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No one understands monsters better than me

No one understands monsters better than me

author:downright penniless

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:09-20 09:02

Latest chapter:556 Succubus Su Yu

When facing alien creatures, we must treat them dialectically, not be unconditionally hostile, but use emotion to influence them! When Qin Ren earnestly taught the younger generation in front of him, the younger generation just pointed to the Nine-tailed Fox and the Vampire Queen who were struggling behind him with doubt. : Senior, is this the reason why you raise them? Otherwise? Qin Ren spread his hands: No one understands monsters better than me.

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《No one understands monsters better than me》The latest nine chapters
556 Succubus Su Yu
555 Mid-Autumn Festival, the blood moon reappears
554 Nine tails, big fox girl
553 Husband
552 I do
551 Leader’s Thoughts
550 It’s better to choose a day than to hit it
549 Use previous title
548 Magic Cat
《No one understands monsters better than me》Chapter Contents
001 Retired Exorcist
002 Lord Shangxian is online
003 The little female cat
004 Spirit Beast Luo Yao
005 Strange spirit beast traits have been added
006 Do you look like that?
007 Siblings Pen
008 Shopping Sister Yun Perverted
009 Days with her
010 Minister's Makeup
011 Reward Closed Loop Tablet
012 The most annoying brother
013 Morning Exercise Fiction Park
014 Exorcism (Part 1)
015 Exorcism (Part 2)
016 Power Bank WeChat Liuyunzong
017 Fishing, Settlement, Watching Movies
018 Orange Little Orange Idiot Brother-in-law
019 Cheng Siyu
020 Make his little oranges
021 The girl fights the monster with her bare hands
022 Active JK?
023 Take me to the hotel
024 Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law go home
025 Fish have capacity
026 Meal Ticket Snake Milk Tea
027 The territorial awareness of spirit beasts
028 Master and apprentice of double *
029 I lost my apprentice
030 Divorce Reverse Scale Sister-in-law
031 Sister-in-law's little leather shoes
032 Networking Cell Phone Stick
033 Stupid woman
034 I'm in the dark
035 Push-ups Shy Supermarket (Second update please vote~)
036 Eye opening 36E new usage
037 Development of the idiot brother's aura
038 Pixiu with a stomachache
039 Human Girl (Monthly Pass~)
040 The Aunt of the Spirit Beast (Monthly Pass~)
041 New Colleague (Monthly Pass~)
042 Tell My Sister Phone Truth (Monthly Pass~)
043 Don't Believe Yao, Don't Spread Yao
044 Bloodline Suppression (Second update, monthly ticket~)
045 Oranges and small oranges
046 Come on, little orange
047 Police car
048 The news of Yu Linger
049 Two Tigers
50 out of ten
51 Morning Miscellaneous
52 Brother-in-law, look
53 You are killing me
054 Contradictions
055 Ways to thank my brother-in-law
056 Dinosaur Jean Pear
057 Goo?
058 Crystal Slime (4500 words counts as two updates, right?)
059 Respecting teachers and respecting Taoism
060 Zongmen Token
061 Insufficient than above and more than below
062 Master and apprentice meet
063 Pixiu's Lie
064 Never dislike it
65 Smack
066 Brother's Surprise
067 Don't watch
068 Calm Night
069 The Woman
070 New Wild Woman
071 Who are you?
072 Who are you!
073 This is outrageous! Who fought!
074 Fish soup
075 The right place and the right place
076 The tangle between two people (please order first)
