Chapter 5648 The camp was attacked

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The disciples of Gui Xuan Sect, especially those wearing red clothes and evil ghost masks, have a cultivation level and combat power that far exceeds that of the disciples of various human sects.

More than thirty disciples of Guixuanzong immediately formed a defensive circle and blocked the wave of wind blade attacks from Yellow Bird.

The yellow bird, as huge as a mountain, let out a few crisp cries, and then swooped down from the sky, intending to tear apart the group of humans below.

The disciples of Guixuanzong naturally would not sit still and wait for death, and shot countless sword energy towards Huangniao.

However, the Yellow Bird is one of the five phoenixes, a divine bird of the Nine Heavens, with wings spread over a hundred feet, and a sword with feathers as shadow as iron. Only a master who has reached the realm of heaven and man can pose a threat to the Yellow Bird.

These Ghost Xuanzong disciples are generally in the out-of-body realm. Only the leading evil ghost is in the out-of-body realm.

The sky was full of air swords, which looked quite intimidating, but when the air swords hit the yellow bird's feathers, they were all bounced away by the feathers, unable to cause any substantial damage to the yellow bird.


Seeing that the yellow bird's defense was too strong, the evil spirit named Qian immediately shouted.

These disciples had the same mind and immediately flew in all directions.

But at this moment, the earth began to tremble.

A huge black shadow swept towards them with a thunderous and sweeping gesture.

Everyone screamed in alarm.

Unfortunately, there was no way to resist in the end.

The black shadow knocked down many Gui Xuan Sect disciples in just one breath and crushed them over their bodies.

Only then did everyone see clearly that the black shadow turned out to be a tail.

Snake's tail!

The only snake with such a huge size in the Three Realms is the black water snake that has lived for nearly 100,000 years!

With the yellow bird at the top and the black water snake at the bottom, the two ancient beasts and monsters joined forces and instantly broke through the defensive formation of the disciples of the Ghost Xuan Sect with a devastating gesture.

The yellow bird landed on the ground and grabbed it wildly with its huge claws.

The yellow bird is the nemesis of the black water snake, and its sharp claws can easily tear through the hard scales on the black water snake's body, let alone weak humans.

The sharp claws were like steel knives, easily tearing apart the bodies of Guixuanzong disciples.

Everyone understood why there were almost no complete corpses of the women taught by the goddess. It turned out that they were all broken into pieces by the sharp claws of the yellow bird.

In just a dozen breaths, more than thirty elite disciples of the Ghost Xuan Sect had lost most of their bodies.

They didn't care about the life or death of their companions, they just wanted to escape from this terrifying demonic realm quickly.


A roar that shook the heavens and the earth, like the roar of a dragon or the roar of a tiger.

The next moment, a huge and terrifying black triangular snake head appeared above the head.

The Black Water Black Snake is more than five hundred feet long, and with its head raised, it is twenty or thirty feet above the ground.

There are two obvious fleshy bumps on the top of the black triangular head.

This is dragon horn!

It's just that the black water black snake has not fully evolved into a black dragon, so the dragon horns are not obvious.

As if swearing sovereignty, the Black Water Black Snake roared again.

The huge snake's mouth was opened at nearly ninety degrees.

This is a truly bloody mouth, each fang is as long as a person, especially the teeth at the front, which are more than a foot long.

This big mouth can swallow a whole village of villagers in one mouthful.

I don’t know if it’s because the Black Water Black Snake has become more hygienic after collaborating with the Yellow Bird, or if it’s for some other reason.

The unique fishy smell of the Black Water Black Snake disappeared, and there was no nauseating bad breath when roaring. Instead, there was a rich and heart-warming aroma.

It smells like a fusion of many exotic flowers, and it smells very good.

The huge black mouth of the black water was like a huge fishing net, sweeping across the ground and directly swallowing seven or eight Ghost Xuan Sect disciples.

This big long worm didn't even move to chew, and seven or eight people were swallowed up in its belly.

The red-clothed disciples of Guixuanzong had three battles, last year's Battle of Shenshan Mountain, Battle of Longmen, and the Battle of Poisonous Dragon Valley on New Year's Eve.

They have never been as embarrassed as they are today.

Facing these two giant beasts, there was no resistance at all.

More than thirty people, most of them were devoured and slaughtered in just half a cup of tea.

Only the Lingji master named Qian barely escaped death.

But he didn't feel good either. His body was swept by the black water black snake's tail, and numerous bones were broken.

He endured the severe pain and relied on his last breath of true energy to get into the miasma.

Poison Dragon Valley.

Yanfeng has grown up, and as he has spent this year getting along with outsiders, he is no longer the dull boy he once was.

He and Ge Ling walked quickly towards the stone room where Wang Keke was.

Wang Keke, who loves to show off, and the ancestor of Tianyu, who also loves to show off, are playing chess in the stone room at the moment.

There were several old priests nearby who were chattering and discussing, and they didn't look like a true gentleman watching the chess game without speaking at all.

After Yan Feng and Ge Ling came in, they crossed their hands and saluted the seniors.

Then he said: "Deputy Sect Master, something happened to the guard post in Death Ze."

Wang Keke was stunned, put down the chess piece, and said, "Are you in conflict with the Goddess Cult again?"

Yanfeng shook his head and said: "Half an hour ago, news came from the sentry post at the deepest part of the Dead Sea where Qian Yu was located, that there were strange sounds of fighting in the Goddess Sect's camp more than ten miles away, so they went over to check.

Not long after, news came that the camp of the Goddess Cult was raided. The camp was full of the limbs and broken arms of the goddesses. More than a hundred goddesses died tragically in less than a stick of incense..."

The big guys in the stone room all groaned when they heard this. Wang Keke immediately stood up and said: "The goddess sect's camp was attacked by the enemy? Who did it? He can kill more than a hundred goddesses in one stick of incense.

, the other party’s strength is not simple. Hey, isn’t he trying to put the blame on our Guixuanzong?


It is well known that Gui Xuan Sect is at odds with the Goddess Sect.

The two sides have been facing off in the Deadpool for several months.

Now a sentry camp of the Goddess Cult is being attacked, and there is a sentry of Gui Xuanzong more than ten miles away. Gui Xuanzong is naturally the first target to be suspected.

Yanfeng shook his head and said: "I don't know. I can't contact Qian Yu now. I'm afraid... I'm afraid it's more serious than bad."

"Can't contact us? Could it be that they were also attacked?"

Wang Keke's expression changed drastically.

Because the confrontation with the Goddess Cult was hundreds of miles deep into the Death Swamp, and the environment was extremely harsh, Wang Keke sent only red-clothed disciples who had been trained by himself, and there were no disciples from the Demon Cult who had joined him.

More than thirty disciples in red lost contact with them all, which made Wang Keke very sad.

He said: "Immediately summon the elders to stand by at the entrance of the valley, and notify Long Tianshan of the matter."

Long Tianshan quickly got the news.

When they arrived at the valley, Wang Keke was preparing to lead dozens of elders to set off.

Gui Xuanzong is too powerful now.

In other sects, those who are above the Lingji realm are already elders. In some small and medium-sized sects, those who are in the Lingji realm may be the sect leader.

But in Gui Xuan Sect, there are too many red-clothed disciples in the Lingji realm. Therefore, the elders of Gui Xuan Sect are all a group of old and immortal demon sects.

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