Chapter 818 Case closed

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These words made the man a little stunned, and he couldn't even hide it for a moment. He really didn't expect that the other party would say these words.

"Did you have a premonition of something?" The man calmed down and regained control of his expression, but his words were filled with a bit of panic and worry.

"Not really, but the situation between the enemy and ourselves in Nanjing has indeed undergone a huge change. Take the recent period as an example, this is not the first time that the two sides have experienced a situation like this due to unexpected reasons. I am worried that if we cannot respond early, it will be very difficult in the future.

You may suffer huge losses."

"..." The man breathed a long sigh of relief and replied: "But these mentioned are all important tasks of ours. I know your worries, but how can you give up these tasks so easily? Not to mention other things, they are just materials.

How difficult is the situation in the Soviet area when it comes to collection and transshipment? If we don’t provide support, then..."

"The things proposed have been carefully considered, such as the purchase and transshipment of materials. Nanjing has no advantage at all. For ordinary materials, we are far away and the blockade is strict and the transportation is restricted. I regret that I can't use you.

There are more important and scarce materials in Pingjin, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Hong Kong and Guangdong, whether on the market or underground, than in Nanjing. It is better to devote your attention and energy to these places.

Not only that, Nanjing is the headquarters of the secret service. It has strong strength and a large number of manpower. Take the Intelligence Department as an example. As far as I know, the other party has extended its tentacles into the market. If you reveal the slightest clue, it may be poked at the opponent's head.

As for the remaining work and tasks, no matter whether they are secretive or confidential, it is difficult to keep them watertight. If you are not careful, the other party may take advantage of the loopholes and cause huge losses."

The man thought for a moment and replied: "If we act in this way, then our work will basically only revolve around intelligence. The Soviet area is also in urgent need of intelligence support from all aspects, so this is not a bad idea."

"You misunderstood." The man carrying the bag shook his head and said: "Let's talk about the intelligence first. The encirclement and blockade of the Soviet area is not centered on Nanjing. There are so-called camps, headquarters, etc. on the front line. Nanjing is already the rear area, and it cannot be obtained.

How much timely and effective information can be provided to support the Soviet area?

The starting point of my proposal is for you to protect yourselves. The underground organizations in Nanjing have suffered severe damage many times, and the current situation between the enemy and ourselves has undergone tremendous changes. Under the test of this severe situation, only by protecting yourselves can all work be successful.

Meaning, otherwise rebuilding the organization again will only make things more difficult.

You must be aware of this. Of course, you are right about one thing, that is, working around intelligence, but it is not for you to constantly spy and obtain all kinds of intelligence, but to transform into a relatively pure intelligence unit, that kind of

An organization based on long-term secret activities.

This is the capital, the core of the Kuomintang. Intelligence work has its own particularities. One is that it is always faced with powerful enemies. The other is that this place is only the source of a lot of intelligence, but things do not revolve around here. You must learn to let go appropriately.

So far.

A lot of information that is timely and effective or targeted at specific objects in certain areas is very difficult and uneconomical to obtain here. If you find some clues, you can hand them over to the organization and let local or relevant personnel continue to follow up.

This is the source and end point of the Kuomintang's major decisions, attitudes, responses, and disposals of various major situations, as well as various military deployments, conspiracies, and conspiracies. Sometimes a few clues or even a few words are enough to point out the direction for the organization's work, and it can

If you do this well, it will be enough for you.

But these are not easy. You must sink your mind, bury it deeply in the deepest place, and then get closer step by step through placement, infiltration, instigation, etc. This requires long-term management and patient waiting, so I am going to

You made such a suggestion."

The man is also an elite member who has been on the front line of intelligence for a long time. After being reminded by the man carrying the bag, he was keenly aware of the value of this suggestion. After thinking about it carefully, he no longer had time to care about his posture and expression. Fortunately, it was only a little dim under the street lights.

The light makes it difficult to see any details from the outside.

"Team Lin, are you done with your work?" Lin Mo was just waiting for instructions. He worked overtime on writing materials until twelve o'clock. He wanted to rush back to the station to rest and organize the work early tomorrow, but he didn't expect that there would be someone waiting for him.

"What's the matter? Come to my office..." Lin Mo raised his hand and walked in, rubbing the materials until his head was a little dizzy, but he still did not forget to step lightly so as not to disturb others' rest.

"Captain Lin, why don't you take a rest first? It's not an urgent matter and won't be delayed." Seeing that Lin Mo was not in good condition, the team member spoke up as he entered the door.

"It's okay, I'm just a little dizzy from sorting out the written materials, so it won't take me long."

