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Film and television started from Yan Jiecheng in the Siheyuan

Film and television started from Yan Jiecheng in the Siheyuan

author:i am six fish

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:07-20 05:27

Latest chapter:Chapter 38 Confession fails

After staying up all night and dying suddenly, Yan Jiecheng's soul wandered through the courtyard, and followed Yan Jiecheng to experience the real world of film and television... (Not extreme, not the Virgin)

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《Film and television started from Yan Jiecheng in the Siheyuan》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 38 Confession fails
Chapter 37 Almost Collapse
Chapter 36 Become a substitute again
Chapter 35 Discovery and Tracking
Chapter 34 The game is coming
Chapter 33 Arrange a blind date
Chapter 32 Return to the courtyard
Chapter 31 A date between two people
Chapter 30 Want to start a business
《Film and television started from Yan Jiecheng in the Siheyuan》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Rebirth Yan Xiecheng
Chapter 2 System
Chapter 3 The first acquaintance with the thief
Chapter 4 Shichahai
Chapter 5 Yan Bugui's Weekend
Chapter 6 Liu Guangqi's Marriage
Chapter 7 Liu Guangqi ran away
Chapter 8 Silly Pillar Blind Date
Chapter 9 High School Entrance Exam
Chapter 10 Learning Martial Arts
Chapter 11 Start of School
Chapter 12 Military Training
Chapter 13 Taobao
Chapter 14 Half a Year
Chapter 15 Spring Festival
Chapter 16 Qin Huairu is pregnant again
Chapter 17 Jia Dongxu is gone
Chapter 18 Current Situation of Jia Family
Chapter 19 Issuance of Industrial Coupons
Chapter 20 Silly Pillar Accompanying Childbirth
Chapter 21 The Widow Enters the Factory
Chapter 22 The Widow goes to work
Chapter 23 The Black Market
Chapter 24: The Yan Family Can't Be Overwhelmed
Twenty-fifth first day of work
Chapter 26 The matchmaker comes to the door, and the silly pillar is envious
Chapter 27 Blind Date Yu Li
Chapter 28 Figure You Still Don't Take a Bath When You're Old
Chapter 29 Yan Bugui on the line
Chapter 30 Yan Bugui buys a bicycle
Chapter 31 Go to Xu Damao's house for a drink
Chapter 32 Being Targeted
Chapter 33 Eat Hot Pot in Snow
Chapter 34 Go to Li's House
Chapter thirty-five four people
Chapter Thirty-Six Young Knowing Widows
Chapter 37 Brainwashing Silly Column
Chapter 38 Silly Zhu blind date widow
Chapter 39 How to see you
Chapter 40: Yu Li Comes to the Courtyard
Chapter 41 Photography
Chapter 42: Don't Picture Village Flowers
Chapter 43: All Blame Jia Dongxu
Chapter 44 - Shabu-shabu mutton
Chapter 45 Drinking mutton soup
Chapter 46 Xu Damao hunting
Chapter 47 Scarf
Chapter 48 Skating
Chapter 49 Yan Jiefang looking for a job
Chapter 50 Old Hen Soup
Chapter 51 Another year
Chapter 52 Marriage
Chapter 53 Why are the flowers so red
Chapter 54 Food
Chapter 55 Back to the Door
Chapter 56 Classmates Gather
Chapter 57: Invite Silly Zhu to Drink
Chapter fifty-eight fighting widows endless fun
Chapter 59 Sweet and Sour Fish
Chapter 60 Flirting
Chapter 61 Widows are so attractive to men
Chapter 62 Lost the spirit
Chapter 63 Fat Son
Chapter 64 Salary Turnover
Chapter 65: Little Smart Ghost
Chapter 66 Stewed Rooster Soup
Chapter 67 Eat melon
Chapter 68 Popcorn
Chapter 69 Yu Haitang Comes to the Siheyuan
Chapter 70 Play
Chapter 71 The Rolling Mill Watching Movies
Chapter 72 I want to go back to the countryside
Chapter 73 Yu Li is pregnant
Chapter 74 Xu Lou Quarrel
Chapter 75: Good or Bad
Chapter 76 Rewards
Chapter 77 Qin Jingru Enters the Quadrangle
Chapter 78 Xu Damao and other Qin Jingru
Chapter 79 The most terrifying thing is the human heart
Chapter 80 Going on a Business Trip
Chapter 81 Arrangements
Chapter 82 Preparation before departure
Chapter 83 In Tianjin
Chapter 84 Specialties
Chapter 85 Bamboo Shoots Fried Pork
Chapter 86
Chapter 87 Watching Movies at the Branch
Chapter Eighty-Eighth
Chapter 89 The Siheyuan Locks the Door
Chapter 90 Xu Damao walks away
Chapter 91 Cause and Effect
Chapter 92 The wisest is the widow
Chapter 93 Buying a Radio
Chapter 94 Partner Bullying Xu Damao
Chapter 95: Da Mao wants to have a child
Chapter 96 The Second Room
Chapter 97 Family Conflicts
Chapter 98: Reflect on it
Chapter 99 Qin Jingru Comes to the Siheyuan
Chapter 100 Sleepover
Chapter 101 Crib
Chapter 102: The Battle of the Factory Managers
Chapter 103 Deaf old lady fractured
Chapter 104 Raising a Child Experience
Chapter 105 Braised Pork for Cabbage
Chapter 106 Yi Zhonghai Stupid Zhu Quarrel
Chapter 107 is a person who does great things
Chapter 108: Extinct Concentration Camp
Chapter 109 Offending Yi Zhonghai
Chapter 110 A dozen silly columns
Chapter 111 Two big mouths
Chapter 112 Celebration Wine
Chapter 113 Influence
Chapter 114 Silly Zhu has been thinking about ten years
Chapter 115 Capture Bao Yi Zhonghai
Chapter 116 Prestige Lost
Chapter 117 Get together
Chapter 118: Going to the Countryside
Chapter 119 Divorce
Chapter 120 Persuasion
Chapter 121 Find an old widower
Chapter 122 This is really filial
Chapter 123 Second Marriage
Chapter 124 Go to the hospital for examination
Chapter 125 There are no men in the Jia family
Chapter 126 Passing
Chapter 127 Two dozen idiots
Chapter 128: Relationship
Chapter 129 The eldest son
Chapter 130 Being a Daddy
Chapter 131 Almost Stolen
Chapter 132 Theres really nothing wrong with it
Chapter 133 Silly Zhu is getting married
Chapter 134 Yi Zhonghai fainted
Chapter 135 Having sons and daughters
Chapter 136: Sticky Stealing Food
Chapter 137 How do you want to compensate?
