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stubborn thief

stubborn thief

author:Capture the Deer Marquis

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:04-18 01:36

Latest chapter:Chapter 635: For Chengji Tula

In the second year of the Chongzhen reign of the Ming Dynasty, the once powerful empire was about to collapse. Inside, the Yinchuan post soldiers fought hard, and Kyushu was divided. Outside, the new master of Jianzhou marched eastward and westward, marching into the pass. Amid the drought that swept through Shaanxi, Liu Chengzong stepped down Thousands of miles away, walk forward with your head held high.

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《stubborn thief》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 635: For Chengji Tula
Chapter 634: Those who are close to Zhu are red
Chapter 633 Mad Dog
Chapter 632: A Thousand Miles
Chapter 631: Full control
Chapter 630 Freak
Chapter 629: Lure the enemy into a field battle
Chapter 628: An accidental mistake
Chapter 627: Go get rid of Liu Chengzong
《stubborn thief》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Fish River Fort
Chapter 2: No Closure at Night
Chapter 3 The Suffering
Chapter Four Sixteen
Chapter 5 Incidents
Chapter 6 Dispatching Troops
Chapter 7 Guo Shanmao
Chapter 8 Where to Go
Chapter 9 Rice Fat
Chapter 10 Li Hongji
Chapter Eleven Tree Fairy Temple
Chapter 12 Shame
Chapter 13 Infighting
Chapter Fourteen Bai Ying Zi
Chapter 15 Sweeping
Chapter 16 Resentment
Chapter 17 Laojun Collection
Chapter 18 Homecoming
Chapter 19 People's Strong
Chapter 20 Black Dragon King Temple Mountain
Chapter 21 RBI
Chapter 22: Family Separation
Chapter 23 Security Mechanic
Chapter 24 Self-help
Chapter 25 Anti-theft Equipment
Chapter 26 Upstream
Chapter 27 Teacher
Chapter 28 The Carpenter
Chapter 29 Longbow
Chapter 30 Cheng
Chapter 31 Ansai City
Chapter 32 The Pig Butcher
Chapter 33 Work Injury
Chapter 34 Broken Arm
Chapter 35 The Coffin
Chapter 36 Lu Bin
Chapter 37 Grab food
Chapter 38 Officials
Chapter 39 Grain Requisition
Chapter 40
Chapter 41: Uncle Mother
Chapter 42 Bribery
Chapter 43 Blood Flow
Chapter 44 The Grave
Chapter 45: Yongtian
Chapter 46 Officials
Chapter 47 Wine Shop
Chapter 48 Veterans
Chapter 49 Household Registration
Chapter 50 The Farmer
Chapter 51 Confused
Chapter 52 Can't Run
Chapter 53 Starving Ghosts
Chapter 54 Avalokitesvara
Chapter 55: Grab late and die early
Chapter 56
Chapter 57: Hunger is hard to bear
Chapter 58 Wangzhuang
Chapter 59 Happy Stick
Chapter 60 Three Steps
Chapter 61 Tailored
Chapter 62 Sweet smell
Chapter 63 Purpose
Chapter 64 The death of the tiger general
Chapter 65 Reunion
Chapter 66 Officers
Chapter 67 The top evasion technique
Chapter 68 Tiger Waist
Chapter 69 Crossing the Stars
Chapter 70 Battle Cloud
Chapter 71 Lions Camp
Chapter 72 Mr. Liu is so nice
Chapter 73 Li Bei's Expedition
Chapter 74 The Defeat
Chapter 75: Don't get angry with the dead
Chapter 76 Eating fast
Chapter 77: With a Sharp Blade
Chapter 78 Don't Live
Chapter 79 Lianzhu Arrow
Chapter 80 The Rush
Chapter 81: I swear to death
Chapter 82: Unmoving as a Mountain
Chapter 83 The gap between ideal and reality
Chapter 84: Dirty Blood
Chapter 85 The Lion Battalion
Chapter 86 Destroying the foundation
Chapter 87 Nine and a half pounds
Chapter 88 Mule Camp
Chapter 89 Jingjiagou
Chapter 90 Opening the Bow
Chapter 91 Tinnitus
Chapter 92 Whereabouts
Chapter 93 Who Ambushed Who
Chapter 94: Yanshui Pass
Chapter 95 Disgusting at home
Chapter 96 Counterattack
Chapter 97 Guerrilla Lu Cheng
Chapter 98: No That Life
