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The Three Generations of Sovereignty

The Three Generations of Sovereignty

author:A thought

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:06-12 11:20

Latest chapter:Chapter 5685 Asking for help

The Great Emperor Su Chen returned to his boyhood with the Ancient Sky Monument. From then on, there was an evildoer in the world. He mastered the supreme knowledge, refined the eternal magic elixir, obtained the heaven-reaching treasure, fought in the eternal holy land, broke into the Nine Nether Demon Sea, and stepped on the reincarnation of the heavens. , who dares to compete with them? In this life, I will make the gods and gods in the sky bow their heads. In this life, I will make the heaven and the earth...

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《The Three Generations of Sovereignty》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 5685 Asking for help
Chapter 5684 Visitors from the Lin Family
Chapter 5683 Heart of the Sacred Tree
Chapter 5682: Throw it into the well and soak it
Chapter 5681 Lin Sanye cannot die
Chapter 5680 Everyone has his own opinion
Chapter 5679 Beaten
Chapter 5678 Losing
Chapter 5677 Lin Sanye’s identity leaked
《The Three Generations of Sovereignty》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Battle Emperor Su Chen
Chapter 2: Why does the power of ants matter?
Chapter 3 The Crisis of ‘Yunmei’
Chapter 4 Boy, just wait for me
Chapter 5 Shuimu Pavilion Master
Chapter 6 Who Said It Wasn't a Elixir?
Chapter 7 Why not dare?
Chapter 8
Chapter 9 Elder Keqing
Chapter 10 The Five Elements Profound Spirit Art
Chapter 11, opening up martial arts veins
Chapter 12 You can’t save the person I want to kill!
Chapter 13 Law Enforcement Hall
Chapter 14 Entering the Book Collection Pavilion
Chapter 15 It Was Here
Chapter 16 Happy too early
Chapter 17 Eight-turning Dragon Formation
Chapter 18 The Great Elder Appears
Chapter 19 The old man objected!
Chapter 20: Opening Seven Martial Vessels
Chapter 21 The Fifth Stage of Opening the Pulse
Chapter 22 The ‘Young Master’ of the White Water Sect
Chapter 23: Helping the tyrants to commit evil should be killed!
Chapter 24 The Five Elements Supernatural Powers
chapter 25
Chapter 26 Want to go? No way!
Chapter 27 Open pulse eight!
Chapter 28 Young man, please speak up if you have something to say
Chapter 29 Nine Dragons Metamorphosis
Chapter 30 Is This the Sword Stance?
Chapter 31 Violent Blood Pill
Chapter 32 Nine-petaled snow lotus is missing
Chapter 33 Are you obediently waiting to die?
Chapter 34 The Seven Elders Arrive
Chapter 35 Thor's Palm
Chapter 36
Chapter 37 Taikoo Dragon Elephant Art
Chapter 38 Quick Breakthrough
Chapter 39 The body of the bronze elephant, Xiaocheng!
Chapter 40 Let’s grab it and divide it in half!
Chapter 41 Baisha Spirit Talisman
Chapter 42 Return to Dragon Blood Town
Chapter 43 Will Pies Fall From the Sky?
Chapter 44
Chapter 45
Chapter 46 Who Bullies Who?
Chapter 47
Chapter 48
Chapter 49 Bald Parrot's Revenge
Chapter 50 It's yours now
Chapter 51
Chapter 52 Who are you calling stupid?
Chapter 53 Conspiracy to deal with
Chapter 55 The body of the great road is completed!
Chapter 57 The Competition Begins
Chapter 58 It’s rude to come and not return.
Chapter 59: Transformation Realm, Isn’t It Amazing?
Chapter 60 Three moves are over, die!
Chapter 61 Shangguan Bai disrupts the situation
Chapter 62 Collision with the Great Elder
Chapter 63 Hidden backhand
Chapter 64: Binding the Great Elder
Chapter 65 The secret of the patriarch
Chapter 66 Little Saint Yuan Dan
Chapter 67 One feather is missing
Chapter 68 Local Red Cow
Chapter 70 Strong Killing
Chapter 72 The mantis stalks the cicada, but the oriole follows behind
Chapter 74 What to do? What to do?
Chapter 76 The monster behind the stone door
Chapter 78 Do you dare to lie to me?
Chapter 80 Boy, get out of here!
Chapter 82 I didn’t expect you to hide it so deeply
Chapter 84 Rise all the way!
Chapter 86 Blood of the Ancient Cang Dragon
Chapter 88 The Bald Parrot’s Strategy
Chapter 90 Let’s go, where do you want to go?
Chapter 91 Fierce battle in the half-step spirit realm
Chapter 93 Cleaning up the portal
Chapter 95 Something happened to the Su family
Chapter 97 The clan leader is in danger!
Chapter 98 The Secret of the Patriarch’s Order
Chapter 100 Everyone has his own destiny, life and death are determined by God
Chapter 101 Where do you want to take this magical bird?
Chapter 103 Just passing by
Chapter 105 The furnace really exploded?
Chapter 107 Did it really fail?
Chapter 109 Hey, here comes the show!
Chapter 111 It will definitely be a hit
Chapter 113 Silver Elephant Body, Ning!
Chapter 115 This female tyrannosaurus wants to kill this divine bird
Chapter 117 Who should I kill if I don’t kill him?
Chapter 119 Great Elder, die!
Chapter 120 Killing everyone
Chapter 122 Blind Wang, die!
Chapter 123 Dan Pavilion’s Crisis
Chapter 124 The one who is destined to die is you!
Chapter 126 I have wine, you have stories
Chapter 128 The enemy is coming
Chapter 130 One person is the sky!
Chapter 132 Su Chen was so angry that his blood flowed thousands of miles
Chapter 133 Shocking Collision
Chapter 135 Baishui Sect Treasure House
Chapter 137 The boy giving money?
Chapter 139 Is this to kill the beggars?
Chapter 141 Devouring Talisman
Chapter 143 Twelve Spirit Gathering Arrays
Chapter 145 I’m in trouble
Chapter 147 Relatives separated
Chapter 149 Break! Break! Break!
Chapter 151 Just a child
Chapter 153 The Sword of Judgment
Chapter 155 The rich man is coming
Chapter 156 See if I don’t kill you
Chapter 158 Ancient Alien Species
Chapter 160 The opportunity has come
Chapter 161 Surrender to me or die
Chapter 163 Big Wolf Dog?
Chapter 165 Undercurrent
Chapter 167 How many eyes does Lord Yama have?
Chapter 169 Can you hide it from me by pretending to be dead?
Chapter 170 Cooperation of Twenty Million Spiritual Stones
Chapter 171 Boy, I’ll be cruel to you
Chapter 173 Boy, trouble is coming
Chapter 175 Let’s admit defeat in this matter
Chapter 177 The spirit self-destructs
Chapter 179 Bossy
Chapter 180 The Battle of Yuntai breaks out
Chapter 182 Take action leisurely
Chapter 184 Is this a win?
Chapter 186 Here comes someone who is deliberately looking for trouble
Chapter 188 Don’t blame me for going on a killing spree
Chapter 190 The water hall master is here
Chapter 192 Nine-Zhan Purple Blood Sword
Chapter 194 Vicious Things
Chapter 195 The first auction item
Chapter 196 The elixir appears
Chapter 198 Can spiritual magic weapons be used on stage?
Chapter 200 Crazy Bidding
Chapter 202 This guy actually cried!
Chapter 204 The ‘Soul-Suppressing Stone’ Appears
Chapter 206 One billion spiritual stones, obtained
Chapter 207 Sitting on the mountain and watching the tiger fight
Chapter 209 The situation is chaotic
Chapter 211 The King with Strong Mouth?
Chapter 213 Who is plotting?
Chapter 215 There are still hidden dangers in the body
Chapter 217 Golden Elephant Crosses the Sky
Chapter 219 The body of the golden elephant, becoming
Chapter 221 The man riding the dragon
Chapter 223 You are not qualified!
Chapter 225 The Heavenly Gate of the Secret Realm is open!
Chapter 227 Break all laws with one force!
Chapter 228 Seeing the Mysterious Formation of Heaven and Earth Again
Chapter 230 Thunder Mountain in the Palm
Chapter 232 Take action
Chapter 234 I’m so disappointed
Chapter 235 A soul-eating tower swallows the blood of ten thousand people
Chapter 237 The Ancient Tree of the World
Chapter 239 You only have this three-legged cat skill
Chapter 241 Escape, escape, escape!
Chapter 243: Got tricked again
Chapter 245 The cabin in the middle of the lake contains the universe
Chapter 246 Ancient Mystery, Order in Chaos
Chapter 248 A bone of unknown age
Chapter 250 It’s him!
Chapter 252 I fly! I fly!
Chapter 254 My dad is invincible
Chapter 255 The Mystery of Nine Pools
Chapter 257 As long as I’m here, they’ll be beaten to pieces
Chapter 259 Surrender to me or die!
Chapter 261 A frightening place
Chapter 262 Ancient Yuan Ice and Fire
Chapter 264: Taking away the stone eggs, the dragon goes crazy
Chapter 266 At first glance, you are not a virtuous person
Chapter 268 There are so many impossible things!
Chapter 269 Why not!
Chapter 271 We are just the young master’s maids
Chapter 272 The only way!
Chapter 274 Should I be compensated?
Chapter 275 A small punishment
Chapter 277 Sky-Suppressing Tower, Unknown Land
Chapter 279 The blood rat appears and the killing begins
Chapter 281 A room full of top-quality spiritual stones
Chapter 283 Collecting the Martial Arts Light Group
Chapter 285 Treasures are flying everywhere
Chapter 286 Heavenly Magic Weapon, Too Bad
Chapter 288 Gengjin Yuanshi
Chapter 289 Twists and turns
Chapter 290 Lightning Flint
Chapter 291 The second floor of Tianzhen Tower, open!
Chapter 293 Red Gold Judgment
Chapter 295 The five oceans are unified!
Chapter 297 This divine bird has absolutely no jokes
Chapter 299 Xu Feng’s vicious plan
Chapter 301 The war breaks out and the storm shakes the nine provinces
Chapter 303 Ants, don’t be presumptuous!
Chapter 305 The six most powerful, take action!
Chapter 307 The most powerful generation falls
Chapter 309 Collect some interest
Chapter 311 Pressing forward step by step
Chapter 313 It turns out to be hidden here!
Chapter 315 Invincible posture
Chapter 317 Demonic Mist Appears and Danger Approaches
Chapter 319 An unexpected opportunity
Chapter 321 The Power of Blood Eyes
Chapter 323 Magic Arm? What is that!
Chapter 324 The Law of Reincarnation
Chapter 326 Xutian Wuji
Chapter 327 The Original Demonic Way
Chapter 328 The soul is split and the golden cicada escapes from its shell
Chapter 330 I do
Chapter 332 Refining! Breakthrough!
Chapter 333 Control everything
Chapter 335 I’ll beat you until you’re speechless!
Chapter 337 The method of destroying the world
Chapter 339 Everyone goes home
Chapter 341 Dare to act cruel in my territory?
Chapter 343 The strange demon who injured the uncle
Chapter 345 The Sword of Judgment, wake up!
Chapter 346 The beast tide is ahead of schedule
Chapter 348 Anomaly Found
Chapter 350 Demon Dragon Grass
Chapter 351 Take some effort
Chapter 353 You want me to get out?
Chapter 355 Life Money
Chapter 356 Collision of momentum
Chapter 358 Breakthrough begins
Chapter 360 The mantis stalks the cicada, but the oriole follows behind
Chapter 362 This son must not be kept
Chapter 364 Thunder Sea in the Palm
Chapter 366 The Body of the King Elephant
Chapter 368 Meng Qing’s trump card
Chapter 369 It’s a pity that you are not a swordsman!
Chapter 371 The bald parrot who knows how to settle accounts
Chapter 373 There must be something hidden behind the scenes
Chapter 375 What a pity, that’s not yours!
Chapter 377 Raising Black Spirit Demonic Flowers
Chapter 379: Falling dizzy
Chapter 381 The mastermind behind the scenes appears
Chapter 383 Nine Saint Demon Moon Sword
Chapter 385 Tear off a wing
Chapter 387 If I say you are guilty, you are guilty!
Chapter 388 The Forbidden Army takes action
Chapter 390 Meet Master Sultan!
Chapter 392 Lord Tianfu Formation
Chapter 394 Invincible Power Fighting in All Directions Again
Chapter 395 Don’t be afraid of being blown away by the wind
Chapter 397 Do you dare to step on me?
Chapter 399: Swear to the death to protect the family!
Chapter 401 Great Qin Patrol Angel
Chapter 403 The excuse for not being as good as others
Chapter 405 Old Fox and Little Fox
Chapter 406 Promise
Chapter 408 Is this a chicken?
Chapter 410 Spirit Sealing Technique
Chapter 412 Landie is in danger!
Chapter 414 The Fengsha Sect relies on
Chapter 416 I hope you won’t regret it
Chapter 418 Goodbye Lengxiang
Chapter 420 No one can hurt her!
Chapter 422 Follow your words
Chapter 424 Ghost Head Needle
Chapter 426 Don’t worry
Chapter 428 Let’s see if you survive this time!
Chapter 430 Twelve Heavenly Fire Formation
Chapter 432 Thousand Void Mists
Chapter 434 See you later
Chapter 436 Who is the bumpkin?
Chapter 438: Taking advantage of others
Chapter 440 Never happen again
Chapter 442 A room full of elixirs
Chapter 444 Extremely snobbish
Chapter 446 On the Kung Fu of Quarreling
Chapter 448 Who doesn’t know whether to live or die?
Chapter 450 Punishing Qiu Shan
Chapter 452 Listen to me
Chapter 454 Someone comes to support me again
Chapter 456 Master, I’m late!
Chapter 458 How much do you want? You give me a price
Chapter 460 What a magical bird
Chapter 462 Preaching
Chapter 464 Which drama are you going to sing?
Chapter 466 Who is the turtle?
Chapter 467 Unparalleled Sword Dark Night Sword
Chapter 468 How can we compete with the sun and the moon?
Chapter 470 The Last Chance
Chapter 472 Zhao Cang, die!
Chapter 473 Three Waves of Heavenly Fire
Chapter 474 I am the world. The world is me.
Chapter 476 Whetstone
Chapter 477 Perfect Dollar Pill
Chapter 478 This must be fake
Chapter 480 If you don’t succeed, you will succeed!
Chapter 482 Do you dare to despise me?
Chapter 484 The golden cicada escapes from its shell
Chapter 485 Ghost King Body
Chapter 487 Yao Guang Unlocked
Chapter 488 Destroy my treasure and die!
Chapter 490 Ghost medicine poisons people
Chapter 492 Girl in Tsing Yi
Chapter 494 Blood of Ghost Dao King
Chapter 496 Iron-Armed Demon Ape
Chapter 498 The mysterious man from Zhongzhou
Chapter 499 Careful thinking
Chapter 501 Are you going to die?
Chapter 502 Underworld Divine Palm
Chapter 504 Separation
Chapter 506 What is your secret?
Chapter 508 Full of loopholes
Chapter 510 Holy Artifact Fragments
Chapter 512 Traces of the Blood Demon
Chapter 514 Shen Family
Chapter 516 Not a big problem
Chapter 517 Take a walk with me
Chapter 518 Who are you looking for?
Chapter 520 You are in the same group
Chapter 522 Wu Daan’s backer
Chapter 523 Tianyuan Spirit
Chapter 525 You are no exception!
Chapter 527 Clues
Chapter 528 Ten Thousand Medicine Hall
Chapter 530 The First Person in Beiyang Alchemy
Chapter 531 The Fourth Grade Alchemist is Just Trash
Chapter 533 You come first!
Chapter 535 Daqin Zhenlongwei
Chapter 537 Mysterious Blood Crystal
Chapter 539 Let him lose everything
Chapter 540 ‘Thousand Spirit Pearls’ Reappears
Chapter 542 Amazing Everyone
Chapter 544 Void Alchemy
Chapter 545: Got hit on the waist?
Chapter 547 Ran away?
Chapter 549 Disappeared out of thin air?
Chapter 551 What the hell?
Chapter 553 Reappearance of Fragments
Chapter 555 Today, the Shen family will be destroyed
Chapter 557 Where does all this nonsense come from?
Chapter 559 Who is he?
Chapter 560 No need to waste your efforts
Chapter 562: Fetching water from a bamboo basket is in vain
Chapter 564 Beiyang Medicine Street
Chapter 566 I think you made a mistake!
Chapter 567 Do you still dare to kill me?
Chapter 569 Okay, time’s up!
Chapter 571 The master of the palace wants to reconcile?
Chapter 573 One or two missing?
Chapter 575 Sir, there are a lot of
Chapter 577 Arriving in time
Chapter 579 An unexpected discovery
Chapter 580 The legendary miraculous medical hand?
Chapter 581 Divine Bird! Calm down!
Chapter 583 I am heaven, and those who rebel will die!
Chapter 585 Rushing to the Zhang Family
Chapter 587 Critical Situation
Chapter 588 Or... you!
Chapter 589 So much nonsense
Chapter 590 Urgent! Urgent! Urgent!
Chapter 592 Kill my nine tribes?
Chapter 594 Cruel Means
Chapter 596 The power of the magic weapon is nothing to worry about
Chapter 598 Blood Soul Mud
Chapter 600 There is a road to heaven, but you won’t take it
Chapter 602: Array of Ten Thousand Demons, open!
Chapter 603: Keep an open mind
Chapter 604 Half a Heroic Flag
Chapter 605: Snatching the Magic Weapon Fragments
Chapter 607 Earth Demon Dragon
Chapter 608 Led outside the city
Chapter 610 Enjoy it
Chapter 612 Who is behind the scenes?
Chapter 614 Destroy the clone
Chapter 616 This is a misunderstanding
Chapter 618 Special Mountain
Chapter 620 Mouth is too stinky
Chapter 621 Didn’t embarrass me
Chapter 623 Only then are you obedient
Chapter 625 Huge Crisis
Chapter 627 Found another fragment
Chapter 629 King of Thousand Thunders
Chapter 631 Leave easily
Chapter 633 Nine Fire Spirit Yang Liquid
Chapter 635: Steal something! Kill someone!
Chapter 637 Ren Long
Chapter 639 Faceless Man ‘Cui Quan’
Chapter 641 Blow up Ren Long
Chapter 643 A great shame and humiliation
Chapter 644: Fighting Fist Movement, Feng Yun Shattered
Chapter 645 Doesn’t have a long memory at all
Chapter 646: Consumed
Chapter 647 Patience is limited
Chapter 648 This must be fake!
Chapter 650 One step to heaven and one step to hell
Chapter 652 Cheng Yaojin shows up halfway
Chapter 654 Hidden murderous intent
Chapter 656: Not seeking to live together, only seeking to die together
Chapter 658 Weird Flame
Chapter 659: Show mercy
Chapter 661 Thousand Spirit Snake Spinning Thousand Spirits
Chapter 663 The trouble you caused is coming soon
Chapter 665 Sun and Moon Seal
Chapter 667 Nightmare Bones
Chapter 669 Don’t want to be reasonable
Chapter 670 Don’t be happy too early
Chapter 672 Competing with the power of spiritual phase
Chapter 673 Abandoning the martial arteries
Chapter 675 Fell into a trap!
Chapter 676 Death suddenly
Chapter 678 Are you sending beggars away?
Chapter 680 Take action
Chapter 682 The enemy of my enemy is my friend
Chapter 684 The Twelve Disappeared Storage Bags
Chapter 686 Don’t want to take advantage of the ‘demon’ danger
Chapter 688 What is your name?
Chapter 689 People under the eaves have to bow their heads
Chapter 691 Will come to save us soon
Chapter 693 You are not qualified yet!
Chapter 695 Phoenix Cave
Chapter 696 Emperor Blood Demon Eye
Chapter 697 The bald parrot finally becomes domineering
Chapter 699: Fighting in all directions, passionate everywhere
Chapter 701 Nicknamed ‘Hong Jingang’
Chapter 703 It’s a Deed
Chapter 705 Dragon Soul Ant
Chapter 707 Find a way
Chapter 709 A generous act
Chapter 711 Six Wood Sacred Tree
Chapter 713 The person who suddenly disrupts the situation
Chapter 715 Sun and Moon Xuanwu Armor
Chapter 717 The anxious battle
Chapter 719 Use that thing
Chapter 721 Dragon Soul Ant King
Chapter 723 Killing two birds with one stone
Chapter 725 Dragon Elephant Qi
Chapter 727 Everything in the world can be plundered
Chapter 729 Three Thousand Whirlpools
Chapter 731 Three Lives Soul-Destroying Lamp
Chapter 733 Life and Death, Choice
Chapter 735 Yin and Yang Seal
Chapter 737 It’s your fault! It’s all your fault!
Chapter 739 Target: Five hundred feet
Chapter 741: Got tricked again?
Chapter 743 Let’s beat you to pieces first
Chapter 745 Ten Thousand Dragons Roar in the Sky
Chapter 747 As strong as ever
Chapter 749 The twelfth-grade flower stand
Chapter 751 Ancient War Spirit
Chapter 753 The bald parrot shows off
Chapter 755 Not worth it!
Chapter 757 Boy, something big happened
Chapter 758 The first level of the trial
Chapter 760 I have to persevere!
Chapter 761 Another breakthrough is coming
Chapter 763 The skyrocketing dragon-elephant energy
Chapter 764 Lord of the chessboard
Chapter 765 Gift giving!
Chapter 766: In this life, I only live to guard tombs
Chapter 768 Reed Sea
Chapter 770 Rule Fragments
Chapter 772 Hong Wuya is in danger!
Chapter 774 Maybe I fell into a trap
Chapter 776 A Flash of Thunder
Chapter 778: Violent! Desperate!
Chapter 780 Who sent the message?
Chapter 782 Immortal Fire
Chapter 784 Nine-star matrix seals the sky and the earth
Chapter 786 Blooming face
Chapter 788 Today is the festival day next year
Chapter 790 The first orifice is activated
Chapter 792 The battle for the gods of war begins!
Chapter 793 The Ancient Charm Formation
Chapter 795 The finest spiritual crystal veins
Chapter 797: Being despised by a bird?
Chapter 798 Four Symbols and Nine Sealing Formation
Chapter 800 Opened a hole
Chapter 802 Nine Gold Fragrant Fruit
Chapter 804 Crazy Idea
Chapter 806 Replacement
Chapter 808 Thirty-Six Strategies: Taking the Best Strategy
Chapter 809 The final fight
Chapter 810 The Bet with the Bald Parrot
Chapter 811: Correct answer, but no prize!
Chapter 813 Holy Artifact Fragments
Chapter 815 The drama between the Ren family and Taixu Tower
Chapter 817 Ice Bird Helps
Chapter 819 Which three are more?
Chapter 821 Bronze Yuan Order
Chapter 823 Creepy
Chapter 825 Is it really immortal?
Chapter 827 Useless Struggle
Chapter 829 Hanging on the tree and repenting of life
Chapter 831 The Martial God Prisoner's Finger
Chapter 833 Welcome the Lord!
Chapter 835 Between three moves
Chapter 837 Are you kidding me?
Chapter 839 Changes at the end of the sky
Chapter 841 Entering the Infant Realm
Chapter 843: Entering the Dantian and reaching the peak
Chapter 845 The Law of Four Seasons
Chapter 847 The End of the Ancient Staircase
Chapter 849 The Forbidden Light Curtain Collapses
Chapter 851: Eliminating harm for the people
Chapter 853 Can’t pass a single move
Chapter 855 Ying Zhao Shen Kong
Chapter 856 Gangqi Yushan
Chapter 857 The treasure is obtained
Chapter 859 The Story of the Heartless Man
Chapter 861 Tianyuan Tree King
Chapter 863: Surpassing every strong person
Chapter 865 The Golden Thunder of Extinction
Chapter 867 Eight Thousand Feet of Frost Deep Sea
Chapter 869 Frost Chain
Chapter 871 Boarding the Floating Peninsula
Chapter 873 Jinzhixuantai, Ning
Chapter 875 Breaking one’s own Xuantai
Chapter 877 The war breaks out and we live and die together
Chapter 878 A group of ants who overestimate their capabilities
Chapter 880 Half-Step Dao Xuantai
Chapter 882 Deliberately confusing right and wrong
Chapter 884 I don’t do anything I’m not sure about
Chapter 886 The war breaks out and the world is shocked
Chapter 888 This is your last chance
Chapter 890 Floating Light Mirror Heavenly Formation
Chapter 892 Send you to the underworld
Chapter 894 Is this your trump card?
Chapter 896 Today, I stewed you
Chapter 898: A formation of iron bones, running thousands of miles to kill
Chapter 900 The introduction of the magic bridge
Chapter 902 Bodhisattva’s Heart is Compassionate
Chapter 904 Who is the employer?
Chapter 906 Soul Seizing Part Three
Chapter 908 Find the answer yourself
Chapter 910 Labyrinth Nest
Chapter 912 Refining Thousand Silk Spirit Robes
Chapter 914 The Legendary Emperor
Chapter 916 Jiuzhenzi
Chapter 918 The Power of the Ice Queen
Chapter 920 This rhythm is wrong!
Chapter 922 Scholars also have tempers
Chapter 924 Have you laughed enough?
Chapter 926 The blood of the divine body cannot be let go
Chapter 928 Crazy lover
Chapter 930 Shepherd Boy, Farmer, Old Man
Chapter 931 The Three Generations Phantom Soul Array
Chapter 933 Demonic Eyes Wreak havoc
Chapter 935 Ancient Demon Scriptures
Chapter 937 Dao Fruit Magic
Chapter 939 Buried with you
Chapter 941 Martial God Heavenly Tower, Broken
Chapter 942 Seven Apertures Medicinal Blood
Chapter 944 The Secret of the Emperor Blood King Demon
Chapter 946 How can you be allowed to escape?
Chapter 947: Don’t get involved in family affairs
Chapter 949: First release
Chapter 950 The whereabouts of the Eye of Order
Chapter 952 Four Source Eyes, Perfection
Chapter 954 The battle between heaven and man
Chapter 956 Be careful!
Chapter 957 Secret Will, Birth
Chapter 959 The body is lost
Chapter 961 Bai Yanluo
Chapter 962 Original Demonic Water
Chapter 964 The Last Ice Palace Passage
Chapter 966 Many Difficulties
Chapter 967 Tempering the Soul
Chapter 969 I...I'm coming!
Chapter 971 Calculation and Counter-Calculation
Chapter 973 Little Fire Phoenix Awakens
Chapter 975 Will transformed by essence and blood
Chapter 977 Su Chen’s trump card
Chapter 979 I can only blame you for being stupid
Chapter 981 Gu Mietian, defeated!
Chapter 983: Clear the door
Chapter 985 Old man, there’s nothing wrong with this
Chapter 987: Beating a dog depends on the owner
Chapter 988 Don’t cry until you see the coffin
Chapter 990 Soul Seizing Sword Array
Chapter 992 Jiuzhenzi chases the door
Chapter 994 Drinking the original magic water
Chapter 996 Buddha’s birth relic
Chapter 998 A gift of apology
Chapter 999 Does it matter or does it not matter?
Chapter 1001 In this life - don’t forget
Chapter 1002 Another trick
Chapter 1004 Let’s attack together, it’s safe!
Chapter 1006 Frost Giant Sword
Chapter 1008 I am a sword!
Chapter 1010: Stay calm
Chapter 1012 Yinba Spirit Snake
Chapter 1014 Easy?
Chapter 1016 Scared to death
Chapter 1018 Wind and Bamboo Fire
Chapter 1020 Improved Skills
Chapter 1021 Dream...very far away
Chapter 1023 Are there any treasures here?
Chapter 1024 Mother and Son Four Seasons Heavenly Wheel Formation
Chapter 1026 Five Poisons Destroy the World
Chapter 1028: Being tricked by one of my own people
Chapter 1030 The first fruit, condensation!
Chapter 1032: Follow the example and get bad
Chapter 1034 It’s not advisable to stay here for a long time
Chapter 1036 Entering the Lair
Chapter 1038 Do you still want to lie to me?
Chapter 1040 Little Destruction Bead
Chapter 1042 Deception?
Chapter 1044 Fierce Collision
Chapter 1046 Another fight?
Chapter 1048: Huangsha wears golden armor in a hundred battles
Chapter 1050 Unexpected Surprise
Chapter 1052 I’m not a hero
Chapter 1054 Liu Xu’s Junior Sister
Chapter 1056 Meng Ting ran away
Chapter 1058 Don’t force me to fight you to the death.
Chapter 1060 Must be stopped
Chapter 1062 Framed!
Chapter 1064 Who is the stupidest person on the field?
Chapter 1066 I was wronged!
Chapter 1068 Meeting an acquaintance by chance
Chapter 1070 First-level elder?
Chapter 1072 Registered Disciple
Chapter 1073 The disaster is still worse
Chapter 1075 How sure are you?
Chapter 1076 The troublemaking bald parrot
Chapter 1078: Making trouble
Chapter 1080 I’ll give you an explanation
Chapter 1082 This guy is better than anyone else
Chapter 1083 There must be some luck
Chapter 1085 Despite the question
Chapter 1087 Shall we continue?
Chapter 1089 Abandoned Disciple of Dan Pavilion?
Chapter 1091 Will it kill us?
Chapter 1093 Saint Yuan Water Bead
Chapter 1095 Rare in the world
Chapter 1097 Analysis of ‘Creation Fighting Pill’
Chapter 1099 Yin and Yang Refining Together
Chapter 1101 The Problem
Chapter 1102 Daqin Ranshenfang is on fire
Chapter 1104 That’s a deception
Chapter 1105 Su Chen’s Touch
Chapter 1107 Mr. Lu Yadao
Chapter 1109 No response
Chapter 1111 Practice makes perfect
Chapter 1113 The Third Fruit
Chapter 1115 Who are you?