Chapter 138 Reliable News
Chapter 139 Overjoyed
Chapter 140 The reputation of the courtyard is ruined
Chapter 141 Yan Bugui comes to visit
Chapter 142 Sister-in-law works
Chapter 143 Raising a son for someone else
Chapter 144 Yu Haitangs partner
Chapter 145 Taking the blame
Chapter 146 Abort the child
Chapter 147 Breaking off the Engagement
Chapter 148 Yang Weimin goes to Yus house
Chapter 149 Escape
Chapter 150 Ten pounds of pork
Chapter 151 Leadership
Chapter 152 Yu Haitang borrows money
Chapter 153 Want to be Jia Dongxu
Chapter 154 Hitting the fool again
Chapter 155 Warehouse
Chapter 156: Big Difficulty
Chapter 157 temporary construction
Chapter 158 Reform and Opening
Chapter 159 Buying a House
Chapter 160 Moving
Chapter 161 Pets
Chapter 162 Yu Haitang Unemployed
Chapter 163 Buy a house again
Chapter 164 Little White Flower
Chapter 165 Mid-Autumn Festival
Chapter 166 I also want to buy a house
Chapter 167 Southern Purchase
Chapter 168 Clothing Store
Chapter 169 Opening a Restaurant
Chapter 170 Double Standard
Chapter 171 Reselling gasoline
Chapter 172 Don't come to the house
Chapter 173 How to save people
Chapter 174 Blame you
Chapter 175 Practice the trumpet
Chapter 176 Lou Hui Courtyard
Chapter one hundred and seventy seventh
Chapter 178 Want to work in a hotel
Chapter 179 Go to the hospital
Chapter 180 Second Uncle joins in
Chapter 181 Please Nanny
Chapter 182 Conversation
Chapter 183 Want to borrow money
Chapter 184 Is it extinct?
Chapter 185 After
Chapter 186 Nanny Xiaocui
Chapter 187 The return of the stick
Chapter 188 face and heart discord
Chapter 189 Learn to cook with me
Chapter 190 Want to publish
Chapter 191 Eight hundred sheets
Chapter 192 Fear of being alone
Chapter 193 Comparison
Chapter one hundred and ninety fourth feast
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety-fifth School Entrance Banquet
Chapter 196 Jia Zong Xie Cai
Chapter 197 Little Help
One hundred and ninetieth eight chapters troubles
Chapter 199 Lou is here again
Chapter 200 Arrangements
Chapter 201 blowing each other
Chapter 202 All fainted
Chapter 203 Visiting the sick
Chapter 204 The Heir
Chapter 205 Looking for someone
Chapter 206 Arrest
Chapter 207 Rain comes to notify
Chapter 208: Immortal
Chapter 209 Time flies
Chapter 210 Fighting for a house
Chapter 211 Looking for a job again
Chapter 212 Doing Trade
Chapter 213 Stepfather
Chapter 214 Return
Chapter 215 Clearly
Chapter 216 Uncle He
Chapter 217 Threat
Chapter 218 Lore
Chapter 219 Gap
Chapter 220 Epilogue
Chapter 1 being pointed at a gun
Chapter II Reform through Labor
Chapter 3 Meeting
Chapter 4 foil
Chapter 5 Reason
Chapter 6: Seeking the Secretary for Food
Chapter 7 Raising Pigs
Chapter 8 Entering the City
Chapter 9 Yuanxi Primary School
Chapter 10 Canzi Village Production Team
Chapter 231 Your aunt has the final say
Chapter 232 Humanity and Sophistication
Chapter 13 Going to the mountains to herd sheep
Chapter 14 Orchid Persuades Shao An
Chapter 15 Returning to Her Mother's Home
Chapter 16 The King of the Line Hammer
Chapter 17 Bring the whole family into the city
Chapter 18 Long Insights
Chapter 19 Learning Skills
Chapter 20 Expanding the Scale
Chapter 21 I want it all
Chapter 22 The two are tired of seeing
Chapter 23 Unintentional Loss
Chapter Twenty-Four
Chapter 25 Happy
Chapter 26 Digging a Pit
Chapter 27 The most beautiful boy
Chapter 28 Artificial Drip Irrigation
Chapter 29 Conflict
Chapter 30: A Word
Chapter 31 Commune Office
Chapter 32: Sadness to Death
Chapter 33 Night Patrol
Chapter 34 Oil Splashing on the Noodles
Chapter 35 Attack
Chapter 36: Didn't Go Back
Chapter 37 Beaten
Chapter 38 Orchid asks for leave
Chapter 39 Asking for good health
Chapter 40 Sun Family Timely Rain
Chapter 41 Picked it up
Chapter 42: The Wisher Takes the Hook (Month)
Chapter 43 Selling miserably
Chapter 44 A team member meeting
Chapter 45: Each Break
Chapter 46: Courtesy to People
Chapter 47: Promise
Chapter 48 Busy
Chapter 49 Sending moon cakes
Chapter 50 Anger
Chapter 51 Going to the city to buy a car
Chapter 52 Go to school again
Chapter 53 Need help
Chapter 54 Cycling back to the village
Chapter 55: Pour cold water
Chapter fifty-six also willing
Chapter 57 Come to the Hammer
Chapter 58 Acquisition Station
Chapter fifty-ninth debt free
Chapter 60 Wedding
Chapter 61 Killing Chickens and Goats
Chapter 62 Eating to sin
Chapter 63 Stone Ge Festival Tony
Chapter 64: Art is Explosion
Chapter 65: More than 300 days
Chapter 66 Need money to spend
Chapter 67 Revealing
Chapter 68 Sun Family Meeting
