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Justice of the Northern Song Dynasty

Justice of the Northern Song Dynasty

author:Nancy Beiqing

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:06-07 04:42

Latest chapter:Final Chapter: The Defender (Final Remarks)

During the Xining period, Emperor Shenzong of the Song Dynasty, Zhao Xu, first ascended the Dabao River. Ouyang Xiu, Han Qi, and Fu Bi were all heroes in their twilight years. Prime Minister Ao was high-spirited and wanted to turn things around. Sima Niu lurked in the wilderness and defended the country. Mr. Dongpo sat on the wall and watched, uncertain. This book It was the last glory of the first civil servant group in the Song Dynasty, but the geniuses chose to die together, leaving a wound that is difficult to heal in the Song Dynasty. It also left endless regrets and controversies in history. However, a trainee lawyer The sudden arrival of the Song Dynasty opened up a middle road for the Song Dynasty. All the old and new belong to the Dharma, all the civil and military belong to the Dharma, and all the inside and outside belong to the Dharma. I, Zhang San, announce that the Tanyuan Alliance expires today and will not be renewed. Youyun Sixteen The state is my hometown in China.

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《Justice of the Northern Song Dynasty》The latest nine chapters
Final Chapter: The Defender (Final Remarks)
Extra three
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Chapter 812 A proud dragon has regrets
Chapter 811: Ten years of sharpening a sword
Chapter 810 Moisturizing things silently
Chapter 809: Being light without a date
Chapter 808: Toward a Breakup
《Justice of the Northern Song Dynasty》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Mad Prisoner Zhang San (1)
Chapter 2 Mad Prisoner Zhang San (Part 2)
Chapter 3 Search
Chapter 4 Complain to Professional Accounts
Chapter 5 The Man of Erbi
Chapter Seven
Chapter 8 Changes
Chapter 9 The Intertwining of Fate
Chapter 10 is the taste of hometown!
Chapter 11: Capture the thief first and capture the king first
Chapter Twelve Northern Song Dynasty Gemini
Chapter 13 Precision Strike
Chapter 14 My surname is Zhang, arrogant Zhang
Chapter 15 Asking Confessions
Chapter 16 Invulnerable
Chapter 17 Must Be Right
Chapter 18 Gone
Chapter 19 Political Correctness
Chapter 20: Seeing the Sun Again
Chapter 21 Relationship is king
Chapter 22: A Bad Life
Chapter 23 Give it to him! Give it all to him!
Chapter Twenty-Four
Chapter 25 Starting a business is not easy
Chapter 26: A dead horse seeking medical treatment
Chapter 27 A drop in the ocean
Chapter 28 If you don’t win, you will be compensated
Chapter 29 He gave too much
Chapter 30 Twists and turns
Chapter 31 Surrender
Chapter 32 Play Rigorous, Right!
Chapter 33 The road is long
Chapter 34: Dead Daoist Friends Don't Die Poor Daoists
Chapter 35: Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers
Chapter 36: No Worship but Unequal
Chapter 37: Unremarkable Zhang Saburo
Chapter 38 He won again
Chapter 39 The wicked have their own grind
Chapter 40 Fire
Chapter 41 Adding fuel to the fire
Chapter 42 The Lion Fights the Rabbit
Chapter 43 The fish slipping through the net
Chapter 44 The green-faced judge
Chapter 45 Familiar formula
Chapter 46: The Root of All Evil (1)
Chapter 47: The Root of All Evil (Part 2)
Chapter 48: A hug and a hug
Chapter forty-ninth take the initiative to attack
Chapter 50 Black eats black
Chapter 51: Be Kind
Chapter 52 The Butterfly Effect
Chapter 53: The Needle in the Mian
Chapter 54: Mingxiu Plank Road
Chapter 55: It's easy to hide with a gun
Chapter fifty-six finally came
Chapter 57 Buying is Earning
Chapter 58 Really fragrant......