Chapter 99 Yonghe County
Chapter 100 I'm from Yan'an
Chapter 101 Military Honors
Chapter 102 Design
Chapter 103 Crossing the River
Chapter 104 Creditors
Chapter 105 Master
Chapter 106: Yan'an Guard
Chapter 107 I don't care
Chapter 108 Discipline and Power
Chapter 109 Air Volume and Weather
Chapter 110: Wall Grass
Chapter 111 Homemade Firearms
Chapter 112 A piece of meat
Chapter 113 Xingzi River
One hundred and fourteen chapters are like two different people
Chapter 115 Eat, sleep and beat the king
Chapter 116 Cao Cao Luo Rucai
Chapter 117 Tired Soldiers
Chapter 118 Vision
Chapter 119 Weaknesses
Chapter 120 Strange Request
Chapter 121 Give the order
Chapter 122 The Invisible Thread
Chapter 123 Breaking the Formation
Chapter 124 Marco
Chapter 125 Gun Sentries
Chapter 126: Doing Business
Chapter 127 Tailor-made
Chapter 128: Joint Venture
Chapter 129 Save me
Chapter 130: Trading Horses for People
Chapter 131 Starving and freezing
Chapter 132 Asking the Ancestors
Chapter 133 Command Manual
Chapter 134 Overestimation
Chapter 135 Nightmare
Chapter 136 Children and grandchildren will have their own blessings
Chapter 137 Right and Left Hands
Chapter 138: Transport Camp
Chapter 139: The Ming Dynasty went back thirty years
Chapter 140 The whole camp is guaranteed
Chapter 141: Can’t see the mountain at a glance
Chapter 142 It’s been here a long time ago
Chapter 143 Gone
Chapter 144: Fenzhou Weizuo Institute
Chapter 145 Saburo
Chapter 146 Qiaoer
Chapter 147: Survival
Chapter 148: All-front attack
Chapter 149 Thousand Catties
Chapter 150: Caught on both sides
Chapter 151 Overturning
Chapter 152 A thief broke in
Chapter 153 Accident
Chapter 154 Guanzhong Soldiers
Chapter 155 Wen'anyi
Chapter 156 General Ai
Chapter 157: Unfavorable weather
Chapter 158 Chickens and dogs ascend to heaven
Chapter 159 Wen'anyi Breakout Battle
Chapter 160: Is it enough for you to start a family?
Chapter 161 A good start
Chapter 162: They say lions are auspicious beasts
Chapter 163 Faster and heavier
Chapter 164: A high official
Chapter 165 Cannon!
Chapter 166: Money can make the world go round
Chapter 167 Yanzhou
Chapter 168: Raising Bandits to Respect Oneself
Chapter 169 Attack
Chapter 170 Huanglong Mountain
Chapter 171 Self-defeating
Chapter 172 The Great Retreat
Chapter 173 Manual Alarm Clock He Huchen
Chapter 174: Encounter on a narrow road
Chapter 175 Mountain Rain
Chapter 176 Clay Figure
Chapter 177 Good rain knows the season
Chapter 178 Silver Reward
Chapter 179 Can’t run away
Chapter 180 West Pass
Chapter 181 The Great Mutiny
Chapter 182: Sharing the Pressure
Chapter 183 Happy
Chapter 184 The Longevity Girl
Chapter 185: The corner of the world
Chapter 186 Mutton Noodles
Chapter 187 One goes down and the other goes up
Chapter 188: Strong walls and clear fields
Chapter 189: Hami Guard’s advance army
Chapter 190 Mysterious Color
Chapter 191 Unified preparation
Chapter 192: Move home
Chapter 193 Old Man Xu
Chapter 194 White Willow Stream Clouds Meet the Moon
Chapter 195 Broken
Chapter 196: Beauty
Chapter 197 Yuan Sanmen
Chapter 198: Combining Water
Chapter 199 Jiang Yingchang’s Big Adventure
Chapter 200: Coercion
Chapter 201 Extreme
Chapter 202 Yang He
Chapter 203: Real official but false name
Chapter 204 Historical Sinners
Chapter 205 Zhenyuan
Chapter 206: Qingpingyuan Supervisor
Chapter 207: Siege of Zhenyuan
Chapter 208: The Way of Heaven
Chapter 209 In water and fire
Chapter 210 A Pingliang City
Chapter 211: Exchange food for books
Chapter 212 Prince Han’s Mansion
Chapter 213 The King
Chapter 214 Little Baozi
