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Do not die

Do not die

author:Allergy to electricity

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:12-11 03:50

Latest chapter:Chapter 239 Chain Reaction, Body Refining Master

Meng Zhou traveled to a world of immortality that was undergoing great changes. In the tide of the times, there are unprecedented opportunities and unprecedented dangers. Meng Zhou, on the other hand, just wanted to live an immortal life peacefully.

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《Do not die》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 239 Chain Reaction, Body Refining Master
Chapter 238 A good show
Chapter 237: Turning against guests, occupying the magpie's nest
Chapter 236: Fortune Tower Tribulation, Journey to the Spirit Realm
Chapter 235 A new situation, invitation from the association
Chapter 234: Third Level of Spirit Adjustment, Fifth Level of Pill Formation
Chapter 233 Painting God into the Soul, Insect Swarm Spirituality
Chapter 232 Angelica dahurica forming elixir
Chapter 231 Ecological Regulation
《Do not die》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Martial Arts Grandmaster
Chapter 2 The leader of the gang
Chapter 3 Five Days’ Income
Chapter 4 Internal and external troubles
Chapter 5 Li Er comes to visit
Chapter 6 The second level of Qi training
Chapter 7 Characteristics of Perfection
Chapter 8 No rules
Chapter 9 Taking advantage of the situation
Chapter 10 Entrepreneurship and Monetization
Chapter 11 Farewell
Chapter 12 Martial Arts Nemesis (please vote for this big chapter to follow)
Chapter 13 Successive Breakthroughs
Chapter 14 With the Destined Person
Chapter 15 The little girl who can weave grasshoppers from straw
Chapter 16 Orderly Baiyue Bay
Chapter 17 First Contact
Chapter 18 Success is like falling into an ice cave
Chapter 19 Sudden tragedy
Chapter 20 Rope Spirit, Remnant
Chapter 21 Inheritance, leaving
Chapter 22 The aftermath of the disaster
Chapter 23 Trophies, new ideas
Chapter 24 Nuanyun Valley
Chapter 25 Checking into the Zaowang Hall
Chapter 26 Getting Started with the Knot Master
Chapter 27 Market Harvest
Chapter 28 Forced Cause and Effect
Chapter 29 Everyone is happy
Chapter 30 Introduction to Cleansing Talisman
Chapter 31 The fifth level of Qi training
Chapter 32 Medicine Master’s Spell
Chapter 33: Clinic visits and leveling up
Chapter 34 Breakthrough in Fundamental Skills
Chapter 35 The calamity of trouble
Chapter 36 Inventory and cracking
Chapter 37 Deep love between husband and wife, throwing a stone
Chapter 38: Gathering Spiritual Stones
Chapter 39 The ultimate magic sword
Chapter 40 Professional Association
Chapter 41 Rope Spirit’s Progress
Chapter 42 A Little Success in Sword Controlling
Chapter 43 Meeting again by fate
Chapter 44 Focus on the target
Chapter 45 Rhythm Master
Chapter 46 Catching and Being Catched
Chapter 47 Seed of Lihen, Sutra of Lihen
Chapter 48 Hindsight
Chapter 49 Trophies (Happy Dragon Boat Festival)
Chapter 50 Composite Profession
Chapter 51 Power structure, association dilemma
Chapter 52 How to break the situation
Chapter 53 Getting to the bottom of things
Chapter 54 Seventh Level of Qi Training
Chapter 55 New Owner
Chapter 56 Rapid Growth
Chapter 57 The detoxification technique is perfected
Chapter 58 Prepare for a rainy day
Chapter 59 Seeking treatment at home
Chapter 60 The chaste lady who has read countless people
Chapter 61 Master Shuirun, Shengling Baiya
Chapter 62 At the beginning of the ancient times, who preached the gospel?
Chapter 63 Thinking and Choice
Chapter 64 Market experience
Chapter 65 Two Jade Slips
Chapter 66: Perfection of Sword Control, Power of Qi and Blood (please vote for the big chapter)
Chapter 67 Don’t carry heavy loads, move forward lightly
Chapter 68: Robbery and Counterattack
Chapter 69 Water Curtain Hidden Cave
Chapter 70 Start-up in Nine Days
Chapter 71 Cold Extreme, Dual Core
Chapter 72 Water has four ends and is perfectly round.
Chapter 73 Rope is good at binding
Chapter 74 Hanji Perfection, Dimensionality Reduction Learning
Chapter 75 Plug-in, leave
Chapter 76 Trip to Red Pine Ridge
Chapter 77 Big Exits and Big Advances (please vote for the big chapter)
Chapter 78 Safety first, caution first
Chapter 79 Journey
Chapter 80 Baiguoyuan
Chapter 81 Arrival
Chapter 82 Staying at Ruyiju
Chapter 83 Hydration and perfection, nine levels of Qi training
