300: Travel through the void and come to reality

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Tang Yun was a little curious about their discovery, so he secretly pushed some speed to speed up their process. Of course, in their eyes, all this was caused by the instability of space.

After arriving, humans began to excitedly resume scientific and technological research...

Tang Yun can no longer understand this level. God is omnipotent. This sentence is pure fart. It just looks omnipotent. In fact, it is far from the word.

Although Tang Yun didn't understand, he could see some clues. These humans were making weapons, weapons that could break barriers and reach the void.

Void and space are not the same thing at all.

Let's put it this way, in the world created by Tang Yun, beyond the planet is space, and when it expands to a certain extent, space barriers will appear. They are not glass walls, but barriers similar to the infinite superposition of space.

The creatures who step into it will not notice that they think they are still moving forward, but in fact they are wandering repeatedly in the superimposed space in the barrier.

Only when the barriers are broken, is the real void outside. The strong winds are blowing, and the wind is cold and fierce. It is not as peaceful and dead as space.

When did humans realize this?

Perhaps when they discovered the black hole, they detected violent fluctuations in the space around the black hole through certain instruments, which led to bold conjectures.

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Indeed, they guessed correctly.

To Tang Yun, black holes are like toilets. He will regularly clean out unnecessary or low-value things in his universe.

It was precisely because of this and the [YES] icon that was still flashing in front of him that Tang Yun came up with another inference - the matryoshka theory.

Since there is void outside space, can Tang Yun think that there is something existing outside the void, or above the void? It is another brand new place.

That's why he did this, because his current strength alone is simply not enough to break through this barrier, and as far as he knows, the only thing that has the possibility of breaking through the barrier is technology.

Maybe there are other ways, but he doesn't know. All he knows is technology.

Tang Yun sat on the clouds, looking down at all the living beings below, his eyes flashing with brilliance: "Let me see if you can break the barrier."

If they can break the barrier, it means that technology has the power to break the first wall. Then if humans expand in the void and thus improve their technological capabilities again, will it be possible to break the second wall step by step?

What about sex?

Before breaking the second wall, Tang Yun felt that it was necessary to use human beings to improve his own strength, for example - swallowing that world.

That's right.

From beginning to end, Tang Yun had no good intentions towards that world.

The foundation determines the upper limit. The opponent is much larger than him. If he can really develop technology and continue to advance, then the opponent's upper limit will definitely be higher than him.

Therefore, Tang Yun wanted to eat it, and the reason why he proposed cooperation was simply to further delay its pace based on the bright prospects of science and technology and the tone of security.

However, human technology seemed to have reached a bottleneck. Tang Yun had watched the opponent for ten years and found that the opponent was still standing still, which made him feel bored.

But he didn't dare to sleep. Who knew when the other party would suddenly bring out a weapon and shoot through the black hole, thus making a big hole in the barrier.

This group of human beings who don't know the heights of the world have no idea what they are going to face. They think that barriers are blocking their way forward, but they don't know that if there are no barriers, the evil force alone will be enough to wipe them out.

Tang Yun had to keep an eye on it and make adjustments as soon as possible, lest everything he had worked so hard to accomplish would be wiped out by human beings seeking death.

fifteen years.

Thirty years.

This state lasted until the 60s, when human science and technology made further breakthroughs. They developed controllable nuclear fusion technology, which greatly improved the energy problem.

Rapid progress has brought science and technology into a period of vigorous development once again. Machinery, information, aviation... all walks of life are undergoing rapid upgrading.

Full automation has completely arrived, machines have replaced human labor, and humans have begun to set foot in the universe. They have begun large-scale colonization, occupying various planets, and attempting to fill the space with human flags.

Tang Yun had an ominous premonition: "It feels like playing Civilization 6, but that one is calculated in weeks, and this is calculated in years."

Finally, after more than a hundred years, human technology once again fell into shackles.

They set their sights on black holes.

The entire human civilization spent seventy years creating a huge weapon.

One word: gun.

Humanity intends to break down barriers, and they think they are qualified to enter new areas.

Tang Yun looked at the calculations and estimates made by the researchers and shook his head silently: "Weak, too weak. This level of energy is not enough to break the barrier."

Quality and quantity are always linked, but the gap between the two sides often requires countless things to fill.

For example, like a sixth-level warrior, killing low-level warriors instantly is like chopping vegetables, but can he really be invincible?

It's pure nonsense. Suppose ten thousand, one hundred thousand, one million, ten million low-level warriors swarm in, and one hundred million or one billion warriors swarm in... Sixth-level warriors will still die.