Chapter 1116 The Backwaters of the Forbidden Sea
Chapter 1118 When enemies meet, they are not particularly jealous
Chapter 1120 The way to get rich
Chapter 1122 Special Discovery
Chapter 1124 Use formation to verify
Chapter 1126 The Great Elder was beaten away
Chapter 1128 The clue is broken
Chapter 1130 Catkin’s Reply
Chapter 1132 It’s not me who wants to attack you
Chapter 1134 Undercurrent
Chapter 1136 How about I go with you?
Chapter 1138 Old man, what can you do to me?
Chapter 1140 Opportunity for breakthrough
Chapter 1141 Shura’s Will
Chapter 1143 The Bell of Rakshasa
Chapter 1144 Great Teleportation Talisman
Chapter 1146 One Hundred Thousand Pills of Law
Chapter 1147 The bald parrot returns full of ‘stink’
Chapter 1149 Longfang Tianjie
Chapter 1151 Okra Seeds
Chapter 1153 Do you know me?
Chapter 1154 The Manor on the Lake
Chapter 1155 I haven’t eaten in a few days
Chapter 1156 How is the situation?
Chapter 1158 Iron Pen Judge ‘Yan Xuzi’
Chapter 1160 You are what my father calls a ‘genius’
Chapter 1161 Charge some interest
Chapter 1163 Discuss Countermeasures
Chapter 1165 Dead! All dead!
Chapter 1167 Sealing Heaven Technique
Chapter 1169 Special ‘Stone Brick’
Chapter 1172 Once you do it, there is no turning back
Chapter 1173 Meng Ting knelt down
Chapter 1175 The Emperor’s Elephant Strides the Sky and I Am Revered
Chapter 1177 Lost?
Chapter 1179 Furukawa Divine Veins
Chapter 1180 It’s hard to refuse
Chapter 1182 The expression is too fake?
Chapter 1183 There is another way
Chapter 1185 Canglong Qi and Blood
Chapter 1187 The door was smashed
Chapter 1189 One person destroys the blood of a king!
Chapter 1190 Don’t be anxious, I’m coming
Chapter 1192 No need to stay alive!
Chapter 1193 The Emperor’s Elephant Steps on the Sky and the Moon
Chapter 1195 King Runyuan takes action
Chapter 1197 Let’s make a big fortune together
Chapter 1198 Should I change it?
Chapter 1200 Swallowing Mountain Dao Fruit
Chapter 1202 Alarm from all sides
Chapter 1203 I’m here for him!
Chapter 1204 Magical Dao Fruit
Chapter 1206 The black and white poisonous woman
Chapter 1207 Bone Purgatory
Chapter 1209 The Power of Hell
Chapter 1210 It’s really you
Chapter 1212 If you are not a crazy demon, why bother to become Shura!
Chapter 1213: All Bones Destroyed in One Battle
Chapter 1214 Bald parrot takes advantage
Chapter 1216 Find a solution
Chapter 1218 I know!
Chapter 1220 He is so miserable
Chapter 1222 The Ren family arrives
Chapter 1224 Master Kuyan
Chapter 1226 Qingguanyun
Chapter 1228 What medicine is sold in the gourd?
Chapter 1230 Pill
Chapter 1232 Winning Heartache
Chapter 1234 Cheng Yaojin shows up halfway
Chapter 1235 You will have to spit out whatever you eat from me
Chapter 1237 Not Under Me
Chapter 1239 Taixuan Holy Sect ‘Fei Shao’
Chapter 1241 Star God Classic
Chapter 1243 Please give me some face
Chapter 1245: Lost it
Chapter 1247 Yan Fei’s Crazy Plan
Chapter 1248: Keep a line in life so that we can meet each other in the future
Chapter 1250 Joy, anger, sadness, joy!
Chapter 1252 Baicao Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 1254 Things are going to change!
Chapter 1256 Ren Crocodile’s Abnormality
Chapter 1258 The Dragon Soul Ant Reappears
Chapter 1260 Bet
Chapter 1262 The last treasure
Chapter 1264 The Ren family takes action
Chapter 1266 Using the ‘Destiny Pearl’ Again
Chapter 1268 A lot of doubts
Chapter 1270 Watching a show? That doesn’t exist!
Chapter 1272 He...he is coming!
Chapter 1274 This is fair!
Chapter 1276 Another breakthrough is coming
Chapter 1278 Is there a second Daoyang God?
Chapter 1280 Take action!
Chapter 1282: Suppressing Tianxuan and reaching the peak
Chapter 1284: Apply oil to the soles of your feet and run really fast
Chapter 1285 The Phoenix Clan Goddess Appears
Chapter 1287 A self-inflicted blow
Chapter 1288 Nirvana Destruction Light
Chapter 1290 Still defeated at your hands
Chapter 1292 Finally taking action
Chapter 1294 Su Chen is being targeted?
Chapter 1295 Su Chen is dead?
Chapter 1296 The Madness of the Three Demon Kings
Chapter 1298 The war ends
Chapter 1300 Another killing spree
Chapter 1302 The Crazy Dao Tianba
Chapter 1304 Qiu Chukong’s counterattack
Chapter 1305 Who begs for mercy from whom?
Chapter 1307 The First Eye
Chapter 1309 The arrival of dry eyes
Chapter 1310 Do you want to leave now?
Chapter 1312 You traitors!
Chapter 1314 Six Gods Purifying Water
Chapter 1316 The Demonic Blood Changes
Chapter 1318 Jiufu Blood Pill
Chapter 1320 The Bone Marrow of the Golden Rhinoceros
Chapter 1322 The Crisis of Bone Refining
Chapter 1324 Who can be better?
Chapter 1326: Practicing ‘Eye of Demon Destruction’
Chapter 1328 The Second Picture of the Taixuan Saint
Chapter 1330 The Great Qin Heavenly War begins
Chapter 1332 No turning back
Chapter 1334 Pulse, beating so slowly
Chapter 1336 Old love is over?
Chapter 1338 The power of all people
Chapter 1340 The Realm of the Imperial Elephant
Chapter 1341 Which prince is here again?
Chapter 1343 Fearless Heart
Chapter 1344 It’s my turn to take action!
Chapter 1346 Bloodlight Buddha
Chapter 1348 Lengxiang Poisoning
Chapter 1349 Can you protect me?
Chapter 1350 Ridiculous! Deplorable! Tragic!
Chapter 1351 The art of shamans?
Chapter 1353 Ten Great Witch Power Whirlpools
Chapter 1355 Emperor Elephant Witch Blood
Chapter 1357 Witch Blood Armor
Chapter 1359 Useless Struggle
Chapter 1361 Hysterical Roaring
Chapter 1363 Can you protect him for the rest of your life?
Chapter 1365 It’s really cunning
Chapter 1367 Bad things spread thousands of miles
Chapter 1369 Layout
Chapter 1371 The portal a hundred thousand feet high
Chapter 1373 I’ll beat you to death with one punch
Chapter 1375: What about the promised mental battle as fierce as a tiger?
Chapter 1376 Feng Xiaoxiao is not simple
Chapter 1378 We are not familiar with each other
Chapter 1379 I am seeking happiness for you
Chapter 1381 Brother-in-law, tricked me!
Chapter 1383 Traitors must not be accommodated
Chapter 1385 The secret of heaven is like light, an umbrella and dust
Chapter 1387 Take a walk with a great emperor
Chapter 1389 Weird Voice
Chapter 1391: Things beyond the heavens
Chapter 1392 I understand
Chapter 1393 This battle will be difficult!
Chapter 1395 There must be something wrong
Chapter 1396 The Light of the Mystical Flower
Chapter 1398 Let’s fish in troubled waters?
Chapter 1400 Demolition! Refining!
Chapter 1402 The Hedgehog King
Chapter 1404 Bloodline Demon Sword
Chapter 1406 Could it be you?
Chapter 1408 Where does it come from?
Chapter 1409: Is the plan of ‘fighting against the autumn wind’ going to come to nothing?
Chapter 1411 Needs some effort
Chapter 1413 The inner world of Jade Bell
Chapter 1415 Hydra Demon Realm
Chapter 1417 The sky is shaking and the ground is shaking
Chapter 1419 The Ambition of the Hydra Demon
Chapter 1421: Witchcraft Demon?
Chapter 1423 Shui Wudi appears
Chapter 1425 He turned into a statue
Chapter 1426 The secret must not be revealed?
Chapter 1428 The main body is the clone
Chapter 1430 Zhu Yuan Fire Bird
Chapter 1431 Another plan
Chapter 1433 Nine Winds Thunder Prison
Chapter 1435 How high is the sky? Thousands of thunders are the destiny
Chapter 1437 The soul is injured
Chapter 1439 Using trump card
Chapter 1441!
Chapter 1443 Ancient Witch Tree
Chapter 1445 Who is the prey? Who is the hunter?
Chapter 1447 Killed the earth mantis?
Chapter 1449 The saint mends the sky and Su Chen mends the earth
Chapter 1451 The Meteor God Formation, open!
Chapter 1453 Seven Stars Guard
Chapter 1455 Turn around and take a look
Chapter 1457 The whereabouts of the ginseng doll
Chapter 1459 Even more confusing
Chapter 1461 A ginseng doll that can kill people?
Chapter 1463 Purple Light Divine Chain
Chapter 1465 The light of the wind tower shines on the past and present
Chapter 1467 The identity of the man in gray robe
Chapter 1468 News about the Holy Artifact Leaked
Chapter 1470 I am Qinglong Qinglong is me
Chapter 1471 I have a white tiger
Chapter 1473 Feng Xiaoxiao’s dream of getting rich
Chapter 1475 Brother-in-law, you are too cruel
Chapter 1476 Who is the biggest winner?
Chapter 1477 Destroy the transmission channel
Chapter 1478 Sun Dong’s back-up plan
Chapter 1479 The bald parrot returns empty-handed
Chapter 1480 The resentful monster arrives
Chapter 1481 The super strong are fighting?
Chapter 1482 The shock of the woman in the wind skirt
Chapter 1483 Thunder Beast Demonic Soul
Chapter 1484 Sacred Space
Chapter 1485 Traces of the Stigmata
Chapter 1486 Recognized
Chapter 1487 Princess Xiangxiang?
Chapter 1488 Why haven’t you woke up yet?
Chapter 1489 The pursuers arrive
Chapter 1490 The dramatic bald parrot
Chapter 1491 The confidence lies
Chapter 1492 This is the opportunity I give you
Chapter 1493 Broken Holy Artifact?
Chapter 1494 It’s my turn to take action!
Chapter 1495 Slap the mouth
Chapter 1496 The Daughter of King Chu Ba
Chapter 1497 Retreat one after another
Chapter 1498 Yan Fei left
Chapter 1499 The bet between Bald Parrot and Mr. Xu
Chapter 1500 Suppressing the Five Great Will Yuanyang
Chapter 1501 I don’t even like gambling with monsters!
Chapter 1502 I really did it!
Chapter 1503 Heading to the Treasure Land
Chapter 1504 River of Death
Chapter 1505 Know it well
Chapter 1506 Two guys chattering endlessly
Chapter 1507 Ice Blue Moon
Chapter 1508 Inside Story
Chapter 1509 Smaller than a dog hole
Chapter 1510 This divine bird is in poor health today
Chapter 1511 Horrible creatures appear
Chapter 1512 Dream Ice Butterfly
Chapter 1513 The Will of King Chu Overlord
Chapter 1514 The first person in the world to refine Hunyuan body
Chapter 1515 Hunyuan Body Refining Venerable Realm, Late Stage
Chapter 1516 There will be a battle sooner or later
Chapter 1517 You are both crazy!
Chapter 1518 I can’t run away now
Chapter 1519 Mr. Xu was arrested
Chapter 1520 The Eighth Wave Reappears
Chapter 1521 The elixir is all gone!
Chapter 1522 Who stole the elixir?
Chapter 1523: Blow and kill her
Chapter 1524 Wei Qiong comes after him
Chapter 1525 Ice Butterfly Clan Land
Chapter 1526 Four-Winged Ice Butterfly
Chapter 1527 The difficulty is not ordinary
Chapter 1528 Today is different from the past
Chapter 1529: One plan fails, another plan comes up
Chapter 1530 The Weakness of Ice Butterfly
Chapter 1531 The bald parrot seeking death
Chapter 1532 Golden Thread of Will
Chapter 1533 The drama is too much
Chapter 1534 Can’t run away!
Chapter 1535 Talking about others
Chapter 1536 A lot of involvement
Chapter 1537 The four-winged ice butterfly was frightened?
Chapter 1538 No one else?
Chapter 1539 Is there something wrong with that guy?
Chapter 1540 There is fairy land here
Chapter 1541 Su Chen’s strategy
Chapter 1542 The show is about to begin
Chapter 1543 Two hundred thousand ice butterflies
Chapter 1544 The counterattack of the golden ice butterfly
Chapter 1545 The combat power enters the early stage of Xuanlun
Chapter 1546 Choose to fulfill you
Chapter 1547 An unexpected gain
Chapter 1548 Golden Evil Mysterious Pearl
Chapter 1549 Who left this arrangement?
Chapter 1550 The real cordyceps
Chapter 1551 Parrots are not as good at calculating as humans
Chapter 1552 I advise you not to go into this muddy water
Chapter 1553 Uninvited Guest
Chapter 1554 Misunderstanding caused by a piece of peel
Chapter 1555 Six-Winged Ice Butterfly
Chapter 1556 Core Place
Chapter 1557 There are still three breaths left
Chapter 1558 The Illusion of the Abyss
Chapter 1559: The enemy? He is not worthy!
Chapter 1560 The power of self-protection
Chapter 1561 Lord Lie, long time no see
Chapter 1562 The Divine Blood of Life
Chapter 1563 The candle is in my heart, escape!
Chapter 1564 The fish is dead and the net is broken?
Chapter 1565 Kill? Or keep in captivity?
Chapter 1566 ‘Sea Transformation’ Level
Chapter 1567 Is this a must-win situation?
Chapter 1568 Scholars can be killed but not humiliated!
Chapter 1569 Lie Mingjing who refuses to admit his guilt
Chapter 1570 Your trump card is useless!
Chapter 1571 The power of evil reappears
Chapter 1572 Just a projection
Chapter 1573 Another Demon King?
Chapter 1574 The Power of ‘Devil Realm’
Chapter 1575 Boy, you are still too young
Chapter 1576 The origin of the demonic realm enters the body
Chapter 1577 Who will win?
Chapter 1578 The Transformation of the Demon-Destroying Eye
Chapter 1579 Do you want to eat me?
Chapter 1580 Return and fight again
Chapter 1581 The sixth floor of the Heart Tower, open
Chapter 1582 Divine Soul ‘Void Wheel’
Chapter 1583 There is no treasure that catches your eye
Chapter 1584 An unexpected gain
Chapter 1585 Overlapping Boundaries
Chapter 1586: A bad year, making mistakes again and again
Chapter 1587 Escaped by luck!
Chapter 1588 You did it, right?
Chapter 1589 Entering the Six-Winged Demon Butterfly King
Chapter 1590 It’s going to be difficult now
Chapter 1591 Locking God Chonglou
Chapter 1592 Entering the Sea of ??Consciousness
Chapter 1593 Targeting the Demon King’s Heart Tower
Chapter 1594 Getting more and more bold
Chapter 1595 Demon God’s Mark
Chapter 1596 Breakthrough begins
Chapter 1597 Five Laws
Chapter 1598 The Peak of Destiny
Chapter 1599 Conversation
Chapter 1600: Cut into pieces by a thousand cuts
Chapter 1601 Strength deceives teammates
Chapter 1602 I have no strength!
Chapter 1603 Where did I get the holy fire?
Chapter 1604: Swallowing all the source into the eyes of the heart
Chapter 1605 You should still worry about yourself
Chapter 1606 The sword is in your hand
Chapter 1607 The Will of the Demon God
Chapter 1608 Demons cannot cause harm to the world
Chapter 1609 Where is the opportunity?
Chapter 1610 The person who refines the God-locking Chonglou
Chapter 1611 Nine thousand times more powerful than others
Chapter 1612: Still going to catch the ‘big fish’
Chapter 1613 The thief Jiu Zhenzi
Chapter 1614 Scholars don’t care about gangsters
Chapter 1615 Wei Qiong and three others arrive and kill him
Chapter 1616 The abacus is so loud
Chapter 1617 Do you want your last name to be ‘grandson’?
Chapter 1618 It’s always ‘braised parrot’
Chapter 1619 Nine-Headed Dragon Horse-drawn Coffin
Chapter 1620 Qin Longyu’s true cultivation level
Chapter 1621 Nine Immortal River Leaves
Chapter 1622 Can’t change the habit of eating people
Chapter 1623: Everyone despises being a beggar
Chapter 1624 The Suzaku Divine Stone
Chapter 1625 The Secret of the Glazed Sky Fire Spear
Chapter 1626 The real blood of the holy beast
Chapter 1627 Qin Longyu’s vicious heart
Chapter 1628 The secret inside Qin Longyu’s body is revealed
Chapter 1629 The Situation in the Holy Land
Chapter 1630 The fateful enemy appears?
Chapter 1631 Forced
Chapter 1632 I have been guarding against you for a long time
Chapter 1633 The Great Qin Emperor Appears
Chapter 1634 The distraction of the ‘Nine-Faced Demon Lord’
Chapter 1635 Everything is planned
Chapter 1636 Purple Gold and Black Jade
Chapter 1637 Is there any backup plan?
Chapter 1638 Jiuzhenzi’s true purpose
Chapter 1639 Stop trying to take advantage of that dragon
Chapter 1640 The Evil Buddha's Object
Chapter 1641 There is a second plan
Chapter 1642 Great Five Elements Swordsmanship
Chapter 1643 Professional Timing
Chapter 1644 One leaf and one sword
Chapter 1645 A thousand times faster cultivation speed
Chapter 1646: Cultivation into the three realms
Chapter 1647 How about we join forces?
Chapter 1648 Blood of Demonic Dragon
Chapter 1649 Negotiated deal
Chapter 1650
Chapter 1651 Confusing
Chapter 1652 Flowing Fire Sikkim
Chapter 1653 I’ll call you ‘666’
Chapter 1654 Three Things
Chapter 1655 Rebellion in the Holy Land Begins
Chapter 1656 The power of the four saints, fusion
Chapter 1657 I want to become the Six-Winged Demon Butterfly King!
Chapter 1658 Demonic thoughts backlash
Chapter 1659 The bald parrot riding a tiger and unable to dismount
Chapter 1660 Jiuzhenzi’s true purpose
Chapter 1661 The Second Fusion
Chapter 1662 The source of the backlash of demonic thoughts
Chapter 1663: Pretending to be mysterious?
Chapter 1664 There is still my legend in the world
Chapter 1665 Power Imbalance
Chapter 1666 The hard work has paid off and it finally came true
Chapter 1667 The illusion of the abyss collapses!
Chapter 1668 One escaped
Chapter 1669: Ginger is still spicier when old
Chapter 1670 Let me show you something
Chapter 1671 Be patient
Chapter 1672 Ancient Book of Immortal Medicine
Chapter 1673 This is all taught by the bald parrot
Chapter 1674 If it’s lost, let’s find it
Chapter 1675 ‘The Cauldron Compass’ reappears
Chapter 1676 Test the hardness
Chapter 1677 The secret behind the golden tiles
Chapter 1678 A big shot is involved
Chapter 1679 Forced to ‘gift generously’
Chapter 1680 We were sworn brothers
Chapter 1681 The grudges from back then
Chapter 1682 Said so tactfully
Chapter 1683 Comparing who is faster
Chapter 1684 Entering the Holy Land Space
Chapter 1685 The brothers from back then
Chapter 1686 Being called ‘Benefactor’
Chapter 1687 Who is finished?
Chapter 1688 The big leader?
Chapter 1689 Dingtian God Sect
Chapter 1690 Who gave the order?
Chapter 1691 Seven days
Chapter 1692 Holy Dragon Canyon
Chapter 1693 The giant black ice sword standing in the sky
Chapter 1694 Mr. Yue Yue
Chapter 1695 'Cheap'
Chapter 1696 Bronze King! Silver King!
Chapter 1697 Totem Technique
Chapter 1698 Blood God Son takes action
Chapter 1699: Fake Surrender
Chapter 1700 Heart to the bright moon
Chapter 1701 You were fooled
Chapter 1702 Shura’s Wrath and the Destruction of All Life
Chapter 1703 You also have a sacred weapon!
Chapter 1704 The underworld rises to the grave and all the survivors are buried
Chapter 1705 Fighting alone in an empty wheel
Chapter 1706 Blackwater Fence
Chapter 1707 The person who died turned out to be...
Chapter 1708 The empty wheel is shattered
Chapter 1709: Giving help in times of need? Or adding insult to injury?
Chapter 1710 Kicked away
Chapter 1711 Drink away the Xuan Bing Sword Qi
Chapter 1712 Is this a help? Or an obstacle?
Chapter 1713 The secret must not be revealed
Chapter 1714 The fish took the bait
Chapter 1715 What do you mean?
Chapter 1716 The trump card is revealed
Chapter 1717 The Crazy Silver King
Chapter 1718 Totem Nine Eagles
Chapter 1719 I also prepared a big gift for you
Chapter 1720 The Great Destruction Pearl explodes!
Chapter 1721 Don’t believe it!
Chapter 1722 Double Star Waterfall Ice Sword
Chapter 1723: Show me this divine bird quickly!
Chapter 1724: Someone takes the lead?
Chapter 1725 Join forces to find the Stigma Leaf
Chapter 1726 Give up? Or continue?
Chapter 1727 The mighty team
Chapter 1728 Let’s let others explore the path first
Chapter 1729 The Divine Light of the Imperial Elephant Suppresses All Evils Forever
Chapter 1730 The Silver King Arrives
Chapter 1731 The fish bites the hook again
Chapter 1732 One wrong step, one wrong step
Chapter 1733 Methods to Control the Insect King
Chapter 1734 Nine Clouds Immortal Steel Needle
Chapter 1735 Doubts and Speculations
Chapter 1736 Chuyang Bubble
Chapter 1737 Determining the whereabouts of another token
Chapter 1738 Colorless homogenizing mask
Chapter 1739 is a bit confusing
Chapter 1740 The Ladder to the Sky
Chapter 1741 Revealing true colors
Chapter 1742 The war breaks out and the underground world changes
Chapter 1743 I can’t bear it anymore. Let’s run away.
Chapter 1744 The Madness of Demon Lingzi
Chapter 1745 Waiting for something
Chapter 1746 Collecting the Immortal Steel Needle
Chapter 1747: If you don’t see the rabbit, don’t let the eagle fly
Chapter 1748 Successfully Refined the First Formation Disk
Chapter 1749 Another trick on the bald parrot
Chapter 1750 Using ‘chicken feathers’ as command arrows
Chapter 1751 Refining the Swamp Demonic Land
Chapter 1752 There’s still a little bit left
Chapter 1753 Should you leave? Or stay?
Chapter 1754 A death knell will send you to reincarnation
Chapter 1755: Hanging up the body of Demon Lingzi
Chapter 1756 The Four Saints Go to War
Chapter 1757 Throw it on a tree and reflect
Chapter 1758 A lot of doubts
Chapter 1759 Young Master Yue Yue came to life
Chapter 1760 I call you...Senior Brother
Chapter 1761 Murderous Intent Revealed
Chapter 1762 The true identity of Young Master Yue Yue
Chapter 1763 Lord Demon Lord has a good memory
Chapter 1764 Hunyuan Demonic Qi
Chapter 1765 She is the only one left who can help you
Chapter 1766 What method should be used?
Chapter 1767 Ye Wuyan escapes from trouble?
Chapter 1768 Playing with Applause
Chapter 1769 Don’t even think about it
Chapter 1770 A surprising discovery
Chapter 1771 The Great Courage of the Nine-Faced Demon Lord
Chapter 1772 What to resist?
Chapter 1773 Evil Buddha Protects the Body
Chapter 1774 Entering the Heaven-creating Realm
Chapter 1775 The despicable Nine-faced Demon
Chapter 1776 I still have to thank you!
Chapter 1777 The legendary Avenue of Holy Light
Chapter 1778 You were fooled again!
Chapter 1779 The law and the avenue enter the body
Chapter 1780 The Peak of the Mysterious Wheel
Chapter 1781 The Battle Overseas of Law
Chapter 1782 The strength of Gu Mie Tian
Chapter 1783 Die Wuji
Chapter 1784 A disagreement
Chapter 1785 Fortunately, I was more cautious.
Chapter 1786 Listen to my advice
Chapter 1787 The storm is coming and the mountains are full of buildings
Chapter 1788 The distraction in capturing the Nine-Faced Demon Lord
Chapter 1789 If I gave it to you...
Chapter 1790 Kill Su Chen first
Chapter 1791 Gu Mietian takes action
Chapter 1792 The six-winged demon butterfly king appears
Chapter 1793 Thousand Light Hunyuan Escape
Chapter 1794 Demon Lingzi’s speculation
Chapter 1795 Leaving with the help of Demon Lingzi
Chapter 1796 Temporarily turning the corner
Chapter 1797 A powerful enemy suddenly appears
Chapter 1798 Fight and retreat
Chapter 1799 Have you laughed enough?
Chapter 1800 Witch Garden Thorns
Chapter 1801 The little fire phoenix is ??back
Chapter 1802 The traces of the battle were erased
Chapter 1803 Have you ever heard that a gentleman talks but does not use his hands?
Chapter 1804 Sorting out the spoils
Chapter 1805 The Secret of the Wooden Box
Chapter 1806 Witch God’s Weapon Refining Technique
Chapter 1807 Hitting the weak spot with one blow
Chapter 1808 Kao was captured
Chapter 1809 Going back on one's word
Chapter 1810 The Eye of the Demonic Dragon
Chapter 1811 Interrogation of Kao
Chapter 1812: Surprise or surprise? Unexpected or not?
Chapter 1813 Give you two ways
Chapter 1814 The sky monument controls the mountains and rivers
Chapter 1815 The house leaked and it rained all night
Chapter 1816 Brother-in-law, are you collecting garbage?
Chapter 1817 Leaving seriously injured
Chapter 1818 Preparing to attract Old Ghost Sun
Chapter 1819 Are you guys greeting me?
Chapter 1820: One more of you is not too much
Chapter 1821 Confrontation and Stalemate
Chapter 1822 Farewell to the Sudanese Master
Chapter 1823 Turn back
Chapter 1824 Cut off the head and use it as a urinal?
Chapter 1825 Drinking too much to fill your stomach
Chapter 1826 Negotiation? Or nonsense?
Chapter 1827 The Number of Sincerity
Chapter 1828 You come and I bargain
Chapter 1829 Reaching a Deal
Chapter 1830 The Master of the Sun Family
Chapter 1831 Su Chen’s dirty trick
Chapter 1832 The Forest of Sword Tombs
Chapter 1833 Demon Lingzi and Gu Mietian attack together
Chapter 1834 Alchemy Refining in a Tree Hole
Chapter 1835 The power of faith?
Chapter 1836 Thirteen Dharma Doors
Chapter 1837 What else do you want from me?
Chapter 1838 Think of another way
Chapter 1839 Snow in early spring?
Chapter 1840 Master, you are so partial
Chapter 1841 Gathering the Things of the Four Seasons
Chapter 1842 The Lamp of the Four Seasons
Chapter 1843 Seven Colors of Alchemy
Chapter 1844 Baptism of Pill Tribulation
Chapter 1845 Dao Chunqiu’s discovery
Chapter 1846 Youtian Mantis
Chapter 1847 A Difficult Battle
Chapter 1848 Finally recovered
Chapter 1849 Do you think this ‘pit’ is big?
Chapter 1850 Just the right amount of mental suppression
Chapter 1851 The Dao family pursues
Chapter 1852 The hexagram indicates great misfortune!
Chapter 1853 Trouble comes from the mouth
Chapter 1854 Six thousand feet underground
Chapter 1855 The Dao family is in a trap
Chapter 1856 Everyone is trapped
Chapter 1857 Everything is planned
Chapter 1858 Five hundred feet of soil collapsed
Chapter 1859 The miserable situation of the Dao family
Chapter 1860 Who did it?
Chapter 1861 Dao Chunqiu’s patience
Chapter 1862 A big gift for them both
Chapter 1863 Half-step to the Imperial Domain
Chapter 4 Touching the lips? Su Chen’s rogue
Chapter 1865 Framed?
Chapter 1866 Leaving the Forest of Sword Tombs
Chapter 1867 Familiar back figure
Chapter 1868 Ancient Magic Array
Chapter 1869 ‘Taking medicine’ Xuanlun?
Chapter 1870 Trump card?
Chapter 1871 You will definitely give me this face
Chapter 1872 Killing the Crazy Snake with Bare Hands
Chapter 1873 The Six Great Law Beasts
Chapter 1874 The Master of the Killing Hall: Worry at the sight of blood
Chapter 1875 The Iron Pen Judge is coming!
Chapter 1876 Deliberately delaying time?
Chapter 1877 The ‘Avenue of Holy Light’ reappears!
Chapter 1878 The last trouble
Chapter 1879 What went wrong?
Chapter 1880 The reason for victory
Chapter 1881 Su Chen’s conditions for betrothal
Chapter 1882 The ‘Big Deceiver’ Su Chen
Chapter 1883: Stop as soon as you see fit
Chapter 1884 What do you think we should do?
Chapter 1885 Six Wastes
Chapter 1886 You also have to compensate
Chapter 1887: One for two, you won’t lose either
Chapter 1888 How much is appropriate for you?
Chapter 1889 Isn’t this humiliating?
Chapter 1890 Bargaining
Chapter 1891: A righteous heart and a promising future
Chapter 1892 This is the attitude towards doing things!
