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Ancestor, stop being stubborn, the universe is going to disappear.

Ancestor, stop being stubborn, the universe is going to disappear.

author:Egg-breaking expert

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:11-15 02:44

Latest chapter:Chapter 756 Do you look down on Brother Gai?

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《Ancestor, stop being stubborn, the universe is going to disappear.》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 756 Do you look down on Brother Gai?
Chapter 755 My friend, you are a bit weak
Chapter 754: Unrivaled Brother, I’m here to pick up the guests
Chapter 753 Why don’t you worship the emperor when you meet him?
Chapter 752 God Emperor? What is that?
Chapter 751 If you can meet us, you are considered awesome.
Chapter 750 Friends, we are professionals in acting
Chapter 749 Who else wants to bully the small?
Chapter 748 Yes, thats the truth
《Ancestor, stop being stubborn, the universe is going to disappear.》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Signing in at the beginning of the Ji Dao Imperial Weapon: Chaos Bell
Chapter 2 Come, one bag per person
Chapter 3 He is... very good at talking.
Chapter 4 Hua Yunfei down the mountain, system version 2.0
Chapter 5 Ancient Holy Body Ye Bufan
Chapter 6 You old guy, you bully the small with your big one, right?
Chapter 7 As the Holy Body, I should overwhelm all enemies in the world
Chapter 8 Sign in and get three drops of the emperor’s essence and blood! The reward for the apprenticeship task is settled.
Chapter 9: Spare your life, hero. I will act like a bull and a horse for you.
Chapter 10 The Pain of Master Tianji
Chapter 11 Anyone who offends my patron sect will be punished no matter how far away they are.
Chapter 12 Hidden Billions of Points
Chapter 13 The Incomplete Dark Night Immortal Body
Chapter 14 Taiyi Sword Art, Taiyi Ancient Emperor
Chapter 15 Gui Mingfu comes to visit, Gui Mingzi comes in person
Chapter 16 The acting just now was really hard.
Chapter 17 While I was getting dressed, you were still wearing crotchless pants.
Chapter 18 Impossible! Absolutely impossible
Chapter 19 Follow the Way and Seek Immortality
Chapter 20 The Sixth of All Members
Chapter 21 The Ghost Underworld was destroyed, and the powerful powers of the Eastern Region were shocked
Chapter 22 The sect’s ancestral land needs fresh blood
Chapter 23: The world is dangerous, saving one's life is the key
Chapter 24 The patron sect needs such talents
Chapter 25 I am so strong, shouldn’t I have a loud tone?
Chapter 26 The young hero has something to say
Chapter 27 I feel that this matter needs long-term consideration
Chapter 28 Black Evil Yin Body, Black Evil Yang Body
Chapter 29 Huang Xuan, Xuan Huang
Chapter 30 Qiankun Dongtian is an actor
Chapter 31 Master, please accept Huang Xuan’s obeisance
Chapter 32 It’s simply inhumane
Chapter 33: Master Tianji wants to kill all the senior brothers?
Chapter 34 The volume is so deep that he looks like a disciple of Tianji Peak
Chapter 35 Is this going out to recruit disciples, or is it purchasing goods?
Chapter 36 Uncle Tianji Master has been here for two months
Chapter 37 Master, he is so powerful?
Chapter 38 The Xuanhuang Emperor’s Mausoleum Appears! The Thirty-Third Sky
Chapter 39 So, they have been living on the grave for these years?
Chapter 40 A new and glorious world is coming
Chapter 41 Signing into the God Realm of Time and Space, ten thousand many years is it?
Chapter 42 The sect’s philosophy is just the word “gou”
Chapter 43 That old guy will never be able to withstand such temptation
Chapter 44 In the future, you will definitely become the new Emperor Xuanhuang
Chapter 45 Master, this disciple wants to dig a grave
Chapter 46 Take money and redeem people
Chapter 47 If people are not good enough, don’t blame the uneven road
Chapter 48 Who is this person? He is so brave
Chapter 49 People and dogs cannot live under the same roof
Chapter 50 This is too stubborn
Chapter 51 Get rid of the general feeling
Chapter 52 Wonderful! So wonderful
Chapter 53 You have to ask those old guys with big tempers if they agree with this
Chapter 54 I don’t believe it
Chapter 55 Are you serious? You deserve to die.
Chapter 56: The brave will be starved to death and the timid will be starved to death
Chapter 57 Why does this person get stronger the more he fights?
Chapter 58 Let’s go to the ancestral mausoleum to invite people
Chapter 59 Is this the ancestral mausoleum?
Chapter 60 My butt is still hurting now
Chapter 61 The more the merrier
Chapter 62 My Dao Heart is Gou
Chapter 63 A loving father and a filial son
Chapter 64 There is a thief
Chapter 65 How can others survive?
Chapter 66 I’m really convinced
Chapter 67 Huge Pit
Chapter 68 How strong can you be?
Chapter 69 This wave is in the atmosphere
Chapter 70 I teach you to never bow your head
Chapter 71 Safety First
Chapter 72 Watch well and study hard
Chapter 73 Don’t worry, wait for me to show my skills
Chapter 74 Sign in to get the second Ji Dao Emperor Weapon
Chapter 75 The scapegoat
Chapter 76: Fellow People
Chapter 77 Dog bites dog
Chapter 78 Uncle Master, go on your way
Chapter 79: Forcing others to make things difficult
Chapter 80 The one whose existence cannot be described
Chapter 81 Call me big brother when you see me in the future
Chapter 82 Who comes first?
