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One sword dominates the sky

One sword dominates the sky

author:Eternal Night Galaxy

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:12-11 22:57

Latest chapter:Chapter 1254 People coming from East Devil Island

[Great trumpet, single female protagonist, decisive killing, fast-paced and passionate writing, highly recommended!] Three years ago, young Su Xin, on the day of the decisive battle that affected the life and death of his family, fled without fighting and became a laughing stock. Three Years later, the young man returned, carrying the unprecedented supreme bloodline, and swept across the nine heavens and eight wastelands with one man and one sword.

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《One sword dominates the sky》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1254 People coming from East Devil Island
Chapter 1253 Unstoppable
Chapter 1252 Su Xin’s pursuit
Chapter 1251 A complete reversal!
Chapter 1250 Cripple them!
Chapter 1249 The third team
Chapter 1248 The attack begins!
Chapter 1247 General’s Camp
Chapter 1246 Chen Bing Snow Mountain Mansion
《One sword dominates the sky》Chapter Contents
Chapter 115 Nirvana Kill
Chapter 116 Killed to the point of darkness
Chapter 117: No. 1 in Breaking the Void Realm, Marquis of Silver Moon
Chapter 118 The strongest battle to break the void
Chapter 119 A tear
Chapter 120 Be careful
Chapter 121 There is a long way to go
Chapter 122 True Dragon Level?
Chapter 123 Accepting Disciples
Chapter 124 Inheritance
Chapter 125 The Sixth Mountain Lord
Chapter 126 Pavilion
Chapter 127 Fairy Xia
Chapter 128 Ten Volumes of Swordsmanship Theory
Chapter 129 Apprenticeship
Chapter 130 Hongtian Realm
Chapter 131 The old man in the painting
Chapter 132 Big shock, prototype of sword heart
Chapter 133 Three months of hard training, mastery of knowledge is achieved
Chapter 134 Second-level Medal
Chapter 135 Canglong Team
Chapter 136 Killing on the battlefield
Chapter 137 Fierce Collision
Chapter 138 Trap
Chapter 139 Jian Yi’s true strength
Chapter 140 Sneak Attack, Three Steps to Nirvana
Chapter 141 Acquaintance
Chapter 142 Fighting to the Peak in Three Steps
Chapter 143 Request
Chapter 144 Venerable
Chapter 145 Sword Name, Galaxy
Chapter 146 Thunder Island
Chapter 147 Blood Evil
Chapter 148: Falling into the Secret Realm, Breakthrough
Chapter 149 Breaking through Nirvana, big news
Chapter 36 Ask for advice
Chapter 37 One against three, shocking
Chapter 38 Gathering of Geniuses
Chapter 39 The Hunt Begins
Chapter 40 The First Battle
Chapter 41 Cang Yan
Chapter 42 The birth of the strongest combination
Chapter 43 Tang Xuan
Chapter 44 Encounter
Chapter 45 Monster
Chapter 46 Hakkai Daisei?
Chapter 47 The end of the first phase
Chapter 48 Questioning
Chapter 49 The heart is twisted
Chapter 50 The second stage of hunting
Chapter 51 The Last Four
Chapter 52 A blockbuster
Chapter 53 Again, fearless
Chapter 54 The showdown three years late
Chapter 55 One Sword
Chapter 56 Prove yourself
Chapter 57 Su Xin VS Tu San
Chapter 58 Murderous Intention
Chapter 59 Duan Yunfeng’s sword skills
Chapter 60 The Strongest Battle
Chapter 61 Thousands of miles and a thin line
Chapter 62 Hunting No. 1
Chapter 63 Tianyan Palace
Chapter 64 Teaching
Chapter 65 Jiuchen Taoist Master
Chapter 66 The Essence of Sword Intent
Chapter 67 Increased Terror
Chapter 68 Gambling Battle
Chapter 69 Another gamble
Chapter 70 Flying Blood
Chapter 71 Task assigned
Chapter 72 Zhao Family Couple
Chapter 73 Sweeping with one sword
Chapter 74 Wuxinbao
Chapter 75 Annihilation
Chapter 76 Hunting Mission
Chapter 77 Sacrifice
Chapter 78 Bullying goes too far
Chapter 79 The rabbit bites when he is anxious
Chapter 80 Huge Reward
Chapter 81 Storm
Chapter 82 Breaking the Void
Chapter 83 Innate magical powers, intimidation
Chapter 84 The Su family’s mortal enemy
Chapter 85 Practice your skills
Chapter 86 Returning to the Family
Chapter 87 Undercurrent
Chapter 88 The Su family’s trump card
Chapter 89 Attack and Kill
Chapter 90 Blood Cloud Killing Formation
Chapter 91 The speed of enlightenment in the Void-Breaking Realm
Chapter 92 Deep training
Chapter 93 If you should rush, you must rush
Chapter 94 Get out and die
Chapter 95 Battle with Nie Jiuyou
Chapter 96 All are mortal enemies
Chapter 211 Glacier Sword Master
Chapter 98 Kill as you please
Chapter 99 Famous Tianyan
Chapter 100 Invitation
Chapter 101 Tianshui Secret Realm
Chapter 313 Instant evaporation
Chapter 314 The sky is shattered and the earth is shattered
Chapter 315 Rout
Chapter 316 Original Curiosities
Chapter 317 Bounty List
Chapter 318 Killing in Melee
Chapter 319 The Holy Lord’s Ultimate Combat Power
Chapter 320 Lord of Virtual God Palace
Chapter 321 Su Xin in desperate situation
Chapter 322 The world-destroying divine light comes out
Chapter 323 5.72 million
Chapter 324 Primordial Flame
Chapter 325 The Eighth Level of the Way of Fire
Chapter 326 Sword Star Tower
Chapter 327 New secret skill
Chapter 328 The Limits of the Seven Holy Lords
Chapter 329 The attack begins
Chapter 330 The Three Holy Lords of Ancient Mirror Mountain
Chapter 331 Breakthrough, Holy Lord
Chapter 332 Battle Saint
Chapter 333 Endless Fire
Chapter 334 Shock from all sides
Chapter 335 Secret Skill
Chapter 336 Conditions
Chapter 337 'Yandong River'
Chapter 338 Lord Fan Yun
Chapter 339 The lion opens its mouth
Chapter 340 Save my life
Chapter 341 Space Movement
Chapter 342 Rice Space
Chapter 343 Stars in the Body
Chapter 344 Three times the power of the Holy Lord
Chapter 345 Counterattack
Chapter 346 Rescue
Chapter 347 The Holy Lord’s exclamation
Chapter 348 Decision
Chapter 349 The decisive battle breaks out
Chapter 350 The Escaped Holy Lord
Chapter 351 Star Millstone
Chapter 352 Kill another one
Chapter 353 Elder
Chapter 143 Request
Chapter 144 Venerable
Chapter 145 Sword Name, Galaxy
Chapter 146 Thunder Island
Chapter 147 Blood Evil
Chapter 148: Falling into the Secret Realm, Breakthrough
Chapter 149 Breaking through Nirvana, big news
Chapter 150: Inherited Secret Technique, Immortal
Chapter 151 The whereabouts of Situ Feng
Chapter 152 The Fourth Realm
Chapter 153 The inexplicable summons
Chapter 154 Today next year is your memorial day
Chapter 155 Secrets
Chapter 156 Lord Angry Ax
Chapter 157 Helpless
Chapter 158 He is Su Xin
Chapter 159 The storm is coming
Chapter 160 Three Great Venerables
Chapter 161 It’s time to fight
Chapter 162 Fury
Chapter 163 Earth-shattering
Chapter 164 Explosion
Chapter 165 The only chance of survival
Chapter 166 I’m here to kill someone
Chapter 167 Bottom of the Abyss
Chapter 168 Domain
Chapter 169 Blood Stone Beads
Chapter 170 See the light of day again
Chapter 171 Are you worthy of having to answer?
