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Hong Kong Comprehensive: Starting from taking care of colleagues’ widows

Hong Kong Comprehensive: Starting from taking care of colleagues’ widows

author:Eleven bowls of braised pork

action:, , Straight to the bottom

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Latest chapter:Chapter 570,571 Inspector He who admires the detective

Gao Hui woke up and hurriedly left someone else's home. When he was about to be beaten, he met a colleague to help him. Brother, are you going to die tonight? Don't worry, I will take care of your family for you!... After awakening to the care system, he decided It’s your duty to be a good person and help others!

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《Hong Kong Comprehensive: Starting from taking care of colleagues’ widows》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 570,571 Inspector He who admires the detective
Chapter 568,569 Only Gao Hui is worthy of my daughter
Chapter 566,567 Gao Hui is destined to be the son-in-law
Chapter 564,565 The man who wants to be your son-in-law
Chapter 562,563 Big Hunt: You continue to accompany your daughter
Chapter 560,561 Irene atones for Ji Shaoqun
Chapter 558,559 Do you want to be a female lawyer?
Chapter 556,557 For my wife and son!
Chapter 554,555 Is the son Gao Hui’s?
《Hong Kong Comprehensive: Starting from taking care of colleagues’ widows》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Female Inspector Kefu!
Chapter 2 Guo Kun, leave her to me!
Chapter 3 Liang Zheng, I am Guo Kun’s good brother!
Chapter 4 Deeply trapped, Liang Zheng goes to Lion City!
Chapter 5 Want to make a contribution? You need to pay more!
Chapter 6 Liang Zheng: Gao Hui has good intentions!
Chapter 7 Brother Nan, run!
Chapter 8 Brother Kun has a problem!
Chapter 9 Zhang Xueling: Cripple Gao Hui!
Chapter 10 You don’t want your girlfriend to do anything, right?
Chapter 11 Zhang Xueling: I want to be my own person!
Chapter 12 Leave a deep mark!
Chapter 13 Finally became a rich man!
Chapter 14 Zhang Xueling’s horse bug operation!
Chapter 15
Chapter 16 How to take care of a frugal girl?
Chapter 17 Gao Hui is taken advantage of?!
Chapter 18 Sister Ling, leave it to me!
Chapter 19 Brother Hui, go after Sister Ling!
Chapter 20 Zhanbo needs to go through social beatings!
Chapter 21 Ruan Mei, I have strengths!
Chapter 22 Ding Yi Crab? I’ll beat you!
Chapter 23 Fang Zhanbo is very useful!
Chapter 24 The rich woman is gone too!
Chapter 25 Uncle Liu, the opportunity has come again!
Chapter 26 Sister Ling, I need your comfort!
Chapter 27 Luo Huiling: I’m sorry for you!
Chapter 28 Ways to deal with the Ding brothers
Chapter 29 The leading sister-in-law sends benefits!
Chapter 30 Big Tou Zai and Big Tou Fai!
Chapter 31 Yanzu: Brother Big Touou, you look familiar.
Chapter 32 Ren Qingtian: Can the big guy take care of the funeral affairs?
Chapter 33 Taking care of Yanzu’s girlfriend
Chapter 34 Yanzu: No time for Azhi
Chapter 35 Gao Hui: There’s no martial ethics on the other side!
Chapter 36 Gao Hui: The boss will win!
Chapter 37 A brick for the community!
Chapter 38 The boss has sent a message!
Chapter 39 Yanzu: You hurt me that night
Chapter 40 Big Mourning: Da TouHui is following me!
Chapter 41 You hate me, but I will still take care of Azhi!
Chapter 42 Azhi: It’s you I like!
Chapter 43 If anything happens, call your brother-in-law!
Chapter 44 Congzai’s educational philosophy!
Chapter 45 Yanzu: You are not moral!
Chapter 46 Brother Tian is gone, but sister-in-law is still there!
Chapter 47 Showdown with Guan Xiu!
Chapter 48 The correct way to eat soft rice!
Chapter 49 Ruan Mei listened to Qiang Gen and went to the hospital!
Chapter 50 A taste of love!
Chapter 51 I have to take care of someone else again!
Chapter 52 I’ll pay your debt!
Chapter 53 The boss brings blessings from cultivation!
Chapter 54 Brother Tiger, whom you don’t know until you hit him!
Chapter 55 Brother Tiger, there is an undercover agent!
Chapter 56 Mistakes upon mistakes!
