'Complete Testimonials'

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To be honest, I feel like there is not much to say about this book. It is poorly written, which leads to poor grades. In addition, just after the 200th chapter, there are a lot of worries about work and life, and there is no time to carefully carve out the plot. The failure left in the early stage is almost

There is no way to end everything, we can only break the jar and throw it away.

But I still finished it without saying it was wonderful or regretful.

Well, how should I put it?

Anyway, there is something wrong with this subject matter. I still remember how I felt when Ye Da told me to change the title of the book and the introduction, and even advised me to change the subject matter.

It's a scam, isn't it?


When I published the book earlier, it happened to coincide with the JJ Festival, so the title could not contain "bing" or "military"...

This... can't be justified.

As a fellow pirate, unlike the smooth sailing of Ice Dragon and Thunder God, this book really has no major flaws, but a bunch of minor annoyances, policies and other things, all piled together.

This resulted in a situation where the saved manuscripts were basically scrapped, relying solely on the current code without detailed outlines.

And readers who can’t see the wonderful plot, then subscribe.

It’s so miserable that I can’t bear to gamble!

Fortunately, it's all over. I'll smoke a cigarette first.

Let’s talk about a topic that only a few people care about. Write about it. There is a high chance that you will still write about it, but not now.

I failed to pass the A certificate, so I will take the C certificate this month and use it first. I originally took time to study on my own after work, so I don’t have time to write now.

Then, my family urged me to get married.

Yes, even though Dashu plays YYQ with women from time to time, in fact, I don’t even have a stable girlfriend now.

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This is probably my second loss since writing the book.

The first loss was my six-pack abs, but now I’ve gotten them back through fitness.

But my girlfriend...

It just takes time to grind it out.

It doesn't matter if you don't have time to spend with her, right?

All in all, Dashu will continue to write as long as there is time.

Because in the past three years of writing the book, Dashu has given up most of the time reading novels. In addition to looking for excellent works to study and study, and seeing how others design plots and arrangements, he basically does not spend time reading novels for entertainment.

It’s about looking with a purpose.

This, apart from its own novel, is completely unattractive.

No matter how good other people's children are, their own children are not worthy of love. This is the thinking.


Jianghu is far away, we will see you later!

This chapter has been completed!
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