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I can time travel into the Legend of Blood game

I can time travel into the Legend of Blood game

author:Xinghai Hongchen

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:03-28 14:24

Latest chapter:Chapter 563 The finale! 'The new book has been uploaded' Please vote for this book!!!

It is recommended to serialize the old book 'Legend of Blood: The Opening Sign-in Invisibility Ring'! 627870023 brothers group. In this era, hardcore players of Legend of Blood have already become...

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《I can time travel into the Legend of Blood game》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 563 The finale! 'The new book has been uploaded' Please vote for this book!!!
Chapter 562 'New book uploaded!' Finale 'One'
Chapter 661 'New Book Uploaded' Full Level! Super Reward!!!
Chapter 660: 'New Book Legend Uploaded' Level 32 Saint! Incarnate into Billions!!!
Chapter 659: A lucky draw!
Chapter 658: Random killing! 'New book uploaded'
Chapter 657: God Lord! Level 22! The show begins!
Chapter 656 Beauty
Chapter 655: Level 21! The creator of the game world appears!!!
《I can time travel into the Legend of Blood game》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 The Curse of Copper Coins! Time Traveling into the Game!
Chapter 2 Ten consecutive lucky draws!
Chapter 3 A different legendary world!
Chapter 4 There are more people than monsters!
Chapter 5 Weird game!
Chapter 6 Difficult to get out of the village! Grab the site!
Chapter 7 PK! Seventh Level!
Chapter 8 Healing! Little Mage Yujie!
Chapter 9 Level 8! Back to reality!
Chapter 10 Killing the Imp
Chapter 11 Game reality conversion!
Chapter 12 Reciprocate!
Chapter 13 No worries for now!
Chapter 14 The Department of Mysteries!
Chapter 15 Demon Elimination!
Chapter 16 Super delicious!
Chapter 17 The first order is done! Get rich!
Chapter 18 Confidentiality Agreement
Chapter 20 Stop in time!
Chapter 21 Conditions for joining a major force!
Chapter 22: Defeat the Elite Orcs!
Chapter 23 Harvest! Outdoor barbecue!
Chapter 24 The Rice King! Dangerous outside the village!
Chapter 25: Kill!
Chapter 26 Lets start working!
Chapter 27: Happy opening! Awesome top-quality venison!
Chapter 28 Mutation! Qin Mings resentment
Chapter 29 Qin Ming breaks out! Smart Yiyi!
Chapter 30 Tongyanwuji! The dark shadow reappears!
Chapter 31 Another ten draws in a row!
Chapter 32: Changes in the games rain! Enemies are coming!
Chapter 33 Conflict escalates!
Chapter 34: Stealing other peoples territory!
Chapter 35: Crazy grab for gold orcs!
Chapter 36 The pass is revealed! A cunning plan to seize it!
Chapter 37 Bargaining! The confused Feng Yingxiu!
Chapter 38 Leaving the village!
Chapter 39 Outside Beach City!
Chapter 40 'Updated for: Starry Night's Sad Alliance Leader' Attribute scroll! Wolf King Totem!
Chapter 41 Treasure map! Reach the demon slaying point?!
Chapter 42 I have super powers!
Chapter 43 Business is booming! Dog and old hen!
Chapter 44 Go back to the countryside! Get treatment!
Chapter 45: More than 200,000 yuan per order!
Chapter 46 Wifes Doubts
Chapter 47: Great Immortal, have mercy! See you tomorrow!
Chapter 48 The reward for twenty consecutive draws!
Chapter 49 Super Beach City!
Chapter 50 Reality and Illusion
Chapter 51 Find someone to train!
Chapter 52 Dangerous Skull Cave
Chapter 53 Poor ordinary players
Chapter 54 Level Up
Chapter 55: Strength is the foundation of everything!
Chapter 56: Managing relationships
Chapter 57: Having more friends makes traveling easier
Chapter 58 Enemies meet on a narrow road
Chapter 59: Second Floor of Skull Cave
Chapter 60: Poison! Emergency family meeting!
Chapter 61 Hu Long has a headache
Chapter 62 The bad fate between Qin Sheng and Lin Shuya!
Chapter 63: Old Couple and Old Wife
Chapter 64: The incredible function of random teleportation scrolls in the outside world!
Chapter 65 Splendid Garden
Chapter 66 Fire Spirit Temple! Level 3 Evil Charm!
Chapter 67: The human heart is sinister! Kill the third-level evil spirit!
Chapter 68: Earn a million!
Chapter 69 Master!
Chapter 70: Get rich instantly by playing the game!
Chapter 71 Life and career! Open the channel!
Chapter 72 Thirty consecutive draws! Goodbye Yujie!
Chapter 72 Opening a channel for life occupations!
Chapter 73 One, two, three, four, five! Mining is so hard!
Chapter 74: Viper Valley!
Chapter 75: The most important treasure of the alliance! Top ten cities!
Chapter 76 Level 15! Time and destiny...
Chapter 77: Defeat the elite giant wolf!
Chapter 78 Harvest! Tingyucheng
Chapter 79 Tucheng! The temptation of gold bars!!!
Chapter 80 Conditions for activating advanced maps! The sadness of starry night!
Chapter 81 Level 17! Teach skills to my wife!
Chapter 82 Gold bars! From now on, I will protect you!
Chapter 83: Reported! Trouble is coming!
Chapter 84: Big trouble!
Chapter 85 A sudden turn of events!
Chapter 86 Lao Huangs gift
Chapter 87 The golden sign of the country!
Chapter 88 The pet becomes a spirit! Hu Long comes to visit!
Chapter 89 Sky-high price transaction!
Chapter 90 100% pure gold?!!
Chapter 91 Hot Weapon! Level 18!
Chapter 92 Soul Fire Talisman! Hire someone to go to the mining area!
Notification of release at 12:00 am on Friday! Updates and more!
Chapter 93 Dangerous Mining Area
Chapter 94: Siege! Killing in the mining area!
Chapter 95 Link Channel! Corpse King!