Chapter 172 Su Xin returns
Chapter 173 You and I will meet again
Chapter 174 Hatred
Chapter 175 Master Arrives
Chapter 176 Life and Death Battle
Chapter 177 Furious
Chapter 178 The Road of Penance
Chapter 179 Su Xin and Fairy Xia
Chapter 180 Nine Turns Holy Lotus
Chapter 181 Catch with hands
Chapter 182 The lingering ghost
Chapter 183 Challenge
Chapter 184 Fighting
Chapter 185 Is it him?
Chapter 186 The Bloody Marquis
Chapter 187 Su Xin VS Bloody Marquis
Chapter 188 Jiuxiao
Chapter 189 Fairy Xia’s panic
Chapter 190 The woman in gray
Chapter 191 Crack
Chapter 192 Top ten in the Eastern Wasteland?
Chapter 193 Just like in a painting
Chapter 194 Girl Ashichi
Chapter 195 You messed with the wrong person
Chapter 196 The Mountain Master’s Shock
Chapter 197 Experience
Chapter 198 Getting Faster
Chapter 199 Something big happened
Chapter 200 Ah Qi’s murderous intention
Chapter 201 Shock! Storm
Chapter 202 Convocation
Chapter 203 Eastern Wasteland Feast
Chapter 204 The Strongest Man in the Eastern Wasteland
Chapter 205 List of Eastern Wasteland Venerables
Chapter 206 The situation is tense
Chapter 207 I want this blood cloud stone
Chapter 208 The First Battle
Chapter 209 Massacre
Chapter 210 Title
Chapter 211 Glacier Sword Master
Chapter 212 Su Xin’s murderous intention
Chapter 213 New Ranking
Chapter 214 The Deterrent Power of Ranking
Chapter 215 Lord Ba Dao
Chapter 216 Circle World
Chapter 217 Premeditation
Chapter 218 Attack
Chapter 219 Heartbreaking
Chapter 220 Crazy Su Xin
Chapter 221 New Power
Chapter 222 Four Steps to Nirvana
Chapter 223 Ah Qi and the Blood Heart King
Chapter 224 Jaw-dropping
Chapter 225 Five Spaces
Chapter 226 Step Seven
Chapter 227 The Road of Ten Thousand Demons
Chapter 228 Improvement of swordsmanship
Chapter 229 Rising Sun
Chapter 230 Breaking into the Three Realms Peak Again
Chapter 231 Audacious
Chapter 232: Being Trapped
Chapter 233 The Battle of the Strongest Lord
Chapter 234 It’s time to get serious
Chapter 235 No. 1 in the Eastern Wasteland
Chapter 236 Please invite the Lord of Cangyun
Chapter 237 Purple Moon Holy Land
Chapter 238 Gu Yuan inheritance order
Chapter 239 Transformation
Chapter 240 Five Years
Chapter 241 War Saint Lord
Chapter 242 The First Jedi
Chapter 243 Devil’s Heart Vine
Chapter 244 Qianming Shengjun
Chapter 245 Third Level Combat Power
Chapter 246 Fate
Chapter 247 Greedy Heart
Chapter 248 Black Flame
Chapter 249 Take action
Chapter 250 Disaster to Chiyu
Chapter 251 The Power of the Domain
Chapter 252 The Holy Lord’s Finger
Chapter 253 Looking for Death
Chapter 254 Clan Brother and Clan Brother
Chapter 255 Big Earthquake
Chapter 256 Taoyuan Tower
Chapter 257 Interrogation
Chapter 258 The Way of Fire
Chapter 259 Sword Training in Fire
Chapter 260 Enlightenment
Chapter 261: Controlling the origin, soaring in strength
Chapter 262 Fighting the Holy Lord
Chapter 263 The Supreme Bloodline Shocks the World
Chapter 264 The ninth floor of Taoyuan Tower
Chapter 265 Expelled
Chapter 266 The target of public criticism
Chapter 267 Run away quickly
Chapter 268 Desperate Situation
Chapter 269 Explosion in desperate situation
Chapter 270 Blood Shadow Demon
Chapter 271 One Sword Cold Light Nineteen States
Chapter 272 The terrifying Beiming Sword Master
Chapter 273 Why is it so dark?
