In the beginning of the NBA, O'Neal was drawn in his old age
author:glowing goldIn the beginning of the NBA, O'Neal was drawn in his old age
He was able to score 20 points and 10 rebounds in his rookie season. His exaggerated performance is unprecedented in the history of CBA; he is the famous king of empty scoring in CBA; In 2011, after an accidental fusion of a soul from the later celestial dynasty and seventeen-year-old Wang Zhelin, will the future of the Chinese men's basketball team turn around this time?
super abandoned son in law
author:Liang Shaosuper abandoned son in law
The young master of the first family in China, Chu Chen, the descendant of the world's number one strange family, accidentally sealed his own soul and five souls on the way down the mountain after finishing his studies, and became the son-in-law of a fool for five years.
beautiful lady, here I come
author:get in the tidebeautiful lady, here I come
Chu Yun was born with a pure yang body, and he would not live to be thirty years old. He needed seven senior sisters to help him survive this calamity. Chu Yun went down the mountain to save his life. There is only one sentence: I am invincible, you can do whatever you want.
Commoner Scholar
author:Residual blood abuseCommoner Scholar
Introduction: I went up the mountain to look for sheep, and accidentally fell off the cliff. When I woke up, I found that the fetus had passed through an unknown dynasty. Looking around, I found that the family was really poor and poor. They didn’t have enough food and clothing. They lived in a mud house. It was raining heavily outside. It's raining. There is a sister on the top, and a sister on the bottom. I originally thought that I could live a wonderful life with my modern soul, but I never thought that my fate would be so ill-fated. Readers, let's see how Ling Yun creates his own legend in this era !


  • [都市]Global Awakening: Unlock the Asura template at the beginningBraised Sprite
  • [其他]Qin Shi: Under One Manif parting
  • [历史]opening game , american tycoonThe fate of the little fish
  • [玄幻]I vouch for the monsterpublic world
  • [历史]The Elemental God of Fighting Breakgo with the wind
  • [玄幻]nuclear power sword fairyRiding the Wind and Sword
  • [其他]Super blood-sucking mosquito cloneout of nowhere
  • [都市]Adorable baby with a black belly, the president's daddy loves hima small white flower
  • [都市]King of Medical Martial Artsbloody
  • Mysterious

    Wasteland Echoer
    Wasteland Echoer/By:Haibo Wave
    [Cthulhu Fantasy Wasteland Cyberpunk Dihua Group behind the scenes] In the alternation of wasteland and mystery, nightmares are whispering. Under the blend of dawn and fantasy, fate is calling again. In the new era of 527, I woke up in the dome If you think "Wasteland Resonator" is not bad, please don't forget to recommend it to your friends in QQ groups and Weibo!


    Sitting and forgetting eternal life
    Sitting and forgetting eternal life/By:Flying Li Ge
    Liu Qinghuan, a mortal, walked out of the war, tempered his heart in the world of mortals, and forgot about his eternal life.


    Can I enter the Shushan game?
    Can I enter the Shushan game?/By:Asking for eternity
    Someone saw the Taoist Priest of Qingfeng Temple summoning a flying sword and flying into the clouds! Someone saw a lantern floating and walking on its own on the mountain path of Qingfeng Temple! A door in Qingfeng Temple opened, and on the opposite side was a beautiful mountain peak floating in the air. A stone tablet reads: Shushan! All because Guo Lin can suddenly enter a Shushan game!


    Farmers of the Shu Han Dynasty
    Farmers of the Shu Han Dynasty/By:Jia Qing
    This story tells the story of an ordinary poor man who struggled hard and worked hard to farm in the troubled times of the Three Kingdoms.


    super species player
    super species player/By:Crazy elegance
    Do you believe in the Creator? Once humans can evolve through game copies, what will happen to the world? In the millennium, the era of super species is coming. He...


    Full-time swordsman
    Full-time swordsman/By:Half a bottle of sake
    Introduction: [Sake's New Book] Lin Jichen, the master of enlightenment in "Eight Wastelands", the best Dharma practitioner in the world, should have countless fans, call the wind and rain, and have a boundless path to immortality. But because his lover and brother betrayed him, he was even tricked into entering the fairyland BOSS. In the cave of Zhu Jiuyin, he was finally buried in the beast's mouth, and his body and soul disappeared. Never thinking that heaven would never kill people, Lin Jichen was reborn and returned to the day before the launch of the "Bahuang" server. After resurrecting his life, he resolutely gave up the law and followed the sword, killing with the sword. Create his own future and rewrite his own destiny! It also allows him to accumulate enough advantages before the game integrates into reality, and he can dominate the world!

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