Chapter 83 Death at the Speed ??of Light
Chapter 84 A man can bend and stretch
Chapter 85 Your mother ran away with someone
Chapter 86 Is this the confidence that the Dharma-ending era gave you?
Chapter 87 Baby Grandson
Chapter 88 Your master said the same thing
Chapter 89 Who do you look down on?
Chapter 90 Damn it, you came too late
Chapter 91 Arrive
Chapter 92 Ding Lai
Chapter 93 This is my thank you gift
Chapter 94 Ancient Divine Body
Chapter 95 Is this a meeting ceremony?
Chapter 96 Ancient History of the Eucharist
Chapter 97 Farewell
Chapter 98 Big Brother Master
Chapter 99 Thief Organization
Chapter 100 I’m right here, come and kill me
Chapter 101 Sit back and wait.
Chapter 102 The patron sect is not afraid
Chapter 103 Xiao died
Chapter 104 They all call me Gao Fushuai
Chapter 105 Holy Body, Divine Body
Chapter 106 I am the Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 107 Don’t make me jump up and slap you
Chapter 108 The Nine Saints Carrying the Coffin
Chapter 109 Here comes the chicken soup
Chapter 110 Do it with confidence and boldness, the sect will support everything
Chapter 111 Open to fight
Chapter 112 Didn’t you call me to fight?
Chapter 113 It doesn’t matter, I will take action
Chapter 114 Today, the patron sect is destroyed
Chapter 115 Come and eat some too
Chapter 116 I can’t break through the defense
Chapter 117 We are good friends
Chapter 118 You are guaranteed to be satisfied with the compensation matter
Chapter 119 Does our sect have this friend?
Chapter 120 As a friend of the patron sect, she has no obligation to refuse!
Chapter 121 My butt hurts when I think of them...
Chapter 122 Who is not a member of the Supreme Family?
Chapter 123 Are you not taking our Sun Moon God Sect seriously?
Chapter 124 The two big brothers from the Eastern Region were all offended by him!
Chapter 125 The conditions of the two holy places!
Chapter 126 Who is the one who kills a thousand swords?
Chapter 127 No matter who you are, our clan will fight you until death!
Chapter 128 What a big pot!
Chapter 129 I advise you not to make a mistake!
Chapter 130 The migrant worker from Zuling is in emptiness!
Chapter 131 Not just anyone can teach me how to do things!
Chapter 132 How dare you?
Chapter 133 Don’t blame me for not practicing martial ethics!
Chapter 134 This move will be very cool!
Chapter 135 A world where only Brother Ding is injured!
Chapter 136 Looks like we have to shake people off!
Chapter 137 I am your ancestor!
Chapter 138 The ashes are raised for you!
Chapter 139 Sign in to sublimate the origin of the imperial soldiers!
Chapter 140 I am indeed handsome!
Chapter 141 I have nothing to fear when I have a backer!
Chapter 142: You won’t pay for your life if you trick someone!
Chapter 143 The Glazed Lamp of Life and Death!
Chapter 144 Elder Shi has changed his taste?
Chapter 145 Come and hit me, you can’t hit me!
Chapter 146 Junior sister, you stay!
Chapter 147 Dog Meat Hot Pot!
Chapter 148 It’s a small scene, don’t panic!
Chapter 149 Punishment!
Chapter 150 Professional counterpart!
Chapter 151: Get a bowl of Yinpeng bone soup for free if you place a bet!
Chapter 152 The pattern needs to be bigger!
Chapter 153: Talent surpasses Hua Yunfei?
Chapter 154 Dog Meat Vermicelli Soup!
Chapter 155: Human nature!
Chapter 156 How are my acting skills? Have I made any progress?
Chapter 157 Emergency Escape!
Chapter 158 Focus on these elders!
Chapter 159 It’s so cool! It’s so cool!
Chapter 160 Are you still happy?
Chapter 161 Installing the Emperor Level Spirit Gathering Array!
Chapter 162 Yinpeng mount, the patron sect’s front!
Chapter 163 The Patron Sect may not be easy!
Chapter 164: Will you give me this face?
Chapter 165 What a big firework!
Chapter 166 I told you, it wasn’t my Jiang family who did it!
Chapter 167 The Jiang family escapes!
Chapter 168 Shadow Xuan Valley!
Chapter 169 Climb for me!
Chapter 170 The Patron Sect is really working hard!
Chapter 171: Accusing the Patron Sect!
Chapter 172: Close the door and beat the dog!
Chapter 173 How about Brother Ji’s footwork that he has practiced for two and a half years?
Chapter 174 I’m having sex!
Chapter 175 We are brothers from all over the world!
Chapter 176 How much strength is appropriate to reveal?
Chapter 177 I’m coming to see you!
Chapter 178 The Nangong Ancient Clan!
Chapter 179 Why do you have a soft spot for butts?
Chapter 180 The Holy Land of Desolation!
Chapter 181 Where is this bug?
Chapter 182 The Immortal List is opened!
Chapter 183 Tianming Sect!
