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No, even a gentleman should be careful

No, even a gentleman should be careful

author:Yang Xiaorong

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:07-06 00:54

Latest chapter:Chapter 447: Struggle with others is endless fun

In the first year, Princess Li Qian met a gentleman for the first time. He uprightly upheld justice. She sneered: 'Hypocrite.' In the third year, during the battle for the emperor's heir, everything was lost with just one step. She closed her eyes and begged for death. That man was the only one who stood out. Protecting her family and life to return to the capital, she sneered: He is indeed a gentleman. In the fifth year, the coup came to the throne, and the empress came to the court and offered the man high-ranking officials, rich salaries, noble women and beauties, but she refused them all. She frowned slightly: He is indeed a gentleman. In the tenth year, When she woke up in the morning, her whole body ached, she gritted her teeth and cursed the person beside her pillow: You are not a gentleman! Three things can make the empire great again: swords, humble ministers and Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. He said this to the empress.— ————[I have written a 2.4 million-word fine fairy tale 'I Have a Sword Fairy Wife', good friends in the book world can be happy~]

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《No, even a gentleman should be careful》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 447: Struggle with others is endless fun
Chapter 447: Struggle with others is endless fun
Chapter 446 This formation is designed to kill the sword holder
Chapter 445 Lend a pair of eyes
Chapter 444 Crying counts as time (Happy New Year)
Chapter 443 Strange
Chapter 442: The stupidest, no one else (please vote for me at the beginning of the month!)
Chapter 441 Mo’s wonderful thoughts
Chapter 440 Baizetu, Fang Xiangmian
《No, even a gentleman should be careful》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1
Chapter 2 Do you want a wife or not?~
Chapter 3 This High-End Game
Chapter 4 Aunt is fierce
Chapter 5 Good nephew, you don't want to be called unfilial, do you?
Chapter 6 One Tower, One Clock, One Wooden Fish
Chapter 7 Laughing? Laughing is also considered a merit!
Chapter 8: Unfeminine Yang Lianghan
Chapter 9 A Blessing Worth Ten Thousand Merits
Chapter 10 Marrying a wife should marry a woman with five surnames
Chapter 11 Sadness and Joy Are Not Connected
Chapter 12 Nine Mythical Paths
Chapter 13 Hello Junior Sister
Chapter 14 The Xie Family Has a Young Girl
Chapter 15 Inexplicably Deducted Merits
Chapter 16 The Yue Girl Qing
Chapter 17 Bow tie and surprise
Chapter 18 Little Martial Sister Likes Being on It
Chapter 19: Full of Good Men
Chapter 20 Is it normal for a gentleman to know how to shoot arrows?
Chapter 21 Repertoire that the masses love to see
Chapter 22 The Hypocrite
Chapter 23 No one knows better about water control than me
Chapter 24
Chapter 25
Chapter 26 You Know Jimin
Chapter 27
Chapter 28 - Tan Lang's School Has Been Broken
Chapter 29 Junior sister really doesn’t treat me as an outsider
Chapter 30 Giving Beads
Chapter 31 I still like my brother’s unruly look (handsome guys)
Chapter 32 Treat others with sincerity Ouyang Rong (New Year’s greetings to brothers!)
Chapter 33 It’s hard to save a fire from afar
Chapter 34 (Kneel down and thank the good brother 'Chaoyun Hengai' for his two silver coins
Chapter 35 Senior brother is kingly, Su Mei is domineering (please read and vote for me!
Chapter 36 The Immortal Alchemist Dao Meridian (please read and vote for me)
Chapter 37 Scholars also kill people (please read and vote)
Chapter 38 New Life
Chapter 39: From fighting and killing to being humane (4,000 words, Qiuzhu
Chapter 40 There is a woman in Yue Di, Yunmeng has a sword (please read and vote for me)
Chapter 41 On the ninth day of the lunar month, don’t use the hidden dragon
Chapter 42 Don’t I look like someone who shares wealth and honor?
Chapter 43 The Su family, a law-abiding and good citizen (5,000 words, please read it)
Chapter 44 The show begins
Chapter 45 The blessing bell rings again (on the shelves at Qidian. Please order first in the early morning!
Chapter 46 Xiaopoujie’s remarks on the launch!
Chapter 47 Boredom, I want to see the river of blood (first update, please be the first to order)
Chapter 48: Magistrate Ouyang loves the people like a son (second update, please subscribe)
Chapter 49 Good brother-in-law! (Third update, please beg for first order!)
