Chapter 1087 Always trouble him

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Yang Ziying was in a very good mood today, especially after having a private meeting with Chen Feng all afternoon.

Chen Feng fulfilled almost all her fantasies about men. He was rich, well-educated, handsome and physically strong. She now also had a good impression of him.

Especially the last point is the most important.

With her current status in the domestic entertainment industry and her current net worth, she no longer needs to rely on unspoken rules to get to the top. Even if others want to seduce her, she has the confidence and courage to refuse.

The fundamental reason why she was willing to make unspoken rules with Chen Feng before was not that she was forced by Chen Feng, but that she was actually willing to do so.

Therefore, it seemed that she was at a disadvantage at the time.

But from the current perspective, she is obviously making a fortune.

First of all, through "Flying Flowers" filmed by Fengmao Film and Television, she completely consolidated her position as the number one TV drama in the country. Her popularity and commercial value were further enhanced.

Secondly, Chen Feng later not only donated tens of millions to her charity fund from his own pocket, but also attracted 100 million from Tao Yaoyang.

This is real money, not numbers.

Not to mention that Chen Feng had previously stepped forward to help her get back the 60 million she had been defrauded from, and also asked for more than 20 million in additional interest and compensation.

She made a fortune just that one time.

With an outstanding man like Chen Feng as her financial backer, Yang Ziying is confident that she can basically protect herself in China.

It would no longer be like before when one day a big boss suddenly sent word that he wanted to invite her to dinner, and then there would be coercion and inducement to sleep with her.

This kind of thing is very common in the entertainment industry. She had encountered it many times before she became famous. After she became famous, she encountered it even more times. But at that time, she had a strong company to protect her. Even if the ordinary boss wanted to beat her,

Ideas are also incompetent.

But later on, like most famous actresses, she inevitably hooked up with a big financial sponsor. With this big financial sponsor supporting her at the time, she received a lot of film and television resources, and finally she became a queen.

But then her big benefactor lost power, and she could only rely on her contract company, but the resources available to her were much less. In addition, her relationship was not going well, so she simply stopped working and ran away

Relaxation abroad.

It was at that time in Vienna that Chen Feng and her met for the first time.

At that time, Chen Feng was just a passerby, one of her countless fans. Although Chen Feng later helped her, she had no intention of having a close relationship with him at that time. At most, she owed Chen Feng a favor.

Who would have thought that now she would actually become his secret lover.

It can only be said that things in the world are unpredictable, and no one can imagine who they will interact with in a year's time.

In short, she was very grateful to God for allowing her to meet such an outstanding man as Chen Feng.

Therefore, before going to the cocktail party in the evening, Yang Ziying was in a really good mood, with a sense of happiness nourished and watered by love.

When she arrived at the reception, she was in a good mood at the beginning. After meeting Fred, the vice president of Warner Films from the United States, she heard him say that she was very suitable for a role in their company's next movie.

After playing the role, she was in a better mood.

Although Warner Films has a branch in Dragon Country and also participates in investing and producing domestic films in Dragon Country, Fred is the vice president of Warner Film Corporation, not me, the vice president of Dragon Country branch. The two levels are

Very different.

Therefore, the movie Fred is talking about is a Hollywood movie.

He said that there was a role suitable for her in a Hollywood movie that Warner Bros. was about to lead and produce. Even if it was just a supporting role, or even just the third female lead, she was quite interested.

Whether you admit it or not, the attraction of Hollywood movies to domestic actors is fatal.

Domestic actors, regardless of their status, are proud to participate in a Hollywood movie. Even if they only have a few lines in a Hollywood movie, they are still top resources that many stars, big and small, are competing for.

In fact, this has nothing to do with worshiping foreigners. People just have the capital and attraction. Foreign brands such as Hermès and Chanel can sell tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands per bag. They don’t have to worry about selling. But if you switch to domestic

If you want to sell a bag from Hermès or Chanel at the same price, it is basically impossible.

This is the huge gap in brand value. It’s useless if you don’t want to admit it, because the fact is the fact.

This is the case with Hollywood movies. Its brand value and quality are higher than those of movies from other countries.

As one of the domestic actors, Yang Ziying has long been regarded as a queen, but she is not exempt from the habit.

