match point
author:Inkstone boymatch point
The most vulnerable time in a tennis game is when you are leading; even if there is a match point, the game is still possible. Football is round, and tennis is also round.
Mercenary 1929
author:The mountain is intentionalMercenary 1929
Zhou Wen, a modern mercenary, accidentally passed his soul into Zhou Wen, a student from the Republic of China. He used the magical function of a Buddhist bead brought by time travel, plus the experience, knowledge and skills brought by later generations to create a warrior with high martial arts and top military technology. Mercenary team....
Back to the early Tang Dynasty as a fairy
author:avoid fadingBack to the early Tang Dynasty as a fairy
This book is also called: Tang Gaodao. Kong Qing returned to the Tang Dynasty inexplicably and became a Taoist priest, and then he found that this world seemed a bit wrong... There was a big lolita assassin named Yinniang, and there was a part-time killer The thief named Kong Konger, in...
Daming King of the Sea
author:Chinese Pastoral CattleDaming King of the Sea
In the tenth year of Hongzhi, it was a beautiful noon in the Ming Dynasty. At this time, the Little Ice Age had come, and the long and severe cold ravaged the land, and it was also beating this dynasty, which was increasingly annexed. At this time, the European Renaissance movement was like a The dazzling light pierced the darkness of the Middle Ages. At this time, Russia had just been freed from the control of Mongolia for less than 20 years. At this time, it had only been seven years since Columbus first arrived in America, and Da Gama was opening up the road to India on the ocean. New route. Liu Jin, who likes to read historical novels, has traveled to such an era, from a scholar to the king of the sea in the Ming Dynasty! black
poor family official
author:pretend to forgetpoor family official
Traveling through time and becoming a scholar who has failed many times, not to mention his family, there is also a blind old woman and a wife who has just been married for half a year. He can't carry it on his shoulders, lift his hands, and can't make technological inventions. Qi Yu thought for a while: It seems that the only way left is to study the imperial examination!
The start of the Tang Dynasty shocked the Empress Changsun
author:Nine swords deityThe start of the Tang Dynasty shocked the Empress Changsun
At the beginning of the Tang Dynasty, in the second year of Zhenguan, Li Sheng crossed over and became a small Taibao in the Tang Dynasty. At this time, Li Shimin, Du Ruhui and others who were attacked by the Turks unexpectedly came to the village. What surprised Li Shimin and others was that this little The things in Taibao's house are very unusual! Li Sheng, what is a chemical reaction? What is an endothermic reaction? Li Sheng: I...

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