Chapter 50 Junior Sister: I won’t rub him the wrong way (Thanks to “I get tired of talking too much”
Chapter 51 It’s over!
Chapter 52 Book-turner
Chapter 53 What about my great blessing?
Chapter 54: Insights into the slave market of the Great Zhou Dynasty
Chapter 55 Choosing a Maid
Chapter 56 A blessing weighing only five buckets of rice (cheeky request)
Chapter 57 Ye Weila (Happy Lantern Festival!)
Chapter 58 Are you too sweet-mouthed? (Please vote!)
Chapter 59 He is still so enthusiastic (please vote!)
Chapter 60 The Liu family: The county magistrate is cold and violent (please vote!)
Chapter 61 Turning enemies into friends (please vote!)
Chapter 62 You are not allowed to be so awesome (please vote!)
Chapter 63 Su Guoer’s troubles
Chapter 64 New Maid, New Construction and New Unjust Case (2-in-1)
Chapter 65 Luming Street Case Conclusion
Chapter 66 We caught a thief! (Part 1)
Chapter 67 We caught a thief! (Part 2)
Chapter 68 About whipping the junior sister
Chapter 69 New construction, completely smashing the market!
Chapter 70 Ninth Five-Year Plan, the flying dragon is in the sky
Chapter 71 The two met for the first time
Chapter 72 Beauty Takes a Bath (2-in-1, Happy Valentine’s Day!)
Chapter 73 Ask Senior Brother to Discipline
Chapter 74 The Su family (five thousand two)
Chapter 75 Swordsmith
Chapter 76: All the qi practitioners in the world have come to an end
Chapter 77: Open Plank Road
Chapter 78 A girl with low self-esteem
Chapter 79 Talented men and beautiful women must be ruthless!
Chapter 80 Momodani Sword
Chapter 81 More Virgin
Chapter 82 Another blessing (please vote!)
Chapter 83 Health Tea Ceremony at Yunshui Pavilion
Chapter 84 The Last Sword of Faith
Chapter 85 The merit is full, do you want to redeem it?
Chapter 86 Tea Ceremony, Promise and Getting Under the Bed
Chapter 87 The white hair under the quilt
Chapter 88: Heart-to-heart talk under the moon, Wei La Tea Art (two-in-one)
Chapter 89: A big mistake will be recorded if the righteousness is leaked.
Chapter 90 The two leaders of Yunmeng (begging for votes!)
Chapter 91 Melting the cauldron and forging the sword, Liu bowed his head (kneel down and beg for votes!)
Chapter 92: Beheading for Treats and Talking Back to Junior Sister (Kneel down and beg for votes!)
Chapter 93 Bully invites scholar
Chapter 94 Xie Lingjiang: Think about what senior brother would do
Chapter 95 The lion opens his mouth (begging for votes!)
Chapter 96 Wei Song Monkey Raider
Chapter 97 The deceased is the greatest, obey him
Chapter 98 Discussing in the Car and Junior Sister Seventh Grade (Combined Chapter)
Chapter 99: Brother Absorbing Light’s Awe-inspiring Uprightness
Chapter 100 A Qing’s birthday and the new cook
Chapter 101 Give her a blue butterfly flower
Chapter 102 The sword is not a sword, the tripod is not a tripod
Chapter 103 Ritual and Sacrifice
Chapter 104 A strange combination of circumstances and inexplicable merits
Chapter 105 A false alarm, rescue Ah Qing!
Chapter 106 Full of Sincerity
Chapter 107 He is a good official and needs more money
Chapter 108 A day in the life of the white-haired maid
Chapter 109 Wei Lai: The slave has white hair, but he is not a white rabbit (Part 1)
Chapter 110 Wei Lai: The slave has white hair, but he is not a white rabbit (Part 2)
Chapter 111 The maid who lies must be beaten
Chapter 112 Xie Lingjiang: I’m asking this for senior brother
Chapter 113 Inspection of the Floodgate and Letter from Jiangzhou
Chapter 114 The wind blows in Jiangzhou and the birth of the princess
Chapter 115 Is the junior sister anxious?