Chapter 96: Big fight! Violent Corpse King!
Chapter 97: Harvest! Youre all a thief!
Chapter 98: Prayer equipment! Everyone has their own concerns!
Chapter 99: Money offensive! Summoning skeletons!
Chapter 100: A quick test! The charm of the treasure map!
Chapter 101: Establish a foothold!
Chapter 102: Eat people with a soft mouth! Take advantage of others with short hands!
Chapter 103 Qin Shengs connections! One call and a hundred responses!
Chapter 104 A small test of the charm of the treasure map!
Chapter 104 My wifes new ability! The final trump card!
Chapter 105: Rescue! The Qin familys troubles!
Chapter 106: Competition! Exposed!
Chapter 107 Join the Supernatural Department!
Chapter 108 There is no one at home! Promote Xiaoyu!
Chapter 109 Finally got the special divine ring!
Chapter 110 The hidden attributes of famous brand equipment!
Chapter 111 Recast function! Prayer helmet!
Chapter 112: Dress up! The sadness of perverted Xingye!
Chapter 113: Make a fortune with one book! Big change of clothes!
Chapter 114 The second career opens! The external ability of the invisibility ring!
Chapter 115: Qingxin Jue! Genius!
Chapter 116 Qingfeng Sword Technique! Improved again!
Chapter 117: Robbery the enemys giant polygonal insect! What a good thing!!!
Chapter 118 The incredible benefits of dual professions!
Chapter 119 The reason why attribute scrolls are cheap!
Chapter 120: Three days! Hammer running master! Set off on patrol!
Chapter 121: Worse than a beast!
Chapter 122 The brave Ah Huang! New items for sale!
Chapter 123: The hidden properties of the major jewelry of the Master Woma brand!
Chapter 124 This is my man! Corpse King Palace!
Chapter 125: Collecting Gifts Crazy
Chapter 126: Make a fortune!!!
Chapter 127: Shackles! The temptation to regain a new life!
Chapter 128 The best seafood! Centipede Cave!
Chapter 129: Evil pincer! White-eyed wolf!
Chapter 130 Abnormal equipment! Super high-end deal!
Chapter 131 Zibiluo! Buy a car!
Chapter 132 Lin Shuyas doubts! Flash flood!
Chapter 133 The flood is ruthless! Save people!
Chapter 134: Dragon Slaying!
Chapter 135 Surprise!
Chapter 136 Qin Shengs shameless way of killing monsters!
Chapter 137 How to quickly upgrade!
Chapter 138: Treasure digging incident! Kill, kill, kill! Ancient treasure map!
Chapter 139 Artifact!!
Chapter 140: Level Up 22! Kill the Dark Zone!
Chapter 141: You deserve to be single! Its your wifes decision!
Chapter 142 Confession! Immortal Jump!
Chapter 143 Rights!
Chapter 144: External situation! Yiyi crisis!
Chapter 145 I wont play with you anymore! Woma Temple!
Chapter 146: The ultimate master! Dongfang is undefeated!
Chapter 147: A gathering of perverts! If you dont accept it, you will be killed!
Chapter 148 The terrifying Ultimate Woma Leader!
Chapter 149 Three professions! Get in the car quickly! The scapegoat!
Chapter 150: Happy to receive the divine ring!
Chapter 151: Woma Guards! Awesome ancient treasure map!
Chapter 152: What to do if you cant beat him? Die! Crazy Wolf King Totem!
Chapter 153 The memory rings incredible function in the outside world!
Chapter 154 Shocked Zhao Hu!
Chapter 155: Paradise Palace! Dad, I was beaten!
Chapter 156: Revenge immediately if you have any grudges! Kill!!!
Chapter 157: Get rich! The correct way for rich people to level up!
Chapter 158 Legendary Tribe! Level 25!
Chapter 159 The secret of the alien population!!
Chapter 160 The wolf clan goes on an expedition! Super grade equipment!
Chapter 162 Legendary Tribe! Level 25!
Chapter 161: When a desperate man meets a pervert!
Chapter 162: Fire and smoke! Level up quickly!
Chapter 163 Happy City Lord Zhou Xiangbo! Defeat the violent Woma guards! Dog Book!
Chapter 164 Level 26! New skills! A clever display of strength!
Chapter 165: Obscene development! The restaurant is ready to open!
Chapter 166 My daughter returns! Grand opening!
Chapter 167: A House Full of Distinguished Guests
Chapter 168: Follow or not? Tit-for-tat!
Chapter 169: Get rich! A small goal a day!
Chapter 170 Praying Blade! The ultimate dress-up!
Chapter 171: Kill Centipede Cave with force! Explode!
Chapter 172: Dividing the spoils
Chapter 173 Death Coffin! Explode the Dragon God!
Chapter 174 Bone Jade Scepter!
Chapter 175 Buy a villa!
Chapter 176: Lying! Level 29! Worry!
Chapter 177: Fierce changes in the Arctic! Kill, kill, kill!
Chapter 178 Super-quality clothes!
Chapter 179: Perverted Zhou Xiangbo! The pig hole is opened!
Chapter 180 The ultimate god of death! The tragedy of annihilation!
Chapter 181 Confusing! The whole city is in crisis!
Chapter 182 Prepare for a rainy day!!
Chapter 183 Big business! Get rich from gaming!!!
Chapter 184: Dead liar! Big liar! Pig hole!
Chapter 185 Stone Tomb Maze!
Chapter 186 Stone Tomb Maze Private Leveling!
Chapter 187 Crazy continuous escalation! Conflict again!
Chapter 188 Yujies surprise! Kill back!
Chapter 189 The powerful defensive power of the magic shield! The later use of gold coins!
Chapter 190: When games become daily life! Level 33!
Chapter 191: Challenge a group! Invincible!
Chapter 192 Its all trash! Yu Xiaoyao!
Chapter 193: A patient in the late stage of secondary school! Do you want a wife?
Chapter 194 The shocked patrol members
Chapter 195: The big fist is the last word! The monster appears!!
