Chapter 524 The preface does not match the postscript

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This chapter is not over yet, please click on the next page to continue reading! I met a blinding fire girl and almost lost the round. But in the end I won. Next is the bird. The bird is not what we think.

It is needed, and it is here too. Exchange the backpack grid at the location of the magic lamp. Continue to refresh. There is no need to refresh again if you have the magic potion. Although the magic ball is useful, it is of little significance at the moment. Sell a dagger and then use the magic.

There should be no shortage of mana in the next round of ball placement, but what we need more is a shield. After obtaining enough mana for the first time, the difficulty of continuing to obtain mana will be greatly reduced. The same is true here.

While waiting for the gods to take effect, it was too slow to rely on the double-edged ax to superimpose attacks, and in the end I failed to win. Unfortunately, when there was not enough fruit, I had no choice but to buy a pineapple. Pineapples can be superimposed with spikes. For double-edged axes,

The triggering of the bladed ax is of significant help. I have not been able to obtain the wolf boy so far, so I can only choose two magic lamps to trigger the double-edged ax as quickly as possible. With only the last bit of life left, this game is obviously

I had better luck in one round, but I still failed to achieve a good record, which was very helpless. In the end, I lost in this round, which was very regrettable. Obviously I had pretty good luck in this round, but because of the late stage

It's really helpless to lose because you can't get enough food. In the end, you can only start the next round of continuous defeat. The bruise on your self-confidence is very serious, and it is also here. Start using bananas and garlic.

The pan adds bonuses, and then the next round begins. In this round, the opponent's weapon's stamina consumption was obviously too high, and he was ultimately defeated.

This chapter has been completed!
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