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Out of the Cage

Out of the Cage

author:nuclear powered battleship

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:12-11 22:02

Latest chapter:Chapter 30 Chapter 2920 The Accident of Dreams

The plot of the Corona Plane is purely for private entertainment. Readers respect the original setting of the game.

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《Out of the Cage》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 30 Chapter 2920 The Accident of Dreams
Chapter 32 Chapter 2919 (Part 2) The pursuit of ancient glory
Chapter 31 Chapter 2919 (Part 1) What’s behind this mission?
Chapter 30 Chapter 2918 Independent Rescue Mission
Chapter 31 Chapter 2917 Town Defense Battle
Chapter 30 Chapter 2916: Taking advantage of the dwarves
Chapter 30 Chapter 2915: Free from Order
Chapter 29.14 The end of the end, the beginning of the search for the path
Chapter 30 Chapter 2913 Dream in Consciousness, Eve of Resonance
《Out of the Cage》Chapter Contents
1.01 First time
1.02 My heart is sick and I have trouble now
1.03 Open the cage, it’s all over
Chapter 1.04 Brothers
Chapter 1.05 Testing, Transmission
Chapter 1.06 The world of immeasurable value
Chapter 1.07 Difficulties
Chapter 1.08 Follow the old rules and take new roots
Chapter 1.09 Overlapping Time and Space
Chapter 1.10 Do what you can, at least improve it
Chapter 1.11 Don't shake hands with strangers
Chapter 1.12 Ke Feijia's Busyness
Chapter 1.13: Not famous, but hidden in merit
Chapter 1.14 Second Stage Wearing
Chapter 1.15 The first step in the apprenticeship~
Chapter 1.16 Mistakes
Chapter 1.17 Group, an opportunity to prove.
Chapter 1.18 Blood Fight
Chapter 1.19 The Fittest, Resonance
Chapter 1.20 Wei Keng's Earthly Life
Chapter 1.21 Accidental Contact
Chapter 1.22 Extending the Stationing Time
Chapter 1.23 Preparation for Maximum Margin
Chapter 1.24 Ambush Battle
Chapter 1.25 Communication and Transformation
Chapter 1.26 The First Plane War
Chapter 1.27 Attention, too much
Chapter 1.28 Making Up for Mistakes
Chapter 1.29 Life is narrow! Mutual radiation.
Chapter 1.30 Human evil
Chapter 1.31 Looking Back at the Darkness, Extreme Emergence
Chapter 01.32 Drop Ink Cup
Chapter 1.33 War changes to production, subduing demons
Chapter 1.34 Leave something
Chapter 1.35 Picking up ‘humanity’
Chapter 1.36 The Great Flood
Chapter 1.37 Urbanization, Mechanization, and Commercialization
Chapter 1.38 Still Belonging to Humanity
Chapter 1.39 Phase III Conflict
Chapter 1.40 Absolute Advantage
Chapter 1.41 Mountains and Rivers in Hand
Chapter 1.42 The brutal community
Chapter 1.43 Arrangements of the Authority
Chapter 2.01 Plane Pass
Chapter 2.02 Rescue
Chapter 2.03 The Future of Human Communities
Chapter 2.04 Recruiting
Chapter 2.05 Accumulating Capital and Developing Energy
Chapter 2.06 Ah, goodbye friends
Chapter 2.07 Return
Chapter 2.08 Jie Hongzi’s extreme change, Commander
Chapter 2.09 Joining the Army and Thinking about History
Chapter 2.10 Might as well, have a blast
Chapter 2.11 What songs to sing here
Chapter 2.12 Sirius rises
Chapter 2.13: Being dragged to the gambling table and raising chips!
Chapter 2.14 The Frontier Incident
Chapter 2.15 The Battle of Neotalus
Chapter 2.16 Going to the plug
Chapter 2.17 The river bank overflowing with gunpowder
Chapter 2.18 The War to Stop the War
Chapter 2.19 Bankruptcy and Disaster
Chapter 2.20 Building Kunlun
Chapter 2.21 Command and Conquer
Chapter 2.22 Forward
Chapter 2.23 The Second Coming
Chapter 2.24 Usage of the Dragon Minion
Chapter 2.25 Making a promise
Chapter 2.26 Correct usage of Wei Keng
Chapter 2.27 Huge ravines are separated
Chapter 2.28 Earthquake Peak
Chapter 2.29 Cross-border confrontation
Chapter 2.30 Yes, Lord
Chapter 2.31 Rivers, Lakes and Temples
Chapter 2.32 Data Accidents
Chapter 2.33 Prepare ~ Stop!
Chapter 2.34 Peaceful settlement, convincing people with reason
Chapter 2.35 Although I am unwell, you are not worthy
Chapter 2.36 Time flies
Chapter 3.01 Big Data Brute Force Computing
Chapter 3.02 The Evil Beast
Chapter 3.03 Ticket Disaster
Chapter 3.04 The Age of Violent Soldiers
Chapter 3.05 Shenjing and Xijing.
Chapter 3.06 Connecting Qingfeng above Kunlun
Chapter 3.07 The setting sun rises from the east
Chapter 3.08 Pushing away from the war disaster
Chapter 3.09 National Gap
Chapter 3.10 Drums vs. Gongs
Chapter 3.11 Pixiu
Chapter 3.12 Willing to be cut
Chapter 3.13 Selected History
Chapter 3.14 See through the treacherous
Chapter 3.15 Tune the Tiger and Leave the Mountain
Chapter 3.16 Feeding the Pit
Chapter 3.17 Betrayal, back-instrumentation
Chapter 3.18 Fierce Soldiers
Chapter 3.19 Burning the Southwest
Chapter 3.20 Red Alert
Chapter 3.21 The Battle of the Red River
Chapter 3.22 The destiny intertwined in chaos
Chapter 3.23 Go? How many directions can you take?
Chapter 3.24 Bayonet
Chapter 3.25 Left
Chapter 4.01 Can't return for now
Chapter 4.02 The Sword in the Interstellar
Chapter 4.03 Air Twist
Chapter 4.04 From Beginner Village to Beginner Village
Chapter 4.05 Thinking for the long term
Chapter 4.06 The pot for eating and the sword for seizing power
Chapter 4.07 Premonition
Chapter 4.08 Failed to leave the city, but the fragrance remains in the space?
Chapter 4.09 The Circle of Swordsmen
Chapter 4.10 The Second Plane War
Chapter 4.11 The confrontation in time and space.
Chapter 4.12 Fight early and end early, but you can’t bear the delay late.
Chapter 4.13 If we cause trouble, let’s do it together
Chapter 4.14 Attacks in the Regular Plot - Bystanders
Chapter 4.14 Attacks in the Regular Plot - Intervention
Chapter 4.14 Attacks in the Regular Story - Anonymous
Chapter 4.15 Qi Escape, Creation, Casting
Chapter 4.16 The Age of Swords
Chapter 4.17 Thorough research, miscellaneous work?!
Chapter 4.18 Whose pace will become the rut of history?
Chapter 4.19 Getting Started
Chapter 4.20 Generation after generation, identity changes three times in a row
Chapter 4.21 Chaos
Chapter 4.22 Parallel Paths
Chapter 4.23 It's Like Before
Chapter 4.24 Self-arranged plot
Chapter 4.25 How Can You Avoid Mosquito Bites in Summer
Chapter 4.26 Wei Pan becomes increasingly “stupid”
Chapter 4.27 The True Story of Ah K
Chapter 4.28 Major Cases
Chapter 4.29 The King
Chapter 4.30 Class Shuffling, Space-Time Equation
Chapter 4.31 When History Accelerates
Chapter 4.32 The “inevitability” that cannot be found
Chapter 4.33 The reason for holding a sword
Chapter 4.34 Earth Veins, Heavenly Stars
Chapter 4.35 Simplify Complexity
Chapter 4.36 The End of History
Chapter 4.37 Please enter the urn
Chapter 4.38 The long past and the coming tomorrow
Chapter 4.39 Drops of Water in Mountain Dew
Chapter 4.40 Different beliefs, same principles
4.41 The number of days is irreversible
Chapter 4.42 Inertia Blocking
Chapter 4.43 Rusty Sword, New Frontier
Chapter 4.44 Change of country, happy journey.
Chapter 4.45 Towards the End
Chapter 4.46 Absolute array, peerless, peerless
Chapter 4.47 End of the Second Plane War
Chapter 4.48 Clean up and leave
Chapter 5.01 This Side of Pandora
Chapter 5.02 Want to save people and avoid disaster
Chapter 5.03 Entering the Yangtze River Basin
Chapter 5.04 Silently opening the way
Chapter 5.05 Railway, Contempt, Genes
Chapter 5.06 Ganjiang, new node
Chapter 5.07 The Origin of the Apostles, North and South City-States
Chapter 5.08 The echo between introverts, the battle of the apostles
Chapter 5.09 New Milestones, Can Rowing
Chapter 5.10 Vitality in the wilderness, gathering strength for civilization at the edge
Chapter 5.11 The Tao is the Ant
Chapter 5.12 Hold up the sky
Chapter 5.13 Main World, World Wide Web, Mimic World
Chapter 5.14 The struggle of protozoa. Organic integration
Chapter 5.15 Dragon Slaying Operation
Chapter 5.16 Don’t hear the dragon’s roar, it has a long history
Chapter 5.17 The Second Degree of Heavenly Dragon
Chapter 5.18: Give up hope, misjudgment can be deceived
Chapter 5.19 still participated in the construction of the scientific and technological system of Ye City.
Chapter 5.20 The Burst of the Times
Chapter 5.21 Blood Pack Technology, Supervisor’s Rules.
Chapter 5.22 Old ideas, old interests, and the fever caused by new technologies
Chapter 5.23 The struggling Yucheng
Chapter 5.24 Zhen Xin Zheng wants to escape.
Chapter 5.25 Lasso
Chapter 5.26 The Disaster on November 7, 146 in the Pando Calendar
Chapter 5.27 Cognition still needs to be expanded, a sign of diversification
Chapter 5.28 Self Rebellion
Chapter 5.29 The price of “understanding”
Chapter 5.30 In communication, the boundaries become increasingly clear.
Chapter 5.31 Differences between North and South
Chapter 5.32: Pay attention from beginning to end
Chapter 6.01 Rooted in Pandora
Chapter 6.02 Knock on the mountain and shake the tiger
Chapter 6.03 The honeymoon is over and the confrontation begins.
Chapter 6.04 The tacit understanding of the struggle for hegemony, the number of the board game
Chapter 6.05 The Great Migration, Westward Expedition
Chapter 6.06 The battle in Yunnan, the gesture of recognition
Chapter 6.07 Huanghuang Humanity
Chapter 6.08 Value Blowout
Chapter 6.09 Dust on the Journey
Chapter 6.10: A sophisticated self-interested group that contributes to the unity of the world
Chapter 6.11 The great principle of tempering the dilemma, precedes the explicit independent action
Chapter 6.12 Power Reversal
Chapter 6.13 Restraint, restraint, heart-warming
Chapter 6.14 Scan
Chapter 6.15 Yucheng, the backlash of human genes
Chapter 6.16 Facing mistakes, correct methods
Chapter 6.17 Forced to obey and strive for profit
Chapter 6.18 Quantitative changes lead to qualitative changes, the human flood has arrived
Chapter 6.19 Our team runs to victory
Chapter 6.20 The Tao can be Tao, but it is very Tao
Chapter 6.21 Left? Right? Hold the direction.
