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Konoha Demons: Starting with Medical Ninja

Konoha Demons: Starting with Medical Ninja

author:Strange Road, Li Shang, Lost Soul

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:09-18 21:17

Latest chapter:Chapter 478 Shouldn’t you call me angel?

Coming to the ninja world inexplicably, Hongji inspired to become a medical ninja. Starting from a trainee at Konoha Hospital, he gradually became a great medical ninja surpassing the fifth generation Hokage Tsunade. However, is this really the case? How is it possible! What to do with the captain and teammates who don't like it? Of course, send them to see the Sage of Six Paths. In the ninja world, if there is no ability to directly avoid the infinite Tsukuyomi, then no matter how strong you become, it seems that you can't escape the conspiracy of Black Zetsu. If you want not to be affected by the Infinite Tsukuyomi, you need the Rinnegan Eye that is superior to the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Whether it is to capture or open the Rinnegan Eye, it is inseparable from medical ninjutsu. And this is

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《Konoha Demons: Starting with Medical Ninja》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 478 Shouldn’t you call me angel?
Chapter 477 The Secret on the Moon
Chapter 476 Just to remind you
Chapter 475 The Otsutsuki clan is coming
Chapter 474 Are you still alive?
Chapter 473 Are you telling the truth?
Chapter 472 A world of despair
Chapter 471 Death of the Immortal of Six Paths
Chapter 470 Dawn of the Ninja World
《Konoha Demons: Starting with Medical Ninja》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 New Trainee at Konoha Hospital
Chapter 2 You could call it
Chapter 3 It shouldn’t be considered the tail end of a crane, right?
Chapter 4 Because all teammates died
Chapter 5 Could it be that he is still a genius?
Chapter 6 A must-have artifact for laziness
Chapter 7 Palm Immortal Scroll
Chapter 8 Rapid Healing +3
Chapter 9 What?!
Chapter 10 Hanging out with the dean
Chapter 11 Retreat and Practice
Chapter 12 The art of extracting minor troubles
Chapter 13 The Youngest and Best
Chapter 14 Everything is worth it
Chapter 15 Yunyin Village Spy?
Chapter 16 Sharpening the Knife
Chapter 17 The bad old man is very bad
Chapter 18 You are lucky!
Chapter 19 Perfect Ending
Chapter 20 It’s really a bit ungrateful
Chapter 21 New Goals
Chapter 22 I’m sorry to tell you
Chapter 23 Reverse Differentiation of Chakra
Chapter 24 I succeeded but also failed
Chapter 25 What happened to taking a few days off?
Chapter 26 Special Patients
Chapter 27 Is your leg okay?
Chapter 28 Yang Attribute Chakra
Chapter 29 What a wonderful young man!
Chapter 30 Death of Rie Shibata
Chapter 31 It’s not up to you!
Chapter 32 As expected of you!
Chapter 33 Choice
Chapter 34 Don’t forget your original intention
Chapter 35 Initial integration successful
Chapter 36 Yin heals and destroys injuries
Chapter 37 I decided to give you a ride
Chapter 38 A great shame and humiliation
Chapter 39 Another spy from Yunyin Village?
Chapter 40 The idea of ??blood inheritance limits
Chapter 41 Don’t be afraid of ten thousand, just be afraid of what happens.
Chapter 42 We actually met?
Chapter 43 Thank you
Chapter 44 Are you sure?
Chapter 45 The first case of regeneration after treatment
Chapter 46 Just a loser
Chapter 47 The future of Konoha still needs you...
Chapter 48 Blood Succession Limit Ting Escape?
Chapter 49 Any instructions?
Chapter 50 Thank you, Hokage-sama
Chapter 51 Better than Nothing
Chapter 52 Sarutobi Hiruzen’s Reward
Chapter 53 Yin Seal
Chapter 54 Thank you teacher for understanding
Chapter 55 He must still be alive!
