Chapter 150 Black Swan (1)

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Invitation from the West.

Arisu Hydrangea slowly opened her eyes. The sun was shining brightly outside the window, and the room was filled with the fragrance of flowers. Two girls wearing pink leopard-print pajamas and no hair were standing by the window, looking past the towering Tokyo Sky Tree.

"Chamiel?" Hydrangea Arisu asked in confusion.

She had never seen anyone wearing pajamas, but she knew Chamelle very well, but why was she here?

Her memory was a bit confusing, and she had a headache just thinking about it. It took her a long time to remember the attack in Hiroshima. The last memory she had was that she was in a car that was about to explode, watching a hand reach in and snatch it away from her.

Protective suitcase.

"7% brain damage, comminuted ankle fracture, three rib fractures, ruptured liver and spleen, and 1.7 liters of bleeding." Chamier turned around, not caring about the glances at him, "The revelation is in

When you were about to die, you automatically activated it and saved you."

"So, what does this have to do with you not wearing clothes?" Arisu Hydrangea asked.

"Her personal habits always like to discuss with me what men and women like most." Coke sat down by the bed and stretched out his hand to test the temperature of her forehead, "Get up and take medicine. Although you have a good figure, you don't

My goodness...don't cover it with your hands, they are all women, what's the fuss?"

"What's your name?" Hydrangea Arisu looked at the face in front of her.

"Call me Coke, I'm the boss lady."

"Then what is Chamille?"

"Tsk - I'm the financial director, and she's the boss's wife, okay? Are you satisfied?" Coke took out the test tube from the incubator, "Drink it."

"Do I have the right to refuse?" Arisu Hydrangea moved her body and found that only her fingers received instructions, so she could only smile weakly.

Cola was a little speechless by her confession.

"Where is the next stop?" Arisu Hydrangea swallowed the liquid in the test tube. There was blood in it. It was the thing that manipulated her and saved her last time, and it was also the thing that lured Jörmungandr. She couldn't figure it out.

Why does an archangel like Menggard have such a fascination with this blood? I can't figure out why, as a mixed race, I would also become dependent on and long for this blood.

Like a poppy!

If used well, it is an analgesic and analgesic; if used improperly, it is a poison that leads people to death.

"We will pause for a few days. Selene is coming out." Chamille's eyes showed a cold light.

Arisu Hydrangea nodded, her body had recovered to its original state, but she was so exhausted that she chose to close her eyes to rest.

Coke was silent for a moment, then leaned back and lay down on the velvet sofa in front of the floor-to-ceiling window. She seemed lazy, but in fact she had not slept peacefully for four days.

She was the nanny for the four Li Zes, but she was transferred back from the nanny job to headquarter finance and security.

The seduction operation was very successful. Jormungandr and Azazel were deceived by them. They knew that this was only a temporary solution, but it was also the best way at the moment. However, they did not expect that it would lead to another group of crazy believers.

"Is the market closed now or is it short selling?" Coke grabbed the popcorn on the table and stuffed it into his mouth.

Chamier smiled: "This is not the stock market."

"It's almost the same. I'm good at stock trading. When I was shorting Thailand with Soros, I felt that money had an absolute charm on me. But now you ask me to be your dog-headed military adviser. Sister, I am a first-rank minister of the Ministry of Accounts.


"I'll interrupt you first. The Minister of Hubu was the second-rank official in the Ming Dynasty, and the first-rank official in the Qing Dynasty. Neither of them are official."

"Don't worry about me. If you offend me, I will go to the tax bureau to report you for tax evasion. Anyway, I have falsified a large part of the company's accounts."

"Wait a minute, you're the one who made the lie, why are you reporting me?"

"This is an economic crime." Coke smiled, but there were four or five meanings in that smile. "I used your name, and I destroyed all evidence chains."

A voice came from the mobile phone that was on the table: "I testify that nine out of ten of the luxury cars she purchased came from the company's accounts."

Coke took a breath: "Shut up!"

Shirakaze Risa's voice continued quietly: "Okay, let me tell you, the Firefly Team has arrived in Shizuoka and is currently at Sengen Shrine."

"Continue to follow. The bullets have been given to you. They are things that can cause damage to Jörmungandr's level. Use them with caution."


