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Nine Domain Sword Emperor

Nine Domain Sword Emperor

author:Shao Yu

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:05-28 00:11

Latest chapter:Chapter 5985 The Resurrected Lord of Darkness

[Absolutely cool article] Ten thousand years ago, Chu Jianbai, the number one swordsman in swordsmanship, was besieged and died by seven sects. Ten thousand years later, he came back to life, but faced an unfamiliar body. Seven sects! I I must conquer everything and become the emperor of the nine realms! Four chapters are updated steadily every day. Please give me rewards, collect them, and recommend votes. Updates will be released from time to time. QQ group 574571915

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《Nine Domain Sword Emperor》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 5985 The Resurrected Lord of Darkness
Chapter 5984 Black Light
Chapter 5983 Kill with one sword
Chapter 5982 Sword and Knife
Chapter 5981 Fierce Battle with the Lord of Darkness
Chapter 5980 The Divine Weapon of the Lord of Darkness
Chapter 5979 The treasure left by the Lord of Space
Chapter 5978 The Lord of Darkness takes action
Chapter 5977 Shock Sealing Pearl
《Nine Domain Sword Emperor》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Killing Alive
Chapter 2 Ten Thousand Years Later
Chapter 3 Rebirth from a Broken Bone
Chapter 4 Phantom Movement
Chapter 5 In front of the Hall of Elixir
Chapter 6 Villain! Dog slave!
Chapter 7
Chapter 8 Breaking the Dog's Teeth
Chapter 9 Lin Mansion Famous
Chapter 10 Open up the spiritual veins
Chapter 11 Wanqi Pavilion
Chapter 12 Shocked
Chapter 13 The Promise Sword Dance
Chapter 14 The Deputy Butler of the Lin House
Chapter 15 On the stage of life and death
Chapter 16 Insidious sneak attack
Chapter 17 Admit defeat? I disagree!
Chapter 18 Say Kill! Just Kill!
Chapter 19 The March Covenant
Chapter 20 Wild Mountains
Chapter 21 Hunting and Killing Monster Beasts
Chapter 22 Arrogant Youth
Chapter 23
Chapter 24 Battle breakthrough! One person in ten steps!
Chapter 25 Jade Talisman
Chapter 26 Mountain Rock Bear
Chapter 27 Huangluan Grass
Chapter 28 The villain is like a ghost
Chapter 29 Hunter Spider
Chapter 30 Water Pool
Chapter 31 Nether Water Cold Snake
Chapter 32 Sword gas transformation
Chapter 33 Greed and Die
Chapter 34 Get the Huangluan Grass
Chapter 35 Treasures at the Bottom of the Pool
Chapter 36
Chapter 37 Magic Sword
Chapter 39
Chapter 40 Casting Divine Veins
Chapter 41 Arrogant Sword?
Chapter 42 Battle of the Dragons
Chapter 43 Condensing Dragon Blood
Chapter 44 A slap in the face
Chapter 45 To deal with you, no need to draw a sword
Chapter 46
Chapter 47 Strength is the rule
Chapter 48
Chapter 49 Slander
Chapter 50
Chapter 51
Chapter 52
Chapter 53 Selling the Demon Pill
Chapter 54 Buying Medicine Pills
Chapter 55 The Second Drop of Battle Dragon Blood
Chapter 56 Interception
Chapter 57: Divine Sea Realm Martial Artist
Chapter 58 Killing all, leaving no one behind
Chapter 59 Black Scaled Horse King
Chapter 60
Chapter 61 Underground Spirit Milk
Chapter 62 The third drop of ancient dragon blood
Chapter 63
Chapter 64 Killing Shanglin Mansion
Chapter 65
Chapter 66: What About Breakthroughs? Comments)
Chapter 67
Chapter 68 The Seal of Death
Chapter 69
Chapter 70 The Patriarch of the Lin Family
Chapter 71 Unification of the Forest House
Chapter 72 Extreme Capital City
Chapter 73 Teahouse Conflict
Chapter 74 Shocked the audience
Chapter 75
Chapter 76: Ark Examination
Chapter 77 The Four Great Geniuses
Chapter 78
Chapter 79
Chapter 80 Gambling
Chapter 81
Chapter 82 Kill the chicken to warn the monkey?
Chapter 83 Who Killed Who?
Chapter 84
Chapter 85 The first place in the Ark assessment
Chapter 86
Chapter 87
Chapter 88
Chapter 89 Cruel Examination
Chapter 90 Snobbery
Chapter 91 A Blockbuster
Chapter 92 The second assessment
Chapter 93
Chapter 94
Chapter 95 Youth League
Chapter 96 Anti-hunting
Chapter 97 Crazy hunting
Chapter 98
Chapter 99 Ancient Dragon Turtle
Chapter 100 Fighting in the Cave
Chapter 101 Seven Absolutes Crazy Battle Pill
Chapter 102 Flickering the Dragon Turtle
Chapter 103 Negotiations
Chapter 104 Conquering the Dragon Turtle
Chapter 105 Breakthroughs one after another
Chapter 106 The end of the assessment
Chapter 107 Everyone's Doubts
Chapter 109 Respective Achievements
Chapter 110 Chu Fengmian's Achievements
Chapter 111 Cheating?
Chapter 112
Chapter 113
Chapter 114 Prince's Church
Chapter 115
Chapter 116 Rewards
Chapter 117 Difficult assessment
Chapter 118
Chapter 119 Break the record (
Chapter 120 The Bell of the Giant Tower
Chapter 121 Martial Hall's Olive Branch
Chapter 122 The final seventy floor!
Chapter 123 Arrogant Prince
Chapter 124 Wounded by a Sword
Chapter 125 The Saints Accept Apprentices
Chapter 126 The mission of entering the sect
Chapter 127 Asking for Benefits
Chapter 128 Law Enforcement Team
Chapter 129 My name is Chu Fengmian
Chapter 130 Exchange Medicine Pills
Chapter 131 Northwest Desert
Chapter 132 Showing Strength
Chapter 133 The King of Pingsha
Chapter 134: Magic Art, Demon Head
Chapter 135 Killing the Devil
Chapter 136 Disciple of Candle Flame Sect
Chapter 137 Whoever Moves Who Dies
Chapter 138 Black Market
Chapter 139 The Invincible Pose
Chapter 140 A Great Wealth
Chapter 141 Refining the Scarlet Flame Sword
Chapter 142 Dragon does not live with snakes
Chapter 143 Mission Hall
Chapter 144
Chapter 145 Elder? Gotta Kneel Down!
Chapter 146
Chapter 147: All Kneel Down (Seventh)
Chapter 148
Chapter 149
Chapter 150 Have You Said Enough?
Chapter 151: Forcing Chu Hong to Kill
Chapter 152 Holy Land
Chapter 153 Space Jade Talisman
Chapter 154 Before the entrance to the Holy Land
Chapter 155 The Four Great Sects Gather
Chapter 156 The Black Market Son
Chapter 157
Chapter 158
Chapter 159 Moon Spirit Grass
Chapter 160 Murder and Treasure
Chapter 161 Encounter in Holy Land
Chapter 162 Promiscuous Acts
Chapter 163 Cold Moon Li
Chapter 164 True Strength
Chapter 165 Capture the sword?
Chapter 166: Chasing and Killing
Chapter 167 Easy Killing
Chapter 168 Mausoleum of the Great Emperor Fengrao
Chapter 169 Key
Chapter 170 Young Master Yannan
Chapter 171
Chapter 172 Flood Dragon
Chapter 173 Disciple of Fengshen Sect
Chapter 174 Flood Dragon's Death
Chapter 175 Mantis Catching Cicadas
Chapter 176 Dragon Pill
Chapter 177: Doomsday Rising Dragon
Chapter 178 Crisis!
Chapter 179 Ice Love Absolute Sword
Chapter 180 Great Escape
Chapter 181 No choice but to fight to the death
Chapter 182 Death
Chapter 183
Chapter 184 I want to save her
Chapter 185 Awakening
Chapter 186 Cold poison
Chapter 187 Golden Spirit Pill
Chapter 188 Holy Medicine
Chapter 189
Chapter 190 The terrifying power of the fertility monument
Chapter 191 The Land of Inheritance
Chapter 192 Everyone is hostile
Chapter 193 The Land of Inheritance Opens
Chapter 194 The Great Emperor
Chapter 195
Chapter 196 The opponent in the last level, the ancient dragon turtle
Chapter 197
Chapter 198
Chapter 199 Distributing Rewards
Chapter 200 The second assessment
Chapter 201
Chapter 202 Illusion
Chapter 203 Endless Monster Beast
Chapter 204 Killing Swordsmanship
Chapter 205
Chapter 206 Thunder Body Refinement
Chapter 207 The Final Test
Chapter 208
Chapter 209 Creating Swordsmanship
Chapter 210 Inheritance
Chapter 211 Dispel the cold poison
Chapter 212 Insidious calculations
Chapter 213 Han Yueli's Marriage Contract
Chapter 214
Chapter 215 Divide the treasure equally?
Chapter 216
Chapter 217 Breaking the Hand
Chapter 218 Shocked to death
Chapter 219
Chapter 220
Chapter 221 Leaving the Holy Land
Chapter 222 Kneel down! Kill yourself!
Chapter 223 All have to die
Chapter 224 Give a Lesson
Chapter 225 Beimang Sacred Card
Chapter 226 The Lord of the North Hall
Chapter 227 Dragon Transformation
Chapter 228
Chapter 229 Entering the Execution Hall
Chapter 230
Chapter 231 Killing the Supreme Elder
Chapter 232 Destroyed the punishment hall
Chapter 233 Arrogant and invincible
Chapter 234 Hall Master? Kill the Same
Chapter 235
Chapter 236 Crazy Massacre
Chapter 237 The Three Swords of Time
Chapter 238 Killing the Vice President
Chapter 239 Battle Saint
Chapter 240 The horror of saints! Go
Chapter 241 The final hole card
Chapter 242 Breaking the realm
Chapter 243
Chapter 244: Desperate Pursuit
Chapter 245 Demon God
Chapter 246 The Sage's Self-destruction
Chapter 247 Fighting hard!
Chapter 248
Chapter 249 Gifts
Chapter 251 The Prince's Wedding
Chapter 252 Gathering for Gifts
Chapter 253
Chapter 254 Sage Chu Fengmian
Chapter 255 Playing with Applause
Chapter 256
Chapter 257
Chapter 258: Outrageous rants?
Chapter 259 Domineering
Chapter 260 Stand Alone Against the Three Saints
Chapter 261 Bombing and Killing Han Xuanbing
Chapter 262: The Power of the Battle Dragon
Chapter 263 Life is better than death
Chapter 264 Founding Elder
Chapter 265 Two Conditions
Chapter 266
Chapter 267
Chapter 268 Cold Snow Pavilion
Chapter 269 The culprit
Chapter 270 The Patriarch of Cold Snow Pavilion
Chapter 271: Will You Let People Go?
Chapter 272 Elder Hanqing
Chapter 273 The New Pavilion Master
Chapter 274 The Kingdom of Emperor Qin
Chapter 275 Jiuding Ancient City
Chapter 276 Twilight Pavilion
Chapter 277: Selling Spirit Weapons
Chapter 278
Chapter 279
Chapter 280 Qibao Pavilion
Chapter 281 Zhao Gongzi
Chapter 282 Treasure Capture
Chapter 283 Gambling
Chapter 284 One Billion Gamble
Chapter 285 Millennium Dragon's Blood Grass
Chapter 286
Chapter 287 Lost?
Chapter 288 Who Slaps Who in the Face
Chapter 289 Extreme Yin Magic Stone
Chapter 290
Chapter 291 Squeeze the ants to death
Chapter 292 The Art of Charm
Chapter 293 Zhao Xiaowei
Chapter 294 Kneeling for Seven Days and Seven Nights
Chapter 295 Auction
Chapter 296
Chapter 297 Two hundred drops of ancient dragon blood
Chapter 298 Buy! Buy! Buy!
Chapter 299 The Grand Duke of Assassination
Chapter 300
Chapter 301 Extreme Path Immortal Soldier
Chapter 302
Chapter 303 The Zhao family is crazy
Chapter 304: Half-Saints Have to Kneel
Chapter 305
Chapter 306
Chapter 307
Chapter 308 The Zhao family is invincible
Chapter 309
Chapter 310 The Saints Also Kneel
Chapter 311 Are you threatening me?
Chapter 313 The Three Legions
Chapter 314 Who Said I Was Scared
Chapter 315 Break Your Arm
Chapter 316: Little Invincible Falls
Chapter 317 Princess Tianyin
Chapter 318 Deja Vu (Seventh)
Chapter 319 Conspiracy to negotiate (eighth)
Chapter 320 Qin Emperor's Army
Chapter 321 Golden Throne
Chapter 322
Chapter 323: Sword Edge Against Sword Light
Chapter 324: Destruction Blade's Edge
Chapter 325 Deterring the army
Chapter 326 Thai Army God
Chapter 327 Subduing the Thousand Army
Chapter 328 Guiding Swordsmanship
Chapter 329 Defeat with one finger
Chapter 330 Refining the Scarlet Flame Sword
Chapter 331 The Emperor's Jar
Chapter 332 Departure to Destroy the Legion
Chapter 333 The Ancient City of Shouzhou
Chapter 334
Chapter 335
Chapter 336
Chapter 337
Chapter 338 Battle
Chapter 339 Who Counts Who?
Chapter 340 Refining the Five Ghosts and Gods
Chapter 341 Sneak attack on the sword light
Chapter 342 I want you to live rather than die!
Chapter 343 Subduing the Destruction Legion
Chapter 344 Shouzhou Alliance
Chapter 345 Want to rebel?
Chapter 346: Extremely Domineering
Chapter 347
Chapter 348 Everyone surrenders
Chapter 349 Iron-blooded means
Chapter 350
Chapter 351: The Strong Dragon Does Not Overpower the Snake?
Chapter 352 The strong dragon crushes the local snake
Chapter 353 The Grand Prince
Chapter 354: Lawless
Chapter 355 Undercurrent surging
Chapter 356 Planning
Chapter 357: Ambush
Chapter 358 Slaughter the world
Chapter 359 The Emperor Qin
Chapter 360 Great Escape
Chapter 361 Crazy pursuit
Chapter 362 The Hand of Thunder
Chapter 363 Space Storm
Chapter 364: Desperate Breakthrough
Chapter 365 Space Tides
Chapter 366 Breakthrough! Counterattack!
Chapter 367 Bombing and Killing the Great Emperor
Chapter 368 Life and death catastrophe
Chapter 369 Saints are invincible
Chapter 370: Destroying the Tribulation Cloud
Chapter 371 The Power of Creation
Chapter 372 Royal Antique
Chapter 373
Chapter 374
Chapter 375: The True Fire of Ziyang
Chapter 376 Ancestor Beats Grandson
Chapter 377
Chapter 379 Invincible!
Chapter 380 The lamp oil is exhausted?
Chapter 381 You are all going to die!
Chapter 382
Chapter 383
Chapter 384 Sword Embryo
Chapter 385
Chapter 386 Sky Curtain
Chapter 387
Chapter 388
Chapter 389
Chapter 390 Disciple of Beimang College
Chapter 391 Five Secret Techniques
Chapter 392 Holy Seed
Chapter 393 Defeat the Holy Envoy
Chapter 394
Chapter 395 Three Immortals
Chapter 396
Chapter 397 Reversal
Chapter 398
Chapter 399 Zhao Wudi
Chapter 400 Ten Thousand Swords in One
Chapter 401 Half-step life and death
Chapter 402 Killing the Invincible
Chapter 403: Killing Zhao Wudi
Chapter 404 Great Unification
Chapter 405 The Use of the Beimang Sacred Card
Chapter 406: Blood Fusion
Chapter 407: The Dust Settles
Chapter 408 Strength Index
Chapter 409: Quancheng Country
Chapter 410 Blue Clothes Woman (Seventh)
Chapter 411: Domineering and Domineering (Eighth)
Chapter 412 Armistice
Chapter 413 Earth Demon Gate
Chapter 414: Crossing the Void
Chapter 415
Chapter 416: Encountered Interception
Chapter 417: Stupid Choice
Chapter 418 Xumi Space
Chapter 419
Chapter 420
Chapter 421
Chapter 422 It is easy to ask God to send God
Chapter 423: Purchasing the Blood of Saints
Chapter 424 Killing God's Left Hand
Chapter 425: Wang Ao
Chapter 426 Dinner
Chapter 427
Chapter 428: Upstart
Chapter 429 Tianyuan Shendan
Chapter 430
Chapter 431
Chapter 432 The Supreme Blood God
Chapter 433 Killing Swordsmanship Complete!
Chapter 434 Dan Cheng
Chapter 435
Chapter 436 Blood Rain
Chapter 437: Fierce Battle in the Void
Chapter 438 Showdown
Chapter 439: Doomed to perish
Chapter 440 Twelve Blood Gods
Chapter 441 Devouring All
Chapter 442 Beimang City
Chapter 443: The Black Market of Beimang City
Chapter 444 Tianjing
Chapter 445: Lu Mo
Chapter 446 Heaven, Earth, People, Three Lists
Chapter 447: One is more arrogant than the other
Chapter 448: Refining Heaven Crystal
Chapter 449: The Assessment Begins
Chapter 450
Chapter 451
Chapter 452: Chu Fengmian Takes Action
Chapter 453
Chapter 454
Chapter 455 Yan Gu
Chapter 456 Void Dojo
Chapter 457
Chapter 458
Chapter 459: Outer Sect Disciple
Chapter 460
Chapter 461 Fire King Kong
Chapter 462
Chapter 463: Give a Lesson
Chapter 464 The Holy Mountain
Chapter 465
Chapter 466 Li Wei
Chapter 467 Wu Fengyun
Chapter 468
Chapter 469
Chapter 470
Chapter 471 Ninth Grade Mountains
Chapter 472: Gathering in the Square
Chapter 473 Outer Sect Mission
Chapter 474: Earth Demon Realm
Chapter 475: Intimidation
Chapter 476 Demon Slaves
Chapter 477 Dark Ancient Demon Venerable
Chapter 478: The Invincible True Demon Body
Chapter 479
Chapter 480 Altar
Chapter 481 The Emperor's Spear
Chapter 482: Leaving the Demon Realm
Chapter 483: Responding to Investigation
Chapter 484
Chapter 485 Bai Xuan
Chapter 486: Sixth Grade Mountain Range
Chapter 487 Yan Gulong Emperor
Chapter 488 Cultivation in the Holy Mountain
Chapter 489
Chapter 490 Martial Arts Family
Chapter 491: Kneeling for Seven Days
Chapter 492: Stepping into the Realm of Divine Power
Chapter 493: Trillions of Wealth
Chapter 494 Ten Thousand Thunder Emperor Tribulation
Chapter 495
Chapter 496 Lei Di's Trial
Chapter 497: Nine Domains Vibration
Chapter 498 The situation of Han Yueli
Chapter 499 Going to the Void Sea
Chapter 500 Star Peak
Chapter 501 Spirit Stone
Chapter 502
Chapter 503 Everyone has arrived
Chapter 504 The Holy Party Luo Chen
Chapter 505 Mass Burial in the Sea
Chapter 506 Void Beast
Chapter 507
Chapter 508: All Supplements
Chapter 509
Chapter 510
Chapter 511
Chapter 512
Chapter 513 You are also equipped with a sword?
Chapter 514 Slaughtering Chickens and Dogs
Chapter 515
Chapter 516
Chapter 517 Wang Pin Lingshi
Chapter 518 Countless Treasures
Chapter 519
Chapter 520 Eighteen Demon Generals
Chapter 521 Beheading the White Bone Young Master
Chapter 522 Treasure Room
Chapter 523 Countless Geniuses
Chapter 524: The Treasure Opens
Chapter 525
Chapter 526 Treasure! Treasure!
Chapter 527 Ancestral Dragon Supreme Sword
Chapter 528
Chapter 529 Angry eyes and eyes
Chapter 530 No need to endure!
Chapter 531 Kill! Kill! Kill!
Chapter 532 Seven sects? So what!
Chapter 533 Desolate Ancient Divine Pill
Chapter 534: The Sword of Shattering the Sea
Chapter 535 Seven major sects?
Chapter 536 Another one to die
Chapter 537
Chapter 538: The Way of Decay
Chapter 539 Breakthrough in battle!
Chapter 540
Chapter 541 Receiving the Dragon Sword
Chapter 542 Mutation Protrusion
Chapter 543
Chapter 544 Dragon Spirit Helps
Chapter 545 Great Crisis
Chapter 546 Crazy decisive battle
Chapter 547: The Strongest Strike
Chapter 548 Blood Sea
Chapter 549: Bloody Sea Battle
Chapter 550 Reversal! Counterattack!
Chapter 551: Chasing and Killing the Undead Demon Venerable
Chapter 552: Slaying Demons
Chapter 553: Countless Gains
Chapter 554: Canglan Family
Chapter 555: Chu Fengmian Takes Action
Chapter 556: Extremely Powerful
Chapter 557
Chapter 558: Leaving the Cave Mansion
Chapter 559
Chapter 560 Fragments of the Human Emperor Jar
Chapter 561: Hunyuan Continent
Chapter 562 Ouyang Lie
Chapter 563 Kunpeng Bloodline
Chapter 564
Chapter 565
Chapter 566 Tianmeng
Chapter 567: Upstart
Chapter 568 Dragon Egg
Chapter 569
Chapter 570 Three Thousand Unreal
Chapter 571: Divine Power Realm Invincible
Chapter 572 The ants are turning upside down?
Chapter 573 Nirvana Dragon Egg
Chapter 574: Tongtian Pavilion
Chapter 575 The Fourth Fragment
Chapter 576
Chapter 577
Chapter 578
Chapter 579 Six Demon Gates
Chapter 580: Heavenly Sword Qi
Chapter 581
Chapter 582 Dragon Emperor Dragon Claw
Chapter 583: One Billion
Chapter 584: Three Thousand Dragon Blood
Chapter 585
Chapter 586
Chapter 587
Chapter 588
Chapter 589 The Holy King's Axe
Chapter 590
Chapter 592: Yin-Yang Demon Map
Chapter 593 Arranging the Sacrifice
Chapter 594: Ancient Dragon King Body
Chapter 595 Returning to the Academy
Chapter 596 The Arrogant Two
Chapter 597 Jade Emperor Mirror
Chapter 598
Chapter 599 Humiliation
Chapter 600 Seeing the Elder
Chapter 601
Chapter 602 Making things difficult for the assessment
Chapter 603 Asura
Chapter 604 Shura enters the sword
Chapter 605: Another Assessment
Chapter 606 Falling into a Trap
Chapter 607 You Can Die
Chapter 608 All Saints Church
Chapter 609 I am arrogant!
Chapter 610 Beat the old man
Chapter 611 Founder of Beimang College
Chapter 612 Nine Domains Swordsmanship
Chapter 613 Anger
Chapter 614 Fighting the Dragon Party
615 Invincible
Chapter 616 Dragon King Totem
Chapter 617 Dragon vs Dragon
Chapter 618 Inheritance of the Holy Monarch Beimang?
Chapter 619 admit defeat?
Chapter 620 Lu Hua
Chapter 621 Great Thunder Flame Sword
Chapter 622
Chapter 623 Bombing and Killing Long Weiyang
Chapter 624
Chapter 625 Ice Goddess
Chapter 626 Within three moves, you will lose!
Chapter 627
Chapter 628 Strong! Strong! Strong!
Chapter 629 Old Ancestor
Chapter 630: The Realm of Broken Life
Chapter 631
Chapter 632: Join Forces Against the Enemy
Chapter 633 Xuanbei Reappears
Chapter 634
Chapter 635
Chapter 636: The Dust Settles
Chapter 637 Returning to the Ruins Heaven
Chapter 638 Fighting Tournament
Chapter 639
Chapter 640 Not enough strength?
Chapter 641: The Top 100 Northern Territories
Chapter 642
Chapter 643
Chapter 644: Taking the Sword and Humiliating
Chapter 645
Chapter 646
Chapter 647
Chapter 648 Herd
Chapter 649 Black Iron Crow
Chapter 650 Forming a Sword Array
Chapter 651: The Ram Family
Chapter 652
Chapter 653
Chapter 654 Anti-kill
Chapter 655 Martial King City
Chapter 656 Genius of the Northern Territory
Chapter 657
Chapter 658
Chapter 659
Chapter 660 Fighting Tournament Ten-man melee
Chapter 661
Chapter 662 Dark Horse
Chapter 663 The first battle in the arena
Chapter 664
Chapter 665 Enlightenment Sword
Chapter 666
Chapter 667
Chapter 668
Chapter 669 Han Yueli vs Yan Bi
Chapter 670 The First Person in the Northern Territory
Chapter 671
Chapter 672 Kendo Unparalleled
Chapter 673 Entering the top ten
Chapter 674
Chapter 675 Tenfold Power
Chapter 676 Battle of Geniuses
Chapter 677 Sword Formation
Chapter 678
Chapter 679
Chapter 680
Chapter 681
Chapter 682 Chu Fengmian to the funeral sky
Chapter 683 Heart Demon Fruit
Chapter 684
Chapter 685
Chapter 686 tyrannical and invincible
Chapter 687 The Eve of the Final
Chapter 688 Chu Fengmian vs Ye Tianjun
Chapter 689
Chapter 690 Peak Showdown
Chapter 691 Chaos God Realm
Chapter 692
Chapter 693 The plan is successful
Chapter 694 Breaking Yuruyi
Chapter 695 Breaking the Rules
Chapter 696
Chapter 697: The Olive Branch of Tongtian Pavilion
Chapter 698
Chapter 699
Chapter 700
Chapter 701 Promotion! Promotion!
Chapter 702: A Strong Return
Chapter 703 Destroying the Holy Party
Chapter 704: One Big Man After Another
Chapter 705 Rewards
Chapter 706 Conversation between Master and Disciple
Chapter 707
Chapter 708 Arrive at Guixu City
Chapter 709 Disciple of Xuantian Sect
Chapter 710 Conflict subsided
Chapter 711 Opening the Prelude
Chapter 712 Return to the Ruins Heaven Opens
Chapter 713
Chapter 714 Ancient Sand Scorpion
Chapter 715 Light, Spirit Sword
Chapter 716 Supreme Sword Qi
Chapter 717: Tsing Yi Man
Chapter 718
Chapter 719: Seeing Sword Qi Again
Chapter 720 One is more arrogant than the other
Chapter 721
Chapter 722: Violent Blood Body
Chapter 723 Gongsun Dao
Chapter 724
Chapter 725 Fifty Supreme Sword Qi
Chapter 726: The First Tribulation of the Nine Regions
Chapter 727: Chu Fengmian Transcended the Tribulation
Chapter 728 Stepping into the realm of life and death
Chapter 729 Thirty thousand drops of blood essence
Chapter 730 Yanyang Gate
Chapter 731
Chapter 732 crushing three people
Chapter 733
Chapter 734 Tianyu City
Chapter 735
Chapter 736
Chapter 737: Smashing the Golden Body
Chapter 738: Slaying the Scorching Sun
Chapter 739 Seven major sects, come and kill one
Chapter 740 Ten Thousand Swords Confrontation
Chapter 741 Little Demon Lord
Chapter 742 The Heavenly Palace Opens
Chapter 743 Wind Valley
Chapter 744 Anti-killing Sword Sky
Chapter 745
Chapter 746
Chapter 747 Blood Demon Venerable
Chapter 748 Tianyu Divine Realm
Chapter 749 Heavenly Palace Situation
Chapter 750: Infiltrating the Devil's Nest
Chapter 751 Nine secluded locks
Chapter 752 Demon Lords Gather
Chapter 753 One sword slays the devil
Chapter 754: Sweeping the Demons
Chapter 755
Chapter 756 Killing like a dog
Chapter 757 Fall?
Chapter 758
Chapter 759 Chasing and Killing the Little Demon Lord
Chapter 760 The Death of the Little Demon Lord
Chapter 761 Sword Ancestor Wilderness
Chapter 762 Cold Moon News
Chapter 763: Subduing the Treasure Car
Chapter 764 Ice Rift Valley
Chapter 765
Chapter 766
Chapter 767: Another Strong Enemy
Chapter 768 Deer God of War
Chapter 769
Chapter 770
Chapter 771 Eighty-one Supreme Sword Qi
Chapter 772 Kill All
Chapter 773
Chapter 774: Heavenly Palace Mutation
Chapter 775
Chapter 776: Stress Avenue
Chapter 777 Treasures now
Chapter 778 Mysterious Voice
Chapter 779
Chapter 780 Three Treasures
Chapter 781
Chapter 782 A sword breaks the sky
Chapter 783: The Poisonous River
Chapter 784
Chapter 785 The hunt begins
Chapter 786 Inheritance Competition
Chapter 787 The only realm of life-shattering
Chapter 788 Killing Medicine Sea
Chapter 789 Fifty thousand and three
Chapter 790 Inheritance of the Shrine
Chapter 791 Heavenly Emperor
Chapter 792
Chapter 793 Instant Kill
Chapter 794
Chapter 795
Chapter 796 Killing the Desolate Holy Monarch
Chapter 797: Invincible in Life and Death
Chapter 798
Chapter 799
Chapter 800 Young City Lord
Chapter 801 Killing like a city lord
Chapter 802 Heavenly Soldier Su Family
Chapter 803 Qinghe Border Town
Chapter 804 Violently humiliated
Chapter 805: The Wang Family Perishes
Chapter 806 The Book of Swords
Chapter 807 Refining genius
Chapter 808 Su Family Holy Land
Chapter 809
Chapter 810 Tempering the Sword Formation
Chapter 811
Chapter 812 Vice President Deng Ling
Chapter 813
Chapter 814
Chapter 815
Chapter 816 Dare to fight
Chapter 817 Body of Slaughter
Chapter 818 Fierce
Chapter 819 The Founder
Chapter 820 Crazy! Crazy!
Chapter 821 What if you kill him?
Chapter 822 Killing in public
Chapter 823 Crazy once
Chapter 824 Massacre of the Ye Family
Chapter 825 The true identity of Beimang Palace
Chapter 826 Recognize the Lord! Breakthrough!
Chapter 827 The Mysterious Dean
Chapter 828
Chapter 829 The Nine Regions Genius Battle
Chapter 830 The Secret Before Ten Thousand Years
Chapter 831 Fifty thousand drops of blood essence
Chapter 832 Go to the Central Domain
Chapter 833 Holy Spirit Elixir
Chapter 834 Rescue
Chapter 835
Chapter 836 Ningzhou Ancient City
Chapter 837
Chapter 838
Chapter 839 Frog at the bottom of the well?
Chapter 840 Easily defeated three people
Chapter 841
Chapter 842 Buying Holy Medicine
Chapter 843 Four Holy Medicines
Chapter 844 Nine Demons City Rebellion
Chapter 845 Assassin
Chapter 846 The Six Paths of Demons are born!
Chapter 847 Goodbye Luo Xi
Chapter 848 The Succubus Lord
Chapter 849 Blood-robed Ancestor
Chapter 850
Chapter 851 Shenquan Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 852 Falling Sky Poison Valley
Chapter 853
Chapter 854 Kill the ancestor with one move
Chapter 855
Chapter 856
Chapter 857 Defeat one by one
Chapter 858: Killing the Third Ancestor
Chapter 859 Attack on Tianquan City
Chapter 860: Destroy the City
Chapter 861
Chapter 862
Chapter 863
Chapter 864: Divine Tree Experience
Chapter 865 The Secret Realm of the Divine Tree
Chapter 866
Chapter 867
Chapter 868 Bloodthirsty God Tree
Chapter 869 Above the canopy
Chapter 870 Is Chu Fengmian a Soft Persimmon?
