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My simulated path to immortality

My simulated path to immortality

author:angry squid

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:07-20 03:23

Latest chapter:Chapter 1423 The dream formation due to the heart

The path to immortality is so difficult! Not to mention the world of immortality that has been completely changed by a plague! Mortals are infected with the disease, and once an immortal comes into contact with it, their cultivation level will decrease at best, or return to heaven in severe cases, so immortals and mortals will be separated forever; immortals cannot practice together. , the entire world of cultivating immortals has become...

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《My simulated path to immortality》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1423 The dream formation due to the heart
Chapter 1422 The endless reincarnation
Chapter 1421 The hidden phase of Mo Sha Dao
Chapter 1420 Tongtian Avenue Formation
Chapter 1419 Daoyuan expands all phenomena
Chapter 1418 The Wuming Immortal must be killed
Chapter 1417 The Secret of Xuantian Holy Envoy
Chapter 1416 Recreating Yanfa Jue
Chapter 1415 Experimental Enlightenment
《My simulated path to immortality》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Where does the fairy come from
Chapter 2 Determined to Seek Longevity
Chapter 3 Mortals Want to Catch Immortals
Chapter 4 Immortals fight with a sword
Chapter 5 Waves on the ground
Chapter 6 Sitting on the Mountain and Watching the Immortal Fight
Chapter 7 The Horned Dragon Swallows the Sword
Chapter 8 Immortals are forever separated
Chapter 9 Heaven's Endless Road
Chapter 10 Immortal Laws Are Differently Cultivated
Chapter Eleven: Cultivating Immortals
Chapter 12 The Second Anchor Point Appears
Chapter Thirteen: Overturning Hands and Transforming into Human World
Chapter 14: Willow Darkness and Flower Brightness
Chapter 15 The foundation has been laid bare
Chapter 16 Getting to the Cactus Room
Chapter 17 Everything is ready
Chapter 18: Leaping from the abyss
Chapter Nineteen
Chapter 20 Unintentional but successful
Chapter 21: In the Immortal Realm
Chapter 22: Both stowaways
Chapter 23 Naturalization of Liuli Island
Chapter 24: Refining Qi Needs to Remove Miasma
Chapter 25: Wealth and Silk Touching the Heart
Chapter twenty six
Chapter 27: Wisdom to recognize talents
Chapter 28: There is a hurricane in heaven and earth
Chapter 29 Going to sea when things are done
Chapter 30: No Treasures in the Deep Sea
Chapter 31: Full Loads Return to Liuli
Chapter 32 The treasure body can be channeled
Chapter Thirty-Three Sisters Are Talented
Chapter 34: Purity of Heart and Magical Effect
Chapter Thirty-Five The fruits are pre-determined
Chapter thirty six
Chapter Thirty-Seven: Wonderful Things
Chapter 38 Finally Entering the Spirit Pond
Chapter 39: The First Lesson of Immortal Cultivation
Chapter forty
Chapter 41: Sitting on the Mountain and Enjoying Its Success
Chapter 42: Immortals are not at odds with each other
Chapter 43: The Root of the Heaven and Earth
Chapter 44: Finally Entering the Qi Refining Period
Chapter 45: Sending Wanxian Island
Chapter 46 Lingbao Tianxuan Mirror
Chapter 47 Tianxuan can enlighten the spirit
Chapter 48: Extinct Glass Beads
Chapter forty-ninth rare goods can be settled
Chapter 50: Tai'an has spiritual fruit
Chapter 51: Smiley Fruit
Chapter 52 Guarding Tai'an Island
Chapter 53 The monk has disaster
Chapter 54 Heaven and Earth Cloth Murder
Chapter fifty-fifth death and then life
Chapter 56: Compassion Blesses Mortals
Chapter 57: The Opportunity Has Presented Suddenly
Chapter fifty-eight
Chapter fifty-ninth the sea changes into mulberry fields
Chapter 60 Review and Planning
Chapter 61: Dissociation Test Magical Powers
Chapter 62 Inexplicably hunted down
Chapter 63 Return to Liuli Island
Chapter 64: Re-entering the Ten Thousand Immortals League
Chapter 65 100,000 Contribution Degrees
Chapter 66: Strange Comes to the World
Chapter 67 Desire to cultivate illusion
Chapter 68 Phantom Blue Flame
Chapter 69 It turns out it's you
Chapter 70 Desire for the Yuan Ying Law
Chapter 71: The Departures of Beings
Chapter 72 Fushou grants longevity
Chapter 73: On the Behaviour of Leeks
Chapter 74: No time to spare
Chapter 75: Deep Sea Encountering Dragon Whale
Chapter 76: No Phase to Kill Alien Beasts
Chapter 77
Chapter 78: The Heavenly Palace of Clouds and Water
Chapter 79 Chief of the Dharma Pavilion
Chapter 80 Remember to go to bed early
Chapter 81: The Trial of Concentration
Chapter 82: The Trial of Courage
Chapter 83 The end of the trial of permanence
Chapter 84 The Daoist Refining Monster Insect
Chapter 85 Everything is like a worm
Chapter 86: Clouds and Water Diagrams Appear
Chapter 87 Treasure finally succeeded
Chapter 88 Execution of Sikong Yi
Chapter 89: Stealing Heaven for Sun Sect
Chapter 90 Everything has a reason
Chapter 91 Want to refine the clone
Chapter 92 Li Fan and Lin Fan
Chapter 93 Heavenly Doctors Have Immortal Sutras
Chapter 94 Zhang Haobo's Rebirth
Chapter 95 Life and Death Chains
Chapter 96: The Chance of Wanzang Pavilion
Chapter 97: Organs Killing Bureau
Chapter 98: The Number of Destiny Between Two Worlds
Chapter 99 You are stronger and I am stronger
Chapter 100 Zhang Haobo tries his sword
Chapter 101 Underwater Water Dragon Roaring
Chapter 102 The roar of Tianyang's furious beast
Chapter One Hundred and Three God Transformation
Chapter 104: The Forgotten Calamity
Chapter 105 Heaven and Earth Have Longevity
Chapter 106 Li Fan suddenly stands
Chapter 107 Weird Six-Headed Hand
Chapter 108 A white rib
Chapter 109 All things are turned into wonders
Chapter 110 Build the foundation with me
Now I want to go to Sanjiang Pavilion, so I ask fellow Taoists to help me!
Chapter 111 A sudden glimpse of the green wind
Chapter 112 Yaowang Sect Back then
Chapter 113 Wind and Rain Awakening to Magical Powers
Chapter 114: There is a master in foundation building
Chapter 115: Mortal Thief of Laws
Chapter 116 The White Mist Wall Devouring Elements
Chapter 117 Jianfeng Enlightenment
Chapter 118 The Five Elements Cave
Chapter 119 Li Fan wants to weave
Chapter 120: Confusing the strength of the stick and confounding the gods
Chapter 121: Wooden Slips Save All Living Beings
Chapter 122 Return to Yunshui Palace
Chapter 123: Dingyu Betting
Chapter 124: Luck is not destiny
Chapter 125: Colorful Falling Immortal Formation
Chapter 126: Destined to be destined in the past life
Chapter 127: Kill Qingfeng with Sword
Chapter 128 Mr. Zhao buys treasures
Chapter 129: Illusions confuse people's hearts
Chapter 130 The rhyme of ancient relics
Chapter 131 The Wind Shepherd Hao Bo
Chapter 132 Returning to the Realm of Departure in Ten Years
Chapter 133 is the old friend
Chapter 134: Fate changes with luck
Chapter 135 Li Fan begins to become a disciple
Chapter 136: Determined to condense fake pills
Chapter 137 Yu Feng Ling Ten Thousand Immortals
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Eighth
Let me report the results of the first order to everyone.