Chapter fifty-ninth family affairs
Chapter 60
Chapter 61 Darkness Chencang
Chapter 62 Pattern
Chapter Sixty-Three The World's Feast
Chapter 64: Pleasure gives birth to sorrow
Chapter 65 The Instructor and the Yanei
Chapter 66 I want revenge
Chapter 67 The hooligan is not so good
Chapter 68: The Fanatic
Chapter 69: War of words in Kaifeng Mansion
Chapter 70 Don't let the game stop
Chapter 71 Joining forces
Chapter 72 Murder and Punishment
Chapter 73: See you late
Chapter 74: I can't be bothered
Chapter 75 False alarm
Chapter 76 Incident
Chapter 77 Surprise or not? Unexpected or not
Chapter 78 Competition will lead to progress
Chapter 79 Crossing the Street Zhang San
Chapter 80 Court Trial (1)
Chapter 81: Court trial (Part 2)
Chapter 82 Court Trial (Part 2)
Chapter 83: A man won’t shed tears easily (please follow up)
Chapter 84: The injustice is settled (please follow up)
Chapter 85 Zhao An
Chapter 86 This is simply robbery (please follow up)
Chapter 87 Standing and earning money
Chapter 88 Old Single Dog
Chapter 89 The land of right and wrong
Chapter 90 Alum Tower (seeking for further reading)
Chapter 91: The Sale Conference (please read more)
Chapter ninety two
Chapter 93: No one is targeted (please read)
Chapter 94 Beauty brings disaster (please read)
Chapter 95: Take you to fly (please read)
Chapter 96 This law is illegal
Chapter 97: You'll get used to it if you call too much
Chapter 98: Governing the Country First Governing Officials
Chapter ninety-ninth
Chapter 100 Entering the game (please order first)
Chapter 101 I am Daozu, who is the fish? (Please subscribe)
Chapter 102: Saving others is also saving yourself (please subscribe)
Chapter 103: The Law of the Ancestors (fourth update! Thanks Liu_Ice Alliance Leader)
Chapter 104: The calm before the storm (5th update! Thanks to the leader of 'So What')
Chapter 105: New Year’s Eve Drama (please subscribe)
Chapter 106 Madman Zhang San
Chapter 107: Punishing the Sky (Third update, thanks to the leader ‘KK who doesn’t get fat’)
Chapter 108 Fortunately, there was no fight (please subscribe)
Chapter 109 Officials and People
Chapter 110: On an equal footing (Third update! Thanks to the leader 'Cai Shuning')
Chapter 111: Theory of Ancestral Dharma (please subscribe)
Chapter 112: Discussing (Second update, please subscribe)
Chapter 113 You are all lawbreakers (Third update, thank you to the leader of '0 Not for Sale 0')
Chapter 114: Withdraw!
Chapter 115: Living is Victory
Chapter 116 Let the mouth cannon fly for a while
Chapter 117 Unlocking the bell must be tied to the bell
Chapter 118: Take what you need
Chapter 119 Layout
Chapter 120 Me
Chapter 121: Do not use the hidden dragon
Chapter 122: Crossing Chencang secretly
Chapter 123 Public Procuratorate Law
Chapter 124: The First Authority
Chapter 125 From now on, there will be no more Su Dongpo in the world
Chapter 126 Piracy is shameful
Chapter 127 You fake fan
Chapter 128: Be cautious in words and deeds
Chapter 129 The source of the text prison
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Little Lu's Hand
Chapter 131 Exclusive Hot List
Chapter 132: You have to sit anywhere
Chapter 133 Private goods time
Chapter 134 Sky-high claim
Chapter 135: Thousand-mile embankment, destroyed by ant nests
Chapter 136 It's not over yet...!
Chapter 137 Kill two birds with one stone
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Eight Cases Breaking the Law
Chapter 139: The gongs and drums are in full swing
Chapter 140 Before dawn
Chapter 141 The wind is blowing
Chapter 142 The changing situation
Chapter one hundred and forty-three waves
Chapter 144: Tooth for Tooth
Chapter 145: Drums shake the capital
Chapter 146: An eye for an eye
Chapter 147 The cusp of the storm
Chapter 148: The next three roads
Chapter 149 Nothing to say
Chapter 150 Only this time
Chapter 151 You didn’t expect it!
Chapter 152 If you need anything, please ask for my Erbi
Chapter 153: The soldiers will block it, and the water will cover it.
Chapter 154: The Second Emperor of Qingli
Chapter 155 Whoever comes is the same
Chapter 156: The truth
Chapter 157 Retaliation
Chapter 158: The Big Stage
One hundred and fifty-ninth chapter limit one for one
Chapter 160 Ancestral System and Ancestral Law
Chapter 161 Education
Chapter 162 Power and Law
Chapter 163: A Break in the Law
Chapter 164 Closing Statement
Chapter 165 Who is the winner
Chapter 166 The Cage of Power
Chapter 167: A word awakens the dreamer
Chapter 168 Royal lawsuit
Chapter 169 Undercurrent is turbulent
Chapter 170 Offensive and defensive aliens!
Chapter 171: Open Source and Throttling
Chapter 172 The most stupid way
Chapter 173: Selling Justice
Chapter 174 Changes
Chapter 175: Kill the chicken to scare the monkeys
Chapter 176: Three feet of ice does not last a day
Chapter 177 Rehabilitation
Chapter 178: Overkill
Chapter 179
Chapter 180 is all ruthless
Chapter 181 Do it!
