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The Sword Fairy convinces people with reasoning

The Sword Fairy convinces people with reasoning

author:Turn off the lights and eat durian

action:, , Straight to the bottom

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Latest chapter:Three hundred and eighty, Nine States Discussing Tao (3)


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《The Sword Fairy convinces people with reasoning》The latest nine chapters
Three hundred and eighty, Nine States Discussing Tao (3)
Three hundred and seventy-nine, Nine States Discussing Tao (2)
Three hundred and seventy-eight, Nine States Discussing Tao
Three hundred and seventy-six, Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger
Three hundred and seventy-six, the sun soars
Three hundred and seventy-five, ten lives are not too late
Three hundred and seventy-four, what should be done
Three hundred and seventy-three, within our ability
Three hundred and seventy-two, obey orders
《The Sword Fairy convinces people with reasoning》Chapter Contents
1. Tread the fairy way again
Two, listen to me
3. Calm down
Four, sword qi open pulse
Five, green and yellow do not pick up
6. Swallowing gold and eating iron
7. A good sword
Eight, no distractions
Nine, Five Elements Spiritual Roots
10. Brothers and Sisters
Eleven, live up to expectations
Twelve, martial style
thirteen, victory without force
14. Boren is up to me
15. Blizzard
Sixteen, the difference between cloud and mud
17. Water Jade Ice Soul
18. Equal treatment
Nineteen, uninvited guests
Twenty, cross-sections
Twenty-one, over-comprehension
Twenty-two, the best of both worlds
23. Name on the book
Twenty-four, time to run
Twenty-five, predecessors planted trees
Twenty-six, uncharacteristically
Twenty-seven, the soul is different
Twenty-eight, follow the good
Twenty-nine, restraining the soul
Thirty, overtones
Thirty-one, leave time
Thirty-two, eyeing
33. Another purpose
Thirty-four, unpredictable
Thirty-five, many birds with one stone
Thirty-six, Dan Fang Fragments
Thirty-seven, unexpected joy
Thirty-eight, one step ahead
Thirty-nine, no scruples
Forty, unknown
Forty-one, jealous of talents
Forty-two, the water is hard to collect
Forty-three, a steady stream
Forty-four, inappropriate
Forty-five, good quality and beautiful materials
Forty-six, road resistance and long
Forty-seven, descendants
Forty-eight, unrelenting
Forty-nine, Lilai Lixiang
Fifty, finely crafted
Fifty-one, the answer is fluent
Fifty-two, take my account
Fifty-three, seek more happiness
Fifty-four, a mix of fish and dragons
fifty-five, only hear its name
fifty-six, save others by oneself
Fifty-seven, phantasmagoria
Fifty-eight, a good fortune
Fifty-nine, travel with the United States
Sixty, eyes but no beads
Sixty-one, push three resistance four
Sixty-two, enough is enough
Sixty-three, exciting
Sixty-four, vigorous and resolute
Sixty-five, cow chew peony
Sixty-six, like a lifetime
Sixty-seven, the road is the most important
Sixty-eight, the art of hating victory
Sixty-nine, well-informed
Seventy, helpless
Seventy-one, get to the bottom of things
Seventy-two, a family story
Seventy-three, self-destruction without attack
Seventy-four, sure of victory
Seventy-five, powerless
Seventy-six, help in times of need
Seventy-seven, deviating from the original path
Seventy-eight, everyone depends on their ability
Seventy-nine, complete friendship
Eighty, hidden
Eighty-one, one step further
Eighty-two, wasting a thousand years
Eighty-three, it’s hard to agree with everyone
Eighty-four, treason
Eighty-five, winter passes and spring comes
Eighty-six, a little understanding
Eighty-seven, a slight miss
Eighty-eight, confusing the real with the fake
Eighty-nine, it does a lot of harm to people
Ninety, the big tree attracts the wind
Ninety-one, deliberately embarrassed
Ninety-two, rampage
Ninety-three, hidden scheming
Ninety-four, let it go
Ninety-five, unbearable to be an enemy
Ninety-six, Fang Tao and Li
Ninety-seven, life or death
Ninety-eight, long nights and many dreams
Ninety-nine, life for life
One hundred, undecided
One hundred and one, must not be kept
One hundred and two, vulnerable
One hundred and three, the dust has settled
One hundred and four, careful calculation
One hundred and five, violent storm
One hundred and six, disaster comes from the mouth
One hundred and seven, ask east and west
One hundred and eight, it’s a long story
One hundred and nine, to be considered
One hundred and ten, coarse and fine
One hundred and eleven, accomplished
One hundred and twelve, peach wood creatures
One hundred and thirteen, flying flowers turn into swords
One hundred and fourteen, visiting by invitation
One hundred and fifteen, lessons learned from past mistakes
One hundred and sixteen, never sleep
One hundred and seventeen, not surprised
One hundred and eighteen, including eating and taking
One hundred and nineteen, the most beautiful girl
One hundred and twenty, long overdue
One hundred and twenty-one, Yunshan Zhumi
One hundred and twenty-two, inextricable
One hundred and twenty-three, willing to be defeated
One hundred and twenty-four, riding a tiger with difficulty
One hundred and twenty-five, a critical moment
One hundred and twenty-six, peace of mind
One hundred and twenty-seven, pretentious
One hundred and twenty-eight, unconscious
One hundred and twenty-nine, who is coming?