Chapter 139: Fortunately, another great opportunity
Chapter 140 Escape from Congyun
Chapter 141: Red Flame Appears
Chapter 142 The Immortals Kill Chiyan
Chapter 143 Mo kills Cong Yun
Chapter 144 Lan Yu’s Lost Treasure
Chapter 145 The fate is wonderful
Chapter 146 Purchasing the Ten Thousand Immortals Formation Flag
Chapter 147 Li Fan begins to build the foundation
Chapter 148: Reappearance of Sitting on the Mountain
Chapter 149: First Investment
Chapter 150: The first trial of sitting on the mountain
Chapter 151: Crossing the Moon Palace
Chapter 152 Dao Yun Enlightenment Divine Palm
Chapter 153: Formation has no limits
Chapter 154: Licking a dog leads to nothing
Chapter 155 The star falls and returns to Cangwu
Chapter 156: Development amidst twists and turns
Chapter 157 Crazy expansion
Chapter 158 The bright moon flies high in the sky
Chapter 159: A narrow escape
Chapter 160: The doom has long been doomed
Chapter 161: Establishing the Foundation and Killing the Nascent Soul
Chapter 162: Laying the True Foundation for a Hundred Lifetimes
Chapter 163: Learn all the laws of the world
Chapter 164 The Genius He Zhenghao
Chapter 165 Blue Blood Ice Pill
Chapter 166: Counterattack on the Immortal Cultivation World
Chapter 167 Guiding Qingfeng Hall
Chapter 168 The breeze blows on the spirit tree
Chapter 169 Nothing new at all
Chapter 170: Operation into the Immortal Alliance
Chapter 171: Knowing the Fallen Immortal by Chance
Chapter 172 Chen Yingshi’s Secret Realm
Chapter 173: One glance reflects thousands of years
Chapter 174 Dream Return to Zixiao Sect
Chapter 175 Transformation and longevity fruit
Chapter 176 Ning Yuan is besieged
Chapter 177: Refinement of the Heart in the Fallen Immortal Realm
Chapter 178 Joining the Ten Thousand Immortals Alliance
Chapter 179 The Ultimate Ten Thousand Immortals Formation
Chapter 180 Thousand Miles of Mountains and Rivers Formation
Chapter 181 White Jade Questioning Platform
Chapter 182 Tai'an hidden spy
Chapter 183 How to multi-purpose with one mind
Chapter 184 Nine Martial Arts Formations
Chapter 185 Forming an array to fight against strange beasts
Chapter 186 White snow falls on red plums
Chapter 187: Heavenly Lord and Strange Saint
Chapter 188 The drama begins
Chapter 189 The Bubble of Greed
Chapter 190 The dealer enters the game
Chapter 191: Huge profits without capital
Chapter 192: One word decides the storm
Chapter 193 The Clues Finally Revealed
Chapter 194 Return to the Fallen Immortal World
Chapter 195: Purple Sky Soul Observation Technique
Chapter 196: Thousands of different styles
Chapter 197 The new law is unstoppable
Chapter 198 The Exquisite Heart with Seven Apertures
Chapter 199: Intimidating He Zhenghao
Chapter 200 Selling oneself for fifty years
Chapter 201: Complete the Mountain Sitting Technique
Chapter 202 Something big needs to happen
Chapter 203 The ancient war of annihilation
Chapter 204 Zi Miao Sales Advance
Chapter 205 Dapeng rises with the wind
Chapter 206: The Legend of Feipeng Cultivating Immortality
Chapter 207 Dreams and Reality
Chapter 208: The past events of the True Immortal
Chapter 209 A dragon rises from the sea
Chapter 210 The aftermath changes the world
Chapter 211 Taiyan Transformation Stone
Chapter 212: Counter-robbery locked treasure box
Chapter 213: This life ends inexplicably
Chapter 214: Be patient and do old things
Chapter 215: Tianzun Draws the Gap
Chapter 216 Sitting down and discussing martial arts
Chapter 217 The Heaven-Destroying Dao Sutra
Chapter 218: Six Desires Without Phase Skill
Chapter 219: The Dharma Eye Transforms into the Heaven
Chapter 220: Distracted into Jade Slips
Chapter 221 Offering advice to Jiao Xiuyuan
Chapter 222: Nine Mountains Can’t Fly
Chapter 223 Feipeng’s luck begins to change
Chapter 224 Forbidden Objects in Wanfa Tower
Chapter 225 Meeting an old visitor in a foreign land
Chapter 226 The sun appears in the world
Chapter 227 Eternal memories
Chapter 228 The ancient body transformed into Tao
Chapter 229: Never a weak person in life
Chapter 230: Enduring for a hundred calamities
Chapter 231: Feel free to incarnate him
Chapter 232 The human body contains secrets
Chapter 233: Writing a brilliant chapter with a wonderful pen
Chapter 234: Longevity Refining Pearl
Chapter 235: A work passed down from generation to generation
Chapter 236 Mortal Transformation into God
Chapter 237: Self-realization of ultimate meaning
Chapter 238 Pengkou swallows Qingfeng
Chapter 239 The medicinal cauldron returns to Xuanhuang
Chapter 240: Breaking the bottleneck in a moment
Chapter 241 Taiyi accepts the evil spirit
Chapter 242 Dual Method Alchemy Pill
Chapter 243 Inexplicable smoke rises
Chapter 244: Battle of Tianling Province
Chapter 245: Trouble in Ding Yu Sheng
Chapter 246: Transformation of God into Harmony
Chapter 247: Refining Creation in the Oven
Chapter 248: Fei Peng nearly breaks his wings
Chapter 249 There is a daughter He Xinxin
Chapter 250 Real Fear
Chapter 251: The Disappearing Ten Years
Chapter 252 Ruoshui and Zhenghao
Chapter 253: The source of the path is Tiandu
Chapter 254 Feipeng Dual Daoji
Chapter 255: The monk establishes his path again
Chapter 256 Zhenghao wants to form a pill
Chapter 257 Three Faults on the Seabed
Chapter 258: The Four Methods into Golden Elixir
Chapter 259 Zhenghao’s Ambition
Chapter 260 The sword points at the garrison
Chapter 261: Trying to prove immortality
Chapter 262: Tian Zun’s Virtual and Real Game
Chapter 263: A strange plan defeats the enemy
Chapter 264: The Divine Power of the Creation Bell
Chapter 265: Killing Zhang Qianmo
Chapter 266: Blue Flame Hidden Danger
Chapter 267 Tianxuan Spirit Locking Array
Chapter 268: A horse can also hurt others
Chapter 269 Treasures Replenish the Soul
Chapter 270: A sudden change
Chapter 271 Feipeng first flutters its wings
Chapter 272: Ning Yuan falls under suspicion
Chapter 273: Three Great Aspirations in Qianmo
Chapter 274 Mr. Wuxiabai
Chapter 275 Faceless Xuantian Temple
Chapter 276 The Resurrection of Chao Yuan Yi
Chapter 277: Feipeng is blessed
Chapter 278: Those who are destined to practice miraculous skills
Chapter 279 I am invincible in the Nine Mountains
Chapter 280: The Second Generation of Immortals
Chapter 281: Eye Sword Cuts Peach Blossoms
Chapter 282 Ning Yuan hides the secret room
Chapter 283 The Immortal Captures Qian Mo
Chapter 284: Nirvana Reincarnation Method
Chapter 285: One Mirror, One Immortality
Chapter 286 The mysterious Yin Yin Island
Chapter 287: Occasionally found the foundation building method
Chapter 288: Virtual and Real Dynasty Yuan Zong
Chapter 289 Teleport to Tianyu State
Chapter 290: Introductory Chain Formation
Chapter 291: The appearance of all living beings in Tianyu
Chapter 292: No results after a hundred attempts
Chapter 293 Being a ghost is also romantic
Chapter 294 Tianzun’s Hobbies
Chapter 295 The opportunity of longevity fruit
Chapter 296: Death becomes empty
Chapter 297: Soul Tempering in the Sea of ??Resentful Souls
Chapter 298 Xiao Shutian Gaoliao
Chapter 299: The beast gradually eats people's hearts
Chapter 300 Tianxuan Rebirth Mirror
Chapter 301: Seeing Tianxuan Mirror for the First Time
Chapter 302 The Attack of Red Flame
Chapter 303: Immortals Conspiracy with Chi Yan
Chapter 304 Kun Devours Everything in the World
Chapter 305 Purple light shines in the world
Chapter 306: Millions of Laws Unified
Chapter 307: Mo Sha meets his opponent
Chapter 308 Target Five Elements Heaven
Chapter 309 Nine methods finally become a pill
Chapter 310 Five Elements Nirvana Sword
Chapter 311: Qualified Actor
Chapter 312 The Secret of the Soul Locking Array
Chapter 313 Tenxuanji Biological Body
Chapter 314 The golden elixir comes to the fallen immortal
Chapter 315 Dream Return to the Beast Control Sect
Chapter 316: Fallen Immortal Series
Chapter 317: Hospitable to the Strange Beasts
Chapter 318: Destiny descends on the black bird
Chapter 319: Formation Breaking and Dissociation Disc
Chapter 320: Nine discs need to compete for supremacy
Chapter 321 See the dagger after the picture is gone
Chapter 322 Fresh crops
Chapter 323 Escape to test magical powers
Chapter 324 A guest suddenly arrives
Chapter 325 The fisherman wants to sell fish
Chapter 326 Tokumono Sen 2nd generation
Chapter 327 Chief Array Master
Chapter 328 Fantasy Dream Tune Xuejing
Chapter 329: Heaven and earth change again
Chapter 330: Lord of the Ten Thousand Immortals Alliance
Chapter 331 Tiandu Yudan
Chapter 332 The Three Heroes Meet the Immortal Lord
Chapter 333: Life has an end
Chapter 334 Han Yiqiang’s destiny
Chapter 335: Ten Thousand Immortals Alliance Headquarters
Chapter 336: Protector Black Stone Tablet
Chapter 337: Finally meet Yan Fajue
Chapter 338: Evolving the Dharma to Obtain Magical Skills
Chapter 339: Abducting Yan Fajue
Chapter 340 Museum and Divine Collection Hall
Chapter 341: Even though it exists, I still don’t know
Chapter 342: Unmemorable and Memorable
Chapter 343: The Demon Lord Changes His Thousand Faces
Chapter 344: Luck changes with fate
Chapter 345: The Omniscient Emperor Three Tapirs
Chapter 346 The Immortal Beast
Chapter 347: Becoming a God in One Step
Chapter 348 The Demonic Sound Comes from the Bottom of the Abyss
Chapter 349: Immortal Barrier Town Mysterious Territory
Chapter 350: The Palm of Ancient Heavenly Lord
Chapter 351 Taking all living beings as pledge
Chapter 352: Hard work building the formation
Chapter 353: Lost on the Jiaxu Ship
Chapter 354: Xuanhuang Reverses the Heart
Chapter 355: The New Realm Beyond the Abyss
Chapter 356: Fog fills the cemetery
Chapter 357: Rebellion and howling of injustice
Chapter 358: The tragedy turned out to be murderous
Chapter 359: Seal the Lost Realm with Random Words
Chapter 360: What you lose must be what you gain
Chapter 361 Li Fan goes against his will again
Chapter 362: Adding fuel to the fire
Chapter 363: The Divine Power of the Creation Bell
Chapter 364: Life and Death Have Mysterious Skills
Chapter 365: Life and death can refine the heart
Chapter 366 Blood condenses the road
Chapter 367: Sword Kai Chao Yuanzong
Chapter 368: The competition for the ranking is heating up
Chapter 369: The first formation of the Soul Locking Formation
Chapter 370: No loss to those who have contributed
Chapter 371: Seemingly false but actually true
Chapter 372 Ten Thousand Miles of Flame Burning Beach
Chapter 373: Deep Stream of Qinghe River
Chapter 374 Chief Lu arrives
Chapter 375 Catalytic Life Bead
Chapter 376 Tianxuan hides the secret
Chapter 377 The dispute between those who preach the law
Chapter 378 Changes in the Five Cave Heavens
Chapter 379: Ancient Dharma transmitters
Chapter 380 The Five Elements Reverse and Reveal
Chapter 381 Pepsi Governor Tianlu
Chapter 382 Everyone sets up formations with their lives
Chapter 383: Wood and water fall into trees
Chapter 384: Foreign troubles and internal worries
Chapter 385: Man can conquer nature
Chapter 386 Are you not convinced?