Chapter sixty-ninth
Chapter 70 What to open
Chapter 71 Involuntarily
Chapter 72 Two-level reversal
Chapter 73 Vacancy
Chapter 74 All Help
Chapter 75 Going out
Chapter 76 The Book of God
Chapter 77 No Goods
Chapter 78 Copying
Chapter 79 Midwife
Chapter 80: Rejoice
Chapter 81 Drunk
Chapter 82 Quarrel
Chapter 83: Fleeing
Chapter 84 Don't be jealous
Chapter 85 Irony
Chapter 86 Waste
Chapter 87 Strange King Manyin
Chapter 88 Reversal
Chapter 89 Second change
Chapter 90 More and more lively
Chapter 91 Treatment in the Village
Chapter 92 Article 3
Chapter 93 is a ruthless man
Chapter 94 Bring it back
Chapter 95 College Students
Chapter 96 It's a pity
Chapter 97 Prepare to question
Chapter 98 Exactly the same
Chapter 99 Get what you want
Chapter 100 Scared
Chapter 101 Wonderful
Chapter 102 Active
Chapter 103 Persuasion
Chapter 104 Action
Chapter 105 on the road
Chapter 106 Monkey acridine
Chapter 107 Peer
Chapter 108 well aware
Chapter 109 Follow me
Chapter 110 Think about it
Chapter 111 Xiulian and Orchids
Chapter 112 It's time to pay back
One hundred and thirteenth chapter income
Chapter 114: Set up a factory
Chapter 115 To be apprentice
Chapter 116 Decision
Chapter 117 There are differences
Chapter 118 Modernization
Chapter 119 Change
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty as if there was none
Chapter 121: The status of orchids is improved
Chapter 122: Decisive
Chapter 123 Proposal to split the family
Chapter 124 Orchid Perception
Chapter 125 Urgently
Chapter 126 Double Standard
Chapter 127: A Back to Shuangshui Village
Chapter 128 Our family is not separated
Chapter 129 Xiulian's Ordinary
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty: Nothing to Be Diligent
Chapter 131 Come to the gas
Chapter 132 The next generation
Chapter 133 Sun Weihong
Chapter 134: The Second Return to Shuangshui Village
Chapter 135: Big City Relatives
Chapter 136 The brain is hot and turning fast
Chapter 137 Find a little sister-in-law
Chapter 138 Find you one
Chapter 139 It's you
Chapter 140 Scared of Sun Shaoping
Chapter 141 TV
Chapter 142: Imperceptibly
Chapter 143 Don't let it go
Chapter 144: Completion
Chapter 145: Gorgeous Transformation
Chapter 146 No one pays attention
Chapter 147: It's all about relationships
Chapter 148 Only one left
Chapter 149 Barely win-win
Chapter 150 The Widow With Children
Chapter 151 College Students Return to the Village
Chapter 152: Hoop Cave Marry Auntie
Chapter 153 Whimsical
One hundred and fifty-four chapters of life
Chapter 155: Expand the scale
Chapter 156 Sensation
Chapter 157 Unexpected
Chapter 158: Persuading people to be generous
Chapter 159: Not yet dead
Chapter 160: A Big Somersault
Chapter 161 stalemate
Chapter 162 to relocate
Chapter 163: Men are weak and women are strong
Chapter 164 Find a factory manager
Chapter 165 Moral Kidnapping
Chapter 166 Iron Rice Bowl
Chapter 167 has an idea
Chapter 168 Ignored
Chapter 169 Beijing Jeep
Chapter 170: Bigger and Stronger
Chapter 171: The status is worrying
Chapter 172 The old peasant thought
Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Three I'm Good To Say
Chapter 174 The winner of life
Chapter 175 I want to hoop the kiln again
Chapter 176 Don't be in a hurry
Chapter 177 is too much
Chapter 178: Trouble eating out
Chapter 179 Picking up a bargain
Chapter 180 No regrets
Chapter 1 Born to be enemies
Chapter 2 Being urged to marry
Chapter 3 First time at the tavern
Chapter 4 Buying Fabrics
Chapter 5 Self-cultivation of licking dogs
Chapter 6 Years Ago
Chapter 7 Angry
Chapter Eight
Chapter 9 The confrontation between the two women
Chapter 10 I Can't Hold It
Chapter 11 Questioning Xu Huizhen
Chapter 12 Lao Sun and Xu Huizhen
Chapter Thirteen Lame
Chapter Fourteen
Chapter 15 Refusal to be inspected
Chapter 16 Agree and Disagree
Chapter 17 A Blockbuster
Chapter Eighteen
Chapter 19 Fan Can't figure it out
Chapter 20 Correction
Chapter 21 Two slaps
Chapter 22 Drive away Liao Yucheng
Chapter 23 Three Trials
Chapter 24: Each Break
Chapter 25 Concealing Each Other
Chapter 26 Fan Ma and Chen Xueru
Chapter 27 I can go to you
Chapter 28 Being overcast in the unit
Chapter 29 What can it mean
Chapter 30 Celebrate
Chapter 31 Help
Chapter 32 Chat with Lao Sun
Chapter 33 Call Dad
Chapter 34 is a second person
Chapter Thirty-Five
Chapter 36 Anxiety
Chapter Thirty-Seven
Chapter 38 Slightly better
Chapter 39 Why Eccentric
Chapter 40 Like a Hanhan
Chapter 41 Drinking all the time
Chapter 42 Raised one level
Chapter 43 A useful tool
Chapter 44: Again