Chapter 57 Brother Tiger, meet again!
Chapter 58 Women should be obedient!
Chapter 59 How to make an undercover agent despair?
Chapter 60 Officer Qiao, I will take care of your family!
Chapter 61 Brother Tiger, I have a showdown!
Chapter 62 Robbery from the rich and giving to the poor?
Chapter 63 Brother Tiger, go this way!
Chapter 64 What a ruthless female inspector!
Chapter 65 Maximizing Credit
Chapter 66 Become a kid!
Chapter 67 Depressed Ding Xiao Crab!
Chapter 68 Are you Ahu?
Chapter 69 Ahu who doesn’t hurt women and children
Chapter 70 Gao Hui must have been tortured
Chapter 71 A Handsome Man’s Trick
Chapter 72 Li Bai didn’t grind the needle, do you want it?
Chapter 73 Brilliant Nightclub
Chapter 74 Interest disputes in nightclubs
Chapter 75 Women are troublesome, pheasants beg to be beaten!
Chapter 76 Cooperating with respected seniors
Chapter 77 Bachuan Ge De is highly respected!
Chapter 78 Brother Hui, let’s play again next time
Chapter 79 Baguan is such a cowardly pig!
Chapter 80 Annexing the nightclub?
Chapter 81 Baguan must die!
Chapter 82 White Lotus Big Head Hui!
Chapter 83 Wong Tai Sin District establishes a firm foothold!
Chapter 84 Brother Kun, blame me!
Chapter 85 Depressed Chen Haonan and Pheasant!
Chapter 86 Jiang Tiansheng’s balancing technique!
Chapter 87 The heroine is chosen!
Chapter 88 Jiang Tiansheng’s invitation!
Chapter 89 Strike first to gain the upper hand!
Chapter 90 Something happened in Aocheng, Hao Nan takes orders!
Chapter 91 Good performance, let you go!
Chapter 92 Chen Haonan: With whom?
Chapter 93 It’s better to stop reading!
Chapter 94 Jiang Tiansheng: Why is it me?
Chapter 95 In Danger
Chapter 96 Fang Shuxian cannot be left to Gao Hui!
Chapter 97 Datou Hui, go to hell!
Chapter 98 Pink again!
Chapter 99 From gang leader to uncle to father
Chapter 100 You are their eighth sister
Chapter 101 Call me brother-in-law
Chapter 102 Master, take revenge as soon as possible
Chapter 103 Do you know the beauty trap?
Chapter 104 Tu Jun is dead! Hai Yuan escapes
Chapter 105 I am actually the god of gambling...
Chapter 106 Brother-in-law’s sacrifice is too great
Chapter 107,108 ‘Escape’ from Qian Gambling Lake!
Chapter 109 The vulture dies!
Chapter 110,111 The miserable Haiyuan!
Chapter 112,113 Are you the God of Gamblers?!
Chapter 114 If you don’t have money, don’t play!
Chapter 115,116 If you lose money, you still have to pay for your life
Chapter 117,118 Death of Qiu Xiaochi
Chapter 119 Brother Kun, let’s make a fortune together
Chapter 120,121 Dealing with Haitang and Xiao Yaoyao
Chapter 122,123 Liangkun: I made money from my investment
Chapter 124,125 Lei Gong: Send Ding Yao
Chapter 126,127 Taking down the Sanlian Gang starts with Ding Yao
Chapter 128,129 Pheasant killed Zhang Dingkun?
Chapter 130,131 Haitang: Ding Yao is willing
Chapter 132,133 Pheasant: Liangkun and I are at odds with each other
Chapter 134,135 Pheasant, we need to take advantage of Datouhui
Chapter 136,137 Is the Ding Yi Xie who is being framed the murderer?
Chapter 138,139 Liangkun fishing for Dingyi crabs
Chapter 140,141 Go kill Ding Yi Crab
Chapter 142,143 Chen Haonan: Da Touhui deserves to be fooled
Chapter 144,145 The death of Liang Kun, the female gun goddess
Chapter 146,147 The Rise of Datouhui
Chapter 148,149 Officer Qiao’s girlfriend Amin
Chapter 150,151 Superintendent Huang and Da TouHui are undercover agents
Chapter 152,153 Dedicating youth to the police force
Chapter 154,155 He Min practices yoga, the little demon Erwuzi
Chapter 156,157 Are you from the Ni family?
