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Men and women eating in the courtyard

Men and women eating in the courtyard

author:Wu Wen Nong Mo

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:07-20 11:21

Latest chapter:Chapter 442 Do not beat customers without reason

The first uncle's affairs are difficult to decide, the second uncle is an official and has a meal, the third uncle is careful about his money, Qin Huairu has a pretty face, He Yuzhu fights and cooks, Lou Xiao'e cannot escape from the compound, and when Li Xuewu appears, the uncle has nothing to do, women are sweating, and stupid Zhu wants to trade with him.

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《Men and women eating in the courtyard》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 442 Do not beat customers without reason
Chapter 441: Hit hard!
Chapter 440 The Miraculous Fruit of Destiny
Chapter 439 Family Banquet
Chapter 438: Humanity and Sophistication
Chapter 437 Being a Father
Chapter 436 Being a Husband
Chapter 435 Unexpected twists and turns
《Men and women eating in the courtyard》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Past and Present
Chapter 2 The murderous name is both outside and inside
Chapter 3 Daddy Drives People
Chapter 4 Separation
Chapter 5 Arrangement of work
Chapter VI Work Determination
Chapter VII Life in the compound (please
Chapter 8 The First Master
Chapter 9 I think back then, my team had just opened, so...
Chapter 10 What kind of gangster are you guys? I am
Chapter 11 Second-rate Dealer
Chapter Twelve
Chapter 13 Who knows, ask the village chief!
Chapter 14 Where is Dad
Chapter 15 Lao Li, Pig! Pig!
Chapter 16 Dad, Can You Kill Pigs?
Chapter 17 I'm the old BJ silver
Chapter 18 The Silly Pillar Kills the Pig
Chapter 19 Self-motivated (please beg for recommendation votes, monthly votes)
Chapter 20 Killing Pig Vegetables
Chapter 21: Stealing Saints and Stealing Meat
Chapter 22 The pattern is opened, so what will come naturally
Chapter 23: Saying God...
Chapter 24 Sister-in-law
Chapter 25 Rolling Mill Reports
Chapter twenty-six thirty-seven yuan five
Chapter 27 Just a meal, not shabby
Chapter 28 Apprenticeship
Chapter 29: Secretly Give Opportunities
Chapter 30 Public Security Section Chief
Chapter 31 Thirty-seven yuan at the age of 19
Chapter 32 He’s coming He’s coming
Chapter 33 Rolling Mill Security Team
Chapter 34: Wang Weidong, I'm guaranteed, what I said!
Chapter 35 Captain, don't shoot, it's me
Chapter 36 Collection
Chapter 37 Ten people should be arrested, but twelve people were actually arrested
Chapter Thirty-Eight - Too Disrespectful
Chapter 39 That has to add money!
Chapter 40 West Crossing Courtyard
Chapter 41 Illustrated
Chapter 42 Learn to Unravel Pork with Silly Pillars
Chapter 43: Mother Wang
Chapter 44 Chicken is lost
Chapter 45 Mouth Cannon God of War VS Kitchen Knife Warrior!
Chapter 46: Don’t be too selfish! (Please replenish water for everyone in the hot weather)
Chapter 47: Killing Chickens with a Butcher's Knife
Chapter 48 My Chicken...
Chapter 49 The sun is shining
Chapter 50 I still don't know who you are?
Chapter 51: The Case Has Been Solved
Chapter 52 Human Nature
Chapter 53 This cup of green tea doesn’t taste good
Chapter 54 Special Review
Chapter 55: The egg-dropping troops are in action
Chapter 56 Escort Mission
Chapter 57: Captain Liu
Chapter 58 Attacked
Chapter 59: Something Happened Again
Chapter 60 Procedures
Chapter 61 Passing Shanhaiguan
Chapter 62 The first escort mission ends
Chapter 63 Barter
Chapter 64 Dumplings
Chapter 65 Purchasing of Northeast Local Specialties
Chapter 66 Jianghu People
Chapter 67 Summons
Chapter 68: A clear conscience
Chapter 69 Heartless
Chapter 70 He threatened me!
Chapter 71 Little Cotton Jacket
Chapter 72 It's Not What I Said
Chapter 73 Go to the second floor
Chapter 74 The Little Expert in Dismantling the Stage
Chapter 75 Milk
Chapter 76 Hello, Factory Manager
Chapter 77: Modesty and prudence
Chapter 78 The Hairy Boy
Chapter 79 Our relationship has been strong since childhood
Chapter 80 Drinking and Talking Too Much
Chapter 81 Nagging
Chapter 82 Home
Chapter 83 Cultural Level
Chapter 84 The Northeast Specialties Are On The Shelves
Chapter 85 Supply and Marketing Cooperatives
Chapter 86 Director Ma
Chapter 87: Be more careful
Chapter 88 Reliable
Chapter 89: Brothers, Clear Accounts
Chapter 90 Fruits
Chapter 91 Examination
Chapter 92 Braised Pork
Chapter 93 Why are you here?