One hundred and thirty, still haven’t returned yet
One hundred and thirty-one, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages
One hundred and thirty-two, taking into account the overall situation
One hundred and thirty-three, everyone is happy
One hundred and thirty-four, high fives and oath of alliance
One hundred and thirty-five, reciprocity
One hundred and thirty-six, fishing in troubled waters
One hundred and thirty-seven, Earth Fire Mingyi
One hundred and thirty-eight, Guangtian Huangmu
One hundred and thirty-nine, farsightedness
One hundred and forty, extending in all directions
One hundred and forty-one, gathered together
One hundred and forty-two, simple summary
One hundred and forty-three, talking but not meaning
One hundred and forty-four, very important
One hundred and forty-five, endless uses
One hundred and forty-six, a pun
One hundred and forty-seven, discussing family relationships together
One hundred and forty-eight, the deadline is approaching
One hundred and forty-nine, deep love between ancestors and grandchildren
One hundred and fifty, no big problem
One hundred and fifty-one, no way of knowing
One hundred and fifty-two, keep one hand
One hundred and fifty-three, lure them with benefits
One hundred and fifty-four, shameless words
One hundred and fifty-five, absolutely no match
One hundred and fifty-six, the water overflows when it is full
One hundred and fifty-seven, such a trend
One hundred and fifty-eight, modesty is also measured
One hundred and fifty-nine, Sword Spirit chooses its master
One hundred and sixty, impressed
One hundred and sixty-one, the sheep enters the tiger's mouth
One hundred and sixty-two, two completely different people
One hundred and sixty-three, what is your intention?
One hundred and sixty-four, nothing in return
One hundred and sixty-five, thirsty for talents
One hundred and sixty-six, able to bend and stretch
One hundred and sixty-seven, just in case
One hundred and sixty-eight, in compliance with regulations
One hundred and sixty-nine, coercion and inducement
One hundred and seventy, actions speak louder than words
One hundred and seventy-one, coincidentally
One hundred and seventy-two, doing two things at once
One hundred and seventy-three, the best of both worlds
One hundred and seventy-four, barren land
One hundred and seventy-five, only talking about right and wrong
One hundred and seventy six, the fight is in full swing
One hundred and seventy-seven, the outcome is determined
One hundred and seventy-eight, ten thousand swords unite
One hundred and seventy-nine, everyone eats what he wants
One hundred and eighty, avoid its edge
One hundred and eighty-one, which is right and which is wrong
One hundred and eighty-two, good neighborly relations
One hundred and eighty-three, beyond reach
One hundred and eighty-four, enviable
One hundred and eighty-five, unfounded worries
One hundred and eighty-six, the target of public criticism
One hundred and eighty-seven, confused
One hundred and eighty-eight, each takes what he needs
One hundred and eighty-nine, young and vigorous
One hundred and ninety, sharp eyes like a torch
One hundred and ninety-one, an opportunity to take advantage of
One hundred and ninety-two, seven days later
One hundred and ninety-three, benefiting oneself at the expense of others
One hundred and ninety-four, the power of one person
One hundred and ninety-five, unnecessary
One hundred and ninety-six, repeat the old trick