Chapter 45: Mysterious and mysterious
Chapter forty-six really outrageous
Chapter 47 The relationship between entrusting a wife and offering a child
Chapter 48 I want to go too
Chapter 49: Stabilize the Tool Man
Chapter 50 Just be generous
Chapter 51: I'm going to be bald
Chapter fifty-two
Chapter 53 Childish
Chapter 54: Wealth and Silk Touching the Heart
Chapter 55: Lord Pian Er was fooled
Chapter 56 Earning favors
Chapter 57 Asking for food and money
Chapter fifty-eight whether to check
Chapter 59 Cannibalism
Chapter 60: Dumping the Grain
Chapter 61 Don't get used to them
Chapter 62 You want to be the director too
Chapter 63 Finally Encountered
Chapter 64 The reason is found
Chapter 65 Find Two Guarantees
Chapter 66 The old lady wants to work
Chapter 67 Unable to grasp
Chapter sixty-eight of the use of brother-in-law
Chapter 69 A Little Fatty
Chapter 70 Swagger
Chapter 71 Uncle is rich
Chapter 72 The First Fire
Chapter 73 Immediate results
Chapter 74 Excuse me
Chapter 75 The Three Villains
Chapter 76 I did this business
Chapter 77 Half a lifetime
Chapter 78: Call the Sons Back
Chapter 79 Two sons
Chapter 80 Don't Go Out
Chapter 81: Different Circumstances
Chapter 82 It's Really Not Worth It
Chapter 83 I Don't Refute You
Chapter 84 The depth of love
Chapter 85: Talking in detail
Chapter 86 You have a story and I have wine
Chapter 87 Move tomorrow
Chapter 88 Surprised by surprise
Chapter 89 Why is the heart so big
Chapter 90 The butt decides the head
Chapter 91 Borrowed for use
Chapter 92 I can't find a daughter-in-law
Chapter 93 What to do after graduation
Chapter 94: Too Much Pressure
Chapter 95 What are we going to do?
Chapter 96: Let her be stunned
Chapter 97 Demanding beauty
Chapter 98 He did nothing
Chapter 99 With the first hand
Chapter One Hundred
Chapter 101 The report went
Chapter One Hundred and Two
Chapter One Hundred and Three
Chapter 104 This is the arrangement
Chapter 105 Almost got slapped
Chapter 106 The happiness of sister flowers
Chapter 107 Don't go to block mines
Chapter 108: Enmity and hatred
Chapter 109: Surprises and Surprises
Chapter 110 Serving Snacks to Hou Kui
Chapter 111: Training in a daze
Chapter 112: Influenced by melons
Chapter 113: Going to the Countryside Together
Chapter 114 Can't eat anymore
Chapter 115: Temptation
Chapter One Hundred and Sixteen
Chapter 117 The Fraudulent Marriage
Chapter 118 Happy Hearts
Chapter 119 Found it
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty
Chapter 121 Don't Stop Waiting for Someone
Chapter 122 Almost flashed
Chapter 123 Drink with Lao He
Chapter 124 Reassurance
Chapter 125 Using Public Opinion
Chapter 126 Reviewing Yourself
Chapter 127 Reflect
Chapter 128 Don't dare to think
Chapter 129: Brother or Brother-in-Law
Chapter 130: Leave Without Drinking
Chapter 131: Naming the Little Genius
Chapter 132: Fooling Xu Huizhen
Chapter 133: Fighting If You Can't Fight
Chapter 134 Airport pick-up
Chapter 135: Selling and Losing
Chapter 136 Do you recognize your father?
Chapter 137: How to Reject
Chapter 138 Let it dry for three days
Chapter 139 Self-made
Chapter 140 Really Disturbing
Chapter 141 Not practical
Chapter 142: Uncooked
Chapter 143 Not a few words of truth
Chapter 144 No one can stop
Chapter 145 Firm Rejection
Chapter 146 Disgusted and No Match
Chapter 147 Calling
Chapter 148: A Chance
One hundred and fortieth nine chapters fell in love with this grandson
Chapter 150 How can I not get wet shoes
Chapter 151: Smooth Delivery
Chapter 152 I have to do it myself
Chapter 153 Guaranteed No Loss
Chapter 154 Fighting against injustice
Chapter 155 Celebrating the holiday together
Chapter 156 Feeling Unworthy
Chapter 157 Follow me
Chapter 158 What a coincidence
Chapter 159 First batch
Chapter 160 Pay me directly
Chapter 161 Move out
Chapter 162 Becoming polite
Chapter 163 She cant eat it
Chapter 164 Big Plane
Chapter 165 Its up to you
Chapter 166 Sudden Attack
Chapter 167 Making plans
Chapter 168 Night Owl Enters the House
Chapter 169: Anxious look
Chapter 170 Incompetent Fury
Chapter 171 The second naming right
Chapter 172: Really Be the Boss
Chapter 173 Lets forget it
Chapter 174 If anything happens, come to Uncle Fan
Chapter 175 Winner in Life
Chapter 1 Going to school again
Chapter 2 Green is not green
Chapter 3 Eat Two Ducks Again
Chapter 4 Skip one level first
Chapter 5 An Earthquake Is Coming
Chapter 6 Other People's Children
Chapter Seven Scaring the Teacher
Chapter Eight Failed
Chapter 9 Overwhelming Combat Power
Chapter Ten Do you want to go?
