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Alliance's Crouching Dragon Strategist

Alliance's Crouching Dragon Strategist

author:Tsuzuki night

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:09-28 00:21

Latest chapter:Chapter 633 Already a fan

After ten years of being unknown in the classroom, he became famous all over the world in the dining room. His surname is Zhuge Mingliang, he calls himself Wolong, and he is a god-level coach. Qi Jiang: 'The coach on the other side has been plotting against me in the jungle, how can I get to the bottom lane?' Uzi: ' If Wolong can be invited, who dares to say that Uzi can't do it?' King Ling: 'Give me the whole pig sister, Zac is weak in the jungle, I am so good!' Feike: 'I don't have Enjing, and I don't have Zhuge. Sir, tons tons tons~~~' Miller: 'We are the champions! We are the champions again! Wolong is always the champion!' Cat King: 'I feel it is time to make a comeback and get a champion skin.' Watanabe: 'I What do you see, the head coach is warming up?'

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《Alliance's Crouching Dragon Strategist》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 633 Already a fan
Chapter 632 Professional players also have gaps
Chapter 631 He is so gentle, I cry to death
Chapter 630 Do you know that you don’t have the ability?
Chapter 629: Nice job, don’t do it next time
Chapter 628 The Way of the Assassin
Chapter 627: Not eating for three days, just for this fight
Chapter 626 #Sister Zhou’s status#
Chapter 625 Khan’s same champion face
《Alliance's Crouching Dragon Strategist》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Wolong Canteen
Chapter 2 WE Club
Chapter 3 Wolong comes out of the mountain
Chapter 4: Beating to establish authority
Chapter 5 Take advantage of the situation
Chapter 6 Incense Burner Version
Chapter 7 When the new king ascends the throne
Chapter 8 Opening Game
Chapter 9 Level 1 Invasion
Chapter 10 Silky and smooth rhythm of tower crossing
Chapter 11 Annihilation
Chapter 12 Oolong timeout
Chapter 13 Tailor-made training plan
Chapter 14 Post-match interview
Chapter 15 Arrange Tactics
Chapter 16 I fainted
Chapter 17 The methods are extremely cruel
Chapter 18 The third line of blooming
Chapter 19 Continue to be wild
Chapter 20 It’s hard to take care of naughty children
Chapter 21 Salary Equipment
Chapter 22 Wuhu, take off
Chapter 23 Waiting to have supper
Chapter 24 I understand everything
Chapter 25 The biggest beneficiary of the version
Chapter 26 I would like to respect you as a great prophet
Chapter 27 LPL official invitation
Chapter 28 Aren’t you killing indiscriminately?
Chapter 29 Canteen starts
Chapter 30 Live broadcast accident
Chapter 31 Just tell me which one you like
Chapter 32 Canteen Effect
Chapter 33 Little tricks
Chapter 34 Welcome to LPL
Chapter 35 Line Killing
Chapter 36 The overall situation has been decided
Chapter 37 Tit for tat
Chapter 38 Please wake up
Chapter 39: Getting into trouble
Chapter 40 Prepare to receive the airdrop package
Chapter 41 Feeling comfortable
Chapter 42 Something is going on
Chapter 43 Who can end this WE?
Chapter 44 Do whatever you want system
Chapter 45 Dizzying
Chapter 46 WE’s Data Analyst
Chapter 47 There is no eternal dynasty
Chapter 48 Eye Effect
Chapter 49 War Song
Chapter 50 The entire LPL is in chaos
Chapter 51 Pre-match trash talk session
Chapter 52: Carry out the forced opening to the end
Chapter 53 1v1 men’s battle on the road
Chapter 54 This is a good choice for Bard.
Chapter 55 Miracle Group
Chapter 56 A hurdle
Chapter 57: Repay others with kindness
Chapter 58 Big Data Era
Chapter 59 If this is not love
Chapter 60 Thousand Layer Cake
Chapter 61 Command Power
Chapter 62 Kill EDG for me
Chapter 63 Back, everyone is back
Chapter 64 Level 1 Tower Jumping Solo Kill
Chapter 65 Silver Dragon Cup
Chapter 66 Military Order
Chapter 67 You are so beautiful when you smile
Chapter 68 Veteran Instruction Manual
Chapter 69 Reward a Draven
Chapter 70 Come again
Chapter 71 It is a matter of life and death
Chapter 72 Try it out
Chapter 73 Relieve anger
Chapter 74 What is this?