Chapter 274 Lord Black Dragon
Chapter 275 It’s time to leave
Chapter 276: Become a legend due to massacre
Chapter 277 Blood Sky Continent
Chapter 278 Discussion
Chapter 279 The Terrifying Temple
Chapter 280 Temple Assessment
Chapter 281 Three Star Angel
Chapter 282 Night Killing
Chapter 283 The Lord of Li Xing Mountain
Chapter 284 Apology
Chapter 285 The King’s Gift
Chapter 286 Help brothers conquer the world
Chapter 287 Opportunity for Transcendence
Chapter 288 Too Confident
Chapter 289 The Holy Lord of Manshan
Chapter 290 The Ultimate Nirvana Realm
Chapter 291 One word, kill
Chapter 292 The fight for the first level
Chapter 293 Kill Su Xin first
Chapter 294 Su Xin explodes with all his strength
Chapter 295 Holy Pool
Chapter 296 The jump in life level
Chapter 297 Successive Breakthroughs
Chapter 298 Final Transcendence, Earth-shattering
Chapter 299 One thought, the holy body becomes
Chapter 300 Holy Power is Like Prison
Chapter 301 Prisoners on the Holy Mountain
Chapter 302 A little test
Chapter 303 The jealous Holy Lords
Chapter 304: One against nine, sweeping everything
Chapter 305 The first gift of magical power
Chapter 306 Meeting the King
Chapter 307 Divine Armor
Chapter 308 The Third Level of the Immortal Secret Technique
Chapter 309 Mountain and River Realm
Chapter 310 It’s time to take action
Chapter 311 The war is about to begin
Chapter 312 The Raid Begins
Chapter 313 Instant evaporation
Chapter 314 The sky is shattered and the earth is shattered
Chapter 315 Rout
Chapter 316 Original Curiosities
Chapter 317 Bounty List
Chapter 318 Killing in Melee
Chapter 319 The Holy Lord’s Ultimate Combat Power
Chapter 320 Lord of Virtual God Palace
Chapter 321 Su Xin in desperate situation
Chapter 322 The world-destroying divine light comes out
Chapter 323 5.72 million
Chapter 324 Primordial Flame
Chapter 325 The Eighth Level of the Way of Fire
Chapter 326 Sword Star Tower
Chapter 327 New secret skill
Chapter 328 The Limits of the Seven Holy Lords
Chapter 329 The attack begins
Chapter 330 The Three Holy Lords of Ancient Mirror Mountain
Chapter 331 Breakthrough, Holy Lord
Chapter 332 Battle Saint
Chapter 333 Endless Fire
Chapter 334 Shock from all sides
Chapter 335 Secret Skill
Chapter 336 Conditions
Chapter 337 'Yandong River'
Chapter 338 Lord Fan Yun
Chapter 339 The lion opens its mouth
Chapter 340 Save my life
Chapter 341 Space Movement
Chapter 342 Rice Space
Chapter 343 Stars in the Body
Chapter 344 Three times the power of the Holy Lord
Chapter 345 Counterattack
Chapter 346 Rescue
Chapter 347 The Holy Lord’s exclamation
Chapter 348 Decision
Chapter 349 The decisive battle breaks out
Chapter 350 The Escaped Holy Lord
Chapter 351 Star Millstone
Chapter 352 Kill another one
Chapter 353 Elder
Chapter 354 Dark Heaven Demon Prison
Chapter 355 Thirteen Hundred Years of Planning
Chapter 356 Enlightenment
Chapter 357 The First Mountain Lord
Chapter 358 The new veteran
Chapter 359 Breaking through the conditions of the Holy Lord
Chapter 360 Murderous Intent
Chapter 361 Underworld Space
Chapter 362 Codename Teng Snake
Chapter 363 Named Nine Fees
Chapter 364 Secret Skill, Star and Moon Streaming Light
Chapter 365 The First Killer Organization
Chapter 366 News about Ah Qi
Chapter 367 The Original World
Chapter 368 Nine Star Sea
Chapter 369 Blood-robed Swordsman
Chapter 370 The Master of the Magic Mountain Island
Chapter 371 Kill them all
Chapter 372 The Holy King Defying Heaven
Chapter 373 Strange Island
Chapter 374 Wind Demon Cave
Chapter 375 Blue Vortex
Chapter 376 Tianfeng Divine Fruit
Chapter 377 The strongest secret skill, undercurrent
Chapter 378 Tianyu Star Alliance
Chapter 379 Finally meet
Chapter 380 Jealousy Madness
Chapter 381 Soul Servant
Chapter 382 Not killed?
Chapter 383 Sword training and mind training
Chapter 384 First Grade Sword Heart
Chapter 385 Breakthrough, Holy Lord
Chapter 386 Kill it
Chapter 387 Big Earthquake
Chapter 388 The killing turned upside down
Chapter 389 Lord of Dongyang Palace
Chapter 390 The Strongest Sword
Chapter 391 Too much trouble
Chapter 392 Tianyu Alliance Leader
Chapter 393 Secret
Chapter 394 Palace Master
Chapter 395 Ah Qi’s Strength
Chapter 396 Lord of Bashan Palace
Chapter 397 Ten Thousand Realms Peak
Chapter 398 Bone Mountain
Chapter 399 The Realm of Realm
Chapter 400: Accomplished a unique skill, broke through three levels in a row
Chapter 401 Tianxin Divine Tree
Chapter 402 The Thirteenth Floor of Bone Mountain
Chapter 403 Fight till the end
Chapter 404 The power of Tao realm
Chapter 405: Got through?
Chapter 406 Training Room No. 6
Chapter 407 Drink Back
Chapter 408 Thunder Demon Lord
Chapter 409 A sword flying every now and then
Chapter 410 Su Xin’s plan
Chapter 411 Leaving a legend behind
Chapter 412 Surrender or Death
Chapter 413 Follow
Chapter 414 Ancestral Land
Chapter 415 Go Back
Chapter 416 Sword Marks
Chapter 417 The Ninth Level of Sword Intent
Chapter 418 Senior Brothers and Sisters
Chapter 419 Exchange
Chapter 420 Nine Sacred Mountains, Danger
Chapter 421 Fight back to Donghuang
Chapter 422 Arrival
Chapter 423 Su Xin returns
Chapter 424 The incredible mountain masters
Chapter 425: Kill if you take action
Chapter 426 Everything is ready
Chapter 427 Attack begins
Chapter 428 The Eastern Wasteland is shaken
Chapter 429 Three Thousand Saint Realm?
Chapter 430 The calm before the storm
Chapter 431 Infiltration
Chapter 432 Dead?
Chapter 433 The great revenge is avenged
Chapter 434 Shocking the World
Chapter 435 A gentleman’s revenge is never too late in ten years
Chapter 436 The Name of Jianyi
Chapter 437 The Ninth Mountain Lord
Chapter 438 Cause of Death
Chapter 439 Named Zonghe
Chapter 440: Fusion Method
Chapter 441 King Ten Thousand Slaughters
Chapter 442 An old dog
Chapter 443 Evil Rain Demon King
Chapter 444 Mother and Son Reunion
Chapter 445 Holy Sword World
Chapter 446 Domineering
Chapter 447 Zhenwu Temple
Chapter 448 Possession
Chapter 449 Long Kong
Chapter 450 Battle with the Fifth Sword Master
Chapter 451 Arrival
Chapter 452 The Second Sword Lord
Chapter 453 No regrets
Chapter 454 Kill without mercy
Chapter 455 Finally Done
Chapter 456 A War Letter
Chapter 457 Peak Showdown (Part 1)
Chapter 458 Peak Showdown (Part 2)
Chapter 459 Compromise
Chapter 460: The original world of fame
Chapter 461 Wishful Thinking
Chapter 462 Disadvantages
Chapter 463 Three Worlds
Chapter 464 Founder of Blood Lotus Sect
Chapter 465 Assassination failed?