Chapter 94 Four Principles
Chapter 95 Warm Sun in Winter
Chapter ninety-six evil spirits
Chapter 97 Hanging up (1st update)
Chapter 98: Getting angry easily (second update)
Chapter Ninety-Nine: Offending the Diaphragm (Third Update)
Chapter 100 Playing it real (fourth update)
Chapter 101 Transformation (fifth update)
Chapter 102: Chance Encounter (sixth update)
Chapter 103: Defending the country and defending the people (seventh update)
Chapter 104 Porcelain and Earthen Pots (eighth update)
Chapter 105 Help
Chapter 106: People who have come before (ten updates)
Chapter 107: Horseback Riding (Additional update for the 10,000-dollar reward for “Call Me White Rabbit Sugar Brother”)
Chapter 108: Sauna (an extra update for Xiao Wen who is feeling empty)
Chapter 109: Squat on guard (will be rewarded with ten thousand more rewards)
Chapter 110 Trust (Additional update for Yue Mi Jing’s Ten Thousand Rewards)
Chapter 111: You are embarrassing me (an extra update for the great fan Crayon Xiaoqi)
Chapter 112: Chasing to the house (additional update for the rice cook Crayon Xiaoqi)
Chapter 113: Upholding a Public Mind (Additional Updates for Starry Moments Youthful Rewards)
Chapter 114: Dangtan
Chapter 115 Sister
Chapter 116 I'm not leaving!
Chapter 117 Sending warmth
Chapter 118 Sister Lou, let go...
Chapter 119
Chapter 120 Chang'e (additional update)
Chapter 121 Taking office (additional update for the 10,000 reward for perverted seed sauce)
Chapter 122: Craftsmanship (Additional update for Ouyang Duxiu’s 10,000 rewards on the QQ reading terminal)
Chapter 123 Scared me to death
Chapter 124 Telephone
Chapter 125 Small stove
Chapter 126 What a pity
Chapter 127 Part-time job
Chapter 128: Li Shu
Chapter 129 Mahogany
Chapter 130: Tasty food and lazy cooking (Updated every day, please subscribe)
Chapter 131 Flying out
Chapter 132 Upright and Bright
Chapter 133 Spring
Chapter 134 Dragon Slaying
Chapter 135 will do things
Chapter 136 Origin
Chapter 137 I'd like to receive...
Chapter 138 Silver Bud Silver Ridge
Chapter 139: Roll the calf
Chapter 140 The reserved program after the social person dinner
Chapter 141 buddy
Chapter 142 Opening successfully
Chapter 143 Blockbuster
Chapter 144: Oil and salt do not enter
Chapter 145: Confession and leniency
Chapter 146: When will you have breasts (Additional update for the 10,000 reward for perverted seed sauce)
Chapter 147: Prosperous face
Chapter 148 How old are you?
Chapter 149 Human touch
Chapter 150: The kang is already hot
Chapter 151 Starting from the child
Chapter 152: Catch them all in one fell swoop
Chapter 153 Admiration
Chapter 154 Master Ding
Chapter 155: Tu Tu Tu
Chapter 156 Warm and warm on the kang
Chapter 157 Mo Xiao's Farmhouse Wine
Chapter 158 Horsehair Set
Chapter 159 Luck
Chapter 160 I am not interested in money
Chapter 161 The real murderer
Chapter 162 I am not human
Chapter 163 A slap
Chapter 164 Where to look
Chapter 165 The only hobby
Chapter 166 Donglaishun
One hundred and sixty seventh chapter wool
Chapter 168: I'm sweating
Chapter 169 Turn off the lights!
Chapter 170 The Patriarch Arrives
Chapter 171 Power = Power + Power
Chapter 172 Take-up Device
Chapter 173: Hearing the string song and knowing its elegant meaning
Chapter 174 Speechless
Chapter 175: Inquiry Records
Chapter 176 Sister Xie is going crazy
Chapter 177 See you tomorrow, Section Chief Li~
Chapter 178: War of words
Chapter 179: Chief Li, please try this chicken
Chapter 180 No words lost
Chapter 181 Confused
Chapter 182: Not a good person (10,000-word chapter)
Chapter 183 What’s wrong? Something happened?
Chapter 184 Special Harvest
Chapter 185 Money and Beauty Offensive
Chapter 186 People who take the 'official career'
Chapter 187: Don't take soft and hard advice? I'm afraid...
Chapter 188: A broken family is worth a million dollars
Chapter 189: Hot body
Chapter 190 Is this the beginning? (Additional update)
Chapter 191 This is an eye-opener!
Chapter 192: Get down! Get down on the ground! (Additional update)
Chapter 193 I make you kneel down!
Chapter 194: You want to catch the wind for me, right? (Add a 10,000-word chapter for Li Qi, leader of the late summer alliance)
Chapter 195 You are still young, don’t be too arrogant
Chapter 196 I have already thought about where to go to school
Chapter 197 Hunting
Chapter 198 'One Finger Zen'
Chapter 199: There is a good sister-in-law named Yu...
Chapter 200: Come on with me again, I’ll shove your foot into the ice hole
Chapter 201 The ceremony
Chapter 202 'The Elder of Three Dynasties'
Chapter 203 The game begins!
Chapter 204 Everyone carries a gun
Chapter 205: Thirty Years Less Struggle
Chapter 206 Then Li Xuewu is not a good person
Chapter 207 It’s a pity to give it to you (Additional update for the leader, Perverted Seed Sauce)
Chapter 208: Kick him and roll him out of the wall
Chapter 209 Betrayal
Chapter 210 Who to sleep with?
Chapter 211 Section Chief, there is a situation
Chapter 212 Ta da da~ da da da~ da da da~
Chapter 213: Being shot
Chapter 214: I risk my life
Chapter 215 Why is it so difficult for me to just go home!
Chapter 216 Red Gloves and Trophies
Chapter 217 Former Lovers
Chapter 218 Get down!
