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transgressive cross

transgressive cross

author:The Seven Deadly Sins of Love

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:10-10 12:06

Latest chapter:Chapter 6: Conversation between the science side and the magic side

An unlucky guy who was crushed to death by a cross, when he woke up again, he found that he was enshrined as a statue, and he had someone else's body. It was only when he fled later that he realized that he was in a certain anime world , where he or she will go in the future, he or she is completely unpredictable... I declare in advance that this article is a transformation article, if you don't like it, don't enter it, if you don't like it, please just press the fork in the upper right corner. I am a novice, before writing this article When I was writing, I had a part of my thoughts on practicing pens, so please forgive me if the writing is not good.

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《transgressive cross》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 6: Conversation between the science side and the magic side
Chapter 17: The end of the teaching, the final winner, a summer?
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Chapter 16, duel white, guerrilla knight, first battle!
Chapter 5: The Doll's Devotion
Chapter 4: Reorganization of the Order, Allegiance, Oaths and Intrigues
Chapter 3: The Movement of the Holy See and the Reappearance of the Knights
Chapter 2: Identity Reveal and Returning Hoax
Chapter 1: Black and White on the Balcony
《transgressive cross》Chapter Contents
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Chapter 1: The Night of the Girl's Escape (two chapters in one)
Chapter 2: The Redheaded Father and the Head-biting Nun of the Intercept
Chapter 3: World Exile and Noble Phantasm Birth
Chapter 4: Heroic Spirit Summoning and Holy Grail War
Chapter 5: Illegal Summons and After-Meal Exercises (2 in 1)
Chapter Six: That's Right! It's the Smoke and the Butternut War
Chapter 7: Saber's guess and the truth
Chapter 8: The arrival of Dongmu City, the beginning of zero
Chapter 9: Beginning, the Battle of the Eastwood Bridge (Part 1)
Chapter 10: Ongoing, the Battle of the Eastwood Bridge (Part 2)
Chapter Eleven: The End, the Battle of the Eastwood Bridge (Part 2)
Chapter Twelve: Appearance of the Last Servant
Chapter Thirteen: I am not Joan of Arc!
Chapter Fourteen: The Stalker of the Night
Chapter 15: Caster Crusade (Part 1)
Chapter 16: Caster Crusade (Part 2)
Chapter 17: Caster Crusade (Part 2)
Chapter Eighteen: The King's Banquet
Chapter Nineteen: The Holy Grail of Kings
Chapter 20: The Way of the Kings
Chapter 21: The King's Army and the Temptation from the King of Heroes
Chapter 22: The doomed result
Chapter 23: New Stronghold
Chapter 24: Ilya's Temple
Chapter 25: Magic, Magic and Sad Past
Chapter 26: The Battle of Healing and Reopening
Chapter 27: Fighting Caster Again
Photo 28: Gather four servants
Chapter 29: Crisis and Illya's Plan
Chapter 30: Kiritsugu's Plan and Ellie's Choice
Chapter 31: Magic Cannon Girl Illya
Chapter 32: Saber, do you want to restore your strength?
Chapter 33: Lancer's stronghold
Chapter 34: Arrival of Kiritsugu, the duel is interrupted
Chapter 35: Contract and Duel Reopening
Chapter 36: Saber, the girl with the magic gun (no mistake)
Chapter 37: Intimate Conversation and Physical Crisis
Chapter 38: Healing and Illya's Hesitation
Chapter 39: Girls' Topics
Chapter 40: Ellie's play and Illya's revenge
Chapter 41: Tohsaka's Alliance Request
Chapter 42: The gap before the meeting
Chapter 43: Illya the housekeeper
Chapter 44: Illya's planning and reconnaissance
Chapter 45: The Hidden Berserker
Chapter 46: Elijah's Mischief
Chapter 47: Conversation with rider
Chapter 48: Two Minutes of Despair
Chapter 49: Hints from Good and Evil
Extras: Elijah Allen Stein Trumbell
Extras: Elijah Allen Stein Trumbell II
Chapter 50: Crazy Illya
Chapter 51: The magic runaway, the self-destructing Illya
Chapter 1: The Soul Returns to the Stupidity of the Moon World 9
Chapter 2: Two idiots~Two idiots~Run fast~
Chapter 3: Regression Methods and Sleepy Cats
Chapter 4: Souls Targeted by Good and Evil
Chapter 5: Abduction of Gaia and Eastwood Disaster Remembrance Day