She has always been obsessed with the big screen. After the two previous movies she starred in hit the market, she has almost no film appointments. Even if she does, they are just supporting roles, serving as green leaves for other actors and raising their status. Of course she

I don't want to do it.

But it's different in Hollywood movies. Like most actors in China, she can fully accept being a supporting role or a green leaf. She can even accept a shot of just a few seconds without any lines.

It's so humble.

Your famous stars in China are worthless abroad, especially in Hollywood, but not many people will buy them.

In short, Yang Ziying was very interested in the movie Fred mentioned. After hearing that the investment in the movie was estimated to be US$200 million, she became even more interested.

So, she chatted with Fred for a long time.

And because Yang Ziying's English is relatively average and Fred doesn't speak Mandarin, when the two communicate, they often have to repeat themselves once or twice. Naturally, the two of them get closer without realizing it.

Yang Ziying sensed Fred's little thoughts towards her, but she had seen many men like this over the years. If it had been someone else, she might have left him with an excuse.

But Fred was the vice president of a Hollywood movie giant, and his status was unusual. In addition, she was really interested in the movie project the other party mentioned, and the other party didn't take the opportunity to take advantage of him. Overall, he was quite a gentleman, and she also

He didn't leave.

As a result, Fred's wife Eunice, a crazy woman, misunderstood her and came over with a glass of red wine and poured it on her.

This crazy woman had no regard for any social etiquette, making her the center of attention on the spot. She was so angry that she almost went over to slap him, but was stopped by Fred.

Even though Fred apologized to her repeatedly and had someone send her new clothes as quickly as possible for her to change into, she still felt anger rising in her heart.

Especially Eunice, a crazy woman who showed no apology at all, which made her even more furious.

As her manager, Hao Xiaolian was also at the reception. After seeing this situation, of course he came to her rescue immediately and asked Eunice to apologize very seriously.

But Eunice did not apologize and even mocked Yang Ziying as a pen pool and wanted to climb into her husband's bed.

As soon as these words were said, everyone present who knew English looked at Yang Ziying with strange eyes.

This made Yang Ziying very angry, as did Hao Xiaolian. Although Fred repeatedly apologized for his wife, it was obviously difficult to calm down their anger.

But for a while, the two of them couldn't really rush to fight with Eunice.

In particular, this cocktail party was held by a brand endorsed by Yang Ziying, which is the internationally renowned jewelry brand Cartier. Otherwise, someone with Fred’s status would not be invited to attend the evening.

After the person in charge of the reception, the representative of Cartier, intervened to avoid further conflicts between the two parties, Hao Xiaolian and Yang Ziying temporarily tolerated their anger and went to the bathroom first to let Yang Ziying change into the new clothes they had given.

Then, Hao Xiaolian directly called Chen Feng for help without asking Yang Ziying.

Yang Ziying was right next to her, and she didn't stop her when she saw this, which was like acquiescence.

Sure enough, Chen Feng was still very loyal. After hearing about this incident, he expressed his intention to come over without much hesitation.

"You finally picked the right man this time."

In the bathroom, Hao Xiaolian put down her phone and looked at Yang Ziying and said.

Yang Ziying raised her eyebrows slightly and said, "Can't you and the company help me seek justice in this matter?"

Hao Xiaolian smiled bitterly and said: "I am the president of Warner, and the Cartier representative also said that the crazy woman came from a famous family and had a prominent family. This means that she wants to calm down the trouble for us."

Yang Ziying said unhappily: "He is the vice president, not the president. No matter how powerful he is, can he ban me? I am not begging for food in their country. This is our Dragon Kingdom, our territory, and his two foreigners are still

Has it changed the world? I still think it’s best to call the police and sue her directly for intentional injury.”

"My eldest lady, this is a high-end cocktail party held by Cartier, which you represent. All the celebrities who can come and attend are domestic and foreign celebrities. By calling the police, you will first offend the brand, and secondly, you will also offend this participation.

All the guests at the reception have been offended. Is this what you want? Besides, this kind of thing is not considered intentional harm, and the police can't do anything to her."

"This is the truth, but if you don't punish this crazy woman, I will be choked up."

"That's why I asked Chen Feng to come over. Didn't he help you get back the tens of millions you were defrauded overseas last time? This shows that he has a wide network of people abroad, and he might know someone from America.