Chapter 116 A little shock to the Liu family
Chapter 117 Give the County Magistrate a little shock to the Liu family
Chapter 118 Burning Sky Shark Oil and Mirage Mask
Chapter 119 Secretly assassinating Chen Cang
Chapter 120 I predicted your prediction
Chapter 121 The official authority of the Ming Dynasty is about to overflow
Chapter 122 The worst strategy, the middle strategy, the best strategy
Chapter 123 People die in the morning and corpses commit suicide in the evening
Chapter 124 The junior sister was led astray?
Chapter 125 Senior brother really knows how to manage time
Chapter 126 The white-haired maid accepted
Chapter 127: Worshiping ancestors and returning to hometown, farewell to the Zhen family
Chapter 128 Passionate but annoyed by ruthlessness
Chapter 129 The Winged Bird and the Beheading
Chapter 130 Killing people today, no drinking (please vote!)
Chapter 131 Junior Sister’s Women’s Clothing, from Zero to One (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 132 Junior sister is playing a very new thing (please vote for me!
Chapter 133 Im really worried about Mingfu
Chapter 134 Silent Killing (please vote for me!)
Chapter 135 The skirt knife is given to the beloved (please vote for me!)
Chapter 136 Give Yu Mu’s head a little shock
Chapter 137 Knock Senior Brother Yumu’s Head Hard
Chapter 138 It doesn’t matter, I will run away!
Chapter 139 Where’s the Senior Brother’s Skirt Knife?
Chapter 140 An old acquaintance from Beitian Alms Home
Chapter 141 Childhood sweethearts, real and fake fairies
Chapter 142 The skirt knife is stained with blood for the first time
Chapter 143 The speed of life and death, too late?
Chapter 144 Xie Lingjiang: Senior Brother is so kind to me
Chapter 145 Ouyang Rong: Some people are alive but already dead
Chapter 146 Conspiracy loudly?
Chapter 147 Real or fake good man? Caught on the spot!
Chapter 148 Humph, senior brother wouldn’t be so kind to me
Chapter 149 Don’t cry
Chapter 150 Taoist Companion Ling Jiang and Mute Girl Xiu Niang
Chapter 151 The benevolent are invincible, the whole county will be tried
Chapter 152 Birds of a feather die in pairs
Chapter 153 Who is the real murderer? The public trial is a victory
Chapter 154: Dismember the Liu family and punish Liu Ziwen
Chapter 155 The secret plan of the family
Chapter 156 The explosion rate is really high
Chapter 157 Searching the Sword Shop
Chapter 158 Please watch the sword
Chapter 159 There is a sword in the furnace, right and wrong
Chapter 160 Closing Inventory
Chapter 161 Guo'er's invitation, Wei La's return
Chapter 162 It’s safe to have a woman, strange long hair
Chapter 163 People who are useful to the imperial court and the country
Chapter 164 The teacher said
Chapter 165 Something is wrong with the Su family
Chapter 166 A gift of a poem
Chapter 167 A weird new blessing (Happy May Day!)
Chapter 168 Wei La Xiu Niang, sleeping with Tan Lang
Chapter 169 Two women in one drama
Chapter 170 Xie Lingjiang: Senior brother is playing a little perverted
Chapter 171 As active as a white ape, as quiet as a virgin
Chapter 172 The antidote is in me
Chapter 173 Ouyang Lianghan leaks his righteousness
Chapter 174 The familiar name on the gift certificate (Thanks to 'Favorite Dongshan'
Chapter 175 Looking back suddenly
Chapter 176 Come back and say goodbye!
Chapter 177 Miss, you have changed
Chapter 178 Meeting a beautiful woman by chance and making friends with poems
Chapter 179 Su Guo'er: This guy is so arrogant and annoying.
Chapter 180 Believe it or not
Chapter 181 Only talk about romance, not state affairs
Chapter 182 A letter from the embroiderer master
Chapter 183 Lotus Tower Alliance
Chapter 184 The person who fulfills the alliance
Chapter 185 Hongdou is the most lovesick, Hongyi is the most infatuated
Chapter 186 Six-Winged Summer Cicada
Chapter 187 The calm before the storm
Chapter 188 Anyone who advocates abandoning the city can be killed!
Chapter 189 A letter to the folks in Longcheng
Chapter 190 Steaming Yunmengze
Chapter 191 The three armies cannot seize the commander! (Please vote!)
Chapter 192 Reclamation
Chapter 193 Those who deceive people’s hearts should be killed!