Chapter 387 The Secret Realm of Five Elements Heaven
Chapter 388: A mirage of time
Chapter 389 The birth of Tianxuan Chuang
Chapter 390: Ten years of escape
Chapter 391 Mysterious Heavenly Luck Sutra
Chapter 392: Understanding the Secret of Chaos
Chapter 393: Fire breaks out from the bottom of the abyss
Chapter 394 Ten Years Reunion
Chapter 395: The inheritance of immortality
Chapter 396 The depth of the abyss is 300,000
Chapter 397 Cangwu Zhenxian Power
Chapter 398: The True Cauldron Hidden in the Lost City
Chapter 399: Outsiders at the Bronze Gate
Chapter 400: There is Xuanzhen inside the cauldron
Chapter 401: Internal and external affairs
Chapter 402: Past Events of Medicine King Cauldron
Chapter 403 The truth about the Xuanhuang Realm
Chapter 404: Tianling Tianzun Appears
Chapter 405: Taking all living beings as pledge
Chapter 406: All united as one
Chapter 407: World Immortal is one body
Chapter 408: Fortunately in misfortune
Chapter 409 The best era
Chapter 410: Memories hidden in the museum
Chapter 411 The owner of the hall, Emperor Sanweng
Chapter 412: Ending Tianyang’s wish
Chapter 413: Transforming things out of their shells
Chapter 414: Things are not in vain after death
Chapter 415 Xuanhuang reunites
Chapter 416 Tianxuan wants to save the world
Chapter 417: It will be true after a thousand years
Chapter 418: Quietly Prove Immortality
Chapter 419 Return to Xuanhuang in Eight Years
Chapter 420 Return to the Clam Land
Chapter 421 Tianji Sect Stone Transformation
Chapter 422: Successor of Tianji Sect
Chapter 423 He Zhenghao bites the bait
Chapter 424 He Zhenghao enters the game
Chapter 425 He Zhenghao is convinced
Chapter 426: Ancient Cultivation to the Future
Chapter 427 The lion opens his mouth
Chapter 428: Morrowind Beast Transformation
Chapter 429: Sword energy lasts for thousands of years
Chapter 430: The Empire’s Ambition
Chapter 431 The True Lie
Chapter 432: Great Will Transforms into Dharmakaya
Chapter 433: Regaining the Transformation Fruit
Chapter 434: Seven-day Entry Examination
Chapter 435 Wanzang Pavilion Transaction
Chapter 436: Suspicions in the secret room
Chapter 437: Millennium Events
Chapter 438: It rains on me again
Chapter 439: Hidden Saint Master of the Empire
Chapter 440: The aura breaks through the fog
Chapter 441: The Essentials of Survival
Chapter 442: Self-taught without a teacher
Chapter 443: Practitioners seek wealth and honor
Chapter 444 Calling the Sun for Thousand Years
Chapter 445: Reestablishing the Body and Transforming the Way
Chapter 446: Calculation to solve deviations
Chapter 447 Knowing the Heaven and Desire to Defy the Heaven
Chapter 448: Making a mysterious bird in the oven
Chapter 449 Finally meeting Mr. Bai
Chapter 450: Wonderful Skills and True Creation
Chapter 451: Thousand Years of Breaking Eyes
Chapter 452 Xuan Gong swallows the earth veins
Chapter 453 The palm of the sky is like a gentle breeze
Chapter 454: Trivial things go wrong
Chapter 455: True Leaf Hidden Village
Chapter 456: There is a Shuo Shu in the Immortal Alliance
Chapter 457 Wan Xiu heard my name
Chapter 458: Once again, the situation is in turmoil
Chapter 459: The Miraculous Use of Samantabhadra
Chapter 460: Trial in the Martial Arts Hall
Chapter 461: The Mysterious Net Reveals
Chapter 462: Blockade of Ten Thousand Immortals Island
Chapter 463 The Five Elders Join the Game
Chapter 464: Not Losing the Puppet Way
Chapter 465: It turned out to be the person who was robbed
Chapter 466: It seems like an old friend has arrived
Chapter 467 The Three Treasures of the Empire
Chapter 468: All things are true in the world
Chapter 469: Who kills the immortal?
Chapter 470: Feipeng is greedy
Chapter 471 The undercurrent of the Immortal Alliance
Chapter 472: Heaven’s Luck Covers Man’s Luck
Chapter 473: Even if it’s not the best, it’s going to be peaceful
Chapter 474: Nascent Soul is now selling out
Chapter 475: Luck hurts and saves people
Chapter 476: Financial power intimidates martial arts
Chapter 477: Looking for the World Splitting Whale
Chapter 478: Good and evil are difficult to determine
Chapter 479: Past Events of the Magic Brush Sect
Chapter 480 A year passed suddenly
Chapter 481: The God of Plague comes to visit
Chapter 482: Worry-free and kind to relieve worries
Chapter 483: Li Fan is a Heavenly Doctor
Chapter 484: Reincarnation Lays the Sky
Chapter 485: All Tao Origins Come from the Same Origin
Chapter 486 Learning from Kunpeng
Chapter 487: Raid to Move Ten Thousand Immortals
Chapter 488: Got the best of both worlds
Chapter 489 Human Realm of Heaven Refining
Chapter 490: The Origin of the Five Elders Association
Chapter 491 Everyone is a god
Chapter 492: The First Preacher of the Dharma
Chapter 493: Bloodline Leaves History
Chapter 494 Xuantian locks you tightly
Chapter 495: Rebuilding Ten Thousand Immortals Island
Chapter 496 Li Fansi breaks the situation
Chapter 497 The Taste of Power
Chapter 498: Congratulations to Island Master Li
Chapter 499: Taking Advantage of the Situation to Solve the Danger
Chapter 500: Chaos
Chapter 501: Not free of mind and body
Chapter 502: A First Exploration of the Five Elders Club
Chapter 503: The Sect’s Arsenal
Chapter 504 Where to find the Immortal Sect
Chapter 505 Wealth can communicate with gods
Chapter 506: Finally Entering the Yixin Sect
Chapter 507: You have to eat hard to eat soft rice
Chapter 508: Taoist couple changes their destiny
Chapter 509: Secretly harboring evil intentions
Chapter 510: Heaven and earth can cultivate together
Chapter 511: It’s hard to change if it’s deep inside
Chapter 512 Immortal Desire Cutting Technique
Chapter 513 Immortality suddenly disappears
Chapter 514: Transmitting the Dharma Defies Heaven and Earth
Chapter 515: Switch to Xuantian Kung Fu
Chapter 516 Xuantian Escape Holy Envoy
Chapter 517 Immortal Miasma Shows Its Power
Chapter 518: Heavenly Lord Kills Ten Thousand Immortals
Chapter 521 Emperor San's Surprise Plan
Chapter 519 Emperor San comes up with a strange plan
Chapter 520: A hundred years passed suddenly
Chapter 521: Hearts change easily
Chapter 522 The sweet dream will eventually wake up
Chapter 525
Chapter 523: No way to escape
Chapter 524: I am the Dao Sect
Chapter 525: A desperate attack
Chapter 526: Heaven and Earth have different lifespans
Chapter 527: The Magical Use of Spies
Chapter 528: Mysterious but unmemorable
Chapter 529: Fairy City as Cave Mansion
Chapter 530 Yu Nanmingye
Chapter 531: Gale and Savage
Chapter 532: Nanming Emperor Beast
Chapter 533 Red Snake Circles the White City
Chapter 534: The First Emperor of All Appearances
Chapter 535 The Infinite Future
Chapter 536: Those who are good at fighting die in battle
Chapter 537: Whether you stay or go is up to your fate
Chapter 538: Granting the Secret Word Envoy
Chapter 539: Old things come back again
Chapter 540: Disciples all over the world
Chapter 541: Wanting to Destroy the Ten Thousand Immortals Alliance
Chapter 542: A bloody battle with one hand
Chapter 543: A person from a high distance can recognize people
Chapter 544: Mistakenly regarded as Heavenly Lord
Chapter 545 Its really a weakness
Chapter 546: Suspicious Formation Reveals Secrets
Chapter 547: The Genius of Investment
Chapter 548: Hoarding and Living in Strange Places
Chapter 549: Disasters and blessings are unpredictable
Chapter 550: The evil spirit appears again
Chapter 551 Han Yi rejoins the network
Chapter 552: Black Bird Swallows Heavens Luck
Chapter 553: Flat Earth and Desolate Star
Chapter 554: Opportunities for Life Again and Again
Chapter 555: Its really hard to escape the palm of your hand
Chapter 556: Want to enter the Immortal Alliance again
Chapter 557: There are flowers blooming in the sky
Chapter 558: The Death Battle of Hedao Begins
Chapter 559: Different joys and sorrows
Chapter 560: Cooking wine and discussing ancient history
Chapter 561: All died for profit
Chapter 562: Changes in Tianling State
Chapter 563: Mysterious Net comes to the world again
Chapter 564 The Five Elders Ask for Help
Chapter 565: So big and invisible
Chapter 566: Shady Transaction
Chapter 567: Contract to Bind Tianzun
Chapter 568 A surprise attack from the white mist
Chapter 569: Know the path today
Chapter 570: A prosperous age full of insects
Chapter 571: I am greedy for ink first
Chapter 572: Catch them all in one fell swoop
Chapter 573: Cong Yuns Finale
Chapter 574 The final deception
Chapter 575: Early Destruction
Chapter 576 Han Yi sees Qingfeng
Chapter 577: Explore the Five Elements Heaven
Chapter 578: Colorful Black and White Pair
Chapter 579: Wanting to seize the young cave sky
Chapter 580 The reality of birth and death is one
Chapter 581: Finally Entering the Nascent Soul Realm
Chapter 582: The Power of Life and Death of the Five Elements
Chapter 583: Where are you after sitting on the mountain?