Chapter 466 The Second Heaven
Chapter 467 The road to inquiry
Chapter 468 Dao Heart
Chapter 469 I do!
Chapter 470 Su Xin’s wedding!
Chapter 471 Going to the church to get married
Chapter 472 Ten Years
Chapter 473 Su Xuan
Chapter 474 Bait
Chapter 475 Exile
Chapter 476 A huge cage!
Chapter 477 The Five Strongest People!
Chapter 478 Forced
Chapter 479 The First Elder
Chapter 480 Murderous intent!
Chapter 481 The First Dark Spirit Water
Chapter 482 The Sword Skills of the First Sword Master
Chapter 483 Drastic changes
Chapter 484 I’m confused!
Chapter 485 Restrictions?
Chapter 486 50% sure?
Chapter 487 Sixteen Volumes of Taoism
Chapter 488 Su Xin enters Taoism
Chapter 489 Introduction
Chapter 490 Rejection
Chapter 491 Su Xin VS Zong He
Chapter 492: Stars are annihilated, fight to the death!
Chapter 493 I am not willing to give in!
Chapter 494 Across heaven and earth, pursuing cause and effect!
Chapter 495 The opportunity has come!
Chapter 496 Battle against the sky!
Chapter 497 The Empress’ True Spirit
Chapter 498 Star Reaching Tower
Chapter 499 The origin of the owner of Huangquan Tower
Chapter 500 Re-entering the ancestral land!
Chapter 501 My name is Qi!
Chapter 502 New Hunyuan Life
Chapter 503 Years
Chapter 504 One Hundred and Fifty Years
Chapter 505 The initial world, here I come!
Chapter 506 Dao Realm
Chapter 507 Three Roads
Chapter 508 The Four Realms of Tao
Chapter 509 Appetizer
Chapter 510 The old people from the previous term
Chapter 511 One-sided
Chapter 512 Battle with the Old Man
Chapter 513 One Shot
Chapter 514 Su Xin explodes with all his strength!
Chapter 515 The two most dazzling people
Chapter 516 Two Hundred Years
Chapter 517 Ranked first!
Chapter 518 Killing and the World
Chapter 519 I’m done!
Chapter 520 The final progress of enlightenment
Chapter 521 Recruitment
Chapter 522 Emperor’s Heart Pavilion
Chapter 523 Goodbye Master
Chapter 524 Bloody Space Battle
Chapter 525 Being ravaged!
Chapter 526 A look
Chapter 527 Master’s Guidance
Chapter 528 A small goal
Chapter 529 Imperial Palace Disciples
Chapter 530 Tao Body!
Chapter 531 The Final Choice
Chapter 532 Seven Kills of the Palace Master
Chapter 533 Thirteen Years
Chapter 534 Another fight in the arena!
Chapter 535 World Sword Intent
Chapter 536 Bear King
Chapter 537 The name of the sword, thirteen years!
Chapter 538 The Temple of Origin
Chapter 539 The Second Realm
Chapter 540 The battle for promotion begins
Chapter 541 Su Xin VS Xingyuan
Chapter 542 Special Physique
Chapter 543 Final Result
Chapter 544 The World of Swords
Chapter 545 Twenty Years
Chapter 546 Tianyimen
Chapter 547 Meeting old friends
Chapter 548 Discussion and Battle
Chapter 549 Take action!
Chapter 550 Two versus one
Chapter 551 The Second Level of the Sword World
Chapter 552 Bloody Night
Chapter 553 Really Poor
Chapter 554 Alertness
Chapter 555 The Land of Dark Demons
Chapter 556 Dark Demon Warrior
Chapter 557 Lessons
Chapter 558 Fighting the Dark Demon
Chapter 559 Being targeted
Chapter 560 Sneak Attacker
Chapter 561 World Blockade
Chapter 562 Raise an army to investigate?
Chapter 563 Motiebo
Chapter 564 Completely Submerged
Chapter 565 Ternary Diagram
Chapter 566 Lord’s Level 1 Potential
Chapter 567 King
Chapter 568 Roasting on the Fire
Chapter 569 Crazy?
Chapter 570 Promotion in Madness
Chapter 571 Testing
Chapter 572 The Way of the Fourth Realm
Chapter 573 Became a whetstone
Chapter 574 Meeting again
Chapter 575 The killing in the inner layer
Chapter 576 Murderous Intent
Chapter 577 The original fusion of the four series!
Chapter 578 The prey is coming!
Chapter 579 Hunter
Chapter 580 Blooming Blood Lotus
Chapter 581 Swallow it in one gulp
Chapter 582 Prepare to take action
Chapter 583 Good at Cause and Effect
Chapter 584 The end of Motiebo
Chapter 585 Obtained the Three Elements Diagram
Chapter 586 The Furious Motie Leader
Chapter 587 The crisis is coming
Chapter 588 Master has arrived!
Chapter 589 This is too much!
Chapter 590 Qing Shiliu
Chapter 591 The Terrifying Master and Disciple
Chapter 592 Changes in the Dark Demon Clan
Chapter 593 Triple World
Chapter 594 Shortcomings
Chapter 595 Soul Tower
Chapter 596 The Third Realm
Chapter 597 Su Xin and the Drunkard
Chapter 598 Fourth Realm Combat Power
Chapter 599 Special Legion
Chapter 600 Rules of Survival
Chapter 601 Robber
Chapter 602 Recruit Jianyi
Chapter 603 Is this the number one genius?
Chapter 604 Mission assigned!
Chapter 605 Ancestral Witch Secret Realm
Chapter 606 Old Man Bai Xu
Chapter 607 Madness under Despair
Chapter 608 Battle in the fourth realm!
Chapter 609 Fall!
Chapter 610 The mission is over
Chapter 611 Blood Blade Tavern
Chapter 612 Team Grudges
Chapter 613 A Hundred-Man Battle
Chapter 614 Su Xin breaks out!
Chapter 615: Vent bad breath
Chapter 616 Ranking Battle
Chapter 617 Fighting Demon Heart Lord
Chapter 618 God-Destroying Cone
Chapter 619 Escort Mission
Chapter 620 Black Star Desert
Chapter 621 Lord Lieyun
Chapter 622 Bawang Mountain
Chapter 623 Dramatic changes!
Chapter 624 Killing Feast
Chapter 625: Suppress and Kill
Chapter 626 Getting rich
Chapter 627 Is a breakthrough coming?
Chapter 628 Total Value
Chapter 629 The new captain
Chapter 630 Recruit Youyu
Chapter 631 The arrival of virtual world
Chapter 632 Mansion of Ten Thousand Tribulations
Chapter 633 Is it her?