One hundred and ninety-seven, signs of failure
One hundred and ninety-eight, be careful of fraud
One hundred and ninety-nine, self-contradictory
Two hundred, just in time
Two hundred and one, things will fall into place
Two hundred and two, not satisfactory
Two hundred and three, make the best use of everything
Two hundred and four, repaying kindness with hatred
Two hundred and five, favor and cause and effect
Two hundred and six, powerless
Two hundred and seven, moderation
Two hundred and eight, kill two birds with one stone
Two hundred and nine, hard work and hard work
Two hundred and ten, forgetting to eat and sleep
Two hundred and eleven, climbing Wuling Mountain
Two hundred and twelve, what sect and what sect
Two hundred thirteen, aboveboard
Two hundred and fourteen, a flash in the pan
Two hundred and fifteen, informal
Two hundred and sixteen, retractable
Two hundred and seventeen, inhuman
Two hundred and eighteen, a surprise victory
Two hundred and nineteen, green bamboo sword talisman
Two hundred and twenty, take what you need
Two hundred and twenty-one, quick battle
Two hundred and twenty-two, the mayfly shakes the tree
Two hundred and twenty-three, each gets his place
Two hundred and twenty-four, baby omen
Two hundred and twenty-five, fall short
Two hundred and twenty-six, the first mountain and sea
Two hundred and twenty-seven, preliminary ranking
Two hundred and twenty-eight, the afterlife is formidable
Two hundred and twenty-nine, mutation and mutation
Two hundred and thirty, righteous
Two hundred and thirty-one, care is chaos
Two hundred and thirty-two, the culprit
Two hundred and thirty-three, a word is set
Two hundred and thirty-four, sincere and sincere
Two hundred and thirty-five, cherish words like gold
Two hundred and thirty-six, simply admit punishment
Two hundred and thirty-seven, the heart has a consonance
Two hundred and thirty-eight, again and again
Two hundred and thirty-nine, knowledge and interest
Two hundred and forty, travel thousands of miles
Two hundred and forty-one, indispensable
Two hundred and forty-two, fish in troubled waters
Two hundred and forty-three, long-awaited reunion
Two hundred and forty-four, cast the child to admit defeat
Two hundred and forty-five, pending
Two hundred and forty-six, practice
Two hundred and forty-seven, bittersweet
Two hundred and forty-eight, there will be a period later
Two hundred and forty-nine, magnanimous
Two hundred and fifty, no regrets
Two hundred and fifty one, one singing and one harmony
Two hundred and fifty-two, exchange names
Two hundred and fifty-three, like-minded
Two hundred and fifty-four, according to the facts
Two hundred and fifty-five, inevitable
Two hundred and fifty-six, treat everyone equally
Two hundred and fifty-seven, peaceful
Two hundred and fifty-eight, just go down the slope and donkey
Two hundred and fifty-nine, no sign
Two hundred and sixty, internal and external difficulties
Two hundred and sixty-one, changing the court
Two hundred and sixty-two, you will know once you find out
Two hundred and sixty-three, knowing the mind and seeing the nature
Two hundred and sixty-four, Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger
Two hundred and sixty-five, long nights and many dreams
Two hundred and sixty-six, mainly anti-customer
Two hundred and sixty-seven, God follows human wishes
Two hundred and sixty-eight, his heart can be killed
Two hundred and sixty-nine, big things are reduced to small things
Two hundred and seventy, why bother?