Chapter 197: Another new game! Continue to make a fortune!
Chapter 199: The perverted Zuma monster! Exploded!
Chapter 200: Drinking blood! The terrifying second generation of high school students!
Chapter 201 Super Abnormal Blood Drink! Shenhao Yujie!
Chapter 202 The terrifying Qin Sheng! Level 33!
Chapter 203: Make a fortune from fishing! Monopoly by the boss! Play Pig Seven!
Chapter 204 What is the secret?!
Chapter 205 Danger is coming!
Chapter 206: Revenge of Paradise Palace! Kill!
Chapter 207 Escape!!
Chapter 208 Prayer is activated! Pets rebel! Make a fortune from dead people!
Chapter 209: The home of the leader Zuma!
Chapter 210 'Two-in-one! Double monthly tickets, please beg' Battle of masters!
Chapter 208 What is the secret?!
Chapter 211 Another battle with the second generation of high school students!
Chapter 212 The Hidden Properties of the Super-Excellent Dragon Bracelet!
Chapter 213 Pretend to be a pig and eat the tiger! The enemy is coming!
Chapter 214: Hide and seek! The sea embraces all rivers! The battle of Sand City!
Chapter 215: Battle in Sand City!
Chapter 216: A wave of obesity! Super perverted demon bell!
Chapter 217 Rampage in the maze! Level 34!
Chapter 218 Detection Glasses! Qin Shengs terrifying external strength!
Chapter 219 No one knows the secret of lucky plus 9! Get rich!
Chapter 220: Plan to get rich! Flatterer!
Chapter 221: Hong Mings troubles! Qin Shengs first love!
Chapter 222 The temptation of Shouyuan!
Chapter 223 The hidden map is revealed!!!
Chapter 224: Violence everywhere! The power of the memory sleeve!
Chapter 225 Level 35! The hidden attributes of the bone jade scepter! Kill the golden elixir!
Chapter 226 Harvest! Dragon Token! Level 36!
Chapter 227: Exclusively enjoy the ultimate white boar! He is a scumbag!
Chapter 228: Poisonous! Tell your family about your strength!
Chapter 229 Half! Build the wall!
Chapter 230: Ill trick you to death! Defeat the ultimate white boar! The divine ring reappears!
Chapter 231: The ultimate rod of judgment! The hidden attributes of the dragon-marked sword!
Chapter 232: Difficult Luck Plus 9!
Chapter 233 The strong man returned from the New World! Xianchen Moran! Qin Shengs worries!
Chapter 234 War is rising! Countermeasures!
Chapter 235 The real secret and great power of Lucky Plus 9!
Chapter 236 I brought my ID card! Jindan Thunder Tribulation!
Chapter 237: One Thousand Five Hundred Meters Spiritual Pillar! Level 38!
Chapter 238 Origin Treasure! The hidden properties of the abnormal black iron helmet!
Chapter 239: Let go of the past!
Chapter 240 Killer! The shocked Lin family!
Chapter 241: The request of the Lord of Chixiao City! The super-abnormal demon robe!
Chapter 242: Three days! Level 42! The third career starts! Instant kill!
Chapter 243 The strongest unlucky guy in history! Forging equipment!
Chapter 244 Shock! Attack the Zuma leaders house again!
Chapter 245: The heaven-defying function is activated: group demon slaying point!
Chapter 246: Five days! Level 42! Out of seclusion and killing!!
Chapter 247 Invincible! Dharma God Necklace!
Chapter 248 The Hidden Properties of the Super-Excellent Dharma God Necklace!
Chapter 249: Promoted to Elder! Reward! Son of Luck!
Chapter 250: Fierce battle with Zuma Seven! Super abnormal equipment!
Chapter 244 Killer! The Shocked Lin Family!
Chapter 251: Two swords combined! Super super explosive!
Chapter 252 The hidden professional scroll appears! The power of Lucky 9! Instant kill!
Chapter 253: The hidden properties of the super-high-quality Dharma God ring! Trash! I dont know how to inlay gold with jade!
Chapter 254 Yujies World! Game BUG!!!
Chapter 255: The Demon Sealed Valley where things and people are different! Romantic nobles!
Chapter 256: Wanted! Massacre in the Gale Palace!
Chapter 257 A new way to level up! The heaven-defying hidden attributes of the Tianzun Taoist robe!
Chapter 258: One man attains the Tao of chicken and dog and ascends to heaven! Abnormal rain control technique!!!
Chapter 259 Draw another heaven-defying artifact!
Chapter 260: A terrifying money-burning game! Strike first to gain the upper hand! Slash a street!
Chapter 261: Killing all the way! Rainbow Demon Pig Guard!
Chapter 262: My beloved Xinbao! Noble man!
Chapter 263 Hidden map! BUG reappears!
Chapter 264: The incredible function of the skill necklace in the outside world! Heavy rain! God!!!
Chapter 265: Beat! Tang Ruoxuan!
Chapter 266 Super Abnormal Black Iron Helmet! Super BUG Appears!!!
Chapter 267 Mutated double equipment slots!
Chapter 268: Defeat the Ultimate Corpse King! Big Harvest!!!
Chapter 269 The conditions for opening Cang Yue Island! The Hall of Overlord! The domineering power of the city lord!
Chapter 270: Defeat the Rainbow Demon Cult Leader!!!
Chapter 271 Fierce battle in the secret passage!
Chapter 272: Explore the map! Colorful feathers!!!
Chapter 273 Magical Power!!!
Chapter 274 Comparison of attributes between Qin Sheng and the elite! The hidden map of the Demon Sealing is released!!!
Chapter 275: Hidden Map Fury! A huge surprise brought by first love!!!
Chapter 276: Double the Demon Slaying Points! Super Abnormal Power Ring!
Chapter 277 Mutation!!!
Chapter 278 The Nascent Soul is born! Level 43! Another pervert!
Chapter 279: A vigorous family! Two days! Meet the ultimate BOSS again!
Chapter 280: Nine Divine Rings! Increase the prestige of our country!