Chapter 634 The Peak of the Fourth Realm
Chapter 635 The Tomb of the Virtual God
Chapter 636 Dark Corridor
Chapter 637 Unbearable
Chapter 638 Hysteria!
Chapter 639 Endless murderous intent
Chapter 640 I, the King of Heaven, must die too!
Chapter 641 Seven Tombs
Chapter 642 Retirement
Chapter 643 Lieyun Team’s Surprise
Chapter 644 Prepare!
Chapter 645 Return to the Yuan Realm
Chapter 646 Battle!
Chapter 647 Demon Ang
Chapter 648 Golden light!
Chapter 649 Arrow God Yang Li
Chapter 650 Swallowed by the Abyss
Chapter 651 Inner Space
Chapter 652 Great Opportunity
Chapter 653 33069
Chapter 654 Five years of progress!
Chapter 655 The fifth level of the world of swords
Chapter 656 The Last Day
Chapter 657 Heart of the World
Chapter 658 The Ultimate Sword Domain!
Chapter 659 Madman, Guyou!
Chapter 660 The Sword Domain is finally completed
Chapter 661 Ranked tenth overall!
Chapter 662 The final winner
Chapter 663 Sky-high price reward
Chapter 664 The Third Level of Void God
Chapter 665 The Beginning of the Killing
Chapter 666 If you dare to come, you dare to kill
Chapter 667 Fame!
Chapter 668 Red Snow Demon Lord
Chapter 669 'Ten Thousand Zhangs of Light'
Chapter 670 Big Shock
Chapter 671 Fierce Revenge
Chapter 672 Lord’s Order
Chapter 673 Uncontrollable ecstasy!
Chapter 674 Lord of Tianzhu Island
Chapter 675 Dao Tower
Chapter 676: Vengeance must be avenged!
Chapter 677 Kill at the Door
Chapter 678 The end of the Lord of Tianzhu Island
Chapter 679 Tough
Chapter 680 National Level
Chapter 681 Elder Su Xin
Chapter 682 Junu Family
Chapter 683 Moyun Taoist Academy
Chapter 684 Disappeared?
Chapter 685: Sell the pot and sell the iron
Chapter 686 Background
Chapter 687 Five Stages of Cultivation
Chapter 688 Cultivation of the physical body
Chapter 689 Average qualifications
Chapter 690 Contest
Chapter 691 The Fourth Stage
Chapter 692 Su Xin’s cultivation speed
Chapter 693 Second in History
Chapter 694 Tianxu Secret Realm
Chapter 695 Taoist Academy’s Suggestions
Chapter 696 Choice?
Chapter 697 Breaking through the False God
Chapter 698 Lord Fanguang
Chapter 699 Lord Fanguang’s Lessons
Chapter 700 The battlefield begins!
Chapter 701 Tyrannical Sword and Endless Destruction
Chapter 702 The horror of cultivating all three meridians
Chapter 703 Return
Chapter 704 Changes in the Emperor’s Heart Pavilion
Chapter 705 The Twelve Demon Gods of Cangmang Mountain
Chapter 706 Total annihilation!
Chapter 707 Three-Eyed Lord
Chapter 708 Troubles!
Chapter 709 Four Star Lord
Chapter 710 The Ultimate Cultivation Path Fruit
Chapter 711 Death Level Mission
Chapter 712: One against three, a quick battle!
Chapter 713 Lord Jiu Ming
Chapter 714 Escort
Chapter 715 A pair of master and apprentice
Chapter 716 Five Breaths
Chapter 717 The first outbreak
Chapter 718 Donghe Shaoqiu
Chapter 719 The Third Heaven of Virtual God
Chapter 720 Su Xin’s murderous intention
Chapter 721 Discover whereabouts
Chapter 722 Come to the Rescue
Chapter 723 Lord An Xu
Chapter 724 Physical Realm
Chapter 725 Blood Demon Guild Leader
Chapter 726 Drastic changes
Chapter 727 Emperor Tribulation God King
Chapter 728 Su Xin’s Crisis
Chapter 729 Nine Jue Island
Chapter 730 Encountering the Enemy
Chapter 731 Nine Extremes Purgatory
Chapter 732 Crazy! Crazy!
Chapter 733 A giant eye
Chapter 734 Reunion
Chapter 735 Ba Tao’s request
Chapter 736 Mirror Image of the God King
Chapter 737 The Supreme Road
Chapter 738 The Phantom Sea
Chapter 739 Su Xin’s spiritual will
Chapter 740 A lesson
Chapter 741 Falling into Madness
Chapter 742 Su Xin, crazy!
Chapter 743 The arrival of powerful forces
Chapter 744 Four major systems?
Chapter 745 Dean’s Punishment
Chapter 746 The First Prison
Chapter 747 Forty-sixth Ward
Chapter 748 Hibernating!
Chapter 749 Chief Guest
Chapter 750 The Lord of Yangjiao Mountain
Chapter 751: Use you to establish authority
Chapter 752: Slapped away
Chapter 753 Su Xin, the true god!
Chapter 754 Challenging the Monarch
Chapter 755 Lord Mingyuan Castle
Chapter 756 Stars
Chapter 757 Enemy
Chapter 758 Resolve?
Chapter 759 Understanding Current Affairs
Chapter 760 Wan Jue Peak
Chapter 761 Lord of Diyan City
Chapter 762 Realm of Life and Death
Chapter 763 Lord Taojun
Chapter 764 Bounty Battle
Chapter 765 Six-Armed Blade Clan
Chapter 766 Finally Escape
Chapter 767 The Fourteenth Level of 'Void God'
Chapter 768 Signing a contract and leaving prison
Chapter 769 Donghe Family
Chapter 770 Meeting the Master
Chapter 771 Purple Blood
Chapter 772 Opponents faced
Chapter 773 The Realm of Life and Death
Chapter 774 Numbered seventy-four territories
Chapter 775 The First Battle
Chapter 776 Victory
Chapter 777 Need to vent
Chapter 778 Battle of the Blade Commander
Chapter 779 The Power of Purple Blood
Chapter 780 Taking over the formation
Chapter 781 New transfer order
Chapter 782 Impressed
Chapter 783 Panachun
Chapter 784 Crisis
Chapter 785 Soul
Chapter 786 Abandoning Territory
Chapter 787 The Blade Clan is shocked
Chapter 788 Lord of Copper Mountain
Chapter 789 Large Territory
Chapter 790 The Fifth Territory
Chapter 791 The Fifteenth Level of 'Void God'
Chapter 792 Super Large Scale Attack (Update)
Chapter 793 Big Killer
Chapter 794 Su Xin’s horrific killing
Chapter 795 The third threat
Chapter 796 The Dean’s Invitation
Chapter 797 Dean’s Compensation
Chapter 798 The Middle Stage of True God
Chapter 799 The attack failed
Chapter 800 The Order of the God King
Chapter 801 Target, Five Territories
Chapter 802 The battle of destruction begins!