Chapter Eleven Don't Kill
Chapter 12 Remember to eat but not to fight
Chapter Thirteen Get Caught
Chapter 14 Chicken and Egg Fighting
Chapter 15 The face of the richest man
Chapter 16 Away
Chapter Seventeen
Chapter 18: Ability to Use Money Without Money
Chapter Nineteen Cat Training
Chapter 20 Transfer
Chapter 21 Jinling Hotel is good
Chapter 22 Bought
Chapter 23 Street Slipper Qiao Erqiang
Twenty-four years old, still not autistic
Chapter 25 is about to enter the factory
Chapter 26 Get the Rival
Chapter 27: The Iron Tree Blooms
Chapter 28 Delayed by puppy love
Chapter Twenty-Nine
Chapter Thirty: Go to Qiao's House for Dinner
Chapter 31 Go to the movies
Chapter 32 Just Call Niu Ye
Chapter 33 Get Qiao Zuwang Done
Chapter Thirty-Four: Qiao Yicheng is So Funny
Chapter Thirty-Five: The Eyes Are Blue
Chapter 611 So Brave
Chapter 612 Resign and open a restaurant
Chapter 613
Chapter 614
Chapter 615
Chapter 616 Follow Qiao Erqiang
Chapter 617 How to deal with the aftermath
Chapter 618 Touring South Normal University
Chapter 619 All Thirsty
Chapter 620 Cold Violence
Chapter 621: A Family of Six
Chapter 622 You Pay The Rest
Chapter 623 Qi Qi Practices Martial Arts
Chapter 624: Qiao Zuwang Laid Off
Chapter 625 The restaurant was smashed
Chapter 626
Chapter 627 Interrogating Qiao Erqiang
Chapter 628 Ma Suqin Comes
Chapter 629 Want to Beat Someone
Chapter 630: Think About It All For The Second Strongest
Chapter 631 Showdown, I want to get married
Chapter 632: Qiao Yicheng Came to Seek
Chapter 633
Chapter 634 Good News
Chapter 635 Qiao Yicheng Graduated
Chapter 636
Chapter 637 Doubled
Chapter 638 Let Qiao Yicheng say
Chapter 639 The son is unwilling
Chapter 640 Maybe Divorce
Chapter 641 Preparing for Marriage
Chapter 642 People Can't Be Too Selfish
Chapter 643 Expanding the scale
Chapter 644 That's Second Aunt
Chapter 645
Chapter 646
Chapter 647 Come to Borrow Money
Chapter 648 Give Money to Yicheng
Chapter 649 Start a company
Chapter 650
Chapter 651 Married
Chapter 652 Big Black Fatty
Chapter 653 It's Not a Big Deal
Chapter 654 Pregnant
Chapter 655 Pregnant too
Chapter 656 Another accident
Chapter 657 Broken Ribs Again
Chapter 658 Get used to beating
Chapter 659 Calling
Chapter 660: The Qiao Family Was Copied
Chapter 661
Chapter 662: Qiao Jiuer
Chapter 663
Chapter 664
Chapter 665
Chapter 666 Let me know
Chapter 667 Meeting for Simei
Chapter 668
Chapter 669
Chapter 670 Chase or not
Chapter 671 Surprise and fright
Chapter 672 Return
Chapter 673
Chapter 674 Boss Qi is Getting Married
Chapter 675: Everything is Ready
Chapter 676 Make an exception
Chapter 677 Everyone's Attitude
Chapter 678 Hugged
Chapter 679 Character and Family Education
Chapter 680
Chapter 681 Scaring Qiao Zuwang
Chapter 682
Chapter 683 Hiding from My Ex-Husband
Chapter 684
Chapter 685 Fulfilling the Promise
Chapter 686: Come Out, Qiao Erqiang
Chapter 687 Send it in
Chapter 688
Chapter 689
Chapter 690 Want to live here
Chapter 691 Find the unit
Chapter 692 Leave it to me
Chapter 693 Mortgaging the House
Chapter 694 Do You Want To Be Stuffed To Death (big chapter)
Chapter 120 There is one more man
Chapter 121 Three sets of rhetoric
Chapter 122: Kicked out of the house
Chapter 123 Qiao Yichengs treat
Chapter 124: Quite unique
Chapter 125 The Niu Familys Old House
Chapter 126: Destroy the home
Chapter 127: Follow people's ways
Chapter 703 Out of sight, out of mind (big chapter)
Chapter 129 I want to be quiet
Chapter 130 Foreign White-Collar Workers
Chapter 131 Two Bachelors
Chapter 132 Two years in a hurry
Chapter 133 Qiao Yicheng is hospitalized
Chapter 134: Kicked
Chapter 135 Choose yourself
Chapter 136: Widow with Baby
Chapter 137 The God of War in Shamao Lane
Chapter 138: Everyone quits
Chapter 714: Household Check (big chapter)
Chapter 140 Deja Vu
Chapter 141 Xun Yicheng and Simei
Chapter 142 Severing ties
Chapter 143 Seven-Seven Work
Chapter 144: Find the Qiao Family
Chapter 145 Choose one of three
Chapter 146 Sanli breaks the defense
Chapter 147 Dont dare to go back
Chapter 148: Let Sanli make the decision
Chapter 149 There is a turning point
Chapter 150: Taking care of six children
Chapter 151: Take care of your sister
Chapter 152: Complain again
Chapter 153: Lost again
Chapter 154: Not giving face
Chapter 730 Sending to the Nursing Home (big chapter)
Chapter 156 Aunt and Eldest Sister
Chapter 157 Is the Qiao family in chaos?
Chapter 733: Mistress of the Qiao Family (big chapter)
Chapter 734 It's time to call Mom (big chapter)
Chapter 735 Don't Have This Ability (big chapter)
Chapter 736
Chapter 737 Zhou Bingkun's younger brother
Chapter 738
Chapter 739
Chapter 740
Chapter 741 Three months later
Chapter 742 The time has come
Chapter 743 Copying the Answer
Chapter 744
Chapter 745
Chapter 746 The Humble Old Father
Chapter 747 Bring my cousin
Chapter 748
Chapter 749 A New Friend
Chapter 750 Zhou Zhigang Returns to Jichun
Chapter 751: Snobbish Eyes
Chapter 752 Uncontrollable
Chapter 753
Chapter 754 What's the matter?
