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Siheyuan: Rebirth of He Yuzhu’s Happy Life

Siheyuan: Rebirth of He Yuzhu’s Happy Life

author:chess king

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Last Update:09-18 22:13

Latest chapter:Chapter 154 Lou Xiao’e remarries

In 'Love in the Courtyard', in his twilight years, the male protagonist He Yuzhu was driven out of the house by his stepson and stepdaughter who took over the property and jumped into the river to avoid wild dogs. Fortunately, he got a chance to be reborn, and his rebirth was bound to a happy life system. In his previous life, he was killed by Qin Huai Ru was almost wiped out by blood-sucking. In this life, he learned moral kidnapping and reverse routines. Before the times took off, he protected his mother Lou Xiao'e from two lifetimes and evacuated safely. Lou Xiao'e: Silly Zhu, I will invest in you to open a restaurant. He Yuzhu: Xiao'e E, I gave this courtyard house to our son.

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《Siheyuan: Rebirth of He Yuzhu’s Happy Life》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 154 Lou Xiao’e remarries
Chapter 153 Retreat
Chapter 152 Showdown with Deng Baoying
Chapter 151: Seeking to Marry Lou Xiaoe
Chapter 150: People feel refreshed during happy events
Chapter 149 Xu Damao’s labor reform
Chapter 148 Rescue Xu Damao
Chapter 147 The lion opens its mouth
Chapter 146 The battle between factory directors
《Siheyuan: Rebirth of He Yuzhu’s Happy Life》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Rebirth and Happy Life System
Chapter 2 You can’t compete with Milkman for food
Chapter 3 The Master of Routines
Chapter 4 Let Lou Xiaoe take over
Chapter 5 The white-eyed wolf bloodline of 'The Holy Thief' Bangge
Chapter 6 Meeting Liu Lan by chance in Pigeon Market
Chapter 7 The pleasant life in the steel rolling mill
Chapter 8 Deputy Director Li’s plan
Chapter 9 Isn’t there a bicycle ticket?
Chapter 10 This Lou Xiao’e is too bad
Chapter 11 Everyone is suffering
Chapter 12 Missed the good man Damao
Chapter 13 Damao, you are so kind to me
Chapter 14 Continue the routine
Chapter 15 Yi Zhonghai’s old house is on fire
Chapter 16 Everything is ready, all we need is the east wind
Chapter 17 Hospital General Meeting
Chapter 18 The God of War in the Siheyuan
Chapter 19 Goodbye Liu Lan
Chapter 20: My dear sister, you can’t do this.
Chapter 21 Rare bait, open book
Chapter 22: Apply eye drops to the 'child's mother'
Chapter 23 Jia Zhang’s plan
Chapter 24 Jia Dongxu dies
Chapter 25 Meeting Qin Huairu for the first time
Chapter 26: No one can bear the consequences of drinking
Chapter 27: A pear tree crushes a begonia
Chapter 28: Tips from the female workers
Chapter 29 Xu Damao shows love
Chapter 30 Qin Huairu takes action
Chapter 31: Take advantage of the situation
Chapter 32 Cooking at the leader’s house
Chapter 33 Big Avalanche
Chapter 34 This is too much
Chapter 35 The third uncle wants to take action
Chapter 36 Missing my wife
Chapter 37: Medicine Pot Storm
Chapter 38 The storm is coming
Chapter 39: Hospitality comes every year
Chapter 40 New Year’s Eve Dinner
Chapter 41: Compassion does not save others, but it kills others
Chapter 42 Let the storm come more violently
Chapter 43 This condition is really great
Chapter 44 Qin Xiaoli is so good at calculating
Chapter 45 It’s all a fuss
Chapter 46 There is no winner
Chapter 47: Meeting a beautiful woman while fishing in the wild
Chapter 48 Girl, you are too naughty
Chapter 49 The bastard eats the weight and becomes determined
Chapter 50 Turtle Soup
Chapter 51: A chance encounter with a rain pillar will lead to a life-threatening accident
Chapter 52 Meeting Qin Xiaoli for the first time
Chapter 53: Riding a donkey to find a horse
Chapter 54: Matching men and women, working together is not tiring
Chapter 55 Blind date dinner
Chapter 56 Fighting the Autumn Wind
Chapter 57 Qin Huairu is pregnant