Chapter 184 The tragic situation of Daoyixian Sect!
Chapter 185 Blind your dog’s eyes!
Chapter 186 Are you teaching me how to do things?
Chapter 187 The arrogant Tao is nothingness!
Chapter 188 Are you disobeying Shanzong?
Chapter 189 The Patron Sect and the Sun and Moon God Sect are protected!
Chapter 190 Let him witness the destruction of the Holy Land with his own eyes!
Chapter 191 The Road to Immortality!
Chapter 192 The Desolate God Emperor!
Chapter 193 Give me back the imperial soldiers!
Chapter 194 Whoever is the MVP will get this spot!
Chapter 195 Brother Zhong save me!!
Chapter 196 Emperor Potian?
Chapter 197 Fahrenheit’s unique skill—a serious punch!
Chapter 198 The Desolation of the Holy Land!
Chapter 199 How about teaching Tian Ming directly...
Chapter 200 Live broadcast!
Chapter 201 I know you are in a hurry, but don’t be anxious yet!
Chapter 202 The Tianming Sect is really too filial!
Chapter 203 Don’t slap me in the face if you can!
Chapter 204 This way requires proficiency and is not easy to master!
Chapter 205 Is there any evidence?
Chapter 206 Brother Ding, if I shout, do you dare to agree?
Chapter 207 Call Brother Ding to come and listen!
Chapter 208 Yin and Yang Chaos Body!
Chapter 209 From what you are saying, it sounds like you are marrying your daughter!
Chapter 210 Exclusively for Lao Liu, used for reasoning!
Chapter 211 Gao Kun is gone! Gao Kun is gone!
Chapter 212 The enemy who was defeated by me does not need to know his name!
Chapter 213 Young Holy Body, Young Emperor!
And Chapter 214 Do you think you are the master?
Chapter 215 Help him achieve higher performance!
Chapter 216 I advise you not to be ignorant of praise!
Chapter 217 What a big brick!
Chapter 218 The Patron Sect is the boss of the Eastern Region, do you still need to remind me?
Chapter 219 Layout!
Chapter 220 Taichu Divine Realm!
Chapter 221 Jiang Ruoyao!
Chapter 222 The cause of death of Emperor Xuanhuang!
Chapter 223 It’s not what you think!
Chapter 224 No one can refuse the happiness of Yin people!
Chapter 225 Why think so much? God has arranged the best!
Chapter 226 Huangzhou is decided by the patron sect. Is there a problem with this? No problem!
Chapter 227 Isn’t there a force that can’t even bring out the quasi-emperor? Isn’t it?
Chapter 228 There is no one he dare not invite to tea!
Chapter 229 It is indeed a performance NO.
The leader of 1 is so eloquent and powerful.
Chapter 230 I’ve advised you, but you can’t blame me if you don’t listen.
Chapter 231 Any worry is a distrust of the sect’s strength.
Chapter 232: Sometimes you are irritated, and sometimes you are happy, and you are always irritated and always happy!
Chapter 233 This sister has a really nice figure, big and round, I like it!
Chapter 234: When I was young, I didn’t know how good my ancestral land was, and I mistakenly regarded the sect as a treasure!
Chapter 235 One person a day!
Chapter 236 The Holy Son’s wedding, all races come to congratulate!
Chapter 237 Together forever!
Chapter 238 We are both fallen people from the end of the world!
Chapter 239 I think they are showing off their wealth, and I have the evidence!
Chapter 240 Who do you think you are? You are a piece of garbage in the realm of heaven and humanity. Are you worthy of letting me leave?
Chapter 241: The Ancient Family? Can that thing withstand a beating?
Chapter 242 Today I will let you know what strength is!
Chapter 243 Is the Chaos Bell stolen?
Chapter 244 Hua Yunfei, come out and die!
Chapter 245 Stop! I’m not familiar with you!
Chapter 246: No more tricks? Then go die!
Chapter 247 Departure to the Demon Realm!
Chapter 248 Senior, how about we sit down and chat?
Chapter 249 This guy is really bad...but I like him!
Chapter 250 Let me tell you!
Chapter 251 You don’t have a future anymore, why are you talking about keeping a thin line?
Chapter 252 The little heavenly realm is so ridiculous!
Chapter 253 I am familiar with this plot!
Chapter 254 This person seems to have abnormal sexual orientation!
Chapter 255 Hurry!
Chapter 256 No matter how good your skills are, you will be knocked down with just one brick!
Chapter 257 When you follow me, you must be steady!
Chapter 258 Execution in public!
Chapter 259 Come in and hit me if you can!
Chapter 260: Surprised or unexpected?
Chapter 261 How about we tie her up together?
Chapter 262 Am I right? Xiaolangjun?
Chapter 263 Wife!
Chapter 264 Brother Fei, stop pretending to yourself!
Chapter 265 Please solve your physical structure problem first, and then come and have sex with me!
Chapter 266 Go back and wait for the news. With me, there will be no accidents!
Chapter 267 Rebirth through reincarnation!
Chapter 268 How should I thank you?
Chapter 269 Heavenly Demon Palace
Chapter 270 All this is because of the relationship with the patron sect!
Chapter 271 If you dare to touch my friend, you will be blinded!
Chapter 272 Brother Zhong is unhappy!
Chapter 273 They are honest, reliable and have the right views!