Chapter 6.22 Different Principles
Chapter 6.23 Flame, Yellow Conflict, Saka Izumino
Chapter 6.24 Open gun×hidden arrow√
Chapter 6.25 The morning sun gradually emerges and disappears into the night
Chapter 6.26 The seeds of new power, the 'battle' between sulfur and iron
Chapter 6.27 Death Wave
Chapter 6.28 The moment of natural disaster!
Chapter 6.29 Return to human nature and fall into animal realm
Chapter 6.30 Arrival Frenzy
Chapter 6.31 Stuck Time
Chapter 7.01 Designated Godhead
Chapter 7.02 Come Gently
Chapter 7.03 Multi-talented talents
Chapter 7.04 Weak divine power, strong divine power
Chapter 7.05 Industrial Regulations
Chapter 7.06 Workshop Lord
Chapter 7.07 The Master
Chapter 7.08 The Narrow Road
Chapter 7.09 The Industrial Party (Part 1)
Chapter 7.09 The Industrial Party (Part 2)
Chapter 7.10 Inside the Perspective, Outside the Perspective
Chapter 7.11 The Road to the Royal Capital
Chapter 7.12 Crossing the Landscape
Chapter 7.13 Walk (Axis)
Chapter 7.14 Lengthy Processes
Chapter 7.15 Tell the rules. Industry serves the public
Chapter 7.16 Become a God, Kill the God
Chapter 7.17 Many Balances
Chapter 7.18 Wonders, Stratagems, Technology
Chapter 7.19 Comfort, and discomfort
Chapter 7.20 Achievements, ready to go out
Chapter 7.21 The so-called soul
Chapter 7.22 Science, Industry, Machinery
Chapter 7.23 Culture in the Age of Time and Space
Chapter 7.24 System: Your mineral reserves are low.
Chapter 7.25 Knight, Dragon Knight
Chapter 7.26 Arrest Notice to Miss Lan Long
Chapter 7.27 Brave the Dragon's Nest
Chapter 7.28 Facing the sea
Chapter 7.29 Gunfire
Chapter 7.30 Simple knowledge, large-scale application
Chapter 7.31 The benefits of opening the sea
Chapter 7.32 Blocking the Start
Chapter 7.33 The pursuit of “industry”
Chapter 7.34 The New God's Cooperation and Competition
Chapter 7.35 New World
Chapter 7.36 Unforgettable Traits
Chapter 7.37 'Industry' Mantra
Chapter 7.38 Carrying the Bucket and Leaving, ‘Law of Cause and Effect’
Chapter 7.39 Should be robbed
Chapter 7.40 The contract of priesthood.
Chapter 7.41 Who Are You Trying?
Chapter 7.42 Error, correction.
Chapter 7.43 Request ~ War
Chapter 7.44 The Rise of “Industry”
Chapter 7.45 Field Control
Chapter 7.46 The Turn of the Old and the New
Chapter 7.47 Battle of the Knights
Chapter 7.48 The Great Siege.
Chapter 7.49 Rising
Chapter 7.50 Different ways, no conspiracy
Chapter 7.51 Where are the sunspots on the sun?
Chapter 7.52 Newly developed ( )
Chapter 7.53 The Unattainable Balance
Chapter 7.54 The end, with endless consequences
Chapter 7.55 Civilization is changed by time and space.
Chapter 8.01 Resurgence
Chapter 8.02 After Arrival, Rethink
Chapter 8.03 Two from one life, four from two
Chapter 8.04 Today, where has the human heart reached?
Chapter 8.05 The most important thing is 'together'
Chapter 8.06 High Technology and Faith
Chapter 8.07 The First Shock of Time and Space
Chapter 8.08: Sect, noble family, splendid splendor
Chapter 8.09 Looking back on the past
Chapter 8.10 Selecting a row into a row
Chapter 8.11 Look at your feet
Chapter 8.12 Consider the general trend and follow the road
Chapter 8.13 Old plaque, new model
Chapter 8.14 The hardship of poverty is worse than the harm of poor quality
Chapter 8.15 Peeking into the Leyline
Chapter 8.16 The Return of the Soul
Chapter 8.17 Seventy-two Earth Demons
Chapter 8.18 Qin Tongli 2278 Years
Chapter 8.19 The tangled mess
Chapter 8.20 Time and Space Diversion
Chapter 8.21 Entering Kunlun
Chapter 8.22 Financial strife, turmoil in small countries
Chapter 8.23 ??Observers
Chapter 8.24 How can there be any immortals in this world?
Chapter 8.25 The Smoking Powder Keg
Chapter 8.26 Jiaofeng Xingsha
Chapter 8.27 The storm is rising and the sky is leaping!
8.28 Chapter 1 Warriors
8.28 Chapter 2 The hidden dragon emerges from the abyss and breaks through
Chapter 8.29 Winning
Chapter 8.30
Chapter 8.31 Time and Space Battle
Chapter 8.32 Strategy.
Chapter 8.33 Falling twice in one pit.
Chapter 8.34 Obsession to survive
Chapter 8.35 Recalling the past and looking at the present
Chapter 8.36 Repeatedly
Chapter 9.01 Misty rain and rise, sudden changes begin at the end
Chapter 9.02 Going astray, as deep as the sea
Chapter 9.03 Pedestrians don't ask what happened in the past, the homeland comes from the east of th
Chapter 9.04 Heaven and Earth are the same force from time to time
Chapter 9.05 The 'big secret' of the seismic zone
Chapter 9.06 One Year Old One Withers
Chapter 9.07 Good boy, fighting in all directions
Chapter 9.08 Long-term Planning of Lingjia Technology
Chapter 9.09 It's All Personal Biography
Chapter 9.10 Refining the Heavenly Gang
Chapter 9.11 Extra Instances
Chapter 9.12 The Flower of Evil
Chapter 9.13 Inferring Cause and Effect
Chapter 9.14 The conscience that hit rock bottom
Chapter 9.15 Arrogance, laziness, mania
Chapter 9.16 Highland Holidays
Chapter 9.17 The Human Way
Chapter 9.18 The Controversy
Chapter 9.19 The Sinking Europa League
Chapter 9.20 The 'first shot' on the Tianzhu Yang chessboard starts
Chapter 9.21 Winter is coming
Chapter 9.22 The risk of being caught
Chapter 9.23 Half peace, half war
Chapter 9.24 'Final'
Chapter 9.25 The unavoidable 'catastrophe'
Chapter 9.26 Business and private affairs are accumulating evil
Chapter 9.27 Indulgence
Chapter 9.28 The future? The future of a certain moment
Chapter 9.29 Lu Quan Military, Nanli Battle
Chapter 9.30 Groups Kneaded by Disasters
Chapter 9.31 Talk slowly, fight hard, and have a backup plan!
Chapter 9.32 Mountains and rivers are in the same sky, Yin and Yang are two realms
Chapter 9.33 Behind the scenes
Chapter 9.34 The clowns who appeared
Chapter 9.35 The vicissitudes of the right path
Chapter 9.36 There is a war outside Lizhou, and internal changes begin
Chapter 9.37 Fate? Savior?
Chapter 9.38 Deducting History
Chapter 9.39 Hidden
Chapter 9.40 If there are too many, you will be caught.
Chapter 9.41 33 years of suffering
Chapter 9.42 Tian Xingjian
Chapter 9.43 Imbalances within the Overseer.
Chapter 9.44 The Falling Europa League
Chapter 9.45 The Unbalanced World
Chapter 9.46 The joke of history
Chapter 9.47 The Tsar's Spearhead Nowhere
Chapter 9.48: Live as a last resort, die as you deserve
Chapter 9.49 Sequence Changes
Chapter 9.50 Anti-virtual
Chapter 9.51 The still crazy world.
Chapter 9.52 Fragile literary youths, adjust the location
Chapter 9.53 The contradictions of the main world at the end of the twenty-eighth century.
Chapter 9.54 Climbing Technology
Chapter 9.55 Awakening and Advancing
Chapter 9.56 The Unstoppable Road of Trial and Error
Chapter 9.57 Bite the bait and pump the water.
Chapter 9.58 The Battle of Turan
Chapter 9.59 Common Goals
Chapter 9.60 The funeral
Chapter 9.61 Regionalized War Features
Chapter 9.62 All Reactionary Unions
Chapter 9.63 Jiancheng
Chapter 9.64 Empire, business and private affairs
Chapter 9.65 Outlying Civil War
Chapter 9.66 Nanli Zhuhuo, second breakthrough
Chapter 9.67 The Debate of Huayi
Chapter 9.68 Invisible Pusher
Chapter 9.69 Deep sea industrial revolution, war continues
Chapter 9.70 The Waves Fight
Chapter 9.71 The star is brilliant
Chapter 9.72 Leaving the Ocean; Bai Zhaodi's Struggle
Chapter 9.73 Inner Waves Scroll
Chapter 9.74 Control of Taijing.
Chapter 9.75 Poison in the World
Chapter 9.76 Seeking Truth in the Red Dust
Chapter 9.77 Controls, References
Chapter 9.78 The Advent of Bethlehem
Chapter 9.79 Battle of the Wild Touch
Chapter 9.80 Bethlehem Technology
Chapter 9.81 Enlighten, lead, take the lead
Chapter 9.82 Clear Process, Mysterious Results
Chapter 9.83 The Kingless Generation
Chapter 9.84 Stubborn White Calling Spirit
Chapter 9.85 Fighting with 'Pseudo Destiny'
Chapter 9.86 The North is chasing meat porridge, which is in line with Busan
Chapter 9.87 Scattered in the West, Combined in the East
Chapter 9.88 The sky moves and the earth moves
Chapter 9.89 Sheathing
Chapter 9.90 Hold the sword and wait for it
Chapter 9.91 Weak injury, unprecedented pain
Chapter 402 Chapter 92 Peace in China, Battle of Yizhou
Chapter 403 Chapter 93 Separation, separation, going
Chapter 10.01 Return to the main world, a strange main world
Chapter 10.02 The end of the twenty-eighth century
Chapter 10.03 The Back Waves
Chapter 10.04 Pandora's Retribution
Chapter 10.05 Crossing the River
Chapter 10.06 Shanghai District Cold Flame
Chapter 10.07 Go North to Bencheng
Chapter 10.08 The Five-color Alliance
Chapter 10.09 Dislikes
Chapter 10.10 Gay Resonance
Chapter 10.11 Bow down and be willing to be the ox, sharpen the knife and wait for the enemy
Chapter 10.12 The Curtain of Jianye
Chapter 10.13 Self-breakthrough of newcomers
Chapter 10.14 Northward
10.15 Sequence
Chapter 10.16 Waiting for the determined Wei Keng
Chapter 10.17 The New Foundation of Life on Earth
Chapter 10.18 The Star Stepping Route.