Chapter 194 There is also great righteousness in the endless hell
Chapter 195: After waking up from the dream, the righteousness leaks out again
Chapter 196 Junior Sister’s Visit, Li Wei’s Battle
Chapter 197 Junior sister also has this habit?
Chapter 198: Governing a big country is like managing a small couch (Happy Childrens Day)
Chapter 199 This situation is not like that of an imperial family
Chapter 200 Junior sister, what is the most important thing about being a staff member?
Chapter 201: Broken Heart for Senior Brother
Chapter 202 Junior sister, I suggest you join the team in advance to get enough of it!
Chapter 203 Zheng Burke and Duan Yuyan
Chapter 204 Su Guoer: Sister Xie is really his caring little cotton-padded jacket
Chapter 205 Su Guoers ambition
Chapter 206: First glimpse of mythology? Here you go again to lie to me about my merits!
Chapter 207 My shape has changed (Thanks to 'My Favorite Dongshan Qing'
Chapter 208 Arrangements for funeral arrangements and people from Luoyang
Chapter 209 Lady Caichang and Young Master Wei
Chapter 210 When he was young, he was a famous handsome man in Chang'an City
Chapter 211 Yujue
Chapter 212 Dont believe her, the little white rabbit is just faking it!
Chapter 213 Sad Beauty Pass
Chapter 214 Who is the character Zhao given to?
Chapter 215 I have nothing, so I only give you a craftsmans work
Chapter 216 I promise you not to lose your original intention
Chapter 217 Lianghan Angelica!
Chapter 218 Everyone has his own surprises
Chapter 219: The one who harms female celebrities (Happy Dragon Boat Festival!)
Chapter 220 The Bing Yin Yang Family and the Book Reader
Chapter 221 The sword embryo that has experienced four dynasties
Chapter 222 True Name: Sword Techniques and People with Strong Qi
Chapter 223 The Mythical Sword Holder
Chapter 224 Some people return quietly, and some people return slowly
Chapter 225 The Courageous Senior Brother
Chapter 226 Xie Lingjiang: Sit down, Senior Brother (an additional chapter!
Chapter 227 Reasons to Stay
Chapter 228 The golden elixir transforms into a mortal
Chapter 229 Sword Hanging Butterfly Creek (1st update)
Chapter 230 Unexpected (Second update, please vote for me!)
Chapter 231 Back View
Chapter 232 Become Him
Chapter 233 Hostages
Chapter 234 Is my son brave?
Chapter 235 The Three Sins of Liang Han!
Chapter 236 Weird Ninth Grade
Chapter 237 The public is eternal
Chapter 238 Ask for a sword and get a sword!
Chapter 239 Sword made by a famous craftsman
Chapter 240 Hanshi Sword Technique
Chapter 241 Her name is Xuezhongzhu
Chapter 242 Everyone has their own agenda
Chapter 243 The sword is in the underground palace?
Chapter 244 Return to the underground palace, exchange of blessings
Chapter 245 Come back!
Chapter 246 Historical Dust
Chapter 247 The two women are looking for him
Chapter 248 Breaking the Face
Chapter 249 Fierce Girl
Chapter 250 The Secret Skill of the Cauldron Sword
Chapter 251 Strange Misunderstanding
Chapter 252: Merit surges, first glimpse of sword intent
Chapter 253 Is my junior sister in danger?
Chapter 254 Square-inch Thunder Pool
Chapter 255 I have a long tassel in my hand today
Chapter 256 The Yue Girl Searches for a Sword
Chapter 257 Xie Lingjiang: Obviously I came first!
Chapter 258 Father and Daughter Conversation
Chapter 259 A green plum or a fall from the sky? (Additional update please vote!)
Chapter 260 Struggle
Chapter 261 Buddha said no, I said yes
Chapter 262 The Yinjun and the Strange Insects (please vote for me!)
Chapter 263 Qingmei is one step faster than falling from the sky!
Chapter 264 Awakening (slightly modified! Please re-print!)
Chapter 265 Watching the Sword
Chapter 266 Two Red Lots (Thanks to the 'Nuan Yang' boss Baiyin League
Chapter 267 He knows how to flirt
Chapter 268 White Lie
Chapter 269 Looking for Her
Chapter 270 Clothes are not as good as new, people are not as good as old
Chapter 271 The national scholar is waiting for him
Chapter 272 Tianhuang Noble
Chapter 273 A meteoric rise
Chapter 274 A counselor from a poor family
Chapter 275 Reunion
Chapter 276 Big brother is bad
Chapter 277 New Blessings and New Sword Techniques (7,000 words)
Chapter 278 Master Di
Chapter 279 Masters Appreciation
Chapter 280: Resigning from office in one fell swoop is known to the world
Chapter 281 There is Emperor Qi in the Southeast
Chapter 282 The unknown tripod sword and auspiciousness are revealed
Chapter 283 Those who are good at planning have no great achievements.