Chapter 274 She insisted on dying, and I didn’t even stop her!
Chapter 275 From now on, my Taoist companions can only come from the Patron Sect...
Chapter 276 Spring is coming for the disciples of Guoshan Sect!
Chapter 277 Signing in to the Supreme Emperor’s Weapon—the Divine Sword of Taichu!
Chapter 278 Master, I am going to overcome the tribulation!
Chapter 279: You beat one of dozens and let someone escape. Are you still proud?
Chapter 280 As expected of Brother Fei, he always does things steadily!
Chapter 281 I don’t like hearing what you say!
Chapter 282 The Sun and Moon Holy Emperor who has no martial ethics!
Chapter 283: Face? What more face do I need if I’m dead?
Chapter 284 That’s for making soup!
Chapter 285 The King of Time and Space!
Chapter 286 Let me tell you, only fools would wait for us to come!
Chapter 287 I don’t hit women!
Chapter 288 No, I’ll call someone!
Chapter 289 Emperor Xufa!
Chapter 290 Hunting the Great Emperor!
Chapter 291 Brother Ding, let me come, you can’t control it!
Chapter 292 Don’t even look in the mirror to see if you are worthy!
Chapter 293 I’m afraid it’s just a young man…
Chapter 294 The golden age, the wave of spiritual power!
Chapter 295 Who are you looking down on?
Chapter 296 It seems that Tiandao is also very naughty!
Chapter 297 Mr. De is awesome!
Chapter 298: Who doesn’t know how to call someone?
Chapter 299 Why are you so sinister inside and outside your words?
Chapter 300 Disciple Lin Yang, please master to die!
Chapter 301 Busty sister, can I touch you?
Chapter 302 As long as the master doesn’t take action, the disciple still has a chance!
Chapter 303 On the 10086 ways monks can die!
Chapter 304: Every family has its own laws, and every clan has its own rules!
Chapter 305 Unlimited regional teleportation array!
Chapter 306 The second bronze compass!
Chapter 307 What tone are you using when talking to my friend?
Chapter 308: Listen to this junior’s advice, the Gu family cannot control this cause and effect!
Chapter 309 The Gu family’s revenge plan!
Chapter 310 You guys still want to stop Mr. De?
Chapter 311 The secret of the bronze compass!
Chapter 312 It hurts, it hurts too much!
Chapter 313 I just like to see the way you try to kill me but can’t!
Chapter 314 Who hurt my disciple?
Chapter 315 Just think that I farted!
Chapter 316 I still want to pee on their emperor’s corpse!
Chapter 317 Welcome Ancestor!
Chapter 318 The Holy Body cuts off the circuit!
Chapter 319 Are there immortals in the restricted area of ??life?
Chapter 320 I haven’t had enough fun yet! Is there no one left?
Chapter 321 Second Senior Brother, it’s true that you were not a good person in your previous life!
Chapter 322 The Imperial Road Opens!
Chapter 323 If you can’t beat him one on one, then fight in a group!
Chapter 324 A group of little ancestors!
Chapter 325 Sure enough, all members of the Hua family are filial sons. This rumor is absolutely correct!
Chapter 326 The imperial mausoleum of the Sun and Moon Holy Emperor appears!
Chapter 327 Do you really think you are the one surrounding me?
Chapter 328 A group of strange people sneaked into Di Lu!
Chapter 329 The ambition of the Son of the Sun and the Moon!
Chapter 330 I don’t want to hear this a second time, leave the imperial mausoleum and get out!
Chapter 331 If heaven gave birth to him, how could he give birth to Hua Yunfei?
Chapter 332 This butt is nice and soft!
Chapter 333 The real man Duan Wuming!
Chapter 334 Hua Yunfei’s murderous intention!
Chapter 335 Yuzhou Imperial Court is destroyed!
Chapter 336 I seem to have seen Grandma...
Chapter 337 Goodbye Jiang Ruoyao!
Chapter 338 Wait a minute, I’ll kill someone!
Chapter 339 Performance 3!
Chapter 340 This man’s butt is so cocky, I really want to kick him!
Chapter 341 It’s the Master’s Wife!
Chapter 342 Green Tea Bitch!
Chapter 343 In dad’s heart, I am more important than this universe!
Chapter 344 A dishonest person who loves to show off!
Chapter 345 What is breast attack? I call it inspection for you!
Chapter 346 The heaven reveals the celestial phenomena, and the eight trigrams determine the void!
Chapter 347 The formation is broken and the war begins!
Chapter 348 Wake up and find your home is gone!
Chapter 349 Rich woman Jiang Ruoyao!
Chapter 350 The third bronze fragment!
Chapter 351 I will make the decision for you. The imperial court can be destroyed with just a few clicks!
Chapter 352 The advantage is knowing your mistakes, but the disadvantage is not correcting them!
Chapter 353 Evenly divided!
Chapter 354 Sudden farewell!
Chapter 355 Jiang Ruoyao can never show a cowardly expression!
Chapter 356 Hongmeng God Lord Xia Yun!
Chapter 357 Hongmeng Dao Body!
Chapter 358 The unspeakable request!
Chapter 359: Not seeing Yaoyao for one day is like three autumns!
Chapter 360 Little Saint Emperor, Doudou?
