Chapter 1126 Bruno: Door Fruit, open a small door for the war machine

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New York City Hall.

Something big is destined to happen today, because the attack of the war machine has arrived.

Commander Frank appears.

Abandoning his identity as a sergeant of the New York Police Department, he now wants to win New York as a mercenary.

first step!

Clear out the troublesome Mr. Mayor and tell him... don't make trouble for yourself.

Just make your own news and get out of here with the anti-spider team.

It's not just about the spider disaster, it's not just about Gwen!

He was standing on the third floor of the crumbling ruins, shouting loudly outside.

The outbreak of conflict is inevitable.

Some minor problems have been discovered from the traces left at the scene.

After he and Rob Lucci had been to Osborne Tower, he had gone to see it himself.

"Those ammunition undoubtedly came from the safe house, and he is the most suspicious prisoner."

This is Frank's own war and has nothing to do with anyone else. He wants to regain victory in the war.

"When all the problems are over, New York will naturally be the same as before."

And such data has been recorded in the war machine system.


He dared to say anything, dare to mention anything, and now...he is still him, and he stands at the top of another aspect of New York.

"no problem."

Jonah Jameson's face turned red with anger, and Frank noticed the way he kept hopping.

He will also shout out everything loudly.

Commander Frank will make sure everything in the way is cleared.

Even half of it is enough, because it was Frank from another world who did this.


And regarding Spider-Woman and Nightbird, they are both related to Gwen Stacy.

"S.H.I.E.L.D., you are amazing with this identity, how can you be lawless in New York?!"

And he was indeed responsible for the Hell's Kitchen killings.

In the air door, Gabra was angry because of his burnt hair.

The prompt on the internal panel flashed by.

Bruno, who Frank wants to intercept, has the power user of the Gate Fruit already in place.

Although Frank doesn't know the other party's detailed capabilities.

Then... took away the evil wolf.

"Is he going to kill me?!"

Now that the mayor has taken this responsibility, Jonah Jameson is ready to die.

Things about Spider-Woman will come later.

He locked the energy cannon in all directions, but the prey wolf still ran away.

Frank, who relies on force to attack the market, is a unique threat.


"You must pay the price for this. New not your battlefield."

The war machine crashed straight into the ruins and headed towards the location of Sheriff George.

The shock wave from the energy cannon destroyed everything around it.

Although they haven't officially met yet.

"No matter how strong the defense is, it is impossible not to open the door..."

Moreover, Frank had no intention of telling the mayor about the Punisher.



Just after coming into contact with the visor of the war machine, the entire armored head began to rotate rapidly.

Never give in.

"Or it may have come from some laboratories, that's not impossible."

There was no trace of fear at all, only extreme anger throughout his body.

It can be regarded as an opportunity to have an in-depth chat with Chief George.


Now that Sheriff Frank has become a problem, all feasible methods must be used to defeat him first.

"You dare to blow me up just because my people invited George Stacy?!"

People who have won wars are very good at dealing with enemies with strange abilities.

And at the same time.

At that time he was the top news reporter in New York City.

It turned out that the anti-Spider team had arrested Sheriff George and learned the true identity of Spider-Woman at the same time.


There is no need to question the technology of Stark Group.

That's the most important thing.

The folder she held in her hand was also opened at this time.

He is not afraid of death.

"A difficult enemy to deal with."

The double shoulder cannons on the shoulders can rotate in extreme directions at a speed of microseconds.

"Fuck you...beep beep beep!"


A short-range explosion between War Machine and Gabra was definitely no more than two meters away.


"Revolving door."



"You have what it takes!"

"I had already reached the fastest speed, but the situation at that time was still unavoidable."


These were never concealed.

"We investigated Chief Frank, ah, he is no longer the chief."

"It's so uncomfortable!"

And for this scenario.

As the sound flashed, click, the indestructible armor shell made of Adamantium alloy.

The space fluctuated here, forming some kind of invisible door.