Chapter 10.19 The Heirs
Chapter 10.20 The westward migration of fusion people
Chapter 10.21 The temptation to return to humanity
Chapter 10.22 Yucheng who was taken up
Chapter 10.23 The hidden blood
Chapter 10.24 Thirty-five degrees north latitude
Chapter 10.25 The Second Northward Movement
Chapter 10.26 The Yellow River water merges from north to south
Chapter 10.27 Su Qianqing's masterpiece
Chapter 10.28 Undercover
Chapter 10.29 What the Heart Wants
Chapter 10.30 Downstream.
Chapter 10.31 East China Sea Community, Addiction to Terrestrial Organic Substances
Chapter 10.32 The Last Madness
Chapter 10.33 Change the day again
Chapter 10.34 Jiangzuo, Jiangyou
Chapter 10.35 The Post-Era of Jianye
Chapter 10.36 The Heavenly Slaying Dragon has not yet exhausted its energy, Zeng Shuxie’s new perspective
Chapter 10.37 Unity for the future
Chapter 10.38 Are you a man?
Chapter 10.39 The male protagonist and the female protagonist get along well
Chapter 10.40 Wei Keng ~ Evolution alone.
Chapter 10.41 What is Qianqiu?
Chapter 11.01 Humans and Ecology
Chapter 11.02 Jia Guang Xiangri, Hibiscus Tent Warm
Chapter 11.03 The Children of Yucheng
Chapter 11.04 Humans and Monsters
Chapter 11.05 The stubbornness of scholars destroys humanity
Chapter 11.06 Words and Actions
Chapter 11.07 Devouring the Light.
Chapter 11.08 The Road to the West
Chapter 11.09 Space Cannons, Decaying Rebukes
Chapter 11.10 The Red Scarf in the Commander-in-Chief;
Chapter 11.11 Ask the question of the year again
Chapter 11.12 Final Problem Solving
Chapter 11.13 True and False
Chapter 11.14 The Last Jianye School
Chapter 11.15 Humanity lies in ‘reason’
Chapter 11.16 Colonization Wars in the Subcontinent
Chapter 11.17 Grinding Tactics
Chapter 11.18 Dynamic War
Chapter 11.19 Father and Mother
Chapter 11.20 The Output of New Things
Chapter 11.21 Erase the stubborn stains of the old times
Chapter 11.22 Conditioning the Earth
Chapter 11.23 Crying ‘tears’ to the starry sky
Chapter 11.24 Mission is over?
Chapter 11.25 The Influence of the Dark Plane
Chapter 11.26 Assuming pain in the future
Chapter 11.27 European Ruins
Chapter 11.28 Relentless pursuit.
Chapter 11.29 The end of the dragon, medical technology.
Chapter 11.30 It’s hard to distinguish between black and white, but you can tell by the light
Chapter 11.31 The only way
Chapter 11.32 Playing and singing the sacred song of evolution, bigger, faster, stronger
Chapter 11.33 The rising sun
Chapter 11.34 The Extractors
Chapter 11.35 Pressing Step by Step
Chapter 11.36 Compensation
Chapter 11.37 Immune to Strike
Chapter 11.38 Annihilate Billion Eyes
Chapter 11.39 Punishing the Great Demon
Chapter 11.40 Release 'Goodwill'
Chapter 11.41 The Differentiation of New People
Chapter 11.42 Farewell, Pandora Plane
Chapter 12.01 The Humans of the Promised Star
Chapter 12.02 Tassi. Start the Rudder
Chapter 12.03 Reversing Nature
Chapter 12.04 The vortex that begins to form
Chapter 12.05 Strive to grow
Chapter 12.06 Zheng Fanggang that year
Chapter 12.07 Come to smash the field
Chapter 12.08 Two or Three Things in Asteroids
Chapter 12.09 Extrajudicial Fanatics
Chapter 12.10 Some changes
Chapter 12.11 The big case of robbery and smuggling
Chapter 12.12 What Results?
Chapter 12.13 The Mountain of Swords and the Sea of ??Fire and the Beautiful Painted Skin
Chapter 12.14 Differences in Human Bases and the Battle of Avenues
Chapter 12.15 Masking
Chapter 12.16 Passing the Exam
Chapter 12.17 Family Wine
Chapter 12.18 Raise the glass and slap Fang Qiu
Chapter 12.19 The cataclysm begins
Chapter 12.20 Extraterrestrial
Chapter 12.21 Suppression and Suppression
Chapter 12.22 Mutual “deterrence”
Chapter 509 Chapter 12.23 Who to live for
Chapter 510 Chapter 12.24 A wise move?
Chapter 511 Chapter 12.25 Hijacking a Spaceship
Chapter 512 Chapter 12.26 I have something to say, please listen!
Chapter 513 Chapter 12.27 Extremely evil
Chapter 514 Chapter 12.28 A sword in the air
Chapter 515 Chapter 12.29 The existence of miracles
Chapter 516 Chapter 12.30 Escape intact
Chapter 517 Chapter 12.31 Can be done, cannot be done, subjectivity
Chapter 518 Chapter 12.32 Feng Zang
Chapter 519 Chapter 13.01 The end of the third plane war.
Chapter 520 Chapter 13.02 Armed Evolution
Chapter 521 Chapter 13.03 Break Free from Control
Chapter 522 Chapter 13.04 Wei Da, Wei Er
Chapter 523 Chapter 13.05 Chaos in Jianghu, Young Hero
Chapter 524 Chapter 13.06 Eternal Heart
Chapter 525 13.07 Chapter 01 'Good Times' after the Plane War
Chapter 526 Chapter 13.07 Chapter 02 Notary Public
Chapter 527 13.08 Chapter 01 'Plowing' Again
Chapter 528 Chapter 13.08
Chapter 529 Chapter 13.09 'Qiang' Sexual Affair
Chapter 530 Chapter 13.10
Chapter 531 Chapter 13.11 Spiritual Dolls
Chapter 532 Chapter 13.12: Stop going crazy and start acting like a monster.
Chapter 533 Chapter 13.13 Paper Cutting
Chapter 534 Chapter 13.14 Walking by the river, eventually wet shoes
Chapter 535 Chapter 13.15 Hard to End
Chapter 536 Chapter 13.16 Sea of ??Stars, Leading the Ensemble
Chapter 537 Chapter 13.17 Gemini Black Hole Expedition, Light and Shadow
Chapter 538 Chapter 13.18 The Fragility of Lingdianxing
Chapter 539 Chapter 13.19 Capturing the “Master”
Chapter 540 Chapter 13.20 Root down and escape
Chapter 541 Chapter 13.21 Group Formation
Chapter 13.22 Hidden and Revealed
Chapter 543 Chapter 13.23 Fighting for a chance in despair.
Chapter 544 Chapter 13.24 Don’t sugarcoat the “spectators”
Chapter 545 Chapter 13.25.1 The spark that seals the star
Chapter 546 Chapter 13.25.2 Shura Star Nirvana.
Chapter 547 Chapter 13.26 Becoming “Available”
Chapter 548 Chapter 13.27 The distance between people
Chapter 549 Chapter 13.28 Let me hammer the world
Chapter 550 Chapter 13.29 (Extra) Time and Space Monitoring Small Series
Chapter 551 Chapter 13.29 Variable Fire, Subjective Definition
Chapter 552 Chapter 13.29 (Part 2) The Wind Rises
Chapter 553 Chapter 13.30 Collision of Generals
Chapter 554 Chapter 13.31 Center and Non-center
Chapter 555 Chapter 13.32 One person becomes a reef
Chapter 556 Chapter 13.33 Working in Zhanlan District
Chapter 557 Chapter 13.34 Adventure, intrigue
Chapter 558 Chapter 13.35 Dark energy smelting, sharp edge
Chapter 559 Chapter 13.36 Living an ignoble existence is not wrong
Chapter 560 Chapter 14.01 (Part 1) Mutual Cage
Chapter 561 Chapter 14.01 (Part 2) Lu Yuexing, Condensation Core
Chapter 562 Chapter 14.02 Battle for Planet
Chapter 563 Chapter 14.03 Tiankeng Engine
Chapter 564 Chapter 14.04 Game under Perspective
Chapter 565 Chapter 14.05 An exercise
Chapter 566 Chapter 14.06 (Part 1) There are many tricks in the city
Chapter 567 Chapter 14.06 (Part 2) Ship building and testing the waters
Chapter 568 Chapter 14.07 Successor
Chapter 569 Chapter 14.08 In the darkness, how can we say truth?
Chapter 570 Chapter 14.09 The second entry into the palace
Chapter 571 Chapter 14.10 The system is complete, Keng is the pioneer
Chapter 14.11 The Long Blue Star War
Chapter 14.12 The easy expedition followed by the difficult.
Chapter 14.13 (Part 1) Yin Yang Star Investigation Report
Chapter 14.13 (Part 2) Limited response during recruitment
Chapter 14.14 The past and future of the sea of ??stars
Chapter 14.15 (Part 1) Trouble-ridden
Chapter 14.15 (Part 2) The slim chance for the middle and upper class
Chapter 14.16 (Part 1) Hope your son will become a dragon
Chapter 14.16 (Part 2) A small profit without loss
Chapter 14.17 (Part 1) You can’t live without going crazy.
Chapter 14.17 (Part 2) Source of Life
Chapter 14.18 (Part 1) Mending the Sky
Chapter 14.18 (Part 2) Gleaning
Chapter 14.19 (Part 1) Entering the Behemoth Nebula
Chapter 14.19 (Part 2) Advanced Culture
Chapter 14.20 (Part 1) Nidhogg
Chapter 14.20 (Part 2) The escape route is in hand, you can do whatever you want
Chapter 14.21 How Much Do I Die?
Chapter 14.22 (Part 1) Traceability is like fire
Chapter 14.22 (Part 2) Turning in the battleship
Chapter 14.23 Rotten
Chapter 14.24.1 Sharp turns
Chapter 14.24.2 Justice system, unruly people and elites
Chapter 14.25.1 The Tao of Heaven is constant and runs through all things
Chapter 14.25.2 Taking a stand
Chapter 14.26 Dealing with the Aftermath
Chapter 14.27 (1) Jiu Lanxing did not die properly
Chapter 14.27 (Part 2) You order, I’ll cook it
Chapter 14.27 (Part 2) ‘Loyalty’ to Jiulan Star
Chapter 14.28 (Part 1) An old friend of Xinghai's mediation
Chapter 14.28 (Part 2) The 'Double Sides' of Xinghai Mediation
Chapter 14.29 What You Want
Chapter 14.30 Powerful
Chapter 14.31 When the Formation Formed
Chapter 14.32 They hesitate, I make the decision
Chapter 14.33 (Part 1) The Lotus Pond is in Bloom. Firecrackers Surprise Chickens
Chapter 14.33 (Part 2): Preaching and Teaching
Chapter 14.33 (Part 2) I want to invite parents.
Chapter 14.34 Recruitment
Chapter 14.35 Welcome!