Chapter 281 Another explosion of the Heaven-defying Divine Ring!!!
Chapter 282: Huge Harvest! Unknown Dark Palace!
Chapter 283 The Legend of the Divine Weapon! Curse!!!
Chapter 284 The weird temple! The ultimate dark temple chicken!!!
Chapter 285: Defeat the Ultimate Dark Palace Chicken! The Divine Weapon is Born!
Chapter 278 Comparison of attributes between Qin Sheng and the elites!
Chapter 286 The existence beyond dragon-slaying weapons!
Chapter 287 Crazy enhancement! The super hidden attributes of the Dharma Gods cloak!
Chapter 288 The fire rings heaven-defying function in the outside world!
Chapter 289: The old hen mutates! Go to Jiangnan Prefecture!
Chapter 290: Monk Conference! I have an opinion!
Chapter 291: Powerfully crushing the golden elixir!
Chapter 292 Famous throughout the world!!!
Chapter 293: A Thousand Continuous Draws! The Super Heaven-defying Blood Drink is Born!
Chapter 294 The hidden properties of the ultimate jihad helmet!
Chapter 295 Reactions from all parties!
Chapter 296 Defeat them one by one! Become famous all over the world! 'Having a fever, headache and discomfort...'
On the 16th, the new server is open to join the group!
Chapter 297 The ultimate thousand-year tree demon! The whole army was wiped out!
Chapter 298: The brave one wins when we meet on a narrow road! Harvest!
Chapter 299 The ultimate enhanced white wild boar! First arrived at the East China Sea frontline!
Chapter 300: Conch Girl! Meet your opponent!
Chapter 301: Promise in the Divine Realm!
Chapter 302: Scarlet Moon God Sect! Super Abnormal Tianzun Bracelet!
Chapter 303: Twelve thousand draws! The Thunder Armor is born!!!
Chapter 304: Super Abnormal Dharma God Bracelet! Big change of clothes! Skyrocketing strength!
Chapter 305: Crush! The evil soul!
Chapter 306: Primeval Forest! Level 44! Another amazing thing!
Chapter 307 Crisis! The hidden map is targeted by the city lords!
Chapter 308: Deception!
Chapter 309: Super costume change! So profitable!
Chapter 310: The heaven-defying hidden properties of the defense ring!
Chapter 302 Meeting on a Narrow Road, the Brave Wins!
Chapter 311 Invincible Hidden Attributes!
Chapter 312: Killing the True Man of Paradise! The fake baby appears!
Chapter 313: Battle in the Divine Realm! Kill Nascent Soul!
Chapter 314: Souls of Life and Death! Billions of Wealth!!!
Chapter 315 The hidden properties of the perverted Tianzun necklace!
Chapter 316 Changes in game mechanics!
Chapter 317 Reactions from all parties! Four days! Level 45!
Chapter 318: The Super Heaven-defying Properties of the Lost Soul Divine Weapon!
Chapter 319: Crazy explosion!
Chapter 320: Shuya survives the tribulation! Shocking the monk circle!
Chapter 321: Three thousand five hundred meters spiritual energy pillar!
Chapter 322 Lin Shuyas Troubles
Chapter 323: Super Spirit Gathering Array! Kill the ultimate monster again!
Chapter 324: Upgrade the weapons hidden attributes! The city lords take action!
Chapter 316 Kill the real person of bliss! The fake baby appears!
Chapter 325: Rebellion! Winning the top divine ring by chance!!!
Chapter 326 Teleportation Ring!!!
Chapter 327 Guild selection!
Chapter 328: Terrible explosion rate! Cang Yue Island!
Chapter 329: The teleportation rings ability to defy the outside world!
Chapter 330: Putting the blame on others! Today is a good day!!!
Chapter 331 The strong man returns! Horrible lottery!
Chapter 332: Abnormal Jihad Ring! A different Bull Demon Cave!
Chapter 333: The City Lords Son!!!
Chapter 334 Yujie goes crazy! Eat soft rice!
Chapter 335: The terrifying group combat artifact!
Chapter 336: The Super Hidden Properties of Dragon Tooth!
Chapter 337 The secret of the third revolution! Complete chaos!!!
Chapter 338 Blacksmithing! The perfect combination of curse and luck!
Chapter 339: Indiscriminate killing!!!
Chapter 340: Promoted to Princess! Realm of Cultivation!
Chapter 345: The Secret of Divine Punishment! Thunder War Ring!
Chapter 346: Weapon Master! Resurrection Ring!
Chapter 347: The terrifying power of the engagement ring in the outside world!
Chapter 344 SSS Family!!!!!
Chapter 345 The Ultimate Ghost Leader!!
Chapter 346 Huge Harvest!!!!!
Chapter 347: The super-hidden attributes of the Heavenly Demon Armor! Confused Zhou Xiangbo!
Chapter 348 Level 46! Special hidden character! The heaven-defying ability and resurrection conditions of the resurrection ring!
Chapter 349 Crazy Search!
Chapter 350: Crush! The true meaning of one move! Totally popular!!!
Chapter 351 Turf War! Defeat the Bull Demon King! Kill!
Chapter 352: Great horror! In reality, Qin Sheng is dead...
Chapter 353: Special leveling method! Super abnormal dragon tooth!
Chapter 354: A poisonous plot! She is Qin Shengs woman!
Chapter 355: I am the true king! Suppress with force!
Chapter 356: Furious Slashs Super Hidden Attributes! First time at the White Gate!
Chapter 357 Jungle Maze! Lucky Star!
Chapter 358: Chiyue Canyon! Holy Land for Treasure Hunting!
Chapter 359: The super attributes of the special fusion ring!
Chapter 360 Super Power Conference!
Chapter 361 Conquer the whole world!!!
Chapter 362 I am the rule! Explode the divine ring again!
Chapter 363: The benefits of fusion and resurrection! Lord Protector! The strongest person under the city lord!
Chapter 364: The temptation of the city founding order! Enter the Chiyue lair!