Chapter 1893 Insincere Su Chen
Chapter 1894 Conversation
Chapter 1895 Invitation
Chapter 1896 Where the Devil Comes
Chapter 1897 Gu Mu Qingyuan
Chapter 1898 Another top ten sacred trees
Chapter 1899 Sudden Enemy
Chapter 1900 What about us?
Chapter 1901 ‘Paper Tiger’?
Chapter 1902 There are still enemies hiding in the dark
Chapter 1903 Treasure of Luck
Chapter 1904: Don’t do anything but do the same thing
Chapter 1905 The thunder platform is above and the thief is below
Chapter 1906 Cut! Cut! Cut!
Chapter 1907 Head-on confrontation!
Chapter 1908 The behavior of a madman
Chapter 1909 Allies???
Chapter 1910 It’s time to close the net!
Chapter 1911 Going further and further on the road to death
Chapter 1912 Xinyuan Killing Talisman
Chapter 1913 The Realm of the Immortal Wheel
Chapter 1914 The Technique of ‘Li Dai Tao Zhan’
Chapter 1915 Immortal wheel body, self-destruction
Chapter 1916 Capturing the Blood God Son
Chapter 1917 The Ship of the God of War
Chapter 1918 This thing is really defective
Chapter 1919 Could someone have tampered with it?
Chapter 1920 Maybe I really have changed
Chapter 1921 A more important thing
Chapter 1922 Golden Bricks
Chapter 1923 How great is the hope, how great is the disappointment
Chapter 1924 You guessed it right
Chapter 1925 I really don’t have any more
Chapter 1926 You are simply a scoundrel
Chapter 1927 There is no solution!
Chapter 1928 The last question
Chapter 1929 The location of Dao Chunqiu’s treasure
Chapter 1930 Exploring the Brick Space
Chapter 1931 Haitian Dragon and Lion
Chapter 1932 Who is deceiving whom?
Chapter 1933 Another form of Duobao Talisman
Chapter 1934 The trick of playing hard to get
Chapter 1935 A battle of wits and courage
Chapter 1936 The fake essence and blood was discovered?
Chapter 1937 The vitality of life in essence and blood
Chapter 1938: Capture people and take their blood
Chapter 1939 If the first plan fails, there is another plan
Chapter 1940 Discuss Countermeasures
Chapter 1941 Cutting the pulse! Bloodletting!
Chapter 1942 Are you reliable?
Chapter 1943 Like a drop of blood from a child
Chapter 1944 Wish me immediate success
Chapter 1945 Will I harm you?
Chapter 1946 The incident happened
Chapter 1947 Senior, I’m leaving
Chapter 1948 The Power of ‘Ancient Emperor’s Blood’
Chapter 1949 Witch Tao Forbidden Element Technique
Chapter 1950 The Furious Old Lion
Chapter 1951 Where to find a companion?
Chapter 1952 The biggest surprise
Chapter 1953 Runes are like words
Chapter 1954 This is the same as ‘writing an article’
Chapter 1955 I won’t fight you
Chapter 1956 I’m here to give you a blessing
Chapter 1957 Golden Jade Key
Chapter 1958 Drinking with Brother Ninth at the same table again
Chapter 1959 Chaos Dragon Liquid
Chapter 1960 Jiu Zhenzi’s Purpose
Chapter 1961 The Secret of ‘Ancient Emperor’s Blood’
Chapter 1962 A little tempered
Chapter 1963 Is the elixir poisonous?
Chapter 1964 Wanmu Divine Crystal
Chapter 1965 Vomiting bitterness
Chapter 1966 Is there a trap?
Chapter 1967 Boy, I advise you to be kind
Chapter 1968 Are you really that honest?
Chapter 1969 Deal with it carefully
Chapter 1970 The heart is in chaos
Chapter 1971 I don’t want you to sink too deep
Chapter 1972 Su Chen’s Qi and Blood
Chapter 1973 I am Canglong Emperor!
Chapter 1974 Practicing 'Chaos Eye Technique'
Chapter 1975 More of a warning
Chapter 1976 Next goal: Cultivation of the physical body
Chapter 1977 The power of the holy elephant appears!
Chapter 1978 'On the self-cultivation of 'sycophants'?'
Chapter 1979 Fifty rays of Saint Yuan Power
Chapter 1980 The petty ‘blood sorrow’
Chapter 1981 The savior of the young man in red
Chapter 1982 Another licking dog is born
Chapter 1983 Fire Slaughter True Lord
Chapter 1984 The bloody trick
Chapter 1985 Too stingy!
Chapter 1986 All comes next
Chapter 1987 No one is missing
Chapter 1988 Thank you for your enthusiastic participation!
Chapter 1989 The roar of bloody sorrow
Chapter 1990 The formation master is here
Chapter 1991 Must apologize
Chapter 1992 Flower in Jade
Chapter 1993 I don’t know who will be unlucky
Chapter 1994 Success or failure depends on this move
Chapter 1995 Make a fortune
Chapter 1996 The lion opens its mouth
Chapter 1997 The enemy appears
Chapter 1998 The Third Key to the Royal City
Chapter 1999 Too poor to eat
Chapter 2000 Bullwhip Fruit?
Chapter 2001 Making money starts from selling small pills
Chapter 2002 These are all business opportunities!
Chapter 2003 One Thousand and Eight Stalls
Chapter 2004 Nothing
Chapter 2005 What guess?
Chapter 2006 The world is both illusory and real
Chapter 2007 Someone dies suddenly
Chapter 2008 Young Master, it’s a great sale!
Chapter 2009 The discovery of Lie Mingjing
Chapter 2010 The little pill was robbed
Chapter 2011 The First Customer
Chapter 2012 A knife on the head
Chapter 2013 Just teach him a lesson
Chapter 2014 President of the Pharmacist Union
Chapter 2015 ‘Yaozu’ gives in
Chapter 2016 Sold out
Chapter 2017 Giving away 10% of the income
Chapter 2018 Competitors are coming
Chapter 2019 Eat the soft stuff but not the tough stuff
Chapter 2020 Teamwork
Chapter 2021 Discussion
Chapter 2022 Arrogant Wang Fugui
Chapter 2023 The Bald Parrot Returns
Chapter 2024 No need to act in front of me
Chapter 2025 Experience along the way
Chapter 2026 Back to the original inn
Chapter 2027: Using tiger skin as a banner
Chapter 2028 Wu Dahai
Chapter 2029 Tea instead of wine
Chapter 2030 The exquisite grilled ‘dragon and tiger’
Chapter 2031 Little Fire Phoenix Presents
Chapter 2032 Other plans
Chapter 2033 Finalize cooperation
Chapter 2034: Earn a million a day by talking silently
Chapter 2035 How the bald parrot makes money
Chapter 2036 Are you, Wang Fugui, blind?
Chapter 2037 The big prize draw begins
Chapter 2038 Lao Litou wins the prize
Chapter 2039: All they say is ‘Thank you for your patronage’?
Chapter 2040 Troublemaker
Chapter 2041 One million taels of bet
Chapter 2042 Are they all special prizes?
Chapter 2043 Hot Lottery Activities
Chapter 2044 Ninth Avenue is opened
Chapter 2045 Liu Xiongye holds a lottery
Chapter 2046 The shopkeeper, something happened
Chapter 2047 Business decline
Chapter 2048 Launching low-price elixir
Chapter 2049 Everyone has their own agenda
Chapter 2050 This land deed is real
Chapter 2051 ‘Golden Egg’ comes to power
Chapter 2052 Lucky Zhang Ershui
Chapter 2053 Uncle Gu
Chapter 2054 Various aspects of life
Chapter 2055 A complete defeat
Chapter 2056 Wang’s shop is on fire
Chapter 2057 Dark night falls and the golden eggs continue to be smashed
Chapter 2058 The bottle mouth is too small
Chapter 2059: Poached
Chapter 2060 Anyone who imitates me will die!
Chapter 2061 Copied intact
Chapter 2062 City Lord’s Mansion Law Enforcement Team
Chapter 2063 The First Arrow God
Chapter 2064 Taking the initiative to apologize
Chapter 2065 Let me do it instead!
Chapter 2066 Ninety-nine lashes!
Chapter 2067 One million taels of compensation
Chapter 2068 Restart the investigation
Chapter 2069 It’s more than just a big background
Chapter 2070 Liu Xiongye’s Countermeasures
Chapter 2071 Meeting the first acquaintance
Chapter 2072 Weird Compass
Chapter 2073 The murderer found?
Chapter 2074 Shameless Plagiarism
Chapter 2075 The booming business of Liu’s shop
Chapter 2076 The troublemakers are coming
Chapter 2077 The prizes are all fake
Chapter 2078 The wall fell and everyone pushed it
Chapter 2079 The Severe Punishment Order
Chapter 2080 On the right track
Chapter 2081 Zhang Ershui is here again
Chapter 2082 A desperate move
Chapter 2083 Uncle Gu is here again
Chapter 2084 The injustice of fate
Chapter 2085 A day’s income from smashing golden eggs
Chapter 2086 Asking about a person
Chapter 2087 Help with analysis
Chapter 2088 Someone died in the restaurant
Chapter 2089 The purge operation begins
Chapter 2090 Burned with fire
Chapter 2091 Checking the Body
Chapter 2092 Panic in the whole city
Chapter 2093 Captain Oil Head is Dead
Chapter 2094 Discuss Countermeasures
Chapter 2095 Beat it up
Chapter 2096 Theory of Cause and Effect
Chapter 2097 Antenna Gold Insect
Chapter 2098 The underground world of the ancient royal city
Chapter 2099 Soul Holding Pot
Chapter 2100 How much is your head worth?
Chapter 2101 It’s simply the ‘Soul Seizing Order’
Chapter 2102 Prince Dashang
Chapter 2103 Flying into an unusual home
Chapter 2104 The unexpected discovery of the bald parrot
Chapter 2105 Carrying the box back to the restaurant
Chapter 2106 I don’t know where the body is buried
Chapter 2107 Leave no trace
Chapter 2108 Carrying the coffin for Su Bapi!
Chapter 2109 Return to the restaurant together
Chapter 2110 The box was snatched away
Chapter 2111 Follow the clues?
Chapter 2112 Rhetoric
Chapter 2113 Eat a ball of fire
Chapter 2114 Both jade and stone are destroyed
Chapter 2115 The world-destroying arrow
Chapter 2116 The Wrath of Heaven
Chapter 2117 Woman in Black
Chapter 2118 Corpse Powder
Chapter 2119 A versatile little expert
Chapter 2120 Breaking the Balance of Reincarnation
Chapter 2121 Killing with a borrowed knife? Mutual benefit?
Chapter 2122 The people are saved
Chapter 2123 The price of conscience?
Chapter 2124 Free medicine delivery
Chapter 2125 Li Fugui is saved
Chapter 2126 Can’t be happy
Chapter 2127 Found the second ‘soul-binding pot’
Chapter 2128 Release of Human Soul Light Group
Chapter 2129 The Eye of Heaven is injured
Chapter 2130 Human Soul Armor
Chapter 2131 Golden Lotus of Merit
Chapter 2132 Some people choose to stand by and watch
Chapter 2133 If you believe me!
Chapter 2134 Temporary First Level of Emperor Realm
Chapter 2135 Underworld Death Finger
Chapter 2136 Ning Fenghun’s crazy counterattack
Chapter 2137 The King of the Ancient Royal City!
Chapter 2138 Obtaining the Golden Crow Divine Fire
Chapter 2139 The best ending
Chapter 2140 Selling ‘Ninth Avenue’ at a low price?
Chapter 2141 Unexpected Discovery
Chapter 2142 Make a lot of money?
Chapter 2143 Celestial Eclipse Compass
Chapter 2144 Invitation Letter
Chapter 2145 Unbelievable
Chapter 2146 There is a complete ‘making money’ plan
Chapter 2147 Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!
Chapter 2148 Valuation of Cologne Medicine Street
Chapter 2149 A total of one hundred shares
Chapter 2150 The person who leaked the information about the ‘Soul Capture Bottle’
Chapter 2151 Win-win cooperation
Chapter 2152 Shocked the whole audience
Chapter 2153 Is it reliable?
Chapter 2154 If you have any questions, you can ask them now
Chapter 2155: Just talk and cheat hundreds of billions?
Chapter 2156 Don’t take it lightly
Chapter 2157 Promise to Lao Niu
Chapter 2158 Make the jade pendant look like yourself
Chapter 2159 A set of plans for one hundred elixirs
Chapter 2160 Shameless Advertising Slogan
Chapter 2161 It’s not awkward at all
Chapter 2162 Consumption is the core
Chapter 2163 Activity 3: Building momentum
Chapter 2164 Opening the day after tomorrow
Chapter 2165 Someone is making trouble
Chapter 2166 Liu Xiangfei’s weird attitude
Chapter 2167 You two are the only ones with more clever ideas
Chapter 2168 Deliberately Confusing the Enemy
Chapter 2169 Start promoting ‘Ninth Avenue’
Chapter 2170 The reaction of the pharmacists union
Chapter 2171 Get a lucky prize
Chapter 2172 No purchase restrictions!
Chapter 2173 Once sold, it will not be returned or exchanged
Chapter 2174 The person you should be wary of most
Chapter 2175 Trouble is coming
Chapter 2176 Marks on the elixir
Chapter 2177 Is this okay?
Chapter 2178 We seem to be late
Chapter 2179 This is no ordinary flame!
Chapter 2180 Not in the same group
Chapter 2181 The lines were snatched away
Chapter 2182 This is a frame-up!
Chapter 2183 The troublemaker is here again
Chapter 2184 To calm everyone’s shock
Chapter 2185 It doesn’t work at all
Chapter 2186 The arrogant President Bai
Chapter 2187 High Threshold
Chapter 2188 The Market of One Hundred Thousand Villages
Chapter 2189 The Harvest of the First Day
Chapter 2190 Tips?
Chapter 2191 Opportunity to make meritorious deeds
Chapter 2192: Eliminating harm for the people
Chapter 2193 The change brought about by a pill
Chapter 2194: Take action, leave nothing behind
Chapter 2195 Only I can help you
Chapter 2196 Legend, cannot be copied
Chapter 2197 Business Wizards
Chapter 2198 Is it really possible?
Chapter 2199 The methods of the pharmacists union
Chapter 2200 Tonight is very lively
Chapter 2201 Not everyone dares to swallow my money
Chapter 2202 300 billion compensation
Chapter 2203 Master Liu, who are you planning to be rude to?
Chapter 2204 Have a good trip!
Chapter 2205: Very angry
Chapter 2206 The strong are respected
Chapter 2207 New day, new storm
Chapter 2208 The Pharmacist Union is finished
Chapter 2209 All your hard work was in vain?
Chapter 2210 Do you have so much money?
Chapter 2211 General Zhennan
Chapter 2212 Blood Grave Demon Seed
Chapter 2213: Free prostitution? Scumbag?
Chapter 2214 The situation is urgent
Chapter 2215 How about half of each of us?
Chapter 2216 Lao Jin, you are still happy
Chapter 2217 Do you dare to stop me?
Chapter 2218 Reaching Consensus
Chapter 2219 Everyone has their own agenda
Chapter 2220 Fetching water from a bamboo basket is in vain
Chapter 2221 Demon Lingzi’s next move
Chapter 2222 Su Chen arrives
Chapter 2223: Know your mistakes and be able to correct them
Chapter 2224 The killer move on the IOU
Chapter 2225 A strange place
Chapter 2226 Knocking on the door at night
Chapter 2227 A family of four
Chapter 2228 Continuous Cycle
Chapter 2229 Looking for loopholes
Chapter 2230 We will see the outcome tonight
Chapter 2231 The Spirit of Incense
Chapter 2232 Overlord’s Fist
Chapter 2233 The cowardly bald parrot
Chapter 2234 Incense Crystal
Chapter 2235 Chaos on Ninth Avenue
Chapter 2236 The power of great power?
Chapter 2237 Blood Prison Suppresses the World
Chapter 2238 The whereabouts of Dao Laogui
Chapter 2239 Ancient Witch Cure
Chapter 2240 Feng Xiaoxiao was injured
Chapter 2241 I promise to beat you until your ass blossoms
Chapter 2242: A scholar meets a soldier. I can’t explain why.
Chapter 2243 Original Dao Qi
Chapter 2244 Colorful Avenue of Light!
Chapter 2245 The mutation in Dao Laogui
Chapter 2246 The Peak of Xuanlun
Chapter 2247 The whereabouts of Origin Daohai
Chapter 2248 Immortal Red Fruit
Chapter 2249 Just die like this?
Chapter 2250 Is it her?
Chapter 2251 Codename: Zero Zero Nine
Chapter 2252 The original ‘treasure’ avenue
Chapter 2253 Sent to Auction
Chapter 2254 The day when the black puppet is wrapped
Chapter 2255 The bald parrot panicked
Chapter 2256 Qin Longyu returns
Chapter 2257 Shuihuo Zhenren? Coincidence?
Chapter 2258 First and second, the master of the platform?
Chapter 2259 Shura Blood Drinking Knife
Chapter 2260 Do you know her?
Chapter 2261 I hope the property can be returned to its original owner
Chapter 2262 Meet the ‘Heart of the Great’ Again
Chapter 2263 One million source coins!
Chapter 2264 Bidding with each other
Chapter 2265 We are not short of money
Chapter 2266 Half-step genuine holy weapon
Chapter 2267 Not only a soldier but also an immortal
Chapter 2268 Big breasts and no brains
Chapter 2269 Crazy Qin Longyu
Chapter 2270 Hold your nose and admit it
Chapter 2271 Do you think I, Mr. Su, am fasting and chanting Buddha’s name?
Chapter 2272 So damn rich
Chapter 2273 Gu Mietian’s actions
Chapter 2274 'Emperor's Heavenly Book'
Chapter 2275 The heroes move
Chapter 2276 One is richer than the other
Chapter 2277 It turned out to be acting
Chapter 2278 Another double bid!
Chapter 2279 There is something wrong with this woman
Chapter 2280 Comparing me, Qin Longyu, with ‘Wangcai’?
Chapter 2281 Why should I run?
Chapter 2282 Green Dragon Holy Horn
Chapter 2283 What kind of borrowing method?
Chapter 2284 Nine departures and thirteen returns?
Chapter 2285 Qin Longyu’s path to borrowing money
Chapter 2286 The mark of ‘Golden Yuanbao’
Chapter 2287 Are you two brothers?
Chapter 2288 To sign a contract
Chapter 2289 Failed again this time!
Chapter 2290 Qin Longyu’s source coins are not enough
Chapter 2291 Mortgage your cultivation
Chapter 2292 The winner is announced
Chapter 2293 A treasure more valuable than the ‘Green Dragon Holy Horn’
Chapter 2294 Just keep working hard!
Chapter 2295 Is there any basis?
Chapter 2296 ‘Feixi’ was treated as an onion
Chapter 2297 From now on, the price will increase!
Chapter 2298 There is no spring that will not come
Chapter 2299 Qi and blood refining dragon essence
Chapter 2300 The Great Completion of the Hunyuan Holy Elephant Realm
Chapter 2301 'Legendary Storm: God of War Su Chen'
Chapter 2302 What bullshit
Chapter 2303 Go and stay in the dirt pit
Chapter 2304 Everything is in chaos
Chapter 2305 The ownership of the original avenue
Chapter 2306 The auction of the last treasure
Chapter 2307 Luck Dzi Bead
Chapter 2308 What nonsense are you talking about?
Chapter 2309 Also known as the ‘Pearl of Doom’?
Chapter 2310 Forgot?
Chapter 2311 Crazy Competition
Chapter 2312 Gu Mietian’s bid
Chapter 2313 Please listen to me!
Chapter 2314 Everyone is united
Chapter 2315 Why didn’t you help me?
Chapter 2316 Bubuka is here again
Chapter 2317 Rat crossing the street, everyone shouts to beat him
Chapter 2318 The confrontation between Qin Longyu and Mo Lingzi
Chapter 2319 Defeated after all?
Chapter 2320 The young master is brilliant!
Chapter 2321 Rescue
Chapter 2322 Flower Protector?
Chapter 2323 The three methods monk takes action
Chapter 2324 How can you thank me?
Chapter 2325 The Fourth Level of the Imperial Realm—Heavenly Throne
Chapter 2326 Sudden changes
Chapter 2327 I only need to punch one!
Chapter 2328 Escape with the sword
Chapter 2329 The guy who hides his head but misses his tail
Chapter 2330 The void that has been ‘replenished’
Chapter 2331 One punch per person
Chapter 2332 The aura of death
Chapter 2333 The opportunity has come?
Chapter 2334 Catch them all in one fell swoop
Chapter 2335 This world needs fire!
Chapter 2336: Force out the attacker
Chapter 2337 Send you to the guillotine
Chapter 2338: Suck it dry before talking about it
Chapter 2339 Choosing the person to take the lead
Chapter 2340: Scolded the Great Emperor of All Evil?
Chapter 2341 Suppressing the Sea of ??All Evils
Chapter 2342 Studying the ‘Fish Eye’ Rune
Chapter 2343 Meeting the Bald Parrot Again
Chapter 2344 Xian’er’s situation
Chapter 2345 Apostle of Yama
Chapter 2346 Shadow of Death
Chapter 2347 Who was fooled?
Chapter 2348 Tears in the eyes
Chapter 2349 The true identity of the ghost general
Chapter 2350 I am willing to be with you through thick and thin
Chapter 2351 Is it a foregone conclusion?
Chapter 2352 The exit channel was destroyed
Chapter 2353 I’m afraid you are still living in a dream!
Chapter 2354 Act as planned
Chapter 2355 You are not qualified to know!
Chapter 2356 Bald Parrot Feathers
Chapter 2357 Suppressing the Apostles of Yama
Chapter 2358 The Empress is born?
Chapter 2359 Kao was frightened
Chapter 2360 Weird request
Chapter 2361 Understanding the Heavenly Destruction Talisman
Chapter 2362 The Demon Spirit Arrives
Chapter 2363 Shut up!
Chapter 2364 Catch them all in one fell swoop
Chapter 2365 I can’t hold it anymore
Chapter 2366 The Lord of the Ninth Palace—King of Pingping
Chapter 2367 Discovery of the Empress
Chapter 2368 How can you be okay?
Chapter 2369 Nine-Headed Dog of Hell
Chapter 2370 The bet between the bald parrot and the three old monsters
Chapter 2371 Created a smaller version of ‘self’?
Chapter 2372 Three old scoundrels
Chapter 2373 Intimidating Gu Mietian
Chapter 2374 Shocking attempt
Chapter 2375 Battle between Souls and Spirits
Chapter 2376 Remember to call me Lord
Chapter 2377 Lin Jingyue’s Instructions
Chapter 2378 Return to the First Sword City
Chapter 2379 The world is far away, and I can only accompany one person in my life
Chapter 2380 The people are gone and the shadows are far away.
Chapter 2381 The first city in the northwest has arrived
Chapter 2382 Master Yun is here?
Chapter 2383 Kneel down! Beg for mercy!
Chapter 2384 My Grandpa’s Master
Chapter 2385 Dark Gourmet Cuisine
Chapter 2386 Golden Flame of the Pagoda
Chapter 2387 A Black Water Sect appears halfway
Chapter 2388: Transform into corpse and destroy soul into ashes
Chapter 2389 I’ll give you a big gift
Chapter 2390 Everyone from the Blackwater Sect is here
Chapter 2391: Killing relatives for justice
Chapter 2392 Only children make choices
Chapter 2393 Let’s make a deal
Chapter 2394 Qingzhu’s reaction
Chapter 2395 The city is alarmed
Chapter 2396 The sky is big and the earth is big, the wife is the biggest
Chapter 2397 Kill them all
Chapter 2398 The Fear of Hu Yuanlong
Chapter 2399 You read that right, it’s me!
Chapter 2400 It’s really hard to change the situation
Chapter 2401: Standing on the wrong team
Chapter 2402 Everyone has a fair chance of survival
Chapter 2403 Bring Xianer in
Chapter 2404 The Fear of Master Xu
Chapter 2405 Three days is enough
Chapter 2406 Dealing with corpse poison
Chapter 2407 Uncle is old
Chapter 2408 Can still break through three realms
Chapter 2409 Cowhide is flying all over the sky
Chapter 2410 One life is worth one?
Chapter 2411 Su Buye’s anger
Chapter 2412 Does anyone feel that they have been wronged?
Chapter 2413 If you can survive, write it off
Chapter 2414 Arrangement of the Guardian Formation
Chapter 2415 Su Yun’s whereabouts
Chapter 2416 Xiao Dayuan
Chapter 2417 The entire army was annihilated
Chapter 2418 The ‘Liu Family’ of the Tianmen Gate
Chapter 2419 Do you want to be my servant?
Chapter 2420 I want to fight for it
Chapter 2421 Who will give me a way out for the Xiao family?
Chapter 2422 Arriving at Dongyang Mansion
Chapter 2423 The special features of Longxi Spring
Chapter 2424 The white-haired old man’s fear
Chapter 2425 Someone is plotting against Su Yun
Chapter 2426 Dongbuleng
Chapter 2427 Su Yun has a sweetheart?
Chapter 2428 The situation on the island
Chapter 2429 Everyone has a grudge against Jianmen?
Chapter 2430 Su Yun’s Growth
Chapter 2431 Shameless Jianxuan
Chapter 2432 Beishan Sword Master Appears
Chapter 2433 Besieged on all sides
Chapter 2434 The Peach Fairy Fruit was snatched away
Chapter 2435 Where did the betrayal come from?
Chapter 2436 Another conspiracy drama
Chapter 2437 Senior sister is here?
Chapter 2438 I can only blame you for being stupid
Chapter 2439 Dog bites dog, who has the last laugh
Chapter 2440 How do you want them to die?
Chapter 2441 This place is suitable for burying bones
Chapter 2442 Are there new forces on the island?
Chapter 2443 The mysterious death of Qingwazi
Chapter 2444 Evil Alliance Token
Chapter 2445 Tracking the Evil Alliance Killer
Chapter 2446 Locking the position
Chapter 2447: There may be a secret behind the evil alliance?
Chapter 2448 The Panic of Blood Tuo King Kong
Chapter 2449 Xiao Ding’s plan
Chapter 2450 One mountain cannot tolerate two tigers
Chapter 2451 My young master invites you!
Chapter 2452 Let’s go when you’re ready
Chapter 2453 Am I intimate with a spirit body?
Chapter 2454 Are you the real wheel-turning power?
Chapter 2455: Fight hard
Chapter 2456 Investigating the murderer
Chapter 2457 Is this script wrong?
Chapter 2458 No one has arrived yet
Chapter 2459 Confrontation
Chapter 2460 Is he the murderer of the Evil Alliance?
Chapter 2461 I will die without regrets
Chapter 2462 Xia Zhao ran away
Chapter 2463 Dong Wuguang
Chapter 2464 Where is the second uncle?
Chapter 2465 The secret room was blown open?
Chapter 2466 Another good show is about to begin
Chapter 2467 Is he Master Xie?
Chapter 2468 Dongbuleng’s identity
Chapter 2469 Do you have evidence?
Chapter 2470 Have you fallen into the devil's path?
Chapter 2471 This is another unlucky guy
Chapter 2472 Are you kidding me?
Chapter 2473 A more terrifying secret
Chapter 2474 You are definitely not Dong Wuguang
Chapter 2475: Burning Heaven’s Zang and Severing Five Fingers
Chapter 2476 Dongbuleng’s true self was suppressed?
Chapter 2477 Collecting Information
Chapter 2478 The secret of the iron piece
Chapter 2479 Which emperor is this reincarnation?
Chapter 2480: Rush, the back wave
Chapter 2481 Two choices
Chapter 2482 First stop: Dan Pavilion
Chapter 2483, Grandma Tongshan
Chapter 2484 Feng Yixin’s Abnormality
Chapter 2485 A demon who talks about loyalty?
Chapter 2486 Where is the Demon Emperor’s dignity?
Chapter 2487 Are you an undercover agent?
Chapter 2488 The attitude of the royal family
Chapter 2489 All dead
Chapter 2490 Do you recognize the master?
Chapter 2491 The raging war
Chapter 2492 Immortality Essence and Blood
Chapter 2493 Sixth Heaven, Emperor Daoyun?
Chapter 2494 Ancient Sage Great Alchemy Master
Chapter 2495 Then fifty years
Chapter 2496 Nominal Pavilion Master
Chapter 2497 Too late?
Chapter 2498 Bubuka is here to collect debts
Chapter 2499 The First Sword City was bombed
Chapter 2500 Then you need to pay more
Chapter 2501 Incident in the Southwest
Chapter 2502: Taking your bloodline and transforming it into a magic spell
Chapter 2503 It turns out to be a fake
Chapter 2504 The Holy Son of the Purple Demon Clan
Chapter 2505 Ye Tianxiao’s denial
Chapter 2506 Bubuka’s excitement
Chapter 2507 Stirring up the situation
Chapter 2508 The body is missing?
Chapter 2509 The real confrontation
Chapter 2510 Who is playing tricks on whom?
Chapter 2511 Refusing to admit it
Chapter 2512 Interrogation
Chapter 2513 Start taking action
Chapter 2514 Critical Moment
Chapter 2515 I can’t keep you here
Chapter 2516 Yan Fei Arrives
Chapter 2517 Good Fortune Dragon Tower
Chapter 2518 Feng Xiaoxiao appears again
Chapter 2519 The sudden space door
Chapter 2520 Overlooked details
Chapter 2521 The Secret of the Nine-Headed Dog of Hell
Chapter 2522 Boundary Bridge
Chapter 2523 My wife is the daughter of Hades?