Chapter 215 Qianqing Palace
Chapter 216 Five Virtues
Chapter 217 Counterinsurgency
Chapter 218 A disgusting journey
Chapter 219 Border Army
Chapter 220: Rush
Chapter 221 Responsibility
Chapter 222: Sending the God of Plague
Chapter 223: Protecting Armor
Chapter 224 Spy
Chapter 225 Corrupted
Chapter 226: Chieftain’s Dream
Chapter 227 The Remaining Party
Chapter 228 Liu Chengzong’s status
Chapter 229: White Wolf with Empty Gloves
Chapter 230 Reorganization of Xining
Chapter 231 The First Seven
Chapter 232 Club Bay
Chapter 233 Disrupting the Market
Chapter 234 Three copies
Chapter 235 Xiao Lazun
Chapter 236: Step Camp
Chapter 237: Safe journey
Chapter 238 A straw rope
Chapter 239: Seat
Chapter 240: Change of Thoughts
Chapter 241 Neighbors
Chapter 242 Academy
Chapter 243 There is really a sea
Chapter 244 Foreign Enemies
Chapter 245 Unbreakable
Chapter 246 Nang Qian
Chapter 247 Lion Ticket
Chapter 248: Coming here for fame
Chapter 249 House Slave Bastard
Chapter 250 Confrontation
Chapter 251: Spell
Chapter 252: One shot and one sheep
Chapter 253 Progress
Chapter 254 Master Basang
Chapter 255 The Master’s Master
Chapter 256 Gai Qu
Chapter 257: Additional Troops
Chapter 258 Slaves and Slaves
Chapter 259 Pollution
Chapter 260 Countercurrent
Chapter 261 Monster
Chapter 262: The Orion Leader
Chapter 263 Dark Night
Chapter 264: Fields
Chapter 265 Pulling
Chapter 266 Iron Chain Bridge
Chapter 267 Navy
Chapter 268 Gudu Gudu
Chapter 269 Three Wings
Chapter 270 Ah Liu
Chapter 271 Seven Counties
Chapter 272 County Government
Chapter 273 Kangning Mansion
Chapter 274: Disgraceful to politeness
Chapter 275 Office
Chapter 276 Trade Radiation
Chapter 277 Square Monument
Chapter 278 Can’t Die
Chapter 279 Naval Yamen
Chapter 280 New Articles of Association
Chapter 281 Time is mine
Chapter 282: Riverside
Chapter 283 The Township Party in Changhe West
Chapter 284 Peace and Tranquility
Chapter 285: The world is so big
Chapter 286 Chef Luo
Chapter 287 Sand
Chapter 288 Three Five Hundred Areas
Chapter 289 Use it
Chapter 290 Ajia
Chapter 291: Students
Chapter 292 Yan'an Mansion with simple folk customs
Chapter 293 Painting
Chapter 294 Porter
Chapter 295 Pine Forest Castle
Chapter 296 Huang Yuanyi
Chapter 297: Peace in the world
Chapter 298: Chuck Rabbit
Chapter 299 Revenge
Chapter 300: Can’t see clearly
Chapter 301: Changing Homes
Chapter 302: Returning to Thousand Households of Virtue
Chapter 303 River Valley
Chapter 304 Mascot
Chapter 305: A battle of wits and courage with the air
Chapter 306: False Defeat
Chapter 307: All Living Beings
Chapter 308 Patience
Chapter 309 Haixi
Chapter 310: Pincer Attack
Chapter 311 Luck
Chapter 312: Steady
Chapter 313: Attack Bajiao City
Chapter 314 Liu Chengzong’s Teacher
Chapter 315 If he needs it
Chapter 316: Pledge of Allegiance
Chapter 317: Attacking the heart first
Chapter 318: Stay in Autumn
Chapter 319 The powerful clan
Chapter 320: Sufficient Manpower
Chapter 321: Preparing for Winter
Chapter 322: Half a day
Chapter 323 Mountain God Princess
Chapter 324 Curtain
Chapter 325 Another choice
Chapter 326: Equalizing grain and buying gifts
Chapter 327 The gap in the eggshell
Chapter 328: Quite capable of fighting
Chapter 329 Four methods
Chapter 330: Large Situation Drama
Chapter 331 Sharecroppers
Chapter 332 Everyone is equal in the shooting camp
Chapter 333 Tribesmen
Chapter 334: Marching Westward
Chapter 335 Little Trick
Chapter 336 The first step
Chapter 337 Bitter Water
Chapter 338: Divide the troops
Chapter 339: Eliminating spies
Chapter 340 Test
