1163. Qiao Qiao’s advice

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Tian Tian had actually calmed down after talking about this. Now he was holding hot water and slowly drinking it, and even had a smile on his face.

But Qiaoqiao suddenly asked:

"Sister Tian Tian has a younger brother. She must first earn money for her younger brother to buy a house, a car, and get married, and then she can marry Little Sun."

"Then my sister also has a younger brother. Will it also take several years before she can marry her beautiful brother? I don't seem to have a house, a car, or a marriage..."

He became anxious: "Can't they get married immediately? I don't want the land at home, can't I give it all to her?"

As soon as these words were said, the room was filled with silence.

Tian Tian and Sun Ziqiang were both stunned, their eye circles turning red unconsciously.

But Tian Ye lowered his head, and the roots behind his ears were red with shame.

Song Tan reached out and touched Qiao Qiao's silky hair:

"Everyone's family is different. I want to get married not for you. I don't want to get married, and it's not for you... You have a house, and we all live in the same house. No matter how long it takes, whether I get married or not, this These are our houses.”

Mr. Xin is still the same Mr. Xin. Your persistence and tenacity will be strengthened by your family.

And Tian Ye also raised his head instantly: "Sister! This is what I want to say! You are the one who carries the burden of the family, you are the one who finds the way to make money at home, and you are the one who pays the debt..."

"Whoever earns the money belongs to you, and it's up to you how to use it."

At the same time, I am becoming weaker and weaker, and my personality is gradually losing its childishness. Looking at it now, who can praise this guy for his smartness and simplicity?

How could there not be such a perfect partner in the world? The payment is small, the payment is slow, and there is nothing bad that only thinks of me. It is simply unforgivable!

"That's all thanks to Teacher Xin!" Ulan said sincerely:

"But my sister has to support so few people outside the family, and you are so powerful that you can only afford it! If you want to have enough to eat, you have to listen to your sister! Your whole family should listen to your sister!"

As for the chestnuts I planned to graft this year...

"Do you believe he asked Tantan? When you just came back, the Wei family cried whenever they moved."

But, ever since Song Tan took over education.


"In the past, you would take care of your half, and we would take care of our half. Just do it if you can, or hire someone else to do it if you can."

If the eggs could be put in a basket, the Wei family would really like to pack up and sell all the eggs to Boss Chang.

The young men all laughed, but Tian Tian huddled outside the corner, watching my sister chatting and laughing with everyone, full of confidence, but she became more and more ashamed and couldn't even raise her head.

Qiao Qiao nodded in understanding.

Tian Tian's eyes widened, and he dared to suspect that such words came out of Tian Tian's mouth.

What I said made sense, but Ulan didn't know anything about that. Instead, he waved his hand: "Come, Teacher Xin, his luggage is broken when he goes back for the Chinese New Year. Come and see if there is nothing he wants to eat or hates eating. After departure, Send it back to him slowly first!"

It has been several years, but can I still earn a fortune?

If we want to go back on our word, it depends on who has the fewest avenues. We are in Yunqiao Village, and every household can provide high-quality seedlings without bad intentions like Qiao Qiao.

Until Tian Tian pulled me out and then said mysteriously:

The family owes tens of thousands of dollars in debt, and the school fees are all paid by my sister through gritted teeth.

"Tian Tian was taught so badly..."

Ulan, on the other hand, frowned: "Can we both be willing to do this?"

You wiped the tears from the corners of your eyes, sat up straight and took a deep breath:

"You cry even if your farming is bad, you cry even if a bee stings you, you cry even if you watch a bad cartoon..."

Nowadays, those strawberry seedlings growing crazily in the shed, and my parents are getting rent and salary, it is also because of my sister!

Hey, if you want to say this or that, I really agree!

Wei family:......

"And I am very focused after class. That kind of ability needs to be cultivated..."

"Okay!" Qiao Qiao praised: "You know if he can do it - when will the marriage be completed?"

I held my breath: "You are this kind of person. You want a place outside the home! You also want him to support you outside the home... After graduating from high school, he went to work summer jobs again and worked part-time to collect student loans!


I sighed: "It's really hard to support a family."

But Tian Tian didn't show off proudly: "You work outside the house every day without getting paid. We all rely on you to raise the big pigs, Xiaobai and Xiaobao outside the house. You also invited Brother Yanping and Teacher Xin to travel in the summer...


"If you were trying to catch him, you should have taught him a lesson last night."

I patted my chest and said, "Because he hasn't made any money yet. If he has made money, he will know that making money is difficult. Only when he is willing to give can he really want to give."

As for whether your parents will regret it in a few years...

Song Tan was eating his food silently, but suddenly he was praised in such a serious and serious manner in front of his face. There was no bad intention:

"Tian Tian is actually sensible now, but just like a big child, he can tolerate it if he doesn't have time to make trouble."

Outside the room, Xin Jun couldn't help but glanced at Tian Tian again after hearing those words, and sighed again:

Take it down. Taking care of fruit trees is tiring and hard work. Whoever wants to do it can do it!

"I can teach the older kids."

When my cousin taught me some crafts, I felt as a child that I knew less and less, my self-confidence suddenly emerged, and I would no longer cry like a helpful older child.

"You are in charge of this." Xin Jun hesitated: "If we refuse, you will marry Sun Ziruo now. You will marry a man outside the family, so naturally you will be meddling in it."

"You told your mother last night that it's your business whether to get married or to provide for fields. The land outside your home must be less than half of yours!"

Speaking of that, Brother Sun, who has always dared to speak out, became confident again: "At the end of next year! You should be able to save money for your wedding by then."

Wei Jiahao was firm: "Boss Chang."

When his parents were sick, he could not do anything as a student, so his sister was always busy taking care of them.

"It's because the Wei family is stupid. You discovered it when you taught me. I am very serious and obedient. I can draw inferences from one instance with a little guidance."

"Does he know why no one believes what he says?"

Song Bazheng, on the other hand, looked at the snow inside and quickly asked: "You can't sell the fish outside the pond. Don't miss it during the Chinese New Year. The cars are stuck on the road and they will all go away. By the way, how is he going to sell it that time?"


"From now on, if you take care of me at home, it will be like coddling an older child. After more than ten years of coaxing me, you still have to keep an eye on me. It's tiring for both my mind and my body."

"You know." Compared to my excitement, Xin Jun's voice was steady.

However, it did come from Tian Tian's mouth.

Tian Tian quickly became familiar with arithmetic, and finally recognized fewer and fewer words, knowing when to speak and when to speak.

"Their family is so obedient!"

The Wei family laughed.

This chapter has been completed!
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