Chapter 365 Thousand-headed BOSS! The current situation in the Arctic!
Chapter 366 The super hidden properties of the paralysis ring!
Chapter 367: Six Heavy Equipment BOSS!
Chapter 368: The paralysis rings outside world-defying function! Holy land!
Chapter 369: Another heaven-defying equipment! See Xianchen Moran again! The hidden map is revealed!!!
Chapter 370: A new monster in the Road of No Return! The Dark Red Moon Demon has arrived! Shocking the whole server!
Chapter 371 The first heaven-defying title in the entire server!
Chapter 372: Detecting the heaven-defying functions inside and outside the game of the necklace!
Chapter 373 Cruel and ruthless!
Chapter 374: The super hidden properties of Xiaoyao Fan! Eliminate suspicion!!
Chapter 375: Encountering a hard-to-kill ultimate monster for the first time!
Chapter 376: Fusion of the special external attributes of the overload ring! Crisis! Promotion to team leader!
Chapter 377: A new skill book that defies heaven is released!
Chapter 378: The super hidden properties of the soul-hungry staff!
Chapter 379: The heaven-defying ability of the light of temptation! Level 49! Illusion!
Chapter 380 The hidden map in the illusion!!!
Chapter 381: A wonderful fantasy map! The forbidden land of the king!
Chapter 382: The hidden map in the sanctuary! The super abnormal hidden properties of the medal!
Chapter 383 The First Emperor of Qin!
Chapter 384 The Xuanyuan Divine Sword is born!!!
Chapter 385: The Human Emperor! The heaven-defying game attributes of Xuanyuan Divine Sword!
Chapter 386 The point of no return is exposed! The whole server is shocked!!!
Chapter 387 New equipment shows off its power! Killing indiscriminately!
Chapter 388 The secret of the sanctuary! The heaven-defying properties of the dragon-slaying knife!
Chapter 389: Eliminate pests! The super-defying attributes of the Thunder Armor! The dimensionality reduction strike is born!
Chapter 390: The super-hidden attribute of the Thunder War Ring! Sweep across the illusion! The tiger joins the flock!
Chapter 391 Battle of the City Lords! The city building token finally explodes!!!!!
Chapter 392: Build a city! Monsters attack the city!
Chapter 393: Variables! Terrifying monsters siege the city!
Chapter 394: Another super magic weapon! The temptation of combining magic weapons! Super god!!!
Chapter 395 Players Feast! The terrifying ultimate dark red moon demon! Enters the palace!!!
Chapter 396: Synthesizing the super heaven-defying attributes of the Dark Palace Divine Weapon!!!!!
Chapter 397 Shock! Speculation! City income! Level 51!
Chapter 398 Sweeping the world! Smith dies!
Chapter 399: A hidden map in the fantasy world is revealed! New leveling point!!!
Chapter 400: New monster appears! New title! Shocking the whole server!
Chapter 401: Hidden hidden map! The source of all evil!!!
Chapter 402 Huge gains for the city! Crazy search!!!
Chapter 403: Repair the Xuanyuan Divine Sword! Invincible Killing!!!!!
Chapter 404: Kill the hyena who has been retrained!
Chapter 405 Qin Sheng shows off his power! New skill book!!!
Chapter 406: Celebrity effect! Clever tricks to find treasures! Level 52!
Chapter 407: Arrogant and domineering! The super hidden attributes of the full-level medal!
Chapter 408 Sabak Treasure Pavilion! Entering the Source of All Evil!!
Chapter 409 The most terrifying place! New title! Shocking the whole server!!!!!
Chapter 410: The new hidden attribute of the title of King of Marfa! Take it!
Chapter 411 The point of no return is completely exposed! The whole server is in chaos!!!!!
Chapter 412: Changes in explosion rate! The decisions of the big guys! What a difference!
Chapter 413 Draw new equipment!
Chapter 414: The hidden attributes of the Ring of Flame! One person versus a group of city lords! Invincible!
Chapter 415: The first magic weapon in the server is revealed again! The hidden powerhouse of the New World appears!
Chapter 416: Reminder from the strong! New skill book released!!!
Chapter 417 Secret! Level 54! Lucky nine sets exposed!
Chapter 418 Crazy Blessing Oil and Lucky Necklace!!!!!
Chapter 419: All equipment parts are upgraded! Kill the city lord instantly!
Chapter 420 I want them all!!!!!
Chapter 421: The domineering side leaks! The fourth profession appears!!!
Chapter 422 The villain!!! Attacks Shabak City!!!
Chapter 423: Draw new top-notch abnormal equipment! The siege begins!
Chapter 424: A cunning plan to seize the city!
Chapter 425: Title of Shabak City Lord!!!!!
Chapter 426 The Fallen Divine Weapon is born! Crazy spawning of monsters!
Chapter 427 Dongfang Bubais gift! The assassin profession appears!
Chapter 428: The super heaven-defying attributes of the Ultimate Dark Palace Divine Weapon (Mortal)! Okay again?
Chapter 429 Shabaks income! Is my daughter in love? The power of the dragon!!!
Chapter 430: Can I follow you?
Chapter 431 Assassin profession! Entering the new continent! A different world!
Chapter 432 Detailed explanation of the map, currency, etc. of the Demonic Dragon Continent! Qin Shengs advantage!
Chapter 433: New rules for the lottery! Zhentian is born! Completely changed!!!!
Chapter 434: Awesome Assassin Skills! Rampant Demonic Dragon Map!
Chapter 435: Ways to fight against the detection necklace! The God of War Ring!
Chapter 436: The reason for Xianchen Morans warning in the first place! The sealed equipment! The enemy is chasing me!!!
Chapter 437: Traces of the Demon Dragon Palace! Alternative upgrade method!
Chapter 438: Rapid leveling! Demon Dragon Giant Moth! How ridiculously gentle!!!
Chapter 439: One persons world! Kill kill kill!!!
Chapter 440: Save yourself! Hidden map exposed!!!
Chapter 441 Weird! My wife has entered the game!