Chapter 14.36 Confrontation, blending, and gestation in time and space.
Chapter 15.01 (Part 1) Poor Cowards Don't Chase
Chapter 15.01 (Part 2) Heavy Blocking
Chapter 15.01 (Part 2) Nailed to the Dark Plane
Chapter 15.02 Wisdom is not limited to planes
Chapter 15.03 (Part 1) The Pursuit of the Great Black Hole of Creation
Chapter 15.03 (Part 2) Star Sea Peace Agreement
Chapter 15.04 (Part 1) Energy Level of “Consciousness”
Chapter 15.04 (Part 2) Return of the Thirty Century
Chapter 15.05 (Part 1) Old debts, old feelings
Chapter 15.05 (Part 2) Unknown direction
Chapter 15.06 Mind Plane
Chapter 15.07 (Part 1) Human Supereye
Chapter 15.07 (Part 2) Bottom
Chapter 15.08 (Part 1) is called 'Ling Ke'
Chapter 15.08 (Part 2) Emotional human beings, artistic influence
Chapter 15.08 (Part 2) Qin Tianfang's Suggestion
Chapter 15.09 The meaning of life of “hypocrisy”
Chapter 15.10 Voyage, encountering white light.
Chapter 15.11 (Part 1) Plane teleportation, informatics.
Chapter 15.11 (Part 2) Pulsator, ruins of civilization, field of mind.
Chapter 15.12 (Part 1) Construction before the war
Chapter 15.12 (Part 2) Calculation before the war
Chapter 15.12 (Part 2) The wave wheel without martial arts
Chapter 15.13 (Part 1) Efforts on the wreckage.
Chapter 15.13 (Part 2) Rebellious modern humans.
Chapter 15.14 (Part 1) The planet has regained its vitality, and humanity is terminally ill.
Chapter 15.14 (Part 2) The whipping from the tyrant
Chapter 15.15 The most despicable means, the sweetest words, the most offensive advice, and the stupidest believers
Chapter 15.15 (Fan) Repeatedly taught
Chapter 15.16 (Part 1) Beyond life, one must be rational
Chapter 15.16 (Part 2) The meaning of being here
Chapter 15.17 Smooth out the gap of one million years.
Chapter 15.17 Extra: The 'left and right' of language, the 'right' and 'side' of survival
Chapter 15.18 (Part 1) Great Love Without Words
Chapter 15.18 (Part 2) If the sky is sentimental, the sky is also old
Chapter 15.18 (Part 2) Childish Rebellion
Chapter 15.19 The swan song of human civilization
Chapter 15.19 (Extra) Exiled Humans
Chapter 15.20 (Part 1) Star Cannon, Detour
Chapter 15.20 (Part 2) If, if,
Chapter 15.21 (Part 1) Weakness, Strongness
Chapter 15.21 (Part 2) Cleaning up the Holy Spear, Wei Keng’s strong defense
Chapter 15.22 Face to Face
Chapter 15.23 (Part 1) Hold firmly
Chapter 15.23 (Part 2) Dragon Guard Tactics, the Strongest Attack in the Star List
Chapter 15.24 The Thirty-first Century of the Main World
Chapter 15.25 The war that is about to end
Chapter 15.26 The evolution will continue and the journey will continue.
Chapter 15.27 Goodbye, friends
Chapter 15.28 Times change, enduring
Chapter 15.29 Agreement with Multiple Planes
Chapter 16.01 'Axis' is coming
Chapter 16.02 (Part 1) The downtrodden mysterious person
Chapter 16.02 (Part 2) The bright road
Chapter 16.03 (Part 1) Enma’s simple childhood
Chapter 16.03 (Part 2) The ‘Great’ God
Chapter 16.03 (Part 2) On “God”
Chapter 16.04 (Part 1) The most ordinary is the most extraordinary
Chapter 16.04 (Part 2) Mainstream Profession ‘Hero’
Chapter 16.05 (Part 1) Wei Keng’s entry into the city
Chapter 16.05 (Part 2) Ghost Luck, Ghost Wealth
Chapter 16.06 Dog Eaters, Pancake Painters
Chapter 16.07 War, Life
Chapter 16.08 (Part 1) Ups and downs of gold coins,
Chapter 16.08 (Part 2) Divination Investigation
Chapter 16.09 The industrial godhead that no one has picked up!
Chapter 16.09 (Extra) Enma’s Heroic Dream
Chapter 680 Chapter 16.10 (Part 1) 'Workshop Owner'
Chapter 681 Chapter 16.10 (Part 2) Postman!
Chapter 682 Chapter 16.11 (Part 1) Rural Economy
Chapter 683 Chapter 16.11 (Part 2) 'Supporting' the Imperial Army
Chapter 684 Chapter 16.11 (Part 2) Circulation
Chapter 685 Chapter 16.12 Essence
Chapter 686 Chapter 16.13 (Part 1) All the way north
Chapter 687 Chapter 16.13 (Part 2) Abuse of food
Chapter 688 Chapter 16.14 The Surge in the Empire
Chapter 689 Chapter 16.15 (Part 1) Incarnation
Chapter 690 Chapter 16.15 (Part 2) Bad Omen Gold Coin
Chapter 691 Chapter 16.16 (Part 1) Bouncing Gold Coins
Chapter 692 Chapter 16.16 (Part 2) The Destruction of the Empire
Chapter 693 Chapter 16.17 Hero, Godless Master
Chapter 694 Chapter 16.18 (Part 1) Explosion
Chapter 695 Chapter 16.18 (Part 2) Extraordinary 'Axis'
Chapter 696 Chapter 16.19 (Part 1) The collision of 'different times'
Chapter 697 Chapter 16.19 (Part 2) The 'comrades' of the moderates
Chapter 698 Chapter 16.20 (Part 1) National Conditions in Multiple Planes
Chapter 699 Chapter 16.20 (Part 2) Happiness created by hands, mysterious
Chapter 700 Chapter 16.21 (Part 1) Gold coins descend to earth, Chuming
Chapter 701 Chapter 16.21 (Part 2) The Sky Empire with Serious Symptoms
Chapter 702 Chapter 16.22 Swan City Uprising
Chapter 703 Chapter 16.22 (Part) Two heroes in the uprising
Chapter 704 Chapter 16.23 Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
Chapter 705 Chapter 16.24 (Part 1) The Great Holy Grail 'Summoning'
Chapter 706 Chapter 16.24 (Part 2) Who is brought to the line by fate?
Chapter 707 Chapter 16.25 Success of Shouyi
Chapter 708 Chapter 16.26 Looking forward and looking back
Chapter 709 Chapter 16.27 Industrial War
Chapter 710 Chapter 16.28 The final confrontation in Swan City
Chapter 711 Chapter 16.29 Secret Fighting Under Fire
Chapter 712 Chapter 16.30 (Part 1) Withdraw and return to the original route
Chapter 713 Chapter 16.30 (Part 2) City, Countryside, Bond
Chapter 714 Chapter 16.31 The best is like water
Chapter 715 Chapter 16.32 (Part 1) Dare to argue for justice with the gods.
Chapter 716 Chapter 16.32 (Part 2) Black Technology
Chapter 717 Chapter 16.33 A pot of porridge, rat droppings, and a shit stirrer
Chapter 718 Chapter 16.34 Comparison between ourselves and the enemy
Chapter 719 Chapter 16.35 Serious “middle-class appearance”, I don’t recognize it
Chapter 720 Chapter 16.36 For whom the sword is drawn!
Chapter 721 Chapter 16.37 Cutting off the Empire
Chapter 722 Chapter 16.38 The General’s Tomb in Blue Birch Bay
Chapter 723 Chapter 17.01 A week of shocking changes
Chapter 724 Chapter 17.02 Each raises funds
Chapter 725 Chapter 17.03 Chosen by fate, the fate of choice.
Chapter 726 Chapter 17.04 Divination of National Destiny
Chapter 727 Chapter 17.05 The Burning Red Iron Star
Chapter 728 Chapter 17.06 (Part 1) The strongest obsession.
Chapter 729 Chapter 17.06 (Part 2) Iron Star’s Spiritual Field
Chapter 730 Chapter 17.07 The War Won in the Agricultural Areas
Chapter 731 Chapter 17.08 Carrying a heavy burden and facing difficulties, happiness is in danger
Chapter 732 Chapter 17.09 (Part 1) Booming
Chapter 733 Chapter 17.09 (Part 2) “Seeking stability”
Chapter 734 Chapter 17.10 Caught off guard, bloody battle
Chapter 735 Chapter 17.11 The more you count, the more you win
Chapter 736 Chapter 17.12 Flying in to fight
Chapter 737 Chapter 17.13 Playing against each other
Chapter 738 Chapter 17.14 Time Management Master
Chapter 739 Chapter 17.15 Cold Iron
Chapter 740 Chapter 17.16 The Blade of Fairness
Chapter 741 Chapter 17.17 Plane Blockade
Chapter 742 Chapter 17.18 Next Step
Chapter 743 Chapter 17.19 (Part 1) Technological Crisis
Chapter 744 Chapter 17.19 (Part 2) Imperialist War
Chapter 745 Chapter 17.20 Who is unreasonable?
Chapter 746 Chapter 17.21 General Poma
Chapter 747 Chapter 17.22 (Part 1) Going up the mountain to fight guerrillas
Chapter 748 Chapter 17.22 (Part 2) There is no such thing as luck
Chapter 749 Chapter 17.23 Still tenacious, further suppression
Chapter 750 Chapter 17.24 Who can go together?
Chapter 751 Chapter 17.25 (Part 1) Failure and smear
Chapter 752 Chapter 17.25 (Part 2) Ver's pressure, Anglo
Chapter 753 Chapter 17.26 (Part 1) Ver's missed opportunity
Chapter 754 Chapter 17.26 (Part 2) Poma looks for another good opportunity
Chapter 755 Chapter 17.27 Blade State, Battle of the Gods
Chapter 756 Chapter 17.28 Ordinary thoughts of salvation, anger that offends the gods
Chapter 757 Chapter 17.29 How to Penetrate the Temple
Chapter 758 Chapter 17.30 Polar Axis Polar Skin
Chapter 759 Chapter 17.31 Summoning Heroes
Chapter 760 Chapter 17.32 Power Game
Chapter 761 Chapter 17.33 Genius’s Joy
Chapter 762 Chapter 17.34 The Chip Era
Chapter 763 Chapter 17.35 (Part 1) The wing knife is being sharpened
Chapter 764 Chapter 17.35 (Part 2) The fate of being manipulated
Chapter 765 Chapter 17.36 The twisting and struggling future.
