Chapter 398 Massacre

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 The floating island void that originally looked like a natural chasm did not cause any trouble at all in front of the wings of the harpy.

Including two small fortress castles that have been built.

The harpies did not attack from these two directions at all, but circled and flew around the entire floating island.

And from time to time, a small team would be separated and fly past the floating island at close range, and each time it would lead to long vines all over the sky.

In the Flower Spirit Canyon, the strongest thing is the vine that is everywhere, almost like a living thing.

But all this is almost useless in front of the harpies, because their speed is enough to throw away the pursuing long vines.

Almost everyone in the Misty World who saw this scene couldn't help but sweat for Li Er.

Only the people around Li Er now.

Everyone who has seen the scene of the wailing wasteland before doesn't know that Li Er's strongest family member is not a flower spirit at all.

Even today’s flower essences have built the legendary Flower Essence Canyon.

But as long as they see the large group of fish cats swimming with the harpies under the harpies, everyone is almost certain that as long as these harpies dare to really rush into the floating island, they will definitely be greeted by the eyes of the god of death and the eyes of the god of death all over the sky.

Death's Scythe.

But the purpose of the harpy is obviously not to really rush into the floating island, but to fly around the floating island like this, startling the long vines in the sky from time to time, and then leave quickly.

In fact, Li Er, on the other hand, was not worried at all about the scene in front of him. Only he knew how many fish cats were watching the group of harpies under the long vines in Huajing Canyon with cold eyes.

Ten thousand? Or twenty thousand?

Twenty thousand is definitely not possible, but ten thousand is definitely far beyond.

Li Er didn't believe that he could lose this island with ten thousand fish cats.

It's a pity that no one can really see through the entire Huajing Canyon, even the True God.

Huajing Canyon has a shielding effect.

Just like the Valley of Ten Thousand Flowers with so-called good flower elves, if you don't have some special skills, you can't even think of finding any flower spirits in the Valley of Ten Thousand Flowers, even if they are right next to you.

The effect of Huajing Canyon is much worse than that of Ten Thousand Flowers Valley, but at least it is enough for Li Er today.

Not to mention, Li Er wanted to get the Valley of Ten Thousand Flowers in the ear of the chief priest Yun Yi and in the mouth of the little flower spirit in gold clothes.

After all, they are all evil flower essences, which is somewhat inconsistent with his character. He still prefers the more innocent family members!

At this time, just as another group of harpies flew over the floating island, the figure of a fish cat suddenly emerged from the long vines in the sky, stepping on the vines.

First, there was a huge eye of death, which almost instantly pinned the nearby harpy on the spot.

Of course, before these rigid harpies could fall into the long vines all over the sky, a terrifying blood-red Death Scythe swept across.

In an instant, a group of nearly twenty harpies were cut in half in the air. They screamed and fell into the endless vines, disappearing in an instant.

"Heroic Fish Cat Man!" With this move, Ga Gong instantly became the brightest figure in the sky, attracting the attention of everyone in the entire Demon Cloud Swamp.

Including the gaze on the boundary-breaking ship!

Ga Gong glanced at the remaining harpies with a very cold gaze, and then slowly fell into the long vines little by little.

During the whole process, no harpy dared to attack.

"So strong! Why do I feel more terrifying than the Sea Whale Man transformed into a Death Whale?"

Some people who have seen the Death Whale rushing into battle before found it emotional.

"Obviously the temperament is different. Although the Death Whale is powerful, it is only so powerful that it makes people feel scared. But this fish cat is simply terrifying, just like the Death Scythe in his hand will cut you at any time.


"Is this your heroic fish cat?" the middle-aged man asked Li Er.

Li Er nodded directly.

The middle-aged man looked a little serious.

"He can find a way to bring him into the main world, and I will get the Chapter of Mist for you."

Li Er didn't know whether to be overjoyed or surprised at this moment, he looked at the other party with some confusion.

The middle-aged man said directly and slowly: "Compared with the heroic-level wretched man, I personally think that the value of this fish-cat man is greater."

At this time, the chief priest of Gun King City Caiyi suddenly said: "Why not just get a few more Mist Chapters."

As soon as these words came out, not to mention other people, even the middle-aged man simply rolled his eyes and ignored him.

But the chief priest of Gun King City Caiyi suddenly said: "If you are willing to give up the victory of the Wailing Wasteland scene to my young city master, two pieces of the Mist Chapter!"

The middle-aged man immediately looked at the other party with a cold gaze.

"What do you want to do?"

The chief priest of Gun King City Caiyi did not show any fear, he just smiled and said: "I don't want to do anything, I just want to make a deal with classmate Li Er."

"Impossible!" the middle-aged man flatly refused.

The chief priest of Gun King City Caiyi smiled directly and said: "Is the price too low? As long as you are willing, you can negotiate anything. I think there is always something that Classmate Li Er wants in the treasure house of Gun King City."

These words made Li Er feel a little moved.

Compared with unknown rewards, he actually wants something that he actually picked.

The middle-aged man sneered directly.

"Don't think about it. Can the victory in the Witch Hall's Cup Arena be compared to anything? You can fool Li Er, but you can't fool me."

Li Er looked at each other with some confusion.

But the middle-aged man did not explain. He just said slowly: "Keep an eye on the situation in the Wailing Wasteland. If there is any change in the valley, let Li Er's family members slaughter those in the valley first. I think Li Er's family members

It can be done.”

These words were obviously directed at the chief priest Yunyi.

The officiant in Yunyi looked at Li Er, then at the other officiants in Caiyi who looked gloomy next to them, and finally had to nod.

After all, whether Li Er can pass the level is closely related to her.

The situation became increasingly complicated after that.

After this incident, the harpies did not harass the floating island anymore, but they flew directly over the floating island and killed them on the other side.

There were even harpies who acted as boatmen, and one by one they sent the Wanxiang Great World team around the central island to the other end.

Regarding this situation, not only the bystanders in the foggy world were helpless, but even Li Er himself was helpless.

There really are no long-range races in his current family structure, let alone flying races.

Even the loaded god cards don't specifically target air units.

What's more, the harpies are flying far around the central floating island, and even with long-range attack methods, it is impossible to attack them.

In the end, it only took half a day to clear out even the team hiding in the ruins transformation scene.

Including Li Er’s mother Zhang Si.

Looking at his mother's angry face, Li Er was also filled with helplessness, and at the same time he couldn't help but think of his father.

Compared with his mother, his father is undoubtedly much more Buddhist in character.

In other words, he is much less ambitious.

Li Er always feels that his personality is inherited from his father.

There is more or less a sense of taking things as they come.

This chapter has been completed!
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