Chapter 871
Chapter 872
Chapter 873 Stepping on the face in public
Chapter 874 The enemy Chapter 873 Yulu holy fruit is ripe
Chapter 875
Chapter 876 The Emperor Comes
Chapter 877 The terror of the emperor
Chapter 878 Killing Chu Fengmian
Chapter 879 Adventure Plan
Chapter 880: Doomed Pursuit
Chapter 881 The Real God Tree
Chapter 882
Chapter 883 The real treasure
Chapter 884
Chapter 885: Beyond Life and Death
Chapter 886 Sixty-six thousand drops of blood essence
Chapter 887 Surrender to the Divine Tree
Chapter 888
Chapter 889 Mysterious Emperor
Chapter 890: War Demon, Alone Demon
Chapter 891
Chapter 892 Fighting the Emperor Physically
Chapter 893 Want to go? Stay!
Chapter 894
Chapter 895
Chapter 896 Devil Emperor
Chapter 897 Fight against the Devil Emperor
Chapter 898
Chapter 899 Invitation from the Ye Family Brothers and Sisters
Chapter 900 Treasure Map of Canglan Palace
Chapter 901 Kill the ancestors in seconds
Chapter 902 The Wheel of Destiny
Chapter 903
Chapter 904: The Gate of Canglan Palace
Chapter 905 The Art of Combining Strikes
Chapter 906
Chapter 907 Mysterious Young Master
Chapter 908 Yantian Lake
Chapter 909 Falling into a Trap
Chapter 910 Siege of the Four Emperors
Chapter 911 Fighting the Three Emperors Alone
Chapter 912: A Sword That Astonishes the World
Chapter 913
Chapter 914 Anti-kill the Emperor of the Sky
Chapter 915 Bloody battle to the end!
Chapter 916
Chapter 917
Chapter 918 Come with me
Chapter 919 Canglan Immortal Armor
Chapter 920 Treasures That Shocked Extremely
Chapter 921 The Fifth Fragment of the Human Emperor Jar
Chapter 922 Weird Wind
Chapter 923 Chaos Five Emperors
Chapter 924 Fearless
Chapter 925
Chapter 926: Ice and Fire Divine Body
Chapter 927
Chapter 928
Chapter 929 Killing the emperor is like killing a dog
Chapter 930
Chapter 931: Leaving Canglan Palace
Chapter 932 Returning to the Ancient City of Ningzhou
Chapter 933 Young Master Sword
Chapter 934 Help the Gu family to clean up the portal
Chapter 935
Chapter 936 The arrival of the smoke emperor
Chapter 937
Chapter 938
Chapter 939
Chapter 940
Chapter 941
Chapter 942 Martial Madness
Chapter 943 Humiliation
Chapter 944 The Magical Use of Chaos Breath
Chapter 945: Underground Prohibition
Chapter 946: Underground Spiritual Spring
Chapter 947 Mysterious Egg
Chapter 948 Innate Divine Beast
Chapter 949 Strange Cat
Chapter 950 Coaxing the Divine Beast
Chapter 951
Chapter 952 Ancient Arena
Chapter 953
Chapter 954 The Demon Emperor Arrives
Chapter 955
Chapter 956
Chapter 957 Qualification Competition
Chapter 958 Twelve Floors!
Chapter 959
Chapter 960 Kendo Totem
Chapter 961
Chapter 962 Shameless
Chapter 963 why
Chapter 964 Amazing Rewards
Chapter 965 Wanbao Tianyu Talisman
Chapter 966 The first battle
Chapter 967: The Seventh Prince Dies
Chapter 968 Comprehension of Kendo Totem
Chapter 969 Sword Kill
Chapter 970
Chapter 971
Chapter 972 Sword Art Remnants
Chapter 973
Chapter 974: Battle to Heaven
Chapter 975
Chapter 976: Getting a Kendo Totem
Chapter 977 Devil Emperor Conspiracy
Chapter 978
Chapter 979
Chapter 980 Demon Emperor's Strength
Chapter 981 Nirvana Divine Body
Chapter 982 Gongsun Tianjue
Chapter 983 Thousand Swordsmanship
Chapter 984
Chapter 985: The Realm of Refining the Heart
Chapter 986 Sword Slaying Immortals vs Yao Ze
Chapter 987: The Way of Astrology
Chapter 988 Invincible Devil Emperor
Chapter 989
Chapter 990 Chaos Ancient Halberd
Chapter 991 Chu Fengmian's Sword Slaying Immortals
Chapter 992 You are not worthy of this sword
Chapter 993 Sword God Realm
Chapter 994: The Difference Between Being in the Sword God Realm
Chapter 995 The lion opens his mouth
Chapter 996 Finals
Chapter 997 Fighting the Demon Emperor!
Chapter 998 Demonization of the Demon Emperor
Chapter 999: Heavenly Fire Burns Demons
Chapter 1000 Seven Devil Emperors
Chapter 1001 Unyielding Death
Chapter 1002 I am the Sword Emperor
Chapter 1003 Double swords break the sky
Chapter 1004 Forcibly Intervening
Chapter 1005 Taking advantage of the fire
Chapter 1006 Four Supreme Patriarchs
Chapter 1007 Forced into a dead end
Chapter 1008 Xiaojiu's power
Chapter 1009 Extreme Sword Seal
Chapter 1010 The Threat of the Devil Emperor
Chapter 1011 Public Denial
Chapter 1012
Chapter 1013 Kendo Gate
Chapter 1014 Earth One Thousand and Thirteenth Crisis
Chapter 1015 The phantom of the emperor
Chapter 1016 The Emperor Destroys the World
Chapter 1017: Shattering the Sword Formation
1018 Temporary retreat
Chapter 1019 Ninety-nine thousand drops
Chapter 1020 Departure Six Demon Gates
Chapter 1021: Smashing the Six Demon Gates
Chapter 1022 God Extinguishing Formation
1023 The only thing that is fast is not broken
Chapter 1024 Impeccable Defense
Chapter 1025 The method of breaking the formation
Chapter 1026 Kill the Supreme Patriarch
Chapter 1027 I am late
Chapter 1028 Assassination
Chapter 1029: Suppressing the Demon Emperor
Chapter 1030 The breath of the emperor's realm
Chapter 1031 Quasi-Emperor
Chapter 1032 Good Fortune Slaying Demons
Chapter 1033 Stepping into the Realm of Destiny
Chapter 1034 Goodbye Hanyueli
Chapter 1035 Joining forces to fight against the Emperor
Chapter 1036 Forcing out the real body
Chapter 1037 Bloody Battle
Chapter 1038 Heartbreaking
Chapter 1039 Demon Sword Unsheathed
Chapter 1040 Liu Yi
Chapter 1041 Another Continent
Chapter 1042 Huangtian Sect
Chapter 1043 Conflict broke out
Chapter 1044 Demon Ancient Continent
Chapter 1045 Ancient Snake Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 1046 The seventh layer of the ancient snake
Chapter 1047 Three Demon Emperors
Chapter 1048 230 Million Transactions
#1049 auction venue
Chapter 1050 Emperor Venerable Demon Spirit Blood
Chapter 1051 Restoring the Divine Veins
Chapter 1052 Profound Vein Grass
Chapter 1053
Chapter 1054: Transforming the Body
Chapter 1055 Dragon Snake Fruit
Chapter 1056 Angry fight
Chapter 1057 Auction suppresses the blood of the emperor
Chapter 1058 Mysterious Prince
Chapter 1059 Emperor Zun's blood is in hand
Chapter 1060: All Claws Explode
Chapter 1061 Return to Huang Tianzong
Chapter 1062 Fighting the Huangtian Sect alone
Chapter 1063 All subdued
Chapter 1064 Pavilion
1065 Complete recovery
Chapter 1066 Dragon Scale Array
Chapter 1067 Thousand Mile Stone Dragon
Chapter 1068 Supervision Envoy Lei Yan
Chapter 1069: Soaring Snake
Chapter 1070 Eight Royal Families
Chapter 1071 Subduing the various sects
Chapter 1072 The Emperor's Blood Pill
Chapter 1073 Magical Blood Stone
Chapter 1074 Leaving the Wasteland
#1075 road robbery
Chapter 1076 Blast!
Chapter 1077 Eight Royal Families Huo Family
Chapter 1078 The Young Master of the Fire Family
Chapter 1079 The Arrival of the Emperor
Chapter 1080 City of Fire
Chapter 1081 No way to survive
Chapter 1082 Huo Family Conspiracy
Chapter 1083 The second source of destiny
Chapter 1084 Forcibly Open Up
Chapter 1085: Cultivating the Second Origin
Chapter 1086 Heavenly Dragon Transformation, Soaring Snake Transformation
Chapter 1087 bad intentions
Chapter 1088 Wasteland Alliance
Chapter 1092 The Ancient Way of Soldiers
Chapter 1093 Killing the Blood God with One Sword
Chapter 1094 Kill All
Chapter 1095 Imperial Capital
Chapter 1096 Ancient Snake Chamber of Commerce Headquarters
Chapter 1097 Vice President of Mahogany
Chapter 1098 Ten billion pieces of information
Chapter 1099 Bigger Transaction
Chapter 1100 Hundreds of billions of transactions
Chapter 1101 Five trillion
Chapter 1102 Master Lei
Chapter 1103 Strong
Chapter 1104 Thunder Spear
Chapter 1105 What is it?
Chapter 1106 Say I dare not?
Chapter 1107 Three worships
Chapter 1108 Come over and kneel!
Chapter 1109 Great Lord
Chapter 1110 Soaring Snake Turns into Battle Emperor
Chapter 1111 tearing the sky with one claw
Chapter 1112 The mysterious powerhouse intervenes
Chapter 1113 President Ouyang
Chapter 1114 Treasure Land
Chapter 1115 A Transaction
Chapter 1116 Five Ancestors of the Divine Sword
Chapter 1117 Unruly
Chapter 1118 Each has a conspiracy
Chapter 1119 Blood World
Chapter 1120 Scarlet Desert
Chapter 1121
Chapter 1122 Resolve Anti-kill
Chapter 1123 The Blood Snake Emperor Appears
Chapter 1124 Battle Blood Snake Emperor
Chapter 1125 The Secret Technique of Swallowing the Sky
Chapter 1126 Invisible Killing Club
Chapter 1127 King of the Four Killers
Chapter 1128 Run away
Chapter 1129 Bloodline promotion
Chapter 1130 Another Treasure
Chapter 1131 Blood Ghost Eagle
Chapter 1132 Ingratitude
Chapter 1133 Sun Family
Chapter 1134 Heaven and Earth Profound Gate
Chapter 1135 Xuantian Ruler
Chapter 1136 The Three Great Forces of Humanity
Chapter 1137 follow behind
Chapter 1138 Blood Continent
Chapter 1139 Ten Thousand Beasts
Chapter 1140 Fishing in troubled waters
Chapter 1141 More and more chaotic
Chapter 1142 Encounter with the scorpion again
Chapter 1143 Kill the Emperor
#1144 big shock
Chapter 1145 The Palace in the Cave
Chapter 1146 Fight if you want, and leave if you want?
Chapter 1147 Killed with one sword
Chapter 1148 Five Mountains Sword Sect
Chapter 1149 Gengjin River
Chapter 1150 Whoever steps forward will die
Chapter 1151 The Fourth Prince of the Shenlong Empire
Chapter 1152 Are you an idiot?
Chapter 1153 Kill the Prince
Chapter 1154 The Palace Opens
Chapter 1155 Alliance!
Chapter 1156 Swallowing the Heart of the Heavenly Beast
Chapter 1157 Perfect Body
Chapter 1158 Borrowing a knife to kill
Chapter 1159 Forcibly charged
Chapter 1160 Forcing a desperate situation
Chapter 1161
Chapter 1162 Kill the Quartet
Chapter 1163 Have a background? Kill the same!
Chapter 1164 Subduing the Emperor
Chapter 1165 start promotion
Chapter 1166 Nine Heavens Chaos Tribulation
Chapter 1167 The transformation of the divine tree
Chapter 1168 Gorefiend
Chapter 1169 Defeat the Emperor in one move
Chapter 1170 Emperor Sun Jiazhen
Chapter 1171 Killing the Incarnation of the True Emperor
Chapter 1172 The Law of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1173 Huge benefits
Chapter 1174
Chapter 1175 Overdoing it?
Chapter 1176 Liu Daojun
Chapter 1177 Sword Spirit
Chapter 1178 Law Confrontation
Chapter 1179 Bombing the True Emperor
Chapter 1180 Origin Realm
Chapter 1181 Condensing the Law of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1182 Treasure House of the Ancient Snake Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 1183 Tianpeng Empire
Chapter 1184 Break the claws
Chapter 1185 Desperate Sixth Prince
Chapter 1186 The Peerless Powerhouse Takes Action
Chapter 1187 Tianpeng Emperor
Chapter 1188 Conspiracy against Emperor Tianpeng
Chapter 1189 Eighty-one laws of heaven and earth
Chapter 1190 Purple Que Divine Fruit
Chapter 1191 Good things come in pairs
Chapter 1192 Shock Immortal
Chapter 1193 Stepping into the Immortal Realm
Chapter 1194 Wanlong City Banquet
Chapter 1195 Crystal Bliss
Chapter 1196 Demons gather together
Chapter 1197 Ground breaking on the head of Tai Sui
Chapter 1198 Kill the Emperor with a Flick of the Finger
Chapter 1199 Sending invitations
Chapter 1200 July 15th
Chapter 1201 Black Tiger Mountain Lord
Chapter 1202 Complete abuse of the Black Tiger Mountain Master
Chapter 1203 Little Sword Master
#1204 night sword repair
Chapter 1205 The spirit of the four images
Chapter 1206 Beating the Little Sword Master
Chapter 1207 Call a group
Chapter 1208 Framing
Chapter 1209 Vengeance must be avenged
Chapter 1210 Peak Banquet
Chapter 1211 Disciple of the Holy Dragon's Secret Realm Appears
Chapter 1212 Martial Continent
Chapter 1213 One move defeats
Chapter 1214 Killing one person with one knife
Chapter 1215 The Second Prince Fights Cangrong
Chapter 1216 The Power of the Law of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1217 Liu Jia Liu Ya
Chapter 1218 Liu Yi's terror
Chapter 1219 Battle of Emperor Zun
Chapter 1220 Domineering Holy Dragon Secret Realm
Chapter 1221 Who is more arrogant than whom?
Chapter 1222 Domineering boundless
Chapter 1223 Lead the snake out of the hole
Chapter 1224 The Enemy Arrives
Chapter 1225 Dozens of True Emperors and Hundreds of Quasi-Emperors
Chapter 1226 Ancient Law Island Master
Chapter 1227 I am enough
Chapter 1228 is not the emperor, is better than the emperor
Chapter 1229 Fighting alone
Chapter 1230 Invincible!
Chapter 1231 Three True Emperors of Three Tribulations
Chapter 1232 A sword comes out, the world changes
Chapter 1233 One-man battle against the top 100
Chapter 1234 Devouring the Heavens
Chapter 1235 Massacre!
Chapter 1236 Killing the Dragon King
Chapter 1237 Power surge
Chapter 1238 I can't help you
Chapter 1239 in the blink of an eye
Chapter 1240 There are female companions
Chapter 1241 Crossing the Starry Sky
Chapter 1242 Condensing Space
Chapter 1243 Extraterritorial Land
Chapter 1244 Arrive at the Secret Realm of the Holy Dragon
Chapter 1245 The ancient emperor after the wind
Chapter 1246 Snob
Chapter 1247 Mu Shao
Chapter 1248 Heart Mark Peak
Chapter 1249 The King of Heart Demons
Chapter 1250 Invincible Dao Heart
Chapter 1251 The Shepherd's Association
Chapter 1252 Everyone in One Claw Town
Chapter 1253 Golden Eyed Tiger Clan
Chapter 1254 One Finger Shattered
Chapter 1255 It's all about the assessment of genius
Chapter 1256: Xiaguang Divine Eye
Chapter 1257 Jade Dragon Holy Pill
Chapter 1258 Ghost Domain
Chapter 1259 The forces of all parties gather
Chapter 1260
Chapter 1261 Flesh and Blood Change Great Immortal Technique
#1262 blood son
Chapter 1263 Bloodline chase
Chapter 1264 The Demon King Appears
Chapter 1265 Lin Blood
Chapter 1266 The King of Heart Demons
Chapter 1267
Chapter 1268 Five Elements Great Pill
Chapter 1269 Huge harvest
Chapter 1270 Transforming Power
Chapter 1271 Seeing Asura Again
Chapter 1272
Chapter 1273 Daoist appearance
Chapter 1274 Strange Valley
Chapter 1275 Yaksha King
Chapter 1276 Young Emperor
Chapter 1277 Collapse of the world
Chapter 1278 Ten Directions Demon Blood Essence
Chapter 1279 White Bone Temple
Chapter 1280 Battle of the Ancient Emperor
Chapter 1281 Entering the Temple
Chapter 1282 Treasures on the Altar
Chapter 1283 Crazy Treasure Collection
Chapter 1284 Bronze Demon
Chapter 1285 Chaos adds chaos
Chapter 1286 Bombing and killing the blood son
Chapter 1287 Threat me?
Chapter 1288 Bring it all
Chapter 1289 Forty Thousand Paths Formation
Chapter 1290 Sweeping the Temple
Chapter 1291 Seven Devils Altar
Chapter 1292 The Fisherman Profits
Chapter 1293 Immortal True Body
Chapter 1294 Huge harvest
Chapter 1295 Get Rich
Chapter 1296 Five Elements Holy Pill
Chapter 1297 End the assessment
Chapter 1298 Assessment and Evaluation
Chapter 1299 Young Master Mu's provocation
Chapter 1300 The bet is too small, and it is tenfolded.
Chapter 1301 The Statue of the Ancestor's Enlightenment Order
Chapter 1302 Sitting in the well and watching the sky
Chapter 1303 Four Sects and Eight Churches
Chapter 1304 Sacred Dragon Sect
Chapter 1305 Mu Xuan
Chapter 1306 Ancient Emperor Fan Guang
Chapter 1307 The Sacred Dragon Sect of Six People
Chapter 1308 Third Senior Sister Qing Meng
Chapter 1309 Joining the Holy Dragon Sect
Chapter 1310 Rules of the Holy Dragon Sect
Chapter 1311 Learn Martial Arts
Chapter 1312 news of the two
#1313 ancestor statue
Chapter 1314 Another provocation
Chapter 1315 One move to kill
Chapter 1316 The background of terror
Chapter 1317 The Kingdom of Ten Thousand Dragons
Chapter 1318 Enlightenment
Chapter 1319 The Nine Forms of the First Ancestor
Chapter 1320 Enemies meet
Chapter 1321 life and death platform I wait for you
Chapter 1322 100% sure
Chapter 1323 Life and death battle
Chapter 1324 Why don't I dare?
Chapter 1325 The third senior sister who protects the short
Chapter 1326 The big ring
Chapter 1327 Fighting streak
Chapter 1328 Huang Jian
Chapter 1329 Dragon Slaying Sword Technique
Chapter 1330 The first style
Chapter 1331 Wasted Flesh
Chapter 1332 Daluo Genius List
Chapter 1333 The Hall of Enlightenment
Chapter 1334 The Second Form of the First Ancestor
Chapter 1335 Burial Immortal Continent
Chapter 1336 Tianjiao City
Chapter 1337 Purple Vein
Chapter 1338 Strong buy and strong sell
Chapter 1339 Shifeng Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 1340 Ancient Sacred Medicine
Chapter 1341 Princess Sea
#1342 turned out
Chapter 1343 It's just a lot of money, it's a face slap
Chapter 1344 Young Master Sun Yan
Chapter 1345 Seeing Kendo Totem Again
#1346 sword bone old man
Chapter 1347 Fight!
Chapter 1348 let him come over by himself
Chapter 1349
Chapter 1350 Heaven and Earth Building
Chapter 1351 Promotion to the Quasi-Emperor
Chapter 1352 The power of the ancient emperor's battle
#1353 out of the city
Chapter 1354 Yin Blood Flood Dragon
Chapter 1355 The Fisherman Profits
Chapter 1356 Killing the Sword Bone Old Man
Chapter 1357 Devour them all!
Chapter 1358 Killing the Ancient Emperor Alone
Chapter 1359 Tianya Sword Box
Chapter 1360 Tianya Sword Immortal
Chapter 1361 Purple Veined Profound Pill
Chapter 1362 The Calculation of the Sun Flame Palace
Chapter 1363
Chapter 1364: Waving the Ancient Emperor
Chapter 1365 All solutions
Chapter 1366
Chapter 1367 Ancient Emperor Tribulation Thunder
Chapter 1368 A treasure?
Chapter 1369 Treasure Level
Chapter 1370 The road encounters three-colored treasures
Chapter 1371 Disciple of Canghaidu
Chapter 1372 Water Letter to the Ancient Emperor
Chapter 1373 Collecting Treasures
Chapter 1374 The colorful treasure was born
Chapter 1375 Domineering Five Elements Heaven
Chapter 1376 Yin and Yang Son
Chapter 1377 The Body of Yin and Yang
Chapter 1378 Ancient Emperor Gathered
Chapter 1379 A roll of brocade
Chapter 1380 Fourteen Ancient Emperors
Chapter 1381 The so-called same family?
Chapter 1382 escape
Chapter 1383 Scarlet Fire Ridge
Chapter 1384 Fighting the Two Emperors Alone
Chapter 1385 The Ancient Bronze Gate
Chapter 1386 Daoist appearance
Chapter 1387 Jiu Xuan
Chapter 1388 Battle King Clan
Chapter 1389 Blocking the road to snatch
Chapter 1390 Qingmeng is surrounded
Chapter 1391 Killing You Like Butchering a Dog
Chapter 1392 Massacre of the Ancient Emperor
Chapter 1393
Chapter 1394 Help
Chapter 1395 Battle The Ancient Emperor of Eight Tribulations!
Chapter 1396 Destroy the Shepherd
Chapter 1397 Mu Tiange Dies
Chapter 1398 Nine Profound Immortal Venerable
Chapter 1399 Token
Chapter 1400 In front of the Nine Profound Cave Mansion
Chapter 1401 Blood God Ten Thousand Soldiers
Chapter 1402 Blood Sea
Chapter 1403 Entering the cave
Chapter 1404 Martial Dao Tower
Chapter 1405 The benefits are huge
Chapter 1406 Breaking into the Martial Dao Tower
Chapter 1407 Emperor Venerable Peak Martial Dao
Chapter 1408 Half-step Heavenly Man
Chapter 1409 Swordsmanship
Chapter 1410 The twenty-first floor!
Chapter 1411 Fighting Immortal Venerable
Chapter 1412 Victory
Chapter 1413 Immortal Secret
Chapter 1414 The Treasure House of Immortal Venerable Jiuxuan
Chapter 1415 win over Emperor Yan
Chapter 1416 eradicating evil
Chapter 1417 Fighting the Ancient Blood God Emperor Again
Chapter 1418 Vicious
Chapter 1419 Killing the Three Ancient Emperors
Chapter 1420 All the enemies are wiped out
Chapter 1421 Immortal Magic Achievement
Chapter 1422 Prepare to return
Chapter 1423 Luo Kang is seriously injured
Chapter 1424: The Injurer is proud of Mo
Chapter 1425 Law Enforcement Hall
Chapter 1426: Suppressing the Deputy Hall Master
Chapter 1427 Go to the Law Enforcement Hall
Chapter 1428 I want to step down the law enforcement hall
Chapter 1429 Squeeze to death the deputy hall master
Chapter 1430 The Spear of Judgment
Chapter 1431 Destroying the Law Enforcement Hall Master
Chapter 1432 The Door of Jurisprudence
Chapter 1433 How dare ants turn the sky
Chapter 1434: Stepping on the Law Enforcement Hall
Chapter 1435 Black Dust Great Elder
Chapter 1436 Take the opportunity to rob
Chapter 1437 Isn't it enough to destroy a hall?
Chapter 1438 The door of refining law
Chapter 1439 Nine Tribulations Ancient Emperor
Chapter 1440 Wanlong Emperor
Chapter 1441 Big Brother Yun Zun
Chapter 1442 Long Qianjue
Chapter 1443 Half a year
Chapter 1444 Power Inheritance
Chapter 1445: Someone from Qilin Mountain
Chapter 1446 Anger
Chapter 1447 Promotion of the Holy Son
Chapter 1448 Red-haired boy
Chapter 1449 Earthshaking Earth Flame
Chapter 1450 Break through all methods with one force
Chapter 1451 In front of the main hall
Chapter 1452 Ancient Emperor of Eight Tribulations? Kneel down for me!
Chapter 1453 Young Master Lin Lie
Chapter 1454 win people's hearts
Chapter 1455 Reunion
Chapter 1456 Three troubles
Chapter 1457 Luo Xi breaks through
Chapter 1458 Nine Regions Crisis
Chapter 1459 More and more news
Chapter 1460 Bounty hunt down
Chapter 1461 Hundred Churches
Chapter 1462 No one left
Chapter 1463 Emperor Xiao Ye
Chapter 1464 Ye Di's Three Swords
Chapter 1465 A sword that spans the ages
Chapter 1466 Nirvana Rebirth
Chapter 1467 Tiandu Continent
Chapter 1468 Nine Regions Exploration Team
Chapter 1469 Emperor Yan's Order
Chapter 1470 Make things difficult
Chapter 1471 Departure from the Nine Domains
Chapter 1472 Demons on the Ark
Chapter 1473 The real body of the nine domains
Chapter 1474 Demon Clan's Nest
Chapter 1475 Eliminate the Demon Race
Chapter 1476 Promotion of the King of Heart Demons
Chapter 1477 Upheaval in the Nine Domains
Chapter 1478 Back to the Cold Snow Pavilion
Chapter 1479 Everyone Gathers
Chapter 1480 Yan Luo Star Territory
Chapter 1481 Chen Family
Chapter 1482 Heavy Sword Formation
Chapter 1483 Another Heaven Swallowing Beast Inheritance
Chapter 1484: The Cold Moon Transcends the Tribulation
Chapter 1485 attracting villains
Chapter 1486 Kill the ancient emperor and make pills
Chapter 1487 provokes anger
Chapter 1488 Golden Bamboo
Chapter 1489 surrender in blood
Chapter 1490 Sword Formation
Chapter 1491 Make a Fierce Name
Chapter 1492 Prepare to open a case
Chapter 1493 Return to Beimang College
Chapter 1494 Kill the Night Emperor First
Chapter 1495 Swallowing the sky against the swordsmanship
Chapter 1496 The sword is invincible
Chapter 1497 Yama blood sacrifice
Chapter 1498 Killing the Chen Family
Chapter 1499 Don't surrender? Then die.
Chapter 1500 Subduing Beimang College
Chapter 1501 Senior Brother Jianling
Chapter 1502 Immortal Ninth Order
Chapter 1503 I don't know what is good or bad
Chapter 1504 Engaging with power
Chapter 1505 Establishing a Kendo Gate
Chapter 1506 Opening the case
Chapter 1507 Another Demon Race?
Chapter 1508 life is smeared
Chapter 1509 Killing all the way
Chapter 1510 Re-entering the Ruins City
Chapter 1511 Old Liar
Chapter 1512 Super take advantage
Chapter 1513 Zhou Jueyin
Chapter 1514 Ancient Books, Jade Talisman, Sword Hilt
Chapter 1515 being targeted
Chapter 1516 The old man is a master?
Chapter 1517 First Swordsmanship
Chapter 1518 Three Yang Lieyan Sword
Chapter 1519 The Ten Ancient Heavenly Immortal Techniques
Chapter 1520 Killing in the Building
Chapter 1521 One move to kill
Chapter 1522 Killing the Deputy Sect Master with one sword
Chapter 1523 Killing and leaving
Chapter 1524 The strength of the six demons
Chapter 1525 Traces of the Emperor's Pot
Chapter 1526 The Yan Family
Chapter 1527 Sudden Attack
Chapter 1528 is waiting for this moment
Chapter 1529 Capture the Bronze Mirror
Chapter 1530 The Mirror of God
Chapter 1531 Essence of the Five Elements
Chapter 1532 Those who dare to steal die
Chapter 1533 Yan shakes the world and is chased
Chapter 1534 Killing Demons and Saving People
Chapter 1535 Rescue the Son of the Five Spirit Sect
Chapter 1536 Light of Destruction
Chapter 1537 The flames burn the sky
Chapter 1538 Destruction!
Chapter 1539 win over and join forces
Chapter 1540 Remind Yan to shake the world
Chapter 1541 A Poison City
Chapter 1542 A box of ancient holy pills
Chapter 1543 The world is a hundred cauldrons
Chapter 1544 Nine Dragons God Cang Ding
Chapter 1545 Explore the main hall
Chapter 1546 Poisonous Corpse
Chapter 1547 The Last President
Chapter 1548 Attacking the Emperor's Venerable Realm
Chapter 1549 Hard opening of the source world
Chapter 1550 One Step Breakthrough Eight Tribulations Ancient Emperor
Chapter 1551 Soaring Strength
Chapter 1552 Five Elements Sword
Chapter 1553 Kill one by one
Chapter 1554 No one left
Chapter 1555 Shocking Conspiracy
Chapter 1556 Hunting the Ancient Emperor
Chapter 1557 Countless harvests
Chapter 1558 Large Treasure Heaven and Earth Different Phases
Chapter 1559 The Holy Leaf of Du'er
Chapter 1560 Blood Tiger Ancient Emperor
Chapter 1561 Kill the old and young together
Chapter 1562 The madness of the treasure opening
Chapter 1563 The Emperor of Nine Tribulations Appears
Chapter 1564 The half-human-high building tree branches
Chapter 1565 Five Elements Sword Ancestor
Chapter 1566 Fighting the Ancient Emperor of Nine Tribulations
Chapter 1567 Another powerful enemy
Chapter 1568 Avoiding the War and Going
Chapter 1569 Purple Star Stone
Chapter 1570 Light Curtain
Chapter 1571 Fighting Lion Martial Ancestor
Chapter 1572 Seven Thousand Mile Bridge
Chapter 1573 Martial Ancestor Essence and Blood
Chapter 1574 Dragon Emperor
Chapter 1575 Chasing down the ancestor of Biluo
Chapter 1576 Magical Deadwood
Chapter 1577 Calculate the ancestor of Biluo
Chapter 1578 Capture the Dead Wood
Chapter 1579 Anti-kill three people
Chapter 1580 Yan Huang came to help
Chapter 1581 Kill the Ancient Emperor of Nine Tribulations
Chapter 1582 Divide the benefits
Chapter 1583 Immortal soldiers are born?
Chapter 1584 The Immortal Emperor's Cave!
Chapter 1585 Ancient Buddhist Temple
Chapter 1586 Reminder of Princess Hai
Chapter 1587 Half-step Heaven and Man Five Elements Sword Saint
Chapter 1588 Discussing Countermeasures
Chapter 1589 Family Unity
Chapter 1590 The Tranquility Before the Storm
Chapter 1591 The Buddhist temple has not opened, Baoguang first appeared
Chapter 1592 The sneak attack of the half-step heaven and earth
Chapter 1593 Five Elements Sword Saint
Chapter 1594 Sword Saint
Chapter 1595 Young Emperor Appears
1596 Severe danger
Chapter 1597 The Immortal Soldiers of the Mixed War
Chapter 1598 Rushing into the Buddhist Temple
Chapter 1599 Wasteland
Chapter 1600 Demon Puppet
Chapter 1601 Buddhism
Chapter 1602 Relics
Chapter 1603 Huge benefits
Chapter 1604 The End of the Wasteland
Chapter 1605 Summoning Order
Chapter 1606 Xiaoyan Emperor
Chapter 1607 Unknown right and wrong
Chapter 1608 beaten into a dead dog
Chapter 1609 Killing Jintong
Chapter 1610 World Destruction Emperor Yan
Chapter 1611 Beating Xiao Yandi
Chapter 1612 Jade and Stone Burning
Chapter 1613 Kill Xiaoyan Emperor
Chapter 1614 Holy Son Leader
Chapter 1615 Ten Thousand Prayer Beads
1616 Go to the Union
Chapter 1617 Xiaoyao Wang Hanye
Chapter 1618 The peak of martial intent, ever-changing
Chapter 1619 show strength
Chapter 1620 Golden Buddha
Chapter 1621 Phoenix Bloodline
Chapter 1622 Dragon and Phoenix Battle
Chapter 1623 Team up to break the ban
Chapter 1624 behind the calculation
Chapter 1625 Be Smart
Chapter 1626 An anti-yin trick
Chapter 1627 The Buddhist Temple Awakens
Chapter 1628 The Wheel-Runner Monk
Chapter 1629 Ancient Golden Gate
Chapter 1630 True Buddha Killing Seal
Chapter 1631 Mantra Bewitched
Chapter 1632 Long Yin Breaks the Mantra
Chapter 1633 Three Siege
Chapter 1634 Undoubtedly Death
Chapter 1635 Unscathed?
