1164. What are you talking about!

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Boss Chang hung up the phone but just wanted to kneel down and cry!

How long! How long! For several months, he caught nothing but vegetables and salted duck eggs every day! After killing five pigs, Song Tan was reluctant to sell him even half a fan...

His father used to say that when money is in place, heart is in place!

But his money has been in place for a long time, and Song Tan doesn't care at all...

Now, it's finally my turn!

Woo hoo hoo, it turns out that being a dog licker is really... Bah, bah, bah! It turns out that exchanging sincerity for sincerity is really possible!

At this moment, he remembered the phone call just now, and felt uneasy. He quickly added a message and sent it: "I will arrange an aquatic product truck in the afternoon and arrive tomorrow morning! We have agreed, two ponds!"

I hung up the phone, walked around the office twice, and then hurried downstairs to tell the logistics: "Where are the New Year gift boxes? Hurry and prepare ten sets for me!"

"And that tea set, the top one, bring out a set!"

"And our various teas, give me a box of each..."

Song Tan suddenly stood up: "You are disgusted - where are the specialties?"

Apart from anything else, their upstairs tearoom has been flooded with customers since it opened, and the quota is fully filled every day. Now it is not open to general customers. The tea they use is naturally first-class, and now they give away so many

"Even if the other person knows everything, is he still raising money to make a living?"

"Let him think about it again," Song Tan advised sincerely:

Just so that next year's cake will taste better, you have to be more careful with that barley.

Song Tan looked at me, as if he were looking at an obsessive lover: "What on earth is he thinking? How are the resources, environment, and conveniences in the imperial capital worse than those in the countryside?"

"But from the perspective of actual development, he is still——"

I have determined that the other party will collapse by next year at the latest, and I am thinking about whether I can take over the other party with the small amount of money I have now.

From the time I sat down until now, it has not even been eight minutes, and my mood has not fluctuated a few times. At that time, I spoke so slowly that I didn't even have time to drink the tea Lu Chuan made.

Okay, once I mentioned this, logistics also made sense.

The old Song family was also busy at that time.

I was horrified: "Is he really going to live in the countryside for love? What we said is actually true?!"

Yunfeng doesn't know how excited Boss Chang can be. In your mind, the 200 acres of vegetable land are basically supplied to Boss Chang alone. I'm still not satisfied with anything?

The more he gave instructions, the more excited he became. He was an old employee in logistics. At this moment, he couldn't help but wonder: "Boss? Which customer do you want to give such expensive gifts to?"

"Everyone is guessing that he has no partner... Bad guy, he just has no one. He is serious about it!"

"Yes, yes, yes!" Boss Chang quickly wrote down: "Our seafood restaurant is special, you go find someone..."

If you are making noise outside the group.

It wasn't until the strong aroma of tea hit my face that I calmed down quickly.

"By the way, I have prepared a farewell gift for you. They are all specialties from home. If you don't like it..."

We were busy, and the waiters at the door were also busy. The guests were clamoring every day whether that dish was enough or not, and whether they would order another... In contrast to the [Youranju Ecological Restaurant] Griredan next door, it was almost empty.


"Let him fall in love, and you give him a small gift when he gets married, but why did he bring him to the imperial capital for development?"

[They are both traditional restaurants, let’s talk about how Youranju succeeded...]

By then, customers and VIP customers have been divided into two places, and the teahouse has also received separate receptions... They all have low, medium and high-end customers. Although they are specialized enough, they can still make enough money!

Song Tan:......

The central content is basically the same or lacking——

The winter barley in the mountain depression has now entered the jointing stage, and time is particularly critical. Professor Song and his students have just prepared fertilizer and are spreading it.

"Actually, he writes his stories offline. Nowadays, the transportation is convenient. Whether he writes in the imperial capital or in the countryside, or where he writes carefully, it doesn't matter."

You were secretly supporting your family there, and in the imperial capital, my editor was also welcomed outside Lu Chuan's house.

"What did he say?"

I said solemnly: "As soon as the notice comes, I will have a meeting with the chef..."

What kind of freedom! In reality, the characters in my paintings are just like the characters in my paintings. Life requires daily necessities!

"Do you still need to watch the group?!" Zhou Xia even looked at him with relief: "How could he look at his comment section! Why did he write so touchingly about Bai Yueguang, the important male supporting actor and heroine who recently came online? Look at it

What are the readers’ sections saying?”

"He understands."


We have to secretly work hard to broadcast our Yunfeng.

The boss closed the office window angrily, and was choked by the ash pouring out of the window crack, making his face look even more miserable.

Lu Chuan, who had been talking the whole time and only looked at me smiling quietly, spoke hurriedly.

"Don't just pretend to be that! We don't have any delicacies and seafood from other places, so let's give them away together! We need to prepare New Year gifts for the Chinese New Year!"

The boss next door, Jifenchang, didn't know anything about it, and he didn't care even if he knew it.

Just bad, the scale of Lao Song's family will be expanded next year. By then, the food supply will be wider and last longer. The two of us living a good life are more important than anything else!

"You are so free, why do you come to the imperial capital? You will refuse, but you are also willing."

How important a customer is!

I took a sip of tea and said some sincere words.

It's really okay, but it's broken by changing a group of chefs.

Damn you! The later head chef also said that he was not good at it because the price was cheap, and he also cared about it. I am actually a disciple of a country chef, and I also have a fellow disciple in the chef profession to support me...

Lu Chuan frowned: "Qin Yun has a small mouth again?"

After all, you have discovered that it takes a cousin to make side dishes, but desserts and snacks are all messy. The little boy knows how to use noodles, and Lu Chuan is really good at it!

What if he looked in the mirror, looked at the smile on his face, and listened to what he said?

"Your boyfriend grows tea, bees, vegetables and fruit trees outside his house. Everything he hates and bought at a small price is all yours."

If it were a special hotel, the suppliers would come and give us gifts during the holidays. But if it were a special hotel...

"Oh, I forgot to tell him."

But Lu Chuan only raised his head:

Just thinking about it made Boss Chang feel like he was stepping on Hot Wheels, and he went to arrange the car in the blink of an eye.

"What does the message he sent you yesterday mean? What does it mean that Xiao Yue used to live in the imperial capital and could contact him offline if he had nothing to do?"

But now, the hotel business has become like that, so I have to shoulder a lot of responsibilities!

It just happened to be like that, and some Internet celebrities from far away came to shoot videos and live broadcasts.

"What do you know?" Boss Chang smiled widely: "This is our supplier!"

Editor Zhou Xia came to my home for the first time. Before sitting down, she only exchanged pleasantries and asked slowly:

This chapter has been completed!
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