Chapter 181 Revenge
Chapter 183 Officialdom is like a play, it all depends on acting skills
Chapter 184: The Temptation of Power
Chapter 185 Detour to the Restricted Area
Chapter 186: Infighting
Chapter 187: Rogue and Movie King
Chapter 188: A scholar can be killed but not humiliated
Chapter 189: Confrontation Again
Chapter 190: Learning Now and Selling Now
One hundred and ninety first chapters do not talk about martial arts
Chapter 192 Repaying the other with the same way
Chapter 193: Urgent! Urgent!
Chapter 194 Let me teach you!
Chapter 195 Good People Don't Live Long
Chapter 196 Who is the Min
Chapter 197 The Other Shore
Chapter 198 Lost and Found
One hundred and ninety nine chapters dead but not stiff
Chapter 200: From the Great Way to the Simple
Chapter 201: Fish and Bear's Paw
Chapter 202: Neighbor Law
Chapter 203 Hitting...robbing
Chapter 204 Erbi Heroes
Chapter 205 The Law Is Nothing More Than Favors
Chapter 206: Help the bad guys if you have the ability
Chapter 307 Rescue
Chapter 208: Easier Knowing, Difficult Doing
Chapter 209 Legal Aid
Chapter 210 Money is the driving force
Chapter 211: The Tree Wants to Be Quiet, But the Wind Doesn't Stop
Chapter 212 Resurgence?
Chapter 213: Means of Production
Chapter 214 Never Back Down
Chapter 215
Chapter 216 Moral Kidnapping
Chapter 217: The Strongman Wang Anshi
Chapter 218: Ruthless Wins Love
Chapter 219: Life, Death and Taxes
Chapter 220 Ruthless enough, treacherous enough, many brothers
Chapter 221 Times have changed
Two hundred and twenty second chapter strength struggle
Chapter 223 This is a war
Chapter 224 Legal Tax Avoidance
Chapter 225: Benevolent to the Law
Chapter 226: Whether it is a mule or a horse, you have to take a walk
Chapter 227: Each Shows His Abilities
Chapter 228 Maybe this is life
Chapter 229 Must share joys and sorrows
Chapter 230 Too Much Deception
Chapter 231: All Parties
Chapter 232: Hurt each other
Chapter 233: A little advertisement
Chapter 234 I don’t believe it
Chapter 235: The mantis stalks the cicada, but the oriole follows behind
Chapter 236: Birds of a feather
Chapter 237: Wash, wash, wash
Chapter 238: Every injustice has its owner, every debt has its owner
Chapter 239: Trapped in a cocoon
Chapter 240: The negotiation table is the main battlefield
Chapter 241 I don’t want to lose face in Kaifeng Mansion?
Chapter 242 The Price
Chapter 243 Taxation and Charity
Chapter 244: Exquisite on all sides
Chapter 245: The Tao is one foot high, the devil is one foot high
Chapter 246 Ill-gotten Gains
Chapter 247: Charity Isn’t That Fun
Chapter 248 Operation
Two hundred and fortieth IX The Thief Crying, Catch the Thief
Chapter 250 Tit for Tat
Chapter 251: The Age of Literary Heroes
Chapter 252: Big Report
Chapter 253 Return to the main theme
Chapter 254: Peerless Twins
Chapter 255 celebrity newspaper
Chapter 256 I am afraid that the world will not be in chaos
Chapter 257 Melee
Chapter 258 Killed in the cradle
Chapter 259: Defending the people’s mouth is better than guarding the river
Chapter 260 Political Crisis
Chapter 261 I am an Erbi
Chapter 262 Sue me, sue me
Chapter 263 A lot of progress
Chapter 264 Exploring the unknown
Chapter 265 Brothers in Suffering
Chapter 266: Showing off at first sight
Chapter 267 There is a limit to what you can say
Chapter 268 Win!
Chapter 269 Revenge
Chapter 270 Sending the sheep into the tiger's mouth
Chapter 271 Attention! Attention! Traffic control!
Chapter 272 Experience life
Chapter 273 We are both fallen people from the end of the world
Chapter 274 I want to be the strongest yamen warrior
Chapter 275: Dung Floods Bianjing
Chapter 276 Please take the card
Chapter 277 Complicity
Chapter 278 Dream Linkage
Chapter 279: The only martial arts in the world that cannot be defeated is speed.