Lin Mo waved his hand and went to pour two cups of water that was not even warm, and said: "I remember, you want to tell me about the eldest sister in Pukou, right? What additional information will be found later?"

Zhang Guangjia took a sip of water with some restraint and said: "Captain Lin, as you have judged, there is indeed a lot of fishiness and unhappiness hidden behind the actions of that...eldest sister...

There are many people who are interested in the Prime Minister. Some are gangsters and businessmen who want to marry or even accept him as their aunt, but the purpose is probably not pure, because those men who are interested in him are involved in some degree.


And the ladies and rich ladies she served were not very good either. Some wanted her to serve only for themselves, and some wanted her to have a side room or even a lover to come to the house because they were doting on her. They were so noisy that they put her in the middle.

be bullied.

These are all fine, some people even have her in mind and want to use them as tools or even goods to give away to entertain guests. This is simply a bad idea.

Surrounded by all kinds of people with evil intentions, she can only use some methods to show her debauchery and ability to seduce men, so that those who spy on her will be afraid and dare not attack her easily."

This chapter is not over, please click on the next page to continue reading! "The conclusion is not so easy to draw. You can't forcefully explain it just because I mentioned this. These alone are not enough to draw this conclusion. ."

Lin Mo was very satisfied that he could find out these situations so quickly, but it was not enough to draw conclusions based on these alone, so he still poured cold water on it.

"...There are other situations..." Zhang Guangjia spoke quickly and continued: "I found some people who usually have a lot of contact with him but don't have any ideas about him to understand the situation, and some of them are the above.

In addition, I also basically understood her growth experience. Although she eventually took the wrong path, it was not what she appeared on the surface. Before reality forced her to make a mistake, she was the kind of wife who was loyal, loyal and virtuous. However, she was unwilling to do so. Forced, helpless and other reasons, one step was wrong and the other was wrong.

This point has also been revealed from what I learned from the people who asked about it. They were very disgusted and resistant to the side that was shown to the outside world, and basically kept silent about it. This should be able to explain that after he made a mistake, he felt deeply in his heart. There haven't been many changes in my thinking.

In addition, among the people I asked, there are some who can see clearly. They have similar judgments to you, and may even have ideas about him. Among those people, there are probably some who know this, but because of their scruples and the benefits it can bring, It's not that big, so it's not overly forced..."

Later, Zhang Guangjia recounted the detailed information he had obtained through inquiries and inquiries, which was considered to have met Lin Mo's requirements and approved the conclusion reached.

"Yes, I have put a lot of effort and thought into it. The analysis and judgment of the information and the final conclusion are not a big problem. In the future, with more distractions, seeing and hearing may not be credible. You must comprehensively integrate the name and the name." Only the results obtained after reasonable analysis of information clues about the situation can be used as an admissible reference."

"Is it just for reference?" Zhang Guangjia felt a little discouraged after hearing this.

"Of course it's just for reference. It's entirely possible for your opponents and enemies to release false news to mislead and deceive you. Even if the conclusion you get is true, wouldn't your opponents and enemies use these to set up traps?

Remember one sentence, what you know may not be what the enemy wants you to know, and what you do may not be what the enemy would like to see. A single situation clue or even conclusion can only be used as a reference. Specific details How to deal with it requires comprehensive consideration of too many situations."

"...I understand..." After Lin Mo reminded him, Zhang Guangjia realized how shallow some of his ideas were. If he followed some of his ideas, he would probably drown people alive in a ditch.

"Find someone later, continue to follow up, find out his situation, and then monitor and observe him carefully for a while."

"Do you think there may be something wrong with her?" Zhang Guangjia asked a little confused.

Lin Mo shook his head and said: "I just want to check and see if she can be used. If there is no problem, I can recruit her."

"Recruit?" Zhang Guangjia thought for a moment and asked, "Do you want to use his makeup skills to help us conduct disguised investigations? Or teach us?"

"Absolutely!" Lin Mo nodded and replied: "I have recruited people in this field before, but they have a background in theater makeup and special effects. I guess I need to recruit some makeup artists from other categories as supplementary references.

In addition, in order to provide them with relevant research and training students, etc., they were planning to invest money to open a shop, but they also lacked someone who would show up and take care of the business, so she was considered a more suitable person.

Firstly, being able to move among a bunch of people with bad intentions shows that she is very good; secondly, she has been active in Nanjing for a long time and has met a lot of people, so others are not likely to easily make her ideas or doubt her.

What, it can be a good way to deceive others for us."

Zhang Guangjia nodded in agreement. After saying goodbye, Lin Mo went to the wash stand, poured some cold water that was already cold, rinsed hastily, and fell asleep directly. During this period, he was really tired.

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