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nuclear power sword fairy

nuclear power sword fairy

author:Riding the Wind and Sword

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:03-14 12:25

Latest chapter:Finished this testimonial and released 'From Mortal Body to Smashing Planet'.

Beside the coast, a 100-meter star gate is overflowing with light. Outside the star gate, an army made of steel can't be seen at a glance. On the sky, a fighter jet flies across the sky, interweaving the iron curtain. In the distant ocean, aircraft carriers, Destroyers and frigates are all over the sea, ready to go. All the guns are aimed at a figure coming out of the star gate. In the name of the federal command, I order you to retreat, otherwise, what awaits you will be a full-scale war. War? In front of him, his figure swelled against the wind, growing from less than two meters in an instant to a chaotic demon god thousands of meters high. White dwarf-like brilliance emanated from him, and his own gravity alone had already caused lightning and thunder in a radius of thousands of miles. Tsunami tide. He lowered his head... Looking at the toy-like war weapons one after another. He stretched out his hand, and a hydrogen bomb fell into his hand. The electronic degenerate star core in the body released helium, and the helium element expanded. The isotopic elements deuterium and tritium condense, and the energy explodes. The suddenly formed incandescent light is like lighting up a sun on the sea. The high temperature of the meter is compressed, sealed in the palm, and cannot escape. I think you should choose peace.

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《nuclear power sword fairy》The latest nine chapters
Finished this testimonial and released 'From Mortal Body to Smashing Planet'.
Chapter 897 Pan Universe
Chapter 896: Prosperity
Chapter 895: The End of the Era
Chapter 894: Da Luo Jinxian
Chapter 893: Thirty Three Days
Chapter 892 Practice System
Chapter eight hundred and ninetieth master
Chapter 889: Three Thousand Dao Ancestors in Ancient and Modern Times
《nuclear power sword fairy》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Reborn Demon Dao Giants, Chased and Killed by Qi Refining Mengxin
Chapter 2 Epiphany
Chapter 3 The Four Killers of Xingzhou
Chapter 4 Correct usage of Qinglian
Chapter 5 Traitors
Chapter 6 Strength
Chapter 7 Disciples
Chapter 8 Adjustment (Thanks to the low-key leader at the beginning of the sword)
Chapter 9 The Temple of Refining Demons
Chapter 10: Endure the Calm for a Time
Chapter 11 Take a Step Back and Raise the Sword to Kill
Chapter Twelve Demons
Chapter 13 Bounty
Chapter Fourteen: The Great Sun and Nine Refinements Concept
Chapter 15 Knowledge is Power
Chapter 16 Celestial Master
Chapter 17 Do a vote
Chapter 18 Packaging
Chapter 19 Star City (Thanks to the leader of Nianqi
Chapter 20: Jiangdong Goes
Chapter 21 Spiritual Consciousness
Chapter 22 The fighting style of the Celestial Master
Chapter 23 Business
Chapter 24 Ruins Building
Chapter 25 Inheriting Jade Slips
Chapter 26 Explosion
Chapter 27 Bronze Swordsman
Chapter 28 The Great Sun Demon God's Body Refinement Method
Chapter 29 The Ancient Family
Chapter 30 Demon Warrior
Chapter 31 Find the door
Chapter 32 Amakusa Pavilion
Chapter 33 The honest man is angry
Chapter 34 Arrival
Chapter 35 Killing
Chapter 36 Siege
Chapter 37 No Man's Land
Chapter 38 Meteorite Guard
Chapter 39: The Guardian
Chapter 40: Lingxiao City
Chapter 41 Appointment
Chapter 42 Violent Resistance to the Law