078 I miss you
079 A New Life
080 Blood Moon
081 Blood Moon: Continued
082 Yu Ling'er's Self-Development (Part 1)
082 Yu Linger's Self-Development (Part 2) 5000 words
083 In-depth teaching
084 Girls at Night (Part 1)
085 The Girls at Night (Part 2)
All eyes on me
086 The cheeky master (first update)
087 Cheng Siyun? (Two updates in one)
088 Yu Linger Qi Qi (5500 words, 0.25 updates left)
089 Master is Master after all
090 Qin Ren? Xu Xian!
091 Mom Tattoos
092 The thrill-seeking brother-in-law
093 The Widow
93 The Widow (Free)
094 Depression
095 Delicious little mushrooms
096 Twist the cap
097 Tattoo stickers
098 Meeting Bai Jie Again (3500 Update)
099 Bunny
100 Demons
101 New weather in September (4000 words)
102 gold nine silver ten
103 Guilty Yu Linger
104 Redundant words
105 Yu Linger Wants to Eat Mushrooms (1/5 Debt)
106 Su Yu Eats (Debt 2/7)
107 Fish is currently guilty (debt 3/9)
108 Cuckold
109 The cat is sperm?
110 Little girl with a collar
111 First Embrace
112 Leg Rings
113 Write straight
114 Menstruation of the Snake Clan
115 Spiders and Snakes (4000 words)
116 Eggs (Part 1)
117 Egg (bottom)
118 Monthly Egg
119 What to eat
120 Slaying the Red Dragon
120 Slay the Red Dragon (Free)
121 Sister's Association
122 Techniques
123 The bad woman Luo Yao
124 Strange Woman
125 Qin Ren in prison
126 Rose-flavored fish spirit
127 Our Children
128 The Wife's Sneeze
129 Su Lili
130 Below (Happy Chinese New Year!)
131 The Hateful Mosquito
132 The black-bellied fish has tolerance
133 Wife's Handsome Neighbor
134 Love Your Shape
135 deduct your bonus...
136 The Unconscionable Qin Ren
137 Be Responsible To Me
138 Rich Woman Chandelier Envy
139 Pajamas to buy a good brand
140 Pregnancy
141 What should I do if my sister-in-law hurts?
142 The Disturbed Ears of the Silk Foot...
143 Big, white and beautiful “female ghost”
144 Floating Clouds of the Past, Flirtatious and Mistress
145 Master-Apprentice Battle Fitting Room
146 Master Qin Ren
147 Buy socks duo
148 Design? Colorimeter!
149 Where did the bell come from?
150 How are you?
151 Big White Fish
152 Brother-in-law’s wall-dong (4000 words counts as two, right?)
153 Sleeping
154 I want
155 The Shadow on the Balcony
156 Linger (5500 words two chapters two in one)
157 The Little Snake and the Little Bitches
158 Yu Linger? Girlfriend!
159 Brother, what are you doing?
160 Shadow in the Night Sky
161 Picked up a little cutie
162 Lily the Winged Puppy
163 Wife's Sister
164 kiss me
165 like it more than before
166 The Sister-in-Law Who Can't Lift Up (3500 Roots)
167 'My Dog Becomes a Vampire Cat-Eared Succubus Maid'
168 The Kind Sister-in-law (Part 1)
169 The Kind Sister-in-law (Part 2)
170 Brother-in-law's Delicious
171 The Sister-in-law of the Night
172 Anyway, the apprentice is not at home...
173 Are you going to become a vampire?
174 The Sister-in-law Comes to the Door
175 The Rivals in Love
176 Brother-in-law, I’m hungry. Feed me.
177 You dirty bitch!
178 Ghosts on the bed, but vampires (Part 1)
179 Ghosts on the bed, but vampires (Part 2)
178 Vampire (Part 1)
180 Vampire (Part 2)
181 Are you a jerk?
182 Fox? What fox?
183 Fox and cat
184 The scheming little fox
185 Brother-in-law, kiss me
186 Just use me instead of my sister
187 The Scumbag Qin Ren
188 The Peach in the Dream
189 Private grain becomes public grain
190 Angels and Demons
191 and her daily life (big more)