Chapter 1636 The Light of Redemption
Chapter 1637 Six Paths of Reincarnation
Chapter 1638 The Power of Double Dragons
Chapter 1639 Treasure of Gold
Chapter 1640 Treasure Refinement
Chapter 1641: Meeting Yan Jun Again
Chapter 1642 Treating the body with the way
Chapter 1643 Invincible Blast
Chapter 1644 The young master of the Mu family?
Chapter 1645 Snatching the Fragments
Chapter 1646 The sixth fragment is in hand
Chapter 1647 Unexpected Secret
Chapter 1648 The Emperor's Three Soldiers
Chapter 1649 Demon Dragon Clan
Chapter 1650 Blood Evil Demon Emperor
Chapter 1651 Lure to take the bait
Chapter 1652 Long Moruo
Chapter 1653 Dragon Slaying
Chapter 1654 Pretending to be Long Moro
Chapter 1655 Weird Demon Domain
Chapter 1656 Royal Family
Chapter 1657 The mystery of the fall?
Chapter 1658 Pure Land Buddhist Temple Demon Emperor Mausoleum
Chapter 1659 Domineering boundless
Chapter 1660 Buddhist Temple Resentment
Chapter 1661 Terrifying Sword Qi
Chapter 1662 Another sneak attack
Chapter 1663 Guess the identity?
Chapter 1664 Guess It Has To Die
Chapter 1665 meet the young emperor again
Chapter 1666 Mysterious people help
Chapter 1667 Sword Spirit of Absolute Beginning
Chapter 1668 The Inheritor of the First Sword Emperor
Chapter 1669 The truth of the fall
Chapter 1670 It's time for revenge
Chapter 1671 Quartet Hurricane Sword
Chapter 1672 Old Fan's Shock
Chapter 1673 Meet the lion king again
Chapter 1674 try swordsmanship with you
Chapter 1675 Killing two demons in a row
Chapter 1676 Daxiong Palace
Chapter 1677 Buddha Body Demon Heart
Chapter 1678 The Enemies Are Coming
Chapter 1679 Fighting for the Emperor's Corpse
Chapter 1680 Indestructible Fighting Intent
Chapter 1681 Forced to take action
Chapter 1682 The insidiousness of the runner monk
Chapter 1683 kill a carbine
Chapter 1684 Five Dragons Secret Technique
Chapter 1685 The Seventh Fragment of the Human Emperor Jar
Chapter 1686 The Blood Evil Demon Emperor Is Alive?
Chapter 1687 The Heart of the Demon Emperor
Chapter 1688 Get it all
Chapter 1689 Invincible Emperor Zun
Chapter 1690 Qingmeng's Voice Transmission
Chapter 1691 I'm just arrogant, what can I do?
Chapter 1692 The True Secret of the Jade Emperor's Ascension
Chapter 1693 no way
Chapter 1694 Young Sect Master? Kill the same!
Chapter 1695 identity exposed
Chapter 1696 Star Baili East Palace Jue
Chapter 1697 How do you want to die?
Chapter 1698 Soul Refinement
Chapter 1699 The Ancient Emperor of Nine Tribulations slapped to death with one claw
Chapter 1700 Congealing the soul into a pearl
Chapter 1701 Let's go together
Chapter 1702 sacrifice with blood
Chapter 1703 Killing Donggongjue with one sword
Chapter 1704 Rush back to Kendo Gate
Chapter 1705 Blue Cloud Sea King
Chapter 1706 Taiqing Star Region
Chapter 1707 Kill them all
Chapter 1708 The smell of blood in the Northern Territory
Chapter 1709 The Crisis of Kendo Gate
Chapter 1710 Kendo City
Chapter 1711 Three-way attack
Chapter 1712 I'd rather die than surrender, the bloody battle to the end
Chapter 1713 Broken Portal
Chapter 1714 Xiaojiu's Shot
Chapter 1715 Desperate situation
Chapter 1716 Who dares to destroy the kendo gate!
Chapter 1717 Tearing the real body of the Holy King
Chapter 1718 Killing Prologue
Chapter 1719 Tianjian Xuan Extinguishing Formation
Chapter 1720 Burning the Sky and Destroying the Blood Feather
Chapter 1721 Devouring the Slaughter Room
Chapter 1722 Killed all, leaving no one
Chapter 1723 Settling the Kendo Gate
Chapter 1724 is just a test
Chapter 1725 The real strength of the seven sects
Chapter 1726
Chapter 1727 Shocking God
Chapter 1728 big battle
Chapter 1729 Race against time
Chapter 1730 Catastrophe
Chapter 1731 Catastrophe
Chapter 1732 Breakthrough Nine Tribulations Ancient Emperor
Chapter 1733 Kendo Sect traitor
Chapter 1734 Chu Fengmian, Chu Jianbai?
Chapter 1735 Kill the traitor
Chapter 1736 Invincible! Invincible!
Chapter 1737 Half-step Heaven and Human Realm Powerhouse in the Nine Domains
Chapter 1738 Desolate Ancient River Swallowing the Secret Technique
Chapter 1739 gilded pupil
Chapter 1740 Face to face with half-step heaven and earth
Chapter 1741 Killing the Halberd
Chapter 1742 Sword Cauldron
Chapter 1743 The Emperor's Pot
Chapter 1744 Return to the original owner
Chapter 1745 Reshaping the mountains and rivers
Chapter 1746 Holy Land Sword Origin Realm
Chapter 1747 Awakening the Sword Cauldron
Chapter 1748 Interrogation of Desolate Gold
Chapter 1749 Desolate King
Chapter 1750 The arm that spans thousands of miles
Chapter 1751 The Power of the Sword Source Realm
Chapter 1752 Refining the Sword Cauldron
Chapter 1753 Divine Spirit Stone
Chapter 1754 Thousands of treasures integrated into the divine tree
Chapter 1755 The way to resolve the demon blood
Chapter 1756 The next step
Chapter 1757 Return to the Secret Realm of the Holy Dragon
Chapter 1758 Tianxinghe
Chapter 1759 Kill Wanlong Emperor
Chapter 1760 high-level appearance
Chapter 1761 Degraded to a slave?
Chapter 1762 Slaughter high-level
Chapter 1763 Star Luo Jianzu
Chapter 1764 Killing Half-step Heaven and Human Realm
Chapter 1765 Great Cleaning
Chapter 1766 Attacking the Six Absolute Sects
Chapter 1767 From now on, there will be no more six absolute sects
Chapter 1768 The next Holy Court
Chapter 1769
Chapter 1770 The Holy Court is completely destroyed
Chapter 1771 Arranging Traps
Chapter 1772 Old Antique of Holy Dragon Secret Realm
Chapter 1773 Han Sheng
Chapter 1774 One move to vomit blood
Chapter 1775 Mysterious Dragon Claw
Chapter 1776 Claws of the Ancestor Dragon
Chapter 1777 Immortal Reality Becomes!
Chapter 1778 Start the counterattack
Chapter 1779 Killing the Half-step Heaven and Human Realm
Chapter 1780 Subduing the Secret Realm of the Holy Dragon
Chapter 1781 Refining the ancestor Tianlong claw
Chapter 1782 Heaven-defying move
Chapter 1783 Daluotian shakes
Chapter 1784 Thunder of Destruction
Chapter 1785 The real catastrophe
Chapter 1786 Survive the Great Tribulation
Chapter 1787 I am the ancestor Tianlong
Chapter 1788 Twelve Half-Step Heaven and Human Realm
Chapter 1789 Heaven and Human Jade Talisman
Chapter 1790 Immortal
Chapter 1791 A single thought completes the art
Chapter 1792 Incarnation of Immortal Slaying
Chapter 1793 The fish is dead and the net is broken? You are not worthy!
Chapter 1794 Massacre
Chapter 1795 Insidious Demons
Chapter 1796 all perish
Chapter 1797 Hundreds of Continents
Chapter 1798 Destroying the Five Elements Heaven
Chapter 1799 Subduing the Five Elements Heaven
Chapter 1800 Immortal Remnant Soul
Chapter 1801 plundering the treasure house
Chapter 1802 Killing Young Master Lin Lie
Chapter 1803 Qi Zi
Chapter 1804 Blood sacrifice to the common people
Chapter 1805 Founder of Qilin Mountain
Chapter 1806 The Remnant Soul Was Destroyed
Chapter 1807 The Last Cang Haidu
Chapter 1808 Banquet in the Palace
Chapter 1809 Request
Chapter 1810 Don't give? Kill!
Chapter 1811 Glass water purification
Chapter 1812 Six-winged centipede king
Chapter 1813 Ten thousand times refining speed
Chapter 1814 Immortal Real Body Promotion
Chapter 1815 Lan Ming
Chapter 1816 Sanctuary Jiuhuatian
Chapter 1817 Half Immortal Tool
Chapter 1818 The origin is amazing
Chapter 1819 arrogant and boundless
Chapter 1820 Battle Sanctuary Warrior
Chapter 1821 People of the Sanctuary? Kill!
Chapter 1822 all bombing and killing
Chapter 1823 Great Blood Refining Pill
Chapter 1824 Treasure Harvest
Chapter 1825 Immortal Power Immortal Stone
Chapter 1826 once again comprehend the holy dragon stone tablet
Chapter 1827 The Third Form of the First Ancestor
Chapter 1828 Limit Sixth Form
Chapter 1829 set off again
Chapter 1830 Fragmented Star Belt
Chapter 1831 Primordial Centipede
Chapter 1832 Palace King City
Chapter 1833 Chen Family Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 1834 The sincerity of the Chen family
Chapter 1835 Seven hundred feet of Xumi space
Chapter 1836 King's Bag
Chapter 1837 The Patriarch of the Chen Family
Chapter 1838 Subduing the Chen Family
Chapter 1839 Refinement King's Bag
Chapter 1840 The three major families are wiped out
Chapter 1841 Wu Shang
Chapter 1842 Killing a half-step celestial being is like slaughtering a dog
Chapter 1843 Wu Tian Shenmang
Chapter 1844 A lot of gains
Chapter 1845 Canglong Star Region
Chapter 1846 Young Master Henglong
Chapter 1847 Looking for trouble
Chapter 1848 stripping dragon tendons
Chapter 1849 Traces of Heaven and Man
Chapter 1850 Canglongzong's anger
Chapter 1851 Longxian Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 1852 Lessons from the big housekeeper
Chapter 1853 Yin Longxian
Chapter 1854 Ascending Dragon Pill
Chapter 1855 Golden Dragon Guard
Chapter 1856 But so
Chapter 1857 wave to suppress Jinlongwei
Chapter 1858 old man behind
Chapter 1859 Wanlong Destroys the World
Chapter 1860 Chaos Qi
Chapter 1861 Crazy Dragon Emperor
Chapter 1862 Devouring the Thunder of Chaos
Chapter 1863 Dragon Scales
Chapter 1864 the spirit of the beginning
Chapter 1865 Crazy Dragon Emperor Crossing the Tribulation
Chapter 1866 Heaven and Man Catastrophe
Chapter 1867 Immortal Fighter
Chapter 1868 The thief's heart will not die
Chapter 1869 Fighting the Canglong Sect
Chapter 1870 Shaking the Dragon King
Chapter 1871 Ten Thousand Dragons Killing Immortals
Chapter 1872 Intimidation!
Chapter 1873 The power of heaven and man
Chapter 1874 A lesson
Chapter 1875 Kill the Sect Master
Chapter 1876 The Spiritual Spring from the Land of Ten Thousand Dragons
Chapter 1877 Fighting the Heaven and Human Realm
Chapter 1878 A battle
Chapter 1879 The most tricky sword, Dhara
Chapter 1880 Dragon Lord
Chapter 1881 The blood of the wild beast
Chapter 1882 Immemorial Centipede Breakthrough
Chapter 1883 Disciple of Beihai Temple
Chapter 1884 Trident
Chapter 1885 The so-called genius is vulnerable
Chapter 1886 Kill All
Chapter 1887 Arrive in the Canghai Star Region
Chapter 1888 Jihai City
Chapter 1889 Sea Sword Sect
Chapter 1890 Sea Fourteen
Chapter 1891 Jihai Sea King
Chapter 1892 Interrogation of Sea Fourteen
Chapter 1893 Profound Whale Bloodline
Chapter 1894 Respectively
Chapter 1895 Zhennanhai City
Chapter 1896 Moon Sea Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 1897 Manager Wu
Chapter 1898 Sinking Sea King
Chapter 1899 offering sacrifices to the sea emperor's birthday
Chapter 1900 Fighting for the rich
Chapter 1901 Ancient Sea
Chapter 1902 Go to Sea Sword Sect
Chapter 1903 Lessons from Hai Thirteen
Chapter 1904 Third Young Master Hai Changge
Chapter 1905 Desperate Mission
Chapter 1906 Linlang Three Demons
Chapter 1907 Chaos Sea
Chapter 1908 A group of beasts
Chapter 1909 Linlang Dynasty collapsed
Chapter 1910 Idol Profound Strength Pill
Chapter 1911 Pharmacy Country Ceremony
Chapter 1912 Dan Fang
Chapter 1913 Sea Eyes
Chapter 1914 Yuan Jing Emperor
Chapter 1915 Come to the Moon Sea Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 1916 Handling the Treasure House
Chapter 1917 Required Materials
Chapter 1918 Lord Moon
Chapter 1919 See the Lord
Chapter 1920 Leaving hate the sky without a trace
Chapter 1921 The transaction is completed
Chapter 1922 Sea Eleven
Chapter 1923 The wind swirls the clouds
Chapter 1924 Complete the critical mission
Chapter 1925 Map of Jiangshan Long Song
Chapter 1926 Hai Changge's Sword
Chapter 1927 Poseidon's Sword
Chapter 1928 The Sovereign Meets
Chapter 1929 interrogation and exploration
Chapter 1930 Jian Ze
Chapter 1931 being watched
Chapter 1932 Take the house
Chapter 1933 Totem is in hand
Chapter 1934 Heaven and Human Realm Powerhouse! Linjian Sea Emperor!
Chapter 1935 Battle against the Sea Emperor Linjian
Chapter 1936 Extremely Tough Enemy
Chapter 1937 The real power of the emperor pot
Chapter 1938 escape
Chapter 1939 Refinement of Xiaofei Elixir
Chapter 1940 offering sacrifice to Tianhai City
Chapter 1941 Prosperity
Chapter 1942 Registration
Chapter 1943 Master Rulin
Chapter 1944 Bloody Review
1945 The official start
Chapter 1946 Chu Fengmian came to power
Chapter 1947 Lian Zhan two people
Chapter 1948 Let me let go? You're not worthy!
Chapter 1949 shocked the four
Chapter 1950 Demonstrated power
Chapter 1951 Sea sacrifice sect
Chapter 1952 Tianhai Pavilion
Chapter 1953 blocking the road and grabbing people
Chapter 1954 Insidious
Chapter 1955 Persecution
Chapter 1956 Fool through
Chapter 1957 Mission Find someone
Chapter 1958 being used
Chapter 1959 Ants? True dragons!
Chapter 1960 Blood sacrifice without honor
Chapter 1961 Pill Palace
Chapter 1962 Ancient Holy Pill!
Chapter 1963 Chaos Wushen Pill
Chapter 1964 Immortal Real Body Promotion
Chapter 1965 Leaving the Storm
Chapter 1966 Traces of Princess Sea
Chapter 1967 get ready
Chapter 1968 The Arrival of the Crazy Dragon Emperor
Chapter 1969 hooked
Chapter 1970 Surrounding and Killing Lan Ming
Chapter 1971 Battle of Heaven and Human Realm
Chapter 1972 The catastrophe falls
Chapter 1973 The Ancient Emperor's Art of Taking Arms
Chapter 1974 Killing under the Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 1975 Kill Lan Ming
Chapter 1976 Greater Crisis
Chapter 1977 The Thunder of Destruction
Chapter 1978 Promotion! Promotion!
Chapter 1979 Step into the half-step heaven and earth!
Chapter 1980 The mystery of fairyland
Chapter 1981 Dive into the Lake of Sacrifices
Chapter 1982 sacrifice to the sea emperor
Chapter 1983 Great opportunity
Chapter 1984 The lake with glazed water
Chapter 1985 One hundred thousand holy pills!
Chapter 1986 Plunder! Plunder!
Chapter 1987 Escape!
Chapter 1988 Donglin Haidi
Chapter 1989 Immortal Artifacts
Chapter 1990 The Great Seal of the Common People
Chapter 1991 The strongest blow
Chapter 1992 The Emperor's Decision
Chapter 1993 Capture the Great Seal of the Common People
Chapter 1994 The big seal is in hand
Chapter 1995 Invincible
Chapter 1996 Move the space
Chapter 1997 Poseidon's Trident
Chapter 1998 Killing the Heaven and Human Realm!
Chapter 1999 The No. 1 Powerhouse in the Canghai Star Region
Chapter 2000 escape
Chapter 2001 Relentless pursuit
Chapter 2002 Immortal General!
Chapter 2003 The giant beast spoils the situation
Chapter 2004 Swallowing the Whale Belly
Chapter 2005 Whale Belly Demon
Chapter 2006 Immortal Bone
Chapter 2007 Difficult situation
Chapter 2008 Attacking Demons with Demons
Chapter 2009 Retreat practice
Chapter 2010 Half-step Heaven and Human Realm Peak
Chapter 2011 Nine hundred swordsmanship
Chapter 2012 A crack
Chapter 2013 Spiritual Consciousness Out of Body
Chapter 2014 The Powerhouse Gathers
Chapter 2015 Ten Heaven and Human Realm Powerhouses
Chapter 2016 Demon Slayer Emperor
Chapter 2017 The mysterious whale hides
Chapter 2018 The fierce battle with the Yuanjing Emperor
Chapter 2019 Sanctuary Realm Demon Heaven
Chapter 2020 Breaking into the Secret Whale's Secret
Chapter 2021 Treasures all over the ground
Chapter 2022 Thousands of immortal stones are in hand
Chapter 2023 Blood Moon Demon Lord
Chapter 2024 Unable to fight
Chapter 2025 Three thousand zhang single horn
Chapter 2026 The Horn of the Profound Whale
Chapter 2027 Blast the Blood Moon
Chapter 2028 Kill the Immortal General!
Chapter 2029 Thousands of Immortal Stones Burning
Chapter 2030 Blood Moon Demon Sovereign Explodes
Chapter 2031 still escape
Chapter 2032 The shock of everyone
Chapter 2033 Made a fortune!
Chapter 2034 Active Integration
Chapter 2035 the power of the beginning
Chapter 2036 Ancient Mist
Chapter 2037 Sanctuary
Chapter 2038 Collect Treasures
Chapter 2039 Encountering two sea emperors
Chapter 2040 Xuantian Realm Powerhouse
Chapter 2041 slipping away
Chapter 2042 Chu Fengmian's Weirdness
Chapter 2043 The Mystery of Reincarnation
Chapter 2044 Tianjiuyu is about to appear?
Chapter 2045 Immortal Real Body Triple Layer
Chapter 2046 Sword Canon
Chapter 2047 Liuhe Xuanshui Sword
Chapter 2048 Immortal Secret Technique
Chapter 2049 Canglongzong Crisis
Chapter 2050 Dragons from the Land of Ten Thousand Dragons
Chapter 2051 Dragon Infinite
Chapter 2052 Traitor
Chapter 2053 The Dragon Master Order
Chapter 2054 Break the formation?
Chapter 2055 One-finger explosion
Chapter 2056 Dragon Man Southern Dragon Emperor
Chapter 2057 deeply shocked
Chapter 2058 Leave it all
Chapter 2059 Dragon Lord Order Nine Supremes
Chapter 2060 Involvement
Chapter 2061 departure and return
Chapter 2062 Hundred Stars Alliance
Chapter 2063 Liu Hufa
Chapter 2064 Join the Hundred Jue Star Alliance
Chapter 2065 Discover the Supreme Sword Qi
Chapter 2066 Xia Gongzi
Chapter 2067 Ming grab
Chapter 2068 Ghost Martial Ancestor
Chapter 2069 Heavenly Sword Emperor
Chapter 2070 The catastrophe of the nine domains
Chapter 2071 rage
Chapter 2072 killing intent
Chapter 2073 blood flow into a river
Chapter 2074 discussion in the hall
Chapter 2075 Nine Sun Wudi
Chapter 2076 Chu Fengmian returns
Chapter 2077 wild and boundless
Chapter 2078 Destroy the two incarnations first
Chapter 2079 Temporarily calm down
Chapter 2080 shocking news
Chapter 2081 Development of Zongmen
Chapter 2082 Sword and Immortal Tool
Chapter 2083 Help the two daughters to advance
Chapter 2084 join forces to overcome the calamity
Chapter 2085 Thunder Beast
Chapter 2086 easily cross the calamity
Chapter 2087 Small World
Chapter 2088 The old nest of the five sects
Chapter 2089 Feng Qingzi, Lord of Leidian Mountain
Chapter 2090 nine elders
Chapter 2091 Fighting Feng Qingzi
Chapter 2092 kill two heavenly beings first
Chapter 2093 Seven Heavens and Human Realms!
Chapter 2094 The Great Emperor of Beasts
Chapter 2095 pick up the fairy weapon with bare hands
Chapter 2096 Sweep all
Chapter 2097 Abandoning the ancestry and fleeing
Chapter 2098 Bombing and killing Emperor Jiuyang
Chapter 2099 Myriad beasts dominate the phantom
Chapter 2100 A sword shakes the immortal general
Chapter 2101 Killing the Great Emperor of Beasts
Chapter 2102 Devouring the Small World
Chapter 2103 Into the Sword Origin Realm
Chapter 2104 interest soil
Chapter 2105 Holy Land Promotion
Chapter 2106 Heaven on Earth
Chapter 2107 Waiting for the Rabbit
Chapter 2108 is coming
Chapter 2109 purifying the magic
Chapter 2110 North Sea
Chapter 2111 Xia Gongzi Arrives
Chapter 2112 Old Ancestor Ouyang
Chapter 2113 Peerless Enchanting
Chapter 2114 rush to kill
Chapter 2115 Jade Talisman of Life
Chapter 2116 Suppressing Young Master Xia
Chapter 2117 Guiwu ancestor is angry
Chapter 2118 hooked
Chapter 2119 The situation of the Hundred Jue Star Alliance
Chapter 2120 Chaos
Chapter 2121 Arranging Traps
Chapter 2122 Immortal Artifact Array
Chapter 2123 hands-on
Chapter 2124 The arrival of the two
Chapter 2125 Entering the game
Chapter 2126 Trapped in Sword Formation
Chapter 2127 When the time comes, Chu Fengmian starts
2128. Chapter 2128 Kill the son face to face
Chapter 2129 desperately sharing
Chapter 2130 Ten Thousand Ghosts Eat Hearts
Chapter 2131 Chasing down the Heavenly Sword Emperor
Chapter 2132 Great victory
Chapter 2133 two thousand eight hundred and fifteen
Chapter 2134 Remnants with a lot of history
Chapter 2135 Create your own swordsmanship, open the sky!
Chapter 2136 Comparable to the Ten Ancient Heavenly Immortal Techniques
Chapter 2137 The Sword and the Order
Chapter 2138 Inheritance
Chapter 2139 exposed
Chapter 2140 Holy Spring Sect
Chapter 2141 door-to-door provocation
Chapter 2142 Holy Spring Patriarch
Chapter 2143 come to grab the picture
Chapter 2144 The power of the origin of the sword source world!
Chapter 2145 Suppressing the Immortal General and stunning everyone
Chapter 2146 Black and White Shaojun
Chapter 2147 Black and White Sword Sect Treasure
Chapter 2148 Invincible Sword Intent
Chapter 2149 Black and White Promise
Chapter 2150 the sword of opening the sky, divine power
Chapter 2151 The Sword
Chapter 2152 born one after another
Chapter 2153 Crazy Dragon Emperor Breakthrough
Chapter 2154 coming from Tongtian Pavilion
Chapter 2155 Lobbyist
Chapter 2156 Conditions of Heavenly Sword Sect
Chapter 2157 Selling Materials
Chapter 2158 life at a glance, death at a glance
Chapter 2159 Great Elder of Tongtian Pavilion
Chapter 2160 Ten Thousand Swordsmanship Sword Canon
Chapter 2161 Elixir
Chapter 2162 Dan dyes poisonous
Chapter 2163 Detoxification
Chapter 2164 Insane Swordsmanship
Chapter 2165 The day of departure
Chapter 2166 Void Behemoth
Chapter 2167 Xuan Kongjing
Chapter 2168 Arrival Coordinates
Chapter 2169 Sword City
Chapter 2170 Kunxu stabs the sky
Chapter 2171 Sword Intent Confrontation
Chapter 2172 Flying Sword Emperor Blood Shadow Sword Sovereign
Chapter 2173 collision
Chapter 2174 Flying Immortal Sword Art
Chapter 2175 Xuan Cangtian Gu Qianjun
Chapter 2176 The copper door opens
Chapter 2177 The first test
Chapter 2178 Chu Fengmian's Secret Technique
Chapter 2179 Chaos Pill
Chapter 2180 Formation Shrouded
Chapter 2181 The second test
Chapter 2182 Illusory Refinement
Chapter 2183 The person who examines the sword
Chapter 2184 two channels
Chapter 2185 The Fall of Two Sword Cultivators
Chapter 2186 confusing assessment
Chapter 2187 Grinding the gun
Chapter 2188 The only special case
Chapter 2189 Beizhen Swordsmanship
Chapter 2190 Sword Spirit
Chapter 2191 Eight Rain Swords
Chapter 2192 Shangjianzong Pavilion
Chapter 2193 Sword Spirit Cannibals
Chapter 2194 skyrocketing power
Chapter 2195 Supreme Swordsmanship Sword Spirit
Chapter 2196 Yin Yang Sword Spirit
Chapter 2197 Immortal Emperor Swordsmanship
Chapter 2198 only seven people left
Chapter 2199 Square
Chapter 2200 The second test of the sword stone
Chapter 2201 Fourth Floor
Chapter 2202 crush your pride
Chapter 2203 the eighth floor of the sword test stone
Chapter 2204 The ninth floor is bright in an instant
Chapter 2205 The eleventh floor!
Chapter 2206 Immortal Emperor Kendo
Chapter 2207 Impact the origin of kendo
Chapter 2208 Gu Qianjun sneak attack
Chapter 2209 One death and one slave
Chapter 2210 Bihuangxing
Chapter 2211 angry owl
Chapter 2212 Looking for Unparalleled Swordsmanship
Chapter 2213 Mysterious Valley
Chapter 2214 Xuan Cangtian's trump card
Chapter 2215 Ancient Desolate White Wolf
Chapter 2216 Immortal Monarch Desolate Beast
Chapter 2217 wolf mouth escape
Chapter 2218 Countermeasures
Chapter 2219 four people together
Chapter 2220 each has a ghost
Chapter 2221 Surrounding Chu Fengmian
Chapter 2222 Fierce Swordsmanship
Chapter 2223 Powerful Shenmu Sword Emperor
Chapter 2224 open the sky to fight for life
Chapter 2225 Introducing the Valley
Chapter 2226 Borrowing wolf to kill
Chapter 2227 Charge Unparalleled Swordsmanship
Chapter 2228 critical moment
Chapter 2229 won the inheritance
Chapter 2230 Biggest Winner
Chapter 2231 Sword Emperor
Chapter 2232 secluded
Chapter 2233 Lord Xingxuan
Chapter 2234 Search for Shangjianzong
Chapter 2235 Jianhe
Chapter 2236 Amethyst Swordsmanship
Chapter 2237 Amethyst Human Race
Chapter 2238 Inciting the catastrophe of heaven and man
Chapter 2239 shocking
Chapter 2240 Coordinate exposure
Chapter 2241 Unable to transcend the calamity
Chapter 2242 looking for helpers
Chapter 2243 Restriction in the blood
Chapter 2244 Return
Chapter 2245 Battle for the Great War
Chapter 2246 Night Demon Marquis
Chapter 2247 Demon God Banner
Chapter 2248 Squeeze to death and swallow
Chapter 2249 two lords
Chapter 2250 Mythical genius
Chapter 2251 Northern Sword Master
Chapter 2252 The body shakes the spear
Chapter 2253 Blood Devil
Chapter 2254 Gorefiend Killing Array
Chapter 2255 Invincible Bloodline
Chapter 2256 Break through the formation with force
Chapter 2257 The three join forces
Chapter 2258 Dozens of immortals will be cut with one sword
Chapter 2259 Phantom Sword Master
Chapter 2260 Immortal King Peak
Chapter 2261 Breaking the Army
Chapter 2262 Giants Gather
Chapter 2263 Ten thousand years of grievances
Chapter 2264 Fighting the Seven Sects Alone
Chapter 2265 sparring
Chapter 2266 Battle Divine Body
Chapter 2267 Immortal Real Body Fourth Layer
Chapter 2268 Three Immortal Kings
Chapter 2269 The Demonization of Chu Fengmian
Chapter 2270 The power of the inscription
Chapter 2271 Slaying the Immortal King
Chapter 2272 smashing the ancient pearl
Chapter 2273 Universe Thousand Stars Map
Chapter 2274 The second real body
Chapter 2275 Ten Thousand Poison Palm
Chapter 2276 Angry Sword Emperor
Chapter 2277 Fluctuation
Chapter 2278 meet after ten thousand years
Chapter 2279 confrontation again
Chapter 2280 all at once
Chapter 2281 Condensing the second inscription
Chapter 2282 Devouring the Six Immortal Kings
Chapter 2283 War Fury Sword Emperor
Chapter 2284 life fire
Chapter 2285 Destroyed
Chapter 2286 send a gift to the seven sects
Chapter 2287 is waiting
Chapter 2288 Sky Sword City
Chapter 2289 One move to break the formation
Chapter 2290 Destruction of Heavenly Sword City
Chapter 2291 Gongyang Xuan
Chapter 2292 Sword Bone Gate
Chapter 2293 Killing the Seven Immortal Kings with One Sword
Chapter 2294 The background of Tianjianzong
Chapter 2295 Fire Phoenix Sword
Chapter 2297 The Hidden Sword Array
Chapter 2298 Bronze Mirror
The second thousand two hundred and ninety-ninth chapters are all broken
Chapter 2300 A Luan Flag
Chapter 2301 Capture the Luan Flag
Chapter 2302 The third immortal inscription
Chapter 2303 The power of skyrocketing inscriptions
Chapter 2304 Suppressing Gongyang Xuan
Chapter 2305 Gongyang Xuan died
Chapter 2306 The Secret of Immortality
Chapter 2307: Changes and Thunder
Chapter 2308 The lion opens his mouth
The 2309th chapter unarmed catch the thunder
Chapter 2310 Devouring the Thunder of Destruction
Chapter 2311 The formation map collapses and the sword is in danger
Chapter 2312 crazy beheading
The 2313th chapter sneak attack
Chapter 2314: Escape God Inheritance
Chapter 2315 The treasure house of Tianjianzong!
Chapter 2316 Ling Chalcedony Palace
The 2317th chapter elixir piles everywhere elixir
Chapter 2318: Three consecutive kendo totems
Chapter 2319: Heavenly Sword Sect destroyed
Chapter 2320 The next goal, the Holy King Sect!