Chapter 361 You are responsible for getting beaten, and I am responsible for killing!
Chapter 362: Don’t take me with you if you are pretending...
Chapter 363 I am Cao! Awesome!
Chapter 364 Compared with you, I am like a loser!
Chapter 365 The strongest ancestors gather!
Chapter 366: Is this 'clean' serious?
Chapter 367 Doudou is asking for trouble!
Chapter 368 The empire opens!
Chapter 369 The crisis at the beginning!
Chapter 370 I almost took this joke seriously...
Chapter 371 She, the majestic Lord Hongmeng, is actually conducting a sneak attack...
Chapter 372 Who doesn’t know that everyone in our patron sect is a filial son!
Chapter 373: Why do they behave...a bit like that black-hand organization?
Chapter 374: You must pamper your own disciples!
Chapter 375 Mo Qing, the successor of the true immortal!
Chapter 376 I’m here, don’t worry!
Chapter 377: Being able to receive a flat A from me is a bit of something, but not much!
Chapter 378 I hate people who have no sense of boundaries!
Chapter 379 Those who call the true name can obtain eternal life!
Chapter 380 The patron sect gathers for a group fight!
Chapter 381 Gathering at the Emperor’s Mountain!
Chapter 382 The power of Fairy Xiyue!
Chapter 383 There is a mole, terminate the transaction!
Chapter 384 System, listen to me and thank you...
Chapter 385 The fun begins!
Chapter 386: One versus eight means a group of people versus eight people?
Chapter 387 Purple Qi comes from the east, and thousands of ways join me!
Chapter 388 The blood moon reaches the sky and the sky stealers invade!
Chapter 389 The throne should indeed belong to him!
Chapter 390 Ao Cangtian, Emperor Hongmeng!
Chapter 391 The cultivators of Taichu, their pride will last forever!
Chapter 392 Patron Sect joins the battle!
Chapter 393 Jiang Ruoyao fights the immortal corpse!
Chapter 394 Kill the Four Emperors with one shot! The Patron Sect takes action!
Chapter 395 The power of Si Tian!
Chapter 396: For your sake, I won’t be strict today. Killing him will turn the world upside down!
Chapter 397: The best in ancient and modern times, the emperor was wiped out in a snap!
Chapter 398 If you dare to take action again, I will chase you and kill you!
Chapter 399 My brother is the emperor!
Chapter 400 The Dharma Body of all great emperors in ancient and modern times!
Chapter 401 Art is explosion!
Chapter 402 The Emperor is resurrected in another way!
Chapter 403 Becoming Emperor!
Chapter 404 Opening the Ancestral Temple!
Chapter 405 The Beginning of Despair!
Chapter 406 The ancestor has arrived!
Chapter 407 Overwhelm all enemies!
Chapter 408 Dawn!
Chapter 409 I said it’s over, it’s over, sit down!
Chapter 410 But I am uneducated, so I can conquer the world with just one word!
Chapter 411 The old dog Ao Kun you are referring to?
Chapter 412 There are people on him, many people!
Chapter 413 Why don’t you worship the king?
Chapter 414 Invincible Ao Kun!
Chapter 415 Ancestor gets upper body!
Chapter 416 Who said he is the only one who can exchange things of equal value?
Chapter 417 If you have something to talk about, it’s not too late to flip the table if you really can’t agree!
Chapter 418 Eternal Immortal Body, Jiang Ruoyao wakes up!
Chapter 419 I’m here to send you to death!
Chapter 420 Ao Kun: Am I so popular?
Chapter 421 Either they die together or he dies, choose one!
Chapter 422 It’s not too safe, let me take care of it!
Chapter 423 The Quasi-Emperor Realm disguises itself as the Heavenly Realm, it’s really yours!
Chapter 424 The Spring and Autumn Period is profound and profound. Sao Nian, you haven’t understood it yet, go back and take a look!
Chapter 425 Don’t talk about relationships with them, they just want your life!
Chapter 426: Change clothes and have a feast!
Chapter 427 New Emperor Rotation!
Chapter 428 Hua Yunsheng!
Chapter 429 The 101st leader of Daoyuan Peak!
Chapter 430 Daoyuan Sect!
Chapter 431 The Holy Son of Daoyuan Sect!
Chapter 432 My disciple cannot lose!
Chapter 433 As long as the elder can take one punch without defeating me, I will lose!
Chapter 434: Someone wants to break off the engagement with Hua Yunfei?
Chapter 435 This is all for the sake of continuing the family lineage
Chapter 436 I’m going to kill someone
Chapter 437 Don’t glare at me, my ancestor is about to die, and I am not afraid of anything.
Chapter 438 Tang’s unique skill - entanglement
Chapter 439 It’s Old Ghost Mo
Chapter 440 Nine Deaths Substitute Talisman
Chapter 441: Defeating me is not a skill, but defeating the people behind me is.
Chapter 442 Equivalent Exchange
Chapter 443: After fighting for a lifetime, can’t you just enjoy it?
Chapter 444 I am not a casual person
Chapter 445 Hua Yunfei’s view of immortality
Chapter 446 Meeting the blonde woman
Chapter 447 I am standing in front of you. How do you think I look like before?
Chapter 448 The first day you met me?