Chapter 442 The gospel brought by my wife! I want to get rich!!!
Chapter 443: Light speed upgrade! Demonic Dragon Palace appears! Qin Shengs ambition!!!
Chapter 444: Above the terrifying moon! Violence in the Demon Dragon Palace!!!!!
Chapter 445: Terrifying explosion rate! New monster! New skill! New title!! Shocking the whole server!!!
Chapter 446 The assassin takes shape! The super attributes of Kaitian and others! Dress up again!
Chapter 447: The super properties of the purple-gold soul-hungry staff! The price of weapon growth!
Chapter 448 Crazy bidding! Make a fortune! The powerful attributes of pets!
Chapter 449: The super hidden properties of the Lucky 5 Necklace! The joy of whipping corpses!!!
Chapter 450: Its so refreshing to whip the corpse! The soul of the leader!!!
Chapter 451: Extreme card BUG! New skills!
Chapter 452: The special properties of Fengtian Magic Armor! Hidden map exposed!!!
Chapter 453: A new and terrifying leveling method! Xuantians super hidden attributes!
Chapter 454: The heaven-defying attributes of weapon growth! The power of the ten laws! Become an immortal!!!!!
Chapter 455: Unification of the East! Finally got explosion-proof equipment!!!
Chapter 456: Break into the Babel Tower! The vast world! Identify the super attributes of equipment!
Chapter 457: Equipment Illustrated Book! Silver Dragon Medal! Super Attributes of Silver Jacket, etc.!
Chapter 458: Comprehensive improvement! Yue Ling! Killing everyone!!!
Chapter 459: Double flash invincible! Chase mode is on!
Chapter 460: Indiscriminate killing! Countermeasures! The leader of the ultimate dark dragon!
Chapter 461 New equipment! New skills! New divine ring!!!!!
Chapter 462 The super attributes of the fourteen BOSS pets! Their strength has increased explosively!!!
Chapter 463: Change of mood! Big wish! All normal monster souls are filled! Lucky plus 10 necklace!
Chapter 464: Mount! The super attributes of horse tags and military drums!
Chapter 465 The most expensive player product! Status confirmed!!!
Chapter 466 The law that cannot be changed! Level 66! The super attributes of violent monsters!
Chapter 467: Kill the ultimate monster again! Changes at level 67!!!
Chapter 469: Accidentally obtained the broken resurrection ring! The warlike future 2 dimensions!!!
Chapter 470: Crazy pursuit and harvest!!!!!
Chapter 471 The super attributes of the enchanted and evolved Star King Armor! Fire Dragon Armor!
Chapter 472: Take advantage of every move! Lots of luck!!!
Chapter 473 Super Star King Divine Sword! Crazy deal!!!
Chapter 474: The super attributes of the ultimate BOSS pet! Cleverly use the Dark Palace's magic weapon!!!
Chapter 475 Level 68! The arrogant Taiyi Sect!
Chapter 476: Conquer! The extremely heaven-defying ordinary Xuanyuan Divine Sword!!!!!
Chapter 477: The Divine Sword of Dominance! The Divine Armor of the King! The divine weapon shows its power!!!!!
Chapter 478: Indiscriminate killing and explosion! The heaven-defying properties of the enchantment of the heaven-suppressing weapon!
Chapter 479: The ten-district dynasty shrouded in the shadow of Qin Sheng! The fastest way to become stronger!!!
Chapter 480: Synthesis of the ultimate dark palace weapon (immortal)! New super attributes!!!!!
Chapter 481 Exploding things! A hidden map of the world is revealed!!!
Chapter 482: Cracks in the abyss of the vast world! Endless monsters! Endless wealth!!!!!
Chapter 483 New title! New monster!
Chapter 484: The title of Lord Demonic Dragon! Fire Dragon Divine Sword! Big change of clothes!!!
Chapter 484: The title of Lord Demonic Dragon! Fire Dragon Divine Sword! Big change of clothes!!!
Chapter 485: Title of Son of the Plane!!!
Chapter 486: The strength surges! Kill the top elite instantly!!!!!
Chapter 487: Kill across the world!
Chapter 488: Bloody BMW! Really injured gods and demons! Crazy improvement!!!
Chapter 489 No solution! Happy birthday!!!
Chapter 490: The big guys are looking for the cracks in the abyss! Average, third in the world...
Chapter 491 Choice! Good news! Fire Dragon Cave!
Chapter 492: Overcoming the tribulation in the game! Fierce battle in the Fire Dragon Cave!
Chapter 493: Crazy Divine Weapon Internal Circulation!!!
Chapter 494: The gap between Qin Sheng and the core elite! An insurmountable gap!!
Chapter 495 Crisis of trust! Secret exposed! Level 71!
Chapter 496: The Collapsed Lonely Snake!
Chapter 497 Weird Title! Other Chosen Players!!!
Chapter 498: The terrifying seventeen times explosion rate! It turns out that this is his wife...
Chapter 499: Darkening! Wifes proposal!
Chapter 500: The excellent Xuanyuan Divine Sword! Qin Shengs current attributes! 'There is a lot of data, please skip if you dont want to read it'
Chapter 501: Huge profits! Level 73! Crisis! The second floor of the fantasy world is exposed!
Chapter 502: All the big guys rush into the North of Fantasyland! Seize the food from the tiger's mouth!!!
Chapter 503: Virtual and real! Completely crazy!!!
Chapter 504: Complete fall! Another village has a bright future!
Chapter 505: The extremely heaven-defying and perfect Xuanyuan Divine Sword! Begins to take off!
Chapter 506: A bunch of trash! Forcefully kill the core elite!!!
Chapter 507 Level 76! Reincarnation system! Forgotten things! Skyrocketing strength!!!
Chapter 509: A plan within a plan! Fire Dragon King!
Chapter 508: Clear the Fire Dragon Cave forcefully!
Chapter 509: A plan within a plan! Fire Dragon King!
Chapter 510 The Wuji Realm! Powerful attributes after reincarnation!