Chapter 219 Rose
Chapter 220 Believe me
Chapter 221 The mastermind behind the scenes
Chapter 222 I want to marry you
Chapter 223 Sorry, I am a police inspector
Chapter 224: Cabbage let pig hump
Chapter 225 Successor
Chapter 226: Brother, let’s find my uncle for help!
Chapter 227 I won’t really kick you into an ice cave
Chapter 228: Sister-in-law, please go away
Chapter 229 I’ll come over tonight and talk about it
Chapter 230: Women are not inferior to men
Chapter 231 I asked him to run 49 meters first
Chapter 232 Li Xuewu’s bastard
Chapter 233 Is there such a good thing?
Chapter 234: Chief Li, you are a good person
Chapter 235: I wasn’t the one who killed him
Chapter 236: Generous! Complete set!!!
Chapter 237: Strong organizational and practical skills
Chapter 238 I’m so annoyed that I keep saying my mother applauded.
Chapter 239 It’s good for him and me
Chapter 240: I have never fought such a rich battle
Chapter 241 You work hard and I can’t treat you badly.
Chapter 242 For Whom?
Chapter 243: Tiger poison does not eat its seeds
Chapter 244: Want to find a wife?
Chapter 245: Don’t worry, let the bullets fly for a while
Chapter 246: Drive quickly, there is a dog chasing me from behind
Chapter 247 Where is the loess suitable for burying people?
Chapter 248 Make a friend
Chapter 249 Not particular about it
Chapter 250: Just teasing you
Chapter 251 Clean and hygienic
Chapter 252 How else can I say that I have a good big brother?
Chapter 253: Are you joking with him?
Chapter 254: Once upon a time, it was difficult to overcome the difficulties of the sea (please give me a monthly ticket for one more update)
Chapter 255 You still have to be ruthless (two more updates, please vote for me)
Chapter 256: Make a statement (please vote for three more chapters)
Chapter 257 Mom, I’m not stupid
Chapter 258: Once you learn it, you will be good at it, but once you do it, you will lose it
Chapter 259: One official, half job
Chapter 260 Coward
Chapter 261 What is this?
Chapter 262 Seeing is believing
Chapter 263: Beautiful and Mature
Chapter 264: Innocent
Chapter 265: Every family has sutras that are difficult to recite
Chapter 266 Visiting the Bookstore
Chapter 267: Isn’t the elder brother’s illness serious?
Chapter 268: It’s not advisable to stay here for a long time
Chapter 269 Deja Vu
Chapter 270 A warning that is not a warning
Chapter 271 Just for this?
Chapter 272 I still like your unruly look
Chapter 273 I don’t believe it!
Chapter 274: Holding back bad ideas
Chapter 275 Half the city is evil
Chapter 276:
Chapter 277 Big tiger? Meow?!
Chapter 278: After careful consideration, I made a decision that went against my ancestors
Chapter 279 I’ll find you a ball!
Chapter 280: After dealing with it, how can we leave?
Chapter 281 Coincidence
Chapter 282 Smoke Bomb
Chapter 283: What are you guilty of?
Chapter 284: Tied with sandbags and beaten on wooden stakes
Chapter 285 I’ll hang out with you from now on
Chapter 286 General family doctor
Chapter 287: Small-minded
Chapter 288 The advantage is all yours
Chapter 289 Fireworks
Chapter 290: Washing clothes, cooking and taking care of children
Chapter 291: Stop talking, let me do it!
Chapter 292: Hammered
Chapter 293 Hurricane Rescue
Chapter 294 The hero saves the beauty
Chapter 295 Promotion
Chapter 296: Talent and beauty
Chapter 297: Everything is going crazy
Chapter 298 You, come out
Chapter 299: Will this melon stay ripe?
Chapter 300: No coincidence
Chapter 301 The Seven Sins Sect
Chapter 302: Listen to me and thank you
Chapter 303: Retiring to old age? Let’s rest in peace
Chapter 304 Everyone fights for one breath
Chapter 305 Hongmen Banquet
Chapter 306: Beast or worse than a beast
Chapter 307: Set off immediately
Chapter 308 The visitor is evil
Chapter 309: On the verge of breaking out
Chapter 310 The war begins immediately
Chapter 311 Red Alert
Chapter 312: Secretly crossing Chencang
Chapter 313: Driving out wolves and fighting tigers
Chapter 314: Invincible
Chapter 315 The winner is king
Chapter 316: Shuzi, don’t bully others too much!!!
Chapter 317: Jianghu is not about fighting and killing
Chapter 318: A fool looks at the boundary wall during the New Year
Chapter 319 You are the devil!
Chapter 320 Hell is not empty
Chapter 321 did this?
Chapter 322: Call dad first, then section chief
Chapter 323: Give birth to a son early
Chapter 324: Diligent?
Chapter 325: You can leave your name when you come!
Chapter 326: Someone seems to be complaining about me
Chapter 327: Thank you for your hard work, ancestors!
Chapter 328 You are so sinister!
Chapter 329 Is this true?
Chapter 330 Is there water?
Chapter 331: Awe
Chapter 332: I believe you!
Chapter 333 The Kind Son
Chapter 334 Violent Toad
Chapter 335: Drawing fire from the bottom of the cauldron
Chapter 336 This is high technology!
Chapter 337 Call me uncle!
Chapter 338 How interesting!
Chapter 339: There can be no chaos in the steelmaking plant!
Chapter 340: Don’t talk nonsense!