Chapter 586 Brand New Shock
Chapter 584 A brand new shock
Chapter 585 Ruomu Jianrenshou
Chapter 586 Gen Huan Huan Heng Yuan
Chapter 587: The Divine Tree Condenses Immortality
Chapter 588: Thousand Years of Immortality
Chapter 589: Looking forward to the road to becoming a god
Chapter 590: The fear of spreading the law
Chapter 591: Various forms of clouds emerge
Chapter 592: It is difficult to determine Yin and Yang
Chapter 593 Why did Wanli come?
Chapter 594: The Heavenly Bright Sword Is Here
Chapter 595: Despite death, bad luck survives
Chapter 596: The ultimate doctor meets again
Chapter 597 The three venerables finally meet
Chapter 598: The doctor who has been sick for ten thousand years
Chapter 599: All Quiet in Xuanhuang
Chapter 600: Planning before Burning the Sea
Chapter 601: Those who cultivate immortality and end their lives
Chapter 602 Xuantian hides in the purple sky
Chapter 603: Guidelines to the Outside World
Extra: When I am a million times 1
Extra: When I am a million times 2
Extra: When I do it hundreds of thousands of times, it ends
Chapter 604: Life and Death Meet the Immortal Ruins
Chapter 605: The Origin of Xuantian Sect
Chapter 606 The Darkest Void Sea
Chapter 607: Changes in mountains and rivers in ancient and modern times
Chapter 608: Blood Enlightenment Transmission Method
Chapter 609: Truth lures together the Tao
Chapter 610 Lies about Liu San
Chapter 611 Spark enters the Immortal Alliance
Chapter 612: Taking charge of the Medicine King Sect
Chapter 613: Communication to break the ice
Chapter 614: The Elders Three-Performance Pill
Chapter 615: Differences between Xuanhuang in Ancient and Modern Times
Chapter 616: It is difficult to write a book
Chapter 617 Hongxi returns to Congyun
Chapter 618: Ten Thousand Immortals Alliance Calendar
Chapter 619: The sky and the sun want to merge with the Tao
Chapter 620: The Tianling Martial Arts Fight
Chapter 621: Guizang versus Yinmang
Chapter 622: Showdown between the Geniuses
Chapter 623 Plumbing Duck Prophet
Chapter 624: Tianxuan receives magical power
Chapter 625: Thousand Years of Immortality
Chapter 626: White mist reverses life and death
Chapter 627: The slightest change in the world
Chapter 628 Zhenghaos tangle
Chapter 629: Zhenghaos Ambition
Chapter 630: We part ways from now on
Chapter 631: Cong Yuns last events
Chapter 632: All living beings have knives on their heads
Chapter 633: It rains again on me
Chapter 634: Chaotic Solution to the Rain Crisis
Chapter 635: The Heart of the Hundred-Refined Immortal
Chapter 636: The will of the world remains unchanged
Chapter 637: The Disappeared Heavenly Lord
Chapter 638 Flying rocks fall into the deep sea
Chapter 639: Incidents everywhere
Chapter 640: Eternal Choice
Chapter 641: Spirit-Sealing Red Flame
Chapter 642: Taking advantage of others
Chapter 643: Ink Killing Changes in Heaven and Earth
Chapter 644: Cong Yun is in chaos
Chapter 645: Random words confuse Tianzun
Chapter 646: Planning the funeral indifferently
Chapter 647 The world will change
Chapter 648: Choose your own fantasy
Chapter 649: The Disaster of the Beast Control Sect
Chapter 650: Unbridled murderous intent
Chapter 651 Mr. Bais gift
Chapter 652 Obtaining the Legacy of the Black Bird
Chapter 653: Ji Luck Goes Against the World
Chapter 654: I am invincible if I start a war
Chapter 655: This thing is a wonder from heaven
Chapter 656: The sword is strong and the force is reversed
Chapter 657: Hedao is divided into four realms
Chapter 658: The difference between the old and the new world
Chapter 659: Purple Qi Transforms Heavenly Capital
Chapter 660 Farewell between immortals and mortals
Chapter 661: The Burnt Black End
Chapter 662: Sweeping the Beast World
Chapter 663: Divine power defeats destiny
Chapter 664: Killing Nine Red Heads with Silk
Chapter 665: Those who are unlucky shall die
Chapter 666 The Holy Blood Transforms into Mortal Fetus
Chapter 667: Cutting the luck into Guishu
Chapter 668: Desire to ascend to immortality
Chapter 669: Refining the Perfect Body
Chapter 670: Tongmeng Yusouhun
Chapter 671: Mind helps refine the heart
Chapter 672 Sowing seeds and waiting for flowers to bloom
Chapter 673: Drawing silk to destroy living beings
Chapter 674 The Xuan family serves as guest minister
Chapter 675 Goodbye Lu Xuejing
Chapter 676 Confronting Mr. Bai
Chapter 677: Junior brothers come with swords
Chapter 678: The traces of memories are gone
Chapter 679: The Peerless Prince
Chapter 680: Dead branches appear in Yueyang
Chapter 681: Broken branches turned into ancient trees
Chapter 682: The Great Whirlpool of World Splitting
Chapter 683: Crack Demon Refining Body
Chapter 684 The heavenly spirit gives birth to hundreds of flowers
Chapter 685: The original species of Tianling
Chapter 686: The world breaks apart and leaves a mirage
Chapter 687: Going to the White Mist
Chapter 688: Enlightenment by viewing flowers
Chapter 689: The Era of Great Exploration
Chapter 690: An unexpected surprise in losing money
Chapter 691 Qingxuan can measure the sky
Chapter 692 The Dead Sea seals Wanxiu
Chapter 693: The Corpse Formation Absorbs Life
Chapter 694: The Formation Against Death and Life
Chapter 695: Life and death move forward
Chapter 696: The Principle of the Life and Death of the World
Chapter 697: The Immortal Alliances intention to cover up
Chapter 698: Essay painting of mountains and rivers
Chapter 699: Creating Heavenly Essence with Bare Hands
Chapter 700: Practitioners Gather Heavenly Spirits
Chapter 701: Regaining Memories Now
Chapter 702: Record of the Reversal of the Universe
Chapter 703 Xu Baimian Tianzun
Chapter 704: Teaching the Dharma and Teaching the Ultimate
Chapter 705 Goodbye Yan Fajue
Chapter 706: Xuan Gong can step into immortality
Chapter 707: Split the Sky and Clear the Mysterious Realm
Chapter 708: Misty and Undefeated Prison
Chapter 709: Tianliang Wang Qiupo
Chapter 710 Eight Hundred Years Poison Nail
Chapter 711 Wang Pos death and rebellion
Chapter 712: The Giant of Ten Thousand Corpses
Chapter 713: Survival from desperate situation
Chapter 714 Tianliang Unicom Envoy
Chapter 715 Where does the heavenly doctor come from?