Chapter 84 Bai Ya’s future, the end of the year
Chapter 85: Remove the cancer
Chapter 86 Destruction at the snap of a finger
Chapter 87 Serious Fooling
Chapter 88 The plain truth, a knowing response
Chapter 89 The fairy city is not yet complete
Chapter 90 The knot is perfect, unexpected encounter again
Chapter 91 Auction
Chapter 92 Fishing in troubled waters
Chapter 93 Only the great road is true and true
Chapter 94: Accumulated and accumulated, everything is ready (please subscribe)
Chapter 95 Foundation Building (Part 1)
Chapter 96 Foundation Building (Part 2)
Chapter 97 Rediscovering the Spiritual Land
Chapter 98 Making chips
Chapter 99 I was just passing by, not intentionally
Chapter 100 Second level spell, get the spring water
Chapter 101 Getting started with spring water, taking the initiative to stand out
Chapter 102 One fish eats many and enters the Tibetan Scripture Tower
Chapter 103 The cold moon in the cold pond, the heart of the moon in the pond
Chapter 104 Moisturizing spring water, hard to pluck the hair of the God of Death
Chapter 105: Self-made foundation, sudden consumption
Chapter 106 Career Advancement
Chapter 107 Rapid progress, Xuanling turtle shell
Chapter 108 Thousands of clues, the general trend is moving forward
Chapter 109 Building the second floor of the foundation and going out to meet friends
Chapter 110 Fly away
Chapter 111 Sanchuan Plain
Chapter 112 The clouds and rain are pouring, and the gentle breeze is urging them to rise.
Chapter 113 Prepare and recruit people
Chapter 114 Xuanling Turtle’s promotion, small update on body refining
Chapter 115 The waves first arrive and the flight is completed
Chapter 116: Accumulation in meditation, first hearing about blue blood
Chapter 117 Breakthrough in cultivation, unexpected discussion of Taoism
Chapter 118 The Phantom of the Sea of ??Consciousness, Double Method Breakthrough
Chapter 119 The jade heart red fruit is officially planted
Chapter 120 Incarnate as a breeze, visiting one after another
Chapter 121 Have you heard of it?
Chapter 122 The middle stage of foundation building
Chapter 123 Heart of Nature, Second Level Body Refining
Chapter 124 Soul Refining Breakthrough
Chapter 125 Three innate skills
Chapter 126 The wind blows and the end of Qingping
Chapter 127 Agitation from all sides, the power of body refining
Chapter 128 Trace back and break the situation
Chapter 129 Chairman Pan has no blood on his hands and Deputy Fan is ruthless in law enforcement
Chapter 130 Love is like a mountain, introduction to soul art
Chapter 131 Five levels of foundation building, bloodline resonance
Chapter 132 Concentrate on improvement, the blue blood comes
Chapter 133 Farmer Hunter, Waste Utilization
Chapter 134: Ascension to the spirit and extension of life, layout of blue blood
Chapter 135 Complete the transaction and continue diving
Chapter 136: Ten Years Later, Gather Again
Chapter 137 Angry Ape Tyrant Body
Chapter 138 Black Toad airborne, cultivation breakthrough
Chapter 139: Creatures boost, purchase new methods
Chapter 140 The mantis stalks the cicada, followed by the oriole
Chapter 141 Fierce Fight
Chapter 142 New Year, Black Turtle Breakthrough
Chapter 143 Circular dependence, thunderous success
Chapter 144 Trophies, new attempts
Chapter 145: Build the future and go back to the past (monthly ticket adds 1 update)
Chapter 146: First encounter with cause and effect, unexpected surprise
Chapter 147 Moisturizing things silently, knowing the smallest details
Chapter 148: Work hard and achieve perfection
Chapter 149 Late stage of foundation building, Angry Ape Grandmaster
Chapter 150 Perfect dominance, roasting meat and leveling up
Chapter 151 The moon mirror is full of light, the spring water is perfect
Chapter 152: Check for omissions and fill in the gaps, the true solution to the way of swordsmanship
Chapter 153 Matryoshka Doll Rewind, Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 154 The growth of earth veins and the completion of swordsmanship
Chapter 155 Romance, the context of the spiritual field
Chapter 156: Sincere heart, call for punishment
Chapter 157 Enlightenment of Sword Dao, Breakthrough in Meditation
Chapter 158 Choice, Conditions
Chapter 159 The Control of Hardness and Softness, Complete Changes
Chapter 160 Sword Way, Poison Way
Chapter 161 Third Level Inheritance, Myth of the Body Realm