Chapter 2321: One move to destroy the mountain protection formation
Chapter 2322 shocking everyone
Chapter 2323 Emperor Wu
Chapter 2324 The helper of Saint King Sect
Chapter 2325 Medicine Master
Chapter 2326 The gap in combat experience
Chapter 2327 Zhenwu destroys the world
Chapter 2328 The Fall of Emperor Wu
Chapter 2329 Sweeping the Holy King Sect
Chapter 2330: Next Medicine King Valley
Chapter 2331 Medicine Ancient Road
Chapter 2332 is crazy
Chapter 2333 Coercion Medicine King Valley
Chapter 2334 Harsh conditions
The second thousand three hundred and thirty-five chapters are a lot of money
Chapter 2336 Chu Fengmian's plan
The second thousand three hundred and thirty-seventh chapter condenses the fourth immortal inscription
Chapter 2338 about to leave
Chapter 2339: The Peak of the Seven Immortal Kings
The second thousand three hundred and fortieth chapters travel through the stars
Chapter 2341 delaying time
The second thousand three hundred and forty-two chapters is restored in the beginning of the sword
Chapter 2343 Star sinks into the mainland
Chapter 2344 Who's dead end?
Chapter 2345 fierce battle
Chapter 2346 The true strength of the Demon Emperor
Chapter 2347: Eternal Demon Claws
The second thousand three hundred and forty-eight chapters of sword power in the beginning
Chapter 2349 Killing the Demon Emperor
Chapter 2350 Temporary solution
Chapter 2351 The Mysterious Star Cave
Chapter 2352 The law changes, the catastrophe is coming
Chapter 2353 forced to come
Chapter 2354 The real thunder of destruction
Chapter 2355 The voice in the calamity
Chapter 2356 Chaos Lightning Tribulation Projection
Chapter 2357 Forced promotion
Chapter 2358 Immortal Real Body Fifth Layer
Chapter 2359 The controlled catastrophe
Chapter 2360: New Divine Veins
Chapter 2361 The troublemaker
Chapter 2362 Mysterious Young Man
Chapter 2363: Young Master Zero Sword
Chapter 2364 Weird Swordsmanship
The second thousand three hundred and sixty-five chapters sword town world
The second thousand three hundred and sixty-six chapters entered the realm of heaven and man
The second thousand three hundred and sixty-seventh chapters fierce battle for the son of zero sword
Chapter 2368: Immortal Emperor incarnates as Jade Talisman
Chapter 2369 The greed of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2370 Playing with the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2371 Wang Jianqi arrives
Chapter 2372 The sword shadow that tears the star hole
Chapter 2373 Star Cave Storm
Chapter 2374 The Kingdom of Giants
Chapter 2375 Self-preservation
Chapter two thousand three hundred seventy-six ancient tribes
Chapter 2377 Wuzu
Chapter 2378 Giant Wumo
The second thousand three hundred and seventy-ninth chapters witch pharmacist
Chapter 2380: The Fertile North
The second thousand three hundred and eighty first chapter refining elixir
Chapter 2382: Alchemy for healing
Chapter 2383 Purple Vein Pill
The second thousand three hundred and eighty-four chapters is no scale flower
Chapter 2385: One into strength
Chapter 2386 Witch Warrior
Chapter 2887 Wu Mo breakthrough
Chapter 2388 Southern Wilderness Mountains
The second thousand three hundred and eighty-nine chapters are all over the place
Chapter 2390 Natural Warrior
Chapter 2391 Alchemy in the forest
The 2392nd chapter goes deep into the mountains
Chapter 2393 Sword-tailed Leopard
The second thousand three hundred and ninety-four chapters the blood of the beast
The second thousand three hundred and ninety-five chapters valley clouds
The second thousand three hundred and ninety-six chapters one hundred thousand years of fairy medicine
Chapter 2397 Xiaoguiyuan Immortal Pill
Chapter 2398 honed
Chapter 2399 Huge benefits
Chapter 2400 Immortal Fate Seven-colored Deer
Chapter 2401 The Horn of Transformation
Chapter 2393 Evil Stone Tribe
Chapter 2394 Witch God Martial Dao
Chapter 2395 Kunwu Tribe
Chapter 2396 Witch Sacrifice Wu Hao
Chapter 2397 Wu Hao asks for Dan
Chapter 2398 Show Dan Dao
Chapter 2399 Wuxuan Jindan
Chapter 2400 Refining high-grade elixir
Chapter 2401 VIP
Chapter 2402 The power of high-grade elixir
Chapter 2403 most of the strength
Chapter 2404 Rejuvenation of Dead Trees
Chapter 2405 Witch Iron Law
Chapter 2406 Ancestral Stone
Chapter 2407 Ten Witch Gods
Chapter 2408 blood red ancestor stone
Chapter 2409 Eighth-level emperor blood? Ninth-level god blood!
Chapter 2410 Ten Heavenly Demons? Ten Witch Gods?
Chapter 2411 Immortal Emperor Animal Skin
Chapter 2412 Destruction
Chapter 2421 witch instinct
Chapter 2422 Incorporating into the ancient books of kendo
Chapter 2423 The Evil Stone Tribe Comes
Chapter 2424 Threat
Chapter 2425 is destroyed
Chapter 2426 Relegated to War Slaves
Chapter 2427 Cang Python
Chapter 2428 The first attempt to destroy the world
Chapter 2429 Fifth Immortal Inscription
Chapter 2430 The Secret Technique of Boiling Blood
Chapter 2431 Ten times the explosive power
Chapter 2432 Revenge of the Evil Stone Tribe
Chapter 2433 Attacking the Evil Stone Tribe
Chapter 2434 Witch Stone
Chapter 2435 subduing the witch warrior
Chapter 2436 Wuzu Power
Chapter 2437 wanton recovery
Chapter 2438 news of Wu Hao
Chapter 2439 Re-entering the South Desolate Mountains
Chapter 2440 Desolate Beast Overlord
Chapter 2441 Witch King
Chapter 2442 Giant Elephant Family Ruins
Chapter 2443 Giant Elephant City
Chapter 2444 Treasures in the City
Chapter 2445 Charge and take!
Chapter 2446 Trial Tower
Chapter 2447 Chance in the Tower
Chapter 2448 Shoushan Tribe
Chapter 2449 Little Douwang
Chapter 2450 Double Harvest
Chapter 2451 All parties gather
Chapter 2452 being targeted
Chapter 2453 White Palace Tribe
Chapter 2454 Extermination
Chapter 2455 Wuzu super power
Chapter 2456 Unusual Idol Bone
Chapter 2457 Northern Martial Artist
Chapter 2458 Master Zero Axe
Chapter 2459 Giant Elephant
Chapter 2460 Birth
Chapter 2461 hands-on
Chapter 2462 Southern Desolate King
Chapter 2463 The Lord of the Black Witch Hall
Chapter 2464 Nine Palaces of Heaven
Chapter 2465 Capture the Giant Elephant Jade Talisman
Chapter 2466 mysterious help
Chapter 2467 Empty Witch Tower
Chapter 2468 sheep
Chapter 2469 tricky
Chapter 2470 hundreds of stars
Chapter 2471 Six Immortal Venerable Powerhouses
Chapter 2472 the goodwill of the empty witch tower
Chapter 2473 Blood leaks, the two sides join forces
Chapter 2474 their respective union
Chapter 2475 Five Elements Continent
Chapter 2476 billions of bones
Chapter 2477 Immortal Venerable Demon Pill
Chapter 2478 God Barbarian Bull
Chapter 2479 Killed with a sword
Chapter 2480 Black Hole Reappears
Chapter 2481 The bones of the idols that are hundreds of millions of miles long
Chapter 2482 Immortal Venerable melee
Chapter 2483 Mistakes
Chapter 2484 The key to the beast? The secret beast?
Chapter 2485 Rush into the Five Elements Continent
Chapter 2486 Demon King
Chapter 2487 The Magical Use of the Giant Elephant Jade Talisman
Chapter 2488 The competition for another giant elephant jade talisman
Chapter 2489 Kunpeng
Chapter 2490 Fighting Kunpeng
Chapter 2491 Space blockade!
Chapter 2492 Immortal Venerable Secret Technique
Chapter 2493 Kunpeng Shenwei
Chapter 2494 Swallow the sky!
Chapter 2495 blood essence sacrifice
Chapter 2496 The Sixth Heavenly Witch's True Destiny!
Chapter 2497 Wings of the Witch God
Chapter 2498 behind the scenes
Chapter 2499 The bones of communication idols
Chapter 2500 The collision of the power of idols
Chapter 2501 Capture the blood of the white elephant
Chapter 2502 Subduing Kunpeng
Chapter 2503 Bai Zu
Chapter 2504 Bombing and killing the incarnation of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2505 A drop of blood of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2506 Refining the bones of idols
Chapter 2507 Bai Zu Bai Ze!
Chapter 2508 The origin of the secret beasts
Chapter 2509 Leaving the Five Elements Continent
Chapter 2510 The Attribution of the Idol Bone
Chapter 2511 Refining the Small Guiyuan Elixir
Chapter 2512 Injury healed
Chapter 2513 northern scenery
Chapter 2514 Go to the Empty Witch Tower
Chapter 2515 shock
Chapter 2516 Wuzu main city
Chapter 2517 witch coins
Chapter 2518 talk about the transaction again
Chapter 2519 Ancient Domain
Chapter 2520 Ten-color streamer
Chapter 2521 Ten Thousand Mile Tower
Chapter 2522 King of Air Flow
Chapter 2523 Fierce Battle of the Witch King
Chapter 2524 completely tearing the face
Chapter 2525 Killing the Three Witch Kings
Chapter 2526 Battle of the Empty Witch Tower
Chapter 2527 leave unrestrained
Chapter 2528 Black Witch City
Chapter 2529 mysterious head
Chapter 2530 King Wuya
Chapter 2531 just rely on this
Chapter 2532 talk about conditions
Chapter 2533 the blood of the witch god of the earth
Chapter 2534 The mysterious head is in hand
Chapter 2535 Wu Lin Pavilion
Chapter 2536 Red Moon
Chapter 2537 Refining the head of the eagle
Chapter 2538 The Seventh Heavenly Witch's True Destiny
Chapter 2539 The Body of the Witch God
Chapter 2540 Eternal God
Chapter 2541 Earn witch coins
Chapter 2542 The visit of the red moon
Chapter 2543 other witch god blood
Chapter 2544 Red Moon Asks for Pills
Chapter 2545 Ancient Witch King Dan
Chapter 2546 Shocked Red Moon
Chapter 2547 Wu Lin Pavilion elders
Chapter 2548 terrified Wu Lin Pavilion
Chapter 2549 rich conditions
Chapter 2550 agree to cooperate
Chapter 2551 comprehend the witch coins
Chapter 2552 The real witch god martial arts
Chapter 2553 buy blood essence
Chapter 2554 Mythical King Snake
Chapter 2555 buy blood crystal
Chapter 2556 The secret
Chapter 2557 the origin of the snake
Chapter 2558 Xing Xuan wakes up
Chapter 2559 Dangerous
Chapter 2560 Twelve Witch God Martial Arts
Chapter 2561 Goodbye King Wuya
Chapter 2562 cooperation again
Chapter 2563 fame
Chapter 2564 Assassin
Chapter 2565 Sky Shadow Club
Chapter 2566 Four Blood Shadows
Chapter 2567 kill one person first
Chapter 2568 The Eighth Heavenly Witch's True Destiny
Chapter 2569 The perfect body of the witch god
Chapter 2570 Road to Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2571 pure power
Chapter 2572 Wu Jiu
Chapter 2573 Invitation of the Black Witch Emperor
Chapter 2574 Dark God Leader
Chapter 2575 Second Disciple of the Black Witch Emperor
Chapter 2576 Wu Li
Chapter 2577 Black Witch Emperor
Chapter 2578 The Secret of the Witch God
Chapter 2579 world seeds
Chapter 2580 Witch Palace
Chapter 2581 No choice
Chapter 2582 God Son of the Witch Race
Chapter 2583 Chu Fengmian's opponent
Chapter 2584 Destruction of the Empty Witch Tower
Chapter 2585 Wu Linge's request
Chapter 2586 The Treasure of Wu Lin Pavilion
Chapter 2587 Wushen Palace is now in the world
Chapter 2588 Wudi gathers
Chapter 2589 in front of the Witch God Palace
Chapter 2590 sudden change
Chapter 2591 war
Chapter 2592 The Son of Gold
Chapter 2593 three witch gods
Chapter 2594 beating
Chapter 2595 The Witch God Comes
Chapter 2596 Entering the Wushen Palace
Chapter 2597 The Son of the Witch Race in the Witch God Palace
Chapter 2598 Kongzhen King
Chapter 2599 This is a cage
Chapter 2600 Witch Palace Brand
Chapter 2601 Eliminate the Nightmare
Chapter 2602 The Three Kings of the Witch God Palace
Chapter 2603 outer palace inner palace temple
Chapter 2604 Shadow Man
Chapter 2605 The Law of Vulcan Territory
Chapter 2606 Want to grab it hard?
Chapter 2607 ignorant of current affairs
Chapter 2608 Devouring the Brand of the Sorcerer's Palace
Chapter 2609 behind the scenes
Chapter 2610 speed up the pace
Chapter 2611 One Sword Fragmentation
Chapter 2612 Subduing the Witch God Son
Chapter 2613 unification of the outer palace
Chapter 2614 King of Jin Jue
Chapter 2615 The Abyss of Time
Chapter 2616 Inner Palace
Chapter 2617 direct action
Chapter 2618 King Feng Hao
Chapter 2619 special power
Chapter 2620 Looking for people
Chapter 2621 The experience of King Feng Hao
Chapter 2622 temple, witch god fruit
Chapter 2623 Vulcan Forest
Chapter 2624 crazy comprehension
Chapter 2625 three hundred and twenty eight
Chapter 2626 Behind the Fire Wall
Chapter 2627 Humans in the Witch God Palace
Chapter 2628 Shadow of the Witch Palace
Chapter 2629 truth
Chapter 2630 King Jin Jue Appears
Chapter 2631 King of War Gold
Chapter 2632 go all out
Chapter 2633 big movement
Chapter 2634 Jin Jue River
Chapter 2635 Suppressing the King of Jin Jue
Chapter 2636 secret attack
Chapter 2637 Surrender? No need!
Chapter 2638 Any objection? Kill!
Chapter 2639 Bloody Prestige
Chapter 2640 Earth God Peak
Chapter 2641 Defection
Chapter 2642 Test Strength
Chapter 2643 Shanhaizhu
Chapter 2644 Are you the only one who has an immortal soldier?
Chapter 2645 Collision of Extreme Path Immortal Soldiers
Chapter 2646 fierce battle at the Immortal Emperor level
Chapter 2647 Who will kill the deer
Chapter 2648 Betrayer
Chapter 2649 God General
Chapter 2650 Reappearing
Chapter 2651 The Way of Extinction
Chapter 2652 Consumption
Chapter 2653 rush to kill
Chapter 2654 Great Array of Witch God Palace
Chapter 2655 Heavy damage to this person
Chapter 2656 it doesn't matter if you don't obey
Chapter 2657 Luoshen General
Chapter 2658 Immortal Emperor and Master
Chapter 2659 Small Thousand Worlds Middle Thousand Worlds Great Thousand Worlds
Chapter 2660 incomplete kendo
Chapter 2661 Unification of the Witch God Palace
Chapter 2662 Luoshen's plan
Chapter 2663 Devouring the truth of the catastrophe
Chapter 2664 the door of extinction
Chapter 2665 Empty Wudi
Chapter 2666 Enemies Unite
Chapter 2667 The origin of the witch god fruit
Chapter 2668 Race against time
Chapter 2669 war is coming
Chapter 2670 Heroic Soul
Chapter 2671 Devouring Immortal Vine
Chapter 2672 extreme vitality
Chapter 2673 Hongyue was hunted down
Chapter 2674 meet Jin Fanjing again
Chapter 2675 Emperor Jin Jue Wu
Chapter 2676 Sword of Extinction
Chapter 2677 The calculation of the three witch emperors
Chapter 2678 The body of the witch god is about to be completed
Chapter 2679 God of Thunder Stone
Chapter 2680 key battle
Chapter 2681 Witch's Fate
Chapter 2682 Sword Domain
Chapter 2683 Extinction to Extinction
Chapter 2684 the nemesis of the door of extinction
Chapter 2685 Capture the Door of Destruction
Chapter 2686 The only person in eternity
Chapter 2687 time stops
Chapter 2688 terrifying backlash
Chapter 2689 use the body as the formation eye
Chapter 2690 The divine tree builds wood!
Chapter 2691 The Gate of Extermination Changes Owners
Chapter 2692 Luoshen will self-destruct
Chapter 2693 The body of the witch god is completed
Chapter 2694 The invincible Luoshen general
Chapter 2695 Grab!
Chapter 2696 Despair
Chapter 2697 Dao Heart
Chapter 2698 The Ninth Heavenly Witch's True Destiny
Chapter 2699 Aid from millions of miles away
Chapter 2700 Instant Reversal
Chapter 2701 Kill Luoshen General
Chapter 2702 The truth of the Wushen Palace
Chapter 2703 Final Winner
Chapter 2704 dominate the palm
Chapter 2705 Force back the master
Chapter 2706 Domination? Heavenly Punishment?
Chapter 2707 Era
Chapter 2708 Memories of Luoshen General
Chapter 2709 Harvest two major martial arts
Chapter 2710 Leaving the Wushen Palace
Chapter 2711 Conditions of the Witch God
Chapter 2712 Inheritance of the Ten Witch Gods
Chapter 2713 The experience of creating the world
Chapter 2714 leave a chance
Chapter 2715 Changes in Wushen Palace
Chapter 2716 Gone Witch God Sons
Chapter 2717 all return
Chapter 2718 a force of terror
Chapter 2719 Complete the agreement
Chapter 2720 Ancient Territory Vibration
Chapter 2721 Wuzu meeting
Chapter 2722 The title is a sword
Chapter 2723 Qingfengzong
Chapter 2724 famous sanctuary
Chapter 2725 Crystal of Time
Chapter 2726 Ten Basic Rules
Chapter 2727 The goal of hundreds of millions of years of penance?
Chapter 2728 two-step plan
Chapter 2729 The situation rises
Chapter 2730 Immortal Emperor enters the North
Chapter 2731 Tianxu Sword Emperor
Chapter 2732 Battle Tianxu Sword Emperor
Chapter 2733 The victory and defeat have been divided
Chapter 2734 Xiaoqian World!
Chapter 2735 Forcing Back Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2736 Sanctuary shocked
Chapter 2737 The conspiracy is not scattered
Chapter 2738 The law enters the sword
Chapter 2739 Arrangement
Chapter 2740 Arrangement
Chapter 2741 Select the address
Chapter 2742 World Seed Positioning Coordinates
Chapter 2743 Blood Martial World
Chapter 2744 Feng Wangdu
Chapter 2745 Ocean Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 2746 Martial King Realm
Chapter 2747 conflict
Chapter 2748 The Prince of Thailand
Chapter 2749 I am Martial Saint
Chapter 2750 poor blood essence
Chapter 2751 Beast Profound Crystal
Chapter 2752 Law of the Wind
Chapter 2753 Upper Realm
Chapter 2754 Yunxiao Mountain
Chapter 2755 Call if you don't give it
Chapter 2756 Martial Saint surrenders
Chapter 2757 Beast Profound Crystal Harvest
Chapter 2758 Condensing the blood of the poor and strange
Chapter 2759 Prince Thai House
Chapter 2760 Battle King Martial Arts
Chapter 2761 please
Chapter 2762 Unknown Premonition
Chapter 2763 Prince Wu
Chapter 2764 Yin Yun
Chapter 2765 Outsiders
Chapter 2766 Wushen Mountain
Chapter 2767 Introduction to the Law of Space
Chapter 2768 Extreme North City
Chapter 2769 Heaven List Warriors
Chapter 2770 Yuan Tianyi
Chapter 2771 a family of four martial saints
Chapter 2772 The origin of the world
Chapter 2773 one third
Chapter 2774 looking for someone
Chapter 2775 Ice Spirit
Chapter 2776 Squeeze to death
Chapter 2777 surge
Chapter 2778 Innate Sword Body
Chapter 2779 Old Man in Wushen Mountain
Chapter 2780 The Spirit of the Mountain
Chapter 2781 Battle King Extreme Battle King An
Chapter 2782 successor candidates
Chapter 2783 Seventh Floor of Wushen Mountain
Chapter 2784 Apprentices
Chapter 2785 Two-thirds of the world origin
Chapter 2786 Upheaval in Fengguo
Chapter 2787 break into the palace
Chapter 2788 Shocking the Martial Saint
Chapter 2789 Nine Heavens
Chapter 2790 vulnerable
Chapter 2791 The third piece of world origin is in hand
Chapter 2792 Fire! Space!
Chapter 2793 Absolute Sword God
Chapter 2794 Silver Crane Atu
Chapter 2795 Bai Zu arrives
Chapter 2796 Fighting the Hulao Dragon
Chapter 2797 Bai Zu! Tier 3 Immortal Emperor!
Chapter 2798 The Power of the World
Chapter 2799 Lei Ze World
Chapter 2800 Kill Bai Zu
Chapter 2801 Bai Zu's Treasure
Chapter 2802 Return
Chapter 2803 Lively Vulcan Leader
Chapter 2804 Shangtu Wudi
Chapter 2805 Negotiations at the Witch God Palace
Chapter 2806 news of the first sword emperor
Chapter 2807 Wu Shengzu
Chapter 2808 The scorching sun in the star cave
Chapter 2809 Nine Great Emperors
Chapter 2810 The Nine Regions Return
Chapter 2811 hide
Chapter 2812 Relocation
Chapter 2813 Attack the Sword Domain
Chapter 2814 Kill everyone else
Chapter 2815 The fate of the seven sects
Chapter 2816 New hatred and old hatred are counted together
Chapter 2817 Extinction
Chapter 2818 This is just the beginning
Chapter 2819 uproot the divine tree
Chapter 2820 Building wood!
Chapter 2821 leave completely
Chapter 2822 The complete picture in the stone tablet
Chapter 2823 The truth of Qianli Shilong
Chapter 2824 The origin of the dragon, the ancestors of nine styles
Chapter 2825 Shaping the space channel
Chapter 2826 Stepping into the Heaven of Leaving Hate
Chapter 2827 Encounter with the descendant of the first sword emperor
Chapter 2828 Kill it at will
Chapter 2829 Cosmic Sword
Chapter 2830 Cang Family Brothers and Sisters
Chapter 2831 Wanted
Chapter 2832 entering the city
Chapter 2833 and others
Chapter 2834 kill seven core disciples
Chapter 2835 No one dares to stop
Chapter 2836 walk through
Chapter 2837 Qingjiang Emperor
Chapter 2838 Nine-pattern elder
Chapter 2839 Immortals cannot escape
Chapter 2840 Ten Thousand Swords Demon Execution Formation
Chapter 2841 Destroys all with one finger
Chapter 2842 Cosmic Sword
Chapter 2843 Ling Xiao's death
Chapter 2844 Clouds
Chapter 2845 Ming Wang Blood Jade
Chapter 2846 Pharmacy
Chapter 2847 The Way to Find the Void Sword
Chapter 2848 the other side of the road
Chapter 2849 Qian An
Chapter 2850 Lei Wei
Chapter 2851 gambling on board
Chapter 2852 Heavenly Soldier Su Family
Chapter 2853 Emperor Lintian
Chapter 2854 meet the old friend again
Chapter 2855 meet
Chapter 2856 Fourth Young Master's Warning
Chapter 2857 Kill Si Zong
Chapter 2858 Entering the other side of the road
Chapter 2859 Recalling the past
Chapter 2860 Void Beast Tide
Chapter 2861 Void Strange Bird
Chapter 2862 the end of the beast tide
Chapter 2863 God's Blood Blade
Chapter 2864 ten days
Chapter 2865 Star Spirit City
Chapter 2866 disembarking, blocking
Chapter 2867 The real purpose of the fourth son
Chapter 2868 Entering Star Spirit City
Chapter 2869 Void Profound Crystal
Chapter 2870 Black Fire Five
Chapter 2871 Invitation of the Protoss City Lord
Chapter 2872 Seeing the City Lord of Star Spirit
Chapter 2873 confrontation
Chapter 2874 Void Human Race
Chapter 2875 angry fourth son
Chapter 2876 Plan of the Heavenly Soldier Su Family
Chapter 2877 The law of wood is complete
Chapter 2878 Void Sea Tiger
Chapter 2879 Asura
Chapter 2880 Tragedy
Chapter 2881 the oriole is behind
Chapter 2882 Endless Nothingness
Chapter 2883 Tianzun
Chapter 2884 Void God
Chapter 2885 Blood Red Blade
Chapter 2886 The attack of the blood blade of the gods
Chapter 2887 The true identity of the blood blade of the gods
Chapter 2888 Quarrel
Chapter 2889 All parties unite
Chapter 2890 Jiuyou Vortex
Chapter 2891 Chaos starts
Chapter 2892 Brahma
Chapter 2893 Misty Palace Lord
Chapter 2894 Golden Dragon Ancient Emperor
Chapter 2895 Capture the blood blade of the gods
Chapter 2896 the death of the galaxy
Chapter 2897 Holy Son of the Void
Chapter 2898 kill all
Chapter 2899 Void God's Wrath
Chapter 2900 a palm
Chapter 2901 Master Mark
Chapter 2902 The secret of the blood blade of the gods
Chapter 2903 Fruit of Life
Chapter 2904 Goodbye Protoss City Lord
Chapter 2905 Shouyuan and Transactions
Chapter 2906 Arrive in Jiuhuatian
Chapter 2907 Misty Order
Chapter 2908 Remnants of the Sword Gate
Chapter 2909 Wei Di
Chapter 2910 One-finger hit
Chapter 2911 Amazing news
Chapter 2912 Mo Hong
Chapter 2913 Qi Xiancheng
Chapter 2914 courtyard
Chapter 2915 The bait has been placed
Chapter 2916 Pointing
Chapter 2917 Dragon and Tiger Three Elders
Chapter 2918 Tiger of the Gods
Chapter 2919 willpower
Chapter 2920 creation of gods
Chapter 2921 Transformation and shaping
Chapter 2922 Dragon Sword Guard
Chapter 2923 sky-high reward
Chapter 2924 Lion King Immortal Venerable
Chapter 2925 The big fish is hooked
Chapter 2926 Deputy Palace Master of Star God Palace
Chapter 2927 Demonic Power Fights Immortal Emperor
Chapter 2928 Detention place
Chapter 2929 Northern Cloud Sea
Chapter 2930 old jailer
Chapter 2931 Artifact Spirit Tianzun
Chapter 2932 Smashing the Northern Border Cloud Sea Branch
Chapter 2933 Misfortunes lead to the east
Chapter 2934 Got another extreme swordsman
Chapter 2935 meet the teachers
Chapter 2936 Count everything
Chapter 2937 Jade Box
Chapter 2938 looking for people
Chapter 2939 Su family blocking the way
Chapter 2940 fearless
Chapter 2941 Ancestral Land
Chapter 2942 God Counting Mountain Event
Chapter 2943 Ancient Snake Clan
Chapter 2944 Poison King
Chapter 2945 sky-high reward
Chapter 2946 prepare
Chapter 2947 Transformation Pill
Chapter 2948 The King of Medicine
Chapter 2949 questioning identity
Chapter 2950 the king of medicine asks for pills
Chapter 2951 ruthless calculation
Chapter 2952 Shady
Chapter 2953 Detoxification
Chapter 2954 Destruction and Poison
Chapter 2955 The original form is revealed
Chapter 2956 Flip
Chapter 2957 Immortal Emperor Snake Gallbladder
Chapter 2958 Changes in Ancient Snake Mountain
Chapter 2959 Rewards
Chapter 2960 Soaring Serpent Bloodline
Chapter 2961 open the mountain
Chapter 2962 each has his own mind
Chapter 2963 The first order of business
Chapter 2964 Ancient Sword
Chapter 2965 Sword Demon Clan Era of Swords
Chapter 2966 mobilization of forces
Chapter 2967 the birth of the gods
Chapter 2968 Jiuyang Sect Master
Chapter 2969 Martial Dao vs Law
Chapter 2970 Long Jianwei shot
Chapter 2971 give a gun
Chapter 2972 ??The day of the opening of the mountain
Chapter 2973 Ninety-nine cases of heaven
Chapter 2974 Nine-day old man
Chapter 2975 Auction Qualification
Chapter 2976 Crazy Auction
Chapter 2977 Who dares to fight?
Chapter 2978 What about the fight?
Chapter 2979 walk away
Chapter 2980 Immortal Emperor Tianxun
Chapter 2981 Heaven's Calculation
Chapter 2982 unknown
Chapter 2983 Destroyed with one sword
Chapter 2984 Kill Luo Di
Chapter 2985 Blood Ancestor
Chapter 2986 Entering the Gods Mountain again
Chapter 2987 Another big man
Chapter 2988 high platform
Chapter 2989 Throne Status
Chapter 2990 Emperor Yanjian arrives
Chapter 2991 Goodbye Medicine King
Chapter 2992 What if I killed it?
Chapter 2993 meet Lei Wei again
Chapter 2994 Young Master of Leidou Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 2995 Lei Zu
Chapter 2996 God calculates Tianjun to leave the customs
Chapter 2997 Duer Floating Grass
Chapter 2998 Quote of Emperor Yanjian
Chapter 2999 Longevity Pill
Chapter 3000 Final Winner
Chapter 3001 face to face
Chapter 3002 win over the gods
Chapter 3003 God Counts Fate
Chapter 3004 Mystery
Chapter 3005 Quantitative Change Qualitative Change
Chapter 3006 boy
Chapter 3007 Eighth Kendo Totem
Chapter 3008 See Lei Zu
Chapter 3009 Intelligence
Chapter 3010 Magic Tide
Chapter 3011 Departure Realm Demon Heaven
Chapter 3012 The other side will meet
Chapter 3013 The imprint wakes up
Chapter 3014 Emperor Intercept
Chapter 3015 The siege of the three immortal emperors
Chapter 3016 Illusory Blade
Chapter 3017 Hard Battle Three Immortal Emperors
Chapter 3018 Jianmu Shenwei
Chapter 3019 The shock of Emperor Yanjian
Chapter 3020 Devour blood
Chapter 3021 Killing the Emperor
Chapter 3022 Fourth-Order Immortal Emperor
Chapter 3023 Entering the Endless Nothingness
Chapter 3024 Eight-armed giant
Chapter 3025 The bloodline of extreme terror
Chapter 3026 Crazy Devour
Chapter 3027 Fighting the Misty Palace Master Again
Chapter 3028 Jianmu Becomes Immortal Emperor
Chapter 3029 Against Xiaoqian World
Chapter 3030 Law Qualification
Chapter 3031 Huge harvest
Chapter 3032 Arrival in the Realm of Demons
Chapter 3033 Demon
Chapter 3034 Three Great Demon Sects
Chapter 3035 Cang Kingdom
Chapter 3036 Sifang Sword Sect
Chapter 3037 attack
Chapter 3038 Sword Formation
Chapter 3039 Fulfill the promise
Chapter 3040 The harvest of the pavilion
Chapter 3041 Murder outside the cabinet
Chapter 3042 The ancestor of the fierce demon
Chapter 3043 Devil's Country
Chapter 3044 Fight against the body of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 3045 flesh and blood puppet
Chapter 3046 Compared to strength?