Chapter 341 Book of famine relief and epidemic prevention
Chapter 342 Smallpox
Chapter 343: Adjust measures to local conditions
Chapter 344 Travel Expenses
Chapter 345: Border Army
Chapter 346 Horse Camp
Chapter 347 Don’t be a fool
Chapter 348: Win and Praise
Chapter 349: Generosity to Others
Chapter 350: Yan Yue Dao
Chapter 351 Rope
Chapter 352 Reward
Chapter 353 Nanshan
Chapter 354 Despicable
Chapter 355: Surrounded
Chapter 356: There are too many dragons and there is drought
Chapter 357 Night Battle
Chapter 358 Impact
Chapter 359 Major Events
Chapter 360 Ten Days
Chapter 361: Neat
Chapter 362: Shortcomings
Chapter 363 Gift
Chapter 364: National Preceptor
Chapter 366: Differentiation
Chapter 366 Oirat
Chapter 367: Psychological Quality
Chapter 368: Murderous Intent
Chapter 369 I am a hero and a good man
Chapter 370 Tian Yingde
Chapter 371 Three requirements
Chapter 372: Worry
Chapter 373 Reliable
Chapter 374 Hetuala Ten Years Ago
Chapter 375: Carving a boat and seeking a sword
Chapter 376: General
Chapter 377: Fried Rabbit
Chapter 378: Become an official and become a general
Chapter 379: Grandpa
Chapter 380 Mawang Temple
Chapter 381 Text
Chapter 382: Tiger Eyes
Chapter 383 Chase
Chapter three hundred and eighty fourth encounter
Chapter three hundred and eighty fifth scrambling
Chapter 386 Shooting Cannons
Chapter 387 The most serious mistake
Chapter three hundred and eighty eight drive away the defeated soldiers
Chapter 389 Offense and Defense
Chapter three hundred and ninetieth potential change
Three hundred and ninetieth chapters flee
Chapter 392: The soldiers are divided into two groups
Chapter 393 Influence
Chapter 394: The vulgar words of the shameless old thief
Chapter 395 Want Lanzhou not
Chapter 396 Support
Chapter 397 Concurrency
Chapter 398 Immigrants
Chapter 399 Tai Hospital
Chapter 400 Gambling
Chapter 401 Spiral Rising
Chapter 402 Medicine
Chapter 403 Role swap
Chapter 404 Further study
Chapter 405 The picture is very big
Chapter 406 Irtysh River
Chapter 407 Boundaries
Chapter 408 The Most Expensive Iron
Chapter four hundred and ninth reluctance
Chapter 410 Loom
Chapter 411 Peeping
Chapter 412 Duntagulus
Chapter 413 North Sichuan Disaster
Chapter 414 Best of both worlds
Chapter 415 Borrowing the Way
Four hundred and sixteenth chapter integration
Chapter 417 Wang Jinzhong
Chapter 418 Like a person
Chapter 419 Bad news from the east
Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Uzbek
Chapter 421 German
Chapter 422 Don't move if you can run
Four hundred and twentieth chapters there is still one person
Chapter 424 School Horse
Chapter 425: Need
Four hundred and twentieth chapters who give up on me
Chapter 427 Mutual Market Captain
Four hundred and twentieth eight chapters sky high let the birds fly
Chapter four hundred and twentieth nine troublesome people
Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty Gifts
Chapter 431: Unworldly Achievement
Chapter 432 Substitution
Chapter 433 Disturbance
Four hundred and thirtieth chapters not right
Chapter 435 Please rest assured, sir
Chapter 436 High-end enemies
Chapter 437: Survival
Chapter 438 Lanzhou General
Chapter 439 Lintao Brigade
Chapter 440 Zhuang Langwei
Chapter four hundred and forty first attack
Chapter four hundred and forty second heart free
Four hundred and fortieth chapters car camp
Four hundred and fortieth chapters sand field
Chapter 445 The initiator
Chapter four hundred and forty-six
Chapter 447: Governor of the Five Provinces
Chapter 448 Defection
Chapter 449 March
Chapter 450 Zijin Liang
Chapter 451 Rocket, Rocket!
