Chapter 2599 don't worry

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 When Ji Xiaoyan stepped onto the hover car that she had never met to pick her up, Officer Wu was still a little uneasy and couldn't help but call her out.

"Miss Ji, we didn't catch those who wanted to harm you. You have to pay attention to your safety when you go home. If there is any situation, you can contact us and we will arrange manpower to deal with it."<


"Thank you, Officer Wu. I will contact you again if necessary. Thank you very much for today."

Ji Xiaoyan originally wanted to tell Officer Wu that if something unexpected happened next, it would probably not be the responsibility of the federal police station in their area.

But then she thought that they were also kind-hearted, so she could only follow the words and thank them.

"Miss Ji, you're welcome, this is our duty." Officer Wu smiled slightly and said seriously, "There are such madmen in our Qiyu City. This is our duty.


"Once these madmen cause any danger in Qiyu City and we fail to catch them, it will be our dereliction of duty."

"We are lucky that Miss Ji can provide us with such a clue! We will restore the nearby surveillance video as soon as possible and catch these fanatics before they cause any substantial accidents."
"That's all thanks to you, Officer Wu Wu." Ji Xiaoyan nodded and thanked him again, "I'll take the first step!"

Officer Wu waved his hand, smiled and signaled Ji Xiaoyan to get in the car. He didn't stay too long, and turned around and returned to the building again.

When the batch of hovercars stopped, Officer Wu thought it was Ji Xiaoyan's family who came to pick him up, but he didn't expect that the person who got off the hovercar had an unusual demeanor and temperament. He clearly had the look of a federal soldier.

Iron-blooded momentum.

Not to mention that handsome man with whom Ji Xiaoyan obviously has a very close relationship...

So this Miss Ji is actually not an ordinary person.

This time someone wants to catch her in Qiyu City, it must be a premeditated thing.

If those people can't be caught, if they really catch Miss Ji, there might be some big trouble.

Although these people from the Federal Police are not big shots, they still have their own professional standards and missions.

Since we know that unexpected troubles may arise, why can't we work harder now to kill such signs directly?

As for the identity of Miss Ji, and the identity of the person who came to pick her up? These are not important to ordinary people like them in the Federal Police.

What they have to do now is to try their best to find clues in this building, find those crazy people who want to catch Miss Ji, and ask them what their plans and purposes are.

Maybe you can even get a great merit.

At this moment, after Ji Xiaoyan got on the hover car, he talked about the situation of the team in detail with strangers.

"They probably want to take me away! They should be from the federal government, but I really didn't expect that they didn't hide, and they dared to walk around in Qiyu City and come specifically to approach me."

Having said this, Ji Xiaoyan couldn't help but feel a little depressed again: "If I hadn't insisted on investigating where they wanted to take me, and if I didn't have enough danger awareness, maybe those two elves would have

There is no need for the indigenous people to be captured by them."

"Susu, have you found any clues about them in Qiyu City?"

The stranger shook his head and held Ji Xiaoyan's hand tightly, using this method to express the tension and uneasiness in his heart that had not yet dissipated.

"Muchi Mufeng is already contacting his people. If there is any news, it should be reported back soon. Let's go back to the command tower now."

The stranger looked at Ji Xiaoyan with a look of joy in his eyes: "Fortunately, nothing happened to you... But after you return to the command tower, you should stop walking around for the time being until we get rid of those fat people.

Can we wait until we catch him?"

Ji Xiaoyan was a little unhappy. If she stayed near the control tower all the time, she wouldn't be able to help if anything happened in Qiyu City...

But seeing the pleading look on the stranger's face, with a bit of nervousness and uneasiness still lingering in his eyes, Ji Xiaoyan could only take a deep breath and nodded in agreement: "Okay!

"Then after I return to the command tower, I will go back to the game world, so that you can feel at ease while I stay in the game cabin."

"That's the best!" The stranger finally let out a sigh of satisfaction, "Xiaoyan, I'm worried about you too!"

"You have to know that those people from the Federation want to take you back now. Only by placing you in the command tower and being heavily guarded nearby can I feel at ease."

"As for other things in Qiyu City, you don't have to worry, I will arrange them."

"When you come out of the game world next time, the entire Qiyu City will be safe."

Ji Xiaoyan looked at the stranger's confident expression and longing eyes, and could only nod silently and rest her head on his shoulder, trying to make him feel more at ease.

"What to do with the two mecha aborigines from the elves? Is there any news?"

"If their secrets are discovered by those from the Federation, our Qiyu City will be in more trouble, right?"

Ji Xiaoyan is still very worried about this.

"Don't worry, we have already arranged for people to go to the location you mentioned before and start investigating. I believe they will be found soon!"

"And the two elven aborigines are not stupid. If there is really trouble, they will definitely leave the mecha immediately and return to the game world."

Thinking of this, the stranger immediately suggested: "Why don't you go back to the game world first and see if they have gone back."

"I'll go back and have a look then! I'm just a little worried. Even after the two elven aborigines return to the game world, those people from the Federation will be suspicious when they find that there is no one in the mecha.


"It doesn't matter! Even if they are suspicious, they have to find substantive evidence before sending it to the federal government. Otherwise, based on their own words, the people of the federal government will not be so stupid as to believe it."

"So even if they find something, they have to find a way to transport those two mechas back to the federal government!"

"We only need to keep an eye on the entire Qiyu City and prevent them from transporting the mecha away, then there will be no problem."

"Because we can definitely find them before that!"

"So Xiaoyan, you don't have to worry about these things. After returning to the command tower, take a good rest and then go back to the game world."

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