Chapter 3047 Li Demon Royal Family
Chapter 3048 Sacrifice Billions
Chapter 3049 Devouring the World
Chapter 3050 Crystallization of the Law
Chapter 3051 promise to end
Chapter 3052 Changes in the Devil's Nest
Chapter 3053 Desert
Chapter 3054 swallow the devil
Chapter 3055 Ancestral Magic Crystal
Chapter 3056 Devil
Chapter 3057 Lord
Chapter 3058 Subduing the Demon Clan
Chapter 3059 The Brand of the Devil's Nest
Chapter 3060 Lava Demon
Chapter 3061 Eternal Demon Domain
Chapter 3062 Jet
Chapter 3063 scramble
Chapter 3064 Blood Mad Ancestor
Chapter 3065 The Eternal Demon Realm has opened
Chapter 3066 Great melee
Chapter 3067 Demon
Chapter 3068 The last descendant appeared
Chapter 3069 Battle of the Demon Emperor
Chapter 3070 Hydra
Chapter 3071 Induction
Chapter 3072 was discovered
Chapter 3073 good luck
Chapter 3074 Found the cave
Chapter 3075 all at once
Chapter 3076 begging for mercy
Chapter 3077 Demon Embryo
Chapter 3078 The real first swordsmanship
Chapter 3079 news of the fall
Chapter 3080 The Second Form of Swordsmanship in Nine Regions, Unity
Chapter 3081 Exploring the Cave
Chapter 3082 Magic Formation Sect
Chapter 3083 Devil's Cave Abyss
Chapter 3084 Nightmare Eye
Chapter 3085 The Devil's Body
Chapter 3086 The new two generals
Chapter 3087 Mixed God General Lin God General
Chapter 3088 World Erosion
Chapter 3089 The power of the seventh-order immortal emperor
Chapter 3090 Trap closing the net
Chapter 3091 The magic embryo is completed
Chapter 3092 Snatching the Demon Embryo
Chapter 3093 kill the gods
Chapter 3094 Refining Incarnation
Chapter 3095 nothingness erosion
Chapter 3096 Demon Sword Unsheathed
Chapter 3097 Crazy killing intent
Chapter 3098 fragile balance
Chapter 3099 Sixteen generals
Chapter 3100 Solution
Chapter 3101 Mo Clan
Chapter 3102 Immortal Emperor Lintian
Chapter 3103 besieged again
Chapter 3104 Tiandao Sinan
Chapter 3105 strange
Chapter 3106 Killing Power
Chapter 3107 Dayan Sword Box The Soldier of Domination
Chapter 3108 A wave of unresolved waves rises again and again
Chapter 3109 Leaving the Devil's Nest
Chapter 3110 Jade Face Capital
Chapter 3111 News from the Devil's Nest
Chapter 3112 where the Mo people are
Chapter 3113 Northland Wilderness
Chapter 3114 Another method
Chapter 3115 Dragon Emperor Attack
Chapter 3116 Dragon Slaying Emperor
Chapter 3117 Two Dragon Emperors slashed
Chapter 3118 Forbidden Magic Way
Chapter 3119 blood light
Chapter 3120 Black Demon Sect
Chapter 3121 kill the young and old
Chapter 3122 Black Demon Yuan
Chapter 3123 Black Demon Seven Ancestors
Chapter 3124 Sword Demon was born
Chapter 3125 Scaled People
Chapter 3126 I don't know how to advance or retreat
Chapter 3127 Curse Clan Patriarch
Chapter 3128 The only remaining Mozu
Chapter 3129 The Power of Purification
Chapter 3130 Light of Purification
Chapter 3131 one year
Chapter 3132 The Curse Clan takes refuge
Chapter 3133 Entering the Star Cave Again
Chapter 3134 Changes in the laws of the world
Chapter 3135 Fairy Fortress
Chapter 3136 Sanctuary War
Chapter 3137 Army
Chapter 3138 Heavenly Sword Collar
Chapter 3139 Road Soldiers
Chapter 3140 General
Chapter 3141 Swordsmanship of the Heavenly Sword Leader
Chapter 3142 rush
Chapter 3143 Reaction
Chapter 3144 Big Bang
Chapter 3145 Eleventh Army Lord
Chapter 3146 barren land
Chapter 3147 Obtaining Identity
Chapter 3148 Fight
Chapter 3149 help
Chapter 3150 East River Sect
Chapter 3151 Inner Ghost
Chapter 3152 General Huo Gan
Chapter 3153 Complete defeat
Chapter 3154 Clean up the portal
Chapter 3155 Great offering
Chapter 3156 Heavenly Sword leads the Holy Land
Chapter 3157 Identity is in hand
Chapter 3158 Royal envoy
Chapter 3159 aggressive
Chapter 3160 Abolished the special envoy
Chapter 3161 Military Royal Family Sect
Chapter 3162 Chu Fengmian's plan
Chapter 3163 Qi Jianzong
Chapter 3164 lobbying the Sect Master Qijian
Chapter 3165 Extinguishing Sect Team
Chapter 3166 Join the Alliance
Chapter 3167 Expansion
Chapter 3168 Opponents
Chapter 3169 secretly stalking
Chapter 3170 wave to suppress
Chapter 3171 The Four Sects Are Destroyed
Chapter 3172 Royal reaction
Chapter 3173 Unstoppable
Chapter 3174 Heavenly Sword Alliance
Chapter 3175 Royal disciple
Chapter 3176 Cooperation with the Royal Family
Chapter 3177 List of traitors
Chapter 3178 Military Ship
Chapter 3179 Dao soldier level
Chapter 3180 first battle
Chapter 3181 Ancestor Proud Sword
Chapter 3182 Sweeping all the sects
Chapter 3183 Furious Tenth Prince
Chapter 3184 situation
Chapter 3185 Robbery
Chapter 3186 Mr. Chun
Chapter 3187 The Royal Family Also Kills
Chapter 3188 The envy of each legion
Chapter 3189 The successor of the army chief
Chapter 3190 Giant Peak Mountains
Chapter 3191 general attack
Chapter 3192 war
Chapter 3193 Snow Monkey Guard
Chapter 3194 Ten Thousand-Story Tower
Chapter 3195 A Sect
Chapter 3196 Treasure
Chapter 3197 Tazhu
Chapter 3198 Sixth Army Master
Chapter 3199 Competing for the tower beads
Chapter 3200 One move to kill the sixth army master
Chapter 3201 fluttered
Chapter 3202 Things in the Tower
Chapter 3203 The origin of Jiazong pagoda
Chapter 3204 Harvest from this trip
Chapter 3205 Taoist soldiers in the realm of immortals
Chapter 3206 Royal General
Chapter 3207 The Three Treasures of Jiazong
Chapter 3208 Heaven Prison
Chapter 3209 surrender without joining
Chapter 3210 Go to the Imperial City
Chapter 3211 Military Base
Chapter 3212 General Liu Yan
Chapter 3213 Military Auction
Chapter 3214 Heart Treasure
Chapter 3215 Finale Treasure
Chapter 3216 Excited God Tree
Chapter 3217 Five Elements Fairy Tree
Chapter 3218 The last treasure, a stone tablet
Chapter 3219 Heavenly Sword Qualification Card for Holy Land
Chapter 3220 Devouring the Five Elements Immortal Tree
Chapter 3221 Divine Tree Fifth-Order Immortal Emperor
Chapter 3222 Imperial City Courtyard
Chapter 3223 see the thirteen princes
Chapter 3224 dismount
Chapter 3225 Who gives power to whom?
Chapter 3226 face-to-face negotiation
Chapter 3227 royal status
Chapter 3228 Duke Wu
Chapter 3229 Prince's Trial
Chapter 3230 Primordial Secret Realm
Chapter 3231 Entering the Palace
Chapter 3232 many princes
Chapter 3233 The three giants in the prince
Chapter 3234 Taixu Sect Master
Chapter 3235 secret trick
Chapter 3236 Heavenly Sword and Jade Sword
Chapter 3237 The Prince's Trial Begins
Chapter 3238 The First Princess
Chapter 3239 The genius who survived the heaven-defying catastrophe
Chapter 3240 Entering the Primordial Secret Realm for the first time
Chapter 3241 ancient and alien beasts everywhere
Chapter 3242 One sword to destroy the ethnic group
Chapter 3243 Swamp
Chapter 3244 Ancient Giant Crocodile King
Chapter 3245 Slaying Heavenly Venerable Beasts
Chapter 3246 Pyramid
Chapter 3247 Nanming Lihuo Tianzun
Chapter 3248 Death Vault
Chapter 3249 Poisonous Pool
Chapter 3250 Five Poisonous Birds
Chapter 3251 Ready to go
Chapter 3252 Poison destroys the world
Chapter 3253 Taixu sneak attack
Chapter 3254 Yin-Yang Double Sword
Chapter 3255 Both fell?
Chapter 3256 cheating death
Chapter 3257 Shinto old man
Chapter 3258 Holy Spirit Family
Chapter 3259 Charge six pyramids
Chapter 3260 wanton collection
Chapter 3261 Chaos Holy Land
Chapter 3262 Another Giant Elephant Temple
Chapter 3263 snatch face to face
Chapter 3264 Forcing everyone to retreat, the temple is in hand
Chapter 3265 Perception
Chapter 3266 Expose?
Chapter 3267 The arrival of the princess
Chapter 3268 The collision of the peak of kendo
Chapter 3269 The origin of half-step kendo
Chapter 3270 Turn enemies into friends
Chapter 3271 The first wanted criminal
Chapter 3272 Wanjie
Chapter 3273 Son of the Era
Chapter 3274 The truth of the heaven-defying catastrophe
Chapter 3275 Desolate Beast Emperor
Chapter 3276 Rules Cooperation
Chapter 3277 Sand Sea Eight Corners
Chapter 3278 Taizu
Chapter 3279 The secrets left by the ninth-order immortal emperor
Chapter 3280 The Halberd Technique of the Last Era
Chapter 3281 The biggest secret is in hand
Chapter 3282 The Law of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 3283 Strange Land
Chapter 3284 Boundless Chaos
Chapter 3285 hook Chen
Chapter 3286 Divine Stone in the Beginning
Chapter 3287 dark figure
Chapter 3288 Next step plan
Chapter 3289 Bells
Chapter 3290 Cooperation object
Chapter 3291 Leaving the Primordial Secret Realm
Chapter 3292 East Palace
Chapter 3293 Epoch Society
Chapter 3294 join
Chapter 3295 Jade Slip
Chapter 3296 Taizu's Kendo
Chapter 3297 The Third Form of Nine Domains Swordsmanship
Chapter 3298 Holy King
Chapter 3299 The heavens and the world are under control
Chapter 3300 Princess Muyun
Chapter 3301 Entering the Heavenly Sword and leading the Holy Land
Chapter 3302 Royal Fight
Chapter 3303 Tianjian Pavilion
Chapter 3304 Tens of Thousands of Swordsmanship Sword Canon
Chapter 3305 Extremely sharp sword
Chapter 3306 A Swordsmanship
Chapter 3307 Yudi
Chapter 3308 Recognition
Chapter 3309 Stone Forest
Chapter 3310 a stone sword
Chapter 3311 True Prince
Chapter 3312 Weakness of Heavenly Sword Secret Technique
Chapter 3313 Calculate, Create
Chapter 3314 Leaving the Heavenly Sword to receive the Holy Land
Chapter 3315 Murder outside the Holy Land
Chapter 3316 Attack of the Three Princes
Chapter 3317 Murder in the Palace
Chapter 3318 Anti-creation Ontology
Chapter 3319 The father of the true prince
Chapter 3320 Thai King
Chapter 3321 Intelligence Wealth
Chapter 3322 Truth
Chapter 3323 lose patience
Chapter 3324 kindness and revenge
Chapter 3325 The Fourth Form of Swordsmanship in Nine Regions, Heavenly Sword
Chapter 3326 Kings
Chapter 3327 The anger of the King of Thailand
Chapter 3328 father-son conversation
Chapter 3329 deliberately
Chapter 3330 border
Chapter 3331 Twenty Army Masters
Chapter 3332 The channel was seized
Chapter 3333 Blocking the Heavenly Sword Collar
Chapter 3334 Three High Priests
Chapter 3335 attack
Chapter 3336 One Breaks Three
Chapter 3337 Bombing the High Priest
Chapter 3338 Calm down
Chapter 3339 Yang conspiracy against Chu Fengmian
Chapter 3340 Kunshan City
Chapter 3341 Blood Pool Map
Chapter 3342 punch card
Chapter 3343 Sniper
Chapter 3344 The siege of the ancient land
Chapter 3345 Cloud Lake
Chapter 3346 cut again
Chapter 3347 Great Gift Qixian Mountain Map
Chapter 3348 Western Mountains
Chapter 3349 Heavenly Nets
Chapter 3350 Induced by the blood pool
Chapter 3351 only seven days left
Chapter 3352 muddy the water
Chapter 3353 The plan was successful
Chapter 3354 Chaos Begins
Chapter 3355 Demon Sword Comes to the World
Chapter 3356 Sword Demon! Sword Demon!
Chapter 3357 Purification Sober
Chapter 3358 The Emperor's Sword
Chapter 3359 Slaying the Seventh-Order Immortal Emperor
Chapter 3360 Into the Blood Pool
Chapter 3361 Black Hall
Chapter 3362 From another era
Chapter 3363 Sword Demon Bone
Chapter 3364 True Words Immortal Emperor
Chapter 3365 Sword Crystal
Chapter 3366 Mo Fan
Chapter 3367 The Way of the Heart Sword
Chapter 3368 The Road to the Origin of Kendo
Chapter 3369 Chaos Sword Demon
Chapter 3370 Blood Pool Sword Slave
Chapter 3371 Consciousness
Chapter 3372 Advance without retreat
Chapter 3373 The Lord of the Prison
Chapter 3374 A battle that only allows victory
Chapter 3375 Lian Zhan training
Chapter 3376 Astral Confrontation
Chapter 3377 Easily defeated
Chapter 3378 Breathtaking
Chapter 3379 sparring team
Chapter 3380 Five Elements Kendo
Chapter 3381 Enlightenment
Chapter 3382 The fifteenth sword slave
Chapter 3383 Three-inch sword
Chapter 3384 The end of the trial
Chapter 3385 Real Jade Sword
Chapter 3386 The power of the blood pool dominates kendo
Chapter 3387 The alliance of two seventh-order immortal emperors
Chapter 3388 crushing battle
Chapter 3389 The last sword slave
Chapter 3390 reward truth
Chapter 3391 Eighth-Order Immortal Emperor
Chapter 3392 Fighting the Sword Demon
Chapter 3393 Madness
Chapter 3394 The strongest battle
Chapter 3395 Devouring each other
Chapter 3396 Who is stronger
Chapter 3397 The last sword?
Chapter 3398 The Fifth Form of Swordsmanship in Nine Regions, Blood Slaughter
Chapter 3399 Black Mountain
Chapter 3400 Endless Sea of ??Bones
Chapter 3401 The memory of the magic sword
Chapter 3402 test sleep
Chapter 3403 Evacuation One Year
Chapter 3404 News silence
Chapter 3405 Sanctuary War is approaching
Chapter 3406 Consciousness Shock
Chapter 3407 Inheritance completed
Chapter 3408 see the picture
Chapter 3409 Deprivation of ancient kendo books!
Chapter 3410 Who counts who?
Chapter 3411 Kill the Blood Pond Consciousness
Chapter 3412 Seven Killing Immortal Emperors
Chapter 3413 Jade Pearl World
Chapter 3414 Lord of the Blood Pond
Chapter 3415 Subduing the Blood Slaughter Devil Sword
Chapter 3416 Revisiting Kunshan City
Chapter 3417 Has the Sanctuary War begun?
Chapter 3418 Turned around for ten years
Chapter 3419 Great changes in the world
Chapter 3420 Back to Heavenly Sword Collar
Chapter 3421 White-hot war
Chapter 3422 Kong Xuanjing
Chapter 3423 The way to go back
Chapter 3424 Undercurrent of the waves
Chapter 3425 Summoning Sword Slaves
Chapter 3426 Searching for the empty profound crystal
Chapter 3427 Catch the Dragon
Chapter 3428 Capture the Dragon Emperor
Chapter 3429 Tianlong son
Chapter 3430 Country of Ten Thousand Dragons Nine Dragon Lords
Chapter 3431 Unbearable
Chapter 3432 Dragon Emperor surrenders
Chapter 3433 Anti-customer?
Chapter 3434 Intimidation
Chapter 3435 Shadow Dragon Guard
Chapter 3436 Like siege?
Chapter 3437 kill all
Chapter 3438 Return to the Three Sanctuaries
Chapter 3439 The Law of Wind
Chapter 3440 All parties show up
Chapter 3441 Dividing the battlefield
Chapter 3442 The enemy's road is narrow
Chapter 3443 God wants you to die
Chapter 3444 tit for tat
Chapter 3445 Kill the True Prince
Chapter 3446 The Law of Darkness
Chapter 3447 Luck
Chapter 3448 Help
Chapter 3449 members of the Epoch Society
Chapter 3450 Star Guard
Chapter 3451 Spider Love
Chapter 3452 Epoch Society Seven Stars
Chapter 3453 Three Holy Sons
Chapter 3454 stronghold
Chapter 3455 mission completed
Chapter 3456 Epoch Club Branch
Chapter 3457 Arrival
Chapter 3458 Contribution points
Chapter 3459 Trading Area
Chapter 3460 White Tiger Essence and Blood
Chapter 3461 Contribution points everywhere
Chapter 3462 Epoch Mission
Chapter 3463 The speed of light is completed
Chapter 3464 Two-star member
Chapter 3465 War Slaves
Chapter 3466 Completed again?
Chapter 3467 Four Star Mission
Chapter 3468 Million Contribution Points
Chapter 3469 buy the blood of the white tiger
Chapter 3470 Blood Hammer
Chapter 3471 The first sixty-seventh sub-battlefield
Chapter 3472 Sand Star
Chapter 3473 underground space
Chapter 3474 Goodbye King Thailand
Chapter 3475 Sha Yuan's Ancestral Cave House
Chapter 3476 A pot is served
Chapter 3477 Intentional exposure
Chapter 3478 Convocation
Chapter 3479 Dazai
Chapter 3480 Sword Ancestor
Chapter 3481 Rule Bottleneck
Chapter 3482 Four-star member
Chapter 3483 Branch Minister
Chapter 3484 Become a Holy Son?
Chapter 3485 Gu Song's win
Chapter 3486 The treasure of the trading area
Chapter 3487 Selling Treasures
Chapter 3488 24 million contribution points
Chapter 3489 The treasure of 30 million contribution points
Chapter 3490 The gift of Gu Song
Chapter 3491 Ninth Kendo Totem
Chapter 3492 Second Floor Retreat
Chapter 3493 Dark Elemental Mirror
Chapter 3494 light weight
Chapter 3495 Sitting on the ground and starting the price
Chapter 3496 virtual to convince the snake
Chapter 3497 Thunder World
Chapter 3498 Thunder Eyes
Chapter 3499 Thunder Tiger
Chapter 3500 Collecting the blood of the white tiger
Chapter 3501 Lightweight Trap
Chapter 3502 Eat it?
Chapter 3503 Destroy the King of Thunder Tigers with one sword
Chapter 3504 Beheading hundreds of times
Chapter 3505 in the bag
Chapter 3506 The Power of the Epoch Society
Chapter 3507 Dead people keep secrets
Chapter 3508 Chasing the ontology world
Chapter 3509 Bombing and killing all
Chapter 3510 Condensing the blood of the white tiger
Chapter 3511 Comprehend the Law of Thunder
Chapter 3512 Returning to the Heaven of Hate
Chapter 3513 Sanctuary Line of Defense
Chapter 3514 Alliance
Chapter 3515 Leidou Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 3516 Yang Yuan
Chapter 3517 bought it all
Chapter 3518 The method of refining silver armor
Chapter 3519 Goodbye Lei Wei
Chapter 3520 Lei Wei's request
Chapter 3521 Transaction
Chapter 3522 No. 1 star
Chapter 3523 Thunder City
Chapter 3524 Falling Bamboo
Chapter 3525 Thunder City Treasure House
Chapter 3526 dark evil stone
Chapter 3527 Eucharistic Amethyst
Chapter 3528 small gains
Chapter 3529 The pursuit of all worlds
Chapter 3530 False words Tianzun
Chapter 3531 Chu Fengmian's trump card
Chapter 3532 Yin-Yang Chess Piece Era Treasure
Chapter 3533 The choice between Tianzun and Immortal Emperor
Chapter 3534 blew up
Chapter 3535 means of the world
Chapter 3536 Resolve Retreat
Chapter 3537 Lei Zu goes out
Chapter 3538 Gather the Thunder Dou Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 3539 Six Pillars King
Chapter 3540 The trouble of the Thunder Dou Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 3541 Ten Thousand Worlds Epoch Society Sanctuary
Chapter 3542 Shape the flesh for the sword slave
Chapter 3543 A reduced version of the blood pool
Chapter 3544 new body
Chapter 3545 Tenth Kendo Totem
Chapter 3546 Nine secluded land
Chapter 3547 Leidou Chamber of Commerce consecrates
Chapter 3548 Six high-level immortal emperors
Chapter 3549 Returning to the Heaven of Hate
Chapter 3550 The ancient city turned into ruins
Chapter 3551 Battle in the North
Chapter 3552 Rescue the witch
Chapter 3553 Ten years in the north
Chapter 3554 The witches being targeted
Chapter 3555 outsider arrest
Chapter 3556 Sheng Xi
Chapter 3557 No way to escape
Chapter 3558 Fenghao Wudi
Chapter 3559 Status Quo Crisis
Chapter 3560 The heritage of the witch tribe
Chapter 3561 prepare a big gift
Chapter 3562 The Holy King leads the imperial city
Chapter 3563 Heavenly Prison
Chapter 3564 swaggering intrusion
Chapter 3565 break the prison to save people
Chapter 3566 Killing Saint Xi
Chapter 3567 Crystallization of the Flesh
Chapter 3568 daring
Chapter 3569 The real body of the Holy King
Chapter 3570 Execution of the Great Elder
Chapter 3571 save the people, return
Chapter 3572 Shocking the Holy King
Chapter 3573 Return to the Ancient Domain
Chapter 3574 The lifting speed of a rocket
Chapter 3575 gambling a trick
Chapter 3576 you lost
Chapter 3577 Complete surrender
Chapter 3578 Jiuli's visit
Chapter 3579 Invitation of the True Water Witch Emperor
Chapter 3580 The Witch in the Jade Coffin
Chapter 3581 The deadline is approaching
Chapter 3582 Seeing the Witch Saint Ancestor
Chapter 3583 life extension
Chapter 3584 Promise of Wu Shengzu
Chapter 3585 Confusion
Chapter 3586 a thing
Chapter 3587 Three *** forces
Chapter 3588 Reincarnation is absolutely impossible
Chapter 3589 Witch Treasure
Chapter 3590 Two Spirit Swords
Chapter 3591 Thor Collar
Chapter 3592 huge blood crystal
Chapter 3593 Shape the body again
Chapter 3594 in a hurry
Chapter 3595 war
Chapter 3596 Return to the world of blood martial arts
Chapter 3597 Kendo Gate Ten Years Later
Chapter 3598 Roddy
Chapter 3599 explain
Chapter 3600 Recognition
Chapter 3601 farewell again
Chapter 3602 black hole
Chapter 3603 Barrier Dark Prison
Chapter 3604 Dark World
Chapter 3605 Extreme South Land
Chapter 3606 cruel world
Chapter 3607 Shadow
Chapter 3608 Unique Nine Worlds
Chapter 3609 Tiansha City
Chapter 3610 Infighting
Chapter 3611 Dark Wolf City Lord
Chapter 3612 seize the city
Chapter 3613 Wolf
Chapter 3614 Sudden helper
Chapter 3615 Slaying the Wolf
Chapter 3616 Life-saving grace
Chapter 3617 episode
Chapter 3618 Nether War
Chapter 3619 the ninth-order immortal emperor of the nine secluded world
Chapter 3620 Jiuyou City
Chapter 3621 Prince of Xi Kingdom
Chapter 3622 muddle through
Chapter 3623 Blood Black Heavenly Venerate
Chapter 3624 The Sea of ??Nine Serenities
Chapter 3625 Nether War Open
Chapter 3626 Ancient Battlefield
Chapter 3627 hunting begins
Chapter 3628 fierce competition
Chapter 3629 Yufu! Yufu!
Chapter 3630 Intercept? Counter-kill!
Chapter 3631 Yellowstone City
Chapter 3632 Crushing on Martial Arts
Chapter 3633 Since you're here, you don't have to go
Chapter 3634 gap
Chapter 3635 Massive Jade Talisman in Hand
3636 Temporarily ranked first
Chapter 3637 Law Suppression
Chapter 3638 The name is scary
Chapter 3639 Bone Stone Forest
Chapter 3640 Elder Ge An
Chapter 3641 What about the shadow elders?
Chapter 3642 next goal
Chapter 3643 Easily break the formation
Chapter 3644 plunder one after another
Chapter 3645 Dangping Hou
Chapter 3646 war
Chapter 3647 One man fights a thousand troops
Chapter 3648 Kill Dangping Hou
Chapter 3649 Rift Valley
Chapter 3650 135,000 Jade Talismans
Chapter 3651 The third day of the Nether War
Chapter 3652 The breath from the bottom of the rift
Chapter 3653 Treasure of the Fire Witch God
Chapter 3654 Vulcan Pearl
Chapter 3655 Forcible refining
Chapter 3656 The seventh day of the Nether War
Chapter 3657 Top Five Giants
Chapter 3658 Ten Extermination Kings
Chapter 3659 Intrusion
Chapter 3660 As if entering a land of no one
Chapter 3661 Unstoppable
Chapter 3662 back to the top
Chapter 3663 Elder Tiangong
Chapter 3664 End of the Nether War
Chapter 3665 See through the identity?
Chapter 3666 Being targeted?
Chapter 3667 Dangerous Power
Chapter 3668 into the sea
Chapter 3669 throw off the compass
Chapter 3670 Opportunities are everywhere
Chapter 3671 Primordial Underworld
Chapter 3672 What did you just say?
Chapter 3673 Blood sacrifice to immortal soldiers
Chapter 3674 Heavenly Venerate
Chapter 3675 Common Umbrella
Chapter 3676 Killing the Heavenly Venerate
Chapter 3677 Dark Dragon Seal
Chapter 3678 treasure map
Chapter 3679 restricted area waters
Chapter 3680 The Spirit of Darkness
Chapter 3681 The third layer of sea area
Chapter 3682 You Race
Chapter 3683 Human harmless tiger heart
Chapter 3684 Powerful You Clan
Chapter 3685 Concealing the Sea of ??Nine Serenities
Chapter 3686 You Wu
Chapter 3687 Sea Giant
Chapter 3688 Calculating You Wu
Chapter 3689 Suppressing You Wu
Chapter 3690 The whereabouts of the jade box
Chapter 3691 Ancient World Honored
Chapter 3692 seek skin with the tiger
Chapter 3693 the core of the sea
Chapter 3694 all the way
Chapter 3695 The dark prison was broken
Chapter 3696 the abyss blocks
Chapter 3697 Doubt
Chapter 3698 Silver Needle
Chapter 3699 The original form is revealed
Chapter 3700 The seventh sea master, the ninth-order immortal emperor!
Chapter 3701 The jade box is finally in hand
Chapter 3702 a lot of plunder
Chapter 3703 Fragments! Fragments!
Chapter 3704 Qingfeng ancestor
Chapter 3705 The melee between the ninth-order immortal emperors
Chapter 3706 You Emperor takes action
Chapter 3707 Upper Sword Sect Demon Sword
Chapter 3708 turned face
Chapter 3709 The Son of God
Chapter 3710 Silver Cobweb
Chapter 3711 Another silver needle
Chapter 3712 Killing Gu Yuan
Chapter 3713 The end of the melee
Chapter 3714 Mix in and leave
Chapter 3715 The sword light falls from the sky
Chapter 3716 The pursuit of the sword ancestor
Chapter 3717 Youhai Island Lord
Chapter 3718 Seven Star Members
Chapter 3719 shelter from the limelight
Chapter 3720 Array
Chapter 3721 Chaos
Chapter 3722 Epoch Club Headquarters
Chapter 3723 Lord of the Dharma Hall
Chapter 3724 Promoted to five-star members
Chapter 3725 Olive Branch of the Dharma Hall
Chapter 3726 Epoch Society Seven Halls
Chapter 3727 Duties of the Seven Halls
Chapter 3728 Choice
Chapter 3729 Four Guardians
Chapter 3730 Competition
Chapter 3731 choose the stars
Chapter 3732 Star Palace disciple
Chapter 3733 slaughtered
Chapter 3734 Dangerous temptation
Chapter 3735 Holy Son of Ten Thousand Paths
Chapter 3736 Ning to kill by mistake, don't let it go
Chapter 3737 Martial Hall
Chapter 3738 Jade Box Sword Seal
Chapter 3739 Hometown Memory
Chapter 3740 The origin of Chu Fengmian
Chapter 3741 Great Tribulation at the Beginning
Chapter 3742 The Body of Nine Absolutes
Chapter 3743 The battle of siege ten thousand years ago
Chapter 3744 People from another world
Chapter 3745 Stigmata
Chapter 3746 Devouring the core fragments of the secluded sea
Chapter 3747 Infinite Devour
Chapter 3748 Rules that cannot be broken
Chapter 3749 The seventh law becomes
Chapter 3750 High-level Immortal Emperor
Chapter 3751 Condensing the small world
Chapter 3752 Crash and disintegration
Chapter 3753 crack
Chapter 3754 Heaven's Interference
Chapter 3755 Unable to condense
Chapter 3756 Shiting Sword Intent
Chapter 3757 Accidental promotion
Chapter 3758 Headquarters Continent
Chapter 3759 each hall
Chapter 3760 many eras
Chapter 3761 The Era of Supernatural Powers
Chapter 3762 Permissions
Chapter 3763 Wudian Invitation
Chapter 3764 Lord of the Martial Hall
Chapter 3765 Holy Son
Chapter 3766 Join the Martial Hall
Chapter 3767 Gu Song's refuge
Chapter 3768 magic fight dead wood
Chapter 3769 Challenge
Chapter 3770 shock
Chapter 3771 the old man
Chapter 3772 The method of supernatural power cohesion
Chapter 3773 Trial place
Chapter 3774 Tenth Floor
Chapter 3775 Pass the trial
Chapter 3776 Choose Treasures
Chapter 3777 Prestige
Chapter 3778 Trial of mood
Chapter 3779 pass again
Chapter 3780 next place
Chapter 3781 virtual world
Chapter 3782 Three Mouth Owls
Chapter 3783 Void loopholes
Chapter 3784 Beast Forest
Chapter 3785 One-eyed Demon Cow
Chapter 3786 Huge beast hoof! King of beasts!
Chapter 3787 Outsiders
Chapter 3788 Void Shadow!
Chapter 3789 Lord of the Hoof Sky
Chapter 3790 The keeper of the virtual world
Chapter 3791 Two birds with one stone
Chapter 3792 Eye of Thousand Destruction
Chapter 3793 World Coordinates
Chapter 3794 The coordinates are in hand
Chapter 3795 Frontline accident
Chapter 3796 resistance
Chapter 3797 President
Chapter 3798 The land of the beginning
Chapter 3799 The Land of Time
Chapter 3800 Supreme temptation
Chapter 3801 Decided to go
Chapter 3802 The main battlefield of No. 32
Chapter 3803 Realm King, Son of God, Son of God
Chapter 3804 Method
Chapter 3805 Tenth Kendo Totem
Chapter 3806 Confused Sword Demon Shape the Body
Chapter 3807 Seal Stone
Chapter 3808 Fifth Son
Chapter 3809 Departure, the land of the beginning
Chapter 3810 Join forces?
Chapter 3811 Demon Killing Sect Master
Chapter 3812 Entering the battlefield
Chapter 3813 struggle for power
Chapter 3814 Patrol
Chapter 3815 Little Magical Powers
Chapter 3816 block
Chapter 3817 The Demon King
Chapter 3818 countdown
Chapter 3819 Chaos
Chapter 3820 Succubus King Human Demon King
Chapter 3821 Arriving at the Star Cave
Chapter 3822 Great Witch Sacrifice The Third Holy King
Chapter 3823 ambush trap
Chapter 3824 Entering the land of the beginning
Chapter 3825 The power of terror
Chapter 3826 The possibility of immortal crystal being promoted again?