Chapter 2524 Quicksand River
Chapter 2525 The Lord of the Sword Sect ‘Liang Jiujue’
Chapter 2526 A huge change of life and death
Chapter 2527 Starlight across the sky
Chapter 2528 Physical Breakthrough
Chapter 2529 Cooperation between Bald Parrot and Little Fire Phoenix
Chapter 2530 The God of Hades is born?
Chapter 2531 Tai Chi Thunder
Chapter 2532 Six Paths of Reincarnation
Chapter 2533 Dongbuleng’s insidiousness
Chapter 2534 You can act, can’t I?
Chapter 2535: You thought you picked up a genius?
Chapter 2536 Jiu Zhenzi is here
Chapter 2537 Competitors
Chapter 2538 Two for one
Chapter 2539 Transaction Completed
Chapter 2540 Dong Wuguang’s true identity
Chapter 2541 The secret inside the Dragon Tower of Creation
Chapter 2542 Star Power Creates a World
Chapter 2543 The fusion of the sacred weapon failed
Chapter 2544: Unsightly, insulting to all three views
Chapter 2545 Is there something wrong with the inheritance of the Demon Emperor?
Chapter 2546 Bubuka is full of resentment
Chapter 2547 Yan Fei’s invitation
Chapter 2548 The Great Chu Donglin Mansion
Chapter 2549 Conflict in the teahouse
Chapter 2550 Kill them all
Chapter 2551 Do you want to attack me?
Chapter 2552 Yan Fei’s Manor
Chapter 2553 Yan Tieshuang’s domineering power
Chapter 2554 Meeting Li Changsheng again
Chapter 2555: Showing off at first sight
Chapter 2556 Snow Mountain Phoenix Essence
Chapter 2557 A drop of emperor’s blood in the ‘Tao Yun Realm’
Chapter 2558 I can turn it into a fake for you if it’s true
Chapter 2559 Why is it inappropriate?
Chapter 2560 Do you really think so highly of this guy?
Chapter 2561 Gu Heng
Chapter 2562 God said that?
Chapter 2563 Stolen from the Tang Dynasty Palace
Chapter 2564 Fairy Linglong
Chapter 2565 Li Changsheng’s methods
Chapter 2566 The attack of Sun and Moon Yama
Chapter 2567 The Emperor of Heaven Arrives
Chapter 2568 A trace of luck
Chapter 2569 Who wants to see me?
Chapter 2570 Cining Palace, which bitch’s doghouse?
Chapter 2571 Is there a traitor in the Su family?
Chapter 2572 Check one by one
Chapter 2573 Sunan fell into the devil's path
Chapter 2574 Is the clan leader a traitor?
Chapter 2575, Determining the identity of the traitor
Chapter 2576: The road is facing the sky, everyone goes to one side
Chapter 2577 Eight Hundred Miles Expedited? Haha
Chapter 2578 Xiao Ding’s suspicion
Chapter 2579 The Queen’s Denial
Chapter 2580 Don’t play by the rules
Chapter 2581 What is this?
Chapter 2582 Arrogant Dragon Guard
Chapter 2583 Shangguan Road’s unique luck skills
Chapter 2584 Xiao Ding’s cruelty
Chapter 2585 Uproar
Chapter 2586 Coincidence? Or an ulterior plan?
Chapter 2587 The old beggar is here
Chapter 2588 It’s a long story
Chapter 2589 The man behind the scenes
Chapter 2590 Cheng Yaojin shows up halfway
Chapter 2591 Find a beggar
Chapter 2592 Going to celebrate birthday
Chapter 2593 The Chi family’s tyranny
Chapter 2594 An Xiaoxi’s Transformation
Chapter 2595, I have a good heart, but you want to die
Chapter 2596 Chi Hengji
Chapter 2597 Bloody Disaster
Chapter 2598 Pretending? Or really unaware?
Chapter 2599 Dutian Mingyan
Chapter 2600 The so-called gift
Chapter 2601 The fight started
Chapter 2602 No poison, no husband
Chapter 2603 The existence behind the Chi family
Chapter 2604 Chi Gui’s grandson?
Chapter 2605 Chi Zu was surrounded and killed
Chapter 2606 Entering the Imperial City
Chapter 2607 Emperor Qin is not in the capital?
Chapter 2608 The imperial mausoleum caught fire?
Chapter 2609 Erotic Picture
Chapter 2610: Good-looking but useless
Chapter 2611 Cining loses power
Chapter 2612 Death of Xiang Fei
Chapter 2613 The man behind the scenes
Chapter 2614 Successfully rescued Xian'er
Chapter 2615 King Runyuan of Tao Yun Realm
Chapter 2616 Suppression and Fighting
Chapter 2617 Incredible
Chapter 2618: Backed by the Supreme
Chapter 2619 Emperor Qin’s Luck Golden Body
Chapter 2620 Reach out for compensation
Chapter 2621 The Chi family is wiped out
Chapter 2622 Xianer was bullied
Chapter 2623 Zhou Yi
Chapter 2624 No one dared to say a word
Chapter 2625: One person declares war on another
Chapter 2626 Leaving the division
Chapter 2627 A moment of battle
Chapter 2628 The Transformation of the Immortal Wheel and the Five Elements Realm
Chapter 2629 I’m here to give gifts
Chapter 2630 Underworld Sword Formation
Chapter 2631 Zhou Family Treasure House?
Chapter 2632 Want to have sex for free?
Chapter 2633 Are you sure you want to search for my soul?
Chapter 2634 Am I familiar with you?
Chapter 2635 The Origin of the Zhou Family
Chapter 2636 The truth of the matter
Chapter 2637: Speechless
Chapter 2638 Wrangling
Chapter 2639 Cooperation?
Chapter 2640 Is it really settled?
Chapter 2641 Original Emperor Crystal
Chapter 2642: Opportunity to make up for shortcomings
Chapter 2643: Looting the Martial Arts Mark
Chapter 2644 No destruction, no establishment
Chapter 2645 Xingtian Will Giant
Chapter 2646 The last martial arts mark
Chapter 2647 Ancestor Xingtian’s evil thoughts?
Chapter 2648 Only the last ax is left
Chapter 2649 Three Lives of Vitality
Chapter 2650 Breakthrough of Divine Soul Will
Chapter 2651 One thousand yuan per question
Chapter 2652 Recharging is the way to go
Chapter 2653 Full of bad intentions
Chapter 2654 Obtained 100,000 Origin Emperor Crystals
Chapter 2655 Making Five Million Crazy Money
Chapter 2656 The evil intention of sending Ancestor Xingtian
Chapter 2657 Continue to deceive
Chapter 2658 Great Qin is shocked
Chapter 2659 Do you think I still have a chance?
Chapter 2660 The insidious Jiu Zhenzi
Chapter 2661 The Yan family runs away
Chapter 2662 You have no right to speak
Chapter 2663 He can’t go in
Chapter 2664 Fooling Liu Shenyi
Chapter 2665 Rich and wealthy
Chapter 2666 No need to give in
Chapter 2667 You are not a good person either
Chapter 2668 Everyone’s Suspicion
Chapter 2669 Ancient Ruins Elder
Chapter 2670 The plot is not small
Chapter 2671 The lion opens its mouth
Chapter 2672 I want you to help me deal with someone
Chapter 2673 The troublemaker is here
Chapter 2674 Chasing this soul and cutting off this god
Chapter 2675 The Sun family is also here
Chapter 2676 Everyone must keep it secret
Chapter 2677 In wind or rain, the Sun family welcomes you
Chapter 2678: Happy? Or surprised?
Chapter 2679 Killing the Immortal Realm is like butchering a dog
Chapter 2680 Biting and not letting go
Chapter 2681 Jiuzhenzi takes action
Chapter 2682 What do you mean?
Chapter 2683: Do you want to eliminate these distractions?
Chapter 2684 Dongbuleng continues to cause trouble
Chapter 2685 To satisfy you
Chapter 2686 Tossing to the point of doubting life
Chapter 2687 The fear of Qiu Mingtang
Chapter 2688 Wanli sends money, I like it
Chapter 2689 Dashang’s crazy plan
Chapter 2690 Just such an image?
Chapter 2691 I have little energy
Chapter 2692 The Immortal Elder of Taixuan Sect
Chapter 2693 Everyone’s Misunderstanding
Chapter 2694 Monk Ikkyu
Chapter 2695 Are you a donkey?
Chapter 2696 Qin Longyu’s routine
Chapter 2697 It’s actually an investment
Chapter 2698 Is there anyone else who wants to bid?
Chapter 2699 Doubled
Chapter 2700 The first emperor to take action
Chapter 2701 Monk Ikkyu’s killer move
Chapter 2702 The truth is exposed
Chapter 2703 The Power of Time Avenue
Chapter 2704 Death of Monk Ikkyu
Chapter 2705 Using the Immortal Emperor as a Whetstone
Chapter 2706 Su Chen’s first avenue of origin
Chapter 2707 You know nothing about my power
Chapter 2708 Taixuanzong’s plan
Chapter 2709 An hour
Chapter 2710 Forced Attack
Chapter 2711 Feng Xiaoxiao’s insidious plan
Chapter 2712 The big evil is born
Chapter 2713 Hongmeng Fire Turtle
Chapter 2714 The Ancestral Formation Opens and the Mountain Gate Guards
Chapter 2715 You can’t kill me
Chapter 2716 Hongmeng Fire Turtle’s Actions
Chapter 2717 Baixiao World
Chapter 2718 Jin Chanzi’s enemies
Chapter 2719 Dragon Veins Falling into the Desert of the Sea
Chapter 2720 Another cave entrance
Chapter 2721 Looking for partners
Chapter 2722 Bullshit
Chapter 2723 Isn’t this money so profitable?
Chapter 2724 Bubuka’s strength
Chapter 2725 Hell Supreme
Chapter 2726 Maybe it’s for you
Chapter 2727 Kunxu Supreme
Chapter 2728 Su Chen’s uneasiness
Chapter 2729 The seal is torn open and death appears in the world
Chapter 2730 Evil Moon Crossing the Wheel
Chapter 2731 The shock of the ancient dragon vein
Chapter 2732 The Evil Moon Transforms into Underworld Tribulation
Chapter 2733 Why haven’t you come yet?
Chapter 2734 King Yama is born
Chapter 2735 Not yet desperate
Chapter 2736 The Second Yins Temple Arrives
Chapter 2737 Intrigue
Chapter 2738 The Revenge of King Yama
Chapter 2739 The function of the Heavenly Destruction Talisman
Chapter 2740 The Guardian of Jiu Zhenzi
Chapter 2741 Race against time
Chapter 2742 The Second Origin Avenue
Chapter 2743 The number is astonishing
Chapter 2744: Disaster for Thousand Years
Chapter 2745 Seven Colored Sea of ??Tribulation
Chapter 2746: Touching the rules and taboos
Chapter 2747 What is suffering? What is calamity?
Chapter 2748 Becoming the Great Emperor of All Laws
Chapter 2749: Riding the tiger away from the mountain?
Chapter 2750 The clone of the Emperor of Heaven died
Chapter 2751 The bold Su Chen
Chapter 2752 This thank you gift is a bit big
Chapter 2753 Longyuan City
Chapter 2754 Is the benefactor coming?
Chapter 2755 The enemy of the black dragon
Chapter 2756 Defeated?
Chapter 2757 Unilateral crushing
Chapter 2758 Can White Dragon win?
Chapter 2759 Guidance
Chapter 2760 The Cui Family Emperor
Chapter 2761 Go crazy before death?
Chapter 2762 The incarnation of the essence and blood of the eighth ancestor of the Cui family
Chapter 2763 Is the backer coming?
Chapter 2764 Crush
Chapter 2765 Heartbreaking
Chapter 2766 He is a talent that can be made
Chapter 2767 The extraordinary Tong Qiuyan
Chapter 2768 Do you really think that I, Su Chen, dare not kill anyone?
Chapter 2769 Enemies from previous lives meet?
Chapter 2770 Cui Bazu is here
Chapter 2771 The special features of the Hou Mansion space
Chapter 2772 No bones left
Chapter 2773 An unjust death
Chapter 2774 Shameless
Chapter 2775 The Taoist Master of the Ancient Land cursed people
Chapter 2776 Killing to silence?
Chapter 2777 Su Chen’s new business
Chapter 2778 This is a temptation
Chapter 2779 The Dark Wind Dominates
Chapter 2780 Give the Lord a cuckold
Chapter 2781 The cunning old man Kunxu
Chapter 2782 It’s endless, right?
Chapter 2783 Reallocation of quotas
Chapter 2784 Have you ever asked me for my opinion?
Chapter 2785 Being treated as a soft persimmon
Chapter 2786 The blood of the Supreme?
Chapter 2787 You should respect your seniors
Chapter 2788 You actually want to sell it for money?
Chapter 2789 Three hundred places
Chapter 2790 Shi Tianyu
Chapter 2791 Looking for a fight, right?
Chapter 2792 Shameless
Chapter 2793 Recruitment from Hell
Chapter 2794 It’s not that it can’t be discussed
Chapter 2795: Digging into the Tang Empire
Chapter 2796 Scared
Chapter 2797 Get the Sun Knife
Chapter 2798 Battle with the Supreme
Chapter 2799 Shenlongyuan Order
Chapter 2800 A quota of one billion
Chapter 2801 I didn’t expect you to be this kind of person
Chapter 2802 Supreme Immortal Medicine
Chapter 2803 Losing his wife and losing his troops
Chapter 2804 A group of jealous guys
Chapter 2805 The Expression of Goodwill from the Supreme Being of Spring and Autumn Period
Chapter 2806 Leaving one after another
Chapter 2807 The person who masters the inheritance of the ‘Ten Square Array’
Chapter 2808 What a big gift
Chapter 2809 The true identities of the three alien races
Chapter 2810 Complex Situation
Chapter 2811 You are dishonest
Chapter 2812 Kunxu Supreme’s plan
Chapter 2813 The iron rooster with no hair removed
Chapter 2814 No wonder you keep a low profile
Chapter 2815 New cooperation plan
Chapter 2816 The Essence and Blood of the Nine-level Supreme
Chapter 2817: Shifting the blame
Chapter 2818: Scheme against each other
Chapter 2819 The Destiny Pearl has expired?
Chapter 2820 Where did the little yellow book come from?
Chapter 2821 Cauliflower Playing with Butterflies Honey-loving Bee
Chapter 2822 Maybe it’s a hot potato
Chapter 2823 Begins to fake
Chapter 2824 Your conscience has discovered it
Chapter 2825 I really want to be a villain for a time
Chapter 2826 Emperor Qin’s essence and blood revived?
Chapter 2827 Audacious
Chapter 2828 Flesh and blood creates a boat
Chapter 2829 Is this old man serious?
Chapter 2830 Are you having an affair with that old man?
Chapter 2831 The Origin of the Nine Empires
Chapter 2832 Eighteen Princes
Chapter 2833 This guy is a murderer
Chapter 2834 Evergreen Tree
Chapter 2835 Su Chen, take care of your birds
Chapter 2836 Can you represent the Holy Land?
Chapter 2837 Old Yin Turtle
Chapter 2838 Successfully took the blame
Chapter 2839 This is all fake
Chapter 2840 Complex Situation
Chapter 2841 The Clan of Chujiang Palace
Chapter 2842 Action
Chapter 2843 The lion is not proud
Chapter 2844 Qianmian and Xuan Yi
Chapter 2845 The treasure of the heavens?
Chapter 2846 Qinghua, death
Chapter 2847 Refining the ‘Qing Yuan Lantern’
Chapter 2848 Bubuka is being hunted?
Chapter 2849 Tied together
Chapter 2850 The whole world was shocked when the news came out
Chapter 2851 The blood beggar sets off
Chapter 2852 The Fate of the Human Emperor
Chapter 2853 Su Chen’s anger
Chapter 2854 Underworld Boat
Chapter 2855 Another great emperor of the Yin Shen clan dies
Chapter 2856 The blood beggar takes action
Chapter 2857 Shi Wuao’s little plan
Chapter 2858 This script is wrong
Chapter 2859 The viciousness of Tao ghosts
Chapter 2860: Cursing about bad luck
Chapter 2861 It can’t be trusted
Chapter 2862 Flowers will bloom in spring
Chapter 2863 The tragic situation of Lion Wu Ao
Chapter 2864 Discussion
Chapter 2865 The Transformation of Ancient Trees
Chapter 2866 Are you angry?
Chapter 2867 The blood beggar’s panic
Chapter 2868 Why do you attack me?
Chapter 2869 The Immortals Hiding in the Dark
Chapter 2870 Fighting for consumption?
Chapter 2871 Sealed Sea Level
Chapter 2872 Thinking about your own martial arts path
Chapter 2873 The magical powers of the Heavenly Ghost Clan
Chapter 2874 Killing the chicken to scare the monkey
Chapter 2875 Luck Reward
Chapter 2876: Treasure, does this count?
Chapter 2877 Different positions
Chapter 2878 Nine-Nine Luck Tianzhu?
Chapter 2879 Xuan Yi’s domineering
Chapter 2880 Golden Crow Iron Refining
Chapter 2881 The fight started
Chapter 2882 Killing the Golden Crow
Chapter 2883 A thrilling command
Chapter 2884 Arrogance in the Bone
Chapter 2885 Work hard to carry out the fraud to the end
Chapter 2886 Are you escaping now?
Chapter 2887 Japanese?
Chapter 2888 Is this guy out of his mind?
Chapter 2889 Rizhaotian’s Thoughts
Chapter 2890 Ninety-eight rays of chaotic light?
Chapter 2891 Does Shen Yunshi Ling hide a secret?
Chapter 2892 Arriving at the Northern Territory
Chapter 2893 Huang Tianqi
Chapter 2894 Qing Sheng Mu Yuan Dan
Chapter 2895 Keep up the performance
Chapter 2897: Relying on women to get the upper hand?
Chapter 2898 There is no good person in the immortal clan
Chapter 2899 Do you dare to demand compensation from my immortal clan?
Chapter 2900 Thousand Faces is Coming
Chapter 2901 Instigation
Chapter 2902 Tianyuan Fairy Fruit
Chapter 2903 Where are you looking?
Chapter 2904 What is the purpose of the immortal clan?
Chapter 2905 The city in ruins
Chapter 2906 Dao ghost takes action
Chapter 2907 Identity Exposed
Chapter 2908 The rampaging Xuan Yi
Chapter 2909 Lion Dushan
Chapter 2910 Playing the piano to the lion?
Chapter 2911 Huang Tianqi is here
Chapter 2912 Are you here to share the stolen goods with me?
Chapter 2913 Scared away
Chapter 2914 ‘Han Qianyu’’s father
Chapter 2916 Lao Qin, you are so popular
Chapter 2917 The Land of Right and Wrong
Chapter 2918 Everyone is better at hiding than the other
Chapter 2919 The boundary within the city?
Chapter 2920 Immortal Sword, Eternal Sword
Chapter 2921 I’m really too poor
Chapter 2922 Something is wrong with this matter
Chapter 2923 Shi Wuao was beaten again
Chapter 2924 Huang Tianqi’s considerations
Chapter 2925 Pretending to be a fairy
Chapter 2926 Which bastard moves faster than me?
Chapter 2927 Collecting the poison from the source
Chapter 2928 Traces Exposed
Chapter 2929 Lord Manjusri
Chapter 2930 The killing order for all races?
Chapter 2931 Counting Harvest
Chapter 2932 Coercion
Chapter 2933 The fate of the Giant Mountain Ox Tribe
Chapter 2934 What can you give in exchange?
Chapter 2935 Act together
Chapter 2936 A Wind Clan jumped out?
Chapter 2937 Feng Juebian
Chapter 2938 Maybe he’s acting
Chapter 2939 This sounds a bit familiar.
Chapter 2940 Zhou Yuan’s depression
Chapter 2941 The immortals ran away?
Chapter 2942 I dare to swallow you too
Chapter 2943 An increasingly complex situation
Chapter 2944 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Chapter 2945 The Secret of the Han Empire
Chapter 2946 The Wind Clan’s Plan
Chapter 2947 A big plot
Chapter 2948 Never expected
Chapter 2949 The Great Way of Feng Yushu
Chapter 2950 We were all fooled by the immortals
Chapter 2951 There is no shortage of smart people in this world
Chapter 2952 Everyone is taking action
Chapter 2953 Feng Juebian’s test of the Gods
Chapter 2954 Many Forbidden Towers
Chapter 2955 War of words
Chapter 2956 Fire Stone
Chapter 2957 True and False
Chapter 2958 I’m preparing funeral objects for you
Chapter 2959 Who is better at telling lies than anyone else?
Chapter 2960 I am so poor
Chapter 2961 You are too stupid
Chapter 2962 Condensing the ‘Immortal Soul’
Chapter 2963 Bedbug’s father?
Chapter 2964 I will accept your life
Chapter 2965 My soul is the Tao of Immortality
Chapter 2966 You scheming bitch
Chapter 2967 Malicious Slander
Chapter 2968 Breaking News
Chapter 2969 The water is very deep
Chapter 2970 The misbehaving scholar
Chapter 2971 You are right
Chapter 2972 ??The war is over
Chapter 2973 Just make an IOU
Chapter 2974 Can the Wind Clan give themselves an answer?
Chapter 2975 I’m willing to call you ‘Uncle’
Chapter 2976 I have a bullshit status
Chapter 2977 The arrival of four powerful men
Chapter 2978 The words of justice that break Jingyun
Chapter 2979 Who is crazier than whom?
Chapter 2980 Isolated and helpless?
Chapter 2981 Sudden changes
Chapter 2982 Who is this?
Chapter 2983 Lack of spirit
Chapter 2984 Is Rizhao Tian a Godless person?
Chapter 2985 The routine is really deep
Chapter 2986 Is it that simple?
Chapter 2987 I am saving you
Chapter 2988 Find an opportunity to grab the stew and drink it
Chapter 2989 Corpse in the Lotus Pond
Chapter 2990 Xuan Yi and Shen Wuque appear
Chapter 2991 The Disillusioned Old Man
Chapter 2992 Three heroes fight against one old man
Chapter 2993 The horror of Feng Yushu
Chapter 2994 A terrifying punch
Chapter 2995 Death of a Thousand Faces
Chapter 2996 Violent fight against demons
Chapter 2997 Half-Dead God
Chapter 2998 Immortal Gourd Supreme
Chapter 2999 Tianzhu gets beaten
Chapter 3000 The four races of immortals, demons, gods and humans join forces?
Chapter 3001 Baimei’s mouth, the ghost who deceives people
Chapter 3002 It’s not okay to continue like this
Chapter 3003 Forcing the Human Race
Chapter 3004 The minority obeys the majority?
Chapter 3005 ‘Nine Immortals Sealing Heaven Formation’
Chapter 3006 Studying the Array Diagram
Chapter 3007 What a ‘formation within a formation’
Chapter 3008 What a loud tone
Chapter 3009 The immortal clan’s big move
Chapter 3010 Complex Relationship
Chapter 3011 The Demon Tribe’s Plan
Chapter 3012 The disillusioned old man died long ago?
Chapter 3013 Siege and Kill the Wind Clan
Chapter 3014 Don’t force me to fight to the death with you
Chapter 3015 Don’t follow me
Chapter 3016 Not a simple lotus pond
Chapter 3017 Su Daji
Chapter 3018 What the hell is this?
Chapter 3019 No one can escape
Chapter 3020 Feng Juebian’s struggle
Chapter 3021 A Vibrant Life
Chapter 3022 It failed after all
Chapter 3023 Is it just a coincidence?
Chapter 3024: Putting the Poison of the Source
Chapter 3025 Return of the living soul
Chapter 3026 Infighting among the Immortal Clan
Chapter 3027 Lei Mo’s speculation
Chapter 3028 Women are a disaster
Chapter 3029 Come to the door
Chapter 3030 How about cooperation between you and me?
Chapter 3031 Feng Yushu takes action
Chapter 3032 An unexpected discovery
Chapter 3033 A chaotic war breaks out
Chapter 3034 Another master of the avenue of reincarnation
Chapter 3035 The Immortal Emperor’s secret technique, nothing more than that
Chapter 3036 Stupid woman’s madness
Chapter 3037 No Negotiation
Chapter 3038 Who died?
Chapter 3039 The Immortal Clan is Shocked
Chapter 3040 Reactions from all parties
Chapter 3041 All races join forces
Chapter 3042 Building a bridge between heaven and earth
Chapter 3043 Breaking the road to reincarnation
Chapter 3044 A small request
Chapter 3045 The old Han family’s plan
Chapter 3046 I testify
Chapter 3047 The combination of yin and yang finally creates infinite
Chapter 3048 God Emperor Chapter
Chapter 3049 What is this?
Chapter 3050: Force the Supreme Being of All Races to Retreat
Chapter 3051 Only three days
Chapter 3052 Who killed that?
Chapter 3053 The extraordinary anxiety
Chapter 3054 The world outside the cave falls
Chapter 3055 The Most Terrifying Fengyu Book
Chapter 3056 The ignored person
Chapter 3057 Crazy Shen Wuque
Chapter 3058 Another Holy Son Dies
Chapter 3059 Single-handedly Suppressing the Supreme Immortal Clan
Chapter 3060 An unexpected surprise
Chapter 3061 Leave it to me for safekeeping
Chapter 3062 Lost
Chapter 3063 The secret of Fengyu Shutiandi
Chapter 3064 Feng Yushu was frightened
Chapter 3065 You are slandering
Chapter 3066 The identity of the mastermind behind the scenes
Chapter 3067 Still stalling for time?
Chapter 3068 Gu Heng’s true identity?
Chapter 3069 He is not the Nine-Faced Demon Lord
Chapter 3070 Can the avenues swallow each other up?
Chapter 3071 There is still an immortal emperor alive
Chapter 3072 Lord Manjusri appears
Chapter 3073 Another incarnation of Gu Heng
Chapter 3074 Lion Dushan, defeated
Chapter 3075 Collecting the luck of the emperors of all races
Chapter 3076 You owe me a life
Chapter 3077 Impact on the Heart of the Avenue
Chapter 3078 Do you know this stone monument?
Chapter 3079 The Bridge of Ancient Immortals Arrives
Chapter 3080 Old dog, you know shit
Chapter 3081 The order to kill all races?
Chapter 3082 Jiuhong’s slander
Chapter 3083: Help you become famous after death
Chapter 3084 All dead?
Chapter 3085: Dog fighting against human power
Chapter 3086 Jiuhong’s Harvest
Chapter 3087 Who is resurrected?
Chapter 3088 Prepare to come by force
Chapter 3089 Infighting among the Immortal Clan
Chapter 3090 You are him and he is you
Chapter 3091 You are a fool
Chapter 3092 Immortal Gourd stands idly by
Chapter 3093 The division of the nine aristocratic families
Chapter 3094 Why not?
Chapter 3095 Gu Heng is also resurrected?
Chapter 3096 The treasure inside the Gate of Destiny
Chapter 3097 The soul swallows the sky?
Chapter 3098 You are all fooled
Chapter 3099 The Holy Body of Humanity
Chapter 3100 Breaking the Immortal Emperor’s Secret Technique
Chapter 3101 Are you here to save me?
Chapter 3102 The one with the big fist has the final say
Chapter 3103 You are all thieves
Chapter 3104 Join forces to fight Su Chen
Chapter 3105 Why aren’t you angry?
Chapter 3106 He is moved
Chapter 3107 We are good friends
Chapter 3108 The Great Way of Heavenly Master
Chapter 3109 The Lion Clan Leaves
Chapter 3110 Emperor Han is really here?
Chapter 3111 The real plan of the human race
Chapter 3112 The arrival of the Dragon Bone Sea
Chapter 3113 Gu Heng’s purpose of collecting the blood of all races
Chapter 3114: Seize the Emperor’s Flag First
Chapter 3115 All races join forces
Chapter 3116 Defeated and Trapped
Chapter 3117 Life and death depend on heaven
Chapter 3118 So cruel
Chapter 3119 Exploded
Chapter 3120 Corpse on the Dead Tree
Chapter 3121 I will bite whoever you ask me to bite
Chapter 3122 Black Dragon Soul
Chapter 3123 How dare you come in spirit?
Chapter 3124 City of All Nations
Chapter 3125 The operation of a madman
Chapter 3126 The deal proposed by Gu Heng
Chapter 3127 Wake up
Chapter 3128 Shi Wuao is also dead
Chapter 3129 A face of ‘human morality’
Chapter 3130 Who is sowing discord?
Chapter 3131 Recognition
Chapter 3132 What a clear conscience
Chapter 3133 You misunderstood me
Chapter 3134 Stop him quickly
Chapter 3135 Emperor Han takes over the ‘Holy Body of Humanity’
Chapter 3136 Don’t force me to do domestic violence
Chapter 3137 You are finally here
Chapter 3138: The Ancient Sky Monument is the Seal of the Human Emperor?
Chapter 3139 Death of Long Kun
Chapter 3140 Gu Heng also has the ‘Seal of the Human Emperor’?
Chapter 3141 Contest
Chapter 3142 Then I’ll just be a traitor for once
Chapter 3143 Then let me advise you
Chapter 3144: Taking sides one after another
Chapter 3145 Qian Arsen takes action
Chapter 3146 Not Trusted
Chapter 3147 The strength of Yu Heng Supreme
Chapter 3148 Qian Arsen enters the game
Chapter 3149 What trump card?
Chapter 3150 Another Supreme Falls
Chapter 3151 Ning Fenghun’s decision
Chapter 3152 Everyone’s Speculations
Chapter 3153 Screen Review
Chapter 3154 Restoring the truth
Chapter 3155: Dead Taoist Friends Don’t Die Poor Taoists
Chapter 3156 The Evil Bones of Ten Thousand Blood Abyss
Chapter 3157 Gu Heng’s methods
Chapter 3158: Fighting against the Han Emperor
Chapter 3159 Are you caring about me?