Chapter 755: Visitor (qie)
Chapter 756
Chapter 757 It Will Injure You
Chapter 758 Want to send it back
Chapter 759: Two-Level Reversal
Chapter 760 You are so big
Chapter 761
Chapter 762 Another Two Years
Chapter 763 Save to Five Figures
Chapter 764 It's up to you
Chapter 765 Choose one of the three classics
Chapter 766 Sober up
Chapter 767: Passed Out
Chapter 768: Gathering in the Capital
Chapter 769
Chapter 770 Moved away from the Zhou family
Chapter 771 Start to Dislike
Chapter 772
Chapter 773: The Best of Both Worlds
Chapter 774
Chapter 775 Unruly
Chapter 776
Chapter 777 Receiving Beijing
Chapter 778
Chapter 779 Eighty Years
Chapter 780 Don't even want your face
Chapter 781 A stagger
Chapter 782: Too Wicked
Chapter 783 Afraid of Scaring the Children
Chapter 784
Chapter 785
Chapter 786
Chapter 787
Chapter 788
Chapter 789 What is Hui Jichun doing?
Chapter 790 Changes in Three Years
Chapter 791
Chapter 792 I am your father
Chapter 793
Chapter 794 Buzzing
Chapter 795 Free Market
Chapter 796: There's Someone Outside
Chapter 797 Two Small Things
Chapter 798
Chapter 799
Chapter 800: Here Comes the Secretary
801. Chapter 801 Will throw the blame
802. Chapter 802 Just like this
803. Chapter 803 Participate in the funeral
804. Chapter 804 The beginning is worse than bad
805. Chapter 805 It's all dross
806. Chapter 806 Return everything
807. Chapter 807
808. Chapter 808 Live in vain
809. Chapter 809 No relaxation
810. Chapter 810 Come and go
811. Chapter 811 Confession
812. Chapter 812 The child has grown up
813. Chapter 813 Ignored
Chapter 814: Taking advantage of children
Chapter 815 Don’t take the blame
Chapter 816 Five Blood Marks
Chapter 817: Well done
Chapter 818 is about to be demolished
Chapter 819 Something happened to Zhou Bingyi
Chapter 820 A series of accidents
Chapter 821 Bring the person back
Chapter 822 Lao Zhou is gone
Chapter 823: Fool yourself first
Chapter 824 Zhou Bingyi goes back
Chapter 825 People come to the door one after another
Chapter 826 Looking for Zhou Bingyi
Chapter 827 Peace for once
Chapter 828 Strangers
Chapter 829 The old lady goes to the appointment
Chapter 830 Everyone pays his own way
Chapter 831 Lao Feng is gone
Chapter 832 One after another
Chapter 833: He was stabbed as soon as he came up
Chapter 834 Students ask for leave
Chapter 835 Return of the Dead
Chapter 836 The Six Arts of a Gentleman
Chapter 837 Tokyo Bianliang
Chapter 838 Qi Heng came to borrow a book
Chapter 839 A show of force
Chapter 840: Win the election first
Chapter 841 Passing the Provincial Examination Again
Chapter 842 Winning again
Chapter 843 Father and Son Discussion
Chapter 844 Returning to hometown to worship ancestors
Chapter 845 Confidence is gone
Chapter 846 Meeting Sun Shentong
Chapter 847 If you don’t go, I will.
Chapter 848 Go to Earl’s Mansion
Chapter 849 The first day of entry
Chapter 18 Busy
Chapter 851 The two brothers are here
Chapter 852 Educating younger siblings
Chapter 853 Harvest and Autumn Harvest
Chapter 854 Gu Tingye returns to Beijing
Chapter 855 Starting to drift
Chapter 856 Coming in droves
Chapter 857 Someone from the Liang family comes
Chapter 858 Attacking Rulan
Chapter 859 The strange person Mother Kong
Chapter 860 The Frustrated Few
Chapter 861 Make it clear
Chapter 862 A beating
Chapter 31 The pain of cheating
Chapter 864: Talk “trash” first
Chapter 865 Bewitching Gu Tingye
Chapter 866 Let’s discuss the marriage again
Chapter 867 ‘Good Big Brother’ Bad Things
Chapter 868: Sentencing Xuzhou
Chapter 869 The first battle of the group
Chapter 870 Letter from Tokyo
Chapter 871 Take a warning
Chapter 872 Increase revenue and reduce expenditure
Chapter 873 Building Dams and Embankments
Chapter 874 Take it out for a walk
Chapter 875 Changsong to Xuzhou
Chapter 876 End of life and sleep in bed
Chapter 877 Another choice among three
Chapter 878 Backstab in Bianliang
Chapter 879 Humanity and Sophistication
Chapter 880 Professional Troll
Chapter 881 Whats the relationship?
Chapter 882 Each progress
Chapter 883 Whats the problem?
Chapter 884 This subclass is me
Chapter 885 The night of flowers and candles in the bridal chamber
Chapter 886 Who will come to power?
Chapter 887 King Yans military advice
Chapter 888 The new king succeeds to the throne
Chapter 889 Underestimating Gu Er
Chapter 890 Coming in droves
Chapter 891 Determining Candidates
Chapter 60: Hit again and again
Chapter 61: Marry the fourth child first
Chapter 62 Gu Er wants to remarry
Chapter 63 Qingzhou and Pennsylvania
Chapter 64: Staying in Bianliang
Chapter 65 Qi Heng is on fire
Chapter 66: Using tricks to deceive the widow
Chapter 67 Upgraded to four levels in a row
Chapter 68 Amnesty Returns
Chapter 69: Help with the matter
Chapter 70 No face left
Chapter 71: Request to dismiss the Prime Minister
Chapter 72 Whats your level?