Chapter 56 Diving into the Roots
Chapter 57 How dare you stay in Konoha?
Chapter 58 Why not?
Chapter 59 Izanagi
Chapter 60 I sealed me
Chapter 61 If I were you
Chapter 62 Orochimaru Arrives
Chapter 63 That’s a pity
Chapter 64 Good performance
Chapter 65 Whose spy is so powerful!
Chapter 66 The culprit 'Yakushi Kabuto'
Chapter 67 The smell of Hashirama cells
Chapter 68 Hope everything goes well
Chapter 69: You’re the Queen
Chapter 70 If you can’t get it, then destroy it
Chapter 71 What did you say!
Chapter 72 Too Long
Chapter 73 We were fooled
Chapter 74 It’s impossible to happen
Chapter 75 Assisting Saha Zhiyu
Chapter 76 This is not okay
Chapter 77 You also know this sentence
Chapter 78 Maybe it can be saved
Chapter 79 Transplanting the Kaleidoscope
Chapter 80 What else could it be?
Chapter 81 It turned out to be true
Chapter 82 Middlemen
Chapter 83 Orochimaru appears again
Chapter 84 I’m sure you won’t mind
Chapter 85 Don’t you find it interesting?
Chapter 86 Preparing for the Round
Chapter 87 You should know better!
Chapter 88 Why can’t I understand any of them?
Chapter 89 This is a misunderstanding
Chapter 90 I still don’t know what I did wrong...
Chapter 91 I will study hard!
Chapter 92 Everything is caused by you
Chapter 93 It’s a reason
Chapter 94 Just don’t kill me
Chapter 95 What do you want?!
Chapter 96 I am the Hokage!
Chapter 97 It’s time to send you to relief
Chapter 98 What are your thoughts?
Chapter 99 When did the Hokage come?
Chapter 100 The future of Konoha is entrusted to you
Chapter 101 I believe them
Chapter 102 Another village has a bright future
Chapter 103 I’m looking forward to the birth of Class 7
Chapter 104 What should I do?
Chapter 105 Anyway, he doesn’t have parents to teach him...
Chapter 106 Minefield Dancing Haruno Sakura
Chapter 107 You are not missing an arm or a leg...
Chapter 108 You are the devil!
Chapter 109 That’s such a pity!
Chapter 110 Three Unlucky Guys
Chapter 111 Too deliberate!
Chapter 112 I don’t think there is any need to save
Chapter 113 Bai Lei? Yang Lei
Chapter 114 Client? Reminder!
Chapter 115 Blood Succession Limited Dark Water
Chapter 116 The Mystery of the God in the Right Eye
Chapter 117 Your behavior will only increase my workload
Chapter 118 Who are you, copy ninja Kakashi?
Chapter 119 If I had known earlier, I would have trained more!
Chapter 120 Discuss a matter
Chapter 121 Staged Victory
Chapter 122: Heaven and Earth are incomplete and mutually reinforcing
Chapter 123 Kakashi-senpai deserves a reward
Chapter 124 How did you faint?
Chapter 125 Shouldn’t you thank me?
Chapter 126 Live well
Chapter 127 Then it’s up to you!
Chapter 128 No insult to their life experience
Chapter 129 Frustrated
Chapter 130 Return to Konoha
Chapter 131 Is it possible?
Chapter 132 Please tell me
Chapter 133 It’s because of this!
Chapter 134 Genius’ Idea
Chapter 135 Flying Thunder God
Chapter 136 The blood inheritance limit of medical ninja
Chapter 137 That’s really scary
Chapter 138 Are you treating me like a fool?
Chapter 139 Is this a brand new palm magic?
Chapter 140 Well-deserved
Chapter 141 From a certain perspective, I failed again
Chapter 142 I won’t lie to you
Chapter 143 Don’t you like this?
Chapter 144 Are these guys so idle?
Chapter 145 I’m curious about everything you said
Chapter 146 You won’t stop me, right?