Chapter 75 Killing Faker alone
Chapter 76 Five Tiger Generals
Chapter 77 Continuous Battles and Successful Victories
Chapter 78 Outpost War
Chapter 79 Something big happened
Chapter 80 The tacit understanding of the top teams
Chapter 81 A sudden turn of events
Chapter 82 God is going to destroy SKT
Chapter 83 Double kill in the group stage
Chapter 84 Big Melon
Chapter 85 Abandoning Martial Arts
Chapter 86 Clearly
Chapter 87 Suspense
Chapter 88 The future is long
Chapter 89 Collision between midfielder and jungler
Chapter 90 The Value of Wolong
Chapter 91 One step is slow, every step is slow
Chapter 92 Lu Xian’s Magic Power
Chapter 93 Gallio
Chapter 94 Ancestral Tradition Globally
Chapter 95 Another victory
Chapter 96 Substitution
Chapter 97 It’s cold at high places
Chapter 98 Resource Replacement
Chapter 99 We are the champions
Chapter 100 Congratulations WE
Chapter 101 List
Chapter 102 Transfer Storm
Chapter 103 Accident
Chapter 104 Dream Back S2
Chapter 105 Xia Luo
Chapter 106 Little Routine
Chapter 107 Young people don’t respect martial ethics
Chapter 108 Signing Card
Chapter 109 Huge Advantages
Chapter 110 Unique Skill Brother
Chapter 111 The trump card
Chapter 112 Love’s Offering
Chapter 113 He is back
Chapter 114 Take a rest first
Chapter 115 How else to fight?
Chapter 116 Auxiliary Bible
Chapter 117 All-Chinese Class
Chapter 118 New Competition System
Chapter 119 Overturning one after another
Chapter 120 Encirclement and reinforcements
Chapter 121 Split
Chapter 122 You need to stand up
Chapter 123 Intercontinental competition upgrade, global competition
Chapter 124 Departure
Chapter 125 Mr. Key
Chapter 126 God Killer
Chapter 127 Standing
Chapter 128 A strange smell
Chapter 129 Facing the inner demons
Chapter 130 Playing Perfectly
Chapter 131 The Birth of World-Famous Paintings
Chapter 132 The situation is chaotic
Chapter 133 Su Shaxiong
Chapter 134 Tips
Chapter 135 Shakespeare
Chapter 136 Knockout Round
Chapter 137 Yue Lun did not lose
Chapter 138 The Final Battle
Chapter 139 First Level Design
Chapter 140 The world focuses on him
Chapter 141 Pursuit and Fierce Fighting
Chapter 142 All signs are revealed
Chapter 143 Qilin'er
Chapter 144 Full of details
Chapter 145 Quick-acting Jiuxin Pill
Chapter 146 Meeting an opponent in chess
Chapter 147 Fighting between gods
Chapter 148 Doing the opposite
Chapter 149 LCK’s Stop Loss Operation
Chapter 150 We are the champions
Chapter 151 It is our duty to
Chapter 152 Strong dialogue
Chapter 153 Who should I talk to to reason with this?