Chapter 803 Phantom Secret Technique, a Moment of Life and Death
Chapter 804 Result
Chapter 805 The results of the sixth territory
Chapter 806 Escape of Life and Death
Chapter 807 Taojun
Chapter 808 Nine Star Lord?
Chapter 809 Gathering in the Sixth Territory
Chapter 810 Taojun and Gu Rong
Chapter 811 Evacuation
Chapter 812 One Thousand Two Hundred
Chapter 813 Immortality Realm
Chapter 814 Attack begins
Chapter 815 Bloody Battle
Chapter 816 The killer move of the Blade Clan!
Chapter 817 A life-threatening attack
Chapter 818 Divine power returns!
Chapter 819 Can’t be killed?
Chapter 820 The ownership of rare treasures
Chapter 821 Seventh Form
Chapter 822 Chaos Divine Water
Chapter 823 Active attack
Chapter 824 Arc of Blood
Chapter 825 Kill twenty-six enemies in one battle!
Chapter 826 Single-handedly!
Chapter 827 The Disappointed King of Prisoners
Chapter 828 The Late Stage of True God
Chapter 829 Blood God
Chapter 830 The final battle!
Chapter 831 Crazy attack!
Chapter 832 Destruction Level Boundary Breaking Pearl
Chapter 833 Dean’s rejoicing
Chapter 834 The Sword Demon Army is unstoppable!
Chapter 835 Darkness Swallows the Sky
Chapter 836 The Sky-Swallowing Clan
Chapter 837 The God Kings were shocked
Chapter 838 Leaving the Realm of Life and Death
Chapter 839 Revenge, revenge!
Chapter 840 Keeping a Low Profile
Chapter 841 God King Mu Yun
Chapter 842 The arrival of the God King
Chapter 843 Persecution by the God-Kings
Chapter 844 Searching for memories and killing by cause and effect!
Chapter 845 Eternal Divine Fire
Chapter 846 A giant hand
Chapter 847 Water of the Ancestral River
Chapter 848 The Three Realms of the God King
Chapter 849 News
Chapter 850 The end of the Mu Yun family
Chapter 851 Mu Yun’s Destruction
Chapter 852 Repaying a favor
Chapter 853 Phantom Mountain
Chapter 854 Yuan Jiuhuang
Chapter 855 The strength of Lord Fanguang
Chapter 856: Thunderous
Chapter 857 God King of Thousand Tombs
Chapter 858 Opportunity in the Devil’s Cave
Chapter 859 This Sword
Chapter 860 Qinglian Sword Ancestor
Chapter 861 Open the shackles
Chapter 862 Another fight with the strange beasts of the Magic Mountain
Chapter 863 The strength of the divine body
Chapter 864 Treasure Competition
Chapter 865 Nine Smoke Island
Chapter 866 Void Armband
Chapter 867 Challenger
Chapter 868 Eternal Light
Chapter 869 Demon Star
Chapter 870 Invincible Level!
Chapter 871 Survivors
Chapter 872 The Heaven-defying Void Secret
Chapter 873 Chaos
Chapter 874 Territory Struggle
Chapter 875 The beginning is the end
Chapter 876 Battle of God Kings
Chapter 877 God of War King
Chapter 878 Su Xin’s true strength!
Chapter 879 Beiyu is shocked
Chapter 880 Gift from the original poster
Chapter 881 The Divine Weapon of Destiny
Chapter 882 Li Chunyi
Chapter 883 The Ultimate Temple
Chapter 884 Sword Name, Galaxy
Chapter 885 Five People
Chapter 886 Bloody Secret Realm
Chapter 887 The first goal
Chapter 888 Kill!
Chapter 889 Blood Crow Demon Lord
Chapter 890 Two lunatics!
Chapter 891 Named Ice Demon
Chapter 892 Trap!
Chapter 893 Killing the God King
Chapter 894 Sent
Chapter 895 The Stubborn Marquis Dongxu
Chapter 896 Exchange for treasures
Chapter 897 A combination of kindness and power
Chapter 898 The world of mortals
Chapter 899 It
Chapter 900 Black Mountain Town
Chapter 901 Advanced Immortality?
Chapter 902 Nine Causes God King
Chapter 903 Fantasy Moon Kingdom
Chapter 904 Red Dust Island
Chapter 905 Thoughts on Source Star Observation
Chapter 906 So simple?
Chapter 907 Bombshell
Chapter 908 Lord Bai’s Punishment
Chapter 909 Dongxu God King
Chapter 910 Observe and improve!
Chapter 911 The True God is Perfect
Chapter 912 Su Xin’s Sword Skills
Chapter 913 The Realm of Life and Death
Chapter 914 Ten Jue Demon Lords
Chapter 915 Crazy!
Chapter 916 Arrival
Chapter 917 Great Emperor Level?
Chapter 918 Su Xin, God King
Chapter 919 The first battle with eternity
Chapter 920 Like the God of War, invincible!
Chapter 921 10%?
Chapter 922 Choice
Chapter 923 The test begins
Chapter 924 Demon Slayer
Chapter 925 The first demon slaying
Chapter 926 Single-handedly defeat Heiyun Mountain
Chapter 927 The First Demon Slayer of the Human Race
Chapter 928 The vicissitudes of life
Chapter 929 Three hundred and thirty thousand years
Chapter 930 A Heart Lamp
Chapter 931 The second chance
Chapter 932 Transaction
Chapter 933 Beiming, God King?
Chapter 934 Return
Chapter 935: Kill the chicken to scare the monkey!
Chapter 936 Psychic Attack
Chapter 937 Years!
Chapter 938 The Three Stages of Eternity
Chapter 939 Divine Body Improvement
Chapter 940 The Six-leaf Heart Realm, the Red Dust Heart Refining Method
Chapter 941 Evil Feather Holy Emperor
Chapter 942 Punch
Chapter 943 Building the Foundation
Chapter 944 Leader of the Demonic Star
Chapter 945 Target: Ancient Ancestral Domain
Chapter 946 Qinglian Dao Realm
Chapter 947 Breaking through the Sword Gate
Chapter 948 Daojian Mountain
Chapter 949 Qinglian Sword Ancestor’s Preference
Chapter 950 One Leaf Realm
Chapter 951 The Sword of the Sword Ancestor
Chapter 952 Practice my way
Chapter 953 Offering?