Chapter 43 Repression
Chapter 44 Rules
Chapter 45 Promotion
Chapter 46: The Essence of Spirit Artifacts
Chapter forty-seven mouth-to-mouth
Chapter 48 The Truth
Chapter forty-ninth menacing
Chapter 50: The Devil's Way
Chapter 51 Defeat
Chapter 52 Life Goals
Chapter 53: The Perfection of the Movement
Chapter 54 New Tactics
Chapter 55 The Secret of Spirituality
Chapter 56: The End of the Force
Chapter 57 Ling Xiao changed hands
Chapter 58 True Spirit
Chapter fifty-ninth red blood door
Chapter Sixty
Chapter 61: The Patriarch of the Red Sword
Chapter 62 Attack and Kill
Chapter 63 The Demon Appears
Chapter 64 True Spirit
Chapter 65 Barrage Torrent
Chapter 66 Information
Chapter 67: The Devil's Crack
Chapter 68 Distribution
Chapter 69 Discussion
Chapter 70 Qi Fenglei
Chapter 71 Factory
Chapter 72 The icing on the cake
Chapter 73 The new guard
Chapter 74 Steady
Chapter 75 Preparation
Chapter 76 Demons
Chapter 77 Strength
Chapter 78 Pressing
Chapter seventy-ninth
Chapter 80 Collusion with the Demon Sect
Chapter 81 Destruction
Chapter 82 Random killing
Chapter 83 Unspoken Rules
Chapter 84 Heaven and Earth are all together
Chapter 85 Nuclear Power Engine
Chapter 86 Chase and Kill
Chapter 87 Slaughter
Chapter 88 Showdown
Chapter 89 Training
Chapter 90 Kou can go and I can go
Chapter 91 Deity Transformation (Ninth More
Chapter 92 Intercept Feijian (Tenth Update Completed)
Chapter 93 Siege
Chapter 94: It's all coming
Chapter 95 Thinking for the long term
Chapter 96 Grief
Chapter 97 Knowledge Changes Destiny
Chapter 98: Intricate
Chapter 99 Appointment
Chapter 100 Contact
Chapter 101 Tranquility
Chapter 102 Debt Collection
Chapter 103 Scanning
Chapter 104: Gathering
Chapter 105: Assault
Chapter 106 Strategies
Chapter 107 Chaos
Chapter 108 Intimidation
Chapter 109 One Punch
Chapter 110 Separation
Chapter 111 Accumulation
Chapter 112 Star King
Chapter 113 Tianjun
Chapter 114: Effective
Chapter 115 Prestige
Chapter 116 Situation
Chapter 117: One enemy two
Chapter 118 Temptation
Chapter 119 Missile
Chapter 120: The Root of the Demon
Chapter 121 Mission
Chapter 122 Spirit Tool
Chapter 123 Heavenly Sword
Chapter 124: Martial Dao Transformation Realm
Chapter 125 All things have spirits, all living beings have intentions
Chapter 126 No accident
Chapter 127 Hostile
Chapter 128 Eternal Heavenly Curse
Chapter 129: Calm down
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Cut Weeds and Roots
Chapter 131 Divine Sword Conference
Chapter 132 Demon Body
Chapter 133 Taihe City
Chapter 134: Suppression
Chapter 135 Is there a possibility
Chapter 136 Rule
Chapter 137 Immortal Golden Body
Chapter 138 Heavenly Sword
Chapter 139 Guya
Chapter 140: The Great Sun Tianzong
Chapter 141 Supreme Elder
Chapter 142 give up
Chapter 143: Marriage
Chapter 144: Xin Tianqi
Chapter 145 Professor
Chapter 146 True Spirit Projection Technique
Chapter 147: Luck
Chapter 148: Xin Tianqi
Chapter 149: Invading Chizhou
Chapter 150 Go to invite the elders
Chapter 151 The script went wrong
Chapter 152 bowing head
Chapter 153 Friendship
Chapter 154: Purgatory Reincarnation
Chapter 155: Hope
Chapter 156: Demon Siege
Chapter 157: The Battle of Baihe City
Chapter 158 Demon Ape Commander
Chapter 159 Defeated
Chapter 160 Results
Chapter 161 Change
Chapter 162 Verification
Chapter 163 Longque Villa
Chapter 164 The Devil's Guard
Chapter 165 Differences
Chapter 166: Bearing the Shadow Sword
Chapter 167 Heavy Artillery
Chapter 168 Fermentation
Chapter 169 Technology
Chapter 170 Communication
Chapter 171 Sincerity
Chapter 172 Surrounding