Quantity can make up for quality, but the price is too high.

The same principle can be applied to the scene before us.

This terrifying cannon looks scary, but its energy is too low-level. Unless it is instilled for a long time, it is impossible to break the barrier.

Human beings often have a scientific and technological achievement that is composed of countless theories and countless parts. It can affect the whole body. For such a big thing, once some parts cannot last long enough, everything will be lost.

"It's time for you to suffer a loss, otherwise you won't have a long memory." Tang Yun shook his head and sighed, quietly looking at this group of busy humans.

Human beings are small in the planet, and this cannon is small in the universe. The universe is not big in Tang Yun's eyes. If a black hole is equivalent to a large water tank, then this cannon is just a... toothpick if it is stretched to death.


The beam of light was dazzling, penetrating into space in an instant, spanning thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands... and pouring into the black hole.

The power is astonishing and shocking.

However, it was of no use.

It’s like a mud cow sinking into the sea without even the slightest wave. If the black hole was conscious, it would slowly type two words and a question mark: “That’s it?”

Tang Yun sighed in disappointment and fell into a deep sleep again, because he found that he seemed to have overestimated human beings. They would still need a long time to develop and find new energy sources to replace controllable nuclear fusion.

This time, he slept for two thousand years.

When he woke up, he found that human beings were already in internal strife, and it was not an internal strife, but a war between humans and machines, just like what is often mentioned in novels and movies - the omnic crisis.

But humans are no longer the noobs in the movies. Facing the omnic crisis, although they are not coping easily, they are not completely defeated.

On the contrary, because of their enemies, they had to embark on a new path - biotechnology.


A question mark slowly appeared in Tang Yun's head. He felt that he seemed to have missed something, which caused mankind to embark on a path that was contrary to his wishes.


Tang Yun suddenly had a bold idea. All he needed was human technology, not so-called human civilization!!!

What if machines and humans are combined~

Just do it if you think of it.

Anyway, to him, whether they are omnics or humans, they are just dolls in his hands. There is a powerful force in the dark that is forcefully promoting the development of this trend.

The human brain, combined with the mechanical body, is already legendary immortality in a sense. As long as the body is replaced on time, this combination will not lose the most precious advantages of human beings - inspiration and imagination.

Tang Yun looked at his masterpiece with satisfaction and gradually fell into a deep sleep.

When he woke up again, he discovered that human technology had developed to the extent of space jump. The so-called space jump is to use the space wormhole that appears and disappear in space, and take a shortcut from this hole to another hole.

Wormholes are different from black holes. This is equivalent to the difference between scratches on the surface of a vessel and a big hole.

"Very good, let's continue moving forward with space technology." Tang Yun murmured, and he saw hope in this.

After two hundred years of long development, someone in humankind suddenly proposed an idea, assuming that space folding technology could be used to further accelerate and gather energy, and then burst out in an instant.

This theory is equivalent to performing an impact acceleration in each folded space, accumulating energy, and then at the last moment, gathering all the energy into one burst.

Human beings' curiosity [seeking death] is still strong. After experiencing the last failure, they had some doubts that their lives had stopped for many years. This time they finally plucked up the courage again.

The energy is still nuclear fusion technology, but the quality has been further improved. Tang Yun also wants to know how successful the theory is. He has provided them with help in some way, such as some cracks appearing exactly where they expected them to appear.


In order to be successful this time, humans have made every link to the extreme to connect hundreds of space rifts, using space folding technology, and made preparations outside each rift.



Thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of light beams poured into it through various cracks, and then were continuously accelerated, accumulated, and gathered in the folded space, and finally condensed into one stream, rushing towards the black hole with a devastating force.

The light beam penetrated into the black hole and was swallowed up instantly, but Tang Yun opened his eyes slightly because he had just sensed that the barrier had been touched.

In other words, it is still a problem of insufficient energy intensity, otherwise this time the barrier will definitely be shaken and there is a great possibility of breaking it.

In order to prevent human beings from being hit again and to let them have a preliminary understanding of the terror of the void, Tang Yun mercifully opened a hole in the black hole barrier.

The endless Gangsha rolled back and destroyed thousands of planets. Most of the civilization built by humankind's hard work was destroyed in an instant, and was almost destroyed in one fell swoop.

Human beings looked at all this dumbfounded, thinking that they had opened Pandora's box, and that humanity would be completely destroyed by this ridiculous idea.

As a result, it seems that the Gangsha has been exhausted, or the black hole is repairing itself, and human civilization has finally been preserved, albeit in an awkward situation.

Human beings suddenly came up with this idea: "The meaning of the barrier is not to hinder us, but to protect us."