What a powerful person. Let him call that person and put some pressure on him, so that crazy woman can bow her head and apologize to you."

After Yang Ziying was silent for a while, she asked hesitantly: "Is there anything wrong with always bothering him?"

Hao Xiaolian smiled slightly and said, "You are afraid of bothering him now. How come you didn't bother him with those things you did before?"

Yang Ziying rolled her eyes at her and said, "I thought he owed me before, but now I only owe him. Don't you know that debts of gratitude are the hardest to repay?"

Hao Xiaolian said disapprovingly: "With your current relationship with him, what kind of debt is a debt of gratitude? If you feel you owe him, you can find a way to pay it back slowly in the future."

"You make it easy for me."

Hao Xiaolian was about to say something more when she saw two women walking in from the door, a white girl and a black girl. When they saw Yang Ziying, they covered their mouths and chuckled.

When they were like this, Yang Ziying and Hao Xiaolian's expressions immediately dropped.

"Let's go out first."

Hao Xiaolian pulled Yang Ziying out of the bathroom and into the reception hall. They could feel that everyone's eyes were immediately focused on them.

Even though they have all seen big scenes, they feel even more stressed now.

The main thing is that almost none of the guests attending the cocktail party here are ordinary characters, and some are even more famous.

Having such a big embarrassment in front of these celebrities, both Yang Ziying and Hao Xiaolian felt very uncomfortable in their hearts.

The two quickly found a seat in a corner of the hall and sat down. From a distance, they could see that crazy woman Eunice holding a glass of wine like a normal person, chatting and joking with a few guests who looked good-looking, and from time to time.

The ground burst into laughter.

Fred was standing next to her, also looking like he was chatting and laughing with a few people.

This scene made Yang Ziying grit her teeth.

Too arrogant!

"Just wait until Chen Feng comes over. I believe he will seek justice for you."

Hao Xiaolian pulled her hand and comforted her.

The two waited for almost fifteen minutes before Hao Xiaolian finally received a WeChat message from Chen Feng, saying that he had arrived.

Hao Xiaolian was overjoyed and immediately took Yang Ziying out to greet her.

But as soon as they walked to the entrance and exit of the hall, they saw Chen Feng.

At this time, Chen Feng was wearing a very casual Armani suit, which looked very refreshing. He was followed by two women on the left and right, one of whom was a foreign girl and the other with yellow skin.

Hao Xiaolian and Yang Ziying were both a little surprised when they saw this scene.

This is a high-end private club. It is not open to the public. Moreover, a high-end cocktail party is being held tonight. You must have an invitation to enter.

But Chen Feng came in so grandly, which is really a great deal of magic.

In fact, when Chen Feng arrived here, he had just walked to the door and sent Hao Xiaolian a WeChat message. He was planning to wait for Hao Xiaolian to come out to pick him up, when he met Molly and Guo Mengyao who had just come out of the house.

Ever since Guo Mengyao went to the lake with her last time, she and Molly have become close.

It just so happened that Molly also received an invitation call from Cartier today. She or her family members are all super VIPs of the Cartier brand. When she went shopping with Guo Mengyao last night, she went to Cartier.

I went to a Asian specialty store and bought a piece of jewelry worth more than 20,000 US dollars.

Then, she naturally received the invitation call to the cocktail party today.

She originally didn't want to participate, but Guo Mengyao heard about it and wanted to see it, so she agreed.

So, they came over to attend this high-end cocktail party tonight.

In this regard, Molly, who comes from a wealthy family, of course behaved very normally. In addition, not many people knew her identity at the reception, which made it very boring.

Guo Mengyao was very excited at first and looked around after entering. However, after dismissing several men who came up to chat with her, she quickly lost interest.

It was because of the scene where a big star, Yang Ziying, was thrown drunk, that they watched with gusto. Unfortunately, in the end, Yang Ziying gave in, which greatly dampened their mood for watching the show.

So, they planned to leave and go back from the reception.

As a result, I happened to meet Chen Feng at the door.

The two of them thought that Chen Feng was also here to attend the reception, and of course they didn't want to leave. They took Chen Feng through the access control smoothly, and then met Yang Ziying and Hao Xiaolian at the entrance of the hall.

This chapter has been completed!
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