Chapter 716 Tianzun goes against the grain again
Chapter 717 The giant corpse suddenly disintegrates
Chapter 718: Death and Life to prove the Heavenly Lord
Chapter 719: Rebirth and the establishment of the sky
Chapter 720: The Order of Life and Death
Chapter 721: The End of the Lost Realm
Chapter 722: Huangfu explodes the relics
Chapter 723: The Stone Plate Finally Succeeded
Chapter 724: Transformation of Tianxuan Mirror
Chapter 725: Zhu Xuan Locks the Mirror Source
Chapter 726 Chaos comes from the fairy world
Chapter 727 The True Immortal has no name
Chapter 728: Lurking Tianjian Sect
Chapter 729: Star Pill Ring Sword Qi
Chapter 730: Lingshi Tianshang City
Chapter 731 Ji Wangxian of the Ji family
Chapter 732 Soul Blood Refining Sword Body
Chapter 733 Iterative Dissociation Disc
Chapter 734 Enlightenment of the Infinite Wall
Chapter 735: The Divine Sword Can Fall Stars
Chapter 736: Dont break the wall after hearing the truth
Chapter 737: Divine power cuts off his life
Chapter 738 Tianxuan gives birth to a rebellious son
Chapter 739: The treasured mirror is finally upgraded
Chapter 740: Hundreds of Continuous Battles Begin
Chapter 741 Everyone is Nascent Soul
Chapter 742: Return to the Empire after a Thousand Years
Chapter 743 The prosperity of all beasts
Chapter 744 Mr. Bais Sword
Chapter 745: Nine heads will fight to the death
Chapter 746 The Sustainable Empire
Chapter 747 The only future
Chapter 748: The All-Seeing Melting Ancestral Beast
Chapter 749 Tianxuan attacks himself
Chapter 750: The Immortal Alliance encounters its first setback
Chapter 751: Cut off the road to immortality
Chapter 752 The strong is the proof
Chapter 753: Calmness hides danger
Chapter 754: There are demons and stubborn cultivators in the world
Chapter 755: Purple Dome Appears
Chapter 756: Reincarnation will shorten his lifespan
Chapter 757: Heaven and Earth are re-ordered
Chapter 758 Tianxuan Immortal Technique
Chapter 759 I want to build a foundation
Chapter 760: Peoples hearts are unpredictable
Chapter 761 Enlightenment of supernatural powers in the mirror
Chapter 762: Resolving the danger
Chapter 763 Known as Little Heavenly Doctor
Chapter 764: The Protector of the King's Family
Chapter 765: Thoughts come true in critical situations
Chapter 766: True and false find the way to defeat
Chapter 767 Mr. Bais Red Rope
Chapter 768: Essence and blood coagulate the holy fetus
Chapter 769: Real but unwilling
Chapter 770: Golden elixir is full in half a day
Chapter 771: Opportunity to make a living in a desperate situation
Chapter 772: All worlds come to surrender
Chapter 773: All kinds of plans for chaos
Chapter 774: The first step in a thousand miles
Chapter 775: Draw the Heavenly Essence at random
Chapter 776: The Rebirth of the World
Chapter Nine Hundred and Ninety-nine
Chapter 777: Taiyan Transforms the Dao Stone
Chapter 778: Transforming Road into Simulated Road
Chapter 779 Taiyan has no one
Chapter 780: Surrounded by variables
Chapter 781 The theory of information immortality
Chapter 782 The Immortal Ruins are even more powerful
Chapter 783 Li Fan is determined to die
Chapter 784: Its hard to be at peace with the uncertainty
Chapter 785 Xuanhuang will change
Chapter 786: False Geography
Chapter 785 Mr. Bai is born
Chapter 787: Brawl in the Valley of Immortality
Chapter 788: Surrendering from chaos
Chapter 789: Learning from each other and building a foundation
Chapter 790: Sirs Conversation
Chapter 791 The dead will never die
Chapter 792: The Dharma finally shows its power
Chapter 793: Xing Han passes on the mantle
Chapter 794: Meeting the True Immortal at the Immortal Ruins
Chapter 795 Xuanhuang welcomes the destruction of the world
Chapter 796: Hunger and chaos have the same origin
Chapter 797: Starting Again in a Hundred Lifetimes
Chapter 798: Stop again in this life
Chapter 799 Mr. Bai from another world
Chapter 800: Counting the Worlds
Chapter 801 The goddess wants to save the world
Chapter 802: The Compassionate Fairy in the World
Extra: The Mystery of Immortality
Chapter 803: Ten Thousand Worlds as Pasture
Chapter 804 The spirit tree makes a plan
Chapter 805: Common people refining spirit essence
Chapter 806 God-given twin gourds
Chapter 807 The Fall of Jiushan Prefecture
Chapter 808 The secret method senses Xuantian
Chapter 809: Spiritual Wood Refining Magic Weapon
Chapter 810 Li Fan takes his place
Chapter 811 The Appearance of Yin Yin Island
Chapter 812 Born to be a confidant
Chapter 813 The situation of the battle suddenly changed
Chapter 814 The first confrontation between the Immortal Alliance
Chapter 815 Cong Yun Mutual Aid Association
Chapter 816 The Mystery of Dongtianyuan
Chapter 817: Empty thoughts replenish one's body
Chapter 818 The Heavenly Way of the Spiritual Wood Realm
Chapter 819 The Three Ancient Trees of Xuanhuang
Chapter 820: Shocking the Five Elders Association
Chapter 821 The Majestic Five Caves
Chapter 822 Goodbye Senior Sister Zhao
Chapter 823: A masterful solution to the storm
Chapter 824: Everything is prosperous
Chapter 825: Landslide strikes again
Chapter 826 Reversing the Universe
Chapter 827: The Immortal Alliance pursues and intercepts
Chapter 828: Immortal leaves hand bones
Chapter 829 The Mystery of Ancient Immortals
Chapter 830 The sky and the sun want to merge with the Tao
Chapter 831 The sky is facing death and life
Chapter 832 Hedao Moshi Zun
Chapter 833: Find a job after finding out the secret
Chapter 834: Ruo Mu Chas Death Omen
Chapter 835 The Immortal Miasma is coming again
Chapter 836 Yin Yan decides on life and death
Chapter 837: One year is like a lifetime ago
Chapter 838 The survivors welcome the chance of life
Chapter 839: Dedicated to the Immortal Alliance
Chapter 840: Senior Sister is in Thousands of Things
Chapter 841: The Chosen One Saves the World
Chapter 842: Everyone is Destined
Chapter 843 The source of external force
Chapter 844 The Chosen One of Qi Zhengxian
Chapter 845: Individual lives are different
Chapter 846: Spreading Branches and Immortal Alliance
6.1 Book list
Chapter 847: Veteran Fisherman
Chapter 848 Fishing in the Starry Sky
Chapter 849 Treasure Fishing Pond
Chapter 850: Earn magical powers through clever words
Chapter 851 Principles of Fishing
Chapter 852 Empty the Fishing Pond
Chapter 853: Heavenly Light Refines the Supreme Treasure
Chapter 854 The Origin of the World
Chapter 855: Clues to overcome disaster
Chapter 856 Li Fans Weakness
Chapter 857 God destroys the sky
Chapter 858: Time condensed on stone slabs
Chapter 859: Broken Xuanhuang Realm
Chapter 860: Those who desire liberation
Chapter 861 Counting a Thousand Years from the Beginning
Chapter 862 Li Fan makes a clever plan
Chapter 863: Huang Huang joins the road
Chapter 864 The depth of deep space
Chapter 865 The Infinite Dharma Begins to Appear
Chapter 866 The Starry Sky Destroys the World
Chapter 867: Billions of Souls in the Underworld
Chapter 868 The Golden Chain Binding the Far Star
Chapter 869: The Immortal Chosen One Shows His Power
Chapter 870: Spreading the Dharma to Suppress Nine Mountains
Chapter 871 An old friend is here again
Chapter 872 Destiny suddenly changes
Chapter 873: Changing ones destiny wantonly
Chapter 874 The Infinitely Powerful Soul
Chapter 875: Burning Soul Crushing Road
Chapter 876: Rebuilding the Royal Wheel
Chapter 877 Formation Federation
Chapter 878: Dharma Covers the Small World
Chapter 879: Risking Death to Recover Gray Spot
Chapter 880 The Third True Immortal Word
Chapter 881: One thought locks Tianjiao
Chapter 882 The mind condenses the sword intention
Chapter 883: Sacrifice oneself into the sword tomb
Chapter 884: The old incident in Dongchuang
Chapter 885 The wooden sword establishes another path
Chapter 886 The preacher appears
Chapter 887: Disaster is diverted eastward
Chapter 888 The Secret Technique of Xuantian Immortal
Chapter 889 The Secret of Xuantian Sect
Chapter 890 Xuanhuang Savior
Chapter 891 High Wall Locked in Darkness
Chapter 892 Faceless Xuan Tianxian
Chapter 893: The Fallen Immortal seeks the Dharma King
Chapter 894: A clever plan to get a glimpse of the truth
Chapter 895: Making progress after crisis
Chapter 896: Guidance and Visiting Xuantian
Chapter 897: Prosperous Hidden Mystic Cultivation
Chapter 898: Recollections of the Ancient Dharma King
Chapter 899: Destiny is not up to you
Chapter 900: New opportunities for dissociation
Chapter 901: Taking advantage of ones body to preserve ones willpower
Chapter 902: A clever plan to bring peace to the world
Chapter 903 Xuanhuang Foreigner
Chapter 904: Void Present Method
Chapter 905: Surprised to See Heavenly Doctor
Chapter 906 Li Fan denounces the Heavenly Doctor
Chapter 907 Medical Biography of Mending the Sky
Chapter 908: The Final Method of Healing Heaven
Chapter 909 The Clumsy Sword Transforms into the Cave Sky
Chapter 910: Diving into the Yixin Sect
Chapter 911: Thousands of swords are exhausted and the eyebrows are lowered
Chapter 912 The Wonderful Journey of the Immortal Sect
Chapter 914: The initial layout of the sect
Chapter 915: Like a wolf entering a sheep's den
Chapter 917: The object in the palm of the transformed god
Chapter 918: When you finally wake up from your dream
Chapter 919 The True Dao Sect
Chapter 920: Broken Bone Face Yishin
Chapter 921: Strange Objects Awe the Heavenly Lord
Chapter 922: One twist and three twists
Chapter 923 Little Heavenly Doctor Li Fan
Chapter 924 Xuantian’s Immortal Relic Technique
Chapter 925 The Holy Blood Reborn
Chapter 926: No need to say more about the battle
Chapter 927: The legacy of teaching the Dharma
Chapter 928: The Sorrow of the Immortal Chosen One
Chapter 929: The Defeat of the Five Heavenly Lords
Chapter 930: A strong man emerges from desperate situation
Chapter 931: The war ended due to profit
Chapter 932 The soul bone of the preacher
Chapter 933 The outcome of victory or defeat is unknown
Chapter 934 Yanfa Jue Failure
Chapter 935: His heart is driven by greed and ignorance
Chapter 936: Easy to relieve his worries
Chapter 937: Seduce Lolita with clever words
Chapter 938 Goodbye Guan Zhonggu
Chapter 939: One thought and all ghosts are born
Chapter 940 Everything is ready
Chapter 941 Free Trade State
Chapter 942: Making up the temptation of ghosts and gods
Chapter 943 Gods and demons appear in the world
Chapter 944: There is something in the sleeves
Chapter 945: Dao Yisheng’s spiritual energy
Chapter 946: All realms take shape
Chapter 947 The Mission of the Heavenly Doctor
Chapter 948: Yunshui’s events back then
Chapter 949: True and False Heavenly Medicine Bureau
Chapter 950: Heavenly Law Wanderer
Chapter 951: Fan Jie Han Hai’s Worry
Chapter 952: Gift from Heavenly Doctor
Chapter 953: Checking and Balancing the Power of Two Immortals
Chapter 954: The ultimate solution to the mystery of immortality
Chapter 955: Eternal Chongtian Zun
Chapter 956: The remaining ghosts of a thousand realms
Chapter 957 The Theory of World Upgrade
Chapter 958: Li Fan sits in heaven
Chapter 959: Even if you are fake, you are not crazy.