But then, their will-not-die character gave them a rebellious mentality that refused to admit defeat: "Although you are protecting us, how can we see a rainbow without going through wind and rain? We will become stronger and continue to break down barriers.

Conquer the outside world."

This is like a problem between a child and his parents. The child knows that the parents are doing it for his own good, and he also knows that learning is for himself, but... I just don’t learn!!!

Tang Yun was very satisfied with their idea and fell into a deep sleep.

When I woke up, I found that human science and technology had once again made great progress, and they were already embarking on the third plan to break down barriers.

After experiencing the last failure, they learned from the pain, gave up their previous childish preparations, and began to re-plan in a targeted manner.


Tang Yun sighed endlessly. He just admired human beings for this, and he was drifting away on the road to death.

This time, they succeeded. Tang Yun did not do it intentionally. They really relied on their own strength to break the barrier deep in the black hole and saw the real... void.

The entire void is a huge whirlpool, like an enlarged version of a black hole.

However, its rotation speed is extremely slow, often taking billions of years as a unit. Many universes do not even survive the time they are pulled into the depths of the void and have perished.

Tang Yun watched with a smile as they cheered up and invaded everywhere, as if they had just stepped into space, and began to colonize crazily, trying to plant the flag of mankind in the void.

Human beings... have reached this point, they have completely separated from humans, because they are a kind of creature similar to Transformers...

In the process of their colonization and invasion of universe after universe, Tang Yun's strength was also expanding rapidly. Many universes were dead, only a few were alive, and these living universes often did not even have pan-consciousness.

There is no emergence, let alone autonomous consciousness.

Humanity's attack is brutal and rapid. They are like a group of robbers plundering everywhere, plundering everything that is beneficial to them.

"it's time."

When Tang Yun's strength expanded to a certain level, and when he discovered that there was not much remaining universe left in the entire void whirlpool, he finally turned on his old friend.

He began to guide mankind and invade the world. The destructive power of technology is absolutely terrifying. Whether it is an immortal cultivator or a warrior, in terms of pure destructive power, it pales in comparison to technology.

"Why?" The man appeared in a flash, looking at him with some anger and some confusion.

Tang Yun's answer was equally simple: "Because if you want to go up there and kill it, you must gather all your strength."

"Is there no room?"

The man frowned deeply as he watched planet-sized interstellar battleships sail out one after another. Countless artillery fires bombarded them wildly, creating ripples in the space barrier.

The gate to the virtual world reappeared, but humans without extraordinary abilities could not see its existence at all, but could only detect a strong energy fluctuation.

Tang Yun shook his head: "The weak will eat the strong, we have no choice."

"In that case, let's start the war." The man's figure slowly disappeared, and in Tang Yun's eyes, the closed door suddenly opened.


This is a collision of civilizations.

Regardless of Tang Yun or the man, they just watched the battle quietly.


The battle was long, but for them it was short, perhaps just a matter of sleep.

In the end, Tang Yun won, but he was also severely injured. But when he swallowed the origin of this world and integrated the laws into himself, everything was worth it.

Continue the attack.

Tang Yun influenced the will of human civilization, driving them to attack everywhere and accumulating strength for Tang Yun.

I don't know how long it took, when the entire universe sank into the depths of the void, when Tang Yun had swallowed up the rest of the cosmic attacks in the void that were beneficial to him, when...humanity had gone completely crazy.



The void trembled, and Tang Yun quietly looked at the group of humans behind him, compressed his strength to the extreme, and rushed forward crazily at the front.

The meaning of existence of that group of human beings is gone.

All they have to do is explode the accumulated energy.


A purple-red crack suddenly appeared, and Tang Yun vaguely saw something through the crack, vague yet familiar.


There was a faint sound of breaking glass in my ears, as if some vessel had been punched through.

After all the strange phenomena dissipated, Tang Yun quietly looked at the man who fell to the ground, with a big hole in his chest, and his face was still full of shock and confusion, and he died holding the keyboard.

The power of rules in his palm flashed, and he lightly brushed the broken monitor behind him. It was like going back in time, the fragments quickly recovered, the cracks gradually disappeared, and the dim monitor glowed with a deserted light.

Word document, there is a line of unedited words on it...

Tang Yun stared at the monitor and suddenly smiled: "I am indeed the protagonist of the novel, the place where I penetrated is the computer monitor, and you... are the author?

I played the fantasy of high martial arts into the development of civilization and the reappearance of technology. I guess your writing style can’t control it... So in the end, I won. The author..."

This chapter has been completed!
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