Chapter 284: Burning the lamp and watching the sword, packing the luggage
Chapter 285 Where will you wake up tonight?
Chapter 286 Bravely Crowning Dragon City [End]
Chapter 287 Reunion
Chapter 288: Senior brother has a quirk?
Chapter 289 Junior sisters counter-teasing routine
Chapter 290 Sword Techniques and Ritual
Chapter 291 Xunyang Night Plan
Chapter 292 Jiangzhou Sima
Chapter 293 Selection of the location of the Buddha
Chapter 294 Good Strategy
Chapter 295 Pipa
Chapter 296 Jin Sheng Shui
Chapter 297 A Centennial Plan
Chapter 298 The beauty has an appointment
Chapter 299 Pei Shisanniang
Chapter 300 Businessmen also worry about the people?
Chapter 301 Junior Sister Checking Post
Chapter 302 Preparing for Birthday Ceremony
Chapter 303 Another Madam
Chapter 304 The Birthday Banquet of Lady Xie
Chapter 305 The Noble Lady and the Poor Man
Chapter 306 Big brothers gift?
Chapter 307 Humiliation?
Chapter 308 Take away
Chapter 309 Not humiliating a poor man
Chapter 310 The young lady is getting married
Chapter 311 A short story after the rain
Chapter 312 Xie Lingjiang: Move the skirt knife away
Chapter 313 'Elder brother helps with drying'
Chapter 314 Saying farewell to the old and welcoming the new year
Chapter 315 The source of trouble (please vote!)
Chapter 316 Another happy blessing
Chapter 317 The fate is you
Chapter 318 Li Guoers anger
Chapter 319 The marriage sign of non-absence
Chapter 320 Li Guo'er: Don't even think about this princess wearing it! (Mid-Autumn Festival
Chapter 321 The little junior sister returns (Happy National Day, please vote at the beginning of the month!
Chapter 322 Rescue you from the siege
Chapter 323 Life is like a play
Chapter 324 Big Buddha and Tianshu
Chapter 325 The heart of one person is the heart of thousands of people
Chapter 326 Ladder of Chaos
Chapter 327 The storm rises
Chapter 328 Criticism
Chapter 329 The beauty snatches away the lamp in anger
Chapter 330 One word makes the world law
Chapter 331 An ordinary man can be a teacher for generations
Chapter 332 Come here for fame
Chapter 333 Old Man of Dragon City
Chapter 334 The poor man from top to bottom
Chapter 335 One wave just left and another wave came again
Chapter 336 Ouyang Lianghan can’t fail even with a thousand cups
Chapter 337 It’s hard to distinguish between friend and foe
Chapter 338 The friendship between monarch and minister
Chapter 339 Mutiny
Chapter 340 Race against time
Chapter 341 Imperial Meeting
Chapter 342 Returning Home with Malice
Chapter 343
Chapter 344 Drinking Bingzhai does not feed idle people
Chapter 345 New blessings of seven thousand meritorious deeds!
Chapter 346 Jingruo is proud
Chapter 347 The Yuan clan of the Northern Wei Dynasty
Chapter 348 The inexplicable surge in merit
Chapter 349 Northern Return Variables
Let 'us' thank Brother Nuanyang for his golden alliance
Chapter 350 Rushing into the night
Chapter 351 A big event
Chapter 352: Be Prepared (please vote for me at the beginning of the month or 2)
Chapter 353 The third worst news
Chapter 354 The Beginning of the Chaos
Chapter 355 Kuang Fu Li Qian
Chapter 356: Taking advantage of the deposed emperor to rule the world
Chapter 357 I remain unmoved
Chapter 358: Exclusion
Chapter 359 I Have a Friend (Second Update)
Chapter 360 The piano is not a piano, the painting is not a painting
Chapter 361 Conspiracy Dilemma
Chapter 362 The Boundary of the Strong
Chapter 363 Nightmare!