Chapter 147 Shut up
Chapter 148 At least it can prevent someone from being...
Chapter 149 Cherry blossoms are in bloom? What a joke!
Chapter 150 I can still watch the game
Chapter 151 The Fall of the Hardworking Genius
Chapter 152 You are really here to cause trouble!
Chapter 153: Inherited from the same origin, self-taught without a teacher
Chapter 154 I’m the only one left who doesn’t know
Chapter 155 Good luck to you
Chapter 156 I’m so sorry
Chapter 157 Chakra Thread
Chapter 158 Is this good or not?
Chapter 159 Goodbye Orochimaru
Chapter 160 Only a caged bird yearns for freedom...
Chapter 161 What do you want to do?
Chapter 162 Continue to shine for Konoha
Chapter 163 I hope you won’t regret it
Chapter 164 Free Experience Card
Chapter 165 Sandaime Hokage Shang
Chapter 166 A world where only Sand Hidden Village is injured
Chapter 167 Where the leaves are flying
Chapter 168 Fire is endless
Chapter 169 The fire will illuminate the village
Chapter 170 Rain will destroy hope
Chapter 171 Death attracts crows
Chapter 172 Crows spread ominous news
Chapter 173 The crow will approach the fox
Chapter 174 The shark wants to capture the fox
Chapter 175 The young eagle will encounter setbacks
Chapter 176 Crows attract the dead
Chapter 177 The dead hate life, so they rise up
Chapter 178: Old Friends Fighting, Storm of Crows
Chapter 179 The End of the Crow, Soul Seal
Chapter 180 When the crow is dying, it still misses the young eagle
Chapter 181 The shark is defeated and both eyes are focused
Chapter 182 Susanoo, plotting a divine weapon
Chapter 183 Soul Binding, Mystery of Identity
Chapter 184 False future, seeds of doubt
Chapter 185 Online meeting, Konoha information
Chapter 186 Yang Lei is raging, Konoha is in crisis
Chapter 187 Perfect Material, Speedy Confrontation
Chapter 188 Evenly matched, miserable peace
Chapter 189 The secret of wood escape, the idea of ??secret technique
Chapter 190 Konoha changes, self-forgiveness
Chapter 191 The Situation in Konoha, Genius Ninja
Chapter 192 Bringing humiliation to oneself, meeting Tsunade for the first time
Chapter 193: Unblinking, no name
Chapter 194 The fifth generation succeeds to the throne, the elders of Konoha
Chapter 195 The first meeting, the issue of Sunagakure
Chapter 196: Divide the roots and make three people miserable
Chapter 197 Whirlpool Cell, all conditions are met
Chapter 198 Reluctantly agreeing, the root of everything
Chapter 199 Preliminary requirements, elimination of blood successor
Chapter 200 Holy healing is coming, not interested
Chapter 201 Special means to reach Yunyin
Chapter 202 Sending out the information is a great shame and humiliation
Chapter 203 The Secret of Black Thunder, the Perfect Partner
Chapter 204 A mere second tail, vulnerable
Chapter 205 Violent Meeting, Embarrassing Thunder Shadow
Chapter 206 The tailed beast falls, the devil smiles
Chapter 207 The black thunder is exhausted, how is it possible?
Chapter 208: Building the plank road openly, secretly attacking Chencang
Chapter 209 Find something to kill time
Chapter 210 Yang Lei Chakra Mode
Chapter 211 It’s hard to be Hokage
Chapter 212 Why is the Fourth Raikage so weak?
Chapter 213 Unexpected Harvest
Chapter 214 A fair competition
Chapter 215 Orochimaru is in action
Chapter 216 Should not encounter
Chapter 217 Take this with Orochimaru
Chapter 218 He brought it upon himself
Chapter 219 Is this true?!
Chapter 220 How could it be Uchiha Madara!
Chapter 221 That guy turned out to be fake
Chapter 222 The Rat Who Hides His Head and Shows His Tail
Chapter 223 Are you kidding!