Chapter 158,159 Lei Gong’s death was arranged by the murderer
Chapter 160,161 Pheasant, you have nowhere to go
Chapter 162,163 Well done Datouhui
Chapter 164,165 Pheasant’s mood is full of twists and turns
Chapter 166, 167 Ding Xie is disabled, saving the dragon chronicle
Chapter 168,169 Should we hide?
Chapters 170 and 171: A draw and a win, Ding Wang dies!
Chapter 172,173 Obtaining the dragon head stick
Chapter 174,175 Gao Hui’s old tricks!
Chapter 176,177 He Liansheng, work harder!
Chapter 178,179 Who is the new leader of Heliansheng?
Chapter 180,181 The dragon head stick is fake!
Chapter 182,183 Big D is going crazy
Chapter 184,185 Zhan Mi, you will be the third leader
Chapter 186,187 Big D, you must wear a helmet when fishing!
Chapter 188,189 The tragic experience of Brother Tunci
Chapter 190,191 A Le’s final madness!
Chapter 192,193 Alessandro, Haonan is angry
Chapter 194,195 Making a movie? The leading actor must be me!
Chapter 196,197 Jiang Tianyang: Haonan, you are wrong
Chapter 198,199 Luo Tuo’s birthday, Ni Yongyi disrupts the situation
Chapter 200 Internal strife in the Ni family? Three families attack brilliantly!
Chapter 202,203 One person is a community!
Chapter 204,205 The wonderful use of taxis
Chapter 206,207 Brilliant Security kidnaps Crow?
Chapter 208,209 Crow and Thunder Tiger
Chapter 210,211 Luo Tuo’s two good subordinates!
Chapter 212,213 Pheasant: My ‘good brother’!
Chapter 214, 215 Da Tian Er: KK, are you betraying me?
Chapter 216,217 Da Tian Er, take care of KK for you
Chapter 218,219 Chen Haonan is dead!
Chapter 220,221 Ni Yongxiao: Am I fooled?
Chapter 222, 223 Huang Bingyao, will beg me to come back
Chapter 224,225 Gao Zhuoxiong, be careful about your wife and daughter
Chapter 226,227 Maggie, a female emotional expert
Chapter 228,229 Taking care of the boss’s wife
Chapter 230,231 Maggie serves as an assist
Chapter 232,233 Gao Zhuoxiong bullies Maggie?!
Chapter 234,235 Gao Zhuoxiong is more painful than death
Chapter 236, 237 Your daughter will have a different father
Chapter 238, 239 Ada: I want to join the Independent Commission Against Corruption
Chapter 240,241 Female Killers Black Cat and Silver Fox
Chapter 242,243 Confession to Silver Fox
Chapter 244, 245 Brother-in-law, it’s decided!
Chapter 246,247 Broccoli, are you afraid of me?
Chapter 248,249
Chapter 250,251 Black Cat, do you want to repay me?
Chapter 252, 253 Three women, I have a showdown
Chapter 254, 255 You are a policeman and you went to rescue a thief?
Chapter 256, 257 Ghost King Party Han Jiang, let you live first
Chapter 258,259 The Ghost King Party killed the third young master of the Ni family?
Chapter 260, 261 Wang Weiye, help you!
Chapter 262,263 First meeting the Five Tigers
Chapter 264,265 Brother Hua, you have done something wrong!
Chapter 266, 267 Uncle Tian, ??I want to deal with the Ni family
Chapter 268,269 The Threat of Anti-Gudong
Chapter 270,271 Uncle Tian: Leave my daughter to you
Chapter 272, 273 Shirley, let’s put on a show
Chapter 274,275 Abang: You have to be nice to Shirley!
Chapter 276,277 The Death of Rebellious Gudong
Chapter 278, 279 Shirley: We have taken advantage of you
Chapter 280 The case of Daquanzi is difficult!
Chapter 282,283 The right of residence is the key
Chapter 284, 285: Grab a group of people to practice your skills first
Chapter 286,287 Follow Gao Hui to have meat to eat
Chapter 288,289 Huang Guangming is depressed
Chapter 290,291 The uncle and nephew were so angry that they separated.
Chapter 292,293 Huang Guangming has another girlfriend?
Chapter 294, 295 Huang Guangming, take care of your girlfriend!
Chapter 296,297 Huang Guangming: His girlfriend became Gao Hui’s person?
Chapter 298,299 Gao Hui mistook Wu Meili?
Chapter 300,301 My girlfriend and Gao Hui framed me?