Chapter 364 Believe until you see
Chapter 365: Great kindness has no merit
Chapter 366 Please die
Chapter 367 Female Officer Rong Zhen
Chapter 368 Breaking the situation with one move
Chapter 369 Meeting Rong Zhen for the first time (sorry for being late)
Chapter 370 Empress Reward
Chapter 371 A girl’s competitive spirit
Chapter 372 Dinner Clues
Chapter 373 Xiu Niang? Xiu Niang!
Chapter 374 Is he really a genius?
Chapter 375 Meeting the old person again
Chapter 376: House slaves with three surnames, right?
Chapter 377 Guard against thieves
Chapter 378 North and South
Chapter 379 Gaining Merit
Chapter 380 Felt Hat
Chapter 381: Share the cake without me, right? (Please vote at the beginning of the month!)
Chapter 382 Faintly walking in a dream
Chapter 383 Planning
Chapter 384 Enrollment
Chapter 385 Out
Chapter 386 High-End Game
Chapter 387 My son is also a domestic slave with three surnames
Chapter 388 The Eighth Grade Ceremony!
Chapter 389 Confession
Chapter 390 Junior Sister’s Legs, Senior Brother’s Sword
Chapter 391 Eighth-level ability, eat two things with one fish
Chapter 392 The troubled 'Autumn'
Chapter 393 Blood Exchange
Chapter 394 Adding More Clothes for Autumn Cold
Chapter 395 Traveling with a Sword
Chapter 396 A Qing’s Day
Chapter 397 A hundred secrets and one sparse
Chapter 398 Yue Girl Picking Lotus by the Autumn Water
Chapter 399 Is it coming? Tathagata
Chapter 400 Also eats the fragrance of the world
Chapter 401: Craftsman’s magical power, dependent origin and emptiness
Chapter 402 If God blocks the way, God will be killed; if Buddha blocks Buddha, kill Buddha.
Chapter 403 Unorthodox Cauldron Sword
Chapter 404: Candle in the Snow: I caught you
Chapter 405 Dingjian is a little hamster
Chapter 406 The embroiderer is so close at hand?
Chapter 407 Teeth Marks on the Neck
Chapter 408: The secret knowledge of Shangqing Dynasty? I learned it!
Chapter 409 The Master of Dielianhua
Chapter 410 Gift-giving is also involved
Chapter 411 Grandfather and Granddaughter of the Qin Family (Happy New Year’s Day)
Chapter 412 Xie Qin’s Family Banquet
Chapter 413 Asking Ce Lianghan
Chapter 414 The old glutton doesn’t care about eating
Chapter 415 Marriage
Chapter 416 Blind date is not as good as health tea
Chapter 417 Two kinds of women in the world
Chapter 418 Rong Zhen is worried
Chapter 419 You are quite nice
Chapter 420 Taoist priest comes with sword
Chapter 421 Senior Brother? Sorry, I’m not familiar with you
Chapter 422 Forcefully kissing junior sister, Sanqing gift
Chapter 423 Hanlei Mozhai, the girl in red coat
Chapter 424 Stop and sit in love with Fenglinwan
Chapter 425 Yàn in front of Wang Xietang in the old days
Chapter 426 The Master of the Dynasty
Chapter 427 Ways to Help Others
Chapter 428 The Sixth Grade Sage and the Pervert
Chapter 429 The versatile Pei Shisanniang
Chapter 430 There are bad people among the people
Chapter 431 Xunyang real estate speculator?
Chapter 432 Three wins, who loses?
Chapter 433 New blessings arrive again
Chapter 434: Plainness is the truth
Chapter 435 Red and Black Talisman Materials
Chapter 436 Lao Jian Ju Slippery Junior Sister (Thanks to the leader of Mi Zhi Ji
Chapter 437: Eat junior sister when hungry
Chapter 438: Chrysanthemum Wine, Beautiful Feet (please vote for the big chapter!)
Chapter 439: The beautiful woman is considerate and the girl is sensible (please vote for the big chapter!
Chapter 440 Baizetu, Fang Xiangmian
Chapter 441 Mo’s wonderful thoughts
Chapter 442: The stupidest, no one else (please vote for me at the beginning of the month!)
Chapter 443 Strange
Chapter 444 Crying counts as time (Happy New Year)
Chapter 445 Lend a pair of eyes
Chapter 446 This formation is designed to kill the sword holder
Chapter 447: Struggle with others is endless fun
Chapter 447: Struggle with others is endless fun