Chapter 449 You know how to insult people
Chapter 450 The Sun and Moon Holy Emperor really did something wrong this time
Chapter 451 I don’t know why, but I suddenly want to beat you
Chapter 452 The Depressed Trio of the Sun and Moon Holy Emperors
Chapter 453 He is crazy if he wants to kill us
Chapter 454 There is someone behind me
Chapter 455 I heard that someone wants to compete with me for support?
Chapter 456 The Lost Clan
Chapter 457 Hua Aokun
Chapter 458 Yunfei, your butt is a little gray
Chapter 459 An ancestor is playing hooligans
Chapter 460 Ao Kun did it
Chapter 461 Why are you so arrogant?
Chapter 462 Busty Girl
Chapter 463 Are you sure you’re not motivated by sex?
Chapter 464 The top of the immortal, proud of the world
Chapter 465 Did you say the opposite?
Chapter 466 'Hero'
Chapter 467: Then search, then pretend
Chapter 468: An empty neck meets a white blade
Chapter 469 The atmosphere is here
Chapter 470 You are promising
Chapter 471 Going to the Qi Clan for a meal
Chapter 472 The person you can’t afford to offend
Chapter 473 Please
Chapter 474 Do I look like the Virgin?
Chapter 475 A little attack is already his limit
Chapter 476 The Myth of Invincibility with Double Eyes
Chapter 477 Damn, this young man...
Chapter 478 You understand in seconds
Chapter 479 The long-lost son
Chapter 480 Anti-German Alliance
Chapter 481 The two types of people I hate the most in my life
Chapter 482: I still have to look at his face to act?
Chapter 483 There has never been a Hongmeng Purple Body
Chapter 484 The person in front of me is no longer the same person as before
Chapter 485: Senior, do you know what this is?
Chapter 486 Come see me quickly
Chapter 487 I, Ao Kun, am invincible in the immortal world
Chapter 488 Mayday in the Archaeological World
Chapter 489 Punishment? Posture? So big?
Chapter 490 What is that man’s cultivation level?
Chapter 491 Baby is getting bigger soon
Chapter 492 Simple mind, well-developed limbs
Chapter 493 King Wu scolds him casually, he is shameless
Chapter 494 Take what you like
Chapter 495: Fighting to the death? Are you worthy?
Chapter 496 Can you also make the decision about changing your surname?
Chapter 497: Being slapped leaves a lingering fragrance on the face
Chapter 498 Wude, you are shameless
Chapter 499 Repeat it again, I didn’t hear clearly
Chapter 500 Does your butt stop hurting?
Chapter 501 Basic practices, don’t 6
Chapter 502 The identity of the illegitimate child is confirmed
Chapter 503 Do you like women?
Chapter 504 A strong man locks up a man
Chapter 505 Taye gives you a chance to reorganize your language
Chapter 506: Clean up and wait for me at night
Chapter 507 Nirvana Holy Pool
Chapter 508 Xiao Feifei, I finally see you
Chapter 509 But he wants to fence with himself
Chapter 510 Remember, if you mess with him, you mess with me.
Chapter 511 Her... breasts seem to have gotten bigger
Chapter 512 Gathering at Qinglian Mountain
Chapter 513 The Hunting Begins
Chapter 514 Just one punch
Chapter 515 Do you think you are strong?
Chapter 516 You lost
Chapter 517: So what if the more bullies the less? Are you dissatisfied?
Chapter 518: There is no woman in my heart, I am a natural god when I punch
Chapter 519: Then beat him together?
Chapter 520 Destroy the Saint Academy, immediately, immediately
Chapter 521: Your Saint’s Academy makes it very difficult for me to deal with it.
Chapter 522 If you have the strength, you can really do whatever you want
Chapter 523 I want everything from you
Chapter 524 The Holy Lord of Heaven
Chapter 525: We agreed to act, why do you keep kicking my ass?
Chapter 526: Worthy of the name of 50-50
Chapter 527 Handsome Combination
Chapter 528 What a vicious curse
Chapter 529 Isn’t this a bit immoral?
Chapter 530 How dare he?
Chapter 531: Fire prevention, theft prevention, and protection against the Sun and Moon Holy Emperor
Chapter 532 Hua Yunfei, long time no see
Chapter 533 The Black Hand Organization Appears Again
Chapter 534 Don’t blame senior brother for being cruel, it really hurts when master hits people with fists
Chapter 535 What a beautiful little loli, how about warming your brother’s bed at night?
Chapter 536 Gave you a chance to apologize
Chapter 537 The reality at the bottom
Chapter 538 Kill whoever stirs trouble
Chapter 539 The Imperial Tower Opens
Chapter 540 The sky is falling, the earth is sinking, and the dark horses are born collectively
Chapter 541 Who is Gou?
Chapter 542 Witness a new record
Chapter 543 Was it successful?
Chapter 544 A hundred layers of destruction, the arrival of the emperor
Chapter 545 Cleared?
Chapter 546 Unfortunately, that is not my full strength
Chapter 547 Stand up and stick your butt out
Chapter 548 Master, where are you? This disciple misses you very much
Chapter 549 What are you afraid of? There are many of us
Chapter 550 Take a good look at what you have in your hands
Chapter 551 Damn you, why are you crying?
Chapter 552 He is proud of his wickedness
Chapter 553: If he can stand even after being hit with a stick, I will lose.