Chapter 58 The urban routine is deep
Chapter 59: Cutting off Qin Xiaoli
Chapter 60 Reaching Cooperation
Chapter 61: Mutual Confessions
Chapter 62 First Date
Chapter 63 Direct showdown
Chapter 64: Visiting the vegetable cellar at night
Chapter 65: It doesn’t matter the attitude, only the results
Chapter 66: Liu Guangyuan wants to kill witnesses?
Chapter 67: Everyone flies when disaster strikes
Chapter 68 Two fists are no match for four hands
Chapter 69: The tree wants to be quiet but the wind doesn’t stop
Chapter 70: Good and fun-loving
Chapter 71: Exploded melon
Chapter 72 Qin Xiaoli beats Jia Zhang
Chapter 73 Jia Zhang loses money
Chapter 74 Entering the hospital late at night
Chapter 75: Jia Zhang’s bleeding again
Chapter 76 The couple is separated
Chapter 77 Qin Huairu steals food
Chapter 78: Another village has a bright future
Chapter 79 My mother also said you are a good person
Chapter 80 Jia Zhang’s plan to steal vegetables
Chapter 81 Is there still any drama with Brother Zhuzhu?
Chapter 82: Isn’t this the stupid disease that will be cured?
Chapter 83 Answering questions for little fans
Chapter 84: Gods and Buddhas fill the sky, don’t blame them
Chapter 85 Lou Xiao’e broke out
Chapter 86: Stalking
Chapter 87 'The Legend of Yingying'
Chapter 88: Seize the current situation
Chapter 89: Some are happy and some are sad
Chapter 90 Deaf old lady sells food stamps
Chapter 91: Little girl, you don’t have martial ethics
Chapter 92: Being a grandson
Chapter 93 Chief of the Publicity Section
Chapter 94 Three large yellow croakers
Chapter 95 Finally here
Chapter 96: Catch the food thief
Chapter 97: The first way to quarrel: You are shameless
Chapter 98 White-Eyed Wolf
Chapter 99 The truth comes out
Chapter 100: Both rain and dew
Chapter 101: There is no way to survive the second style of quarrel
Chapter 102 No Compensation
Chapter 103 Establishing Rules
Chapter 104 A poisonous plan
Chapter 105: The Heart of Being a Grandma
Chapter 106 Qin Huairu’s plan
Chapter 107 Giving Gifts to Deputy Director Li
Chapter 108 Liu Lan is pregnant
Chapter 109: Don’t be afraid that I will incite you
Chapter 110 Beauty Trap
Chapter 111 Qin Huairu, I advise you to be kind
Chapter 112: Knowing people, knowing faces, but not knowing hearts
Chapter 113: Looking at melons? Counterattack with an army!
Chapter 114: Both kindness and power
Chapter 115 Writing a letter to Qin Xiaoli
Chapter 116 The vicious Jia Zhang family
Chapter 117 Nowhere to Escape
Chapter 118
Chapter 119: Sister, you have to reassure me
Chapter 120 Deputy Director Li’s Test
Chapter 121 The Integrity of a Married Man
Chapter 122 Factory-wide notification
Chapter 123 Descendants of Zhenghuang Banner
Chapter 124 He Yuzhu wants to buy a house
Chapter 125 The swollen Xu Damao
Chapter 126 Yan Bugui was 'sitting'
Chapter 128 Looking back six times
Chapter 127 The integrity of a scholar
Chapter 129 The contest between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law
Chapter 130: No need to lose face
Chapter 131 The Perfect Middleman
Chapter 132 Finalizing the Property
Chapter 133: Bridal Night with Flowers and Candles
Chapter 134 The Battle of Zhuolu
Chapter 135: The ruthless Jia Zhang
Chapter 136 There are bad guys in the compound
Chapter 137: Large-scale 'social death' scene
Chapter 138: Denial to the death
Chapter 139 Looking for Jia Zhang
Chapter 140 The compound is recruiting thieves
Chapter 141 'Female Thief' Qin Xiaoli
Chapter 142: Angry against Jia Zhang
Chapter 143 A brief truce
Chapter 144 'Three turns and one sound' Work together
Chapter 145 Director Yang’s Thoughts
Chapter 146 The battle between factory directors
Chapter 147 The lion opens its mouth
Chapter 148 Rescue Xu Damao
Chapter 149 Xu Damao’s labor reform
Chapter 150: People feel refreshed during happy events
Chapter 151: Seeking to Marry Lou Xiaoe
Chapter 152 Showdown with Deng Baoying
Chapter 153 Retreat
Chapter 154 Lou Xiao’e remarries