Chapter 73 Resignation is not accepted
Chapter 74: Caught off guard
Chapter 75 Neptune returns to Beijing
Chapter 76: One corpse, two lives
Chapter 77 In Danger
Chapter 78 Put on a show
Chapter 79 A big pot
Chapter 80 Misappropriation of Shanling Funds
Chapter 81: Fainted from anger
Chapter 82 A moment of thought
Chapter 83 The sixth child gets married
Chapter 84: Demoted to Longzhou
Chapter 85 Xixia invades the border
Chapter 86 Who can go to war?
Chapter 87 Careful calculation
Chapter 88: Defeat in the Northwest
Chapter 89 Entering the Imperial City with the Army
Chapter 90 Its already cold
Chapter 91 Making a Deal
Chapter 92: New Dynasty and New Atmosphere
Chapter 93: Promoted to Deputy Director
Chapter 94 The final conclusion
Chapter 95: Redundant Officials in the Great Zhou Dynasty
Chapter 96 Taking office in Qinzhou
Chapter 96 Taking office in Qinzhou
Chapter 97: Strategies for governing the country
Chapter 98 Another winter
Chapter 99: Attacking Xixia
Chapter 100 Taking the initiative to raise troops
Chapter 101 Occupying Lanzhou
Chapter 102 Another state
Chapter 103: Charge into battle and capture the flag
Chapter 104 The war is over
Chapter 105 Dominate the world
Chapter 106: Retire after success
Chapter 1 Crazy
Chapter 2 Leave if you dont want to
Chapter 3: Coming to collect debts
Chapter 4 Four-digit net worth
Chapter 5 Divorce Introduction Letter
Chapter Six: Known as Fat Chang Liu
Chapter 7 Who persuaded whom?
Chapter 8 The house is on fire
Chapter 9 Anger starts from the heart
Chapter 10 Confession to Yang Maixiang
Chapter 11 Nine months of transformation
Chapter 12 She is my partner
Chapter Thirteen Wanting Children Again
Chapter 14: Encouraging students to go to the provincial capital
Chapter 15 Liu Yunchang asks for help
Chapter 16: Robbed and beaten
Chapter 17 Prepare your mind
Chapter 18 Your mother wants to keep it a secret
Chapter 19 He Wenhui seeks peace
Chapter 20: Being called a hooligan again
Chapter 21: Dreaming of returning to the peak of wealth
Chapter 22 What a coincidence
Chapter 23: Introduce someone
Chapter 24 Cutting the knot with a sharp knife
Chapter 25 The 20th of next month
Chapter 26 Brother-in-law gives out wedding candies
Chapter 27 Another poaching
Chapter 28 Li Jianbin returns
Chapter 29 Brainwashing Li Jianbin
Chapter 30 Who will take over?
Chapter 31 I won’t go
Chapter 32: Take care of the children
Chapter 33 Yunchang 1v3
Chapter 34 The He family is destroyed
Chapter 35: Dropped out of primary school
Chapter 36 Feeling despair
Chapter 37 Distribution to Suburbs
Chapter 38 Studying in Provincial Capitals
Chapter 39 There is pressure
Chapter 40 Hou Dunzi returns to the city
Chapter 41 He Wenyuan’s provocation
Chapter 42: Make the cafeteria your home
Chapter 43 Civil War in the He Family
Chapter 44: Offended
Chapter 45: Wake people up
Chapter 46 Another demonstration
Chapter 47 Send away directly
Chapter 48 Mommy’s Return
Chapter 49: Kick the ball
Chapter 50: Go get a fight
Chapter 51: Running in both directions
Chapter 52: Hate it without fighting
Chapter 53 The He family has a pot
Chapter 54: Find the factory
Chapter 55: Arresting people at night
Chapter 56 Right and Wrong is Blessing
Chapter 57 Drinking to strengthen your courage
Chapter 58: Delivering a rice cooker
Chapter 59: Getting ready to go to sea
Chapter 60: Swapping a Shotgun for a Cannon
Chapter 61: Prepare to poach people
Chapter 62 A big wedding
Chapter 63 I just dislike it
Chapter 64: Everyone is looking for a job
Chapter 65: Not capable
Chapter 66 Just dig a hole
Chapter 67: Can’t lie down
Chapter 68 The wave of layoffs is coming
Chapter 69: Overt and covert fighting
Chapter 70: Arranging a Marriage
Chapter 71 Advocating to seize power
Chapter 72: If it doesn’t work, you have to brag.