Chapter 511: The properties of Shenlongs equipment! Qin Shengs cool moves!
Chapter 512: Unbelievable negotiation results! Take off, take off!!!
Chapter 513: The big guys are constantly being stimulated!
Chapter 514: Kill the Elder! The true terrifying strength of the top guild!!!
Chapter 515 A new hidden map is released!!!
Chapter 516: The Thunder Flame Cave with Enormous Resources!!!
Chapter 517: Skyrocketing strength! Impossible instant kill!!!
Chapter 518 The unique special divine ring!!!!!
Chapter 519 The last title! Killing by one person!!!
Chapter 520: Weird request! New lottery! All good stuff!!!
Chapter 521: Digging a hole! The title of God-defying becomes famous all over the world!
Chapter 522 Everyone has their own plans! The power of Apple!
Chapter 523: The crazy growth of my friends! I can deceive every one of them!
Chapter 524: Recognition! Huge harvest! Sold for a good price!
Chapter 525: What a disaster! Jumped seven levels in a row! Soaring strength!!!
Chapter 526: Really awesome! Third level divine wings!!!
Chapter 527: Completely crazy! Selling hidden maps again!!!
Chapter 528: Im addicted to selling! Keep selling! My strength skyrockets again!!!
Chapter 531 Fatal Flaw! Betrayal! Spy!!!
Chapter 529: A decisive blow! A wave of fat!!!
Chapter 530: Ways to deal with Qin Sheng! Profit-driven!!!
Chapter 531 Fatal Flaw! Betrayal! Spy!!!
Chapter 532: How to deal with it! Eliminate the root cause!!
Chapter 533: Control! The special attributes of Yata Mirror! Level 78!!
Chapter 534: The terrifying maps behind! The gap with the vice president!!!
Chapter 538: Three turns! Strength continues to skyrocket! Immortal gate opens!!!
Chapter 535: What a ridiculous tenderness to kill instantly! The Ultimate God King Pet!!
Chapter 536: Finally free! Trade! Continue to improve!!!
Chapter 537: Fox Jungle! Relentless after receiving the order!
Chapter 538: Three turns! Strength continues to skyrocket! Immortal gate opens!!!
Chapter 539 You have a good plan, I have a wall ladder!!!
Chapter 540: The heaven-defying trident! Global unification! Various secrets!
Chapter 541 Eliminate hidden dangers! Level 79! The artifact shows its power! Kill, kill, kill!!!
Chapter 542: Break the whole into parts! Break the balance!!!
Chapter 543: Crush! Complete collapse! Highest reward!!!
Chapter 544 The secret is completely exposed!!!
Chapter 545: Return to the old world! Transformation!!!
Chapter 546: Level 80! The legendary Xuanyuan Divine Sword! New heaven-defying function!
About the later stages of this book and new book plans and why we should open a new book!
Chapter 547: A lucky draw! Finally something good comes out! Six paths of reincarnation!!!
Chapter 548 The fourteenth-level wings and heaven-defying soul bone functions are now available!!!
Chapter 549: The Ultimate Dark Temple Divine Weapon (God)! Increased Violence!!!!!
Chapter 550 Countermeasures!
Chapter 551: Level 81! Promoted to two super artifacts again!!
Chapter 552: The Suffering Bosses! Level 82!
Chapter 553: The Immortal Realm! Three copies!
Chapter 554: Crazy missions! Immortal Killing Set!
Chapter 555: Five turns! The conditions for the Chosen One are met! The new map is open!
Chapter 556: A terrifying double attack! Ambush!!!
Chapter 561: The incredible effect of the artifact!
Chapter 557: Being chased to the point of being autistic is so ridiculously gentle!!!
Chapter 558: Strictly guard the map! The last inner demon!
Chapter 559: Fighting until collapse! Internal strife!!!
Chapter 560: Fighting! Finally entering the hidden map!
Chapter 561: The incredible effect of the artifact!
Chapter 562: Entering the BOSSs house!!!
Chapter 563: The house of the terrifying BOSS that cannot be killed! A different Qin Sheng!
Chapter 569: It’s rude to not reciprocate! Let’s see who is more unlucky! 'The new book has been released!!'
Chapter 564: New things in the lottery! Qin Shengs unique method!!!
Chapter 565: The Origin of Game Myth!!!
Chapter 572: Level 84! Kill the Nine Star Vice President! 'New book has been released'
Chapter 573 'New Book Released' Sixth Turn! Upgraded at the Speed of Light!
Chapter 566 The most damaging trick!
Chapter 567: Mythical pet attributes! The desperate alliance of kings!
Chapter 576: 'New Book Released' Seventh Turn! Immortal Armor!
Chapter 568: Special skills show off their power! Mythical ring!!!!!
Chapter 578 'New book has been released' The shocked Qin Shi Great Emperor! Gifts from Ah Huang and others!
Chapter 569: It's rude to come back without reciprocating! Let's see who is more unlucky! 'The new book has been released!!'
Chapter 570: 'The new book Legend has been uploaded' is selling like crazy! Making huge profits!
Chapter 571 The most powerful plug-in is open!! 'New book has been uploaded'
Chapter 572: Level 84! Kill the Nine Star Vice President! 'New book has been released'
Chapter 573 'New Book Released' Sixth Turn! Upgraded at the Speed of Light!
Chapter 574: Shocking the world! Level 86! 'New book has been released'
Chapter 575 'New Book Released' Ice and Snow Divine Costume! Cutting Nails!!!
Chapter 576: 'New Book Released' Seventh Turn! Immortal Armor!
Chapter 587 True God!!!
Chapter 577 Immortal Emperor! Billions of stars!!!
Chapter 578 'New book has been released' The shocked Qin Shi Great Emperor! Gifts from Ah Huang and others!
Chapter 579 'New book has been released' New stuff in the lottery! Level 88! Completely falling out!
Chapter 580 'New Book Released' Compensation! God Realm! The Origin of Saint!
Chapter 581 'New Book Has Been Released' Kill, kill, kill! The Ultimate Immortal Emperor!!
