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Comprehensive martial arts: Draw Dragon Yuan at the beginning and accept Xueyue Sword Immortal

Comprehensive martial arts: Draw Dragon Yuan at the beginning and accept Xueyue Sword Immortal

author:Big Dream Three Thousand Days

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:09-19 01:14

Latest chapter:Chapter 174: I will go to the World Meeting in person!

Traveling through the world of mixed martial arts, Ye Wufeng, who has no talent, originally wanted to find a position in the court with peace of mind, but he did not expect to be harmed by a traitor and embarked on the road to escape! Fortunately, when he was desperate, he awakened to the daily life Lottery system! Day 1: Congratulations to the host, you have drawn a Dragon Yuan! A Great Return Pill! Day 2: Congratulations to the host, you have drawn twenty-three Kung Fu Swords! Ten Thousand Swords have returned to the clan! Day 3: Congratulations to the host , the mythical beast Fire Qilin was drawn... In the world of comprehensive martial arts, countries compete for hegemony, and there are many forces! And Ye Wufeng aspires to be the best in the world, stirs up the world, and achieves the myth of being the most powerful!

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《Comprehensive martial arts: Draw Dragon Yuan at the beginning and accept Xueyue Sword Immortal》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 174: I will go to the World Meeting in person!
Chapter 173 Help
Chapter 172 I will go with you to the Iron Knife Gate
Chapter 171 Heroine, help!
Chapter 170 Parting
Chapter 169 Helping you enter the Taoist realm
Chapter 168 My name is Linghu Chong
Chapter 167 Let’s save you again
Chapter 166: Going wild and traveling together?
《Comprehensive martial arts: Draw Dragon Yuan at the beginning and accept Xueyue Sword Immortal》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Sign in to the system and obtain Dragon Yuan!
Chapter 2: Dongchang is chasing after him? The scholar is so angry that blood spatters five steps!
Chapter 3: Meeting Li Hanyi by chance, the hero saves the beauty
Chapter 4 Scholar? Or Master?
Chapter 5 Signing in again! Lingbo Weibu and Jianxinjue!
Chapter 6: No trace, killing the enemy with bamboo chopsticks
Chapter 7 The people from Dongchang run very fast
Chapter 8 Shock in the world, Bloody Clothes Tower
Chapter 9 Signing in again, Fire Qilin
Chapter 10 Promotion to Grand Master
Chapter 11 Martial Arts Fusion, Fire Qilin Arrives
Chapter 12 Gathering of forces
Chapter Thirteen: Fire Qilin and Flame Unparalleled
Chapter 14: Fire Qilin recognizes its master and shocks the heroes
Chapter 15 Three points return to the vitality and the paradise of heaven and earth!
Chapter 16 The magic of Cave Heaven and Paradise!
Chapter 17: Destroy the killer organization!
Chapter 18 Jiang Yuyan!
Chapter 19 Jiang Yuyan’s Determination
Chapter 20 The world is shocked!
Chapter 21 Leshan, Lingyun Cave!
Chapter 22 Peerless martial arts! Tomb of the Yellow Emperor!
Chapter 23 Dragon Veins Obtained!
Chapter 24 Tian Boguang designs to capture Yaoyue
Chapter 25 The confused and confused Yao Yue
Chapter 26: Making mistakes that all men make
Chapter 27 Yao Yue’s Thoughts
Chapter 28 Li Hanyi and sparring partner Huo Qilin
Chapter 29 The pinnacle of Grand Master!
Chapter 30: Invite the moon and pity the star
Chapter 31 The wind is rising in the world, looking for Ye Wufeng!
Chapter 32 Enlightenment wine! Leopard and lin beast meat!
Chapter 33: Breakthrough in cultivation! Entering the Taoist realm!
Chapter 34: Entering the Dao Realm!
Chapter 35: The leader of the Tang clan dies, everyone is shocked!
Chapter 36: Tang Clan takes over the helm, Yao Yue is seriously injured!
Chapter 37: Snow drinks from the knife and freezes it three feet!
Chapter 38: Destroy the Tang Clan branch!
Chapter 39 Li Hanyi VS Yao Yue!
Chapter 40 Twelve horoscopes!
Chapter 41: Kill the Four Stars!
Chapter 42: Destruction of the Twelve Stars!
Chapter 43 The palace master returns with the man
Chapter 44 Detonating the Jianghu! Qingyi Tower!
Chapter 45: The Peak of Entering the Tao!
Chapter 46: Lian Xing is in trouble! He has gone crazy!
Chapter 47 Lian Xing is in a complicated mood!
Chapter 48: Three days later! A showdown of life and death!
Chapter 49 The rivers and lakes are surging, and heroes gather together
Chapter 50 The curtain opens, look forward to it!
Chapter 51 Ye Wufeng appears!
Chapter 52: Everyone appears! Kill Songshan with the sword!
Chapter 53: If you are in a hurry, let’s go together!
Chapter 54: Enter the arena and sing wildly!
Chapter 55: Kill the heroes!
Chapter 56 The Qingyi Tower is destroyed!
Chapter 57 The three women show off their power! Jiang Yuyan’s secret hand!
Chapter 58 Lu Xiaofeng with Four Eyebrows
Chapter 59: Merely Cao Zhengchun
Chapter 60 Little Magician, Fang Yeyu
Chapter 61 Ambition Revealed
Chapter 62: Give them all
Chapter 63 Is this your strength?
Chapter 64 The devil is coming?
Chapter 65: Magician, Pang Ban
Chapter 66: Young Master! We are in big trouble!