Chapter 73: Find the factory
Chapter 74: Luring the wolf into the house
Chapter 75: Can’t see people
Chapter 76 Economic Crisis
Chapter 77: File for Divorce
Chapter 78: Half for one person
Chapter 79 Resumption of Shares
Chapter 80 Another three years
Chapter 81: Only Money
Chapter 82 Two frustrated people
Chapter 83 Selling a house and doing business
Chapter 84: Things exposed
Chapter 85: Poaching
Chapter 86 Divorce and Remarriage
Chapter 87: A show of strength
Chapter 88 Arrange work
Chapter 89: Holding a Banquet for Admission to Higher Education
Chapter 90 Moving bricks on the construction site
Chapter 1 Fishing in the Ice Cave
Chapter 2 The Gu family
Chapter 3 Fire in the Chen family
Chapter 4: Little brother lacks practice
Chapter 5 scolding Aunt Ma
Chapter 6 Clarifying Misunderstandings
Chapter 7 Revealing the News
Chapter 8 Everyone has his own means
Chapter 9 A two-pronged approach
Chapter 10 Prepare to confess
Chapter 11 Give a chance
Chapter 12 Progress is going well
Chapter 13 Arrange work
Chapter 14 Taking the initiative to speak
Chapter 15 Working in the Mountains
Chapter 16: Randomly reading the mandarin duck spectrum
Chapter 17 Final Examination
Chapter 18 1998
Chapter 19 The fourth son of the Gu family
Chapter 20 Yo Yo Luming
Chapter 21 Early Prevention
Chapter 22 Finding the Deer
Chapter 23 Want to build a big tiled house
Chapter 24 Start planting seedlings
Chapter 25 The rain keeps coming
Chapter 26 Student Summer Vacation
Chapter 27 Barely making money
Chapter 28 No fate
Chapter 29 Preparing to move
Chapter 30 Let’s go to the big gathering together
Chapter 31 Taking the initiative
Chapter 32 Standing aside and watching
Chapter 33: Catch the current situation
Chapter 34 Self-reliance in business
Chapter 35 Reemployment Training
Chapter 36 Strange Enthusiasm
Chapter 37: Diverting trouble to the east
Chapter 38 The little brother enters the city
Chapter 39 The whole family goes
Chapter 40 Conversation with Lin Heng
Chapter 41 No future
Chapter 42: Still getting laid off
Chapter 43 Contact Xingjie
Chapter 44 The little brother grows up
Chapter 45: Open the flowing water table again
Chapter 46 Differential Arrangements
Chapter 47: Angry from shame
Chapter 48 Ready to try
Chapter 49: Parting on bad terms
Chapter 50 Indecision
Chapter 51 New Forestry Policy
Chapter 52: Create a sense of crisis
Chapter 53 A rout
Chapter 54 Wrong calculation
Chapter 55 Little Karami
Chapter 56 Time is running out
Chapter 57: There was a quarrel
Chapter 58 Begin mobilization
Chapter 59 Emergencies
Chapter 60 Brothers gather together
Chapter 61 Company Direction
Chapter 62: Framed
Chapter 63: Drive people away
Chapter 64 Zhaoxi wants to start a business
Chapter 65 Don’t learn from me
Chapter 66: Counterfeiting
Chapter 67: A loving mother and a filial daughter
Chapter 68 Feng Qin returns to the forest farm
Chapter 69: Eat inside and outside
Chapter 70 Mental Balance
Chapter 71 She is messing with you
Chapter 72 Zhaoxi wants to follow
Chapter 73: First denounce Fu Kuan
Chapter 74 Refuting Second Aunt Again
Chapter 75 It’s all in vain
Chapter 1 Encountering Bandits on the Road
Chapter 2: Think long-term
Chapter 3 Outsiders
Chapter 4 Arrangements before departure
Chapter 5 Take away by force
Chapter 6 Arriving at Longkou Port
Chapter 7 Target Dalian
Chapter 8: Sneaking into Lushun
Chapter 9 Leading a Breakout
Chapter 10 New Home in Kanto
Chapter 11 The Xia Family Visits
Chapter 12 This subcategory is mine
Chapter Thirteen Isolation from the World
Chapter 14 Entering Laojingou for the first time
Chapter 15 Tell the truth
Chapter 16 Start digging a hole
Chapter 17: Breaking Inside
Chapter 18: A golden opportunity
Chapter 19 Zhu Xiaowen takes the lead
Chapter 20 Get the gun together
Chapter 21 A blood letter
Chapter 22 The true story of Caimen
Chapter 23: Leaving the ditch to ambush
Chapter 24 They are all targets
Chapter 25 Chuanwu was beaten
Chapter 26: Refusing to accept the hunger strike
Chapter 27 Want to learn kung fu
Chapter 28 Purchasing Timber
Chapter 29: Eat and drink
Chapter 30 Preparing the Vigilante Group
Chapter 31 Head of the Communication Team
Chapter 32 The most handsome boy
Chapter 33: Cutting and shaving your hair
Chapter 34 Preparing the Factory
Chapter 35: Looking at Nawen
Chapter 36: Get Nawen
Chapter 37 Xian'er and Nawen
Chapter 38 Let’s go to Jinzhou together
Chapter 39: Chuan Wu as a soldier
Chapter 40 Establishing a Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 41: Mastering Public Opinion
Chapter 42 Xiuer asks for help
Chapter 43: Attacking Heidong
Chapter 44 Settling in the Town
Chapter 45: Attack Maozi
Chapter 46: Message to the Governor
Chapter 47: Improving public security
Chapter 48 Artillery is King
Chapter 49 Preparation for War
Chapter 50 Settling down on Hong Kong Island
Chapter 51 Communicating with the Governor
Chapter 52: Letting go
Chapter 1: Getting divorced at the beginning
Chapter 2 Going to school
Chapter 3 Division of Property
Chapter 4 Housing allocation indicators
Chapter 5: Redeem winnings
Chapter 6 Taking my daughter to look at the house
Chapter 7 Punch Zhao Ling
Chapter 8 Whimsical
Chapter 9 Target Sanya
Chapter 10: Lessons from Weird People
Chapter 11 Sudden realization
Chapter 12 Being crushed
Chapter Thirteen: Raising troops to investigate crimes
Chapter 14 Rumors
Chapter 15 Don’t be angry with this
Chapter 16 Father-daughter conversation
Chapter 17 A chance encounter in the apartment
Chapter 18 Asking Lu Kuan
Chapter 19 Notification of Divorce
Chapter 20 Taking Ma Li to practice boxing
Chapter 21 Ma Li meets the field
Chapter 22: Pick up Manao
Chapter 23 The two women meet for the first time
Chapter 24: Find the gym
Chapter 25 A false alarm
Chapter 26 The field comes to your door
Chapter 27 Ling Mingyu comes to visit
Chapter 28: Recognize a godmother
Chapter 29 Something went wrong
Chapter 30 Want to start a business
Chapter 31 A date between two people
Chapter 32 Return to the courtyard
Chapter 33 Arrange a blind date
Chapter 34 The game is coming
Chapter 35 Discovery and Tracking
Chapter 36 Become a substitute again
Chapter 37 Almost Collapse
Chapter 38 Confession fails