Chapter 960: Three Ancient Veins of the Immortal Alliance
Chapter 961: One Thought Gu Ten Thousand Cultivation
Chapter 962: Alliance of Gods, Demons and Immortals
Chapter 963: Meeting of Dharma preachers
Chapter 964: Everything is like me
It’s a new month, shamelessly asking for a wave of moon
Chapter 965 Its really exposed
Chapter 966: Return to Ruins Restoration Point
Chapter 967: Slowly ameliorating the crisis
Chapter 968 The secret of the preacher
Chapter 969 The Lost Fishing Pond
Chapter 970: Heaven and Earth Create Miracles Again
Chapter 971 Stone History Book
Chapter 972 The Secret of Lingyuan Sect
Chapter 973: Flesh and Blood Training Puppet
Chapter 974: Running Water Creates a Monk
Chapter 975 The Ghost in the Xuanhuang Realm
Chapter 976: Dark Gold Glazed Lotus
Chapter 977 The Secret of the True Immortal in the World
Chapter 978 Walking the Road to Immortality Alone
Chapter 979 Those who seek the Tao must be punished
Chapter 980: Immortality is also different
Chapter 981 The right decision
Chapter 982 The Great Desire of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 983: Live forever as a cow or horse
Chapter 984: Feeling uneasy
Chapter 985: Incarnation of Tianxuan Realm
Chapter 986: It’s hard to escape once you’re in the network
Chapter 987: A look at the secret history of the Xuan family
Chapter 988: Concealing the murderous intention
Chapter 989 The most sincere seeker
Chapter 990 The two girls fell into the palm of the hand
Chapter 991: Those who are broken will never recover
Chapter 992 The Secret of the Twins
Chapter 993: Divine Soul Strikes Three Whips
Chapter 994: Both girls are convinced
Chapter 995 Li Fan is speechless
Chapter 996: Tianxuan Mirror Establishes the Way
Chapter 997 Tianxuans escape plan
Chapter 998: Passing on the Law of Tianxuan
Chapter 999: The Immortal Return Formation
Chapter 1000 The Origin of Tianxuan Mirror
Chapter 1001 The Fate of the Mirror Slave
Chapter 1002 Tianxuan Sees All Living Beings
written request for leave
Chapter 1003 The Secret of Lingyuan Gong
Chapter 1004 The Secret of Jiushan Prefecture
Chapter 1005 Backup a hundred years ago
Chapter 1006 The remnants of the Tianji Realm
Chapter 1007: Daogen Result
Chapter 1008: Transmitting the True Dao Kung Fu
Chapter 1009: Source Power Rise to All Things
Chapter 1010: Passing on the Dharma and Leaving a Treasure House
Chapter 1011: Fate to draw Daoji
Chapter 1,012 Ten-fold Dissociation Disk
Chapter 1013: Already at the top of the mortal world
Chapter 1014: Immortality for Thousand Years
Chapter 1,015 The Realms Outside Xuanhuang
Chapter 1016: Reality outside the dream
Chapter 1017: Gathering the Sky Mysterious Mirror Again
Chapter 1018: Creation from the Void
Chapter 1019: Spiritual Wood Deterrent Medicine King
Chapter 1020: Lost Fossil Stone
Chapter 1021: The Fate of the Reproducer
Chapter 1,022 The bloody secret of Chaoyuan
Chapter 1023: The sky looks forward to eternal life
Chapter 1,024: The Way to Destroy Heaven
Chapter 1025: Suoyou rises in an instant
Chapter 1,026 Cong Yun’s strange explosion
Chapter 1027: The weak swallows the strong
Chapter 1,028 The Showdown of Justice
Chapter 1029: The Demonic Shadow Remains in the Heart forever
Chapter 1030: Xuanhuang Self-Cycle
Chapter 1031 Mountains and rivers enter the spiritual tree
Chapter 1032: Mustard Seeds Hidden to Get Through the Disaster
Chapter 1033 Seventy-two Mazes
Chapter 1034: Overcoming the Disaster and Destruction Power
Chapter 1035: The Secret of the Book of Overcoming Disaster
Chapter 1036 Yin and Yang Double Repair
Chapter 1037: Enlightenment of the new method of destroying the world
Chapter 1,038 Tianxuan Mirror Loophole
Chapter 1,039: Filling up the sky with elixirs
Chapter 1040: Reflection of Heaven and Earth in the Mirror
Chapter 1041: Like a turtle in a urn again
Chapter 1042: True and False Deception
Chapter 1043: Changes in the world in five years
Chapter 1044: Betrayal from the preacher
Chapter 1045: The Great Master of Enlightenment
Chapter 1046: Sacrifice to King Xuantian
Chapter 1,047 Opportunities for Hell to Survive
Chapter 1048: Meeting of those who preach the Dharma
Chapter 1,049 The shocking truth
Chapter 1050: Join forces to kill evil spirits
Chapter 1051: The Oath of the Preacher
Chapter 1052 Tianyang Immortal Fights Puppet
Chapter 1,053 Mutated Spiritual Energy
Chapter 1054: The King of Heaven is Like a Minion
Chapter 1055 The counterattack finally begins
Chapter 1056: Three Forces to Suppress Desolation
The 1,057th Palm: Preview of the Destruction of the World
Chapter 1058: Tao swallows up the world
Chapter 1,059 The Golden Sword of the Immortal Alliance comes out
Chapter 1,060 The Black Tide of Destruction Rises
Chapter 1,061 The insect’s death aura is especially present
Chapter 1062: Living with injustice and violence
Chapter 1,063: Determining the Danger in Rebirth
Chapter 1064: Another disaster in the earth line
Chapter 1,065 Ji Cheng finally appears
Chapter 1066: A clear conscience
Chapter 1,067 How can the oath be changed lightly?
Chapter 1,068 Xuanhuang Great Heavenly Lord
Chapter 1069: Wonderful Creations of the World
Chapter 1,070 The mystery of the fallen immortal is finally solved
Chapter 1071: Suddenly back to dreamland
Chapter 1,072 The plot is broken in the first act
Chapter 1,073 The Black and Yellow Bird of Destiny
Chapter 1,074 The truth of the misunderstanding
Chapter 1075: True Immortal Splitting World Power
Chapter 1076 The only refuge
Chapter 1,077 Unifying the Beast Control Sect
Chapter 1,078 Sword Test Mr. Bai
Chapter 1,079 The Sword of Fate Wins
Chapter 1,080 The Lost Traces of the Ancient Immortal Weapon
Chapter 1081 Tianshu Sect Secret Treasury
Chapter 1,082 The Immortal World’s Order
Chapter 1,083 The void outside Xuanhuang
Chapter 1,084 Now jump over the high wall
Chapter 1,085 Xu Ke Thousand Years Later
Chapter 1086 Sir wants to save the world
Chapter 1,087 Crazy Heaven
Chapter 1,088 News about King Xuan
Chapter 1,089 Yaju Revenge Formation
Chapter 1,090: Dark Devouring Dharma King
Chapter 1091 The Legend of Creation
Chapter 1092: Searching for a Ghost in Another World
Chapter 1093 The Tide of Darkness
Chapter 1,094: Secretly looking for vitality
Chapter 1095: An old friend becomes an immortal puppet
Chapter 1096: Secretly Calculating the True Immortal
Chapter 1097: All the best gathered together
Chapter 1,098 Xuanhuang Resurrection River
Chapter 1099: Heaven and man have different paths
Chapter 1,100 The birth and death of Xuanhuang
Chapter 1,101 People are crazy about true immortals
Chapter 1,102 A plan to bring chaos to the world
Chapter 1,103 The alien star falls into the dark yellow
Chapter 1104: Physical and mental failure
Chapter 1,105 The Lord of Death and Life Appears
Chapter 1,106 Quietly Setting up a Prison Net
Chapter 1,107 Tianzun’s Killing Strategy
Chapter 1,108 Hiding in Hell Alone
Chapter 1,109 The Spirit Wood War Begins
Chapter 1,110: Defeating the Immortal Alliance by Talking and Laughing
Chapter 1,111 Strategic Transfer
Chapter 1,112 If you have any grudges, you must avenge them.