Chapter 3160 Thirty-six ‘Wen Dao Emperor’
Chapter 3161 Youdu Soul
Chapter 3162 Using yourself as bait
Chapter 3163 Who is more cruel than whom?
Chapter 3164: Bringing you down
Chapter 3165 You are all the talents of my human race
Chapter 3166: If you are too tough, why don’t you be soft?
Chapter 3167 Bullshit
Chapter 3168 Take the lead
Chapter 3169 Do you want to give me the ‘Youdu Soul’?
Chapter 3170 Next time we meet?
Chapter 3171 This is wrong
Chapter 3172 He is not worthy of your doing this
Chapter 3173 Whoever dares to hurt him will be killed by me
Chapter 3174 The heinous devil?
Chapter 3175 They are all crazy
Chapter 3176 Brother Chu, you don’t believe me?
Chapter 3177 Just say ‘Thank you’ in exchange for your words?
Chapter 3178 This old ghost is acting
Chapter 3179 He will kill people and silence them
Chapter 3180 Sea of ??Destiny
Chapter 3181 What is evil?
Chapter 3182 Gu Heng comes from the Sea of ??Destiny?
Chapter 3183 The more you know, the more frightened you become.
Chapter 3184 That’s waste
Chapter 3185 The opposite of the world of heavens
Chapter 3186 Is this human language?
Chapter 3187 Prisoners of the Human Sect
Chapter 3188 Are you slandering me in your heart?
Chapter 3189 This is all fake
Chapter 3190 Overlord Kaitian Fist
Chapter 3191 Die together
Chapter 3192 You are very aware
Chapter 3193 Sky-breaking Eye
Chapter 3194 I am destined
Chapter 3195 Just pretend as hard as you can
Chapter 3196 Advantages of the Avenue of Reincarnation
Chapter 3197 Just one day
Chapter 3198 I need you to teach me?
Chapter 3199 Fooled
Chapter 3200 I hope you won’t regret it
Chapter 3201 You will definitely lose
Chapter 3202 You are crazier than me
Chapter 3203 What a courage
Chapter 3204 The Emperor’s Seal is on top, troubles occur in Yongzhen
Chapter 3205 Time is running out
Chapter 3206 Who is whose prey?
Chapter 3207 A group of madmen
Chapter 3208 Xingtian’s three axes, destroying three lives
Chapter 3209 All means are used
Chapter 3210 The ‘killing move’ in the fifth teleportation array
Chapter 3211 Which one should I choose?
Chapter 3212 Return to the old business
Chapter 3213 The Supreme of the Three Powerful Clan
Chapter 3214 Exchange apprentices?
Chapter 3215 The Black Tu Old Man Accepts a Disciple
Chapter 3216 Who is the messy ‘ancestor’?
Chapter 3217 Guixiang’s identity?
Chapter 3218: A good move to divert trouble to the east
Chapter 3219 Suppressing the Demonic Struggle
Chapter 3220 Who is the senior brother?
Chapter 3221 What does ‘toasting’ taste like?
Chapter 3222 You should act quickly
Chapter 3223 Son of the Devil
Chapter 3224 Huang Sanye
Chapter 3225 Surfaced
Chapter 3226 How about you and I joining forces?
Chapter 3227 The battle between the sons of destiny
Chapter 3228 Let’s stay together
Chapter 3229 Original Demonic Cauldron
Chapter 3230 Finally out
Chapter 3231 Why is everyone dead?
Chapter 3232 Like lightning from the wrath of the sky
Chapter 3233 It’s too easy to agree
Chapter 3234 Taixuan Soul-Calming Pill
Chapter 3235 Evidence, I have it here
Chapter 3236 The true identity of Guixiang
Chapter 3237 Sit down and drink tea
Chapter 3238 Join forces to kill Su Chen
Chapter 3239 The Demon Lingzi appears again
Chapter 3240 Escape and Chase
Chapter 3241 No escape
Chapter 3242 Ancient Demonic Dragon Beast
Chapter 3243 Am I being used by that old devil?
Chapter 3244 You can be as eloquent as you want
Chapter 3245 I, Su Chen, have a backer
Chapter 3246 Don’t talk about martial ethics
Chapter 3247 Where to come from, where to send back
Chapter 3248 Are you waiting for me?
Chapter 3249 Arriving at the battlefield of the heavens
Chapter 3250 Human Gate
Chapter 3251 Supreme List
Chapter 3252 I believe you
Chapter 3253 Misunderstanding
Chapter 3254 Fragmentary War
Chapter 3255 Entering the ‘human gate’ together
Chapter 3256 One million and eighty thousand statues
Chapter 3257: Could he be a fool?
Chapter 3258 This is the real genius of all races
Chapter 3259 Used to hide?
Chapter 3260 It’s really evil
Chapter 3261 An extra ancient coffin
Chapter 3262 Reveal the spirit quickly?
Chapter 3263 Discussion
Chapter 3264 Just some nonsense
Chapter 3265 Why are you so crazy?
Chapter 3266 Guards inside the gate?
Chapter 3267 Why are they all dead?
Chapter 3268 The Lord of the Ancient Tower
Chapter 3269 Speculation and Chaos
Chapter 3270 Aren’t you angry?
Chapter 3271 Heresies
Chapter 3272 Can’t die?
Chapter 3273 I kidnapped you and asked for ransom.
Chapter 3274 It’s useless to report one’s family status
Chapter 3275 Another lucky golden gourd is obtained
Chapter 3276 Lord Cihang
Chapter 3277 They are coming...
Chapter 3278 The Origin of Qinglong Tomb
Chapter 3279 A touching history
Chapter 3280 Was the killing wrong? No
Chapter 3281 Return to the topic
Chapter 3282 Puppet Substitution Technique
Chapter 3283 Give it a try
Chapter 3284 What’s on my mind?
Chapter 3285 Someone got there first
Chapter 3286 Next Target
Chapter 3287 This could be a big deal
Chapter 3288 This is absolutely impossible
Chapter 3289 Bargaining
Chapter 3290 Shut up
Chapter 3291 I feel like I’ve been deceived again
Chapter 3292 Who is the professional counterfeiter?
Chapter 3293 Don’t make a fuss
Chapter 3294 The Place of Second Creation
Chapter 3295 Purgatory Breath
Chapter 3296 Another way to kill the dead energy
Chapter 3297 Little Golden Buddha’s Junior Sister
Chapter 3298 You are acting rogue
Chapter 3299 Do you dare to have any objections to me killing your people?
Chapter 3300 Help catch someone
Chapter 3301 This is against the rules
Chapter 3302 Jealousy
Chapter 3303 Punishment
Chapter 3304 Is ‘Senior Brother Yunxiao’ fake?
Chapter 3305 Seven Apertures Psychic Eye
Chapter 3306 Soul General Puppet
Chapter 3307 Several battles in life
Chapter 3308 The weirdness of Lord Cihang
Chapter 3309 Have you recovered too?
Chapter 3310 Crazy Sand Sculpture
Chapter 3311 Have you ever seen the Supreme Being of All Races eating shit?
Chapter 3312 The Supreme of the Human Race
Chapter 3313 Do you think you have a long life?
Chapter 3314 Unsightly fur?
Chapter 3315 I am the brainless master
Chapter 3316 What did you call me?
Chapter 3317 You have to call me Lord Divine Beast
Chapter 3318 The attitude of the White Sand Sculpture Lord
Chapter 3319 Young Master, you are going to get rich
Chapter 3320: Don’t look down on the supreme divine object?
Chapter 3321 I like to be tough
Chapter 3322 The Third Prince of the Bingdie Clan
Chapter 3323 The Eighth Prince of Zhou Dynasty
Chapter 3324: All dissatisfied with the crowd.
Chapter 3325 Recruiting elders?
Chapter 3326 His face turned green with anger
Chapter 3327 Seven Star Tomb Collapse
Chapter 3328 Who is the hidden master?
Chapter 3329 The Immortal Clan’s Worry
Chapter 3330 I am the ‘Big Golden Buddha’
Chapter 3331 Return of Xian Kunwu
Chapter 3332 The little golden Buddha is possessed by a demon?
Chapter 3333 The Third Prince’s Goal
Chapter 3334 Who do you want me to deal with?
Chapter 3335 Confrontation
Chapter 3336 Reason?
Chapter 3337 Identity leaked
Chapter 3338 Su Chen’s new goal
Chapter 3339 It’s definitely not a coincidence
Chapter 3340 Please show your sincerity
Chapter 3341 Senior brother, are you serious?
Chapter 3342 Just a glance?
Chapter 3343 I want the woman next to you
Chapter 3344 You are actually a poor man
Chapter 3345 This is not a vegetable market
Chapter 3346 You know how to be stubborn, right?
Chapter 3347 Su Chen, you dare to play tricks on me
Chapter 3348 This saint is here to save you
Chapter 3349 Simple and crude
Chapter 3350 Leave immediately
Chapter 3351 Stay away from madmen
Chapter 3352 Anyone who doesn’t give you good reviews will die.
Chapter 3353 Got the supreme divine object?
Chapter 3354 What a courageous dog
Chapter 3355 Servant Brand
Chapter 3356 The reason for venturing into Xishan
Chapter 3357 Isn’t this a trap?
Chapter 3358 A drop of water and a grain of sand
Chapter 3359 Bubuka is here?
Chapter 3360 You are not a good person
Chapter 3361 The story behind the broken branch of fate
Chapter 3362 The apology Su Chen received?
Chapter 3363 Let’s start telling stories
Chapter 3364 Let’s bet
Chapter 3365 Good people don’t live long.
Chapter 3366 I have a good character
Chapter 3367 How about inviting your mother to live in a human condition?
Chapter 3368 Human-demon, human-Pluto hybrid?
Chapter 3369 Immortal City Guards
Chapter 3370 The goal of ancient times
Chapter 3371 It must exist
Chapter 3372 It’s all just pretending
Chapter 3373 Your coffin is unusual
Chapter 3374 Another message from Yan Fei
Chapter 3375 A battle of wits and courage
Chapter 3376 Swim to the Sanxian Gorge for me
Chapter 3377 Another miss
Chapter 3378 Who destroyed your clone?
Chapter 3379 Finally meeting
Chapter 3380 Yan Fei’s purpose
Chapter 3381 Ming Tianzong
Chapter 3382 Act according to circumstances
Chapter 3383 The first breath of purgatory
Chapter 3384 Milong Pattern Stone
Chapter 3385 Many contradictions
Chapter 3386 Internal Fighting
Chapter 3387 The sudden appearance of Shimen
Chapter 3388 Ancient Inscriptions on the Stone Gate
Chapter 3389 Lost Contact
Chapter 3390: Write a pen and leave a horizontal comment
Chapter 3391 A miracle occurred
Chapter 3392 I decided...
Chapter 3393 Eight Tributes
Chapter 3394 You are very smart
Chapter 3395 The New Mission of the Underworld Thief
Chapter 3396 Really angry
Chapter 3397 How long is the ‘Youdu Passage’?
Chapter 3398 Could it be that... this is fake?
Chapter 3399 The more you are afraid of something, the more likely it is
Chapter 3400 Tracking failed?
Chapter 3401 Pretending to be mysterious?
Chapter 3402 What should I write again?
Chapter 3403 Ming Tianzong, falls
Chapter 3404 The Demon King Appears
Chapter 3405 Lots of doubts
Chapter 3406 It’s too late
Chapter 3407 Something weird
Chapter 3408 The war breaks out
Chapter 3409 Guess
Chapter 3410 Fighting to the death
Chapter 3411 Strange footsteps
Chapter 3412 Everyone is stalling for time
Chapter 3413 Take the initiative
Chapter 3414 The Fire Ink Dragon is coming
Chapter 3415 Decision
Chapter 3416 Who will die first?
Chapter 3417 This is not an ordinary fire-ink dragon
Chapter 3418 The situation of Demon Lingzi
Chapter 3419 Wooden Man
Chapter 3420 I’m going to die
Chapter 3421 Thirteen Emperor Curses
Chapter 3422 No way to start
Chapter 3423 I am your enemy
Chapter 3424 The abilities of the Red Dust Fire Lord
Chapter 3425 Arrive
Chapter 3426 Meeting Gu Heng Again
Chapter 3427 Are you a human or a demon?
Chapter 3428 Then you should work hard for me
Chapter 3429 One hundred supreme divine objects?
Chapter 3430 Demon Lingzi’s decision
Chapter 3431 Two risks
Chapter 3432 What happened to the Red Dust Fire Lord
Chapter 3433 The woman suddenly appeared next to Su Chen
Chapter 3434 Running so fast
Chapter 3435 The deserted temple in the sea of ??death
Chapter 3436 Shuraye’s goal
Chapter 3437 Su Chen with malicious intentions
Chapter 3438 Just be a tombkeeper
Chapter 3439 True Blood Obtained
Chapter 3440 Do you know this person?
Chapter 3441 Tell a story
Chapter 3442 Scared to run away
Chapter 3443 The Cold Dragon Arrives
Chapter 3444 There is no more Qinghan promise in the world
Chapter 3445 Who are you talking about?
Chapter 3446 Bubuka’s little thoughts
Chapter 3447 The Nine-hole Stone Aperture Man
Chapter 3448 You are so lucky
Chapter 3449 Transferring the Ancient Coffin
Chapter 3450 An unexpected discovery
Chapter 3451 Demon Lingzi is not dead?
Chapter 3452 Give me a reason
Chapter 3453 You are seeking wealth and murder
Chapter 3454 The source of death
Chapter 3455 The origin of the source of death
Chapter 3456 The iron-headed Bubuka
Chapter 3457 One Hundred Thousand Kilograms of Pure Yang True Water
Chapter 3458 Who is the big liar?
Chapter 3459 It should be hidden here
Chapter 3460 You robber
Chapter 3461 Save me quickly
Chapter 3462 Who do you think is the smelly corpse?
Chapter 3463 Jiuzhenzi who is full of lies
Chapter 3464 There is no such thing as a magic stone that deceives the sky
Chapter 3465 Lies one after another
Chapter 3466 Don’t deny it
Chapter 3467 The trip was not in vain
Chapter 3468 Jiu Zhenzi’s panic
Chapter 3469 The treasure sealed in Demon Lingzi’s body
Chapter 3470 Perhaps it’s the Dao Shi Era
Chapter 3471 A big pot that stewed Kunpeng
Chapter 3472 The causal distance remains unchanged
Chapter 3473: Drain the sea of ??blood and force out the enemy
Chapter 3474 Yan Fei’s crazy behavior
Chapter 3475 Yan Fei’s changes
Chapter 3476 Endless Reincarnation
Chapter 3477 Sky-killing Demonic Sword
Chapter 3478 Can it be stronger?
Chapter 3479 Bubuka was frightened?
Chapter 3480 The demon spirit appears?
Chapter 3481 Deep Sea Conch
Chapter 3482 Why is this bastard here too?
Chapter 3483 Discovered
Chapter 3484 The Realm of Jiuzhenzi
Chapter 3485 Our relationship is strong
Chapter 3486 Dharma falls into the vacuum realm
Chapter 3487 Where are we hiding?
Chapter 3488 Internal strife
Chapter 3489 Eighteen Evil Dead
Chapter 3490 Becoming the ‘Sword Killing Demon Sword’ Sword Spirit
Chapter 3491 Crazy Blood Demon
Chapter 3492: Crying for help at a critical moment of life and death
Chapter 3493 Vacuum Realm, Destruction
Chapter 3494 The identity of the white-robed dwarf
Chapter 3495 Su Chen appears
Chapter 3496 The Shame of Demon Lingzi
Chapter 3497 Who is bluffing?
Chapter 3498 Green Lantern Ghost Shadow
Chapter 3499 Are you thinking about shit?
Chapter 3500 I’m afraid you can’t afford to lose
Chapter 3501 Begins to light up the ‘Golden Talisman Array’
Chapter 3502 Jun Yixiao’s ambition
Chapter 3503 Purple Blood Golden Body
Chapter 3504 If you want to fight, then fight
Chapter 3505 Wen Moqing’s hesitation
Chapter 3506 The magical effect of the origin of blood evil
Chapter 3507 Su Chen’s methods
Chapter 3508 The terrifying combat power of Wen Moqing
Chapter 3509 The ‘Axe of War Soul’ is dispatched
Chapter 3510 What is the origin of this Bubuka?
Chapter 3511 Who is the profiteer?
Chapter 3512 One word - Shou
Chapter 3513 A tense confrontation
Chapter 3514 Lots of doubts
Chapter 3515 Pretending is too much
Chapter 3516 Eight thousand ‘gilt talismans’
Chapter 3517 Su Chen’s kick
Chapter 3518 They all jumped out
Chapter 3519 Gu Mietian’s tyranny
Chapter 3520: Being threatened by a junior
Chapter 3521 Wen Moqing’s plan
Chapter 3522 Flaws in the Way of All Living Beings
Chapter 3523 The really tricky part
Chapter 3524 Various serial schemes
Chapter 3525 Wen Moqing’s request
Chapter 3526 Discovered
Chapter 3527: Fighting with multiple parties
Chapter 3528 Exposing Gu Mietian’s conspiracy
Chapter 3529 What is ‘Original Immortal Blood’?
Chapter 3530 Eighteen Paths of Supreme
Chapter 3531 Gu Heng broke his promise
Chapter 3532 Wen Mo is in a hurry
Chapter 3533 Human soul refining human corpse?
Chapter 3534 Hidden so deeply
Chapter 3535 Stop it, everything is negotiable
Chapter 3536 Throw it out
Chapter 3537 Threat
Chapter 3538 Want to leave? No way
Chapter 3539 Who is the real madman?
Chapter 3540 Jun Yixiao is here
Chapter 3541 The situation is not good
Chapter 3542 Danger
Chapter 3543 Who does ‘Ren Dutian’ belong to?
Chapter 3544 Complex relationship
Chapter 3545 The Tree of Avenue
Chapter 3546 What is the ‘World Avenue’?
Chapter 3547 Sincere cooperation? Not necessarily
Chapter 3548 No sincerity at all
Chapter 3549 Black leaves, red moon, white bones
Chapter 3550 So powerful that it’s scary
Chapter 3551 The direction of the Supreme’s cultivation
Chapter 3552 Want to take a ride? No way
Chapter 3553 The Voice of the Avenue
Chapter 3554 Listening Insect
Chapter 3555 Paper Crane Message?
Chapter 3556 What do you think I will answer?
Chapter 3557 No manipulation
Chapter 3558 Discuss action plan
Chapter 3559 Everyone, get ready, it’s about to begin
Chapter 3560 Jun Yixiao also attracts hatred
Chapter 3561 ‘Martial God Yuan Order’ reappears
Chapter 3562 10% of the power of the Taoist Master
Chapter 3563 Breaking the Heaven and Earth Seal of Wen Moqing
Chapter 3564 Chaotic Situation
Chapter 3565 The Heaven-Destroying Supreme?
Chapter 3566 Jun Yixiao’s Avenue
Chapter 3567 Wen Moqing targets ‘Gu Heng’
Chapter 3568 The cruelty at the last moment
Chapter 3569 Great Chaos and Great Destruction
Chapter 3570 The ancient coffin on Su Chen’s body suddenly changed
Chapter 3571 A human spirit at the Taoist level?
Chapter 3572 Don’t want to be a tombkeeper
Chapter 3573 Su Chen likes to be mysterious?
Chapter 3574 Gu Mietian and Jun Yixiao get involved
Chapter 3575 Gu Heng’s whereabouts
Chapter 3576 Devouring the Red Moon
Chapter 3577 Madam is dead?
Chapter 3578 Heiye’s panic
Chapter 3579 Soul ‘Harvester’
Chapter 3580 Deep Ancient Well
Chapter 3581 Who will be the ‘scapegoat’?
Chapter 3582 Tao Master’s Heart Fire
Chapter 3583 Three Levels of Supreme
Chapter 3584 Hiding in Jun Yixiao and saying good things about Su Chen
Chapter 3585 The battle begins and the void is destroyed every inch
Chapter 3586 Join forces to destroy Shura?
Chapter 3587 Gu Heng takes action
Chapter 3588 Su Chen, do you still want to show some respect?
Chapter 3589 How did you come out?
Chapter 3590 Mr. Hou, what are you afraid of?
Chapter 3591 Noisy Noisy Noisy
Chapter 3592 Tianlong Bu Yuan Dan
Chapter 3593: Miserable Suffering
Chapter 3594 Can only compensate for one Yuan-Building Pill?
Chapter 3595 Discussing subsequent plans
Chapter 3596 How to break the cornerstone of the Dao Domain
Chapter 3597 How could it not be?
Chapter 3598 Special Teleportation Array
Chapter 3599: Have I become everyone’s important ally?
Chapter 3600: The spoils have to be divided before the operation even begins?
Chapter 3601 This is not easy to handle
Chapter 3602 I want to be half the winner
Chapter 3603 You deserve to be cheated
Chapter 3604: A blind and bad learner
Chapter 3605 Bai is happy
Chapter 3606 All guesses are correct
Chapter 3607 Cooperating with Xian Zhantian?
Chapter 3608 I won’t embarrass you
Chapter 3609 The identity of Qingyi Taoist
Chapter 3610 Amazing Discovery
Chapter 3611 Everything is in chaos
Chapter 3612: Immortal Zhantian, you can’t escape
Chapter 3613: Swearing? Who can’t?
Chapter 3614 I have the secret technique of the Human Emperor
Chapter 3615 Analysis of Wen Moqing
Chapter 3616 Act quickly
Chapter 3617 The God-Binding Cage
Chapter 3618 The ‘spirit’ of the Heart Fire Dao Realm?
Chapter 3619 Su Chen, you have to thank me
Chapter 3620 Whoever doesn’t take action will be killed first
Chapter 3621 The mysterious stone knife
Chapter 3622 It’s so pitiful, all my hair is burnt
Chapter 3623 Which bastard is spreading rumors and causing trouble?
Chapter 3624 Paddling and chatting
Chapter 3625 Talking about the ancient road in the starry sky
Chapter 3626 I’ll give you a coffin, do you want it?
Chapter 3627 Is there going to be internal strife?
Chapter 3628 The situation has changed drastically
Chapter 3629 Just be nervous
Chapter 3630 Who is the country bumpkin?
Chapter 3631 Can you shut your bad mouth?
Chapter 3632 Okay, I decided to show off my cards
Chapter 3633 Turn on deception mode
Chapter 3634: Where are you two putting on this show?
Chapter 3635 I’m really angry this time
Chapter 3636 Let’s get rid of Jun Yixiao’s piece of shit first.
Chapter 3637 The group fight begins
Chapter 3638 Good guy! Eleventh Path Supreme
Chapter 3639 The dead gun cuts off the past
Chapter 3640 The remnant soul has no malice?
Chapter 3641 Are you worthy of your conscience?
Chapter 3642 How did this freak practice?
Chapter 3643 Breaking News
Chapter 3644 Is this human language?
Chapter 3645: Can’t everyone have a good chat?
Chapter 3646 Good guy, fake Supreme Avenue?
Chapter 3647 The method of counterfeiting?
Chapter 3648 Sorry, my foot slipped
Chapter 3649 Three figures in the picture
Chapter 3650 I have told you the truth! Still doubtful?
Chapter 3651 Was your previous life a book?
Chapter 3652 Why are you angry? I was just joking with you
Chapter 3653 Your heart can turn the sea into black water
Chapter 3654: One sword, cut off a thousand years of life
Chapter 3655: Is there a hole in the picture of the Human Emperor?
Chapter 3656 Can your family’s ancient coffin eat?
Chapter 3657 Did you really escape?
Chapter 3658 Harvest
Chapter 3659 The suspicion in Su Chen’s heart
Chapter 3660 Then I’ll kick you a few more times
Chapter 3661 You are bullying people
Chapter 3662 Fight to the end
Chapter 3663: Wrong, come again
Chapter 3664 Restrictions on Big Pants
Chapter 3665: Take a closer look
Chapter 3666 Successfully located the specific whereabouts
Chapter 3667 One ice and one fire?
Chapter 3668 How can you blame me?
Chapter 3669 An angry voice
Chapter 3670 Shut up
Chapter 3671 Is it really gone?
Chapter 3672 This is an extraordinary grass
Chapter 3673: Fraud again?
Chapter 3674 I have wine, you have stories
Chapter 3675 Take Action
Chapter 3676 Is there an extra cuckold on the head?
Chapter 3677: Found the person
Chapter 3678 Old things
Chapter 3679 The secretive old man Kun
Chapter 3680 It’s not bedwetting, what’s wrong?
Chapter 3681 You say it first? No
Chapter 3682 Isn’t this your urinal?
Chapter 3683: Meeting gift, one for each person
Chapter 3684 The terror of old man Kun
Chapter 3685 We are in the same group
Chapter 3686 What to do?
Chapter 3687 Start practicing
Chapter 3688 Isn’t it a shame?
Chapter 3689: Are you suspecting that I will attack by surprise?
Chapter 3690 Are you short and weak?
Chapter 3691 The Veins of Evil Spirit
Chapter 3692 You can make it as long as you want
Chapter 3693: Don’t you have any talent in your heart?
Chapter 3694 I won
Chapter 3695 They are all experts in fraud
Chapter 3696 The length of Su Chen’s road bridge
Chapter 3697 Heading to the birthplace of the Fire Dao Spirit
Chapter 3698 Two Roads
Chapter 3699 The battle begins, Old Man Kun’s power
Chapter 3700 The Sudden Appearance of the Hanging Island
Chapter 3701 Void Cracks on the Flame Mountain
Chapter 3702 A powerful dragon has arrived?
Chapter 3703 A fight broke out accidentally
Chapter 3704 The secret of the destruction of human heaven
Chapter 3705 Exclusion
Chapter 3706 He swallowed it! He is dead
Chapter 3707 Xue Ding’s Spear Intent
Chapter 3708 The dying man, crazy
Chapter 3709 Gu Mietian’s decision
Chapter 3710 He is crazy, he is dead
Chapter 3711 Special Features
Chapter 3712 Su Chen’s life is mine
Chapter 3713 Go all out
Chapter 3714 The power to dominate Daoqiao
Chapter 3715 Shuraye is condensing his own realm
Chapter 3716 The Heaven of Dao Realm collapsed
Chapter 3717: Coming out of the Taoist realm, people are full of blood and energy
Chapter 3718 Doubts and Inferences
Chapter 3719 Stop talking nonsense! Fuck him
Chapter 3720 You are too unjust
Chapter 3721 Chaotic Situation
Chapter 3722 That person is...
Chapter 3723 Do you want me to lend you my Destiny Pearl?
Chapter 3724 Are you okay? Then come?
Chapter 3725: Daolong appears, the world changes
Chapter 3726 Alarm from all sides
Chapter 3727 The actions of the gods
Chapter 3728 Mo Yiyun’s Way
Chapter 3729 Little Golden Buddha and Red Clothes
Chapter 3730 I am not that little golden man
Chapter 3731 The frustrated little golden Buddha
Chapter 3732 Information held by the Time Spirit Tribe
Chapter 3733 Jun Yixiao’s Past Incarnation
Chapter 3734 Encirclement and Blockage
Chapter 3735 The dead are the scum
Chapter 3736 Xue Ding, who only cultivates one level
Chapter 3737 Tao Master’s Things
Chapter 3738: What does it have to do with you if I kill Emperor Yuan?
Chapter 3739 The magic weapon of Xian Zhantian is somewhat special
Chapter 3740 Emperor Yuan, Death
Chapter 3741 Jun Yixiao’s future body
Chapter 3742 The Origin of Starlight
Chapter 3743 The function of the supreme divine object
Chapter 3744 You have to be more awesome than him
Chapter 3745 Got it
Chapter 3746 Purple Qi comes thousands of miles from the east
Chapter 3747 Aren’t you afraid that this flesh and blood is poisonous?
Chapter 3748: Different ways, don’t want to make plans
Chapter 3749 A bunch of trash
Chapter 3750 Breakthrough at the last moment
Chapter 3751 Jun Yixiao—The Supreme Peak
Chapter 3752 Another secret
Chapter 3753 Xian Kunwu takes action
Chapter 3754: I will spread your ashes
Chapter 3755 Nine Immortals Fire
Chapter 3756 Have you asked me?
Chapter 3757 The viciousness of Xian Zhantian
Chapter 3758 Killing the Floating Water Lord
Chapter 3759 Everyone wants to steal someone’s head
Chapter 3760 Mo Yiyun ran away?
Chapter 3761 Real fight or acting?
Chapter 3762 Su Chen’s nonsense
Chapter 3763 Su Chen’s determination
Chapter 3764 Who is seeking death?
Chapter 3765 Floating Water Lord - Counterattack
Chapter 3766 The oldest secret technique appears
Chapter 3767 Gu Heng’s frustration
Chapter 3768 I still have to thank you
Chapter 3769 A magical scene
Chapter 3770 This is the pattern
Chapter 3771 The blood of Wen Mo Qing
Chapter 3772 Immortal in Stone
Chapter 3773 You go
Chapter 3774 The Taoist Elder
Chapter 3775 The Supreme Elder of the Immortal Clan Can Also Flatter
Chapter 3776 Everyone is speechless
Chapter 3777 Is the news true?
Chapter 3778 The Immortal Emperor’s Shamelessness
Chapter 3779 Discussion
Chapter 3780 A fight isn’t going to happen, right?
Chapter 3781 The people chosen are all from the Immortal Emperor family
Chapter 3782 Opportunity to become enlightened?
Chapter 3783 Dao Qingzi, recognize the reality
Chapter 3784 Forced into the Palace
Chapter 3785 Idiot
Chapter 3786 Tai Lingpo’s frustration
Chapter 3787 Are you ready?
Chapter 3788 Who takes action?
Chapter 3789 Tai Lingpo, injured
Chapter 3790 This matter is not over yet
Chapter 3791 Are you done?
Chapter 3792 Do you believe what others say?