Chapter 280 He’s a man
Chapter 281 All nonsense
Chapter 282 It’s all a routine
Chapter 283 Shake it up
Chapter 284 Helping the Imperial Court
Chapter 285 Acting in accordance with the law
Chapter 286 Struggle for power and profit
Chapter 287 When the Public Security Bureau was born
Chapter 288: Specializing in Treating Bargains
Chapter 289 Everyone, that’s just a warm-up
Chapter 290 Meeting Porcelain at the Corner
Chapter 291 Driving in the Gutter
Chapter 292 Please enter the urn
Chapter 293 Just asking if you are panicking
Chapter 294 Breaking the law is not a reason to break the law
Chapter 295 A little too thin
Chapter 296 Kill even if you disarm
Chapter 297 As you wish
Chapter 298 Urban Reform
Chapter 299: Soldiers are expensive and fast
Chapter 300 Miracle (6,000 words long chapter)
Chapter 301 Clear grudges
Chapter 302 Take it from the noble and use it for the people
Chapter 303 Honorable Laid-off
Chapter 304 Sweet pastry
Chapter 305 Three Crossroads
Chapter 306 Mutual Help
Chapter 307 Gemini Blessing
Chapter 308 Charity of the Rich
Chapter 309: Brother, the secular is still king!
Chapter 310 It’s coming! It’s coming!
Chapter 311 Entertainment prospers the country
Chapter 312 Ice and Fire
Chapter 313 Who is a serious person playing football!
Chapter 314 If you don’t enter the tiger’s den, how can you catch the tiger’s cubs?
Chapter 315 Supervision
Chapter 316 Turbulent Clouds
Chapter 317 Falling in love and killing each other
Chapter 318 Scandal covers the sky
Chapter 319: Drawing fire from the bottom of the cauldron
Chapter 320 Losing his wife and losing his troops
Chapter 321 It’s not what you think
Chapter 322 Public and Private
Chapter 323 Extreme Swing
Chapter 324 Losing money and making a profit?
Chapter 325 It’s hard to get a vote
Chapter 326 Jealousy
Chapter 327 Charity Competition (Part 1)
Chapter 328 Charity Competition (Part 2)
Chapter 329 Charity Competition (Part 2)
Chapter 330 It smells so good
Chapter 331 Conveying Benefits
Chapter 332 Show off your skills
Chapter 333 Business and Politics
Chapter 334 Infiltration
Chapter 335 Talking about people and talking about ghosts
Chapter 336 Scholarship System
Chapter 337 Reform Competition
Chapter 338 Infiltration
Chapter 339 When three people are together, I must be my teacher
Chapter 340 Graduation Certificate
Chapter 341 Entering the officialdom
Chapter 342 Er Cai
Chapter 343 Arrangement
Chapter 344 Please call me Teacher Zhang
Chapter 345 The dispute between Confucianism and Legalism
Chapter 346 This law is illegal
Chapter 347 The battle between the two methods
Chapter 348 The real dispute between Confucianism and Legalism
Chapter 349 The road is long and long
Chapter 350 Sorry! I don’t work overtime
Chapter 351 Feelings after class
Chapter 352 Three Pillars
Chapter 353 It’s really just a misunderstanding
Chapter 354 The spectators are silent
Chapter 355 To govern troubled times, use heavy codes?
Chapter 356 Irreversible
Chapter 357 We are still students
Chapter 358 It’s all bullshit
Chapter 359 The difficulty lies in this extra step
Chapter 360 Can’t live without Zhang San
Chapter 361 Too many words lead to mistakes
Chapter 362 Song Xingtong
Chapter 363 Authority and Rights
Chapter 364 People and Punishment
Chapter 365 Pay off debts
Chapter 366 Fish and Bear’s Paw
Chapter 367 Retire after success
Chapter 368 Easier said than done
Chapter 369 Excellent Opportunity
Chapter 370 Legislative Power
Chapter 371 A blessing in disguise
Chapter 372 Rookie! Welcome to the officialdom!
Chapter 373 Adding fuel to the fire
Chapter 374 Going to jail
Chapter 375 What an injustice!
Chapter 376 Senior Activity Center
Chapter 377 Only magic can defeat magic
Chapter 378 See the light of day again
Chapter 379 Still owe a lesson
Chapter 380 I’ve been there before
Chapter 381 Why not eat minced meat
Chapter 382 The essence is still a dispute between two laws
Chapter 383 Morality and Punishment, Law
Chapter 384: German Master and Legal Assistant
Chapter 385: Dont do to others what you dont want others to do to you
Chapter 386: Money is easy to come by, but a confidant is hard to find.