Chapter 341 You look familiar
Chapter 342: Is this the explanation you said you would give me?
Chapter 343: I’m giving you face, right?
Chapter 344: Tonight’s consumption is by...
Chapter 345: Overt and Covert Struggles
Chapter 346: Graceful
Chapter 347 The sea is vast and the fish jumps
Chapter 348 Do you think you are qualified?
Chapter 349 Really, believe me
Chapter 350: Business blowback
Chapter 351 Be confident and confident
Chapter 352: Don’t tear it apart, it’s not for you
Chapter 353 Oh, don’t be so stingy
Chapter 354: Deep Reflection
Chapter 355: Get out of the way and watch me start...
Chapter 356: People are sitting at home
Chapter 357 I like it spicy
Chapter 358 Calligraphy
Chapter 359: Sword, Gut, Qin and Heart
Chapter 360 The toad eats the swan
Chapter 361 Etiquette, Righteousness and Integrity
Chapter 362 Everyone sweeps away the snow in front of their doors
Chapter 363: Hard work and no complaints
Chapter 364 Kite
Chapter 365 The particularly spirited Brother Li
Chapter 366: Which toad are you?
Chapter 367 The fight started
Chapter 368: Little Gray Stick Naiko!
Chapter 369: Strength does not allow it
Chapter 370 You will pay the price
Chapter 371 The unknown person
Chapter 372: Mother-in-law is difficult to get along with
Chapter 373: Broad-minded
Chapter 374: Did he hit you?
Chapter 375 He is a ruthless person
Chapter 376 Who? Who went skating?
Chapter 377: I can have sex with me
Chapter 378: High, really high!
Chapter 379 I'm not kidding
Chapter 379 I'm not kidding
Chapter 380 The starting point is good
Chapter 381 As long as you like it
Chapter 382: Shuzi! How dare you~
Chapter 383 What an honest kid!
Chapter 384 Red sleeves add fragrance
Chapter 385 Isnt he very handsome?
Chapter 386: Raw Melon Eggs and Painted Pancakes
Chapter 387: Full of bad intentions
Chapter 388: Wrong! Something is wrong!
Chapter 389 I am innocent
Chapter 390: Dont be stingy
Chapter 391: Win-win cooperation
Chapter 392: Cant suffer losses
Chapter 393: Its not easy to face each other
Chapter 394: Sitting up in shock while dying of illness
Chapter 395 Yu Li was wronged!
Chapter 396: You make more money by arguing than by raising flags
Chapter 397: Too moved to move
Chapter 398: Go and invite Tathagata Buddha!
Chapter 399 Hostage Exchange
Chapter 400 The pig is lost
Chapter 401: Confused Car
Chapter 402: That year I put my hands in my pockets
Chapter 403 Impossible! Absolutely impossible!
Chapter 404 Walking on Two Legs
Chapter 405: All over the streets
Chapter 406 This is a misunderstanding
A New Years letter to book friends
Chapter 407: Finger Mother-in-law
Chapter 408 A piece of mind
Chapter 409: Bring it to you!
Chapter 410 Cruel and ruthless
Chapter 411 What a surprise!
Chapter 412 Somethings wrong with you!
Chapter 413: Uncle Li Shun is a ruthless man!
Chapter 414 You still know better!
Chapter 415 You cant do this!
Chapter 416: How about trying Northeastern dialect?
Chapter 417: You are cruel!
Chapter 418 The Prodigal Son
Chapter 419 Azzai
Chapter 420: Mr. Zhao pays for everyones consumption
Chapter 421 You have seen the wrong person!
Chapter 422 Take me away
Chapter 423 Youth Dew
Chapter 424 If nothing unexpected happens
Chapter 425 Thats a stubborn donkey
Chapter 426: Not as delicious as dumplings
Chapter 427: One good news, one bad news
Chapter 428 I dont like money
Chapter 429: No time to explain, get in the car!
Chapter 430: You have something on your mind
Chapter 431 Lets be glorious together!
Chapter 432 Toad can sing
Chapter 433 New Ideas
Chapter 434: My grassland, my horse
Chapter 435: Wanting a child?
Chapter 436: Meeting with Aobao
Chapter 437: The courtyard at night
Chapter 438 Gift
Chapter 439: Dont be greedy!
Chapter 440 Red Light
Chapter 441 Everyone on earth knows
Chapter 442: Get up and go back to sleep
Chapter 443 Thanks to you
Chapter 444: Duplicity
Chapter 445: At least I remember
Chapter 446: Killing the donkey
Chapter 447 Who is the bad guy?
Chapter 448: Fed chocolate and grew up
Chapter 449 Showing off your face
Chapter 450 The wolf is coming
Chapter 451: Rare Visitor
Chapter 452 Youll see it today!
Chapter 453: Spit out what you eat!
Chapter 454: All grass and trees are soldiers
Chapter 455: Dont belittle yourself
Chapter 456: Maybe its a misunderstanding
Chapter 457: Eat well!
Chapter 458 The final conclusion
Chapter 459 Where to run?
Chapter 460 Bad Man
Chapter 461: Youre not going to poop, are you?
Chapter 462 Come on~
Chapter 463: Not seeking improvement
Delay update
Chapter 464 Love me again!
Chapter 465: Give you a look
Chapter 466: Beat it up with a rake
Chapter 467 Wrong Love
Chapter 468 A quiet handsome man
Chapter 469 Are you teaching me how to do things?