Chapter 154 Tower Pushing Game
Chapter 155 Weakness
Chapter 156: Those who play tactics are dirty
Chapter 157 Rotation
Chapter 158 Playoffs
Chapter 159 Semifinals
Chapter 160 Fire Burns the Shangfang Valley
Chapter 161 Funeral Car
Chapter 162 Super Program Questions
Chapter 163 Counterattack and Killing
Chapter 164 Blank Ammo
Chapter 165 Dispute
Chapter 166 Since everyone is incompetent
Chapter 167 Xia Jue
Chapter 168 Naked ez
Chapter 169 Classic Re-Engraving
Chapter 170 Pentakill
Chapter 171: Collecting bars and practicing big moves
Chapter 172: Be patient and practice, and accumulate more knowledge
Chapter 173 Good Luck
Chapter 174 The legend continues
Chapter 175 Answer
Chapter 176 Training
Chapter 177 Drawing Lots
Chapter 178 The legend will never die
Chapter 179 The first day of the qualifying round
Chapter 180 Great Prophecy
Chapter 181 Blocking the Spring Water
Chapter 182 Group Stage
Chapter 183 A wave of fatness
Chapter 184 Dean Bi
Chapter 185 Brother Sun tried his best
Chapter 186 New routine
Chapter 187 Brother Li, we are your fans
Chapter 188 Details determine success or failure
Chapter 189 Home Advantage
Chapter 190 Extreme Operation
Chapter 191 Quarterfinals Grouping
Chapter 192 Parting ways
Chapter 193 Continuously played
Chapter 194 Metaphysical Buff
Chapter 195 Not shabby
Chapter 196 Changing sides and fighting again
Chapter 197 Getting started
Chapter 198 The Tricky Demonic Pig
Chapter 199 The defense is broken
Chapter 200 Wine barrel? Rice barrel!
Chapter 201 Three Days of Farewell
Chapter 202 Stopped in the quarterfinals
Chapter 203 Premonition
Chapter 204: Don’t let it go
Chapter 205 To take or not to take
Chapter 206 Foreshadowing
Chapter 207 Go and invite the Wolong Military Advisor
Chapter 208 The puppy fell
Chapter 209 Penetrate this mountain
Chapter 210 Serving the Set Meal
Chapter 211 Fishing
Chapter 212 Big Brawl
Chapter 213 Reverse Q, the arrow is back
Chapter 214 Another plane crash
Chapter 215 Match Point
Chapter 216 Signature Lineup
Chapter 217 Everyone will die in this wave
Chapter 218 The cornerstone to legend
Chapter 219 The Finals Begins
Chapter 220 Get married if you win the championship
Chapter 221 Virtual and Real
Chapter 222 Heroes chasing legends
Chapter 223 Afraid of being robbed
Chapter 224 Pentakill
Chapter 225 The key is still on the road
Chapter 226 Kublai Hao
Chapter 227 SKT is about to explode
Chapter 228 This is a crime
Chapter 229 A thorn in the back
Chapter 230 The last card
Chapter 231 One vs. Two
Chapter 232 Flying Hat Kill
Chapter 233 Let’s go
Chapter 234 Where is the promised security guard?
Chapter 235 Congratulations WE
Chapter 236 FMVP
Chapter 237 Champion Skin
Chapter 238 SKT Dream Team
Chapter 239 Where to go
Chapter 240 Next Stop
Chapter 241 The mighty Tianlong
Chapter 242: Life has dreams, each is wonderful
Chapter 243 Is he the devil?
Chapter 244 Training Match
Chapter 245 New Version
Chapter 246 Why don’t you give way to the other side?
Chapter 247 Sima Laojin
Chapter 248 It’s broken, it’s broken
Chapter 249 Killing a former teammate
Chapter 250 Dinner
Chapter 251 I laugh at that Wolong Shaozhi
Chapter 252 Extreme Expert
Chapter 253 Trident
Chapter 254 Tactical Ideas
Chapter 255 A drop in the bucket
Chapter 256 Back to the starting line
Chapter 257 Duel with fellow disciples
Chapter 258 The famous scene is late but arrived
Chapter 259 Upset
Chapter 260 Go back and practice more
Chapter 261 Team Rating
Chapter 262 Devil’s Schedule
Chapter 263 Brother Ma, just blink if you are kidnapped
Chapter 264 Newcomer Development Guide
Chapter 265 This Tam is so lickable
Chapter 266 This smell is too strong
Chapter 267 Tam’s Priority
Chapter 268: Keep some dignity
Chapter 269 Thank you for buying tickets
Chapter 270 Ordinary
Chapter 271 The uproar
Chapter 272 Can it be the same?