Chapter 173 Heavenly Sword
Chapter 174 Anti-kill
Chapter 175 Pursuit
Chapter 176 Harvest
Chapter 177 The second scene
Chapter 178 Order
Chapter 179 Inserting the mark and selling the first
Chapter 180 Vibration
Chapter 181 face
Chapter 182 Clean up
Chapter 183 Right and wrong
Chapter 184 The Future of the Star Alliance
Chapter 185 surrender
Chapter 186 The icing on the cake
Chapter 187 Endless life
Chapter 188: Return to the capital
Chapter 189 The Lord of a State
Chapter 190 Top Forces
Chapter 191 Policy
Chapter 192 True Monarch Fourth Class
Chapter 193 The New Alliance
Chapter 194 The Change of True Spirit
Chapter 195 Direction
Chapter 196 Taboo
Chapter 197 Visit
Chapter 198 Bet
Chapter 199: The Dragon Comes
Chapter 200 Yuezhou
Chapter 201 Aries Palace
Chapter 202 Materials Daquan
Chapter 203 Wind Turbine
Chapter 204 try again
Chapter 205 Nuclear Fusion Engine
Chapter 206 Accident
Chapter 207 Perfect
Chapter 208 Heavy Treasure
Chapter 209 The Lord of Creation
Chapter 210 Malicious
Chapter 211 Trailing
Chapter 212 Raid
Chapter 213 The rabble
Chapter 214 Decision
Chapter 215 Return
Chapter 216 The rain is coming
Chapter two hundred and seventeen the agitation
Chapter 218 Choice
Chapter 219 Location
Chapter 220 Tactics
Chapter 221 Flying Sword Covers
Chapter 222 decisive
Chapter 223 Counterattack
Chapter 224 Surrounding
Chapter 226 Nuclear explosion
Chapter 227 The whole army was annihilated
Chapter 228 The Destruction of Longque Villa
Chapter 229 Sweeping Jiangzhou
Chapter 230: Purgatory's Mind
Chapter 231 Enemies should be resolved but not knotted
Chapter 232 Overseas
Chapter 233 Integration
Chapter 234 Immortal Gold
Chapter 235 Friendship
Chapter 236 Torch
Chapter 237 Heavenly Sword Master
Chapter 238 Mysterious Bird
Chapter 239 Connection
Chapter 240 Bait
Chapter 241 Nantianmen Project
Chapter 242 Borrowing the Way
Chapter 243 The Second Heavenly Monarch
Chapter 244: The Great Action
Chapter 245: Going South
Chapter 246: Severe
Chapter 247 North and South Flanking
Chapter 248: The Great Emperor
Chapter 249 Prepare for war
Chapter 250 Times have changed
Chapter 251: Mysterious Bird Attacks
Chapter 252 fierce battle
Chapter 253 Light
Chapter 254 Pursuit
Chapter 255: Front and Back Flanking
Chapter 256 The whole army was annihilated
Chapter 257 Harvest
Chapter 258 Intention
Chapter 259 Conditions
Chapter 260 Unfaithful and unfilial
Chapter 261 Chaotang
Chapter 262 Consummation
Chapter 263 Exchange
Chapter 264: Spiritual Reverence
Chapter 265 Report
Chapter two hundred and sixty sixth
Chapter 267 The True Solution of Heavenly Immortals
Emperor Two Hundred and Sixty Eighth Chapter Lanzhou
Chapter 269 Magic Bird
Chapter two hundred and seventieth
Chapter 271 The way out
Chapter two hundred and seventy-two for help
Chapter 273 Effective
Chapter 274 Immortal Gold Collection
Chapter 275 Take over Huangzhou
Chapter 276 Attack
Chapter two hundred and seventy seventh defeat
Chapter 278: Luck
Chapter 279 Backlash
Chapter 280 Good and Evil
Chapter 281 The Murderer
Chapter 282 New Signal
Chapter 283 Electromagnetic Cannon
Chapter 284 Self-created exercises
Chapter two hundred and eighty fifth accumulation
Chapter 286 Collaborators
Chapter 287 Invitation
Chapter 288
Chapter 289 Trust
Chapter 290 Ancient Taishang
Chapter 291 Status
Chapter 292 Tianhe Crack
Chapter 293
Chapter 294
Chapter 295
Chapter 296: Modification Completed
Chapter 297
Chapter 298 Demon Realm
Chapter 299 Consummation
Chapter 300 Attack
Chapter 301 Expedition
Chapter 302 Beyond Visual Range Strike
Chapter 303: Destruction