Chapter 470: Energy beyond your imagination
Chapter 471 Coward
Chapter 472: Are you looking for a partner?
Chapter 473 Good sister
Chapter 474 Hello sister-in-law
Chapter 475 Who is Sister Zhou?
Chapter 476: Serious?
Chapter 477: Chest Broken with Stone
Chapter 478: Do you really have someone?
Chapter 479: Cut in the door upside down
Chapter 480 Believe me, its okay
Chapter 481 Targets for Violation of Violations
Chapter 482 Six Six Six
Chapter 483 Bloody Train
Chapter 484 Good News
Chapter 485 Charming
Chapter 486 Bottom Line
Chapter 487: Human Heart
Chapter 488: Three Cunning Rabbits
Chapter 489: Prison
Chapter 490: Jianghu is in danger
Chapter 491 Investment Failure
Chapter 492: I treat you as my big brother
Chapter 493: There is still a king's method!
Chapter 494: Good news
Chapter 495 Drinking tea and collecting books
Chapter 496 I have a friend
Chapter 497 Its obviously up for grabs
Chapter 498 Spring Heart
Chapter 499 One hundred million floats one billion
Chapter 500 Little Duck
Chapter 501: Good times and beautiful scenery
Chapter 502: Sleep well
Chapter 503 Home
Chapter 504: Dissatisfaction
Chapter 505: Caodong
Chapter 506: Great Responsibility
Chapter 507: Childhood Sweethearts
Chapter 508: Conscientious Seller
Chapter 509: An immature idea
Chapter 510 Never be a slave!
Chapter 511 Abyss
Chapter 512: Faster, slower
Chapter 513 Porter
Chapter 514 Blank Paper
Chapter 515 Good things come in pairs
Chapter 516 Entering the village quietly
Chapter 517 Ice Cream
Chapter 518: How to love
Chapter 519 I will come back!
Chapter 520 Canary
Chapter 521: Nuisance
Chapter 522 Ya Allergy
Chapter 523: Is it true?
Chapter 524 Open your mouth!
Chapter 525: Two meters tall!
Chapter 526: Call me big brother
Chapter 527 Ticket
Chapter 528 The rest of my life
Chapter 529 What is art?
Chapter 530: Ill fight you
Chapter 531: Escape Plan
Chapter 532 Digging, digging, digging
Chapter 533: A date with a beautiful woman
Chapter 534: Foolish Old Man Moves Mountains
Chapter 535 Qingming Festival
Chapter 536 Things are different and people are different
Chapter 537: If you dont get it, destroy it
Chapter 538: Family Mobilization
Chapter 539: Relieve sorrow
Chapter 540 You still understand me
Chapter 541: Shameless
Chapter 542 When will I get married?
Chapter 547: Commit yourself to me
Chapter 544 Dont blame me~
Chapter 545: Fireworks get cold easily
Chapter 546: Fairy tales are all lies
Chapter 547: Commit yourself to me
Chapter 548 What a coincidence?
Chapter 549: Turbulence
Chapter 550 Golden Basin
Chapter 551: Tooth for Tooth
Chapter 552: Choose one of the two
Chapter 553 Tiger
Chapter 554 Why are you here!
Chapter 555: Rhetoric
Chapter 556 Escape
Chapter 557: There is no intersection in Steel City
Chapter 558: Middlemen
Chapter 559: Learn now and sell now
Chapter 560: Goods go in and out at the same time
Chapter 561 Accident
Chapter 562 Showdown
Chapter 563 Chicken
Chapter 564: Who steals whose puppy?
Chapter 565 Loyalty and courage
Chapter 566 Return next week
Chapter 567 Accident
Chapter 568 Hello Teacher
Chapter 569 Entering the city
Chapter 570 Li Shu is different
Chapter 571 The Lord of Hell
Chapter 572: What are you doing in the house!
Chapter 573 Five Lightning Whips
Chapter 574 My Childhood
Chapter 575 I am your brother-in-law
Chapter 576 Im getting married tomorrow
Chapter 577: A big tree attracts the wind
Chapter 578: Makeup reminder
Chapter 579 The groom is twenty years old
Chapter 2 Trusts
Chapter 580: I insist on it
Chapter 581: Sweating all over
Chapter 582: What are you looking at?
Chapter 1 Emotional Detachment
Chapter 2 Trusts
Chapter 3 Falling flowers are intentional
Chapter 4: Wrap your fingers softly
Chapter 5: Submission
Chapter 6 You cheated me!
Chapter 7 I had no choice at the beginning
Chapter 8 It hurts a little
Chapter 9 Ouch!
Chapter 10 A family of three
Chapter 11 Deserve to meet Li Xuewu
Chapter 12 You are not this kind of person!
Chapter 13 Crying at the Wrong Grave
Chapter 14 The night is slightly cooler
Chapter 15 Watering the Ground
Chapter 16 Listen to my explanation!
Chapter 17 Why are you closing the door?
Chapter 18 Take the king or not
Chapter 19: Disgusted
Chapter 20 Who is the fool?
Chapter 21 Climbing the stairs
Chapter 22 Toughness
Chapter 23: Too many arts dont overwhelm the body
Chapter 24: Work or tell fortunes!
Chapter 25: Have positive energy
Chapter 26 Its you who loses!
Chapter 27 The mastermind behind the scenes
Chapter 28 There is a big melon to eat
Chapter 29 A Tiger
Chapter 30 Everyone loves you
Chapter 31 Giant Whale
Chapter 32 Fat Girl
Chapter 33 It turns out to be your boy
Chapter 34 Intervene
Chapter 35 A thin line separates
Chapter 36 Secret Love Object
Chapter 37 Yaya!