Another manifestation of ability, in response to Frank's silence.

He really has a temper.

It's too much.

Kalifa pushed up her glasses.

The self in the other world is also myself.

Detailed radio recording conditions did appear on Commander Frank's panel.

Now it seems that in front of the New York Police Department, Mr. Mayor is nothing.

If you use the armed color and the knowledge color at the same time, there is no other way except to bear it.


"I will announce it immediately."

The internal war machine system immediately issued an alarm.

Inside War Machine.


He has no problem with it at all.

Frank changed from a good police sergeant to a wanted criminal in New York.

call out!

A half-energy red reaction shot appears.

Khalifa, who was standing next to him, said that this was the mayor they wanted.


"The Anti-Spider Team will do its best. We are just."

The radio on that thing is much better than the radio on my bedside at night.

to be honest……

It's clearer than imagined.

for real……

He is a man who can be killed, but will never accept any threats.

Commander Frank has his own ideas, and the current mayor is just being used by the anti-Spider squad.

And inside!

Completely exposed, Frank is inside...

He wants his New York!

Don't underestimate Frank's war wisdom, and... there are many mutants in this world.

After the destruction of Larcroft Asylum, three wanted criminals were targeted.

The war machine system originally observed through the visor and began to read external information directly from the detectors on the body.

The bombardment launched by the tin can was so huge that he almost failed to withstand the attack just now.

"You also have the support of Stark Group, which is amazing."

It's just a matter of instructions.

"I've never heard of it before."

As for the possible appearance of Chief Frank, in fact, they had already anticipated it.

He wants to clear out the Anti-Spider Squad, but before that... Sheriff George needs to be taken away first.

The man looked like he had horns on his head, his eyes were drooped, and he seemed to have a dull voice.

"Now, immediately, immediately... use the iron sheet given to you by the Stark Group to blow me to death with a cannon."

Not only the red heat imaging, but also the specific location and specific images of Mr. Mayor are all included.

"as well as……"


for example……

Regarding the mercenary group and the history of the war machine, Frank hides it deeply in New York.

No no no!

This has nothing to do with face anymore, this is already a state of breaking one's face.

His other hand has already touched the upper body of the war machine...

Although the venue was dilapidated at this time, her dress and posture remained the same.

It seems that the entire head armor of the war machine has been separated from the body.

"Okay, okay."

"Frank, your career as Sheriff is over, you are now an out-and-out thug!"

Of course, we also need to do a little research on the background of the other Sheriff Frank.

Never underestimate the inventions of this weapons genius.

Very embarrassing.

Bruno still had the same tone as before, standing behind the air door and observing Frank.



At the same time, Gabra emerged from behind the air door, blocked by the huge body of the wolf.

At this moment, a door actually opened to the outside.

Commander Frank remembers his mission.

Bruno expressed his opinion.

And now they have all died in the S.H.I.E.L.D. war.

As we all know, Jonah Jameson's mouth can never be shut, even if a villain holds a knife to his neck.

Just open a door...

The palms of the black long sleeves and black leather gloves have been poked out at this time.


"About the safe house he set up in New York."


Brooke's arms were long, so he pushed open the air door unhurriedly and appeared behind the war machine.

"Is it possible that I wonder if they are mutants?!"

"The previous massacre in Hell's Kitchen, investigation of clues of the Costas family."

That is...


He's Mr. Mayor, he's Mayor Jonah Jameson!

The mayor was so angry that his cute mustache was trembling.

The wills between Frank and Mr. Mayor cannot be reconciled, so...

The evil wolf was blown away immediately.

Holding an elephant sword in his hand, Mr. Mayor emerged from his extremely dilapidated office.

This is half true.

That's right.

What the mayor said was absolutely correct, Frank's safe house had indeed been tampered with.

Mr. Mayor found the feeling he had when he was not mayor.

everything is normal.