Chapter 224 Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan
Chapter 225 The existence of creating limits
Chapter 226 The most basic security guarantee
Chapter 227 Alien Thunder Attribute Chakra
Chapter 228 It seems that I am not the only one who has been deceived.
Chapter 229 Maybe you are qualified
Chapter 230 Invitation from Xiao Organization
Chapter 231 Sounds interesting?
Chapter 232 The Thunder God of Dawn
Chapter 233 Abandoning others without any purpose
Chapter 234 I gave you a chance but you didn’t use it.
Chapter 235 The Disappearing Neji
Chapter 236 We have to find someone to take the blame
Chapter 237 Not for nothing
Chapter 238 I forced it out!
Chapter 239 The secret technique is successful and the artifact is obtained
Chapter 240 The beginning of the reincarnation
Chapter 241 Surprises always come unexpectedly
Chapter 242 How can it be in heaven!
Chapter 243 Conjecture about stage transformation
Chapter 244 Surprise and Worry
Chapter 245 The end of seclusion
Chapter 246 Are you sure you don’t want to think about it?
Chapter 247 Waste of time
Chapter 248 The Secret of Yin-Yang Escape
Chapter 249 Meeting organized by Xiao
Chapter 250 I suddenly thought of a good idea
Chapter 251 Psychic Beast Slug
Chapter 252 It should end here
Chapter 253 Shigulin Immortal Mode
Chapter 254 Converter Experiment
Chapter 255 Brand new energy
Chapter 256 Multiple shadow clones (immortal)
Chapter 257 Yang Attribute Transformation
Chapter 258 What a danger!
Chapter 259 Sunagakure Village’s request for help
Chapter 260 Support Team
Chapter 261 What do you think of that person just now?
Chapter 262 Sunagakure Village’s Plan
Chapter 263 Awakening and Transformation
Chapter 264 Developing in a better direction
Chapter 265 Qualified Puppet
Chapter 266 Nothing to fuss about
Chapter 267 Take the liberty to ask
Chapter 268 Maybe it’s not simple
Chapter 269 Why is this guy squirming around?
Chapter 270 Perfect Ending
Chapter 271 Fragile Balance
Chapter 272 Shadow
Chapter 273 A near miss
Chapter 274 The initial beginning
Chapter 275 Traces of the Three Tails
Chapter 276 Misfortune hits Kirigakure Village
Chapter 277 Interesting
Chapter 278 You, Mizukage, are not good at it.
Chapter 279 What is going on!
Chapter 280 It seems that I need to teach you a lesson
Chapter 281 Death of Yakushi Kabuto
Chapter 282 Another member of the Uchiha clan
Chapter 283 Shooting yourself a stone
Chapter 284 What does it have to do with me?
Chapter 285 It’s really... shocking
Chapter 286 Is it so strict?
Chapter 287 Time and Space Ability
Chapter 288 Do you think you can still make the decision?
Chapter 289 If that guy is still here
Chapter 290 Blue Ice Crystal
Chapter 291 A forced smile
Chapter 292 Of course, you are Hokage
Chapter 293 The location is very suitable, isn’t it?
Chapter 294 Danzo Dog Thief
Chapter 295 Uchiha Madara Base
Chapter 296 Exploration, Broken Arm, Scroll
Chapter 297 Uchiha Obito, Senju Hashirama
Chapter 298 Test Results
Chapter 299 I mean what if
Chapter 300 Uchiha Undead
Chapter 301 The first thing that needs to be corrected is
Chapter 302 The combination of the two can bring about everything
Chapter 303 Uchiha Clan Stone Tablet
Chapter 304 Transformation of Dantian
Chapter 305 The Road to Integration
Chapter 306 This shouldn’t be arranged by Konoha!
Chapter 307 Do you think it is correct?
Chapter 308 Will it be there?