Chapter 38 Grow another ten centimeters
Chapter 39 Zhuangzi is a bit unruly
Chapter 40 This is called professionalism!
Chapter 41 There are so many people~
Chapter 42 Young Hero
Chapter 43 Too arrogant~
Chapter 44 Li Xuewu is a person with a bottom line
Chapter 45 Bricks
Chapter 46 Hope
Chapter 47 The love between children
Chapter 48 The chicken that scares the monkeys
Chapter 49 Joys and sorrows
Chapter 50 Eating Dumplings
Chapter 51: Cannibalism
Chapter 52 Lesson learned
Chapter 53: Reserved and extremely dangerous
Chapter 54 Why are you provoking him?
Chapter 55: People in the world cant help themselves
Chapter 56 Promise
Chapter 57 This love is too disgusting!
Chapter 58 Say! Be honest!
Chapter 59 Even if I give you a chance, you wont be able to use it.
Chapter 60 Men are miserable
Chapter 61 Two Knives
Chapter 62 Dont force me to slap you
Chapter 63 Is your lover handsome?
Chapter 64 Nothing!
Chapter 65 You really know how to speak
Chapter 66 How are you lately?
Chapter 67 Finding faults
Chapter 68 Dont hurt feelings when talking about money
Chapter 69 In the prime of life
Chapter 70 Time Management Master?
Chapter 71 Farewell
Chapter 72 God of Wealth
Chapter 73 Swinging a Sledgehammer
Chapter 74 Dont look the same
Chapter 75 I was moved and fed the dog!
Chapter 76 Get down
Chapter 77 Smart Woman
Chapter 78 Life is like a play
Chapter 79 Two Women
Chapter 80 Vigilance
Chapter 81 Taking the blame?
Chapter 82 Stop fighting~ Stop fighting!
Chapter 83 Paradise
Chapter 84 Raising troops to investigate crimes
Chapter 85 Fighting between gods
Chapter 86 Secret and Great
Chapter 87 Black and white
Chapter 88 Dont know whats good or bad
Chapter 89 Beautiful Girl Youth Bureau
Chapter 90 Youthful Restlessness
Chapter 91 Long time no see
Chapter 92 Where to sleep!
Chapter 93 Dig a few holes
Chapter 94 Get the wine!
Chapter 95 Big brother takes the lead
Chapter 96 The Gate of Hell
Chapter 97 Dongfeng Architecture
Chapter 98 Removal?
Chapter 99 Sister Wang returns
Chapter 100 Good intentions
Chapter 101 Go crazy and risk your life
Chapter 102 Teacher Li
Chapter 103 Mr. 007
Chapter 104 A Generation
Chapter 105 Director Xu Bastard
Chapter 106 Just pretending to be fake
Chapter 107 Be careful with your stomach
Chapter 108 Who is it?
Chapter 109 Qierden
Chapter 110 Eat Melon
Chapter 111 Two boats
Chapter 112 The master of digging holes
Chapter 113 Who are you?
Chapter 114 Zhang San and Li Si
Chapter 115 Two peaches kill three men
Chapter 116 Insanity
Chapter 117 A biting dog never barks
Chapter 118 Seeing through but not telling through
Chapter 119 Its cold at high places
Chapter 120 Getting carried away
Chapter 121 Coffee and Moutai
Chapter 122 People are lost
Chapter 123 Born from the same roots
Chapter 124 Liar, liar, big liar!
Chapter 125 Copying Homework
Chapter 126 What an unjust death~ What an unjust death!
Chapter 127 Im going to be a father too
Chapter 128 Girls~
Chapter 129 Fighting the Fire
Chapter 130 Emergency Notice
Chapter 131 Picasso
Chapter 132 Who fell into the trap?
Chapter 133 Its amazing
Chapter 134
Chapter 135 You have to believe me!
Chapter 136 Peking Opera
Chapter 137 A complete success
Chapter 138 What a laugh!
Chapter 139 Shocked!
Chapter 140 Clown
Chapter 141 Postpartum care of sows
Chapter 142 Made of Iron
Chapter 143 The Strugglers of the Era
Chapter 144 Car Crash
Chapter 145 Pretty good
Chapter 146 Tumor
Chapter 147 Checking the Guest House
Chapter 148 Quietly Entering the Village
Chapter 149 Getting excited at night
Chapter 150 Win at the starting line!
Chapter 151 Breaking up
Chapter 152 Congratulations and condolences
Chapter 153 Dancing
Chapter 154 Deputy XX?
Chapter 155 Listening to the Opera
Chapter 156 Sister-in-law, Im sorry for you
Chapter 157 Something bad happened
Chapter 158 The Proud One of Heaven
Chapter 159 Steel City!
Chapter 160 I dont even know him!
Chapter 161 Its great to be young!
Chapter 162 Mid-Year Meeting
Chapter 163 Rumor
Chapter 164 Slapping the table
Chapter 165 Night Banquet
Chapter 166 Whats wrong with the old Chinese doctor!
Chapter 167 Fang Yuan
Chapter 168 Go to the second floor
Chapter 169 Punch you
Chapter 170 Far ahead
Chapter 171 Cultural T-shirt
Chapter 172 Enthusiastic Masses
Chapter 173 See you at dawn
Chapter 174 Little Sister
Chapter 175 Swearing on the Grave
Chapter 176 Confrontation
Chapter 177 Beating Workers
Chapter 178 Accident is like a storm
Chapter 179 A blockbuster
Chapter 180 Despicable and Villain
Chapter 181 Monsters are good
Chapter 182 Let go
Chapter 183 Its true!
