Mr. Yu was full of admiration for him, and she, Gao Yuan, was also full of admiration for Juchang.

The strength of Juchang, apart from the so-called leadership strategy and the background of the times, the most important thing is...the advantage of the system!

It doesn’t have the name of being listed, but it has the reality of being listed!

Juchang is called a private company, but at the end of 2017, it had about 80,000 internal shareholders. This number of shareholders has far exceeded the number of shareholders of most A-share listed companies.

From a financing perspective, although it is not listed on the market, it can raise funds from internal shareholders at any time, which is low-cost and efficient.

The low cost is reflected in the fact that its financing does not require so-called investment banks to do their homework, which means that there is no need to pay underwriting fees or road shows, which means that the company saves a lot of listing costs.

The high efficiency is reflected in the fact that financing does not require convening a shareholders' meeting in advance, does not require the approval of a certain institution, and does not require the approval of a certain meeting.

Just look at the time span from the announcement of the financing plan by the board of directors to the final implementation of the Big A listed company, and you will understand that there is no harm if there is no comparison!

In contrast, at Juchang, as long as the board of directors decides to expand its share capital, it can just send out invitations to qualified employees, and the rest is to wait for subscriptions and payments.

Low-cost and efficient equity financing further reduces the company's interest expenses.

In the same way, when internal shareholders exit, the company will repurchase "stocks" based on the latest net assets. Because Juchang has always been profitable, the net assets per share are also increasing year by year. In the long run, employees who hold shares will also enjoy the benefits.

The company's development dividends.

It not only achieves the purpose of low-cost financing, but also gives the company's development dividends to all employees, completely stimulating the enthusiasm of employees...

This advanced management system is enough to impress any entrepreneur.

In Gao Yuan's view, Juchang's success will set an example. In the future, more and more high-tech companies will imitate Juchang's corporate system.

Of course, what bosses don’t like to enjoy exclusive profits?

If all the equity is distributed, there will be nothing left for capitalists to do.

This is why all the bosses clearly know the superiority of the Juchang system, but there are few imitators.

Neither the capitalists nor the powerful elite as vested interests are willing to see the birth of a large number of chrysanthemum factory models.

Because this means that the aggregation effect of wealth has been greatly weakened!

But from the perspective of competitiveness, those backward traditional enterprises with concentrated equity are always shrouded in the fear brought about by equity egalitarianism...

They also thought about resisting and "copying homework" that failed every time.

However, some companies only talk about learning from the fighting spirit, wolfish nature and overtime culture of Juchang, but they are always stingy when it comes to remuneration and equity for their employees.

Learn the skin but not the bones, and end up learning something different...

"Director Gao's courage is really admirable!" Mr. Yu heard the implication of Gao Yuan's words, and the smile on his face became even stronger.

However, the next moment, Gao Yuan changed the topic and said with a smile.

"But since Mr. Yu said that you plan to reduce expenditures in areas that overlap with ours, I have a proposal. We will take over the redundant technical personnel from your software department.

To be honest, our business has been expanding too fast recently and we are seriously short of manpower.

We are willing to add 20% to the original salary of your employees and merge them into our technical department. What do you think of this proposal?"


Mr. Yu looked embarrassed.

Good guy, you are just following the stick, and you are still thinking about the talents of our company...

I mean we won't be able to catch up in the short term, but I don't mean to just raise the white flag and surrender!

If you can't catch up in five years, why don't we try to sharpen our sword in ten years?

Now you want to poach all the technical talents we have worked so hard to cultivate with just one word?

Everyone is familiar with it, this request is tantamount to asking yourself to cut the flesh!

Agree, it hurts, don’t agree...Are you still thinking about competing with me in these fields?

Then what he said just now wasn't a slap in the face?

Mr. Yu secretly complained in his heart. Only then did he realize that the Gao Director in front of him was not easy to fool.

"Haha! It's just an immature suggestion. If Mr. Yu thinks it's inappropriate, just pretend I didn't say it just now." Gao Yuan said with a smile.

She naturally knew that it was impossible to poach these core R&D talents from Ju Factory in just one sentence.

Even if the two sides are now strategic alliances.

But the asking price is sky-high, so you have to pay back when you land...

"This..." Seeing Gao Yuan's disappointed expression, Mr. Yu felt a little embarrassed.

At this time, Tang Yun behind Gao Yuan suddenly spoke.

"Director Gao, I am also a human resource worker and know how valuable a company's scientific research talents are. The request you just made is indeed inappropriate.

But Mr. Yu, as far as I know your company has a "Struggler Agreement", so many experienced employees leave every year.

We are indeed hungry for talents, you see..."

The so-called "Struggler Agreement" is the famous "35-year-old graduation agreement" in the industry.

This agreement has been criticized by the outside world, which is considered to be a waste of time, and has even given rise to age-related anxiety such as the "35-year-old unemployment curse".

As soon as the policy came out, employees inside Ju Factory were said to be scolded.

But the scolding is not that he will be laid off at the age of 35, but why the fuck he is being laid off is not him...


Because according to this rule, all laid-off employees who have not been allotted shares or whose allotment shares are less than 100,000 shares will be allotted 100,000 shares and all stocks will be retained.

This means that you can just sit back and do nothing, and get 18 worth of dividends before tax in a year...

To be fair, although these older employees have declined in energy, they are rich in experience. Even if they are graduated, they are definitely the talents that major domestic companies are competing for.

After all, some high-end talents are in short supply and cannot be recruited on the market.

Cultivating one requires a lot of money and time.

The reason why Gao Yuan brought Tang Yun with her this time was actually for the talent pool of Juchang!

Having already rejected someone once, Mr. Yu really couldn't say no again this second time.

"This... no problem! Later I will provide a list of employees who will be assessed this year and next. Director Tang can directly enter the factory to recruit people!

But whether we can recruit him or not depends on Director Tang’s ability.”

Tang Yun immediately laughed like a fox.

"Haha! Thank you very much, Mr. Yu!"

Seeing the expressions of the two of them, Mr. Yu smiled bitterly.

Okay! I have already laid a trap waiting for you...

Gao Yuan showed a meaningful smile beside her.

Opening Juchang's direct recruitment channel is only the first step. She has no intention of letting go of the largest high-end talent pool in the country.

If you have to dig, sooner or later you will have to dig up the old ones and dig them out...

Of course, the premise is to let the other party see the desperate technical gap between the two sides...

In Beijing, Mr. Bao, the head of Idol New Energy, who had not been seen for a long time, received an official certification document with excitement.

This flimsy piece of paper.

But it means that the field of autonomous driving is about to usher in a new era...

This chapter has been completed!
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