Cola hung up the phone and put a stack of 10,000-yuan bills on the coffee table: "I want tonkotsu ramen with more meat, a boiled egg, and a pot of soju...what about you?"

"Xiaolongbao, soy milk, and some pumpkin porridge, 70% sugar." Chamille said.

Arisu Hydrangea glanced at Chamille, and then said: "Oatmeal porridge, braised toast and salmon fillets, and if possible, some cod glycerine."

"This is Japan! Japan! How come one ordered Chinese food and the other ordered Icelandic breakfast?" Coke called the waiter to come in with disgust. It was difficult for the hotel to provide these things in time, but in the spirit of responding to customers' requests, and with the stack of money on the table, even if

They are willing to travel all over Tokyo, "Why do they always go to the shrine?"

"When there is no way to find hope in reality, people will place their spirit on gods." Chamille said.

"According to what you said, they should kowtow before the gods one step at a time, and then say piously, 'Oh, my God, God, please cure this poor man'... You have forgotten him.

How heartless?”

"If I had forgotten, I wouldn't have done that to my sister." Chamille played with Bra.

Cola shrugged: "Things that I didn't expect before have now sprung up like mushrooms after rain and are beyond our control. Although I knew about the existence of Jormungandr early on, I never thought that she would break her promise to the Lord.

, landed on land, and Azazel, didn’t that guy die in the land of Yumisi four thousand years ago?”

"They are the ones who made a blood contract with Lucifer. They only obey Lucifer's instructions and instructions. As long as Lucifer does not die, they will not be destroyed."

This chapter is not over yet, please click on the next page to continue reading the exciting content! "I know, of course I know." Coke said helplessly, "I'm just shocked. Their loyalty exceeds ours."

"We are quite loyal too." Chamier put on his clothes, "Aren't we?"

"What do you and I call loyalty?" Cola scorned, "One is a manipulative lunatic who cannot love, and the other is a delicate and pitiful person who only wants to be affectionate. It seems that they have nothing to do with loyalty."

Arisu Hydrangea moved her head and asked: "What is Selene?"

"An organization," Chamille said.

"A bunch of evil cults." Coke retorted.

"Evil//religion//organization//organization?" Youqi Ziyanghua asked.

"You can understand it as the radical wing of the political party, or you can understand it as the German Nazis during World War II." Chamier looked at her.

"Do you know the black swan theory? People who often play in the stock market or manipulate the corporate economy and national economy know this very well," Coke said.

"I am from the execution department, and the person in charge of money is Li Xinyue." Arisu Hydrangea

"Damn, you are a miserable person like me." Coke explained, "Proposed by Lebas Taleb, it refers to those rare and unpredictable events. These events have great influence. Once they occur, they will

Completely change the destiny of a person, an organization or the entire society.

For example, wars, the triggers of World War I and World War II were economy, social status, and political rights. When these things are combined together, they form a country, but when separated, they are a bomb. Economic downturns will lead to social unrest, and low social status will lead to

Resistance and deviation of political rights will lead to riots.

These are just triggers, but the emergence of black swans, such as leaders who want to govern Europe, or princes and kings who want to be emperor, will turn these factors into a war, economic rupture, social rupture, and political rupture, just because

Black swan and radical change.”

"What does this have to do with Selene?"

"Selene is the moon goddess in ancient Greek mythology. The meaning is very beautiful, but the moon shines by reflecting sunlight. It does not shine or heat. It relies on parasites on the host to survive."

"What did they do?"

"Hell is a word that is common to both the East and the West. It is not like heaven or heaven." Coke said, "In ancient Greek mythology, the underworld is divided into ten hells. The first hell is for those who have no faith or have not been baptized.

The second hell is the black wind, that is, the sinners who commit greed will be beaten by the heavy and cold rain, and they will be food for the vicious dogs of hell; the third hell is the rolling rocks, that is, stinginess and luxury

Sinners will keep rolling rocks; the fourth hell is the dark swamp, where dissatisfied and angry sinners sink to each other; the fifth hell is the burning tomb, where sinners who do not obey God's teachings fall among countless tombstones.

The sixth hell is the river of fire in the realm of wronged souls, one of the five rivers in the underworld; the seventh hell is the realm of evil spirits; the eighth hell is the realm of refining souls; the ninth hell is the traitor; and the tenth hell

Those who betray their benefactors are the lowest level of hell."

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