Chapter 304 Chill
Chapter 305 Compliance
Chapter 306 Victory
Chapter three hundred and seventh empty mirage beads
Chapter 308 Three Roads
Chapter 309 Crossing the River by Feeling the Elephant
Chapter 310: No. 1 in the world
Chapter 311 Test Machine
Chapter Three Hundred and Twelfth God Soldier
Chapter 313 Mysterious Heavenly Monarch
Chapter 314 Void Projection
Chapter 315: The Excalibur Conference opens
Chapter 316 Exchange
Chapter 317 The First Experiment of the Starry Federation
Chapter 318 Star Spirit Terrace
Chapter 319: Divine Beast
Chapter three hundred and twentieth comprehend the true solution of the gods
Chapter 321 Awakened
Chapter three hundred and twenty second face
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty-Three Wu Natural Enemies
Chapter 324 Infighting
Three hundred and twentieth chapters supernatural powers
Chapter 326 Zombie Tyrannosaurus
Chapter 327 Siege
Chapter 328 Killing
Chapter 329 Transformation
Chapter 330 The Great Sun dominates
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty-First
Chapter 332 Lingxiao Palace
Chapter 333 Soldier Lord
Chapter 334 Longevity World
Chapter 335 Invasion
Chapter 336 Restrictions
Chapter 337 The real usage of Void Projection
Chapter 338 Time
Chapter 339 Sanqing Hall
Chapter 340: No. 1 in the world
Chapter 341: The Spiritual World Shocks
Chapter 342: One Hundred Years
Chapter 343: Taking refuge
Chapter 344 Counterattack Muzhou
Chapter 345 Hunting Ground
Chapter 346 Gold Mine
Chapter 347 Beheading
Chapter 348 Sweep
Chapter 349 Questions
Chapter 350 The world is punished
Chapter 351 Choice
Chapter 352 The truth
Chapter 353 The Book of Nature
Chapter 354 World Sword
Chapter 355 Join
Chapter 356: The Nature of the Creator
Chapter 357 The Way of the Divine Soldier
Three hundred and fiftieth eight chapters give up
Chapter 359: Three Thousand Daze
Chapter 360 The Son of Heaven Sword
Chapter three hundred and sixty first companion
Chapter 362 Substitution
Chapter three hundred and sixty third shot down
Three hundred and sixtieth chapters heavy
Chapter 365 The lion beats the rabbit with all his strength
Chapter 366 Decoy
Chapter 367 Great Supernatural Powers
Chapter three hundred and sixty-eight escape
Chapter 369 Loss
Chapter 370 Trust
Chapter three hundred and seventy first joys and sorrows
Chapter 372 Choice
Chapter 373 Cooperation
Chapter 374: The Great Heavenly Monarch
Chapter 375 Star Destroyer
Chapter 376 Demon Civilization
Chapter 377 Killing
Chapter three hundred and seventy-eight of the curtain
Chapter 379 Recuperation
Chapter three hundred and eighty refining magic beads
Chapter three hundred and eighty first surrender
Chapter three hundred and eighty second purge
Chapter 383 Chaos True Demon Body
Chapter 384 Chaos Lei Yuan Body
Chapter 385: Re-entering the Aries Palace
Chapter 386 Passed
Chapter 387 The Place of Inheritance
Chapter 388 Aries Lord
Chapter 389 Incarnation
Chapter 390 WYSIWYG
Chapter 391 The truth of the destruction of the Celestial Master civilization
Chapter 392 Holy Land
Chapter 393 The Land of Hope
Chapter 394 Wind and Rain City
Chapter three hundred and ninety fifth resettlement
Chapter 396 Huanglong Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 397 Blue Star People
Three hundred and ninetieth eight chapters worship
Chapter 399 guessing
Chapter 400 Martial Saint
Chapter 401 Martial Dao Will
Chapter 402 Martial Saint Inheritance
Chapter 403
Chapter 404
405 Out of Control
Chapter 406: Chenyu
Chapter 407
Chapter 408
Chapter 409 Competition
Chapter 410 Captain
Chapter 411