Two hundred and seventy-one, the ancient sword that defeats evil
Two hundred and seventy-two, protecting the calf deeply
Two hundred and seventy-three, there will be a big thank you
Two hundred and seventy-four, a shallow temptation
Two hundred and seventy-five, go with the flow
Two hundred and seventy-six, kill first and then play
Two hundred and seventy-seven, the sea and the sky are vast
Two hundred and seventy-eight, endless changes
Two hundred and seventy-nine, a long road
Two hundred and eighty, benefited a lot
Two hundred and eighty-one, neither up nor down
Two hundred and eighty-two, whether it will be good or not
283, Contains projection
Two hundred and eighty-four, breathtaking
Two hundred and eighty-five, both money and goods are paid
Two hundred and eighty-six, easy as pie
Two hundred and eighty-seven, keep your word
Two hundred and eighty-eight, unsolved mysteries
Two hundred and eighty-nine, judging people by their appearance
Two hundred and ninety, preemptive strike
Two hundred and ninety-one, asking questions knowingly
Two hundred and ninety-two, Lin Dan in the underworld
Burn the note after reading it
Two hundred and ninety-three, re-entering the forbidden land
Two hundred and ninety-four, beating around the bush
Two hundred and ninety-five, never happen next time
Two hundred and ninety-six, greedy
Two hundred and ninety-seven, nonsense
Two hundred and ninety-eight, follow the rules
Two hundred and ninety-nine, I would rather break than bend
Three hundred, care about one thing and miss the other
Three hundred and one, no evidence
Three hundred and two, be prepared
Three hundred and three, seeking death
Three hundred and four, small punishments and big warnings
Three hundred and five, disdain to argue
Update tomorrow
Three hundred and six, the whole picture is unknown
Three hundred and seven, healed without medicine
Three hundred and eight, inevitable
Three hundred and nine, rat-proof weapon
Three hundred and ten, food tastes bad
Three hundred and eleven, narrow escape
Three hundred and twelve, a piece of cake
Three hundred and thirteen strange
Three hundred and fourteen, innate spiritual things
Three hundred and fifteen, complementing the shape with the shape
Three hundred and sixteen, the second open pulse
Three hundred and seventeen, spare no effort
Three hundred and eighteen, I have my own way
Three hundred and nineteen, what's wrong
Three hundred and twenty, broken and then erected
Three hundred and twenty-one, tens of millions of clones
Three hundred and twenty-two, nine niu and one cent
Three hundred and twenty-three, we have an appointment
Three hundred and twenty-four, sincere surrender
Three hundred and twenty-five, it’s your own fault
Three hundred and twenty-six, think before and after
Three hundred and twenty-seven, no opportunity to take advantage of
Three hundred and twenty-eight, waiting to be fed
Three hundred and twenty-nine, the thief will never die
Three hundred and thirty, oil and salt are not allowed to enter
Three hundred and thirty-one, there is no silver here
Three hundred and thirty-two, bloodline tracing
Three hundred and thirty-three, bringing up old things again
Three hundred and thirty-four, the capable ones come first
Three hundred and thirty-five, making a fuss out of a molehill
Three hundred and thirty-six, being smart
Three hundred and thirty-seven, courtesy first and then fighting
Three hundred and thirty-eight, neither relatives nor friends
Three hundred and thirty-nine, life or death
Three hundred and forty, parted unhappy
Three hundred and forty-one, the appearance is the same
Three hundred and forty-two, the heat is not enough
Three hundred and forty-three, whatever you want
Three hundred and forty-four, turnip greens
Three hundred and forty-five, it’s not advisable to stay for a long time
Three hundred and forty-six, technology advances beyond Taoism
Three hundred and forty-seven, deceiving the master and destroying the ancestors
Three hundred and forty-eight, God’s will tricks people
Three hundred and forty-nine, running in the opposite direction
Three hundred and fifty, no oil or salt
Three hundred and fifty-one, there is no return
Three hundred and fifty-two, constant changes
Three hundred and fifty-three, a strange combination of circumstances
Three hundred and fifty-four, the sword is broken and the formation is broken
Three hundred and fifty-five, the clouds disappear and the thunder disperses
Three hundred and fifty-six, is it possible?
Three hundred and fifty-seven, things without owners
Three hundred and fifty-eight, pretending to be a pig and eating the tiger
Three hundred and fifty-nine, the end of the strong crossbow
Three hundred and sixty, ending the relationship
Three hundred and sixty-one, everyone who sees it has a share
Three hundred and sixty-two, seek blessings from yourself
Three hundred and sixty-three, unknown origin
Three hundred and sixty-four, give it a try
Three hundred and sixty-five, surgery to vent anger
Three hundred and sixty-six, Feng Shun Tian Dao
Three hundred and sixty-seven, the mystery of life experience
Three hundred and sixty-eight, with a clear conscience
Three hundred and sixty-nine, the grace of reinvention
Three hundred and seventy, those who know current affairs
Three hundred and seventy-one, Xian Fan Yi Nuo
Three hundred and seventy-two, obey orders
Three hundred and seventy-three, within our ability
Three hundred and seventy-four, what should be done
Three hundred and seventy-five, ten lives are not too late
Three hundred and seventy-six, the sun soars
Three hundred and seventy-six, Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger
Three hundred and seventy-eight, Nine States Discussing Tao
Three hundred and seventy-nine, Nine States Discussing Tao (2)
Three hundred and eighty, Nine States Discussing Tao (3)