Chapter 3827 Treasure Land
Chapter 3828 Unfamiliar words
Chapter 3829 Discovery of Ruins
Chapter 3830 rainbow light heaven and earth are different
Chapter 3831 The peerless genius of the power of the third era
Chapter 3832 King of the Golden Pavilion
Chapter 3833 A sword opens the sky
Chapter 3834 Test Strength
Chapter 3835 Tianhua God
Chapter 3836 Rainbow Reappearance
Chapter 3837 Zongmen Ruins
Chapter 3838 King of Jingshan, the real son of the devil
Chapter 3839 Doubt
Chapter 3840 Cooperation to break through the formation
Chapter 3841 Array Breaking Competition
Chapter 3842 Supreme True Demon
3843. Chapter 3843 Collection in person
Chapter 3844 Swallowing the Treasure
Chapter 3845 Four Sects of Fengyuanmen
Chapter 3846 Seven Heavenly Supernatural Powers
Chapter 3847 The Guidance of Feng Yuan Stele
Chapter 3848 Another Zongmen Ruins
Chapter 3849 Take another one
Chapter 3850 The second Fengyuan monument
Chapter 3851 Incredible speed of improvement
Chapter 3852 Fierce name scare away the eighth-order immortal emperor
Chapter 3853 Birth
Chapter 3854 Domineering
Chapter 3855 Division of Zongmen Ruins
Chapter 3856 Another goal
Chapter 3857 Martial Artist of Ten Thousand Worlds? Kill!
Chapter 3858 It's not that enemies don't get together
Chapter 3859 Meet the King of the Golden Pavilion again
Chapter 3860 crushing you in your strongest field
Chapter 3861 Bombing the King of the Golden Pavilion
Chapter 3862 Huge benefits
Chapter 3863 show strength
Chapter 3864 Crater
Chapter 3865 Short Retreat
Chapter 3866 Broken Magical Powers
Chapter 3867 special magical powers
Chapter 3868 Cultivation of broken supernatural powers
Chapter 3869 Runes
Chapter 3870 Realm correspondence
Chapter 3871 far beyond the expected power
Chapter 3872 ten times
Chapter 3873 Chaos Sea of ??Ruins
Chapter 3874 The biggest treasure
Chapter 3875 Time Treasure
Chapter 3876 Shattering supernatural powers that are outrageously strong
Chapter 3877 You can do it!
Chapter 3878 The first prey
Chapter 3879 plunder one after another
Chapter 3880 Promotion to the ninth-order Immortal Emperor
Chapter 3881 Secret Ultimate Move
Chapter 3882 Sword Demon News
Chapter 3883 The Relic of Lingwu Sect was born
Chapter 3884 The third Fengyuan monument
Chapter 3885 Blood Demon King
Chapter 3886 Chase
Chapter 3887 Don't surrender? Kill!
Chapter 3888 first-class escape
Chapter 3889 Heavenly Nets
Chapter 3890 The power of time
Chapter 3891 Tricky Power
Chapter 3892 forced into a corner
Chapter 3893 First Realm King Tianyan Realm King
Chapter 3894 An incarnation
Chapter 3895 Battle! King of Tianyan Realm!
Chapter 3896 absolute power
Chapter 3897 Shadow of Jianmu
Chapter 3898 Tian Yan's knife light
Chapter 3899 mutation, beheading incarnation
Chapter 3900 The Empty Ring of the Gorefiend King
Chapter 3901 The third Fengyuan monument
Chapter 3902 Word Formation
Chapter 3903 Rune Bottleneck
Chapter 3904 The arrival of the Sword Demon Son
Chapter 3905 The exclamation of the Sword Demon Son
Chapter 3906 shocking news
Chapter 3907 Trap in the Chaos Sea
Chapter 3908 Divine Ability Era Warrior
Chapter 3909 Great changes in the beginning of the land
Chapter 3910 Key of Time Wheel of Time
Chapter 3911 encounter
Chapter 3912 Hunting Squad
Chapter 3913 The ninth-order immortal emperor blew himself up
Chapter 3914 Self-destruction! Self-destruction!
Chapter 3915 Sharing Swordsmanship
Chapter 3916 Amazed
Chapter 3917 each gets his own way
Chapter 3918 Establish an alliance
Chapter 3919 Join the Alliance
Chapter 3920 only eighteen geniuses left
Chapter 3921 came into being
Chapter 3922 Counterattack plan
Chapter 3923 Announcement
Chapter 3924 each with their own minds
Chapter 3925 Dark Sky
Chapter 3926 Halloween Array
Chapter 3927 Dark Storm
Chapter 3928 Discover the conspiracy
Chapter 3929 Perception
Chapter 3930 confrontation
Chapter 3931 Flip
Chapter 3932 Collusion
Chapter 3933 Inner Demon Son Attack
Chapter 3934 Chaos
Chapter 3935 broken escape
Chapter 3936 flesh and blood
Chapter 3937 Transaction
Chapter 3938 guess
Chapter 3939 Divine Ability Sect
Chapter 3940 Old Nest
Chapter 3941 The trace of the last Fengyuan monument
Chapter 3942 The fourth Fengyuan tablet is in hand
Chapter 3943 All looting
Chapter 3944 Do it!
Chapter 3945 Fraud!
Chapter 3946 The Power of Domination Destroys the Divine Sovereign
Chapter 3947 A projection of domination
Chapter 3948 Continuation of the ceremony
Chapter 3949 Gate of Time
Chapter 3950 Projection in the long river of time
Chapter 3951 Lingwu God
Chapter 3952 the key to time
Chapter 3953 Alertness
Chapter 3954 Unblocking the King of Beasts
Chapter 3955 The key to time is finally in hand
Chapter 3956 escape
Chapter 3957 is about to close
Chapter 3958 Hidden space
Chapter 3959 Leaving the land of the beginning
Chapter 3960 plan
Chapter 3961 closed-door cultivation
Chapter 3962 Three words
Chapter 3963 Self-created magical powers
Chapter 3964 Open the door of time
Chapter 3965 The first call
Chapter 3966 Crimson Era
Chapter 3967 The usefulness of the key of time
Chapter 3968 departure another era
Chapter 3969 Edge of the Era
Chapter 3970 Era Sea
Chapter 3971 Arrived in another era
Chapter 3972 Desolate Profound Realm
Chapter 3973 Aurora City
Chapter 3974 The way of blood
Chapter 3975 Tongyu
Chapter 3976 Blood Xiaodan
Chapter 3977 Aurora City Lord
Chapter 3978 Regional Ambassador
Chapter 3979 each has his own mind
Chapter 3980 Desolate Mysterious Vientiane
Chapter 3981 Era Day
Chapter 3982 Ten Heavens Era
Chapter 3983 vain attempt
Chapter 3984 Slaughter the fat sheep?
Chapter 3985 Ninth Grade Bloodline
Chapter 3986 blood phagocytosis
Chapter 3987 Ways to Improve the Power of Bloodlines
Chapter 3988 Celestial Coordinates of Divine Beasts
Chapter 3989 Ancient ancestor? Holy emperor?
Chapter 3990 Emperor Waters
Chapter 3991 unexpected news
Chapter 3992 Entering the Emperor Water City
Chapter 3993 Mysterious Blood Cloud Pill
Chapter 3994 Break in directly
Chapter 3995 Thunder Giant Bloodline
Chapter 3996 Betrayal
Chapter 3997 Great Desolate City Lord
Chapter 3998 kills one person with one punch
Chapter 3999 The second grade blood Xiaodan is in hand
Chapter 4000 Go to the God of Beasts
Chapter 4001 Five Great Beast Families
Chapter 4002 Divine Bloodline
Chapter 4003 Dangerous Divine Beasts
Chapter 4004 Storm God Ape Family
Chapter 4005 The ultimate bloodline confrontation
Chapter 4006 What about the beast family?
Chapter 4007 Storm God Ape Family Powerhouse
Chapter 4008 The Holy Emperor takes action
Chapter 4009 High-level Holy Emperor!
Chapter 4010 Entering the Divine Beast Heaven
Chapter 4011 The identity of the young man
Chapter 4012 Storm Nine Forging Method
Chapter 4013 Chaos collar
Chapter 4014 warriors of four bloodlines
Chapter 4015 Wisdom Sword
Chapter 4016 Clan?
Chapter 4017 Chaos Family
Chapter 4018 Three-legged Golden Crow
Chapter 4019 Chaos Emperor
Chapter 4020 Blood of Chaos
Chapter 4021 Holy blood
Chapter 4022 Xiaojiu is the Lord of Chaos?
Chapter 4023 Young Master
Chapter 4024 Nine Winds
Chapter 4025 Chaos Pool
Chapter 4026 understand
Chapter 4027 Three Affiliated Families
Chapter 4028 Chaos Ruins
Chapter 4029 Inheritance Hall
Chapter 4030 Chaos Secret Tome
Chapter 4031 Shortcut
Chapter 4032 Final choice
Chapter 4033 Seventh Floor Target
Chapter 4034 Amazing cultivation speed
Chapter 4035 Soaring Power
Chapter 4036 The role of the power of the beginning
Chapter 4037 Lu Zu
Chapter 4038 Titan blood
Chapter 4039 Li Huang blood essence
Chapter 4040 Blood Abyss Blood Jade
Chapter 4041 Blood sacrifice to immortal soldiers again
Chapter 4042 Open the land of the beginning
Chapter 4043 The fifth layer of Chaos Secret Tome
Chapter 4044 Divine Beast Tianwu
Chapter 4045 Disaster
Chapter 4046 Candidates
Chapter 4047 Shocked Chaos Emperor
Chapter 4048 Another seal stone
Chapter 4049 Break through the sixth floor
Chapter 4050 Lihuang bloodline
Chapter 4051 The hope of success
Chapter 4052 The origin of the chaos, the seven devil insect kings
Chapter 4053 Four elders evil star
Chapter 4054 Departure Jinjing collar
Chapter 4055 Arrive at Jinjing collar
Chapter 4056 The Holy Emperor greets the Fire Crow Emperor's car
Chapter 4057 please
Chapter 4058 tall building
Chapter 4059 Candidates from all parties
4060 Sit down
Chapter 4061 The two ancestors in the ashes
Chapter 4062 Hoof Sky Family
Chapter 4063 people are here
Chapter 4064 departure out of phase
Chapter 4065 The Golden Sword of Law
Chapter 4066 Killing Intention Decision
Chapter 4067 Encountering the devil
Chapter 4068 Titan! Tungus!
Chapter 4069 The arrival of the army of demon insects
Chapter 4070 Battle
Chapter 4071 The Power of Chaos
Chapter 4072 Arrive at the crack
Chapter 4073 war broke out
Chapter 4074 Murong son
Chapter 4075 Retreat
4076--Andrew Murong Gongzi's swordsmanship
Chapter 4077 The man who created swordsmanship
Chapter 4078 Dilemma
Chapter 4079 message blocking
Chapter 4080 come to help
Chapter 4081 Seven Demon Kings Appeared
Chapter 4082 hands-on opportunity
Chapter 4083 Chase
Chapter 4084 Murder is revealed
Chapter 4085 Invincible Martial Dao
Chapter 4086 Kill Luo Mu
Chapter 4087 Great harvest
Chapter 4088 Hammer of the Storm
Chapter 4089 Kill an elder first
Chapter 4090 solve the next one
Chapter 4091 Find Mr. Murong
Chapter 4092 Forced Kill
Chapter 4093 Thousand Eyes Giant
Chapter 4094 Thousand Eyes Dragon
Chapter 4095 Four Great Disasters
4096--Andrew Summon Murong Gongzi Projection
Chapter 4097 The origin of the bloody sword light
Chapter 4098 Leave and go to Jin Jingling
Chapter 4099 money can communicate
Chapter 4100 Wanbao Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 4101 Spending money like soil
Chapter 4102 sword pavilion swordsmanship
Chapter 4103 Mysterious Jade Piece
Chapter 4104 Identity
Chapter 4105 Jade piece integrated
Chapter 4106 Ancient Mixed City
Chapter 4107 news of chaos
Chapter 4108 Arrive at Golden Crystal City
Chapter 4109 Valley
4110. Chapter 4110 The magic insect descends
Chapter 4111 The second crack
Chapter 4112 choice shot
Chapter 4113 Fighting the Thousand-Eyed Dragon
Chapter 4114 Break the crack
Chapter 4115 Finger of the Demon Dragon
Chapter 4116 Shenfutian
Chapter 4117 Refining the Dragon Finger
Chapter 4118 Promotion of crystals
Chapter 4119 The stone tablet on the grassland
Chapter 4120 Another stone tablet
Chapter 4121 Swordsmanship
Chapter 4122 Entering the sword pavilion by mistake
Chapter 4123 Lin Gu chases and kills
Chapter 4124 Divine Palace Warrior
Chapter 4125 The Underworld
Chapter 4126 Dao General
Chapter 4127 Red will fight for others
Chapter 4128 Class door getting an axe
Chapter 4129 Rong Wang Daozi
Chapter 4130 Purple Palace
4131 Entry conditions
Chapter 4132 Luoshui Valley
4133 The arrival of the underworld warriors
4134 The threat of the underworld
Chapter 4135 Stealing people? I don't know whether to live or die!
Chapter 4136 A warning
Chapter 4137 Xuancheng
Chapter 4138 Daozi invitation?
Chapter 4139 Sword practice
Chapter 4140 Shadow of Swordsmanship
Chapter 4141 Dao will visit
Chapter 4142 A catastrophe is imminent?
4143. Chapter 4143 Quota for Quota
4144. Chapter 4144 Unacceptable
Chapter 4145 The heart of love
Chapter 4146 Wanted
Chapter 4147 Operation
Chapter 4148 The teleportation array has been repaired
Chapter 4149 Kill the chicken to warn the monkey
Chapter 4150 The guards came forward
Chapter 4151 Tianling Pavilion
Chapter 4152 Baicheng
Chapter 4153 White Bone Domain
Chapter 4154 Thirty Thieves
Chapter 4155 Encountered robbery
Chapter 4156 Night Demon Ancestor
Chapter 4157 The thief was beheaded
Chapter 4158 Rong Wang Daozi is here
Chapter 4159 foggy night
Chapter 4160 Kendo Rolling
4161--Andrew The trump card of the Shenfu Palace
Chapter 4162 Fantasy? Real!
Chapter 4163 Rong Wang Daozi fell
Chapter 4164 Second Domain Lord New Bone Holy Emperor
Chapter 4165 robbery
4166--Andrew The power to crush the emperor
Chapter 4167 Slaying the New Bone Holy Emperor
Chapter 4168 Leave the White Bone Domain
Chapter 4169 Behind the White Bone Domain
Chapter 4170 Entering the Bone City
Chapter 4171 Tianling Pavilion Thunder Demon
Chapter 4172 Elder Ghost Mist
Chapter 4173 Magic Jade
Chapter 4174 Kendo Slate
Chapter 4175 Heart Demon Feeding Sword
Chapter 4176 Swordsmanship Trap
Chapter 4177 Extraterritorial Heretic God
Chapter 4178 The last stop
Chapter 4179 Sword Pavilion, Mountain of Swords, Cliff of Spear, Axe Hall
Chapter 4180 Lord of the Axe Hall
Chapter 4181 Danger is approaching
Chapter 4182 The big man chases and kills
Chapter 4183 The greatest threat
Chapter 4184 see through the identity
Chapter 4185 Lord of the Tomahawk Hall
Chapter 4186 God Axe
Chapter 4187 The confrontation of the master soldiers
4188 Shocking the Immortal Emperor Realm
Chapter 4189 Forced to retreat
Chapter 4190 Broken Xiaoqian World
Chapter 4191 Repair the world
4192 Integrate
Chapter 4193 Divine Ability, Divine Tree, Bloodline, Kendo
Chapter 4194 Promotion to Immortal Emperor
Chapter 4195 Strength
Chapter 4196 Time for revenge
Chapter 4197 Chasing and Killing the Lord of the Axe Hall
Chapter 4198 Battle in the Valley
Chapter 4199 The conspiracy of Tianling Pavilion
Chapter 4200 spoiler
Chapter 4201 sudden variable
Chapter 4202 each has a ghost
Chapter 4203 Who is the oriole?
Chapter 4204 beat down
Chapter 4205 Three birds with one stone
Chapter 4206 Shrine
Chapter 4207 Killing the Lord of the Axe Hall
Chapter 4208 Shocking harvest
Chapter 4209 The last immortal crystal is promoted
Chapter 4210 Completely promoted mysterious text
Chapter 4211 Go to the Purple Palace
Chapter 4212 Lord of the Gun Cliff
4213--Andrew Shrine Palace shaking
4214 that side
Chapter 4215 Destruction of Tianling Pavilion
Chapter 4216 opened in advance
Chapter 4217 Zifu World
Chapter 4218 Fire Dragon Patriarch
Chapter 4219 Jade Saint Great Venerable
Chapter 4220 Intervening to save people
Chapter 4221 Invincible Defense Jade Saint True Body
Chapter 4222 Cut off the palm
Chapter 4223 The same lineage
Chapter 4224 each has a plan
Chapter 4225 in front of the Purple Palace
Chapter 4226 dominate the palace
Chapter 4227 blood deprivation
Chapter 4228 Seven Doors
4229. Chapter 4229 Block in front of the palace
Chapter 4230 Entering the Purple Palace
4231 Competitors
Chapter 4232 Old Sword Spirit
Chapter 4233 Assessment? Trap!
Chapter 4234 dominate the ban
Chapter 4235 still alive Purple Sword Emperor
Chapter 4236 Take home
Chapter 4237 main hall
Chapter 4238 one step late
4239--Andrew Swordsmanship
Chapter 4240 Ziyue Tianhai
Chapter 4241 Endless death
Chapter 4242 The gap in speed
Chapter 4243 anxious fierce battle
Chapter 4244 The Fight of Trapped Beasts
Chapter 4245 Weakness? Trap!
4246--Andrew Self-exploding billions of forbidden arrays
Chapter 4247 perish together
Chapter 4248 Explosion accident
Chapter 4249 Blood Sword Saint Emperor
Chapter 4250 Rush into the Purple Palace
Chapter 4251 fall into the hole
Chapter 4252 Dao Fa Tian Jue
4253--Andrew The siege of three high-ranking emperors
Chapter 4254 The power is restored
Chapter 4255 Slaying the Shepherd Dao Sage Emperor
Chapter 4256 Recasting the Forbidden Array
Chapter 4257 Kill another high-ranking emperor
Chapter 4258 Suppression of the high-level emperor
Chapter 4259 Looting treasures
Chapter 4260 calmly leave
Chapter 4261 only empty shells left
Chapter 4262 Avoid the limelight
Chapter 4263 Blocking the Zifu World
4264. Chapter 4264
Chapter 4265 leave easily
Chapter 4266 Three Kendo Totems
Chapter 4267 The old man blocks the way
Chapter 4268 Lord of the Sword Pavilion
Chapter 4269 rush to kill
Chapter 4270 The first powerhouse of the Shenfu Palace
Chapter 4271 Lord of the Battle Sword Pavilion
Chapter 4272 The Soldier of Domination Divine Sword
Chapter 4273 Awakening Power
Chapter 4274 Limit?
Chapter 4275 Burning the world
Chapter 4276 Fear of the Divine Sword
Chapter 4277 Return to the wild world again
Chapter 4278 distance
Chapter 4279 Return
Chapter 4280 Disaster War Situation
Chapter 4281 Chaos Emperor's Message
Chapter 4282 The chaos of two eras
Chapter 4283 Monsters in the Era Sea
Chapter 4284 Nine-headed Feathered Serpent
Chapter 4285 Terrifying recovery methods
Chapter 4286 Crystal Martial Arts
Chapter 4287 Kill the strange snake
Chapter 4288 Wanmu Bee
Chapter 4289 Wudu Jun
Chapter 4290 Double the power
Chapter 4291 Chu Fengmian returns
Chapter 4292 The destroyed Zhongqian world
Chapter 4293 Was expelled from the Martial Hall?
Chapter 4294 Crossing the river and demolishing the bridge
Sneak into the branch
Chapter 4296 Branch Minister Wang Han
Contact to save people
Chapter 4298 Lord of the Sword Palace
Chapter 4299 admit
Chapter 4300 Three Supreme Elders
Chapter 4301 Forcing the Palace
Chapter 4302 Jianjiang Jianliu Jianling
Chapter 4303 Strong defeat
Chapter 4304 All suppression
Chapter 4305 Asking for Kendo Totem
Chapter 4306 The method of saving people
Chapter 4307 Return to the Martial Hall
Chapter 4308 Break the mountain gate
Chapter 4309 vomit blood with one palm
Chapter 4310 You kneel down for me too
Chapter 4311 I only want the result
Chapter 4312 Wu Qi
Chapter 4313 Elder Wu Tian
Chapter 4314 Close combat?
Chapter 4315 beaten
4316 Compensation
Chapter 4317 Another dragon claw
4318. Chapter 4318
Three treasures
Chapter 4320 Valley Treasure House
4321--Andrew The foundation of Wudian
Chapter 4322 Enter the treasure house
Chapter 4323 Star-sized refining materials
Chapter 4324 Carefully selected
Chapter 4325 Green Sin Sword
4326--Andrew Bone Bone
Chapter 4327 Final choice
Chapter 4328 Go to the Dharma Hall
Chapter 4329 Sudden attack
4330--Andrew The trap of the temple
Chapter 4331 Hand over the key of time?
Chapter 4332 One enemy six
Chapter 4333 Suppression one by one
4334--Andrew Dao Palace promises
January 4335 retreat
Chapter 4336 fifteen kendo totems
4337--Andrew Refining the bones
4338--Andrew The ninth innate divine beast bloodline
Chapter 4339 diamond-shaped black stone pillar
Chapter 4340 out of customs
Chapter 4341 Seven Hall Meeting
Chapter 4342 war situation
Chapter 4343 Taishi World
Chapter 4344 Taishi City
Chapter 4345 Seize power!
4346 The biggest fist
Chapter 4347 Seven Halls Gather
Chapter 4348 Another move to defeat
Chapter 4349 Invincible
4350--Andrew Three Halls attack
Chapter 4351 Persecution
Chapter 4352 Attitudes of all parties
Chapter 4353 Negotiations broke down
Chapter 4354 Let's fight then
Chapter 4355 A sword breaks the star map
Chapter 4356 Taishi City shakes
Chapter 4357 Chasing the Lord of the Star Palace
Chapter 4358 Swallowing the divine might
Chapter 4359 The Lord of the Star Palace, the body has fallen!
Chapter 4360 Who said I only kill one?
Chapter 4361 Dao Realm
Chapter 4362 The Lord of the Hall of Slashing Dao
4363--Andrew The place where the sword demon and the son are imprisoned
Chapter 4364 Breaking into the Heavenly Prison
Chapter 4365 Prison Elder
Chapter 4366 The Beginner
Chapter 4367 Siege of the Era Society
Chapter 4368 Dao Realm
Chapter 4369 The beginning of the war
Chapter 4370 Unbreakable Dao Realm
4371--Andrew The two great starters join forces
Chapter 4372 dominate the formation
Chapter 4373 play out the beginning of the world
Chapter 4374 Save people and leave
4375--Andrew Join the kendo gate
4376--Andrew Entering Protoss City again
4377--Andrew The shock of the Star Spirit City Lord
Chapter 4378 Hundreds of millions of void beasts
Chapter 4379 being controlled
Chapter 4380 Entering the Endless Nothingness
Chapter 4381 Oracle
Chapter 4382 are all here
Chapter 4383 A pot is served
Chapter 4384 Beheading the High Priest
Chapter 4385 Probe
Chapter 4386 Yuanyuan
Chapter 4387 Hunt down a master
Chapter 4388 Weak Void God
Chapter 4389 fierce battle dominates
Chapter 4390 net release day
4391--Andrew Void God's backhand
4392--Andrew The Sacred Ancestor of the Territory
Chapter 4393 snatch the spoils
Chapter 4394 Use a sword in front of me?
4395. Chapter 4395
4396--Andrew Killing the ancestors of the territory
Chapter 4397 The World of War Ontology
Chapter 4398 pay the price
Chapter 4399 Chu Fengmian's choice
Chapter 4400 Returning to Lihentian
4401 Spy
Chapter 4402 Join the Sanctuary Alliance
Chapter 4403 Leizhou Ancient City
Chapter 4404 Soldier Immortal Emperor
Chapter 4405 Heaven wants revenge
Chapter 4406 Follow out of the city
4407 Detecting danger
Chapter 4408 Kill directly
Chapter 4409 Angry Soldier Immortal Emperor
Chapter 4410 Destroy the ontology world
Chapter 4411 Three thousand supreme sword qi gathered together
Chapter 4412 Return to the North
Chapter 4413 King Yan Qian
Chapter 4414 Goodbye True Water Witch Emperor
Chapter 4415 Shocked True Water Witch Emperor
4416 Welcome to return
Chapter 4417 Invitation of Wu Shengzu
4418--Andrew The shock of Wu Shengzu
Chapter 4419 The crisis of the witch tribe
Harsh conditions
Chapter 4421 I will solve it
4422--Andrew Sanctuary Alliance Comes
Chapter 4423 so charming
Chapter 4424 A disagreement
4425. Chapter 4425 Kill in the face
Chapter 4426 persecution reason
Chapter 4427 target Chu Fengmian
Chapter 4428 Not agreeing to a condition
Chapter 4429 fierce battle
4430--Andrew Jieyu Deputy Alliance Leader
Chapter 4431 Stand by?
Chapter 4432 Repeating the old trick
4433--Andrew A sword hit hard
Chapter 4434 Jie Yu's counterattack
4435--Andrew Slashing the Deputy Leader of Jieyu
Chapter 4436 Crazy move
4437--Andrew The origin of the true body of the witch god
Chapter 4438 Crystal Martial Arts Era
Chapter 4439 The powerhouse of the ancient tribes
4440--Andrew Strength shock
Chapter 4441 News of Emperor You
Chapter 4442 Wushen Palace Retreat
Chapter 4443 Back to the Sword Origin Realm
4444--Andrew The temptation of the country of ten thousand dragons
4445. Chapter 4445 Summons disciples
4446--Andrew Great Enshrinement of Kendo Gate
4447 Announcement
Chapter 4448 Sea Monster Race
Chapter 4449 Great Demon General
4450. Chapter 4450
Chapter 4451 The arrival of the demon king
Chapter 4452 Grab it
Chapter 4453 One trick to suppress the demon king
Chapter 4454 Chu Fengmian's plan
Chapter 4455 North Sea Realm
Chapter 4456 Mingguang Island
Chapter 4457 Corpses are everywhere
Chapter 4458 Two demon emperors
4459--Andrew No sea monster emperor
Chapter 4460 Jiuxi Demon Emperor
Chapter 4461 One move to defeat the demon emperor
Chapter 4462 Obedience
Chapter 4463 The mysterious powerhouse behind the sea monsters
Chapter 4464 Water Spirit Crystal
Chapter 4465 Sea Beast
Chapter 4466 North Sea Restricted Area
Chapter 4467 Pass
Chapter 4468 Sea God Sect
Chapter 4469 Condensing the prototype of the Tao
Chapter 4470 Sea God Sect Master
Chapter 4471 Negotiation
Chapter 4472 Six ancestors
Chapter 4473 The No. 1 Powerhouse in the North Sea
4474--Andrew Temptation, hands-on
Voluntary surrender
4476--Andrew Jade coffin under the pool
Chapter 4477 The first water crystal is in hand
4478 Arrangement
Chapter 4479 puzzled
Chapter 4480 mind
Chapter 4481 Retreat practice
Chapter 4482 The seventh layer of the Chaos Secret Tome
Chapter 4483 Break through the eighth floor one after another
4484 The danger of coming
Chapter 4485 Dominate?
Chapter 4486 time is long
Chapter 4487 Crazy plan
Chapter 4488 Seduce the Lord
Chapter 4489 News of the third water crystal
Chapter 4490 Sea Beast Bloodline
Chapter 4491 The first restricted area waters
Chapter 4492 Narwhal Black Whale Bloodline
Chapter 4493 The sea beast that was taken away
Chapter 4494 The sword that breaks the limit
Chapter 4495 One move the whole town
Chapter 4496 All three water crystals succeeded
Chapter 4497 ??Endless Sea
4498--Andrew Gift of Chaos Holy Emperor
Chapter 4499 dominate the blood
Chapter 4500 Devouring the blood
Chapter 4501 Erase the brand of the master
Chapter 4502 East Pole dominates
Chapter 4503 Young Master Jinlong
Chapter 4504 Self-injection into the net
Chapter 4505 nowhere to run
4506--Andrew Subduing Young Master Jinlong
Chapter 4507 The Powerhouse Behind the Country of Ten Thousand Dragons
Chapter 4508 Lord of the Dragon
4509 The seeds planted
Chapter 4510 The law of water is complete
Chapter 4511 Promotion to the eighth-order Immortal Emperor
Chapter 4512 The arrangement of the North Sea
Chapter 4513 control the North Sea
Chapter 4514 leave
4515 The arrival of the special envoy
Chapter 4516 Nine Twilight Immortal Emperor
4517--Andrew Protecting the Alliance Heavenly King
Chapter 4518 Yang Conspiracy
Chapter 4519 next
4520--Andrew The plan of the Sanctuary Alliance
Chapter 4521 Mission goal
Chapter 4522 Enter Jiuhuatian again
Chapter 4523 blood red fruit
The trace of the wheel of time
Chapter 4525 Tianjiuyu Base Camp
4526--Andrew Black Sword Tianzun
Chapter 4527 Mixed into the base camp
Chapter 4528 Core area
4529--Andrew Sword ancestor summoned
Chapter 4530 Assassination Sword Ancestor
Chapter 4531 Xixiang Immortal Emperor
Chapter 4532 Successful assassination
Chapter 4533 Dao Sage Emperor
Chapter 4534 Escaped?
Chapter 4535 Waiting for the rabbit
Chapter 4536 Mission completed
Chapter 4537 Regional Headquarters
4538 Arrival location
4539--Andrew The kendo totem is in hand
Chapter 4540 Cangkong Deputy Leader
Chapter 4541 plundering blood red fruits
Chapter 4542 successive sweeps
4543. Chapter 4543 Fruits are harvested
Chapter 4544 The anger of the big man
Chapter 4545 Wanlong Conference
4546--Andrew The plan of the country of ten thousand dragons
Chapter 4547 Ruin World
Chapter 4548 Can't stand it
Chapter 4549 Wanlong Great Array
Chapter 4550 Mysterious disappearance?
Chapter 4551 Chase into the Era Sea
Chapter 4552 A Void
Chapter 4553 Era of Destruction
Chapter 4554 Fear of Divine Eyes
Chapter 4555 The hidden place of the beast
Chapter 4556 quaint gate
Chapter 4557 Mythical beasts are hidden in the world
Chapter 4558 The way to enter the secret
Chapter 4559 Dragons block the way
Chapter 4560 Attack of the Lord of the Dragon
4561--Andrew The identity of the black robe
Chapter 4562 Warriors from other eras
Chapter 4563 Isolate and helpless
Chapter 4564 The mortal Chu Fengmian
Chapter 4565 Breaking the Wanlong Great Array
Chapter 4566 The final block
Chapter 4567 Entering the mystical beasts
Chapter 4568 Dispute Breaking the Array
Chapter 4569 descendants of the snake
4570--Andrew Collect stars
4571 The traces of the three dragons
Chapter 4572 The entrance ban is broken
Chapter 4573 Chasing the Three Dragons
4574--Andrew Shelling
Chapter 4575 Three dragons kill all
Chapter 4576 Star Palace Coordinates
Chapter 4577 The Stone of Absolute Beginning
4578--Andrew Encounter with the ancestor of the blue sword again
Chapter 4579 The power of the green sword
Chapter 4580 One sword kills the ancestor of the green sword
Chapter 4581 Murder over goods
Chapter 4582 Another star
4583--Andrew Complete skeleton of idol
Chapter 4584 Complete idol bloodline
4585 The real purpose
Chapter 4586 Son of the Era
Chapter 4587 Qiong Qi bones
Chapter 4588 Isolate and helpless
4589 Temporarily avoid the edge
Chapter 4590 Descendants
Chapter 4591 waiting for the opportunity
Chapter 4592 Descendants of idols
Chapter 4593 Dominate the treasure?