Chapter 766 Chapter 18.01 Come prepared, this matter is not over yet
Chapter 767 Chapter 18.02 (Part 1) Being labeled negative
Chapter 768 Chapter 18.02 (Part 2) Can pass on the mantle
Chapter 769 Chapter 18.03 Defending for the Fierce Gathering
Chapter 770 Chapter 18.04 Informatization leads to the same goal through different paths, traps and thunder and fire
Chapter 18.05 (Part 1) Dark Invasion
Chapter 18.05 (Part 2) Axis’ experience, Pi’s understanding
Chapter 18.05 (Part 2) The Holy Spear Comes of Age
Chapter 18.06 Savage Development
Chapter 18.07 The trend of the war between gods has been determined
Chapter 18.08 (Part 1) Cook? Pharmacy, Stove Lord
Chapter 18.08 (Part 2) Infinite Tribulation
Chapter 18.09 (Part 1) Tear up the homework book
Chapter 18.09 (Part 2) They are the same kind of people from beginning to end
Chapter 18.10: Break through stacked armor and have the highest life!
Chapter 18.11 Chickens and Dogs
Chapter 18.12 (Part 1) Let the storm come more violently
Chapter 18.12 (Part 2) Shooting the Hijab of the Dark “Bride”
Chapter 18.13 Who is the 'advantage'
Chapter 18.14 Rumor of 'Wan Duzi'
Chapter 18.15 God, Law of Cause and Effect, Killing Front Forging
Chapter 18.16 The days are just right
Chapter 18.17 Right is worthy of guilt, wrong is heart-breaking
Chapter 18.18 Who should be angry
Chapter 18.19 The Emperor, the Liar, the Little Boy with New Clothes, the Trickster
Chapter 18.20 Beat the snake seven inches
Chapter 18.21 (Part 1) Transplanted to the Southern Old Continent
Chapter 18.21 (Part 2) No mercy for others (God)
Chapter 18.22 Chaos will also advance
Chapter 18.23 The opening of the gate to hell
Chapter 18.24 Anglo Dark Cause and Effect
Chapter 18.25 The temptation of the devil and the abandonment of the gods
Chapter 18.26 War in the Reflection World: 1 and 2
Chapter 18.27 Strategic Contempt
Chapter 18.28 The bloody drop on the finger of fate
Chapter 18.29 No suspense
Chapter 18.30 Pushing the trend
Chapter 18.31 (Part 1) Hell
Chapter 18.31 (Part 2) Abyss
Chapter 18.32 Misunderstanding under the Brahma filter
Chapter 18.32 Brahman, Tao, misunderstanding under the filter
Chapter 18.33 Summer insects don’t speak of the ice, well frogs don’t speak of the sea.
Chapter 18.34 (Part 1) The fate line is interrupted
Chapter 18.34 (Part 2) Evil forces are surging
Chapter 18.35 If you don’t perish in silence, you will explode in silence.
Chapter 18.36 The consequences come back, what does it have to do with me?
Chapter 19.01 The Collapse of the Moral Cornerstone
Chapter 19.02 (Part 1) Bloody Economic Recovery
Chapter 19.02 (Part 2) Twisting in, the Blood Mill of the Southern Continent
Chapter 19.03 (Part 1) Who controls the ups and downs?
Chapter 19.03 (Part 2) The one from below straightens his back, the one from above points his finger.
Chapter 19.04 (Part 1) Shining Star
Chapter 19.04 (Part 2) The man behind the scenes
Chapter 19.05 Liao
Chapter 19.06 (Part 1) The cause of the Southern Old Continent
Chapter 19.06 (Part 2) Ordinary Fire, Human Flame
Chapter 19.06 (Part 2) The God of Peeping
Chapter 19.07 Lava and Black Smoke
Chapter 19.08 Devil, Devil, God
Chapter 19.09 Don’t let the sunspots cover up the rising sun
Chapter 19.10 Burning the Abyss
Chapter 19.11 (Part 1) Go against God’s will and know the number of heaven
Chapter 19.11 (Part 2) The road leads to darkness
Chapter 19.12 The Quagmire of the South, the Fire Pit of the North
Chapter 19.12 (Part) Head portrait on the space station
Chapter 19.12 (Previous) The Land of Evil
Chapter 19.13 The beginning of the revival of the Southern Civilization Zone
Chapter 19.14 It seems that the 'magic disaster' is over.
Chapter 19.15 (Part 1) Meeting with Boma,
Chapter 19.15 (Part 2) Zheng Nian’s reply
Chapter 19.16 Battle of Medog
Chapter 19.17 Seeing the advantage and forgetting the danger, the iron-blooded mortal
Chapter 19.18 Bet on 'correct'? No! Choose 'correct'.
Chapter 19.19 Comprehensively promote the era
Chapter 19.20 (Part 1) The righteous become more righteous and the bad become worse
Chapter 19.20 (Part 2) “I can’t help myself”
Chapter 19.21 (Part 1) Turn passivity into initiative
Chapter 19.21 (Part 2) Biao Ke: Damn the sadness
Chapter 19.22 (Part 1) Awareness of priorities
Chapter 19.22 (Part 2) Agree to be discharged from hospital
Chapter 19.22 (Part 2) Living things and undead
Chapter 19.23 (Part 1) God’s “Execution for Disobedience”
Chapter 19.23 (Part 2) The final kill in Wanlun North
Chapter 19.23 (Part 2) Eliminating 'worms' in the Southern Old Continent
Chapter 19.24 The Dawn of June 6th
Chapter 19.25 (Part 1) Extracting souls and making a big sacrifice.
Chapter 19.25 (Part 2) Hunting Evil
Chapter 19.26 Facing God!
Chapter 19.27 (Part 1) Sea, land and air
Chapter 19.27 (Part 2) “Representative”
Chapter 19.27 (Part 2) May 27, God has no backup
Chapter 19.28 (Part 1) The head-on battle on May 26
Chapter 19.28 (Part 2) Starlight on the Phoenix Constellation
Chapter 19.29 Poma gave up his role in 'seeking victory'
Chapter 19.29 (Extra) The shaking before the building collapses
Chapter 19.30 (Part 1) 'Self-controlled destiny' that acquiesces to the existence of gods
Chapter 19.30 (Part 2) The sunset is setting and the star is twinkling
Chapter 19.31 Wei Keng: Although you are younger than me, you are antiques
Chapter 19.31 (Extra) Let us raise our wings!
Chapter 19.32 (Part 1) The strongest on the surface,
Chapter 19.32 (Part 2) The sky is the sharpest.
Chapter 19.33 Perhaps, it is oneself who needs to be liberated.
Chapter 19.34 (Part 1) The end of the fire pattern, blazing to drive away the cold and wet
Chapter 19.34 (Part 2) The Age of Mythology ends on June 6
Chapter 19.35 (Part 1) The Collapse of Ver
Chapter 19.35 (Part 2) Poma’s Fear
Chapter 19.36 Collapse
Chapter 19.36 (Extra) Farewell, gods.
Chapter 19.37 (Part 1) Great disaster, great opportunity
Chapter 19.37 (Part 2) Liberation, Return
Chapter 20.01 Look at that pit, it’s dark and silent
Chapter 20.01 (Part) The Best Defense
Chapter 20.02 (Part 1) The 32nd century, another thousand years.
Chapter 20.02 (Part 2) Wei Keng: Am I conservative, or is this place too avant-garde?
Chapter 20.03 The 'Millennium Change' of the main world, being sent away as 'unstable'
Chapter 20.04 (Part 1) High possibility, return
Chapter 20.04 (Part 2) Bottom-up change, top-down transcendence
Chapter 20.05 See you again
Chapter 20.06 Making a way where there is no way
Chapter 20.07 (Part 1) Preparing to fight monsters
Chapter 20.07 (Part 2) Rename Nebula
Chapter 20.08 (Part 1) Contact with the “Behemoth”
Chapter 20.08 (Part 2) On Killing Efficiency
Chapter 20.09 One Sword Becomes a Crowd
Chapter 20.10 State the bottom line.
Chapter 20.10 (Part) Ode to Humanity 'Come back soon'
Chapter 20.11 Wei Keng is not afraid of troubles
Chapter 20.12 (Part 1) Behind the Miracle of Evolution
Chapter 20.12 (Part 2) Targeted Evolution of the Great Black Hole of Creation
Chapter 20.13 (Part 1) The Difficulty of Consciousness “Observing” Space and Time
Chapter 20.13 (Part 2) Before leaving, leave some backup for the children.
Chapter 20.14 (Part 1) Farmers of Xinghai
Chapter 20.14 (Part 2) Those 'Every Family Wines'
Chapter 20.15 (Part 1) Lexiaotian’s path
Chapter 20.15 (Part 2) Creating something that can be passed down
Chapter 20.16 (Part 1) Iron Will on the Artificial Planet
Chapter 20.16 (Part 2) Broken like glass
Chapter 20.17 (Part 1) Whetstone, who is the knife and who is the stone
Chapter 20.17 (Part 2) Why aren’t you frustrated?
Chapter 20.18 (Part 1) Locking the Gene
Chapter 20.18 (Part 2) The Mediating Behemoth Nebula
Chapter 20.18 (Part 2) A little shock to Chang Hengxi
Chapter 20.19 (Part 1) Human Playfulness
Chapter 20.19 (Part 2) “Emergence”
Chapter 20.20 Independent Intellectual Property Rights
Chapter 20.20 (Part) Touching the barrier of time and space
Chapter 20.21 (Part 1) The weak are preyed upon
Chapter 20.21 (Part 2) Rationalism, Idealism
Chapter 20.22 (Part 1) Quality Giant
Chapter 20.22 (Part 2) Social Channel
Chapter 20.23 (Part 1) The Second Genetic War
Chapter 20.23 (Part 2) There are many interpretations of treaties.
Chapter 20.24 (Part 1) Gang commits crime
Chapter 20.24 (Part 2) We are here to start a prairie fire.
Chapter 20.24 (Part 2) Friends meet again
Chapter 20.25 (Part 1) The Dark Side of Earthlings
Chapter 20.25 (Part 2) That year in the river, who was carp and who was crucian carp.
Chapter 20.26 (Part 1) Reluctant Peace
Chapter 20.26 (Part 2) Dazzling Sunlight
Chapter 20.27 (Part 1) Focus
Chapter 20.27 (Part 2) Prying the Cage Door
Chapter 20.28 Clarifying cause and effect with Chang Hengxi
Chapter 20.29 (Part 1) Approaching the Great Black Hole of Creation
Chapter 20.29 (Part 2) Stay away from bargaining places
Chapter 20.30 Continuing to approach, planting rice seedlings on mud steps
Chapter 20.31 Breaking into the base camp of the material transmutation system
Chapter 20.32 (Part 1) Free flight
Chapter 20.32 (Part 2) Inside the Great Black Hole of Creation
Chapter 20.33 (Part 1) Time flies
Chapter 20.33 (Part 2) Sudden rise to seize the road
Chapter 20.34 Heat death inward, empty condensation outward
Chapter 20.35 Tunneling through a black hole
Chapter 21.01 Where is this?
Chapter 21.02 The days of wandering.
Chapter 21.03 Self-destruction
Chapter 21.04 (Part 1) blend in, blend in
Chapter 21.04 (Part 2) Law and Martial Arts
Chapter 21.05 Joining the world, doing everything
Chapter 21.06 Go My Own Way
Chapter 21.07: Avoiding the Immortal Gate
Chapter 21.08 Talent Inspiration
Chapter 21.09 Making Talisman
Chapter 21.10 The road to immortality is difficult, and the way of heaven is nothing but grass.