Chapter 387 Dr. Zhang
Chapter 388 Big and Small Dharma
Chapter 389 The gunman is in place
Chapter 390 Founding a sect and protecting the law
Chapter 391 Zhang Yuweng
Chapter 392 Let Fa fly for a while
Chapter 393 The mantis stalks the cicada
Chapter 394 A fire in winter
Chapter 395 The final word is played
Chapter 396 Listen to your words
Chapter 397 Welcoming the bride
Chapter 398 The wedding night
Chapter 399 Mansion
Chapter 400 Recruitment Law
Chapter 401 This is simply robbery
Chapter 402 It’s all your fault
Chapter 403: Having both sides
Chapter 404 The storm is rising
Chapter 405 Auxiliary Police
Chapter 406 You earn, I earn too
Chapter 407 Go and invite Zhang San
Chapter 408 Maintaining the Flexibility of the Law
Chapter 409: Taking people’s money to eliminate disasters for them
Chapter 410 Beat the old master to death with random punches
Chapter 411 Professionalization
Chapter 412 Exploding the Police
Chapter 413 Justice must go to the county
Chapter 414 Wanting to Let It Die
Chapter 415 Reform Competition
Chapter 416 Paying taxes is an obligation
Chapter 417 Activating the Public Security Bureau
Chapter 418 Just money, not life
Chapter 419 Judicial Upstart
Chapter 420 Anyone who refuses to accept will be sent to the public prosecutor’s office
Chapter 421: Food and clothing line
Chapter 422 Big Fish
Chapter 423: Killing two birds with one stone
Chapter 424: Sending Buddha to the West
Chapter 425: The Revival of the Middle Class
Chapter 426: This Fierce Battle
Chapter 427 Tax War (1)
Chapter 428 Tax War (2)
Chapter 429 Tax War (3)
Chapter 430 Tax War (4)
Chapter 431 Tax War (5)
Chapter 432 Tax War (6)
Chapter 433 Tax War (7)
Chapter 434 Tax War (8)
Chapter 435 Tax War (9)
Chapter 436 Tax War (10)
Chapter 437 Tax War (11)
Chapter 438 Tax War (12)
Four hundred and thirtieth IX tax war (thirteen)
Chapter 440 Tax War (14)
Chapter 441 Tax War (15)
Chapter 442 Tax War (16)
Chapter 443: Tax War (17)
Four hundred and fortieth chapters tax war (eighteen)
Four hundred and fortieth chapters tax war (nineteen)
Four hundred and fortieth chapters tax war (twenty)
Chapter 447 Tax War (21)
Four hundred and fortieth eight chapters tax war (twenty-two)
Four hundred and fortieth IX tax war (twenty-three)
Chapter 450 Tax War (24)
Chapter 451 Directly challenge the difficulty of hell?
Chapter 452 Keep making trouble...don't stop
Four hundred and fiftieth chapters full counterattack
Chapter 454: A Fragile Currency System
Chapter 455 Countermeasures
Chapter 456 Currency War (Part 1)
Chapter 457 Currency War (Part 2)
Chapter 458 Currency War (Part 2)
Chapter 459 Securities OR Currency
Chapter 460 Killing and punishing the heart
Chapter 461 Military Court
Chapter 462: Law is the Foundation
Chapter four hundred and sixtieth two blossoms
Chapter 464: Between the Dove and the Eagle
Chapter 465: The Cultivation of a Judge
Chapter Four Hundred and Sixty Six: The Unity of the Old and the New Relies on Zhang San
Chapter 467 Deja vu Yan Returns
Chapter 468: The birth of opera
Four hundred and sixtieth IX Poaching
Chapter 470: The Dust Settles
Four hundred and seventy first chapters Longtan Tiger Den
Chapter 472 Calf Lineup
Chapter 473 Don't be ashamed
Three hundred and seventieth chapters leave Beijing to take office
Chapter 475 He is really a master
Four hundred and seventieth chapters cry
Chapter 477: No Dutiful Son in Front of the Long Sick Bed
Chapter 478 There is another secret
Chapter 479: Start with a small fire
Chapter 480: There is not much time left for them
Chapter 481 Waiting for the flowers to finally bloom
Chapter 482 Brother doesn't like to be passive
Chapter 483: The chief judge has the final say
Chapter 484: Long-awaited
Chapter 485: Strange Combination
Chapter 486 Trial (Part 1)
Chapter 487 Trial (Part 2)
Chapter 488 Trial (Part 2)
Chapter 489 The jury system
Chapter 490 Extracurricular Tutoring
Chapter four hundred and ninety first trouble
Chapter 492 The leeks are not cut like this!
Chapter 493: I am Judicial Murong Fu.
Chapter 494 The thunder is loud and the rain is small
Chapter 495: Scare you to death
Chapter 496 Salt eats people
Chapter 497 I just can’t open my mouth to let him know
Chapter 498: Mess
Chapter 499: Shooting yourself in the foot
Chapter 500 Ghosts and Snakes
Chapter 501 To make justice cheap
Chapter 502 Continue! Don't Stop!
Chapter 503: Hitting the Heart
Chapter 504 Banknotes and Debts
Chapter 505: Transformation into Bengali
Chapter 506 How dare they ask for interest?