Chapter 412 Decoy
Chapter 413
414 Murderer
Chapter 415 Transformation
Chapter 416 Outer City
Chapter 417 Surrounding
Chapter 418 Brightness
Chapter 419 Tianyin Tower
Chapter 420 Organization
Chapter 421 Blu-ray Club
Chapter 422 Method
Chapter 423 Magical Powers
Chapter 424: The Magnetic Field of the Stars
Chapter 425
Chapter 426: Law Enforcer
Chapter 427
Chapter 428 Thunder Operation
Chapter 429
Chapter 430 Exchange
Chapter 431
Chapter 432
Chapter 433 Lei Yuanzong
Chapter 434 Trap
Chapter 435 Oppression
Chapter 436
Chapter 437
Chapter 438: The Road to Derived Stars
Chapter 439 face
Chapter 440
Chapter 441 Martial Saint
Chapter 442 Tracing
Chapter 443 Action
Chapter 444: Captured
Chapter 445
Chapter 446 Transaction
Chapter 447: Slaying Demons
Chapter 448
Chapter 449 Return
Chapter 450 Reversal
Chapter 451: The Dust Settles
Chapter 452
Chapter 453 New Storm
Chapter 454 Channels
Chapter 455
Chapter 456 Knife
Chapter 457 Haifeng City
Chapter 458 Talent
Chapter 459 Fusion
Chapter 460 Demon Cultists
Chapter 461: Escapism
Chapter 462 Transaction
Chapter 463 Chaos astral body completes
Chapter 464 The Son of the Stars
Chapter 465
Chapter 466
Chapter 467: Heavenly Punishment
Chapter 468 Beyond the Holy Dynasty
Chapter 469 Attacking the Demon Territory
Chapter 470: Building the Protoss Platform
Chapter 471 Tactics
Chapter 472: Next Step
Chapter 473
Chapter 474 Demon Emperor
Chapter 475: Delay
Chapter 476
Chapter 477
Chapter 478
Chapter 479 The Law
Chapter 480 Liyang Dongtian Supreme Elder
Chapter 481 Big Fish
Chapter 482
Chapter 483
Chapter 484: The Temple of Slaying Demons
Chapter 485 Play
Chapter 486
Chapter 487
Chapter 488
Chapter 489 Immortal Kingdom
Chapter 490 The main battlefield
Chapter 491: The Way of Heaven
Chapter 492 The Three Realms
Chapter 493
Chapter 494 Six Princesses
Chapter 495
Chapter 496 Siege
Chapter 497 Purgatory
Chapter 498 Magic Weapon
Chapter 499 The Curse of the Blood Pact
Chapter 500 Speech
Chapter 501: Lockdown
Chapter 502: Troubled times use heavy code
Chapter 503 Promotion
Chapter 504 Star Mark Demon God
Chapter five hundred and fifth fear
Chapter 506 Familiar
Chapter Five Hundred and Seven Great Magicians
Chapter 508: Millions of demons are turned into ashes
Chapter 509 Wanted
Five hundred and tenth chapter innocence
Chapter 511 Intelligence
Chapter 512 Procrastination
Chapter 513 Materials
Chapter 514
Chapter 515
Chapter 516 Disposal
Chapter 517: The Holy Dynasty's Position
Chapter 518: Consummation
Chapter five hundred and nineteen magnetic field rotation
Chapter five hundred and twentieth team
Chapter 521 God Soldier Recognizes the Lord
Chapter 522 Immortal
Chapter 523 True Immortal Research Institute
Chapter five hundred and twenty fourth take the initiative to attack
Chapter 525
Chapter 526 Mineral Veins
Chapter 527 Civilization War
Chapter 528 Crushing
Chapter 529 Demon God
Chapter 530
Chapter 531: The balance is tilted
Chapter five hundred and thirty second major event
Chapter 533: Say something slowly
Five hundred and thirtieth chapters fear like a tiger
Chapter 535 Liyang King
Chapter 536 Chao Jiuyin
Chapter 537 Tianshi Hall
Five hundred and thirtieth eight chapters learn from each other
Chapter 539 Surrender
Chapter 540: Reasonable
Chapter 541 Battleship
Chapter 542 The Holy Dynasty and the ancient real immortals rule the world together
Chapter 543 Arrangements
Chapter 544 Arrival
Chapter 545: The Creator Comes
Chapter five hundred and fortieth major events
Chapter five hundred and forty seventh battle
Chapter five hundred and forty-eight consumption