Chapter 21.11 (Part 1) Everyone says it is good to cultivate immortality
Chapter 21.11 (Part 2) Greedy Bait Fish
Chapter 21.12 (Part 1) Xiu Yuan Establishment
Chapter 21.12 (Part 2) In full view
Chapter 21.13 (Part 1) The end of the road
Chapter 21.13 (Part 2) Entering the Sect
Chapter 21.14 The spiritual roots are different
Chapter 21.15 Don’t force it
Chapter 21.16 (Part 1) Listen to the sect’s arrangements and obey the adjustments
Chapter 21.16 (Part 2) Trajectory
Chapter 21.17 (Part 1) Secret Technique
Chapter 21.17 (Part 2) Entering the Secret Realm
Chapter 21.18 The Secret of the Secret Realm
Chapter 21.19 Entering the inner area
Chapter 21.20 The spiritual grass returns and people go to the road
Chapter 21.21 Don’t live for others, dare to die for yourself
Chapter 21.22 (Part 1) One person and one bird travel through the stars
Chapter 21.22 (Part 2) Demon’s Bloodline Star Refining
Chapter 21.23 (Part 1) Nine Turns of Iron
Chapter 21.23 (Part 2) Zhengzhou Cultivation Continent
Chapter 21.24 Fang Juemen
Chapter 21.25 Meat Detective Sect
Chapter 21.26 Earth, Companion
Chapter 21.27 Good Fortune
Chapter 21.28 Cycle!
Chapter 21.29 Hard work, opportunity
Chapter 21.30 Everything is ready
Chapter 21.31 Testing the Star Gang Again
Chapter 21.32 Jin Dancheng, late stage of tempering
Chapter 21.33 Form a team and leave the team
Chapter 21.34 Mysterious Realm
Chapter 21.35: Get the mirage bead and centering pin
Chapter 21.36 Big Conspiracy and Big Plan
Chapter 22.01 (Part 1) The Gluttonous Evil Spirit
Chapter 22.01 (Part 2) It’s three parts of medicine and poison
Chapter 22.02 (Part 1) The Sword
Chapter 22.02 (Part 2) Even if it’s a battle, it’s a matter of life or death!
Chapter 22.03 Merit!
Chapter 22.04 (Part 1) Adjusting the Spiritual Veins and Painting Tai'a
Chapter 22.04 (Part 2) The Qi of the Red Dust
Chapter 22.05 Inside and outside the sect
Chapter 22.06 Xie Changting gives birth to a baby
Chapter 22.07 (Part 1) Arrangements of the Nascent Souls
Chapter 22.07 (Part 2) The Monk on the Sea
Chapter 22.08 Kanyu and Astrology
Chapter 22.09 Today’s tedium, tomorrow’s treasure
Chapter 22.10 The Mana of the Nascent Souls
Chapter 22.11 (Part 1) Xing Gang Lian
Chapter 22.11 (Part 2) Taking the wrong path
Chapter 22.12 (Part 1) Shengji
Chapter 22.12 (Part 2) Shocking change.
Chapter 22.13 Blood Disaster, Summoning Demons
Chapter 22.14 Life is intertwined
Chapter 22.15 (Part 1) Ending and starting
Chapter 22.15 (Part 2) Two stars accompany each other
Chapter 22.16 (Part 1) Thunder Cloud Continent
Chapter 22.16 (Part 2) Man and Demon
Chapter 22.17 Confucianism, Confucianism and Taoism
Chapter 22.18 Burning Youji, Sansei Sansei
Chapter 22.19 (Part 1) Governance by doing nothing
Chapter 22.19 (Part 2) Transformation Tribulation
Chapter 22.20 Menghong
Chapter 22.21 (Part 1) Soul Fixing Nail
Chapter 22.21 (Part 2) Earth, Kang
Chapter 22.22 Breaking Haoran
Chapter 22.22 (Extra) A gentleman loves money
Chapter 22.23 Demon Immortal Establishment
Chapter 22.24 (Part 1) The Origin of the Immortal Palace
Chapter 22.24 (Part 2) Killing Three Corpses
Chapter 22.25 (Part 1) All interference
Chapter 22.25 (Part 2) The big fight is about to begin
Chapter 22.26 (Part 1) A great calamity has passed through me! My path has grown by itself.
Chapter 22.27 Righteous Dharma, Righteous Way
Chapter 22.28 (Part 1) Taihe Mountain Liwu
Chapter 22.28 (Part 2) I raised one first
Chapter 22.29 (Part 1) The Demonic Mist Returns
Chapter 22.29 (Part 2) Jiehengling
Chapter 22.30 War between humans and demons. Grave digging in Qingqiu
Chapter 22.31 Martial Arts
Chapter 22.32 (Part 1) The end of the world
Chapter 22.32 (Part 2) He should be robbed
Chapter 22.33 (Part 1) Evolution
Chapter 22.33 (Part 2) Tridacna reads minds
Chapter 22.34 (Part 1) Prepare for the Demon
Chapter 22.34 (Part 2) Strong Bow and Powerful Crossbow
Chapter 22.34 (Part 2) Lingnan Demons
Chapter 22.35 (Part 1) Those holding white chess should not wait for death.
Chapter 22.35 (Part 2) Overcoming the difficulties
Chapter 22.36 (Part 1) The node of the catastrophe
Chapter 22.36 (Part 2) Tiniao leaves the scene
Chapter 22.37 (Part 1) Things happen for a reason, but they can have ‘good’ or ‘evil’ consequences.
Chapter 22.37 (Part 2) Sudden changes in the world
Chapter 22.37 (Part 2) Spiritual Meal
Chapter 22.38 (Part 1) Accumulation
Chapter 22.38 (Part 2) Rising in response to the calamity
Chapter 22.39 (Part 1) Leave a trace
Chapter 22.39 (Part 2) Changes in the Demon Court
Chapter 22.39 (Part 2) Qiguan Iron Armor
Chapter 22.40 (Part 1) Under the heavens, you will die if you do evil.
Chapter 22.40 (Part 2) The impact of martial arts
Chapter 22.41 (Part 1) Fortune telling, fighting over sex
22.41 (Part 2) Break the game, abandon the game, and prepare to make a big deal.
Chapter 22.42 (Part 1) Eternal Entanglement
Chapter 22.42 (Part 2) Suppression by Heaven and Earth
Chapter 22.43 (Part 1) The world moves
Chapter 22.43 (Part 2) Leave traces and cut off fate!
Chapter 22.43 (Part 2) Walking in the opposite direction, asked.
Chapter 23.01 In the cauldron, outside the cauldron, whoever bites the bait will fish.
Chapter 23.02 Breaking through the sky, civilization belt
Chapter 23.03 (Part 1) The 'karma' of crushing the innate spiritual treasure
Chapter 23.03 (Part 2) Entering the Mysterious World
Chapter 23.04 Skin, muscles, bones, tendons, and internal organs
Chapter 23.05 (Part 1) Going with the flow, Xuanchi Gate
Chapter 23.05 (Part 2) The Bastard in the Sect
Chapter 23.06 (Part 1) New Road
Chapter 23.06 (Part 2) Mountains are still mountains and water is still water
Chapter 23.06 (Part 2) High power and few enemies
Chapter 23.07 (Part 1) Returning to the Way of Harmony
Chapter 23.07 (Part 2) You go and upgrade, I will do the sermon
Chapter 23.08 (Part 1) Luck and destiny
Chapter 23.08 (Part 2) What is immortality? What is salvation?
Chapter 23.08 (Part 2) The temptation of immortals and demons, the first difficulty in defending the road
Chapter 23.09 (Part 1) All Interference: Flooding into the future, you must go through disasters
Chapter 23.09 (Part 2) Wei Keng: I just won’t ascend
Chapter 23.10 (1) Great Fall (Calamity), Great Uprising (Calamity)
Chapter 23.10 (2) Visitors from the fairy world? Monsters causing trouble to the world
Chapter 23.10 (3) Cyber? Twenty-four bridges are still there, Leng Yue is silent
Chapter 23.10 (End) Nirvana in all directions
Chapter 23.11 (Part 1) Rise up to kill the immortal!
Chapter 23.11 (Part 2) The cultivator’s “sense of pride” (sense of superiority)
Chapter 23.11 (Part 2) In the catastrophe, there is a come and a return!
Chapter 23.12 Entering the spiritual world and exploring the difficult path
Chapter 23.13 The time traveler is hard to leave
Chapter 23.14 (Part 1) Fusion Realm
Chapter 23.14 (Part 2) Tribulation Pill
Chapter 23.15 (Part 1) The tribulation has passed, and a new dispute has arisen in the ancient world.
Chapter 23.15 (Part 2) Resurrection of spiritual energy
Chapter 23.15 (Part 2) The End of Dharma Era
Chapter 23.16 (Part 1) The foul smell of fallen spirits
Chapter 23.16 (Part 2) Cutting off three flowers
Chapter 23.17 (Part 1) “Axe”
Chapter 23.17 (Middle) Quick Print Decline
Chapter 23.17 (Part 2) Kill the true spirit and let go of the past
Chapter 23.18 The entanglement of “cause and effect” in the mysterious world
Chapter 23.18 (Part) An encounter with incompatible personalities
Chapter 23.19 (Part 1) Life has an end
Chapter 23.19 (Part 2) Execute, trap, kill
Chapter 23.20 (Part 1) Not the end, but the beginning
Chapter 23.20 (Part 2) Giving meaning to “time”
Chapter 23.20 (Part 2) Infinite Tribulation
Chapter 23.21 (Part 1) Opening up and returning
Chapter 23.21 (Part 2) Conflict between Tao and Xing
Chapter 23.21 (Part 2) A deep-dimensional expedition ended perfectly
Chapter 24.01 (Part 1) Dimensional Blowout
Chapter 24.01 (Part 2) Dimension axis
Chapter 24.02 (Part 1) 'Politics' and 'Emotions'
Chapter 24.02 (Part 2) Wei Keng uses authority.
Chapter 24.02 (Part 2) Compared to this era, everyone is very simple
Chapter 24.03 (Part 1) Every star has hope
Chapter 24.03 (Part 2) Necessary Contradiction
Chapter 24.03 (Part 2) Cluster Diversification after Liberation
Chapter 24.04 (Part 1) Time and Space Dam
Chapter 24.04 (Part 2) Repression and Resistance
Chapter 24.05 (1) Innovation
Chapter 24.05 (Part 2) Make sure you are right first
Chapter 24.05 (Part 2) The beginning of intrigue
Chapter 24.06 (Part 1) Battle of Chicken Throat Star
Chapter 24.06 (Part 2) Each other has means
Chapter 24.06 (Part 2) The combination of good and odd
Chapter 24.07 (1) Scumbag, fraud
Chapter 24.07 (2) Taking the initiative
Chapter 24.07 (3) Excited, angry, determined, calm
Chapter 24.07 (4) Space Position Battle
Chapter 24.07 (5) Secret Recipe Star, what do you think of Star Case?