Chapter 1,113 Tianzun’s Thread Puppet
Chapter 1,114 The Battle between Two Heavenly Lords
Chapter 1,115 True Immortal Believers
Chapter 1,116 The Overthrow of the Immortal Alliance in Prison
Chapter 1,117: Formation in various realms
Chapter 1,118 Wanlingyu Zhenxian
Chapter 1,119 The bloody formation rises
Chapter 1,120: Survive the difficulties on your own
Chapter 1,121 I’m really in front of the immortal
Chapter 1,122 Immortal Power Turns into Nothingness
Chapter 1,123 The Qi of the Emperor of Heaven as Anchor
Chapter 1,124 The meaning of anchor point
Chapter 1,125 Bad Version of Sky Surveying Arrow
Chapter 1,126 Daxuan conquers all realms
Chapter 1,127 The transformation of the oven of creation
Chapter 1,128 The power of dark faith
Chapter 1,129 The Change of Successor God
Chapter 1,130 The Sixth Life Exorcism Power
Chapter 1,131 The Mystery of the Heavenly Doctor’s Dharma
Chapter 1,132 The Holy Dynasty Shows Its Might
Chapter 1,133 Heat Death and Ice Transformation
Chapter 1,134 The Sun family’s legacy
Chapter 1,135: Childhood Dharma Portrait
Chapter 1,136 Time leaves a gap
Chapter 1,137 The Dharma Evolution Never Stops
Chapter 1,138 The Return of the Black and Yellow Stars
Chapter 1139: Crossing the Past and Present
Chapter 1,140: Old Knowledge of the Dharma
Chapter 1,141 Qingxuan Shang Shaojun
Chapter 1,142 Suppressing the Demonic Sound with One Sword
Chapter 1,143: Destroy the Demon Tide Alone
Chapter 1144: Annihilation and destruction of abscesses
Chapter 1,145 Xuanhuang Rebirth Technique
Chapter 1,146: Destroying the Realm and Luring the Real Murderer
Chapter 1,147 Reshape the world with one hand
Chapter 1,148: Immortal Heart Falling into the Mortal World
Chapter 1,149 Changes in Restoring the Foundation
Chapter 1150: Burying the deceased and starting a new path
Chapter 1,151 Really foundation building solution
Chapter 1,152 Alternative Mysterious Heavenly Weapon
Chapter 1,153 The secret method of swallowing the sky
Chapter 1,154 Immortal Weapon Infinite Mirror
Chapter 1,155 Mind Reading Tianxuan Mirror
Chapter 1,156 The Sword Points at the Fishing Pond
Chapter 1,157 The New Xuanhuang Realm
Chapter 1,158: Three Words to Deter Immortality
Chapter 1159: With one hand, the world is overturned
Chapter 1,160: A madman sharpens his knife at night
Chapter 1,161 The Mirror Man Struggles with Him
Chapter 1,162 Xuanyuan Shiling Array
Chapter 1,163 Silver Needle Determining Method
Chapter 1,164 Insects Transform into the Five Elements Heaven
Chapter 1,165: All Realms Linked Ship
Chapter 1,166 Who decides what is right or wrong?
Chapter 1167: Missing the Yin Yang Pearl
Chapter 1,168 The Immortal Great Will Body
Chapter 1,169 Tianzun suddenly summons
Chapter 1,170 The Suspicious Immortals in the Star Sea
Chapter 1,171: Deep Skywalk of Intention
Chapter 1,172 Crossing the dust and emerging from Xuanhuang
Chapter 1,173 The White Sun Sword Star Appears
Chapter 1174: Time changes inside and outside
Chapter 1,175 Star Sea Wanderer
Chapter 1,176 Meeting the True Immortal Again
Chapter 1,177 Civilized Survivors
Chapter 1,178 The Mystery Hidden in the Relics
Chapter 1,179 The Original Power of Immortality
Chapter 1,180 Dark Gold Three-Eyed Skull
Chapter 1,181 Destroying the Soul Invisibly
Chapter 1,182 Dive into the Immortal Boat Alone
Chapter 1,183 The Immortal Boat is divided into two
Chapter 1,184 The Hunyuan Golden Pill is Completed
Chapter 1,185 The Holy Master passes on to the Tao
Chapter 1,186 Secretly Weaving a False Fairy Net
Chapter 1,187 The Thousand-Year-Old Soul Returns Home
Chapter 1,188 Fate suddenly changes
Chapter 1,189 The Legend of Immortal World Yantian
Chapter 1,190: Transform into Dao and Return to Stone Mother
Chapter 1,191 A dream that lasts a thousand years
Chapter 1,192 One thought turns the world upside down
Chapter 1,193 Sinners of the Xuanhuang Realm
Chapter 1,194 Xuanhuang Crossing the River
Chapter 1,195 No one can save the sky
Chapter 1,196 The Future of Transformation
Chapter 1,197 Chief of the Dharma Protector Hall
Chapter 1,198: Secret Encounter in the Sea of Stars
Chapter 1,199 The sky is broken, the earth is empty and the sea is missing
Chapter 1,200 Breaking the Xinghai Dao
Chapter 1,201 The immeasurable ancient dust
Chapter 1,202 The Immortal Calamity Wind Tribulation Appears
Chapter 1,203 Xuanhuang is dangerous
Chapter 1,204 The Hidden Immortal Sect Underground
Chapter 1,205 The Bones of the Archmage
Chapter 1,206 Being the source of immortal disaster
Chapter 1207: Disaster leads to disaster
Chapter 1,208 The High-Pressure State of the Immortal Alliance
Chapter 1,209 Purple Qi Enters the Starry Sky
Chapter 1,210 Washing the Dark Sea
Chapter 1,211 The truth about the floating formation
Chapter 1,212 Another Ring of Floating Crossing
Chapter 1,213 The Holy Emperor receives destiny
Chapter 1,214 Mo Yan merges with the sky
Chapter 1,215 Fishing finally yields treasure
Chapter 1,216 The Divine Object Outside the High Wall
Chapter 1,217 The Sun Family Welcomes the Holy Child
Chapter 1,218 The Shock of the Holy Dynasty
Chapter 1,219 The Invisible Network Against the Heavens
Chapter 1220: Survival in the Immortal Boat
Chapter 1,221 The New Law of the Dark Sea
Chapter 1,222 I Enter the True Immortal Way
Chapter 1,223 Immortal Boat Outsiders
Chapter 1224: All geniuses become elixirs
Chapter 1,225 The body accepts evil thoughts from the world
Chapter 1,226: Array of Thoughts Swallowing Congyun
Chapter 1,227 The breeze is everywhere
Chapter 1,228 Heaven gives great power
Chapter 1229: Mo kills and cuts off the traces
Chapter 1,230 Qinghong meets Xu Ke
Chapter 1,231 Good and evil finally meet
Chapter 1,232 Borrowing Luck to Devour Heaven’s Thoughts
Chapter 1,233 The Immortal Body of the Great Heavenly Lord
Chapter 1,234 Source of Immortal Disaster
Chapter 1,235 The Rainbow Light Disappears
Chapter 1,236 Mao Bao’s Second Transformation
Chapter 1,237 Heaven is nourishment
Chapter 1,238 Drawing the sword towards Ruomu
Happy New Year to everyone!