Chapter 184 Robin
Chapter 185 You are still ruthless~
Chapter 186 You are cruel
Chapter 187 Fragrant
Chapter 188 The dog is anxious
Chapter 189 What is the most important thing in a career?
Chapter 190 Until the burial!
Chapter 191 Sense of Crisis
Chapter 192 For your own good
Chapter 193 Changes in Situation
Chapter 194 Sending you three hundred and sixty-five blessings
Chapter 195 Cat and Mouse
Chapter 196 I will fight with you!
Chapter 197 Depression
Chapter 198 Wrong
Chapter 199 Caught off guard
Chapter 200 Better than eating!
Chapter 201 Its a deal!
Chapter 202 Get the certificate tomorrow
Chapter 203 Bad Taste
Chapter 204 Disaster
Chapter 205 Good morning
Chapter 206 The tiger returns to the mountain
Chapter 207 Insufficient Firepower
Chapter 208 Holding Wen Saner and crying
Chapter 209 Moving forward with a heavy load
Chapter 210 My good brother
Chapter 211 The best choice
Chapter 212 Circle
Chapter 213 For real
Chapter 214 Even if you dont give it, you have to give it!
Chapter 215 Its so stupid
Chapter 216 Damn it!
Chapter 217 Feelings
Chapter 218 Back Wave
Chapter 219 Getting carried away
Chapter 220 You doubt me!
Chapter 221 Performing Arts
Chapter 222 Layout
Chapter 223 Floating
Chapter 224 High-Risk Families
Chapter 225 Recruitment
Chapter 226 I wont worry about killing you
Chapter 227 The villain succeeds
Chapter 228 You dont understand~
Chapter 229 Even if you jump into the Yellow River, you wont be able to escape
Chapter 230 Family
Chapter 231 Risking ones life to help
Chapter 232 Sunshine
Chapter 233 The Seven Year Itch
Chapter 234 Why dont you leave!
Chapter 235 Confrontation
Chapter 236 Not small~
Chapter 237 The Way to Death
Chapter 238 Something happened to Wang Jingzhang
Chapter 239 Its almost time
Chapter 240 Nepotism
Chapter 241 Irrelevant
Chapter 242 Know people and make good use of them
Chapter 243 Do more meaningful things!
Chapter 244 Broken bones
Chapter 245: Ten Years to Sharpen a Sword
Chapter 246 Advanced Experience
Chapter 247 Who can withstand such a test!
Chapter 248 I am the most cowardly
Chapter 249 There is a mole
Chapter 250 No time to explain, get in the car quickly!
Chapter 251 They are all good girls~
Chapter 252 Why?!
Chapter 253 Bonus Points
Chapter 254 Countdown
Chapter 255 Are you qualified?
Chapter 256 Let Li Xuewu beat you!
Chapter 257 Still so white
Chapter 258 Wolong and Fengxiao
Chapter 259 Scream
Chapter 260 A couple, very beautiful
Chapter 261 Family misfortune
Chapter 262 What is the purpose of maintaining health?
Chapter 263 Taking over Steel City, starting with collecting debts!
Chapter 264 Tears will cleanse everything
Chapter 265 Pretending to be a couple?
Chapter 266: If you need to be cowardly, you have to be cowardly
Chapter 267 Target Song
Chapter 268 Beat him
Chapter 269 Third uncle, my condolences!
Chapter 270 Learn martial arts! Dont leave!
Chapter 271 Wind Vane
Chapter 272 Grudges and Grudges
Chapter 273 Call Grandpa
Chapter 274 Raising pigs for three years
Chapter 275 My rules are the rules!
Chapter 276 Cross-Strait and Three Places
Chapter 277 You are nothing!
Chapter 278 Whats the use of asking Li Xuewu!
Chapter 279 Work Injury
Chapter 280 Thirty Years in Hedong
Chapter 281 Did you slap me in the face?
Chapter 282 If you cant get it, take it!
Chapter 283 Wrong Love
Chapter 284 What a coincidence?
Chapter 285 The person Im waiting for hasnt come yet~
Chapter 292 Nationality is unique
Chapter 286 Behind the scenes
Chapter 287 Impression of Yangcheng
Chapter 288 Dont pity them!
Chapter 289 What are you going to do?!
Chapter 290 Talent!
Chapter 291 I really like it!
Chapter 292 Nationality is unique
Chapter 293 The world is so big
Chapter 294 Join if you cant beat him
Chapter 295: Deception~
Chapter 296 Shura Field
Chapter 297: Boil the Eagle
Chapter 298 Calling the Wind and Rain
Chapter 299 Not a good person
Chapter 300 Hong Kong City is so poor
Chapter 301 Young Hero
Chapter 302 Business Tour Group
Chapter 303: Hard to eat soft rice
Chapter 304 Where did you sleep last night?
Chapter 305 What do you want to do tonight?
Chapter 306 Brother, you are in danger
Chapter 307 You look familiar to me
Chapter 308 Night
Chapter 309 Lao Li has changed~
Chapter 310 Yuezhou
Chapter 311 I feel sorry for my brother~
Chapter 312 Too much!
Chapter 313 Let the Northeast become rich first!