Chapter 582: Eighth turn! Level 89! Change equipment!
Chapter 583 'New book has been released' Everyone's support! Level 90! Holy world!
Chapter 584 'New Book Released' The magical and terrifying holy world!
Chapter 596: The Abnormal Mythical Trident! Level 92! The Lord of the Golden Palace!!
Chapter 585 Nine turns! The ultimate dark palace weapon (holy) that defies heaven!
Chapter 586 'New Book Released' The Heaven-defying Mythical Xuanyuan Divine Sword!
Chapter 587 True God!!!
Chapter 588 'New book has been released' Everyone has their own concerns! Chiyue Palace!!!
Chapter 589 'New Book Released' Immortal arrives! Conflict breaks out!!
Chapter 602: Unequal Massacre!
Chapter 590: Crush! News from the Immortal Realm!
Chapter 591 'New Book Released' It was her who sealed the North Pole! New stuff in the lottery!
Chapter 592 'New Book Released' Want to get the ultimate magic weapon? Have you asked me?
Chapter 593: 'New Book Released' A clever plan to kill the lonely greedy snake! Big harvest!
Chapter 594 'New book has been released' All-out war begins! Hide and seek!
Chapter 595 'New book has been released' Scheme against each other! Playing ball!!
Chapter 609: Kill the demon witch in the game!!!
Chapter 596: The Abnormal Mythical Trident! Level 92! The Lord of the Golden Palace!!
Chapter 597 Ten turns! Taichus divine outfit! Crush the top boss!
Chapter 598 'New book has been released' The unparalleled title of No. 1 in the world!!!
Chapter 599: Level 93! Promoted to Ancient God! Easily crushed!
Chapter 600: Shocking change!
Chapter 601: Defend the Thunder Flame Cave! Plot against each other!
Chapter 616: It turns out that she has been giving silently...
Chapter 602: Unequal Massacre!
Chapter 603: The most depressing thing in the world is that you are ignored! Level 94!
Chapter 604: The game demon world appears! New terrifying player enemies!
Chapter 605 The game merges for the second time! A terrifying new world!
Chapter 606 'New book is on the shelves' Super Alliance! Let go of grudges with a smile!
Chapter 607: The power of lifting the uniform! Finally you can hit! Betting fight!!!
Chapter 608: The Rise of the Trident! Bitch!
Chapter 609: Kill the demon witch in the game!!!
Chapter 625: Level 108! The super attributes of the Origin Xuanyuan Divine Sword and Hongmeng Ultimate Divine Weapon!
Chapter 610 Hongmeng Divine Costume! Lin Shuyas decision!!!
Chapter 611: Join forces to defeat the ultimate holy land tree king! The super guild is born!
Chapter 612: Level 95! Will you marry me?
Chapter 613: A heaven-defying BUG? The most terrifying upgrade speed!
Chapter 614 Another sister-in-law! Meet!
Chapter 615: Shura field breaks out?
Chapter 616: It turns out that she has been giving silently...
Chapter 617 Scumbag! Level 96!
Chapter 618 Dragon Palace Holy Land!
Chapter 619: Turn 12! The divine costume of the holy world! It smells so good!
Chapter 620: No regrets!
Chapter 621: Oolong!
Chapter 622: Level 98! Get married in the game!
Chapter 623: Confession! Illusion and reality!
Chapter 624: Steady Hands! Holy Land of Fire!
Chapter 625: Level 108! The super attributes of the Origin Xuanyuan Divine Sword and Hongmeng Ultimate Divine Weapon!
Chapter 626: Eighteen turns! Special account!
Chapter 627: The power of reincarnation as a saint at level 1! Hongmeng World!
Chapter 628: The Ultimate Dark Palace Divine Weapon (True Hongmeng)! Entering the world of Hongmeng for the first time! The four major races!
Chapter 629 The strength of the three major forces!
Chapter 630: Must win over! Must protect him!
Chapter 631: Fighting each other! Horrible leveling speed! Level 5 saint! Shocking everyone!
Chapter 632 Formal alliance! Take off!!!
Chapter 633: The Super Divine Attributes of Hongmeng Xuanyuan Divine Sword!!!!!
Chapter 634: Fierce! Kill the BOSS instantly!
Chapter 635: An unexpected reward! A new force!
Chapter 636 Saint level 10! Qin Shengs concerns!
Chapter 637: Hongmeng Temple! Level 11 Saint!
Chapter 638 Saint Level 15! Helping you in times of need!
Chapter 639: Kill the demon princess! The super-divine attributes of the Pangu God Ring!
Chapter 640: The God Clan Princesss Crazy Decision!
Chapter 641: A full set of ultimates! A surge in strength!
Chapter 642: Hongmeng Holy Land! Boom boom boom!!!
Chapter 643: Invincible! I will be the master of this world from now on!!!
Chapter 644: Please enter the urn! Desperate!!!
Chapter 645: Invincible! Dont give up!
Chapter 646: Kill until collapse!!!
Chapter 647 Victory! Summoning!!!
Chapter 648: Shocked brothers! Mr. Qin will foot the bill tonight!
Chapter 649: Flowery...
Chapter 650 Saint level 17! They are all here!
Chapter 651: Level 18 Saint! The Demon Clan’s decision!
Chapter 652: I’m so angry! Form an alliance!
Chapter 653
Chapter 654: The true body arrives! The powerful attributes of Pangu Xuanyuan Divine Sword!
Chapter 655: Level 21! The creator of the game world appears!!!
Chapter 656 Beauty
Chapter 657: God Lord! Level 22! The show begins!
Chapter 658: Random killing! 'New book uploaded'
Chapter 659: A lucky draw!
Chapter 660: 'New Book Legend Uploaded' Level 32 Saint! Incarnate into Billions!!!
Chapter 661 'New Book Uploaded' Full Level! Super Reward!!!
Chapter 562 'New book uploaded!' Finale 'One'
Chapter 563 The finale! 'The new book has been uploaded' Please vote for this book!!!