Chapter 309 It seems we found it
Chapter 310 Now we’re in big trouble
Chapter 311 You don’t look good
Chapter 312 It’s worth looking forward to, isn’t it?
Chapter 313 Good luck to you, Sasuke
Chapter 314 Do you think he can succeed?
Chapter 315 The mere God of Death is nothing to fear
Chapter 316 Longdi Cave, White Snake Fairy
Chapter 317 Eternal Immortal Mode?
Chapter 318 I can give it a try
Chapter 319 Do you think he can win?
Chapter 320 Broken!
Chapter 321 Is this guy so powerful?
Chapter 322 The final door of death
Chapter 323 It finally begins!
Chapter 324 Pillar Stem Cells
Chapter 325: Existing in name only
Chapter 326 What exactly do you want to do?
Chapter 327 An interesting fool
Chapter 328 What else was discovered?
Chapter 329 Natural Energy Core
Chapter 330 What exactly did he do to you?
Chapter 331 The process of obtaining power will never be...
Chapter 332 How can you take the life of a ninja...
Chapter 333 Illusion Control
Chapter 334 This needs to be verified by the Hokage himself
Chapter 335 What a terrifying talent!
Chapter 336 Tai Chi Energy Core
Chapter 337 Brand new experimental content
Chapter 338 The real White Snake Immortal
Chapter 339 Soul Mystery Experiment
Chapter 340 The First Victim
Chapter 341 It seems that you get along well
Chapter 342 The answer you want is there
Chapter 343 Hyuga Neji is back
Chapter 344 How could this happen?!
Chapter 345 Yin and Yang merge, and the whole body transforms
Chapter 346 That’s the only way to go
Chapter 347 This is the time!
Chapter 348 What about the guy who uses Flying Thunder God?
Chapter 349 Imprisoned Hokage
Chapter 350 What is it for?
Chapter 351 What a meaningless battle
Chapter 352 Jiraiya returns
Chapter 353 Will I...
Chapter 354 Is it delicious?
Chapter 355 It must be ours
Chapter 356 Fetching water from a bamboo basket is in vain
Chapter 357 I just don’t know if there is a chance
Chapter 358 Damn Uchiha Obito
Chapter 359 Don’t mind
Chapter 360 The Birth of the Mumu Hyuga Clan
Chapter 361 Just wait for the opportunity
Chapter 362 It shouldn’t happen
Chapter 363 The Pain of Sand Hidden Village
Chapter 364 The secret of Uchiha bloodline
Chapter 365 Long time no see, Sasuke
Chapter 366 Uchiha Itachi has already
Chapter 367 I want to know...
Chapter 368 Who do you think is the person who taught you?
Chapter 369 Please give me some face, Hokage-sama
Chapter 370 Create a world with Uchiha Itachi
Chapter 371 The legacy left to you by Uchiha Itachi
Chapter 372 Obvious Abnormality
Chapter 373 Be careful with Obito Uchiha
Chapter 374 The three tails reappeared
Chapter 375 The little girl from Yanyin Village
Chapter 376 Something big happened!
Chapter 377 What did you do to me?
Chapter 378 Hope everything goes well
Chapter 379 I hope there won’t be any trouble in Yanyin Village.
Chapter 380 It turns out that I was also under the illusion...
Chapter 381 We don’t know either!
Chapter 382 You are lucky
Chapter 383 Bad Luck
Chapter 384 Remember not to irritate them
Chapter 385 Stopping by to see the misery of Konoha
Chapter 386 What did I do?
Chapter 387 This is blasphemy
Chapter 388 Are you? Naruto?
Chapter 389 He left Konoha!
Chapter 390 Your mission is the eight tails
Chapter 391 I underestimated you too much!
Chapter 392 I will accept the eight tails
Chapter 393 The Eight-Tails will be taken over by our Akatsuki organization
Chapter 394: Snatched by people from the Xiao organization
Chapter 395 I won’t accept it!