Chapter 554 The Way of Emperor Tian
Chapter 555 But can you stop messing with King Wu?
Chapter 556 I am...not clean anymore...
Chapter 557 Poseidon is a love brain
Chapter 558 I know you are, always knew
Chapter 559 Brother Fei, I was wrong
Chapter 560 So white ass
Chapter 561 It’s called ‘Tao’
Chapter 562 Should Gou Hedao be read together?
Chapter 563: If you don’t do good things, why do you want to be a bad person?
Chapter 564 If you want to fight, then call someone
Chapter 565 Is this all there is?
Chapter 566 Fire
Chapter 567 The truth is within the range of the cannon
Chapter 568 They are responsible for Gaga, and Hua Yunfei is responsible for the random killings
Chapter 569 Don’t care about those details
Chapter 570: Trampled to death
Chapter 571 If you dare to touch my disciples, all of them will be buried with you.
Chapter 572 He became famous without doing anything
Chapter 573: It’s not a burden to have too many skills, it’s good to practice one more
Chapter 574 Gou Dao is invincible in the world
Chapter 575: This king is invincible in the immortal world, who is your master?
Chapter 576 Overlooking the fairy world, invincible in ancient and modern times, my name will last forever
Chapter 577: I am the only one invincible in the world of immortality, past and present
Chapter 578 Do you remember my name, Ao Kun?
Chapter 579 I will test your strength
Chapter 580 What a crime
Chapter 581 Wude is here for a visit
Chapter 582 The farmer’s three punches
Chapter 583: Wait until you are invincible before taking action
Chapter 584 Who is lying?
Chapter 585 Unlimited Regional Teleportation Formation
Chapter 586 The Fall of the Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 587 Time and Space Dojo
Chapter 588: Supreme Avenue, Co-Lord of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 589 Battle against the Weak Quasi-Immortal Emperor
Chapter 590 What are you crazy about?
Chapter 591 The Quasi-Immortal Emperor cannot use his methods, so what can he win?
Chapter 592 My name is Wude, Wude’s Wude
Chapter 593 Don’t be the same as before
Chapter 594 I use this life as a guarantee
Chapter 595 The Emperor-Beheading Guillotine
Chapter 596 The sky is stained with blood
Chapter 597 The Empress of Reincarnation
Chapter 598 Hongmeng Dao Sword
Chapter 599 This junior wants to ask the empress to kill me
Chapter 600 Farewell to the Empress of Reincarnation
Chapter 601 Welcome home
Chapter 602 Do you have no place to live?
Chapter 603: Lord Holy Son, please exercise restraint.
Chapter 604 Everything has a sect
Chapter 605 The Ancient Land of Samsara
Chapter 606 This emperor wants to kill everyone
Chapter 607 Hua Yunfei, you don’t follow martial ethics
Chapter 608 Enemy against the Immortal
Chapter 609 The Patriarch’s Secret Technique—The Ancestor’s Upper Body
Chapter 610 Bloodbath in the Ancient Land of Samsara
Chapter 611 The Samsara Beast Clan
Chapter 612 It is forbidden to travel here
Chapter 613 Immortal Battle Body
Chapter 614 It’s the same even if the lights are turned off
Chapter 615 Prepare the pot
Chapter 616: Heat the oil in the pot, this one is braised in brown sauce
Chapter 617 Ao Kun’s Ending
Chapter 618 Ten Years
Chapter 619 Master, this disciple is here to save you
Chapter 620 The Order of Reincarnation
Chapter 621 Grandmaster Fahrenheit Experience Card
Chapter 622 How did you protect me in the past? How will I protect you today?
Chapter 623: The Ceiling of Patron Sect’s Combat Power
Chapter 624 Of course he is your ancestor
Chapter 625 Where is Hua Yunfei? Let him get out and see me.
Chapter 626 Your Daoyuan Sect is very good at playing.
Chapter 627 Can you help me beat him?
Chapter 628 King Peng, King Peng
Chapter 629 Performance Maniac
Chapter 630 My life is at an end
Chapter 631 After finishing this big job, go back to Taichu
Chapter 632 Send away the God of Plague, congratulations to the whole sect
Chapter 633 I really respect Master
Chapter 634 Repairing the Hongmeng Dao Body
Chapter 635 Don’t Become an Immortal
Chapter 636 Asking for help from the lower realm
Chapter 637 You did a good job
Chapter 638 The Emperors Arrive
Chapter 639 There is only one person in this world who can speak to me like this
Chapter 640 The Holy Emperor is Invincible
Chapter 641 I know you are in a hurry, but don’t be anxious yet
Chapter 642 Hua Yunfei’s Shadow
Chapter 643 Jun Ling Tian Xia
Chapter 644 Although Emperor Yun is not here, it is enough that the weapons are there
Chapter 645 Low-profile version of Hua Yunfei
Chapter 646 Three Thousand Dao Fist
Chapter 647 The target is directly in front, fire
Chapter 648 The backing sect is here, Taichu is here
Chapter 649 Heaven Realm
Chapter 650 The little ancestor from the ancestral temple arrives, everyone gets out of the way
Chapter 651 Angel Clan
Chapter 652 Heavenly Plan
Chapter 653 Do you also want to eat barbecue?