Gabra gritted his teeth, and even with his half-burned mustache, the wolf looked extremely ferocious.

The mayor exploded at that time.

Totally inconsistent with common sense.


Even though he has been possessed by Armed Color Haki, but...

for the time being……

As a secretary, she is also professional.



"The main point of my visit this time is for George."

I have heard of Gwen Stacy and know she is a good girl.

These came from Bruno's investigation, after all...when Kaku and Gabra were operating.

"Your safe house has been compromised. You promised never to go there."


"Why make it difficult for me?!"

Metal is hard, but the inside of the human body cannot be hard as well.

And about this.

He is ready.


"His attack locked onto me."

after all……


This is the evil smile from Gabra.

Da da da!

First, the pop-up fire nets on both sides of the belly of the war machine have begun to block.

at the same time.

If he wants revenge for his broken pink sunglasses, he will use the moonlight ten-finger gun to hollow out Frank's chest.

From the semi-laser weapon invented by Tony Stark, point-to-point burning and explosive energy damage.

Just now.

About Frank once won the world war, returned to New York, and became a police sergeant.

There are also some reports in other directions.

"You lied."

"NYPD, you are so awesome. Is this the behavior of thugs?!"

at this time.

Absolutely pissed off.

And now.

The evidence presented by Khalifa was enough to make the mayor make up his mind.

That is, the Punisher.

Mr. Mayor wants the Anti-Spider Squad to focus on arresting other people first.

The other party must have predicted his actions in some way. The feeling at that moment...

And continues to upload data.

I don’t know where I found the loudspeaker.

This is really ugly.

His Devil Fruit is naturally capable of defeating armored enemies with strong defenses.

"Just be your mayor."


"The enemy appears in the rear..."

They're just a group of guys with unknown origins and some kind of ability.

The masked hero, Spider-Woman, is a disaster for New York.

Except for the war machine's head spinning rapidly, Commander Frank's external observation was not affected in any way.

Bruno, who possesses the Gate Fruit, is not idle either...about Hell's Kitchen.

"I'm going to take him to court, and George Stacey, and he and his daughter will have to face a fair trial."


"Some kind of special metal, and it also absorbs your attack, forming a bigger attack."

"Get him."

Gabra provided new information.

To be more precise, he should be saved.

About three floors up, whatever it once was, it's now half-ruined.



Frank's current operation can be said to be adding fuel to the fire, and does not give him any face at all.


He held a loudspeaker and roared crazily, knowing that Frank could hear him.

The mayor has become extremely angry.

I suffered a big loss.


This is just the beginning for Bruno, the revolving door is just a small thing.

"After comparing the ammunition traces at the scene, it was determined that the murderer was Frank."

It started to rotate on a large scale.

"My Anti-Spider Squad will tell everyone that justice in New York is still enforced!"

A contradiction arises.

The mayor stared with bloodshot eyes.

Bruno's hand touched the war machine.


"The head body has been affected by an unknown effect, and a new observation system has been switched."


It was already aimed at Bruno, who was leaning out of the air door!


"The NYPD is broken!"

The two sergeants of the New York Police Department can be said to be famous figures in New York.




Along with the rear propeller of the war machine, the flames brought extremely strong power.

"I'm not here to kill anyone."

The mayor responded with silence.

The mayor is not hard-hearted either.

Between the Punisher and Rob Lucci, dark justice is chasing each other.

Peggy Carter has obtained the New York regional rights from SHIELD's authorization.

They want to take Sheriff George away.


The super algorithm born from the genius Tony Stark is simulating this battlefield environment.

And as the first disgraced member, the defense gap was broken from him.

Then the shoulder cannon fires directly.


The members of the Anti-Spider Squad are now not just Wolf and Bruno...but Kaku too!

call out!

Guarding Sheriff George's corner, ruins exploded one after another along the way.


It was an unstoppable slash, and the giraffe swordsman came all the way to kill it! ()

This chapter has been completed!
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