Chapter 273 Flag of Command
Chapter 275 We still don’t know the trump card of Wolong’s hidden tactical arsenal
Chapter 275 The Last Hero
Chapter 276 Blind Date
Chapter 277 Asian Games
Chapter 278 Could it be that you are Leeuwenhoek?
Chapter 279 Highlights
Chapter 280 Hot Search
Chapter 281 Live Broadcast
Chapter 282 Halfway through the schedule
Chapter 283 Please don’t tear me down, okay?
Chapter 284 Chivalrous Scholar
Chapter 285 If you don’t seek death, you won’t die.
Chapter 286 This is fate
Chapter 287 Hanging up under the tower
Chapter 288 Do you think I won’t beat you?
Chapter 289 Breaking News
Chapter 290 A big gamble
Chapter 291 Irreconcilable
Chapter 292 Star-chasing internet celebrity face
Chapter 293 The Factory Director with No Wild Side
Chapter 294 Tell me something very scary
Chapter 295 Earth Fire, Ascension
Chapter 296 How to deal with failure
Chapter 297 Strange call
Chapter 298 Need to increase the pressure
Chapter 299 Travel to Korea
Chapter 300 He gave too much
Chapter 301 A year of rest
Chapter 302 The head coach is warming up
Chapter 303 Brother Bing Xin
Chapter 304 The only disadvantage of expensive things is that they are expensive
Chapter 305 First Battle
Chapter 306 Only masters will be fooled
Chapter 307 The gap in calculation amount
Chapter 308 Miraculous Escape
Chapter 309 Water ghost? Nuclear submarine!
Chapter 310 Two consecutive MVPs
Chapter 311 Nothing more than that
Chapter 312 No wonder it’s not easy
Chapter 313 Swinging Space
Chapter 314 Brainy top laner
Chapter 315 Butterfly wearing flowers
Chapter 316 The mole was caught
Chapter 317 Exaggerated data
Chapter 318 The battle between superior horses
Chapter 319 Wolong’s Game Understanding
Chapter 320 It’s reasonable, right?
Chapter 321 Crouching Dragon Never Kills Five
Chapter 322 Definitely next time
Chapter 323 It’s a big deal
Chapter 324 Super Ghost Rock Bird
Chapter 325 Intercontinental Competition
Chapter 326: Head-on confrontation
Chapter 327 Watch me act accordingly
Chapter 328 Don’t take advantage of the top laner
Chapter 329 Pushing the envelope
Chapter 330 Ending a life of sin
Chapter 331 Put the coach on the bench
Chapter 332 Directly to the Finals
Chapter 333 The next battle
Chapter 334 Quite Unoptimistic
Chapter 335 Secret Ballot
Chapter 336 Double Skin and Milk Combination
Chapter 337 No need to force
Chapter 338 Pulling
Chapter 339 Tactical empty space
Chapter 340 I’ll help you get back to the fifth game
Chapter 341 This makes interpretation difficult
Chapter 342 Tango Dance Steps
Chapter 343 Wolong is too thin
Chapter 344 The devil is as high as one foot and the Tao is as high as one foot
Chapter 345 Lower-than-expected earnings
Chapter 346 Sudden cardiac arrest
Chapter 347 Danger Surrounded
Chapter 348 Xiao Jiang returns to the team
Chapter 349 List
Chapter 350 Three Sets of Tactics
Chapter 351 Do you understand what I mean?
Chapter 352 Do you want Pig Girl or Zack?
Chapter 353 Wolong’s Management Art
Chapter 354 What sounds good is a good start
Chapter 355 Easter eggs in the champion skin
Chapter 356 Fat-headed Fish Princess
Chapter 357 Live broadcast? Broadcast!
Chapter 358 The plan is huge
Chapter 359 True. Manchu and Han Banquet
Chapter 360 E-sports Persuasion to Quit Business
Chapter 361 Must make him crazy first
Chapter 362 Unraveling
Chapter 363 A first-class shining captain
Chapter 364 Brother Zongzi is numb
Chapter 365 Three Barrels of Earth and Fire
Chapter 366 Imperfect flaws
Chapter 367 Crispy Harvester
Chapter 368 It’s better not to choose Lu Xian in this game
Chapter 369 The Art of Flying Thunder God
Chapter 370 Ma’s Triangle Killing
Chapter 371 Shocking Comeback
Chapter 372 Is the provincial team so brave?