Chapter 549 Reversal
Chapter 550 Fear
Chapter 551 Occupy
Chapter five hundred and fifty second monster
Chapter five hundred and fiftieth annihilation
Chapter 554: Cultivation of Immortals
Chapter 555: Ruin Beast
Chapter five hundred and fiftieth chapters of the twins
Chapter five hundred and fifty seventh return to dry days
Chapter 558 Controlling the Aries Palace
Chapter 559: Spiritual Pillar
Chapter 560 Arrangement
Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty-One The Message from the Beginning
Chapter five hundred and sixty-two the aura is revived
Chapter 563 Strengthening
Five hundred and sixtieth chapters Yuan Lord
Chapter 565 True Immortal
Chapter 566 The Strong (Two in One)
Chapter 567 Suppression
Chapter 568
Chapter 569 The truth of the fairyland
Chapter 570
Chapter 571
Chapter 572
Chapter 573: The Palace of Creation
Chapter 574 Demon Lord
Chapter 575 Perfect Void Projection
Chapter 576 Foundation Establishment Period
Chapter 577: Mysterious Immortal Realm
Chapter 578
Chapter 579
Chapter 580 Crack Generator
Chapter 581 Cross
Chapter 582
Chapter five hundred and eighty second confrontation
Chapter 583: Yinglong Holy Land
Chapter five hundred and eighty-four outspoken
Chapter five hundred and eighty fifth reason
Chapter 586 Yinglong
Chapter five hundred and eighty seventh hidden terror
Chapter 588 Return to the Holy Dynasty
Chapter 589 Gravity
Chapter five hundred and ninetieth cave stone
Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety-First Underworld God
Chapter five hundred and ninety second forced breakthrough
Chapter five hundred and ninety third volume
Chapter five hundred and ninety fourth six immortal masters
Chapter 596 Answers
Chapter 597: The Way of Heaven
Chapter 598 Trust
Chapter 599 Evacuation
Chapter 600 Entering the Xuanxian Realm
Chapter 601 The Gate of Creation
Chapter 602 Integration
Chapter 603: Creation of Heaven
Chapter 604 Household Affairs
Chapter 606 Gift
Chapter 608 Yunxiao Sect
Chapter 609 Cost-effective
Chapter 610 Flames of Heaven
Chapter 610 Retrograde
Chapter 611 Bombing
Chapter 613
Chapter six hundred and thirteenth dealing with the cave
Chapter 614 Ye Family
Chapter 616
Chapter 616 The Supreme Immortal Lord
Chapter 618 The identity of Ganxingren
Chapter 619
Chapter 620: Cave Sky
Chapter 621 Remediation of the gate of good fortune
Chapter 621 Cultivation
Chapter 622 Test Machine
Chapter 624: The Supreme Elder of Fortune Gate
Chapter 624 The New Era
Chapter 626: Infiltrate
Chapter 627 Wanxing Sword Sect
Chapter 628 Betrayal
Chapter 629 Expose
Six hundred and twentieth nine chapters forcibly
Chapter 630 Ripped
Chapter 631 Hole Cards
Chapter 633
Chapter 634 Chaos Demon God Proves the Eternal Law
Chapter 635 Protagonist
Chapter 636 Heavenly Fire Sect Invasion
Chapter 636 Increment
Chapter 638: Entering the World of Longevity
Chapter 639: Destroying the Dao Master
Chapter 640
Chapter 641 Twist
Chapter 642 Transformation
Chapter 643 Investigation
Chapter 644 Destroy the Star Spirit Platform
Chapter 645 Nuclear explosion
Chapter 646 Influence
Chapter 647: Destruction of Mulong Kingdom
Chapter 648 Tianyuan Road
Chapter six hundred and forty-ninth rich
Chapter 650 Perception
Chapter six hundred and fifty first meeting
Chapter 652 Beating
Chapter 653 Immortal Art
Chapter 654 Matter, Energy, Spirit, Space
Chapter 655 Insight into the truth
Chapter 656 Longevity World Planning
Chapter 657 Calcining
Chapter 658 Counterattack Tianhuozong
Chapter 659: Falling from the Sky
Chapter 661
Chapter 662 Overlord