4594. Chapter 4594 Cooperation
Chapter 4595 Summoning Star Palace
Chapter 4596 Enemies get together
Chapter 4597 Aragami
Chapter 4598 Wang Pin Divine Body
Chapter 4599 Fighting two people
Chapter 4600 The real body of martial arts
Chapter 4601 Forcibly kill the wild god
Chapter 4602 Dangerous
Chapter 4603 Star Palace Gate
Chapter 4604 Entering the Star Palace
Chapter 4605 The origin of the wild god
Chapter 4606 Eight Desolate Magic
Chapter 4607 soaring power
Chapter 4608 Time for revenge
Chapter 4609 Selected inheritance?
Chapter 4610 Idol Martial Arts Smashing Three Styles
Chapter 4611 French Flag
4612 Origin blood was born
Chapter 4613 Sitting on the mountain to watch the tiger fight
4614--Andrew Treasure
Chapter 4615 Divine Sword of Ten Directions
Chapter 4616 Treasure of Teng Snake
Chapter 4617 Accidental sneak attack
Four thousand six hundred and eighteenth chapter after the five types of soil
Chapter 4619 Time stagnation
Chapter 4620 The wheel of time is now in the world
Chapter 4621 The battle for blood
Chapter 4622 Chu Fengmian shot
The 4620th chapters fight the golden ancestor
Chapter 4624 Against the power of time
Chapter 4625 The source of blood is in hand
The 4620th chapter intercepts three people
Chapter 4627: One enemy three
Four thousand six hundred and twenty eight chapters fierce battle
Chapter 4629: God Xiaowu Emperor
The 4630th chapters Jinsha River array
Chapter 4631 first destroy one person
Chapter 4632 Dragon Slaying
Chapter 4633 The real Tianlong octave
Chapter 4634 The biggest winner?
Chapter 4635: The sneak attack of the descendants of the congenital beasts
Chapter 4636 Waiting for the Rabbit
Chapter 4637 The limit of crystal martial arts
Chapter 4638 Searching for the Star Palace
Chapter 4639 Opportunity? Treasure place?
Chapter 4640 The trap of the idol descendants
Chapter 4641 The caretaker's calculation
The fourth thousand and forty-two chapters are vulnerable to the trap
Chapter 4643: White Tiger sneak attack
Chapter 4644: The descendants of the congenital beasts are wiped out
Chapter 4645: All the treasures are in hand
Chapter 4646 Unbelievable news
Chapter 4647 shock
Chapter 4648: Immortal Emperor Era shakes
Chapter 4649: The Law of Thunder Completes
Chapter 4650: Promotion to the ninth-order Immortal Emperor
The 4651st chapter air sea
Chapter 4652 straight to the realm of ancient times
The 4650th chapter is promoted again to the realm of Taoism
Four thousand six hundred and fifty-four chapters chase
Chapter 4655 Refuge
Chapter 4656 Return
Chapter 4657: The alliance of forces in the third era
Chapter 4658 Seven top powerhouses
Chapter 4659 The real dead end
The 4660th chapter shocking world war
The 4661st chapter is the beginning of the extreme sword
Chapter 4662: A Sword Breaking the Extreme Sword
Chapter 4663 The siege of seven invincible powerhouses
Chapter 4664: Daluo Nine Heavens Destruction Thunder
Four thousand six hundred and sixty-five chapters horrified people
Chapter 4666 Invincible Dao Realm
Chapter 4667 Heaven and Earth Original Boundary
Four thousand six hundred and sixty-eight chapters build wood
Four thousand six hundred and sixty-ninth chapter one to six
The 4670th chapter kills the extreme sword Taishi
Chapter 4671 The limit of power
Chapter 4672 The Great Chase
Four thousand six hundred and seventy-three chapters kill one after another
Chapter 4674 The madness of the true spirit
Chapter 4675: The realm of transforming Dao self-destruction
Chapter 4676 The sneak attack of the Lord of the Dragon
Chapter 4677: The Wheel of Time
Chapter 4678 Killing the Dragon Lord
The 4670th chapter seven people are completely destroyed
Chapter 4680 Wild Forest
Chapter 4681: The Shaking of the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Dragons
Chapter 4682 Amazing news
Chapter 4683 Dragon's killer
Chapter 4684 Recuperation Harvest
Chapter 4685: Injury Recovery
Chapter 4686 Bronze token
Chapter 4687 blood sacrifice
Chapter 4688: Impact on the ninth floor of the Chaos Secret Tome
Chapter 4689 The huge gate of time
Chapter 4690: Do everything for promotion
Chapter 4691 The ninth floor of the Chaos Secret Tome
Chapter 4692 The plan to seduce the master
The 4690th chapters use the body as bait
Chapter 4694: Lord of Heaven and Man
The fourth thousand six hundred and ninety-five chapters seize the house!
Chapter 4696 finally hooked
Chapter 4697 Trap forcibly seize the house
Chapter 4698: Suppressing a Master
The fourth thousand six hundred and ninety-ninth chapters dominate the memory
Chapter 4700 The Way of Heaven and Man
Chapter 4701 Jiuyuan Swordsmanship
Chapter 4702 blank memory
Chapter 4703 dominates the cloud of suspicion
Chapter 4704: Entering the Land of Ten Thousand Dragons
Chapter 4705 Tianlong Ancient City
Chapter 4706 Verification of identity?
Chapter 4707 Gold Fourth Young Master
Chapter 4708 Get the mark
Chapter 4709 Dragon Nest
Chapter 4710 Lock the target
Chapter 4711 Confirmation
Chapter 4712 start
Chapter 4713 The Dragon Lord Order is in hand
Chapter 4714 The Dragon Song of the Ancestor Tianlong
Chapter 4715: Lord of the Dragons
Chapter 4716: Insanity?
Chapter 4717 Killing Intent Corrosion
Chapter 4718 Breaking into the treasure
Four thousand seven hundred and nineteenth chapter ancestor two dragons
Chapter 4720: All swallowed
Chapter 4721 The threat of the Lord of the Dragons
Chapter 4722: Fighting the Three Dragon Lords
Chapter 4723 The advantage is in me
The 4720th chapters a war
The 4720th chapters chain trapped dragon
The 4720th chapters swallow the sky and swallow the dragon
Chapter 4727: One Sword to Slay the Dragon
Chapter 4728: Thousand Soldiers Saint Ancestor
Chapter 4729 share a piece of the pie
Chapter 4730 Huge gap
Chapter 4731 The real Lord of the Dragon Nest
Chapter 4732 The Way of the Thousand Soldiers
Chapter 4733 Fengjian Tower
Chapter 4734: Ten Steles Conferred God
Chapter 4735: The Soldier of the Dominant Thousand Soldiers Gate
Chapter 4736: The second soldier of domination
Chapter 4737: The Lord of Refining Dragons
Chapter 4738 Strength Reversal
The 4730th chapters seize the Qianbingmen
The 4740th chapter kills the ancestors of thousands of soldiers
Chapter 4741: Great Harvest
Four thousand seven hundred and forty-two chapters virtual and the snake
Chapter 4743 The Lord of the Worlds
Four thousand seven hundred and forty-four chapters dominate the attack
Chapter 4745 Hard Resistance
Four thousand seven hundred and forty-six chapters come to heaven
Chapter 4747: Gou Chen Shenshi
Chapter 4748: Forcing back the Lord of the Worlds
Chapter 4749 is urgent
Chapter 4750 Flesh! Crystal Martial Art!
Chapter 4751 hunting target
Chapter 4752 Breaking into the ontology world
Chapter 4753 Life and death are in control
Chapter 4754: Subduing the True Spirit
Chapter 4755: Lord of Xuanyuan
Chapter 4756 New prey
Chapter 4757 The shock of the true spirit too
The 4758th chapter Mongu Saint Ancestor
Chapter 4759: The understanding of death
The 4760th chapter swallows the holy ancestor of Mongu
Chapter 4761 Go to the era of crystal martial arts
Chapter 4762 Zuma Era Black Prison Era
Chapter 4763: Three Emperors Hall
Chapter 4764 The Emperor
Chapter 4765 Desolate World
Chapter 4766 Wild Ape
Chapter 4767 red leaves
Four thousand seven hundred and sixty-eight chapters treasure
Four thousand seven hundred and sixty-ninth chapter enchanting genius
Chapter 4770 Martial Arts Conference
Chapter 4771 The dead
Four thousand seven hundred and seventy-two chapters two snoops
Chapter 4773 Qingdi Jade
Four thousand seven hundred and seventy-four chapters Qingdi another road
Chapter 4775th Thunder Temple
Chapter 4776 Amazing meeting ceremony
Chapter 4777: Elder Thunder Invitation
Chapter 4778: Conditions of Chu Fengmian
Chapter 4779 Thunder God Fruit
Chapter 4780 Strength Improvement Plan
Chapter 4781 The Emperor
Chapter 4782: The identity of Hongye
Chapter 4783 door
Chapter 4784: Infinity Restricted Area
Chapter 4785th three months
Four thousand seven hundred and eighty sixth chapter Fengshen Temple
Chapter 4787 Ancient Dream Emperor
Chapter 4788: Arrogant Fire Temple
Four thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine chapters all kneel down
Chapter 4790 Extracting martial arts crystals
The 4791st chapter helps others to break through
Chapter 4792: Unfinished Eight Desolate Laws
Chapter 4793: Self-created crystal method
Chapter 4794: Perfecting the Eight Desolate Gods
Chapter 4795: Go to the Martial World
Chapter 4796: Climbing the Mountain
Chapter 4797 Wu Shizong
Four thousand seven hundred and ninety-eight chapters against the emperor
Chapter 4799: One move to kill the lion
Chapter 4800 send away
The 4801st chapter Wu Shizong ancestor
Chapter 4802: Emperor Xuanshi
Chapter 4803 The deal that cannot be refused
Chapter 4804 The transaction is smooth
Chapter 4805 The City of Cloud Merchants
Chapter 4806 Muma Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 4807 Dongyu
Chapter 4808 is too poor
The 4809th chapter first product life extension treasure
Chapter 4810th sale
Chapter 4811 I want it all
Chapter 4812 Get rich overnight
The 4813th chapter stone room treasure house
Chapter 4814: Mother Earth Yuanyu
Chapter 4815: First Grade Wudan
The 4816th chapter buys
Chapter 4817 Another black diamond pillar
Chapter 4818: Courtyard Retreat
Chapter 4819: Beast King Crystal Core
The 4820th chapters strength increases greatly
Chapter 4821 Wudan mysterious
Chapter 4822: Condensing Wudan
Chapter 4823 Several attempts
Chapter 4824: The Power of Building the Tree of God
Chapter 4825: Condensing the Fourth Grade Wudan
Chapter 4826 goes further
Chapter 4827: Condensing Second Grade Wudan
Chapter 4828: Unlimited wealth
Chapter 4829 The arrival of the Tianshi Emperor
The 4830th chapters take advantage of the behavior
Chapter 4831 Dongyu's invitation
Chapter 4832 Ancestral God Crystal
Chapter 4833 Tianyun Chamber of Commerce
The 4830th chapter six elders
Chapter 4835 Tianyun auction begins
The 4830th chapter Guma tree
Chapter 4837 begins to compete
Chapter 4838: A good start
Chapter 4839 God tree! God tree!
Chapter 4840: Inheritance Stele
Chapter 4841 No one cares
Chapter 4842 Spending money like land
Chapter 4843 Buy! Buy! Buy!
Four thousand eight hundred and forty-four chapters half-length mother Yuanyu
Chapter 4845 Jiuwu Island
Four thousand eight hundred and forty-six chapters financial war
Chapter 4847: Treasure Hunting Mind
Chapter 4848: Map of the Inexhaustible Restricted Area
Chapter 4849: Tyrannical young master, life-threatening island master
The 4850th chapter kills the limelight
Chapter 4851: Fire Temple, Emperor Huoyi
Chapter 4852: Doufu
Chapter 4853 lawless
Chapter 4854: The Last Lot Ancestral God Crystal
Chapter 4855: The Origin of Wumen Ten Thousand Fortunes New
Chapter 4856 Xuan Gongzi
Chapter 4857: Buy Ancestral God Crystal
The 4850th chapters are chased by everyone
Chapter 4859 Ancient Battlefield
Chapter 4860: The fire that destroys the world
Chapter 4861 The Great Sun Ship
Chapter 4862: The Power of Martial Ancestor
The 4860th chapters impact
Four thousand eight hundred and sixty-four chapters thousand soldiers show prestige
Chapter 4865 Eight Desolate Towers
Four thousand eight hundred and sixty-six chapters fire temple master
Chapter 4867 Xuan Gongzi sneak attack
Chapter 4868: The person who came out of the door
The 4860th chapters once the Martial Ancestor
The 4870th chapter is immortal mysterious coffin
Chapter 4871: The Way of Burial
Chapter 4872 can not be thoughtless
Chapter 4873: Kill Xuan Gongzi
Chapter 4874 The memory of the door
Chapter 4875: The Secret of Martial Ancestor
Chapter 4876 Emperor Pattern
Four thousand eight hundred and seventy-seventh chapter two into one
Four thousand eight hundred and seventy-eight chapters condensed emperor pattern
Chapter 4879: The crystal method beyond the realm of the emperor
Chapter 4880: Goodbye Dongyu
Chapter 4881: The reward is not enough
Chapter 4882 I am Martial Ancestor
Chapter 4883: Return to the City of Cloud Merchants
Chapter 4884 Batian Wumen
Chapter 4885: Squeeze the emperor to death like ants
Chapter 4886 Buso Kojin
Chapter 4887 Conditions Change of Life
Chapter 4888: Killing the Island Master Assassination
Four thousand eight hundred and eighty-nine chapters burst with one palm
Chapter 4890 Assassination Secret Technique
Chapter 4891 Emperor Immortal
Chapter 4892 Beyond the power of the master
Chapter 4893 promise to cooperate
Chapter 4894: Trading again
Chapter 4895 Refining the Beast King Crystal Nucleus
Chapter 4896: Self-created crystal method
Chapter 4897 The limit of martial arts crystals
Chapter 4898: Deadly Island
Four thousand eight hundred ninety-ninth chapter ten elders
Chapter 4900: The Deadly Island surrenders
Chapter 4901: The Inheritance of Martial Arts of the Deadly Island
Chapter 4902: The Secret Art of Annihilation
Chapter 4903 Tianyan Secret Technique
Chapter 4904 The Secret Technique
Chapter 4905 A large number of Qingdi jade
Chapter 4906: Help you get promoted
Chapter 4907: Trench Cave House
Chapter 4908: Summon the Emperor Projection
Chapter 4909 The fourth emperor pattern
Four thousand nine hundred and tenth chapter Qingdi resurrection
Chapter 4911 Go to Batian Wumen
Chapter 4912 Martial Ancestors
Chapter 4913 Ba Bai Wuzu
Four thousand nine hundred and fourteenth chapter momentum oppression
Chapter 4915 Qingdi shot
Four thousand nine hundred and sixteenth chapter the law of the gods
Four thousand nine hundred and seventeenth chapter fifth emperor pattern
Four thousand nine hundred and eighteenth chapter new realm
Chapter 4919 Wucheng
Chapter 4920 The Martial Arts Conference is approaching
Chapter 4921 Meet the red leaves again
Chapter 4922 Thor
Chapter 4923 mutual testing
Chapter 4924 Open the skylight and say something bright
Four thousand nine hundred and twenty-five chapters three major thunder law
Chapter 4926: Deterrence by Strength New
Chapter 4927 The Three Great Thunder Ancestors
Chapter 4928 The King of Divine Fruit
Chapter 4929 Target Take Action
Chapter 4930 Taihuo Martial Ancestor
Chapter 4931: Collusion, Dark Age
Chapter 4932: Destroy the Great Sage, the Great Sage Xuanyin
Chapter 4933: Black Prison Martial Arts
Chapter 4934 Three people fighting alone
Chapter 4935: The Secret Technique of Annihilation, Triple Combat Power
Chapter 4936: Obtaining the Kan Water and Thunder Method
Chapter 4937 Conditions Exchange New
Chapter 4938 Thunder World New
Chapter 4939 Soul-Breaking Magic
Chapter 4940: The Extremely Crazy Crystal Method
Chapter 4941 Seven Emperor Patterns
Chapter 4942: Entering the Thunder Pond
Chapter 4943 Ninefold Divine Thunder
Chapter 4944 Genshan Thunder Method Xunfeng Thunder Method
Chapter 4945 Nine Emperor Patterns
Chapter 4946 The Secret of the Thunder Pond
Chapter 4947: Jedi! Forbidden land! Death land!
Chapter 4948: Thunder Pond Center
Chapter 4949 Nine Layers of Thunder Technique
Chapter 4950 The Tenth Emperor Mark!
Chapter 4951: Exploring the Thunder Pond
Chapter 4952 People in the Thunder Pond
Chapter 4953 Shock
Chapter 4954 The Spirit of Thunder Pond
Chapter 4955 Contract
Chapter 4956 The Real Gift New
Chapter 4957 Thunder Crystal Jade Talisman New
Chapter 4958: Heading to the Infinite Forbidden Zone
Chapter 4959: Huge Momentum
Chapter 4960 Return to the Divine Beast Heaven
Chapter 4961 Original Demonic Insect
Chapter 4962 Instant Defeat
Chapter 4963 The demonic insect explodes
Chapter 4964 Innate Master
Chapter 4965 Hunting Feast
Chapter 4966 The Real Eye of Thousand Destructions
Chapter 4967: Attacking the Sky Curtain
Chapter 4968: The Fearful Seven Demonic Insect Kings
Chapter 4969 Too strong
Chapter 4970 Swallowing the Sky
Chapter 4971: Kill another primitive demon insect
Chapter 4972 Entering the Chaos Heaven
Chapter 4973: Entrance to the Infinite Forbidden Zone
Chapter 4974 Countless Big Shots
Chapter 4975 The Great Black Demon God
Chapter 4976: Entering the Infinite Forbidden Zone
Chapter 4977 Ancient Branch Sect
Chapter 4978 Take action and fight for it
Chapter 4979 The treasure is obtained
Chapter 4980 God’s Continent
Chapter 4981 Qianzhong Mountain
Chapter 4982: The Third Realm Under the Lord
Chapter 4983: World Honored Cave
Chapter 4984 The Source of All Demons
Chapter 4985 The Era of the Gods
Chapter 4986 Hundreds of Holy Emperors
Chapter 4987 The Birth of Emperor Immortal Cave Mansion
Chapter 4988 One against a hundred
Chapter 4989 The Skeleton of the Emperor Immortal
Chapter 4990 Silver God Son
Chapter 4991 Fierce Battle with the Son of God
Chapter 4992 The treasure is obtained
Chapter 4993 Three Treasures
Chapter 4994 Taichu Crystal
Chapter 4995 The Torrent of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 4996: Danger Comes with Opportunity
Chapter 4997 The Era of Black Demons
Chapter 4998 Purple Skeleton Young Master Moro
Chapter 4999: Grab!
Chapter 5000 Killing the Third Dark Prince
Chapter 5001 Anger Kill All
Chapter 5002 Sin Prison Sword Sect Supreme Elder
Chapter 5003 The Final Winner
Chapter 5004 Bone-eroding wind
Chapter 5005 Summoning Young Master Moro
Chapter 5006 Taoist Projection
Chapter 5007 The True Demon’s Eternal Indestructible Body
Chapter 5008 Demonic Body Formation
Chapter 5009 The Sixth Form of the Nine Realms Swordsmanship Three Lives
Chapter 5010 Entering the middle level
Chapter 5011 Lake Jedi
Chapter 5012 Whirlpool
Chapter 5013 Quantity Qualitative Change
Chapter 5014 Breaking the Nine Whirlpools
Chapter 5015 Stone Statue Lord of the Sea
Chapter 5016 Ancient Demonic City
Chapter 5017 Underground Palace
Chapter 5018 Qingshan Era
Chapter 5019 Nine-story Underground Palace
Chapter 5020 Three Mountain Lords
Chapter 5021 Six Lords
Chapter 5022 Forced to Retreat
Chapter 5023 Tianqinjun Douxuanjun
Chapter 5024 Demonic Body Promotion
Chapter 5025 The six-star demonic body is truly mysterious
Chapter 5026 The power of infinite growth
Chapter 5027 Thousand-eyed Bee Reappears
Chapter 5028 Tracking
Chapter 5029 Sumo Ridge
Chapter 5030 The siege of the three six kings
Chapter 5031: Physically resisting the Taoist Master
Chapter 5032 Another successor of the Lord
Chapter 5033 Tianqin Divine Power
Chapter 5034 Figure? Dominator!
Chapter 5035: Strong on the outside but capable on the inside
Chapter 5036: Kill the incarnation of the master with one sword
Chapter 5037 The Supreme Law of Light
Chapter 5038 Kill Tian Qinjun!
Chapter 5039 Lord of Holy Light
Chapter 5040 Thousand Eyes of Beehive
Chapter 5041 The hive is obtained
Chapter 5042 Capturing Two Six Lords Alive
Chapter 5043 The Underground Palace in the Demon Suppression Territory
Chapter 5044 The Hateful Old Man Demonic Body Fragments
Chapter 5045 Interrogation Results
Chapter 5046 The Mysterious Taoist Lord
Chapter 5047 Internal Situation
Chapter 5048 The Magical Power of Ten Thousand Eyed Bees
Chapter 5049 The main hall of the True Demon Palace
Chapter 5050 Promotion to Seven-Star Demonic Body
Chapter 5051 The Pulse of Underworld
Chapter 5052 Powerful Physical Body
Chapter 5053: Light like a gun
Chapter 5054 The Dominator Treasure is Birthed
Chapter 5055 Lord of the Submarine Gun
Chapter 5056 Powerful Weapon Spirit
Chapter 5057 People from outside the territory
Chapter 5058: Coaxing the Weapon Spirit
Chapter 5059 Killing two birds with one stone
Chapter 5060 The Empress of Seven Lives
Chapter 5061 Ling Shenjiang
Chapter 5062 Seven Treasures of Creation
Chapter 5063 Blade Cutting the Sky
Chapter 5064 Heaven-protecting Umbrella
Chapter 5065 Fierce Battle with the Seven-Destined Empress
Chapter 5066 Seven Lives Resurrection
Chapter 5067 Ling Shen will intervene
Chapter 5068 Power crushes
Chapter 5069 Suppressing the Divine General
Chapter 5070 Surrender Empress
Chapter 5071 The final struggle
Chapter 5072 The Empress of Seven Lives’ Backup
Chapter 5073 Ancestor Feng Yi
Chapter 5074 Seizing the Seven Treasures of Creation
Chapter 5075 Purple Heaven Palace
Chapter 5076 The Five Hell God Kings
Chapter 5077 Five Prison Orders
Chapter 5078 Rescue Spirit
Chapter 5079 Iron Blood
Chapter 5080 Influence
Chapter 5081 Must die?
Chapter 5082: Subduing the Seven Treasures of Creation
Chapter 5083 Forced Surrender
Chapter 5084 The Seven Treasures of Creation are truly mysterious
Chapter 5085 Seven Treasures Unified
Chapter 5086 The Destiny and Destiny of the Divine Spear
Chapter 5087 All surrender
Chapter 5088 The Head of the Six Kings
Chapter 5089 Aoyama-kun
Chapter 5090: Stubborn
Chapter 5091 The true power of Haotian Seal
Chapter 5092 Suppressing Qingshan Jun
Chapter 5093 Zhongtian Gate
Chapter 5094 The Ancient Demon Realm
Chapter 5095 Demonic Crystals Everywhere
Chapter 5096 A treasured land belonging only to Chu Fengmian
Chapter 5097 Promotion to Eight-Star Demonic Body
Chapter 5098 Demonic Sea
Chapter 5099 True Magic Mountain
Chapter 5100 Holy Grade Demonic Crystal Mine
Chapter 5101 The whole source of all demons
Chapter 5102 The formation left by the true demon lord
Chapter 5103 Entering the True Demon Palace
Chapter 5104 Purple Skeleton
Chapter 5105 Treasure Palace
Chapter 5106 Elder Hall
Chapter 5107 plundering
Chapter 5108 Dark Shadow
Chapter 5109 The Master of the True Demon Palace
Chapter 5110 Magic Flame
Chapter 5111 Fierce Battle with the Real Demon Palace Master
Chapter 5112 Thunder Method Destroys Demons
Chapter 5113 Demon Sea Taisei
Chapter 5114 The Body of the True Demon
Chapter 5115: Physically resisting the Lord’s soldiers
Chapter 5116 Defeat the True Demon
Chapter 5117 The Eye of Thousand Destructions Appears
Chapter 5118 A million lifespan! Burning in an instant!
Chapter 5119 Eye of Thousand Destructions Fall
Chapter 5120 Give it a try
Chapter 5121 Promotion to Nine-Star Demonic Body
Chapter 5122 Eternal Demon Realm
Chapter 5123 Chu Fengmian’s True Demonic Body
Chapter 5124 Interval
Chapter 5125 Strength
Chapter 5126 The martial arts most suitable for Chu Fengmian
Chapter 5127 The restricted area is shaken without interruption
Chapter 5128 The strong ones gathered in the Ancient Demon Realm
Chapter 5129 Chu Fengmian appears
Chapter 5130 Kunjian Era Seven Swords
Chapter 5131 Kun Sword Killing Formation
Chapter 5132 Weakness Comprehension
Chapter 5133 Fragility
Chapter 5134 Killing Seven Swords
Chapter 5135: Take the trouble
Chapter 5136 The Great Siege
Chapter 5137: Ten times the power of the sword array
Chapter 5138: Begging for mercy? Intimidation?
Chapter 5139: Two Successors of the Dominator
Chapter 5140: Kill them all
Chapter 5141 Jealousy
Chapter 5142 The real strong man
Chapter 5143 The Arrival of the Five Hell God Kings
Chapter 5144 The Invincible Strong Man
Chapter 5145 Domain
Chapter 5146 Confrontation in the Domain
Chapter 5147: The Fear of the Five Hell God Kings
Chapter 5148 Chu Fengmian’s Demon Realm
Chapter 5149 Endless Power
Chapter 5150 The Way to Invincibility
Chapter 5151 The Other Shore of Lonely Luan
Chapter 5152 Join forces
Chapter 5153 Humanoid Beast
Chapter 5154 Battle on the other shore of Lonely Luan
Chapter 5155 Secret Pattern
Chapter 5156 Penetration
Chapter 5157 Are you laughing?
Chapter 5158 The Second Body
Chapter 5159 Qi Tianjia
Chapter 5160 The Other Shore
Chapter 5161 The other shore is broken
Chapter 5162 The Fall of Lone Luan on the Other Side
Chapter 5163 Seven Saints of Holy Light
Chapter 5164 Gray Flesh
Chapter 5165 Gray Bones Old Man
Chapter 5166 The siege of three invincible strong men
Chapter 5167: Deadly Situation
Chapter 5168: The Body of the True Demon, the Situation Reversed
Chapter 5169: Killing the Ash-Skeleton Old Man
Chapter 5170 The next target
Chapter 5171 Four Realms
Chapter 5172 No effect
Chapter 5173 Domain Armor
Chapter 5174: Exhaustion
Chapter 5175: Forcibly Swallowing the Dominant Source Power
Chapter 5176 Self-destruction and vitality
Chapter 5177 Immortality
Chapter 5178: Attacking the Domination Realm
Chapter 5179 The real blood-slaying demon sword
Chapter 5180 One Hundred and Nine Thousand Six Hundred Purple Sword Qi
Chapter 5181 Beat until crazy
Chapter 5182: Infinitely Close to the Master
Chapter 5183 Thousands of Sword Lights
Chapter 5184: Killing the Five Hell God Kings
Chapter 5185 The fight for flesh and blood fragments
Chapter 5186 Greed Siege
Chapter 5187 Let’s all die.
Chapter 5188: Killing hundreds of Taoists with one sword
Chapter 5189 Island Injury
Chapter 5190 Solution
Chapter 5191 Good News
Chapter 5192 Teisen Martial Arts
Chapter 5193 The Way of Divine Power
Chapter 5194 Difficult Practice
Chapter 5195 Divine Fire
Chapter 5196 Power Transformation
Chapter 5197: Recovery from Injury
Chapter 5198 Tempering
Chapter 5199 Changes
Chapter 5200 Bottomless Pit
Chapter 5201 Fluctuation
Chapter 5202 Trying the Limit
Chapter 5203 Eyes
Chapter 5204 Consciousness Impact
Chapter 5205 Thousand Eyes of Destruction’s Plan
Chapter 5206: Scheme to seize the body
Chapter 5207 Nine Eyes
Chapter 5208 Ability
Chapter 5209 Consciousness Impact
Chapter 5210 Strength
Chapter 5211 Summoning the Immortal Emperor’s Projection
Chapter 5212 Testing
Chapter 5213 Summoning Successfully
Chapter 5214 The Dominator Breaks In
Chapter 5215 Lord of Darkness
Chapter 5216 The danger in the long river of time
Chapter 5217 The Power of the Emperor Immortal
Chapter 5218 Divine power! Divine power!