Chapter 507: Salt Banknote Dispute (Part 1)
Chapter 508: Salt Banknote Dispute (Part 2)
Chapter 509 Dispute over Salt Banknotes (Part 2)
Chapter 510: Needle Point Against Wheat
Chapter 512: Political and Legal Disputes
Chapter five hundred and twelfth fire and water
Chapter five hundred and thirteen finally came
Chapter 514: Who is cowardly?
Chapter 515 Madman Zhang San
Chapter 516 Civil, Military and Law (1)
Chapter 517 Civil, Military and Law (2)
Chapter 518: Civil, Military and Law (3)
Chapter 519 Civil, Military and Law (4)
Chapter 520 Civil, Military and Law (5)
Chapter 521: Civil, Military and Law (6)
Chapter 522: Civil, Military and Law (7)
Chapter 523: Civil, Military and Law (8)
Chapter 524: Civil, Military and Law (9)
Chapter 525 Civil, Military and Law (10)
Chapter 526: Civil, Military and Law (11)
Chapter 527: Civil, Military and Law (12)
Chapter 528 Civil War and Law (End)
Chapter 529 The Third Party
Chapter 530: Favorable to Split
Chapter 531 Sorry! I am the creator!
Chapter 532: The Sorrow of Soldiers
Chapter 533 The battle between young crops
Chapter 534: Courtesy first, then attack
Five hundred and thirtieth chapters a confused account
Chapter 536 Direct Stud?
Chapter 537 Steady as an Old Dog
Chapter 538 Repeating the same old tricks
Chapter 539: Let it go
Chapter 540: Planning
Chapter 541 Never compromise
Chapter 542: Traveling lightly
Chapter five hundred and fortieth third: interest in the law (1)
Chapter 544: Making profit from the law (2)
Chapter 545: Making profit from the law (3)
Chapter 546: Making profit from the law (4)
Chapter 547: Making profit from the law (5)
Chapter 548 The First Battle of Sanruan (1)
Chapter 549: The First Battle of Three Redundancies (2)
Chapter 550: The First Battle of Sanduan (3)
Chapter 551: The First Battle of the Three Redundancies (4)
Chapter 552: The First Battle of the Three Redundancies (5)
Chapter 553: The First Battle of the Three Redundancies (6)
Chapter 554: The First Battle of Sanduan (7)
Chapter 555: The First Battle of the Three Redundancies (8)
Chapter 556: The First Battle of Three Redundancies (9)
Chapter 557: The First Battle of Three Redundancies (10)
Chapter 558: The First Battle of the Three Redundancies (Eleven)
Chapter 559: The First Battle of Three Redundancies (12)
Chapter 560: The First Battle of the Three Redundancies (13)
Chapter 561: The First Battle of Three Redundancies (14)
Chapter 562: The First Battle of Sanduan (End)
Chapter 563: Can’t hide it anymore
Chapter 564: Don’t offend the police outside, don’t offend the president internally
Chapter five hundred and sixty fifth danger
Chapter 566: A Hero Saves the Beauty?
Chapter 567 Law and reality
Chapter 568: Do you have any words to accuse someone?
Chapter five hundred and sixtieth IX Pretend to be a tiger and eat a pig
Chapter 570 Harvest Season
Chapter 571 Conspiracy
Chapter 572 Professional Tightrope Walking
Chapter 573: The Struggle of the Minority
Chapter 574: Financial Benefits
Chapter 575 Enforcement
Chapter 576 No choice
Chapter 577 Very contradictory...
Chapter 578: It is tolerable, but which one is intolerable?
Chapter 579: Fortress That Is Hard to Break
Chapter 580 Let’s see who makes a mistake first
Chapter 581: Take a step back, the sea and the sky are brighter
Chapter 582 Sitting on the mountain and watching the tiger fight
Chapter five hundred and eighty third: Borrowing businessmen to kill
Chapter five hundred and eighty fourth: on the verge of firing
Chapter five hundred and eighty fifth ban
Chapter 586 Triangular Relationship
Chapter 587: The Three Laws Controversy (1)
Chapter 588: The Three Laws Controversy (2)
Chapter 589: The Three Laws Controversy (3)
Chapter 590: The Controversy Between the Three Laws (4)
Chapter 591: The Three Laws Controversy (5)
Chapter 592: The Battle of the Three Laws (6)
Chapter 593: The Three Laws Controversy (7)
Chapter 594: The Three Laws Controversy (8)
Chapter 595: The Three Laws Controversy (9)
Five hundred and ninetieth chapters take advantage of the victory
Chapter 597: The world is prosperous and everyone is going to benefit
Chapter five hundred and ninety eight
Chapter 599: If you continue to cut off, you will suffer chaos.