192 The Mistress of the House
193 Is it going to have a long tail?
194 Playful Tail
195 Let's work part-time, Sect Master
196 Sealing the Magic Ring (4000 words larger)
197 The only way to feed is to be strong
198 Serious Kiss
199 The third magic ring
200 Flowers on mother’s belly
202 Get identities for girls (second update)
203 bundle
204 ID card
205 Nine tails
206 Qin Ren's Heart
207 I Wrong
208 Sister Yun's Egg
209 'Girlfriend's Sister' (4000)
210 Linger is awesome
211 Robot Vacuum
212 The charging port of the sweeping robot
213 Difficult Robot Sweeper
214 Pulling
215 You have to be nice to Rong'er
216 The M letter in the bathroom
217 Do not watch
218 Master and Dog
219 I'm sorry to die
220 Qin Ren, who is not virtuous
221 You are more than Master
222 Sorry, I like you (Part 1)
222 I'm sorry, I like you (middle)
223 I'm Sorry, I Like You (Part 2)
224 Then I have room to go
225 The old man
226 Whose Bed
227 Sister's Lipstick
228 two together
229 Taoist Companion
230 Taro and Turtle
231 Qin Ren's Birthday (4000 again)
232 Before Rong'er Comes Out...
233 Don't play with my tail?
234 Wash the quilt
235 Automatic Vampire Princess (a side story)
236 The Little Snake
Chapter 241 The most familiar and the strangest
Chapter 242 The Loyal Qin Ren
Chapter 243 Where is the worm?
Chapter 244 Where is the worm? (Part 2)
Chapter 245 Twelve Hours
Chapter 246 The Exorcist Who Rolls His Eyes
Chapter 247 Qin Ren's Favorite Girl
Chapter 248 Snake Love Movie
Chapter 249 The Best Gift
Chapter 250 Baby Egg
Chapter 251 It's So Weird
Chapter 252 Pixiu's Gift
Chapter 253
Chapter 254 Demon Blood
Chapter 255 How Long Have You Kissed Rong Er?
Chapter 256 The big fish and the small fish fight in the living room.jpg
Chapter 257 Who dares to hurt him
Chapter 258 It's Not Easy
Chapter 259 Chengzi is not at home, Snake calls her a lady
Chapter 260 Ten drops of blood, one drop... (Part 1)
Chapter 261 Ten drops of blood, one drop... (Part 2)
Chapter 262 Feed Me (Happy Mid-Autumn Festival~)
Chapter 263: Cooking and Drinking Porridge (Second Mid-Autumn Festival Update)
Chapter 264 Auntie's Candy
Chapter 265 Mother-in-law and Donburi
Chapter 265 Destroy what you can't get
Chapter 266 Who doesn't like to watch girls' stickers?
Chapter 267 'The matchmaker is getting married'
Chapter 268 Hey, hey? Little Almond~
Chapter 269 Sister Siyun
Chapter 271 Very perverted and perverted thing
Chapter 272 Whose Tail?
Chapter 273 A bowl of milk is flat
Chapter 274 The Minister Cries
Chapter 275 The girl on the wallpaper
Chapter 276 The Minister's Pants
Chapter 277 Qin Ren’s Cat’s Eye Snail (two chapters in one, 5500 words)
Chapter 278 Good! This is good!
Chapter 279 Want me to listen to you happy?
Chapter 280 When three people are together, there must be my teacher
Chapter 281 The sister-in-law has a long tail
Chapter 282: My Sister-in-law's Proposal
Chapter 283 Devil and Angel
Chapter 284 If you use Taobao again, I will be Qin Beast
Chapter 285 The girl in the bathroom
Chapter 286: Sister's Nice Words
Chapter 287 Showdown with Sister
Chapter 288 Change For Me
Chapter 289
Chapter 290 I’m hungry, feed me
Chapter 291 try new parts
Chapter 292 Strange Su Yu
Chapter 293 Sister Su, Have You Ever Been in Love?
Chapter 294 Sister’s “Chewing Gum” (Part 1)
Chapter 295 Sister’s “Chewing Gum” (Part 2)