Chapter 654 If you really want to win over him, you have to pay more
Chapter 655 Is this Emperor Yun? So handsome
Chapter 656 Come and beat me
Chapter 657 Thanks to the boss for brushing the spaceship, the boss is awesome
Chapter 658: Fight Taichu first
Chapter 659 Come with me
Chapter 660 Creating a Patron Sect
Chapter 661 Even if you are invincible, you will still be ordinary
Chapter 662 Let Emperor Yun come and kill him
Chapter 663 The road has no boundaries
Chapter 664 Instant
Chapter 665 Inviting the young generation of heaven to fight
Chapter 666: Killing until there is no one in the younger generation in heaven
Chapter 667 Anyone can come below the Immortal Realm
Chapter 668 Next
Chapter 669: King of Giants, Ao Kun
Chapter 670 Pushing the heaven and earth with one hand, there will be heaven if I am Ao Kun
Chapter 671 The Arrival of the Ancestor
Chapter 672 The Strongest Person in Hell
Chapter 673 What a raging momentum
Chapter 674 No difference
Chapter 675: All the great emperors in ancient and modern times
Chapter 676 The Four Hundred and Eighty-Six Great Emperor's Dharma Body
Chapter 677: Mutation in the Forbidden Land of Reincarnation
Chapter 678 Son of Heaven
Chapter 679 He is the ancestor of my family
Chapter 680 It’s really here
Chapter 681: Powerful and overwhelming
Chapter 682 What is the end of reincarnation...
Chapter 683 Return to the Immortal Realm
Chapter 684 Confronting Ao Kun
Chapter 685: Laughing at you for being a tsundere
Chapter 686 Great Mobilization in the Immortal Realm
Chapter 687 Poseidon’s Family Bucket
Chapter 688 Martial Arts, Get Out
Chapter 689 I am now a real giant king.
Chapter 690 Disciple, get the trident
Chapter 691 I’ll kill you, you bastard
Chapter 692 The melee between kings
Chapter 693 All kings appear together, reflecting the heavens
Chapter 694 Conference of Kings
Chapter 695 The direction of the world war
Chapter 696 The Emperor of Heaven returns?
Chapter 697: Wanting to be the Commander-in-Chief
Chapter 698 What did you just say?
Chapter 699 Gou Reappears
Chapter 700 I can only say that I am somewhat certain
Chapter 701 Cause and Effect Chess, Whole Map Positioning
Chapter 702 President Shuai, don’t tell me that you are from the Black Hand Organization
Chapter 703 The Black Hand Organization has my people
Chapter 704 Let’s talk about it later...
Chapter 705: When did the immortal world become so brave?
Chapter 706: Victory in the Immortal Realm
Chapter 707 If they dare to push, we will start to complain.
Chapter 708 If I spoil you, I will be your father
Chapter 709 I ask, you answer, understand?
Chapter 710 Who is not moved by this?
Chapter 711 You can’t persuade someone who wants to die
Chapter 712: Run, there’s a mole inside
Chapter 714 I’m not interested in your two ounces of meat
Chapter 715 Yaoyao is in danger
Chapter 716 Find Li Wanji and kill him
Chapter 717 Killing on the Eternal Island
Chapter 718 Hua Yunfei’s head seems to be green...
Chapter 719 I have a picture in my mind
Chapter 720 Playing a big knife in front of Guan Gong
Chapter 721 Impossible, this is impossible
Chapter 722 You can’t imagine the power of Guoshan Sect
Chapter 723 Just stand there and don’t move, otherwise there’s no guarantee what will happen.
Chapter 724: Old dog, are you deceiving me that there is no one in the fairy world?
Chapter 725 Do you know what the patron sect is?
Chapter 726 Whoever likes this anger will suffer
Chapter 727 The Patriarch’s Secret Technique—Fair Trading
Chapter 728 This emperor is going to kill you in seconds
Chapter 729 Even if he hides in the arms of the Immortal Emperor, I will crush him to death
Chapter 730 I hope they will like this gift
Chapter 731 Surrounding Endless Island
Chapter 732 You bitch, what are you looking at?
Chapter 733 How about it, my master is very strong, right?
Chapter 734: Just shoot it into the soul, right?
Chapter 735: Bullying me that there is no one in the fairy world?
Chapter 736 Pushing the world with one hand, my name is Ao Kun and shines in the world
Chapter 737 The Ultimate Ancient Land
Chapter 738 The right thing, the right person
Chapter 739 Eternal Immortal Ancestor
Chapter 740 Old dog, let me show you a treasure
Chapter 741 You messed with the wrong person from the beginning
Chapter 742 Tell me, how do you want to die?
Chapter 743 Tell me, how do you want to die?
Chapter 744 Single fight or group fight?
Chapter 745 Is the Immortal Emperor strong?
Chapter 746 There is no future in Daoyuan Peak
Chapter 747 Master, I love you
Chapter 748 Yes, thats the truth
Chapter 749 Who else wants to bully the small?
Chapter 750 Friends, we are professionals in acting
Chapter 751 If you can meet us, you are considered awesome.
Chapter 752 God Emperor? What is that?
Chapter 753 Why don’t you worship the emperor when you meet him?
Chapter 754: Unrivaled Brother, I’m here to pick up the guests
Chapter 755 My friend, you are a bit weak
Chapter 756 Do you look down on Brother Gai?