Chapter 663 The Calm Before the Storm
Chapter 664 Blue Star Federation
Chapter 665 Substitution
Chapter 666 Dragon Sword Sect
Chapter 666 Crusade
Chapter 668: The Pavilion of Eternal Life
Six hundred and sixtieth eight chapters preemptive strike
Six hundred and sixtieth IX The end of the crossbow
Chapter 670 Promotion
Six hundred and seventieth chapters clear
Chapter 672: The Coalition Army’s Rout
Six hundred and seventieth chapters counterattack
Six hundred and seventieth chapters surging
Chapter 675 Wait and see
Chapter 676: The Mohists
Chapter 678 Supernova Explosion
Chapter 679 Influence
Chapter 679: Peace
Chapter 680: Golden Immortal
Chapter 681: Evil Spirits
Chapter 682 Fear
Chapter 683: The Xuanhuang Dynasty
Chapter 684: The Son of the World
Chapter 685 Meet
Chapter 686 Self-directed and self-acted
Chapter 687: Blue Star and Xuanhuang Xianchao
Chapter 688 Overseas Battlefield
Chapter 689 Mind, Heart, Soul
Chapter 690 Re-entering the Demon Realm
Chapter 691: Demon Lord Cangming
Chapter six hundred and ninety second: Truce
Six hundred and ninetieth chapters framed
Chapter 694 Air duel
Chapter 695: Siege
Six hundred and ninetieth chapters broken empty mirror
Chapter 697 Great Opportunity
Chapter 699 Press Conference
Chapter 700 Speech
Chapter 700 Connection
Chapter 701: The Star Gate Opens
Chapter 702: Terror Comes
Chapter 703 Despair
Chapter 704: The Needed Truth
Chapter 705 Trial
Chapter 707 Blue Star Security Council
Chapter 708 Arrangement
Chapter 709 Immortal Cave
Chapter 710 Hunting
Chapter 711: The Pilot
Chapter 711: Stability
Chapter 712: Temptation
Chapter 713 Unpredictable Hearts
Chapter 714 Energy Academy
Chapter 716 Bachelor
Chapter 717: Results
Chapter 718 Standing
Chapter 718: Galaxy Map
Chapter 719 Gods
Chapter 720: The Heart of the Universe
Chapter 721 Three Sovereigns and Five Sovereigns
Chapter 722: Black Hole Reactor
Seven hundred and twentieth chapters leave
Chapter 724 The key
Chapter 725: Eye of Thunder and Punishment
Chapter 726 Talent
Chapter 727: Kingdom of God
Chapter 728: Demon Lord of Ruin Heaven
Chapter 729: Immortal Lord Ziguang Zhongtian
Chapter 730 Collective Will
Chapter 731 Classes
Chapter 733 Entering the Demon Realm
Chapter 733 Transformation
Chapter 735 Destruction of the Demon Realm
Chapter 736: Immortal Golden Immortal Corpse
Chapter 737
Chapter 738: Dao Jinxian
Chapter 739 Status Quo
Chapter 740
Chapter 741: Trading
Chapter 742 Supreme Immortal Art
Chapter 743 Deterrence
Chapter 744 Compensation
Chapter 745: Abomination
Chapter 746 Unbounded Chapter
Chapter 747 Encounter by chance
Chapter 748 Mt. Shiryu
Chapter 749 Firewood Mars Sea
Chapter 750
Chapter 751
Chapter 752 The Name of the Great Dao Golden Immortal
Chapter 753 Congenital body
Chapter 754 Immortal Body
Chapter 754 Experiment
Chapter 755: Rescue
Seven hundred and fiftieth chapters trap
Chapter 757: The Crowd
Seven hundred and fiftieth eighth chapter jade and stone burn together
Seven hundred and fiftieth IX fierce battle
Chapter 760 Tenth Order
Chapter seven hundred and sixty first treatment
Chapter 762: Reward
Seven hundred and sixtieth chapters see off
Chapter 764: Alliance of Ten Thousand Realms
Chapter 765 Unscrupulous
Seven hundred and sixtieth chapters fly away
Chapter 767: Tranquility
Seven hundred and sixtieth eight chapters counterattack
Chapter 769 Yuan Wuji
Chapter 770: Annihilation of the whole army
Chapter 771 Fear
Chapter 772: Evergreen League
Seven hundred and seventieth chapters target
Chapter 774 Reunion
Seven hundred and seventieth chapters weight
Chapter 776: Taoist Companion