Chapter 296
294 Don't Find a Boyfriend
295 The body of the Pixiu (5400)
296 Hukou Waterfall
297 The small bag above the head
298 Tsinghua University and Peking University
299 SkyClan and BloodClan
300 'Mother-in-law' in the dream
301 The most daring trick
302 Madam Tong who knows magic
304 Wait For Me Obediently (Big Update)
305 I want you to hug me
306 Minister's First Time
307 Early morning for two
308 The Newcomer in the Pantry
309 Hug Well
310 Kiss and Hug
311 pretty big
312 The Right Way to Coax a First Embrace
313 【9999999.99Mb/s】
314 The awkward big snake
315 Role Reversal of Master and Disciple
316 What's going on?
317 The patriarch wants to be the head of the family
318 Move your hands and feet
319 The moon snake is so beautiful (Part 1)
320 The moon snake is so beautiful (Part 2)
321 Snake Treasure
322 Tang Bobo’s Little Secret
323 Big radish
324 Su Lili wins
325 loved one, beloved one
326 Eat the pot and forget the basin? Eat the pot and forget the basin!
327 On a business trip?
328 Deep in the Night Sky
329 Su Lili’s plan
Chapter 333: Showing Attitude to Mother-in-Law
Chapter 334 New uses of slime
Chapter 335 Follow me into the house
Chapter 336 Winter Happiness
Chapter 337 A wonderful accident
Chapter 338 Blood World Life Bloodline
Chapter 339 The Three of Us
Chapter 340 Su Lili’s magic practice
Chapter 341 The Minister’s One Hundred Considerations
Chapter 342 Little Snake’s Wonderful Operations
Chapter 343 Su Lili’s small water cup
Chapter 344 The Minister at the Airport
Chapter 345 Small ones are cute too (sorry for being late)
Chapter 346 Mother with fever
Chapter 347 Looking for a hotel (second update)
Chapter 348 Langyilang Inn (two chapters combined into one update)
Chapter 349 Sister Yun, take it off
Chapter 350 The junior’s remote control
Chapter 351 The mysterious little iron box
Chapter 352 How leaders and subordinates sleep
Chapter 353 Who can withstand this!
Chapter 354 Vampire or succubus?
Chapter 355 I fell in love with her (physical discomfort, disordered work and rest)
Chapter 356 Yun Wanhe wakes up
Chapter 357 She is missing
Chapter 358 Is it interesting?
Chapter 359 Leader and Lover
Chapter 360 Perfect Love
Chapter 361 The Minister’s Physique
Chapter 362 Kill?
Chapter 363 The Exorcist’s Power
Chapter 364 The Price of Immortality
Chapter 365 Qin family’s wife Su Lili
Chapter 366 Report to the Minister
Chapter 367 Leader’s Requirements
Chapter 368 Conflict
Chapter 369 The Vanished Vampire Princess
Chapter 370 Scumbag Qin Ren
Chapter 371 Are you still called Sister Yun? (Big update)
Chapter 372 Qin Ren goes home (another big update)
Chapter 373 Make it clear
Chapter 374 The other half of life
Chapter 375 Fun Demon Sealing Ring
Chapter 376 Qin Ren, the King of Stories
Chapter 377 Su Yu’s discovery
Chapter 378 The Vampire Queen and Her First Embrace
Chapter 379 Tauren Cheng Siyu
Chapter 380 The profound meaning of leadership
Chapter 381 Touch
Chapter 382: Dealing with the consequences of cheating (small update)