Chapter 600 Set things right
Chapter 601 Commercial and Tax Regulations
Chapter 602 Planting Taxes and Earning Taxes
Six hundred and third chapters rush to buy tax
Chapter 604: Buying Tax (Part 2)
Chapter 605: Stop pretending, let’s show off.
Chapter 606 Draining from the Bottom
Chapter 607 Attention! This is not a joke!
Chapter 608: One Thing Drops One Thing
Chapter 609: If there is no lawsuit, create a lawsuit
Chapter 610: Officials have political authority and the people follow private contracts
Chapter 611: There is no rule without rules
Chapter 612: Who in this court is suing the president of the court?
Chapter 613: A desperate fight
Chapter 615: Magic in a bottle
Chapter 616: The person at the helm
Chapter 617 Adding fuel to the fire
Chapter 618: Institutional Competition
Chapter 619 Its no longer harmful
Chapter 620: Managing a big country is like cooking small dishes
Chapter 621: There is no eternal enemy
Chapter 622: The official power is greatly enhanced
Chapter 623: Under the Second Law
Chapter 624 Question and Answer Session
Chapter 625: Seizing Power with the Right Answer
Chapter 626: Infinite Tax
Chapter 627: Want them all
Chapter 628: I am in Cao Ying but my heart is in Han Dynasty
Chapter 629 Time is money!
Chapter 630: Closing the Net
Chapter 631: Rogue Official Office
Chapter 632: Pig Killing Plate
Chapter 633: I wont shed tears until I see the coffin
Chapter 634: Two Golden Hours
Chapter 635: No one can escape
Chapter 636: Dividing the spoils and competing for credit
Chapter 637 Expansion
Chapter 638: Dont trust people when you employ them, dont trust people when you doubt them
Chapter 639: A cup of tea explains the local law
Chapter 640 Rules! Rules! Still rules!
Chapter 641: Chickens lay eggs, eggs lay chickens
Chapter 642: Conflicts intensify
Chapter 643: Dead lips and cold teeth
Chapter 644: Pearl and Jade First
Chapter 645 The three-year period has arrived
Chapter 646: Comparing Bad Dafa
Chapter 647: The situation is stronger than the people
Chapter 648: Facing the problem head-on
Chapter 649: Ginger is still spicier when old
Chapter 650: Internal Joy and External Worry
Chapter 651 Legislative Assembly
Chapter 652 Fangs
Chapter 653 Bankruptcy Bill
Chapter 654: Reap the consequences
Chapter 655 The golden cicada escapes from its shell
Chapter 656: The Difficulty of Being a Worker
Chapter 657 Business Law
Chapter 658: Real Finance
Chapter 659: Flowering in the East and West
Chapter 660 War and Peace
Chapter 661: Men on the left and right
Chapter 662: Advance as retreat
Chapter 663: Turning crisis into opportunity
Chapter 664: The first case on taking office
Chapter 665 Etiquette and Justice
Chapter 666: Rumors flourish among wise men
Chapter 667: Making exceptions is not sabotage
Chapter 668: Destined Tragedy
Chapter 669: One wave has not subsided, and another wave arises
Chapter 670 Blood debt must be paid with blood
Chapter 671: Whoever goes, goes
Chapter 672 I am innocent
Chapter 673: Rebellion Case (1)
Chapter 674: Rebellion Case (2)
Chapter 675: Rebellion Case (3)
Chapter 676: Rebellion Case (4)
Chapter 677: Rebellion Case (5)
Chapter 678: Rebellion Case (6)
Chapter 679: Rebellion Case (7)
Chapter 680: Rebellion Case (8)
Chapter 681: Rebellion Case (End)
Chapter 682: The Public Security Bureau is the best
Chapter 683: The upper beam is not straight and the lower beam is crooked
Chapter 684 The cage is coming
Chapter 685: If you want to destroy it, you must first make it crazy
Chapter 686 The real test is coming
Chapter 687: The tree wants to be quiet but the wind doesnt stop
Chapter 688: Caught in the Cracks
Chapter 689: Everything is omitted
Chapter 690: Smoke filled
Chapter 691 Hearing (1)
Chapter 692 Hearing (2)
Chapter 693 Hearing (3)
Chapter 694 Hearing (4)
Chapter 695 Hearing (5)
Chapter 696 Hearing (6)
Chapter 697: Soft Landing (Part 1)
Chapter 698: Soft Landing (Part 2)
Chapter 699: Political Spear and Legal Shield
Chapter 700: Going the opposite direction
Chapter 701 Pandoras Box?