Chapter 777 Gifts
Chapter 778 Evaluation
Chapter 779 Conditions
Chapter seven hundred and eightieth choice
Chapter 781: The Qin Family
Chapter 782: A Hundred Years of Retreat
Chapter 783: Yun Kun
Chapter 784: Witnessing History
Chapter 785 Arrangement
Chapter 786: Small World
Chapter 787: First
Chapter 788 Undercurrent
Chapter 789: Hunting God
Chapter 790 Degradation
Chapter 791 Calculation
Chapter 792 Strength
Chapter 793: Slaying God
Seven hundred and ninetieth chapters verify body
Chapter 795 Territory
Chapter 796: Killing Intent
Chapter 797: Evergreen Sect (Happy New Year)
Seven hundred and ninetieth eight chapters wind
Seven hundred and ninetieth IX God Emperor
Chapter 800: World of Gods
Chapter 801 God King Please Stay Away
Chapter 802 Everything is ready
Chapter 803 Prey
Chapter 804: Enlightenment
Chapter 805 Prevarication
Chapter 806 Escort
Chapter 807 Zhouzhuang Dream Butterfly
Chapter eight hundred and eighth interception
Chapter 809 Return to Daozun Mansion
Chapter 810: Protoss Race
Chapter 811 Star Prison
Chapter 812: Rescue
Chapter eight hundred and thirteenth disaster
Chapter 814: Myself
Chapter 815 Show
Chapter 816 Destruction
Chapter 817 Clearance
Chapter 818: Leaving Star Prison
Chapter 819: Inner Palace Taoist Lord
Chapter 820: Tianjiao
Chapter 821: Reincarnation
Chapter 822 Immortal Golden Immortal
Chapter 823: Ancient Immortal Venerable
Chapter 824: Congratulations
Chapter 825 Innate Galaxy Map
Chapter 826: Circle
Chapter 827: Bait
Chapter 828 Muddy Waters
Chapter 829 Turmoil
Chapter 830 Dilemma
Chapter 831 Exposure
Eight hundred and thirtieth chapters arrest
Chapter 833 Prey
Chapter 834: Goal
Eight hundred and thirtieth chapters: the enemy advances and we retreat
Chapter 836: The Curtain
Chapter 837: Good Fortune Artifact
Chapter 838 Identity
Chapter 839: Inheritance Stone
Chapter 841 Supreme Immortal Artifact
Chapter 841: Shenzhou Continent
Chapter 842: Powerful Reincarnation
Chapter 843: Xuanhuang
Chapter 845: Emperor Xi
Chapter 845: Attitude
Chapter 847 Fame in the Star Sea
Chapter 847 Surging
Chapter 849 Immortal Power
Chapter 850 Invitation
Chapter 851 The Sand of Eternity
Chapter 851: Primitive
Chapter 853 Compensation
Chapter 854 Tai Yi Sword
Chapter 855
Chapter 856: Almighty
Chapter 857 Leave
Chapter 858 Temptation
Chapter 858 Re-entering the Realm of the Gods
Eight hundred and fiftieth IX A plate of loose sand
Chapter 860: The Death of the Realm of the Gods
Chapter 861: Chaos
Eight hundred and sixtieth chapters it will come naturally
Chapter 864 Joint Siege
Chapter 868: Direction
Eight hundred and sixtieth IX Rooted
Chapter 871 Abducted
Chapter eight hundred and seventy first authority
Chapter 872: The Beginning
Chapter 873: True Identity
Chapter 874: Devouring the Universe
Chapter 875 Selfishness
Chapter 876 Persecution
Chapter 877 Existence
Chapter 879 The universe is a disk
Eight hundred and seventieth IX refining the empty way
Chapter eight hundred and eightieth agreed
Chapter 881: Finally
Chapter 882: Farewell
Chapter 883: Dao Ancestor
Chapter 884 Primal Appearance
Chapter 885 Strength
Chapter 886 Great Destruction
Chapter 887: Universe
Chapter eight hundred and eighty eighth rise
Chapter 889: Three Thousand Dao Ancestors in Ancient and Modern Times
Chapter eight hundred and ninetieth master
Chapter 892 Practice System
Chapter 893: Thirty Three Days
Chapter 894: Da Luo Jinxian
Chapter 895: The End of the Era
Chapter 896: Prosperity
Chapter 897 Pan Universe
Finished this testimonial and released 'From Mortal Body to Smashing Planet'.