Chapter 24.08 (1) Chicken Throat Star’s “One Hair” pull
Chapter 24.08 (2) Behemoth Nebula moves “all over”
Chapter 24.08 (3) Plane Elevator
Chapter 24.08 (4) Qin Tianfang’s Discussing Heroes over Drinking Wine
Chapter 24.09 (1) Onlookers outside the overall situation
Chapter 24.09 (2) Coming to the magnetar
Chapter 24.09 (3) Although there are strong people in the world, you must have a sense of 'right and wrong'.
Chapter 24.09 (4) Unity can unite
Chapter 24.10 (Part 1) Bad enough and brave enough
Chapter 24.10 (Part 2) Kill Tianjiao
Chapter 24.11 (Part 1) Looking back on the negligence of the year
Chapter 24.11 (Part 2) Battle of Annihilation
Chapter 24.12 (Part 1) Conspiracy
Chapter 24.12 (Part 2) Unbreakable 'Unity'
Chapter 24.12 (Part 2) The loser leaves home
Chapter 24.13 (Part 1) Side Effects of Gain
Chapter 24.13 (Part 2) Illuminating the Dark Place
Chapter 24.13 (Part 2) The “last resort” of the traditionalists
Chapter 24.14 (Part 1) Traditionalists who want the ‘best of both worlds’
Chapter 24.14 (Part 2) The 'turn' of Jiulanxing
Chapter 24.14 (Part 2) 'Cause and Effect Technology' controls all things and is an 'axis' that is not subject to any interference
Chapter 24.15 (Part 1) Return to old business
Chapter 24.15 (Part 2) Gangster Era
Chapter 24.15 (Part 2) Plane Recycle Bin, trade-in old for new
Chapter 24.16 (Part 1) In troubled times, heroes are cherished, but in peace, rebels and thieves are hated.
Chapter 24.16 (Part 2) Qin Tianfang’s Thoughts on Retreat
Chapter 24.16 (Part 2) A more casual era
Chapter 24.17 (Part 1) Deploying troops and generals
Chapter 24.17 (Part 2) Wei’s Space-Time Expeditionary Force
Chapter 24.17 (Part 2) Wei Keng and friends from the dark plane
Chapter 24.18 (Part 1) Pre-travel assessment training
Chapter 24.18 (Part 2) Exercise 'Occupying Another Time and Space'
Chapter 24.19 (Part 1) Examination before traveling through time
Chapter 24.19 (Part 2) Lulem’s journey through different time and space
Chapter 24.19 (Part 2) Two or three things before the 'flood season' in history
Chapter 24.20 Life has nature, wisdom knows the number of days
Chapter 24.20 (Part) The eve of the expansion of the dimension of the dark plane
Chapter 24.21 (Part 1) The Second Humanitarian War: Zangbuxing
Chapter 24.21 (Part 2) The outcome is determined by long-term calculations, and success or failure is revealed at the last moment.
Chapter 24.22 (Part 1) The Age of Conquest in Xinghai
Chapter 24.22 (Part 2) A light-year battle
Chapter 24.22 (Part 2) Swallowing the galaxy like thunder.
Chapter 24.23 (Part 1) The final struggle in the divided encirclement
Chapter 24.23 (Part 2) Preparation of “Axis”
Chapter 24.23 (Part 2) Plane Diplomacy Agreement
Chapter 24.24 History Line, Timeline
Chapter 24.24 (Part) Old and trendy
Chapter 25.01 (Part 1) The transcendent main world
Chapter 25.01 (Part 2) Take two steps if you are not sick
Chapter 25.02 (Part 1) In the Solar System
Chapter 25.02 (Part 2) Territory Classification
Chapter 25.03 (Part 1) The caring little cotton-padded jacket
Chapter 25.03 (Part 2) Heaven System. Plane Economy
Chapter 1176 Chapter 2504 Economic Plane, Casual Gameplay
Chapter 1177 Chapter 2505 (Part 1) Source Energy Combination
Chapter 1178 Chapter 2505 (Part 2) activates the identity 'elements'.
Chapter 1179 Chapter 2506 (Part 1) Go home and recognize your ancestors
Chapter 1180 Chapter 2506 (Part 2) Rural Friendship
Chapter 1181 Chapter 2507 Nuclear power plant, space-time source
Chapter 1182 Chapter 2507 (Part) The plot is not unique
Chapter 1183 Chapter 2508 (Part 1) The Clear Case of the Martial Arts Era
Chapter 1184 Chapter 2508 (Part 2) The knight invades the forbidden countryside with force
Chapter 1185 Chapter 2509 (Part 1) Every step of the way is a trap for all heavenly positions
Chapter 1186 Chapter 2509 (Part 2) Senior, your time has passed
Chapter 1187 Chapter 2510 Jiazi timeline, 'normal' has arrived
Chapter 1188 Chapter 2511 (Part 1) Yichou Timeline, Zhenwu and
Chapter 1189 Chapter 2511 (Part 2) Beiming Project
Chapter 1190 Chapter 2512 (Part 1) Disarming the Dragon
Chapter 1191 Chapter 2512 (Part 2) Time and Space Cube
Chapter 1192 Chapter 2513 Xin Chou enters the world
Chapter 1193 Chapter 2514 Xinchou Timeline, Become the King of the Mountain
Chapter 1194 Chapter 2514 (Remaining) Xin Chouzhi Plot Development
Chapter 1195 Chapter 2515 Xin Chou and Renxu, the base and biohazard
Chapter 1196 Chapter 2516 (Part 1) Human Governance, Omnic Management
Chapter 1197 Chapter 2516 (Part 2) Building a foundation
Chapter 1198 Chapter 2517 (Part 1) Qin Tianfang’s ‘release’
Chapter 1199 Chapter 2517 (Part 2) Technology, biochemistry, true martial arts,
Chapter 1200 Chapter 2517 (Part 2) Wei Keng: We all traveled through time
Chapter 1201 Chapter 2518 (Part 1) Good at dancing with long sleeves
Chapter 1202 Chapter 2518 (Part 2) Elitism in the Omnic Plane
Chapter 1203 Chapter 2518 (Part 2) Cooperation with all parties
Chapter 1204 Chapter 2519 (Part 1) The enemy camp is very weak, take it lightly
Chapter 1205 Chapter 2519 (Part 2) The Army in Time and Space
Chapter 25.20 Preface: The high-energy position linked to the zombie world
Chapter 25.21 Active choice, Dongfang 1562
Chapter 25.22 The Ming Dynasty seaside where ignorance and enlightenment intertwine
Chapter 25.23 Industry, Machinery, Plane Colonization
Chapter 25.24 Good and Evil Dao Demon
Chapter 25.25 (Part 1) Martial Arts! Producing Essence and Condensing Gang.
Chapter 25.25 (Part 2) The past of Daheng Dynasty
Chapter 25.26 Armor Technology, Demonic Eliminator
Chapter 25.27 A teacher must be famous
Chapter 25.28 (Part 1) Assistance in Suppression
Chapter 25.28 (Part 2) Hercules? Cyclone?
Chapter 25.29 Face, Lizi.
Chapter 25.30 The Hawks of the Gentuo Society
Chapter 25.31 The Emperor couldn’t get on board the ship
Chapter 25.32 Lightning Kills Demons
Chapter 25.33 Reflection of History
Chapter 25.34 Myeongse Sect
Chapter 25.35 (Part 1) Jiajing opens the sea
Chapter 25.35 (Part 2) Qin Xiaohan’s cycle of death
Chapter 25.36 (Part 1) The battle over the organic route, Ancient Saint
Chapter 25.36 (Part 2) From “human world” to “Shura world”
25 Extra Volume Chapter 01 Vertical Standard, Time and Space Equality
25 Extra Volume Chapter 02 (Previous), Zhaojiu Department
25 Extra Volume Chapter 02 (Part 2) Renyou Line, Chapter 8
25 Extra Volume Chapter 02 (Part 2) 'The Courier'
Extra Volume 25 Chapter 03 (Part 1) Base Total War
25 Extra Volume Chapter 03 (Part 2) The Last Pastoral Era
25 Extra Volume Chapter 04 (Part 1) Dinghai Timeline,
Extra Volume 25 Chapter 04 (Part 2) Hair from the Human Base
Extra Volume 25 Chapter 05 Conflict Escalates
25 Extra Volume Chapter 06 (Part 1) The Eternal Sinner He Chong
25 Extra Volume Chapter 06 (Part 2) Let the 'Middle Man' Heart
25 Extra Volume Chapter 07 (Part 1) Family Unit, Letter
Extra Volume 25 Chapter 07 (Part 2) Space of Belief
25 Extra Volume Chapter 07 (Part 2) The Model of the Cave Man
Extra Volume 25 Chapter 08 (Part 1) The Ghost of the Star Sea Spaceship
Extra Volume 25 Chapter 08 (Part 2) Interstellar Colony
Extra Volume 25 Chapter 09 (Part 1) Rebellion on the Colonial Planet
Extra Volume 25 Chapter 09 (Part 2) On a Desolate Planet
Chapter 10 of Extra Volume 25: Parents leave.
Extra Volume 25 Chapter 11 Summary of the Fifth Plane War
Extra Volume 25 Chapter 12 Exile
25 Extra Volume Chapter 13 (Part 1) Retreating to the Mountains and Forests
25 Extra Volume Chapter 13 (Part 2) Cleaning up the “flag” of the past
Chapter 14 of Extra Volume 25 (Part 1) The “Outdated” Tiantian Shangxiang
Extra Volume 25 Chapter 14 (Part 2) No more people in the 33rd century
25 Extra Volume Chapter 15 (Part 1) The end of the shrouded era
Chapter 15 of Extra Volume 25 (Part 2) The Slow Steps of the 'Middle Man'
Chapter 15 of Extra Volume 25 (Part 2) The meaning of original time travel
Chapter 26.01 (Part 1) Battle against Gaia
Chapter 26.01 (Part 2) Feudal Lunar Colony
Chapter 26.02 Changes in the Territory
Chapter 26.03 (1) Monster Moon Castle
Chapter 26.03 (Part 2) Black Mud Area
Chapter 26.03 (Part 2) Plane landing
Chapter 26.04 (Part 1) The Cruel Route of the Human Base
Chapter 26.04 (Part 2) The Origin of the Human Emperor’s Saint
Chapter 26.05 (Part 1) The Vampires of the Year
Chapter 26.05 (Part 2) A few things about the feudal family
Chapter 26.06 (Part 1) Mental Cultivation
Chapter 26.06 (Part 2) Pulling people on board
Chapter 26.07 (Part 1) Fifty years old is the road mark
Chapter 26.07 (Part 2) The plane hole in the Dharma-ending period
Chapter 26.08 Northern Chapter The clay dolls 'labor and educate'
Chapter 26.09 (Part 1) The 'Sword in the Earth' was pulled out
Chapter 26.09 (Part 2) Fate gathers under the sweet-scented osmanthus tree
Chapter 26.10 (Part 1) Born in 'Zhenghong'
Chapter 26.10 (Part 2) Meeting and Accompanying Old Friends
Chapter 26.11 (Part 1) The 'soft rice' that was force-fed
Chapter 26.11 (Part 2) The New Lord of the Moon
Chapter 26.11 (Part 2) Qinghai County
Chapter 27 Chapter 2612 (Part 1) Draw the bow and shoot the wolf, Tsukiye sings
Chapter 28 Chapter 2612 (Part 2) Human Respect
Chapter 29 Chapter 2613 (Part 1)
Chapter 26.13 (Part 2) Sanctification of the Physical Body
Chapter 26.14 (Part 1) The beginning of kingship
Chapter 26.14 (Part 2) Is it time to start the fire?