Chapter 373 Screen-peeping jungler
Chapter 374 Could it be that the body was taken away?
Chapter 375 Ceiling Level
Chapter 376 It’s simply a crime
Chapter 377 More than 200 kilograms of Xia
Chapter 378 We are strong
Chapter 379 Zero seal! Champion!
Chapter 380 Will not fade
Chapter 381 Chicken Intestines
Chapter 382 I decided so happily
Chapter 383 Wolong is a scholar
Chapter 384 Five Kills by Wolong
Chapter 385 The jungle position has better feng shui today
Chapter 386 Professional Singing Skills
Chapter 387 Definitely next time
Chapter 388: Wolong shed tears and beheaded a son of a dragon. Is it reasonable?
Chapter 389 Ideological Awakening
Chapter 390 My DNA has moved
Chapter 391 You five have been surrounded by me
Chapter 392 I live broadcast cosplay of magical girl
Chapter 393 Pulled back from the cliff
Chapter 394 Too awesome
Chapter 395 Qualification for the global finals obtained
Chapter 396 Let’s drink this chicken soup together
Chapter 397 Versailles Literary Master
Chapter 398 All the bamboo shoots on the mountain were taken away by Wolong
Chapter 399 People’s brains cannot be generalized
Chapter 400 You go first? You go first!
Chapter 401 Ah Shui is a bit pretentious
Chapter 402 You will lose
Chapter 403 Do you think you are humorous?
Chapter 404 The sense of distance is comparable to the script
Chapter 405: Break your skull with a keyboard
Chapter 406 So meaty that he has no friends
Chapter 407 New Rules for the World Championship
Chapter 408 The new king ascends the throne
Chapter 409 The luxury sparring group you booked is now online
Chapter 410 'Climbing to the Peak'
Chapter 411 Consultant
Chapter 412 Trophy Return Ceremony
Chapter 413 Choose Bright Moon for Skin
Chapter 414 The person who inserted the bid and sold the leader
Chapter 415 Good Fortune Zhong Shenxiu
Chapter 416 The feud between Faker and Ryu
Chapter 417 Unraveling the Heart Tribulation
Chapter 418 Sake makes people’s faces red, money and silk touch people’s hearts
Chapter 419 The leeks cannot be cut off, and they grow again in the spring breeze
Chapter 420 Collapse of AFS
Chapter 421 Just met you
Chapter 422 Boxing is afraid of young people
Chapter 423 Running at a constant speed, running at variable speeds
Chapter 424 Awe
Chapter 425 You two, the next round of truce
Chapter 426: Wolong still has the unique skill of sealing?
Chapter 427 Those who like to play clowns must be sunshine boys.
Chapter 428 Gotham City has simple folk customs
Chapter 429: Full blood pressure
Chapter 430 Don’t come over!
Chapter 431 FNC initiates surrender
Chapter 432 He is too team-oriented
Chapter 433 Tossing a Coin
Chapter 434 Classic Re-Engraving
Chapter 435: Tear down and rebuild?
Chapter 436: I am still strong, I would rather move my heart with a gray head
Chapter 437 He is really special
Chapter 438 The Mystery of Winning the Championship
Chapter 439 A blessing in disguise
Chapter 440 You’ve never been beaten, right?
Chapter 441 Beyond the Fear of Death
Chapter 442 Drawing swords against each other
Chapter 443 Unexpected surprise
Chapter 444 I want to finish the fight
Chapter 445 Two words, in place
Chapter 446 Advance to the finals
Chapter 447 Love at public expense
Chapter 448 Holding the Hand
Chapter 449 Let one chase three
Chapter 450 Obtaining the Strongest Buff
Chapter 451 Seize the day and live up to your time
Chapter 452 The ultimate personal operation
Chapter 453: Physical group start
Chapter 454 The sword energy spans thirty thousand miles
Chapter 455: Breaking SKT’s courage
Chapter 456: The more you take a step back, the angrier you become; the more you think about it, the more you lose.