Chapter 302,303 Huang Guangming: Marbles turn into niggas
Chapter 304,305 Wu Meili: Marbles are love rivals?
Chapter 306,307 Dog bites dog and dies quickly
Chapter 308, 309 The revenge for killing my nephew is irreconcilable
Chapter 310,311 Gao Laohui and Lan Guidong
Chapter 312,313 Gao Laohui ran away, leaving his girlfriend to me!
Chapter 314,315 Choose one first? It must be YOYO!
Chapter 316,317 Gao Hui: I like happy girls
Chapter 318,319 Rotten Ghost Dong, you will regret it!
Chapter 320,321 Thud Dinghua is preparing to go to the end of the road
Chapter 322,323 Thud Ding Hua, fight every time you see him!
Chapter 324,325 Gao Laohui, you are a waste!
Chapter 326,327 Gao Laohui is dead!
Chapter 328,329 The beast comes out of the cage, the thumbtack is miserable
Chapter 330,331 Rotten Ghost Dong, I will protect you from now on!
Chapter 332,333 Rotten Ghost East: Destroy the Ni family!
Chapter 334,335 The tragic ending of Dantatai!
Chapter 336,337 Jason Li is strong again
Chapter 338,339 People who take medicine are more likely to confess
Chapter 340,341 Take good care of your girlfriend
Chapter 342,343 She wants to change her boyfriend
Chapter 344,345 Sending Boyfriend to Prison
Chapter 346,347 The beautiful boss is here
Chapter 348,349 The power of the female boss
Chapter 350,351 If women are brothers, sooner or later they will be husband and wife
Chapter 352,353 Prying Huang Xuesheng’s Girlfriend
Chapter 354,355 Female Superintendent, you don’t want the secret to be exposed, right?
Chapter 356,357 Good brother, I leave my girlfriend to you
Chapter 358,359 Good brother turns into a woman
Chapter 360,361 Threesome after all
Chapter 362,363 Ma Rufeng, be nice to my boss
Chapter 364,365 My cousin is not bad either!
Chapter 366,367 Cousin and Gao Hui are close
Chapter 368,369 Taking Tan Lan to see the scenery on Qingshan Mountain
Chapter 370,371 Julia, the third woman!
Chapter 372,373 Julia, you and Yo-Yo Ma are having an affair!
Chapter 374,375 Julia, you have to raise your profile!
Chapter 376,377 Ma Rulong is a genius!
Chapter 378,379 Julia is considerate!
Chapter 380,381 The sheep enters the tiger's mouth, so as to assist Julia
Chapter 382,383 Ma Rulong: Am I not worthy of a woman?
Chapter 384,385 Female reporter Le Huizhen asks for help!
Chapter 386,387 Le Huizhen: Is Gao Hui trustworthy?
Chapter 388,389 Only today is Le Huizhen!
Chapter 390,391 Niutou subordinates, Yang Caini, Feifei
Chapter 392,393 Feifei, go with him!
Chapter 394, 395 Feifei: Sir Gao, it’s good to choose Ni!
Chapter 396,397 Yang Caini sacrificed his life to save his friends
Chapter 398,399 Feifei, you died so miserably
Chapter 400,401 Stay away from my girlfriend
Chapter 402, 403 The crown is obtained, it’s time to call the curtain
Chapter 404, 405 If you want to wear a crown, you must learn yoga
Chapter 406,407 Li Jiajun: Use Liang Ziwei to suppress Gao Hui!
Chapter 408,409 Liang Ziwei is just a dish
Chapter 410, 411 Gao Hui: Chief Superintendent Liang, can you criticize me?
Chapter 412,413 The correct way to investigate female police officers
Chapter 414,415 Female Police Officer’s Personal Instructor
Chapter 416, 417 Superintendent Gao is injured, Mary lives at home!
Chapter 418,419 Cao Hong, live in my house
Chapter 420,421 Cao Hong should live at Superintendent Gao’s house
Chapter 422, 423 Mary, you have to strike first
Chapter 424, 425 Mary: I don’t want to be single anymore
Chapter 426,427 Jiqi: Are all men dead?
Chapter 428, 429 Big Event, Arrangements of the Female Chief Superintendent!
Chapter 430,431 The Arrogant Female Chief Inspector
Chapter 432,433 Fang Jiexia: Gao Hui wins my heart!