Chapter 954 Hidden murderous intent
Chapter 955 The power of the mind sword is displayed!
Chapter 956 Heart Realm!
Chapter 957 Demon Society
Chapter 958 Chaos Divine Heart
Chapter 959 Blood Demon Sea Area
Chapter 960 Capture
Chapter 961 Born!
Chapter 962 Three Temples
Chapter 963 Big Harvest
Chapter 964 Closing the Net
Chapter 965 Trap
Chapter 966 Killing everywhere
Chapter 967 Death of Dao Ancestor
Chapter 968 The only chance of survival
Chapter 969 Survived
Chapter 970 President’s Order
Chapter 971 Two-Leaf Realm
Chapter 972 Destruction of the Divine Court, level nine authority!
Chapter 973 Mind Slavery
Chapter 974 His Highness Yunhai
Chapter 975 Above the Great Emperor level?
Chapter 976 Old Monster Liyang
Chapter 977 Karma Killing
Chapter 978 Death of Liyang
Chapter 979 Sword Island
Chapter 980 The Holy Land of Swordsmanship
Chapter 981 Seven-story Sword Tower
Chapter 982 Ling Yuan Sword Ancestor’s Care
Chapter 983 Immerse yourself in it
Chapter 984 Heartlight
Chapter 985 Looking for Sword Peak
Chapter 986 Sword Lord Luo Yu
Chapter 987 Sixth Floor
Chapter 988 Sushin Shintai
Chapter 989 Not enough!
Chapter 990 Coming again!
Chapter 991 Divine power comes to the world and everything falls
Chapter 992 Who is he?
Chapter 993 Rules of Order
Chapter 994 The Heavenly Alliance and the Heavenly Demon Association
Chapter 995 The second attack on the sky!
Chapter 996 The Ninth Floor of the Sword Tower
Chapter 997 Layout
Chapter 998 Yakumo Demon Cave
Chapter 999 The Battle of Dao Ancestor
Chapter 1000 Kill one person first
Chapter 1001 Great Favor
Chapter 1002 The Peak Taoist Ancestor?
Chapter 1003 Three Leaf Realm
Chapter 1004 What’s there?
Chapter 1005 Demon Eye City Lord
Chapter 1006 Complete Control
Chapter 1007 Give him an advantage
Chapter 1008 The Hundred-Refined Demon King
Chapter 1009 Acacia
Chapter 1010 Big Earthquake!!
Chapter 1011 Questioning Conference
Chapter 1012: All out
Chapter 1013 Death of Qixuan Taoist Ancestor
Chapter 1014 Lock the target!
Chapter 1015 Tiandao Alliance: Taoist Fu Yuan!
Chapter 1016 Su Xin VS Fu Yuan
Chapter 1017 Rules and Secrets
Chapter 1018 The Strongest Eternal Realm in History
Chapter 1019 The Heart-scarred Emperor breaks through
Chapter 1020 Six Finger Demon Ancestor
Chapter 1021 The ten-thousand-foot-long divine body shocks the world
Chapter 1022 The incredible divine body
Chapter 1023 Star Demon God
Chapter 1024 A glance
Chapter 1025 Ice Lord
Chapter 1026 The dust has settled
Chapter 1027 Xingyuan Tianzun
Chapter 1028 Protect her from the wind and rain
Chapter 1029 Qinglian Sword Ancestor’s Decision
Chapter 1030 Burnt Place
Chapter 1031 When we meet again, she will still be her!
Chapter 1032 The Land Outside the Boundary
Chapter 1033 Road to Heaven
Chapter 1034: Ascend to the Heavenly List
Chapter 1035 Demon Crystal Mountain
Chapter 1036 Accepted
Chapter 1037 Black Stone Space
Chapter 1038 Baptism of Rules
Chapter 1039 Destruction
Chapter 1040 'Seventh Killing of Demonic Elements'
Chapter 1041 Peak of Three-Leaf Realm
Chapter 1042 Helper
Chapter 1043 The beginning of the killing!
Chapter 1044 Siege!
Chapter 1045 Saint Ancestor with Pure Eyes
Chapter 1046 The Eye of the Heart
Chapter 1047 No matter the cost
Chapter 1048 Complete blockade, certain death!
Chapter 1049 Suppression of the Heart Realm
Chapter 1050 Icewind Island
Chapter 1051 Desperate situation!
Chapter 1052 Extremely Cold Ice Flame
Chapter 1053 Give you a ride
Chapter 1054 Ring of Destruction
Chapter 1055 One battle, the vitality is severely damaged!
Chapter 1056 'The Magic Clothes of Destruction'
Chapter 1057 Five hundred years!
Chapter 1058 Fame
Chapter 1059 Falling into a dark space
Chapter 1060 Crazy Blade Demon Ancestor
Chapter 1061 Fighting against the strong men on the Heavenly Ranking
Chapter 1062 Until Death
Chapter 1063 The legendary treasure!
Chapter 1064 Birth
Chapter 1065 Tianjun Mansion
Chapter 1066 Six Temples
Chapter 1067 One person’s enlightenment
Chapter 1068 Blue Secret Pattern
Chapter 1069: Offending the public!
Chapter 1070 Furious!
Chapter 1071 Six Secret Patterns
Chapter 1072 Su Xin’s disgust
Chapter 1073 Obtaining the Holy Lotus
Chapter 1074 The war begins!
Chapter 1075 The First Fifty Combat Power
Chapter 1076 Let’s go together!
Chapter 1077 The murderous intention is rushing
Chapter 1078 Four Leaf Realm!
Chapter 1079 The Cone of the Inner Demon
Chapter 1080 The Immortal Lord
Chapter 1081 I tried my best!
Chapter 1082 The number one person below the sky!
Chapter 1083 I am invincible below the top three!
Chapter 1084 The dust has settled!
Chapter 1085 The Belonging of the Heaven-Seizing Holy Lotus
Chapter 1086 Another force
Chapter 1087 Jian Yixinjun
Chapter 1088 Relaxation
Chapter 1089 Breaking into Demon Crystal Mountain
Chapter 1090 Lava Demon
Chapter 1091 Third Class Treasure
Chapter 1092 Three Treasures
Chapter 1093 A trace of cause and effect
Chapter 1094 Mo An
Chapter 1095 Changes in Emperor’s Heart Pavilion
Chapter 1096 Masters Guidance
Chapter 1097 Wandering
Chapter 1098 Three Thousand Years
Chapter 1099 Finally Became the Taoist Ancestor
Chapter 1100 An unexpected gain
Chapter 1101 Goodbye Taojun
Chapter 1102 The Heaven-Swallowing Secret Realm
Chapter 1103 Suppression with a flip of a hand
Chapter 1104 The Dark Knife
Chapter 1105 The First Palace Master
Chapter 1106 Battle against the sky!
