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I have 100 million more cheat points

I have 100 million more cheat points

author:Sign Rentian

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:03-10 12:16

Latest chapter:Interlude: Mask and Poison

As a dispensable ordinary high school student, living a dispensable life, I died suddenly in an Internet cafe... Only after I died did I realize that everything was an accident. As compensation, the goddess gave me I have a total of 100 million cheats! When I came to the different world of swords and magic, I thought I could live a life like a protagonist from now on, but who knew... Welcome to the different world of swords and magic! The setting may not be that innovative, but the story is definitely unique! Well... overall it's a story from another world.

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《I have 100 million more cheat points》The latest nine chapters
Interlude: Mask and Poison
Chapter 22 Chaos
Chapter 21 I can only watch with cold eyes
Chapter 20 Negotiation
Chapter 19 Those So-called Accidents and Unrejectable Requests
Chapter 18 Cover
Chapter 17 Special Ombudsman
Chapter 16 Finally! Ferrinold
《I have 100 million more cheat points》Chapter Contents
Prologue: Choice, plug-in
Chapter 1 I really have 100 million more cheats
Chapter 2 The above is the background of my story
Chapter 3 Christmas Night
Chapter 4 Meeting again
Chapter 5 Responsibility, Gambling and Someone
Interlude: Part of Qian Zhihe’s diary (1)
Chapter Six Late Night
Chapter 7 The People I Remember from the Past
Chapter 8 Father and Daughter (Part 1)
Chapter 9 Father and Daughter (Part 2)
Chapter 10 Since then
Chapter 11 Death and the Story of Death
Chapter 12 About the child’s heroic dream
Interlude: Part of Qian Zhihe’s diary (2)
Chapter Thirteen: A way of exposure that I never imagined
Chapter 14: Change or maintain?
Chapter 15 It’s really you, Raya
Chapter 16 Before
Chapter 17 Afterwards
Chapter 18: It and I share the same disease
Chapter 19 The Prayer (Part 1)
Chapter 20 Prayer (Part 2)
Volume 21: Indispensable Existence
Chapter 22 Red Memory
Chapter 23 It is said that decisions made at dusk will not be regretted
Chapter 24 Marcia, Alvin and Marcia
Interlude: Part of Qian Zhihe’s diary (3)
Chapter 25 Bonfire Party
Interlude: The Hero’s Choice
Epilogue: Paper cranes in the fire
Prologue: Choice, Hero
Chapter 1 Snow
Chapter 2 The Wanderer, Bloodline Suppression and In Other Words
Chapter 3 Miss Trainee Police Officer
Chapter 4 The Drunken Knight
Chapter 5 A messy story
Interlude: Confessions
Chapter 6 Someone died, this time
Chapter 7 Attic (Part 1)
Chapter 8 Attic (Part 2)
Chapter 9 People like you
Chapter 10 Portrait
Chapter 11 Those people
Chapter 12 Summer and Autumn
Chapter 13 Dead, just dead
Chapter 14: Compilation of information collected in the past
Chapter 15 Cheating Players
Chapter 16 Mr. Private Detective
Interlude: Stank and Manda
Chapter 17 Confrontation
Chapter 18 Invitation Letter
Chapter 19 Ceremony
Chapter 20 My views on the demons
Chapter 21 Again
Chapter 22 Things are getting complicated at the same time
Chapter 23 The truth is gradually becoming clear
Chapter 24 Tired of coping
Chapter 25 Fighting is necessary
Interlude: I said it, Manda
Chapter 26 Previous
Chapter 27 After
Epilogue: Detectives never tell the truth
Prologue: Choose, Try
Chapter 1 I made an unbreakable promise
Chapter 2 Revisiting old events
Interlude: A story covered in snow
Chapter 3 Old Memories
Chapter 4 Old Flowers and People
Chapter 5 Because she is pregnant
Chapter 6 So, I just go against the grain.
Interlude: Outside the city, inside the city
Chapter 7: Peace after Escape
Chapter 8 Preparation Stage (Part 1)
Chapter 9 Preparation Stage (Part 2)
Chapter 10 Betrayal? Compromise?
Interlude: Divinity and the Wife’s Dove
Chapter 11 The man wandering on the edge of the cliff
Chapter 12 Why am I wearing overalls?
Chapter Thirteen Traveler Alliance
Chapter 14 Various old men and gang bosses
Chapter 15 A group of madmen
Chapter 16 Finally! Ferrinold
Chapter 17 Special Ombudsman
Chapter 18 Cover
Chapter 19 Those So-called Accidents and Unrejectable Requests
Chapter 20 Negotiation
Chapter 21 I can only watch with cold eyes
Chapter 22 Chaos
Interlude: Mask and Poison