Chapter 457 Who dares to kill me?
Chapter 458: Like to sleep with people secretly?
Chapter 459 Double Ambush
Chapter 460 Flowers Hidden Under the Leaves
Chapter 461 I’m looking forward to what the Incheon Library will look like
Chapter 462 Dirty tricks
Chapter 463 Negative Game?
Chapter 464 Hunger strike, a real cancer
Chapter 465 This scene seems familiar
Chapter 466 Two S games, two three to zero
Chapter 467 Because you are in the rain
Chapter 468 Wolong retires
Chapter 469 Only this time, I hope it is true
Chapter 470 Is this what licking a dog looks like?
Chapter 471 Live Broadcast Designing New Heroes
Chapter 472 Magic Cat, arrangements are made
Chapter 473 Are the tea leaves you mentioned tender?
Chapter 474 Questions and Answers
Chapter 475 Famous Coach Competition
Chapter 476 Dubbing Yumi
Chapter 477 Comrade Xiao Huang is on his way out
Chapter 478 Tips for taking care of girls
Chapter 479: Immortal once and become a super god
Chapter 480 Brother Li takes the lead in urging updates
Chapter 481 The meaning of idols
Chapter 482 Auto Chess
Chapter 483 Coach, I want to play chess
Chapter 484: Playing chess to the point of becoming obsessed
Chapter 485 The All-Star Game Begins
Chapter 486: Mid-gate confrontation
Chapter 487 Put away your messy screen cuts
Chapter 488 Instructions
Chapter 489 The effect is perfect
Chapter 490 Can I invite you to have a cup of coffee together?
Chapter 491 Director of the Pastry Factory
Chapter 492 High-Quality Showdown
Chapter 493 The monster who writes the script on the spot
Chapter 494: One person attains enlightenment, chickens and dogs ascend to heaven
Chapter 495 The transfer period begins
Chapter 496 Transfer Period Rating
Chapter 497 Free Man Faker
Chapter 498: Rush, the back wave
Chapter 499 Canteen Special
Chapter 500 Dream Team
Chapter 501 Big List
Chapter 502: Catching the Wind
Chapter 503 Little Fanboy
Chapter 504 Always Eunjing
Chapter 505 Wedding Photos
Chapter 506 Psychological Counselor
Chapter 507 Psychological Counseling
Chapter 508 Daily vlog
Chapter 509 Second Way Commentary
Chapter 510 Too thin
Chapter 511 First Defeat
Chapter 512 Version Beneficiaries
Chapter 513 The Progress of Ice Mirror
Chapter 514 Just go home and raise pigs
Chapter 515 Undercurrent is surging
Chapter 516 Beast Fighting Chess
Chapter 517 A new beginning
Chapter 518 You shake and I follow suit
Chapter 519 Only Brother Li is being beaten
Chapter 520: Trees are similar every year, but people are different every year
Chapter 521: It’s not difficult to have a career: Crazy Little Bin, Li Guapi has 100,000 fans
Chapter 522: Faker takes a girl to play gangster?
Chapter 523 Morning Star
Chapter 524 The day the broken sword is reforged and the knight returns
Chapter 525: The waters in the professional arena are very deep, you can’t control it
Chapter 526 MVP Trophy
Chapter 527 Slap in the face
Chapter 528 Got it
Chapter 529 Happy New Year
Chapter 530 Wedding
Chapter 531 Be a good “assistant”
Chapter 532 Faker’s Details
Chapter 533: Take it easy
Chapter 534 This is interesting
Chapter 535 Wolong Classroom Begins
Chapter 536 Give me Brother Li some face
Chapter 537 Faulty Injury
Chapter 538 You must remember today
Chapter 539 Travel Program
Chapter 540 WE New Venue
Chapter 541 Just like me
Chapter 542 Champion Skin Theme
Chapter 543 Thirteen Years
Chapter 544 Yasuo and his cat, happy and coquettish
Chapter 545 Tam didn’t learn w
Chapter 546 This is not our way home
Chapter 547 As long as I e-e fast enough, my wife’s question marks can’t catch up with me
Chapter 548 Yu three families, go to two families
Chapter 549 Fight to the death for the rest of my life
Chapter 550 Who hasn’t been a genius boy?