Chapter 26.15 The End of Eating Dividends
Chapter 26.16 (Part 1) The appearance of “accumulation and success”
Chapter 26.16 (Part 2) The Appearance of the Wise Man
Chapter 26.17 (Part 1) The final 'compromise' discussion
Chapter 26.17 (Part 2) What is the bottom price of “priceless”?
Chapter 26.18 (Part 1) Between public and private affairs, one needs to retreat
Chapter 26.18 (Part 2) Gong Dao
Chapter 26.19 The beautiful moon is full of contempt, and I hope that the brittle iron will become steel.
Chapter 26.20 (Part 1) Conflict.
Chapter 26.20 (Part 2) “Exquisite conspiracy” and “
Chapter 26.21 Various unexpected spoilers
Chapter 26.22 The Seal of History
Chapter 26.23 (Part 1) Old Era, New Era
Chapter 26.23 (Part 2) Martial Arts? Army
Chapter 26.24 (Part 1) A boring confrontation
Chapter 26.24 (Part 2) The Human Emperor of this Realm
Chapter 26.25 (Part 1) The monster has a different path
Chapter 26.25 (Part 2) Zhu Xiaoyan’s two timelines
Chapter 26.26 (Part 1) Being ugly when you are “sick”
Chapter 26.26 (Part 2) Accepting experience and growing up
Chapter 26.27 (Part 1) The demonic mist is coming
Chapter 26.27 (Part 2) Black Mud on Venus
Chapter 26.28 (Part 1) 'The First Human and Humanities Cooperation'
Chapter 26.28 (Part 2) Human Theory
Chapter 26.29 (Part 1) In the Age of War, Humanity’s Succession
Chapter 26.29 (Part 2) The swarm of human beings
Chapter 26.30 (Main) Wuji Swordsmanship
Chapter 26.30 (Part) 'Pando', hundreds of years late
Chapter 26.30 (continued) Is there a specialization in the art industry? A comprehensive development
Chapter 26.31 (Part 1) Burning all over the world
Chapter 26.31 (Part 2) Dharma and Heaven and Earth
Chapter 26.32 (Part 1) Yucheng model, boil
Chapter 26.32 (Part 2) Confrontation Negotiation
Chapter 26.33 The prodigal son never looks back.
Chapter 26.34 (Part 1) Killing demons and warding off evil spirits
Chapter 26.34 (Part 2) The initial slightest difference, the final difference
Chapter 26.35 (Part 1) Trend
Chapter 26.35 (Part 2) Diaomin and the King
Chapter 26.36 (Part 1) The collapsed world, released from the cage
Chapter 26.36 (Part 2) Point out errors
Chapter 27.01 If the king’s heart is not right, he will become ugly
Chapter 27.02 Future Storm
Chapter 27.03 Technology moves forward, society moves backward
Chapter 27.04 (Part 1) The second escape
Chapter 27.04 (Part 2) Bu Tianxin
Chapter 27.05 Against death, fighting for life
Chapter 28 Chapter 2706 (Part 1) Men want to fight
Chapter 29 Chapter 2706 (Part 2) The rebellion begins in the mountain nest
Chapter 30 Chapter 2707 (Part 1) There are traitors inside and powerful enemies outside
Chapter 31 Chapter 2707 (Part 2) Backward Compatibility
Chapter 27.07 (Part 2) The focus of the federal military.
Chapter 27.08 A little trick used in internal strife.
Chapter 27.09 Philosophy of Time
Chapter 27.10 Total War in China
Chapter 27.11 (Part 1) Breaking through the shit covered in gold powder
Chapter 27.11 (Part 2) For the Red Sunrise in the East
Chapter 27.12 (Part 1) The implementation of the general strategy 'throwing the whip'
Chapter 27.12 (Part 2) Evolution of Keng
Chapter 27.13 (Part 1) The wind is coming, the season has changed
Chapter 27.13 (Part 2) Rotten to the Root
Chapter 27.14 Familiar with the formula and skilled in operation
Chapter 27.15 Self-contained
Chapter 27.16 (Part 1) Shen in the brief 'peace'
Chapter 27.16 (Part 2) Out-of-control intelligence
Chapter 27.17 (Part 1) 'Obsession' in the Plane War
Chapter 27.17 (Part 2) The heart is swaying
Chapter 27.18 Fighting for the Road
Chapter 27.19 (Part 1) 'Small' friction with the empire
Chapter 27.19 (Part 2) Controlling the plot.
Chapter 27.20 (Part 1) Under the Earth, Above the Moon
Chapter 27.20 (Part 2) A quiet, pure, unsentimental war
Chapter 27.21 Bug-ridden
Chapter 27.22 Breaking the Plot
Chapter 27.23 Plane Characteristics
Chapter 27.24 (Part 1) Nobility
Chapter 27.24 (Part 2) Use violence to control sycophants
Chapter 27.25 Cultural Storm
Chapter 27.26 Update the mod version in advance for the 'newcomers'
Chapter 27.27 Comparison after “Intellectual Education”
Chapter 27.28 (Part 1) 'The group descended through the fire'
Chapter 27.28 (Part 2) This midsummer, the roof of the world
Chapter 27.29 Skilled historical promotion
Chapter 27.29 (Part) Skilled historical promotion
Chapter 27.30 (Part 1) Defend the Xiongnu (Empire) in the North
Chapter 27.30 (Part 2) The 'Omnic Machine' continues with difficulty
Chapter 30 Chapter 2730 (Part 2) Instructions before leaving.
Chapter 27.31 The Last Star Sea Federation
Chapter 27.31 (Part) Chasing the poor bandits southward
Chapter 27.32 (Part 1) Transcendence
Chapter 27.32 (Part 2) Gun and pen, blood and ink
Chapter 27.33 Everyone fights to win
Chapter 27.34 New forces, new era, new order
Chapter 27.34 (Part) The final source of cause and effect
Chapter 27.35 (Part 1) The path of the Silicon Heart Society
Chapter 27.35 (Part 2) The last lesson
Chapter 27.36 (Part 1) The first sequence, trauma
Chapter 27.36 (Part 2) There is still something to do
Chapter 28.01 (Part 1) Falling from the Throne
Chapter 28.01 (Part 2) The collapse of rituals and music began with He Chongyun
Chapter 28.02 Keng Lin City
Chapter 28.03 (Part 1) Between the Stardust
Chapter 28.03 (Part 2) Men farm and women weave
Chapter 28.04 Fossil Plane in Dimension
Chapter 29 Chapter 2805 Voyage, Local Galaxy Plane
Chapter 28.06 Coming and Entering
Chapter 28.07 Ling Sui
Chapter 28.08 Ordained by Heaven
Chapter 28.09 Opening the Tianxin Calendar
Chapter 28.10 Civilization Substitution, Dialectical Ability
Chapter 28.11 Nine-level Zhongzheng civilization system
Chapter 28.12 Interstellar Colony
Chapter 28.13 The fate of peach blossoms
Chapter 28.14 Cutting into culture and creating a scientific working level
Chapter 28.15 Morality, intelligence, physical beauty, labor, creation
Chapter 28.16 (Part 1) The Sixth Plane War
Chapter 28.16 (Part 2) Exploring the future
Chapter 28.17 The heavenly person limited by the number of days
Chapter 28.18 Sword, Money, Power
Chapter 28.19 Win without fighting
Chapter 28.20 Ling Sui’s Bet
Chapter 29 Chapter 2821 Avoid the hole you dug
Chapter 29 Chapter 2822 (Part 1) The best physical arts system,
Chapter 30 Chapter 2822 (Part 2) Get down to business
Chapter 29 Chapter 2823 Make a mistake again and again, but you will always get it right
Chapter 29 Chapter 2824 (Part 1) Watering and fertilizing
Chapter 30 Chapter 2824 (Part 2) “Pastoral” and “Inner Temple”
Chapter 29 Chapter 2825 Conversation
Chapter 30 Chapter 2826 Prelude to the “Epic”
Chapter 29 Chapter 2827 Old Love
Chapter 30 Chapter 2828 The Disaster of Civilization
Chapter 29 Chapter 2829 Battle of Su Lingxing
Chapter 30 Chapter 2829 (Part) Because of 'Tooth Disease'
Chapter 29 Chapter 2830 Lack of Heroes
Chapter 29 Chapter 2831 Ship Massacre Style
Chapter 29 Chapter 2832 (Part 1) Inner Universe
Chapter 30 Chapter 2832 (Part 2) Ruins
Chapter 31 Chapter 2833 (previous) The ancient 'mobilization' of the main world
Chapter 30 Chapter 2833 (Part 2) Multiple Choice Question 'To Survive or Die?'
Chapter 31 Chapter 2833 (Part 2) Mass for Soul Resurrection, No Return
Chapter 29 Chapter 2834 (Part 1) The Heated Plane
Chapter 30 Chapter 2834 (Part 2) Shaking the Star Sea
Chapter 31 Chapter 2835 (Part 1) The Period of Discovery
Chapter 32 Chapter 2835 (Part 2) From the twenty-seventh century to the present,
Chapter 29 Chapter 2836 'High School Student' Shape Bait
Chapter 30 Chapter 2901 The Decline of Wei Keng
Chapter 30 Chapter 2902 The dark night
Chapter 30 Chapter 2903 Technological progress in suppressing unruly people
Chapter 30 Chapter 2904 Retro Plane Mission Flow
Chapter 30 Chapter 2905 Going with the flow
Chapter 30 Chapter 2906 As a Mage
Chapter 30 Chapter 2907 Heresy
Chapter 31 Chapter 2908 Leaving home means joining the army
Chapter 30 Chapter 2909 Those who are capable work hard
Chapter 31 Chapter 2910 Climbing under the sword
Chapter 32 Chapter 2911 Ranger and Sword Master
Chapter 29.12 For the Kingdom
Chapter 30 Chapter 2913 Dream in Consciousness, Eve of Resonance
Chapter 29.14 The end of the end, the beginning of the search for the path
Chapter 30 Chapter 2915: Free from Order
Chapter 30 Chapter 2916: Taking advantage of the dwarves
Chapter 31 Chapter 2917 Town Defense Battle
Chapter 30 Chapter 2918 Independent Rescue Mission
Chapter 31 Chapter 2919 (Part 1) What’s behind this mission?
Chapter 32 Chapter 2919 (Part 2) The pursuit of ancient glory
Chapter 30 Chapter 2920 The Accident of Dreams