Chapter 5219 Flesh and Blood
Chapter 5220 The Inner World
Chapter 5221 Alien Beasts
Chapter 5222 The Danger in the Inner Realm
Chapter 5223 The Era of the Heavens The Eight Hundred Era
Chapter 5224 Dili Swordsmanship
Chapter 5225: Memories from the Other Shore of Lone Luan
Chapter 5226: The Guluan Family
Chapter 5227 Divine Marks
Chapter 5228 Eternal Continent
Chapter 5229 The Origin of the Incomplete Swordsmanship
Chapter 5230 Harvest
Chapter 5231 Bloodline
Chapter 5232: Surrender Divine Mark Bloodline
Chapter 5233 Chu Fengmian’s Divine Marks
Chapter 5234 Huge Improvement
Chapter 5235 Meeting the Warrior Again
Chapter 5236 Fan Guang and the Second Elder
Chapter 5237: Surrender with one move
Chapter 5238 Disaster Demon
Chapter 5239 The Angle of Destruction
Chapter 5240: Surrender again
Chapter 5241 Extreme Power
Chapter 5242 Weakness Method
Chapter 5243 Unlimited Decision
Chapter 5244: Attracting people to chase
Chapter 5245 Repeating the same trick
Chapter 5246 Harvest in three days
Chapter 5247 The surrendered strong man
Chapter 5248 Ten Thousand Realms Take Action
Chapter 5249 The Effect of Infinite Judgment
Chapter 5250 Success
Chapter 5251: Perfection and Promotion
Chapter 5252 Baptism Seal of Power
Chapter 5253: Dao Lord blocks the road
Chapter 5254 Domain Suppression
Chapter 5255 Strength
Chapter 5256 The Evil Shadow
Chapter 5257 Flaws Weaknesses
Chapter 5258 Black and white road map
Chapter 5259 Invincible Defense
Chapter 5260: One-sided beating
Chapter 5261: Turning Point (pictured)
Chapter 5262 Black and White World
Chapter 5263: There are millions of Taoist teachings
Chapter 5264: Zhan Dao Lord
Chapter 5265 Colorful Lake
Chapter 5266: Executing Consciousness Impact
Chapter 5267: Killing the Dao Lord
Chapter 5268 The Core of the Black and White Dao Picture
Chapter 5269: Dominate the Heart
Chapter 5270 Dao Lord Reappears
Chapter 5271: Catching a Turtle in an Urn
Chapter 5272 Leaving the Infinite Forbidden Zone
Chapter 5273 The dust has settled
Chapter 5274: The Divine Beast Tian restores calm
Chapter 5275 Return to Chaos Territory
Chapter 5276 The Fruit of Immortality
Chapter 5277: Subduing the Evil Shadow
Chapter 5278 The power of transformation
Chapter 5279 Three Invincible Powerful Men
Chapter 5280 Perfecting the Infinite Judgment
Chapter 5281: Promotion of Chaos Holy Emperor
Chapter 5282 Notification
Chapter 5283 Leaving the Divine Beast Heaven
Chapter 5284 The Eight Hundred Era Collecting Sword Skills
Chapter 5285: Arrival, Heaven and Earth Shake
Chapter 5286 Keeping Promises
Chapter 5287 Return to Muma Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 5288 The Royal Family of the Zuma Era
Chapter 5289 The Black Hand Covering the Era of All Heavens
Chapter 5290: The Purpose of All Realms
Chapter 5291: Time waits for me
Chapter 5292 The Era of Hundreds of Appearances
Chapter 5293 The Three Great Thunder Ancestors Ask for Meeting
Chapter 5294 All parties surrender
Chapter 5295 Conquering the Crystal Martial Arts Era
Chapter 5296 Yang Emperor
Chapter 5297 Five Days
Chapter 5298: Crazy Divine Magic Condensing the Imperial Pattern
Chapter 5299 Thirteen Emperor Patterns
Chapter 5300 The Fire Temple is destroyed
Chapter 5301 Origin of Emperor Wu
Chapter 5302 Take the initiative to seek refuge
Chapter 5303 The Fourteenth Emperor Pattern
Chapter 5304 The Origin of Divine Law
Chapter 5305: Fifteen Emperor Patterns, Emperor Grade Divine Body Completed
Chapter 5306 Entering the Zuma Era
Chapter 5307 Metal Man
Chapter 5308 Son of Metal Core
Chapter 5309 Power Erosion
Chapter 5310 The Prison of Chaos
Chapter 5311: Crushed with one foot
Chapter 5312: Suppression and Interrogation
Chapter 5313: Shocked by Strength
Chapter 5314: Both kindness and power
Chapter 5315: The Purpose of All Realms, Lord of Metal
Chapter 5316 Heart Core
Chapter 5317 Solve it one by one
Chapter 5318 The Power of Chaos
Chapter 5319: Another one surrendered
Chapter 5320 Core
Chapter 5321 Easily
Chapter 5322 Wasteland
Chapter 5323: Another son of metal
Chapter 5324: Catch
Chapter 5325 Arrogant Man
Chapter 5326 Mingtian Sect Lu Xiu
Chapter 5327 Harvest
Chapter 5328 The Voice in the Core
Chapter 5329 Virtual Divine Source
Chapter 5330 The Eternal Kingdom
Chapter 5331: The torn Zhongqian World
Chapter 5332 The Essence of Virtual Divine Source
Chapter 5333 Use
Chapter 5334: Reigniting the Fire of Divine Power
Chapter 5335 The Way of Divine Power Promotion
Chapter 5336 Guma Sacred Tree
Chapter 5337 Black Flame
Chapter 5338 Lord of Black Fire
Chapter 5339 Burning Flame
Chapter 5340 The Resurrected Sky-Swallowing Beast
Chapter 5341 The King of Red Flame Realm
Chapter 5342: Exploded with one punch
Chapter 5343 Conquering the Guma Sacred Tree
Chapter 5344: Taking action, the King of Chaos Realm
Chapter 5345: One move to suppress
Chapter 5346: Accomplishing the Purpose
Chapter 5347 Trading again
Chapter 5348 Everyone has their own thoughts
Chapter 5349 Jianmu Sacred Tree Promotion
Chapter 5350 The power of three invincible strong men
Chapter 5351 The plan of both sides
Chapter 5352 Arrival at the Era of Hundreds of Appearances
Chapter 5353: The picture shows the dagger
Chapter 5354 Completely torn apart
Chapter 5355 Fierce Battle with the Lord of Metal
Chapter 5356 The Light of Destruction
Chapter 5357 The Power of the Sacred Tree
Chapter 5358: Killing the Lord of Metal
Chapter 5359: The Master’s Assets
Chapter 5360: Controlling the Eternal Kingdom
Chapter 5361 Nine Heavens Divine Thunder Cannon of Destruction
Chapter 5362 Energy
Chapter 5363 Merger
Chapter 5364 Follow
Chapter 5365 Stronghold Arrest
Chapter 5366 The war begins
Chapter 5367: Annihilation
Chapter 5368 The King of the Ancient Evil Realm
Chapter 5369 The autumn wind sweeps the fallen leaves
Chapter 5370 The Son of Transformation Metal
Chapter 5371 There is no altar
Chapter 5372 The possibility of creating a virtual divine source
Chapter 5373: Method of Strength Promotion
Chapter 5374 Special Envoy in White
Chapter 5375 None
Chapter 5376 Killing in person
Chapter 5377 Evil Spirit Ritual
Chapter 5378 The World of Nothingness
Chapter 5379 Evil Spirit
Chapter 5380 Transformation of Metal Evil Spirit
Chapter 5381 Huge Energy
Chapter 5382 The Second Level of Divine Power
Chapter 5383 Invitation from the Era of Hundreds of Appearances
Chapter 5384: Entering the Era of Hundreds of Appearances
Chapter 5385 A Strange Era
Chapter 5386: The True God of One Hundred Phases
Chapter 5387 That thing
Chapter 5388 The King of the Four Dominators
Chapter 5389 Chu Fengmian’s life experience
Chapter 5390: The Purpose of the True God of Baixiang
Chapter 5391 Shocking News
Chapter 5392 Spirit Wind Era
Chapter 5393 The Conspiracy of All Realms
Chapter 5394 The Nine Evil Realm Kings and the Bottle of All Things
Chapter 5395 Hidden Danger, Trouble
Chapter 5396: Chasing the Dao Lord
Chapter 5397 Era Sea Chase
Chapter 5398 The Nine Seas Era
Chapter 5399 Sea Eye Lair
Chapter 5400 Understanding grudges
Chapter 5401 The Eye of Return to the Sea Dominates the Heart
Chapter 5402 How to break the situation
Chapter 5403 Swallowed by the Eye of the Sea
Chapter 5404 How to break the situation
Chapter 5405 Black Needle
Chapter 5406 Betrayal
Chapter 5407 Seizing the Eye of Guihai
Chapter 5408 Baixiang Furnace
Chapter 5409 The Fall of Dao Lord
Chapter 5410 Death by self-destruction
Chapter 5411 A great victory
Chapter 5412 Capturing Sea Beasts
Chapter 5413 Children of Metal Quantity Limit
Chapter 5414 Creating Virtual Divine Source
Chapter 5415 The second virtual divine source
Chapter 5416 Promotion to Crystal Martial Arts
Chapter 5417 The peak state of Dao Zun!
Chapter 5418 Black Whale Ancestor
Chapter 5419 Armed Forces
Chapter 5420 The Surrender of the Sea Clan
Chapter 5421 Pearl of the Nine Seas
Chapter 5422 The Second Level of Divine Power
Chapter 5423 Energy! Energy!
Chapter 5424 Another true altar
Chapter 5425 Take it lightly
Chapter 5426 Plan
Chapter 5427 Wood Spirit Era
Chapter 5428 The power of the Black Emperor corrodes
Chapter 5429 The Wood Spirit Clan
Chapter 5430 Ancestral Tree
Chapter 5431 Annihilate everything
Chapter 5432 Vitality Confrontation
Chapter 5433 The Wood Spirit Clan takes refuge
Chapter 5434 Obstruction
Chapter 5435 Sophistry
Chapter 5436 Suppression with one palm
Chapter 5437 The pace of conquest
Chapter 5438 Evil Shadow Guard
Chapter 5439 Martial Alliance Headquarters
Chapter 5440 In order
Chapter 5441 Three Alliance Leaders
Chapter 5442 Three Opportunities
Chapter 5443 A blood-breaking knife
Chapter 5444 One sword destroys everything
Chapter 5445 The third move
Chapter 5446 Won
Chapter 5447 Chaos God Bloodline
Chapter 5448 Common Enemy
Chapter 5449 The hidden strong man
Chapter 5450 Chu Fengmian’s power
Chapter 5451 River of Trajectories
Chapter 5452 Voice Provocation
Chapter 5453 Seven Evil Shadow Guards
Chapter 5454 The Nine Evil Methods
Chapter 5455 Evil Wheel
Chapter 5456 Suppress in one fell swoop
Chapter 5457 Attack Purpose
Chapter 5458 Self-destructive memory
Chapter 5459 Reason
Chapter 5460 Retreat and Precipitation
Chapter 5461 The Angry Nine Evil Realm King
Chapter 5462 Urging
Chapter 5463 January
Chapter 5464 Evacuation?
Chapter 5465 Let’s go to war!
Chapter 5466 Journey
Chapter 5467 Removal
Chapter 5468 The Eight Valley Era
Chapter 5469 Array
Chapter 5470 Breaking the Formation
Chapter 5471 Immortal Realm King
Chapter 5472 The power of swallowing the sky
Chapter 5473 The formation is broken
Chapter 5474 The war begins
Chapter 5475 The Transformed Era
Chapter 5476 The Cornerstone of All Realms
Chapter 5477 Tiangong Blockade
Chapter 5478 Living Fossils in the Era Sea
Chapter 5479 A fierce battle between two invincible strong men
Chapter 5480: Battle with Nothing
Chapter 5481 The oldest invincible strong man
Chapter 5482 The star core explodes
Chapter 5483 Shadow Divine Body
Chapter 5484 The Weakness of the Shadow Divine Body
Chapter 5485 Star Wars
Chapter 5486 Occupying a favorable location
Chapter 5487 Twelve Evil Spirits
Chapter 5488 The Way of the Outer Gods
Chapter 5489 The combined attack of three invincible strong men
Chapter 5490 Danger? Counterattack!
Chapter 5491 Consciousness Impact Shows Power Again
Chapter 5492 Killing the Immortal Realm King
Chapter 5493 Star core self-destruction, the light of death
Chapter 5494 A moment of recovery
Chapter 5495 Massacre
Chapter 5496 Exercise
Chapter 5497 The evil spirits are reunited
Chapter 5498 Twice the invincible power
Chapter 5499 Beyond Invincible Power
Chapter 5500 The Limits of the Physical Body
Chapter 5501 Fighting for Life
Chapter 5502 The Fall of Wu
Chapter 5503 Small victory
Chapter 5504 Sweeping the Eight Valley Era
Chapter 5505 Breaking Limits
Chapter 5506 Collecting the Cornerstone of All Realms
Chapter 5507 Hesitation
Chapter 5508 Experiment
Chapter 5509 Integration
Chapter 5510 March
Chapter 5511 The Way of the Outer Gods, the Way of Dominance
Chapter 5512 Illusory Crystal
Chapter 5513 Era Evolution
Chapter 5514 Crystal Continent
Chapter 5515 The Supreme Mystery
Chapter 5516 Re-entering the Illusion
Chapter 5517 Speed ??up the pace
Chapter 5518 The Era of Immortal Emperors Headquarters of All Realms
Chapter 5519 The strong gather together
Chapter 5520 Spirit Emperor
Chapter 5521 The Limit of Illusory Crystal
Chapter 5522 Arrived
Chapter 5523 Ji Yuan Tian
Chapter 5524 The Tenth Level of the Secret Book of Chaos
Chapter 5525 The details
Chapter 5526 Entering Era Heaven
Chapter 5527 The Disappearing Master
Chapter 5528 Pretending to be deaf and dumb
Chapter 5529 God of All Laws
Chapter 5530 Entering the city
Chapter 5531 The weirdness of the Immortal Emperor Era
Chapter 5532 Contempt
Chapter 5533 The Invincible Strong Man of the Era Society
Chapter 5534 A battle of strength, one against two
Chapter 5535 The background of the Era Society
Chapter 5536 Three invincible strong men
Chapter 5537 Establishing Prestige and Strength
Chapter 5538 Ten Thousand Realms Intelligence
Chapter 5539 Strength and Confidence
Chapter 5540 Shock
Chapter 5541 Proof
Chapter 5542 Benefits
Chapter 5543 Join forces
Chapter 5544 The strongest man in the Era Sea
Chapter 5545 Invincible! Invincible!
Chapter 5546 Favor
Chapter 5547 The Center of the Era Sea
Chapter 5548 Rules of Heaven
Chapter 5549 Second-hand preparation
Chapter 5550 President of the Era and Lord of the Era
Chapter 5551 Order
Chapter 5552 Chaos Holy Emperor, the invincible strong man
Chapter 5553 The army sets sail
Chapter 5554 Return to the Era of the Immortal Emperor
Chapter 5555 Endless Abyss
Chapter 5556 Complete Destruction of All Realms
Chapter 5557 Great Disparity
Chapter 5558 The rightful owner
Chapter 5559 The gap in martial arts
Chapter 5560 The Nine Evil Soldiers
Chapter 5561 Frontal crushing
Chapter 5562 Transcendence
Chapter 5563 Heavenly Demon God
Chapter 5564 Duplicity
Chapter 5565 If you want to fight, fight
Chapter 5566 The Emperor Immortal Appears
Chapter 5567: Heavenly Demon God vs. Emperor Immortal
Chapter 5568 The body of the demon god
Chapter 5569 Breaking the Jade Talisman
Chapter 5570 The three major gods defected
Chapter 5571 The big black devil takes action
Chapter 5572: Kill invincible with one move
Chapter 5573 Killing the Nine Evil Realm Kings
Chapter 5574 The Awakening of Heaven
Chapter 5575 Killing the God of All Things
Chapter 5576: Era Meeting, All Worlds Destroyed
Chapter 5577 The power of destroying nothingness
Chapter 5578 Divine Weapon Bronze Cauldron
Chapter 5579 Sealing Heaven Cauldron
Chapter 5580 is about to be harvested
Chapter 5581 The Four Gods of the Temple
Chapter 5582 The lion opens its mouth
Chapter 5583 Who is the soft persimmon?
Chapter 5584 The Identity of the Gods of the Four Directions
Chapter 5585 Breaking the limit!
Chapter 5586: Break it with one sword
Chapter 5587 Killing the Source Fire God
Chapter 5588 Terrifying Resilience
Chapter 5589 Chasing the Four Gods
Chapter 5590 Killing another god
Chapter 5591 The building collapses
Chapter 5592: Sweeping the Immortal Emperor Era
Chapter 5593 The pace of the unified era sea
Chapter 5594 Martial Arts Holy Land
Chapter 5595 The Eternal Continent Dominates the Family
Chapter 5596: Identity on the surface
Chapter 5597 Let’s go together
Chapter 5598 The secret of the crystal world
Chapter 5599 Goodbye Red Leaves
Chapter 5600 That door
Chapter 5601 Entering the Crystal Boundary
Chapter 5602 Encountering the Crystal Beast
Chapter 5603 Crystal Beast Crystal Core
Chapter 5604 Chaos Color Crystal
Chapter 5605 Fragments of Illusory Crystal
Chapter 5606 Bait Attraction
Chapter 5607 The escaped crystal beast
Chapter 5608 That door appears
Chapter 5609 Passage across eras
Chapter 5610 The world behind the door
Chapter 5611 Chaos World: The Origin of Crystal Beasts?
Chapter 5612: The Furious Martial Ancestor
Chapter 5613 The Origin of the Crystal Beast
Chapter 5614 Map of the Era of Chaos
Chapter 5615 A continent bigger than the Era
Chapter 5616 Subduing the Divine Weapon
Chapter 5617 The Lord of Gun-Breaking
Chapter 5618 Bing Zong
Chapter 5619 Crystallized Skeletons
Chapter 5620 The End of the Era
Chapter 5621 Era Sea Aboriginals
Chapter 5622: Snatching the Soul-Destroying Gun
Chapter 5623 Crush
Chapter 5622: One move to destroy them all
Chapter 5623 Boundary Breaking Stone
Chapter 5624 Finally seeing the Crystal Continent
Chapter 5625 Crystallization
Chapter 5626 The Essence of the Crystal Continent
Chapter 5627 New Realm
Chapter 5628 Set off for the Eternal Continent
Chapter 5629 Eternal Continent Underground Forces
Chapter 5630 Sea of Darkness Secret Technique
Chapter 5631 Arriving at the Eternal Continent
Chapter 5632 Identity Solution
Chapter 5633 Divine Essence
Chapter 5636 Dominator Threat
Chapter 5637 Three thousand regions
Chapter 5638 Entering the Eternal Continent
Chapter 5639 The gap with the master
Chapter 5640 Cave Heaven Territory
Chapter 5641 Naxi City
Chapter 5642 Black Market Auction
Chapter 5643 Blood Origin Fruit
Chapter 5644 Young man in black robe
Chapter 5645 Huo Family
Chapter 5646 Conditions
Chapter 5647 Bing Zong Sword Cuts Off a Line
Chapter 5648 Black Scale Root
Chapter 5649 Arrogant Bing Zong Warrior
Chapter 5650 Qingtong Sword Cultivator
Chapter 5651 Sword Intent Shocking
Chapter 5652: Angry from shame
Chapter 5653 Beheaded on the spot
Chapter 5654 Shadow Elder
Chapter 5655 Steps
Chapter 5656 Naxi City Lord
Chapter 5657 Demonic Shadow
Chapter 5658 Treasure Takes Action
Chapter 5659 Shocking generosity
Chapter 5660 Spiritual Spring
Chapter 5661 Imitation of Virtual God Source
Chapter 5662 Guess
Chapter 5663 Urgent need
Chapter 5664 Thoughts
Chapter 5665 Intelligence
Chapter 5666 Testing
Chapter 5667 The strongest sword cultivators throughout the ages
Chapter 5668 The Ritian Family
Chapter 5669 The Swordsmanship of Eternal Continent
Chapter 5670: Incomplete Swordsmanship, True Swordsmanship
Chapter 5671 Small World
Chapter 5672 Shock and Temptation
Chapter 5673 Unrejectable Cooperation
Chapter 5674: Get the chance to truly understand swordsmanship
Chapter 5675 The Fourth Building Master and the Six Elders
Chapter 5676 Contract between Heaven and Earth
Chapter 5677 Source
Chapter 5678 Rare things are more valuable
Chapter 5679 Bloodline
Chapter 5680 Activation
Chapter 5681 Heading to the Doomsday Era Again
Chapter 5682 Crystalized Warrior Sword Cultivator
Chapter 5683 Jiutianjun
Chapter 5684 Unintentional
Chapter 5685 Constructing Eternal Law
Chapter 5686 Obtaining the true swordsmanship
Chapter 5687 Jade Talisman of Life
Chapter 5688 Yuan Shadow Sect Yuan Family
Chapter 5689 Dongtian Ancient City
Chapter 5690: Money moves people’s hearts
Chapter 5691 Lord of Dongtian City
Chapter 5692 Robbery
Chapter 5693 Pay the price!
Chapter 5694 The Powerful Ancestor
Chapter 5695 Invincible Defense
Chapter 5696 Fire Realm
Chapter 5697 Chasing into the Fire Realm
Chapter 5698 Ancient Secret
Chapter 5699 The Huo Family’s Heritage
Chapter 5700 The ancestor comes out
Chapter 5701 Dominate’s Blow
Chapter 5702 Frontal Confrontation
Chapter 5703: Breaking Limits, Power Comparable to the Dominator
Chapter 5704 The destruction of the Huo family
Chapter 5705 Journey
Chapter 5706 Pagoda Realm
Chapter 5707 Crossing Regions
Chapter 5708 Long Life Fountain
Chapter 5709 Caravan
Chapter 5710 Longevity
Chapter 5711 Immortal Bloodline
Chapter 5712 The Secret of Longevity
Chapter 5713 The weirdness of the Eternal Continent
Chapter 5714 The Seventeenth True Sword Art
Chapter 5715 Junction
Chapter 5716 Demons from Outer Domain
Chapter 5717 Power Poison
Chapter 5718 Black Snow
Chapter 5719 Entering the Outland
Chapter 5720 Different phases of heaven and earth
Chapter 5721 Flame Forest
Chapter 5722 Big Demon
Chapter 5723 Attack Despair
Chapter 5724 Sweeping with one sword
Chapter 5725 Fight against the big demon
Chapter 5726 The power of demons
Chapter 5727 Fatal Weakness
Chapter 5728 Subdue the big demon
Chapter 5729 Immortal Martial Arts
Chapter 5730 Melee in the Valley
Chapter 5731 Traces of the Spring of Life
Chapter 5732 Obtaining the Fountain of Long Life
Chapter 5733 Xiaojiu’s power
Chapter 5734 Physical collision
Chapter 5735: Kill the invincible strong man with one punch
Chapter 5736 Suppressing the Great Red Lian Demon
Chapter 5737 Repaying kindness
Chapter 5738 News about the second daughter
Chapter 5739 Buddha Sect
Chapter 5740 The sect’s heritage
Chapter 5741 Strange
Chapter 5742 The Origin of the Demon Clan
Chapter 5743 Unexpected changes
Chapter 5744 Young Master of the Buddha Sect
Chapter 5745 Combat Experience
Chapter 5746 The Treasure House of the Buddha Sect
Chapter 5747 Library
Chapter 5748 Young tree root
Chapter 5749 The desire to build a sacred tree
Chapter 5750 Fragments of the Eternal Kingdom
Chapter 5751 Bone Scepter
Chapter 5752 Eternal Kingdom Power System
Chapter 5753 Energy Energy
Chapter 5754 Sky skewer
Chapter 5755 Purpose
Chapter 5756 The Master of Pagoda
Chapter 5757 Asking for the Fountain of Long Life
Chapter 5758 Robbery
Chapter 5759 Falling out
Chapter 5760 The Lord Appears
Chapter 5761 The Lord of Xiu Sang
Chapter 5762 What about the master?
Chapter 5763 Facing the Master
Chapter 5764 Battle Overlord
Chapter 5765 The Battle of the Dominator
Chapter 5766 Recognition
Chapter 5767 Cooperation Negotiation
Chapter 5768 Identity Guess
Chapter 5769 Old Antique
Chapter 5770 The terrifying recovery speed
Chapter 5771 The Great Offering of the Buddha Sect
Chapter 5772 Obtaining the Boundary Breaking Stone
Chapter 5773 The whereabouts of the two women
Chapter 5774 Tianwei Sect
Chapter 5775 Qi Gu Scepter
Chapter 5776 Purple Eyeball
Chapter 5777 Underground
Chapter 5778 Secret Contest
Chapter 5779 Another battle with the Lord of Xiu Sang
Chapter 5780 Tie
Chapter 5781 Blackwood Domain
Chapter 5782 Blackwood Ancient City
Chapter 5783 The city lord arrives in person
Chapter 5784 Entering the Zhongfu
Chapter 5785 Yuan Domain
Chapter 5786 The place of martial arts
Chapter 5785 Heading to Yuan Ying Sect
Chapter 5788: Recruiting disciples
Chapter 5789 Temporary Stay
Chapter 5790 Contempt
Chapter 5791 Camping
Chapter 5792 Menacing
Chapter 5793 Yuan Ye
Chapter 5794 Failed to win over
Chapter 5795 Goodbye Demon Shadow
Chapter 5796 Losing Power
Chapter 5797 The Second Miss of the Yuan Family
Chapter 5798 Straightforward Cooperation
Chapter 5799 Reason for choice
Chapter 5800 Desire for Power
Chapter 5801 Chu Fengmian’s purpose
Chapter 5802 The complete true interpretation of swordsmanship
Chapter 5803 The cruelty of the Eternal Continent
Chapter 5804 Leisure Tour
Chapter 5805 Distinguished Guest from Yuancheng
Chapter 5806 Visitors from the Nine Great Families
Chapter 5807 Ritianyuan
Chapter 5808 Purpose
Chapter 5807 Reminder
Chapter 5808 Hands-on Efficiency
Chapter 5811 Countermeasures
Chapter 5812 The old man’s deadline
Chapter 5813 Yuanlu
Chapter 5814 Rejuvenation
Chapter 5815 Yuan Shi takes action
Chapter 5816: Drawing fire from the bottom of the cauldron
Chapter 5817 Conflict between the same clans
Chapter 5818 Demonic Shadow’s Strength
Chapter 5819 Yuan Ying’s True Body
Chapter 5820 Kill the Yuan Stone
Chapter 5821 Raise an army to investigate the crime
Chapter 5822 Yuan Lu appears
Chapter 5823 The dust has settled
Chapter 5824 Young Master of the Yuan Family
Chapter 5825 Five Great Swordsmen
Chapter 5826 Collecting spiritual springs
Chapter 5825 Leaving Yuanying Sect
Chapter 5828 Tracking
Chapter 5829 Zhenzhou Ninth Young Master
Chapter 5830 Weird and Calm
Chapter 5831 Rich and wealthy
Chapter 5832 Young Ghost
Chapter 5833 Totem Ceremony
Chapter 5834 The old man’s half-demon power
Chapter 5835 Restraint
Chapter 5836 Ghost
Chapter 5837 Suppressing Guiming
Chapter 5838 Demonization Ceremony
Chapter 5839 Semi-demonization
Chapter 5840 The power of blood of the Ritian family
Chapter 5841 The Fall of the Ghost Master
Chapter 5842 Bloodline! Bloodline!
Chapter 5843 Shocking the Universe
Chapter 5844 Ghost Saint
Chapter 5845 The Mystery of Demonization
Chapter 5846 Ontology
Chapter 5847 Rumor Prophecy
Chapter 5848 Demonization Ceremony Starts
Chapter 5849 Mastering the power of demons
Chapter 5850 The Way of Divine Power The Power of Demons
Chapter 5851 Promotion to the Power of the Great Demon
Chapter 5852 The demon shadow was caught
Chapter 5853 Accidental collision
Chapter 5854 Countermeasures Plan
Chapter 5855 Zhou Tianyuan leaves
Chapter 5856 Sneaking into the formation
Chapter 5857 Interference in Space
Chapter 5858 Ghost Saint?
Chapter 5859 Crush with one palm
Chapter 5860 Intercepting and killing Zhou Tianyuan
Chapter 5861 Successful departure
Chapter 5860 Lord of Shinto
Chapter 5861 Another rescue
Chapter 5862 A strange foreign land
Chapter 5863 Natural Spirit Spring
Chapter 5864 Canyon
Chapter 5865 The Master of the Universe
Chapter 5866 The real ghost saint
Chapter 5867 Invitation
Chapter 5868 Ancient Immortal City
Chapter 5869 Illusory Portal Gate of Time
Chapter 5870 Time Channel
Chapter 5871 Ancient Immortal City, the Land of Taichu
Chapter 5872 Taichu Text
Chapter 5873 Dark Saint, Flying Lord
Chapter 5874 Form
Chapter 5875 Guluan Jade
Chapter 5876 The peerless genius of the Guluan family
Chapter 5877 Eternal Contract
Chapter 5878 Prepare to take action
Chapter 5879 True Seal
Chapter 5880 Purple Clothes Arrives
Chapter 5881 Bloodline of the Zijin Family
Chapter 5882 Lord of Thousand Blades
Chapter 5883 The Fallen Lord Lord of Purple Mountain
Chapter 5884 Immortal Sacrifice Ceremony
Chapter 5885 Dark King Dagger
Chapter 5886 Take Action Target
Chapter 5887 Battle with Guluan Yu
Chapter 5888 Confrontation of forces
Chapter 5889 Bloodline!
Chapter 5890 Crystal Martial Arts vs. Crystal Martial Arts
Chapter 5891 Clearing the evil spirit
Chapter 5892 Space weakened
Chapter 5893 Deadlock
Chapter 5894 Burning Bloodline
Chapter 5895 Crazy Luluan Yu
Chapter 5896 The Strongest Sword: The Sword of Eternity
Chapter 5897 Defeat Guluanyu
Chapter 5898 One battle determines the outcome
Chapter 5899 Dominate Chu Fengmian
Chapter 5900 Caught up
Chapter 5901 The delighted Dark Saint
Chapter 5902 Everyone does their own thing
Chapter 5903 Domination Level
Chapter 5904 Reward received
Chapter 5905: See through the identity
Chapter 5906 Invitation to Join
Chapter 5907 Bone Sword
Chapter 5908: Taking Advantage of Weapons
Chapter 5909 Miracle
Chapter 5910 Transactions in the Ancient Immortal City
Chapter 5911 Reincarnation Old Man
Chapter 5912 Purple-shirted Immortal Wood
Chapter 5913 Reincarnation Point Transaction
Chapter 5914 Divine Pill
Chapter 5915 Ancient Records
Chapter 5916 Key Information
Chapter 5917 Falling into darkness
Chapter 5920 Sixth Realm
Chapter 5921 Attack on the Ancient Immortal City
Chapter 5922 Lord of Black Search
Chapter 5923 Lord of True Night
Chapter 5924 The First Palace Lord Lord of Darkness
Chapter 5925 The Ambition of the Lord of Darkness
Chapter 5926 Liutianzun Cave
Chapter 5927 High Price
Chapter 5928 Full of Harvests
Chapter 5929 Leaving the Ancient Immortal City
Chapter 5928 Underworld
Chapter 5929 Four Sect Territories
Chapter 5930 Underworld City
Chapter 5931 The master who hides his identity
Chapter 5932 Intelligence Transaction
Chapter 5933 Night Palace
Chapter 5934 Trouble comes again
Chapter 5937 Promotion to the Third Level of Divine Power
Chapter 5936 Dominant Power
Chapter 5937 The Power of the Demon Lord
Chapter 5938 Chu Fengmian’s strength
Chapter 5941 Master of Thousand Laws Master of Ten Thousand Laws
Chapter 5942 Summoning the Complete Emperor Immortal
Chapter 5943 The true strength of the Emperor Immortal
Chapter 5944 The complete way to divine power
Chapter 5945: Divine Realm Penetration
Chapter 5946 The Seventh Form of Nine Domain Swordsmanship Penetration
Chapter 5947 Encounter with the Master of the Instant Family
Chapter 5948 Entering the Ancient Immortal City Again
Chapter 5947 The first goal
Chapter 5948 Kill the Lord of Leikan with one sword
Chapter 5951 The Lord of Thunder Appears
Chapter 5952: A famous teacher
Chapter 5953 Fierce Battle with the Lord of Thunder
Chapter 5954 The martial arts dominated by thousands of techniques
Chapter 5955 Noumenon Eternal True Body
Chapter 5956 The power of Thousand Laws Dominator
Chapter 5957 Divine Weapon to Heaven Hammer
Chapter 5958 The power of divine weapons
Chapter 5959 Another fierce battle
Chapter 5960 Killing the Lord of Thunder
Chapter 5961 Lord of White Escape
Chapter 5962 The magic weapon is obtained
Chapter 5963 Plan to enhance strength
Chapter 5964 Dark Night Palace Headquarters
Chapter 5965 The Shocked Lord of Darkness
Chapter 5966 The waiting killing intent
Chapter 5967 Unfathomable
Chapter 5968 Tianjing Pavilion
Chapter 5969 Divine Weapon Level
Chapter 5970 Purple King Sword
Chapter 5971 The magic weapon is obtained
Chapter 5972 Retreat and Enlightenment
Chapter 5973 Three days to master the magic weapon
Chapter 5974 One Year
Chapter 5975 The Purple Sword King’s Sword Technique
Chapter 5976: Take advantage of the situation
Chapter 5977 Shock Sealing Pearl
Chapter 5978 The Lord of Darkness takes action
Chapter 5979 The treasure left by the Lord of Space
Chapter 5980 The Divine Weapon of the Lord of Darkness
Chapter 5981 Fierce Battle with the Lord of Darkness
Chapter 5982 Sword and Knife
Chapter 5983 Kill with one sword
Chapter 5984 Black Light
Chapter 5985 The Resurrected Lord of Darkness