Chapter 67: Taking Dragon Horn Fish
Chapter 68: Iron Bold God Marquis, Zhu Wuwu
Chapter 69: Half a step away, the land fairy
Chapter 70: Just the fragrant cardamom
Chapter 71 Elephants in Dongchang
Chapter 72: The great eunuch cannot understand the situation
Chapter 73 It’s over! The Iron God Marquis comes to visit
Chapter 74 Dongchang’s plan
Chapter 75: Encounter, two buildings on the left and right!
Chapter 76: Means, Emperor’s Mind Technique
Chapter 77 The capital! A mixed bag
Chapter 78 Ximen Chuixue, don’t you want to fight?
Chapter 79: Someone wants to see you, murderous intention in the small courtyard
Chapter 80 It’s a pity to miss it
Chapter 81: Dongchang, various eunuchs return to the capital
Chapter 82: Banging the door, Ye Wufeng comes to the door
Chapter 83 Cao Zhengchun makes a sneak attack
Chapter 84: Old dog, die quickly!
Chapter 85 Everyone! What are you waiting for?
Chapter 86 Despair, Invincible
Chapter 87: Spare you? I will kill you or not.
Chapter 88 Dongchang will never be established!
Chapter 89 Immortal? Legend of the world
Chapter 90: Night Owl, not an opponent?
Chapter 91 Solution? Look for weaknesses
Chapter 92 Come out and wait for the challenge
Chapter 93 The capital of pride
Chapter 94: Find his weakness
Chapter 95: Crisis, no retreat
Chapter 96: Join forces, hide means
Chapter 97: Jin Yiwei, the commander is heavy
Chapter 98: Catch up and take action with anger
Chapter 99: Shocked, leaving you alive
Chapter 100 Various magic medicines to forcefully extend life
Chapter 101: Healing and Enriching Qi
Chapter 102 Map, heading to Dayuan
Chapter 103: Planning, undercurrents
Chapter 104: Inn, a mixed bag
Chapter 105: Inn, Assassination in the Night
Chapter 106: Arrival in Dayuan
Chapter 107: Fanaticism, spiritual belief!
Chapter 108 Daming? How dare you come!
Chapter 109 Sign-in, Peace of Mind Reward
Chapter 110 Departure and travel to Yuan Dynasty
Chapter 111: Magician, the sky is full of demonic energy!
Chapter 112 Fierce battle, land gods!
Chapter 113: Injured, no match!
Chapter 114: Disappear, enter the cave and heavenly paradise!
Chapter 115: Understand your own way!
Chapter 116: The Great Way! The Way of Invincibility!
Chapter 117: Decision made, return to the real world
Chapter 118 Traveling without any secret!
Chapter 119 Nice to meet you!
Chapter 120 Dayuan, the royal family recruits!
Chapter 121 Tianji City, dare not cross-examine
Chapter 122: Little man, ordinary man’s courage
Chapter 123 Two big families, each with their own thoughts
Chapter 124: Taking action secretly to arouse public anger!
Chapter 125: Instigating and adding fuel to the flames
Chapter 126: Ten thousand enemies, invincible!
Chapter 127: Invincible! Invincible!
Chapter 128 The color of heaven and earth changes, Kyushu is shocked!
Chapter 129: Breakthrough is imminent, the magician is coming
Chapter 130: I will break through, you will overcome the tribulation!
Chapter 131 System Gift, Land God!
Chapter 132: Go out, have you figured out how to die?
Chapter 133: Immortal is born, Kyushu is shocked
Chapter 134: The way to be invincible, fight against Pang Ban
Chapter 135: The power of demons, the way to invincibility
Chapter 136: I am invincible, one step further
Chapter 137 Pang Ban’s strength transforms into a demon!
Chapter 138 Dacheng Tianmo? Kill him with one sword!
Chapter 139 The black clouds dissipate and the clouds move in all directions
Chapter 140: Impossible! My apprentice is invincible!
Chapter 141 Meng Chixing, moving mountains and filling seas
Chapter 142 Reactions from all parties, robbery and rescue
Chapter 143: Sensation from heaven and man, hurry up?
Chapter 144 Let’s solve it together!
Chapter 145: Furious! Where is my apprentice?
Chapter 146 Sign-in reward, Long Yuan!
Chapter 147 The power of Long Yuan takes another step forward
Chapter 148 You must die today!
Chapter 149 Reinforcements? Can’t save you!
Chapter 150: Terrifying vitality, can’t be beaten to death!
Chapter 151: How can you do it too! Amazingly talented?
Chapter 152: Defeat, overwhelming the country!
Chapter 153: Fight against Dayuan, so what if there are more people?
Chapter 154: Dayuan Imperial Court, I will go there myself!
Chapter 155: Heading north, no one can stop you
Chapter 156: Secret Talk, Do you want to control Dayuan?
Chapter 157: Great Yuan Royal Court, Thunderous Means!
Chapter 158: Thunderous Means
Chapter 159: The world will meet and dominate the world invincibly!
Chapter 160 The Power of the Gang Leader!
Chapter 161: Three-point return to vitality
Chapter 162: Take action, what can you do to me?
Chapter 163 Shocked Bu Jingyun!
Chapter 164 National Hero, National Hero!
Chapter 165 Looking for the Immortal Mirror!
Chapter 166: Going wild and traveling together?
Chapter 167 Let’s save you again
Chapter 168 My name is Linghu Chong
Chapter 169 Helping you enter the Taoist realm
Chapter 170 Parting
Chapter 171 Heroine, help!
Chapter 172 I will go with you to the Iron Knife Gate
Chapter 173 Help
Chapter 174: I will go to the World Meeting in person!