Chapter 3793 I, Tao Qingzi, humbly accept mistakes
Chapter 3794 Are you kidding me?
Chapter 3795 Self-immolation?
Chapter 3796 Are you having an affair with Chuheyu?
Chapter 3797 Is there any doubt?
Chapter 3798 The benefits of getting it
Chapter 3799 Your mouth is really vicious
Chapter 3800 Brother Chu, please stay
Chapter 3801: Are you a gangster? You will know after trying
Chapter 3802 Ji Wuluo’s overture?
Chapter 3803 Dark Fragrance Fruit
Chapter 3804 Dao Qingzi’s special realm
Chapter 3805 The figure on the Crocodile Throne
Chapter 3806 Where does your confidence come from?
Chapter 3807 The origin of the demon world that penetrates the ancient starry sky road
Chapter 3808 Just a little trick
Chapter 3809 Avenue of Ruins
Chapter 3810 Are you deliberately framing me?
Chapter 3811 Between humans and demons, life and death are incompatible
Chapter 3812 Is this a bad taste?
Chapter 3813 Reactions from all parties
Chapter 3814 Take action
Chapter 3815 Dao Qingzi’s calamity
Chapter 3816 Give you an arrow and send you back to the west
Chapter 3817 Brutal Battle
Chapter 3818: Hereticism - Fu Dao
Chapter 3819 The tower of Tao domain is broken
Chapter 3820 That man is dead?
Chapter 3821 Sky-shattering sword? Tangwu
Chapter 3822 Mo Kuishu’s shock and confusion
Chapter 3823 The scream is fake
Chapter 3824 The power of a Tao map
Chapter 3825 The power of Tianhan, burning the sky and boiling the earth
Chapter 3826 The token appears and the nail appears
Chapter 3827 Tracing the Source of the Dao Stone
Chapter 3828 The disaster has just begun
Chapter 3829 Su Chen’s Trouble
Chapter 3830 What are you planning?
Chapter 3831: Cultivation of ‘Immortal Totem’?
Chapter 3832 What does the life and death of the human race have to do with me?
Chapter 3833 There is no way to heaven and no way to earth
Chapter 3834 Be prepared to take action
Chapter 3835 Why is this woman here?
Chapter 3836 When the water is full, it overflows
Chapter 3837 Don’t be plotted by this Saint of Time
Chapter 3838 Breakthrough starts from condensing supreme blood
Chapter 3839 Gu Heng, will you take action?
Chapter 3840 The Future Time Spirit Emperor
Chapter 3841 I was so suffocated that I can finally speak.
Chapter 3842 The Skills of the Little Golden Buddha
Chapter 3843 You can’t go to that place
Chapter 3844 The Immortal Taoist Lord Arrives
Chapter 3845 Jiuzhenzi’s uneasiness
Chapter 3846 The Rainbow Sword of Time?
Chapter 3847 Can you activate the inherited sacred weapon?
Chapter 3848 Hongshang is going to be defeated?
Chapter 3849 The Horror of the Immortal in the Stone
Chapter 3850 The identity of the giant
Chapter 3851 Su Chen’s domineering
Chapter 3852 There is no if in this world
Chapter 3853 Your ninth brother is willing to protect you from the knife
Chapter 3854 There is a Way in the Chaos of All Realms
Chapter 3855 They all disappeared later
Chapter 3856 What is the form of the Great Avenue of All Realms?
Chapter 3857 I never thought about becoming a leader
Chapter 3858 Analysis of Hongshang
Chapter 3859 Dare to play tricks on me?
Chapter 3860 Increased Qi and Blood
Chapter 3861 Mo Yiyun who really wants to scold his mother
Chapter 3862 You can’t stop me
Chapter 3863 I am having a friendly exchange with you
Chapter 3864 I won’t let you succeed
Chapter 3865 Mo Yiyun’s strategy
Chapter 3866 Mysterious Black Light
Chapter 3867: Scheme against each other
Chapter 3868 You and I join forces to destroy Mo Yiyun?
Chapter 3869 Are we really going to join forces?
Chapter 3870 The Form of the Sun God
Chapter 3871 Mo Yiyun’s anger
Chapter 3872 The magic cave that disappeared out of thin air
Chapter 3873 The blockade of the ‘Eternal Demon Gate’
Chapter 3874 Fusion Formation
Chapter 3875 The plot is not small
Chapter 3876: Human Fire Seal, Life of the People
Chapter 3877 Capillary Hidden Formation?
Chapter 3878 Wind Chimes in the Whirlpool
Chapter 3879 The stars fall and the body is broken
Chapter 3880 Sun Fire Array
Chapter 3881 Finding the inner world of Mo Yiyun
Chapter 3882 Floating Water Lord’s little thoughts
Chapter 3883 The final struggle
Chapter 3884 The Power of Ancient Trees
Chapter 3885 Do you want me to ‘invite’ you in?
Chapter 3886 Mo Yiyun looks very honest
Chapter 3887 The world’s ancient tree bears fruit again
Chapter 3888 Don’t restore me
Chapter 3889 Spiritual Transformation
Chapter 3890 You failed
Chapter 3891 I hope you can live to see me next time
Chapter 3892 Broken Stool
Chapter 3893 Qi and blood increase
Chapter 3894 Whose blood dyed the stone jade ladder red
Chapter 3895 The unity of physical body and will
Chapter 3896 Everyone is racing against time
Chapter 3897 Start tempering the skull
Chapter 3898 Refining the Bones
Chapter 3899 So much loss?
Chapter 3900 No Negotiation
Chapter 3901 Give me an original avenue
Chapter 3902 You are cruel! I...give it
Chapter 3903 Ingesting the breath of Chu Wu’s skull
Chapter 3904 Three steps of ‘Ten Directions Bone Formation’
Chapter 3905 Brother Fu Shui, come out and talk about it
Chapter 3906 Come on, pay the rent
Chapter 3907 Have I become stronger?
Chapter 3908: The First Martial Treasure of Floating Water Lord Collapsed
Chapter 3909 The specialness of the last bone formation
Chapter 3910 Is the original path given by Floating Water Lord a lie?
Chapter 3911 The road to physical cultivation in the future
Chapter 3912 The special body condensed by the Floating Water Lord
Chapter 3913 Your initial martial arts fire is useless
Chapter 3914 Chuwu’s skull, broken
Chapter 3915 A problem arises
Chapter 3916 The fate of Floating Water Master, death?
Chapter 3917 Why press forward step by step?
Chapter 3918 The petty Su Chen
Chapter 3919 Senior has great skills
Chapter 3920 Testing each other
Chapter 3921 If you have something to say, please say it, okay?
Chapter 3922 I have a small request here
Chapter 3923 I’m giving it to you, do you really don’t want it?
Chapter 3924 There is something I don’t know whether to say or not.
Chapter 3925 The Secret of Bone Patterns
Chapter 3926 I give it, I give it
Chapter 3927: Blood and fire melt, chess pieces become
Chapter 3928 Where is the engraved pen?
Chapter 3929 This shouldn’t be the case
Chapter 3930: Bone pattern, presence of magnetic field?
Chapter 3931 Why give up?
Chapter 3932 What an ungrateful guy
Chapter 3933 Who is the scoundrel?
Chapter 3934 Changes in Yan Fei
Chapter 3935 Su Chen, something is wrong with you
Chapter 3936 Conversation between Su Chen and Hongshang
Chapter 3937 Thinking
Chapter 3938 Everyone has the same goal
Chapter 3939 Who is meat? Who is dog?
Chapter 3940 The anger in the little golden Buddha’s heart
Chapter 3941 Harvest
Chapter 3942 Mastering the Sword Intent of Time
Chapter 3943 Why stop it?
Chapter 3944 Looking for someone
Chapter 3945 Jiu Zhenzi’s shock
Chapter 3946 Kao’s doubts
Chapter 3947 I have the answer
Chapter 3948 Is the identity going to be revealed?
Chapter 3949 The Sea of ??Death in the Weird Space
Chapter 3950 The goal of cooperation
Chapter 3951: Heart Attack Strategy
Chapter 3952 Who is insincere?
Chapter 3953 The distraction was destroyed?
Chapter 3954 Hongshang’s curiosity
Chapter 3955 Eye of the Sky?
Chapter 3956 Pure Thoughts
Chapter 3957 Resolutely refuse to admit it
Chapter 3958 There is actually another hidden secret
Chapter 3959 Who are you trying to blame?
Chapter 3960 Jiu Zhenzi’s Strange Thoughts
Chapter 3961 Is it possible that it’s Wen Moqing?
Chapter 3962 It’s impossible to be Xian Zhantian
Chapter 3963 Who are you targeting?
Chapter 3964 Routine! Routine! Routine
Chapter 3965 What an obvious threat
Chapter 3966 One sword contains time?
Chapter 3967 The human seal formation is broken
Chapter 3968 The ancient heaven appears?
Chapter 3969 Are you so disrespectful?
Chapter 3970 Immortal River Sea
Chapter 3971 Shi Zhongxian’s excitement
Chapter 3972 Changes in Xianhehai
Chapter 3973 The first collision
Chapter 3974 Completely ruined the situation
Chapter 3975 Chaos Magic Thunder
Chapter 3976 The siege battle
Chapter 3977 Jun Yixiao said
Chapter 3978 Why is he here?
Chapter 3979 Why do you tell me to shut up?
Chapter 3980 Do you also control the river of time?
Chapter 3981 The difference between life and death
Chapter 3982 The fairy dog ??must die
Chapter 3983 Another great road to the heavens is born
Chapter 3984 Gu Heng is injured
Chapter 3985 Then let’s all enter the Immortal River Sea together
Chapter 3986 You ran too slowly, who can you blame?
Chapter 3987 The person forgotten by everyone
Chapter 3988 The avenue that can affect sensory judgment
Chapter 3989 The identity of the man in black robe
Chapter 3990 What are your conditions?
Chapter 3991 You are evil inside
Chapter 3992 What a bunch of short-sighted people
Chapter 3993 Shi Zhongxian’s proposal
Chapter 3994 Only two items
Chapter 3995 Everyone has their own agenda
Chapter 3996 Wen Moqing’s Thoughts
Chapter 3997 Shi Zhongxian: I am very honest
Chapter 3998 The first immortal treasure, broken
Chapter 3999 scolding each other
Chapter 4000 The Seed of the Immortal Avenue
Chapter 4001 One word stirs up thousands of waves
Chapter 4002 Will that guy take action?
Chapter 4003 Waiting for you
Chapter 4004 Bubuka’s Avenue
Chapter 4005 I, the Immortal Clan, have always been united
Chapter 4006 Join forces with Shi Zhongxian?
Chapter 4007 Praise
Chapter 4008 Complete Avenue Seed
Chapter 4009 The reaction of the fairy world
Chapter 4010 The Immortal Emperor’s Plan
Chapter 4011 Yan Fei’s suppression of Gu Heng
Chapter 4012 You are the waste
Chapter 4013 The fear of Wen Moqing
Chapter 4014 The sharing of the spoils is over
Chapter 4015 Must be watched to death
Chapter 4016 What a bitch
Chapter 4017 Just do it
Chapter 4018 Fifteen Source Stones
Chapter 4019 He is faster, Su Chen is faster
Chapter 4020 Jun Yixiao enters the ancient heaven
Chapter 4021 Xian Zhantian wants to join forces with Xue Ding?
Chapter 4022 You! Damn it
Chapter 4023 You’re laughing your ass off
Chapter 4024 Can you control Chaos Thunder?
Chapter 4025 This is absolutely impossible
Chapter 4026 Ignite twenty-two original stars
Chapter 4027 The power of the Human Emperor Seal
Chapter 4028 The treasure that suppresses luck
Chapter 4029 Who taught him to tell lies like this?
Chapter 4030 Arrival
Chapter 4031 The World in the Ruins of the Human Emperor
Chapter 4032 Aren’t you afraid of me?
Chapter 4033: Damn, are you dumbfounded?
Chapter 4034 Do you dare to poison me?
Chapter 4035 Strange things
Chapter 4036 Su Chen’s smile
Chapter 4037 Jun Yixiao’s Identity
Chapter 4038 This trial starts with making a choice
Chapter 4039 The identity of the Little Golden Buddha
Chapter 4040 Little Golden Buddha becomes the son-in-law?
Chapter 4041 Don’t worry, I will never cheat
Chapter 4042 If you leave, who should I marry?
Chapter 4043 Treasure Hunting Gold Plate?
Chapter 4044: Smelly monk, what dirty words are you talking about?
Chapter 4045 Get out of here
Chapter 4046 Entering the Alchemy Tower
Chapter 4047 I regret so much that my intestines are blue
Chapter 4048 The identity of the stinky witch
Chapter 4049 You should call me mother-in-law
Chapter 4050 This time, thanks
Chapter 4051 Who wants to eat alone?
Chapter 4052 You don’t have a baby, but you have one...
Chapter 4053 The Little Golden Buddha said that he is determined
Chapter 4054 Contents of Punishment
Chapter 4055 Determined to starve to death
Chapter 4056 The King of the Deep Sea ‘Immortal Zhantian’
Chapter 4057 The hunting game officially begins
Chapter 4058: One Person, One Book, Massive Killing
Chapter 4059 Xue Ding was so frightened that he ran away
Chapter 4060 The blessing of your three lives and three lives of cultivation
Chapter 4061 Meeting me is the greatest danger in your life
Chapter 4062: The world’s turmoil gathers in Zhongzhou
Chapter 4063: Country bumpkin enters the city?
Chapter 4064 The strange Vajra Buddha statue
Chapter 4065: Everyone, everyone, get out of my way
Chapter 4066: Confusing right and wrong, they are all smart people
Chapter 4067 Escape in despair
Chapter 4068 The current situation of Hongshang
Chapter 4069 The Liu family attacks
Chapter 4070 Who says a prostitute can’t join the war?
Chapter 4071 As long as I am here, the Duke’s Mansion will not be destroyed
Chapter 4072 Who gave you the right to drive away guests?
Chapter 4073 Who has the louder tone?
Chapter 4074 Conversation on the second floor
Chapter 4075 Kill someone and drink tea easily
Chapter 4076 Alchemy God’s Apprentice?
Chapter 4077 Which expert refined it?
Chapter 4078 Danyun lingering
Chapter 4079 Master Liu is so excited
Chapter 4080 Did I kill your woman?
Chapter 4081 I must be dazzled
Chapter 4082: No? Then I’ll kill you
Chapter 4083 Su Chen was fooled
Chapter 4084: Strike first to gain the upper hand
Chapter 4085 Who is confusing right and wrong?
Chapter 4086: Get things, withdraw
Chapter 4087 Excuse me, are you polite?
Chapter 4088 Another successful sign-in
Chapter 4089: Sword Drawing Technique?
Chapter 4090 Who is talking shamelessly here?
Chapter 4091 Are you ordering me?
Chapter 4092 How dare you kill someone?
Chapter 4093 Theory in another place
Chapter 4094: Fighting in the Dharma Hall
Chapter 4095 There is actually a reason
Chapter 4096: I will support you until you die?
Chapter 4097: Sending Warmth to Your Doorstep
Chapter 4098 Senior sister, you are so dishonest
Chapter 4099 Who allowed her to enter the inner gate?
Chapter 4100 Where do you want to run?
Chapter 4101 Xue Ding, you can’t escape
Chapter 4102 Choose one, please tell me your choice
Chapter 4103 I want to borrow someone from you
Chapter 4104 Initial Suspect
Chapter 4105 The eloquent and mysterious man Xiao Xu
Chapter 4106 Assassination
Chapter 4107 Wang Yunyun’s terrifying strength
Chapter 4108 If you leave, what should I do?
Chapter 4109 Is the wedding ring battle postponed?
Chapter 4110 Jun Yixiao’s situation
Chapter 4111 It’s just a divine martial law
Chapter 4112 End this battle
Chapter 4113 A different old servant
Chapter 4114 The look of disbelief
Chapter 4115 Congratulations to Mr. Zhao
Chapter 4116 The enemy is coming
Chapter 4117 Masters compete and fishing begins
Chapter 4118: Hanging Dragon Worship
Chapter 4119 Danger Surrounded
Chapter 4120 Complete Destruction
Chapter 4121 Don’t cry
Chapter 4122 Capture Dutian Sect
Chapter 4123 Some familiar stone tablets
Chapter 4124: Killing God? Actually...killing the sky
Chapter 4125 Arrival at the God-Slaying Sect
Chapter 4126 Demonic Arrow
Chapter 4127 The Identity of Immortal Killing the Heaven and Seizing the Body
Chapter 4128 The tragic ending of Taoist Fire Dragon
Chapter 4129 No one can protect themselves
Chapter 4130 Xian Zhantian’s request
Chapter 4131 The request has been fulfilled, let’s fight again next time
Chapter 4132 The whole family, old and young, come together
Chapter 4133 Immortal Sect’s Human Sea Tactics
Chapter 4134 You can’t go in here
Chapter 4135 Can you refuse this?
Chapter 4136 The old dragon king smells the smelly stone, it smells so good
Chapter 4137 Cut off your head and use it as a urinal for me, Mr. Lu
Chapter 4138 A palm falling from the sky
Chapter 4139 Instigating rebellion against the old Dragon King
Chapter 4140 Immortal Sect’s Exhaustion
Chapter 4141 Yan Fei’s treasure
Chapter 4142 Situation and Encounter
Chapter 4143 Is it detachment?
Chapter 4144 The Road to the Future
Chapter 4145 Everything is miscalculated
Chapter 4146 Black and White Life and Death
Chapter 4147 Eunuch Liu’s service to the country
Chapter 4148 The Eighth Prince
Chapter 4149 Eunuch Liu’s Fear
Chapter 4150 Do you want to know the news about the master behind me?
Chapter 4151 Decisive Kill
Chapter 4152 Pretending to be stupid
Chapter 4153 Xiao Qi’s Sorrow
Chapter 4154 The Eighth Prince is Angry
Chapter 4155 Change of Heaven
Chapter 4156 Bargaining
Chapter 4157 Cultivation Direction
Chapter 4158 Corruption
Chapter 4159 Escape for your life
Chapter 4160 Whether there is betrayal or not, I have the final say
Chapter 4161 An old man and a young man appear on the stage
Chapter 4162 You even want a corpse?
Chapter 4163 Principles are made with fists
Chapter 4164 Just such a simple request
Chapter 4165 Give you a reward: legs
Chapter 4166: People get old and their bones get rusty
Chapter 4167 Unreal feeling
Chapter 4168 The flower boat and moonlit night are unique
Chapter 4169 Not enough money
Chapter 4170 A night of turmoil
Chapter 4171 The way out
Chapter 4172 Are you kidding me?
Chapter 4173: Turn left, turn right
Chapter 4174 A bad start
Chapter 4175 You are right
Chapter 4176 Conspiracy
Chapter 4177 Sneaking into the Spirit Guards
Chapter 4178 Wang Shiba
Chapter 4179 You can report it
Chapter 4180 Collecting money to do things
Chapter 4181 Black Monkey Watchdog
Chapter 4182 Do you think I can’t afford it?
Chapter 4183 The little golden Buddha’s freeloading routine
Chapter 4184 When the time comes, I will push you out to block the knife.
Chapter 4185 You are not qualified enough
Chapter 4186 Take it back and examine it carefully
Chapter 4187 What’s the origin?
Chapter 4188 You went
Chapter 4189 Heaven, please forgive me
Chapter 4190: Playing cards against common sense
Chapter 4191 Not willing to give up
Chapter 4192 What is our action tonight?
Chapter 4193 Do you want me to make some noise myself?
Chapter 4194: Confiscating the house and destroying the family?
Chapter 4195 Kill without mercy
Chapter 4196 The benefits from Hualou
Chapter 4197 The blood-red thing in the gift box
Chapter 4198: Promoted? Silver medal head catcher?
Chapter 4199 Meeting Mrs. Liu again
Chapter 4200 Not a good weather
Chapter 4201 The cold light explodes
Chapter 4202 Enemies meet on a narrow road
Chapter 4203 Only the strength to pretend to be a wolf with a big tail
Chapter 4204 Nangongtian’s ending has long been doomed
Chapter 4205 Who judges whom?
Chapter 4206: Brother Dixuan is hiding his clumsiness?
Chapter 4207 The whole place was filled with fear
Chapter 4208 Elder Nangong is here
Chapter 4209 Why is he the one who is deposed?
Chapter 4210 I, Su Chen, keep my word
Chapter 4211 Little bastard, do you dare?
Chapter 4212 The mountain of swords collapses
Chapter 4213 My disciple drew his sword to help but was defeated
Chapter 4214 Not qualified
Chapter 4215 Great Elder, wait a minute
Chapter 4216 I promise to slap him to death
Chapter 4217 Please give me an explanation, sect leader
Chapter 4218 I agreed
Chapter 4219 Entering the Flame Mountain
Chapter 4220 Nine-star reward
Chapter 4221 Successful breakthrough
Chapter 4222: Demonstration on the spot, slap in the face
Chapter 4223 If you don’t agree, I’ll leave
Chapter 4224 The whole world has changed
Chapter 4225 The worst love between Wen Moqing and Xian Zhantian
Chapter 4226 It is indeed fate
Chapter 4227 The disappeared history
Chapter 4228 Preparing to enter the abyss world
Chapter 4229 Safe and stable cooperation
Chapter 4230 Parting ways
Chapter 4231 Cannot be reported
Chapter 4232: Captured two abyssal humans
Chapter 4233 Use blood as ink to write
Chapter 4234: Capture King Tianwu?
Chapter 4235 Let’s analyze
Chapter 4236 Target: King Tianwu
Chapter 4237 Jun Yixiao also sets his sights on King Tianwu
Chapter 4238 The grandson of King Tianwu
Chapter 4239 Su Chen comes to the stone forest
Chapter 4240: Killed with one punch
Chapter 4241 It’s like pulling out a nail
Chapter 4242 King Tianwu is desperate
Chapter 4243 Leave a little trick behind
Chapter 4244 There is fraud in this
Chapter 4245 Jun Yixiao takes the blame
Chapter 4246: Waste, Xi Mie is waste
Chapter 4247 Wrong direction
Chapter 4248 Your avenue is so strange
Chapter 4249 You also have to call me daddy
Chapter 4250 Humanity appears
Chapter 4251 Try bravely
Chapter 4252 Disadvantages of Leading Dao into the Body
Chapter 4253 Remember, there will be no next time
Chapter 4254 I want to fight
Chapter 4255 Soul-Desolating Abyss
Chapter 4256 All this has just begun
Chapter 4257 Sea Spirit Jellyfish, get out of here
Chapter 4258 Arrogant ‘Trio’
Chapter 4259 The next move of Wanling Buddha
Chapter 4260 The actions of the Abyss clan
Chapter 4261 The Speculation of Ten Thousand Souls Buddha
Chapter 4262 City People, King Tianji
Chapter 4263 Entering the Soul-Desolating Abyss
Chapter 4264 Prepare for a rainy day
Chapter 4265 Gate of Hell
Chapter 4266 Is this... done?
Chapter 4267: Get rid of his whole family
Chapter 4268 The special method mastered by King Tianwu
Chapter 4269 The traces of King Yuanling
Chapter 4270 Probably won’t come back
Chapter 4271 The identity of King Yuanling is in doubt
Chapter 4272 Discovering traces of all races
Chapter 4273 Why didn’t the princes of the abyss go to encircle and suppress all races?
Chapter 4274 Come here quickly, there is something discovered here
Chapter 4275 Is the price a bit high?
Chapter 4276 The threaded jade lights up
Chapter 4277 Tianji Messaging
Chapter 4279 Tengu’s Sneeze
Chapter 4280 Which hell beast to attack?
Chapter 4281: Mountain Boar Spirit, Kicked Over Tianji King’s Stall
Chapter 4282 What is this guy playing?
Chapter 4283 Could it be...the son of luck?
Chapter 4284 Who is your friend?
Chapter 4285 This is the choice I give you
Chapter 4286 The choice of King Tianji
Chapter 4287 Think of another way
Chapter 4289 I also want to win the King of Heavenly Secrets
Chapter 4290 You can guess it with your eyes closed
Chapter 4291 Run away after doing it
Chapter 4292 Su Chen’s arrangements
Chapter 4293 Start taking action
Chapter 4294 Despair
Chapter 4295 Jiushan Hou self-destructs
Chapter 4296 Killing King Guishan
Chapter 4297 Great tonic
Chapter 4299 Tell me about that young man
Chapter 4300 The King of Heavenly Secrets is here
Chapter 4301 Do you still dare to come back, not afraid of death?
Chapter 4302 Do you understand?
Chapter 4303 Is it possible that our Beiyujiang people will die here?
Chapter 4304 King Lishui’s shock
Chapter 4305 King Tianji’s Warning
Chapter 4306 Ten Thousand Souls Buddha, do you know your sin?
Chapter 4307 King Renhu became the commander?
Chapter 4308 Send troops to cut off the soul abyss
Chapter 4309: Will Su Chen be the next Human Emperor?
Chapter 4310 Next target: Prince Guishan
Chapter 4311 Heading to the Divine Mountain of Ten Thousand Fires
Chapter 4312 The reaction of the Abyss clan
Chapter 4313 The goal of Marquis Danyun
Chapter 4314 Arrival at Ten Thousand Fires Mountain
Chapter 4315 It’s better to let King Guishan figure it out
Chapter 4316 Suppressing Taizu Turtle
Chapter 4317 You also go in and lie down for me
Chapter 4318 Killing two birds with one stone
Chapter 4319 The initial reaction of all races
Chapter 4320 Mastering the magical power of Taizu Turtle
Chapter 4321 King Renhu’s talk is not simple
Chapter 4322 The cooperation that comes to your door
Chapter 4323 Summoning King Tianwu
Chapter 4324 The traitor around King Lishui
Chapter 4325 Tell me, what is righteousness?
Chapter 4326 King Tianwu who lives worse than a dog
Chapter 4327 You owe me a life
Chapter 4328 The Conditions of King Lishui
Chapter 4329 ‘King Yuanling’ is mentioned again
Chapter 4330 Death of Kuming
Chapter 4331 I only need to be loyal to you for ten years
Chapter 4332: Ten years of roaring and starting to work
Chapter 4333 Dig a hole and leave
Chapter 4334 King, where shall we stay tonight?
Chapter 4335 The Holy Son should think twice before taking action.
Chapter 4336 The mysterious Princess Xuanyuan
Chapter 4337 The Legend of King Xuanyuan
Chapter 4339 I robbed Jun Yixiao of his luck
Chapter 4340 I don’t think he will be fooled
Chapter 4341 Jun Yixiao’s goal
Chapter 4342 Are we going to stop it?
Chapter 4343 Selling News
Chapter 4344 The first cooperation
Chapter 4345 This is my advice to you
Chapter 4346 How do you want to distribute it?
Chapter 4347 Surrender! Surrender
Chapter 4348 If the method is wrong, you will naturally not be able to get in.
Chapter 4349 Dogs are not worthy of making choices
Chapter 4351 The fate of being a traitor
Chapter 4352 The Fear of the Iron Rhino King
Chapter 4353 Jun Yixiao with explosive combat power
Chapter 4354 It’s not the good news that awaits
Chapter 4355: Indiscriminately labeling
Chapter 4356 Eyes filled with fear
Chapter 4357: Want to stir up trouble?
Chapter 4358 What can I gain from seeing your joke?
Chapter 4359 If the way is different, then what’s the use of keeping you?
Chapter 4361 The tough-minded Feixue King
Chapter 4362 The curse in the heart of King Tianji
Chapter 4363 The excuse is too bad, change it.
Chapter 4364 Next target: Five Gourd Kings
Chapter 4365: Stinky old man, take a shot from me
Chapter 4366: Meeting Father?
Chapter 4367 I can try my best to help, but...
Chapter 4368 Who says force cannot solve everything?
Chapter 4369 You can never take me down
Chapter 4370 King Tianji, do you know your guilt?
Chapter 4371 Feixue King’s Plan
Chapter 4372 I know who has the bones of the prince
Chapter 4373 Tianluo Cemetery
Chapter 4374: Actually fishing
Chapter 4375 I suspect you have ulterior motives
Chapter 4376 How contrary it is to say it
Chapter 4377 The more I think about it, the weirder it becomes.
Chapter 4378 Our slogan is...
Chapter 4379 Calling all races to take the blame
Chapter 4380 This is an operation to rescue the ancestor
Chapter 4381: Watch King Lishui to death
Chapter 4382 Conversation in the Watchtower
Chapter 4383 The enemy is attacking
Chapter 4384 Golden Dapeng
Chapter 4385 The way to break the chaos
Chapter 4386 Choose the same direction to escape?
Chapter 4387 Breaking the pillars of mountains, rivers and seas
Chapter 4388 You know a lot
Chapter 4389 Escaped? Impossible
Chapter 4390 Do as you say
Chapter 4391 Re-establishing the Cultivation Route
Chapter 4392 War Shadow, War Technique, God of War
Chapter 4393 Why is the end of the road empty?
Chapter 4394 Angry Heaven-Destroying Bone
Chapter 4395 Jumping into the Valley of Despair
Chapter 4396 Array of Time
Chapter 4397 Time and Stars
Chapter 4398 Hongshang gets the treasure
Chapter 4399 Where did the lost energy go?
Chapter 4400 A perfect replica
Chapter 4401: Honest Acknowledgment
Chapter 4402: Whale Swallowing and Blood Sucking Technique
Chapter 4403 Ying Tianjun, get out and die
Chapter 4404: Let me know the news
Chapter 4405 Next Action Plan: Hibernation
Chapter 4406 Remember, we retreat relying on strength
Chapter 4407 The Shock of the Immortal King in Black
Chapter 4408 Let all the kings of your fairy clan be buried here
Chapter 4409 Who wants to tear up the covenant?