Chapter 383 How Santa Claus plays
Chapter 384 Sister Yun wants to resign
Chapter 385 Su Yu and Su Lili
Chapter 386 Don’t tell Qin Ren
Chapter 387 Succubus Su Yu
385 You are his elder…
386 Qin Work-Study Program
387 Su Yu’s “new problem”
388 Annual Meeting
389 It’s dark under the sister-in-law’s lamp
390 Mr. Yun
391 I'm serious
Rest at the beginning of the month, big update will resume tomorrow
392 Brother-in-law is running
395 Hot spring
396 No more towels
Chapter 398 Indulging in wine and sex
Chapter 399 Show your brand
399 Visiting Mother-in-law
400 A master and servant who knows everything
401 Tong Lu’s Little Garden
402 Magical Young Wife Mother-in-law
403 threesome
404 Lovely mother-in-law
405 Recognized as a scumbag
406 Dream talk at night
407 Sister-in-law’s bloodline
408 Xiaobai, Xiaobai, and Xiaobai
409 Horror Movie Wei Chair
410 Wife’s Visit
411 Yun Wanhe’s Office
412 Wow——, ahhh
413 use
414 Puff Plan
415 Six!
417 Bullying Mom
419 Three-Headed Snake
420 Void and God
421 The one who unites all things
422 Drive away the tiger and swallow the dragon
423 Being a mother
424 Senior Brother Qin Ren
425 Where is the tea?
426 The girl who suddenly appeared
427 Slime’s Repayment
429 Newcomer Wang Jun
430 Sister-in-law’s instructions
431 You have changed
432 Qin Ren struck by lightning
434 Scanning goods in the supermarket
435 Candied Haws
436 Dragon Roar
437 Little Snake’s “scheming”
438 New Year Gift
439 Safe entry and exit
440 Tuantuan 'disappeared'
441 Mutton Fat Jade Purifying Bottle
442 What’s on the soles of a leader’s feet?
443 Scumbag brother
444 Gu Qing’s Dream
445 New Year's Eve
446 New Year’s Eve
447 She is back
448 first kiss
449 I’ve always loved you (free)
451 Mother-in-law has changed
452 Bai Zeniang
453 Mother and daughter? Sisters!
454 Father-in-law and the truth
455 Father-in-law is a man with leather bags
456 Siyu, I love you
457 What is supposed to come has come.
458 count
459 interesting
460 your sister
461 Siyu, he cheated
462 Little Orange’s Lower Bunk
463 New Year greetings to leaders
465 Today is just right
466 The Growth of Spiritual Beasts
467 jealous
468 Come back, my...
469 My sister scolded me well
470 medicinal materials
I’ll update later, I’ve been having a headache lately
472 Buy a house
473 Cheng Siyun who writes novels
474 Blood Drops
475 Is there me?
Chapter 472 Qin Ren and the landlady
Chapter 473 Unexpected unfolding
Chapter 474 The God of the Universe
Chapter 475 Who are you, beauty?
Chapter 476 Dad
Chapter 477 Cat-Dog War
Chapter 478 There is something wrong with my sister
Chapter 479 Can such a thing happen?
Chapter 480 So weird
Chapter 481 Tauren
Chapter 482 The Little Fox Girl Group
Chapter 483 Cheng Siyun’s Loss
Chapter 484 Bing Tilian
489 Daily life in March spring
490 human lifespan
491 Extraordinary March Spring
492 Mutated sweeping robot
493 recipes
494 The sister who is even more wrong
495 Snake Whip
496 So late
497 E-Sports Hotel
498 Wonderful Night in Chengdu
499 Husband, please say something.
500 Open your mouth, I have something wrong
501 Mrs. Tong’s meal
502 The leader’s late night snack
503 Kyuubi’s tail
504 Vampire Princess Cheng Siyun Wardrobe
505 A date between three people
506 is about to explode
507 new machine
508 Sweeping robot returns
509 The little fox girl evolves into the three-tailed little fox girl
511 The greatest happiness in life
512 Love without borders
513 alien
514 Female celebrity visits
516 Sister Lu
517 Tong Lu and Qin Ren
518 holiday
519 your woman
520 Mrs. Tong who goes back on her word
521 Reassuring and gentle
522 The secret of two people
523 Sleeping with a big quilt
524 Filial Qin Ren
525 water of life
526 emergencies
527 Kiss under the sunrise
528 Su Lili’s Werewolf Killing
529 The real werewolf
530 They cannot be left as widows
531 The sudden change in Mount Tai
532 A hundred years of dependence
533 The initiator of everything
534 Mechanical Girl No. 033
535 The Slime Sees the Light Again
536 The Cheng family’s “whole family was destroyed”
537 Slime Girl’s Night Visit
538 The injured wife next door
539 Story game with Sister Yun
540 Gu Qing plus
541 Another Sister Su
542 The “parent-child” relationship between Qin Ren and Su Yu
543 Familiar Two Doors
544 Deer voice tonight
545 The magical power of the mechanical girl
546 Succubus Qin Ren
547 I miss my mother
548 Magic Cat
549 Use previous title
550 It’s better to choose a day than to hit it
551 Leader’s Thoughts
552 I do
553 Husband
554 Nine tails, big fox girl
555 Mid-Autumn Festival, the blood moon reappears
556 Succubus Su Yu