Chapter 396 Thanks to Yunyin Village for your cooperation!
Chapter 397 Did you arrange all this?
Chapter 398 An...ordinary person
Chapter 399 You don’t need to worry about this matter
Chapter 400 Finally a brief period of peace
Chapter 401 How could this happen?!
Chapter 402 Intentional leakage of information
Chapter 403 Comforting the entire Hyuga clan
Chapter 404 Sorry, I couldn’t hold it back
Chapter 405 Samsara Eye and Magatama Samsara Eye
Chapter 406 Five Shadows Talk?!
Chapter 407 From today on, you are Feng Ying!
Chapter 408 respective preparations
Chapter 409 Can we witness history again?
Chapter 410 This is not good news
Chapter 411 It’s also an opportunity
Chapter 412 On the eve of the Five Shadows Conference
Chapter 413 Is there no other way?
Chapter 414 Five Shadows Gathering?
Chapter 415 Victims Meeting!
Chapter 416 There is absolutely no need to do anything unnecessary
Chapter 417 Isn’t this a good opportunity?
Chapter 418 Still quite sensible
Chapter 419: Just a group of defeated generals
Chapter 420 You can continue with the meeting!
Chapter 421 Don’t look at me like this
Chapter 422 Perhaps after defeating the Akatsuki organization,...
Chapter 423 I hope it won’t be anything dangerous
Chapter 424 Are these six people puppets?
Chapter 425 There should be enough time
Chapter 426 No one is willing to take risks
Chapter 427 That’s all
Chapter 428 I’ll give you a chance to prove the Six Paths Immortal Stone Tablet
Chapter 429 No, this is too dangerous
Chapter 430 Why are you here?
Chapter 431 Since you are here, why bother to leave in a hurry?
Chapter 432 Just a summons
Chapter 433 Death of Jiraiya
Chapter 434 Who are you looking down on?!
Chapter 435 This is the best way now
Chapter 436 It seems that we are going to attack in advance!
Chapter 437 I hope you won’t let us down
Chapter 438 Every movement is so loud
Chapter 439 Should be able to buy enough time
Chapter 440 Everyone be prepared
Chapter 441 The key is who gets in
Chapter 442 Death of Naruto Uzumaki
Chapter 443 Thank you for helping me resurrect the Ten-Tails!
Chapter 444 It depends on your ability
Chapter 445 Sure enough, there is still no way to completely control it!
Chapter 446 It seems that he is not an obedient chess piece!
Chapter 447 What’s written on the Uchiha stone tablet
Chapter 448 Very good, you are mine now!
Chapter 449 This can’t go on like this!
Chapter 450 Otherwise, you think...
Chapter 451 Was it you originally?
Chapter 452 Find you some reliable helpers
Chapter 453 What a tricky ability!
Chapter 454 I can’t control myself!
Chapter 455 Double surprise!
Chapter 456 I don’t know why I’m still alive
Chapter 457 Finally ready to start!
Chapter 458 The devil who kills without batting an eyelid
Chapter 459 It’s actually not necessary, is it?
Chapter 460 It’s all over!
Chapter 461 Death is the only salvation
Chapter 462 Who do you think you are?
Chapter 463 Aren’t you the product of Uchiha Madara’s will?
Chapter 464 Maybe it’s just an illusion...
Chapter 465 Hongzhi!
Chapter 466 There won’t be so many messy things
Chapter 467 Perhaps the battle will be decided soon!
Chapter 468 Is that what that guy thought from the beginning?
Chapter 469 I...was also deceived
Chapter 470 Dawn of the Ninja World
Chapter 471 Death of the Immortal of Six Paths
Chapter 472 A world of despair
Chapter 473 Are you telling the truth?
Chapter 474 Are you still alive?
Chapter 475 The Otsutsuki clan is coming
Chapter 476 Just to remind you
Chapter 477 The Secret on the Moon
Chapter 478 Shouldn’t you call me angel?