Chapter 1107 The Divine Weapon of Destruction
Chapter 1108 Lord of the Ancient Wheel
Chapter 1109 Two versus two!
Chapter 1110 The Abyss of Annihilation
Chapter 1111 Su Xins madness!
Chapter 1112 Tear apart the sky and the earth with one hand!
Chapter 1113 Zhao Ahqi is the invincible in this world!
Chapter 1114: One knife separates life and death
Chapter 1115 The battle against the sky begins!
Chapter 1116 The Return of the Ice Lord
Chapter 1117 The great sad guest!
Chapter 1118 One thousand eight hundred years later
Chapter 1119 No retreat
Chapter 1120 Heart Rosary
Chapter 1121 The core thing
Chapter 1122 Ah Qi and Beiming
Chapter 1123 Return to the world of mortals
Chapter 1124 He is crazy!
Chapter 1125 Worth fighting for!
Chapter 1126 The Lord of Eternity
Chapter 1127 Investigate and clean up one by one!
Chapter 1128 Return to the Original World
Chapter 1129 Changes in the Su Family
Chapter 1130 Former Old Friend
Chapter 1131 The heart is changing!
Chapter 1132 The wind rises!
Chapter 1133 Destroy the ancient holy world!
Chapter 1134 Another battle with the leader of Tiandao!
Chapter 1135 The first confrontation
Chapter 1136 The final battle, ignite!
Chapter 1137 Battle Formation
Chapter 1138 Completely unstoppable!
Chapter 1139 The Great Demonic God of Sorrow
Chapter 1140 Controlling the Mind
Chapter 1141 Battle in the Sky
Chapter 1142 Two killer moves!
Chapter 1143 Continuous Killings
Chapter 1144 I’m back!
Chapter 1145 The inner demon general
Chapter 1146 Roaring in the Coffin
Chapter 1147 Life and death are one
Chapter 1148 The power of a roar
Chapter 1149 Void Monster
Chapter 1150 Desperate
Chapter 1151 Master takes action
Chapter 1152: A slap in the face
Chapter 1153 Mutation!
Chapter 1154 The true purpose of Xin'e
Chapter 1155 The power of the source star activates!
Chapter 1156 The strongest blow!
Chapter 1157 The price of taboo
Chapter 1158 Six Leaves Realm
Chapter 1159 Red Dust Fairy
Chapter 1160 If you keep suppressing, you will never be able to stand up again!
Chapter 1161 Finally, behead!
Chapter 1162 Realm Alliance
Chapter 1163 The way to leave
Chapter 1164 The end of cause and effect
Chapter 1165 Heading out of bounds
Chapter 1166 Outside the Boundary
Chapter 1167 Chaos Realm, Chaos God!
Chapter 1168 The direction of home!
Chapter 1169 Tianyuan City
Chapter 1170 The Invincible Taoist Ancestor
Chapter 1171 Fan'an Army
Chapter 1172 Meeting a Hundred Leaders
Chapter 1173 Offended
Chapter 1174 The First Ancestor of the Ancient Blue River Region!
Chapter 1175 Aoxue
Chapter 1176 Target, General!
Chapter 1177 'Daogu Nine Tribulation Body'
Chapter 1178 Current Strength
Chapter 1179 Encirclement and Suppression of Devil's Horn Mountain
Chapter 1180 A small test of skills
Chapter 1181 Blocking
Chapter 1182 Qian Chang’s curiosity
Chapter 1183 Challenge Bai Chang!
Chapter 1184 Promotion
Chapter 1185 The Five Forbidden Methods
Chapter 1186 The battle between generals
Chapter 1187 The Heart and Moon Are Completed
Chapter 1188 Military Competition
Chapter 1189 Cang Jinhou
Chapter 1190 Take action!!
Chapter 1191 A Tao Ancestor stronger than Aoxue!
Chapter 1192 Like a meteorite impact!
Chapter 1193 Sincerely convinced
Chapter 1194 The new general
Chapter 1195 Taoist Order
Chapter 1196 A foothold
Chapter 1197 Beginning City
Chapter 1198 A lord
Chapter 1199 Introduction!
Chapter 1200 The military leader summons!
Chapter 1201 The Furious Third Army Leader
Chapter 1202 Lord Mohai
Chapter 1203 A secret realm!
Chapter 1204 The encounter in Kongyun Realm
Chapter 1205 Must... be quick!!
Chapter 1206 Kill them!
Chapter 1207 Control two handles!
Chapter 1208 The Mother Sea of Rules!
Chapter 1209 The Purpose of Fan'an Army
Chapter 1210 Legion collision!
Chapter 1211 Demon Star Finger!
Chapter 1212 Strong!
Chapter 1213 Drink back!
Chapter 1214 Lord Kongyun
Chapter 1215 Great Contribution
Chapter 1216 Five Bans Completed
Chapter 1217 Breakthrough, Realm of Chaos!
Chapter 1218 Challenges one after another!
Chapter 1219 Shock
Chapter 1220 Ah Qi’s terrifying strength!
Chapter 1221 Challenge the military leader!
Chapter 1222 Su Xin versus Jinshan
Chapter 1223 The Realm of Dacheng!
Chapter 1224 Fight to the end!
Chapter 1225 Fulfillment
Chapter 1226 Army Chief Jianyi!
Chapter 1227: Operate on him
Chapter 1228 Target, Jiangtian City
Chapter 1229: Raise an army to prosecute!
Chapter 1230 Arrogant and domineering!
Chapter 1231 Go with the flow
Chapter 1232 Choose to endure!
Chapter 1233 Putting things to rest?
Chapter 1234 Expanding the conflict
Chapter 1235 Large-scale fighting!
Chapter 1236 Must die!
Chapter 1237 Chase!
Chapter 1238 Elder of Xueshan Mansion, Qu Fen
Chapter 1239 Sixth level?
Chapter 1240 Snow Mountain Mansion, furious!
Chapter 1241 My back feels cold
Chapter 1242 Lord Fan'an
Chapter 1243 The whole army gathers!
Chapter 1244 Conquer the Snow Mountain Mansion!
Chapter 1245 Snow Mountain Mansion: Crazy! Crazy!
Chapter 1246 Chen Bing Snow Mountain Mansion
Chapter 1247 General’s Camp
Chapter 1248 The attack begins!
Chapter 1249 The third team
Chapter 1250 Cripple them!
Chapter 1251 A complete reversal!
Chapter 1252 Su Xin’s pursuit
Chapter 1253 Unstoppable
Chapter 1254 People coming from East Devil Island