Chapter 5513 Era Evolution

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 Most of the era martial arts in the Era of the Universe were born in this way.

Of course, there are also some Era Martial Arts that were born by relying on external forces, such as being passed down from some older martial arts and then evolving into Era Martial Arts.

There are many such examples.

For example, some swordsmanship, martial arts, etc., many of their inheritances come from older eras, but they are passed down from generation to generation.

But this crystal martial arts is a different kind, a completely different kind.

The laws of heaven and earth of the Crystal Martial Arts Era can actually only be regarded as an extremely ordinary era. Based on the laws of heaven and earth of this Crystal Martial Arts Era, it is actually impossible to give birth to a martial art like Crystal Martial Arts.

Even in the previous era of crystal martial arts, what the warriors practiced was not crystal martial arts. This crystal martial arts was actually a latecomer.

Crystal Martial Arts was completely born from a unique world in the Crystal Martial Arts Era, the Crystal World.

The crystal beasts born in the crystal world are born to master the mysteries of crystal martial arts. Only by killing the crystal beasts and obtaining the crystal cores can the warriors of the crystal martial arts era have the opportunity to understand the mysteries of crystal martial arts in one fell swoop.

Thus practicing crystal martial arts.

It is precisely because the power of crystal martial arts is far superior to other martial arts, so soon the entire crystal martial arts era was respected by crystal martial arts.

But in the final analysis, the birth of Crystal Martial Arts originated from the crystal boundary.

"Is this illusory crystal related to the crystal world?"

Chu Fengmian couldn't help but think.

The crystal world is extremely mysterious. During the Crystal Martial Arts Era, Chu Fengmian originally planned to go to the crystal world to explore the mysteries of the crystal martial arts.

However, with what happened in the Zuma Era, Chu Fengmian had to give up his plan to go to the Crystal Realm and instead went to the Zuma Era. Then Chu Fengmian had no chance to return to the Crystal Martial Arts Era.

Therefore, Chu Fengmian has never had the opportunity to explore the crystal world.

Although Chu Fengmian has practiced Crystal Martial Arts to the highest level that no one has ever reached in the entire history of the Crystal Martial Arts Era.

But Chu Fengmian still felt that Crystal Martial Arts had not yet reached its limit. The limits of Crystal Martial Arts might be even more amazing than Chu Fengmian imagined.

That's why Chu Fengmian wanted to find an opportunity to explore the crystal world. With Chu Fengmian's current martial arts attainments and current strength, if he went to explore the crystal world, he would most likely be able to comprehend the more profound mysteries of crystal martial arts.

But now that he suddenly got this illusory crystal, the power contained in it gave Chu Fengmian a feeling of crystal martial arts.

"My feeling should be correct. If this illusory crystal is really related to crystal martial arts, I may not be able to understand some mysteries if I go and study it now."

Chu Fengmian looked at the illusory crystal.

He felt a little regretful now that he could not extract the memory of the Immortal Realm King. If he could obtain the memory of the Immortal Realm King, Chu Fengmian would be able to fully know the origin of this illusory crystal.

There is no need for Chu Fengmian to guess like this now.

However, the battle between Chu Fengmian and the Immortal Realm King was actually extremely dangerous. Especially in the end, the Immortal Realm King chose to self-destruct and died together with Chu Fengmian. This also made it impossible for Chu Fengmian to have a chance to extract the Immortal Realm.

Kaio's memory.

However, this illusory crystal must also be a treasure of extremely high value. In the sky ring of the Immortal Realm King, this illusory crystal is also placed in an extremely important place.

Obviously the Immortal Realm King attaches great importance to this illusory crystal. Such a treasure, coupled with Chu Fengmian's feelings, Chu Fengmian also believes in his own feelings.

Chu Fengmian looked at this illusory crystal. His mind moved, and his spiritual consciousness suddenly enveloped it. However, Chu Fengmian's spiritual consciousness could not enter this illusory crystal at all.

This illusory crystal seems to have the ability to isolate spiritual consciousness from detection.

However, Chu Fengmian was not discouraged. After being frustrated, he quietly activated the power of crystal martial arts.

Since this virtual crystal may have some connection with crystal martial arts, it is also possible that only the power of crystal martial arts can comprehend it.


At the moment when Chu Fengmian's crystal martial arts power exploded.

In this illusory crystal, it seems that the power within it has been completely aroused.

In an instant, Chu Fengmian's consciousness actually entered an illusion.

"What is this? A fantasy?"

Chu Fengmian's eyes were fixed.

With his strength, he can actually be pulled into an illusion?

Chu Fengmian looked around. He had entered a space directly from the empty ship. Even Chu Fengmian's body had turned into nothingness.

This allowed Chu Fengmian to understand in an instant that he had entered an illusion.

But facing the power of this illusion, Chu Fengmian was actually powerless to resist, which made Chu Fengmian extremely surprised.

Even the murderous intention of the Blood-slaying Demon Sword cannot affect Chu Fengmian in an instant, but now the power of this illusory crystal actually makes Chu Fengmian enter the illusion?

The moment his consciousness entered the illusion, Chu Fengmian originally planned to dispel the illusion.

But Chu Fengmian still held back and did not choose to take action. This illusion seemed to be caused by the illusory crystal. In this case, Chu Fengmian also wanted to see where the illusory crystal came from.

Moreover, in this illusion, Chu Fengmian did not actually feel any danger. Instead, he felt a vague, more familiar feeling.

If Chu Fengmian only had a very weak feeling when he looked at the illusory crystal from outside, then the moment he entered the illusion, Chu Fengmian could more clearly feel the power in it.

It really seems to be in the same vein as Crystal Martial Arts.

But the mystery of its power is more profound than that of crystal martial arts.

This is exactly the same as Chu Fengmian's guess.

"What's this?"

And while Chu Fengmian was thinking, in front of Chu Fengmian, an era was slowly being born.

Countless Taichu power floats in the space in front of you. This is exactly the scene when Taichu was born.

"Is this the inside of the illusory crystal?"

Chu Fengmian thought of the scene in the illusory crystal he saw outside before, and couldn't help but mutter to himself.

The subsequent changes in this space are exactly the same as Chu Fengmian's guess. The beginning was born, and then it turned into chaos and evolved the universe.

The evolution of an era reappeared in front of Chu Fengmian.

This chapter has been completed!
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