Chapter 452 Harrier
Chapter 453: Five Beacon and Five Cannons
Chapter 454: Laughter and laughter in Jiayuguan
Chapter 455 reinforcements
Four hundred and fiftieth chapters spear
Chapter four hundred and fiftieth seven inferences
Four hundred and fiftieth eight chapters scattered
Four hundred and fiftieth IX Chi Jinwei
Chapter 460 Land
Chapter 461 Knowledge of current affairs
Chapter 462 Suzhou General Hu Zhishen
Chapter 463: Natural Enemies
Four hundred and sixtieth chapters between brothers
Chapter 465: Pro-Field Law
Chapter 466 Discovering the Eyes of Beauty
Chapter 467: Little General Ping Thief
Four hundred and sixtieth eight chapters lure the enemy
Four hundred and sixtieth IX for help
Chapter 470 Suppression
Chapter 471 Hit a few more people
Chapter 472: Love and Righteousness
Chapter 473 Two Fronts
Chapter 474 The city given away for free
Chapter 475: Best Policy
Chapter 476: The Dove Occupies the Magpie's Nest
Chapter 477: Calculation
Chapter 478: Strong walls and clear fields
Chapter 479 Fake
Chapter 480 Hot Hands
Chapter 481 Dilemma
Chapter 482 Liu Chengyun’s Judgment
Chapter 483 The torrent surges
Chapter 484: There is no way to win but there are ways to win
Chapter 485 The Second Surrender
Chapter 486: The torn-off imperial calendar
Chapter 487 There are heroes in Kansai
Chapter 488: First up
Chapter 489: Enjoyable
Chapter 490 Husband
Chapter 491 Seeing is Believing
Chapter 492 The whole army
Chapter 493 Luck
Chapter 494 There is only one
Chapter 495: Manic Depression
Chapter 496: Model Commander
Chapter 497: Watching the Wind
Chapter 498: Great energy
Chapter 499 The first ambush
Chapter 500: Seed
Chapter five hundred and first move camp
sacrificial book
Chapter 502 Ghost Soldiers
Chapter 503 Accident
Chapter 504 Gulang Gorge
Chapter 505 Broken Paper
Chapter 506: Human food and horse food
Chapter 507 The lion is hungry
Chapter 508: Going up the mountain
Chapter 509 Helmet Gun
Chapter 510: Swearing
Chapter 511: The Three Khans Stand in Dignity
Chapter 512: Place of Use
Chapter 513: Can’t run away
Chapter 514 Chijin Guard
Chapter 515 Dead Soldier
Chapter 516 Old acquaintance
Chapter 517: Defeat
Chapter 518: Drilling into the Forest
Chapter 519 Shuntian saves the people
Chapter 520 Recruiting officials
Chapter 521: If you don’t cultivate, who will?