Chapter 551 The Eight-Minute Water Dragon Theory
Chapter 552 Big Trend
Chapter 553 You can always trust Lee Sang Hyuk
Chapter 554 Wolong Kills Crazy
Chapter 555 Fatal Kong Da
Chapter 556 Ah, this?
Chapter 557 Your goal is only to win the championship
Chapter 558 Match-fixing incident
Chapter 559 Wall of Sighs
Chapter 560 Conquering Three Cities in a Row
Chapter 561 Brother Severn’s Beer
Chapter 562 Preparation for kkoma
Chapter 563 Falling into the loser group
Chapter 564 Brother Liang, why don’t you come back?
Chapter 565 Exactly the same
Chapter 566 The little cannon rides on the face and beats two
Chapter 567 Brother Li, my Superman
Chapter 568 The hero at the bottom of the box
Chapter 569 The father is in the middle
Chapter 570 The Ultimate Resistance Switch
Chapter 571: A back-tracking that may become foreshadowing
Chapter 572 The melon skin is installed
Chapter 573 Assembly Line
Chapter 574 Fighting in the air
Chapter 575 Holy Spear Ranger killed Holy Spear Brother
Chapter 576 Brothers, I’m worried
Chapter 577 Consumption of Brother Li
Chapter 578 I feel like VG sent it
Chapter 579
Chapter 580 Do it cleanly
Chapter 581 Welcome back to the era ruled by the ID Faker
Chapter 582 You can wake up with laughter even in your dreams
Chapter 583 Either rely on explosive seeds or strong luck
Chapter 584 Because he is Ning
Chapter 585: MVP is out of milk
Chapter 586 Hearse
Chapter 587 The goddess who kills the competition scatters flowers
Chapter 588 The one who committed the crime of arrogance first...
Chapter 589: How about Bron producing a crucible first?
Chapter 590: Solo games count, so why doesn’t TGA count?
Chapter 591 If I work harder
Chapter 592 He was born in 1977, Brother Li can’t beat him
Chapter 593 Team Building
Chapter 594 'MSI Team Tour'
Chapter 595 Rolled up
Chapter 596 Group Opening Game
Chapter 597 Like crossing the road in the early morning
Chapter 598 Voting
Chapter 599 The record-breaking shortest duration
Chapter 600 Listen, is this human language?
Chapter 601 The female commentator takes full responsibility
Chapter 602 The nature of the game has changed
Chapter 603 In Pairs
Chapter 604 Niu Niu is also desperate
Chapter 605 The physiques of competition areas and competition areas cannot be generalized.
Chapter 606: Little Soldier and Iron Ghost
Chapter 607 GRF Explosion
Chapter 608 Let’s find a substitute for the support first
Chapter 609 Dream Rice Combination
Chapter 610 Cluster Blade Ignites the Small Cannon
Chapter 611 Level 2 Tower Jumping and Killing
Chapter 612: Don’t let go of an opportunity you can operate
Chapter 613 Something is wrong
Chapter 614 Very blue
Chapter 615 I’m full
Chapter 616 I gave you a chance but you didn’t use it.
Chapter 617: Go steal the house
Chapter 618 Back then there was a man named Hai
Chapter 619: One MSI championship trophy may not be enough
Chapter 620 Commentary Cup Grouping
Chapter 621 Director Mi was killed alone
Chapter 622 This moment is just like that moment
Chapter 623: Show off fancy skills
Chapter 624 Goodbye Wolong
Chapter 625 Khan’s same champion face
Chapter 626 #Sister Zhou’s status#
Chapter 627: Not eating for three days, just for this fight
Chapter 628 The Way of the Assassin
Chapter 629: Nice job, don’t do it next time
Chapter 630 Do you know that you don’t have the ability?
Chapter 631 He is so gentle, I cry to death
Chapter 632 Professional players also have gaps
Chapter 633 Already a fan