Chapter 6: Clock Tower Prank Ghost and Puppet Master Cang Qi Chengzi
Chapter 7: Transactions and Intelligence of the Eye of Death
Chapter 8: Possessed dolls and underwear, don't you wear them?
Chapter 1: Ilyas Fel's Call and Gaia's Mistake
Chapter 2: For Victory! For Faith! Fight!
Chapter 3: Twelve Trials vs Magic Regeneration (Part 1)
Chapter 4: Twelve Trials vs Magic Regeneration (Part 2)
Chapter 5: The Arrival of the Berserker and the Departure of Gaia
Chapter 6: Set off early with Dongmu City, arrive!
Chapter 7: Two unlucky passers-by
Chapter 8: Invading Emiya's Mansion and Tea Is Not Drinkable
Chapter 9: Peeping Loli and Shirou Didn't Have Dinner
Chapter 10: Quiz and Awake Tigers Are Sick Cats
Chapter 11: Redemption Matou Sakura and Unmarried Live Together (Mist)
Chapter 12: Matou Sakura's Gratitude and Cyborg's Sorrow
Chapter Thirteen: Ilyas Fel's Thoughts and the Return of Gaia
Chapter Fourteen: Loli's Total War and the Treaty of Illya
Chapter 15: The Fifth Holy Grail War, the beginning!
Chapter 16: The Night of Fate that Really Begins
Chapter 17: Fight! Fight! Girls!
Chapter 18: The Powerful Rin and the Twisted Battle Situation
Chapter 19: The Miscalculated Saber and the Akahara Hound
Chapter 20: Exit, Alliance and Cohabitation
Chapter 21: Loli War Reopening and Sakura's Call
Chapter 22: The Book of Meeting with Sakura Matou and the False Minister
Chapter 23: The Scumbag Shinji and the Archer
Chapter 24: Food and Identity
Chapter 25: Illya! Gaia calls you home for dinner!
Chapter 26: Disturbance and Promise and the Morning of the Emiya Family
Chapter 27: Shirou's Crisis and Game City and Re-Encounter Crisis
Chapter 28: The Crisis at Hokunhara High School
Chapter 29: Illya's help and caster
Chapter Thirty; Space Ability and Shirou's Command Spell
Chapter 31: Illya Outbreak and Archer Tips
Chapter 32: The Holy Grail War is just a game
Chapter 33: The End of Liudong Temple and Tohsaka Rin's Iron Fist
Chapter 34: The Emiya Family's Morning and Last Night's Conversation
Chapter 35: Alliance and Noble Phantasm Reappearance
Chapter 36: Restriction of Reproduction and Information Disclosure
Chapter 37: Elijah's Dream
Chapter 38: Elijah's Plan
Chapter 39: The lancer joins the battle and rides the reins
Chapter 40: Command Spell Deprivation and Two Magic Spears
Chapter 41: Illya's explanation
Chapter 42: The Lion Muppet Battle Plan
Chapter 43: Caster's Choice
Chapter 44: Duel between Emiya Shirou and Hero Emiya
Chapter 45: The Talisman of Breaking All Laws
Chapter 46: Archer's death
Chapter 47: Elijah's Absolute Oath
Chapter 48: Sakura's Heart
Chapter 49: The Night of the Advent of the Holy Grail
Chapter 50: The meeting of the three kings, the beginning of the war
Chapter 51: The Optical Flow of Archer Appearance and Retreat
Chapter 52: The Return of the Inherent Enchantment
Chapter 53: Unrepentant Heart of Faith
Chapter 54: The Lost King of Heroes
Chapter 55: Not the end of the end
Chapter 1: The Imperial Princess, Illya, is here!
Chapter 2: is special machine, dragon knight, login!
Chapter 3: The only man, Zhiban Yixia, report here!
Chapter 4: childhood sweetheart, Xiao Zhizhi?, Appear!
Chapter 5: Representative Candidate, Cecilia, Enter!
Chapter 6: Dorm Chaos, 1029, Cohabitation!
Chapter 7: World Influence, Penglai, Assimilation!
Chapter 8: The Royal Industry, Refenniway, Rise!
Chapter 9: Class representative, three-person campaign, fierce battle!
Chapter 10, Dr. Is, Shino's Bundle, Doubt!
Chapter Eleven: Lunch Break, Chinese Meals, Identity!
Chapter 12: is theory, one summer for help, kendo!
Chapter thirteen: is duel, white debut, review!
Chapter 14: The first battle of is, one summer growth, the middle plan!
Chapter 15: Snowflake Type II, the tide of battle is reversed, the outcome?
Chapter 1: Black and White on the Balcony
Chapter 2: Identity Reveal and Returning Hoax
Chapter 3: The Movement of the Holy See and the Reappearance of the Knights
Chapter 4: Reorganization of the Order, Allegiance, Oaths and Intrigues
Chapter 5: The Doll's Devotion
Chapter 16, duel white, guerrilla knight, first battle!
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Chapter 17: The end of the teaching, the final winner, a summer?
Chapter 6: Conversation between the science side and the magic side