Chapter 162 The sad news of Bi Xue, clearly aware of everything
Chapter 163
Chapter 164 Road and Tao, New Year
Chapter 165 Escape
Chapter 166 Thunder and Sound Dual Techniques, White Lotus Creatures
Chapter 167 The sword body is complete
Chapter 168 The ninth floor of foundation building, riot in the animal pen
Chapter 169 Countercurrent tracking, easy
Chapter 170 Tai Sui Body Shaping, Ways to Deal with the Aftermath
Chapter 171 Stable order, final preparations (please vote for me)
Chapter 172: Cold Extreme Advancement, Black Turtle Bears the Monument
Chapter 173 The spiritual insect is too old and the spiritual veins change (please vote for me)
Chapter 174 The spirit of medicine controls the spirit, the realization of the knot
Chapter 175: Vientiane Interpretation, Rope Master Level 3
Chapter 176 The third level of controlling the spirit, strengthening Yanluo
Chapter 177 Interpretation of the world, occasional kindness
Chapter 178 Ten thousand rays of light, leveling methods
Chapter 179 I’m having a hard time, the version has been updated again
Chapter 180: Iron beats running water, third-level reservoir
Chapter 181 Couple builds foundation and returns secretly
Chapter 182 Final preparations, Yaya wakes up
Chapter 183 Pill Formation (Part 1)
Chapter 184 Pill Formation (Part 2)
Chapter 185 Identity is full of mysteries, intercepting Hu Xingxiu Palace?
Chapter 186 Arrangement, first meeting
Chapter 187 Something fishy happened and the ghost lingers
Chapter 188 Stronghold, Tianshou
Chapter 189 Dotai, Shinto
Chapter 190: Aftermath, Inventory
Chapter 191 The painter’s magical power and Taoist progress
Chapter 192: Body refining and advancement, distraction and soul separation
Chapter 193 Unexpected aftermath, bad intentions
Chapter 194 Tacit understanding and remembering
Chapter 195 Wucailing, Qiandao Lake
Chapter 196 The secret technique is perfected, a new plan
Chapter 197 Entering the painting, spring rain
Chapter 198 The Spiritual Puppet is Perfect, Thinking on a New Path
Chapter 199 The sword connects the three realms and forms the second level of elixir
Chapter 200 The third level clone, the great success of spring water
Chapter 201 Unbounded Sword Domain, an appointment with Qingxuan
Chapter 202 Qingxuan’s background, snobbish bluebird
Chapter 203 Banquet benefits, two gifts
Chapter 204 Grinding claws and grinding teeth, returning silently
Chapter 205 The fourth level of prototype, to alert the snake? (Additional update 15
Chapter 206 Mingxin Pavilion Master, information transparency
Chapter 207 Cleanup
Chapter 208 Integration
Chapter 209 Third Level of Pill Formation, Unexpected News
Chapter 210: Covering both ends of the door, revisiting the old place
Chapter 211 Rapid progress, warning of bad omen (25 additional updates)
Chapter 212 Waiting for work, swirling and annihilating
Chapter 213 Qingxuan Law Enforcement, Secret Law Past
Chapter 214 Xingxiu Palace, Xingxiu Sea
Chapter 215 Blood Heir Cleansing the Spirit, Secret Method of Infant Replacement (Additional Update 35)
Chapter 216: Fog, Letters from Foreign Lands
Chapter 217 In the middle stage of pill formation, new people are added
Chapter 218: Fighting rabbits with straw, killing the second child (additional update 45)
Chapter 219 Complex background, rising and moving
Chapter 220 Statue of Lihen, clone experience
Chapter 221 Abnormal clues, time flies
Chapter 222 Spiritual Wine Second Level, Information Report
Chapter 223 Changes in Evil Veins, Qingxuan Ban
Chapter 224 The Enlightenment of Spiritual Wine, Revisiting the Past
Chapter 225 Yaya and Granny Bai
Chapter 226 A fish out of water, an old friend now
Chapter 227 The two skills are perfect, leave as soon as you say it
Chapter 228 In Tianqi Mountain, the third level spiritual land
Chapter 229 Aurora Cave, Yaya advances
Chapter 230 Spiritual Vein Growth, Fishing Tribulation
Chapter 231 Ecological Regulation
Chapter 232 Angelica dahurica forming elixir
Chapter 233 Painting God into the Soul, Insect Swarm Spirituality
Chapter 234: Third Level of Spirit Adjustment, Fifth Level of Pill Formation
Chapter 235 A new situation, invitation from the association
Chapter 236: Fortune Tower Tribulation, Journey to the Spirit Realm
Chapter 237: Turning against guests, occupying the magpie's nest
Chapter 238 A good show
Chapter 239 Chain Reaction, Body Refining Master