Chapter 522 Approval
Chapter 523: Not a bad idea
Chapter 524: Southern Expedition Preparatory Camp
Chapter 525 Four Towns
Chapter 526: Monan’s surname
Chapter 527: Eat and drink
Chapter 528 The goods have arrived
Chapter 529: The book and the article are on the same track
Chapter 530: Liyue Domain
Chapter 531: Locust plague
Chapter 532: Locusts all over the sky
Chapter 533: Extermination of Locusts
Chapter 534: West Route Reinforcements
Chapter 535: The front is tight, the rear is tight
Chapter 536: The Great Good Man
Chapter 537: Battle of Guihua City
Chapter 538: Familiar Troops
Chapter 539: Transferring Conflicts
Chapter 540: Beat Liu Chengzong twice
Chapter 541: Changing banners
Chapter 542 Jingning
Chapter 543 Sharp Weapon
Chapter 544 Chen Qiyu has grown up
Chapter 545: Stamped
Chapter 546 Training Guards
Chapter 547: The Fate of Liangzhou
Chapter 548: Taking Your Official Position
Chapter five hundred and fortieth IX things from the ancestors
Chapter 550: Zuo Liangyu, the Chief Soldier of Aid
Chapter 551: Henan General Army Fifth Battalion
Chapter five hundred and fiftieth two
Chapter 553: The Governors of Both Sides
Chapter 554 You call this Marshal's Mansion?
Chapter 555 Northwest
Chapter 556 Circle Trade
Five hundred and fiftieth seventh chapter Sa Nang
Chapter 558: Dragon in the Field
Chapter 559: Half the Win
Chapter 560: Ying De’s name before and after his death
Chapter 561 Containment
Chapter 562 Eight Formations
Chapter 563 Longzhou
Chapter 564 Li Qimao
Chapter 565: Anti-lock
Chapter 566 Pendant
Chapter 567: Pockets
Five hundred and sixtieth eighth chapter break
Five hundred and sixtieth IX troubles
Chapter 570 Fengxiang Mansion
Chapter 571: Master Li, the Prefect
Chapter 572: Deceiving yourself and others
Chapter 573: Sad Governor Hong
Chapter 574: Straight Line
Chapter 575 Negative teaching material
Chapter 576 Iron Whip
Chapter 577 Five Days
Chapter 578: Attack from the South and Defend from the North
Chapter 579: The Disappeared Liaodong Army
Chapter 580 Model Troop
Chapter 581: Motionless
Chapter 582 Fighting on the plateau
Chapter 583: Nothing happened in the phalanx
Chapter 584: Scared
Chapter 585: Typical Stitch Monster
Chapter 586: Today’s battle ends today
Chapter 587 Disintegration
Chapter 588: Having both sides
Chapter 589: Fragmentation
Chapter 590 Containment
Chapter 591: Beheading Plan
Chapter 592: Exchange of food
Chapter 593 The complete answer
Chapter 594: Encirclement for reinforcements
Chapter 595: Feng Xiáng Plain
Chapter 596 Provocation
Chapter 597: Burning the Village
Chapter 598: Loud Arrow
Chapter 599: Feint Attack
Chapter 600: Fatal Brainstorming
Chapter 601 Fortunately, the sycophant
Chapter 602 Rikka
Chapter 603: Out of touch
Chapter 604: Cannon Hidden in the Camp
Chapter 605 Backstab
Chapter 606: Zhao Yun rushes out
Chapter 607: Mongolian Army Prince
Chapter 608: Outside the Xuan Mansion
Chapter 609 Dorgon
Chapter 610 Cutting the retreat
Chapter 611: Filial Sons and Grandsons
Chapter 612 Hetao
Chapter 613 Targeting
Chapter 614: The Pattern of Plague
Chapter 615: With ease
Chapter 616: A good prince is a prince who doesn’t do anything.
Chapter 617 The most important thing
Chapter 618 Zhang Tianlin is here
Chapter 619 Orphan
Chapter 620: Few talents and few virtues
Chapter 621 Bad News
Chapter 622: That’s it
Chapter 623: Ominous Omen
Chapter 624 Give him two punches
Chapter 625: Fight to the death
Chapter 626 Bai Wuchang
Chapter 627: Go get rid of Liu Chengzong
Chapter 628: An accidental mistake
Chapter 629: Lure the enemy into a field battle
Chapter 630 Freak
Chapter 631: Full control
Chapter 632: A Thousand Miles
Chapter 633 Mad Dog
Chapter 634: Those who are close to Zhu are red
Chapter 635: For Chengji Tula