Chapter 1239: Life and Death Undecided
Chapter 1240: Li Fu Ruomu
Chapter 1,241 Fruit Tree Creation
Chapter 1,242 Insisting on exploring the sea of stars
Chapter 1243: Defying the Xuanhuang Theory Again
Chapter 1,244 Gift from Mr. Bai
Chapter 1,245 Slate falls into the pond
Chapter 1,246 The Holy Emperor overcomes the calamity
Chapter 1,247 The details of the teaching
Chapter 1,248: Qing’s Eyes of Viewing the World
Chapter 1,249 Cracks hide hidden power
Chapter 1,250 The Sun Family Taoist Fetus
Chapter 1,251 The Sky Sword Appears
Chapter 1,252 The Stone Mother Returns to the Star
Chapter 1,253 The flow of crystals causes disputes
Chapter 1,254 One person becomes an army of thousands
Chapter 1,255 The Sword Points at the Ten Thousand Immortals Alliance
Chapter 1,256 Mao Bao’s Triple Transformation
Chapter 1,257 The Original Meaning of the Star Sea
Chapter 1,258 Establishing Xuanhuang Orthodoxy
Chapter 1,259 Infinite Peep into the Realm of Creation
Chapter 1,260 The Theory of Xuanhuang Island
Chapter 1,261 Stealing the Power of Darkness
Chapter 1,262 Meeting the True Immortal Again
Chapter 1,263 The Power of the Invalid Immortal
Chapter 1,264 Immortal Folding Formation
Chapter 1,265 Shaking the Uniqueness
Chapter 1266: False and true at the same time
Chapter 1,267: Forged Yan Fajue
Chapter 1,268 Yan Fajue’s Hometown
Chapter 1,269 The Soul of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1,269 The Soul of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1,270 The Scenery of the Immortal Realm in the Past
Chapter 1271 Capturing Mo Rubin
Chapter 1272 The True Immortal Hidden in the Dark Sea
Chapter 1273 Destroying the world for business
Chapter 1274 Death of Hedao Ant
Chapter 1275 Lan Yu Tiandu Secret (7K)
Chapter 1276: Meeting again in the sea of stars (7k)
Chapter 1278 The First Trial of the Spiritual Void Formation (7K)
Chapter 1277 The Secret Secret of Baiwenxian (7K)
Chapter 1278 The First Trial of the Spiritual Void Formation (7K)
Chapter 1279 The Great Enlightenment of Enlightenment (7K)
Chapter 1280: Teaching the Dharma at Fifty Years Old (7K)
Chapter 1281 The Holy Emperor establishes new laws (7K)
Chapter 1284 The method of ascension of great aspirations (7K)
Chapter 1282: Changes in the Star Sea (7K)
Chapter 1283 Immortal Weapon Alliance Two Realms (7K)
Chapter 1284 The method of ascension of great aspirations (7K)
Chapter 1285 The Holy Emperor suddenly realizes himself (7K)
Chapter 1286: Lost Thoughts and Remaining Soul (7K)
Chapter 1287 Daqi Lingxuanhuang (7K)
Chapter 1288 The point of a needle versus the awn of wheat (7K)
Chapter 1289 The Holy Emperor's Remaining Thoughts (7K)
Chapter 1290 Shadow of the Path to Immortality (7K)
Chapter 1291: Passing on the Dharma to Fight the Holy Emperor (7K)
Chapter 1292 The Holy Legend shares the same hatred (7K)
Chapter 1293: Star Sea Melee (7k)
Chapter 1294 Immortal Descends All Things (7K)
Chapter 1295 The Golden Needle Reverses the Xuanhuang (7k) Please vote for me!
Chapter 1296 Xuanhuang Wind Disaster (7K)
Chapter 1296 Xuanhuang Wind Disaster (7K)
Chapter 1297 Returning to the void and finally returning to reality (7K)
Chapter 1298 Looking back and reviewing
Chapter 1299 Real changes
Chapter 1300 The white circle falls into the mortal world
Chapter 1301 Changes in the Immortal World (7K)
Chapter 1302 The way to give gifts to the sea of stars
Chapter 1303 The first change in the Xuanhuang Realm
Chapter 1304 The First Encounter in the Promised Land
Chapter 1305 The monster swallows the spirit secretly
Chapter 1306 Xuanhuang’s initial recovery
Chapter 1307 Immortal Miasma and Immortal Killing
Chapter 1308 The Great Floating Array Formation
Chapter 1309 Memories of Ji Yuzhen
Chapter 1310 Dharma King Xuantian Sect
Chapter 1311 Crossing the Star Sea with One Sword
Chapter 1312 True Immortal Power Lures the Enemy
Chapter 1313 Trading under high walls
Chapter 1314 The shortcut to enlightenment
Chapter 1315 The Shock of Creation
Chapter 1316 The mystery of being accused of passing on the law
Chapter 1317 The Divine Tree Hidden Immortal Words
Chapter 1318 Returning Children Against Entropy
Chapter 1319: Blood See True Immortal Memories
Chapter 1320 The Beginning of Creating an Immortal
Chapter 1321: Pretending to see high walls
Chapter 1322 Arrival at Fuxian Shadow
Chapter 1323 Dark Gathering Peaks
Chapter 1324 Points to destroy the sky
Chapter 1325: Immortal falls and destroys all things
Chapter 1326 To the Dark Sea Depression
Chapter 1327: Poisoning Mo Rubin again
Chapter 1328 The mystery of the missing king
Chapter 1329 The True Immortal Resurrection
Chapter 1330 The Immortal Dao Annihilation Tribulation
Chapter 1331 The pioneer of ancient inscriptions
Chapter 1332 The magical power of Taijia Realm
Chapter 1333 Ten Thousand Years of Favorability
Chapter 1334 Xuan Shang’s events
Chapter 1335 The Misty Starry Sky Brigade
Chapter 1336 The reason for the destruction of the world
Chapter 1337 The real immortal sets up the chess game
Chapter 1338 Fragments of the Immortal Realm
Chapter 1339 Li Fan’s self-defense
Chapter 1340 Divine magic can equalize the sky
Chapter 1341 The Importance of Immortal Realm
Chapter 1342 The fate of Tongxianzhou
Chapter 1343 The immortal boat is greedy for heavenly power
Chapter 1344 It’s really strange
Chapter 1345 The ground is cracked all over the sea of stars
Chapter 1346 The Perfect Man Execute Heaven’s Action
Chapter 1347 The Tao is annihilated in the sea of stars
Chapter 1348 Breaking through the high wall with one line
Chapter 1349 All living beings understand the principles of immortality
Chapter 1350 Ascension to World Heaven
Chapter 1351 The initial solution to the mystery of the Paradise
Chapter 1352 The Secret of Jue Xuanhuang
Chapter 1352 The Secret of Jue Xuanhuang
Chapter 1353 The Immortal Puppet finally comes to the world
Chapter 1354 Xinghai Disease Life and Death
Chapter 1355 Chen Ding Transformed into Immortal Chess
Chapter 1356 The Immortal Puppet Secretly Enters the Boat (6k)
Chapter 1357 The Immortal Realms Burning Dao Tribulation (7k)
Chapter 1358 The Immortal Formation Traps the Heavenly Doctor (7K)
Chapter 1359 The Great Master of All Dharmas
Chapter 1360 The demon finally recovers
Chapter 1361 The Secret of the Heavenly Doctors Heart
Chapter 1362 Former Residence of King Xuantian
Chapter 1363 Immortal Weapon Qingming Pearl
Chapter 1364 Eternal Obsession
Chapter 1365 Star Sea Ascending Immortal Realm
Chapter 1366 The fusion of immortal chess
Chapter 1367 The Secret of Medicine King Stone Pill
Chapter 1368 King's Sutra of Refining Taoist Medicine
Chapter 1369 Juntian Evolved Star Spirit
Chapter 1370 A first glimpse beyond the high wall
Chapter 1371 Mo kills the immortal soul
Chapter 1372 Creatures Transform into Immortal Forms
Chapter 1373 Autumn water flows into the sea of stars
Chapter 1374 Condensing eternal memories
Chapter 1375 The secret hidden in hell
Chapter 1376 Now hunting ink and killing
Chapter 1377 Death of Zeng Lifan
Chapter 1378 Dao Annihilation Arrives
Chapter 1379 Bones of the Nameless Immortal
Chapter 1380 Stone Stele Deriving Immortal Characters
Chapter 1381 A glimpse into the fairyland
Chapter 1382 Infinite Return
Chapter 1383 Array Refining the Xuanhuang Realm
Chapter 1384 High Wall Counts Visitors
Chapter 1385 The Way of Life and Death in Chenyuan
Chapter 1386 The stone tablet shows the character of immortality
Chapter 1386 The stone tablet shows the characters of immortality
Chapter 1387 Xuanhuang Serving Heart
Chapter 1388 The beast is revived from death
Chapter 1389 Xuanhuangs Rebirth
Chapter 1390 Heaven and Earth Refining Great Medicine
Chapter 1391 Will overwhelm the sea of stars
Chapter 1392 Three-pronged New Era
Chapter 1393: Draw a high wall with a snap of your fingers
Chapter 1395 The effect is the cause of the year
Chapter 1394 Really turned the tide (7K)
Chapter 1395 The effect is the cause of the year
Chapter 1396 The beast performs extraordinary feats
Chapter 1397 Xuanhuang Ascended Immortal Realm (7K)
Chapter 1398 Hedao Becomes a Half Immortal (7k)
Chapter 1399 Pause when Dao Yin
Chapter 1400 Its really a sign of the end
Chapter 1401: Fantasy Array and Heavenly Doctor
Chapter 1402 Xuanhuang slices
Chapter 1403 The mystery of the transmission method is finally solved
Chapter 1404 Tampering with Reality Power
Chapter 1405 Tian Xuan Carves the Demonic Sound
Chapter 1406 Two Mysterious Sounds in the Immortal Realm
Chapter 1407 The Secret of Tianzuns Skull
Chapter 1408 Instant Kill Evil White
Chapter 1409 Mr. Zhenshanbai
Chapter 1410 The Heavenly Doctor dies after enlightenment
Chapter 1411: False and true at the same time
Chapter 1412 Saving Qiao Sidao
Chapter 1413 Canggu Dao takes shape
Chapter 1414: The way forward from ancient times
Chapter 1415 Experimental Enlightenment
Chapter 1416 Recreating Yanfa Jue
Chapter 1417 The Secret of Xuantian Holy Envoy
Chapter 1418 The Wuming Immortal must be killed
Chapter 1419 Daoyuan expands all phenomena
Chapter 1420 Tongtian Avenue Formation
Chapter 1421 The hidden phase of Mo Sha Dao
Chapter 1422 The endless reincarnation
Chapter 1423 The dream formation due to the heart