Chapter 702 Its too much
Chapter 703: Social Security Law
Chapter 704: He really has royal skills
Chapter 705 Confronting the Imperial Power
Chapter 706 Its all for you
Chapter 707: Trouble comes from the mouth (Part 1)
Chapter 708: Trouble comes from the mouth (Part 2)
Chapter 709: Trouble comes from the mouth (Part 2)
Chapter 710 Loyalty and Justice
Chapter 711: They are all actors
Chapter 712: Professional governance
Chapter 713 The most profitable business
Chapter 714: Empty City Strategy
Chapter 715 Time is on our side
Chapter 716: The Way of Heaven and the Way of Humanity
Chapter 717 The southeast wind rises
Chapter 718 Major Crisis
Chapter 719: If you go against it, you will perish.
Chapter 720: Going the opposite direction
Chapter 721: Its hard to distinguish between friend and foe
Chapter 722: Stirring a hornet's nest
Chapter 723 Everyone goes their own way
Chapter 724 Its not my fault
Chapter 725 Boomerang
Chapter 726: The Art of the Emperor
Chapter 727 Dead End?
Chapter 728 Showdown
Chapter 729 Whose fault is it?
Chapter 730 Version Answer
Chapter 731 Its clear
Chapter 732 Only with struggle can progress be achieved
Chapter 733: Use magic to fight magic
Chapter 734 Yuanfengs restructuring
Chapter 735 Complete Release of the Public Security Bureau
Chapter 736 'Struggle for power and profit'
Chapter 737: Talented people emerge from generation to generation
Chapter 738: Taxation is king
Chapter 739: Gods will plays tricks on people
Chapter 740: A Last Stand
Chapter 741: Public opinion takes precedence
Chapter 742 Food and Liquor Act
Chapter 743 The restricted area that cannot be touched
Chapter 744: Advise you to be kind
Chapter 745: Tried my best
Chapter 746 It has nothing to do with me
Chapter 747: Learn now and sell now
Chapter 748 Disciple
Chapter 749 Treating guests to dinner again
Chapter 750: Speak with strength
Chapter 751: Internal Troubles and External Joys
Chapter 752: Can I Still Eat?
Chapter 753: Illegal! Everything is illegal!
Chapter 754: Beat up the drowned dog
Chapter 755: The Troublemaker Appears
Chapter 756: Before fighting against the outside world, you must first settle down at home.
Chapter 757: Good luck
Chapter 758 Seeking truth from facts
Chapter 759: Who is in favor and who is against?
Chapter 760 Who in the world doesnt know the law?
Chapter 761: Overcoming the Tribulation
Chapter 762 The perfect candidate
Chapter 763: A display of power
Chapter 764 Diplomatic Accident
Chapter 765: The heroes see the same thing
Chapter 766 'Special Envoy from Brothel'
Chapter 767: 'The sky is full of justice'
Chapter 768: Those who are pure will themselves be cleansed
Chapter 769: Eight-Member System
Chapter 770 The wind is blowing
Chapter 771 Unstoppable
Chapter 772 Seeing a dragon in the field
Chapter 773: Times make heroes
Chapter 774 Activation
Chapter 775: Monetization
Chapter 776: Gentlemen! Roll it up!
Chapter 777 Seeing Old Friends Again
Chapter 778: Helping
Chapter 779: Conquering the enemy without fighting
Chapter 780: Take a step back, the sea and the sky are brighter
Chapter 781 Incentive Method
Chapter 782 Civil and military affairs go hand in hand
Chapter 783: Accumulation
Chapter 784 Insurance Bill
Chapter 785 Startup
Chapter 786: Scare you to death
Chapter 787 Killing without blood
Chapter 788 Political Protection
Chapter 789: Chief Justice
Chapter 790: Impartial Judgment
Chapter 791 The Second Fire
Chapter 792 I cant stop at all
Chapter 793: No fire is needed
Chapter 794: Whoever dug the hole will fill it
Chapter 795 This is the third fire
Chapter 796: Suddenly looking back
Chapter 797 My Money
Chapter 798 Legal Powers
Chapter 799: Why did the President of the Grand Tribunal conspire to rebel?
Chapter 800 Firearms Age
Chapter 801 Flying Dragon in the Sky
Chapter 802 War Mobilization Law
Chapter 803 Water can carry a boat, but it can also overturn it
Chapter 804: Its up to the president of the court to take action
Chapter 805 The Guilty Lamb?
Chapter 806: There is no greater sorrow than death.
Chapter 807 Final Judgment
Chapter 808: Toward a Breakup
Chapter 809: Being light without a date
Chapter 810 Moisturizing things silently
Chapter 811: Ten years of sharpening a sword
Chapter 812 A proud dragon has regrets
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Extra three
Final Chapter: The Defender (Final Remarks)