Chapter 434, 435 Axia, five gangsters died
Chapter 436,437 Fang Jiexia: One step ahead of Liang Ziwei
Chapter 438,439 I only obey Gao Hui
Chapter 440, 441 You deal with the brother, I will deal with the sister
Chapter 442,443 The sinking girl needs light
Chapter 444,445 Han Min, please respect yourself!
Chapter 446,447 Han Long dies, Tuen Mun is safe!
Chapter 448, 449 Transferred to Huang Zhukeng, ‘Meet’ Ye Qiaoyi
Chapter 450,451 Ye Qiaoyi, happy birthday to you!
Chapter 452,453 As long as he is not married, he is single!
Chapter 454,455 Han Bin? Why should I give you face?
Chapter 456, 457 Goodbye Ye Qiaoyi and Han Bin
Chapter 458, 459 Han Bin is a sinister person, Gao Hui beats up Pan Deming
Chapter 460, 461 Turns out to be a chess piece, messing with Han Bin
Chapter 462, 463 Gao Hui’s meritorious service and Han Bin’s four crimes
Chapter 464,465 Ye Qiaoyi is coming to the police academy!
Chapter 466,467 Ye Qiaoyi takes the first step
Chapter 468, 469 If you have no regrets, then move forward boldly
Chapter 470, 471 Provoking his girlfriend’s father and embarrassing Pan Deming
Chapter 472, 473 Pan Deming is undercover, Zhang Jiawen comes to surrender
Chapter 474,475 Zhang Jiawen: I am willing to pay any price
Chapter 476, 477 Qiaoyi graduates and Gao Hui gets his wish
Chapter 478,479 Qiaonan: I am willing to help you
Chapter 480,481 Han Bin: I’m taking advantage of you
Chapter 482,483 Gun King: Dining and playing cards with women
Chapter 484,485 I protect women
Chapter 486,487 Your husband is crazy
Chapter 488,489 Want to avenge your boyfriend?
Chapter 490,491 You don’t deserve a wife
Chapter 492, 493 Heaven’s way is a good cycle, target Fan Huiqing!
Chapter 494, 495 If you don’t make a bull head, Fang Keming will fail in the competition
Chapter 496, 497 Fang Keming perjured himself, Fan Huiqing broke up
Chapter 498,499 Female Flying Tiger? No, Overlord Flower!
Chapter 500,501 The woman Superintendent Gao cannot get!
Chapter 502,503 Superintendent Gao is considerate
Chapter 504,505 Gao Hui’s primary goal
Chapter 506,507 Are you willing to be my girlfriend?
Chapter 508,509 Our hotel room numbers are next to each other?
Chapter 510,511 Gao Hui received the award, Hui Hongying cried bitterly
Chapter 512, 513 Testing the Overlord Flower, multiple good sisters?
Chapter 514, 515 Overlord Hua shows his power, thanks to Gao Hui
Chapter 516,517 New Overlord Flower: Ye Tiantian and Luo Meiwei
Chapter 518,519 Some men are like dads
Chapter 520,521 Adding Sisters to the Birthday Party
Chapter 522,523 Instructor Lu lost and called mom and dad
Chapter 524,525 Don’t value your body
Chapter 526,527 Your wife asked me to come
Chapter 528,529 That person’s name is Chen Yongren!
Chapter 530,531 The tragic experience of Detective Wen Fang!
Chapter 532,533 Do you want to attack the police?
Chapter 534, 535 No matter how fast you get promoted, you still have to salute me.
Chapter 536,537 I will take care of your family
Chapter 538,539 Who the hell wants you to take care of me?
Chapter 540,541 Ami, I’m here to solve the case
Chapter 542,543 Huang Yong, do you want to be torn apart?
Chapter 544,545 Irene betrayed?
Chapter 546,547 Isn’t it a good feeling to feel betrayed and separated from all your relatives?
Chapter 548,549 Chasing the murderer: female lawyer and gray man
Chapter 550,551 Gao Hui wants to come to the house? No!
Chapter 552,553 Aren’t you taking the opportunity to get in touch with your wife?
Chapter 554,555 Is the son Gao Hui’s?
Chapter 556,557 For my wife and son!
Chapter 558,559 Do you want to be a female lawyer?
Chapter 560,561 Irene atones for Ji Shaoqun
Chapter 562,563 Big Hunt: You continue to accompany your daughter
Chapter 564,565 The man who wants to be your son-in-law
Chapter 566,567 Gao Hui is destined to be the son-in-law
Chapter 568,569 Only Gao Hui is worthy of my daughter
Chapter 570,571 Inspector He who admires the detective