Chapter 4410 Qian Imperial Army, assembled
Chapter 4411 Didn’t you agree to keep a low profile?
Chapter 4412 Unless, I can go to the Sea of ??Time
Chapter 4413 Large-scale use of troops
Chapter 4414 Which clan will we fight in this first battle?
Chapter 4415 Golden Fur Ball
Chapter 4416 You have been plotted by your master
Chapter 4417 Gu Heng, you ran away so fast
Chapter 4419 This punch is the true unity of Tao and law
Chapter 4420 Five Realms Heart-Breaking Fist
Chapter 4421 The Dragon Clan is going to be doomed
Chapter 4422 Flame Prison Dragon Ancestor
Chapter 4423 You three tribes must give me an explanation
Chapter 4424 Just plead guilty.
Chapter 4425 Are you serious?
Chapter 4426 He is a smart man and knows what to do
Chapter 4427 It’s not that easy to figure it out
Chapter 4428 King Guishan cried
Chapter 4429 The desperate and angry King Guishan
Chapter 4430 A treasure that no one knows about
Chapter 4431 This time is an opportunity
Chapter 4432: Draw a big pie
Chapter 4433 The Origin of Forbidden Mountain
Chapter 4434 Dare I ask the Iron Armor King what his future plans are?
Chapter 4435: Leave acting with me aside
Chapter 4436 I would like to hear the details
Chapter 4437 The fire will be extinguished, sad
Chapter 4438 I can make you never have the chance to speak out
Chapter 4439 The abyss is really full of talents
Chapter 4440 Entering the Parliament Hall
Chapter 4441 Who dares to destroy Commander Feihuo?
Chapter 4442 Everyone, are you satisfied?
Chapter 4443 Everyone, do you have any objections?
Chapter 4444 Investigation of the Ancient Saint Clan
Chapter 4445 Let’s start talking about the topic
Chapter 4446 The legendary Tianwaitian
Chapter 4447 Isn’t everyone ready to rush?
Chapter 4448 How about you quit?
Chapter 4449 You lost to truth and justice
Chapter 4450 Emperor Qian: Everything is planned
Chapter 4451 Are you surprised?
Chapter 4452 What do you know?
Chapter 4453 This is the true power of terror
Chapter 4454 Ying Tianjun’s purpose
Chapter 4455 Even if it is exposed, so what?
Chapter 4456 Decision-making and advancement
Chapter 4457 Tianwaitian takes action
Chapter 4458 Tianwaitian’s actions
Chapter 4459 Are you from the abyss?
Chapter 4460 Killing people in the name of the abyss
Chapter 4461 If it’s not Emperor You, who could it be?
Chapter 4462 Then I won’t say anything anymore.
Chapter 4463 Half-Emperor’s Speculation
Chapter 4464 Emperor Qian is going to back down?
Chapter 4465 The Secret of Time Source Sea
Chapter 4466 The war is about to break out
Chapter 4467 It ends with an anticlimax
Chapter 4468 I have a different view
Chapter 4469 Tianhao’s helplessness
Chapter 4471 Am I the kind of unreasonable person?
Chapter 4472 I can’t talk about opinions, but...
Chapter 4473 Is this something you can ask?
Chapter 4475 I, the Guishan Clan, agreed
Chapter 4476 You may have done the Ancient Saint King a big favor
Chapter 4477 Emperor Qian’s shock
Chapter 4478 Demon Yuan comes out of seclusion
Chapter 4479 Master wants to borrow your body
Chapter 4480 The life and death escape of Demon Lord Haitang
Chapter 4481 Uninvited Guest
Chapter 4482 Who is the real target of Tianwaitian?
Chapter 4483 Death of Tianhao
Chapter 4484 The person taking the blame
Chapter 4485: One person is in charge of three departments, and he has the power
Chapter 4486 Bai Yue’s Transformation
Chapter 4487 What are you thinking about?
Chapter 4488 Today, unexpected gain
Chapter 4489 You are kidding me
Chapter 4490 An unexpected visitor from the Forbidden Mountain
Chapter 4491 Is this really a coincidence?
Chapter 4493 Using force to enter the law
Chapter 4494 Drawing pie every day
Chapter 4495: I became the guard of the Forbidden Mountain?
Chapter 4496 Iron King: Shut up
Chapter 4497 ??Chaos
Chapter 4498 Emperor Qian’s speculation
Chapter 4499 Who will investigate?
Chapter 4500 I came with a pair of eyes
Chapter 4501 The secret revealed by King Guishan
Chapter 4502 The Leopard King is coming. Where is the leader of the alliance?
Chapter 4503 The tyranny of the ancient saint king
Chapter 4504 I just guessed
Chapter 4505 Who are you from?
Chapter 4506 Leopard King, you didn’t even get through the door.
Chapter 4507 Emperor Qian’s target person
Chapter 4508 Everyone whose name I read was stared at by me.
Chapter 4509 I want to go to the Forbidden Mountain in person
Chapter 4510 Is the next Yan Zun confirmed?
Chapter 4511 Puzzling answer
Chapter 4512 The master returns
Chapter 4513 Ugly turtle, stop staring at me
Chapter 4514 Am I going to be beaten in vain?
Chapter 4515 The probability of betrayal is high.
Chapter 4516 The situation of the Time Spirit Tribe
Chapter 4517 What you see may not be true
Chapter 4518 Let me tell you why
Chapter 4519 Abnormalities in Time Castle
Chapter 4520 Iron King: What bad intentions can the Leopard King have?
Chapter 4521 Prepare! Blow up Dongtianmen
Chapter 4522 Eternal Night Glacier
Chapter 4523 The methods of all races
Chapter 4524 Qianji Water Jade
Chapter 4525 Time Spirit Clan, betrayed
Chapter 4526 The books Bubuka brought over
Chapter 4527 Guess: Tianwaitian’s ultimate goal
Chapter 4528 Everyone’s Worries
Chapter 4529 You are not Nan Wubian
Chapter 4530 Did you let me in on purpose?
Chapter 4531 The First Constellation
Chapter 4532 Ancient Secrets
Chapter 4533 Among all races, whose power is it?
Chapter 4534: Going to suffer: Violating the rules of heaven
Chapter 4535 Busy Qingwu
Chapter 4536 Actually, I also understand the Avenue of Time
Chapter 4537 In the blink of an eye, he became a prisoner
Chapter 4538 Start taking action
Chapter 4539: Sudden attack to kill the traitor
Chapter 4540 Important news revealed by King Guishan
Chapter 4541 Must get in touch with the outside world
Chapter 4542: There are great secrets hidden in various areas of the abyss
Chapter 4543 No matter what, we must go out
Chapter 4544 The withered vine growing in the space-time channel
Chapter 4545: Ten thousand people became suspicious and rushed there one after another
Chapter 4547: Covering others’ eyes? Bigger goal?
Chapter 4548 The goal of the abyss to revive
Chapter 4549 Lost in the Realm of Chaos?
Chapter 4550 Sudden blood boiling
Chapter 4551 Why do you two know, but we don’t?
Chapter 4552 The Gaze of Death?
Chapter 4553 A thrilling moment
Chapter 4554 Nan Bian’s Wisdom
Chapter 4555 Everyone’s Speculations
Chapter 4556 Discovering the Reception Formation
Chapter 4557 Goal: Prevent the Tengu from resurrecting
Chapter 4558 The Master of Domination
Chapter 4559 The birth of nine half-emperors
Chapter 4560 The predecessor of Time Source Sea
Chapter 4561 The relationship between the Nine Half-Emperors and the Chaos Tengu
Chapter 4562 Youhuang: Is it an illusion?
Chapter 4563: Being blocked by Ying Tianjun
Chapter 4564: Trapping Youhuang
Chapter 4565 The Emperor You is being hunted?
Chapter 4566 The Articles of Human Ancestors
Chapter 4567 Jun Yixiao’s identity remains a mystery
Chapter 4568 He stabbed out with a sword
Chapter 4569 Su Chen, is the Human Emperor really the reincarnation?
Chapter 4570 I swallowed the Human Emperor Sword into my body
Chapter 4571 Recognition from Emperor Ning
Chapter 4572: Are you going to detonate the Forbidden Mountain in the Soul-Ending Abyss?
Chapter 4573 Destroy this world
Chapter 4574 The sky of Duanhunyuan is broken
Chapter 4575 I gave them the opportunity
Chapter 4576 Ten Thousand Clans: Defend the Soul-Desolating Abyss
Chapter 4577 Jun Yixiao’s relationship with the Lord of All Realms?
Chapter 4578 Emperor Ning sacrificed his life to become a Taoist
Chapter 4579 Old guy, why did you betray me?
Chapter 4580 Go back quickly
Chapter 4581 I want to enter the sea of ??time
Chapter 4583 King Wu glared: Take care of yourself
Chapter 4584 Now, let me see if you can still scold me
Chapter 4585 Who is forcing everyone to take sides?
Chapter 4586 Divided into three camps
Chapter 4587 Misunderstanding, let’s just make a gesture
Chapter 4588 How did you find this place?
Chapter 4589: Revenge is easier said than done
Chapter 4590 The end of life is light?
Chapter 4591 A shovel sweeps all directions
Chapter 4592 That’s not bad
Chapter 4593 Chaos Tengu is chasing after him
Chapter 4594 Do you know who leaked our whereabouts?
Chapter 4595 There is a sound in the sky, the ancient giant beast is coming
Chapter 4596 There must be other reasons
Chapter 4597 He is not the Human Emperor
Chapter 4598 That’s my grandmother
Chapter 4599 Bai Yue’s methods
Chapter 4600 Is this important?
Chapter 4601 I have been waiting for you!
Chapter 4602: Getting to know Flame Fairy
Chapter 4603: Success is also a human emperor, failure is also a human emperor
Chapter 4604 Bai Yue enters the sea of ??time source
Chapter 4605 Why should we suppress the Sea of ??Time?
Chapter 4607 That old turtle has a lot of history
Chapter 4608 Absolutely appropriate
Chapter 4609 Inexplicable
Chapter 4610 Leave it to the people of Tianwaitian
Chapter 4611 I’m just making an assumption
Chapter 4612: Draw an illusory pie
Chapter 4613 Why do I need proof!
Chapter 4615 You are unjust
Chapter 4616 Jun Yixiao’s promise to Emperor Qian
Chapter 4617 Really good at choosing time
Chapter 4618 Are you the Human Emperor?
Chapter 4619 Emperor Ning disappeared?
Chapter 4620 What do you think we should call him?
Chapter 4621 What is outside the Time Source Sea?
Chapter 4622 There is nothing wrong with this!
Chapter 4623 Is it that simple?
Chapter 4624 You are not benevolent and righteous
Chapter 4625: Could it be related to the level of life?
Chapter 4626 This is the initial light!
Chapter 4627: You have such a bad tone
Chapter 4628 Are you here to steal the body?
Chapter 4629: Come with me to the battlefield
Chapter 4630 The opportunity to step out of the Taoist realm
Chapter 4631 Time and Stars
Chapter 4633: Who is controlling the giant puppet?
Chapter 4634 Conversation between the Human Emperor and the Old Man
Chapter 4635 Go and meet this little guy for me
Chapter 4636 Is this the formation portal?
Chapter 4637 Entering the camp and meeting the Human Emperor
Chapter 4638 The Human Emperor takes action
Chapter 4639: On the battlefield, I will protect you
Chapter 4640 Strange fate
Chapter 4641 Man, three wives and four concubines
Chapter 4642: Love to tease
Chapter 4643 Four Gods of War
Chapter 4644 Who is the yin and yang?
Chapter 4645 I’m going to assassinate the old ghost without eyebrows!?
Chapter 4646 Put him where he needs to be.
Chapter 4647 I will choose to fight
Chapter 4648 Missing an opportunity
Chapter 4649 You kid, you are simply not a human being
Chapter 4650 Do you dare to say that I, Old Man Luo, have a bad temper?
Chapter 4651: Sky-Breaking Spear, are you going to claim its master?
Chapter 4652: War machine, has become stronger again?
Chapter 4653 You are my comrade-in-arms!
Chapter 4654 It’s very difficult!
Chapter 4655 Who is Huanglong?
Chapter 4656: What kind of evil did your Majesty fall into today?
Chapter 4657 Giant Ax is confused
Chapter 4658 Is this time?
Chapter 4659 Seventy-two Hammers Made in Heaven
Chapter 4661 Why should I ask you to design it?
Chapter 4662 More than an honor
Chapter 4663 Sea of ??Giants, tell me the truth
Chapter 4664 A young man?
Chapter 4665: Old bones need to be dealt with!
Chapter 4666: Did this old man praise me?
Chapter 4667 Explodes with all its strength!
Chapter 4668 Where is the hope...
Chapter 4669 Worthy of respect
Chapter 4670 Why three months?
Chapter 4671 Destiny, unclear
Chapter 4672 Discussing major matters
Chapter 4673 The true perfect body
Chapter 4674 Appearance - Planet-like
Chapter 4675 Want to destroy the spirit!
Chapter 4676 Su Chen’s proposal
Chapter 4677 Arriving at Flame Mountain
Chapter 4678 Crushed
Chapter 4679 Looking for the Three Holy Fires
Chapter 4680 How could it be that thing?
Chapter 4681 Of course something happens
Chapter 4682 I will take you to find that mysterious aura
Chapter 4683 I can only say that others are blind.
Chapter 4684 General Blood Ax!
Chapter 4685 Giant Demon
Chapter 4686 Why is this thing still there?
Chapter 4687 Insect II
Chapter 4688 Entering Peach Blossom Valley
Chapter 4689 Weird Red Shadow
Chapter 4690 Time particles, split!
Chapter 4691 The method of transporting star ghosts
Chapter 4692 Fire Queen, Xianle
Chapter 4693 Ghost Head Strong
Chapter 4694 Charming God takes action
Chapter 4695 The war breaks out
Chapter 4696 Never thought about being a hero
Chapter 4697 You all got it wrong
Chapter 4698 I am willing to cooperate with you
Chapter 4699 Cursing
Chapter 4700: Burn together?
Chapter 4701 Shocked
Chapter 4702 Hei Xie: Please beg me!
Chapter 4703 Ye Jianren
Chapter 4704 Why are you here?
Chapter 4705 Old Man Luo is very good at pretending
Chapter 4706 It’s over, we can’t get out
Chapter 4707 Now, we are in big trouble
Chapter 4708 Chaos God takes action
Chapter 4709 Try it
Chapter 4710 Su Chen’s goal
Chapter 4711 Chasing Guitouqiang
Chapter 4712 Killing streak
Chapter 4713 This sword is called killing evil
Chapter 4714 Kunlun White Bone Powder
Chapter 4715 I didn’t mean it either
Chapter 4716 I don’t listen to nonsense!
Chapter 4717 Good guy, I’m afraid the three sacred fires have become spirits.
Chapter 4718 The Treasure House of Lord Ten Thousand Fire Gods
Chapter 4719 Seed of the God King
Chapter 4720 The power of the divine gate
Chapter 4721 The art of transformation
Chapter 4722 Yang Demon
Chapter 4723 Shen Mo
Chapter 4724 The Demon Sword is coming
Chapter 4725 There is something fishy about this divine gate
Chapter 4726 The fate of Shen Mo
Chapter 4727 The real details of this divine gate
Chapter 4728 Doubts
Chapter 4729 The little plan of the Demon Sword
Chapter 4730 If you have any objections, then die!
Chapter 4731: Shock and Conquer
Chapter 4732 The Action of the Demon-Conquering Sword
Chapter 4733 There is a problem in the underground world
Chapter 4734 I really don’t know
Chapter 4735 What, that damn human race is coming?
Chapter 4736 Shenyang Demon surrendered
Chapter 4737: Scold me back
Chapter 4738 Are you very proud?
Chapter 4739 What qualifications do you have to look down on me?
Chapter 4740 The Wrath of the Demon Sword
Chapter 4741 The legendary creation
Chapter 4742 The whereabouts of the Three Holy Fires
Chapter 4743 The whereabouts of the Seed of Ten Thousand Fires
Chapter 4744 Evil and Demon Blood Soul Insect
Chapter 4745 Evil Qi, is he really going to lose?
Chapter 4746 Interference
Chapter 4747 Giant ape, you are so cruel
Chapter 4748 Purpose
Chapter 4749 The doubts of the giant ape
Chapter 4750 If anything happens, come to me!
Chapter 4751 The evil god cuts through the air?
Chapter 4752 I went to dig someone’s ancestral grave and I want to tell you?
Chapter 4753 The real war has just begun
Chapter 4754 Let’s join forces to kill them?
Chapter 4755 Four Holy Evil Beast Axes?
Chapter 4756: Attitude of the Demon Sword
Chapter 4757 Internal strife: The Demon Sword was beaten
Chapter 4758 Who colludes with the Demon Sword?
Chapter 4759 Who is the person who split Xuantian’s jade hand?
Chapter 4760 It seems that the only option is to strike first.
Chapter 4761 Where is the other half of Xuantian Yushou?
Chapter 4762 Just a bad title
Chapter 4763 Don’t worry, I can handle this old man
Chapter 4764: Sing and harmonize to humiliate yourself
Chapter 4765 Take action without hesitation
Chapter 4766 Who is staring at you like a dog-skin plaster?
Chapter 4767 It turns out we really misunderstood
Chapter 4768 Shut up!
Chapter 4769 Who won?
Chapter 4770 Demon-Conquering Sword, I’m not done with you
Chapter 4771 You are quite crazy.
Chapter 4772: No need to talk about the Seed of Ten Thousand Fires!
Chapter 4773 Then you’d better take action!
Chapter 4774 We need to be vigilant
Chapter 4775 Who wants to fight you?
Chapter 4776 Black Blood Yaoyang Technique!
Chapter 4777 If you want to save me, you have to hurry up
Chapter 4778 You call this a killing spree
Chapter 4779 Are you framing me?
Chapter 4780 What qualities do women have?
Chapter 4781 Shentian Sect
Chapter 4782 I didn’t expect you to come to Flame Mountain too
Chapter 4783 Eggs as golden as gold?
Chapter 4784 It’s really good, the little ape is good at doing things
Chapter 4785 A touch of golden light, like a sword
Chapter 4786 Is spiritual wisdom born?
Chapter 4787 The sorrow in the heart of the giant ape
Chapter 4788 Fear of the power of Xuantian’s jade hand
Chapter 4789 Solution
Chapter 4790 Did you eat a golden beast?
Chapter 4791 Mr. Luo, safety first
Chapter 4792 Otherwise, call it Jinluo?
Chapter 4793 Questioning the Giant Ape
Chapter 4794 You didn’t lie to me?
Chapter 4795 Giant Elephant, you are so outrageous
Chapter 4796: You giant ape is telling lies again?
Chapter 4797 This is the floating star stone
Chapter 4798: White robe and black scarf, what’s wrong with it?
Chapter 4799 I’m afraid you won’t have a chance to leave.
Chapter 4800 Has anyone passed the first level again?
Chapter 4801 One after another
Chapter 4802 Everyone, are you waiting for me?
Chapter 4803 Blood of Ten Thousand Fires
Chapter 4804 There is a statue
Chapter 4805 Su Chen, are you a beggar?
Chapter 4806 Who dares to grab something under my nose?
Chapter 4807 Are you secretly cooperating with the Demon Sword?
Chapter 4808 Ye Jianren, you are so brave
Chapter 4809 Oops, I fell into a trap
Chapter 4810 Unimaginable
Chapter 4812 How did it fall into your hands?
Chapter 4813 You just hid behind my back?
Chapter 4814 Do you want to sit firmly on Diaoyutai?
Chapter 4815 Old Man Luo’s Bad Mouth
Chapter 4816 Do you know?
Chapter 4817 Do you know me?
Chapter 4818 He is afraid!
Chapter 4819 Have you seen enough?
Chapter 4820 You change your face too quickly, right?
Chapter 4821 If you don’t move, then I won’t move either!
Chapter 4822 Everyone is waiting
Chapter 4823 This bridge is formed
Chapter 4824 caught everyone off guard
Chapter 4825 Zhao Wuji is going crazy
Chapter 4826 We were all fooled
Chapter 4827 We are not done with this!
Chapter 4828: I am exhausted, there is a human emperor standing behind me
Chapter 4829 The beaming old man Luo
Chapter 4830 What does it mean?
Chapter 4831 Some random nonsense
Chapter 4832 The Top of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 4833 What’s going on?
Chapter 4834 Listen to me and run away
Chapter 4835 The Xuantian Bridge is born
Chapter 4836 The bridge is broken
Chapter 4837 Can I say that it was just an act?
Chapter 4838 Do you think Zhao Wuji and the others can come out soon?
Chapter 4839 Who is not cunning?
Chapter 4840 Such an ancient secret technique is difficult to deal with!
Chapter 4841 Are you considered a woman?
Chapter 4842 I have never been to this place before
Chapter 4843 A temple burning with flames
Chapter 4844 What’s imprisoned is: my inner demon
Chapter 4845 It’s actually an island
Chapter 4846 Su Chen, quit
Chapter 4847 Old Man Luo’s surprise
Chapter 4848 asked me to refine it?
Chapter 4849: Balls of true sun fire
Chapter 4850: Evil spirit like beacon fire
Chapter 4851 Do you want to deprive the power of the Sea of ??Time?
Chapter 4852 The Human Emperor, I’m afraid he’s crazy
Chapter 4853 I will destroy anyone who dares to stop me.
Chapter 4854 Ye Jianren, it’s not your turn to speak here.
Chapter 4855 Ye Jianren, your whole body is full of cartilage
Chapter 4856 The Human Emperor has nine generations in total
Chapter 4857 Is this evil?
Chapter 4858 It’s too late for you to go now
Chapter 4859 Isn’t the Human Emperor cultivating human nature?
Chapter 4860 Is that bitch a member of the Lord of Heaven?
Chapter 4861 The chess piece has fallen
Chapter 4862 A long road
Chapter 4863: Suppressed by the Supreme Source
Chapter 4864 Fusion
Chapter 4865 One punch, invincible storm
Chapter 4866 Su Chen is not a good bird
Chapter 4867 One dark and one bright
Chapter 4868 Uproar
Chapter 4869 That old giant is dying
Chapter 4870 You come, don’t come empty-handed
Chapter 4871 Just let this kid go like this?
Chapter 4872 Five Elements Old Man
Chapter 4873 Just scare us
Chapter 4874 Have you really decided?
Chapter 4875 Everyone accepted this situation
Chapter 4876 Everyone is old
Chapter 4877 I don’t know how many times I have died
Chapter 4878 It’s getting more and more interesting
Chapter 4879 Let me... think about it!
Chapter 4880 Whether it’s a human or a ghost, they’re all pretending
Chapter 4881 This guy is really not a good person.
Chapter 4882 Careful Analysis
Chapter 4883 This is a grand arrangement arranged by the immortal clan
Chapter 4884 What do you mean?
Chapter 4885 Fei Luozi’s invitation
Chapter 4886 The Immortal Clan’s Shock
Chapter 4887 That young man is not that capable yet
Chapter 4888 This time, they saw hope
Chapter 4889 The Demon Tribe’s Plan
Chapter 4890 The Human Emperor is no longer in the sea of ??time
Chapter 4891 Are you going to start your own business?
Chapter 4892 It’s over, it’s over, our giant clan is going to be over
Chapter 4893 Why do you dare to question?
Chapter 4894 What kind of trouble are you going to cause?
Chapter 4895 The birthday begins
Chapter 4896 Let’s get down to business
Chapter 4897 A quarrel
Chapter 4898 This one is the Great Pluto
Chapter 4899 King of the Sea
Chapter 4900 How about I be your Taoist companion?
Chapter 4901 What disaster have I committed?
Chapter 4902 Great Immortal King, don’t go off topic
Chapter 4903 The Great Immortal King was smashed away
Chapter 4904 The Angry Demon King
Chapter 4905 Conditions
Chapter 4906 A soldier never tires of deceit!
Chapter 4907 He just wants to be a free person
Chapter 4908 The decision of the Heavenly Sword God of War
Chapter 4909 I don’t deserve it, thank you!
Chapter 4910 Big Fat Marquis
Chapter 4911 Big misunderstanding
Chapter 4912 Who will protect this peaceful world?
Chapter 4913 Big Zhuhou’s ability
Chapter 4914 Important Information
Chapter 4915: Heartfelt Persuasion
Chapter 4916 The Mystery of Chaos
Chapter 4917 What do you think of my proposal?
Chapter 4918 It’s really, really shameless
Chapter 4919 Bad premonition
Chapter 4920: Hiding for the first time
Chapter 4921 No need
Chapter 4922: Amazing ability to flatter people
Chapter 4923 Three major legion leaders, which one do you choose?
Chapter 4924 Okay, then I’ll wait for your good news
Chapter 4925 Weirdness
Chapter 4926 My giant elephant’s heart is not cruel enough?
Chapter 4927 What exactly do you want to do?
Chapter 4928 You, Zhao Wuji, cannot afford this price
Chapter 4929 Zhao Wuji becomes angry
Chapter 4930: Will the Chaos Tribulation have anything to do with them?
Chapter 4931 Analysis and Thinking
Chapter 4932 Is there really a relationship between the two?
Chapter 4933 There is no movement from the evil spirits outside the sky
Chapter 4934 The choice of the giant elephant
Chapter 4935 The first battle with the Heavenly Sword God of War
Chapter 4936 The spread spreads wider and wider
Chapter 4937 An old man
Chapter 4938 My teacher, I want to see you
Chapter 4939 Swallowing the Sky and Thick Earth
Chapter 4940 The master of Bingwu Peak is not a human being
Chapter 4941 Is this a coincidence?
Chapter 4942 Big Pig Hou is attacked
Chapter 4943 Suspicious clouds abound
Chapter 4944 Memories of Big Zhuhou
Chapter 4945 Secret Contest
Chapter 4946 About the identity of the black shadow
Chapter 4947 Can I ask you a personal question?
Chapter 4948 The wind blows and the clouds fade
Chapter 4949 Big Zhuhou, sold fake goods
Chapter 4950: There is something wrong with this reaction of the master!
Chapter 4951 What if I can cure you?
Chapter 4952 I want to see how you fool me
Chapter 4953 There is a bug growing in your body
Chapter 4954 I help you, what can you give me?
Chapter 4955 It’s about to begin
Chapter 4956 Yue Lao looked confused
Chapter 4957 Taotie Defeated
Chapter 4958 What is the purpose of doing this?
Chapter 4959 The background of the four war gods
Chapter 4960 The first encounter with the three leaders
Chapter 4961 This scene shocked everyone
Chapter 4962 Evergreen Tree of Life
Chapter 4963 Today, I really agreed
Chapter 4964 Lord, can you keep your word?
Chapter 4965 A dragon hiding in Moon Worshiping Lake
Chapter 4966 Taotie goes berserk
Chapter 4967 The relationship between master and slave is now
Chapter 4968: Why does this mirror become more familiar the more I look at it?
Chapter 4969 The Broken-mouthed Demonic Dragon
Chapter 4970 Whose is the Diyuan Three Realm Mirror?
Chapter 4971 Taotie is here
Chapter 4972 The miserable Yuelao
Chapter 4973 Just what?
Chapter 4974 How dare you...
Chapter 4975 Master, let’s go back
Chapter 4976 Yue Lao is frightened
Chapter 4977 What a special volcano
Chapter 4978: Troublemaking
Chapter 4979 The sealed Wangchuan River
Chapter 4980 The last luck of the human race disappeared
Chapter 4981 Have you found out?
Chapter 4982 Changes from all parties
Chapter 4983 The Goal of the Great God King
Chapter 4984 The reaction of the four war gods
Chapter 4985: Leaving a mess for me
Chapter 4986 Tianfang World
Chapter 4987 Acting low-key
Chapter 4988 I choose to refuse
Chapter 4989 Sioux Bloodline
Chapter 4990 It’s time to break through
Chapter 4991 Everyone is looking forward to it
Chapter 4992 The Bloodline Mountain of the Seventy-Seventh Heaven
Chapter 4993: A full set of performances
Chapter 4994: Go back if you don’t want to
Chapter 4995 Shangguan Tinghai
Chapter 4996 Meet the Young Madam
Chapter 4997: Your Majesty, you shouted wrong!
Chapter 4998 'What are you talking about?'
Chapter 4999 Whoever dares to offend her will be punished by my Su family no matter how far away they are.
Chapter 5000 Tianhuang Sect’s Attitude
Chapter 5001 The ninth elder of Tianhuang Sect arrives
Chapter 5002 Mrs. Caiyun: You have a talent that surpasses mine
Chapter 5003 The mysterious Mrs. Caiyun
Chapter 5004 Restoration of Cultivation
Chapter 5005 Speculations on Time Travel
Chapter 5006 Su Erqi
Chapter 5007 Secret observation?
Chapter 5008 The special clan brand
Chapter 5009 Su Changkong Returns
Chapter 5010 The Unquiet Su Family
Chapter 5011 Wen Zi’s nemesis is back
Chapter 5012: Wen Wenzi is scared?
Chapter 5013: Wen Wenzi turned into a coward?
Chapter 5014 The conversation between the old man in black and Guang Fuzi
Chapter 5015 Make a decision
Chapter 5016: What is it that cannot be done?
Chapter 5017 The Curse of Heaven
Chapter 5018 That past event
Chapter 5019 Exploring the Curse in the Bloodline
Chapter 5020 Two uninvited guests came outside the door
Chapter 5021 Letter from the Saint
Chapter 5022 When did I, Su Chen, stop liking women?
Chapter 5023 It’s time to go out for a walk
Chapter 5024 Thunder Kills Immortal Body
Chapter 5025 Ancient Totoro
Chapter 5026: My Neighbor Totoro said, I hate you guys
Chapter 5027 The Sword Ancestor is Birth
Chapter 5028 Conversation with Sword Ancestor
Chapter 5029: Does this old guy know that I will refuse?