Chapter 314 Pit
Chapter 315 One is willing to fight, the other is willing to endure
Chapter 316 Quite suddenly
Chapter 317 Why did you come here!
Chapter 318 Be polite to me
Chapter 319 The Romantic Woman
Chapter 320 Movie King
Chapter 321 Unworthy Descendants
Chapter 322 Is he a bad person?
Chapter 323 Obsession
Chapter 324 See you next week
Chapter 325 Do you believe him?
Chapter 326 Integrity
Chapter 327 Green Tea
Chapter 328 Danger! Danger! Danger!
Chapter 329: Young people, dont be too arrogant!
Chapter 339 How much is a dream worth?
Chapter 330: A little expert in persuading people
Chapter 331: Take your sister-in-law away
Chapter 332 Northeastern Educational Wealth
Chapter 333 Fake Doctor
Chapter 334 So embarrassing~
Chapter 335 Speed up! Rush!
Chapter 336 Its windy and snowy
Chapter 337 Im afraid there are no good people
Chapter 338 Good friends
Chapter 339 How much is a dream worth?
Chapter 340 Capture Li Huaide alive!
Chapter 341 Then play music and then dance~
Chapter 342 Lets go tonight!
Chapter 343 Integrity and Kindness
Chapter 344 How painful it is...
Chapter 345 I want to make progress so much~
Chapter 346 Do whatever you want
Chapter 347 Whatever you say!
Chapter 348 They are all serious people
Chapter 349 Frontier Characteristics
Chapter 350 Carpe Diem
Chapter 351 Evil plot
Chapter 352 Yuan Hua! Open the door for me!
Chapter 353 A big black pot
Chapter 354 Noble in front of others
Chapter 365 Sharing joys and sorrows
Chapter 355 Lao Li was tricked
Chapter 356 Can I guarantee my research?
Chapter 357 Free Lunch
Chapter 358 Green young man, do you believe it?
Chapter 359 The Fifty Thousand Yuan Case
Chapter 360 The case is complicated
Chapter 361 The case becomes more complicated
Chapter 362: Deadlock, lets have hot pot
Chapter 363 I dont know, I dont know, you are very busy
Chapter 364 Lianliankan
Chapter 365 Sharing joys and sorrows
Chapter 366: Being unkind to others
Chapter 367 You, Li Xuewu, seek wealth and murder, kill people and seize wealth.
Chapter 368 No choice
Chapter 369 Theres Someone Behind You
ExtrasThe Unknown Person
Chapter 370 Ill give you a promise
Chapter 371 Fight to the death
Chapter 372 A glance for ten thousand years
Extra *Small town is rough
Chapter 373 Both rain and dew are touched
Chapter 374 Lets show off!
Chapter 375 The dust has settled
Chapter 376 Not a Thing
Chapter 377 Mix up the shit
Chapter 378 Its me, dont shoot!
Chapter 379 Its hard to be a good person
Chapter 380 Just talk about romance
Chapter 381 Going to the Kang~
Chapter 382 Choice is more important than hard work
Chapter 383 Its almost the New Year
Chapter 384 Personnel Crisis
Chapter 385 Five years and five years
Chapter 386 Dad! I want it too!
Chapter 387 You are not allowed to become evil!
Chapter 388 Dont buy a Ferrari
Chapter 389 Turning red
Chapter 390 Everyone must die!
Chapter 391 The waves are high and the wind is strong
Chapter 392 The Unpredictable Prophet
Chapter 393 Kill Huang Silang
Chapter 394 So cool!
Lets chat~
Chapter 395 You are really at a loss!
Chapter 396 Happy New Year
Chapter 407 Well done
Chapter 397 Major Adjustment
Chapter 398 Lets get a big one!
Chapter 410 You are just a younger brother!
Chapter 399 Taking care of everything
Chapter 400 Genuine Leather
Chapter 401 The dog jumps over the wall in a hurry
Chapter 402 Indulgent Youth
Chapter 403 Girl, dont cry
Chapter 404 Who gave birth?!
Chapter 405 There are still legends about him in the world
Chapter 406 Sooner or later, he will become obscene!
Chapter 407 Well done
Chapter 420 Frankness
Chapter 408 Is there a serious problem with the partner?
Chapter 409 London Style
Chapter 410 You are just a younger brother!
Chapter 411 I hate my parents for not giving me more legs
Chapter 412 Learning Foreign Languages
Chapter 413 A bowl of water is flat
Chapter 414 Who is it?
Chapter 415 The greater the responsibility
Chapter 416 The landlord’s family has no food left.
Chapter 417 Revenge
Chapter 418 Confucius Moves
Chapter 419 Destined to be unstable
Chapter 420 Frankness
Chapter 421 Gift
Chapter 422 Good news in the delivery room
Chapter 423 Future
Chapter 424 Booming
Chapter 425 A Husky
Chapter 426 Development and Change
Chapter 427 Go home often
Chapter 428 Heartbroken
Chapter 429 The Adult World
Chapter 430 This guy is not serious
Chapter 431 Your Illusion
Chapter 432 Dare to say anything
Chapter 433 No one was around in the middle of the night
Chapter 434: Throwing cold water on it
Chapter 435 Unexpected twists and turns
Chapter 436 Being a Husband
Chapter 437 Being a Father
Chapter 438: Humanity and Sophistication
Chapter 439 Family Banquet
Chapter 440 The Miraculous Fruit of Destiny
Chapter 441: Hit hard!
Chapter 442 Do not beat customers without reason