Chapter 5030 It doesn’t matter at all
Chapter 5031 Yuan Yin’s mother wrote it?
Chapter 5032 A somewhat aggrieved Yuan Yin
Chapter 5033 Get ready, it’s time to start
Chapter 5034 The battle for the Young King begins
Chapter 5035 This situation is good for us
Chapter 5036 You are just blindly optimistic
Chapter 5037 Masters compete with each other
Chapter 5038 Both of them were defeated
Chapter 5039 Xun Maozi is here?
Chapter 5040 Bloody Continent
Chapter 5041 Changyuan Galaxy
Chapter 5042 Rules
Chapter 5043 Unfair
Chapter 5044 Some speculations
Chapter 5045 This guy is obviously a loser
Chapter 5046: Ordinary, getting laughed at wherever I go
Chapter 5047 Beating someone
Chapter 5048 Internal strife
Chapter 5049 Su Qinghao, dead
Chapter 5050 Hey, and hey
Chapter 5051 The stars here are worthless
Chapter 5052 In short, stay away from him
Chapter 5053 Not going anymore
Chapter 5054 Be honest
Chapter 5055: What do you want me to explain?
Chapter 5056 The red-haired young man’s overtures
Chapter 5057 This is just a trivial matter
Chapter 5058 It’s not your turn to worry about
Chapter 5059 A big fight
Chapter 5060 Still a waste
Chapter 5061 Su Yinyun
Chapter 5062 Groundless
Chapter 5063 Who is the insignificant little ant?
Chapter 5064 Compare who can shoot faster
Chapter 5065 Who is the target?
Chapter 5066 Signs of the birth of the real dragon
Chapter 5067 Sudden changes in the galaxy
Chapter 5068 You know nothing
Chapter 5069 Encounter
Chapter 5070 Weird start
Chapter 5071 Let me tell you, let him die on the execution ground as soon as possible
Chapter 5072 Boy, your death is coming soon
Chapter 5073 The legendary sacred object hidden in the body
Chapter 5074 Green Coffin
Chapter 5075 This sword is named... Xuanyuan!
Chapter 5076 Many famous swords from heaven
Chapter 5077 How much strength do you have left?
Chapter 5078: There is a road, which means there is hope
Chapter 5079 Entering the Medicine Hall
Chapter 5080 I’m afraid there’s going to be chaos
Chapter 5081 The mountain guarding beast accidentally broke in
Chapter 5082 A deserted overseas island
Chapter 5083 A group of uninvited guests came to the island
Chapter 5084 It’s too high, I can’t climb up
Chapter 5085: Understanding every day in the ordinary world
Chapter 5086 Boring life
Chapter 5087 Ruixiang Palace
Chapter 5088 This game has just begun
Chapter 5089 If something goes wrong, it will happen sooner or later
Chapter 5090 That one is a bit scary!
Chapter 5091 The prime minister fell
Chapter 5092 Thunder that shocked the entire capital
Chapter 5093 Do you want to fight her?
Chapter 5094 I am delivering food
Chapter 5095 What do you think about this matter?
Chapter 5096 The unknown person
Chapter 5097 Cold Palace Middle Courtyard
Chapter 5098 The green coffin reappears
Chapter 5099 Using Sword as Pill
Chapter 5100: Working hard to be lonely
Chapter 5101 I want you to take me back to that place
Chapter 5102 Your road may be dead
Chapter 5103 This guy is not a good person.
Chapter 5104 The spirit of the green coffin seems to have said...
Chapter 5105 Stupid Prince
Chapter 5106 The Prince is Dead
Chapter 5107 Why don’t we feel anything at all?
Chapter 5108 I want to make a deal with her, but others look down on her
Chapter 5109 Who are you muttering and scolding?
Chapter 5110 A lot of thoughts
Chapter 5111 Forgotten Pool
Chapter 5112 Is this the Listening Stone?
Chapter 5113 The Pattern of True Realm
Chapter 5114 General Tianwei, the Shentian Sect’s temptation
Chapter 5115 I seem to have seen them somewhere
Chapter 5116 Leave them all alone!
Chapter 5117 Comparing who is more ruthless
Chapter 5118 Who will God spare?
Chapter 5119 Death of General Tianwei
Chapter 5120 Ran away
Chapter 5121 Quick, send the imperial doctor
Chapter 5122 The panic of many concubines
Chapter 5123 The three kings died!
Chapter 5124 How did Su Meng get pregnant?
Chapter 5125 The sword is broken and people leave
Chapter 5126 This is fate
Chapter 5127 She is gone!
Chapter 5128 It’s finally over
Chapter 5129: One person opens the way to heaven, and one person lights the green lantern
Chapter 5130 The powerlessness of Shentian Sect
Chapter 5131 Shentian Sect: This is a disaster
Chapter 5132 The arrival of Shen Mengtian
Chapter 5133 I am your uncle
Chapter 5134 I want to know about my mother
Chapter 5135 Your mother is a simple person!
Chapter 5136 How confident are you that you can kill him?
Chapter 5137 The Prince’s Teacher
Chapter 5138 Where did you come from?
Chapter 5139 You are wrong
Chapter 5140 You can’t leave
Chapter 5141 Black Shark Mountain
Chapter 5142 After that battle...
Chapter 5143 The final decision of Black Shark Mountain
Chapter 5144 How fun this is
Chapter 5145 Pretending to be a ghost
Chapter 5146 The sudden outbreak of the ancient well
Chapter 5147 Gift: Sword Qi Great Wall
Chapter 5148 The trap that fell on yourself
Chapter 5149 This is an opportunity, you must cherish it
Chapter 5150 Come, my children
Chapter 5151 The Imperial Tomb is Attacked
Chapter 5152 Ignore me?
Chapter 5153 What you drank was horse urine!
Chapter 5154 The royal family has a royal realm
Chapter 5155 Shen Mengtian: I’m going crazy!
Chapter 5156 What determines the upper limit is... state of mind
Chapter 5157 That night, the incident at the imperial mausoleum
Chapter 5158 Shen Tiandou, die!
Chapter 5159 Emperor Taizu takes action
Chapter 5160 The Battle of the Imperial Tomb: The End!
Chapter 5161 Shen Mengtian turned around and left
Chapter 5162 This night is not peaceful
Chapter 5163: People go to the empty Emperor’s Palace
Chapter 5164 Shentian Sect’s methods
Chapter 5165 Whether it’s a human or a ghost, it’s all acting
Chapter 5166 Let’s see how I prevent you from getting off stage.
Chapter 5167 Pressure
Chapter 5168 Death of Li Zhongyuan
Chapter 5169 Shen Mengtian takes action
Chapter 5170 The strength of Wang Shuijian
Chapter 5171 Shen Mengtian has a headache
Chapter 5172 Is this the opportunity you mentioned?
Chapter 5173 The Lord of Heaven
Chapter 5174: Check Allah without background first
Chapter 5175: Does this matter have a big impact?
Chapter 5176 Are you betraying me by being brave?
Chapter 5177 The frustrated Shuzu
Chapter 5178 Guess
Chapter 5179 Analysis
Chapter 5180 is of great importance
Chapter 5181 Shuzu was beaten again
Chapter 5182 The origin of the Qianhuan Realm is rioting
Chapter 5183 Evil Spirit Thread
Chapter 5184 Kunpeng Cauldron
Chapter 5185: Then tell me, should I guess?
Chapter 5186 The dogs shook their heads after seeing this
Chapter 5187 Ancestor? I’m not worthy!
Chapter 5188 The unreliable weird old man
Chapter 5189 I come first!
Chapter 5190 I am your brother, you have to support me
Chapter 5191 The strange old man and Shuzu’s deception
Chapter 5192 Begins
Chapter 5193 The spirit of the green coffin deceives again
Chapter 5194 Who are you?
Chapter 5195 The evil spirit thread is broken!
Chapter 5196 I seem to smell a conspiracy
Chapter 5197 Let’s all take action
Chapter 5198 This is the ancestral precept and must be followed
Chapter 5199 Finally drank
Chapter 5200 Going to be beaten
Chapter 5201 He wants to leave
Chapter 5201 Let’s play chess
Chapter 5203 Shen Mengtian’s sorrow and sadness
Chapter 5204 Confrontation
Chapter 5205 Who is confronting the spirit of the blue coffin?
Chapter 5206 I know, this must be a test!
Chapter 5207 Heavenly Sin was sold
Chapter 5208 Everyone, this is a misunderstanding
Chapter 5209: Furious
Chapter 5210 Gifts
Chapter 5211 Isn’t it good for you to hold it?
Chapter 5212 Winning over Kunpeng Ancestor and turning enemies into friends
Chapter 5213 It snowed heavily this year
Chapter 5214 Ten years
Chapter 5215 The Dark Demon takes action
Chapter 5216 The divine bones were dug up
Chapter 5217 What do you mean?
Chapter 5218 You said that the Holy One loves you?
Chapter 5219 Threat
Chapter 5220 Rumor
Chapter 5221 I want her to die now
Chapter 5222 Overturning the stove
Chapter 5223 Killing people on my territory
Chapter 5224 Su Chen is here
Chapter 5225: Become today’s uncle
Chapter 5226 Sir, I don’t understand
Chapter 5227 Am I lying to you?
Chapter 5228: It’s up to you, sir
Chapter 5229 Are you feeling uncomfortable somewhere?
Chapter 5230 How is this possible?
Chapter 5231 Do you want him to enter the Chaos Formation?
Chapter 5232 Are you worried about me?
Chapter 5233 Shen Daoqi is about to enter the ancient chaos formation
Chapter 5234 This light is... sword energy
Chapter 5235 Could it be that you introduced the ancient energy of chaos into your body?
Chapter 5236 I always feel that something is wrong with you.
Chapter 5237 Sword Qi Cang Qiong is opened!
Chapter 5238 Really angry
Chapter 5239 You are in quite a lot of trouble
Chapter 5240 These days, people and ghosts are all pretending
Chapter 5241 Shu Zu is here
Chapter 5242 I’m giving Shu Laogui eye drops.
Chapter 5243 The person I want to recommend is...
Chapter 5244 What is that?
Chapter 5245 Ancestor Kunpeng’s decision
Chapter 5246 So many coincidences?
Chapter 5247 Shen Dao Qi is coming
Chapter 5248 Are you the missing uncle?
Chapter 5249 Do you know why I left?
Chapter 5250 You shouldn’t be the enemy of Shen Mengtian
Chapter 5251 If you hurry up, this Eye of Chaos will be yours!
Chapter 5252: Please save it for me, ancestor
Chapter 5253 This one can handle it!
Chapter 5254 Many people with opinions
Chapter 5255 Communication
Chapter 5256 Shuzu’s unhappiness
Chapter 5257: You boy, please be more serious.
Chapter 5258 The spirit of the blue coffin has not left?
Chapter 5259 Not jealous at all
Chapter 5260: Stop treating these nonsense for me
Chapter 5261 The more I think about it, the more something is wrong.
Chapter 5262 Gun Air Douluo, do you want it?
Chapter 5263 Return to the Imperial Palace
Chapter 5264 I just don’t want to teach you
Chapter 5265 Don’t forget the original intention?
Chapter 5266 Shen Mengtian’s strategy for governing the country
Chapter 5267 The situation is not optimistic
Chapter 5268 Everyone is waiting to see the joke
Chapter 5269 Shenmengtian’s strategy
Chapter 5270 Puzzled, uneasy, uneasy
Chapter 5271 Prime Minister’s Mansion
Chapter 5272 His smile is very bright
Chapter 5273 Liu family’s attitude
Chapter 5274 Contingency
Chapter 5275 Liu Zaisheng is gone
Chapter 5276 It’s not simple
Chapter 5277 The Shentian Sect appears
Chapter 5278 Discovering clues
Chapter 5279 Please tell me in detail
Chapter 5280 Canghaimen’s actions
Chapter 5281 There is a third way
Chapter 5282 It turns out to be that little bastard
Chapter 5283 Convene the Ancestral Land Conference as soon as possible
Chapter 5284 It’s the origin of chaos again
Chapter 5285 A confusing explanation
Chapter 5286 Entering the ancestral land
Chapter 5287 The old man Shu has a lot of drama
Chapter 5288 Logically speaking, this shouldn’t be the case
Chapter 5289 Canghaimen is coming
Chapter 5290 He was slightly startled
Chapter 5291 The battle between the Su family and the Heavenly Ancestor
Chapter 5292 Lei Yan’s ambition
Chapter 5293 The winner is about to be determined!
Chapter 5294 This guy is not simple
Chapter 5295 Who won?
Chapter 5296 The future son of the Su family
Chapter 5297 The Su family’s intentions
Chapter 5298 Changes from all parties
Chapter 5299 Inspiration, quite big
Chapter 5300 My vision has always been good
Chapter 5301: Am I lucky to work with you?
Chapter 5302 Temptation
Chapter 5303 Continuously Encouraging
Chapter 5304 It really looks like...
Chapter 5305 The stone wall hidden in the Eye of Chaos
Chapter 5306 The Rat King’s Idea
Chapter 5307 Final Decision
Chapter 5308 Because you are trash
Chapter 5309 The Rat King Regrets
Chapter 5310 Future Senior Brother
Chapter 5311 Fighting
Chapter 5312 Master, you mean...
Chapter 5313 The true purpose of Kuangren Chu
Chapter 5314 Su Family Shadow Ancestor
Chapter 5315 The increasingly chaotic situation
Chapter 5316 Going deep into the underwater world
Chapter 5317 He is not even qualified to dodge
Chapter 5318 Go and find someone you can talk to.
Chapter 5319 Do you know the purpose of my coming here?
Chapter 5320 You are very annoying now
Chapter 5321 The secret of the ancient sacred mountain
Chapter 5322 What you see may not come true
Chapter 5323 Entering the Divine Spring
Chapter 5324: Pretending to be mysterious
Chapter 5325 The secret behind the ancient divine spring
Chapter 5326 You have an intersection with that person
Chapter 5327 Him?
Chapter 5328 Leaving the Ancient God Mountain
Chapter 5329: Playing with me
Chapter 5330 Don’t ask any more questions
Chapter 5331 Entering the battle
Chapter 5332 Pig Gate
Chapter 5333 The man setting up a stall in front of the brothel
Chapter 5334 Brother, do you want to buy flowers?
Chapter 5335 People from the Heavenly Family will not be buried after death
Chapter 5336 Innate Holy Eyes
Chapter 5337 Encourage me to do bad things?
Chapter 5338 Just a little bit is fine
Chapter 5339 Speculation
Chapter 5340 Pork Kidney Noodles
Chapter 5341: It’s time to go, old man
Chapter 5342 Departure
Chapter 5343 Entering the Sea of Death
Chapter 5344: Son of the Su family, I hate you
Chapter 5345 Sui You, died!
Chapter 5346 Next, you lead the way
Chapter 5347 Mutation
Chapter 5348 Ghost Snake
Chapter 5350 Discovery of the Ghost Snake
Chapter 5351 The way out is blocked
Chapter 5352 Behead!
Chapter 5353 Whether it is worthy or not is up to you.
Chapter 5354 Collapse!
Chapter 5355: Make it clear
Chapter 5356 Your mother did it
Chapter 5357 The beginning of the story
Chapter 5358 This kid must not be kept!
Chapter 5359 You, follow me to practice
Chapter 5360 Coming to the Tiandao Alliance
Chapter 5361 The woman in red takes action
Chapter 5362 Agreement
Chapter 5363 Return
Chapter 5364 Genius
Chapter 5365 The beaten ghost snake
Chapter 5366 You have a bad temper!
Chapter 5367 Instant Kill
Chapter 5368 Continuous attacks
Chapter 5369 Never care
Chapter 5370 What a risk
Chapter 5371 Shadow Ancestor is missing
Chapter 5372 You go back now
Chapter 5373 Message from the Book Ancestor
Chapter 5374 First Arrival at Monster Mountain
Chapter 5375 An ancient city built deep in the mountains
Chapter 5376 My name is ‘Zhao Wudi’
Chapter 5377 Who can’t beat it?
Chapter 5378 Brother, beat his little brother
Chapter 5379 Jian Yuanzhao, defeated!
Chapter 5380 Complex Situation
Chapter 5381 You are not human!
Chapter 5382 What do I think?
Chapter 5383 I can’t tolerate your presumption
Chapter 5384 The True Dragon Envoy takes action
Chapter 5385 The Power of the Sword Ancestor
Chapter 5386 A Blood Flower
Chapter 5387 Sword Ancestor, you made a miscalculation
Chapter 5388: Surrounding and killing? Counterattack!
Chapter 5389 Sky Beast King, you are lying!
Chapter 5390 Why are you all messing with me?
Chapter 5391 Ran away
Chapter 5392 Ancestor Heihe is here
Chapter 5393 It’s so embarrassing
Chapter 5394 Sword Ancestor Vomits His Bitterness
Chapter 5395 What do you think of him?
Chapter 5396 We have the foundation
Chapter 5397 The Speculations of the Sky Beast King
Chapter 5398 Unlucky Long Ye
Chapter 5399 Blocking the door
Chapter 5400 Cutting off the Holy Way
Chapter 5401 Let’s beat him up
Chapter 5402 The Sigh of the Sky Beast King
Chapter 5403 The Star Demon Army sets out to fight
Chapter 5404 How is the battle going?
Chapter 5405 The Heavenly Beast King sets off for battle
Chapter 5406 Dao Alliance Council
Chapter 5407 This is a secret that belongs to myself and Iron Saint
Chapter 5408 Why not consider attacking Ten Thousand Monster Mountain?
Chapter 5409 Feng Niang is a shrew?
Chapter 5410 Attitudes of All Parties
Chapter 5411 Breakthrough
Chapter 5412 Why am I just showing up?
Chapter 5413 The news spreads
Chapter 5414 Su Chen’s Thoughts
Chapter 5414 Anyone who disobeys the order will die!
Chapter 5416 Demon Court’s reaction
Chapter 5417: Dao Alliance is weaker than expected?
Chapter 5418 It’s not that I look down on your Su family
Chapter 5419 Strange
Chapter 5420 The Su family’s response
Chapter 5421 The Sky Beast King Escapes
Chapter 5422 So damn fierce
Chapter 5423 Dao Alliance: Something is wrong
Chapter 5424 The Scout Sacred Artifact was destroyed
Chapter 5425 Time secret?
Chapter 5426 What is the end of the holy path?
Chapter 5427 Demon Yuan
Chapter 5428: Ten Thousand Monster Mountain, bloody
Chapter 5429 Who is talking nonsense?
Chapter 5430 Too bad
Chapter 5431 The Death of Tianzun
Chapter 5432 Ye Family, Zhan Lei
Chapter 5433 The End
Chapter 5434 The ruins of the dead elephant?
Chapter 5435 Sword Qi is like silk
Chapter 5436 Heading to Wangchuan Ridge
Chapter 5437 Zhong Kui
Chapter 5438 Mo Yuan’s goal
Chapter 5439 How dare you plot against our Dao Alliance!
Chapter 5440 This is a lie
Chapter 5441 How to make up for it
Chapter 5442 The sudden rain
Chapter 5443 Xuan Minghen
Chapter 5444 A strange trio
Chapter 5445 Using the body as a battlefield
Chapter 5446 Silent Contest
Chapter 5447 Heng Ha Trio
Chapter 5448 Moyuan Cave Heaven, incomplete laws
Chapter 5449 There is something wrong with this Dharma image!
Chapter 5450 Weird
Chapter 5451 Mo Yuan’s methods
Chapter 5452 Strong evil spirit
Chapter 5453 A bigger enemy?
Chapter 5454 Guess
Chapter 5455 Ready to move
Chapter 5456 Liu Linglong went in
Chapter 5457: All kinds of monsters and monsters have appeared
Chapter 5458 You are throwing yourself into a trap
Chapter 5459 Mo Yuan’s Blood Food
Chapter 5460 Many people died
Chapter 5461 Our Lady of Yaotian is injured
Chapter 5462 That’s not the holy realm clone
Chapter 5463 Son of Celestial Elephant
Chapter 5464 The Land of Seven Star Demons
Chapter 5465 Your lifeline should have been cut off
Chapter 5466 The shock of the blue coffin spirit
Chapter 5467 The shock and speculation of the green coffin spirit
Chapter 5468 The three realms of practice
Chapter 5469 Asking for fate
Chapter 5470 The corpse on the goat’s horns
Chapter 5471 Identity exposed
Chapter 5472: Backhand an entire army
Chapter 5473 Su Chen takes action
Chapter 5474 Don’t be too arrogant!
Chapter 5475 Our Lady of Yaotian retreats
Chapter 5476 This is the gap
Chapter 5477 Ancient Medicine Original Solution
Chapter 5478 Maybe this is just a rumor?
Chapter 5479 Huge Impact
Chapter 5480 The blood-stained altar appears
Chapter 5481 The person who hides the deepest
Chapter 5482 Take action
Chapter 5483 Yuan Xiang is coming
Chapter 5484 The Holy Master Set is Almost
Chapter 5485 Here, death is a blessing!
Chapter 5486 God Lord Tianyu
Chapter 5487 A promise that doesn’t mean anything
Chapter 5488 The true identity of Big Mouth Monster
Chapter 5489 Tianfang is not easy to fight!
Chapter 5490 Yao Tianming Lord?
Chapter 5491 Initial cooperation reached
Chapter 5492 Seven Star Demon Land, Chaos
Chapter 5493 Mo Yuan’s big move
Chapter 5494 Mutual Hypocrisy
Chapter 5495 Fusion of Eight Symbols
Chapter 5496 Xuan Minghen’s goal
Chapter 5497 White Tiger Golden Thunder
Chapter 5498 Invitation to Battle
Chapter 5499 The Ghost King is here?
Chapter 5500 The true identity of Master Yuantian
Chapter 5501 Golden Crow
Chapter 5502 Our Lady of Yaotian is here
Chapter 5503 The Demon Appears
Chapter 5504 Confrontation
Chapter 5505: Shameless, using the big to bully the small
Chapter 5506 Means
Chapter 5507 The unpredictable strength
Chapter 5508 Anger
Chapter 5509 Just guessing
Chapter 5510 How do you want to repay me?
Chapter 5511 Invitation for Cooperation
Chapter 5512 Swearing
Chapter 5513 Su Chen, do you really want to kill everyone?
Chapter 5514 Killing the Ghost King
Chapter 5515 What? You have a big opinion on me taking action?
Chapter 5516 Fight
Chapter 5517 The decisive white tiger
Chapter 5518 The Tiandao Stone Statue Reappears
Chapter 5519 Go back
Chapter 5520 Taoist Alliance’s reaction, Xiu Sheng Lord
Chapter 5521 A bit crooked
Chapter 5522 Who is this young man?
Chapter 5523 The Taoist Alliance’s Action
Chapter 5524 Return to the Su family
Chapter 5525 Qingqiu Fox Saint
Chapter 5526 He is dead
Chapter 5527 Can’t reach an agreement
Chapter 5528 I leave the choice in your hands
Chapter 5529 Is it a compromise after all?
Chapter 5530 The secret inside Qingqiu Fox Saint
Chapter 5531 Coming to the Su Family
Chapter 5532 War begins
Chapter 5533 Are you Jun Yixiao?
Chapter 5534 I don’t believe it
Chapter 5535 Sword Ancestor takes action
Chapter 5536 The scholar is angry
Chapter 5537 The real peak power
Chapter 5538 This is too scary
Chapter 5539 The Great Sage King?
Chapter 5540 Hanging Island, destroyed
Chapter 5541 The panic of a group of Taoist alliance saints
Chapter 5542 Do you want to seek death?
Chapter 5543 The mountain outside the sky appears?
Chapter 5544: You kid takes all the credit
Chapter 5545 Middle Stage of True Realm
Chapter 5546 The date of return is uncertain
Chapter 5547 The Su family is in chaos
Chapter 5548 Sioux Fighting Dragon
Chapter 5549 The battle dragon emerges and luck falls
Chapter 5550 You have no place to speak here
Chapter 5551 Sword Ancestor’s Decision
Chapter 5552: Cultivation that opens the road to sainthood
Chapter 5553 Huge changes
Chapter 5554 The goal of heaven
Chapter 5555 The Land of Ruins
Chapter 5556 Red Lantern and Tombstone
Chapter 5557 Who said life cannot be cut off?
Chapter 5558 Holy King of Heavenly Light
Chapter 5559 It’s chaos
Chapter 5560 Ten Years of Change
Chapter 5561 Crazy person
Chapter 5562 The powerful second brother
Chapter 5563 Why save me?
Chapter 5564: Being chased
Chapter 5565: Will you run away after winning?
Chapter 5566 Situation
Chapter 5567: Absolute! Everything is absolute!
Chapter 5568: Destruction of the family
Chapter 5569 Sword Ancestor, where have you gone?
Chapter 5570 When a village girl enters the city, everything she sees is strange.
Chapter 5571 Dispute
Chapter 5572 The fear brought by one look
Chapter 5573 Making trouble
Chapter 5574 Feeling confident
Chapter 5575 Arrogant
Chapter 5576 Zhang Lingying
Chapter 5577 Always calm
Chapter 5578 Half-Saint’s blow, resolved
Chapter 5579 Lively
Chapter 5580 Page of Taoism
Chapter 5581 Evolution of Taoism
Chapter 5582 Meeting
Chapter 5583 Targeting
Chapter 5584 Dragon Envoy
Chapter 5585 Awareness
Chapter 5586 Mutual Guessing
Chapter 5587 Have you discovered the whereabouts of the ruins?
Chapter 5588 What happened thirty years ago
Chapter 5589 Zhang Lingying’s intuition
Chapter 5590 They are all human spirits
Chapter 5591 Separate Actions
Chapter 5592 A bit interesting
Chapter 5593 Xu Sandou
Chapter 5594: Poor academic skills
Chapter 5595 I can leave by myself
Chapter 5596 Fragrant Snow Tea!
Chapter 5597 Hey...this is...
Chapter 5598 Xu Sandou versus Zhiyu
Chapter 5599 You are a person from heaven
Chapter 5600 What do you want?
Chapter 5601 A very simple thing
Chapter 5602 What can he do to resist?
Chapter 5603 How old am I?
Chapter 5604 If you do too much, your life will be short!
Chapter 5605 Xu Sandou, why do you work as a guard for others?
Chapter 5606 Visit
Chapter 5607: Take Zhiyu away
Chapter 5608 Zhang Lingying’s Thoughts
Chapter 5609 The Reappearance of Our Lady of Yaotian
Chapter 5610: Are you worthy of attacking you?
Chapter 5611 Do you need me to take off my clothes to show you?
Chapter 5612 When something comes into my hands, it’s mine
Chapter 5613 I will leave naturally after I finish my work
Chapter 5614 Take you to a place
Chapter 5615 The fate of the Dragon Lord
Chapter 5616 Kicked out
Chapter 5617 Let me inform you
Chapter 5618 No need to be so troublesome
Chapter 5619 I searched over and over again
Chapter 5620 The skeleton
Chapter 5621 This corpse is male
Chapter 5622 Leaving
Chapter 5623: Young Master, you are really a master of calculation.
Chapter 5624 Traces of Zhiyu
Chapter 5625 Only the old man understands this
Chapter 5626 There is no way out anymore
Chapter 5627 There is a mountain named Xushan
Chapter 5628 I guess, probably...
Chapter 5629 Did Heaven succeed?
Chapter 5630 There is only one possibility
Chapter 5631 Disdain
Chapter 5632 What I am more interested in is...
Chapter 5633 Enough, who are you scolding!
Chapter 5634 Doubt
Chapter 5635 Someone took action
Chapter 5636: Deceived by Heaven?
Chapter 5637 Everyone is waiting
Chapter 5638 There is no point in talking about these anymore.
Chapter 5639 This is an undying hatred
Chapter 5640 Daqingshan
Chapter 5641 Lin Huantian
Chapter 5642 Why lie to me?
Chapter 5643 Fight
Chapter 5644 Lin San regrets
Chapter 5645 Ghost Swordsman
Chapter 5646 Send you back to the west
Chapter 5647 Soul Expelling Mist
Chapter 5648 Has Holy Mother Yuntian become a weapon spirit?
Chapter 5649 Take me back
Chapter 5650 Fulfill the promise
Chapter 5651 The final winner
Chapter 5652 Surrounded
Chapter 5653 Coming out
Chapter 5654 The Feng Shui treasure land I found for you
Chapter 5655 Poor guy?
Chapter 5656 Entering the castle
Chapter 5657 Giant City
Chapter 5658 I became the little master?
Chapter 5659 Testing
Chapter 5660 Looking for trouble
Chapter 5661 Leaving in Embarrassment
Chapter 5662 Lin Huantian stays as a guard?
Chapter 5663 Zhao Qin’s revenge methods
Chapter 5664 The Lin family’s plan
Chapter 5665 Lin Taishan
Chapter 5666 Send someone to watch Zhao Qin to death
Chapter 5667 Why don’t everyone listen to me?
Chapter 5668 The people from Heifeng Village are coming
Chapter 5669 Initial Cooperation
Chapter 5670 Lin Sanye is rubbing clothes
Chapter 5671 Lin Taishan delivers treasure
Chapter 5672 The people from Heifeng Village are coming
Chapter 5673 Don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask
Chapter 5674 This is my territory, why shouldn’t I dare?
Chapter 5675: Speak openly
Chapter 5676 Hidden murderous intent
Chapter 5677 Lin Sanye’s identity leaked
Chapter 5678 Losing
Chapter 5679 Beaten
Chapter 5680 Everyone has his own opinion
Chapter 5681 Lin Sanye cannot die
Chapter 5682: Throw it into the well and soak it
Chapter 5683 Heart of the Sacred Tree
Chapter 5684 Visitors from the Lin Family
Chapter 5685 Asking for help